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Gyagar kedu Arya Bhadracharya pranidhana Raja.

Bod kedu Phagpa zangpo chod pei monlam gyi gyalpo,

In the language of Indian: Arya Bhadraya Pranidhana Raja. In language of Tibetan Phagpa zangpo choepai monlam gyi gyalpo. In English : The ing of Aspiration prayer: sumantabhadra!s Aspiration to "oble #onduct.

Phagpa jampal zhonnur gyurpa la chhagtsel lo.

$omage to %anjushri& youthful'

Seven prayer, Je nyed sudag chhogchui jig ten na, due sum sheg pa miyi senge kun, dag gi ma lue de dag thham ched la, lue dang nga yid dangway chhag gyio,
To all Tathhagata& (ion of men& as many as there are in the )ni*erse of the ten direction and the three times + to all of them ,ithout e-ception I pray homage ,ith clear de*otion of body& speech and mind.

Zangpo chod pie monlam ta dag gi, gyalwa thham ched yid kyi ngon sum du, zhing gyi dul nye lue ra tud pa yi, gyal wa kun la ra tu chhag tsel lo,
Through the po,er of this prayer of .ood Action& bo,ing do,n to all the #on/uerors ,ith bodies manifested by the mind as numerous as the atoms of the )ni*erse& I ma e full obeisance to all the Buddhas.

dul chig teng na dul nyed sang gye nam, sang gye sey kyi wue na zhug pa dang de tar chhoe kyi ying nam ma lue pa, thham ched gyal wa dag gi gang war moe,
#onsidering all the con/uerors to be gathered li e the countless atoms on a particle of dust& 0urrounded by Boddhisatt*as and filling the infinity of the 1harmadhatu

de dag nga pa mi zed gya tsho nam, yang gi yan lag gya tshoe dra kun gyi, gyal wa kun gyi yon ten ra jod jing, de war sheg pa thham ched dag gi tod,
And telling the /ualities of all the #on/uerors of all the #on/uerors ,ith all sounds of ocean+li e branches of melody& all oceans of ine-haustible praise& To all the 0ugatas I sing praises.

metog dam pa trengwa dam pa dang, sil nyen nam dang jug pa dug chhog dang, mar me chhog dang dug poe dam pa yi, gyal wa de dag lani chhod par gyi,
To all the #on/uerors I ma e offering of the lo*eliest flo,ers& of beautiful garlands& cymbals& scented ,ater& the precious canopy the brightest butter lambs and the finest incense2

naza dam pa nam dang dri chhog dang, chhe ma phur ma ri ra nyam pa dang, kod pey khye par phag pa chhog kun gyi, gyal wa de dag la ni chhoe par gyi,
4ine raiment and the most fragrant scents& and incense po,ders piled as high as %ount %eru. %eticulously prepared and arranged as perfectly as possible& I offer to all the Buddhas.

chod pa gang nam la med gya chhe wa, de dag gyal wa thham ched la yang moe zang po chod la dad pei ta dag gi, gyal wa kun la chag tsel chhod par gyi,
Intending all such offering& *ast and perfect& for all the Buddhas& ,ith the strength of confidence in good action& I ma e offering ,ith obeisance to all the #on/uerors.

dod chhag zhe dang ti mug wang gi ni, lue dang ngag dang de zhin yid kyi kyang dig pa dag gi gyi pa chi chhi pa, de dag thham ched dag gi so sor shag,
5hate*er faults I ha*e committed by body& speech or by mind )nder the influence of cra*ing& hatred and ignorance& I confess each one of them.

chog chui gyal wa kun dang sang gye sey, rang gyal nam dang lo dang mi lo dang, dro wa kun gyi sod nam gang la yang, de dag kun gyi jesu dag yi rang,
I rejoice at the merit of all the Buddhas and Boddhisatt*as in the ten directions& And of all the Pratye abuddhas& Arhats& of practitioners and all beings.

gang nam chhoe chui jig ten dron ma dag, jang chhu rim par sang gye ma chhag nyey, gon po de dag dag gi thham ched la, khor lo la na med pa kor wa kul,
I e-hort all the Protectors& the (ights of the )ni*erse of the ten directions& 5ho ha*e attained Buddhahood& free from attachment& Through the successi*e stages of a,a ening&

nya ngan da ton gang zhed de dag la, dro wa kun la phen zhing de wei chhir, kal pa zhing gi dul nyed zhug par yang, dag gi thhal mo ra jar sol war gyi,

To turn the incomparable 5heel of 1harma. 4olding my hands together& I pray to those ,ho ,ould demonstrate the Parinir*ana& to remain for the sa e of the happiness and benefit of all beings 4or alpas as many as the atoms of the )ni*erse.

chhag tsel wa dang chhod ching shag pa dang, jesu yirang kun zhing solwa yi, ge wa ching zed dag gi chi sag pa, thham ched dag gi jang chhu nhhir ngo,o,
5hat little merit I ha*e accumulated by obeisance& offering& confession& rejoicing& e-hortation and prayer+ all of it I dedicate to the goal of Enlightenment.