To RNC and All Republican Congressman

Here is a language that RNC/Congress understands:Bail Us Out NOW! Top priority: tell the Republicans they need to shut down congress to defeat obamacare, the way they did in the 1990's and went on to victory ! Then the Republicans need to bail us out immediately, from Obama’s 1. disrespect of/trampling on our US Constitution 2. raping of our economy 3. takeover of our healthcare 4. largest energy taxes in history, including the taxes by the imminent 'UN Climate Change Treaty' 5. outrageous spending/deficits, weakening our monetary system (by non-stop printing of money), resulting in devaluation of US dollars and potential ousting of US dollars as the world’s reserve currency 6. bringing terrorists to USA 7. weakening US/Mexico border 8. attacks on our freedom of speech 9. attacks on our right to bear arms 10. trillions in deficits robbing our children’s future 11 selling out our nation’s sovereignty 12. sacrificing our soldiers while he is sitting on his a** 13. alienating us from our allies 14. appeasing/welcoming enemy nations 15. advocating abortion at taxpayers' expenses 16. partnering with criminal organizations (SEIU, Apollo, ACORN, media etc.) to transform our Constitutional Republic 17. treating his own fellow Americans as enemies but great sympathy for the real terrorists. 18. manufactured financial crisis 19. breaking laws constantly (e.g. illegally firing inspector general Walpin) 20. lies, lies, nothing but lies (e.g. said will allow us time to read the bills but never happens! Said Obamacare does not cover abortion but it does.) 21. extravagance wasting money we don’t have. (e.g. parties galore at WH; ‘date night’ on our money; trip to Europe to pitch Olympics at Chicago) 22 obvious disparity in his treatment of different religious groups 23. every move aiming to buy votes from illegal aliens, welfare recipients, campaign donors, labor unions, community organizers etc. 24. trying to make "brown shirts" out of our children and indoctrinating our children into marxists, socialists, and communists, and to be ‘politically correct’ 25. meddling in our schools which have always been a local/state issue; allowing organizations like the Tides foundation to rewrite school books with a politically correct manner distorting real American history. 26. establishing a shadow government of Czars which empowers the Executive Branch and leaves Congress impotent. 27. redistribution of wealth, healthcare and everything else until every citizen is a slave to the government elitists 28. giving billions of dollars to the IMF and foreign countries when we can ill afford it. 29. preaching the virtue of saving money and energy while wasting tax payer dollars with perpetual campaign trips and trips abroad.

30. not only passing heinous legislations but also encouraging vapor bills or bills not read before voting, and disallowing people opportunity to read the bills. 31. taking over national television for campaigning for his pet projects 32. dividing our country by allowing organizations such as La Raza and the black and Hispanic caucuses to lobby for rights for specific groups over others. And on and on and on……………. Congressman, can you bail us out of all these without removing the usurper? xxxxxxxxx Citizens insisting on Upholding the Constitution