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Cover: Structural Link - Oil on Canvas by Gertrud Welz, world famous artist living in Rome, Italy www.galerie-welz.


or go into the success strategies are in PartV, section 3. You can run several programs simultaneously.

Information about Chi Generators: (catalog),,, On these web sites you can get free course materials. HSCTI, P.O. Box 1298, Woodstock, GA, USA 770 783 0563 -

The Manifestation Program Copyright and warning against piracy of any kind, which includes the use of pirated materials or programs, in which the innovations and basic ideas of the manifestation program, such as the five position setting, have been applied.

and you do not want the energy flow back to you and interfere with your work in the case it cannot reach the intended target. Note: Into this position you can as well enter the name and image of another person, busines or other target. 12. Click all the buttons below the image boxes numbers appear on top of the image boxes, which are radionic settings. Alternatively you can get the settings from your radionics devices (such as the RAD 2400 HD) by using the stick pad. In this case you click the small squares in which the numbers appear, and a pop-up says please enter the settings of your RAD You enter whatever you got using the stick pad (see instructions for your radionics device) or you can also use radionic rates that you have been used successfully in the past. Of course you can make your own transfer diagrams. 13. Save the program as final.ROF or whichever way you want. Once you load the file, the sound function has to be reinstalled. You can edit a loaded program in whichever way you want. We suggest you make several subfolders in the Saved Programs folder, and you can proceed similarly in the people images folder. 14. Run the program. The timing depends on the size Chi Generator that you are using. From several hours with a JU 99 series device to a few minutes with a top of the line device. Repeat the operation after a few days. You can set new radionic rates or slightly modify the program, depending on the success that you achieved with your operation. Important: Read the success strategies in the user manual that you received with your Chi Generator or Power Radionics Device 10

There are numerous skills that were thought to be psychic, miracles, shamanism or magic in the past. In fact, by now you know that all these skills are powerful technology that you can use with the same ease that it takes to watch TV, to use a telephone or to drive a car.

The Manifestation Program

1. Installation: Put the CD into the drive and follow instructions.
When finished, double-click the My Computer ikon. There right-click on the CD drive with ManifBasic On the resulting pop-up click Explore Click on Structures-Read-Instructions-Inside and highlight it. Hold down the Ctrl-key and press the C-key. This copies the folder with contents. Now, in My Computer, double click Local Disk, or C-Drive, then double click Program files and there the folder Manifestation Program. Now hold down the Ctrl-key and press the V-key. This will copy all necessary folders and files into the program on your computer. Keep this window open. Next, install the structural link. This installation is necessary, because each program comes with a unique transfer diagram that is in no other program: Insert the Structural Link and Manuals CD. Open another instance of My Computer and double-click the Structural Link CD. There double click the Structural Link folder. Highlight the transfer file, then hold down the Ctrl-key and press the Ckey. Next, go into the other My Computer window with program files and Manifestation Program open - double click Structures - read instructions inside, then double-click (open) the chi-rtransfer folder. Now hold down the Ctrl-key and press the V-key and this will paste the transfer diagram into the folder.

After this transfer, the installation is complete and you can start using the program.

2. The Program Click the Start button on the task bar, click on Programs, click manifestation program and then again manifestation program The Program contains (see page 5): (1) 6 image boxes, where you put filter images, symbols or pictures of persons you target. The image box in the center will contain the Chi energy transfer diagram, the hardcopy of which you put onto your Chi Generator. Install images by double clicking the image boxes. (2) Above the image boxes are 3 small squares each, into which you put the radionic settings, or radionic rates. You can get these settings either by clicking on the button for the radionic rate below the image box (which also describes the content of the image box) or by individually entering rates that you got otherwise, either from a book or using the stick pad on your radionic device, etc. Exception: the Orgone Transfer button will open a popup window to install the transfer diagram. (3) Below the button for the radionic rate are text boxes into which you write more specifics relating to the position and image, i.e., the name of the targeted person into the main target text box, or the desired effect into the Main Trend text box. You may or may not erase the description (main target, etc.) before inserting your own wording. (4) When checking the use sound on the right top, a button appears that tells you to set the sound, upon clicking this button, you can select the sound file from the popup menu. (5) Set Background allows to set whichever background you desire. Take a background that speaks to you as being right for the operation or you can select any one of the filters in the image files. 4

Note: the sound cannot be saved; you need to install a sound every time you load the program. Note: The Super Manifestation Program has a separate sound for each one of its up to 22 positions, which you can save. 6. Use the save function for the first time put it as test into the Saved Programs folder change the background and then load the test.rad file. 7. Set the Main Target: Click the image box Main Target, into which you can put a scanned picture of the person for whom you set up the operation I assume you do not have such pictures at the beginning, so select ay image from the backgrounds or other places (In our example I installed a hosroscope wheel) Then write the name of the person into the blue text box that says Main Target 8. Proceed the same way with Basic Action. As an example we set the program for success in a business meeting. Write Business Success into the blue text box below the image and Basic Action radionics button. Use the Square of Jupiter for expansion and success in general, again by clicking on the image box, go into the images folder, then into planetary squares and click onto Jupiter. In the example, I erased the words Basic action and wrote there Business success instead. 9. Into Main trend write My ideas are readily accepted go into 9 packs AoD, there into BusinessMoney and open 19secure success 10. Trend in the environment: Write charisma into the text box, then the image 03Charisma in the AoD48 folder. 11. Into Alternate Target write grounding into the text box, and get KeyofSolomon Mars the first file against repercus (against repercussion) Grounding is important in cases when working with others 8 5

(6) The print button allows you to print the program once you set it up. You can use the printed program and put it nect to your Chi Generator. (7) The copyright button shows the copyright statement and warning against piracy (see page 2) (8) The Go button starts the operation of the program. In this case, the exit button on the right bottom is replaced by a stop button. (9) The Exit button on the right bottom is self-explanatory, as are the save and load commands on the task bar on top.

Note: Some of the sounds you wont hear, for instance sounds that correspond to brainwave frequencies, which are below the threshhold of hearing. 3. Install the orgone transfer diagram by clicking the corresponding button and getting the diagram from the folder

3. Setting up the Program (Example) On our example we set up the program for a successful negotiation in business. 1. The Background: You can use any image other than what you find in the folder Background Images, for instance you can select any image of the Alphabet of Desire (folder: images > 9Packs NewAoD) that reflects in very general terms In our example I decided for Universal Power in the folder Background Images. Note: in this folder (Background Images), some of the images have just numbers It will be good to select yours one that speaks to you for the operation. The file 0001.jpg is a pentagram that goes with the overall setup of five positions. 2. Install the Sound: Check mark Use Sound and the Set Sound button appears. Click it and select your sound from the popup window. Go into the folders sounds > Runes > Octave06 and select 15MAN19557.wav 6

Transfer Diagrams. Note: Each program has its unique transfer diagram. Of course you can make your own transfer diagrams. Put the laminated card next to your Chi Generator or onto its well. The transfer image will connect the program with your Chi Generator and power up your operation with an ample supply of life force (Chi energy). 4. Click on the Go button (green). The transfer diagram moves from position to position, in the shape of the pentagram, while you hear the installed sound. The red exit button turns into a stop button other buttons disappear after you press go. 5. Press the stop button to get back into the setup mode. 7