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Team Building

Case Study: Remember the Titans

Case Study: Return of Titans

1.What are the various levels of Conflicts that influence the performance of the titans? Remember the Titans is a story about the T.C. Williams high school, its star coaches- Herman Boone and Bill Yoast, and their talented young football players-black and white. Tensions arise when players of different races are forced together on the same football team. Three main conflicts arise during the film were: (a) Conflicts between Coach Yoast and Coach Boone: The coaching methods of Coach Boone and Coach Yoast are totally different from each other. While Coach Yoast tends to be slightly more reserved and some may even say more caring than Boone, Coach Boone is very direct, strict, and lets the team know who is in charge at their very first encounter Coach Boone does not hesitate to get in the players faces, yell at them, criticize, and even remark whereas Coach Yoast is more willing to work with the individuals and find them another spot on the team. He goes after his players and asks them if they are all right, a question that wouldnt even cross Coach Boones thoughts. Though, both Coach Boone and Coach Yoast have completely different coaching strategies but they always try to help the team in distinct ways. (b) When the black players and the white players meet for the first day of camp, only conflict arises. Fights break out among star players of each race. The whites wont block for blacks, blacks wont pass to whites. Each player decided to play for himself. (c) Gerry Bertier, attempting to make the rest of the world accepts his new brother, Julius Campbell, an African American.

2.According to Wageman and Donnenfields conflict intervention model what are the Team interventions used by Coach to reduce Team Conflict. To improve the quality of conflict resolution processes, Wageman and Donnerfiel has given a four distinguishes interventions that team leader and managers can use. (a) Team (re)design: It usually involves very specific, structural changes to a group, which may include how the goal is to be define, who is in the team, norms and rewards of the team etc. Coach Boone being the leader of the Team Titans followed the model given by Wageman & Donnenfelds. Earlier, blacks and whites used to play in different teams but when two schools joined together Herman Boons was made the coach and the first thing he changed was that he made both blacks and whites to play in one team without any racial discrimination. (b) Task Process Coaching: this helps the team to perform better via changes in efforts, strategy and talent. It included team members skills, improving the communication skills. When the football camp became the fighting ground he told teammates to either learn to play together or else be thrown off the team. He also went ahead and insisted that they speak to one another, finding out facts about their lives; until they have met everyone or else he will double their practice time to make them one team. He also recognized them into defensive and offensive as per their strength and skills.

(c) Conflict Process Coaching: is the direct intervention in a team to improve the quality of conflict the team is having. To break the tension amongst the team and create oneness, Coach Boone takes his players on a three oclock morning run to Gettysburg, to teach the story of fighting amongst them, and to tell them that if we dont come together, we too will be destroyed. The team comes together during camp, begins to have fun and even sit together and mix the races at the lunch tables. Thus, Coach Boone to improve the teams quality of conflict gave them conflict process coaching and was successful. (d) Change the Individual: Its the individual training with the goal of making specific team more tolerant, thoughtful and capable when they disagree with others.