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IN RESPONSE TO THE PASSION IN MY COALITION BLOG POSTING - This resulted in a very long diatribe of personal insults, & a few

supporters saying good things. Let me point out that i'm impressed that i can stir so much passion from so many people in a 6-line message. This short email is listed below, and the Mandamus that i served is on page and ! of this article. This "st page will answer many hurled insults# OPENING PREMISE: The MMAR Coalition Operating Mission Prin ipals are liste! on the "ront page $alues% a. &espect for the opinion of others' b. (onest open communication, c. )onflict resolution' d. *o value +udgements against others' e. )onsensus building' mutual support and encouragement As i see it: i am a wal,ing tal,ing lie to this bullshit M-..-/* statement, because i oppose what your leaders are doing' because i M0.T in order to uphold the fiduciary trust of being the 1arty 2hip for the Mari+uana 1arty 3of )anada#. .overeignty issues are very important, especially to me. 4ohn )onroy and Marc 5mery associates actually hold a policy to hate me. The term 'hate' in common law is defined as% shun ignore have nothing to do with' the term 'despise' is actually what we call 'hate' now. Si!e #ar on this: the collective conscience is polluted by hate being the solution to how to get along in this screwed up social order of things that has succeeded in doing what 4efferson warned *6M5L7 8 we have become 'automatons of misery' and this mindset needs to be sha,en off, before we can wa,e up.

1. ON MY $REEMAN %E$ENCE: -'ve been assured that i am one of, less than 9: human beings, in
the )ommonwealth 5mpire, who actually still holds a title of being 'a genuine son of ;od' and fran,ly, shortly after filing this mandamus onto the /ntario .upreme )ourt challenge, and the 0. )onsulate, 36ugust nd :""# my status of being on a 'no stop 8 no detail' list started, and this immediately resulted in my website being ta,en down by (omeland .ecurity. .ince ::<, i've have had at least do=en high ran,ing )abinet Ministers, and -nstrument holders resign over my court motions, and this was created by defending cannabis rights, by using 'positive law traps'. And they really hate me for it.

2. - actually set traps, for high ran,ing authority to fall into, +ust li,e i'm dong now

They don't like me - /nce you read this served mandamus, it should be clear that 4ohn )onroy has nothing to worry about, if no collusion with the >6& too, place. 6ll 4ohn needs to do is apologies to a nice old lady, who is a MM6& member, who fears the notion of being stripped of her .overeignty right by this suite. I ha&e the Harpster an! the AG o" Cana!a an! BC as '( target, and they have a right to fear me This latest mandamus +ust might do that, >0T regardless of what goes down, the trap is set, for my ne?t filing, which in law can only be filed no sooner than ne?t wee, 3it's a .hort Leave *otice#

3. %)ring the ne*t +ee,- i.' ha''ering the "inal steps in totall( legali/ing anna#is as 'e!i ine
3from seed to sale# by paying a @sales ta?' on your medicine. -'m doing this by offering a perfectly legal ways and means to register yourself to be a 00 pri&ate in!i&i!)al 11, and this empowerment is so big that it ma,es the legali=ation of cannabis, a small issue, when compared to the big picture. - The fact that this inalienable right was ta,en from you is a giant legal pit of liability that they really fear, and fran,ly it's +ust a 'paper dragon' that was created to be burnt, when it was initiated by really high ran,ing authorities from 5urope, A:: years ago by forming international 0)) cannon law, then it was governed under the )ommonwealth, and now under this truly evil 0* gang of ban,sters.

4. - apologi=e for offending activists, but i find it my duty to warn you of the pitfalls you are creating, by
simply filing this suite in Bederal )ourt. My ne?t filing will be about the fact that this class action suite had less than C of the MM6& victims sign onto it, and since it's actually a trap to encroach on your .overeignty, then the rest of the DEC should not be sub+ect to this class action that entraps those who agreed to be ruled under this trap created in s-99 under this new 6nne?ed MM1& 1rogram

5. This threa! starte! +ith 2ason posting this: Mar Bo(er e-'ail to 2enn o)r 3ol)nteer
Sha'e on (o) Mar : T(-. -. 2(6T - .6-F% your coalition is ignorant and there is no excuse in law for your ignorance to our Sovereignty you are my enemy and i've got a litigation that you will find revolting, i promise you, please note this is a promise of litigation - IT IS !T A T"#$AT - I'll serve documents onto the sheriffs and that %astard &onroy can act accordingly. you are not going to strip everyone of their Sovereignty - go fuck yourselves 3 this e?pression was actually an old medieval term used to warn people for ma,ing themselves slaves, by consenting to a legal trap #

March "Eth, :"< MAN%AM4S Ser&e! ONTO The Go&ernor General an! the Sheri""s IN OR%ER TO 4PHOL% THE LA5 AS S4PREME SER3E% 4N%ER %4RESS: Fue to the nature of this 10>L-) -*B/&M6T-/*., it is necessary to press this matter onto someone who has higher authority than the 6ttorney ;eneral, and a force that actually may have the authority and integrity to arrest those who have bro,en the law, because 3at face value# if these claims are shown to be true, means the >6& has a committed a breach of trust, therefore the 6; of )anada Mr. MacGay andHor the 6; of >) .u=anne 6nton may be involved, which means that under their history of corrupt practices, results in simply not trusting them to act with integrity on this breach of trust on themselves SER3E% BY: Mr. Marc >oyer, who is acting under authority and duty of being 1arty 2hip of the Mari+uana 1arty, and under this appointment, ia a recogni=ed barrister for the Mari+uana 1arty, under federal 1arliamentary +urisdiction, therefor i can press this mandamus, therefor we are doing so with and under the authority as )B/ of $IM1 8 Mr. Marc >oyer' and it's being pressed on behalf of the vast ma+ority 3over D:C# of MM6& victims who did not desire to participate in this class action suit being pressed by 4ohn )onroy in Bederal )ourt today. GRO4N%S O$ BELIE$: -t came to my attention that 4ohn )onrroy at face value, may have included everyone in the MM6& to be part of this )lass action suite, because he refused to respond to a written notice 3attached# and this video i posted*,& 6*F also from, Garen )lar,e, who wrote to Mr )onroy to address her concerns and he did not do so before the trial, therefore it must be assumed until shown otherwise that he did. These email are as follows. On Mar 67- 896:- at 69:69 PM- ;aren Clar,e wrote% 'r &onroy, my name is (aren &larke. I am a participant in the ''A# program. It has come to my attention that you are the initiator of a class action suit representing holders of the ''A# designation, which very likely includes my name. The purpose of this email communication to you, is to %e a%solutely certain that you remove my name from your suit. I do not agree with your process and do not wish to %e harmed %y your actions. )lease confirm %y return email that you have received this communication, and will immediately remove my name from your class action suit. On Mon!a( Mar h 6<th this e'ail +as sent *ear 'r &onroy, +ou have failed to answer my previous email of Thursday, 'arch ,-, ./,0, in a timely manner. I am aware that you will %e in court tomorrow, Tuesday, 'arch ,1, ./,0. +ou do not have authority to represent me, or any of the other 2/34 ''A# participants 5victims6 who re7ect your process. Accordingly, you will personally %e su%7ect to a multi-million dollar class action suit, !T in federal court8 #espond !98 Act accordingly8 'ost sincerely yours: (aren &larke This class acting +ust might include her, and therefor all other MM6& victims, who did not want to be party or be associated with or attached to this action, >5)60.5 at face value, )onroy went to a chambers or pretrial hearing and got the list of MM6& victims put under publication bans. 2ithout any assurance that this may be the case, means this mandamus is being pressed to get an answer because it is very important Fue to this deafening silence 3nonfeasance# we 3$IM1# are filing this mandamus with a notice of intent that if he does not bac, down from this case file or have it set to another date in order to clear certain matters, then he is confident that no such breach was done or he is confident that he can get away with a breach of the >6&, because such an act could not be done with the endorsement and support of an 6; and the >6& NOTICE O$ LIABILITY: -f this list includes any or all the other MM6& victims, means T(6T -. 6 )&-M-*6L /BB5*)5 that will get him charged and dis >arred and it would show collusion with the 6;'s of )anada andHor >). which means the >6& is responsible for damages as well as )onroy

2e are starting by filing this mandamus to have the .heriffs sei=e the records that are on the now secret list of participants, immediately upon presenting this mandamus, in order that evidence is not tampered with. 2ith this evidence, it should ta,e less than an "H an hour to determine if there is a breach of trust. /n this matter, we respect the desires of those who see, to be anonymous, we +ust want to have this list reviewed to see that if this secret list also includes Garen )lar,e and all the other MM6& victims. -n the event that our concerns of unwarranted inclusion of others are unfounded, then a simple apology to Garen, by Mr. )onroy, is warranted for causing distress' this would be sufficient to rest the matter, and in so doing, we would never as, for or have a desire to see, any damages, because we would choc, it up to being an over-sight by Mr. )onroy, who may have been too busy with more pressing matters, to respond. 6s we see it, this matter must be answered before this Bederal )ourt rules because the conseLuences may be irreversible, and very costly to the victims, because all these people who did not participate in this action will loose a very good legal defence that such a small minority of MM6& participants in this suite cannot represent large enough C to have our .overeignty encroach on, by a systemic corrupt 4ustice system. 6s we see it, due to the very low participation of the rest of the old MM6& members, means this ruling, will only apply to the under-signed plaintiffs, because they desire to have their .overeignty encroached on. 6s we see it, due to the very low percentage of participation, means that only those who are under-signed to this class action suite are wanting to be governed under their rulings and +urisdiction. 6s we see it, those who did not participate in the class action suite cannot have those new rules be imposed on them on March 6th, as to a notice filed by the )F.6. >5)60.5, at face value, it appears that the dec, was rigged under .ec " 6 )), by an 6; at a pre-trial or in chambers, because it seems as the only reason that e?plains why, 3on or about# this past Briday, the )F.6 announced that ma+or changes would effect everyone, were going to be dropped on March 6th and due to the />$-/0. chronology of event, we must conclude that at face value malfeasance has occurred because of Mr )onroy's nonfeasease to respond to a very simple and +ustifiable reLuest to ,now if she or anyone else has been included on this now secret list. 5hat on erns )s is the integrit( o" this $e!eral Co)rt r)ling is #eing hallenge! #e a)se- NAMELY: This announcement was made after this list was made secret, and it's scheduled to be read immediately at or shortly after this one-wee, trial, and 3at face value# there really is no real way this ruling could not be rigged, if it is dropped on March 6th because it really is, 3at face value# impossible to create such a large and comple? ruling in a day or two, unless it was based on a trial that is rigged, by perverts of the law, who believe that it's 'business as usual, to rig any trial's outcome' before all the evidence is entered into a trial by an unpre+udiced +udge's ruling, in a fair and open trial, under .ec " 6 )), and Hor /rders in )ouncil. Fue to these concerns, we demand through this mandamus that the ;overnor ;eneral 4udith ;uichon must intervene and stop these class action proceedings if Garen or anyone else was included on this secret list >5)60.5 charges will need to pressed against lots of senior /fficials in high /ffices, if they were altered.. 6s indicated above, all of this misery can be avoided by the .heriffs confirming with an 6ffidavit that this class action list were not altered, because Mr. )onroy refused or failed to do so, and in so doing he placed the system of 4ustice in disrepute, and if this is the case, then we have a )onstitutional crisis to deal with. $4RTHERMORE% This crisis can also be easily avoided by getting the commencement of this trial delayed, until they address and Hor redresses these lists before the trial starts, and in this way, we could be assured that there was no malfeasance in this case, before it goes to trial. BOTTOM LINE: - am being respectful to these 6;'s, because i hold a mandate to not be submissive to the )rown, when pressing this matter under the duty of being the Mari+uana 1arty whip, because it really is my duty to protect our interest of being ruled in a 'Bree and Femocratic .ociety' as defined in the F)L. 2ithout frivolous or ve?atious intent Marc >oyer M marginal note% i'll post a video on this later today to fill in some blan,s