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VALVES 3-Valve Flushing Bypass Manifolds Ball Butterfly Commissioning & Gate Globe & Non-Return Domestic & Sundry Items Reducing & Pilot Operated Radiator & Float Filtration & Safety Relief Control & Solenoid


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Suppliers to the Building, Plumbing & Process Industries
Our aim is to ensure efficiency and quality at all stages and levels of our business.
This catalogue will provide you with an idea of range, which now includes a huge selection of plumbing products and pumps to complement our already extensive engineering range. - our service is constantly reviewed and we aim to offer our customers excellence in all areas.

Our policy is to consistently provide you with a high level of quality products and service. Our ISO 9001 accreditation ensures that our standards are always maintained as we are assessed every 6 months. We also hold the Investors In People award which ensures we are consistently training and developing our staff. This guarantees that we always offer a reliable service. Our Customer Service team are always on hand to help you with any problems you may have, whether it be a need for a quick delivery or a product that is difficult to find. Our service is based on a proactive modern approach - we are customer focused and our team will advise based on your requirements only. If you are unsure of what you need we are always happy to help. We pride ourselves on technical expertise and experience, and have excellent relationships with a variety of manufacturers. Our choice of manufacturers is not taken lightly - they are constantly reviewed to make sure they are meeting your requirements. This catalogue provides a sample of our product range. If you require further technical please contact us - we will be happy to help.

About Us
Formed in 1985, we have earned a reputation for setting standards in quality, service and reliability.

INSTRUMENTS Pressure Gauges & Transmitters Temperature Gauges & Sensors Switches & Chemical Diaphragms Test Equipment & Flow Meters Sight Glasses & Supplementary Items

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We supply a wide range of industries including: Brewing Chemical Construction Engineering Fire Protection Food & Drink Heating & Ventilation Manufacturing Mechanical Engineers Pharmaceuticals Plumbing Originally trading in the Strangeways area of Manchester, these premises were outgrown within 5 years and the company moved to larger premises in Newton Heath. In 2001 we acquired the business of F Ashton (ES) Ltd, an established engineers merchant who had traded since 1922, after which we moved to Salford. In 2009 we had expanded to such an extent that new premises were needed once again. We are now in a purpose built 20,000 square foot premises in Astley, Manchester.

PLUS Actuation Expansion & Hoses Dosing Vessels / Air & Dirt Separation Dry Riser Equipment Steam & Water Mixing Products Thermostatic Mixing Plumbing & Sanitary Boilers & Radiators Plumbing Fittings & Sundries Stainless Steel Sanitary

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Mission Statement
Valves Instruments Plus will provide high quality yet requirements, whilst offering excellent after sales service. We will also strive to continually improve our products and service in order to maintain our high level of customer satisfaction.

Part of the VIP Group of Companies

Whilst every care has been taken to ensure the information in this document is accurate at time of printing, we reserve the right to change specifications at any time.

uk . the 3 valves are inbuilt Significant reduction in site labour and installation costs 20mm Full Bore for optimum flow and 22mm end connections Union End Connections Available: BSP Female BSP Male Compression Press Fit Drain for line vent Max Pressure: 16 Bar Max Temperature: 120°C New 40mm Centre Unit Available Bespoke Assembled Units Available: Fixed Orifice Double Regulating Valve Variable Orifice Double Regulating Valve Various PICVs On/Off and Balancing Valve Dynamic Balancing Valve Drain Points Strainers Strainers c/w Drains Metering Stations Hoses Extension Spindles for chilled water applications 3 Example Unit with Actuated PICV and Y-Strainer c/w Drain T: 01942 885700 F: 01942 887213 E: sales@vip-ltd. Lower leak potential due to fewer 00/0189 Flexible configuration including: Simplified terminal unit W: Flushing Bypass Manifold Unit For installation on Fan Coils and other exchange units. disassembly without having to empty the entire system.

This page includes just a few examples of the many valve types W: www. favoured for its quick quarter turn on-off / open-close DZR Compression Fully Welded Steel Combined Ball / Non-Return / Filter Valve Ball Valve With Expansion Union Press Fit Pressfit Ball Valve With Drain (Female / Pressfit) Full Bore With T-Handle FxF Full Bore With T-Handle MxF Ball Valve With Geared Hand Wheel Motorised 2 Way Motorised 3 Way Ball Valve With Extended T Handle Right Angle Ball Valve Gas EN331 Approved WRAS Approved 3-Way L or T Port DZR Brass Other Types Available V Port Gear Operated ISO Top Mounted Trunnion Mounted PFA Lined Plastic Ball Valve With Union Ends Flanged Iron High Pressure 4 & 5 Way Valves Cryogenic Anti-Static & Fire Safe Butt Weld Socket Weld Lined Valves Jacketed Valves 4 T: 01942 885700 F: 01942 887213 E: is now most definitely the valve to suit the majority of applications. Many ball valves are now available with multi-functional additions including combined non-return valves. flow restrictors and strainers. It is now being used as a control valve with fine regulation and geared handwheels to assist control. The ease of use has made it popular also for actuation packages . The ball valve has an unlimited range of materials and is now commonly used on both low pressure cryogenic applications and high-pressure .Ball Valves The ball valve is now by far the most popular isolation valve used worldwide.

Tri-Clamp 04/0037 Three Piece Full Bore 04/0087 Two Piece Full Bore 04/0038 One Piece Reduced Bore Two Piece With ISO Raised Pad Series 39M Anti-Static Reduced Bore L/T Port BSP Connections Series 33 Anti-Static Full Bore 3 Way L/T Port Side Or Bottom Connections. Socket Weld / Butt Weld Spring Return Lever for use with Mars Series Ball Valves TSM Unit . Socket & Butt Weld W: www. Flanged PN16 / ASA150 BSP / NPT. Emission Bonnet Compliance With EPA & TA-LUFT T: 01942 885700 F: 01942 887213 E: 5 .co.Mars Range Of Ball Valves Series AF90D Firesafe Full Bore Flanged PN16 / 40 / ASA150 / 300 Series AF91D Firesafe Reduced Bore Flanged PN16 / ASA150 / 300 Series 99 Anti-Static Wafer Full Bore To Suit PN16/40 & ASA150 Flanges Series 77 Anti-Static Full Bore Available With BSP. W: www. the quarter turn quick action isolation type butterfly valve has become a major player in the valve The wafer design ensures it is very competitively particularly as the size increases. it can be tailored to suit any application. Hygienic Double Flanged Unit High Performance Metal Seated Gearbox Operated Other Types Available Mono Flanged Grooved Ends Semi-Lugged Bonded Liner Fully Lugged Bonded Liner Semi-Lugged Loose Liner Fully-Lugged Loose Liner Regulating Butterfly Dairy Ends High Performance 6 T: 01942 885700 F: 01942 887213 E: sales@vip-ltd.Butterfly Valves Very much like the ball . Available in a very large range of body. disc and seat materials.

It is available in various materials including both carbon and stainless steel and many alternative patterns to the types displayed. A varied range is available to suit all flow. environment conditions and budgets Restrictions.Cap Top T: 01942 885700 F: 01942 887213 Knife Gate Valve E: Valves Generally used as balancing valves on HVAC systems to control flow of water on both heating and cooling systems. which are common on high value building W: 7 . Bronze Lockshield Flanged Bronze Wheelhead Lockshield Compression Wheelhead Compression Other Types Available Solder End Gate Parallel Slide Lever Gate Socket Weld Flanged Ends Sluice Valve . Variable Orifice Double Regulating Valve c/w Test Points Variable Orifice Double Regulating Valve Thermal Balancing Terminator Commissioning Valve Pressure Independent Control Valve Flanged Double Regulating Orifice Plate Complete With Test Points Other Types Available Butterfly Valve With Measuring Plates Metering Station Fixed Orifice Balancing Valve Taco Setter Ball Valve With Measuring Plates Gate Valves The original isolation valve is still in great demand despite the emergence of ball and butterfly

Wafer Spring RPZ Valve Approved Commissioning Services Also Available Screwed Swing Non-Return Lift Pattern Check Wafer Swing Compression Single Check Screwed Female Double Check Stainless Steel Single Check Male / Female Check Compression Dbl.Globe Valves The globe valve was mainly used for the control of Hygienic W: www. Chrome Plated Other Types Available Ball Type Vertical Lift Spring Assisted Flanged Double Check Dual Plate T: 01942 885700 Verifiable Valves F: 01942 887213 E: Tidal Flap Boiler Feed Check Valves Witches Hat Diaphragm Pattern 8 . The bellows sealed pattern is now very much the standard for high temperature oil and chemical lines where non-leakage is due to the continued improvement in manufacturing design it is now commonly used on a lot more applications. The back flow protection valve designs are increasing all the time and a selection of patterns are illustrated below. Bellows Sealed Pattern Soft Faced Stop Other Types Available Crown Valve Screw Down Non-Return Butt / Socket Weld Ends Angled Pattern Flanged Straight Pattern Flanged Steel Weld Ends Female Screwed Ends Oblique Pattern Non-Return Valves A complete range of check valves are available to suit all applications. Like the gate the globe valve is available in many materials and various designs. however.

uk 9 & Sundry VIP keep in stock a full range of domestic and special valves to complement our other W: www. The below is a small selection of sundry items Hygroscopic Air Vent Regulating Flow Ball Valve Regulating Flow Valve With Strainer Steam Water Heater 3 Way Gland Cock Gland Hose Pattern Draw Off Cock Angled Washing Machine Valve Steam Ejector Drain Off Cock Capillary Washing Machine Tap Service Valve Double Check Valve Lockshield Pattern Drain Cock Drain Cock Automatic Air Vent Single Check Valve M x F Chrome Plated Ball Valve Diaphragm Valve Vacuum Relief Valve Compression Stop Cock Hose Union Bib Tap T: 01942 885700 F: 01942 887213 E: sales@vip-ltd. Please contact our Sales Dept for any products not shown.

Steam Reducing Valve Direct Acting Steam Regulator Male Union Ended WRAS Approved Dial Up Pilot Operated Valve Other Types Available Flanged Ended WRAS Approved Compression Domestic c/w Pressure Gauge Flanged Water Reducing Valve Balanced Pressure Diaphragm Type Direct Acting Surplus Sustaining Pilot Operated Valves Pilot Operated Valves are very adaptable and can be used for a variety of applications. Other Types Available Booster Pump Valves Tall Building Valves Reducing Valves Surge Anticipating Differential Bypass Valves Non-Return Valves Safety Relief Valves Surplus / Substaining Valves Float Valves: Modulating and Non-Modulating 10 T: 01942 885700 F: 01942 887213 E: steam or water applications.Reducing Valves A full range of pressure reducing valves are available to suit air. W: .co. The majority of the items shown below are available ex-stock with specials available on prompt lead times. gas. Angled Pattern TRV Straight Pattern SBP Thermostatic Tamper Proof Head Straight Female BSP Lockshield Anti-Tamper Straight Wheel Head Compression Lockshield / TRV Bi-Directional Remote Adjustable Sensor Other Types Available Regulating Type Remote Sensor Spring Assisted Remote Sensing Push Fit Domestic Range Float Valves The float valve has not seen many great changes over the years except for the unique Good stocks are kept of both the traditional W: 11 .Radiator Valves The past few years have seen many improvements in both the cosmetic appearance and functional performance on a radiator valve. Plastic Float Copper Float Drop Arm Diaphragm Pattern Equilibrium Portsmouth Pattern Flanged Equilibrium Other Types Available Keraflo KB Type Keraflo K Type Keraflo KAX Type Torbeck Pilot Operated T: 01942 885700 F: 01942 887213 E: The range of designs available has increased dramatically and we are pleased to say VIP have moved with the times with a full range from stock. Straight Pattern 12 T: 01942 885700 E: sales@vip-ltd. An overhaul / repair service is also available. non-return It can be a very costly exercise if correct strainers are not installed at the beginning. flow restrictions etc are available. pumps Compressed Air Filter Filter Regulator Lubricator Hygienic Filter Witches Hat Foot Strainer Screwed Strainer With Test Points Filter Ball Valve With Strainer Mono T Type Combined Ball / Strainer & Flow Regulator Compression Ended Y Pattern Other Types Available Cast Iron Flanged Twin Basket Strainer PVC Basket Strainer Swing Gate Magnetic Safety Relief Valves VIP has now gained a reputation as the quick source for your safety valve requirements. Sealed Dome Top Stainless Steel Flanged Domestic Relief Valve Side Outlet With Dome Top Other Types Available High Pressure Safety Valve Screwed High Lift Combined Pressure Temperature Relief F: 01942 887213 Flanged High Lift Double Spring Hygienic W: www. As an approved tester and stockist to market leader .Filtration Valves It is very important to ensure all lines are filtered correctly to ensure control of product quality and protection of valves. Our in-house setting rig ensures same day dispatch for stock items and staff are certified to TUV standards and approved by Nabic. Many patterns including combined units with ball valves. we have built on their range to carry the Ari-Armaturen range that includes large flanged valves. 13 .uk W: and below is a selection of products directly available. VIP is increasing its range all the we keep a good range of competitively priced on / off electrically operated valves with coils available in various voltages such as 24v AC/DC and 110/240v AC. Gas Steam Other Types Available Special Vending Machine Valves High Pressure Normally Closed Normally Open Flanged Gas Brass Screwed Water Pilot Operated WRAS Approved T: 01942 885700 F: 01942 887213 E: sales@vip-ltd.Control Valves As technology improves it is more important that valves are available to control certain applications. Belimo Pressure Independent TA Pressure Independent Electric Pneumatic Differential Pressure Flanged Differential Pressure Self Acting Temperature System Other Types Available Domestic BPV Infra Red Urinal Flush Piston Action 3 Way Diverting 3 Way Mixing Solenoid Valves To complement the control valves.

with specials manufactured within days. We can also produce gauges with your logo on. 63mm Dial Steel Case Gauge Calibration & Test Certs Tank Contents Absolute Diaphragm Exhaust Homogenizer Hygienic Safety Pattern Test Gauges Pressure Transmitters A full range of adjustable and fixed transmitters for the measurement of gauge. Output options include 4-20mA. HART and PROFIBUS-PA. 160. compound and capsule gauges in W: www. dry or glycerine filled. Altitude Differential Pressure Patented Protection Dial Sizes (mm) 40. 100. 250 Ranges -1bar vacuum to 30. 50. Other Types Available Glycerine Filled Diaphragm Black And Chrome Capsule Aluminium Free Differential Electrical Contacts Hydraulic Refrigeration Digital Panel Mounted Vacuum 40. absolute and differential pressure are now available from all leading .Pressure Gauges VIP keep the largest stocks of gauges in the North West. surface and flush panel mounting designs. Standard With Local Indication Screwed OEM Applications Compact DP With Local Display Standard With Cooling Element Flush Diaphragm Thin Film Other Types Available Differential Pressure Low Pressure DP For Building Energy Management Hazardous Area Draft Level 14 T: 01942 885700 F: 01942 887213 E: sales@vip-ltd. We also stock vacuum.000 psi / 2000 bar pressure. 63. 200. Gauges are available in steel cases with bronze internals or fully stainless 50.

co. Ranges Available: -200°C to +1000°C Standard Stocks: -30°C / +60° VIP can offer a solution for your application from standard inserts and probes to full assemblies where transmitters and thermowells are also available. Both direct and remote reading versions are kept on the shelf with specials manufactured within days. Temperature Transmitters Digital Temperature Gauge Other Types Available Duplex DIN Rail Transmitters Temperature Probe With Thermowell PT100 Sensor Digital Panel Meter Forged Thermowells Hazardous Area Certification Solid Drilled T: 01942 885700 F: 01942 887213 E: sales@vip-ltd. 0-200°C Magnetic & Spring Pipe Thermometers Remote Reading Black & Chrome Horizontal Black & Chrome Vertical Gas Filled Remote & Surface Mounted Other Types Available Angle Pattern / Straight Pattern Pipe Thermometer Non-Toxic Filled Titanium Panel Mounted Bi-Metal Temperature Sensors & Transmitters PT100s and thermocouples are available in many different forms.Temperature Gauges Thermometers are available ex-stock with steel cases and brass Thermowells for standard HVAC W: 15 . 0-120°C. 0-160°C.

process and chemical. please ask our sales office.Switches A complete range of switches to cover flow / level / pressure / temperature and turbidity. Pressure Conductive Level Level Multi Level Float Temperature Other Types Available Intrinsically Safe Digital Pressure Level Float Paddle Type Flow Dual Set Point Ultrasonic Explosion Proof Radar Chemical Diaphragms Chemical seals can be fitted to our full range of pressure ISS Flanged RJT SMS DIN1 1851 Hastelloy Tantalum PTFE 16 W: www. as many more options are available. If your requirements are not indicated below. Various options are available from single on / off switches to full control units. We have a wide choice available to suit all types of applications including . Wafer Pattern With Remote Capillary Other Types Available 316 SS Monel Extended Neck Flanged In-Line Flanged Titanium PFA Other Types Available Screwed (standard or flush) Tri-Clamp IDF Tri-Clamp Screwed T: 01942 885700 F: 01942 887213 E: switches and food and beverage.

however you can have extra benefits including reset oil. Test Thermometer Gauge Cock Whirling Hygrometer Block And Bleed Needle Valve Block & Bleed Manifold Needle Valve Thermowells Brass / Stainless Steel Pockets Pigtail / U-Syphons Portable Calibrator Other Types Available Flexible Manometer Extended Test Point Test Plug Gauge Adaptor Standard Test Point Lagging Pockets Barstock Syphons Temperature Baths Flow Meters Meters are available in various materials to measure the flow of Electro Magnetic BMS Compatible Heat Meters Batch Meters Mass Flow Positive Displacement W: www.. Wafer Gas Domestic Gas Tenant Valve Assembly Energy Calculator Other Types Available Screwed Water Oil Pulsed Vortex Turbine Ultrasonic Steam Flanged Water T: 01942 885700 Flow F: 01942 887213 Variable Area Flow E: gas. The meters are available as a standard with totalizer. remote 17 . water. steam. pulses and radio frequency etc.Test Equipment & Ancillary Items Below is a selection of ancillary items that are available from VIP Ltd.

uk W: www. Why not give us a try for your special requirements? Ultrasonic Level Radar Level Orifice Plates & Carriers Differential Level 18 T: 01942 885700 F: 01942 887213 E: sales@vip-ltd.Sight Glasses Below is a small selection of patterns available that can be obtained in iron and stainless steel materials as . Flanged Indicator With Spinner Straight Through Flanged Indicator Flap Type Finger Pattern Sight Flow Indicator With Switch Contacts Boiler (Also Available Flanged) Other Types Available Ball Type Indicator Screwed Indicator With Spinner Magnetic Level Inspection Windows Reflex Supplementary Products This range of special instrumentation is just a small portion of the peripheral items that are available from VIP.

uk 19 . They can be direct mounted on to existing mounting pads or where required we can have machined special kits to mount the two W: General Namur Mounted Solenoid Namur Mounted Solenoids Intrinsically Safe Vane Type Spring Return / Double Acting Double Acting Pneumatic Actuator Spring Return Pneumatic Actuator I/P & E/P Positioner Switch Box (I/A Versions Available) 24/110/240V AC/DC Failsafe Electric Actuator Electric Actuator On / Off Examples of recently supplied Pneumatic Actuated packages Space Saving Inline Piston All-In-One Actuated Valve Other Types Available Vane Type Hygienic Standard Explosion Proof Fail-Safe Other Types Available 4-20mA Positioners IPS Protection Mechanical Stops Torque Switches Space Heater Extension Pieces Feedback Switches Mounting Kits To Suit Requirements Atex Certified Scotch Yolk Design Linear Compact Overload Protection Limit Switches Manual Overdrive Facility Potentiometer I-P/P-I Converters 3-15psi Positioner Kits SIL Rated Version T: 01942 885700 F: 01942 887213 E: VIP have the facility to supply any type of Electric. Hydraulic or Pneumatic actuators to suit all various manufacturers of valves.

E: Air & Dirt Separator Dosing Pot High Temperature TUV Approved DIN 4809 Tied Rubber Bellows High Temperature TUV Approved DIN 4809 Untied Rubber Bellows Axial Expansion Joints Air & Dirt Separators provide an efficient method of air and dirt removal.5L-13500L capacity 16L-16000L capacity Larger sized vessels are W: www. bellows and expansion joints are available from stock. Twin Sphere Unions With Screwed Ends Stainless Steel Pump Connector Tied Rubber Bellows Untied Rubber Bellows Other Types Available Articulate Food Grade Insulated Flexible Ends Available BSP Grooved Push-Fit Screwed Expansion Joint With Protective Sleeve WRAS EPDM Hoses With Stainless Steel Overbraid Quick Release Coupling Valved Ends Weld Ends Compression Mapress Stub Van Stone Gas Hoses High Temp Application Male x Female Fully Stainless Pressure Transmitters Other Bellows & Unions As well as the range of bellows listed above. all complete with tundish. valves and brackets. They are cost effective. reliable and easy to maintain. VIP can also provide a wide variety of high temperature bellows and axial expansion joints to suit all requirements. Sizes Available Ex-Stock: 6L-6000L capacity 11L-11000L capacity 20 T: 01942 885700 F: 01942 887213 .Expansion & Hoses An excellent range of standard hoses. with specials available on a short lead Dosing Vessels / Air & Dirt Separation Dosing vessels are required to feed chemicals such as corrosion inhibitors into closed W: www. non-return 21 . strainers. Contact our office for further Steam & Water Mixing Using steam as a means of producing hot water is a very cost effective and practical method for washdown and process requirements. We can also arrange Steam Site Surveys which will produce a written report on failed traps together with installation ideas that will improve performance and ultimately save you money. we supply a complete range of hose stations and guns to suit all Thermo Dynamic Trap Thermostatic Trap Heat Exchanger 3 Port Steam Control Valve Steam / Condensate Manifold Float Trap Condensate Recovery Unit T: 01942 885700 F: 01942 887213 E: sales@vip-ltd. control valves. safety valves.Dry Riser Equipment Specialist equipment for Fire Protection industry applications are available on quick delivery. Dry Riser Inlet Cabinet Fire Hydrant Steam / Water Mixing Valve Hot & Cold Water Mixing Valve For Washdown Mixing Valve Gun Inlet Valve Dry Riser Gate Valve Washdown System Other Types Available Lances Steam Products VIP stock and supply a complete range of steam traps and associated steam products to complement our ball valves. reducing valves. sight glasses. As well as the valves. etc.

it is now commonplace in most There is a range to suit all .vip-ltd. along with single print protection baths. bidets and showers. nursing homes. W: www.Thermostatic Mixing With Government and Local Authorities striving to reduce the risk of scalding. 2 In 1 Model With Non-Return & Strainers 4 In 1 Model With Isolation Valves. Protection from scalding is also available in the form of TMV2/3 Thermostatic Shower Valves. sports centres and schools to have either TMV2 or TMV3 Thermostatic Mixing Valves installed. We supply a range of units to cover multi outlet shower facilities. Strainer & Test Points Group Mixer Push Button Control TMV3 Shower Mixer TMV3 WRAS Tap Mixer Exposed Anti-Tamper Shower Head (available in various spray patterns) Non-Concussive Taps Shower Heads Hospital Taps Doc-M Shower Packs Commercial Panel Contemporary Bar Shower Exposed Head & Rail Assembly (Concealed Available) 22 T: 01942 885700 F: 01942 887213 E: sales@vip-ltd. basins. W: 23 .co.T: 01942 885700 F: 01942 887213 E: sales@vip-ltd.

We offer a huge selection of bathroom suites. We offer fantastic deals on bathroom suites and also a range of heat packs which include a boiler. baths. All our items are available to buy securely online 24 hours a day and can be delivered on a time and date to suit you. radiators and valves. plastic pipes. fittings and W: www. showers. Our staff have a wealth of experience with plumbing items so we can advise if you are unsure about what you solar power and renewable energy products. which features the highest quality bathrooms.Plumbing & Sanitary value for money while maintaining excellent product taps. We can also provide you with under floor heating. showers. Back To Wall WC Basin & Semi Pedestal Urinal Junior WC Basin With Pedestal Urinal Header Tank 24 T: 01942 885700 F: 01942 887213 E: . basins and more at fantastic prices. We recently opened our online bathrooms store at www.

Boilers & Radiators VIP offers a full range of boilers suitable for domestic and commercial use. You can also purchase a variety of boilers and radiators in one of our Heat W: 25 . including Radiators Radiator Valves Ideal I-Mini Boiler Main Combi Boiler Remeha Boiler Unvented Cylinder Thermal Cylinder T: 01942 885700 F: 01942 887213 E: sales@vip-ltd. Combination and Heat Only boilers.

. All products are made to the highest quality Large Bucket Sink Wash Fountain Close Coupled W. These & Heating Fittings & Sundries VIP offer hundreds of plumbing sundry items to accompany our range..C Suite Taplanding Scrub-Up Trough Wall Mounted Trough Urinal Wall Mounted Wash Basin 26 T: 01942 885700 F: 01942 887213 E: W: www. Compression Fittings End Feed Products Solder Ring Fittings Soil Products Waste Fittings Press Fittings Barrier Pipe Coils Multiplex Manifolds Plastic Push-Fit Fittings Pressure Transmitters Stainless Steel Products VIP supply stainless steel products including all types of: Sanitary Ware Catering Equipment Sinks & Basins Hospital Equipment Food Process Equipment Equipment for Night Bars & Restaurants We also produce bespoke . & Pressurisation Units VIP offer a wide range of high quality pumps at affordable W: 27 . Vertical In-Line Duty / Standby Pumps In-Line Pumps Pressurisation Unit Booster Set T: 01942 885700 F: 01942 887213 E: sales@vip-ltd.

uk Stock Of Valves Our Stock Of Bellows Valves Instruments Plus Ltd VIP House Chaddock Lane Astley Manchester M29 7JT T: 01942 885700 F: 01942 887213 E: W: www.

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