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Health websites for info on H1N1/swine flu and general health info-

http://he alth You can find more

information about Swine Flu, including a planning checklist, at the Dept. of
Health website. This is an excellent source of information and you may want
to check for daily updates. or from

Center for Disease Control s/


Best Hospitals, 2009 : U.S.

News and World Report's compilation of rankings for U.S. hospitals by
patient's medical condition and treatments.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention : Articles on diseases and

chronic conditions with statistics. Information for travelers. :
Sponsored by the American Academy of Family Physicians. Regularly
reviewed and updated by Academy physicians and patient education staff.
Full-text of complete book, easy to navigate, uniform format.

Health and Wellness Resource Center and Alternative Health Module

included in the Vermont Online Library (VOL).

KidsHealth : Content divided between information

directed at parents and at children.

Mayo Clinic : Excellent reliable information in

easy-to-read format with many visuals and graphics. Wide range of topics.
Drug information including images, similar to PDRHealth (below)

Merck Manual of Medical Information: Second Home Edition, Online Version : Full-text of trusted medical text.

National Institutes of Health sites:

National Cancer Institute : A highly regarded source
of answers on wide range of related topics. National Center for
Complementary and Alternative Medicine : Objective,
evidence-based information about complementary and alternative medicine.
National Institute of Mental Health :
Comprehensive and aimed at the public. : Information on health problems, fitness, taking
medicine correctly and Medicare. Users may adjust type size and contrast.
Includes audio version.

National Library of Medicine sites:

Medlineplus : All purpose health information source,

includes link to the Merriam-Webster's Medical Desk Dictionary (included in
the Vermont Online Library (VOL)), and a current medical encyclopedia.
MedTerms Medical Dictionary ,
another medical dictionary, includes some commercial links, but contains lay
person-friendly definitions from the Webster's New World Medical Dictionary.
Go Local Vermont
for Vermont doctors, hospitals and medical services.

NutritionSource :
Harvard School of Public Health. Lengthy, but clearly written articles on
topics of common interest, e.g. calcium, fiber, etc. Another option, What to
eat , is a companion to the excellent book on nutrition by Marion Nestle.

Our Bodies Ourselves :

Companion to the classic book, not full-text of book. Current news and links
to other web sites. Go to “Browse topic index” on left or search by your own
choice of topic.

PDRHealth : Free information

about diseases and drugs. Not as extensive as print version. RXList: internet
drug index Another source, recommended by the American Library
Association, for free information about drugs.


medical periodical index with citations and some brief abstracts. Links to
selected full-text articles. Obtain others via interlibrary loan. Search by topic,
author or journal title. Use “limits” for advanced searching.

Vermont Dept. of Health website : Dept. rules and

regulations, programs and updates on public health concerns. For
information on all topics covered, choose “Contents, A to Z” link in left