the premise that a diet composed largely of fruits, vegetables and grains (presu mably whole grains) is a passport

to good health The American Vegetarian Society was founded in 1850 by Sylvester Graham (1794- 1 851) cure for alcoholism and lust meat and white flour) stimulated excessive sexual desire, whichirritated the bod y and caused disease John Harvey Kellogg (1852-1943) Kellogg advocated a high-fiber vegetarian diet to combat the twin evils of const ipation and natural urges. Kellogg preached against sexual activity even in marriage Lop off the top of the pyramid and you have the vegan diet 1) You'll live a lot longer: no benefit from vegetarianism in terms of overall mortality or longevity left unpublished failed to reveal any benefits of the vegetarian diet Vegetarians tend not to smoke, drink alcohol or indulge in sugar and highly proc essed foods was other factors low prevalence of smoking and moderate or high levels of physica l activity that were associated with reduced overall mortality, not the vegetarian diet Colin Campbell s China Study - do not support such claims no strong correlation, either negative or positive, with meat eating and any dis ease Dietary fiber intake seemed to protect against esophageal cancer, but was positi vely correlated with higher levels of TB, neurological disorders and nasal cance r. Fiber intake did not confer any significant protection against heart disease or most cancers, including cancer of the bowel article published in Spectrum 2) You'll save your heart: The International Atherosclerosis Project found that vegetarians had just as much atherosclerosis as meat eaters Vegetarians also have higher levels of homocysteine, a risk marker for heart dis ease 3) You can put more money in your mutual fund: 4) You'll reduce your risk of cancer: vegetarian Seventh Day Adventists have the same or slightly lower cancer rates f or some sites, for example 91 percent instead of 100 percent for breast cancer, the rates for numerous other cancers are much higher than the general US populat ion standard, especially cancers of the reproductive tract SDA females had more Hodgkins disease (131%), more brain cancer (118%), more mal ignant melanoma (171%), more uterine cancer (191%), more cervical cancer (180%) and more ovarian cancer (129%) 5) You'll add color to your plate: The nutrients from these plant foods will be more easily absorbed if you serve t hem with butter or cream 6) You'll fit into your old jeans: Studies do show that vegetarians on average have lower body mass than non-vegeta rians

fractionated amino acids from milk or eggs Studies show that when protein is given as meat. pharmaceuticals. more chemicals 11) Your bones will last longer: Used isolated. But meat plus dairy is an excellent combination The RDA for calcium can be met for under 700 calories using cheese or milk. rats. modern building materials and hydraulic brake f luid for airplanes. The membrane that vibrates in your telephone contains beef g elatin 9) Your meals will taste delicious: The umami taste is designed to be satisfied with animal foods 10) You'll help reduce waste and air pollution: Without urine and manure to nourish the soil. shampoos. plant farmers need more pesticides . wa xes (as in candles and crayons). D and K2 12) You'll help reduce famine: 15 pounds of feed to get one pound of meat 13) You'll avoid toxic chemicals: Pesticides and heavy metals are found in animal foods only because they are appl ied to plant foods that feed the animals Vitamin A obtained in adequate amounts from animal foods provides powerful prote ction against dioxins like PCBs and DDT 14) You'll protect yourself from foodborne illness: 15) You may get rid of your back problems: One of the most common side effects of cholesterol-lowering is crippling back pa in. moles. but requires 1200 calories for spinach and 5100 calories for lentils Not even the most dedicated vegetarians could choke down 13 cups of spinach or 3 2 cups of lentils (that would be almost doubled once the lentils were cooked) Leafy greens present additional problems because they contain calcium-binding ox alic acid Calcium assimilation requires not only adequate protein but also fat-soluble vit amins A. plastics.many vegetarians are far too thin 7) You'll give your body a spring cleaning: There are no studies showing that elimination of meat from the diet helps purge t he body of toxins correlation of Parkinson s disease with the consumption of fruit and fruit juices Salicylates 8) You'll make a strong political statement: at least 300 animals per acre including mice. The muscles that support our spine require animal foods to maintain their in tegrity . groundhogs and birds are killed for the production of vegetable Only one animal per acre is killed for the production of grass-fed beef Does only animal suffering count? Cow components used in soaps. subjects do not show any increa se in calcium excreted Other investigators found that a high-protein intake increased calcium absorptio n Meat alone will not help build strong bones. cosmetics.

k. a widely used drug for asthma and allergic reactions. . leads to strongly increased risk of deficiencies of vitamin B1 2. eggs. meat. he f ound that the total death rate decreased as the frequencies of consuming cheese. eggs and fat attached to meat. author of Fiber Menace.a. .p16 LACTO-VEGETARIANISM: inclusion of milk and/or dairy products OVO-VEGETARIANISM: inclusion of eggs PESCO-VEGETARIANISM (a.16) You'll be more regular: Konstantin Monastyrsky.a. Smith found only two that compared mortality data for vegetarians and nonvegetarians Frequencies of consuming cheese. begs to differ Delayed indigestion (dyspepsia) Enteritis (inflammation of the intestinal mucosal membrane) 17) You'll cool those hot flashes: 18) You'll help to bring down the national debt: 19) You'll preserve our fish population: 20) You'll help protect the purity of water: Reference please? 21) You'll provide a great role model for your kids: A vegan diet. meat and milk increased Vegetarianism is more dangerous for women than for men . . pollotarianism): VEGANISM: FREEGANISM: MEAGANISM: FRUITARIANISM: LIQUIDARIANISM / JUICEARIANISM: RAW FOODISM: MACROBIOTICS: VEGANGELICAL: Extreme veganism Epinephrine. such as calcium. is made from beef adrenal glands Calcium in Dairy Products and Plant Foods . milk. iron and zinc.p20 . vitamin B2 and minerals.k. . pescetarianism): POLLO-VEGETARIANISM (a.p19 The Nutrient Density Stakes: Landslide Victory of Animal Foods over Fruits and V egetables . even a lacto-veg etarian diet produces an increased risk of deficiencies of vitamin B 12 and poss ibly certain minerals such as iron Physical growth Neurological development Following a vegan diet while pregnant is a recipe for disaster 22) Going vegetarian is easy: Cravings and resentment are a natural byproduct of a vegetarian diet 3.000 articles.

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