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Kohinoor chemicals

Moving Your Chemistry Ahead

KC`s is a chemical manufacturer that has supplied high-quality organic reagents under the motto of: Contributing to Society through Reagents. KC`s products are used in diverse industries for producing different products & making a difference in peoples lives. This, we believe, is our social contribution. We are working continually to expand our product lineup, to deliver our products as quickly as possible to our customers around India, and to make as great a contribution for the progress of our customers. Our Products: Petroleum naphtha Benzene Chlorinated solvents Toluene

Kohinoor chemicals: edge over completion

KC`s has accumulated an advanced and diverse range of techniques in areas such as synthesis, refinement and analysis in the manufacturing of organic reagents. KC`s primary strength is the way in which those techniques have been passed down and continuously improved across in the supervision of qualified and skilled engineers. Complete In-house Manufacturing KC`s carries out all raw material procurement, manufacturing, processing, analysis and packaging in-house. In-house manufacturing serves as the basis for performing thorough quality control and meeting customer needs. Our Manufacturing Process:

Best In Class Technology:

KCs manufacturing facilities are able to produce with latest technology used, allowing us to respond to a wide variety of customer demands.

Reactors with distillation apparatus

Fermentation Equipment

High-pressure Reaction Equipment


Distillation Equipment



Safety features in the manufacturing units: We follow the strict safety measures to avoid any kind of mishap as we are dealing in some hazardous and flammable chemicals. Our safety features are mentioned below: Prohibition of smoking in manufacturing areas. Oxygen present in the inflammable atmosphere is reduced by dilution with gases such as nitrogen, co2, steam or combination of these. Hazardous operation is isolated Eliminating the ignition sources

Using fire resistant material in construction Suitable emergency exits Automatic sprinklers Adequate venting

Storage and handling of solvents in our unit In designing & construction of pressure vessels & storage tanks the guidelines of API & ASME codes are followed.
Keep containers closed and in an upright position when not in use. Drums in bulk storage may be stored horizontally. Keep containers away from sources of heat (including hot plates, Bunsen burners, ovens and sunlight) except when heating for testing purposes. Store containers in an upright position. Drums in bulk storage may be stored horizontally. Keep containers tightly closed when not in use and protected against physical damage. For bulk storage eg. 200 litre drums, store in a secure, well ventilated, bunded storage area. Have appropriate fire extinguishers in and near any bulk storage area. Suitable extinguishers include water spray, carbon dioxide, dry chemical or alcohol foam.

When handling our workers are well equipped with handling & safety equipments Long-sleeved 100% cotton shirt and full-length 100% cotton trousers. For additional protection, a knee-length 100% cotton laboratory coat (with long sleeves which clip at the wrist) can also be worn. Nitrile or super nitrile gloves. Eye protection: either safety glasses, spectacles, goggles or face shield. Enclosed safety shoes.

Transportation of solvents Solvents are transported only in originally sealed drums and containers which are approved and in truck mounted equipment designed for transporting of hazardous chemicals.