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HAT a competent knowledge of the tq inubpcns.:-.ble as nn introduction to
the study of Arabic literature will be admitted by nIl who have ad mncell boyond
the rudiments of the hnguage. From the purity of its style and elegance of its
diction it has come to bo considered as the standard of Arabic even by those
have no in its pretensions to a divine origin, whilo so great is its authority
the followers of Mol.l3.mmad, that it would be difficult to name a work by
any Mussulman writer which docs not abound in allusions to its precepts or in .
quotations from its pages.
It is not to be expected that all the transcenda.nt excellencies and miraculous
beauties discovered in the by its commentators and others should immediately
unveil themselves to our cold and unsympathizing gaze; beauties there aro; many
and -; ideas highly poetical clothed in rich nnd language, which
.not unfrequcntly rises to a sublimity f:ir hyond the reach of any but
it is unfortunately the case that many of those graces which present themselves to
the admiration of the finished scholar are but so many stumbling-blocks in tho way
of the beginner; the marvellous which adds so greatly to the force and
energy of its expressions cannot fail to perplex him, while the frequent use of the
ellipse leaves in his mind a feeling of vagueness not altogether out of character in a
work of its oracular and 8oi-i/"sant prophetic nature.
It has been the privilege of the i5:or-un rather to impose its own laws upon
grammar than to accept them from other sources; and as it was written originally
without vowel points, it is not surprising that a good deal of difficulty has been
. experienced in framing rules io meet the various readings that have thence crept iDe
'The following pages have been compiled in the hope that they may prove of
service to the beginner in mastering some of the difficulties to which I ha'\"'3 re-
ferred; they will be found to contain much, which to the more advanced student
may appear trivial or unnecessary, but which will not be without value if it lighten
the labours of those for whose use the book is principally designed; it has no c1aic
to originality, it merely presents to the reader in a succinct form that which the
writer has culled for his benefit from the works of others.
. The edition of the which I have chosen for my text is that by Fluegel,
printed at Leipzig in 1834; the Concordance by the same author has been my
sheet-anchor throughout. Each word will be found under its verbal root; where
none exists. it must be looked for in its alphabetical place; so also in the case of
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viii PUl:FACE.
WOlaS which have seemeu to puzzle the Inrtny of thm;o have been,
sepal'ntcly arral1tied in their alphabetical Ol't1ef, but withdrawn n little within the
marginallino; thus for the word bo lookeu for either under d or
under its root Tho vowel of tho Mrist has been given where it is known; I havo
generally added tho oriJ:.:al mc:mina; nnd where such mC:'.lli
g not to bo found in
tho J.(or-ttn the word:3 nro printed in Italic:;. I must hero cbim indulgence for the
fault-if fault it bo-of h:lving giren tho English of tho infinitivo instead of tho
third person singubr of the preterito, or grammatical root of the verb; it seems
moro convenient nnd roundabout to say that y;'; means to strike, althou:;h no
one would be likely to commenco the study of tho without being fully aware
that the word should in strictness be "lIe struck" ,; while upon this point,
I may observe that although there is no true infinitivo in Arabic, the ab:;tmct noun
or of nction frequently supplies its place; the letters n.n. merely refer to the
forms' of the nouns of not to their menning; this also
applies to the pal'ticiplcs, written part. act. and pass.; these names have been re-
tained for convenience sal;:e, and mark tho form Oil!!} of the verbal adjp.ctives, which,
being constantly employed as substantives, nrc generally so renaered.
It is hardly necessary that I should offer any apology to my readers for tha .
'frequent references I have mado to Dc Saoy's Grammaire Arabe; the study of' the I
French language is now so universal, as almost to renaer a translation superfluous j
the letters D. B. Gr. etc. refer to the second edition.
I have not, as a rule, thought it necessary to notice the various readings of
disputed nor the numorous iuterpretations of the same passage which
abound in the Commentaries; those who may wish to extend their researches- in
this direction find' nn ample field in the works of the two great authorities
EI 'Beic}.awee and Ez-Znmakhsharee; the Commentary of tho- former, as being the ,
more grammatical, is the one I have generally consulted. Free use been'
made of the Dictionaries of Freytag and J ohnson,principally the former; to them,
as well as to Bale's well-known translation, my acknowledgments are especially due.
From the many careful reY"isions the work has undergone, both previously, and
also in passing through the press, I have good grounds for hoping that 'but few
typographical errors have escaped detection; entire fi.eedom from such is hardly to
be expected, but the short table of errata will, I feel confident, comprise the greater
part; for all other shortcomings I must seck the indulgence of my readers, trusting
that my humble' efforts may have provided for them in the words of my title " A
clue of elucidation to the intricato passages of the
, 3,., FHNlllry, 1873.
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, A prefixed nnswering to tIle Lnlin num To remain in a place. Eternnlly, for
or an, Whether? Is it? When the first of cvcr.
two consecutive propositions begins with " Abraham i 0. 110lln of tlle seconu declen-
and the second with both may frequently sion, of IIebrew origin, D. S. Gr. T. ], p. 404.
b t k
. d b't t .. , .. ' ..... -;"'1 .. t d '--1 1
e !l"eT'ln.1\ u 1 (llVe sense i as t\.3)J.i' U.J." an u..;.l pers. sing. nor. iv. nnu ii. forms
? 2 v. 5, "Whether thou wnrn them, ... of 11. q.v:
or whether thou warn them not i" 1 is on en aor. n. nnd i. To flee .(with properly, as
found prefixed to other p:1rticles, as, a sla1:e.
"Art thou verily?" To 6e or lla1:e many camels. S.L. and
16 v. 73, "Do they then deny the bene6ce;ce . Camels; n generic noun like Ihcrp. plur.
of. God 1" When this p:uticle is followed by (2nd declension) Flocks (ofbird.s):
another' one of them is generally omitted j Iblees, Bntan, ece
ns ...=. .. ji for L,.i" i eo likewise when followed for fNm q.v.
s $-1
by in which case the alif of union is for Yo' A father; in connexion with 11
euppres.sed, as for etc. D. B.Gr. T.l, complement, nom. y,t gen. u;1, ncc. .:
pp. 71 and 99.. for tJj' 0 I my Father; D. B. Gr.
aor. i. and o. To moce . acc. G\ That T. 2, p. 91; Dual L:J1Ji' Parents, and in con-
. which the earth produces as food.' Dexion ';''1. ae ;\)i' and
i"G'T plur. oC y' for q. v. His two parente; Plur. il!i Fathers, ancestors,
(2nd declension) pl. oC JJ.L (PerI.), for iike Jwl, the final J being chnnged
Goblets. ... into hamzs. after' quiescent i D. B. Gr. T. 1,
for 1.1-' ece y' for
pp. 97 and 113.
..... , s ,
y'J! plur. oC q.v.
''''''''1 ",
?o' eceft
-", ... f. f 0:"
'9.. D.a. vw 0 q.v.
Bor. i. and o. To 6e roild (an animal); nor. i.
1 aor. a. and i. To dislike, disdain, refuse, to
be averse from (with and aleo with f1), as
J."U .17 v. 101, "But tIle
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kcJ l'cje (lhe 00(': UI (g c nou (re- i b,; fir
Tarnnmks. CCIV'C it) with ir;;;rdltndC'."
yiii. f. of J:; q.v.
sec .
Jot viii. f. of J; q.v.
1<:- "
1 per ng. n f. 0
:J ,
_ . i. me, orne to WI 1 nce. or with
J); to bring to (with .,;, of thing nnd acc.
pel's.. to p com ome
upon (with JS.); to do, cowmit (an nct,
-. $"
with acc or with I....J). '-=-'1 for I fern.
_:J ,S
'I nor. o. nnd n. To ro;w:mcc f-lilt:;. und cor n
0$ n
A sin
It, in y. r
$,,"," 0
part. nct. lie . . Puni,hmcnt ofrrickeunc2s.
A wi pel's who nn e cr.
S .B. I . . Accu". n of c

. ']' b ,. " 1 ( )
t;:' nor. o. 0 urn. I J;3ittcr, sa t watcr.
f. of q.v.
P!l5S. viii. f. of q.v.
A r. 0 lchre
I pn ct. 0 h6 c s tOi ,
nor. d i. ay 1 $. ser
. 5,)'% ,1
or hi
11 v. 7-3, "rcrily there is coming
. ,) .. ,
11 thpun ent." p nss.
\nth nn nctive slg'lllfication, That wIuch is
come to pnss i nt 19 v. 62 it hns n future
nificn thus 1$" pro-
mise will come to pnss."-JT IV. To cause
t come b 'ug, duce, (wit uble
us.). .1 n. The wing ifts.
1 ,,!"(, 0 I
9,.... pur. 1;):-')'" part. nct. ne w 10 gives.
, ,1 .
55. t..i r wit omi of tl ond
mzn, D. Gr:. I p. , E1.
'iJ' A phrase which is exactly
oUoq Engli y CIT who
havt) been given the Scripture i" D. S. Gr.
T. 2, p. 125.
a. ud 0 be rian
Household stuff, nnything wllich constitutes
. s "'.
. .:;ft 80r. o. and i. To relate.; to excite, raise (dust,
. . .:J
b aec I....J) A tra
, _:J
.J . Traces, monuments of antiquity.
A relic.-"'jT IV. To choose prefer (with nee.
.> 1 n.n. A reward i Piur . &>-1 \\ Do"'CS, dower3 .
.J. J.J
- .? ", X. ire.
.... 1'0 fix a tam. i A cause, the sake, n::
dJj II on that account." A

fixed pI' rmin criod.
To nppoint a fixed term (with ncc. nnd J).
$.g, .. ,. .,
. rt. p with sign tion,
, 'S "
3 v. ,According to the Bool;
which fixes the nppointed term of all things,"
For adve use he ne tive
D. S. Gr. T. 2, p. 67, et seq.
1 $ -' Q,
.w..:rl plur of fro
, ...
p from t.."':::- q.v.
S , 1 $"S
WnO'es, Plur. of?!
Ab.. ur. 0 es.
'b.-i iv. f. of q.v.
of':'. sec 11 :..
:' 0 , ny on, em. 1. s
r:b..1 plur. of rr.: and see
.... "
,(, .. I
f. of q.v.
plur of q.v.
, frol q. v
no o. tul ,re '0
wi h '-:-' to 'ept t,1.o
e. 1 a
uni -1 nfillct
(with of pers. and y, d' to
, .
m a mp (, 1 u of rs. W
ace)' to "'izc u on, sci;:) (dth nce or with
of t.hin;;';. to bke In hand awl arran go, as
.... ",::a .... "h
fd....u v.
(.. ...
ordered our ntIlirs beforehand." .>-..:...1 n.B.
Tho act 0 tal,lOg, punishment. nOll
or" ity, pu' hm t. S t. 0 .
.'- "" t /
who - .,)6..\' or ..\:>..1 nor III.
To n:5 wi nc of 3. y f t
, ..... , .... ,t" ,
cri ).- ,).;!'I D. S Or T. 1, 23G
VIII. To take, take roth I
it I:S be ,as o.\lJ 2 11
"0 d ha'h begottenissue;" to receive make I
" --" ,"'(. ....
' ., Jo
make for one's-self. 113 1 "., I
v. "ke e s er ( 0) ke
for herself a house;" at 38 v 63
. ..., '0-
13 for II, tIle alif of union being BUP-I
pro d a tll te gat pa ele D. I
, I
Gr. T 1, P 71' to hold or reckon, as .,),S'",
. ,
.. ,'" .. , l 9 II
t 9V J.5.:.!... v. 100, He con-I
ide \Vb e e end a an f b gin
bim nigh unto God;" to act, belHlve (with r
. d ) (h f ) ",.
'm ss , nt v. \ ...s p on ..>1
1,n. th st, ce lnl en
. ho t, th ate 0st 'ty, -
The Ilc"t (lif0) n.; to Q..\J' .-.>.:...\ II.
nor ... d th nft an cr, :1.0
thir ' lnst def Ie' U!l lone . ut off (with
, 1""" .. , .l '
nce. and as ,-;-,Lw\ t',:":' 11
v. 1 "A Vt. y i c P off cir nis
mcnt" to givc 11. resnite to nny one (with
nce. and 0 rem,.in

con o.Cte .no r.-;" \::..0 X, 0 S b
:i t. "' ... I
hind deby, wish to deby. C .. part. nct.
One ",ho
" (,,,'" ()
'!.j:! ow P . s . p
...... .,. .... "
I iv. f. of q.v.
.. Dd( I..L cn.JOn)p
, (, 't
a co .1 rs.
iv of ' :....t
r. 0 t.
g. . h; :s:e
q .
; '" in nn on h n mp mon
.,. ,. ,'.1
nom. ,r:-', gen. I,,;C. A brother;
ua, I;J';:'" , 0 que";;';', and co - rue
" .. ,,. of. ,. 1 $'" \ d:;' .. J
ion ;., 1 ..... 1 , ur n p...
the lntter generally menns companions or
t ,..
rien . -->'1 or,r:-I si 1';. luI'
i . al ,;.; r .', e .., f eo
J J .
D. S. Gr. T. 1, p. 3.>8 .
. a. an o. fa on, pn
'6::"' .s. ct 0 aki to e's If. '.s\, nd B, vous .
part. act. One who takes. for 2 POl's. plur. VI. f. oftoJ q.v.
.. No bal ot, e V no ein sed tb f. d,; q.v
rst rm La l ,,- fo ' I CauBe to como' Imperat. ii. f. of..sll q.v.
J ,,.
(2nd declension) Another, other, the last; I see
em D. . G T. p. 1; luI' ,; so oJ.
, "- OJ " 1 s , , I j".""" 1 1 f "
. t F m . I fi . \ th 1 \.,;..)\ Imperativ: p urB 0 1;..) q.v.
:r, . .) - or >- e more usua .. " ,
form, D. B. Or. T. 1, pp. 35!) and 40i; 1 J _ . oJl P 1'; n a pte on, q.v
L .. !I _ ,c,.. ..
... ..J. v. 7, n ur 1'." J iv.o q.
( 4 )
nor . a. To be trlil..'Il!/. (oJT (2nd dcc1en.:;ion),
Adam; D. S. Gr. T. I,.p. 404.
""""'l "
ui.J' Hore vile, etc. fro U"" q.v.
,c..'S "" .
lIIore grievous, ft. q.v.
..s:,i aor. i. To 6<'comc thick (milk). ij..;i for
Payment; the fio:11 being cODverted into
hamzaanerl quie::eent; D.S.Gr.T.I, p.113.-
II. To cause to come, to pay b:1ck,
restore (with aee. Ilnd Jl>; nor. IJ':';; ns
. "Theil let him. restore (it)." '
.. ,
. ..
fI ., p' . , F l
l,:}..) n. n. ..,..) em. Jln C;lr;
,. , .,. j. . ........ .'1.
Plur. A declllrntion.- :,..;\ II.
To cry aloud, make n (with
or wIth y of l,:}.J),- part. nct. 1.\
public erie;, a .lIue:zin.-:'.h IV. To mal;;
known to, proclaim to (with nce. of pef3.);

to as.sure. - V.' To cause n proclama .
tion to be nUlfle, caUdO to be declared.-
, ..

1,:;.,)1:-01 X . To ask permission (with c:
with aec. of per3. imJ. of thing); at J
Jl ''';1 Debold, if, when, then, at tllnt time.' vv. 44 and 45 it means to ask le!\\"e to ll!
.IJl in that case; These worus nre. re- excused, to ask a dispen 3!ltion j see D. S. G:.
gardedbytheArabgrammarhnsnsindeclinable T. 2, p. 467, wherc this cllipsc is elplaineJ.
. ,.s .,.2, .. :I
nouns; They cnter into composition with other aor. a. 10 be hurt. for J..;\ D. S. Gr.
words, as nnd Then, at th:1.t time, T. 1, p. 111; n.B. injury, ill-treatment,
" " . ,,, J ".
on that day 'When; so also 1Jl ancr the in- offence, annoyance, anything noxiou3, such :1.
s 'S '
terrogative particle I as Is it then? etc. illness or pollution. - ..s";i IV. To injure, veI,
For the various effects by theae annoy, offend, affiict; aor ,t
ticles' upon the tenses of verbs tlle reader is v. 20, "Then punish them both;"
reCerred to D. S. Gr. T. I,p. 171, et seq., and II do them both some injury"; Commentato;'s
.. '"
al80 p. 522: Jl and IJ' are constantly em- differ as to wllat this injury shoulJ. be; PUS>.
, ., .t1
ployed in the I5.orun to commence a sentence 29 V. 9, for I for \ I, see 3 v.l04;
without any antecedent; the words L: )'1, see also D. S. Gr. T. 1, p. 05, 187. .
"Remcmberwhat occurred," being tllen under- dn) see
stood. '. a";,r. i. To tie (a Imot) tight, and Y.l aor.
1 A l' . ,,": s.,
p or. 0 Id..). e un, see To n;ant. .tDl n.a. want,. a necessity, ;\.
1 pers. plur. pret. iv. f. of q.v. See also 24 v. 31, II Who have no nCfi:J
D. S. Gr. T. 1, p. 246. Y;, "(; (2nd declension) .
. s .'t: \
plur. of J,dJ, rt. J: q.v.. .. uacs. ,
To gire ear; and aor. a. To suffer, grant Y.J' plur. of L:J'} q.v.
...... 20. "
permis3ion, permit (with J ofpers. and Y ot dJI IV. f. oflU q.v. -
thing, also with of the ;erb); to heark:n to . yU;l viii. f. of 'for q. v. ;
(with J>. Note. When the Imperative of this plur. A side, rt. t:;-; q. v.
'verb b'preceded by it is written as at Put him offl
2 v. 2i9; see D. S. Gr. T. 1, p. 232, note. ..s'Jji iv. f. of q.v.
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, ... '1 .... (.'1 .,-.-
\.:..) for -.,s-'.;\ lV. f. of G,) q.y. x. f. of ...;:,t:;. for q.v.
I,.. ,tn. T arth, h,In cou
o ....
u>\-: f. of q.v.
d.J \ nor. i. nnd o .. To feed on t!:.c (ree ...!.5l) (a I
' "'1 'J.
md) \ (I) d dec1 ,: n) pI f
.......... c" ....
x. f. of .,L-- q.v.
Q ..... c" ., ...
J..;.:-. . of ' v.
hronc uclle
rJi :'oor. i. To bite. Ircm, the I
tyof ribe d.
v.;\ 1 per:.. SIng. aor. of q.v. I
j \ nor. o. and i. To male a loud crash, incite;
{,1, II
ji 1 86, they inci em ;'
s ''''c.. S ,
3 per3. fern. sing. nor. after the broken plural r pass. x. f. of v? q.v.
" .... ...."
. . for th of til orist' J' ntivc . ",-;:.:" m.3 t' f
): _",,' sin t.O
hen i n an verb D. S .J?. of' J .v.
Gr. T.l, p. 201. ;\ An instigation. ,,"\' ". f. f "
'.\ ':\ se for J VlIl 0 ..s)""' q.v.
...1,. r. of q.v.
) To be strollg. Jjl ]oins'-.JJi IV. I '" "
',T k A (n..d d I .) t x. f. q.v.
, 0 mn 'e strong. .;', zer.-:1.I cc enSlOn , P \,;.I
e oa given Abrab fath erah; . of 5 ... he m ng, r q.
l derived from the CLaldean name of the planet I ...;', Journey by nIght I Imperat. iv. f. of ..sf' q v.
M "S
. ars. Bor. . bind 'e pri r. f' a. A]'
r. a. raw .u e da Udg-.
me joi priso capt
t ,c,s ,.,
men. Plar' and v';\.:..\ (2nd declension); the
f. of tv.
" '
. '''1' ',' lmpcrat. x. f. of oJ.;. q.\".
..?:- f. of q.v.
c.. l."c.. .. "
J.r:-.t impernt. x. f. of ... :.J q.\"
f. of. .v.
]att the! ms is ricte De S
.. to words of the forIi:. see hiS Grammar,
cry Is! i wing p._ II. T.1, p. 360. 8G3.
foun, y fou ons ( acc. r:); ,;t ( decle ) Is
the logical root being v:;.i AfolllUlation. I meaning PrillceofGod. See Genesis xuii.28.
i l2 clens baM!! su;:J ;'i of j' v., S 80:;':
a ww
from q.v. Bor. n. To be grlCved. grief, as
, .... " 5 , .....
.) \.:..1 (2nd- declension) plur.of A bracelet, for)"'1 12 v. 84 II Oh my griefl" or, "How
, jL. gre my I" . Gr 2, p.
IS ..... $ "'.... .. , $:1
plur. of rt. q.v. note. IndIgnant, or affected at the same
plur A e, rt. '''- q.v. tim . h gr' nd in' ation
Sil 0 a thic exture, rocade; p sibly I To ke to er.
derived from J; to glitter. and il.;,j, see
( 6 )
(2nd menning in the
Hehrew Ood $l/(llll!l.'ar.
aor. i. and o. To be putrid and stinhillg (lI:atcr).
Corrupt, putrid: l;)"Ji;; ;"(..; 47 v.IO,
"Of incorruptible
t::.l aor. o. To he healed. iJ""1 A p:l.ttern, exnmple
worthy of imitation. .
aor. n. To be sad, solicitous \\'ilh
# ... ,,'1 <# , 0 ....
\;l::..!.\ Separately; acc. plnr. rt. q.v.
!o .:
plur: of ... , rt . t:' q.v.
1 s'" .' (2nd declension) plur. of
.". .... s , s
,r.1 aor. o. To cut, sam; nndftl aor. a. To exult.
';;'i Insolent, an insolent person.
c ..
1= t
Most wretched; compo form of Il.!. q.v.
1fli I make my co:nplnint; 1 pers. sing. :lor.
of.\LS. q.v.
c. o,,!' ",
w..:.lsce ;...:.

plor. of see tt.:..
Jt:;; pI or. of rt. J;.i q.v.
, ... , "
1 pers. sing. aor. condo of q.v.
To ctn:er over (a pol).- feme part. pass.
iv. f. Covered over, vaulted over.
;:, aor. i. To hind. ;1 A covenant,
.... , ....
..r-' iv. f. of..r- q.v.
viii. f. oc\I; q.v.
. .
, ..... ' .. 11 . ... f. f'''''
eo C pers. SlDg. prete Vlll. 0 q.V.
uW' IV. f. ofU4 q.V.
J;f plur. J;f The lowest part, bottom, root.
The evenmg; ; Plur. of Plur.

, ... s ", "" "
plor.of vertebrre, q.v.
.-u; iv. f. for \;J q.v.
"'I-:"!' 1 . ... f. f ...
;W, pen. SlDg. 8Or. Vlll. 0 q.v
.... f'? ' \(
t.U,I iVa f. of t q.v.
for i inlcrrog:ltivc, nntl viii. f. of
, "','
,s .. ( '1' I II <,'
1o:.,L.11 iv. f. of quntlrl ltera, rt. q.v.
,,'. $t...,.... ...." ...
Ofdi!rcrcnt kinds; plur.of..Jr, rt.;..: q.v.
, .... :1 " ...
iv. f. of
.iii. f. q.v.

...?-i viii. f. of for;; q.v.
." s .'
. ...... .
jl..)..;.1 plur. of)..)..;., rt. ,..)..;. q.v.
!. ill'" .'
plur. of).r, rt...r q.v.
A wliirlwind, rt. q.v.
, ...
1 pers. sing. aor. iv. f. of..;G q.v
1 pers. plur. prete iv. f. of Y q.v.
plur. of ",,11 A collar, rt. ji q.v. \'
... .. ,:" , ...
iv. f. of q.v. .
......s. , ...
LS.,=IIV. f. of q.v. .
.s 1 ... - 1
-il 1l:J Fj! as \.:.sJ Fy on you both
According to the author of the there
are forty different \Vllys of spelling this word.
- ... '1: -...."
.Ul iv. f. of'U q.v.
, .S '.'!......... ,
vOU1 iv. f. of for q.v. ;\
"Do they then (believe) in that whiel1 is 'j
vain 1" 16 V. 74 nnd 29 V. 07; composed of 1
the particle i, the conjunctior I{
., . . h' I d h'\
U, the preposltion '-:!, t e artIe e \, an t (,1
word Vanity, or anything vain. ;',
. , '\
. ''''\ ... f. f ... t
uol.:.J. VW 0 q.v. t
uPl viii. f.of u) q.v.
.... .... s" ..
iv. f. ofl:iJ q.v. .,\
, .
II Were we then exhausted?" composed of ']
the particle i, the conjunction
,,"" G ....
and the first pers. plur. pret. I
. d l' "'Th b .
aor. I. To reu catller. V" e orJzon;
Jl"'4,;;; 53, V. 7, II And he (appeared)
in the highest point of tlle horizon," viz., tho
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( ., )
,_ $1J1 ...
Angel G.abrie1. JUI plur. of Tracts or u.lS'1 iv f. of q.v.
regions of. tho earth; u! n.n. iv. f. of -;j q.v.
41 v. 53, "We will .them our ;';,,21 Clothe Imperato of \.:S q.\,.
the region:; of the earth"; to wit, The con- JS1 nor. o. To eat, devour, consume . (with nee. or
quests of the true believers. with y, or J.); to make use of, enjoy, as
dJl nor. i. To.lie, cause to tell lies, or put 0:: a at 4 v. 3; jS, fem .. J,S. n.o. TLo
false appearance, as at 7 v. 114; to n ... side . act of eating, a devouring; a greedy,'
(with to frustrate, render silly. Wl A devouring manner. JSt Food, as fruit, or
falsehood, lying invention, lying, false; 115 whatever is eaten; llil [:.j.ll; 6 v. 142,
. . . iji \ilji 37 v. 84, II Do ye "And corn, the food from which (is) various
a (viz:) gods, etc.1" \llJi in kind;" For the construction of this nnd
"'''' 'J. S I G T 2 "'1\
is here put for \S:JII A great iar.- similar sentences see D. S. r. ,pp. '01
part. oct. f. which hus a passive and 2iO. part. act. One who ents.
- J ... s .
si!!Jlification, That wllich is overthrown or Greedy, a great eater. . Jjt; part. pass.
e , , ... :I
turned upside down; c.:Jt4J r! 1 The Cities Enten.
s ",,:a ! iI#
which were overthrown, viz. Sodom nnd Go- plur. A Lnd, rt. (oS q.v.
b S s,e,.l .. '"
morra . and plnra. or :i, rt. :;; q.v.
Jji aor. i. and o. To set sun). part. net. Jl The definite article, The; when not at"the be-
That which sets.
"" of a sentence, it is always written with
s ,,;2. 0-
plur. of rt. 1:1 q.v. a J,; thus Ji; the i then loses nIl sound and
K,j plur. of:; A mouth, see ,U for ;;;. b 0 mute D S Gr TIp (0 f
J I - ec mea . "" U"*.
Jill pere. sing. aor. of :=;J q.v; j' aor. o. and i. To he shahen. 11 acc. of jl
s, ....... S ,S.. I' h' F' .
;I plur. of ..:'.,i, rt. oJU q.v. Consanguinity, re ntions Ip. reltng gives
(2nd declension) plur. of j9i plnr. of Jl as the root of this word.
, , j\ from 1 interrocPll.tive and j not; Is it DOt?
j l':i A sa".inC'l', discourse, see J\i for J:i. 0-
'.T J 0 .T Are there not? etc.
$ \.'S . Sit"" "" ,,'"
A definite time, for q.v.- j- J'- L'. ",
I for cJ)l, rt. I lor J)I q.v.
II. (no 1st form) To 1i:t a certain time. -_ .s,s "'S
JUI plur. of JI, rt.ll for,.,.,1 q.v.
De Sac,., quoting. EI BeicJawec, says in his n for j That not; as, that (I do) not, etc. It
Grammar, T. 1, p. 103, note, that the word b
Co t Co governs the aorist in the su mood.
which occnra at 77 V. ll1S for # Co
, , J1 for J ,) Unless, except, if not; It commonly
Co "It \'#1. ....,j.
sec .u. . governs the accusati\'e. For the rules of
'11'. '
fern. Imperat. of q.v. syntax connected with Jlaee D. S. Gr.T. 2,
see JJ. p. 403, et seq. .
o 'loS 0 I F d ' .-= n' A I' f .
c.:JI&51 plur. of c.:JJ' 00 t rt. q.v. t.SU \ lem. lorm 0 I q.v.
:.T '0 ,....,. r .a ,
1 pers. sing. aor. or for q.v. y\;11 plur. of y, see
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( 8 ) AI
aor. i. To (with nee. of per".
of thing), as:" ;r, r.;Gi
62 v.21, " And we will not defraud them
, of any of their
. ...
'-':Jl viii. f. of Io.iJ q.;.
$ t, . .. ... 1
n.n. IV. f. of.l.s.! q.v.
, ,r ' .... ,
u\.s::\ n.n. iv. f. of q.v.
c. , ,
I Join me; Imperat. iv. f. of J71 q.v.

.ll1 (2nd declension) comparat. adjective fro 'l.v.
u.ui (He, the m:m) who, (him) wllOm, (the thing)
5.,'(.'1 '$-'
,-,_5JI f"C
..J.i iv. f. ofUJ q.v.
6 ... S ",-,
I plur. of A nickname.
jf iv. f. of q.v.
?i Am I not 1Is it not? etc. from 1 intcrrogntin
and not; used also in conjnnction with other
particles, as ?Ji, ?;i, t!3"i, etc
;:n Letters found at the commencement of the
second and several other cllllptera of the -lior:'in.
the meaning of these nnd other.
, letter" found at tbe commencement of various
... , ci --a:l .. '1
' which ;.Fem .j:J ; Dnall.:J'''u\ i Plur. ; cll\lpters, differences of opinion, have nlwnys
fern: plur. llnd .j Th t De Saey instead uisted among commentator:1; but it is held
...", :I G 'S
of the,last form gIves ,lJl nnd L4l.J I; see hIs by many of the ablest of the M1lssulm:m
Gramm!lr, T. 1, p. 446; Accordinz to the Doctors that the true meaning has noyer Leen
rule given nt 232, p.1l3 of tho same \"c!ume, communicated to' any mortal,
.Ull would seem to be the most correct wily of alone excepted. See Sale's Tioran,
spelling it; see also his observntions on these tory remllrks, section iii. Note. These and
pronouns, or, as be cans them, conjuncti\"e letters are- to be pronounced at full
adjectives, vol. 1, p.443, et seq., and vol. 2, p. length, alif, lam, meem, etc ..
'343, et IefJ. The antecedent is frequently aor. B. To sutTer (pain)., painful.
omitte4; see an instance at 23 V. 14. ;ti Letters at the commencement of the thirteenth
jt Letters placed at Ule commencement of the chapter, see tl
lOth, lith, 12th, 14th, and 15th chapters i Letters at the commencement of the seventh
see :Ii. cbspter see:n
! .. ''':I, \ f 6," , ..... , l' I r . "
plur. 0 rt. q.v. To adore. ill; Dual oblique \:.;Sl; 'Plur. t:-F
f i 11 Bor. a. To he aCCU$tomea (to a place), to join A Deity God. God Th; God' The only
... . , "
together. A thousand; considered by God; A word which embraces a11 the names
some as the root; Dual oblique i ; by which the' Mussulmans designate the Deity.
Plor. and II. To unite, and By God r To God, be-
join together, reconcile (with aor.' ',; r;;. longing to God, as \112 v. 151,
W;: fern. part. pass. Reconciled, as we are God's." A form of ..
;.;tp9 v. 60, " And those whose besrts are re- 0 God .The r being ... to .
concHed:" For the construction of tbis sentence the omlSSlon of the parhc1e It IS saHl tc. .
see D. S. Gr. T. 2, p. 277.- n.B. iv. f. _ stand for "0 God! instruct
A compact, uniting together. , in righteousness!" 1\'
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.ell ( 9 )
'. rsQi It occupied you; h'. f. ofQ q.v. and f. aa r.nd .. :.,) al'e both names of
;:.Ji iv. f. of q.v. Sinai.
-'I' ' ,) ...1!
nor. o. To be lI:alltillg in dut!!. to f:lil (\'.ilia acc. I Or; n conjunction generally in the second
of pers. and tlting), ns St.;J. i 3 v. 114. of alternative propositiona. tI10 fi1'5t of
"They, will not fuil to corrupt you," rjj whlch IS by l; both Ir.ny frequently
plur. of Ji for J'l, Benefits. -Ji IV. fiJr be rendered "whetller j" see l.
JH derh':d from an obsolete root (" i aor. O. To sct:". intena, propose. oblique
Ji) To swear, vow nbatinence from (with plur. part. act. Those who seek, or are intend-
;;.,,), as 3 pers. plur. aor. at 2 V. 226.- ing (to visit). r' A mother, Plur. ;
swear aalJ!: 6'tj 24 origin, principle, a capital, pl:tce of abode,
' 'J I.:J '" - ,'/., ....
v.22, " Let not (the wealthy) swear that they. foundation, as I ("13 v. 5, II The founda-
willnotgive." Ailte. The ellipse of the negative tion (or fundamental part) of the Boo! "
, is usual aner an oath; the itself implying J.\"ote, The contents of the are clus5ed
a negntion, unless tllere appear some precise by Mol}ammad under two heads; the first,
indication to the contrary ; D. S. Gr. T. 2, wbich is called or the furiJ:lment:ll
p.474., part, contains those passag-es meaning
':'I)i plur. of A species, q.v. is plain and obvious; the other portions are
.Jl To, as far as j ;,or metaphorical; the words r; at 13 v. 39
the dIfference between and and 43 V. 3 mean "The original of the Book,"
Jt 4v.89, and refer to the table on which God's decrees
"Verily he will gather you together on the day are recorded; it is olso a name sometimes
of resurrection i'" w.ith, or in addition to, as, given to the opening chapter: The
r;r";:;i j 4 v. 2, "Do not metropolis, Mecca: v.140
. devour their substance in addition to your Bon of my mother, D.B.Gr. T.2, p. 91,'llote;
own i" in this and similar instances there in some manuscripts the words diti at
appears to be an ellipse of the. word Q;!.l5 20 v. 95 are written in one word D. B.
"6yadding it," or of some simi:arword; Jl Gr. T. 1, p . 99. [:1 Plur. r.:l A people,
Until. As a general rule indicates the nation, race, a party (esppcinlly of the samo.
term or limit beyond which an action does not religion), a fixed and definite term, a certain
'0 time, a :-eligion, as;!l 43 vv. 21 and 22,
V' -1 (2nd declension) Elias. 37 V. 130 U-
Ilyi\seen j this word is supposed by some to " In the practice of a religion;" an Imlim,
be the plur. of u:.9l and to mean Elias and his. or model of religion. Before j 75
followers, but it is probable that the terminn- v. 5, "(For that which is) before him," i.e.
tion is only added for tbe sake of the rbyme, "for the future." sing. and plur.; the
and that both worels designate the same person; Plur. of which is A leader in religion, a
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( 10 )
wHI . A scrious a str:'.n;;,) thin;;.
s .j. $ ;;ot
.rii nct. One who comllJnnlh . .J t:.1 Prone.
......... k I I d .
-....:::JI HII. To take COUllSC toget lC'r, c-
n1odcl, e:,nmI,lc, rule, pattern, or IIOU1, , for
$ -J
guidance or instruction. Ono who cnn
neither read nor write, illitemte, au er/itllet of
ignorant, one who is liberate nbout (with y); Impcrllt.';;':'l, nnd
ignorant of the r.i A for; with J, '
sionnl1y put for: t:. ri Or tJlat which, or wbnt. ;;:, gen.:S "1 A man, rt. l; q.v.
'\.!1 Either, 'or whether, in which sense it re- Ye.ster'- (no verbal root).
quires to be repcnted before each of the altcrna- Jr'q 1 f $ ..... A . t t'
. \.!WI P ur. 0 n ill es lne.
tive'propositions of n sentence; D. S. Gr. T .1, J. ... ,' 11 1 .. , n
.1 nor. o. 0 (tope. n.a. ope.
p. 573; instances howe\"cr occur wllel'c inswad , '
I "'I d .. , b dIL.l iv. f. ofl.; q.v.
of 1.9. being repcate 'J' is su .stitute , tHIs, U--
I ... ...... ' , ... , ............ ..... , . " ..... "" ....... ,;;, 17 :.r,l nor. n. To be secnre, trust (with nee. of pcrs.
JI 1.!.J.>.:..f I.... v.
and y of tlling), put trust in (with nec. of
24, "Whether one of thcm attain old with ...
... .. pers. nnd _ ,i;) .. , to be secure from (with acc.),
thee or both of them:" when standing for t:".;Jl
If (tho beino'" expleth'e), no renctition is as ij 7 v. 97, II For (no one) is
" fG d II 5 .....
.. , - .. ;;... secure from the stratagem 0 o. n.n.
necessary, thus -S.).lb L .. 2 v.3G,
Security; at2v.II9 it means a place of security.
"And if 0 direction shall.comc to you from me."
5 ,: .,... psrt. act. One or that which is secure,
11;1 plur. of .r..l A maid-servant, see for ::'1. \iI'" ,
j safe, secure. :r-,1 Faithful, trustworthy,
A deposit, rt. q.v. 'secure. Security. A pledge, cove-
plur. of Desires, rt ..;:. q.v,' nont, faith, n tJ'l.!.;t. part. pass. Secured.
, ,2, .' "" '"
oor. i. To dctcrll/wc, to be cuned. A A plnce IV. To make
carve, anything which shows' ups and dOWDS. sure or secure ('l'ith acc. of pers.); to have
tl A maid-servant, rt. \,;l fur rl q.v: ,faith in, believe (with for
'h.:, ... f. f "'t,; ,
j - ,. VIll. 0) q.v. D. S. Gr. T. 1, p. 95, 185 aud 1&7 n.B. A
viii. f. of q.v. believing, faith, 'heartfelt belief, see rLl.
", , , s , ...... J
.MI To b8 fillished, 1 To be an!lry. --,I 1:J'!,r part. act. One who beheves.-
.A."!ler, tho term of existence, t& space, term, Pnss. VIII. To be entrusted with the
terminus. custody of anything. .
;;l o. To command, ortler, enjoin (with:) or Anything wished for, rt . ..;:. q.v.
or "with acc. of pers. and '7 of thing); aor. o. To '11/C1D line a cat, to become a maid-
- "y d "S9 r!4' r. -: "\:= 5 ... , 5,,,
eor erme, V.u ,errant. 4.1 for i,rl D. S. Gr. T.1, p. 3;')8,
Imperat. ::, when preceded by the conjunction A maid-servant Plur. It.;,.
,.j .. '
- , .. "... D G 31) "1
J it is written . S. r. T. 1, p.2 -. cJI That, in order tJlat, lest, that not; when followed
';:l n.B. A command, decree, matter, thing, by 8 verb in the aoril!t, such verb ia generally
business; ;;l; -s;l:;;' Of my own put in the' subjunctive; when put before? \
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( 11)
noun or pronoun it g.)Vernz it in the nCC11311-
tIre, nnJ is then written with the te5hdcecl
This conjunction is frC((llently used after
Jli or some similar verb, with an ellipso of
'11 Io'T ..... ;:,.", _ '0" 9"
rrl ... () v. , And (re-
when thy Lort! called unto :Moscs
(saying) go unto the wicked people;" when
used in the iense of lest, for fear that: or in'
order thnt (it mny) not, it is generally neces- .
ellry os' a rille that tIle preceding proposition
l!.hould contain some word which c:mies with it
you call upon tl,cm tlleY will not hcnr your
proyer, and if they hC:lrd they wouM not
answer you." giveii n futuro si;;nification
to verbs in the }Jroterite, unlc53 w11ero is
interposed, D. S. Gr. T .. 1, p. 181, et seq.;
it 11I1S sometimes a neg:ltivo meaning., as
JF v. 53, U My
reward is not (due) except from ltim who created
t"..... c" , c. ....
Dle. 1.:.1"1 nnd for .,.1 1 and
, , ..... " '-',.
like is used with nlmo.,t eiery kind of
prefix nnd nffix; when without nn affixed
Doun it go\"'crns nouns in the it
the idea of prohibition,. hindrance, or obstacle, has affirmative mc::tning, nnd may generally
, , ....... ' c.., ! .. 'S c" P ;, ... "' .... , -Q bId 'I .1 d
as , ... .u. ",I .i:::S'1 .... ).J . I. vI 18 v. 55, e rene ere verl j, or iuucc ; it iii sometimes
oJ\ -....., ... ,.; I-
"'Verily we putveils over their hearts thatthey written Wit1lOUt the teshdeed, nnd. must not
ehould not. understllnd it (the J5,oran)." The then be confounded with the conjullction if.
above rule is by no means without. lZl called by the Arabs J;;., or particle
exceptions, severlll of which occur in the l\orun i of restriction, may frequently be rendered only;
thus at 7 v. 171 \}ji must be rendered the t.; is occ:l3ionally a simple expletive, and
"lest Y,e should sIlY," where there is an entire the word has then the force of but it no
ellipse of the negative; n simi13l' ellipse is com- longer goverus the accusative. De Sacy gives
mon in case of an oath, see rt. l' . the for all these particles in fJis usuru
.. , .. s .. $' GS admirable manner, and to his GrnmmarI refer
and C)l! Thllt. C)\S' As though. I That .
, , the rellder. for the fullest on the
not, forf ., b
su dect.
is used with every kind of preux ftnd 35x, ul I; personal.pronoun.
and mny be rendered thllt, since, because; S i
when followed by the affixed pronouns as 2' fliT plur. of JI for:; Hours, rt. J1 q.v.
etc. it loses its influence over the following . uUl acc. plur. 0; rt: q.v.
noun; D. S. Gr. T. 1, p. 56'.- . plur. of rt. q.v.
:'1 If, differs from 'J inasmuch as' the is rt;1 (collective noun) Creatures; no verbal rc:>t.
simply eonditional, as if you are wise; J,t;1 (2nd declension) plur,of h .:.;i
while the latter supposes what is not the case, rt. q. v.
IS if ('1) you were wise " tbis is made clear by J-w!-i I f t .
'.7 , pur. 0 1.:-1, r 4' q.v.
l'll . I ,'".,.( .. " ..... , " .. , ",
e 10 owmg examp e: J C). . iv. f. of q.v.
fi 35 v.15, " If . vii. f. of q.v.
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. ( 12 )
:ir;,.:;l (2nd plur. of or A J' nor. i. To arrive (tbo time, with to be
prophet,. rt. t;; q.v. ".=-" hailing hot. Jl for :;1 A fitting tillie, con-
Qi Thou; perJollal pronoun ma.,c.; venient opportuuity, {IS ;tSl d..f.;U Ji 33
Dual "Without looking to his con;c-nicnce." L:)i
f. of s.;s q.v. for part. nct. Doiling hot ","ater);
. viii. f. ofP q.v. iii. faT pIal'". of Ji for :,Ji D. S. Gr. T.I,
;1 viii. f. of? q. v. p. 111, A fitting time, a part of time; :i'(;j
viii. f. ofj:J q.v. v.130, "The hours of the night."
viii. f.of (.is q.v, . iut Time. iii plur: of ili'l A vessel.
. perd. plur. viii. f. of q.v. . Ji How, in way, in what way soover, "Where,
To be so/Hiron). A female; whence, from . whence ; D. S. Gr. T. 1, pp.
.., .... 1 185 and
Oblique ....... ...
s ' ::..lIt viii. f. of :!I q. V.
s, .. "''' wi .,.... J-
.., plur. of An idol, rt. q.v. . J;i People, a family or househoM;
1 aor. a. To 6efamiliar. (collectiro noun) The people oftlle Book, i.e.Jewd and Christians,
!J .... t. s
Mankind, human beings, man. t.::LJl common . also or, Those who hu\"e charge
$"''1 ., <-
gender, Man; Plur. V'"U 1 (commonl!fcontraeted oC the oracles of God; fj.;f Christians,
into J,U). A man; Plur. (2nd the people of the G;sp;l .;l!li The
declension); D. S. Gr. T; 1, p. IV. inhabitants of Hell-fire; wo;thy of (with
To render familiar, perceive (with acc. and genitive).
X. To to ask per- of Ji;t, New moons, rt. j..; q.v.
mission, beg pardon. part. act. One fi;;l plur. of ""';; A desire, q.v.
who is familiar. . ;1 Or, either, whether, nnless; D. S. Gr. T. 1,
,c..' $ " , ",
yWI plur. rt. q.v. p. 571. and T. 2, p. 28.
1-!.,l. f. f 1,(: .. lOll '- ..... .
t.:..illV 0 \..:.J q.v. "Jlsee II. for IJ"
, , c..,. f. f ., ", , , ' ,'S. '
IV 0 q.v. ,-:-,11 for '-:-'J I aor. o. To. return. n.a. The
, ill aor. a. To turn up the nose at, to go hYore. act of returning. A sincere. penitent,
Just now, lately: the logical root is . one who frequently returns, one who turns
A nose. seriously to God. yL: A place ofietum.-
Jut1 plur. of j.Z, rt. J,ir q.v. ";:";1 II. To sing the praises of God by saying
.. ,...l I f S Yo' A 1 t .... - ... .... .. , .. . .
voA'l pur. 0 BOU ,.r.v-' q.v. L1H U'?J' fem. lmperauve
. vii. f. of q.v. plur. rt.';.; q.v. .
5 ,c.., S , ,,.,
plur. of A fetter, rt. j{S q.v. plur. of rt. q.v.
s"e ;i. .... .(11 . ... {, f'" .
\olD 1 c ,:I' "J' pass. Vlll. 0 1 q. v.
Zl imperative :,6;1 plur. of j; An idol.
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( 13 )
iv .. f. of q.v. . who shows pity by frequently si2:hing, anti
"" 1 .....,.. r1,' -j, hI 1 r
.)\ 1 for .J) I, aor .)y,. for .).:y,. D. S. Gr. T. 1, p.l04, so.ymg!\ or a as
To6c1ld, oppress by its gravity. ..s;i aor (0. verb hnmzn.ted and doubly im-
plur. of A valley, rt q.v. perfect), To betake one's-self for rest 0.1' sheller,
, . i . f. f' .11
. to (with' 11),' ..s.\.: 1 pel's
pass. IV 0 q.v. ' .. n
$ ..... 1 $" "', sing. nor. with the prefix 'Then
plur. of.;j) , rt. JjJ <l.v.
" .. 11 ,'" tly I" 2 pel's. plur. imperate D. S. Gr. T. 1,
1:...) I see .I:Z-l) . 5_ $ ... _
p. 232 noto. I Plur . and ,-=-,y. \ A sig-n, .
iv. f. of ,J!) q.v. .
1 miracle, a name given to the verses of the
1",1 comparative and iv. f. of j; q.v. K' h f b h' h ld b
u 10.:'''' onm, cne 0 w ic Iii' e to 0 a miracle.
fbd' -IV
p aco 0 a 0 e, L.msion.-..sJI
'lfor J',:l aO.r. O. To returtl, to he be"ore. J"T A
'J ':I' To care for, or receivo 0.3 a guest, provido 0.
people, race, family. .Fem. J)' :First, refuge or nbode for (with acc. and Jl) i Aor .
former, prior, the first beginning; The ..s.::. .'
........ "!I"
ancients, those -of former dnys.-J; I II. To ... 1 Yea verily' nsed only in affirminno bv- oath
. .....,.', 0 J
brinflhack, explain. \J n.n. Interpretation,. pronoun of comm. gend. Whosoever, which
explanation, determin:tion (of a dispute). ever, Who? which 7 What? tZl Whichever.
,,)1 These; plur. of. 1"; This i
S. Gr. T. I, a prefixed to pronouns the accus.
J>' -:..439. ", , when" isolated" or not aflb::ed i it is employed
1 Those.; plur. of or That; in cases where a verb governs two or more
D. S. Gr. T. 1, p. 440; Those of your's. pronouns in the accus. one of which cnnnot be
,/..,1 Oblique uJ} ; Fem. J..,j)l; a plural adjective convenienHy nffi.xed; D. S. Gr. T. 2; p. 378 i
wanting the sing., nnless, according to some, also where it is desired' to place the pronoun
it is to be'considered as a plural of;"; Possessed before the verb, as in the C!pening
of, endued with, as I.J..,f Those gifted chapter; occasionally it is used in addition to
, .. ..o j t d t'O...o' , ,
with (understanding) hearts; rJ I Those the aftb.e pronoun, as U 2 v. 3S,
in anthority i with child. If I, (or as for me), fear me i" D. S. Gr .
Note. The' at the end of ,})' is what is called T.l, p. 461. .
.or alif of precnution, to prevent n.o.. of. yli for y;lq.v.
the'"final) being taken for the conjunction and. plur. of rt. r" for q.v.
J;lcomp. form of adj. fro q.v.- When?
iQ;lsee J;. . n.o.. iv. of Jl q.v.
aor. O. To be tranquil. :'i A time, s,l for aor. i. To befirm. n.a. Strength.-
moment; adv. Now, at this present time. ol!l II. To strengthen (with acc. and J,;. or
<-- 5 GI. ) , ... ,
I A.A I ala3 I II) 1 Acorn pasSlOnllte person, one ; aor.
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r.j.';'?\ Thcir htlnds; oLlifJ.tlo plur. rt. plur. of rt. q.v
...s _ q.v Wh ? itl! , i cre r, the
r ) l ., 'I" .... ' D S G T I I{\! .,
_,-,I <\).. 0 U 'lily 'L \'\"OOu; soc cr; I r . PP";), v', nnu !,;: .J
TIle mhfllHbnt:; of 0. woou n':a1' l!iJiun, Art thou vCl'il, r frol:1 , mtcrrc;;ltivC.
to om e p )he he' w. BCI} :'t' d he xc ert:: p ou
5.", . . f. f -:.1 "'i .
":! n.Il.1V 0 .v. I r y IF an lritcr'cctien, 0 theu
r" for 1 nor. i. To be II 11 il!fll-ritd. (2nd 0 yo I etc.; it 1S fellowed by the subtanti\"'c
,- c..-Q c..,"" .... 'l
dec ph of , A nm ied an wit he efin Ill' Ie , us &J \.:..
woman, wliethcr sinO'le or "0 true belic\"cri!!" 12 v. 70, "0,
n;n. IV. f. of q,Y. ;; "' pur. 0. t' ye 0. the aranm !"
S se' -, :.., (2 de nsi Jo

4- .. n i '. _par
ep Il,
fii., to t wo ';4 r. To a ll. f : A ell
801' 8. fer l,: To b/ n:r ,tclled miserable' it ern wh' w n un pu 'n tb
genitive; it has di\"el's si:;nificatIons, as In,
by, wi to, 0., n, , or re no
from as /q) t,; 82 v. 6, "What hatb
seduced thee' from tby Lord? It IS use
wit Ji dyer bi!
render them transitive, or jein them to. an in-
dir co Ie t, U3" He ug
it .,
lit ll!l, "he am itb 't." y
frequently an exple-tive, )Yben put before the
com em 0 a :loti p osi n,
J.!lk 2 V II God is n()t negliO'ent" ,
it is also. an expletive m some other cases, as,
JJ -: 13 43" G is n
-." 0..1 I
vrltness" Fer the varieus usages of ,_,
'"t see D. . G T. , p. 4 , e q. (-
, B e1 ( d dens , D G .1 404
see I '

, ,
for v-! To. be b3d, miserable; the latter
, ..
is 0. of se m. us v bs, me y t
Arabs jwt or "verbs
and blame," which are not conjugated, the
nl fie n ta n b ing e f ioin
c...",i" '
. .;...... , She w mi 'crable' " the- vowel of
the first radicailetter 13 suppressed, and that
oC t sec d is ut i ts ce, D. G
. ..
T.1 p.263 and T. 2 p. 2:21. Severity,
vengeance, valour, force. GriCvous.
par act Nell dil mi
, s.-,

r.o To c off
VIII. To be grieved (with
Be not grieved, 11 v. 38.
, ...
ta .? (2n eel ien

,80 a o. Cll t - I T
G '-"'"
cut off, with the idea of rc etition
4 v. 118, Verily they shall cut ofT."
r ....
or. To off pa e.- Il. I orm
( 15.)
A life of complete scp:J.t':ltion from tho worM n now VIII .rl'o bring for-
' , d It
and dc,otiull to Go .-:-... '.:.:J V. To de .... ote one s- war II. nove y. ,
, .. , "" ....
self wlwl1y to Gol':! st'l'vice (with JV, aJ r.t To dange. Foro. II. To
73 v. 8. 8ubdtitutc, ono thing for another (with
i. and o. TQ disperse, dis3cminate (with acc. or with douLle ncc. und y). n.:1..
, S I", J"'" ., .
acc. and u!). Sorro\v. Scat- Au exchange. p.ut. nct. One roho
"", . ,.,t,. -:. '"
tered, spreat! part. pns3. VII. changcs.- IV. To suktitutc, ,givC' in
f. Scattp-red o.hroatl. exchange (with double t' - V; To '
", fl "''-\ I ' " ... , .. \
",_;::,aor.i. and o. To let lrater VI . excll:ll1ge (with acc. and X. To
. .
. To burst forth (,Yater), to exchange (with cec. and y); to put
aor. a. To scratch the ground like a hen in the place of nnot1lCr (with ac;' and ,;1>.
. u!). :1 An elcllang,e. _
To slit a camel's eara . 7. and nor. o. To, 6e corpulent. A body.
"r<' The sea, a brge body of water; 4:)'.;=s:: plnr. of 22 v. 37, Camels eacrillccd at
dual, The two bodies of water, viz., salt and Mecca.
6, , I.i; nor. o.l'o begin, to be manifcst, to
fresh: BaJ?eero, the name given among J .. . .. "" 0'
the Pagnn Arabs to a camel which they turned , or to enter the mmd; 12
loose to feed, after slitting its ears. v. 35, "Then it occurred to them." A dCJcrt.
aor. 8. To diminish, withhold' what is due for part. act., 8ee D. S; Gr. T. 1, p.
(with acc. of thing and of pers. or with 111; Plur. A dweller in the country;
s .' II
double ncc.). A deficiency,small, trifling. \ At first thought," 11 v. 29.-
To slaughter (a sheep) 6y cuttin!l its throat, IV. Tn make to appear, shoW', manifcat
to kill one's-self 1Cith !lrief. part. act. (with y or with acc. nnd J>. for.j.}.:..:
, ,
, One who frets himself to death (with acc. of part. act. One who makes manifest.
""1 - , ...
, pers. and or 4:)1). aor. a. To som.-;J..i II. To,
aor. a. To be covetous, avaricious, covetous Profusel v. S part. act. A spendthrift:.
f':! J-'. J .J,.
" of (wHh '-:!). Ava:ice. . 80r. a. To be pious, just, act justly towards (,yith
f.)J aor. a. To begin, create (wlth nee. and also wlth f' ) !" 'PI S,"-j B fi
. ..,1" .. " II accus. 0 pers. J. ur .J1J. ene cent,
c...J); And they began (with) you ...
:.. ". r . t' .. Col liberal, just, kind; Dry land as opposed to sea.
(to assault you)," 9 V. IV. To create, :: .
t .. , " A Piety, kindness, that whlchisjust and proper.
make anew; Aonst S' 6
aor. o. To make haste.' Bedr, name of a plur. part. act. Innocent, pious.
s" i '" " ... , "
place near Mecca; The moon 1Dhenfull; Plur. !.r. aor. a. To create. Plur. 4:)J'..f. and :I"!r. Hastily. Bound, free, innocent; with :r" Clear, guilt-
i...J.i aor. a. To produce 80metlting 12m. New, leas of; Ex. ;"J,jJ L!,!s; Jl 6 v. 78,
new-fangled. The Creator, as maker of "Verily I am innocent of that which ye asso-
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( 16 )

SAo I c..
Lightning, thunderbolt. Jr.-'l Brocade,
p. 5.
ciate (\vith OOl1)." snmo 113 J1.Tj
f " ,
d). Mt. o. To dtJll'n lihe a camd,
s -:1" .... (J'
Immunity. A creature. part. nct.
Tho Maker, U: To ab:lolre,
't E ' ' 10) II I d
aequI; ... _ \'. tJ' , 0 not
absolvo mysdf," (also with ace. and :;;',).
. " .. ,
Jr.O part. pas3. Ab.301vcd.- !r.' IV. To cure,
s .... , .
heal.- V. To free one's-self, one's-
. (with ... ); d::ll 28 V. 63, "We
...., , - .Je
are free (from th<3m r.nd tum) to thee."
is; Plnr; I II. T.)
(with ,RCC. and with or.J::.);
. .. , s,. " , , "
I...!,).;:!. pnrt, P!153. VI.
" -0 ",. , " "
Tp be b]essed; .uJ I Lit.:ra[!:;, GoJ
was blcssed," or bo God;" the Pre- .
terite being used for Ule Aorist in nn optath'e
senso in the same way q.v. For t113
To' eat and arill" in lar!le quantities.
# ... use of the Preterite sec D. S. Gr. T. l, p. IG:).
of "':'..;! A tower, sign of the Zodinc.- ,
.... 11#' , To tn;ist.-i-).I IV. To tleist togctnl!r alia
r:.....r.3 . V. To deck one s-self. tr...r.J n.n. The s ...
' ']f ' t t t' firm, to fi.t, settle (0. phn). ' .. part. nct.
ornamen tng one s-se 10 nn 99 en 0. 10US 1-:,'
" E '1""'1 ' , .. ';33 33 One who fixes upon a plan, 43 v. 79.
manner; I. r;"r. v. I .... .,c-, S ,I.' .
"D k t 1 'th th t t t' f To demonstrate, conmlce. An eVident
ec no, yourse ves WI e os en a Ion 0 ' to' '
. "s _" prool.
the time 00 Ignorance. part. act. . ( 1 ) f "
, f) To IJI.!t:rt a lan.cet, rIse as tile SUll. rio?
Decking one'ii-self out. -
......... part. act. Rising.
cJ. To' turn to the left, a3 a deer, mnick mas G, m d' tt t bl t d t
. ... .. . v-! aor. 0 .1."0 nee gen !I, 0 crum e 0 us.
thought un!ucl.y; and 80r .. a. To cease, A bl' t d t J'#
. ,"". v-! n.a. crum mg 0 us; '-;--!
leave oft', qwt. . , ' '
"'" TI 6' ltl ...... C Id I I W 56 v. 5, "The mountains shall be crumble.!
aor. o. "0 eco -:;. n.a. 0 , coo, coo ness. into dust."
HBiI. part. act. That which cools, To ao anything out of season, to 'be of an
refreshes. ,
austere countenance. part. act. Austere .
To go Forth, Mont upon B plaiu (with Jl, and dismal-looking.
to be manifest (with J). part. aor. o. To expand, extend, enlnrge, stretch,
, ., ,;I'" .
act. One who goes forth; V. 45, In an stretch forth (with acc. and Jl, or J,).
extended form, like a plain.-j./. II. To make n.a. Extension, e.tpansion. E.tcel-
manifest (with lence, of stature. carpet.
tJi. A partition or interstice, a bar;, the of part. One who stretcbes out;
..... departed spirits, verbal root. . 6 V. 93, "Stretching forth tbeir
lOr. a. To 6e leprora. VI;' (2nd declenSIOn) hands;" Literally, "StretcberS forth of their
, . ,,,,'"
hauds ;" is here put for which
J;. aor. o. To ."ine, and Jj. To be smitten with loses its as, being antecedent ttl ;
astonishment, to be' dazzled. S; n.ll. of S; the Alif is added as an AUf of precaution or
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Jlj J, oLj of \ h i pre t
the flrd J from being taken for the conjunction
and or tons lion D. Gr
. p. 183. 5 v. CD
purt. PU9:!. fem.
unl lis han are) etch out.
To spit, to be tall. Tall (as a Palm-tree).
.j:. 0 10 ere J.:. V. deli ove
r. i. sml -(..! V. S as
", Sc..I $"
? To peel off tht} bark. r. and? A brmger
f go tidi J A ,m hu
beings; masc. and fern. sing, and plur. u?
"" 'G
ood WSj v.l new
you;" 1./ is replaced by \ before the affixed
rono see S. T. . 11 ;.;

bearer of good tiJinga.-?, II. (used with

mat for tem tiOI .. To . 'e
to see sllew mnke manifest To see,
cons r, Cll to (wit c.O ith;. of
pers ). For two Jiffl'l'Cnt intcrpret'llioD:l of
c.. (,.:1 ..... c..'J.
.fi= I 18. a l\) v. 0 see IV. f.
of t ..... ; 1" pa t nct. 0 wh ces, at
whic enu "eviu ,or enablLs one to see,
visible art. nct X. f A
lev nd ceino pers .
An onion, and when useu in a collective or
gene. sen ,Onio
To cut oJ! a part. f:. A part n small
num (rr 3 to or t ,or m I 4,
or from 4 to 0) aIao seven ... 12 v 42.
, A ,,", h put h n
yea , IS e ccus.
as indicatinO' the c' 'um-t ce f time ee
cus per Ilnd of tbi or
1 D. S. r. T. , p. J.:.":;. A portion of
To announce good news; sometimes used ,\ d'
, . I '''l:' ood om mon me n 1
nlc; '--'...,!!_ 3 V. ,11' ,'" ",. ,
,,- # "r .... " To be S!OTV._1, II. '10 retard; tc,
"Then announce to them a painful puniah- v.7 "An eriI ere pOl' n)
ent. ..h- art. . 0 who nou of you who turry (or cause to tarry) bdllnd."
joyfulnews.-":t!'III Togoinunto(awife)- Vote nca whe he for fa b
J To ive asur o,? g od n bas a neuter sigmficntion, the EllIpse of a
(with '--' of X ... To rejoice om I en y fr entI e in ed j S.
peci in g d n (w ,;,). Gr.., p. 3,
art. act fern One \Vh rej s. 'fo r. 0 0 8p , j)dS or. To inso t.
0 see, ook at (wit y), to understand. p. Carelessness, insolence.
PI Si 'ey 'ght nse aol'. and To bol
seeing j? 16 v. 79, ' Like the fcrce, make an onslaught
:it,' F
ink of ye; n th ur; i ne a. e, v nee, nge e.

ake sei y
upon (with y).
" E "s S' S 't
means yes. r! eemg, a eer, or Force, power, seven y.
ehol 0 wh ees u rsta jb or. 0 b vai peri j1, part t.
An evidence, evident argu- That which is vain, false, falsebood, vanity;
ent em' rati J;. v.I the posi 0 ,ee v.
"By r.. manifest demonstration" ,,:; A 'II:.:"; IV. To cause to be in vain, frostrate
( 18 )
malee inefTectu:ll. X; part. act. Oue \..-ho
deals in ,'unities.
nor. o. 10 enter into the parl$ of aJ!y-
l' ., s,'" s ..
tltllI!/, to he hul. n.l1. Plur. I.:.IA DeIly,
interior part. part. eet. That which is
hidden, inner in illterio::. An
inner vest; metaphorically, An intimate friend,
3 v .. 114; Plur. (2nd Inner
. linings, 55 v. 5 t
&..!.. :! aor. a. To send (with ncc. and J, y, and
al:3o to make raise
np, rni.5c from sleep or Crom tho dC3d (with
acc. of .pera.) . n.n. The
p3rt. P:1SS. Sent, raised from the dead.-
, ''''5-'1 II ., ..
VII. To be sent. n.a. The
being sent. '
To scatter abroad, turn upside down, tear forth.
oM.! To be Car off, go a long way off, perish;
, ... Coo'" "
9 v. 42, The way seemed
Jar to tern. ..>-'! used as an adverb
-I,,, c- .... , &.0' ,(,., , "..., II
. J.u. :L:.:'<.! 2 v. 34, Get ye
r- ,
down, an enemy OM to mLOtlicr;" used for both
.1 l' .' "
mn3C. and fern. n!lu lor nIl numbers.
A gnat;' vc.rb31 root ..;.,.; To be st!!1I!I by
aor. a. To be in a married slate. $i' Du!!.1, a
'!, "
hU2band; Plut
... ",
nor. a. To come upon Buddt:nly. On a
lIudrlp.n, suddenly
nor. o. To hate. (2nd declension)
Violent h3tred.
A mule i Plnr.
aor. i. To tran2grc:S, pass 'beyond bounds;. to
seek, desire (with double ncc . ot with nee. and
:;, or JS.) ; toaet unjustly or insolcntly
towards (with JS. of pCl's. or of thing).
... ,
n.a. Injustice, injury, opprcssion., iniquity;
. ,
t;A! In an insolent manner. A barlot.
Fornication. part. act. for see
D. S. Gr. T. 1, p. 111, Desiring, lusting.-
. .p1 VII. To be fit and proper, becoming,
is indeclinable, again; when em .
ployed as B preposition it is used in the easy, .. ;esirab;,: suitable, e:Ipedient (with
Accusative or in the genitive if preceded and VIII. To desire, co\"et, seek,
btt" as .. .. Aft D S G T l' seekfor(withacc.and ... J\,
.J c;]'J er, see . r. ., _. .. jo U ,
p. 508, and T .. 2, p. 152. A distance; n.n. A seeking, desire of.
with; 11 v: 63, "Wns it fi ao;. a. To slit open. fi collective noun, Oxen.
not (said), Away with 'Ad!" Distant, comm. gend. An OZ, a cow.
s .". c,..,. .., ." !' ... ,
far off, remote, as . 50 v. 3, ., To 10 away Into any country. A corner
tum remote from the imagination, or from of ground.
III. To cause a distance to aor. o. To appear, pus! fort!. generic
intervene (with ;;;'> as at 34 v. noun, Herbs, potherbs
. part. pass. IV. f. Far removed. aor. a. To remain. part. act. Cor D. S .
fi To 6ecome fulll"OTCn (a came!). comm. Gr. T. 1, p. 111, Remaining, that which re-
gend. A full-grown camel.' mains, or Bu"ives, permanent, constant, tbe
..... A . f ' .'19 - , , ,','
porbon 0 anything, some; one another; reat; 18 v. 44, and 19 v.
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( 19 )
7!), "PioUJ works or won!3, wllich nrc per- t:!i nor. a. To 8wI1110w up.
s .
A relic, thnt which is lef't; nor. o. To arrive nt, rcnch, attain one's ohjcct,
Ex. 11 v. 87, "Thnt which is Ief'tobtnin (with ncc.), as at 18 v.75. h!li part.
you byOod." Notc. The letter is occa- act. Arriving at, briu.;:ng to a
sionally substituted for tho i, sco D. S. Or. attl1ining its end, excellent, cons11lmm,to; Ex.
. n l'! , " '11 '18 k,,' t?::.. "e "1"
T. 1, p. Niu, note; '!.3! ij, v ,' ,5-1v.5, on3um!l1ahwlslom;
"Endued with prudcnce or virtue." . 1 1 b" 1. t ':!S
...., so, tInt W leu' IS pnramoun ovcr, ,_ ('
(2nd declcn3ion) compo form, or most (,; GS V. 3n, "TIn,e ye any oatl13
lasting, enduring, }J;}rmnncnt.-u";" To . wbich shall be binding upon 11S? .A
leave remaining, alivll, suffer to rcmllin. L
warning., tklt which is. puhIi:ohed,
- j.;.:. . sent, or brougTlt to anyone. LS A1Tc:cting",
,g.. ("I . $'v' ..
(2nd declension) Decca, a nnmeo ., ecca; sec A gO:ll,
D. S. Gr. T. 1, p. 404. pitch.-fii II. To make to arrive, publish,
aor. O. To be earl!! in the llIorninfl. J.t A ..
. S In bring (with double acc.}.-::JJI IV. To
a young heifer; Virgins to bring, deliver n (with double
the morning, enrlyin the n.a. )
IV. f. The morning. ".. . '.
"'- 1 d' 1 Zf (2 d d 1 o' ) PI L! aor. o. To try, prove, experlcnce (whh ncc. and
r- ue umu. ," n ec , ur. I' " "
, Dumb. " . " "t or see note to lJ; aor. a. bc-
aor. i. To weep, weep for (with acc. or with come worn with age; to be worn out. A
Weeping.-J,i IV. To cause to To try by experiment.-
weep. VIII. To prove by tda! or exnminn.tion,
Ji A particle which affirms that wbich follows it, but try either by prosperity or adversity (with
contradicts or corrects that which went before; acc. and y), see S!) vv. 14 !lnd 16, where it
thus it may be translated But, not'so but, on the is nsed in both for D. S.
contrary, or rather, nay rather. still more, &c. Gr. T. 1, p. 111, part act. One who proves.
according to the context; for the difference . .
. .., "(\' D S G T 1 5 U'"! Yea, surely, vertIy, nay but verdy, on tlle con-
between and see . r. ,p. 65. . . .
", '. '. s- s' .trary; this parttcle 18 uscd aftcr a negative
oW To ,tay or remam an a place. .llJ Plur. "lU . . (. . b' )
Ai Z . ; proposltIon mterrogahve or ot erWlse, and
A cou!ltry, territory. i . A country, the contrary of such proposition to bo
temtory. . .. .
.. .1" tIt th' the truth; hence It differs from ",tU whIch
v-: .4 man Ib- "spera e efltlrac er; ere 18 no .. '. '
. verbal root of this word in the first form.- assents to the precedmg proposltIon j see D. S.
v:r;i IV. To be overcome with grief, to be Gr. T. I, p. 514.
struck dumb with despair. ;\ii collective DOUD, The tiPIi of the fingers, see
part. ad. Seized with (2nd S. Gr. T. 1, p. 381; the verbal root is
declension) Iblees, The Devil. To ,tandfast.
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( 20 )
nor. i. To buill], cOldrud (with ace. nnu 1.....),.
'" $'" $,,' .-'(..
J. or );). oJl for A son; Plllr. l:.J I,
, '" ,,-:.... t.:,:.,., '" ' . .-
0.130 ol.liquc nnl when III
I' ....
with n cOlnp1(;1l\(ut m1l1 DU:1.1
"'........ "" c..,4" '"
and or in COlllle don nnd I..i:!
, $
My sons, D. S. Gr. T. 1, p. 450:. diminu-
dwdlinno, rrovi(l) B d .. ;dling for o _
(with nce. of nll'l of pCB.).
is one of t:1031) \C.':):! which ere at the 5:lme
time concave nnJ halllzateJ; for the rule3 for
$'" d I
. A little 80n. . A :lug Iter, see s " PI . $ (c"
Ad te
!,., " ... , Que' ur, oor, ga .
. tho (or otherwi:c)of the kmz:\
sec D. S; Gr. T. 1, p. ct sel].; nnd I!ho the
for the permutation oC infirm letters.
j Plur. ?l obhrple dunl, lIy nor. o. To perish, to be in vain. ;;. One who is
Q '
two daughton, ree J.!. Note. In all these lost, wicketl. Perdition.
worlh the prefheJ 1, when it docs not bco!n B nor. o. make water. Heart, minJ,
sentence; is Ularl,eJ with n D.S.Gr. T.I, thought, intention, condition.
p. GG. A cciled roof. i"U.; A builder, nor. i. nnJ n. To P<lES the night. Plur.
' .. ''-' ! "" .=. If.;'
nrcllitect. A bllih1:no' A house, nboue, family. A night
pnrt. pa:;s. Built, D. S. Gr. T. 1, p . IOS. g; H . To meditate by night, attack
nor. n. To confounJ. Slander, by night. -'. .
the root of this worJ is said to be To be aor; i. To go an'a!! (from onlsfriend3), perish.
", accU3tomc(7. $ .. ' i. To excel in whiteness. X. collective
d a?r. To. mal:ejo!!ful. Beauty, delight. E D SGT' 1 381 ' ...... ,
- noun, ogs; r ,.p.
" P Beautiful, delicious. "'''1 Fern. Plur. for::'; D. S. Gr. T.
Ji! Bor. B. To leave .one at libert!/.-J..? VIII. 1, p. 360, White, .. IX. ro become
To invoke, imprecate (the wrath of God). white (with
;;. 'To n:ean lambs, or Rids; the is wanting. nor. i. To ull. t;. n.B. Interchange by sale,
'. An animal j .. Brute beasts, $ "1 f
I selling, merchandizing, barler. pur. 0
. .". s .. " $...., ,,'" ",
cattle: the logical root ia (""r. Lambs or kids. . III. To make a contract
.\i Bor. o. for.; To bring back, bring down,. take . With, properly, by striking hands (with aCCllS.
upon one's-self (with y) j to draw upon one's- of person or y of thing; also with acc. of
_1iI: .-.G ,. '", - .... c"", Co, " .,. ", "',
self; Bv.I6, Hepers.and VI. To sell to one
# ,.
will draw down on bimself the wrath of God j" another.
the preterite being used with a future signifiea- aor. i. To be disti:1ct and 'separate. ::; Between,
lion; D. S. Gr. T. 1, p. 158.--s.t. II. To pre- 18 :;;.; "Between his two hands," i.e.
pare a dwelling for, locate anyone (with double before him, in his presence j This word, though
ace. also with J of pers. and acc. of place, or commonly used as a preposition, is properly a
aec. ofpera. and u!). A place Doun in the aecus. menning an interval, and
in.--SJ;j V. To tnke possession or, occupy a sometimes a connexion j when preceded by a
( 21 )
Pl'CP03itioll it is declined, ::cc D. S. Gr. T. 1,
p.408. ;;. c.itlent. 4. All cyidcnt
, ,
testimony or d(,InoI;,h-,:tioll, C\jdcllCO, proof.
S\''':: A ' , l' ,:" II T
n C::i.) . 0
make lllU!lifc_.t, m:>.\c known,
e!pbin, becomc manifest (with nee. nnd J or
. s. S S -" ,
with of pel's. and I.:J I ). pnrt. act.
, .,. '
mnnifcst.- I IV. To male manifest, to
nrticulntc di3tinctly, see 43 v. 5!? ;q n.a.
An al'b'ulUcr.t, cloquence,
b By; preposition llS D. form of oath to
the worJ.JJi ns J.!U " By God."
, , ,
$ "
An ark.
" _s
5 14': .. f "I
n.n. 11 -0 q.v.
... s.... "s
v. f. of.,r' q.v.
'" ., '" .s
1,:).,)1; v. f. of q.v.
,""... , ..
v-t 2 pen. sing. aor. condo of U"'" q.v.
j."./Ii n.8. ii. f. of Ji for J}-q.v. "
'0 ., S " S c,. ...
To cut off, perish. y\;i n.n.
II. f. A loss, detriment.
. s ,., ",
. see;3.
v"::-J 2 pers. sing. nor. eond. viii. f. of q.v.
", .,. s,,"
.r.J aor. i. To "rea", destroy. J\;i Destruction.-
J.i II. To break in pieces. ; . n.a:Utter des-
truction.;::': part. pass. Dest;oyed, broken up.
V. f.ofr;. q.v. " .
"......... ",
V. f. of V. q.v.
!J:J V. f. of q.v.
aor. a. To follow. nnd hti A follower,
one who follows, or attends upon anyone.
t;f N arne and title of the king of the l;Iimyn-
rites. t.}" A belper, protector.-t;Ji IV.
faculty of e1cnrly c:tpl:1inin;;, c:-:plmntion.
}l!l.rt. nd. That which is manifc3t, open,
'" ,'0" .
V. To bo or bcc0Ulc manl'
fest, clear (with J or or with J nnd
, .. '
to be di3tiuct (with ); to be Dl!l']O known
c. 'S ", .. 3 .. '0 ......
(witli J); to perceive, ns I:J'
, ,
34 V. 13, "'l'he Genii perceived nlso,
to use discernment, or diacrimiuution, '\"id. 4
v. 06, and 49 v. X. To be mant-
s ., c.. , S ,
fcst. pnrt. act. same as .
, ,
To follow, follow up, to follow (with
double acc.); to pursue, pr05ccutc, continue;
, ..... , .... "
Ex. 18 V. 83, Then he cou-
,,- 5 T" I l'
tinued his 'vay. .. part. nct. ,. . J. Suc-
, .... .g ,
VIII. To follow, follow tip.
S ,'" !I ..
tt.;.:J n.a. A following aner. part. PJ,ss.
One who is pursued.
'.', f ','
V. f. 0 q.v.
$Cr' -G,
n.a. 11. f. of q.v.
or u)S fem. One after auotbE:.'; s! to be
derived from}; q.v. see D. S. Gr. T.l, p. 293
s c...: ' ... .
D.n.11. f. q.y.
vi. f. q.v .
aor. o. To traffic. Merchandize, traffi"c,
bargain, merchandizing.
.....,.... ."

V. f. ofl.:;- q.v.
tI,'.! ., f
J. 0 V-- q.y.
"". *:..1 ..... '"
n.a. VI. f. of J\>q.v
..l..;.f. That wAicn is 6e/()1I), tlae /olVer part ,. This
word, which is properly a substantive, is used
(t!wugn not in the I{oran) as adverb, and
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1 ' <,.'"
18 .1 . b, ,-=-.:s::- n, 6c
When employed as a, prcpo3itlOult is put In
" to'!
t 1') Dcn':;1th 3S io.S .11 \:..
20 , "T 'bich cnent e car
If by itb put in the benitive, as
,'_ c......... u
ben it," D. S.
T. , .509, T. 2, .'52.
....... ... ""
f. of io.S>- q.y.
s c.'
.I:r?' ii. f. .r- q.
., Gi ", " ,
f. .... q.v.
h; J;".
Jr< n.n. ii. f. of Jt;. q . .,.
sQ'... .g,

-, \,,;I
, ,
f. 0 _ J.:;.. q
v. f. of;.:;.. q.v.
":iof.- -:',
'-'.J- '-' \>-
J;5 v. f. of j,) q.v. .
c...".' 0 ....
Jd.).j ii. f f J..i q.
1" ,
m .v. Iso Gr. T
:';'1} ';) A 3st-b It se
doubtful whether this word ought not to be
derived from ';' q.v.
. ; To muc til, to eart the h
yy Earth, dust. plur. Of
the e age , .. :..rV dec 'on) p ,
" I
of OY,.r' A brens - ne. ,r" Pov y j I
90 v. 16, "A poor mnn intimately I
acq ed w is m Eart
..... ..a,... . .....
"'oJ.} v. f. of "',; q.v.

} T" oy til d tlli f til .-
, IV. To bestow the things of this life (with I
. . ....
ace pers rt. p
2 )
1-3n nce,c ood
of th13 life.
nor. o. To lcarc, lcc,rc a10ne, arandon (with
and ,-J;, :;., ;) ; . .;J
, ,,, c.:I .... s
. \.:,II Iffi \.:,II v-121 23 v. I, "Do mcn
. k ti;, Y sh left ?"
. "Th is e fa em t ;"
\3'); etc. 37.v. 76, II And we left (thc2e
d3, 0 S bk ) upo n ;" nn
ellipse of or similar words.
act One wh lea-ve' lear ut;
\J fo }J . 56, bein b-
cedent to the II Wo will not leave
Gods .S. G 2, P
;;I;i for ,
-. ,
loS .- 2 pe ng. a iii. f. flj q.v
:;;.J" f. of ,; or 3;"
,"""", , , ",
v. f. of for ",,'-!j q.v.

(-1:"7' see Q
5 ,,'
nu nine robs tions he
erals, ,;,:...;. \.:,I;::..z y.
.. .,., .""
2 pers. sing. aor. pl5:3. ii. f. oC \,...:., q.v

Tasne name fOll in P se,
said to be so called, because c,onveyed to the
hi()'hest p t f hea . fro '." To b tnll
,;:; v. f. Of).:'. for;; q.T.
r ers. f sing. cond t:.. q.
2 pers. lll}1r. aor. act. lll. f. of q.v.
N B.There is no difference between the active

. (\-::-::
D ll _
J..=j , . ( 23.)
.. L' f f' ..... , .. ,
n.R. n. I. 0 q.v. ..syJ n.n. of dJ q.v.
, (L ... C f 1': Ie' , ,
see Vlll 0 u-' ("!.yJ n.n. ii. f. of q.v.
i:!; 2 per.:l. sing. nor. condo iv. f. of q.v. Jj 'nor. i. To fear. (2nd compo
... , .. ' . L' '7;",' d' \.;
pers. nor. IV. I. of qua rl- form, fcarin"', pious . GoJ-
... s ... " c ....., ...
Tcrb, q.v. fearing. devout. These worliJ scem to owe
V. f. of i..\!,; q.v. their derivation to tho viii. f. of J; q.v.
;:f; v. f. q.v. for:p. 2 pers. sing.aor.cond.of q.v.
,c..' I ... ,
olN 2 pers. flng nor. condo q.v. .l-rv n.a. 11. f. of)S q.v.
,,,, , St", D . "" d J)
To pens:. D.8. edtructlOn; - To lay prostrate (with ncc. of pers. an
47 9
"I'I .1'" 'tl" .... , , ,
V. , l.l fly pcruhlon seize lem. D.a. vi. f. of q.v.
C .... ,,''''
VI. f. r
q.v. V. f. of'\:.\ q.v.
!oJ:"'.' ..s-
--.WJ D.l!.. y. f. of I....A; q.v. 11ili- f "'::f
s", . ..." .. ,D.a. 0 q.v.
D.n. vi. f. of q.v. , .m r. f'-'
.. !:: ' 0:- u-- v 0 q.v.
&.;.iJU 3 pers. fem. smg. nor. en erg. of;: q.v. . r .. '1',:
.. .. 0 q.v.
D.8. V. f. q.v. (I ..
, ""t' u'fW see '"'r'
.,=; .;: T L'll h d dId'
".. .. .. .:; sor. o. 0 10 ow, re earso, rea, ec are, me 1-
, ':J
D.a. vi. f. of ,-=-,U q.v. tate (with acc. of thing and ofpers., also
perform the 3acrea rites at Mecca; also, with acc. and ).). Note. The' called J.l'i
.' f <: T . t t t' . . .... \.; ..
,0 ccea1l3e. wo 10 erpre a Ions are g'lven L lj.l\ or Alif of precaution is sometimes found
,.. x ' ,
of t,his word; according to one it means filth, . add;d to 'words ;:;. and };J, though pro-
snd according to the other, the observance 1 1 d1 d t '1 to d' t' , h 't
per y on y a ue 0 serYl e J IS I
of certain rites and ceremonies imposed upon' , , ,.Q,1I
from J ana, D. S. Gr .. T. 1, p. 109. ..::.:t;.ll::J'
the Pilgrims st Mecca, among which were
" Cem. plur. of Jt5 part. act. "Those who rend."
cleansing tlie person, shaving, etc. Thus the . #
brase 'JlrJ 22 V. 30 may mean "Let D.a. A rer.ding. .
F -, ',.",
put an end to their want of cleanliness," aee !.S) .
or, II Let tbem complete the rites" above aor. i. To be entire, complete, perfect, fulfilled
mentioned. (with";;' .of pers.i.-r1 IV. To complete
see . (with acc. and Jt or '-:; of thing, also wiLli
4jf see J;. ace. J1, or of pers.); to perfect,
aee J;. accomplish, fulfil, perform. rW D.S. Bome-
see thingcomplete,perfect; t:;1i
:;t.. Nature, IV. To establish firmly. 'w 6 v. 155, "We gave Moses the Book, a
I ,
This verb is not io the primitive Corm. perfect Law," etc. part. act. One who
Y. f. or Jli q.v. makes perfect.
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plur. of sec 8-.
;t,;" i. f f , q.
, '''c..'' ..
r C) pers p}ur aor viii f of q v
...::....j' v. f. of ...:... q.v.

u:Z f. . C:;.: v.
" -,
...J f.o r- v.
see .JL:.
" ."
.r-AJ for j.:-t... , se J
"G f.o"1' q
'8". "
, . Vl. f. of q. v.
VlJ VI. f. of eJ5 q.v.
a. f. 0 J.'v .v.
.. .:::f ii f. of
''0"", ",
v. f. of q. v. .. ii .. of ""Ilf q.
; i.- A ve w of orei on 'n); al
means a place whcnce waters, gush forth.
.,' se
, ' f s
vi. f. <?f q.v.
" ,
\Sy . f.
L-J no. o. o r var Go wi II
to n 'S-5 in rep tan an r;
relent m('n,-a3 God,-(with J.:.).
s s.,.-(,,# ..
y nnd .j 'pc nee I.....:- P . n
:; '0'"
One who repents. L-J'ri Ycry repentant, re-
lenttng. L;-JG... A PCllitCIl comer.-;ion,
13 2 " to m 5t m
. " ,'" h t to
conversIon; L-J':;". 15 cre pu lor
D. . Gr. 1, p. 45
" !t, , .'1.
_ j"..> see
)5 for}J To go round.
The. Pentateuc 1.
I , "
.. , ",
( .:..Ji see J .
... ,
ll!,O ",;;J
; . ii. of ,,, q.
v f of ..,15; q v
Jj v. f. of ...;; q.v. '
, ,
,f s
..... 0....... -a,
( . j v r of q.v
A fig; no verbal root.
6, _
i u A time.
ilJ . i 0 w der out i3tr edl wi .)

To be firm, steadfast, constant. part. : To keep back, II. To make slothful.
cL m ng rmly fixe, fir ,ste fast 0 e eet, ng ate 4 72 'In
.,: .:":Il
c:.Jr. tea ast, in - 0 c rm odi" a us. r. C fe of fo
set fast, establish (with acc. and ,:;,). I company or body ormen. Note. :Mnny
D.a. A conhrmation, IV., nouns 1D t fem. ing. se ir t d ical
o c firm to pion 8 30. hen is, J' o.! wh th ta the
"'- 00 see regular form of Plurnl this Radical is some-
,;r aor. o. To .keep back, lose, perzs!. Jr. Destruc-I Imes omi e , s eti re ne , see
on. s!'t ass ne ho ost S r. 1, 58

:lOr. o. TofiolC. Pouring forth
, .. s
:J...>. To be IV. To do something great,
mnl;:e a great slaughter (with u:!); slay in
grent numbers (with acc. of per ... ).
, . s c. ....
,:;; 80r. i. To 6latlw.-'-:"!..r n.B. II. f. BlamA.
:..J To be moist, as the earth after rain. tor
'. lind"!), and with the article The
To cause toflom.
. .... '-:
A serpent.
80r.O. To pe;j'orate, penetrate, s"me.
. , """c--o, c..'Or.S
part. act. Shining; 86 v. 3,
"The star of piercing brightness," by some
supposed to be Saturn, which is called
, . ..if, nor. a. To find, catch, take, gain the mastery
over (with accus. or pers.).
J To be heavy, grievous; to be a grievous
P generally interpreted
to mean "men and genii," as at 55 v. 31,
. dual of Jif Baggage. Jtii plur. of A
burden. !lesvy; Plur. jUJ.
A IV. To grow heavy, oppress;
.. ,
weigh down. Fem. .u.a; part. pass .
... , , Coo,.. .... 9" If
. Burdened; .u.a. t..)j 3il V. 1 J . a
s .. '
burdened (soul) cry out;" the word
being understood.-JJUl for VI. To be
borne down heavily, incline heavily down-
wards (with Jl); For the employment of
those Corms which take tescbdeed on the first
Radical, see D. B. Gr. T. 1, p. 220.
., s.,
JJ To perUA. ill A crowd, a number of people.
aor. o. To tde a tAird part of anytMng.
" .... " $, .... , .
and ClJ Three (see 1,;);- Thirty.
" ,"
s.!..U One third part; Dual and in conjunc-
. " /.,'
tion lili Two-tbir,h, D. S. Gr. T. 1,
p.415. 4U Fcm.1Ju' ThirJ. Three by
three, in threes, or three p!1:r3 j u-l"l
" ,
, ".' ,.., 35 1" n' t d
t'UJ v., aYmg. wo an,.
three nnd four pairs of wing3 j" At 4 v. 3
may be rendered "By threes jot This worJ
is of the second declension, it answers to the
Lntin . Term13 ; D. S. Gr. T. 1, 426.
r.r lOr; o. To tread. There, in. that direction
Then (after an interval). . .
J"j Thamood, name of an ancient tribe of Pug!ln
Arabians, destroyed for t11eir impiety. This
word in . the is always of the 2nd de-
clension; see D. S. Gr. T. 1, p. 405.
. s .... .
To 6ear frUit. fJ Fruit, wealth, pos:;e:mons.
II ,
A fruit; noun of unity or .. individuality;
see D. S. Gr. T. 1, p. IV .. To bear
lOr. o. To tahe the eighth part. ;;S A price.
s " . II 1
One pnrt out of eight. The eighth.
'1: S', !- '1 .
(for fern. and masc. EIght;
,. see also rt ..,;. Eighty.
..p aor. a. and i. To bend, fold, double.
. for :;,i The second;' also part. act. Turning,
22 v. 9, "Qne \tho turns bis side,"

or "A turner o[ his side," i.e.
masc. and fem., and in the oblique
..... ... .....J: ,. ''''
cases and Two. .r..:. t;.jl mase
.,," c,. "
and fem., aod in the oblique cases
.. ..
;:.; and Twelve; These forms
which admit only the above inflexions are
considered as adverbial expressions; D. S.
Gr. T. 1, p. 420. By twos, in pairs.
two and two; another form of this numeral
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( )
fon!':l in i8; The:." I
form;J ro"':) er;'li'."nl:;l2t to L:ltill I
, -:: .. .,. ",,( '" ,
4,: .. L.J, y;ith tb u:-tic1o \ A
to "hob l,\ol',\n, or to :1,,) frc'1ucnt1y
some it to r.!;ln t1:0 fir5t 'cll
' ..... .. '''''''''''-.,
as at 15 v, 81; J\!.....\ \.'--:-> '\';c
h:.,e gi,c!} (YC:S('S) of t!:02C r;hich
Ill'e to be fr.c'1tlCDl!Y II others in-
it to n:ean the scyen long-
ror without the nllUn:ltion (Si;lci'
"c., .
is one of irrc,;ubr plnr:11s which
r!re the ECCOI:ll with this
Ha .:ty, that in tLe nom111uth-e and gtlniti\"c
they .. ,e the tallWetln, as C)\!.;' but reject
it in the nil !:.ttcr \1'01'<1
Occur3 ilt 3D v, 'where it may be rellr1ere<1
"double or repented portions ;." see D. S, Gr
T. 1, pp. 410 and 111 226. The rule as
gh-en by the grammarian Mo!arrcz:5e is as
, follows: Spenking of those plurals
whiclt are of the second declension he says,
"If the second of the two letters which fonow
Alif quiescent happen to be a '" it is sup-
pressed in the nom. and gen. and the
. 1 1 I' , '-. " , 't1
1.1'7C, .'!.! .. ! .. f..j 13 r(; .. .l-
oat For of the
n(,\ S'J
r,-,:,;:'.:;e at .;;, v; 1..;....:..:..., rt.
, ,
It"ote. bye [,130 h'
,'" !" '*,
to c/!.. .. , U,ll..r" or X.
. , Co' " '"
'1'0 lll:lkc an esception, r,,] (IS v. lJ,
U And they did Dot t:1 (1l1
'-;'-;1 -, c..
83.'I.-il'!!! IJj I JL!. ,). '
J. _ ..... >
'" .,,: . ': s ,
,-,U aor. o. 1"'0' rdlir.l. ,-,' oJ A rCi'fnrd. ,-,W
.. . . "" .... ,
, 's
$c..,. .',", f
plur. of f_N 4J.!.. A p.:lee 0 ruort,
.:. .... " . '"
4?y. A reward, II. To reIllY

(\7ith double n.:c.).-y'.j\ IV. To reward
, with, gi,e as a recoUlren>c (with dOll!)le nce.).
, "S
)..1 aor. o. '1"0 he stl,-/,cd up (.!s d,c.;t).-jJ\ IV. To
. plough, bl'cak up the c:lrth, excite, raise (ail
dust, clouJs, etc.).
...s; aor. i. To abiJtJ in a place. JU for :SJU part.
, ,
act. A dv,'eller. A dwelling, Ilbode i
:,,;t; I..f.-'"J'i 12 v. 21, .. )Iake his auode honour-
able; " sce D. S. Gr. T. 1, p. 118.
fir3t form) To hate cOllllexion, as a husband
, - and nife. A woman who has her
husband after the first interview.
1lor. To foro, supplicate God with groaning' The Angel Gabriel.
(with J' of pers.). . aor. i. and o. Tol'orm create. Pinr.
"", .. J"
(2nd declension) Goliath. Amountain and.especially:Uonnt Sinai .
.-' i. ,.'
To cut ojf. A well, cistem. -t .- d ii > A d l' d 11 $\ '
c. an crow , mu btu e;
Jiht, An idol, false deity. ;;G _ ; ;. ,;,;
1._ I: t _,0.- S . 1' . ' ':r-:h}\ 26v.184, "The former generations;"
0 vma, malW JtU. trang, powerlW, -, '" .
. . gigautic, having absolute power, proud, per- see D. S. Gr. T. p ... 68.
verse. :Mighty One, a name of the :;;:. To 6econ:ardly. Cowarrllyl' the temple,
Deity. I aide of. the forehead.
by GOGgle
( )
"', n 'lJ' tT"J"o"""l p'."ll. nce. of 1 ",) n' "(r":!J I'v 1"1 "T'"+
/...::; ... .. J 4 t I .. . . ... t.{. iIIt - .. & '';'" "".., u ....... , J. ....
S ..... ;," , ,
oC A. fOl'C;.oaJ. . thcy s110uld , .. ith you; " ...
, ..... l' .,.,... d . T 11 t tl 7 I'n IIn"11 1;, .. .:,! ,.?" ';'i ,';
lor cor. 3. r.n 1. 0 co.c or f,: Ie!' v. UL1, ii l. yc ( ._p.,' ....... ,ll n ...
tribut(', C;: V,3 Jt of p!',cc). ra.'t. a:t. L,l. Oll;} i'j::O u':' ::.::3
......... c..'t. .... .. 11 ..... !. ;,'-.' A' ,..... "I "'I" .... I ,
L..:l.A I Pact. fur, ... J1J-:: \ IJ1u.. .1.0 ,e,,_c,l. 1J.0 . Ln 1:1
;, .J "-'; ., , .... '"
!, ..... \. " ,.... . t...... 1 fraS-mer:t3. r:rt. F:3. D:-J::ea j
Cls,,::rn, r "".r":'; sO.J 11 :so "'. . , ..
......... ,... ...,: .JJ.)..s;::. UmnL:rruIltcd
. ..:.i.- -:..>-\ VIII. Tocboose(wi:h. , .. r. .. "
""'" \,.) . u" To '''''jn -,'It r o'd}';),! C" ')"'n.'. PI"
c- '" \..... .t .... I u "I ..... ....:-; t
acc. nnd 1,;,"1 or ulp 'Ii,,, t."", Cr. n P,'''l-'r''''
J"'-'- .. I .... J. .... ,. I. ..........
t' '0 ...... , ,,' r.c,.
To cut VIII. To up, root :lor. o. 1'0 stad J.rm. .
c. .... " J -
. up (with acc. and J"'; c.)'1)' or
:lor. i. nnd o. To lie n'ith the oreast on tlli: ::;. nor. o. To draw,.dr:':J rlCC. Jl).
S'I ...
g!'ound. p!1rt. act. One lyin:; on hi:! .:? 1'0 n:o!:ul, f;, :'.
btl.:: $'" , , ... " L. .. ...., .
reas. . II plur. of If .-\ -r;our.d. -} ... - CC:.:!0:l-
. d To h):c('. Fern. . L ... "" . . .... ,"f.#
'. aOl". 1. an o. .,- . _'" . sion) plur. of
s .... v ....
art. act. Knedinorr " The Plur. is for ' ... ...,
s " ...F;; VIII. To endeuvol!r to
""p., D. S. Gr. T. 1, pp. 103 and 3G2. 45 v. !:O, "Tho2e .-ho s(;.:k
To deny, refuse, reject (with y). to do evil."
aor. a. To light a fire. fern. Hell, * To tear off. comm. noun ci
hell-fire, any fiercely fire. A loeust. .
. ", 51'
aor. i. To be of great n:ealth or dignity. o. To Cilt off. )?, Dry b:l:-<3
1.!aie.sty New. S;;' plur. of
fJ '0 ..... ,
il;.. A track or way on a hill-side. v.- To drink V. To sip;
Plur. 'A sepulchre' no verbal nor. o. To carry off the n'hole of
I C! "
root. A water-worn bank of carth.
To be ,c01:cred n:itk pUJtules, to fence in. r? nor. i. To COllil':lit a crime, to drive one (into
A wall. ;,;,;1 More fitting sin, with l of following verb). A sin;
or ;asier, com par. form (2nd declension), rf.- 'i No doubt! An nd.erbialexprc3sion,
D. S. Gr. T. 1, p. 403. D. S. Gr. T.l, p. 521.-
?'-' IV. To be guilty
aor. i. and o. To ttvist firmly. '1.l; In a of sin. n.a. Sin., pnrt. act. A
, contentious manner; f :p .45 sinner. ' ,!
v.58, "They only propounded tllis to ,thee in ""? aor. i. To Bo\v, run, happen (with J, also with
. "" ., "" '
the hope of a dispute." A dispute.- .), or Jp. part. act, fem. Running,
III. To dispute (with c.; of means and a vessel; The Ark, 69 v. 11 j Plur. },;:;., and
t.J or:; of subject>; to dispute with (with with the article for which by Poetic
Digitized t.Jy Google
( !:3 )
lieen,) is c:;"J'itllkJ in no- t;. . ... )
--: J .," ... .. tt, '-,. J'- f.',J' ..... w J .. <- -}
. t' I 't' , -. , ,-. , , ..
llUl1:1. i,e an .. lye not;) on )"':"., It.,:;.. Fro") n". L-, ,; 13 V "It
" l. ... '. . 0,
rt. sec D. S. G:. T. 2, p: 407. F or .
$...... . .... , .
for ufi":" D. S. Gr. T. 1, p. 111, Tile TrJ s.:r:: t:.'r) ,i,! a h':;J CrJ,l.
. l"," c.. ..
cot:roc 0 :'. ';al0, Cl :- ,.':; .. 11 v. 43, "Durin'" ,-: 1 f .... !-' \. I l' l'
.;' 0 pur. 0 .:.:..;..:.-;- .. :1!'';' (l!u, !cr.
L-" "'u--''-'' D S Or m 1 p 118 .. , , ..
v J.. ,.. t1> !1or. 0 {'"J i To tJ,,,t I: 1,/ - jI:'':' VI To
'I:' n 1
t ' tift/. .e.., A ....... ..... ''/' U ..... -
. '':::- ',. h.... rJ {!,:.' a par () (:,;.,' plrt, b d f. r' b )
-' ' '" J ." e rcm07C :o:n ,";1: \.:I';'
indi,iJ,::1.1itr.; At ,13 v. 14 the word Qt,;...; '1' I, ,-:.... ..... .. ,
;.t., I ...., .... or.l. 0 CJt; L .... .J. ...... .. 1
.. i:r by sO:-:10 t.c:.:cn to Ol(::'In uDauo",ht'>f"."
..J. ... 0 '" ., "'. .' "-'1
.. ']. .1 .. , T b nor. 1. nnd o. 10 di'C
, '-. IIV.
if.- u' o<'<'r, nnu V. 0 0 J
Illll.'.tiently. '. ,To nUnc!;:, :l..O.3.lult ( ... J;) ..
IJ' s...c., "'"
(lor. o. To szdhe, and Mr. i. To ra- on a ucc1en-
compeu.3e for ti
coJ, :r
89!l. rc:',:::J(wWI s:on) plGr. of A. brJe onter covering
double acc. or wi h :>.cc. or '-,-' o:thlrl J for which lrom by women. .
ctc. is to :7cn); to give un ... al:mt, ('.or. i. Tu n;ollnr.l tl:alin, scourge. n.n.
or sati5f,tction for or with double A blow with a rod. Plur.
ace.). it:;. for '::;t:;. P:J.:t. act. One who makes Skins, hides. '
. .... '
. snthfaction for another (with :;). rtj:;- Com- To sit in Eastcrnfasl.ion, in which respect
pensntion, satisfaction, equivalent, retribution, it differs from " (2nd uec1eruion)
. s..... ' $\
rewlll'd . -4.rr Tribute, especi:l.lly that e:s:nctcd p!ur, of A plnce of sHting or 1l;;Slnbly
., , , .,.
from. Jews and III. To aor. o. To b: c!,;ar and manife:st. Banish-
reward. II. To m:l!;:o m:mifest, reveal;
aor. o. To V. To inquire G1:;- 1.
1.-!Yli; 91 v. 3, " By the day when
curiously into (by handling, etc.). . it reveab her (the Sun) in aU her splendour."
To ,tick to tlls hotly (Oloocl). -:.: D.a; A ' V. To app:::ll' in glory (with J).
body; -:.: 7 v. 146, " A calf in a'bodily :.;.. aor. i. and o. To abound. ;;. ],Iuch '
II ' ,
s ape. ",..'
_ "" Tc h lId" c- aor. a. To be refractory. .
0 a arge uO y. K A body, Plur. .."
Zt.:;.,. o.' 't.:;,l63 v 4 "T'he'r P aor. o. 1'0 congeal, to he firm. i:i:.,t-;-part.
I ., ., 1 ersons..
8Or. a. To place, put, impose; make, appoint, , , .. act. That which is firmly fixed.
coDstitute, ordain, attribute (with J of pers. aor. a. To collect, gather together, assemble .
. and acc. of thing or with double ac;. 8:150 with unite; to have connexion with, marry (with
ace. to hold, regard or as ,y;*, 4 v. 27, "(It
esteem, as at 29 v. 9 ; Used with l of follow- is forbidden you) to take two sisters to wife,"
ing verb at 56 v. 81. part. act. He or "intermarry;" to gather together-against,
who places, etc. with ace. and J i-at, with ace. of pers. and
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!-a '" $ 0: '"
J or Jl or Cme; it is nLo u:J,}d with nee. 113 oppo:;-.:J to men. Ph.;,'. '-.":.JG:-
end J. l!3 r.t 6 v. 35, end y.-ith .,;,:;; or P(,f- A A cl0:lk.
4 () s '" ,::..,
1 11
sons ['.J ntk v ... J. n.n, lhdllCZ3, frClltlY; IUO in 0. co cc-
An 1:'.\:1:: a ptll :::tlg tC.::;.::l'lCf, tivc acme, or:!J of GC:lii; E.oJ D.S
.. '"'3 "V1h h no,"d
.,.' $" A
C.OH , Ir.-:-J-' _",v. I, ,0 --- T. I, p. plur. of ny-
(" .:dth) c abnnd:!ntly; II L.itaa!l:;, "more th'
d r t" ! I" A t
Ing- cove . .; , :l. U'3. ",1..-;- E::r::n ,
" """""
cbuu!bnt in (wc.llt ; ... y. .
0-' l' .- ,..:0
I gCntU3, I b V. ",I, lor .,,::01 oJ
v.HIJ, or "The Father of D<3v{13;" or tho ;he
". " "". " .. " 7- 17
tho two ho:h; '.' i)V., whole, Jinn or Genii.
.. Upon us d:.oln3 the (of itJ of tb Devil. oJ .
tcwd :lnd .t!le propel' met!lcdof :OJr. i. and o. 'ro turn u3itle, c::.aZ::l to tu:a .
, ." S I" t 0 h lb .'
'" is''' ...
relldmg'It. t::-1-=:- P':;'h. nc. ne'if 0 ga. er3 from or avoid (\Vith nco. and lc.:t) .
. !. I ,
'. ,....
$ "
'" -;l'i
to,;cther, etc. A as r:!. Plur. YPo A side; l? 1..:---; L.. 4: v.
d:\y of tho Friday. 40, "The familhr frknd; ,t j
Collected, assembled, nll, an army; 3) v. 57, "':':h:-.H . .-o z:',)'.'ctt;d
S ,
$ ,,,,,,
At 36 v. 32 is used for Bee (of my duty) toward;; God." A
D. S. Gr. T.I, p. 5-!0, note: l: nrl.crbially, stranger, coming from aiar, Oua s:.d:l!rir .. :!
I ''''i ' " .. s 11
" .. '
Altogether, whoUy. , from pollution; 28 v. 10, From
The whole. A place of meeting to- afar A tract of country;
part. p!l.S3. AS5I)mbled.- 17 v. 85, "lIe drew
IV. To RoNTec together, concert a plan II. To cause to turn a:;ide, remove
or design (with lof verb); to from (with double V. To
agrec upon.(with VIII. To be turn awny or withdmw onc's-sdf from (with'
gathered together (with c) j cC3spire (with VIII. To tum asiue from,
...F->. part. act. Gathered together. avoid.'
aor. o. To collect, and To 6e handsome. e. aor. a. i. and 0. To }ncline (with
. A camel. Grace, elegance;' comm. gend. Plur. l A hand, wiog', O,:-m
" '" ""
"c.....o" 15 8" itA
t.;.d fJ 16 v. 6, I They are a credit to arm-pit; nd
you." Be;oming, decorous, honour- bebave with humility;" Literally, "Lower
able, gracious. aggregate, some- .... , thy A crime. t'. h
:' , !,"', Plur. An army, troops, ,orces, a ost,
thing complete, as a sentence i
companions j no verbal root.
25 v. 34, ".As one complete and perfect whole." ", ..1A " d -:'
aor. 1. To fWC,I1Ie; an aor. B. 0
plur. of A camel.
'der;iate (from the truth). n.a. A swerv-
. T ( . h
4' ,II',
t.:f'; aor. i. To 6e cOfJered; &or. o . 0 cover Wit ing from the right part. act.
collective Doun, Genii, demoDs; VI. f. Inclining to evil (with
Digitiz?d by Goog I e
( )
" 'I' l ('r. ') #, l' S',
aor. '10 a"'tll.:r 'oI ru!:. lor
c.. .. :.'t""""'" "
, FrUit; sa I 5;) v. TI:J f.uit on cf itJ o:'::;in
of the h'iO (;.:r,h!.1," D. S. C1'. 'r.l, p. 110. ft:;ni::iac g"nth' is of clcclca.3ion;
&7- reldy g":'.thcrcd. s D. S. Gr. T. 1, 11)4.
", 1,' :;"" -, \' fill F
"\",'::::- nor. n. To Cle d:.i$lmt. n.ll. A striving .r':" Ir, 11!C
c.- .... " "
. lnth llll::;ht !lou. The ","ordJ I .. \.::::-
at 5 v. 53 Il:ld mr.y bo
fiT' ' b'1' 1" !ie.., r '", ",
OClr Dl')5t In, Inti O:lt 13. Ol',er, _).:>- see r":'"
1;'1' .. ' , .. , r , ".' 9 "0'" .... ' ,-,"
8 I lty; - J v. b, Tutly aor. o. To Erlit,, cut out. An
find notbil!ci (to give) but the fLtlit of their nnswer, sea iv. IV. To return an
III. To strive, contend with,' '
answer, hence, to he:!rkcn to (with nec. of pel's.
f.;ht-e3pccL111y t' ;:-.inst the of 15F.m
.. 1- ' or thing). p::'.rt.ll.ct. One who returns
-(wilh:<,:c.ofp':,J.nndl.:)lj;,u5ut3Iv.14, . .'
." 1....::11 .... '-: 3 "
n!2-0 with ';', or y)' n.rI .A con- nn aIm"jcr, 3S I F 37 v. 7, And
, strivin;;, a to fi .. )It (in verily we returned a m:s",cr;JJ
the IIoly W Ilr). p:!rt. act. One who Litera!!!!, It And 'Vcrily tIley who gavo the
strives, ona who' goes forth to fight in the ar.swer wero X. To re-
. came ofIsUm. spond (with J of' pets. and':"), to answer,
aor. 8. To be ID?nifcst, abroad, speak hearken to (,;ith J. of or y).
aloud (with y of thin.; and J of per3.). aor. o. To be !lood. Swift
;;:; whi;h is speaking, coursers. El 'JuJi!e,JJ A name .of
open and public speaking. Openly, Mount Arnrat.
tIf .... c.,....
.publicly . Openly, visibly, manifestly. nor. o. To turn ashle. Ncar, one wbo is
n.B. III. f. In public, openly. . near, a neighbour. part. nct. One who.
aor. a. To rusk on a wounded man nitk intent turns III. To be a neighbour,
. to I{ay him . Paraphemnlia, things to dwell ncar (with ace. and IV.
neceSsary for a journey.-..M- II. To fit out To protect, deliver-from punishment, etc.-
with provisions or other necessaries (with ace. (with acc. of pers. and ... ). ,tr:: i'J' 23
c.:;.... ',. J '.
of pers. and "r of thing). v. 90, "Neither is he protected of any;"
Jf. aor. a. To be ignorant. part. act. One Literally, II Neither is it protected over him,"
who is ignorant. J;:;' Very ignorant and or" is any protection (thrown) over him:" for
. Coolish. Ignorance. State of the use of Passive Verbs in au impersonal
ignorance condition of the ragan Arabs before manner see D. S. Gr. T. 2, p. 129; see also
the time Mohammad. at .jo;:- part. act. VI. f. Near to one
. fem. Hell, Gehenna, from the Hebrew " To ask for protection.
N'i The Valley of Hinnom, where human aor. o. To III. To pass on or over,
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to to r :'.:.1 OVl:" j th '-:-'
n of t . To
(",'1th d-)'
"t:;.. . o. eLl eXl c,
( 31 )
of pcr3. I
s b 0\'1..
por. o. To !J':";;.:-r. t ..... 7" IIun;;cr.
tl!nc.3 ,.I'l.te:1'. fer:, .. .". , .. :_. u
__ '-, i.:- .... ''-> oJ
v.C" HAn '0 l'" <t3,' "1 "11)'"
J.'(lta. In t1:e f .. JO':C fOflll of e0:1:ti' . to',
b is "'p0r' 11, l'l,' re,. h e.;!' L::t' .
sec D, , r. T. .-'. IV. m,.
t com . hence to Ie'.} or (\,'i"h nce or '.
. o. pr:fI atcJ' (ut!' 0 b
.. Thc Lelly, tlle intl.rIor.
t;.. c '. T me, me nrri at ( nc
I, ,pus. n JV
y'>- ror. i To C'tt O?lt a at the 71t?C!:
or with or wit '-' 1 I
ru 13 t 0;:'1'; . h,' to.b' g i ; Ji
r. .;:-?:"" T ., b05
of :drt
. ...
it ltl:1y som,,(imcs be to tio or comml
r.3 .s. T. , ,2-1 Toll
( ctio nsn Sv .. i r . om
Q ... G' ' -'" I 47 3 I ' h'" d" 1 "A
i. T lee - ram corn __ v. -t aor. '\nt J an V" prcfixc( , nJ
noun of unity, ne gr"in. va, I shal ake ir ':5) 0 0 a.-.... "
!--' v. I'"''' "0 of e fo him" nor. i. and a. To n'cm'e n'elt (a
i.e. for God." . ndJective-1 -;.;. r. . d., A Y 0 tra<..
o e 2n eele 'n, . G 1, .324 especially, the paths of the St:lrs.
and 403, More beloved, more p easing, pre- ,.:t;;.. tar mi bcas 'th are halt
fe Ie. i d wi h the ffi ed noun I n,n. Pillr. rope, vein, compact,
,1 .,.
I) the hnmza being chance in 0 J wit I ove t.
4 III he' ddle f a w J, D S: Gr nor. i. To inspire. n.B. A decree.
s ,
T. , p. 18, pur. 0 ved.
?, en ,up ,dow 0, n r as hI,
1'" ... ; Lo -fo." Q;" II To "nde lovel order that j This particle is used in four dif-
(wlth acc. of mg an J,. r p ')'-1 nt w
.... i IV To 1 e, w'lI desire like (with 1st. It is used a3 a preposition to a
acc. or wi I.:J i 0 10wi 0 verb. , ...Jt X ain, a hen s e oye ve
To love,. refer (with nce Bnd h). ' I the genitive Ca3e, a3 , J,;. 97 v. 5,
, "
ao. . To ke b tifu, elig ,mak yfnl ntH f til ing he wn."
plur ot or A (Jewish) Priest I 2nd1y. As a conjunction or adverb, meaning.
or eto de," , up an tre po
I aor. i. To restrain, hinder, shut up. inclusive j" thus it ditTers from JI, which
....;. a . a. T e v , fru ss, peri wit Hies p or s fa , b ot
... ", .) IV T d . " "!'" I 1 d' " Ex ,N.t, ' v,l" I
-.' . oren eu lDg;
( )
th h h d .1'1""1 , .... '1: ........ , "-:':-.. C''' .-,' !i,'" 1
I} ,; I r..:1l! (,'; 41 V:O !:!ly J # we '-:--;- __ c. -" c.... -: A ,
"f th h d 1 f:' ,,, $ .. ::.,:; L c'" L t ( , . , .. ')
T.: fl:1 J.r tl ,0 en., no( no n:t tier: ',:"- PJ.l'L. r,c :3, t.,),.:". 0:'1
,,- f f t' . f ':l' tIl "", ". 7' r ( ,. ") $<-
1,0 0 11131:,,0 0 OCClh'J m C' fi':::- DOl.". o .I. (){ .. -.11::1 ..... /._":: Any-
, thir.go' fvrLi'>:::1, n. \";.:11 Or' (>:n,
3rdly. A:J a cCllJ'undion ;ip.
" to 1, .' "'J', " .. pl, $, \ , " _ " - ,1:_
unc.", _, _, 1. v' .I.,r.) . _ . nDv"',I,g .. ,..: ..
a t!l:lL ',;fltch r :\..cctl" 1 it; it th2n
mC:!TIS nnd n:lJ e:'c'!t
on the propr,Hion; thm Bv. UO,
.",," -: Q J' c,. t. ... c... .". "'"'-3" 0, ,,",
L,,! '.:'\") t.i'>':"t;,:J y .. \S ,
"In IL'{a manner d'id they who before
neCU30 (the propl1eb) of until
Coo _J.
.. 1-0
sbip; J:::-; I S'J v. 4, It.For one gi;';.:J .... lth
, , .. ' t...o .
f 11' .. "... \ "'h t' , 1-' d
m,e lz.:nce. fi",. 1 e conn l."y lP..::',Uil.C
by the tribo or 'Tl":c worth
t,...... J."
... occur twke in the 20th ckp.; in the
2-tth '"Cr3e the;: nppc:-.r to mc:m "Far be it
th'ly our In the from u:!," like "N e licitum sIt;" In the
"it iJ foHowed by ,Sl; D. S. Gr. 55th verse tll:)] Dlean U a v;:lll"b;;:h it i3 for-
T.I, pp. 175 f.nd !202, note. bidden them (the tTIO 8':":3) to P:-:3." .fi-i-
!'I::,... l' rl
LMtly. It governs a verb in the subjunctive ur. roc.;:, i. :na, 'l::-- ur.
d h t
h l h b Ii - "n' ." ". s , .. ,
moo, w cn vel." ::>s a uture Slgru c:'.tlOn; t.:.J1-? A private chamber. p . .ll:t.
't th "t 'I I, ., . d t' t " b'
1 en me:m3 un 1, or 1D or er nn ; pass. For HIdeu.
"",:t .... " .... "'" ",
Ex, \..rl t:..r.' .12 v. J".?' aor. o. a camel lie clon:n; tore""train
, '-' $ ,
80, "1 will on no nccoQ,nt quit the 'Country, (with ncc. and Yrb.. p:!rt. t.ct. One who
until my Fn.ther give r.10 permi.3sion;" It may binder3, a bar, d3m to keep back water.
sometimes bear either interpretation j thus at 1:: aor. o. To s/tarpm, limit, define. plur.
orl: A prescribed limit, ordinance.
"Then fight nguinst (that party) which is in Iron, Plor. III. To hinder,
the wrong, until. (or 80 that) return to stand in the way of, oppose.
,obedienc.e to , To 6e Y.h. An oC
To ezczte . \ .... QUlckly: , , the ground: Instead ofthia word which occurs
:c- To ctmte:J'IInt", go on a pilgrlmnge to (WIth at 21 v. 96 some copies have signifying
acc.). :t- n.a. The pilgrimage to Mecca. " A grave." -
I !, ", I. II f'
t[:' same as c. t::,6.. act. per- To rle "em, to appen. A novelty,
forms the pilgrimagt!. plur. of .A event: something wbich hM lately happened,
am!!" pilgrimage, a year. A disputing, a story, .!istory, narrative, discourse; ;;
cause or dispute, as 31 ,v. 5, ",The ludicrous f tale:'
6 v. 150, "The conclusive argument."- (2nd declenSlon) of
., T 1 t,;,' .. "'O, I. ti d:i;:
'Et;... III. To dispute about (with .....J); to dis a es, saylDgs j - , .
pute with (with aco. or pers. and or 12 v. 6, "He shall teach thee the interpreta-
tiou o((dark) sayings;" ,,!-!,!?b.1 23
Digitized by Go'0sIe
( 33 )
'I' If ,\- 'h :I tl ('JI)'" .!o ....
V. -"', ... ,1 cl IC'\ 1 C tr. .. 'l, or -.. nor i ')r i 1r'l," /' .!.",,7,. ___ n,n 'nltr-
. ,J- J- './'" l.., , .. \,.'1,1\, ":. (\ .'l l'
"Ii';,) n. bY:> tL:-,t is II. To
d 'l"l .. , 11"""'' ,,' t ("tl '. f .
' ... _<.:, , . .c",e, ".(1,- .1:1 1:1 1 nc" 0 pCI3.
(t".) "'c.. ..
nil l ";' o. IV. '1'0 c:msc to
brillci nlJo;lt, produce (with ace. and J
of pef3.). r:ut. 'l'ud wldeh is
newly pl'o']nccJ 'or
"'. . '-"
cJ-'-> nor. I. To slIrl'ou:!d. . ",41')':'" (:2nd dcclension)
plur. of A garden planted with trees .
nor. a. To beware, take heed of, full' (with nce.

a!so with.:)1 of the Plccaution.
s. "'" s. "
,;,).:... n.!t. Fcar. ,;<}t;.. part. act. One who i3
proviucnt. part. P.1ss. That
",Mch is to be f{:=tl':)d.-;1;:. II. To c311tion
ngllinst (with dou11a nce.).
aor. a. i. and o. To becoillc free, to 6e hot.
!, $'"
n.ll. Hcat. A free-man. ..)JT- fern. A
hot wind blowing by night. .,;.;:' ,Silk.--'-
.... a' -,
II. To free from s!mwy, dC1:otc to the
."" d S ..
sm:1ceo.t vO The giving freedom,
w"" L.... '
as J-.r:- 5 v. 9, II The frceing of Ii neck
(from the yoke of slavery)." part. pass.
acc. It Dildicated to God's service,': 3 v. 31.
", m.' S c..,
nor. o .1.0 spoll one s goods. fem. n.B.
War. Plur. (2nd declension)
A private chamber; a niche in the n:all of a
mosque marhing the direction l!! Jfecca.-
III. To fight against .(with acc. of
aor. i. and O. To till the ground, sow seed.
s ..
. n.a. A field, cultivated ground, produce
of the same, fruits of the earth, tillage.
aor. B. To 6eoppressed
n.a. Narrow, B restriction, difficulty,
", $"'"
lJ";-- Tv Juan!. 1..1'fJ- co110ctivc noun,
..;;.. nor. i. To d:sirc aitl0ntly (v;iLh
. ."'" I''''''' "
rcedy, (With J-:.). df-I supcrUiio
f :'111, )1o::t g'l'cctly.
To milk dry, to corrupt OJIC'S-St'!f. J;" At
the last from II. To
instigate, el:cite (with nnd j::.).,
I.];" nor. i. To Ci.7i
,J",J. ,.j";.. A '"Cr"'C, marl"l'in
".. 0'
mllnnCI'; y;';' JS:. v. 11, "After 0. way,
or uron the vcrge-!l3 it WCl'c-(ofrc1i;;ion)."-

II. To per.ert (with ace. r.nd
part. act. V. f. One who turns nsiJI!
Jr nor. i. :md o. To g1lash the teeth, to ['i/hz
s . ",""
J.!.;- nrm!lg.-Jr- II. To burn'-J?l
VIII. To be burnt.
d;;" To rifuse n:hat is due, nnd 8';' To be moced
II. To mo.e (with ace. and y). .
", $""
aor. i. To prohibit. (!T'" A holy place.
asylum. ,rr plur. of Prohibited, un-
lawful, sacred, sanctified, as believers durin'"
the Pilgrimage. Sacred Ordi-
nances of God. part. Forbidden;
At 51 v. 19 this word seems to mean II Pre-
vented by shame, or B sense of decorum';'
at 56 v. 66 and 68 v. 27, "Hindcred from
enjoying the fruits of our II.
To forbid, make or declare unlawful (with
acc. of the thing and of the pers.)
n.B. Prohibition. part. pass. That
which is forbidden or unlawful, declared sacred
" 'If. ..J ..........
aor. 1 .1.0 uecrcase.-..sf V. To seek.
y;;' To toucA: Plur. A company.
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'l" 1 'd 'tl
troop, sectj 110:0 w 10 \) WI .1 Ilny
.. '" ,-<> -lollS 11 IITl'} , h ft' t-
one' .. v. , HHe 0 .H! 1.0

1[c:lninJ pro0.l1)ly The C0:11Jl::niol!'l
'. ,
of the Ca\'c or tho of rJ) I
mentio;) >1 iu the 8th verse; J.1I0
confeJcrdcs rn;nlioned in clH'.p. 33 we:.) a
body of Ini1,J0h, who were tc;;.}tllcr
o "'ainst in tlle W:lT of e Ditch;
o. .
Those nt 40 v. :n nrc the P('opb
prof.:.:. _.:)s h:;'1.) !lnd l,i'0:10unc'! .. ';"
OJ i3 :: ::::C!1t1y Ll.c c:::.,:0i D. S. Cr. T. 1, p .
4;)0. ":"-'.:" One ,;ho t:'.!:<!s nn account.
: $;" , b 'I 1.' tIll f
"'h" --" C':JH '23 uC:l,' Ie p.ll;:': 0
J."..J I._ ... t..J
is n130 used 11.3 f! collecth'o :lOun
or lightning, and it 13 in this
tlUlt !: iJ employed nt 13 v. III.
To eO: ::- n:connL forh>ith u.!c. ofpcrs, nua y).
. ,
VIII. To c:llcuhtc upen,' cxp.:ct.
I> .
nor. :. f..!ld o. To envy (with ncc. of p,;rd. nnd
, r;. c;' thin"'). Lb.. pnrt. net. One wIIO
in leaguo the 0 ,het.s u-: s' :! ' .
'who nppe:1t in
"" , , T b enn(:. ..)......> Envy.
nor. o. To grieve; 3,01'. a 0 c sad; to ",. '!, .. ,
I.;J";> . " 1 nor. i. T, {I]J bare, to be 1!'cal'!/. Plur.
be ",rievcd about (with 1" of or Llln,;) .Jr s "'. G T 1 3 -- R.' l'
o u- . . .. _\ D S r p. .J;), "-'10'" lInci, C:1.11S0
$" G . ....., - .,. J
.. ,;:,.. and .,;:,.. nS.n. rlef,.scl'40\ .;. " :::' .. , I' 31l' II Ah' nly
ow;J c:.:; of s'n .. .,. u .., v. V ,
:;. nor . o. To pc!rch. up, ntterly . .(ob' m )" Expres3ions of tIlis kind
""- . . 10 , ,. sig .';:' a
A sound (sc. To percel are II; ::t and pron nced in a variety of ways,
find be awnre of, feel (with c.:T" or with acc. G T p 90 . , Fati"'ued.
' "'" ,. . r. ,.. ,:)
and V. To rnnke inquiry aner par. pass. Stripped, destitutc.-
(with :,..,). X. To be worn out w.ith fatigue.
, , , 1:' '.' d' T ' , ,. s " Tilt t'
'-- "';to. aor.o.. () rec"on; nor. n. an 1. 0 ___ aor. i. To cut. Ie usua accep a Ion
think, imagine, to be of opinion, calculate I of th:s ;yord is A succession of unlu::ky nights;
(,oS , ,
(with acc. of thing, also with or without t At 69 t.7 the phru3c may
before following verb); see D. S. pp. be n::::l'preted II For eight days in miserable
. 74, 296, and also 127, note. n.a. ' . JJ

One ""ho su'fiiec:!, a sufficiency, or that which ", d' " T b d b 1 'n l"e
" an .;.,_ 0 e or 1 u
one is obliged to regard as sufficient; E%. latter d these forms the verb is employed in a
M ,:";j 2 v. 202, II And Hell shnll be bis mann:: similar to the verbs of praise and lrlume
Suffic'l'ent reward ,.JJ I':i.-, \:'.''';' 9 v. 59, II God '.. J,k E " , "4 71
V. ,
JJ '. I' , -
is all-sufficient for us. part. act. "Ther'
excellent (in point of) company;"
One 'who reckons, 'or t4kes an account, an At 18 TV. 28 aud' 30 two different forms of
' s,'''' A k
accomptant. y4 Plur. rec on-
ing, computation, account; 2 v.
.. ,', "",
208, "Without measure;" 69 v. 20,
, .. h d
"My account," for The, aL teen
, 1t"I.o-,
or this word is called ...;..Jj' The affixed
occur in the same sentence, as
.. '"" , ''',IIH d l'
ow cig II ..
their reward, and how delicious their couch;"
s .. ,
D. S. Gr. T. 2, p. 223 et seq. r.:r- Goodness,
beaufr, excellence, kindness. :,:; Beautifu],
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$ .... " , I ' " "
good, f;\lr, hnnd.:omc. A gooJ nor. i. To 3cdlc!r grard, cast iii.'a tl.e fite.
, b" J d 1 $.' $ .. ,
t Illl';. 0., goo, a goo wor.;:. That which is inlo fud.
s , s ,
a!ld fern. plur. of Deautiful i ..... A violent Wiiltl bring-in;! with it a
s. ' S , ...... -: " - "'0" (D J ) , , f
va v. " ;\lIlSC cxl").lu:;,lc shower 0 3tonC.3.
d b t
' 1 " " .... , (r'J d1 I ' ) .. , ... , .
an e::m ilU ... 11 ucc cnslOn compo To become manifcat.
form. not Ildjc.ctiYcly in conjunction with '\ i. To rcup. n.a. A
, ..... , !i'" -
a su st:mhve, 113 v=':'), but the harve3ting. i_ ;:... mown do',;n,
snl'stllltinJ under:;tood i Better, best, more or utterly destroyed.. ..
most excellent. Note. Word3 of tho second ".. m 1.' l d' - 1t b' ...,
Bor. o .lO urwg zn 0 '.:;:;Ilt!l.
declension when in connexion with n com ple- . T b tl h' d J . h ... .; f
. .. .... , aor. a. 0 C res rlctcu, 1ll erc' (Wit 0
mont the three inllexioIls, thusl\;......:,..lJ s " " ..
. ' .. the following ,"crb) . r--=- ..r-?"
7 v. 142, where the pronoun rcfel"J to A r . .... ..... 1 IV T " t J b- , ,
.... , , '" ... rl:5on.-r. . 0 preven, W,'P
feme wIlen nsed substantively -from a journey, etc.-(with
me3ns a good action. good.thing, IHlppy state, :G;. 'l'u. be Oi.W and alor.:, to be 1n(wij.:st.-
h d

:lppy cn i Dcal _' I and in thr> (lblirp'.l J.::.:... II. To make m:1.llif25t .
c.. ........ c#'1-D
Cf ", " ....
C:lses I v. 52, The two most e::\ccl- To be strol?gly fortifid, find To
1 h
JJ. h S "1 i $ ..
ent t mgs, VIZ. Victory nnd Martyrdom i at ome. pur. 0 A fortrc33.-
oS ;, .....
For the Rules which govern adjecth'es in the part. pass. II. f. Fenced in, fortiGed.-
., .... "'t c..
compnrntive form" I must refer the reader to IV. To kccp safl! (with acc. an,l
1. s (."
D. S. Gr. T. 2, p. 301 et ;..\ IV. To or 10 safe custoJy, to marry. s=. part. act.
do well, act uprightly, act with kindness (with One who is cha;te or continent. Y. part.
y, or with J"'I or J of the per3.) i to render pass. fem. A married woman, one is
, '.... . 5""
agreeable, make beautiful (with acc. of thing cllllste and n.n. V. f. Chastity.
and J of pcrs.). n.ah A'doing good, aor. i. To strike n;ith a pebble. for
, ...." , .... "'l
.. kind action, kindncS3
weU-doing. comparat. form, Clever in calculating
pnrt. act. One who doeswel1
acts rigMcously, (with of the thing ca!culated) i
S. Gr.
a righteous man. . T. 2, p. 31O'-
:;J IV. To number, calculate,
}';. aor. o. and i. To gathcr together. and hencc, compute, take an account of, know.
to raise from the dead, to banish (with ace . aor. o. To incite anyone, instignte (with j::.).
and Jl' or used in the Pass. with J or VI. To urge one another (with
JV. ..?:" B.a. An assembly, aor. o. To be present to, or present at, stand
emigration; at 59 V. 2 the words .. / ;1', J;i in prescnce of (with acc. of pers. or thing);
'" '" '" h 23 100 ' ,.... .. ,
rcfer to certain Jews who were banished by to urt, 88 at V. , (for
.. r S .. ' ... u Lc "h h' ' "D S 0
.Lu04ammad. part. act. One who me i r.
assembles. part. pass. Gathercd to- T. 1, p. mo. fib.. part. act. One w,ho is
. getber. . present at, present, clbsc upon, as ?'
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7 v. Ie::!, (The to,' .. n)" c!..:>;o Up0:1 the s:;:1," V;w:.;hlc"J, ::,1,'!dl,l:-.:l: r. noun;
viz. The- town of fable iJ D. S. Ci.'. '1'.1, p. or it m:ly be n plural
1'e t,)J, (%1 whHl h ,r.ferreu to :,t 2 0 ",;->.
b' " th ", ", d' :"', A 't AI' .
v. IV. '1'0 pr';:,dlt, 1'1:1;; lr.,o, 0 .1.0 !!I. ... ;... pl.
pr-2.,,cnce of, CitUSC to be put for,,:tru original st:'.tc, Lnncr conuition.
'Cit "'[ -4 ,,'" 1 """ 1 . 1 1" )
(with'doul)}e ncc.); rl I 4 nor. n. To l,cep, Gl::U', {V"lt 1 r.eC. t,;J'1 ;
'- '-'
v. ]27, II souls nre prono to-Lit. nre . to t:!l(c care of. f:..L,,::- n.n. A gU:":r!lmg, :&
"" J s.,' t
m:'.uc to be prczent see kcepir::;; As a g:13.r. h;.>- p.:'.r . nct.
L\; Oil the C011 ;trl1ction of One .... ho guard.;, kecr3 w;ltch j a .
;'::::':part. keeper (with nee. or ",ith. an
O 1 1 t b t b ' . 1 ,. f ,'!.,' G "'-J= ( 0",1 )
pa::J. nc W :0 13 rna, 0 o 0 prc2cn, rou:;.I. lrrc;u ar p.ur. 0 0>- to ... , .:m ""0 .. 3
s , S .". f:
forr:nu, gi'\cn on'do samo as with in the
p:lrt. pa33. 'f ill. f. 'I'hi" word seaso of w:.tchinr; oyer evil JOir.';3; at 50 v.
"" ..... (.,. c.. -!o.
OC\!llfoi at v. 23, ;.=:.s:" 'l'he pal- 31 it is u2cd in the scn.:;e of one who kecl13
<# s , "
sl!,Se h bllt it imply (God'a comm:mdmcnts). p!lrt. P:153.
tkt c:!ch of water shoulu. be ch'idcd Kcpt, III. To
among those who wert! prC3cnt; viz. Tho She- strictly (with X. To commit to
C!W1el nnd the Tribo of ThaIDood on alternate one's kccpinr;, or ono's memory.
d 1 " , , lz 1'"
ays; see a so .... 0 V. I);). , aor. B. To go oarifoot, onour great y.,
:0 ' $ Gt u,- ... ,
S:.. aor. o. 7.;0 pitt dOlvn. putting Thoroughly aC'luainted (with 1,;).::); gracious,
remiEsion(of sins), forgiyonc3a; A " .. oru by kind (with IV. To be importunate
some thought to signify the profc.s.sion of faith towarw anyone (with ace.).
j. ""t,;:.'aor. i. and o. To be right, ju:>t or fitting, worthy
aor. i. To aoound in 11:00d. Fire of, to be justly dne to (with j
, .
l'.uel , , - .." 18 "'I d . h
w , 11 '-'. l.lAl1 - 22 v. , ..I nny csorve pUDl:i -
aor. i. To break into small ("' ment i" Literally, ":Many (a man), punish-
, That which crumble3 away through dryness. ment is juany his due;" At 84 n. 2 and 5
i;,;;J'j A name of Hell. the verb appears in its pa.'!3h'e form
sor; a. To he in good cirCUlJl3tanccs. n.a. (pret. for fut.), which may mean" It shal.1 be
A part, portion, a fortune, good fortnne. treated according to its deserts," or "shall be
"" " $ , c..'"
J4- To pro/llozt, /una<n'. pnrt. pass. verified and certainly known;" the active voice
Hindered.-':';::' part. act. VIII. f. One who baving these significations as well as those
builds a fold for cattle. above given. J:=. That which is right and
aor. i. To surround (with acc. and'''';J)' Jt,;. proper, just, true, justice, a right, juet due,
part. act. One who goes round about. need, duty, such as payment of 11 debt j Ex.
" , "" '> II II h
;J..b., 2 v. 28_, _ e upon w om
", 'If. 1'., ..
ao,:., 1 . , run flastuy, tmmslcr.
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is the duty (0f of Ule ;" it nho
D1::1l1S Truth, Tl'e 'l'ruth, One of the of
"C'l s .. ' F"I' 't 10'1.\(" d
'0. 1 .. l.J>- .. !",' ucc
siva) CO.!l:-<It'. worthy, mON juot, truer.

the ,hy of Jl:'Jgmcllt ........
J;.i IV. To jnst:fy, vcrify (wilh acc. and y).
,. .... "" .."
-U>i...l X. Jo he li:orth!/, arlj:ul:;8 n:orthy; to
be guilty of (with ace. of thill;;), or
guilty ( .... i:1I --.J::. ofpers.), in both " .. !:ieh senses
it occurs nt :5 v. 106.
SJo rcndc:3 it u blnrdcJ n,;.,i:':t cor,',::)-
II .... '
tion. . Frt. ,So 'l'hi3 \\'onI au,;::'.;
of t\ i; to
be ;;.L:;,:; wh(n it i3 not n',.'U';,II,tl by
cubc'lncnt rc':c1:1tioll; it mC.\.3 clc..r
ana voiJ of ::mlhi:;u!1Y; at 3 V. 5
'I d 5 5 ,-
Ie Ye1'3C3 cat c.::.: .. 1, or
which nrc and to in thcit'
literal sense, fro,",l
which are cnJ
To s:ult.'T' from a l!! urint', to be l' '1 b , ... ,',
.lormcr nrc to c ,.\ mot::::
1t,ithllt:!d (rain, etc.). A long space of -or ground-wo:-:,-of the DJok."-.JI.';';; rIo
time, er:.1ce of years; Plur. '
To lie 0.';/0::7 croo!:,:d or 'Ii.indii:g sam/so II'" To go to,;cthcr to juu.;mc:J.t (\'1ith
The wiading i of a pro- J- nor. o. To untie-a knot-(dth nce. c::J
vince of AraLia, fOl'lllcrly inhlbited by the aor. i. O. 'l'o'fu11i1 the rHe3 anu
tribe of 'Ad; plur. of . required of a pilgrim, to become j::;'
;J":' aor. o. To exercise a'uthority I j:;); to' being to be lawful (with J of and

judge, judge between (with:;; oC pers. and y cJ\ of verb); to alight (with
of thing)'; to give jud;;ment in favour of (wUh to settle in a place. Anything lawful, an
J of pers. and y of thing): when it mean3 inhabitant. ji;. One 'Ii.'ho 11,.13 per-
, ...
to give nn ad,:ers8 judgment it takes oC formed all the rites and ceremonies of a pilgrim.
. 1 ' J .' ... , .... ," ' -,... .s; , ... 5:;
pen. ,Juugment,wlS
5 v. II Do they theu desjre the judg- of a vow . Place of sacrifice.-:t;.i IV.
ment of the days of ignorance? II i.t. To be To render lawful, allow, aUolT to be lawful,
judged according to the laws of PafJ'llnism . nnow to be violated (with acc. of thing and J
. , 0'
a rule of jud;;ment, as \;I; ;C-}i 13 v. . of pers.); to violate; to cn:lse to dcacend ;r
37, "We have sent it-the as a settle (with double ace.). part. act. One
rule of in Arabic." A judge. who considers lawful that \vhich God has de-
clared to be 'unlawful; Ex.
:Aj $" LI(..'K.... II
judges, a judge Wisdom. r- Wise, r.r- 5 v. 1, Not violating the prohibi-
knowing. (ok' compo and auper. 110re or tion against c:ase while ye are on a
most knowing or wise.-(l=. II. To take as pilgrimage:" ..},i- in conjunction wita
judge (\vith acc. of pers. and rr. here put
To confirm; The Passive occurs at Ul- nor. i. To swear (with J of pers. and t..J oC
11 V. 1, and has been variously interpreted; object of the oath, also followed by of '
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( :' J )
"' ...... "', .,r .. t"''''11 1.,.. ...... .., ... ,,', Jr."il C' ..... -.. "
.......... ... ........ 1. 1.u C . doj,. 1.. ..... , U ..... L ... ), -.J. J ".'''0'';
with, imfc:e !\ of t:dr:.:;
J:: or to ntb:', r.:'j' cn'J ....;:: of
pen.)'; to co:;c::irc, c:liLl,
(n dllty), p;'()"iJe with C:1J o:kr
'.dCl of a. jJ1un"y, n.3 at 9 v. V3.
j.:;:. D.n. Illur. A bnrth::n, firttu in
the womb, time uuring- whiel1 the fwtus is in
the ns nt 40 v. 14. h A'burthen.
Iotld. part. nct. One v:110
,0. " And by v;hich a
J *" '"
load," i.e. r:,J c10Ur]3 n of rain,
I\o:.1n C3 a colkctivc nonn, or it m.'] bJ an or be::.rin:; a burthcn in thdr WLI!!lb3,
!i c,..., . 1 !,.I
ir:>:',j'Lihr nur. of nl:;o t:-.. :C3 or wind3 \';hich be.:lr thil cloudJ, 51 V. 2.
Q' .!.
D. S. Gr. T. 1, p, II. sa'lle as . A wom:m ,;ho carries lr.uch or f ..
" ( . h !' l' "h .. ) . -::' " .
...;- Wit ccc. 01 t llnti, or i .... h . quently,aportress. oU
;;. to the 40th six following _j!;.. II. To impo.oe a burthen on (with douLle
. chapters of the sec I. . acc.), char:;a one with (0. 1 YIII.
. r=:- nor. o. To Jz::at .. water, a To take n burthen on one's-self, bcar a burthen.
ncar relative or fric;-Jj. aor. i. To di/end; and aor. a. To be
t.:;. To out mud from a recll. t;. :Mud. hot. l;Iumee, Dame of a camel concern-
... f .. f d
fern. of. -1-> :MudJy, compo!:cd 0 mn ing which certain superstitious usa:;cs were
, , .,S'c.. , $, ' d b P A b - I - 1i f
aor. a. To praise. oM>. n.n. PraIse. ob3cr,e y the a:;an ra s. em. 0
.S' , ,
part. act . One who praises. Worthy of part. BCt That which is burning- hot.
"",s , .... s
pr.Use. oM>.l A DBme of Most Affcctatiori, IV. To make hot;
praiseworthy, renowned. Note. By a per- 9 v. 35, "It the money-
version of the Gospel, the :Mussulman Doctors -shall be made hot;" Lite--
teach that the Comforter promised under the rally, It shall be made hot upon it, D. S. Gr.
name' 'INlpalC).'T}Tot; was the'1rept").vrO<; or Re- T. 2, p. 129.
nowned Mopainmo.d; see Gr. TeJt. S. John aor. t To emit a lound a6 a slle-camel tOl/;ards
. 7 $, .... l P' d I dd $"
XVI. V. pass. raIse, au e Iter young I' to 68 moved tvith pity.
po.rl pass. II. f. Muclt-prai3cd, highly Mercy. l;Ionein, Name of a valley
. lauded, near Mecca, where a battle was fought by
aor. o. To pare a thong of leather. An
, , .' s"". ", T b _1_ h' c" nT- k d-
ass; Plur ..r- ..r- plur. of aor.a.. 0 reilA.onedOo.t. nlC-C -

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( 30 ) J\;-
, ... ':' .... ']' ? !J
fi-..1:>- 0 C:'[ {,;C (, i'oat. ;-:- '.:-- c.;ck!31on) C\'C3," :';':: or
_ , J .... ') "
)h:r. j .:;,;.-:: .. A thrcd. l tl r C
- '. "". ' l' b
, J\pO:.CdO ur.'.; ... oru13 Y:O!.lCe.ull-
."'" . l' . -:.... .
a'ir.I. 0 -':;;=-- 1'0';((} to t.: of t :.:!i:;11 ori.:;ill; by it L
'=' ."...,. $.... -"' .... , , , ,
Mr. 1; .1.0 Plur. tL.:.:-.... G,.:ri\"..!,l from )'1..>,0:-: .. of tho ofwhic:'
, ccden:;.)n) Inc1ining to the TIcli,:;ion, h to ddt:!l C1c:1::l by the Arnb
ortlIOJo!. . CQ:nmcnbtor3 tlla
i. and o. To p:tt a.bit rtpm a hor::.c.- were Fullcra by t::dc.-;;b. III. To rep1y to
VBI. To b;-ing in an ar:;uI!lcnt (wita D.:'.. VI. f.
'.-.1. 0 ' ,." - . A t 1 t .
cstroy; 17 v. 64, If Verily I n n.r3
J: ;;C2:!.l;;O or mo:c PQr.:om.
-, ..... ",. S ,"
. will his posterity under my authority' ,. ::or. o. T0!l(' '.'t.:r t.'j' ::U:cr to one's-se!.l.-
, S-'''!"' -",
or, U I will destroy them utterly" (ns locusts' for jf"" ......... D. S. Gr. T. 1, p. 10.5, part. !lct. t'. f.
de3lroy where they aUght). . OM who g'OC.3 or (",ith J').
, , ' 1'.:; '. , . fI> ... , ' ,.-
aor. o. 0 sm; n.!l. A sm. 1J"b. 3'Jr . o. 'Iv l"'dJc'r!l(!;'lrJ; in t!lJ 1.\0:-:.:\
6b. nor. 0. To fly arc:c;ld. A fish; Plur. is nnd mC:'.!lS fIr be it, ::3
s , . ."\t .... "
. . U Far 1:.e it from GuJ," or II Go 1
':b. nOJ:. O. To be in lrant or. .t;b:. Somethinr.' - forbid," D. S. Gr. T. 1, p. 53.2.
. necessary, a neCCE3ity, a. thing, matter, wish, aor. o. To IV. To surround, cn-
, ,c," Coo.... ':i
a wnnt; . ...n i :11 12 v 68
. I - .. ,
" Except for the sake of a wish (or to gratify
a wish) in Jacob's mind."
--:., .,
nor. O. To dri1:e quichly.-,;;Cl X. To get
the bettcr of (",ith J,.;.). li'Ote. Some verbs
compass, comprehend (knowlcu:;e), and hence
to know "HI 12
;. 0 \; I.:J
v. 66, " Unles3 re be prevented," or II com-
pnssed about (by some hindrance) ;" The verb
is here impersonal wi-th an ellip;se of the sub-
ject, Il. common construction both in Ar-.ljic
and Latin, D. S. Gr. T. 2, p.129. part.
. whoso sccond Radical is J may conjugated
either regularly or irregularly in the 10th form.
aor. O. To retum. plur. of fem. of act. One who enco".Jlpasses, or comprehends.
both nonns of the 2nd declen:ion, D. S. Jb. aor. O. To 6e changed, to pnss by, go between;
.". ", c.." "i' ........... c.""" ,
Gr. T.I, p.360; l;Iouris, a name given to the Pass.J.e.;
:Maids of Paradise on account of the 6plendour " It (a bar) shall be passed between them and
of their black eyes; the word is derived from what they long for;" The verb is here used
;,;- a form of};'. D. S. Gr. T. 1, p. 246, the impersonally, D. S. Gr. T. 2, p. 129. j:;'
, c..... c. 'J
exact meaning of which is somewhat a matter and I:J'J adverbial expressions meaning
of dispute, but' which is properly applied to the round about. and from around, see and
blackness of eye seen in a gazelle; The words ;;;,. j;;' n.B. P01IJe7', a year. J:" A
., .,. '..iI'
which occur several times are gene- change. 4le- A plan,
rally translated" (Damsels) having large black n.B. II. f. A change, a tuming off, or tumin"
eyes;" Literally," Black-eyed (dnmsels)'with . away. 0
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( -,,)
cor. i. Tr) CJ!!,ct. (( (2nJ fJf I
.....,..... ;, ,
d,)::- D; . Gr .. 1, p.ll , pL . 0
C3. ,-;L, I; .. col cJ \)11 "',:>
; ;
form of ...;:;. Tv be ,.'ar/.< :.'Yirc /"J I
.,ad ,db-.; <.0,' F . If J. l. il!,; , .. :nL.
, for .... I i. 1 i:ll rt!c
l'-.,. ';'''';:'' rr" ( .. _)
-:'='. lv. ,Je..::-. 1u i>l.J I, _ . 1
c ,
/ C .,

A p!:,.C0 or '\Yr.)"
'ie, (->
i. To
or 1.,;-. ...... f3.; I "".:-::-; Tile 0;;'. j C( .. 3 a v
.. 1 .1 .- };.. .01'. - T0 u:! -t (, '!'h

t;--.:: fut 1.-;;':
fe, Gr ..
. ' :..;.. II. 'To (with y). 11.(1. A I Jb- n,)r. i. To in, COlllp.133 u1)out
.... c.. 't.... P'll 0 ",. ...
Sf!. ut"Llon.-. c-::- or -:--1 T pr _ rve I . .,,,.
...... .. , $'
e'g 0, tor 0 l' g' IiI wit ce. I,;. nor. i To (Jrr;,'e (t,':e t;;i?c). Ti:l!:', us
to , ..... ,""', $ /"/' 1 \ f t' "
nnd ......, or with douL1e for I r-\; \,:,;:: .. ,(j v., l -r::ce 0 L!.le;
........... (", ", ... ,
to 1)6 1 I" " .:. 20 14 In tin of rrli-
v., e rc_. to e. I ; I. 0
o.' $" gence," i.e.\Vh.:m the peop1e WG<! not minMul
1 p. a On ho 3to to ..
, ...... I 0 him. 'W , , a le teo, thr gh-
J"fe."- .-.;s.-::"I X Tos:n'calive' ttl
) ) W h us in S 6C "01:, . i3
(with of thing or with j ofycrL). indec1inub,lc, D. S. Gr. T. 2, p. UO; At 11
... .....
3hf es
, ".... .' ".... .. I
. Where, wherever whither; r1 From
5 t wo I on ro ly the
verse. Theil at thnt 'time, com
whence soever, from the p-bce whence, or of
p e v. re, om e e en, a
pounded of and 31 or ''"'1, D. S. Gr. T. 1,
-. " - -",
ace. part. act. of \......>. q.v, plur. of mpurities,
,,, 5 ''"'S
... fc of ! fo see do. ke lin or on sc.
.'!., 'J I
l"t' Itide . That which is hidden '.::J. To prove, and aor. o. T? Imom.
tilt yor
r.>- n.n ..
;'Tonumhleone's-sc{f(btjore God), to acqUlesce'l Understandmg, knowledge,
- . I am s d... ilb 1 0). we, din re rt. $ Kno
o. .., I ...
I!,..d::.! ct. 0 e who humbles himself. who knows, or is acquainted wittt.
'" :,.. , c,,'
To be hlld, Bad, eVIl, wicked. r..r.="- nor. i. To mahe bread. ..r.>- rea.

ng, ne
( 41 )
r' .... r:' ... tt, r.
cor. 1 .!.,,) S . .. ,) - l!cJor:., ... :
, . .
rotc/":-', To tk: jurc:-j:t i at
v. . .J it JnC!:3 to. one :;1"11. with
(,. . )"") SCi",; .1 $\'.-';
c;1. V:' .: .... or I \. ,. ,:-- fl.' , -'':>-
". ,.... C ..:" c... J
.. 4 t'
I.), I rl ... n.3. II g.: tl=-:IT
, "r ' I't""'" (" til
or gom; 1<1.t 1.; -0 \ I ... J T:IC D,lj' of I!c-
ccn!',;.:ica. t) infcd. or t!l dc:,troJ. I.:: J"
. . A.llbJr:mco, corruption, am'fC'.ction. P:lrt. nct. One who
. ."." L/"'; ... ,,. U ta 1 s,c.., 1
Thcywillnotf;.lil lOrt.l. '[.;':". l\n hme, phce of cAit.-
,- ""'1
in you.". ifl IV. To bring out. dci'vc out. br:n; forth,
t;J.. nor. o. To be extir.ct. pro'!ncc, !!frctch forth. C:-:3t fOJ:th (" ... nnd
"', '" . 1 m.7 S <;I '" Co J ... 1< .. "
? I".cr. 1. nn, O .1.0 UCCL'1I'C . j..:.:>. A perfidious '" '-:!' with \,;i\ b of
nl;.n. 1'11' b) $,'" \ '
10 O'i7lll
"" \'er _..:>. n,::;. A dl':vin'" out.
" , ( IS... , c......;' ..:J
.;..>- nor. i. To sell (with . .,..;). ,.jl:;.. A at l' . b' . 1 5
I :,m;;Ing' lort 1. - r" F"t,
33 v. 40 i3 slid to be \ \.:;'" .
....... I 0 1 b' Ii t" $ '" ,
""'1 l' h 1 t" $,:, " neWi'J 'r::':;,".or.ll.c,C.
lle .sea ot t e prop Ie 3. rl:.;";" A s-":1ling' i '-'
l . 1 l' 1 .1 lOne \,,110 i3 forth, etc.; 11120 'Il:::! p:.::ccr
.:e i,'l!. C '1;;. or 0 tiU ;:;,[lnce \1:-:(;. 111 -
N' 5: _, _. c:: ',1 'd from whence, 'or Hme at which nnyt;;ing i3
In"" ". .. __ p ... r' . o .... : .. t.
.... . 1.1 b 1" .,,,f.I. c.. c.. 1.
0 n: . ,,,T.,. a"l" , AI' r0
;::;ltI0:tn; ;.lJ--"._'.:.-- I 17 v. 82,
_" n.." I. lii[,,C)SIO:l. .l6- C .:::' ' -'
s , c.. 1 A .. , ... 1 -<J, , c". '1. "n . "h ). 1
,J)..\;:i..\ or trench; The rlOg me lort Irom Ie grave "It I a
spoken ofnt 85 v. 4. t'avourable X. r.I.'o tu].e out,
_ ' take forth. .
of the pi! of" "ere the servants of I..,.,; " .. '" ..
A Jelyish tyrant who caused a Du;nber of J. qU:ldrlhtcral,. To chop up lIl.:at. J
. t' t bbl' MU3tarJ.-seed.
1'151:lnS 0 e urntnlve. "',_ s<;I,
i.,.iJ.. nor. To COtt:!' our, deceive.. part. r..I'?- Bor. o. To to tell lies. A liar.
act. One. who . III: To eD- qundriliteral,' To slrihe. on the r;';;"
deayour to deceh'e. A proboscis or nose .
$C. :; , ... s ,"',
Plur. Equal$, frit;71ds, lovers; DO J..r>- nor. i. nnd o. To rend, make a hole in, feign,
verbal root. fshely attribute ..
J.kt. aor. o. To disappoint, leave ';ithout IlSdist- To lay up in a storehouse, barn. or treasury.
. ance. One who deserts his friends, B (2nd declension) plur. of A tre;'-
Traitor. part. pass. Destitute. 8ury, treasure. storehouse,
.' ,
;>- aor. i. and o. To maltea noise in flying (an part. nct. One who lays in a store, or keeps a
, _ ,eagle) i to fall down or J)' of anything (with of thing); Plur.
y;>-- To strilte or pierce the ear, to lay n:aste. .ti::;.. Keepers. .
s " j
, . AI' ' , d' d S ..
aymg waste, a making' desolate and>- Bor. a. To be. Isgrace. ..sf}- n.a. Shame,
ruinous.-c..;:,;;..' IV. To lay wIlSte (with acc. ' disgrace . u;'" for D. S. Gr. T. 1, pro
and "f). 110 and 403, comparative form, More dis-
nor. o. To go out, go forth, come forth (with' IV. To cover with
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I. ,
(lff,l't'll of "I,J :) ' .
.. -01' .. 1...... ,... I '. .... ..... L<::' .J. ..
and In co
"'n' -I"n \.-,. '1 n C "1")1' .. ' -, I. ,., ..
h t,;.\. \J , ...... l It l" .. HI', ... W ....... 1 .....
part. (let. 0,:; W110, Flt3 to
?, no' n '"; ... . 'J to l lil" t'A ........ .
\......:i.. r. . J.' eu H.t,; al ... (I I l.i ( , .. - 1.1,..- ....... " I
. . ,,, "'-"
driv<.:il u .... aj" (I'iith !l3 . .:: .. \ v.
110, " nC yo JriYCll 3\\'':I.S,'' hllpe'i\t. p::::,. fot'
I r' ':' ..... \ 1" , b:n", I,.,. a,.J ...... j 'n
:J"'->- , t 1v .... cl"O C ..... l"'. InLv) 1.
of the .. " rt!hl EC'T\'ile)
bcir.; <l:-':::)L1cJ, D. S. Gr. T. 1, PIl. 9;; :::11101.
1'1rt. 3et. T:l;lt is <laH, ui::o tId
. wh:ch is dri,er: [).hilY (ilom soc::.!:y).
, -: " T 1.. ".. t1 " ',,,. to b"
.. or. 3. 0 r.' .. :lt.:r I.o.n ,1<;; r,v' ..... J' C
. d,":", ," .. I : J-' ".'.-1
.l . \<.;" ,,1 . ,_, C .J, ' . p,_.I-.1. r::'- II.Il.
s,' 5 .... ""
LO:3, r. .. n. -).:.-..:... :'.n,l
m.n. Pl'.':iti.)'1j l(u. ' pd. One wLo
" ......
Wl:1t!cr3 from .thc l':;ht a r>-'
comp:lraf:\'c form, T;lC l03er, one "'lio
n.:i. II. f. A 1053.-
6..\ IV. To diminish (9. qU:lntity), gi.e short
mcn3UJe. p:1rt. act. Oue who gives
short mC:l3Ure .
Tv . .':l7,:r; '1'.; i.1
""P' Il, ,.,-.,,'.' 1., ..
;,:./lt.- .w_-- ... ...... y,pl.:," ... ....
n.!\. r0,cdY'--l..d-l rIlL To ll[Dn
nt,s O:iC in a pecu1:::r li:i:nn: 4', to
(n-ith '-:-? of tl1::JJ :.r.J of per3.).
1')1'. i. To sew a solc:-(',yith
'''' $("'"
ncr. i. Til t.Tze o,;:t III an a!ta..:!Wta. r.::-
An Xote. Thi3 wort! is IF:d for
both G';.:cl, !',;d plun1, the dLd
, ,,, 1 " :l' t' r.' tn,
13 n.w.IOt!J': In !Je n3 a tJ;)
;.21, y;here thcr') i3 an ellip3c of pronoun
,c.. ... $ " s '
....;:-":'" A contcntr01J5 },cr::;on. A
, 5"
db;)l uier.- .. l.:....:... n.a. III. f. di.-
I '
't'I "r tel 'i .. ,.t:,.-,I
pu C.-,-,..:. n.n., J .11 t . (I.-i)" 'l.v :mu
\ "" t, " 'Gil 4>'
anJ VIII. The
. .). ,,,
rC:l:,on for t1le bttc}r form, which occurs !lot 3a
v. 49, is given by De Sacy in his Grainruar,'
T. 1, p. To dispute, stri.e togelllCr by
way of dispute or litigdion {with or
nor. i. To break lrood, cut off the thorns from
. , nor. i. To bury one beneath the earth, cause . a trce. purt. pas3. Depri.ed ofthorn3.
the earth to swallow up (with y of the person aor. 8. To be green. .:,[ Green,
. . r ' J # S to. , '" '" t" 5-;a" c.. ,
and ncc. of to (the moon). .:' fern. plur. of.r=>-' fern.
", .. . s', .
..:.. a&r. I. Tc) r,,:: to,7d,kr(Wlth '-j>. . part. IX. f. Thnt which is green.
plur. of Rough wood, timLer. aor. a. be humble and lowly (with ,:;,).
nor. n. To be IOJa or "umble, to humble one's- . part. nct.
self (with i/.J. n.B. lIumility. t::;.\J. o. To dram lines, to write (with ,;:,). -
part. act.. One who humbles hiUlself, or is tb3. To cast out scum-a pot; aor. a. To io
,,,,:1 .-0 ." f. eo. ,,-" ,
. at 41 V. 39 the p!lossage u.J n;rong. n.a. An error, fault, ain. .Ib>
.' ,-: II , t,.. . , .... ", -: 1
must be rendered Thou seest the By mistnke. same as pur
, ,
earth barren and desolate;" Plur. and of .w;.;;.. D. S. Gr. T. 1, p. 370, the final
.. being changed into' because preceded by an-
8Or. a. To fenr (with acc. or with in the other D. S. Or. T.I, p.ll!. part.
!,,, , ','''' IV
sense oflest). Fear. net. One who sins, a sinner, sinful.-I.h>.l
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\h:;.. .
( 43 )

To be in error, to sin (with ,;,). L!;13. I J-l... nor. i. To male mallif:st, nnd:';";'" !1:.r. n.
to bi) n n.:1. or it m31 be To be hill,l,"n '(with .J;' of
j ,.... 'II" (.. ... '"
0.3 fern. of nnd ng-rce with ITidJcm, nsl.S8.. t;J'J -1':) v. 41, " kbncJ,
\ ns nt GO v. 9. Kote. Th.:r or with 0. stc:1.1thy gbnce;" t;). In s-cCl'd.
; is not ullfl'cquent1y added to nouns to tiive J1i. for COmI'll':'tive form, ).Iorc
intcu3ity; D. S. Gr. T. 1, p. 322, note (3); hidden. A action. l.;'.J,. In
sec 3Lo T. 2, p. 2iO, 7Iote .
nor. o. 1'0 upthe State Pra:;.:rcallLr:!
. :; t'" " . 1 . b ..
n.n.. A m:ltt('r, t nng,
n.a. The n in mar-
ringe.-y.;L;'" III. To speak to, rC'33 (with
d' f h' ) $ 11:-
nee. 01 pers. nn 0 n.n.
I' ..... ,-0 , t..... .,
A d:5course; \ J..:j 38 v. 19, A sound
judgment in lqnl matters."
" ".
nor. a. To mard quidl:; (a came!), To
. s"'''''''
snatch, snatch away. Something
snatched away by stea1th.-! V. To
snatch nway, curry off, despoil.
,." . ",
tk::.. aor. o. To a step forll:al'd. L:..'I}:.>-
$,,-, .
plur. of ;;'" A step.. .
, $ , "11
aor. i. To be light. Plur. ,-,.b}-'
'i .-
II. To make lig'ht, mnke things
easier (wHh:;' of pers. nnd ncc: of thing).
c.' ., .... '"
n.l1. An . X. To
-, .
think or find light and .easy, induce levity in
anyone (with acc. ofpers.).
..;. To be quiet or sil.:nt.-";' lid. III. To speak
iDa low voice (with VI. To con-
verse in a low tone.
I..,i.i,;.. aor. i. To remain in a place; to lower
(with aec. or thing and J ofpers.), as
, ''''''. '
15 v. 88, "Behave with
humility,-Literally, lower thy wing-to the
true believers." part. act. That which
IV. To concC:l1 :'.cc.
, c" 1 , ... .,
and u:! or 'I'he word.:; t.: .. at v.
10) nrc by some tran,,:atcJ " I w[!nt IJilt Idle
of conccaling it," nnd by otLer" "of
it The iv. f. bdng in L'"th
.... .;.... (..
X. To lie hid (\';i:11
.l':::" , t t 0 1 t' t h'l l'
y=--I.....-. p.1' . ac. ne" 10 nc,; 0 lUe I1Ul-
..,8.. tor. i. nnd n .. To he lCall (meat). ..,it Plur.
J4 A camel ente;ing II is second
, ,.. ". --",
also under iii. f. Friendship. A':'L
- .
friend, .nn epitltet of Abrnhnm, tlle fl:icnu of
God; Plur.:I'1:>.. 1 (!2nd dcc1en,ioll), D. S. Gr.
T.I,p. 3GS.-j\J.. III. To befri<'nd!:; tOl .. arJs
anJ one. J4 n.a. Fricnd.;h:p; J4- is U150
plur; of j!J., in which sense it mr:ms the
middle or inner parts, as J4 The inner
, ,
.lU.. aor. o. To be live for ever, remain .
ever in a place (with u!). nnd
Eternity, eternal life. part. act. Living
s:" ,
for ever, part. pass. II. f. :Mude
immortal, or IV. To render
immortal; To incline towards (with Jl).
Ji;" aor. o. To he pure and sincere, to arrive at;
4 12v. 80, "They held a secret con-
" -: T
ference. part. hat which is
pitre; propernnd peculiar. Peculio.rly.
IV. To purify (with acc. of pers. Bl1d
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-' .'

( 4! )
y), f,:':OW s!nccriLy in re1i:;{,:lll (with ace. of
2nU J or P::"J.). n.:'. F.1ith plU
. , -
U;HL::l1t:.l; Jl of c:,.
y;ll:ch i3 l: eM in
Y'it. r.:t. O.:e w};o exhibIts tho sincerity llnJ
pur it.; of Lb [uil1l. J/k: p;1l't. pass. Purifl ;d,
, ,.,
sinc.;:c1y X. To b1.:c
to onc'J;;-:1f (with ace.of thinti .anl
J of
", , -", 5 ,
i. Tv mh. p!ur. of I)>.
v:ho nrc L'li:t"lllp Un III.
To oue's-self up ill tllO of
(\';ith VIII. To be mh.:d with

"\ '
$, ,
j: '..::... A liu! vi .n,' 0.
.... ,-,.-' J - .... - "', ............. ,
e:h'clI to as :..;;:r':;J of C,;!, at:)
to (/:: 0/ ."u:'c:.1i.!ud; .. I-
tion; p,,]UJ C:lcrbY or int.::1::ty to the :.33io[],
. . , ,. --, ,
D. S. Gr. T. I, p. 3::':! j rlur.
both ""or,]3 of the !bl c."..:b.:on, D. S. Gr.
T 1
'3 -: II T . ." t""1' J '
J p. .. ............. . J '- .... I .., 1lr!
5;,,::,.; n"t , .. L,r- b ol ...,1 III
..... p ......... p ... ::.,. ' .. t..1L_ __ ...
To opp'Jse ("yit!l :;.), tl:':':I!e to (with or
'" 1.....'\ f",;' -:'11" 11 c.. "(, 'I ....
p.:l's. ::ntl JP, as J" ('"0..>_Z "'-
11 Y. 00, " I ""iIl not to' you
I ,
in wJut I f0:,1,U you." n.n. v. supra.
:tl I' n' 1" . t
, .LO tne prJllllSe Gwcn 0
anyone (with 0.:':. of pel's. r.nJ thin;); At 34
, "
D.,)r. n. Tv draw put off. v. 38 it to re3tore (with nr.c.); In tlHl
", " .... "',"', "
o. To b.t come after j to sllcceed Pus3ive J v. 07,
(with to do II. tIl inti one's back shall 'not be for thee ;." For the COD-
(with acc. or and thinti), as at 7 v. 14!); etrllction of dOtlbly tr:!D5itive verbs in the
To net :13 deputy (with aec. of p35.sive (or voice, the lC:lrner m3Y
113 7 v. 138, "Do thou net as my consult D. S. GO'. T. 2, 1" 1!23 . part;
deputy.". &.5t;. A succcedinti gencrltion; act. One who brc3ks his promi5e; for ,the con-
,"" C. " " ,,"'.
y:..:;.. Bellind, from behind, after, suc- struction !J 14 v. 48 see D. S.
... -.. (" , ,
ceeJmg; at 3 v.HH, "Those Gr. T. 2, Y: To remain hehinJ
wboax:e corning after them," refers to thoile' (with ;';):--....iUl VIII. To cis!l;,;rce, differ
for whom the honour of martyrJom is yet (with J). Jhl.1 n.n. Diversitv, vicisai-
..... "..... , c... \..:...." ,. s ....... , .,
reserved. u:..:;.. After, behind; 2 tude, contradiction. pnrt. nct. Differ-
v. 256, "That which is yet to come upon ing one with nnother, various, diYer5(', dif-
_ tI "": . .. , c, ,
them." pnrt. act. One who stays, or ferent; For the construction illl s:;. 6 V.
. $'
aits behind auother. The contrary; 142, !' Whose food is of various kind.:!," see
J4 Inopposi- D. S. Gr. T.2, pp. 79, 197; arid 270.-
.tion to. Aft.=;- A diffcrence; 25 v. G3, J.a.-t.:l X. To make a successor, cause to
II For a distinction, or to follow oneanotherj II succeed (with ace. lind part.
see the corresponding passage in Genesis pa35. Made a successor, :or inheritor (with
ch. I, v. 14. (2nd declension) plur. :fi.J.. aor. O. To measure accurately, ana define the
., , .
of generally translated II Women," as dimcnsio1UJ of anything, to create, produce (with
being thoRa who stay in case of WDr. acc. or Jl:t tya. tolled.
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-, .
,-. .>, ( 4& )
",'u "1 C''' J tl'ln,.,.J C .. ,,,:1Iy :,.":, ',") t,,7,:!-. ""0 1,,. C.." ... ,.')
LI... ..... ! -' J ,"" .'", J,.. ... 1,.1< t (.; '"' . ,.", , .l( fJLo -
..t ... ,;> ;'",'1. !" t. ,
JI1:l11!.hJ, 11 C:'C:' lyil!;; ucyice; L.::..-:.. _,":'1 IIur.::;cr.
37 v. 11, I' by rdllre;" At v. {).3 !l01'. i. 1;; h'!if-rurZst (7 :e-at). hZ...t n.ll. Ditt::r.
., f" " c.,.. , "
C:c WCiJ SC":il to s.'.nJ for t.P>- 'p:...U(\;'. 11. To slid:. ,J!}-::- A
; r, , , ..,
"'OlJ :1;;iJ." '- A udural (2;; ! ":...:c!en"ion) .
m:lnner or L'.Ut., J,l.t part. nct. One who i. nnd o. To rel,lail: L'.::!,!, licltJ
, ,0.. -:> S rr' c::. 1 J' t
creates; daro In g,mcrl, or, 0
of GoJ . J[;... A p,')rtion, full tlw five Pbncts S:1turn, Jupiter, ::Iers,
nC'3, fem. Vcnt:3, and because tllCY n rc-
well as a dir"ct notion. t,.,w':""-:"
The Dt:liil, because bo biJ,.:J. l:ilC:df at tLo
part. P:::,3. II. f. ''''cll aad perfectly form::J.-
Jf;="l n,n. VIII. r. A lyin;;- device.
, " J n::te::l of GoJ.
l:;.. nor. o. To be cm}!'y, c1.::lr (with ), frcc, r.10nc, "" :; , _,
. " (,.,;;.:... Tv ... F:,t. net. '\ II. f. Ttl.,:
nlone ...... ilh (with I J'); to 1:::'3 nw!'.y, to bve L' ,. t I J
- 10 W :e!lIS S c .
. . I r' 1i t' 0
C2:l me!: .. c;-'!e or In ,ul";! In ',' $," AI'
. )\...-:.. nor. o .lO !t.,c.a.'1. ox .J'.r-:" 0\\,1"3"
in the latter it appcara at 48 Y. 23, -: -: ... t
, .. .. .." .. ':;j T b nor. !'. To plun,;e H1to, lYnUC, enter ll!.o-n
",\:-i 0 c proper to or
or vanity,
belong to (with a130 with to light on -(with u!). Note. After thC!fB is frc-
a vacant pbce this or the pre- qllel.itly nn elIip.3e of tlv1 complement.
cedin;;- would seem to. be the literal me:ming
II .'''' ", -;a ,
of the .,.,).j C...; !.:;.. 1 35 v. 22. t.>.
- ..,;_, ,.,.,. "II'
n.ll. A wlJing, in (vain c:2coursc).
part. act. One who in vain
fern. of Jt,;;.. for :),\i.. part. act. That whieh
h!ls pas:Cd away.-JJ.. II. To e:'npty, make fo:" J..J.. nor. for D. S. Gr.
,,", I 'f 9 5" D' . ) II - oJ
c ear; v., lamlSS t lem, T. I, pp. 113 nnd 115, To fear, drcad, appre-
Literally, " Clear their V. TOhend (with ace. nnd with JS. of per3. in sense
be clear and cmpty.. offor; or with:; or in sense offrom;. it
aor. o. To get lorc (afire), tofaint alVay and is likewise found with ace. of pers. and y of
die: l,t:t part. net. Extinct, dead. thing; also with of following verb, or
.. s ... , s --"
;;;".l1or. i. and o. To Cti'CCr ()f)er, ferment. acc. aud n.a. Fenr, drcasd. t::;..
fern. ,;:..:L plur. A covering, part. act. One who fears, afrnid. Fear j
' . ."
and especially 8 woman's head and face veil. Out of II. To cause to fcar,
", !.,4I, c.'
aor. o. To take a fifth part. mase. frighten, terrify. n.8. Terror;
_", " !,c." ,"', ,." ,
and fern. Five, In order to terrify' (them).-w# V. To be
" ''''. ."
Obbquo Fifty. v-A'>- A fifth part. frightened, to diminish by ta! an'ay a part.
' .. ...... ' ..... c.",
The fifth. w# n.a. 16 v. 49 may be
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( 4G)
" 1;'- t, '. ,. \ .. ,,, .. n r ", " t" ' , '
J ....... ' .... '... .. :1 01 .lea- ..... -..r. i. a ,.: j 1:) 1. .... r..J
r' . 13 I " _.,.L. I ..... .., &. , ., L
IJ '.' , or r' 1.3, c;" n",'or,l;nM' to J ( ,. - S
4' .. ... .. .::> -- \,;.J 0...;" I , . f, ...," , ,
S:Oll, Dy {\ gmdu:J.111:3trnctioll." '),.:l a ,'JZPC,. or Fc:u,::}:;..
I_';" :Cl)r 0 'l'u I..' "} J' \ pI $\1' '1\ 1 't 1 pad. c.ct. Tkt which i3 uU,r: ',' rtliuo':, ';":'"
. h./ --....... .ur. 11. Dll erna - -, .. _ . ,
Iii \. m' 1 \. '-';' II and fUUlb1eJo\\,!l; f.\lkn do\':n (\.'itll J,;)
, ..:>. ll'll.-::>. To , , . .
, b':Jto\'1 favour:) on (with dou)', I
..>. (lor. i. To h ... to be
,. , I .. .; ..... G... S -"
, n"'" T 1" 1'1 " 11!"'l"'"l ... 'C3 .,. ,t t O'
.. Jr.o. o (l;cclve,IJIJII';;lltIifulto(with , .. -e-" .. l!. . C.C. M
pCfJ. nnd to ViOI:1f' ("n c /'f ') I wIlD i3 in n hO!,::lC3
4..' .L ns , ....
", , " " I "0 '7' l' ".
( IJ =..,A 8 v " .. '," . 1 t ) .. r. 1 .10 in gOCtI. to he
, ) " YlO :l e your So., sA.'
D '. 1. d' " j<'''.J'.JraUe to. ,-'-, F.:m. ; G('')d n"i"C-
) 13 lerl) II. -J- or ' 0'
J bl PI S("OII , ""OIl
partida. n.n. A dt!ceidng', treachery; 0. ur. J ::-'- I; a:,) DJtt'Jr, bc.;t, f.)r .... -:-=>-1,
' o. " 8 "'.J" A .1 'f .1 the \ b"in3' omitted on nccollnt of frc"uc"t
_, \,;,1) ,';:,1,;.") Y. nu 1 t ley 1
d .. '.: to , .. tI t' b' h use of the word ; :N.D. 'With the:e COllln:lrnti.o
...... .., "","- .. - .. 'w, ,10: TI.3. 21llZ . 'r. . . . ...
put for C\C verb' ,D S G T 2 " 'lc.'.tlOns It 13 common to nIl g.;:i'.ler.3 :lnd
,.. _, ,. . r. J p. 10.;, ' A#'t...o
'I " : L 0 . number3. c.:.J\ \ Good tI,: "'. ". 1... I.
\.:f..1>0 r .. nCl. ne who d'c"n'es a c'l'nt s .P'- .,11",'" 6-
( .. or"s.
_,. .... "" , It: .. J .". C' . " . r ,
trc:l.chcrous. B. with) :J.Jc!cd for sake of scle",tLOn'-,.r.=A,. 10 cl1003(l ;
, t63 "'-;.0""""
, D. S. Gr. T. 1, p: same a v. t)\j 1.3 for D. S. Gr. T. 1,
S _, 0 C)'( ..
as J. t>.; or it may with or p. _21-J .::..>.L VIII. To Cll00SC, cllOo5e from
unuer5tood, thu3, . '0' ont of. (with double ace., aIse with nee. of per3.
. ,\>o.r--""'t. v. t "
L:terally, "He the of 0"'3'" or thing ch03en aud ..J;>.
For the construction of the Parlicinle 1, ,tJ:. nor. i. To sen; A thread. A needle.
I.' a., , , ,
adjective) ,with the 6enitive, see D. S. Gr. T. 2, for nor. a. D. S. Gr. T. 1, p. 243, To
S \11 , ,. .!j<.
p. . A perfiJiou3 person, a traitor: Imagme. a collecti.e noun, Horses,
VIIJ. To deceive, derraud; Horse, II. To make to
4 Y. 107, II Tho3c who deC;aud (with Jt or pe1'3. nnd 0. verbal
one another;" who mutually adjective with the form of the ,passive part. of
defraud themselves;" tlle eighlh form beinrr VIII. f. Proud, arrogant.
here put for the si1th, which i3 not used nor. i. To act the cOIl;ara. rt.::;.. plur. of
this verb, D. S. Gr. T. 1, p. 138. i;.;:;. A pavilion. - , .

aor. a. and o. To lJe diligent. yt; and aor i To g' 0 g tl I '!11" PI 'I!
, ., en y, cram. oUIJ ur. c....J:"J
A state, custom, manner, wont: (is Accord- Wbatsoever movelh on the especially
iog to custom. oblique dual pII.rt. act. beasts of burden ; A miraculous Beast is spoken
D h f h ' of at 27 v. 84, wMch is to be one of the Si!!TIs
ot 0 w om perform their work. of the Jll3t Day. 0 "
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( 47 )
$1' ., , , ,
, ;.; To Or) bchi;/(l. J!J The b'1ck, part; ./-oJ nor. n. Tv hI) s.'.'!alf, vde, aml 0/ 7:0 i.'<!.IIC.
$" ,,1! S .. 5 I' t t Tit t l' h' b 11
jj :"'1 :From bchi1:d. plur. of J!..J The p ..... oJ P:!f ne. a w IlC IS or ecomC-i ,
I bac!., tlto l:ut, e:drcr:;ity, that which comcs vile, or of no account.
"" , , "-
after j J; 4 v. 50, II And we J>.oJ nor. o. To enter (with aec. also with or
render the'li nft()r the manner of their hinder , ... ith to go in unto (with nee. ::mJ
purts:' i.e. Slnooth :md without fcn.tures;
. 50 v. 33, II At the end ofprn.yers;"
alluding to ccrbin obs0rvn.nces
which m:ly be or not after the evening
$ ,
Pr"-yer. ..JIJ The extreme, b3t rcmnn.nt,
uttermost II. To di3po;3c,
. 5-" 0'
govern. .;!.oJ.... part. net. ne WJ.lO go..-crns, etc.
of pers.) j to join one's-self in company
withtwith y), nsat 5 v. G(j; pr; 1#';
, , ,
II They entered inlo-your society-with in-
fiJclity ;" with y it also to have
conne:doa with, in v.bich sense it oc.::urJ nt
4 v. 27. J.:t.; Vicc, corruption of citlwr miwl,
or hoJy; Falsely, frnnuulelltly. j.;} . .J,j
p.nt. act. One WllO enters IY. To
- .1-'1 IV. To turn the bacl., retreat. ))..)\ n.n.
oJ introduce, cause to cuter, l('ad into (\';ith ace.
.,., L' 1''' \ L .
rr.;"\.J . OJ!... v .. J, ltcr(uy, t t e of pera. or with doub1e nee.). ""t;. ..
the Sbrs;" worJa refer to' certain P!l1't. P:13S. Introduced, also Time or place of
$ ....... '1., c. ,-'1
ob",ervllncca after morning Prayer, see entering in; D. S. Gr. T. 1, p. 305; IS,' '}->\
part. act. One WllO turns hid b:lck and 17 v. 82, "Cllu5e me to enter (tb
, G" p
retreats.-.;...>J V. D. S. r. T. I, p. grave) with 0. favourableentl'ancc,"
220; To meuitate upon, understand, consider. -j.:;...t= noun of pbce VIII. f. A phce of
, "',
;..J To' put forth leaus .. -;.,oJ.... part. act. V. f. One retreat, see .. supra..
who wraps hinlselful1 in a garment; The name aor. a. and o. To smoke. SINke.
of the 74th ch:lpter,in which is nor. i. and o. To gh'e milch (a came!). to
o.ddressed by thi3; He is said to ,hine. Shining. An abund::mt
been thus wrapped up when accosted by the rain. I
Angel Gabriel. t.:; aor. a. To drive oIT, put oIT, o.vert (wHIt d>'-
, .. , d ' , , A n' , r.
' r--.J nor. 0. . To me arcay. .Jf>-> n.a. repe 109; VI. for D. S. Gr. T. I, p. 220. To
31 v. 9. U To drive (them) away." strive one with another (with
part. pass. Driven away, rejected.. o. To 'ltallt, , go. r;.;S A'step; in the
a. To examine into, slip, to be 1VeaR (an it frequently means a step in rank.
argument). loJ part. act. That which has honour, or autbority; B degree of honour or
DO IV. To weaken or 'nullify happiness; ;.;S and By degrees (of
by an argument, condemn (\vith acc. and '"t). honour); ;.;,; 9 v. 20, II or higher
part. pass. One who is condemned or degree," Literally, "Superior as to clegree."-
worthy of condemnation. X. To move gradually; consign to a
nor. B. and o. To spread out, expand, transitive. gradual punishment.
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",,:.;; :lOr.' o. T.J ;'.1 / tJ Et.,.1y, r.::;<l winl
, ' 5
(dlh aho with
Attentive J..? Enoch, so calleJ
-1 It
frOID h:.1 thb \'."orJ i3 found in
the Kor!m of the 2nd declension, D. S. Gr.
. ,
T. 1, p. 4;1,1; Frei;:Jg' in his Dictionary spells
, .
it 'lYith the bmvec;,\. .
.. ", s" 1 s," 0'
r,J 30r. O. To ra'/l w. J"',J pur. 01 J'-'-.} :1,;:um
. or flbre,; y,ith which sllip3' IlN
. caulkeJ j to ot:!0r3, :li1g.
";S nor. n. Jo get 1:0 To
ts aor. o. To push, d;i't'c awny 'lYith violence (with
aee. Ilnll Jp. t n.3. A thrust:ng'.
. ,"" l' I'. II 7 '<.:' TI t f nor. o. To call Ollt, call, call upon; tG call for,
oJ') ,,'::' up, otCrtC:I:e. n.n. le nc 0
',-:::' 0 0" invoke (with ace. of per3., '"::' of and
.fonowing up; u.Jol ,,_k:;. ..... , v. c, Thou -
art in no fcar of being' overtaken (br
of phce); to pray to, invite (" .. acc. and
" $,.. 1 1 J, nlso with. 51, or with ncc. nnd j) j to
, E;ypti:l!l3 j I.!.S)J a.;o me;].:!;) the owe;,t" -
" D "( attribute (with ace:. and J of pel's.) j for
boUvtn, se., 1'(';3 of IV. __
Jt,;j 2 v. 182, or lIe prays to me," D. S. Gr.
To 0ert:11;:e, attain unto, comprelH:!nd.
part. and
VI. D. S. Gr. T. 1, p. fJ.0. over-
take, follow one (with j to
reacll, 'comprellend; The pas5ag-o at 27 v. 63
' _-0 c.""" "'Q-ct,
Jftll u! &.j1 is read in vnrl?us
ways and admits of several interpretations; it
mny either be rendered II Dut their knowledge
has comprehended (somewh!lt) of the life to
como," or" Slillless have they eomprehendecl,
,. c.......
etc., eee
Plnr. (2nd declension) from the
lIoney; a.silver coin, tho value of whi-ch
has varied eonsiderllbly at dilTerent times and
in different places j the weight of the legal
dirhem is fixed at SO! barleycorn!.
". c-S c. ,
uJ.) aor. 1. To know; 21 vv. 109 and
111, " And I do Dot know;" for this negative
.. .
use of lee D. S. Gr. T. 1, p. 520 j the
, verb ill used with acc., also with i whether.-
IV. To mnke to know, teach (with ace.
ofpers. and y).
aor. o. To hid; (with nce. anti'
f ... , II .'. "
'I. 1, p. ,:;)0; 'roll I mnte, 1 pers. SlOg.
, , ! 'i
aor. for yJI, the finnl Ali{ being' an
or Alif or precnution, D. S. Gr. T. 1;
p. 109 j anll when followed by or
Alif of union, 3 pers. plur. prete D. S
Gr. T. 1, pp. 00 and 112. n.B. A cry,
prayer; with nn affixed pronoun it is written
D. S. Gr. T. I, p.llS. A prayer,
supplication" invoking', asking for, calling' upon
or for. i;.J A 8upplicntion, prayer, invoea-
. .... "", n "
bon, summons; 'y,j olO v. 24, By a 8um-
mOllS." plur. of An ndopted or
spuriou8 Son. part. act. One
, ,
who prays, invites, summons, etc. a Preacher;
at 2 v.182 I 15 a poche hcense for
D. S. Gr. VIII. D. S. Gr.
T.1, p. 222, To claim, desire (with ace. ory).
s., S.' .,
for D. S. Gr. T. 1, p. 97, aor. B. To be hot.
t"";";! Warmth, warm clothing made of camel's
hair; The food, milk and raiment derived from
camels are all classed under tho head of
8Or. a. pus", pay over to (with acc. of
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. ( 40 )
thing nnd Jl) ; to. repel, criye r,:;;:1Y, a.crt rate, d(3h'JY (y, ith of ;;;lJ '";') ;
(with ncc. nntI ,,;,). n,n. Tit? net of pro- root r;S Tv pk,t.:r.
..... -:J , Co. '" ... "" 11' " ... ,
prerc!ltion.; uu\.,;J I \ :4) :lor. o. Tv dL'Jlr'Y'-J.,J II. :13..,...-' (\',itu
."" ", ':"'.... II U l Q'j (1 J) 1, ':'1 r;) . D"t " .
:.: v ... ;J .. , n.e33 C set ncc. n,.,o , .. , l...s-' n,n. rue.lOn ,
, , ,- (; ... 1:-- ....... " d d
men to hinder one another;" The noun' of !r-1-.JJ .. .1i 17 v. 17, Then'TIe c3lroyc'
ilction ia here uaeJ instead of the verb, nnd it with nn uttcr de3tructron."
governs the sutljcct in the gen. ant! tbe , nor. n. To sh-:t/ tcal's. n.2. A
in the nccus. case; D. S. Gr. T. 2, p. ICC; ! with a plural sifjnific!l.tion, TC3.r3.
$ , O} ""\" I "" ,
part. BCt. ne w 10 aor. a .. nnt! o. Tv n'oi1nJ tit'] Ql'ai,1; hence, to
(with To dcfl:n(l. destroy.
nor. o. ant! i. To pour Jorth (n'alt:r). for Plur. fL.::;? Blood; the hamz!l
part. :lct. That whicb ronrs forth or is po.ured takes the place of final J' the rrol'd
forth. retains the tr.nwe0n; D. S. Gr. T. 1,. pp: 113
':if, -!..... "c..'''. ,
..:..5,J To pound into dust.t:..,(.J Powder, a nnd 402; ,.,SJ.-j:J 2 v. 'is, Ye sl:111
. ,. r. , ." .....,J ,
level bank of snnd; Into powder. J?j not shed your blood," meaning II the blood cr
LEl'rel saud. -s"'\tS (2nd declension) D: S. Gr. one another."
$1' 1
T.I, p. 402, A flat mound ofe!lrth or dust. from tIe Pers:an.Ju:;?, or more proba!"!y
"-S sea}j VIII. f. of'(j for lJJ, D. S. Gr. from the Greek, OI]VapLOV, A golt! coin, a ducat
..F J.; , m I '
T. 1, p. 222. part. act. see}.j. v.J aor. o (Ie 12ca;, or {all:, to draw ne3r. 1.:;1'.J
JS aor. o. To show, point out, guide (with ncc. of , for Fern p3.rt. nct. Thlt wllich is
pe S a d
r; f th',..,.) LJ.J" A'I' ncar at hand or low', like fruit banging low and
r. n 0 IDo' 1.01_" prOf?J, Il ' """1
f h
. ('th r:) .... ,,,\-"" near at hand, ns at 60 v. 23. ;,J\ for d.J'.
meanso S ow,mg WI ...s- . :;
i.J" .. " . II Fern. t;;.J for o..,r-J.J D. S. Gr. J.. 1, pp. 110,'
_,.J - 2v v. 47, We made the "Sun to be alII d 403 d I l". VOl
, an , compo an super, lorm, 1 er,
means of showing it-the shadow."
drs To ruh, to incline dOl/;nwards from the
meridian (the sun). djl n.ll. The declining
of the sun from the meridian.
is aor. o. To let don;n' a hucltet into a reell. ;;s
comm. gend. A bucket.-Jj II. To occasiou
a fall (with acc. of pers. and "t).-J:>1 IV.
To let do\vn, offer as a bribe (with y of thing
offered andJl ofpers.).-JSJ V. approach'
., s" .
('.J for r.J V. infrd.
, , ... ,
('.M.J quadriliteral verb, To pla$ter over, oblite-
worse, less, easier; as it ;,1;8r8, more ready to
-o! ' .... T...o"
hand, nenrer, nearest; Q.ll \ \ The pre-
sent life," as being or perllaps vile;;
c..s..,-o",.2.. "
d.J\ 30 v. 2, In thenearestl'a.rt3
of the earth;" tvhere is not decided, but it.
seems probable that the Victory spoken of in
the text took place either in Syria or the Holy
Land, possibly at Jerusalem; at 33 V. 59
may be rendered" More convenient or
8uitable ;" at 58 V. 8, "fewer;" and at 73 r.
20, " very 11ear," or "somewhat less;" at 7
v. 168 it is used with an elHpse of the word
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( [;.) )
''''. '2 ,;-', . ..00,3 .,., '" , ., r-"
!".;. ...... , LUi! U"':"\ J.l:::y
1:":;0 tIlo b00t13 of b -.' tLin:; (Vil. t' .. ,
.... 11)"
(4. ":. ... "' ' .. :..r. ... ",,U.,, ... !1tH ,.1.1."
.. .. "1 ,'; ... ' ",:' """ 1\'
',0 .. , .. 13\,01 .. .. O.',3o "'-. .
'J.'o 1I:.1r; r.t it to fdcL
in to put "n . ;;. of peril.)
--- ."" r.1 , $("" T ... :..,-0..... $(' f"IG 1
r'" J..J ,:,'1'.",'''' r'" lIno; ..T-"" ..:.r! I V. ,
spnce 0 tUIlC. .'
(...5,j To cut i:l pll't,'.7, fil[ a Clip. . fun-a
?.J ncr. n. To COlli': XI. To
bel of a b: ,\cld3:1 tint. p:lrt. net. Th:lt
'1'; !l:.:h is of n colour inclininti to
bbck, n3 fl'O'n ldll::;' much
", $ ....
4.:.:':-') nor. o. 1'0 ail oint, cli"';.wdl
tr:. Red
I' , 1 f5'" B . ti
(,:l_ller, a.50 pur. 0 utter, anom nti
oil; nt 55 v. 37 it be taken in either
sense;. if in the latter, it menns that the
shall melt alt'll!! and become like oil.

!V. To use in moJem
s .. ,
phra.3e, to a humbug. part. act.
One who glosses o\"c.r or holds in low estima-
" c..' .... ,......, ....
tiOD (';Vlth,,:;,), n3
56 v. 80, "Will ye therefure glos3 over this
new revelation 1" i.e. t!le
aor. i. To happen to, il";!lriO!lslya.ffect anyone.
, .... .... c..s
for compnr. form,
grievous .
., .... . .. " , , , ,.
").JtJ or If wntten WIth the harnza oJJ'" for "''''
. (2nd . declension) David, D. S. Gr. T. 1, pp.
104 and 404.
}S aor. o. To go round. feme gender; Plur.
I, 'Ol
A house, dwelling, n1nnS10n, abode; };)l,
A name of Paradise; also of Medina, as at
_ 59 v. 9. Any. i}i.J Plur. ),i;.J (2nd
declension) A change of fortune, turn of luck,
L-l .. of kcl luJ.,-:'j.)\ Ir. 'fo t":".'.'d

. .
.... t' 'r .1..,.", ... ' '"
JIJ nor. o . .1.<) t .. (, ./,,- .. 3 l .. l ... ,.L,,-:-tO t: .. , .f:li}
.. .. ::'-;-', .
Oftlll:C or
!" , .. ,..." .." ",' I '
,,0 v. I, III O::J Clrcmt. -J)" II. '10
cnuse to [:ou :'.nJ b.d fortune
(with u-:c. of t:li!.; :;; of pc;zon3) .
nor. n.. nnd o. To continuo, remain
(with ..}); to pt?rs'::vcl'e (with
parle .nct. Thflt wb:ch endu:'d
One who pcr:3c\"ert?3.
, ," .",p 1. , 1'.' "":.l''''
\.:.I.,) nor. o . .1.0 uC l;:;dior. nn' u
properly n lIoun, !!:;!lifYl!16' inferiority; 33 II.
preposition it employeu in a' variety of
acmes, Dl'siJes, except, benc'J.tu, to the exdu-
sion of, in preference to, contrary to, uiferent
to, in o[pusition to, without; at 1(; v. 37 lTe.
find it u.:ed with two dii1'crent me:\nin6'3 in tLe
."" Co. , c. U .... "' ... 'l'''''' ..
Slme \"erse, ns .. 1:1"' I;)"! . " e
had not served nnything be::ides him," and
.. , c,. ,... , ,""... d d
I:f'! I.:J'1 hn we e-
clared anything unbwful without him," i.e.
without his permission; Lnstly, it is ueed to
express anything interposed between two
oLjects, thus IS v.
89, "We havo given them nothing to act as a
covering againat it (the sun);" The people
referred to in this passnge having neither
house nor clothing, but living in holes in the
ground like the Earthmen' of South Africa;
... , c.. ... ....
80 again at 19 v. 17, r>-!'" t,;}"! I.:.'i:i:"U
.. And she took a veil to cover herself
. .,
from them;" see D. S. Gr. T. 1, p. 496.
aor. i. To he indehted, to judge, profess the
true faith (with ncc.). A debt, that lVhich
one owes. :t..J Custom, institution, religion,
-II' .4/:1 ,.."
the truefaith, obedience, judgment; rJ!.
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( 1 )
" ' '"-, I ...... , ... :- \'1 '1' t, 1 t, t, r'llo[I,,,,.
'fhe t!:'.y of j l:!;';jf'C;;t j I I:,:::'.).j 0 t;CULora onc v..
01 V 0-, "r",l '\'j'111'"'' t'j'C'l1 tL'" ;'l"t du'" I (\;iLh ,,-,)
..... "t ..... - , ..... I .. "" ,I .......... J.... ..... I . ;
s , , !,;',1
One who rccciv.:s l1.1\',!)cnt of a ucLt.-. ;'.:..'-' fOf ..v.>, v. s:mrc.l.
1,;.':., .; , -, ..;... r

\.3 PIUf. if) 1 d'2mO!"trative pronoun, callcd also part. Moved about, wa,:criIlg' to and fro
. demon::tr.1th'a article j This, tllut, lie ito this (with :;); Origin:!l r,?ot q. v
. pronoun the r<lrt:de , or t; 1; frequently pre- nor. n. To VIII. To store up for
thed,u:ld it is then or commonly , future use (with ncc. and
Ii;, Fem. !.p, Plur. ,-I;;' q.v. IJ is fre- ;J impcl'at. or;J; q.v.
quentIy used " .. Hh an elTipsc of, or instead of i \; aor. o. 1'0 strav. f; j nOUll of unity.
and must then be t!'an;bted "thut One ant.' ttl PrOJcnYi ofT.'rring-,
' 1" II h h" " 'i:: \ . I ... 7 107 ...
w Ie I, or e r: 0, as u .J Y. , children, j T!';c f.)llowir:J pns3ugc is rath-:-r
"What then do yeorder?" Literally, "What obscure M':i ... . ; .. :J \.;J ]0
I ""J J., '-' J ,., cJ'
is that which ye order?" According to the v. 83, "And none belie,cd on }foscs, s!!.ve
system of the Ar'.lb grammarians these de- (t . ) 1 'ld r h; 1" h
mODstrativeJ are all indeclinable nouns, and
cer am c 11 ren 0 IS peop e ; ..:;ome a.e
imn!rlned that Pharaoh's people arc those re-
totally" of each other j D. S; Gr. Ii d t '
, . erre o
. T. 1, p. 441.-N.B. IJ is likewise the acc. of v= T t d It' l' ':S, ...
!;.J aor. a. 0 crea e, pro uce, ruu lp y, as
),J q.v. Co ..i 42v.9, "He multiplies you by this means;"
. a ... or. a. To A wolf. also used with the acc. and J.
" of y) q.v. ., t;J To measure" with a cubit. fj.1'" A stretching
fern. plur. part. of G-' .. q.v. forth of the lland, strength, power j trl SV
rl.; aor. a. To despise. for put. pass. 11 v. 79, "He was in pow;; co';-
, Despised; D. S. Gr. T. 1, p. 104. , eerning them," i.e. He had no power to protect
yJ aor. o. To prohibit, n:ancler to amlfro. . them; ;.1 69 v. 32, "The
... generic noun, A fly." e:dension-Iength-ofwhich is seventy cubits."
(-.) aor. a. To split, cut the throat, slay, sacrifice tGJ comm. gend. A cubit, length of the arm
(with acc. and J.!.). ... f!:J That which is from the elbow to the extremity of the middle
sacrificed, a victim.-e,.) II. To slay in large finger. 18 v. 17, oblique dual, "Hia
numbers. two fore-legs; II properly, down to the knees.
quadriliteral verb, To be moved to and fro, aor. o. and i. To away. scntter. ;;J n:a.
aI anything 8USpcnded in the air. The of ecattering nbroad. iJ (or ;.J,J
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. (iJ2)
D. S. Gr. T. 1, p. Ie J, r::rt. net.; Fl!lll. Plur.
, ",
s,',' \ .. 1'\"-" 1 "I' h
c:.J1:!) oJ, ,J ,J .\; I J 51 v., '1 t
, ,
y,iUC3 "Hell CL3t) in e'rc::y Jil'l;c-
tion;" or, by nnotu:r II By the
WOllicn who scatter t.':.;:-o:vl (t'ldr o!T3pring)."
., .,. .
To P:1::t. nd. IV. f. One who IS
eubmj,:ive (with J');
, .",. : s ... g .,
di.J To en the dill. plur. of .,ji.J A
chin; nt 17 nt!J 10!) it may be rCllI.lcrcu '
.-' .
5(. 0
rcmitHlii:::;, ..... (\:'11;110'. o;.\.. ;;; \,'UO
J .
'., , '\
",:lr:" or or J V. D. S.
Gr. T. 1, p. To be :ldmr;ai,:Ld, to b
... ,-, ,w; ... , ,4.0'f....",e,. ....... "1
remiwld j }_\i .w}X.I I;. ...s ..... -.i ,.l.l 3;;
...... ",-, .. , ""'... & J .
v.34, "AmI diJ we not gi ve you (3 suCdcnt)
lelll'l'th of In';s, tk1.t W1020 wou1d b:: :':.!moni5hcd
o. .....,
mirrht be ndmoni3hed tlH:rdn?"-l';;l VIII.
o J
D. S. Gr. T. 1, p. To rewc1l!ber,
s '" ,
one'a-self. part net. Ono who rcmcmLcra
. "Fuc-.)." P
, or remio,ls ll.:nce, who i3 reminJeJ or
..J.> nor. o. To a r.z.:n 071 the priratrJparls,
., .... 'udUloni3hcll. '
to rcmcm[;:r (\\'1th nnd to com- '-: ...
I 1 " "b . 'J 1'\5'J nor. o. 10 burn . ('.) II. To
memora.l.l, lDn,,:e m..:'::,lon 01, C!lr 10 mm IJ'
(with acc. or j.S.>. A' ... to lum, to shy. s
branee, recorJ, cocnmemorntion, 'memoir, mc- Jj nor. i. To be abject, J.J D.a.
morinI, m!tking mention, an expo3iiion (of Humility, ab:ls('mcnt; 17 v. 2.),
religion); admonition; The l{oran is fro- "The wing of humility," see k; At 17 v.
quently cnl1cd ,;j "An admonitioD, III 'h d ! ( ,:, "1"
-. ... , , t e wor a ..,.. OJ .-.IJ Dear one
or expo!ition of for all creaturea;" . ... :- ' th" \
_ . :- ' '. ' or two mterpretatIOns; ey may mean
}oll \ 16 v. 4", The Jews and Chrl::hans, ". Ji' d t f
., ... . NClther hns he any rlen , on accoun 0
as " Keepers of the oracles of God;" also . ..
, '..... . -!',' ..... ,.... the vilenesa (of all created tblllga); or they
menns fame, good rei'ort, as Io!S).J \;.A;.JJ btl t d "N 'th h h ' t
.. may e rans n e , el er as e any 0
94 v.4, " And have we not e:calted tby fame?" ..', "( ..
.... s' s s -= protect hun from Ignommy, as reqUlrmg no
-('.J, Plur .J..!oJ and l.;)'joJ A male. J'\oJ pnrt. ) Ab t' . '1
J oJ -' one. jl.joJ asemen, Igtlommy, V1
act. One who remembers (God). u}j (2nd JSJ -=W ll"'t . d t t bI (b t fb th )
, .. ')'oJ e - rnme , rac n e a eas 0 ur en;
declension) D. S. Gr. T.1, p.402, A remember- ,J! ( h th th th
' ' .. __ ' " commowous or easy, t e car ,or e pa s
ing, admonition; 38v.46, By f h h) PI I fSW
... 0 t eeart ; nr.4,JW.)' jI.j.) pur. 0 4.J .. oJ
their calling to mind the life to come;" ...-
.... .. '"'9 43" Wh t rd Humble, mean, low-spirited, weak-
f.;J1 r-! I v., a . reco hearted. J';\ compo form (2nd declension),
of (or means of knowing) it do you possess?" ...
Viler, most II: To humble, render'
Note. is here put for "In wllnt?" sce lubmissive (with ace. and J); to bring low.
S " c."" "' .... s
A thlltwhich n.n. A bringing low.-Jj\ IV. To
brings to one's part. pass. Fem. Plur. That, those i all
Remembered.-j'; II. To remind, warn (with of which nre considered by Arab grammarians
acc. 'and y); to admonish. n.a. A as indeclinable Douns, entirely distinct one
... .
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L.:....<JJ ( 53 )
from Cie t1:?y UJ 0:;i:I:':3 tho .m03t usual acceptation is P023C.::scdof, Lcrll
pcr.3Jllul l)fonouns of' the second as of, endowed with, Or h!lring j Tho follow-
d' ,
an aCCvf lIIgo ing nre a few of tlle t.! ')y
to tho number nnd gender of the rer5011S mny bo paraphrased with nch'(lnl!1Gc; Ex.
d I I ti d
'h I I .#"', II ,.
-adJrC.32C j t ley are fl so oun ,Wit t:e usun J,J 2 v. 2S0, Under a dIfficulty;
. prllfixcJ, as Thu3, in d.JiJ 3 v. 3, II Mighty to avenge jt' ,j
For that l'e!130n, etc. See D. S. Gr. T. I, vd!.; 41 v. 51, "Then is he to
440 ' , -0 ': pw I,
, p.. s much prayer j d}J \ 2 v. 1/2, Rda-
r.j nor. To r.:tilc. .t:J. A treaty, good faith. th'es j" f2.; IooSJ;;' 14 v. 40, It In nn un-
;":.M part. rass. A bused, di'::gT;1ccd. .,," ,,' .. ..,,, -:" ".......
1.1 fruitful valley;" \ c..:.J\,J) I c..:-:'_' ,
and i. To/allow closely. PIur. 18 v. 17,. "To lhe and left;'" s:-:IJ ".}.; .
. s,!. . $': .
. YJ':,J A CrIme, fault, sm. Yi,J A FortIon,' J4 v. 13, ., On (a vc::.'d) built with
lot. . -, -. . " ,
, planks and o::kum" or naild, rJ; .J")
...::.. aor. a. To go (rrith Jp i go a'say,
II The Lord of the two Loms,"
(with:;'); t:lkc. awny, or nWill (with Alexander tho Great, who is thus rcprcwntecl
y); D. S. Gr. T. 2, p. 121. comm. . Id II h l' d' h
' 11 ' on his coins, or an 0 er ero w 0 1,0 In t 'e
gend._ Gold. part. nct. One who goo .. s.: 87 T
- time of Abrah!lm ; C).f\' ,J 21 V. , he
n.a. The act of ta-king '
.. propllet Jonah, see In addition to the
. IV. To take away, remove (with acc. and ., 6 ' .
. meanings assigned to J.j, lIas spechl
also to take, receive, as nt 413 I9,where
II b d
. significations, 1t may sometimes. be rendered
, there is an ': ipse of t e wor 3 f'
Ji.j nor. B. Tc forget (with :J>. The essence of, the very identical, the thing
! s: -: .(-: itself; 3v. 148, "The very in-
J,J Fern. c..:.J\,J, pen. Ace. \,J; Dual _
obliqueJ;.j, and in constr. rrith a complement most thougllts of your For tho
,," , .. " , rules of syntax which affect ,.j see D. S. Gr.
and j Fern. Dual oblique
.. d' 1:\" -: "d "'\': PI T. 2, p. 145. Note. Instead of it- is
.. ..; J, an m cons.r. u . J an . .oJ.,J j ur.
oJ oJ J I h'] , ..
: .' . ,0: usual to emp oy t e lrrcgu ar Plural .i.J"
oblIque I:J"':',J and m-constr. J).J and j "
," :' Th .1_ .. , wntten if, q.v.
em. ur. c.::,):".J j ese worW! are never aor. O. To drive away i 2 pers. fern.
used but in connexion with a complement, it dual, 28 V. 23, "They" drove away (their
is therefore only in their abbreviated forms as docks)."
etc. that they are to be found in j"\J aor; o. To experience (with ace. and u!
the their proper rendering depends 6._ . t 0
. or y). (.#I,J par. act. ne who tnstes._
very frequenUy upon the sense of the words,s .
in connexioQ with which thpy occur j their J"'.j, IV. To cause to taste (with double ace.).
i)igitized by
.. .. .
.rI'he'JJ two;
written q.v.
. !
sec .,;.
_, J
( [;4 )
, ", ,'S
du:\l cf JI";, g'!lcr:'ily' 2.; :,.or. i. '1") b:comc IV. To

.(6 sec \U. III. To deceive by hypoCL'itiC::!Iy
" t. r- S " 'J_", " , .....,
nor. n. To be the h'\7.d of. v.!; Plur. ,,;; in; n arpcfLr.,nce; I.:.I''.,;-!. for.\: .. 3 pm.
A h J
. 1 ,.rJ .... , I'''''' ,b I)" 1)-0 pI l' "or D Gr TIp 112 1)30
... cnpltn Qllln n - \ v ( u .... 1.;'. " , .. .-
<... ,.. .. I ' J-1I "' ... .1).... ... ,
"'rhe c:lpitnl of Y01.:r DlQn,-'y;" I - ' ".J) Ir. for To CfLuse to ShOIV, mn;,e
"-" 'r-:-' e",. 1 ,
.... ;';!:?l v. ca, I. TIley fell back into i'.Iobtry," to ,;ppc!lr. (with llouble. :lcc.); \.. .. 1 I\':"
. Litcra!t'y, IIThey were turneJ upsiJc down 40 v. "1 point out to you what
upon their ht:;1,}.::i." I think (to be VI. To one
5 " t' 1 . f;:' \' ,"" Ilnother, come in of one This
p 0 rt. \...J.) q.v.
s,<"i" word i.s .written ii; at 26 v. 61, the onI.v 1,L\ce
wI.; cor. n. 0; To be' 4.:J'..) Com- J
. :::1' . . in the ;h wh:riJ it bat thi" seems
. ,. to bea lmving for it" object to avoid
r..S!) nor. a. To look (with ulP, beboM, per-
the concurrence of two quiescent letters; the
ceive, think (with 1:)0; to know (with or with-
'-" .. , fonowing word commencing with 8
out witb Iln affix is for .,,\!;, which "='
again is D. S. Gr. T. I, pp. 118 and ." S;... .
98; in the aorist Ilnd imperat. the i is gene- YJ aor. o. To he a lord and master. y.) Plur.
s ,.,... - "., , ,,_
.rally omitted, tbus F DJi ...s;':';, 9 v. 95, y\J,) I A ';:'J for Lord.
. II And God will see your works;" 17 plur. of :Myriads. (2nd declen-
,,,,,,,'1 ... '1.' , ,
Y. 64, and 6 v. 40; the per::onal pro- s1On) plur. of .I._}.) A dnugllter-m-lmv.
noun din th<:'se instances is purely a pleo- A Rnbbi, a Doctor or one learned in Divine
.. n:lsm, Ilnd adds nothing to the meaning; Law. Frequently, onen, D. S. Gr. T. 1,
II What thinkest thou?" II What think ye?" p.500.
D. S. Gr.' :" 1, p. 54!: Ilnd T. 2, p. 4i9; At $ To be profitable (a trode or traffic).
18v. 37 I;).} is for ...i.J D. S. Gr. T. 1, p. 459 .. :;.;' To t/r7lect.-. :; V. To wnit wait for expect
.st;, 'i<Q -0" , -r V-:-:..I ' , ,
Judgment, opinion; 11 v. 29, watch for something to befall anyone (with
" fir h I, t.. .... .......... . ......
Upon st thoug ts; I 3 Y. 11,. acc. of thing and y of pers.). n.8. The
s .. ", , S ,
" Judging by sight." Jt) That which pleases act of waiting, a period of wlliting.
'" ....... ,;J
the eye. for J;; (2nd declension) D. S. part. act. One who waits.
Or. T. 1, pp. 111 Ilnd 402, A vision of the 'U aor. i. Rnd o. To tie, confirm, strengthen (with
night. iLl Hypocrisy, ostentation; J,;>, 118 8 v. 11, II That he
v. 266, "To be seen of men."- might strengthen your III. To
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( fjJ )
be finn nnd COllJt:1n:; A Ldy of Lor:e, (the l,.v .. ,'in) \,'it:l U ailtl
c(.n.::Jlh:; of fire or ruoro.enunc;;'.tioll. Ji; n.n. cct of !'.;'
Tt, be n:ah'cl Ctcryfollrtl! de':! (a ("lIne!); r.Jr. tho in no nnJ W:.:.I:.:
. a. i. nnd o. To be tle I'o!/rtll. :';)' fourth "0)' nor. 0 To mO'I'e "lIn':"" ::.' II r. \.' ,,1 'I' ..
J'....... I \,,-"". i:::.J ..... '-ludh 1 .,:).
part. (; Fou.' by four; By four3' SllOCk. ' .
' ", s ....... $ ........ ""., '.
declenSIOn), s.:c ...,) fem. nnJ ?) To conposc a parli.:u!,)r hind of rer.:e cal!td
..... 0./ $"" !i.... s .... ,
mase. Four, s(:e';':';." Forty. A ?oj . .r.-d anu?,,; Impurity, a pL:';U0, PllllLh-
fourth. ' . mellt, nny abomillatio:}, c:r<ddly
". ' , , . l' b" l l' . s.. ,
\U nor. o. To increuse, gro,." swoll, mount up; o.t aor.o.. 0 .; .. 011) Oil' 'y. v-":".), An t:"of!liI::l-
30 3
C'I \', ..... , d I ,... ,..... I '
v. ::; an YJ. nrc f{lr nnd .iJ.' the hOll, .inui,;nation, doul)t.
-"",,-1:/,'1. ."",
I being nn \ \ or Alif of pr.:caution, aor. i. To return, tum L:",::', turn ou-Lbmc-
sD. S. Gr. T.'}, p. 100. yl: for Fcm. upon o.nyone (\':ith . J\), as .Lr:
,,"" .. .........;. \,;..: ;''''' .. '''' \ '
.., I' ' ", 1 v "p L t' . 't .
part. nct .. Thut which m01lnts up; I.l.IJ ... ..,OJ, or :IpS tiey 1111[;.1 t:lrn 1& cn
'''1'13 IS "T h'" 1 " v. , he SCUIll on the sur- .upon Iln; or, nceo!" ing to v.:rdc:l,
" "
face (of tho wllter) ; II it also means seVL're :13 That th.:))' return unto God; II to com.:!
",,. , 'b c. " ,,, , ...
6t) v.lO, " And he inflicted nck, ull 21 v. 65, II Then
on them a severe punishment." compo came to themselves-returned to their SCliSC3;"
form, More nu"merouil. or more correctly to bring bnck, give b:lck (with acc. anu Jl);
_ ". to t """ ...0 c..-'::" G7 3"
sury, tho three cases being,.D.S.Gr. urn ngal .. , \ v., Turn
T.l, p. lOG; with the Article it is sometimes ognin thine eyes (unto ;;23
. I !_,,2\ th t h d v. 101, "Restore me (to life 'A r"r"
spe " y.,r' e I at teen being an Alif. of .. '"
:' .) !,.., A instance in the l}.onin of the plural.for tIle
precnu lOn, v. supru. or loJ,) l1ill an
elevated po.rtofthe Ii: used ,D. S. Or. T.2,
d (
p . .;, notc. nS.a. A return.
e ucate with nee. nnu u-i); d., 17 II'
pnrt. act. One who returns, etc.
.v. 25, "They two Douridbed me.- IV. ;..-
1..". noun of time nnd place, A rcturn.-;';"I} YI
To causo to increll5e, grant an incrense to. T' hI-' ..... .
", 0 return to one onot era
aor. a. To leed in abundant pastures, pass time ... , ,
1 t]
'If. U;.;-,; aor. O. To be in violent motion, to shake
p ensan y, enJoy one s-se . . .. ,
-;;' aor 0 "'-0 m ...... d t I' 6 .,. tIl' vlolent]y, trem ble. An Earthqunke, a
"" ) olC t;,. any fling 'Y Jommg fie urOf{en !,.: ,
part3. JJ; n.a. Anything close, solid, im- mighty blast. Name of the first blast
pervious; The word. occurs at 21 7. 31, where of the trumpet which is to precede the geneml
it is said that the Heavens nnd the Enrth were port. act. IV. r. One
originally JJ;, i.e. united together in one solid who makes a
mass. . aor. o. To hurt one in the foot. J;..; n.a.
To 6e mell and fairly arrangcd.-.1; II. To collective noun, Foot, }I'oot-soldiers.
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( :.; )
lo "'. S, (.."1: l'...... ....,-"
\.Ill., .L l,lr. .. :;I I J., ",)
l' .... ..,,; ","I' .... ..,.", ....... y-' ' .... " 1
., ..... '"11 .. '."" .. c..
;0.1 .. "" .... " ..... 0' ! ,-,"J. "-:-...' ,..,-
. -=, ,., II ., .", "#
lC'J V. 2, lor tl'C'r ;r ::::11::;
(in fictir..:; out) t::c C::':.;':.:1 in wi:!t,'i' anJ
not br:l1:; !ll!dll!ICli/ tl:.:y bl'.'C in';c:ltcd
:twccn their h:!il,l; r.n,l t!.dl.' fed;" TLc
words !l:\! intcl'pretd to me"!), II f.:':i:ll l:-.y
:-)' nor. n. To h3YC Un')U (with
\ ., fII ...
nce of p'r3)' In tIle "',:':"!"Ye
.0: ' , I:.Jr-J
Illur. J'--7) A Llilll, as oppo:cd to a shall be with mcrcy," or II
. wI.,""O .,' , " !., '" , 5 "c..,
WOI!lan; I,;}'""! 72 v. 6, II With mercy. scmetim'23 spclt .... , D
., , ",.",
cerl:>.in of. th'J Jir.1." S. Gr. T. 1, p. 27l1, note, kimb :3.1.
", $(...' "c... !;\',,'f.
nor. o. To stO:1(!. A dC'lbt, conjecture; r) comr -"r. "form, :ro:t m,;reIfn1.
, 18 v. 21, II !?oubtfully guc:,'in;; comm. g2:1,10r,. pIu:. of or A wO:!lb,
1 1
., . "PI s. , Tl . l' hi'" <.1: """\ 1 d .
at t J::J.t ,.; IIcn sccNt;; . ur. lll!i;S ip, 35' I I B!GO'
h ' 5' R Ii f."' ... _. s'
. wnk nro L.:own. d<)lICU, or t>...' :::.:: ,.:',lOn. p.1rt. One
driven ,,:.'jay v;i:h "t01l23; nn of . .. ho mercy. or D. s.
S , "'"
prt. IU3. doned. Or. T. 1, p. 40! (with arLidc U3:'H.lly
t:;.; aor. o. To lJOpe(with nee. or wHh to hope i),aw.1
for (with ace. and ::, or sometimes also Tho two words nre constantly found to;dher;
to fear, tnt in this sense it is nhyap found as if to add one 10 the otiler, but the
with. 0. thus j 'i.s 25 former conV'eys the more comprQbn5ive mC;ln-
-,., , , ,
v.42, "They did not the ncsurrection." {2nd ucc1cn5ion} of
It;. ort:;; The sides. part. pass. ,;;..,:; :Mercy, kindness.
Hoped IV. To put off, nor. a. To be soft andflabl!J. A gentle
at 7 v. lOS for "Put him off;" wind. '
D S 0 T l
' 4"0 : .. "' .. , If'''' aor. o. To drive back, avert (with acc. and
r. ,p. u. p lIr; 0 "ft"J- J -
s' .. , Q -0 .. "' .. " .. , with ..;,;.>; to restore, giV'e back. bring
for part. pass. Pll 9 v. 107, . ,
back, refer, give (with acc. nnd J, Jt,
"Held in suspense (awaiting) the decree of '"
"D S G T 1 3 4 or 14 v. 10,
od,; . r. ; ,p., 5 . I >- I
, ". . .. "',.. , "Then they put their hands up to their
To be ample, spacious; '4. 9 v. 25.
"For all it was so spacious." a form
9fso.1utation eqtWvslent to Welcome' 113
"You are welcome." .
Pure Wine; no verbal root.
J;.; aor. a. To place saclclle-bags on a camel.
J;.; n.B. A saddle-bng; Plur.
moutlis," either biting their Oml in
anger; or it may be, to close the mouths of
the prophets; At 16 v. 72, and 22 v. 5 it
means to keep back (with Jl); at 41 v. 41
(also with Jl> to reserve; and at 5 v. 107,
To tnke (an oath). .j...' n.a. 21 v. 41, The act of
Ilverting, bringing back, etc. pnrt. act.
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\ ..
"*\.. ' ... ,',.. - i,,.. \ _ ." \
rd.) ... --,,', r .... l.e.1, w I to y, To . ..11
c.. / * - '"
- . - , I \.' 1 V .) 1\ t 1 ...- - ,
")J)"': -J; ;._;" oJ , ... ; lor (.') ,"03C I ont.>' ':":';r9 L'rn, r:1r, ne., Tl.Jt" Ie L ..
'\;10 (;CI.-ll.,.JC Eup_.ior lhLf3) I hc. dlo . .j, is 1" b. n f. 1.
th'.lr wcn1 c.' II 0 is or I J.J.J n., . '1 b" va ",U/ p 1', D-
- J lIon '111 ".
hc I j: f d 7 ",:t, 1: 0: t'
I "
. -,
t.e I,r! pL 0 no n no ':1
1.:,."'.; J;' ,
-in", n
dl to :\ om cr Ilt n
i6 a ue 'pi 01 fio; t' 0 r Ie':: .;
pI 'YO aft t e 'YC 9, 0 J, I inj nt" llt
D r. 2 p. 83 c... b
!,,. ,. I
11 p1 0 ie' or ,hich;o d D; .J;; 0, pr' with tho) of lif.'
oid" b 'n; no n of tin fll d pl',"e :1:;oye, I pro,il10 for bc:3toW uron (':;ith [h'C,) ;
1 f t' D S G TIl t .,,-, .. : , .I.C.! , 3- j,
\91'n-Onnouno nClOn,. ,I' , o< .. ::v. I, 1\,:)
p,201 u:ld then mC;ln3 tho net or nvcrl:!,g, I fod to you with yo
r':3tormg, dc. .. p8.rt. n'colored'i Burp1i,_;" Fo tll._ u" 0 t1 n. t!
. J n- t.; 1 v'" It " 1 " 11 .)t )1c r" G
t...' ", I 'v
pa iv oi
, P
Y. 0 agita cd, mov ... d nn fr. _I r "i')n iC
.\ I. T b re er, r ur t I'll 1:1 in Ul P..' 0'''' J
bo ty fo
n I
'D ."'1' ''') " ... " -:'::--=, '1 hich he beurfit.
o .. I.;> ::I '-';: -l v.
an he fro
6 n 11 ro I1C t ir ep " l' . h I part nct. Oue who provide:! for, or sl:rpii':3
","t.("V I 'tl ' ,HIlT' G P 1
'-.' B' t\. .)J 4 , "T ir. WI 1 neCC32lrlC9. .. J.r lle reat ronue.-,
s' ht ha n r ur to he ," bein .... ti d lone of the names of God, Cd l)rovi,j;;!lce,
with horror; at 27 v. 40 the same e::tpre:osion : V"-l nor. To dl!! a n:e.. l..''' j I sup
may be translated" In the. twinkling of an I po"eJ t be le non ell ca ia ,
eye/' or Before thon canst fix tin r. e .. 'eye I ,,, I' eo ino:o ,th d n r nti h.
npon any object, d me;" it it C',; 0 } n. Cpt. t. ce 'h 's III
m an to 0 ti .8t lis d \'''''' ." '-:.'....,4 IG II 0
u ::.... '
I T ro a at j" A hel er, h ar we gr md d' Ie ni ..... "

, $ .,.
c me e d 'wit P to
T t hi f 10\ ,- j"': rt ct IV f.
Be"" at 8 v 9 't ma either menn
following one another, oreausing (the believers)
to follow one another.
rJ.J Mr. i. To a1iut (a gate). ..' A etro!!g
(>.J-l n.B.
w 1.
loS .J a . i To ra le he ar 11
's ct a

Iu. e)
, ,
T j
r. pe 'sb . o .
.... ,; or s d me (1l " J .... " A np stl

essenger' Plur,..,\..J . at 33 v. 66 we find
, ,
lr: J I for J,..,) I, for the sake of tho rhyme, by
$" .
a lIcense cnne saturation.' S. Gr.
. ,p. 49 2 v. 5 Le 0 s
se wi a lu 1 gn en n lU J" - ..
: ..
as 0 h' we" r e 'y e e d-
ut io ." ev al ren "ons nrc as.:3i ned' for
this' Freitag save, quoting the Kumoos, that
giti j b u H... I
(u )
word3 cf tho form -J".J nro both E!n:;. unJ I
plu .; 1 .. ot ,1'3 )ill ,rc to a I
no n C .ct u J jee' d fo li3 n-
lyin3' in ","nit; aLo ag a COl C::[I\ c nOUlI, n
m sh, an of ate r3. .. A Lc r
III of k:} or f
d" cl:' 6': D. S. Gr. T 2, !}20 I n,",. 1\T. f, 'A r' of
A IV. To I p:1r::ltlOu or fitting' out.
(\';'1 h I.!jo' with acc, nd Jl I' u-); I ch ,,_u.o __ a. nd Sl t 11' he '!r '.
- 1. , vt,; , ,.,.
L,: 0) .\ I'!=I. 1 -L n Tl ftc f C1:1' m'I'. '-',\
_, tJ or u, 10,; r. . ...: , ... ..
r" r." I ",,-:,. -c.,'
p. ea I..- rt ct On \Vh ec b; .Gl: '\ .. ,1 v. 0)7, "Your fc-ler sisters."
J ii.3;) v.!? "There i3 no one I plur. A brC:l3t.
" :J
'l'l'ho C:::l 'send ,0r uesto'.\", it, nt:l'r he kl3 '\lth-
-C"".J' 0 suclJe wit ncc. f c ld ,d
! .... Co;'
he it. l,,'" rt. 123 n -ho a j 0 fat r) to ve uc' to. (, ... f .
le. e; 77 1 nr; 3, 'nd or I oar !lC' On '1'1'1 g' 3' ck "{.
the of tl!e KorttU, !lccorw!lg' to di:fcrcnt I To s:)ck !\ nur3e f,)r (a child),
illd'rrc.::.tions. I ' . T bIt 1 d ( t1 ' th
cor. a. 0 e con.en , p c:>.se m m
L.) or. J c 0 fi . (2 de n- r, h c.), to 00 ( h .', 0
::-. "f "t' 5 \' 1i I J" 5,
sio p r..t- . 0 .r Jor f"J or it ac of hin n r ra. ... .. :;
D S. Gr. T. 1 p. 330 nnd :31';6, part. I Ag aule acc(lptable. part.
act. Things which are firmly and imtlloYauly I act., Fern. 4,';1: One who is contcnt, well
l' ..,
it: .. un. ms. u) I fi fir ly, pleased; also plc:12:1nt, n.;reea e.
u- .. I' n ti c R pee, hn hi is I
, rn , a ept ce .1 vo , t t " ch pI
fixed rc"'nrd to time or phec, n3 . 1 I 5 " "
.... 'ng rt. 33. ec tcd ell 1e:1. - J
I v. 13G, When is 1ts xcd ime"";'1 5 " .. , 5 " .. ,
"l.,"." I:' " .. " ,orcontented. n,a, foriUA D.S.Gr.
n rt, r r, ro -ie as s::"'
11 43" B th'I'I'h 'lst 't is moving, und wbiist I T.], p. 27G, nole; The nct of p1e:1.sing'.-
" .":;.IV.To nte,p se vit cc fp
_ it is nt :mc lor, or at rcst. I ..,
nd..,) , " . T be lea d. . h e
ol-.J no . o. w kith rib w, be. ell I ,,'-
eli ted n ns ac n, another, to be mutually n"'rced (with:;; or
A goin .... in tho rinoilt way, true direction, cor-I,:;,) ...;9 n.n. for for D. S. Gr.
rect rule of action. part. act. One who I ., p. I,. Iu I nsc '-u.L.Jj. V
is 11 ec ,0 wb al in or ht y. 0 pI sed it pI in to ( th I),
.l: &' /I.. crs 0 isc nrn t, gu'tie t the I ";-(" T he esll and ripe (dates). .....sS n 11.
rigbt pnrt. act. IV. f. One who I That which is green. collective nonn,
directs arlgh , a guide. res r'pe dn es
' . S It..." I 1... $ ""
V' nor o. C len or In oge er. f __ ao a. 0 i gh I. ar. '-:- n F
p t P - F' ml nnd cOOl lUCU united. I terror
, s,,, ,
aor. o. To ohserre, lie in n'ait. .J..#.J n.B. A nor. a. nnd o. To thunder. Thunder.
Jig t 0 le
" I ,,., 5"",-"
..,r) nor. a. on f\c.:ount of ,.:ttural C' D. S. Gr. Plur. (2nd. EIL,w,"s.-(.,,;i..j..,.
T. I, p. To feed. to I' A couch, noun of l'bcc dcrircfl from the VIII.
observo Llri;Lt, LlS at 57 v. 27. n.a. A f. which To red,,. . on tlte dbo/i).
*'..... ! ....
rig-ht oU3crvance. plu!'. of 6 for JJ. 1'u be tlill. J) A voluUle or scroll, gCiw'alf!/
",. of p:lrclimcllt
. part. act. One who fceJs a ellCphcrd.
III. To re5pect,
look at (with ace. or with C; 2 v. 08,
"Look at us;" a. word to wLich l\!o!lammad
had a.grc:1.t objection, it having been derisively
employed. by some in lantiu:ltie it
had an mcming.
f.; nor. a. To deBiro ;a13o to be un-
willing (with ':;';b, or to di51ike ("ith :;);
. The p:\35ngc nt 4 v. l!2G m:1y be rcaJered either
way; ;; {) v. 121, "They
should prefer themselves before him;" With
JL it to supplicate. Love.
act. One who supplicates earnestly
(with Jt>; also one who is aver .. e from (with
. .'
To abound ill goed things. Abundantly.
Bor. a. To dislike, noun of place
III. form, A place of refutie. ,
aor. o. and i. To oreak in Dust,
anything broken emaIl.
J..J; Bor. o. To be obscene. J;CarnaI inter-
".". $c- $ rc..,
.,)J) aor. i. To ihe. .,)J.J A gift. part. paes.
Given. ..
.... .."..... s ... y....
u..I.J To spread the nings. Uj.J A pillow.
t:i; aor. a. To raise up, exalt, lift up (with acc. and
Jp. part. act. Exalting, one whoraiscs
' S 'Co.' .
up. IIigb. part. pass. Raised on
high, exalted.
J,i; :To help. Jd; A companion, friend. J;:fl
An ellmv, utility, comfort,' \1;:;' Comfortably;
nor. o. To oU3crve, respect, r('ti:lrd (with ace.
A watcher, an
.Q; Plur. YU.J .A neck, a slave; 9; :r..oJd-
, ,
4 'V. 04, "The freeinz of a (from the
II "Q. ....... V
yoke i)f sbo.ery). -'-:-'.) . To look
"",," ..!S ... c,._
II " III. To ob5crve, watch. ....
. oJ" .
part. act One ... ho wntchC3.
"'" 5 'I s .... c.,. ,
ooU.J nor. o. To slr:cjJ. oJ;.,. n.n. Sleeping'. A bed.
"." !:.. 1 d' ". l' , ...
0 n:r!tl1, mar: ,.'!!ft :'lCl'"ltlca powls. \
Er-Rulieem, a word, the of which i3
in dispute; according to onc interpl'etatio!l it
was the name of a leaden plate, 011 which 'Wore
inscribed the names of the seven sleepers.

part. pass. Writtcn.
aor. a. To s mount a. laduer (with to
. enchant. n.a.. An ascent.
part. act. An enchante'r; 75 v.
27, "And it is said, who is the (to
drive away his agony)?" J.9 acc. plur.
oC ij.J A brenst-bone; see this word undl!r
1..:.), aee also rt. VIII. To
ascend (with J-)'
aor. a. To ride (with ncc.); .to be cat:ried,
go on board a ship (with y; A com-
pnny of 10 or more mounted on camels, a
s ...
small carnvan. plur. part. act.
One who rides, mountcd. y\S) collective
noun, Camels. y}; Useofacam'el in riding.
, Q, S ",
II. To put pnrt.
act. VI; f. Lying in heaps.
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(.) )
.... l' l '-,f 1 '
.).); () ,1 S'... I.:'!l( fem.l11m. wi:h '":;'of t!'in;); to c, .. :t uSi":r,ioll3 ure:l :!Ily
of r ; .. cd. 'l'ld which O;JC (with :tee. OfpC:-3.), :1; al 4, 0, u\!,12:J;
j.S; nOl. o. fill,l i. 1'v fix a :,cal' i,& th.:grMnd. At 3 v. 17 !11ltdon i3 m"'!c to n mi::lcle \'ihkh
J.S) A In;', sonnd, t\ w:n wro11
ht at Dcur in f..vourof )Ic},l:Humud,
'" /;"'; "L"I
'1,> Ul<:crt.-v-SJ I IV. To oyc.h!TIl, WllO, by throwing' B linnJful of gra.-cl into the
"",,[$; nor. o. To st:\'mp on the ground; to faccs of tile {\orcish, about a victory
11 (
. 1 .. ") n ".. .. , .. 1 in his fu\'our.
y Wit ld; efc
1'e tllC woru3 .
1)8 4 ,,, ": aor. To fcar (Wit!l nee, or with J of pcr3.).
at tJ v. 1 we mU5t nnd ..
_, sc..' $" :,...(..., ....
bcbvccn the fir ... t nnd last parts of the .-c::rsc, nnd nS.a. Fcnr i
we h3.\'o to tho up of a r/'.>. ... S9 v. 13, II On nccount of tb fC:lf
. d' t1 . b b G .1" $1"':"
. fonnt:lin, or tn'o, nccorJing to the of the 1n5ptrC 10 lC!f rcasts y Ou. plur.
f $ r A !!, "<'''
Commellt.'.tors. 0 monk. )'Ionn:tici51l1.-
'" ... .,."'-S .
nor. 1).. :['0 hw:!! tha bach bCllt, to bow down in IV. To frizhtcII, C!l.1I5C terror (with acc.
prayer. B'; Plur. and part act. of pel's. and ":r' of thing')-0;':;1 X. To
One who b0':.'3 down. terrify.
"" .sc.. ....
f.J nor. o. To pther tOg'ethcr in B heap. To tale laJ'g
mOllth/uls. n.n. A family;
.'.-;' s,,-' t"'-'''' If
enp; In part. pass. 27 't. 49, :Nine men of B family;"
. Gathered in I). henp. D. S. Gr. T. 2, p. 316; This word i3 not
I).or. a. To incline one's-self (with generally used when more thnn 10 men are
a stny, prop; hence, Princcs or ci: ids spoken of, but kl. any case they must be the
of the people. Bons of one mnn. .
r; aor. o. nnd i. To repair; also a01'. i. To be rotten. nor. a. To follow' cover; aor: i. To
$ , .
. Rotten; adjective of common gender. opprcs3, cause to suffer i to be given to evil
:''!5 generic noun, PomegrnMtcs. . practices townrds (with double ace.). J,;; n.n.
, ", F U . ...,c._
C.J aor. a. To pierce: n;ith a,lance. ot 0 y, IV. To impose a
?' A lance. . difficult task on anyone, afHict with troubles
, ",.J .. , and difficulties (with double ace.)
.,.,.,...) aor. o. and 1. To meaae an cnem!ls' country. ,,,,, .. '
", A h To glee an pledge. Given in pledge .
.... s es. $> " $ .. , .
. d' 11 ." . 1.. $'" plar. of A pledge
.;e..J aor. o. an 1. 0 nOa, n;/1/". j-J n.n. A slgn, N" .'"
snch as a wink or nod. u,J aor. o. To go softly. Y') n.a. A dItch or furrow.
nor. i. To hane a sheep in its skill. see ";.
(2nd decbnsion) Rnmn!}lin, the ninth month aor. o. To do anything in the e?:ening or at sun-
.... ' g ,
of the Arobian year, said to be so named, ,et. t:') n.B. Rest, wercy. r:..'J comm. gend.
because it originally fell in the height of A spirit, soul; 16 v. 104, "The
summer. Spirit of Holiness" or II the Holy Spirit"
" ,J
U---.J aor. ,i. To throw, cnst, thro\\" out (with ace. or viz. The Angel Gabriel, who alone is intended
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( Gl )
" Sc.r ....
ly this n:11110; 'At lC v .. 2 it m::y be r.)1'. o. 'bjr:!;',';!,.!. t!.:l. F'.':ll', tim:,!ity.
the or Rcvehtion, viz. the nor. o. turn furtiY:.!!Y from oae thin;;' to fin-
s !1,. """"'-!
A wlIul, smell, prospenty, otLer (with Jt); to turn upon (with J.;) .
. power . Tilt} cyening, 3J roor. o. To s.,'d. c01lc:th'o r.ot;a, The
v. 11, "(It blew) for n month in the cyening." ns to the l:mll:l11
J.rote. At the of t!lis ver:!e we Note. The eYCnt.1 r.t the .
. ,,,,0, s,c" ....
must the word q.v. of-the 30th chapter rdute to t::o \ .. :.1r3 IJctwecll
Victuals, tllinz.1 necc.':3:!ry to support lif(}.- tile Greeks antl Per5ians under IIemclius an.l
IV. To drive home (Hocks) in the evening. Chosroes.
110r. o. To sed. Gcntly; is said nor. i. To make ullcertain. n.a. A
"r I . ,,. -D " ... "
be equi.nlent to Gr':mt 0. respite; D. S. doubt, calmmty, as I 5:.. v. 30,
Gr. T. 1, p. 51G i nt sa v. 17 the nre II Adreriie fortU!IC," literc!!!!, "tho calamUy
r d' .. ftl t " .
loun In conJunctlon rant tllO!ll 0 Ie lmo. . o,.;115PIClOll,
. ., '" .
a gentle respite," or 1/ rC3pite them for a while." '-:-!.-/" part. aet. IV. r. he or th:lt
III. To 10116' to inter- which inspires doubt or abo one
course with (with acc. and :;;); thus who is guilty of a VIII. To be
:; 12 v. 26, "She de.3ireu to lie with in. doubt. .part. act. One who is in
me;" At 12 v.-61 it il1eans simply to solicit. doubt, 8 sceptic. .
IV. To be willing, wish, desire; intend, 801'. i. To fit featleers to an arrow.
mean (with acc. and y, with generic noun, Feathers; fine clothing.
'- , , " iI"
36 v. 22 for nor. conditionnl nnd , ...i. aor. i. To nrow. !..,) A bi ... h hill.
'W .... 4" '--' \.."" ,-.. 0 .
nor. To exercise, or hreah ill a colt . aor. i. To take possc;sion-of the
A rich and meadowi
110r.o. To gice cream to eat. Froth,
!.-. " '! ... c.
plur. ot or wantmg the smgulnr,
'. 8cum.. Rebels (against God), Prretorinu Guards; at
JJaor. o. To pelt n:it!& stones. )yJ A book, The 96 v.IS it appears to refer to the Angels who
Book of Psalms; Plur . ..I5 Books, writings, keep guard over Hell.
Scriptures; ..ij and ;j are alsoPlurals of 9J ,To pierce 1tit!& the jerule of a spear;
A lump or large piece or iron, divided por- noun of unity, A thing made of g1n.,5.
tion sect s ... occurs with tho first of these as a glass vessel.
I , J.J ;1"... 5c.. ,
meanings at 113 v. 95, and:ij with the last, 8t .r.-j8or. o. ToprohzlJlt,dnve r.-J n.a. The nct.
23 v. of driving orproliibiting. fern. plur.
......... Tc ".1 I. I Th I d' ,'" ... ,'" ,._-
dJ aor. 1. 0 8eu uatesOI' tile tree O!! guess. part. act. ose W 10 rIve; 9 u
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( G2 )
v. 2, "::.:J tl10An::;c'; ',;::0 ... the . dou
)tflll m::.tbrJ; to SUPPC2C, think,
or ud'7c r.,';o.y evil sl,iriLl, or !'Cl'P mcn fmey, to be of opinion (with nC'C. or .:.h
5 .....
." .. "" (,.,. \ '1 ' , ,. t.\ .. 5t.." . !J "..
lfom nn. ''l'':"') J. smg c cry.-fl.J)/o '\ III. n.a.F:mcy, im::gin:1tion. A surety,
for ;::0t To drive away with erici!, reject. one who VOU.:!ICS fur or another.
5"'" F l' 1 I 1 '1 ,
,r.-.Jr p!lrt. 'orbiddc:l. nor. o. 0 carry IIOtM t :tJ urzd Ul proccsslI)n i
, " ", 1 T h t h . d t
cor. o. J. u ue r:asY'-;.,f.'jl IV. To propel, dri\'e aor. 1. 0 cn, go Whll UlT1C 5 C[>3 .
fllrr.(l.rd (with nce. und J or it:;.; fern. )j nor. i. To send/orlh a decp b/'t\/!h. A deep
. . of Few, !!mD.ll . '. . sob; proper!y, :hl1 fir3t pD.rt o!' the hr:lyil)g of
To rcrJlo\,e far fl'om a place (willI "') s . .. -:' an 853, nil is the .second; at 11 v. 103
CI '.) - '
. t 0 h . ."" , I " the3e words Dln.y be rendcwl " and
par. nc.. ne Vo' 0 remo,e3, as t.>.? , ,
\ 2 00" B t h # '}' 11 ;. t , si.;hing;" nt 25 v. 13 the term 1d) i3 applied
t.:.T1 v. , u e s 1:\ no Ircc
;.. '., to the ron.riDIl' of llames.
hiru2clf from the puubl1111ent.' Deri\'eJ from ," 0, jo'"
b'''h h" t"'; .. ,' ..;). To slca!loll) spc?di!y. ...;:"11 A tree gr:Jwing in
t?' w till ""me meaning. \-, I:r ,
, ". d .1 -t .. , A the DllU5t of liell, for 0. d:zcrIptlOn :!cc ch. 37
aor. a . .1.0 prrJccc "Oltaru.,s. n,ll. n
. v. 60; The tree !!ofter which this in'fernal pro-
army in a ho.stile mn.nner. , . .
S.'" , A thO h' hI b II' 1.1 'h 'ld duetton was named bears a kind of mtensell
. '-'f') ny mg 1[:; yem e I3ICu, as WIt SI - . 1 d
, d . b 'ld' 1<1 b 11 bitter a mon
lng, ecorahon y gl mg, go ,em e ish- . ,
. _, li (')' Zachanas.
mont, either real, IlS the Bowers of the earth, ':'..f.
10 v. 25 j or figurath:e, as 0. Bowery discourse, Jj o.r more properly IS] nor. o. To grol/); to be
.. tI ,
6 v.112; verbal rt. To gild. pure, or purified. if) pronounced, and some-
"'", fildfi I ." :#1 .... $"5,,
Y.Ji aor. o .1.0 construct a pen or 0 or snccp. times written ';'$) or 'ilJ) like iy.. D.
(2nd declension) plur. of A rich 8. Gr. T. 1, p. 36, Purity, a portion of one's
- "'". . ",,-'It
t;) aor. a. To sow seed, give increase to, as
, 1., .. I"A..," "
&,:)'=.d-I 4J
J.i 56 v. 64, Do ye give
it its incre!l3e, or are We the givers of it ? "
.", s "
tv Plur. lui Seed, corn, land sown with com.
plur. of t,;;J part. nct. A sower.
j aor. o. and i. To drop dung (a bird) ; to have
. 61ue eyes. plur. of J))i One who has blue
eyes; an enemy, such as the Greeks, whose
eyes were frequently of that colour.
" m 1 "", ,TIll L'. ,,.., D 8
u aor.l J.o auuse.-..s.;.)). .lor loS,)).
Gr. T. 1, p. 222, To despise.
Fj eor. o. To speak, assert, generally used in
substance given in order to .purify t.he rest,
'" Ie,.. ;"" ,
I.e. Alms; If) 4:...J 18 v. 80, ' One );Jore
righteous than he," literally, " Better as to
purity." Pious, righteous. J) for
, """1
compo form, Purer, mQl'e righteous;
..jJi 18 v. 18, II The purest and best
food."-Jj II. To purify, justify (with acc.
## QQ
of pers. and. ';' of thing).- 'Ji and V.
To endeavour to be pure and holy, to give
part of one's substance in alms, as at 92 v. J8.
Jj aor. i. To slip.-J) IV. To cause to slip or fall
(with acc. and X. same as jji,
. Lut with aec. of pers. nnd y. .
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( C3 )
.. l't II " b 't 1 l' " - -,,-,
I era J, y 1 S lit.;:mg. .U}) A
, Sl10d;:-of an e:trthqwlkc.
, Jt To dral/) 12,Jczr. Jij Nearness, a
,. .
near approach; at ll:lndi Plur .
!i" t.,. "'<4' ",
W-lji The phra.:;e ,:,911 UJj at 11 v. 116
signifies tho:c hours of the night "hicb com-
mence nt tbe close of day, anu tll030 of the
day ,commence at the close of night;
ThCl.:a are other ways of spelling this "onl,
""il A.'
'such as J; i. L i and cj;, the bst bein'" a noun
.J 0
in the singubr, the same si""uification

." (,., m ,.. ., .. 1. S "c..,
.lVjc:u:llmrla;!J.:r(allt"yc). J...J"-..) L':CC3-
sh'e cold, by SOIllO t; menu tho
'f "1 ' ,
J-hoon; oi'..;.n.l ro')l b,: l:iv!;"ilt.
Gin ";itit whkh tho 'I";r of S::L.lbccl,
. a fountain in P:H'.lui:ie, is to 11r.vourcu.
s_ '
no vO,roal ,An erc':eJcence behind t!:.c lzooJoS
of goats. Spuriou3, i11c;3'itimate.
.Jj nor. i. To be guilty of furnication. 0 n.a.
'" ., -Q
anJ with the nrticle i
, , l .. U
and pr.rt. nct. One who is guilty of
nor. a. To aT"staill,' (lOr. i. To liate in loro
estimation. p:\rt.' act. One "ho
li:,;1itly, or h:;!'h in ,low c5timation (with u!
of thing).
as nod of the second declension, D. S. Gr.
, ... (.:s "":
T. 1, p. 402.-UJjl IV. To bring near, cause f..J
aor. B. To he rcsplendent. A fi(Jn'cr,
to approach (with acc. nnd J).
. . s'''' '
Jlj ,aor. o. To slip. cJlj A place in wbicb the feet
are liable to IV. To cause to slip or
faU (with acc. of pers. nnd y). ,
To 1/;ander about.. Ph;r. Headless
arrows used by the ancient Arnbs for purposes
of divination, a superstition by the
; for a curious illustration of tbis custom
see Ezekiel ch. xxi. v. 21.
;j aor. i. upon a mind instrument. ;:5
plur. of A crowd of men ; 5 In crowds.
J.;j aor. 'i. imd o. To limp.-J:.j: part. act. of
J!jl for J!J V. f. D. S. Gr. T. 1, p.220,
To wrap one's-self in a garment; Theepitbet
J;:;n is applied to in the 73rd
cb. because, at the moment it was communi-
cated to him be was wrapped in a mantIc
either asleep or at prayers; so eay the com-
, mentntor3.
aor. B. To be lull of 11larrOTl) (a hone) j to
vanish, disappear, perish. part. net. That
which vanishes away. Vain, peris1lable.
nor. o. To up strife. Plur. A
companion, mnte, spouse, husband or "ife, nn
individual when consorting with nDoUler j that
in which individuals are united, as a kind,
species, class, or sex, also a pair, a couple';
Examples, t!-} r.;j Jf ::,., v. 9,
#.,.., .,
" And we have caused (vegetables) to .spring
up in it of every generous species;" :;"
JS 5S V. 52, "In each (O'fIl'd;n)
, 4tII., '" 0-
there shall be two kinds of every fruit," or it
may be "Two' pairs of every kind;" thus at
11' v. 42 the words may
either be rendered t\vo,' or two pair, of every
kind, so nlso at 13 v. 3, 6 v.144 and elsewhere'
.. '
for the use or with the duo.lsce D. S. Gr.
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( C 1 )
,-".(,,-0 c.., t.. , ! t ! .. It,,,
ht '1' I .
. ,p. V,\"I(;fO C .. ... I, <.;O.lL,O.l,d. J..Jf!j
'I f 't A r ,. I
.. Two in,liyi.l'nls," a ret. ling which is BUp- '" 1l0'lIl 0 t.:.1 y: J.n 0 IV.:!, i.:J. .ollw:-.r.::c
l)"r. i. JJ l' ... L:t .. !' to lllCrCaS'J, C:l';2C to
. portcJ by tho I'::: at 51 v. 4!>,
of hayc ,the me:',;liog of
, ,
two individuu13 paired togolher, nnd at 15 v.
88 J
,*"c'l . I ". 1"d 1 "
i \; mC:111S Y 1D( Ln. l.W, 5,
". " 5 ,t# -: . "" , -:-'
or cortam of. them; ... I:J'! r ')
33 v. 58, " And other (matters) of a simibr
kind skIll in conjunction with it;" In this
PJ:SJ:;o there nH"ars to be nn ellipae, for
f't " t' b"
;>-1 'lrtue 0 1 5 IOrIn ClOg
put in the singuhr, D. S. Gr. T. 2, p. 304;
,,"J ,..,
it is o.l"l ..r':I,. sec.'3 ,v. 5.-
) II. To
giro in (v.-ith douLle ncc.); to wed
to (with ncc. to join to;ether ;\Jt;
. .. "., "-\' -:J 7 "A d h h 1
V"P' 81 v., n w en t e sou s
shall bc joined (to th,:lir bodies) i" At v. 40
it means to mnke of two kinds, to make or gi"c
nor. o. To take prol:isions. Provision for
B V . To for a
}j aor. o. To visit. False,' a falschood.-
To decline (with :;;);;'y 18 v. 16
is Cor 3 pers. fern. sing. nor.
aor. o. To cense, cease to be in a place, fail,
... " .. 35 39" L h f:'1 n
. perish, 1l81..:.? v. , est t ey al ;
to decline, as
14 v. 47, " Even though their craftiness were
luch that the mountains should be moved by
it;" literally," should cease to remain in their
places, or incline downwards (like the Sun)."
. n.a. Adeolinini. declination as oftlle sun
from the meridian, in which sense it is figura-
tively employed at 14 v. 46.
,. S L'
aor. i. To dress food wit" oil. ,Oil.
g;\'c :l.:J. incfc';, to (with nee. of pen.
and J or wit\ double acc.); to exccJ in
' "0 1
Dum lCt; )" v. -"', " t lere were
more in number;", to m:1ke nn aJdition to
(",ilh Y-). freedman
. and nJc{,teJ soo, whose
married 11er di';orcc from Zdd; ch.
33. An inercnao, addition., :'?;. An
aece3sion,'" iocrc.'l3c, n,12ition.-J\.J;1 fo; ':;0')':\
JJ, J,
VIII. D. S. Gr. T. 1, p. T? incre:lse,
suffer nn or be by (",ith
.... _ , , \ .... tl"
ncc.); ,J .Jj I) 18 v; ",4, And they
, su;;ered an incrC;1::e of nine
B nor. i. To be inclined dO\,iD",urds, to become
dim (the sig1lt), turn fside, deyiatc (with d)'
. s ...... .". ... 'S
n.a. 1 IV. To cause to
deviate, .render pcr"erse.
nor. i. nnd n. To cease (with II. To
'make'a separation (with V. To be
scparated one from the other.
nor; i. To adorn. An orn.nment, ns apparel
at 7v. 2!>, or trinkets, etc., pomp; sometimes
used collectively for ornaments, as at 20 v. 00
and elsewhere; At 20 v. 61 means
the day of the solemn feast, wh;n the temples
and other huildings were decked out in olden.
times.-::-.:}.j II. To ndorn, prepare (with ace.
and '-:-' or to deck a thing l)ut (with
specious arguments, or otherwise), to make it
appear pleasing (with ace. and :fj]i
15 v. 39, "Verily I will make (their
disobedience) appear pleasing to thern the
Enrth."-Jjl for .:;.} v. D. S. Gr. T. I, p.
220, To be adorned.
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( (),) )

",: nn nh'crb pl'.::heu tLe norist tense
aIHI tSi\'ing thl.?TIl a futnrc it is
. COIl3:ucrc,l as' nn of J;; q.v.;
thus 11 v. 45, II I will b,'bke
myseir b n sec it is like-
wise t13cd in conjunction with othcr' prefixes,
0.3 2 v. 131, "And God will
sullice thee (0.3 n protection against) them,"
see .)s.
..... ' '
J'-, nor . 3. '1'0 nsk,' nEk for. demand
(with nee. of pers. and :.,t nlso with double
nee. or .with nee. of per3. and '-;' 'or :;J); to
pray to (with nee.), ns at 55 v. 2(); Imperat.
SL;t and J.: . }olate. Verbs whose second
radical is bamznted are frequently declined
after the mnnner of concn\'e verbs. ,jJ.,: A
request, petition; n.!!.. The nct of de-
s -,
mantling. \.., part. act. One who asks, de-
man etc., a beggar, as at ()3 v. 10. J ...
part. pass; Thnt which is dcmnnded or inquired
into; at 17 vv . 36 and 38 it those
things which shnll be inquired into at the day
af judgmenc.-J:.L5 VI. To or mnke
'inquiries of one another (with :i), as
4 v. 1, "About whom ye dis-
cllssions one with another, or in whose nnme
, h h"
ye oescec one anot er; 1.:): I W whieh may
also be spelt is here put for
D. S. Gr. T. 1, p.220.
r;; aor. a. To disdain, dislike, scorn (with or
with .... of thinl'l').
, s ,., s ,,,,
'--' aor. o. To cut, revile. '--"-' Plur . A
. . . . ..
rope, cord, lien or that by ,which one thing is
connected with anothrr, as a path, way, means
. . ,""" c", .'" , ...c. .... _ ....
to ('.n end, a ......... t .... JS ,01)
", , ....-t"1!,, ,;. tr....: ". .. ..
t;.... 18 v. -83, And we gave lIim n
menns to accompli.3h every end, so he followClI
' I <)8 'n II L
18 wny; tJ V. ii, et
them then ascend into the tracts (of Her,ven)."
SuM', v.
...:...;; nor. o. nnd i. To rest, the Sabb!lth.
s .. ,
The; at 7 v. IG:] and eho\" .. hcre
reference is mnde to the story of Jews
""ho roshlct! at on tIle TIed So:! in th time
of D:lvid, and wllO turned into urcs for,
catching fi3h on the Sabbath dny. nC5t.
..:;:; nor. n. To sn:im, perform a (hily
L s .. '
course (\vith t:-' n,n. Tho act of s .. im-
ming, occupation in worltlly affairs.
part. nct. One who swims or moves with 3
s\vimming motion, applied to Ang-ols n.t 'iD
v. 3, or, according to another of sc\'cml inter-
... , .... ;:
pretations, to s lips. Praise;
" "" ... ,
and are ad\'orbinl expre55iol!3 in "".hich
there is an ellipse of'the verb a3 "'l'hc
. f G d" " b ., h' "l' U I
'prmse a 0, or y praISIng 1m, lor
celebmte the Prai3e of God," etc., hence it i3
. ,. ..... ",
that the word 1.:)lS}:. appears in tl1e nccus.,
D. S. Gr. 1, p. 502, and T . 2, p. 82;
#' t ,. 'Cit -G" ".." ... .
t,:;y t:t..: , 37 v. }i.>(); In tIns nnd
similar passages there woulu appear to be also
an ellipse of the verb JI;i; At 28 v. 68 this
deficiency is supplied, and the then
reads thus, "I eelebrnte the Praise of God,
and may He far exalted nbove tlmt which
they impute to Him."--'("': !I. To sing praises
(with J of pers.), eeleLl'ute praises (with y),
laud magnify, (with :,,7,7
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( CLi )
5., 0 1 I
The act of L :!rL. ad. ne .... :1O I
,. , St..) f
.A."'l '-'
b;; (n. n. 10 lIt! lallk (1wlr). I Inf. -=-:0-'1 J
tribe (of thl} clli1,lrcn of Ie.mcl).
8:\lc ti ,;ruhtc:; tllis word II pr r. mr.:'!!1-
in,; it nt'ly \':ell L':!1r in two iT.:!:1ncd in
which it III. To stri\'c to cxrd
or bdorc !I.flOlher (with
VIII. To stri ... e onc \vith Rnother in a racc, or
t;; nor. B. and i. To mahe a ll;:l/Ilc'r up (0 s< ;:':11. )
s .. , ! ... , s'- , " .. , to a goal (with ncc .
... ft:m., ...... Sevell, secr J...; Raill, no vcrL!l1 root.. Plur . (com.
Scventy. A
gend.) A W:lS, road; a or ns nt
nor. o. 1'0 ot! to:!! aml trailill!1
t/'c 9 VV. 02 nnd 04, where it "a cal!:;c of
. . (a !1armolt). A coat of IV. 'reproach;" A j
'Tacm15c to :luoll;d (with :lCC. nnJ J.S. orpcrs.). The path of j it frc(!11en;ly
. n 'Jr. i. n:ld o. To be in nd,nnel! of (with ncc.); nn elpcdilion or mlr by bdici'Cr5 to
prcceJI! (with J); to go bdore (, ... ith ncc. nnd propag::.te :'fobmln:.l,hn :ll:,;cc.::;ity,
, - b r t' I . I !i ' , __ 1..0 lA-I: 1'(\ "T'
Jt or c...,-'); P:l':S C:lorc, go 10rt l y, as 1 J . _ - V. lIl'fl!
n3 {\ of condeml!J.tion (dth I .. /.s. or is DO' incumbent upon us Uo payor
pcrs. and ... with w}lich ineaTlill; it ob"cr\"'e justice) to .. the IIe::1then.'.'
at 11 v. 42; or a promise of elcrml happiness nor. i. To ta1:e rapiicc. it;.; Sau:l', called in
(with J of pers. nnd as nt v. 101; to Scripture II Sheba," a city of Yeman Je:3tfoycJ
happe; rrfO'viously, by, surpass, get the by the inundaHon of El 'Arem; it to.ok
. ) no' h . Dame from Sr.M', the great grandson of
better of (Wlth acc .. ; n It Y It may. some-
,. , or Joct:m.
times be rendered to do pre\"'iou51.y, as. s s .. . . Sf. '
, ... for L,.I"J.,., fem. Six; rnasc . .::...:, seer'
'-.... \Q,' ... ... ,'io ',_ ' .
c.:;"" tr.;J" ':' I,;)H" Oblique Sixty.
crented beitr;; has committed tIlis (crime) berore ,,, 5'-.. S , .. "
? aor. o. To corer. /'1 A Tell, covermg . .Jr-
you;" to pre\"'ent, in tIle old sense of to be pnrt. pnss. Spread over ns a veil.-?l VIII.
. beforehnnd with (with acc. of pers. nnd '-f); To hide' one's-3elf.
c, .... -I:I.,' , (, .... ", 4I Tl d
thus Bt 21 v. 27 ... ICY 0 not nor. o. To be humMe, submit one's-self, bow
, , , sc." .
prevent him in their speech." n.B. The down in adoration with the forellead touching
s , $,,, '
act of preceding. part. act. One who the ground, to worsllip (with' J).
i' S ". $" '5-:"
precedes or outstrips in Brace; At 56 v. 10 Adoration..l.:rt.:. Plur. "'r.-' and pnrt.
, t, -:',-0 d u hI's c....... , ..... ,
we find the word repente , pro n y act. One who bows down.
, ,
to give force and dignity to the expression, (2nd declension) A plnceoCndorntion, mosqne;
whicll may there be rendered "Thtllenders on 17 v.1,
earth and in IIea\'en," viz. tllose \\110 llaving "From the sacred temple at Mecca to the
been the first to embrnce the Fnith, sllall be further mesque at Jerusalem," or as
, .. ..,. I". t
the first in Paradise. Jr.-- part. pass. explains it, to the lIoly Houac there; lor a
One wbo is surpnssed or benten in B rnce; t1int timc there was no mosque behind it.
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( G7 )
o. 70 l:!t::r a Cl'j, (! c, . :,! to !:. 1'J.;al,,
to r fo fill It, 1(' ,to n(w ..}).
r- ,... ... , (., ", -:t \. ... --,. I
part. ..... _oo',l I) oj'] Y. 0, II. f. ]: .. yli.:11J:,1.
.Ii -1.. . I ..,. !j .... ,
II the an red II 0 thfl lh." s..'" omt :v!, i.,:"', 1'0 b !1' C!i/ (..,LC
-? II. To swell nnd becomo turSi<l (the! n.!l. The net of elf on'; 0." ':J C; r. 11,
oc f til be (1 lO!l) m t1 ;" 1lir
" .. ..,. '1' I'. 1. '1 l' l' 1 . I (., , J ,.; ,,(.. -r" II
Js:=" lopour ,Jortfl. 4,..L:-:; W llC 3p0 tin Y:1rI0U" I for t.o::.. .... \ ..... i.,-...... u Gc',1 1'0m07d tLcm
\ .
"'1\ bas 0 su y si fic;;[ s; borne f \"a 1 re ct 0 "fIla :F.
it is slIppo3.:d to ll1C'J!1 the AI\;!l h!IO I ui::t:llIt. (..,;;;'.::t d,.:ck,:ioI:) D. S:
Ul net in ook llin up heil' G T. 1 -10
death; or it lllay be the ntnne of 3 certain! To strip oJ! t/'c bar!:. C, Shore of a r:\'cr
scr _ J:1m J, 0 Hit scr for 0 a.
thecon3tructton ofthe\YOI',b 0
, \ i nor. a. To riuicule (with of r,;n,).
s '
.. ;=!:oL
': 21 104, D. Gr. , p. -l: ; alw
his ChrC'ston::1tllte T. 3, p, 2:31. I
Ba cIu r wI th one ere nc(l
p act uIe. tur o r lC \\

A 'eer, riJicule; at.n Y. :31 it m'_:n3 0:.,; WllO
which were said to havo been rained uo\\'n I
fro lIen up SOil u'nd 0 U the
II Companions of the Elephant" mentioned in I
eb 105
i:. mp.. d t ene itho p.} Il t.
,,:;).; ,1 t
.# II.. To suVed (with nee. :l:1u \oJ); to
e c1 au a w wit t p lent
nt GO v. 7 it id used with the acc. and r.; of
d t b 1 ."11 , , .. p . an ay e II '..I e use
aor. o. To impri50n. p",ar.t. pass. I 5? '
5 .. A - it to assail them." rc-. pE3. Subjected,
one \;.J son. The ,-,
e pelle 0 s or rk. .....::.. T
register in which the nctions of.the wicked are I ." . '"
d h } 't . t turn an) tlung to ridicule .
rec c, e pew I I ep., . 0' ,5 f
-:" .. _ .... a . a; T c allo (W1 rutl
loS:'" nor. o. (also To be quiet, tr:m'lUl11' " ,",
. k ( } . I . IV. To incense.
or 0 t 19' 1 ,
a. To drag along the ground (with aor.. To tru, stop .Il. .. ,.
y A d, ds, eti us s a monntain nn obstacle, rllmpart, br.r;
collective noun. I 1. 92 que nI,' e t mull ins,
, est utt , er 'cate .. , Un- su osed to be situated in Arl,nenia, or on the
lawful, forbidden by IV. same as I b 1'8 Tur an. ell- cted,
pri . 've (w nee per nd. . convenient or opportune
. r-' nor. n.To gzld, enchant, bewitch (with To et don lite '.J, gen e no , Th
and ). s'--: S cry, eha L tree :;.L un of unity A single Lote
The early dawn. ftc, Plur'l tree; i 53 vv.14 and 16, The Lote-
art. A agic so er. st.:,..,; tr DCY w n reat ea ass
v_\...: .
( C,3 )
:lll!l.:;n il l' .::dl.l to it ill
II F.'c .'." i1. yc il<)Wl'l'3, tl,:tt
III !'\y t'.i:), wn:.,l\ soloi,:ht :,:1I1\ rio-f;
Old t:, " t 1 It c'er h:l\'c L!,)\\u,
"'," ... ,.', C" J'. t'-,i'r,",,t'."ll 1""'"
J .... 1p,01 ....... rc. .. r. .', ...... "'(;.., .. ,,_v ....
'I c.. ...
cC'.ll -:J
, ., '" 'j' I' (. 11 .. 7.) J 1'... t, p . , 'r' I
nOl'.:I. c) ,0 '''.J vI... !to ./'"'' .,,',
. lit,d!! " to IC!lJ out to pJtt.:fC in the
!i " D 1'''' II '1' d' . f I
i imi52:J. .-t:.r' I) Ism :23 ree y,
. To C'C! Lole tree J)j' .\\!:lI', !i
divorce (with. ncc. of per:;. anJ'7>' 'F::J n.n.
La\'o a in cwry ll':tf." _ ....
., , , . 5 ., , 1 divorce.
(.IN.L: nor. o. Tv tal-e a tlxth part. ,",w..\..o." sat I ,. ...
!1 , ,;; nor. o. 'l'v j/l:/oruttJ. n.n. Work ma.Jc of
. p:lrt. ,-,,",.JL 'l'lIe sixth. .
' .' wo\'cn to,;c1LO;-, ck,;;! r.:':1lOur.
,.:;..:: nor. o. 1'0 stretch Vllt the: hnd lOJcai'(!"s a"y C,:':. I ::' . .' I . ;' (.
". . 0 an aILliulg. u-?.r' V .
U.J..J UllCUt't]J for. SUlOke which surround:; anJ CO\'cr3 n:ter the
;..; !!or.o. 1;; C?!t 1!':ud to mnke manner of a tent.
s" J - \ r, . s'
rejoice. ... n.n. oy. F secret; 'fl 1'0 bJ 'ldck. Plur. Sr,ift, prompt,
5" 1 5 , It-" \...
in priv:1tc. ... p.ur. of ../..,rA }, 1 ienill"" s.!j' . ..:; C;:vi! t'll.h,.'
... ';, JJ ',_" .... ,,'1,. .01 w..., C:'..I ....... 1,1 ... ..,
couch, throne. Joy. joy!u! st:.1fc. )!,;... accouut. G' .... h:13tiJV.
, ., J .-',. J v
(:!Ild deC':en3ion) phlr. of A secret. (2nd declen3iou, compo form) D. S. Gr. T. 1,
S ,.(" , . 'Q'2.. , '" ,
.,}'J-'I part. p:m. RrjO'iced.--...r' To p. 403, Very swift, III. To
cenl, and also to _revenl or ( .. nth j hasten emulo.llsly, or III oth,crd
acc.); At 10 v. 5;; ant! 34 v. 32 It seems (with J or of pers .. or tLmg, .also With Jp.
doubtful which of these mc:ming3 is intended ...:i";; aor. ;. To eat area!! (the !cates of a tree).-
to be to entrust a secret (with J;J IV. To be prodi;;al, extra'm;ant, to
Jt), hold n secret (with ncc. or exceed bounds, tl'3nsgrcss . (with or
with J of pers.). n.a. A secrd.. ..jr:'::'t n.a. The act of elceeding boun.doi,
. '" .., S f.#'
U'or. o. To ely'o;; Ji'ee pasture (a came!). extravagance, transgression. u ........ part .
. A pipe for the conveyance of water i act. One who i3 guilty of excess, extravagant, .
t;: 18 V. 60 mny be translated II as it a transgressor.
in a tunnel i" the there mentioned being- J; aor. i. To steal. J;t:. P:ll't. act. One wbo
supposed to have swum in thnt manner under steale'-J?1" VIII. To take away by stenlth,
the sea. A mirag-e, ,a!pear- as 15 v.IS, II He listened by
BS of water in the desert. y;\o.> pnrt. stealth," as the Genii to the conversntion of
act. One who goes forth freely and' carelessly. the angels.
J,:; To put On the garment called J4fi. 5..;; Perpetual; Perpetually, a word appa-
(2nd declension) plur. of A garment, rently of mixed Persian and Arab origin.
either generally, or a ooat of mail; at 16 v. u";; aor. i. To by night;;";' ,jl
83 it is used in both senses. 89 V. 3, I( By the night when it posseth
......... ,.:; aor. O. To' saddie; and ;; To away;";:.!. is here written by poetio licence
. ,"", .... .. G I
Digitized by OOS e .
( GO )
........ ., .. ,t ft
,- .. ,"
fn' ...... -:: c ,1 ,""co un 0 .]0 l' .. .. e-. _-,),-t'.
tIle end of tk: Ycr::J; D. S. Gr. T. p. 4U.
A lr. To by nibht;
'-:oJ it bccomes tr:111sitiYc, To C:l\!Se to
" c..1: H(
tr.n"cl, thl!:3 r.t y .. 'iD r' 1,;)1 :=tty-
ing') T:\kc lily servants for n jCHlru<'y by night,"
, " ...
sec 1,;)1.
118.111 of Hdion Ldng nrl,l-;d to ttey.;:ro to f;h'c
encr''''v to the eXI)rc3don-. \ . .
., -, .,
nor. O. Tv s''.LTcl' from c.':,l ;Wilt.
.0:. ... , Coo"
... '":'";........ F<lmmc.
,.: .... Mr. n. To pO.11' f,;rth. 04.. part. ras3.
5- "
PO:ll'cd part. act. Ill. f. Onc
who COUll1lit3 fvrnic::+.ivn.
nor .. n. To ;pread out..
;.; aor. i. To sn'CC'p (a go on CJ jOilnlt'y.
5'" 5 ,(". ':I
5 .... c..."I.
:;:. nor. o. To writc-. Fable:;, iJle tall's; Plur. ) .. L.:' A journey; ..Ju....1 is also }hc
'l'his word, a r1urd of the. 2n.J dcclcii3ion, plur. of A Jur;;.) Book or Tome. tL
seems to be derived from thc iu,opi'2, pIliI'. of A IV. To sIiiuc,
s ,
$ .. ,
but the is coubtful. pa.rt. P:F3. (the dawn).' }:-. part. act. Shinir.:;.
, ';.1
Written. :iho spelt One who.; nor. n. To strihc 1", ! (t, bite! Jde!!
5 "'-" '-
presides over, a DlUnl1.;:r of nJ':lirs.-.J::..-. figl!iil'g), to nlon; (with y), f\t 0(3 v.
part. VIII. f. Written.
15, l:.::J "Verily \","e win dr:1g' him by
U;; aor. '0. To attack with violence (with,::, of tIle forelo;k;" where instead of the :"" of the
, . pers.).
second form of aorist, thJ fanwecn. of
i;.; see
tbe fatba \"' is used, see D. S. Gr. T. 1, p. 150.
aor. a. To befortwzate (a day) ;and .i.? To bo nor. i. To sbed (b100J).
happy (a mun). IIappy, blessed. nor. o. To be {oro. part. act. One who is
;':aor. a. To li;iht afire. fr fern. A burning fire, JON, 'vile, abject; 11 v. 84, "Up-
.... G "1
, ... i"1.oo ,
Hell ..r- Madness.-..r- 1. To cause to burn side do\vn." Fern. compo form,

, Very low, lower, lowest .
. 'aor. B. on of the guttural t! To go i; To oJ! the skin. ld; A bnrk,
. hastily (with JP; to run, be diligent, por- ship i" at 29 V. 14 The Ark.
pose, to endeavour labour or stri,e.nfter(with
acc. also with --r I,;.\.,
80 V. 8, "Bnt as for him who comes to thee
striving aner (good)." :;.:. n.a. The act of
going quickly or hnstily, nn endeavour; \!lJ
37 v. 100, It And when he had
attained such an age that he conld assist bim
in his work;" Q 17 v. 20, "And
diligently strives after it;" Litt:rally, " And
endeavoura after it with its endeavour;" the
a.; nnd To make a fool (auy one), render
, "It' " "'"
IlS '+-> 2 V. 124, He who
bas made a fool of himself." a; n.ll. Folly;
Foolishly. Plur. (2nd declen-
sion) A fool, foolish, silly, ignorant; C:.:! "
72 V. 4, "The foolish individual amongst us,"
viz. Iblees, or a rebellious spirit. Folly.
F To injure by heat (the sun). fem. Hell-fire
(2nd declension), supposed to be of foreign
origin, D. S. Gr. T. 1, p. 405.
Oigitized by Coogle
( ';0 )
,"'; "" c.. ...... I" '"
.ii'" nor. o. To f:"!.U (; .. , ); _-'..).I' ..-i 7 y, I' ...::-:.:. ::.C't'. 0, .. -(\Yith
!II....... t #' '" , ...
U3, nn of a 01' :')111 of ,
";' , , ,
imktit1lt;,l fur awl 1ll,.':niI13 "Thl'Y j ...... :ln". i. 1'0 f't a 7:c',"._'I,' !:I)1'. n. To l,;
grievou,lj- r(;pen(, r.;,,: part. act. F.llling-. (T.,;',,/;.;'; J';:lk,
III. To let .I:: aco. (l.!IU J,;,).- Date-wine. properly, '/)I':ll;lt'I!IIc':s,
........ w"t "".(.,. ... ,....c _ "
k ... 1 IV. To to [.111 (,,.,.Itl! ncc. nnll.j-:-).stnpetlcti0:l; t..;-'f .. l :r ,,0 v. 18, The
,., S" f ,1 I}" ",,' 1 r 'I"'" ,
nor. o. To roof 0":". Plur. A ng-omcs a uC':l, I. P,U1'. 0
r"l" .. c.. ... ,
Drunken.-L II. To 1;1:1],:e j 4::..J.<.:.
.-I .-I-
, , , ,-:' ,<..'1... _"
,..L. nul'. n. To or: ill. i11. 1" v . .1'" Our eye;; n:-e
I ' , 0,
j.:. ;l.')r. i. To wa! drin'\: to (;-;i::1 i.e. Lcwilucrd. '
, a-::C,); In the b 6:
(.,;:1tcr, c:c,) I ::tor. o. To be q'tict, red" (h,l:ll j
to d .. iIl\ D.' S. Gt'. T. 2, p. 1::'>:); When dwel1 with (with j bk
,:t (wilh nce.).
n: - 'f E'II' 1 \" to b' \. ,t ". 'J n, "t 1') v 4 ,: .. C .\n." of r..:5t or c1uid, II.
u ...... '" 11!:." ... ,""" ..,' . , ....
th:l P[1 :2iva 0'0,C .. :l3 it3 comp:cmcnt by P:l,'t. c.ct. That 'l>hich rCI!::1i1l3 quiet; nt
25 v. of the'f:h:lclOIY!it d:\yhl'cak
, , ,y - 't "fi d" ',' b t' ...., 'I t
or the nrb 111:1y btl t?! .. en in au ltllpcr3cnal 1 means :l:C, eMI Y .Ie s neg -
"R' t t'" h II' f \'"'' iDg to 01' ri,ing :11\\'ays in'the same place.
SC!13e 1';:1 um e::, \ .... It nn e lp:SC 0 S
by sume however it is writt.;n J.,;J; so o"'ain comm. gend. A s.: Tranquillity,
l 14 In d' '1 '.. ..... security; a 'l>orJ vnriOlBly interpreted, but
v...." nn Slml;ll' p'l';5!!.g-es, I$!
, , .i ' " 1 probabJy refcrrin
"" to the HcLrt:\v SdlL,dinah,
Anf he sh:1.11 be tiiven to drink of
d 1
.. The Divino prescnce which appearcd,
a putri iquid, wheN we may unJerst:lnu an
. , !,' on tho itlel'ey scat of the Ark. (2nd
e1.1:p.:e of the n.n. The act of s .. " !,,, .. ,
giving drink to, aho a drinldn
"" cup. t,:.L for declension) plur. of:J..:-. A h:lbibtion. i.:.S-.
- P . s
(2nd decIemion), fioal '-:! when precedcd overty, m1.3cry. I.:,'r-- part. pass. In-
by ;; being- ch:lllg-cJ into short alif, D. S. Gr. haLited. Plur. (2nd dec1en-
. .... .... .
T. 1, p. A watering; At 91 Vi 13 wllere sian) IV. To make to dwel1; cause
. this word there is'a considerable ellipse, to abide (with double ncc. also with y or
, J;'; Ie And the of place) ; to quiet. '
, apostle of God saill unto them (let alone- j.; aor. o. To hrin1 out. hi:, An extrnct.-
God's sIlO-camel and (do not hinder) her J:i V. To withdraw oue'e-salf privately.
drjnking ... lr. To give drink to, to water J.::.i.; see JX.
(with double acc.) ..:.'"i ... X. To ask any nor. o. To snatch aW8Y fmm {with acc. oC
one for drink (with ncc. of pers.). pers .. and thing).
I..: To pour forth. part. Pll8s. Poured aor. a. To roid excrement. plur. of
forth, flowing. comm. gend., Arms, wenpons.
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. .L
.( 71 )
iF a:1r. o. Tv f!l;t;"pluc:" off, , .... ithdra.v (with nce.
and iL....;l YII. To r:1':3 awny, pa33 by
(\\'j tll :;,..!).
$ c:: 1 b I fl" '. P l'
....... cc, nUL1C 0 a 10tmtnm In
Til join chaimci$e olle tltbl!} to aMtlta.
'"!. .... to "
Plur. declension) A cliniu.
'I" 1 7 d
14 .. aor. n. To ut lI'7.r. cQmm. gend. Porrer,
authority, dcmonstration, argument, condric-
inti proof; "i'O"; GO v. !20 for " ::'ly
po.ver;" the final; is callcd for
which sec D. S. Gr. T. I, p. II. 'To
gire power or authority, to m::ke victorious
(",Hh acc. and .'
JL: nor. o. To hr:J"l\w, fo P3S or lIe prd, to go
or II!lPllen pre\'iou.51y; 0C ill 2 v. 270,
"Then shall that which is P!lst be (forgiven)
to him,'! or no' account shull be required of
S.J, ...... e,. ..
him. n.n. A- IV.
properly, to pay for goods biforeltand, but in
the it must be under3tooJ of the actions
done in tlJiB life, which are, 8S it were, sent
before us.
aor. i. To throll) on the back, thrflv back-
trardJ, to abuse (with ace. and y).
.. &; nor. o. To cause to go or walk, ;s 'ill
;" ( "
20 v. 55, .And has made you to walk
in it by paths;" to to enler (with ace.
.of peTS. or thing, and of place, or with
doable ace.); ;,:!r: 26 v. 200, "We have
caused it to enter;" both here and at 15 v.
. ,t.' -G
12 the word?' unbelief" must be under-
stood; .also means simply to wnlk (with
acc. of place), thus 71
v. 19, "That ye may walk in its spaciolls
r-.:. nor. D. To be safe and lound. rt= Peace.
comm. g.::.u. Obedience to tho (loctrillcJ of
Jo:l IsUm. A of peace or SllLlIli3-
sion, !l.s . tJ(' part. act. Ono who i3
safe. ("L Pl':lce, snfdy, a. greeting of
security; rDi Olle (If the nami;S of God;
Jouc of p;:!.:c; nt 21
v. GO it may be interprcteJ It n mC:::13 of
'. .
security;" the fir' into which had
been thrown by Nimrod not only ll!\\"inti left
the former uninjured, Lut also his
5;1, S ""
enemies. rL'. co:nm. A blu0r.
Perfect, I!inccre. (2nd
'1' .
Eololllon.-t-> II. To .. e, sah-Jtion,
deliver, llund ore!' (y;ilh acc.,nnll or Jt of
per3.); to suumit to njuJ';:MU!, dllte (\';it!l
" c.. "J-' "1 ,wi", "
pI 24 \". GI,
the people of the IIou;;e" (3.3 beinti of your
own people), litcra!ly, " Salute your5che5."
n.n. A salutation, submi5sion,
-! ,-;. " ,
hone M!.,...... fem. part. pa;;3. IIandcd,
", .. :I
IV. To submit, commit (with
ace. and JP j to one'sself (with J) ;
to profess' EI Islam. ri:':l n.n. The act. of'
reaignntion to God; Is1:lm, the ouh-
I ,. J
true Religion which nccoruing to :JIo].I:immad
was professed by all the Propllets from Arlam
downwards; from the words of the J5:orun 49
V. 14 it would appear to be rather the pro-
fession offllitli tho,n the faith itself; the latter.
which is from. the heart, is called
...., -,.
upon this point howe\"er there are differences
of opinion amollg the :Moalems. pnrt.
act. One who resigns himself to God, a :Moslem.
one WllO professes the faith of El Islrlm._
rr = part. net. X. f. One WIIO submits to
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( 7') )
\1" ,.. , . ",'"
..... tur. o. 1,) lo: ,:3 alv:d a th,i?J.
, ... ,
II',)\I:!, Q:;"cilJ.
n Oi. o. T:J F);"OIl, F",;:! .... :t-:. n.n . .A hole;
Tile cyrJ of :1 Ill!c,lle; this &I:1mc iJ
gin:n in tIle to t;lC sm:IU uoo .. for
foot n tle 1,.. of 0. 1 ..... " "n,,",v'
,._- .. l,O , ... \,.,j
' 5 , '"
sec xix. v. fenl,
g :nc:ic noun. T/e S:I.!L;.:1:!, a pC.:Jtilcnti.11
s.cord;in,; wiuJ; w hkh it i3 said 511f(;! p.::nctratc
into t!l.c vi' I\lw;,l; it from the
fire of t:.:.'l tlut t:'c Jinn or lLemor13 .. ;ere
cr(:1t.'u. .. :) 1.) v. 27.
'"'' '1' f,'''.l, .:,l. ... of t 'Z" 5,' ., .. t
.lv s .. " ... iJ. ;;/11. "" 0 u. ol.! .. I'.' .
!lCt. Or.c who p::2':5 11i3 ti:l1e ill v,miti'J3.
a0r. o. J',j I!-,; i,!' cO/i:'_,,;?li()n.
s " 0'
r, ..... p:d. nct. 113 \1'.10 conrer3C3 by ni;;ht.
l..,.._.:..:J1 or ...... The a

gi'l'n to nil inJi..-iduul who 13 5:'.iU to h:l.e made
the GolJen C:l.lf for the Children of Lracl.
:l')r. 0.. To hl'ur (with ace.); helr of (,,ith 1....:) j

to bc:..rken, .listen, he!lrl:.:cn to (with J);
"",.-,c, ,,,,-,,",,,,,,, ,,'
,;-,,.-..U for 36 v. 2-1, Then bear
. "D S G' T 1 4 -n s" ,
me; . . r. ,p .. tJiJ. n.n. The
act of be:'Lring. hearing. One who
henr:J. ll.!.; One who is in the habit of
henrkenin,;. D. S. Gr. T.l, p. IV.
To make 'to bear (with double ace.) j at 19 v.
39 is by some unuerstood a verb
of admiro.tion, If Ho\v shnrp' shall be their
hearing," viz. that of the Infidels j D. S. Gr.
T.2, p. 585 i according to another interpreta-
tion is here tho imperath"e of the iv. f.
"Do thou cause them to hear;" tIle same
remark applies to 18 v. 25, where ho\vever the
expression, if understood in the
must be taken as ironical, If Do thou cause
(C ') t ]1 -, , .. " t.' .,' t 0 1
.V<... 0 ._ \,. t,:"'>-' i .. rl. :It!. no WolO
.", .. t I. 5 '. '. , rt . 0 'J 0
1l ... I._" o:L"r. t:-- .......... 1 .. t i c3. ne ... 101:3
m:'Llle to ll'"flr; -:::i 4 ..... 48,
J. II.- '
Awl 1le:1r wi:!:)ut L'::L'; 11,::1:) b (:I.::,r or)
j" out of nllr.:l'rot:3 e::' :r:'dio:l3
'of tlJi3 nOlle E.:ti"!"ctory;
the .... orl!3 b,jnJ by J:.,':3 to
annoy fld COil I'eyed n.
or:"::' V. To li3ten to (,'.-H.h. jl ),'
D. S. Gr. T. 1, p. VIII. To
lbtcn, hC:lt;,:.en to (witll J or. jl); to o,er-
. ...
s ..- c,. ,
llc2r. net. 0:10 who hc.:m or
1... ...
0'/'" ']' ' Z' 1 o?'" A 1"
1...>0-:...: 0 rr.;,-] on IIIJ'" rOOl, or tIle
hig-IICEt P:1Lt of interior of 3. blli1J:nti.
acr. n. To be fat. Plur. Fut.-
, ....
c" ........ 1 IY. To f.ltten.
t:;.; :lor. o. Tv be lofty. i"C;.; comm. gend., Plur.
IIen.\'l'n, of which the says there
5'" .. -'(..'1
are se.en, Vltll! 2 v. 27. r-'t Plur. A
name; when following' anothl'r word is
. s
always written with the 8; thus In the
formula 2, when commencing a
sentence, and not following n verb, the i is
omitted on account of its frequent use, in aU
other instancea it is retained; thus when at
11 v. 43 we find 2 in the mHdle of a
sentence, we know tbo.t there is an ellipse of
the word see De Sacy's Anthologie
Grammaticale Ambe, p. 112. A nnme-
sake.-U-- II. To name, call by name.
s, c.'
n.a. The act of naming, au appellation.
.. ',
for D. S. Gr. T. 1, p. 111, part.
pass. Named, fixed,determined.
, !
I:J"" aor. o. To form. 1;)-; fern. A tooth. .c.... some-
times speIt D. S. Gr. T. ], p. 2i6, note;
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1::::,1.;) intj 'ic.
, P / '" ., d 1 1 ''1) ..
... -..:.,.il C,CI
:lr 0"
5" ,
nOl1n of One
wo s b,;r me \'cJ
e:1r corn; I
ill ...
rt. ,.,..,: q.y.
I. f.
nor 1'0 U
, ,
.-.. "PI'
PruppeJ up.
wor f rl 1n 0 in,

" "'''

I ,
1.:.;"" To b.J filii of :FHJ.-:.:-:; Y. To be nHuty, I
III Y tl 6'h
L .:cor. o. 1'0 t/e grmo:l (t Pc,t"Sia;, i
7 ." '" (' 5/", D c:: G' 1 I
tl) ne. 10..:.... .,
II It b'::l c .. il <'y:'y," L-tCi'JJ';, 'It I., c';il n
t s w .. t I'icy 1m. rill! .), ['
c,,, ..:.' I "'J 1" . 7 ,. '1' . ., .," 1:' '.' If,
I\., .... a.y.
ur .3 ; "il!} 8 h mo
tklll uSl:JlIy Okr?urc; :\c: J!'lin; to tI.e co:n- .
n .,1tO he e 0 If'. P '[;e o III
wh:\t as folIo,.','s,1I An.l \\'1::11 t11,,1'o C:lIl1C t!IC
P wit hid we! J f.
your,rr 0::0nc'0 (wc S:llt yon ce:'t::>.ia
f to \ you" etc. hen. e II erot
1 of t.:c
hid . up rs t'
\\'..13 not vcry strung; on tl.ncl .... at
II' omn :1to !l\'C - "n '] tll. t '
$", ,.,
p. lOG, SfcIll!our. i.:..., rIm. \,;..f-' or .:..,f-;, I wJnch ":13 eno\1;;l1 t;lo!'e, r<l33, o.
Ob A
s- ('or'" To 1. m:,.,1 .1 t 1 1 ['
e \,;.r r, a rrcn ur, en A' U, DC Y IG
ness, dcurth; for the use of the D135Culine I (with ,;-,). nil ,;.: E\ I. Ea, ,
fo f P wit rtu' 8mi' no see wi ed, , u bo as 5 . ::m
D. S. Gr. T. 1, p. 3.38; thiS word i3 by some I n!IJccli.e. :, a 81ll, enl nction. i:>;"
de' d fr in 'her 'e tb last r J.,_v Sh, , 8e par t;.,.. om
r:lL.!C:l.. 15 droppcl, and e; nken 1 ita I form, 'Vor5e, wor5t.-:iL..! nr. To do evil.
1,1 see D B.G T.I p."'Sand317.- .' .
. j\ pn nct. en cr.
X nOI. B. To. be reate ifill. 3 T lC face 0 the I'''' '"
- . rl.>L A courtyard open to thc sky, no yerbal root.
En or rdl to a er i rpre 'on, '" ,
. ao o. TeL i .!)-' 0 b !,,:cl..
the p ne.e of the h5t Judgment; It 18 a so one I :; '"
of nam of H 11. Plur. i.JL A Lord, a person of distinction.
, :; ,
J. .. To be smoot , lae. plur. of ..... ..; A 'rJr Plu "'..I.... ck; ord pre e 0
plai 1 colour although in the comparative form arc
t'" aor. a. To e . Ttl. , g ally ed w a p i.e nin D.8
'" '" aor. To et, lect. L:. f D S. T. 1, p. IX. To become
Gr. T. 1, p. 330, part. act. Neg ecting, negli .jJ par ct. orne ck.
get (with" '). 1,1.,;; aor. o. To mount a wall. ;; A will. t"
At page 358 in the second edition, 838, there is a in I
'cond' of til ragra whcr bould cad
$' ,
P .Jr' degr oj r , a n, a. pte
of the A bracelet; rlur. i"' .. and
, .
, ... ,-:, .... , ,
... 1.1 (::\l'l UCc!c;lli)n).-- .. .....,j V. To cli;J1h 0..;:,
_ .... JO .,., l.-
n ' .. Ill (-:.ith .... i
.,." " 1
II 'l'l:cy cbr,l)c',l .tho w:ln of P:'i\ ,
nr,:.1: tIn) .
':"L', 1" I A'
n')I', o. () 11IliiJ C, ':)'" n.n. ll1Ixtnl':'; n
SCOUl'ZO j ret SO v, 12 the \'1oru:; c_/ s..; m:ly
be '.' A mi:d of l'!:,'ious punish-
mcnt3 rcscrnulillci a 1:courgo,"
it,; 110r, o. To It'! (r,w!,;!.1) .t,;L: An hour,
- '" ,-::I
. time; .l;tJ I The hOllr of TIc31;,rcctic'a, the
ln3t D:ly; ad,.:rli!d!!/, Dy n llOllr.
:(:. Soow.1', name of an Ud to h:i.\'c
v;ol'.:ll!Pi':,1 by the .\ntc
tlu';i:m3, nnd n';:lin
nftcr the Floodb,' cerbin of Arabs
aol'. o. 1'0 }1:1.'3 d".;.?y alld clmm the
'7 5 -j" Tl}' 1
tflroat. '-' part. nct. lnt W lIC11 passes
uo\':n the tllront, flS'recable to
-{Gl IV. To caU30 to paS3 easily the
aor: o. 'To try DY smcllillg.J;'; a particle
preuscu to the Indicalh'e and Encrg()lic ).Ioods
of the Aorial ten.3e in order to give them n
future &ignification, occasionally joined to olhcr,
. .
prefixes as .... -J.j, and sometimes contracted
into v= q.v.
Jt:. aor. o. 'To drive; Pa39. (with acc. and
Jl>. J" fem., Plur. J;' A leg, stalk.
s .... , . s
1.3'.ro' plur. of cJ,... comm. gend. A market-
s -, $ "s-,
place. \.:. part. act. A driver; L:.
50 II A drh'er and a witness," Two Angels
who shall attend every man at the last day.
Jt.:: n.a. The act of driving.
Jt:. for J't; aor. a. D. S. Gr. T. I, p. 236. To ask.
-J":; II. To contrive: snggest, prepare (with
ace. and J of pers.).
rt:. .,aor. To'!lo to pasture, afBict, impose a hard
'1'. 1, p. Xole. Somc worJ
to be ucrir'.'1 f:\Jil1 r.; q. v.-;:;=..: prt. :let.
, II. f. 0;;1} who wah:.'! :l Il1nl'k of Jistinr-tion, a
pcr:oll of or di3tinction; nt 3 Y. 121 thl)
"" .... ,
woru i:J read part. P:l;S.
"(Atlcicb) by theirni'pcnranccj"
t 3 1
) ." 1, 1 " 1 -,
. a v.. It ''ilLI n. or
d It ','" T
r:m - ...... 1 IV. 0 turn out to graze (with

" .
<..5 ..... nor. n. To in tcr.d. 1.5 .... mi.ldle.
" .. .
20 v. C'), "In uri Ciild pbce, or
in a pbce in th) micLt," i.e. Jl::!t .. [IS uctwc;:}
you and us. XottJ. In edition
, , ,
, of 1834, there i3 a mi3print in thi3 pbcc,l.l<...
for iT; -Eqn::.l, the s..!t:1e, equality,
corr.;ctness, rcctituJe, the miJJle, the midst;
The right 'i';ay; 41
;. 9, "Correctly (fixing the ti;ne) for those
who inqnire about it." :S"':; Even, right,
, ,
sound in minu nnd body; 10 v.H, "Deing
in sound health," i.e. although nQt bcing dumb.
II. To proportion, fashion, perfect,
make level or cqnal 91 V .
14, II And (God) sent an equal destruction
........ ""
upon' them aU; II the word is here
understood.-J';t.:. Ill. To make If)vel (with
VIII. To be equal, to ascend,
intend, set to do a thing {with Jl>;
to sit firm anu square upon (with J,;); to
attain maturity as at 28 v. 13; At tl3 v. G
J;'::'U is by some rendered " And he (the
Angel Gabriel> stood erect in his proper form,"
in which he had appeared to none of the
Prophets before Mol,l nm914d I
Digitized by GOog e
( ';'.i )
,. J
'," . ", 11,., f'i.'" C:'" PI' r' '\.. ',' " '1'
.!'it..' b 1
n,)!. 1. 1.) J ',,'" '-' >.;,<"1k\, n .. 10 G. t\ .d ... J"" 1. 0 flo\'". n::l. A reo;, torrcnt.
1 r
' . ...c 'L" .. t) I ] '}'}' .1' f 1'1 \
camel cc.!!c,'mil'b' \yUC,1 t];0 A::\l.l \ 1..' ..... tll\'. v, Ie l:lnnuat:on 0 " 1 "n,
tl'ncnr!' the
'" IV '1' t tl (. 1

!i;C '-' 0 0 0'; "ill Co':-':.
of fl'0c ,ture.
1'0 f;n' ON:1' the !lI'01{;uZ (n:atc'/"); to run
backwal'(1:; and (\vith.))' ;; \... Olle
-.,....' "-"
who WandQfS about in the cause of rc1i:;iou,
an.] espccblly one who f;Ht.3, hence, devout.
, ....
)L nor. i. To trJ,vel, joui'Iley (with .r"" n.r,.,
The net of a jo.nrney. State, con-
. 5 .....
dition. A company of travellcr:!.-'
'':;''; II. To make to go, cuu"e to p::i;;3 away.

'! .... 'Se""
rJ: nor. n. To be sin!stt'l'. tv.\...:.... The
left 56 v. 9, U The
companions of the left Land," 'i.e. The damned;
nnJ of'
it:;.; or ucclcndon) Sin!li.
A. synonym of Sill:li on
nc.:ount of its fi,'mininc gC:lJ<)r " .. J forciS':1
"-'<.0"# ,
It:.; ... nnd I,;..,: ...
arc all di:fcrt'llt names of the mountain wh:::h
stands in the tcnitol'V of Sin:li; some ll:lye
supposed t11c:;o \\'on13" to be uerived from t:;
Splendour, or An emin(mcc; for the
termination d.. sec
the cows appearto us to have a rC:5emblnIl(')
one to nnother;" to be or
. :; ",
rical. part. act. rC2cmbHng
"" '" "" # "'" "
either because the Dooks their one another; 30 v. 24, A
actions in life will be gh'en into tlleirleft hands, Book conformable to'itself in (or as to it3)
or because they .will be companions in mis- repeated portions," or U twofold qua1itic3,"
l'."' I '1: '
5 t .... I

viz. those mentioned at 3 v. 5, where
, ... ,

. I:)\.:, aor. n. To nnolv, care for. '=' A matter, mny be rendered open to el)njecture, meta-
business, thing.
phoricnl or ambiguous, sec rt. ;.g.;.,
..... sl-:
sec \:..:,.
part. act. VIII. f. That which is
A liheness. . The verb is Dot used in the primi- similar
.... G.....
,., '0
! "
II ..... c,,'1-
tive II. To liken; Pass. To nor. i. To separate. D.a. Plur.
c.." ,.,
be made 4 v. 156, II A likeness Separate; \5b..:.l 99 v. 6, "Divided into
or similitude (of Christ) was made for them;" elnsses." Jj. indeclinable, sing. and plur.
it being believed by the Mohammedans that Separate, difided; in an adverbial form,
Judas or some other person was substituted Separately; It is said by to be a
for our Dlesded Lord, and crucified in his plur. of
VI. To have a mutual resem- oor. o. To winter. it..:, Winter.
blance to each other, used with of pers., p,. To avert, !o be a of controversy ("'ith
thus at 2 v. 65, (I: 4.1\..!.J "Verily::;'). fi.!i generic noun, A plant having a
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( 7G )
, ",.a, ... ,.,
tru;:k or stern, 0.
'111',:" ... ... .. "''' .,
3G v . .:-0, lIe b'l\AII you
fire "out of green tree;" Fire i:; olkIi:wII
. (.. . ..... . 1..
n.n. A r0rt:,:n 0, ',;:lld, 'd::COl drlllbl",
.J ,0
!i '" ,. !J '
n.n. A drin:d:;;;. rJ H't. net.
\\'110 urin!;:J. he ... .:: poti,)!].
. ,
by rl1Lhing togdllcl' tho of the i:...r. nrll! A phee; it i, ::1.-'0:\ 1. "In 01
aetiuiI, meaniJ::; simply t1::: net of drinkin(;,
, "
;U;, even when gl'ccn. G..!. D'oun of unity,
A tree, a plant.
, 5 ,
0.' d'1'1 .. ".,.
or 'drill',; Plur. .. (2nd dec1ension).-

r'uor. o. nn 1. 0 UI] m'arIC!OI::;. r 11.,;\rLee.
'- $: . . '-
, ""'
Yr IV. To give to drink, to drink;
....... , ' c..1,.. "
I ,. J." , A 2 '. 87, An:} tb1y " \ rIm. of ... AvnnclOlls, COV'::!OUd. ,
Bor.' a. To /lito allY olla fat to cat. r,;,..!.
plur. of:l.!. Fat.
,);,J .... / til''!.
were m!1tlo to crin!: the c:.lf into thc:ir llearlsj"
for the construction sec D. S. Gr. T. Q, 11P'
124 nnl! 453.
... I L
,....... . S'.'
n. To fiN. I.:,.'Y=--. part. 1':I.3s. Filled,
!03Jell (1\ ship).
,. , I.. )
.... .:-i::w fi?r. '0.. To b.: I'als.:d up, to be eyes
.r;:. nor .. a. To open, enbr:;c, elpnnd (with nee.
Bnu or '
in llOrror; p:U't. net. Th:lt which is
in hor; ,Jr, ug the si;;ht of the eyes. '
"''''' ... ":) ....
"'r nor. o. To bc'cc;na a jugithe.-.J,r., II. To dis-
perse (Ivith y).
s ,
, nor. 0., ,To riM, bind firmly,
A small banu of men; possibly derived
(with nee. and y); G 10 v.
.. ,,;,; U-
"II 1 hI" 5 , PI 5, "
, ar( Cll t eir wart... ur . ..,
'S .
and (2nd declension) Vellement, strong',
Tiolent, severe, grievous. .J.Yote. Adjectives of
the forms nre used indifferently
for both masc. and fem., thus at 12 4S,he-
s" S c. .....
fore the words '-:-' \ve must understand
, s'
from for
9 aor. O. nnd i. To imp03e a condition. '90i
plur. of A sign. '
e;.:. nor. a. To lay dOWIl a law, appoint 8 religion
for anyone (with ncc. nnd of pel'S.). tr'
plur" of p:lrt. net. nolding up (their

he:lds), or nppc.nring manifestly, both of which
, the fern. plur. !!O also at i2 v.12. ",here
is the word to be supplied. l.!.i for mennings belong to the verb j for story
,', .. s , alluded to lit 7 v. 103 see and
compo form, more or most strong, etc., s, .J'
88 i:::J 1:., 2 V. 69, lit. II More stron
,. in A law or instilution prescribed by God,
-, """"-'" G:
" I'. "1;.1 H rd D SOT 1 the right way or mode of action; ,fJl
s lor a er, r. ,
p. 325. .;l.i The age of full strength, viz. Jl. 45 v. 17, U Then we put
VIII. To act with violence you in the right way concerning the mntter
, I-
against (with y). (of faith)." s
;:. aor. O. and i. To' ao Cl:il. J.!. Plur. Evil, J.; aor. O. To split, rise ,(aB the sun).
bad, wicked. ;;. collective noun, Sparks. of or pertaining to the Enst, Eastern. Jr
c..' ""
fire. The place of sunrise, the East. I
yf aor. B. To drink (with nee. or with oblique dual, Literally, The two East.s, or the
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( 77 ) ,
. ,t .... o ph'!.') tho sun in " .. inter nml
"' ... c.., ... t.'
summer j r.t <1 v. 37 the I
nrc by E01l1e interpreted to m0:m tho
fro:r. to W C3t; Plur. J)....; (2nd dcc1cn-
sian) The E:13tCl'll p;lrt;l, the uiITi!ri!nt point3 of
IV. To shine, ri3e (the,lmn),
$ ''''1 . s c..,
n.s. The sunrIse . part. net. One
on whom the suu h!l3 riscn, or who d02S any-
thing at sunrisc.
in (with nee. nnd "'r'); it h
founu nt v. S 1 with t110 s'cn:3c of to or
give in (with nee. and y); nt 2
v .. 15 nnd cli'cwl10l'c the word written
'with II. inGte:ul of Jczm o,er. tho, on
account of the W c,:b which follow3 it; D. S.
Gr. T. 1, p. 60. '
,Q'" ,s .......
4.!. nor. o. nnd 1. To b[?far off. An e:dram-
ga'nt IV., To net ullJ,J3t!y.
1........ . fe. ...
m b " . & Ih.:. aor. a. To :mlk on the] ballk 01' a rl<'cr. \b..!.
nor. a. J. 0 e a co,:z}Jail!on or snarer. to....:.,-! i .. (J
A,pal'ticipation; nt 31 v. 12 it mC:lns The of a plant. of n rh'c,:-
plythei31U or idolatry; 35 v. "' .. or valley. . s,'"
15, "They will di:!Claim your having assocbtcd nor. o. To part in tn'o. n.n. A. .siJ.).
5' . In the direction of.
them with God." .' ..!. An assodate, rnl'tner, .r-
'(.... s 'Co"
'-n, ) ... eor. o. 10 ba ot
Jtilz'1!c, , .
sbarer j (2nd declension _ :tlS.;-!o --
Plur. (2nd declension) E,:t:m, {\ D.;vn.
All tllOse to whom the itlobtc1'3 renucr.: II. ....
. I G To collect. plur. _n.n .A
share of Divine hononrs, such ns Ange 5, enii, .J .. .
larof'!'e tribe, a nation. ' ;.;. plur. of
Devils, idols, etc., it i3 to thesc that nlh13ion
is mnde at 6 v. 137 and elsewhere. Xote. forked branch. Sho'nib, n!lme of a
..... f tl d d I . h l' II d 'prophet sent to the :'!idiunitc3.
J.1ouna 0 Ie secon ec enSlOn \V en 10 owe ""
b th ill d t
1 tl th . aor. o. To know, perceive, under3hmd, to ma!.:e
y c n :te pronouns n..'O Ie ree 10- . 5""
. th ... \("! rerses. n.a. Peetry, the art of Poetry.
e:uons, us nn Q...... r...... 5 5
r .J, , >' ..J J PI L.. II . , .. PI -" ,
. -: III T b 'th ('th f P ur ur. (2nd
0 s are WI \VI ncc. 0 pers. ' ..
.) . IV T " . h . declension) part. act. A Poet.!. Sirius
an '. 0 mal;:e a s. arer or .. ., , #
. t ( 'th f d .) t the DOti-star, whIch was wor,3llJppcd by the
nsSOClo. e WI ncc. 0 pers. an or 0 , ..
;. Arabs in Pagan times. ,; (2nd decIcn-
give companions-to God-(with IlCC. of pers. . . A .' .
d ) t b I h
l slon) plur. of SIgn, nte, cenmony
an 0 e a po yt elst or lUUJ,.ater; . .
" .:.. performed by the pilgrIms at Meccn, one of
14 v. 27, "Ye associated me," D. S. which was the ofl'erinN' of victims henc
... II 0 ,esome
Gr. T. I, p. 450. cl,rt: part. act. One who understand the words 2'> v
, $ ... ,. ".J,..
gives associates to God, an 33. "II(llds in hon-our tlle offcrins; made to
part. act. VIII. f. One who partakes or shares God," viz. by choosing for slaughter victims
(with of great value. ;,t,'; A plsce appointed for
loS). aor. i. To huy, sell, barter (with ace. of thing sacred rite8; mountain called
sold or bartered and c:.,J of thing taken ill in the neighbourhood of ?tIeccB._
excbllnge).-u..?11 VIII. To buy, barter, take IV. To make anyone understand (with
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( '/.3 )
n,'C 01',,. n'I'1 to ..... "l., 1"'" ':1 to("'j't1,'
-..--. "1'" J . ,' ... l!J' .Ill '" .I.". ',.l'
. '-;' cfrerJ; 0;' C,in3' k:IO' .. il, ::n,l nce. of
to w::om c.liscov.::y i:l tL .1d.
J;j ']') l1 VIII. 1'0 be {i.,;lted,
to shilling.
r:' t' tl h t' ..
eot'o n .10 n,;ec m 10 car s core,
,yilh violen t love.
...... A .1" .. '",........ t 'l
,,) UJ.. ... i<.;,,:'. L':l, 0. ("...:.\
,. t..'1.
CO!l:p. fc!':n .. :on fJI' ....
Ltlllbl::"J!!l", more (li!J<:ult to bo! Loruc.-
J'j III. 'fo contend with,
sepnrate on'/Neli from (.\ith ncc.}j
c. , .. :. ", "", .. , II
lG V. Conce; whom
, .:.' I \W-.1 , _
ye used to contend (l7it:l. believer.,}."

nor. n. To employ, occupy. I.>..!. plur. of
:;,!': T' f . , . 1"
S"";' n.n. tie 0 .:.:p:u:. one I,
J.::j n.s. occllp:"ion, cm1'1vYl11ent.
nor. n. To 7J!ale a<.'lZ tl:(!! ldic",'t ),'as odd, to

sehis:n. hercsy,;:cnt,contcuHon; 11
" ... . . . ,.......-;;, ,
y.91, lOllr ("mtcn.llllJ \nth !!:C. -..; . or
S:: f V. D. S. Gr. T. 1, p. 220, To be Eplit
open, cleft ri3111ldcr (wi:h j nt !?:; V. '27
interceue, be nn (with of pc:rd.
to wliom, and of 1):;;3. for whom ... :sioD I
5 '" d bl Y -;; ,-0 ....
h lr.',le). L"':' 1-!.(1. A on e; I)
() liB 1 b1 on 1 J .. :1",."
J'jIJ"JV ... , J .he{.otl . nl
numerous tiom are given; nccol'Jing
'"i"': '0:;-'''' G 'T C)'l
(".;;.. . ..; 13 flIt' 4J -;, D. S. r. . 1. p. :lnd
the of the is the UC:1,\('03
be cIo';cn asundcr by the c10u(13 on wUch
c ... c.. ?
the shall \ II. To be
",...:J .. f ".1
doyen n31lUder j I (".;.:.; 1) 'H: V. 1, Anu
the moon hath been (or shall be) cloven
to one of the mc-;;t phu?ible it nuy me:1n, All
created thiogs,-which are said to have been
mnde in pairs,-:mJ The Crc:1tor,. who is One
asunder j ,. the former mC:lning having refer-
and Single. part. net. One who inter-
s ' -".. ence to a miracle to have been wrought
cedcs. -..L:. Plur. (2nd dcclension) An
s . by :Mol.lammo.d, nnd the l:ltter fo one of the
interdc,;;:;or. .t;U.!. Intercession. signs of the 1:1st day. D.Il. The nct of
J':-:' To j.:ar, pily. Redness of the skY'nfter clenYing nsunder.
sonsct.-J1.!.i IV. To be nfrniJ (with or " , ,
.. s ... u.:. nor. o. To make miserable; nnu nor. a.
with of verb). part. nct. One w1.o b bI I \';' II'
To e misern e, \netched, on lappy.
is aIrDid or in terror.
II Miserable; at 19 vv. 4 and 49 it 'may be
.j;' aor.8. To 6tril:e anyone on the lip. ;J1. for rendereJ'u wsappointed." . .1li compo form,
.", "", \.",:>._--
(see .c...., rt. \:..:.), A lip j DunI and MosL t,;'i!.i 91 v.12, "The greatest
.......... , '" ".
Ob1illue L:J-.; :, Tl:e two lips. wretch among them," whose nnme
l1!. aor. '0 be near setting (the sun) j nnd JJ. ;;, see 54 v. 29. i;4 Misery.,
sor. i. To heal, eore. u.:. A brink. fCl!. wrelclledness.
, s
:Medicine, remedy, menns of cure. To doubt. cl. A doubt .
J.!. aor. o. To split, cleave, place under a }j aor. o. To give thanks, to be grateful (with j
or impose a bard condition (with (,..;.:. 27 v. 40, "He is only grateful
D.a. The act of splitting, a fissure, difficulty, to the benefit of his own soul j" to thank, show
! "c.., c..'
labour, trouble. "';.; Difficulty; trouble. or feel gratitude (or (with ace.); P.l
Digitized by GOGS I e
( )
j"Ut. ad. gire:l 0;' is [;mterul;
God is s3id to be T.,tcllll in the of [;ivillg"
$ .,
rewnrd" to men for their
. ThnnUtll; n hetwecn this
word (inJ tlle former is 2:'.iJ to donote a
persG;} who ia t11:1nkrlll for little or foi' nothing',
the laLter grateful for. hr;;-o favour .. ; in the
we find both epithets upplioJ to God.
.; part. Gr:ltofully ncc('pte.J, accept-
TcJ Or! and ill-falpcrcd (a man) .
ptt. net. VI. f. Qll3rre!ling', or nt
variance wHh each other.
aor. o. To shacUe, by a tether. :tl.5.
$, ,
A similitude, likene5s. Likeness, mode;
... _'i".;.-:." "A J h
I.!. .J.:- 17 v. S6, .. ccor ing to ia own
way." .
\Sj. aor. o. To utter a complaint {with acc. and
'n; at 12 v. 86 we find an alif of precaution
,t. ,..s
added to the word .L:.I, see D. S. Gr. T. 1,
s......J , .......
p. 109. A niche in a.
VIII. To mnl,e 11 complaint (with Jp.
aor.8. To rejoice at the misfortunes of others.
, '''1
1 IV. To cause to rejoice over another's
misforlunea (with ncc. and y of pers.).
To be lofty and long. part. nct. That
which is lolly.
seized mit! horror.-jl.4.!.l IV. f. of
j\..t..!o 8. quadriHteral verb not found in the 1st
form, To creep or contract with horror.
aor. i. and o. To be briflkt mien sunshine.
... ,
fern. The SUD.
nor. o. To contain. Plur.
7."'# s-" S 'J", r .
\.:...!, nor. 3. 7'0 3afe. L!. for n.:l. L:1trcd.
&.'..!. for D. S. Gr. T. 1, p. 07, prt. net.
One ".-110 hate".
nor. B. To b,u'll, s.:orch.
:; , ,
A flaming fir!.
':;".1. [:01'. a. To in, or with (with :: ... -.:.);
, .. c.."I. ''''1 "
to bear tll1t (wIth. I or ), [",::U1O.
I,.,;J ;..."-
(with j;.), or of(',:;ith Y) j to b.';1r t .,f.:.llOllY
tr..; 4. --: .. -0 t , -'", ,
to a [;lCt (with .. ,1); CoS \ ,1.....,J
"""'4/ .J # \
63 v.l,."'Ye bear te.,timonv to fact th::lt
. .
thou art indceJ the of Gou j to be:',r .
witness by an oath (,,ith nce. and y), 1:.3
..,.:, , "" ",,,,,:( ,.,,, (.,.., '"'1 '
'-;-'l.Je ...:. . .)..;'; 24 V. 8,
she make four by GoJ It is
also (onna with the simple nec., as 'i
;Jli25 v. 72, "They bear no false witneE'-3,"
<", "'.., .., , '" '1 ..... ,
and ng'llin at22 v.29 C! That
they may witness the benefits al!cruing to
!J' !II , , 5 .... c..l
tllcm" Plur. -'.t\"':' !lnd 1 part. act.
One who is present, or who beaTS witness, a
witness j at 11 v. 20 the word is
supposed to' meaD the Koran j
,. .,,,,, J J
85 v. 3, "By a witness and 0. thing witnessed j"
a vague nnd indefinite expression. of which a
great number of explanations have been sn""-
gested by the commentators; nccording to one
it means the Creator anel Creation. Or dee
rersa; several others are given in Sale's
j 74 v. 13, .. And SODS re-
maining in his presence (at Mecca)."
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it:\.: ... (2!1J d ,;it:l :;;
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,del': .. to tru'.ll y ;5u: .. ..:rl!.; .)r}1! ..... ,,,. t"", t.
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'-:;''v c.:. "",'-;' , :-.. , '')4 V 0 If Eritl .. r":,,'CIl v. 7 it id to of If Jl-!:rc.
...... '---,......l:;:::J - . J \,,; ..... \,; 0,... '" !#,,,,,
0'; fO:l': bv G(;J,'" o. J'v d.;:frc, lan) for. i:,,":' n.n. P;
... - ... .... . $ ,,,,,, , ... " ..
-'I": I" n 1'\'" "11 . 1, 1. . <'1 ': ,. :.1 Lmt, ..... ,.::...!.\ 'III. ::.1:::e n3
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" TI'"1''' or p"C> 0:' t,;, .. f or of Y\.,.;,; ,-'J ./.. ...... I... ,
..... ___ !J \,; !..1 'fJ 1 f .... \,; ... _ , .J
\. , .... .. 1""1 "7 r.- "A' '1. '1'
,..: .. :,.('0' 0" c\'i' '''ce' t' e '\'0".] .. u...:. ,) v. JiJ, ml::lurc Oi u()l w;
r: l .. "0 ..... ..... 0 0.1 to ... .L I 11 .. ... ,:. .. , , oJ ,
nt m:d i5 (.f ':::l,v of tl1'} ',',ntcr un,1 otL0r dellc::cicd," ith \vllicil
"t. -; , -:... r> ... '" ., , m
" ... ',1 b '1 .1 t .1 t r '"
aco.c "'; . r ... p. ,3. . ... , u)crs are to (; n. OWCU 0 W: j!l uown tile IUl.
-.; '.; .... " ..... J. 11 \" 10'" .. \ oftLe tr2C!
"{ . C!..: .. oJ \'" 1 I ;,_" , .. ..,"'!.. tJ,.
on y;blch evidence sidl be give:1," or it )":' nor. o. To gather ''In,,!! frvm thrJ comb.
m!ly be U a d3y which 5;';:.111 be wituwcd by (2nd A consultation j
al1." or U of which Las been gi\en j" 42 v. 313, their i5 (3 matter
?,i V. SO, U Ve:ily 00 consultation among III. To
,. , ... 2 ...
the prayer (or reading) at d:tybl'cak i3 borne consult. I':'. make (with Jlof
witness to" (by the guardian angch)."'- pers.)'-JJ\..!J n.ll. VI. f. Con5u1tation with
IV. To take as witness, call to witne5s one another.
(with Ilnd to call upon nny to Flame without smoke j no verl!:1l root.
, s ...
be present at or to witne5s (with acc. of pers. aor. o. To prid:. Si.ol:;!t thvrn,
and thing); to canso e\'iJence to be t!lken of
or against (with X. To call as
witness (with acc. and ....;;).
,,,, $"" ''-1 d
aor. a. To puhli8" ahroad. Plur.; ... .:.l an
;,;:. A originally A moon, either nero,
Dr according to otlier8, afull moon;;::';
.Lt:';;'; 2 v. 193, "The (time for the)
age is (the) known months," viz. ShawaI, Dhll'!
and part of Dhu'} I;Iajja.; The word ci."
must here be underlitoodj Lit."The pilgrimage
(its time) is," etc., i'1 being what tIle gram-
weapons, arms.
u;':' nor. u".!i. a doubly imperfect l'erb, To rO:lst, .
",,,, b'"
!Cald. U.;..!. plur. of ';'.J!. The scalp.
It:. for \ or nor. will, be willing,
wish (with of verb). n.a. Plur.
:t1;li (2nd declension, see D. S. Gr. T. 1. p.
364, note) A thing; matter; affair;
6ially, In any way, at all.
' .. ,
L . , adDer-
y\.!, aor. i. To 6e hoary (the head). and
s "" , .... "',
nS.a. Hoariness. plur. of
Hoary, grey-headed; lqny be re-
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... - -- .
:a. .L ..... _
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::." , , - -: -.
--.;-:-: .... __ ;
. -
'- .. -....:.,
( c': )
en Oil pc b. :J i t orJ I
f \. 1 !f,
!r'. 0 '. c (ur. 0
;,.:';.-.; is ea11 10 {'lit ill the ace. f.:l tho
, ;:... ,-;'- J
)bol'l ..... 1,;....\ t lC

:> - ". b '
A or of n a C('.':;
.... .;., .... "
...:.;... v. 52 ['en s fro caven
suL, ::tutc or equivalent;
". I 1 r
of .......
> I ".
ill which ShOl.!J LJ written each lll:.LU'S
D ". Gr '1' 2, p. 8';0 1 p. f the _
with 1m ordel.' to follow MullUtnn::'rl .
I) yol
o. To btJ p!terile, to f..c_: 0. yontliful pro-
ity rJs ( Jp ale
chIlo, 0. boy.'
7'oJ!ay all ('!lima!' and nor. a. Tv be a
S "".
ale) Plur.
s ,'" v'l S G T 1
Plllr. of Plur. YI.!':":\ D. .11'. ,p. I U,
J of,
; it
the p ____ :or 0
cntIy 1:1::1
y qu,. y or
thin!",' on.} ill iiltimc!tc rebtion with
.=-.-t,.; h; n ere, of
, .J" c.. 'I
the or the man of the fish; ),:::.; I
"The men or com "Lnions of the fire -the
".. I "',"", , .... 1\
nned; c;::o'\ an I.S:'"'
56,tv.S and 9, liThe companions of tho Right
Left 3 .. v he R ous the
, .
keu, , led b
11 reCLl\ e the
Books containing!1 register of their actions, the
er in 11' rig nds, the I in
theu; len; 12 v. 39 oblique
dual, D. S Gr. T.l 415, "0 Y tw f ow
or. 0
, .

I 7
de:1fening noise.
.... ", , $1.1 ,
un, P
gene ... J oun
ock; verLa t.
.' ,
nor. o. To turn the n!ce (with turll
n.'iyn.y rt, h (wit . ; aor
o. nnd 1. To cry aloud (With object), as
nt 43 v. G7: the worusin t1:e t,: =-t l't!fer to a
:123:'. 21 3, .. I: is de
nounced n;.linst. :,11 oLjeds of JUOh'l'OUS wor-
hip; b the lns c Jing Jeau
must ncluJ ith t st, t unile
wna correded by the 101st verse. i.; n.n. The
ct 0 Jerin vert' r tUl' nwa
rom. ...)1.; n.n.. Ie net of turning n.way the
face. Boiling (water), the serum in a
woun rulen tter,

JJ...; nor. o. nnd i. To returnfrom. n:ataing, to pro-
Ceed ""0 fomnrd s,l..; n Plur. omm
, J
.... .
end. b030 reU3t. I IV brm
bnck, as 2;3 v. 23, "Till the
hepb h;ve gilt a (thei ks}."
oners as in cnse J, th per t.
rendering of this word Dlay best be gathered
or. s. split, pound, p ess op y (wit
,;,). i,l.; A fissure.-t.1.; II. Pass. To
the text, s at 59, ere
...... r rs to ". ose who resemble them
, ., !, ,
in former days." L.,:,..t.;; A consort, wife.-
:t; To comp wit ith
ppre ith, u[or m > h che.-
" " Q".. T S G T 1 "'>0 T
,..wI for ,. D. r. ,p ..... :., 0
\.. J, \.. s _ ,"',
be split up or divided 'in two. f\-..-: .... part
ct. T hich ven its it n two
> "
IV. To preserve, hind<.!r, keep
fr (with c. ).
(, $",,.
aor. i. To turn aside (with W..w The
teep oC a tain.
di9 an 'U1ncnt llcd
or. o. be tr I, tro incer ,
v-'-' .
the huth, to or C0'lfil'ln ti.e truth ofll,l..; o. Toc";> th:J n.1. IT. f.
h:\t ot;1 b 0' Y "y (lll bIo cL f h 1.;, V. r i,-o
, ... ..... :, , ... -:J ... , " "I
ceo) us \ ':'j"" D.l \ J-"" 48 v. 27, God r with honour; at SO v. G .thi.3 word i:l put f01'
... ,
for pO.5t e he twth 0 the 1 . D. . Gr, 1,.
dlO t ::.cq llth Ith c.) ob2 : a. ;; a o. ti p a O'SI' nor' T '!/ a
prom:sc faithfully (wilh douLl'c _ ncc.). - 1 s
J..' / Exccs3ive cold thn.t scorches A
rut! vcr ly, y, nd s, e1- :f
1encc in 0.. nl'Hy of diut:rcnt oLJ:ccts; thus' Id. 0 tin, l',
t.' It .5bn "\ y 1 1 1';.
v,).., \ ..... 1 v. CU, rlOUS d cC-
'" T ,r, 5 "
"" ", 0.,... .-4 .l 0 mal;'; 111(1 n'.J cst. n.n. A puhce, n. hIgh
Ie elli ;" -..,\.. 7v 2)" Tilh t l' L: ..
.,. , 'cr r 0 r 0 st tur
a f:l'i'ouruble cntl'<1:lce (ir,[o H,e j" lJL:J I'" l' I l' f ' 0 I b' 1 I
, .' 'r 0 CfJ a.O/l( ,.;::" ne w 10 1(' p.-.
v.S,Lit llJ, Al yt oue r..' I.... . ,,,
I or,r:!- p:ut. nct. n. f. :3amc ad \ t: .J
vo ity me Ilb U 511 d r ire \
the h;,;hcst prai3e j a simil:J.r occurs nt' 1,,4, 27, :Xc cr I Y :1P. 0."
'<, Lli pI' l w'tl pc ',on:1l 0.'0-
v. Jrt. t. e w or 1:>.t I,,; J
hicb is true, sincere one who caks tIle' Mlln S. Gr. '1'.1, p. 'III.
truth. 1ii.:. Whntcvcr IS gi'i'en and 1 ;.-t D ; G .1 . '2 To y:' ld.
Go so ce, aI or e3, c. l.; t,;."/<"'l X To' pIo .S5l nce an' ne
A dowry by the husband to his wife. I. (with ncc. of pers.).
m q. To
sincere _nd I;;; quad iter ,0 de d
s " 1.. (
cle on) om for 1f tr. ':k he fiatt 'lIg /"e loa green n(Jor!
Very truthful, a man of II., .r;; A loud roarmg (lnd funous. wind, or
b ry ccr and rutl 1, t eri to or g t no r in pI' ion bl 0
\' " c.. c.. """" ... ,
ove tbe t tb of 4l,;...!. . i'y' - 34' cold wind .
v. 19, "Iblees proved tbe truth of hIS opmion 1 J"'f mm. gcn A w
the jt' gi ere to, be ve the y; e me
, n e5 inI nn en
a bridge over Hell' no
truth of (with y). n.n. A verification. I verbal root.
pnrt. act. One w 10vcrI es, confirms, or I.;A r. To ros teo .;."" pI of 5 ..r'
ars tne 0 t tru ... J1o .... V. Ling rostrate.
D. S. Gr. T. 1, p. 220, To give alma (with' J/ aur. 1. To turn, turn away, wvert, avcrt with
per ;,. Jl .;;. v 9, nd, a :;; to rn ar (wi nee ncl
os or mits"'t ( p lty r th re- i\); 3v. 146, "lIe put you to

taliabon) as alms j" the word is also found I Ight for he' n. c 0
'tb . si ficn 11 n v. 0 a 4 94. erti !i;; A plnce to tum to a refuge
and part. net. One who gives I part.' pnss. II. To
ms. plai giv n Ian on (wi a
('S1 )
,"'I 'oJ t" t P c.1' ..... : :;.1" "0 .", 1- '1' - .. r' ...... ,- ,-" '1 "." ,.
v. I) ... LJ - In:'.] .... ,( 1 . HJ/".;,,;,,",\L.,I:, .. 1.

rcf.!r to tIt:) :l1l.11ll1l3t tkn OC r.::!!<.!: __ tl '1'0 inc1i:1c to ... (\" ;'.L 1 )\).
. -,
'.' Wo cau .:,!. it to l!J.... r.mOl' ,..;Jt th"ill (loy .. ); nor. o. To s.t, arter)c i,1 a rill/) or rad, to
dilfcrcnt ch:>.nn.:h)," or it m::y OJ !t\W t 7 t I l' . \,," .. N.'I,r;mk
.. Wo hnvtJ th.') JU:'.ttcr to th',"n (in ' ... ' ."
the J::oriin)." n.:l. (of wind).
\L In orJer, in lin.] of 0.; :,;..:l"
, ... ,,,'" . 37
v. 1, "By (the st.1r1.1ing in r3:Jk."
u"...:.;l VII. '1'.0 tu::n .'
.; ':', ... , t E t l' 't' 1.\"
"", . S.,. '-'\..# pa.r&.. r.c . f ... X (:!lW:,,3 1 3 .,.
nor. i. To ocnt (from n tr.:! (!?nd plur. of .D'''; for
part. nct. nc who cuts or g:'.thcr3 fruit. ':.:., ... A 1 t l' . 1 l' l'
i"--= eme S :1r.' m; WIt.1 1tS in
A g":1rucn fruit 11:1s nIl !:p.thc:'Ctl; line, or wIth thr.:!o on tLcgr0l111d one
aho a da:'k n:;H, :1: it ,';c:'c Lurut up 1i l' J s., .. ,
ore-loot tie up, u...:..:.. .. l)lrL
. . 0
black; both m;ani;.,;; h:.YC b':;':n n.o3i;ncd
'Ilt GS v. 20.
in orJcr.
:; ,.",

.)..;..; :lor. n. To mount (n. h !Jer); !l2ccnd (with
Jt>. A' severo to!'lnent. E:1rth,
nor. 3.. To t?:r,n 07!,/s-$o1f fr(}.:!, rep.:!,'
to pardon, forgive (with at (j4 v.14 this
word .s wuud in comb:nation with u:; nnd 1,
tho meaning of nIl t!Jree is nearly identical,
a s1i3ht distinction may be m!lde by can-
s ,,,
sand, or dust. A calamity, torment,
Dumo of 3. motlUtain of fire. i.n ITell; .. t
, sult:06' the primary signification of each worJ;
\:,}:.; (4 v. 17, "I will nfllict him with tor- .
a somewL:1t similar p:E2:1f;Q occurs in 51st
me?t," or "I will compel him to climb a Psalm, "Turn thy f;lce from my sin3, nnd
peak or fire;" the mny be taken in s'"
,..." ... -a put out aU my misdeeds." n.B. Pnrdon,
either IV. To mount
, "'" I> the l,ct of repelling a suitor; with the latter
for ,M.aJ. Y. D. S. Gr. T. 1, p. 2:?O, To climb
meaning it is found at 43 v. 4. .
up (with ,..." s , .. s"
, I fi d' ---a, nor. i To hina. ..,\"wl Fetters, plur. of
.J::4 10 tilt a,'': ( II. To make a , .
wry face at (with ncc. and J of pers.). .A present, and hence an obligatIon.
aor. a. Tostri!:e 1L'ith and To ;.; nor. i. 1'0 n:hi.stle. '9-= (2nd declension) fern.
sus s" ,
8woon, expire. One in a s\voon. 2f;Wl Yellow; Plur. comm. gend.-
Plur. J.,sl).: (2nd A stunning noise part. IX. f. That which is or becomes
as ora thunderbolt, a punishment from Heaven, yellow.
a IV. To cause to swoon. ! quadriliteral, To PaJs alone ()1:er a leDel plain.
F lOr. o . To. 6e youll!jt:r than another; and;'; A level plain. .
To 6e mall. part. act. One who is small, aor. i. To Itand on three feet-as a Aorsc-
vile, contemptible. . Small. ):.i (2nd with the toe of one of the hind jeet just touch-
declension) comp: form, Smaller. )t; Vile- ing the groulla. fcm. plur. part.
nE'SS, contempt. '. act. Horscs stnnding ns above;. at 3S Y. 30
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( v
tLo \1 iJ r' ",' t 00 :l .4 oJ t S Jr
J.p. !2 7.
lL nOlo 0; To vC: c:.c.::r.
Ii. \1 ."
nC3r .:.;Icccl. c,..,,;..w ... l .. :-J EL c.
\ .... ..:.
C' 03
, --;t.."t ,
pJI't'l'.L . II. r. tlCl..--..r I. '1
lli prdcrL C 0, or t t U! 'J r
eDCO u1 lC h e f 1y lir () ( . r.c
pers. Ih. t no"- I,.j: /'::'l Y TI fo
h sc
o I teo .. p fa n
B J , :3. v 1 J l!

n( I..S':,...? fo
1 "
I \ 1 .10 11" 2n
I. 'r .;- ]
.I..:l -:,'
p. 71. l[!r .. p .3.
f:.:i1:e ly.
nor. 1. 11'0 crucify. "-;..!.. T e 1"ci;.-.Jo
lams; PiUr. II. T c
nor. a. 10 ve right, gooc.., pr oh .
S , , '
r l'eace, reCOnCllJ[l,tlOn;' -.s::":> Pcaceal.lI
(I"; "art act One who or that which is {rood,
s n(l f e frOm }.lemish perfect, uprifJ'ltt,
ri",ht u a '1111.n or iPtegrity' a150 a proper
name a :nrophet said to have been sent
t tJ, t 'be of TPnIllood' Ld\ Good
w rk _ .... IV T m ke wbole ana sound
a en.:l, r co il ; t IT' nke a reconciliation or
p c .... t dis ose al'igbt (with acc.
a -:1 ( I of "}e .) 0 to e rl,er as at 21 v 90
" ,
, , c..-:- IJII \' ':1.(,.1,
A i e en 'er 1
' .
8 if
I. .J) ..)
fi (f
c Id . ea 'o( ;" in an ca cc r, a
2-v. '9,
h e eJ en 0 8C -:18 0 -pr ac"
v y
io Iy 0 'at f 'le -;ri if
e r tft
II ur ig' , a w'th nt ";fit..,. j tAl) l.d.
to b Fna es
( 'th
f nera
1 0
' 0
:;, '. ,
,e- -.,
, U'1-
-.,1' I .,.... ,
:0 IL" j
0' "!';, , '1 f '!ltr "i
., a
18 it 111"" .1'0 tr;,n"atcrl
"p, cr 1:l."'r."
!it' Y" 1\
I."':" '"Y
or "t" 'T d
... ['. ,1 SO'
.0 T h
n To ',:'
1 . ., .. , .... J . ..
"; ,. 'J
r t"
c a 'a 1; I'J; f
J / ,
o CL H: s ne'm
\ n "I'h) "1, C
r. 1'. 1, .'. "a j P: -: . .:. ,:.-:: A P "I; ,
... ,;'(" ...
\ );- oJ
or ;" t ... 41 't
'i II T
... l":" p y, pi
ne ad
11. t 0 rru'er 0 ""od h ;);
f' ..... t 1
).; c::. t pr f,' 1:' 25 r.,' , f
,. q, III
who nravs. A rhee at prayer.
I... \ r. .. ", roast nnd .... nor a To unaer'o
ron..UnfJ' in the lire (with ncc, of fire)' Imte.111
or r.:;; another rending of 5c,eral pns5::!n'es i.3

,."", "
.1- etc. in Ole or I J, . ..:J in tho ii. f.
I ...
d the'" must thea he t'rnn<Iatcd U He shdI
.'h l>Ul'l"t" or U part. nct. One
, ,
ho uf" 1'8 the "ain of}.cinlJ' roasted.; \ \.1L:
L' r ' as nt ec nt to thc comrlemcnt"
ft'3 3(\ r er Uy "C!uff e ot th ro ti N'
,. t fi ," r" nt ri "7 F II to "e ronste
er 'n" n TIOllatioO'o- IT To
u t be J.,u t, submit to tl'e action or fire
I it
r"c. of ')eraand of the fire), thus
( EG ).
r c,' I'" " t'" .. '. '. t" r .,,, t ,. 1. . , t
\. lJ:l.t ........ :J 11..;",<.; O"Ju,1..1
C::l't U0'11,!c fJr YIII.
D. f;. Gl.T. 1, 1). !2S'J, '1'0 b.) 'IY,wncJ fit tlje
G.... .' .. ,
To a boU,J,' nor. n. To h;ccmc (L:f. r:'
",t' .1 f
..... ' (')"'1 1 .. ,1" :".) "'l IV
I,; .. l, Intll. 0 r' I.l a.,ud.s .... l .-,...,1

.1 ",l'. I
o nl ... ... u';.. .....
(!0r. O. .site,:t. p.ut. !!::t. One .iz. fit Bd .. , thcforCC.3lIDlb ;;rol.!:'.::l:nrd
who hi" rCJ.CJ. not ec ... cnty of the but
.M.; nor. o. To I:i.-It to OJ;rroad! (7.::; 07:C. A bd a':;o C'lU::l1 of
lOi,l,.onc tv m;:,lll in maftcr3 tilis they nrc reminded wl:e:l murmuri!lg at
of impol'; nce; n..;:\O ('.l1jccti;u it mean" sub- thc 1035 th;y 211si .. '.inc.l r.t O:.tJd; To scnJ
li111C, evcrL3Un
rt' d . 10 ... t . , ( 'th
own, pour' l lin u[on, f.:.:!C, or f'UIll-l!l WI
:W!'. a. To b:at lI:ith a cIIJ:Fl. (2nd .1)" .. " .. lin"
'- 1-.' J ceCa {I.!lu '-.) , !U .... 'V. ,,::i, 11 e
., ("." ; ');,;-:,.. l
. dec1cn5ion) plur. of .A mon::'Jkry. coulJ punish them for th8ir SillS;"
r:.:'" ; aor. a.To m;:ke, .10; chieHy used in things i:;. .. , " .. " 1'> G II W . --
.., v. 5 , e pOlir do\\"n
. wb3rc art employed; to nourish or bring ,
our mercy upon whom wo pleu.3c."
up; :- v. 40, " And that thou 5 --
u-- I-. " part. nct. That which happens. A:._ :.: An
miglltt:;;t be brou.ght up unuermy eye;" a accident, misfortune, calamity.
similar meaning ruso pcrhlins to the IV. f. nor. o. and n. To emit a sound. n.D.
i?:' n.n. An act,. that which is done; For the A sound, v0icc; Plur. 0\::;;'
, ..w:J., \#, J
!1liptical cxprCi'3ion I at 27 v. 90 S"ce ;t.,; nor. o. To incline or turn-a thing-towards
seo nlso B similar ellipse at 4 v. 121. (with To divi(le, dissect. ;".; A trumpet.
An art. (2nd declension) plur. i;,..: Plur.;;': A form . ...;;..; II. To form,
oft: A cistern, also a palace, citadel'or fashion (with acc. and part. act.
other fine buildillg-t.:";:l for :1 VIII. One who forms. The" Fashioner, a
D. S. Gr. T; 1, p. 222, To npP9int as agent name of God. ,.
(with acc. and J). t t,; aor. o. To measure with a t t,; containin!/ aoout
r;'': To 68 joul (a ;mell). rC' plur. An fOllr e;'; A drinking cup.
idol.. I .... n; o. To bear wool. plur. of J":
. or;:; A palm or tree springing the Wool, a fleece
.", , ,.'" .... , ' '- Coo 'Ac-:
same root as others; Plur. 1,;.I'r! j no verbal ("w aor. O. To fast j 2 V. 181, "Let him
root. . fast (during) it," for D. S. Gr. T. 2, p.
;;; aor. a. To injure hy it.s heat (the sun), to dis- 389. r;'; and na.a. A fnst, the act of'
solve. RelationsLip by marriage. fasting. part. act. One wbo fasts.
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, .
( ['7 )
., ., ... f:,...t; .... 1
r:t" 1 .J U ;; .. n.n. A . '(, D.i>i.! J, the to r:hidl ';'10 g,;",:!, or
n. tr.rl',L1c [:!! 1. n
); . "_, ", __ If' . b ' 1
.. ,v _.. _ .. 1,, __ O:1C :ll'drc:; n Y. u It '0
ffulllITc:'.rc!l, . "n retr,'''t''
. ",,1. ... J a,",[",\ l' 1 ' ,,, . .
... "'" fL .1 ..... ... 1..:10/..", . oJ ....... .-, .. p.o\ llC ... 1 "l' 7 ' I' .1 ( 1
- i .r...:> ro" 1 .J 0 ,-)ro' "e' 21" ",'r,"e t: ,I-s a" l .,
.f t'l" ell'>' 1',o,'11'lll'"", ('Jl -: t',. ,':' <\ 1.)' . .... 'J ..... $f... <,1,-
-Ill' -R-ve', -";1' 41 "p" ,1.' ... . (I'C:]). .. f01'.5,..:-L.; of .; ? or
L. , . ,... _'""', .. l .. J ... -...,;I.... .. , - ". ,.
nor. i. '}'I) '(1 i to :;0, kll] to\';[ :.1.3 (,;ith . A C:l3t1Q, or u,:f.:nsiro wor];: ..
, s' '" " , , 1
JV . n,:t of f\ journey, uor. i. To pass th:; s:!.;:;;zcr. n.:1.. '1'.le
dcprbl'c; 01:0:lJ !l. noun of time anu I summer..
l)lur. :;., U Shc(p;, no root. hurts. fern. (2nd dcc1e!don) D. S. Gl".
2 nor. n. 1'0 brL'at!,] hard in lm:nil lg. -2 n.n. T. 1; Adver;3ity, tribubtion.-
nct of ).J III. To hurt, annoy; to put to incon-
aor. n. To l;e on the side. (2nd venieDCC on account of (with ace. of pers. nnJ
declension) plur. of A sleeping- rlnce, ':r')' ,Note. In Surd of tLis form
resting pbee; at'3 v. 148 it anudes to the is no difference between the nct. arid p:l33: in
sleep of death. ;enso. n.n. Injury; By
. nor. n. :!o laugh, laugh nt, ridicule (with violence. )..l: part. act. Jnjuring.-:-:Dl for
;;"> .. part. nct. Laughing, one who . VIII. D. S. Gr. T.I, p. 222, To compel;
lauglls. to drive forcibly (with aec. and Jl>;
aor. o. To app.:ar 'colZspicUbllS!:; i and ' To be driven by necessity (with or
'-=.... ." !""L' .
aor. B. To suffer from the hent of the sun. Jp. part. act. or pass. One ccmpel1c.J.
.. .. b .. Y 27 II
or gend. said by some to be y nece,mty; I y. 63, Him who b
the plur of
Th h f th . compelled by his nece5sitiea" (to ask relief of
ose ours 0 e mornmg God).
wluch follow shortly after sunrise; at 91 v.l . T b t t 'k ( 'th d
'-'f nor. 1. 0 ell, s rl 'e \VI acc. an '-J).
and 79 29 it means the full brightness of ' Th' . h' . .:.. I'
18 18 t e primary meanmg. but the verb
e SUD. .
. . . admits of a great variety of interpretations
aor. o. To !lam a lam-suzt. Contrary, an th ,r:' '.1'...0, 14 n9 II G . I'
us A;... <UJ Yf V ... , 0<.1 prollounda
versary. 1" II
.' $ as an exnmp e, 01' putsforthaparnhle"(with
aor. o. To hurt, barm, injure. ;J n.a. Harm, J); thus also at43 v. 16 'i; c:..,,;,.; t.;
hurt, injury, affliction. :.t Hann, affiiction, " " I'
J II That wbich they P:lSS off upon the Merciful
evil, adversity, as at 12 v. 88.;;'; as being his simi_litudc," viz. femnle children;
Hurt, inconvenience. ;w part. act. One Wll0 in allusion to tho angels, who were consid-
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( )
() <,-,,' D"l ,<:' 0'""",
), lr .1'.1; t.., s'-''-:' ,1l1
.. '1' '" t r'd
c., ... \"-0 C'1t1 :!l ror .. :':-:13, '.YO JJ.
" f -; '0' r' ., 1 n'
' ,. :-
p, ',(, -.J CO . H,}. '" . le. H...... ._
rh:r. (L'c1.; cion) T-'-('11;:, in ('Li'm
.. comp. f0: 'j W C:.1].cr.
-J-=U III. To ;;';3 (h:llh (with
5" ", D '1 J
or, .',,-:' "'; i' In ,-'" ""1" . ncc. :',:1,1 J)'. p::.::." ouo C
.. .)...-- J J.: . .: . '.) \". oJ"'>, liC,; ,.\\: ,
5 ", I" f: 0 1 '
O:1ly thi3 qu" tioll L:fo:o tlH:a for t::a snke . r::'.rt. neL ,. r.e W 10 m!l.;:Cl
, " "Q " ".. I , Co Co:]' bI'., Co, ", ,- T tJ" 1
of dnpnt:'.tlon j (.;.. ... ;?;:::':" J.:. dou .'1... 0 lH:.', rcr::\c, or
", . ",. , "
24 v: 31, "AnJ let Jnw tL-:ir veil.> 07iCr est2'21a WC2:;:, :md Ilt':J,ca to iH-hc:>.t a pCr2Jn
" "(-:''''''''1 ' Jt.-" I 3 4 n3 if he ,,"ere r.cak, to t..1S'() of IIis.
their j J-;v, .,.. v. , 5' Co'
WC:1:,:1:" thus ut 7 v. . I.-iP......:i::-.
. 4' Shall "'0 tlJen tt:rn. tll;':lY f;'0m you our
. " , Co"", , ': _ 13
r,.l!c.;itic:.lj );---! r-\':'d, VI V. " ", ' z .
" .., :lor.:t, To rCjlL'Crt m a COJYz',;,.! CI:( J!iiilf;':;;.
"And!l. 2ep:mlHon b::t;';cen them
, - ..I7 .. I"l.e'. Ah:1:df:ll of czcen nnd dr ..
" Co ""! .... f) I. 110.; ,;
by cl rodl j {,jf \ t':/}.; .. v. oJ::>, or other I,crb3; l'Iur.
" And' "ilcncs3 wail Sh!:',P2d up-:m thcm." ..... , Ii)
confu5eJly mixed tCciet1.:er; ,.1--1 :..
S .. , T' t f t '1 ' hI ' I"
y..J n,ll. nc 0 s rl.OD;j, fI ow, a gom; 4' "c f d d "
..; . V. T, on l!SC ,'cam3.
from place. to 'place; !It 47 v. 4 there i3 nn .. .. 1 f SCo III
nor. n. To diJlike. pur. 0 -
ellipse of I!. verb, see D. S. Gr. T. 2, p'- 400.
feeling, hatred.
:; aor. n. To be hu",,zbfe. A plant gro'ving 5"'" . , .1 d 1 ' ) TI
"=:' - - A frog; Plur. tcfli.,; (2nu cc COSlon; Ie
in Hell, sliJ to be more bitter than nloes, more , ..... , , /',
grammatical root is To contam JrtJ!l$
fetid than a putriu corpse, and more buming ( ,t )
. .. " , na cr
thim and D, S. Gr. T. 1, p. j.; aor. i. To err (roith Y) j to ",under away, go
222, V. To humble one'sself, submit one's-seIi' t ti ('th' "h ":). ta err
.$ io " as ray rom WI acc. or WI.. c.:r '
humbly to God. n.n, Humility. a ninst (with h'); to go from the thought!
" , " ... . T b k s.'" g u--
and nor. o. 0 e wen'. and or be forO'otten, as at 17 v. 69; to leave in the
-t .. ,. :;Co 0
nS.B. Weakness, infirmity. Plur. lurch' (with ;;;); to lie hidden (",ith as
Like, an equal portion,. a portion equf at 32 9. Ju part. One 'who errs or
,to another, or as much ngam, \"1 goes astray. Jti Rnd .uU Error, mistake .
.,,, -0 ,c. , _ , .,oft .s, J. t
'-?t::...:t.I\ !.r-s:
d.;.J.)j 17. ''Y. j.;1 (2nd, declension) compo form, One who
''17, "Then we should verily have caused thee goes more astray; For the Rules of Syntu
to taste an equal share (of the punishment) of the comparative and superlative forms
this life, and on equal share (of the punish- see D. S. Gr. T. 2, p. 301.-Jt :;:; n.a. II. f.
ment) of death," i.e. a. double punishment, the Error.-Jji IV. To cause to err, seduce, lead
word y,i; being in both cases understood j astray from {with double acc. or acc. and
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( )
, 'I n'3 ''''I Ii \ .1 1 ,
C3 I.J)'""";'" ..... V. CI, J nu t ICy (the form i3 not foUl: :'}, '1'0
have 113 from tho ri;:;-ht i" The I D. S. Gr .. T. 1, p. 2:JG. Xl):C'. T!_ ,
.. ....., J ' :l 1 "":.' n n 1 ' j 1 "'".' 1
is I!.llbl to d::: . ...J' .to :l.,:i;Jt til) rhymoj wor OJ v. vO Id a .30 sl'dt l;) ... lUlU.
'" c..'''',,(..'l .. "t "L:i:"l I I
D. S. Gr. T. 2, p. ,!07; t',Jc...;, -n v.I. _, WlLlOut t 10 _,'I
.. TIe ,h:!3 tb;;. worb to be of ::W nor. o. 1'0 sloiJlt1. Lioht.-JL.;\ 1\'. To
no!.!-) , ;:'cct;" to tln-ough or by IJl0:ms enlighten, illuminate.
of (with y). pnrt. One who }j nor. i. Tf) iJj:tr.J. ;.; n.:t. Ihr'm,
seducc3. ' jw nor. i. To dfr(?d. J.r-; for ...... i-;J D. S. G:-.
:J nor. o. To dr:W7 dOJc, to hug (with acc. nnu Jt); T. 1, p. 112 (2nt! d,?c1,.'nsion), An
, """,,,. ", tIIJ , " l' t
1) 20 v. Q3, D!:\w flppor lODlllca ,
thine hur;J clo.:;c Ul!c!:::r thine nrm." lW nor. i. To p.:rislt-t
IV. To to perL:'!!,
",," .", b 'd $ W" Th neglect, be unmii1Llful of.
r.: :tor. o . .l 0 e S I.'" cr. fl . act. at
.... 1":' .. .
which i3 or tuc;:cu up in the belly. '
d''l'" .
c.:.r nor. a. nn 1. .l 0 or gm<Jlw:J.
S "G' ", l'"
reedy, :lYal'lCiOU3, gruuging; y.
, c,. .... -D ... " S It
j 1 J-.:. 1 v. 2..t, Ant! he docs
not act gruugin3'ly ill the communication of
the secrets;" some COpiC3 haye "He
bnd 110 su:!picion of the secrets."

To be narrow; n.ll . comm. gend.
'Narrow, 'Wl'etched.
:s; To be n:ithout breasts and barren (a n'oman),
, and therefore like a III. for t;u

Wl.o# n)f. i. To b.'come a gUt'Jt. n.a. 5i::;.
ancI plur. A guCi:!3.--. -; II. To
tnin a gue3t.
., , .. " -:"" ' ,,,
JW nor. i. To be narrow, sfr:,:::ncd; b)..> J1,;.J
\ ,,,
11 v. 70, II Ant! he \'0'03 porrcrlC:3 to (protect)
" ...c, ... , c.."1 It
them; 0 v. 119, Ti:d
earth became straitened for them." :.;;.; n.:1..
Trouble, grief. C:7J Strait; narrow.
part. act. That which bccome3 D;1rrow or
II. To reduce to straits (with
ofper3.). '
.1"jo.r, (2nd declension) Saul, king of Israel. I aor. a. To cast forth (with double nce.), ns
.. Y T ,., t ...... , , .... t"" 9 u C
nor. a. oscn], senl up (with J-;). w} \ 12 v., 1l3t him forth into a
(distant or unkno\\"n part of the) earth."
aor. i. To cover. A stnte, condition.
pIar. of The order of the Heavens, -;;; 110r. o. To drive arrny; the wort! is put
one above another; In order one above in the subjllnctiye at 6 v. 52 as being w}w.t the
another. grammarians call (or this use
3rd peni. feme plnr. of for :,!; q.v. of the subjunctive' aner J sec D. S. Gr. T. 2,
aor. a. D. S. Gr.. T. 1, p. 250, To expand, p.26,wheretheabove-nnmedpassagoisquoted.
spread out. ' . part. act. One who drives awny.
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( {)O )
aor. i. To m;:rt. J} n.n. An eF, :l Lbnce,
sight of the eyes. J} Plur. Th<'
ex tr(!mity, extremo part or ycrge, borJer;
J';; 11 V. '116, "Tho two cxtremities
, ,
of tho moming and evening.
':'( "' I' '1 S II" t t
LJr aor. o . .10 COllltJ ()!I 1II:l'd. par. ac .
"$ ..
Thnt which appc:u'J by night. (.,'O.!.} comm.
gend. A wer, B I:olld. Plur. (2nd
declension) A path, line of cOrtlluot, bdl;J.\'iour;
20 V. lO,t, It Those m03t emincnt
" It ...... -'(" c.. ' 03 ] 1
for, their good conduct; -' v. ,
".Soyen tracts'," tho s(!\'cn II';:lrens;
is nlso usoll with a plur. signification for
, ,
sp:.:k ill of (with or rer3.). n.n. Evil
.,. , .... ,...." , ....
L nor. o. 'uud or..j? nor. n. To
excced all bounds (in wicl.euncss); to wnnJer
from its orbit, applied 11t 53 v. 17 to the eye-
. SAoil
to overllow, as at GO v. 11. n.a.
Transgrcdsion, the being e;;.ccedinf;ly wicked.
tU; for pa;t. nct. One wllO is exce3sively
. ,
impious, II. A storm of
thunder and of cxtr(!me severity.
""-1 ,,,,. c..S
c,omp. form for Jb I (2nd declen:;ion)
Most in wickcdnes3. Excess
, 11'
of impiety, as {II v. 11,
H Tho tribe of Thamood nccuseJ of
, Chief3, Pl'i:l\:';s; thus at 20 V. Ga. falsehood by rcnson of their extreme wicked-
."., , , ....
P: nor. o. 1'0 COidCfi'OI.! (far i and nor. a. To ness." lI"ote. The names of Arab trIbes nre
$ ,.
6e recent. :Sf Fresh. feminine. ,i,;U; '.fttghoot, a word which
Initial letters of the !.lith cllapter, pronounced with the sing. form has sometimes a plur.
o fa\' Seen, see ?T. signification, and then menns Idols, dremons,

., 1 h "13 h d 2" h b t or whatever is worshipped besides God, and
. nitilll etters of t e.. t an ::st c ap ers,
see V1. pnrticularly the two Idols worshipped by the
" ,". , , , , s ,.,....... people of at 4 V. 63 it ii' used in the
aor. a. To ent, 5 sing., and is there said to refer to a certain
, T. 94, "Thero is no sin in that tht'y bare , .. ,-, .. s'"
Jew named y,.r.ll Id either from his
tasted" (that which had not at that time been
exceeding or because a judgment
'forbidden them). part. act. One who given by him would be prompted bl." the Devil.
lit." 5 ','" J
eats. n.B. Taste, and Food, the IV. To cause to transgress, to make
act of eating, as at 5 v; 97.-r-k
IV. To feed, one II. transgressor.
"" c. ",c..l
give food to (with double ace.); i""'.Ml;\ . 0.' To 6e near._ n.n. II. f. The giving
.ti lOGv.3, hath provided thcm with short measure. part. act. One who
, 11'''- '
food against hunger." 'rQ;l n.n. The net of gives short '
feeding; At 2 v. 180 and 5 V. 96 rQ; also' :.p aor. a. To 6e extinguished. IV. To
appears to bear this meaning, and may then extinguish (with acc. and y).
be considered as another noun of action of the aor. a. To begin. '
lV. X. To ask for food (with double j:l; To 6e oj a tenaer age. sing. and plur.,
ace.). tbough wo also find the plur. JW:;i Very
aor. a. and O. To pieree ",itll a 'pear, to young children,
, Digitized b; Google
( 01 )
. To mois:,;n tlltJ !/ro!wcZ (J,:,c).
nor. o. To sed: i nt 7 v. [j2 it 111':'::n9 to follow
. . "',
up. n.n. The act of for.
. s , ,"" 5 , ,to,
pnrt. act. A put.

"','" ftc..,'
aor. 8. To b . ..' weary. n.a. A Planbin or
l.. ""-
Bannnn tree, accorJing to some the Acacia. or
Egyptian thorn.
;JJ; nor. 0.. nnrl o. To llscend, rise-the sun,-(with
JS.). The spnthe or sllCnth in which
the Bowers of the dnte-palm arc enclosed, also
the fruit it first nppears, or simply fruit,
37 63
5 r,' TI .. . 5 ',t. "
aut v. n.a. Jermng. n.n.
The time of riding (of the dawn). n.B.
", c....
Place of the sun's IY. To mnT.e
manifest to anyone, canse one to
(with ncc. ofpers. for
"" c. I-
VIII. D. S. Gr. T. I, p. To mount
up (with JP; to penetrate (with ace.) as at
19 v. 81, where we ha\'e " TIns he pene-
trated?" for the; of union being
omitted nfter the interroglltive D. S. Gr. T.I,
p.71;' At 37 v.52 is n pn.s.snge which is read and
interpreted in various wals, sec D. S. Gr. T. 2,
p.ISS, but adopting the rending gi\'en by Fliigel
" ... , '1:-
I ...r', the meaning will be
"Will ye look down (upon the inhabitants of
Hell) ?-and he shall look down," (pret. for
fut.); in this sense the verb governs its com-
plement with so likewise when it meaIlS
to mount above, come upon, or meet with.

part. act. One who looks down upon.
s" ,
V- aor. O. To 6e di"orced. J1]; n.a. Divorce.-
II. To divorce. fern. part. pass. A
woman who is VII. To de-
part, go one's way, to be free or loose, as at
26 V. 12.
8... ., .
0," ", .1 11 1, .. - \ ' .[
r' .tOl. o. I. 0 flo- 1 (",1. 4.. J Ca;2.Il11 y;
... {\ 3 I "T
I;.5_UI J... ..:. \ he ycry great
cnh:n:ty," viz. 'l'he hst J uJ;;mcnt
Z nor. O. nnd i. To dd10wcr n
nor. o. nnJ i. To ou:itel"';c, out (the crC3),
IB at 54 V. 37; At 4 V. 50 it means to deface
. the fcaturc3; to d.;:;troy utterly (with ...;.;).
, , S '1'
: :t:. nor. a. To desire (\yith n.n. Desire,
,,- rIJ"
a hoping or longin; for; at 13 v. 13
menns U causing you fo be full of hope (for
$ c"" ,St;,. '.
Quid i whence comes To
'" s ......
1'.3t.- IV. To be quiet, in,
... .... ,w-c .t!"
or sat:5(jed with (with y); 4
. ,,)
104, II AnJ when ye nre secure m'oal d;1n6,'r);"
2 pel's. r1ur. pret. D. S. Gr. T. 1, p. 231.
!., w ,
part. nct. One who rests secnrcly, or
enjoys pe:lce and quiet.
&k Initial letters and nnme of the .20th chapter.
pronounced Ta' Hn', see 'tJ1.
;y, To remot'e; aor. o. To he pure, free from her
s , ., , ...
courses (a woman). n.a. Pure. fr'
(2nd declension) compo form, :More pure, see
fl,' .
D. S. Gr. T. 2, p. II. To pnrlfy.
$ ,"" $-,"
cleanse. n.n. Purification. part.
act. One who frees from impurity.
part. pass. Purified, freed from imp:lrity, clenn,
... .... '" ....... "
or V. D. S. Gr. T.I, p.220.
To purify one'sself, keep one's-self pure;
5 V. 9, imperate .. Then purify your-
selves" (by washing the entire body).
or part. act. Those who purify themselv:es,
or are clean, pure.
Dor. O. To 6e immoveal;[e. A
. mountain.
aor. O. To
s_t! .
approacll .)7" A mountam; jfo
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( 0:] )
-"t.."'" " , ,. .
Mo:mt Sinai; it is al:;o w'.!: nor. o. To go rou::J about, cilcomp:m (l>i'.h
;;.2T: )pi plur. of;--';; A condition or sbte; ...;;.); to go aLout, circulnlo (with
. 71 v. 13, It lIe created y<?u after t::. p:'.rt. nd. One WllO gocs rounJ about or
a variety of or sb';es of existcacc;" cncomr :.:3es; at CS v. 10 it lllc:'.ns n common
y;Wl the formation of Adam. destruction surro,;::Jing' all i sec aho for
,. , '.',.... 5, _,
tt!; aor. o. nnd n. To be to hearken to \b A part, Bome, a party, a people,
(intercession), as at 40 v. 1.0. Obedient i a comp:my or b:md of Olen froUl 2 to
" .. ,. .... " $ , ,
r=.;.k With willing obeuience. J.;\k Obcllienee. according' to nllt1:oriti03: 1,,;)'J.p The
plrt. nct. One WllO is obdiellt, obedient. Deluge, ll. common or cllnmity
,-0.... $,,,,,
II. To permit, COlloent to (with nec. which cmbraces all. w One ,yho
and J of IV. To obey. about (to serre V. D: S. Gr.
V. To giveone'a-sclf T. 1, p. To go about (with ,;,).
obediently or wilIin3ly to perform (a good Se.; nor. o. To. be aUt'. Power, stren3"lb.-
. work). part. act. D. S. Gr.'t:,I, p. II. To twist n collar; I.J ,J t.:
One who gives himself willino-ly to pcrfwrm (n 3 v.176, "They sllall have that which they have
good.or clJ!lritnble and u;.:.1 covetously withheld twisted as a collar about
. . '-.
X.,-though some have considered the latter to their necks," lit. It they shall be bound with it
be II. variation of the IV. f., D. S. Gr. T. I, p. for a collar."-JU:r1 IV. To be able (to do B .
224,-To be able, hn.e power, be capable of thing, with ncc.).
(with.acc. or acc. as "7 t.: Jtk aor. o. To be long, to lnst long, or be pro-
18 v. 81, " That which thou wast not able longed (with pers.). Plenty of
. to bear patiently j" It is also used with ;'i or wealth, n sufficienoy of means, Power, as at
acc. and instances 0; both occur at 40 v. 3. J; D.B. Height. .l; Long.-
18 T. 96; or with acc. and J' as at 3 v. 91; ,'1\':: VI T b' J d( 'th r: f )
0 e pro onge WI I.S"" 0 pers .
At 8evernl plnces in the 18th chapter it is .. ". s .. .
t1 d
'th"" f d f th' th ..ifo aor. 1. To rollllp. n.a. The act of rolling
oun WI t:"" 0 pers. an acc. 0 lIlg; us - , .
in the 66th verse ("" , .. ; t,:"; f " Thou up. ioS
J.1 100wa, name of a valJeynenr Mount
L-' I:J' s ....
wilt Dot be able to have patien/:e with me;" part. pass. Rolled up.
In 8uch 8entences as the above it is yU; aor. i. To be good, pleasing (with J) i :'Ii
, \0"" 't. "" c" .... c." .... '" ,""
frequently necessary to supply a verb according I (-Q 4 v. 3, I And if they
to the context, thu8 .. ! ii 17 v. 61, kindly give you up any portion of it of their
"But they were notable (to find) a ground of 'own free will," lit. "if they are good to you
reproach (against thee)." A note expJanBtory . c.oncerning any' portion," etc. (2nd
of some of the above modes of construction declension) Good fortune, happiness.
will be found in De Sncy'8 Grammar,. T. 2,
Good, ngreenble, 8weet. and clean, happy,
by Google
( 03 )
',,' ,... T 11" !of.,'. ....... ,,... T" 1 , ..
) no 1. a :i' r. go v.l,.J .... 0.1Il, vII 1,3. .ltO. c.
Verbs fur sulJj.:ct n noun of thiJ descrip-
tion may Le put in thi) fem. D. S. Gr. T. 2,
p. 233; According to some there nre t".o words
,0 " ... 'Q
onc.- or r-kl V. D. S. Gr. T. 1, p.
To au:;nr evil, draw aTl c"\,il nu;ury from (with
$ I ' .. , X f. Th h' h
.-;:-;:::.-_ pnrt. nct. at Vi 1C
spreads ibelf I\r cnd wiJc. .
of thi3 form, one in tho ing. mcaning 0. bird, nor. i.- Tv appear (a spcctre. u part.
as nt 3 v 13, r.nd the other nn irregular plur. act. A sp,;ctral appcaranc.J of the Dail, au
meaning },"Tk part. act. A insti;;ation oCthe Devil; seo JU; for
flying an omen, and especially 0.0 aor. To plaster ,pith clay. Clay
.. " 5,",' , 0 h
To migrate. n.o.. r"J.. Very TllljUSt. ,ill part. nct. no W 0
, , #" t..'S
P nor. i. To elmo lI:ith the na;!s. .? A nail or treats unjustly (with J). (2nd dcclcn-
" ' $,8#,
. clo.w; P 6 v. 147 is translated by Sale sion) compo form, )101'0 unjust. pn.rt.
. ., "l.'S .
"ho.ving nn undivided hoof," but it Dlay be pass. Unjustly trcated'-21 IV. To injure;
doubted whether the words will bear this in to be dnrk (with j.;). part. nct. One
terpretation j II. better tr:1nalation would seem who is in the dark.
to be cbws or nnils," as wild beasts aor. 0. . To thirst. n.o.. Thirst. T
or camcls.-.J:i IV. To give the victor.y to (2nd declension) D. S. Gr. T. 1, p. 403, Very
(withacc. of pers. and . thirsty. .
, h'!" ' .. , 'GIl "
",u;, aor. a. j 2nd pers. sing. prot. or for aor. o. To think, be of opinion, (with
D. S. Gr. T. 1, p. 228, To continue all acc. or with j for the construction
become!l verb following). t,; v. 48; "They shall
Shade. lli Plur. A covering, roof. perceive tbt there is no way of escape for
sing. and plur. Shadows, shady groves. them," see D. S. Gr. T. 2, p. 297. ji, Plur.
II .. To Opinion. po.l"t. act. One wh\> forms
,., clouds-(with acc. of thing and of pers.). an opinion.
(-ill i. To wrong,. j to be unjust, ;)f, aor. a. and i. To appear, be manife!t ;
81ve, or anyone (w1th to help, mount, ascend (with acc. or to
acc. also WIth '::' or With acc. of pers. and get the better of, know, distinguish (with ..;.;,>.
':!); to be guilty of injustice, to act back. part. act. One

wickedly; to be wanting in, or fail, B8 ,. . who is manifest, tho.t which is. apparent, out-
It.. r-.
r:;:. 18 v. 31, "Nor did they fail in any ward (speech), as at v. 33; clear, con-
it." Injustice, tyranny, obscurity. spicuous, victorious; 34 v. 17,
,,"'r,! P !I,'f,! SJtr lie' or" I, 't' d
.....u; lor. ,-=-,w.:,; Darkness. rr Unjust. Cl les, or C1 les conneete
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( 04 )
ono . another by B trnck
.,." , /I , s, , ...
Outwnr:!ly. r):- A helpci.
Mid-d:lY bent. G.l)j Thrown bchind tllO bact"
. ..
with III. To n3sist (with nec.
and to II. wife, with the worJs
:;;. seo 58 v, 2.-;'.!l:i IV. To
" "
mnb ono r.qu!'.ir: :c(1 with (with nee. of r::ra
nnd of to to nppC.lf (\ .. .ith
as at 40 v. 27; to enter on t110 pcriod of
noon,. ns nt 30 v. 17; to render supclior (with.
ace. VI. To nS3ist oue another
(with and 7):
aor. a. To mix &ccnts: to be solicitous ahout nor. o. To be proud, insolent, to oiit.!r an in501ent
(with opposition, to e:teeed all bounds-in impiety-
, ,. , ., <III '. ,,"" !, , . ,
I..!-= nor. B. To amuse onc's-self. . n.a. (wlth r n.s. In501ence, priJo. '9l:
;. , ! ... ,
Sport, jest. for Fern. pnrt. nct . Excceding,
""" .,
nor. o. To ndore, worship. Plur . A violent. A decrepit old man,nn obstinnte
s "
servnnt; and Plur. Sermnts, espeehlly rebel.
of God. part. act. A worshipper. o. To &tumUe; to' perceive (with J;.>.-
II. To ensIn.e. r' IV. To make one acquainted a thing,
... IT'. t t t ( 'th J) or canse one to understand (with 1" of pers.).
r. uor. o. passorer; 0 1D erpre W1 . . u-
: t;s Aninstruetive warning. for \!; oor. tl.. i. and o. To do evil (with
$ " "".." T d (. h .. . h .. ,
oblique. plur. of part. oct. One who p:1S3eS nor. a. 0 won er Wlt WIt of
over.-;':;' VUI: worning. following verb). and
" "" ,'-,
..;:;. aor. i. To be austere, to frown. v.;;, Austere, IV. To delight, plense.
dismal. . 9. aor. i. To be nca.R. An old woman.
:;;; To glitter like tile 1IIiraflc. :sF. sing. and jt#i Roots of pnrt. act.
plur. A .kind of rich carpet. .. I f. One who bames, or make; of none effect.
, " ,c" I " .. ,
o. and 1; To part. pass. IV. To wenken, to be unable, to {ms-
. f. Received into X. To trnte, find one to be weak; i 8
beg for favour, receive iuto favour, invite ony v. 61, "Verily they shall not find (God) to be
one to make himself acceptable. weak," or 4' frustrate (his decree);" for Lhe
To 6e prepared. IV. To ellipse of the cc.mplement see D. S. Gr. T. 2,
prepare (with acc. of pers. and J>. pp. 121 and 454; it is also found with the
, .
,;;; aor. o. To be old. . Ancient. acc. and ..j. for oblique plur.
"" c.' .... , -,,,
8Or. i. and o. To drag violently (with acc. and of part. act . One who wenkens or fms-
, $" to '
'-"L). VIolent, crdeJ. trates.
Digitized 'br GooS I e
. -

( 9.5 )
, .... , .. d '1' "'I 1 f
:lor. 1. nn 0 .1.0 emac:ate. .... pur. 0
-"" c. , ,,, t:'C.
, feme of -:.. ... _.::\ (2nd Lean;
s ",'"
at 12 v. 43 the worJ Ogl'C3 with under-
nor. n. To basten, accelerate (with nee., or with
. , Jl); to be basty' or act hastily J,;.) ;
. " I
to hurry over (with y), as 75 v.16,
, ,
"That thou mnyest. hurry over it," viz. the
receiving of the Iforun from the Angel Gabriel.
Precipitation. A calf. pnrt.
act. Thnt which hastens transitory.
s ,,, ''Q''
thing the IV. To
arrunge (with ncc. nnd 8 v. C2,
u'p I" \' '-1 D S
repflrc yo. ,or Imr;<.:rat. see . .
Gr. T. p. VIiI. To reckon or
fulfil a term
.", . . . ..', . .
lJ-Ix aor. 1. To minister. ........).:. nonn,
,;, . .... c.. ....
aor. 1. To deal Justly (wita y or to
justice (with at .42 v. 14 ;
to swerve from ju:>tice, as r.t 4 134; to
bold as equnl (with nce. nnd y), as at 6 v; 1,
where tbe first complement "other Deities"
II. To cause to husten,
...... is understood; to pay ns nn e'1uivnlcnt, ns at
give beforclland (with ncc.and J).-Jl IV.
. ... .. , 6 v. 69; to dispose aright, !IS at 82 v.
To cause to bnsten (with nec. of pers. nnd .. .=.). $ .. , J' .
.-Q .... : .................... n.n. ushce, recompense, r:lIlSOm, equtvn-
V. To be in a X. To' 1 t t"'/1 -: J.:.. ... 06" I'
'. en, compensa oJ v. , n-
seek or desire to hasten (with J of pera. nnd Y stend thereof."
"' ..... ""....,. , .
1.:_) .. , .... 'r "46 34 liN h ........... .. ,
o tlWlg, as ; v. .' .I: eit er aor. i. nnd o. To ahide C01!st::.:::ly. n.n.
desire to, baateD (their punishment) for them;" A' perpetual abode, Eden, PU:.l,jise.
the first complement being under,. \,l; aor. o. To pass hy, to transgws (with to
. ' . c. ..... Sc. '"
stood; D. S. Gr. T. 2, p. 454; to urge one to turn aside (with acc. nnd .,;,':). n.n.
mnke baste in doing anything (with acc. of Mnlice, wickedness. for purt.nct. A
pers. nod y of thing). D.a. Tho transgressor.
,. c. I", , $ ....... , S , ... ,
desire of baatening;, 10 v. 12, Enmity. side of s .al]ey.
II According to tbeir desire of bnstening;" Injustice, bostility. $..l.; Plur. iT An
. D. S. Gr. T. I, p. S03. enemy; The sing.j,l; is sO::letimes put for
aor.o. To t'n.;hy bitin!!. ?,i (2nd declension) the plur., thus at 18 v. 48 jl; fJ II And
A barbarian, a foreigner, one wbo Arnbic tbey are your Ill. To be at
imperfectly. Barbarous, foreign. enmity with. - u V. To transgress.-
iii, .
aor. o. To number, reckon, reckon up (,vith aec. VIII. To be wicked, to transgress
.:; .
and ;;; n.a. A number, computa- (with acc. or or with ,J;. of pers.) .
tiOD, determined number. :,,;; A number. part. act. Wicked, ,a transgressor.
!- . '. , , -:' . I' ., ':' F h
A Dumber, prescribed term. A pro- aor. 1. To ,,,nacr. D.o.. r:s, sweet.
V1810n. jt;: .part. act. One wbo keeps an yl:i; Punishment, II. To
account. 5
.M.: part. pass. Detennined, com- punish (with ace. of pers. and of instru-
. II. To prepare, or lay up any- ment, as also of crime, or with ..j); it is
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( OG )
sometimes found with double nce. tllUS many. J.Jt; A elonJ
'i e,i; 5 v. 115, I " .. ill tIle II. To an orrer (w.ith y) .
, ., . ....,c,.'1 '
I?uni .. h him with a punhhmcnt,.with which I IV. '1'0 turn naide, to .10 n
will puni':h no one (else);" to r.t1lid, :13 at 20 thing, it unuone (with :J). n.n.
v. 49. part. net .. One who punishes: A tu.rning awny, nvcrsion. p:lrt. nct
0, , =! -
yoM.. part. paSJ. Doom-eJ to puni .. hment. One who turns away f!'om nvcrae.
, '- IIi '
nor. 1. To excuse. n.ll. An excllso. J'; nor. i. To know, discern (with nce. nnd y or
es.cust!. (2nd declension) plur. of The diu..:rcnca between J.J nnd' :!.;
$\." E s ... , "
.J l:cuses.-)';u,. part. nct. II. f. Uttering is that the former refers to distinct and spccific
VIII. To excuse one's-self knowledge, while the lntter is more general;
" (with Jl of pel's.). hence the opposite to J;; ispi Todeny,autl to
..... SC .... '" !,,'" I :1 " '" T b . $c.1
r nor. 1. To be i
. A crime-
. p!l.rt. . r-' 0 e Ignorant. .Lliloron,Just,
VIII. f. Ona who doe3 not beg, though a benefit; \1; 77 v.l, "In 0. continual series,"
poor. or according to another reading', U COD.ferring
,:;;. aor. To" anJ y:;' To be pure Arabic benefits;" Plur. with the article
and free from fault& (a &peec!). y) Be- . The walls which divide Paradise from Hell.
10Ted wives,. plur. of y/;. Cs;.:J Arabic, d:U; Name of" mountain ncar Mecca, said
. an Arabian. plur. no sing. The Arubs to be so named because of the recognition
of the desert. which there took place between Adnm o.nd
",. SIt., ....
V aor. o. To mount, ascend (with Jl or Eve, aner a separatIon of 200 years. u.:r.
(2nd declension) Lame (rom birth. part. pass. Known, recognized, honourable,
(2nd declension) plur. of ;., A ladder, place good, befitting, a kindness j the opposite to
- $'''' .... Q .....
or ascending, Btairs. fo-u.r II. To ncquaint, make known
;;...,;; To 8tamp cloth 1't:itA tRs figU1'8 of date-&talp.3. " (with ace. of thing and of pCf3.).-J);; VI.
A dry To know one (with VIII .
..J.; aor; i. and o. To construct, build houses. To confess, acknowledge (with ';:I)'
. J; A throne; Plur. J./J. Foundntions, sor. o. To &trip meat frnm off a bone. c.;
props, supports. part. pass. Supported plur. no sing. Mound& or dam8for banking in
. on trellis-work. a 60dy of reater; of an inuBda-
. .;; SOl'. i. To happen, come again&t,' to propose, tion which destroyed the city or Saba'.
. s
set before (with acc. and or J.J n.a. aor. o. To come upOn. ;;;; A handle.-..s.?"l
Breadth, extent i t,;,;; In an' extended manner. VIII. To come down upon, afflict (with ace.
J'; Temporal" goods or advantage, this of pers. and y)
. world's gear.. b; 2 v. 224, Object, butt, or ..sJ aor. i. To CO';8 upon; and :s; aor. a. To be
impediment, according to dilTerent renderings. naked. A bare place.
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(07 )
J nor. i. To be raNi precious; to g;t the better of tlle p:lrlido the I't'dcrite n futuro
(with. ncc. of pera. nnd n.n. Power, significntiv'l; n. S. Gr. T. 1, Jl. 181.
glory. Po,ver, honour, pride. ;:i Plur. v'Z To come on by (U3 1\ wolf); qunu-
. , , -. riliternl verb derived from Tc) go round
, Ighty, eIcellen t. trOll .. ; grlCvous, 1.' 1 1 7 .
'. ."
as nt 9 v. 120 (wlth J;). rl (2nd ueclen- preceded by ... Initial letters nt tho com-
. ) '" II t . ht' ., . t r --
Slon =ore e:tce . en , mIg ler, wo. ! '.ller, mos menccment of the 4!!nd sec cJ I.
0'( . .'
powerful; Fern. &.S..r 2nd declenSlO!l); IoSF I aor. i. nwi o. To 1I1lx/ood I.'ltA hOile!/. ""I...../:.
El 'Uzza, name of nn idol of the Pngan Arabs. comm. genu. IIoney.
-V II. To give nduiti0nnl power,. to .;:.;. It mny be, (with n verbof pro x-
bomte (with IV. To render powerful. imity used only in the preterite; D. S. Or.
... . .. , .... , .. - 2 '>47 "Will .
o aor. o. and i: To be awny from, be hidden T . 2, p. 213; v..., It
.. - come to pnss that yo?JI "Would it La\"e
(with "
,,,. . s .. " . 4' happened that ye?" 47 v. 24
aor. i. To reprehend. II. To , .. ,
" u aor. o. To tahe an'a:; a tenth part; 'nor. i. To
assist, honour. . s .. ..
",,' maRe ten by one 1II1Ia. n.n.
J.r aor. i. To remove from a phce or office, set $" "' .... , "'",
aside. A place sepnrate from the rest. and.r.:. fern. j and rnasc., Ten, a
, decade. Note. From three to ten inclusi\'e
part. Jlass. VIII. To
separate from, remore
(with acc. of per!.).
'i-; aor.i. 'To determine,. resolve, pnrpose; to be
determined on or decreed, as at' 47 v. 23.
n.a. Fixed
U God's fixed resol ve human affairs."
To bring one bach. oblique plur.
of A crowd, company, n: S. Gr. T. 1, p.
,;.;.. aor. i. and o. To demand n;itn harshness the
repayment tif a loan, to be diffiCUlt.' ;:.;. n.a.
Difficulty. Difficult, unlucky, grievous.
s ...... , ,
Difficulty, distress; J"; 2 v. 280,
U One who finds a difficulty in paying a debt."
s , D- ...
ifficult, dire, .grievous. 1oSy..c (2nd
declension) W retchedness.-';W' VI. To be
difficult; to be in a difficulty;
v. 6, "If ye find yourael ves in a difficulty; "
the termination i, which is generally the
of the feminine, marks the masculine; Thc2C
numerals nsually agree ,in gender with the
noun of whicb they eXpre5$ the number, lmt
instances occur where this docs not appear to
be the case j thus at 6 v. 161 ;j'4 :r:
.. Q "Whoever shall a good
action shall have ten (g?od actions) equivo':'
lents oC that which he hIlS wrought;" Here,
althongh the noun is masc.;:'; is feme
because it really refers to understood;
D. S. Gr. T. 2, p. 329; so also at 2v.234, where gender with J9 understood.
Twenty. plur. of (2nd
declension) Camels ten months gone with
.' . !".
young. A compaDlon. KlDdred-
.... c-- ,
on the father's side. .r- A company.
, The tenth III. To live with,
associate with (with acc. of pel's. and y).
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( !l3 )
, .
,\.,l; nor. o. To be rtrM:,lai to from (with (lor. n. o. and i. To binder 0. woman from
.... ' -, . (. h .. s)
. ;" mt
evcnIng'. ,' .. : - An c\,cni0ci. t...b cor. o. To di(,:.t: l:".b fic1:!li;"u. ;;. ::. c!Jli'lUI)
. !'t.ol S",
nor. i. To :;U/WUIlJ, A body of men ph:r. of i..:..:. A part., .J.\"tJ:.J. Xoun3
froul teu Lv fUl{i.' .. ;. GI ;,;';0113, hC!l'J'., from n root tIdr
.", $""" 1 11
r- nor. i. To prcss r D.n .. .\:;0, tim.}, (1St rnJica which i3 then rcpt::cu by
. !i '<" _ S' !... .
anernoon.-... n.3, IV. f. A whirlwind. i tllU3 ,...=:; .t i !-.'.s;Hn.; mto
5 , c..' " .
p:.rt. aet. fem. plut. (Cloulh) e::l::tillci 'the plur. they the form, thu3
or rain., ia the plural of ! i D. S. Gr. T. I,
-.,; :: nor. i. To Mum rio!"nt!:I. '-f n.n. pp. 317 nnd 350.
and stalks 9f corn, or which the grain has ! n0f. i. To i;'lc!illt1 tonJard&, be n'dl (!i,"posecl
been entcn by oC2.ttle; .In violent g1lsts. ,tcn'ards. A side.
, '.'
':. .:.-;..; p:lrt. nct; Stormy,n t npc:5tUCe:S wind. To be] bare of ornamcnts (a nomall).-.... G.::. II.
.A ,-lolent wind. To dt'prh'c of OrWlnlCnt, leave without
,,,, ... ,"
nor. i.' To ma!:,J a profit i to prescrve, save p:.rt. pa3s. N rg-Iected. .
c.. $' r" -"
(with nee. nod plur. of 6, nor. o. To talLe a:ytMI!!J in the l.:.:nd. ilk.: A
Defence, gusrJianship. p:.rt. act. IV. To give (with double ace.);
Dcfender'-r::: !'l YIII. To' take hold on, cleave to be docile, as at 02 v. 5.-..JW VI. To
,firmly to (with X. To preserve' undertake, or tnke (a sword) in the hnnd,54
one's.self from sin. v.20.
aor. o. To strike one rcUlt. a stick. fern. To gil'e a do! a bonei and To be great.
s,-' . $' s,,
and A statT, rod. Note. J at F D.a. A bone i Plur. ,.\!l;. r-'g* Great,
-, ,'''''S I
tbe end of n word, wben preceded immediately beavy. F' (2nd declenaion) Greater, su-
by fatl}ll, does Dot tnke a. Towel, but becomes perlor, in II. To make
. '
,quiescent, and is chnncicdinto , in words of great, IV. To' incren"e (with
three letters, 'aud into", in words of four i ace. and J of
where is a bmw-een it is given to the i. To that whicn. is unlalLful

preceding D. S. Gr. T. 1, p. 105 i 0;', improper.-r....kvU D.a. V. f. Modesty.-
"', "', .... r.., X . . '0".
plur. snme as
aor. i. To rebel, disobey (with ace. and J or ;; aor. i. To !,oll (one) in the dust. !f:. A
, , . ace. and ,,}). Rebellious. '::," Re- dremon, aD 'Efreet. ' iI'
llion :- _': D' b di aor. o. To obliterate all (Q.8 the 1l'illci);
ISO e enct'. . .. ,
aor. a: To bite (witb ..;; 25 v. 29, or acc. aud' to pardon (WIth cr or i to ,abound, as at
3 v. 115>. ,'1 v. 93 i to pass over, pass by (with :J.), as
, " '" '" T'k , '" t I! 18 to 2 238 lI'
aor. O. 0 strl e anyone on the ann. a u v. ; remit, as at v. .J.,(lte.
An ann, a belper. is found in cgp!cs for;;;' 3rd pers.
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( 00 )
. \ .."" -G , 't I "" 5 ,
t:,Jg. nor.; 1l1!3 is \ \ or nlif tor. o. To be barr.:.'l (a 1!,oman).
of prec:dion, D. S. Gr. T. I, p.l0Cl. ;; n.n.1 (Plan c.r ...... omr:ll); r;l'iCV01l3 (day), as .
-'L'pllz" "lr.' '.;;" o .. ":':1
,!,. _', .... t 1' ..... 01 .. " .. 10;." ... , .... ___ ...... J _
'I' 1 f 5'1' l t F'" 51 v. 41. '
0;) lque p til'. 0 or oJl; p:tr . r.c. '01'- ", .. "
s." > oJ'
, -:- Very forr":"in'" . . ,
, ,,'" '0' y-;- 0" ',,' to np to (with ..;;.).
To Oll. the heel,' aor. o. 1'0 .. '
s .. ' .... , " .. , part. net. One who rClll:l:ns cO:13t:1ntly In any'
Success; 18 "v. Lit. "The place, nn inbbitnnt" as at 22 v. 2:; j
beat ns to comm. g0nd. A ously devotin!t onc's-sdf to, as at 20 v. 07.
S 'c..'1 "' .... , -
heel, posterity j Plur. lIeels j L 5- part. P:lSS. Detained.
S ' JI* J
IDs two heels. L;-'S Puni5hment ; :;.;. nor. o. To cut oJ! the top It'm'cs 0/ a tl'ee,
for \..rlt4 13 v. 32, etc. "Mypuni3bmlnt." adht,'re to, hang from. ",;[; Clotted bloiJd.
s , '"
t;; A phca bard of nsrcnt. (2nd r-c: A lump of .clotted purt.
End, 5UCC(33, rew:lrJ, n3 pass. II. f. One in
of .Qt;' End, rs; nor. i. nnd o. To mark, sigJl; nnd aor. n.
issue, fe.mlt j same ns To know (witll.ncc. and nl'so with j to

"!:' ... T ", t ' t distinguish (with ncc. and i to be learned

).,)l 0 re race one S 5 cps. " , ,
, _" , . or knowing j For the di!Terence between
part. act. One who puts off or reverses; d -:'" -:"" st S . k'
; an '-'f see '-'f' n,a. Clence, -now- .
Angels (of the night and day) W110 Iedrre learninfl' art :1: 43 v. 61 "A
, . 0 , 0' J, ",". ,
succeed each III. To punish sign or me:ms of knowing the last hour."
(with ';') j to. succeed in turn, as nt 60 v. 11 i A j Plur. Long mountains.
Pass. To be punished or injured, part. act. One who knows, or is wise.
16 v. IV. To cause to succeed or s""" , ""
Ii 11 (
'th' d') ..1= A sign, mark. oblique plur. of
o ow WI acc. an s" ,
"'-0 t" 1.. t t'k b . 'L ..It.: A world j The worlds spoken of In the
--..: Ie zn a Imo , s Tl 'e a nrg:un, mnli.e 11 com- ,
pact e t
t bl' t' S!!" PI Koron are taken to menn the three species of
, n tr In 0 an 0 ur. .
S , s,,, , $" , rational creatures, viz. men, genii, and angels
.Jj.:- A compnct. ;ol;.:. Plur. A knot, tie,
obligation j u! d"ut!3i 113 v. 4, "The Learned, wise i Plur.:J (2nd
declension). ,.f.;. Ver1learncd, wise or know-
women who blow on knots," witches. " I
", S ing. (2nd declension) compo form, More
Ji:- aor. i. To wound, hamstring. ;;,t;. Barren ,-
(woman).' or most wise or knowing (with ;'F
Ji;' aor. i. To !teep 6ac" (a camel, 6y tying up part. pass. Known, II. To
the foreleg); aor. i. and o. To understand, to teach (with y, or with double acc., or with
d . s, H .. .."
, .. pru Aut, sagacIous j '-:-'J"" t( acc. and or ,;,). part. pass. Taught, .
4;);!-! 22. V. 45, "They have hearts to IV. To make
understand with." V. To learn (with acc. or with ;'>.
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( 100 ) .
,.,,, . d ,. b" -, I '1'
cr..!: eO!'.l. nn o. 10 C u:f7l:,j .Jt. n pnu lC,
.... . bl' h
openly.-"\:1'.;\ IV. To pu :s
. (with or with nce. nnd .
G aor. n. and o. To bo 1.liGh, lofty, ehtd,
proud (with or J;) ; to lli)on, to be
over, ng t.; 17 v. 7; "Th:1t over which they
J *
had gUined the upper !mnd.;" d.'d;
.. .
17 v. 4, "And yo will Yc: ilybe with
tI " 'e.., 0 t"' ....
IT 1 d" h ....
t en e e c:m tc ,or ''It t.:r
"Be lIe raised far above," as \!,; Jw
16 v. 3, "Be lIe eX:l.1tcd fnr above thflt
they lmociate (with ltim)," see
"Come then I" fern. plur. imperat.
13 v. 10 for on 'account oC
the pause, D. S. Or . T. 2, p. 406, part. act.
The exalted, the X. To mount,
get the upper h::md.
great 1D :.:-lo:'.':e i. IS here put for \,;.'.; .....
the rr.dicnl J because of the
quiescent C) contdncd . in the teshdcedj it
being contr.\ry to tho rule to ha,e two IlUit:5-
cent letters together after tho sarno vowel;
D. S. Gr. T. 1, pp. 94 252., n.n.
Exaltation, inwlc:lco, pride; 17 v.
45; is said by DeicJt\wi!e to "stand in this
place for Gw; the literal meaning will there-
fore be "May ha be exalted far above th!lt
Jl.. aor. i. To mount ::p.
UPOD, ov('r, in ndditinD to, before, towards,
which they utter by a great exaltation."
oblique plur. of. Jt; for S4t; pnrt. act. That
.. J S
which is high or haughty; Fem .Q"; Lofty,
Bee D. S. Or. T. 1, p. 330; Qt,; it v.
II , , .... , c., .... , .,
84, Upside down; v,o.l.:...l 76
T. 21, "Having garments of aUk s& a cover-
ing j" The accns. of the part. or verbal adjec-
tive is here put for the verb, Rnd the words
have the same meaning as if they had been
s I' ... , f':-:- "Th h .
etc. . ere were upon t em gar-
ments," etc.; for the grnmmntical construc-
tion see D. S. Gr. T. 2, pp. 270 and 271; there
are various readings of this pnssage.-Jw
VI. properly, "Hewas .
also" He came" (with Jl or with aor. con-
ditional); In an optative Bense this word is
frequently put aner the Dlime of God, nnd it
against, opposite, alongside, to, accoruing' to,
of, for, on nccount of, in, from, by; J'"!; lIe
c..l "
owes, it behoves him; J-.i:. In order that,
on condition that, seeing that, although r Jl.
c.. "1;" 3 "A d' t ..
6 v.1 5, ecor mg 0 your power;
j.;. 4 v. 50, " As-or like-the hinder
parts thereof;" yr J.:. 22 v. 11, II After
a way," or " upon the verge-as it were-{oC
religion) j" The meanings of j.;.. seem
all to be more or less connected with the
primnry idea of something. upon or over
another. ";:;i (2nd dec1enaion) compo form,
Higher, highest, more or most exalted i Fern .
. t;t; (2nd declension) for in accordance
with .the nl1e that finnll.j when preceded by
.:.s is changed into short \ ; D. S. Gr. T. 1, p.
, ...... "I'''''S .
Ill; Plur. masc. for according
to the rule of permutation, D. S. Gr. T. I, p .
354; Fem. Plu;. J.:. and with the
article JfJi. High, Buhlime, eminen!;
. , ..
name of Bon-in-law.
properly, High places, a name of the upper
part of the Heavens, where the register oC
men's good nctions is preserved, or according
to some, the register itself; Learned Moslims
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( 101 )
dIller greatly nbout this word nnd its menning; J.;.; Plur. JtZi Work, act, deed, labour, toil,
iUs found in Hebrew.
.. ,
! , !I ' c..l
' ,,, T
r aor. o. 10 he commOi1. r Plur. An uncle aor. a. 0 wander distracteuly to and fro (with
. on the father's side. An aunt on the j to be struck with nmuzement.
aor. i. ToJloTO; and aor. a. To be blind,
aor. i. To a.fflict. plur. of corom. "dark, ob3curej 23 v. GO,
gend. A column, a lofty structure, a tent pole. " And the account sllan be (i/Jas) obscure unto
_J.!;fV. To propose. On purpose. them." n.n. Blindness (of heart). r!-
:z aor. o. To make ""habitable, perform. P1ur. Acc. Blind, D. S. Gr. T . I,

the sacred visit",tion-to Mccc3.-(with ncc.). p. 354. (2nd dec1enslOn); Plur.
$'" , """".
"t b

r Life j a form of oath, Verily y and _ - Blind, II. To blind,.
tlly life." .Kote. When not used in this manner hide, conceal from (with of pors.), 03
$", $" .. 0 It
the word is written. nnd pronounced.r-:-. r
_ . 11 v. 3, And it is froUl
oge, and especially long life, old. age. IV. To make blind.
The s:lcl'ed visitation to Mecca. .. , Off. from from oIT. awny from out of in spito
. .
'(" d"
, ,
n.a. ReligIOUS cult, culture. (2nd of, concerning j The primary signification of
declension) j Two persons arc called by this : conveys the idea of removal from of' or
name in the viz. the father of the Virgin ::-a), from a thing, and from this the
Mary, and the fatber of lIIoses_ and Aaron. significations may be derived, see D. S. Gr.
s , .. ,
'T" d AI , II T
port. pass. "lslte ,etc'-
. 0 cause T 1 483' ,." 4, '::''': St:' ." : ,( 2
,po , _
J v.
to live, grant a long life to. .-... part. pass. 45 "0 1 h 11 't t 11 _1. 't' f: t'
., ne sou a a no a a sa IS ac Ion
One whose life i.s To for another," i.e. so that the punishment should
visit, pass one's time in X. be transferred from one to another; i
To aettle anyone as an inhabitant (with acc. ' " ... ".... ,
. I if 3 V. 92, Lit. God is rich aW:lY
and. J).
from his creatures," i.e. rich enough' to dis-
aor. o. To he deep. Deep, distant, far off. pense with them.
aor. a. To he active (a camel) j to do, make, s'
..... ,
S generic noun, Plur. y\:.,;1 A b"l'ape, grapes,
act, work,. operate j 17 It vine; DO verbal root.
v.86} see see also 6 v. 135 j at 34 V. 12 aor. a. To he corrupt, faU into misfortune,
before we must understand the words perish, to commit a crime; ?:: t,; 3 V.
JJ; "It was aaid to them," viz. the house . 114, "They desire ),our ruin j" t,; with the
of David; so also. at the 10th verse the word verb following is here considered sa equivalent
'.",s "w
d d h' ". b
.. , ",
e cornman elm, 18 to e under- the noun of action p, and is hence called
t d b
'r'...... s .. , "'. '
.Q , .. , '
.. io
a 00 elore see part. ic::t'
"" D. S. Gr. T. I, p. 5U j v.
One who does, etc.; an operator, worker, teiler. 7, "Ye would certainly be guilty of a crime."
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( 102 )
!I " ., ,c"."t. c.. ........... .,..... ....,' J .
n.n. To destroy; r' nor. o. To return, turn (,;llh , or frc-
2 v. 219, "lIe will surely distrc:!s or lk3troy que-ntIy with nn ellip:;() of tho comple-
you;" Tho prderite beinG' put for th,) norbt mont; Q f)S v. 4, "Then they
to give tf) the D. S. would reved to or repJir wkt they said;"
Gr. T. 1, p. ItJg. this passage admits of a .ari 'tyof el:pbnations.
aor. o. 10 go out of thJ na!l. ; At,. .jt; 'Ad, nn nncient nnd por;crful tribe of Arabs
with, ncar, about, in; Thb particle is prop.:rly of stature, dcs.::ended from the
.a noun in the ct1Je, meaning B siJe, great-grandson of Shem. purt. act. One
pnrt or the preposition it is who returns. A plnce ",hitller one re-
written n3 "Fro.m GoJ;" nho turns,a nnme of IV. To cnU3C to
.. cd by L.:?, (It is) in my return, restore (with ace. of pel's. and or
power; (there is) with mc, or I hnve, Lnt. with double ace.) ..
mihi est; tB JJ fi v. 60, "There .:it; nor. o. To oe 1Ztxt the bone (flesh); to tn1;:e or
will be no mensllring corn) for you on my . seck refuge, especblly: with God (with c.....J of
part;" D. S. Or. T. 1 p. 4D6. .,; COD,:, pel'S; and nlso nscll
tumaciou3,stubborn,refl'nJtory.. 1 3 d 44 9
est, as at 2 v. 6 ,an as-ain at -t: v.I.
J:.,; To hide the head and neck in itsform (a hare).. .. , -c>-: , , "
." s ..,t;r,.; A refuge; \ 12 v. 23, God for-
comm. gend. Plur. Jti.:\ A neck.
bid!" Lit." (I seck) refuge with Ood," for
comm. gond. A spider; verbnl \ root .. ,,,
doubtful; J;t-Jt,;i IV. To recommend to
aor. o. To distress, to be humble (with J) ; the protcction-ofGod-(with ace. ofpers. and
i;..;rr 20 v.lIO, " And their faceuhall X. !o take refuge (with"t of
be humbled." pers. and imperat. 7 v. 109,
lOr. a. To enjoin, commnnd, stipulate, cove- "Then tIy for
-, ,." !...c..,
Dant (with Jl of' pel's. and o!'. with .i4 of ,;1.;. aor. a. and o. To be or to make one-eyed.
pers.).. A covenant, promise; also time, Pudendum., nakedness, a place lying naked
as at 20 v. III. To mnke a covenant and exposed to the enemy, as at 33 v. 13;
with (with ace. of pel's. and ofmntter). . 24 v. 57, Lit. "There are
;;. aor. o. To wither. Partieoloured wool. three (times) of nakedness for you."
lOr. o. To ,lana recede; and To 6e aor. o. To keep oblique plur.
6ent, distorted. Crookedness, curvature, "" part. act. II. f. Those who hinder.
.. distortion, obliquity; jJ j 20 v. 107, aor. o. To swerve, turn aside (from the right
"There ia no obliquity in him," or "no re- way).
,t, $' . er ..... '
ceding." Note. 5 when used to deny the exist- aor. o. To ,n;rm. A year; 31 v. 13
enee or a thing generally governs the aeeus. oblique dual, Two years. ' I
without tanwecn; D. S. Gr. T. 2, p. 63. aor. o. To 6e middle-aged (a n;oman). ;I'J
by C;;oogIe
( 103 )
IV. To r.'J:2t(" ilh ncc.!':1u nor. i. To risit. A festival.
... " ) " ':18 (14 "Th ,""
or c..r ; \J V. iJi:, en I!-:OJ:!t ).:. nor. i. To go bac!m'arc!s and fomcit!$.
" "'''1''''' "I T h 1 ' (' h
me. ,. 0 C pone anotner ''''It
r: "1' .... " .;. . .
.. .::....t X. To a3k nssut:lnce (wIth nco.
c,,' .
of pers. or with '7'), I,:)\.c..-. part. One
whose aid is to be implored.
, fern. A caravan. . ,.' ,,_
(2nd declension) JC!tlS, Our Savionr.
'" .
nor. i. To one's .life, lit,t!. .s n.n.
." ...
Life. ':rhatc,er i3 to sup-
.' ''1'.1' d" Tb
..r- 110r. 1. .l 0 lIes/tate; nn nor. fl. 0 e
!...." I ""
port C:-;-. Plur. .. (2nd .dr:dcn
hindered so ns to be unable to I!omplde Il. lhing
(with '";') j 4G v. 32 nor. condo "lie Vias
Dot unable to complete i" 50 V. 14,
"Were we then unable to fini3h?" The verb
:;. being at the e::Ulle time sll.rd, concave, nnd
dcfl'r.tivc, prcacnts several npp.lrent nnom:l1it;}5 ;
these may, howe\'er, uU be cxrbineJ by the
rules l\'hich nlrect such verbs.
1101". i. To 6e Jault!!; to render f:1u1ty or un
scrviceable. .
sion) Ex:L:tence, manner of living, victuals,
neces:saric3 of life.
nor. i. To tn:Zst the 60dy about in a cOllcdted
manl!er r,;nell wa!hi,:), to 6e poor. p:u-t.
act. Poor. .11;; Poverty.
nor. i. To fioro. feme Plur. A
.. s, .....
fountam, spnng of water i Plur, An ese.
. :m for:;;; D. S. Gr. T.I, p.1l2, f,;m.
, .... c..... ...
plur. of (2nd declensIOn) brse
eyes. Clear-flowing', 8
see u)i. ,li To-morrow. ij,i{ An early me:l1, dinner.
"". , ."", . ." .". .,
;:. aor. O. To delay. . .J.tU part. act. The morning, early morning. same
One who stays behind, lngs 88 ;,jJ. .
;,;;.1 aor. i., To D.a. VI. t. Mutual aor. O. To deceive with vain hopes (with acc. and
deceit. . when used with acc. and '-:! it to
g aor. O. 1'0 6e covered withfoam ami dead leaves, seduce from, as. at 82 v.' 6, and 67 v. 13.
etc. (4 "rer). j1l Scum and refuse, light ;JJ A deceiver, the Devil. ;;;. A vain hope j
straw, stubble.
aor. i. and O. To remain 6eldnd.--';S\1 III. To
lesl"e out.
aor.8. To 6e full of water (4 &pri11!J)'
Copious, abundant.

.l.C BOr. o. To come or go early in the morning
'th .. ,... s... s .. ...
WI t,;J1 or .Joi;. for J.Joi:. The morrow i
, ".
!..r Deceitfully.
y} aor. O. To go away, set, as the lun (with
Ii ,. 't .........
A raven. y.v: Sunset. Fem.
The West. (2nd. declension)
... ...
plur. of A kind of black grapes.
, "... '
The West, setting ot the sun; Plur
(2nd declension) The western partaot
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( 104 )
.. t., t' ,
tIe. carLlt; Dual i.jJ"-!/,-" 55 v. l'i, Tile two r,0r. n. To coy.:r oVer, UrO!!, C3 at 2() v.
, ....... "' ..... "
points in. the IIc:1>cn3, the sun in OoJ, '-:-' ,.\..,., t!)"":' r:? On:1 c('rbill ,! 'y thcir
summer punis:H.lCnt !1hnll COIllO urCin thcm;"
J} i. und o. To d,'a:') n'ata for drilli.:i:!J. is he-re put f..:: D. S, Gr. 'r. 1, I), 11S;
A dr::.u::;ht of w:ller Ui) in till} h:1:ld j . ;;..;. J-'!..i r Llt. II It is covcred over
tha savcnlh 2::; v. 7f). ::.ut! llim," II. plJrl13C meaning "he f;lints," 33 v. 19.
pluds of ;S':r' ! Lofty nparlmcnta.- 1;.;\1 The day of u?9 plur. of.
!" ..". S, , .,.
J.Pl YIII. To drink Qut of the h!l.nd (with A cOioring. A coveriuZ', veil.
s 0
nC9. nnd part. p:l33. ne in II. II.
J} To be subm:rgcd. JJ n.n .A: dr3.u:;ht. To tu CJme to cover (with double ncc.).
At a sillC;lo dranJM; nnd bence, suddenly, IV. To cover, canse to or be
1 $"" . 0 C '<.1 ( '/h d bI ) V T
VI,O "ntly. The nct of c i 'r\,; WI. au e nce . . 0
IV. To drown (with nee. nnd or '-,J). have c:lrnal X. To
s"- ", If '1 t ( . h
. part. Drowned.' cover one S-52 WI. 1-3 g:mnen - Wit ncc,
,. -: '" l ' J 1 t to' of garment).
r..r aor. a . . .lO uS 211 atJut. par. nc. ne m G , ,;.
d bt
s A t"" t t .s",)-,:\ I nor. e, To be annoyed by s,;.;;u:tllln:J 8tldmg ZIl
e. rr con mUOU3 ormen. rr'
debt that must be paid, II. forced lonn, !) v. 00. the throat. :; which slicks in
, t IV f. 0 h'" 1 d the throat, so as to C:lIlSC pain.
'-('.FA par pass. ne w 0 13 mvo ve ,,, f'. t' .. [' B
in debt, or lnid under an obligation. aor. I. To carry off rlolently. ,A- Y
force. .
9 aor. o. To gluc.-..i).' IV. To excite, incite . G. T t d . tb t 1 th
aor. o. 0 cns OWD- e eyes, 0 ower- e
against (with acc. nnd '-I); to cause enmity . ('th") .
, .. ,;. vOice WI
(with ,.oJ) ,.,. ' ,.,
1:,;-, aor. 11.. To be ano!!1'y (with .).::. of pers.
", $L' ,.
J;: aor. i. To spin. J.J n.a. A spinning, that against whom). 19 n.a. Anger, indigna-
h' , , .. (
W IC 15 spun. tion. ..:. adj. (2nd Angry.
aor. o. To will, seeh, mahe an hostile excursion pnrt. pass. pnrt.
-!,. SG' '. '
Qgcunst. u7 for u7 plur; for ujll A act. III. f. Being nngry.
, . '
combatant. v-; aor. 1. To he IV. To make
. J -;- ,; aor. i. To herery darhCtje night), J.:i n,a. """ dark. _,
The' commencement of niO'llt. \1 The \Q aor. o. To he darh. A veil, covering.
o v-J .",
moon, also the commencement oC darkness, .J.:. nor. i. To cover, pardon (with y of pers. and
J\!i Cor..:uption which flows from the bodies acc. oC thing); to forgive (with )11
of the damned. part. act. One who forgives. ;}1 and ;11;
"" [' T h 6, .. ! S $, C -: V '" .. P ,'C" '" 'It'
J.-.i. aor. 1. 0 was. arne as q.v. ery lorglVlng. ardon; \:o..J,)
VIII. To wash one's-self. j.:..;l: A 2 v. 285, "(We implore) thy partIon, 0 our
place for washing. Lord;" There is Lere an ellipse of or
. Digitized' by Google
('10'; )
...s' -
EJnlt. sin I ar OI'J, sc D. . G . T. ,p.
-;y Pa on ).' T ns p::: on r
\';1t J)' to 'k -Jon of (;,ith rcc. of pers.
." J"" '" .
and. n. n.ll. The act of
s ..
givencs3. pG..... p:lrt. nct. One ,\ho s
ao . o. 0 l J.:a, ex SSI " t esc d at
. t d P 1") wit
Ii aor. i To boil. Q. n.a The net of boiHn.;
nor' o. '1.'0 cc'\'cr.
! n.n. An
llish, nmiction.
4.Ai In the dark. tl.t1 plur. of ClouJs
or;; en ;er ,., t h.. en
""" t.., . () $
IJ..: or.. n cc be cnt (v/th .. -). " ' tc _"e.. !I
. ....;:. ..... 0 a un m b.,;. r. l2.f
.. pc.rt. nct. One who is or - A' tl d f t I'. J f '1 .
, S'" c'1 LiOO 0 "a er a contuse mlp,o any. llrw'
1053. i' < - N e.;11g<Jl'!cc, ... --:'\ sometimes U3.:'d met!'.phor!f'.,l!y, us'
0 b c; oen wi :lC an d 1...,9 TIl pm oS 0 ea
;; r. To':x Q( ':Uf binI-a :"cb nuto ,,'-: n . . t . h n nc
s :: 1. 0 JI, r n ; a a J
the neck. enmity, gruur-e. To "ink at one another.
Flur. j:L1 A collar, yoke. J!J.#. PlHt. pa.os. nor. o. To he 101/; and (the groul. ).-
. . t <t i" ""'''' c,.. '" ...
au ,h u, ";'".H .uro:.. V. 0 c ni nt 1e p, ( Ie
7v 1, "No et y nd et' u 0 tb n lef 'hul e( 'th
neck" i.e. Be not niggardly. To get as booty, ,nc'lui:e, gain, without trouble.
"" T " .. '1"( d 1 1
nor. i. 0 (WIth j.J ep. - e on u
on r. n ,V 0 c que ; ..... ) PI de sp' s.
.. .. .. " 0 2 If Aft t"r . t '" T b . h t d 11 ('th .) s"
nIl .3, r '\ ':, aor. B 0 e nc; 0 we WI c!. . .. .,:.;

defeat;" the word is here used in a pll5sive Plur. (2nd dec1enslOn) Rich, sclf-suffi-
sense. part. act. One "ho o,ercomes, c nt, ble 0 wi ou th ( h :).-
, ..
'ct ou all " ul. p r. ":""<j "'il V. 0 ic (w' and r.:J ); t
. , .
I J d 1, /', ,I"V r ..... - .... '" 80 30 '1 b fit bI t ,. f ill r:
Ie ne 'C , 'Ojl .l.:. -) .. -. v., 8\"81 or e pro a e 0, saLli; y,' su ce lor.
It Gardena (plauted) \bick (with trees)." fill the place of anot ,er or or ngamst, us

-?r- p r p s. er me.
r. i nd .... J. r.o To thO k, gil. ev
(witli j;. of era.) Plur. Rou,..h
severe, strong, firm i f:.!6 Hard-
.,,,,, .... ...."
S X. 0
ic st g
. jfJ. To ut a hottle into its case' and To he
'1 se..
uncircumC'tSed. PI or. UncU'cum- .
ili r. To hut do). PJ II. S me Jf:'
:u nor. B. To be lustful. ril Plur. A boy,
B youth, frequcntIyused m the for n son.
h ..... ,0 PCI fo 'IV h , d I 0 C
a in t wb at 12 v 67' or with "'; of
pers. and acc. II,S at 19 v. 43, see another
c str tio is un at 3 v 29, J! Io.;lJei
t1 .. It oft th otbi g ain t
",.... 31 "I h
t-th;" "7' J\ '\, 77 v t s all
not avail against ,the fiame;" It is also em-
ploye wit the acc. alo at 0 3
,c.:.. ; pt.. 0 e' 0 mc 0 tn s'
.'" """"", '"
t P e f an the -\,...:.:-.' X. To become
rich, desire richcs, to be able to do without. to
be sel -sufficient.
Jig t 0 Ie
( 100 )
..,If nor. o. To (with lie or tLat which is absent or
. " " ,ft, ,.,
0 Implore assi:;bnec (with nee. n!hl VIII. To t.r:.vlucc the c.bcnt, as 40
. )1 aor. o. To cOlile into a pl..:ce. )i A v. 12, "Neither traduce one another;" nor.
s'- ... d conditional.
cavern. ..':n.a. (Water) un er
, , $
. !... ... ... S ... ,. I.!.:\..: aor. i. To water by means of rum.
ground. . A ca ... f\::n. plut. nn'n
;;;-" ,",,,,I
pnrt. IV. f. llorse's making an hostile ).1, aor. i. To provide for., ; A difference, nn
excurSIOn. ,. ot.herj This word, which sometimes docs dllty,
, ,. s 0 ...
...,.,U nor. o. To dive (with at 21 v.82). as nn adyerh, is then indeclinaLle, Not,
A diver. besides, tinles;.; wilen used as a prcpo3ition,
};t.f"aor. o. To plun!Jc i1lto. A nolle:.: place, nnd meaning Without or Except, it bcco;nc3
. Ie,'
a privy, easing one's-self. declinable, see Note. Much controYersl
Jlf nor. o. To sci::c. j; Inebriation: . exists ns to the grammatical construction of
u;l nor. i. To w2nd
cr, go u5tray. n,a. Error
thi3 and similar words, D. S. Gr. T. 2, p.IS3,
destruction. One who. is in the wrong. note.-;:l II. To nlter, change. ,;.:- part.
. S '
, , 't" 't' I f 0 ..... I '1 fi ...... ,
.J'.l part net. PIm. 1;))1-=' Oblique Plar. nct. ne who see,)1i or
, ., ...-Q""
One who goes astr:ly; ccnoting -;iU To be changed.
Devils, or those who listen to IV. Jlf aor. i. To diminish, abate, be wanting, ns
To lead nstray. L: 13 v. 9, "What the wombs
. , , s ", SIt d ') "
aor. i. To he ahsent. n.a. Plur. want (of their ue time
A secret, mystery, whav.!ver is absent or hidden, aor. i. To incense, irritate (with ncc. and .
"'" s ..... ,." .".
D. S. Gr. T. 1, p. 270, note, Anger, fury. pnrt. nct. One\vho
The bottom (of a well, etc.). part. nct. is n.B. V. r. A ruging furiously.'
..J A prefixed conjunction having less conjunctive
. power than;, and hence principally employed
in connecting sentences; the following is from
Johnson's Pel'S. Arab. and English Dictionary;
&oJ is a prefixed. particle of' inference and
sequence, signifying And, then, for, therefore, .
so that, in orcler that, in that case, in con
sequence, afterwards, at least, lest, for fear
that, truly; all or most oC these significations
may be found in the but this particlo
occurs 80 frequently in almost every page
that the choice must be left to the reader's
see D. S. Gr. T. 1, p. 540 et seq.,
also T. 2, p. 306; It is constantly to be found
prefixed to other 'particles, as t!u, :;u, JU,

etc. etc.
... ... -
An opening or commencement, rt. i:! q.v.
"Then protect him;" impernt. iv. r. or
... 1 '
'G I
Qigitized by OOS e
(1 )
,. : nor To
.jl S! Plur. I

Tho heurt.
, '1
" Theil" show impcrnt. iv. f. of I
q. ith pre d.
,,-: " ....
IIJ for "u or nor. and i. To sprit (the hear!) ,
7V1 a src A b or, ty 0 en,
'"(; s J"(; r
t 1' g of Klw.ib
..... u purt ct. 0,' who
opens, one who gl\'cs jw \ l'nma
of leo ' 'ng 1 )ter f tho r ' '.;ji
Tho JuJge, an cIHLhet of GoJ. (:Jilt! .

nsi plu f _., or J, '-J A y.-
e II. To open (With of pcrs.). part.
p Op d,- To !L3:3i co
of God,-against (with J..:.); to ask for a
j men dec n-i suit ::13 at 10
., "'c..1-: "" ,'''' see ? nor. o. anu i. To be 'idet " ,to feel we::t!, or f:lint,
1. 1, -c.., "*1
nor. To afl, '\5e, 3i3t, r t di3t. ? 23at od rn'.l tim
". , , " ' , r.I -
L.-L 12 v. 8;) "By Ood! thou wilt (not) between two :proi,het.3,-..? II. To
ce' to r cmb J030 "f his p3e d nish pun men ("it :}.
of tho negative BCO D. S. Gr.T. 2, p. 473; 'J.j To split, cleave asu.nder.
her ut fo W, S. G T. 1 97. -: ao To st ( pe). \;j mlll in'
aor a To open (with nce. or with, ace; of thing' the of a :c-stone, hence a thing of no
an JS. 0 ers., 0 e in 0 evel 'th v
'-:-' of tbin(l' nnd r pers.) j To grant-a' aor. i. To try, or prove-ll3 gol:l in the fire-
y or a. tory wiU e. nn of s.), ( nce d l" to n t, p cnt
8S at 48 v l' to nd'udicate in a. (with' (by burning), which seems to be the meaning
."':;" , &>. ' &> 96 at v.l to lint mpt n; lak
:'" "(1'0(1' i' 1; had . " an attempt upon, ns o.t 4 v. 102; to seduce
o 0 , a way .. "" 1-' ,
open for em, anu 0 to e r part ( .:r i:Jr }::! 1 :. 5 13, T ne
me ti ned t 18 v 93, which being broken shall be proved, punished, or burnt in the fire."
do , an pHo f th bar ous bes n.a. tri d. art t. 0 wh

is to take lnce shortly before the last day; lends into temptation. A temptation,
the b is re p n th emi as ng tn pun men isfo e, d rd, ilio
for subject the collective nouns and or eivil war, as at 8 v. 40; At 2 v.IS7 it mny
, D. . Gr. . ,p..... . Vic,t ,a be nde "se tion om tru" 8
'- " -0 "
dec' , no' dgm t, the tnkin of a town, also at 3 v. 5; vQ 1 .c.::.! 29 v. 9, A trial or
and peci y of ccn, bich 80m es cal ity ceed fro en At 8 25
called e
ar excellence as' for example in is explained as menning any cr!me common
the th c pter, ich es i o.m om to peo at ge ; o.s tra ate
thnt victor . N.B The victory foretold at the " sedition," but the commento.tOl'd are at nloBs
clos f th 7th 8e elie to the, to the nct nnin G 10
( 103 )
85 Ilnd 60 v. 5, " Do noL us (the subject
'1 tilT"""
o punl., Hnen; i::J.\''; :.:.::.J "
J, ,
a simlbr ellipsc occurs nt 17 v. nbo nt 37
v. 61 nnd at 74 v. 31, wLere it II a Ca!l;;.J
callsing' (wuter) .... to V. To flolv
(with rII. To flow ,(with
nt 2 v. tJ7 the yerb 13 put in tha .fern., bc:n;
SllOUlU S:lY) gOYt;d: C!d by the r.ominali,o
cr contention;" At 33 v. 14 it Il!:l.y be ..... , .''''' 1 I
\Mi \, Twe ve fountains,' nuu the
"de3crti0:1," and nt a v. 2!J it i.: to mean ' .. ,
word bein
'" of the fem. ('I'cnucr " !:lr tJU)
" " 1 1 b ' .... - t)
excuse or UIl.jwer, nn Oll.y to. e cllIed construction of numerals aee D. S. Gr. T.
because tllat i..! a lio forg-eu by 1, p. 420, T. p.318.
th 1
1 1 $ ''t'
e uO atorJ. 'f.;)f'k. part. Di3tr.lcteu,. 'j 11 (-') !'!1 AI
' \,S; aor. o. 0 opc.'l a (loor. I-=. C car open
cmentcu. " oJ
':' . . . 8pa.ce, as between the aides of n cnve.
\:,; aor. o. To he supmar to ano:",'r i,1 generosity. ' .: ',:' . . _, ..
young man, man-.;crvaut; t.J.s! To be shal;ziful or 2nfamous; sl..!..S:! (2nJ
!-... ft' .1 $.' .. , f '!",'Pl- declension) Filthy, shameful, or di.shonourabla
ll1:l!ly. 10,;;., ur. .
.! ,.'::', Y '.1 t' ""s' conduct, stinginess in the l)!\\'m';llt
_I.OO:.J oUt!ort' women, m:Uu-scrrnn 3.-. ..::.J\ . ;
- 'I,.) , "
IV T d
. of tithes or other relior-iolls dnes. j.:...z.....;
0 a V1se, gIVEt an opinion or i:13truction '
in n' matter of law or (with ncc. of Filthines3, unclennnc.:s, a filthy report, a crime,
pers. and X. To consult, ask fornication or adultery; .Plur. (2nd
opinion or advice, chiefly in 1('3:1.1 matters ,;. declension) .
(with ace. of pel'S. uho'ITith t btcrro- F To boast. Vam-glorlous, a bO:lster.
) ,'" , .. ,.,.. .. " "! JI E th $ " VI f. 'l r t _1
o.hve ,.b..\""":,,. -i 18 V ')9 jl.!!!!:': ar enware.-,.:>\.IO.I n.n. . J.U.U U;.u
, , .. ' t'}......" ,.. ... , . ..J
"Neither ask the of them (the " boastmg.
Jew8 or Christinns) concernin'" them'" some nor. i. To ransom (with acc. and ,-:-,).
&;) , s."
oC their views on the important matter in . n.a. A mnsom. A ransom, that w1lich
question nre gh'en in the preceding Yerse. is pnid as ransom ,or to a fault.-
2 aor. o. 'To straddle. ? n.B. Plur. broad III. To ransom, VIII.
WBY, especially between two mountains. ransom or redeem one's-self with (with 'i)'
? aor. o. To cnuse water to forth (with ace. '"
and:"'); to go aside from the right way, to "To redeem themselves with it from
act wickedly. n.a. The dawn, day-break. the punishment," etc.
. -: . !, ..... t( s ,.a , ,
JrU part. Rct. Wicked; Plur. see u.JJ'
.,t ..... ,,-:-:- ...
. j# n.B. Wickedness.-.# II. To cause to flo\v see ).JJ'
(with ace. and J. or with double acc.); .J aor. i. To flee, flee to (with J'); fly Crom (with
82 v:3, " And wben the scas F1ight, the of fleeing away.
, ,
shall be made to' flow (togetllcr)," 80 to ji.; A plnce of refuge. . ,
form but one 8ell. n.a. The net of nor. o. To 6e bt'J (wnter).
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( 100 )
nor. i. aT!':! o. To l.:t Oile the CJI':tolts-oj a
6as1:ct. l'lx'C2J.
", . "1 J 5 .. : PI
_ j aor. 1. To Sp.It" C C:'.YC a':;Ull cr. -', ur
ndr:mcc of truth)," i.e. " lIe c;" ;t.:3 the
truth hi.> lh worJ'ia ifJ mO.1t
ucccptation id :>.pp1id to liOf.5C, y, ;10
. An brc:lk, f1.lw, private p:lrb; oubtl'ip:3 his comp': it In:c, .. l!iC:l':S
..i:. 21 v. 91, "And Ella \";110 or C::ttl'l\':1Jlnt, inilJ.uity, th!l.t which
goes beyond all bounJ3.-f:J II. To ba nC:jIi-
pre.:erved her ckdity," viz. 'l'he Yi::;in :i\Inry. I
!I gent, omit, !'let ne:;1i,:;ently {with, J).-!':.J.:
.:; nor. n. To bo ghtl, rcloico (with y). .,..JJoy- ......
pnrt . IV. f . . )Inda to
fuI; at 28 v. 76 it meaD3 one who exults (in .. " ..,
. e) aor. a. To up. c) A brancll or top of
rIches). a tree.
To 60 alona. , Plur. (2nd declel13iun) Pharaoh .
(2nd dec1ellSlOn) Alone, WIthout com- '< '-: . .1 IT' fi . I ' "': I n f
. r aor. a. anll a, .lO el,wty, InlS 1; .. ).J".t
p::mions, or a3 nt 21 v. 80, hlthout o:7_pring. 1..0:: , ". .
, ... "'.... l s"' .... c,
v--..;,i To 011 t,r.a groum. V")..). comm.
gend. Pu:ndi"9; tho original meaning- of the
word is a park or planted with fruit-
trees; it is from the PlUTo tbat we
have the Greek word napaCEI17o<;.
J.} nor. O. To spread as a c:lrpct on the ground.
J:J n.n. Animals fit for slaughter. J9
... ,t
generic noun; Moths. V!'! n.B. Plur. Vf
A carpet ueed as a bed, n. mattress, and meta-
phorically a wife; thus at 56 V. 33,
"And d:lmse13 rn,ised on lofty couches."
cJ} lOr. i. To ')tlNcli, ratify, appoint, fix (a time) ;
to ordain, command an observance of, or
obedience to (with acC. of thing and J.:. of
pers.); to sanction; to assign (with J ofpers.);
To 66 aged (a C01D), whence comes J}.i An old
., ,
cow. An ordinance (especially of God),
.. ,
a settled pOrtion, dower or jointure;
'Q ..
see J;;':' part. pass. Appointed, deter-
aor. O. To precede, to be extravagantly reproach-
" ",
ful or kif In advance of;
\tJ IS v. 27, "And his afl'air is in I
v. 7, I And when tY!OU h:!st finbhcd (thy
preaching);" to bring a matter to nn cnJ,
settle aD uccountwith (',ny one. (\" .. J of
$ , -: "",","I.""
pers.), fJ,U part. act. Empty, voiJ.-tj' IV.
To pour out (with acc. and
Xi aor. O. To split, divide, make a distinction (with
:,;.); to send down from Heaven (as the
1;{or.ln); thus at 44 V. 3, where it may also be
rendered II is distinctly i" as on the
night there aUuded to are settled all the nffairs
of this world for the ensuing ye:lr; .5} nor. a.
To be ofraid. JJ n.n. The act of
ing or separating i u) 77
"And by the Angels who separate (truth from
falsehood) by a discrimination;" there are'
also other interpretations of the passnge.
.! A separate part, heap, hillock. li,) A
band of men. jJ,) A part, portion, some, a
, II
party or band of men. 1.:1U.r A distinction;
. The Law of lIoses and the are so called
as distinguishing between truth and falsehood,
see 2nd Epistle to Timothy ch. ii. v. 15;
... ,.., 4" 0
('J!. 8 v. 2, n the day of distinction
(vf the true believers from the infidcls)/' viz.
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( 110 )
B:t'ttlo of ikrlt; so :1130 r.t S v. Q(), \"l,.;re U ('')1'' n. be brLlcJ, smittcn "ith (with
5"'" ... -;.,
it is intc!'preted by rome. to 0. victory I,;]"J)' tJ n.n. Tcrl'or.-t} II. when
over the unbclicvcrs.-J) II. To ,a wilh ;;;. mC:'.!1S To f1'20 frq:ll f(,:1t, ns 131
-division or dbtinct!on (with d>; to a . :3 v. ., Wilt!!) tLeir hC:1rLs ;;haU
('t' ) S '<:: D' . . h b f. u f r "
I!C I1S:,l In ",'I,} r.ce.. (j!"IJ n.n. lYBIOn, :lve ccn cc:: ..:om ,..:ar.
- " .
III. To q:lit, p::r,t f1'JL.l (with nor. a. Tv ttJ sjJ(:CFOU3, to room for a
$ 0-
ace.). JI) n.n. The net of lJ.uittin;, a person {with J of V. To make
lion; at 18 v. 77 is nnfcccJcnt to ,room (with of pl!'.ce).
it must be borne in mind that :;. see
f'l'enernlly rcnucrcu .... em" i3 ill r.:;.l1i .. y n !I ,,,
I) J.....j Mr. o. To. be corn!pt. n.ll. The ading
Bub3bntive me!minf; interval, or, C3 in tbi3' 1 . 1 .....' .. '
cO.:'i."Upt y, corruption, VIO cnce; .:1 v-li
P!lS3:!go, n conne:tion; at 75 ,39, moans 5 v. 35, "Without (tId soull1:win;
a departure from this life'-J ... , V. To be another) soul or (committ-.;d)
diviueu nillon:; thcm50lves (with, .,J); ;;;'Si
\,;)/ - IV. To net corruptly, do ( ..... ith
6 v. 154, U For f0:tr yo ecnttc'.'0d to corrupt, (with ncc.). ... part.
, - ...
away from (v;lth \:.I":), D. S. Gr. '.D. 2, p. 2Ji> ; act. One who ncta corruptly or commits
to be sepli"lltcd one from another. part. violence. n spoilcr.
. act. Divers, different. ;..J nor. i. and o. To ';' n.B. II. r. An
;! To' be brisk. pnrt. nct. One who is clever, e:xplanntion or interpretation.
.... ..
insolent or petulant. J,:J. nor. i. and o. its ImskCa date);
aor. i. To cut. New, strange, wonderful. to withdraw from the right WBy, disobey the
VIII. To feign, forge,invent B1ie(with of God (with :J); to be im-
.... ......... '.... ...., . t ' . k dl !I ... d s. t
PIOUS, ac W1c"e y. nS.a.
60 v. 1'3, Literally, U A 'calu"'mny Transtil'es3ion, impiety, wicke.l:-w5s.
which they forged between their hands .... part. act. A transtil'essor, one who is wicked.
and the
' r t " thi h b b aor. a. To 6e meak,
, lr lee ; s passage as y some een ;.. "
interpreted as referring to the illegitimate Bor. o. To show itself (the daJvn); and
children which the W{lmen attempted to father To be eloqr;:nt, speak mithfiuency and correct-
npon their husbands. ' p:. for .j.P;: part. ness. C1 (2nd declension) compo form,
act. A forger. &.S;a;'for part. pass. ,Morc eloquent.
Feigned, pretended,. forged. "Then draw them {towards thee)," im-
J aor. i .. To foo as "lood from a mouncl.- x. . perst. of ;t,;, for q.v.
To remove, e:xpel (with ace. nnd to nor. i. To dissect, depart; to make a distinc-
(leccive,lead to destrl;lction (with ncc. of pers. tion or division, or judge between (witb of
and '"r'). pcrs. and u! of thing). n.R. A distinc--
I '
( III )
tion, s:"::\fatiou, 1\ ot t1di;l;uh.ling
{"ood from evil, r.3 nt SG v. 13; \ J-=.,
3" v In sec \?U p:.ut. act. One
wlto juJ bdv.ccn truth nnd fal3c'rlood,
1, A fnmily, r0btions.-
Tl. To Ilain dHinetl."" (with nec. and
, I of tie.) j n n .A clenr c'\plnnntion
'" . .... ,
e po 'ti . J P t. "llSS. f'!lcarly ex-
r' 1, -"i3t' ct
a i T k -? n . 'ull f. 't'h a t
o b no"" br .;:c j k 2 ('j""7 II r
, I
Ls D ,v 1 Col ip. t."
V"" il.J' ;; bl d
,lI. r be br
, - .....
e po t 51 m
. -
l-r J,)
t.v, f L. n fr

sg .1C (b_
i.. tr ti
Y oUc
,J-J aor. o. 10 remai .a,d 50
s .....
0<' . J.-E
lence, mcrit, fa u I a. ce oif ,bo nto(, g c,
. 1 '1 ... I' T I'
L.un. .... ec ee, myu 0 nc .- _ p Ie
fatou, u ex el, gr nt -llV ur to on
1- 1'8 h. PI' :cr e to n b'C (w th cc an
U-=, sn_ th -; oj th g:
I.. >.J
'" ....
L ceuen e; tlre. rt.. ee. V T I ak
'1 . (U ...... )
o e s e. au r 1'1 l' 1. '.
I ,
aor. o. '/'0 oe ro 10 unto,
as a nusoanu to a wJ'e \wi it U'P.
;hi aor. o. and i. To Split, crente. );u part. act.
A Crentor. for D. S. Ur. 'I'. I, p.
276, note, A creation; the word IS louna at
3u v. 29, and may there De taken to mean
I<eliglOn, 01' a. religious Jratne 01 mmd lOsplreu
by God; it IS put lD the aee. alLer (A
tncnn) understood; L. S. Gr. 'i. p. 94. ,
\' .
j"= A ron, or I. .)
rOllt;;:" V.L '.1.0 Lo clovo U'3I"lll....
r"" . . ""
n.n .... 'ho elo n .3U Jc. .#_"
r:'.r r. C.ov u r" t u 1(.)
TJ )"/,(:,, n' ou <!; an a im fs to a ...

W lIann, se,cre.
-: 1 f ,.
... IJU nor. n .10 uo, mahC, ne , pCI' orm, nc omf.L
An actIOn, a uoing. A dccJ. ... J
part. nct. vuo who d01.3, etc. '"" l!. adJ
of inten"il
, L. S. Jr. T. 1, 1" ..)0. g r
eJec ino n.ucl., :>cd BU, tao ti Iy t c;:: 3
a or abo or r. p rt. ;a_
JJone, Dllue,' C1I(.)C a, p:o or cd, rn. 11 _; t
u v\. L t1.:. p t l .. rt. r t,
, /(..' c..'2.
..11' op ct In Jl, .. .01' he .ut ra ... l .... _ L:) ;
n simih i ta e ec .3. 7_ v. 18
" : , 1. 7
0.01'. 1. ".1.0 "at n'ft h I t, 1 _e.
o,nt 7
V. 1'0 ma.. a i'i!ll .ti
... D 1 m y u l' uJ. ec.. f:"' e v vc."
nor. o. lwi 1. 10 d:t, v ea, t, r lc. r:;:, a 1
.1.0 oe poor. .rJ n.a. P vo y. A
enlamit), properly L at w1. h br ak. Le
vel' ebr...... fr I.ur. TjJ ,_nL. d Ie io)
... 001', n ed
; he u d it J _3 a 1
" ,. r.."l .... , "
fi .... L.!l,Y JC cn_er 1
In want o .
uown u to me,"
whe e pl ye_ w
h 0, l' Lou mao( 03. so 1
s iL' ef 10 0 l
h Jl Q!l_ b 01 or d t
... I
a r. d. r..
tz, a.u !I"/o C 'ou
-d,L p t. ct co
d, ae orr_ng to
_he d t u
JO b $l.l)cr r n
is I U
m g d Vo J: 11 w r
e -us YO 1 . au1i I

e I ;}J
is. m I
I ... r'
. ,

rO kr'od
or 'ha e
C itiz I b' -" C
( 112 )
in ndlcrJ PCi'L:linin6 to Lay,'
,and Dirinity.-:1'J V. To Le nssiduous in
one's-.::.:1f (\, .. ith ('n.
o ' 5
& nor. o. To lreak. & n.n. The net of
(capth'cs).-&':.: prt. vn. 'f. Di,>!ocatea,
ono who Y:lCiUltc3 (in his fr,:th), u!) nt OS v.I.
"'-, _'lr
P To thillh.-,r II. 'To at 74 ','. 18 it
mcnn3 to meuiHe blr.sphcmies n;pinst the
p V. To consider, mcdit::.te (with
u!)' '
"':.1"; s,.
To be r"ry merry'. l.p A jest"r, Qnc who
game 0 others. part. On9 who is
, !ery joyful, rejoices greatly ( .. ith or \oS!),
,,(\! ", ....
Plur (2nd (kde:l31on) Fruit.-
lJjJ'V. To
$ A certain person. Such an one, a certain
person. ,
" .... "'.
To split.-t! \ IV. prosper, happy, attain
one's dcaire3. c-:- part. act. One who is
prosperous or happy.
Jil aor. i.', To split, 'cause to come fortn. JU.A
Day-brenk, brenking forth (of the
dawn); it is held by some to mean Crention
in general, especially of th03e things which
are produced from others, as Fountains, plants,
children, etc. J41J part. act. One who ca1lSP,S
to put forth or brenk forth.-Jilll VII. To
be split open, divided.
&.!.S'Jj To he round (a hreast). dll comm. gend.
,and number, Ships, a ship, shipping, The Ark.
d.ll The orbit of a celestial body. ,

"" , ,J.
.: see rt,; for r;';'
for see
111 <" ..J..! ,_ 8 1,,\' 8"
l:J' .sO "nOe camclo:J. ,-=-,\:J\ p\ur. of A branch,
or of V A spcci . .:s; if tho latter mc:ming
be c'(lopted we must understand the words
"" ';. ...Q "., ." ..
I c:fl OJ trCt's, at <><> v. 43, where It
... , ... ",
To dotc.-.v.J II. To m:1ke a dobrd of, rCci'!trJ
as a
, s"
o..i" nor. i. To "ani$h. ,-=-,U for part.act.
, "
Perishable, li:1.ble to decay.
, , .... G'
t"c! To II. To CD.Ui:eto
, '(with double nce.) ..
nor. o. To P::lS3 D.wny from, slip (an opportunity);
(With nec.). n.a.
n.n. VI. f. A disp:lrity, or 'Want of proportion .
Mr. o. To dlf!U8 a fra;7rant odour. A
troop or comp::my; Plur.
;u aor. o. To boil, boil up or boil over; ;pli)J
11 v. 42, " The oven boiled over;" this o\'en
is enid to ha\"e originally belonged to Eve, and
poured' forth boilirtg water a3' a sign of the
Deluge, the waters of, which, according to
Jewish fable, were boiling hot; see also 23
. sc." c, "" c.
v.27, ;""; n.a. Hasle; 3 v. 121,
" Immediately on their arri\"al, or before they
had rested," see D. S. Gr. '1'. 1, p. 526.
ju aor. O. To get posscs3ion of, gain, receive salv8-
tion, obtain one's desires. n.a. Victory,
felicity, S!lfety, salvation. ju pnrt. act. One
who enjoys felicity or receives salvation. jU,.;
A place of safety or Celicity. An escape,
place of refuge.
J;i Not used in the primitive form, To submit a
thing to the juclgment of another (With acc.
. and Jl of pers.). ,
Ju aor. o. To be superior in rank or ezcellence.
S; n.a. is properly a noun expressive of
superiority, which as .n adverb is
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d 1 bI
th K 't . 1 " ,,, "t,1 r c..-o
in ec ina 0 i 10 0 .\.oran 1 nl W3yS pany wit I, ns r:' 'J'-'J\ 7 v.
as. a prepcsition o,er or allOvo, null 30, "Enter yo in. comp:>ny with tllC nations
.,.. .. ' 'f". ... "0
is then u:;cJ in tho IlCCU..;: J;i as t<:;; vcr which have away j" It
you," or in tllC genitive nner n preposition, as sometime3 be rendered -On, of, to, ,.:th, 51
L}'J :;., 14 v.31, "From above (or from v. j fur, 2 v.173 j by, r.gain:,t, concerning,
. the surface of) the earth j" D. S. Gr. T. 1, according to, orin. comparison 'With j an
pp.4!).l and 510; see nlso J9 A delay, ins.t3nce of the b3t mer-ning occurs aL 13
properly tbo of time between two milk- v. D. S. Gr. T. 1, p.
inzs, or of the opening and closing of the iU nor. i. To return, go b!\ck (with JI); to go
, ... '% -,"&
hand in IV. To come to one's- . from II vow, aa nt 2 v. IV. To bring
self, (after a sl'r"eon or under tllC po .... er or nuthority of nny one (with
S , r: .......
generic nonn, Garlic i no verbal root. acc. and of V. To turn itself
iti nor. o. To prono1!lI;e a nord. ? or or with " (as n C:13t by the sun).. ..
a cQmpkment i, Gen. Acc. \j; Plor; J'-' nor." To be COpiOUS J' to overt1ow (Wlth I:J'!)'
:9; A mouth i The 'Wora ? is formeJ from -v=\J\ IV. To pour wuter over anyone (with
the regular noun by cutting off the two acc. and to rush impetuously (with
l:tst radical letters and substitutinn' ,.' see . as the pilgrims down Mount 'Arafat j to bB
, 0 I '
D. S. Gr. T. 1, pp. 378 and 417; it is found diffuse j to dilate or amplify in speaking (with
in the only in the ncc. sing. anu in the j. to be .immersed in any bn::iness {with
a meaning In, into, among, in com- JtJ nor. i. To be weak-minded. J:! An elephant.
j and initinlleHer of the 50th chnpter, see aor. To contrnct, take, seize, draw in (its
1""1. wlogs in fiying), as a bird; thus at 67 v. 19,
To ahhor; and To be ugly, loathsome. where we may the wotd
t... s "', '- '"
part. pnss. Abhorred or rendered loath- n.a. A contraction. i .a";J A handful.
Bome i at 28 v.42 it may be taken in either J;;'; part. pass. Taken.
,'" . aense. -..... " To accept (with and:;;' or ;
;:; aor. o. and i. To bury. ;; n.a. Plor -to admit (with acc. and J ofpers.) lu part.
. grave. declension) plur. oC act. One who accepts. " J;:i properly; a noun
A IV. To cause to be buried. meaning theforepart,' but in the I;rornn used
aor. i. To get a light from another. either as an adverb, and without a comple-
Lighted VIII. To tnke a light ment, in which case it is indeclinable, as
from another (with ). JJ :;,., Defore, formerly, or as 8 preposition
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( 114 )
. ,<, ..... : .. ," b "
m the nec. nJ .u J;i .:13; V. en
,re.',. , .
TO\-;cd \':.,); n ill found
:; ",
at 2 v. D. S.Gr. T. 2, p.
" ..
part. nct. VI. f. OpP:i2itC to, or f,\cin8'
f(. .... &. ,
p:.rt. nct. X. f. ProcccJinj"
.. '
ceded by flf} prcpo3ition ;;., it is put in t!.:
... , ......
genith'c, J,;.i ncrure tImt; it
sponds in itJ ccnstruction ";ill! .. q.v.; sec
n150 D. S. Gr. T. 2, p. lo'? J;j Tho fore-
towurJd (with acc.).
p:lrt; W (; v. 111, II their eye3,'! or "'': d . T" b . Jl .,:: d
, aor. o. an 1. 0 e y. .::.J an
"I h ,. " Ot1 l' I . - b oJ - J- J-
n "au W IIC 1 Ulay e BI 'k d t bt I.. !i N"' 11.
, .: q' _ tlC us , :lC",nC<3. , 19:;:lr.
rcgnrded as tile plur. of q.v. Power, !i ':.' t t IV f. T b' d d'
: -;.., j;k. p!U' ac 0 e m rc uce Clr'
a side or part ; 'TowarJd, in the direction cumsbnccs.
... arJ3-theElst;" ,:;- T k'l1 1 51
" ".p.. aor. o. 0 1, say; - j:.JU .. v.
j 21 v. 37, whom they II Then shy "your,dYes ; JJ either figur:1tivety. '
ill h
" " - Co 13 'II
wave no <> v., by mormyillg' your corrupt de:;irc3, or
"AI 'd't ,,:{": 1 1 1 ' 1" h I
ongsl il 1." y, r.:;tfl!.'!J anot Icr; t e interprdation is in ac
opposite; n "&ibla, or point in the dircc- coru:mce with the account given in E!odu3
tion which, prny.:r btl made to be chap. nIH.v. 27; In the Pll53ive is
efficacioas; see Daniel chap. vi. v. 10; Thus used M nn" imprecation, thus at 74 vv.
the of the is the Ka'ba 19 and 20, "May he be accursed;" the pre-
at :Mecca; at 10 v. 87 the word has been terite being used for the optative; D. S. Gr.
interpreted "A plnce of The Jews T. 1, p. 169; similar instances occur nt 51 v
in the days of Moses are supposed by tbe 10,80 v. 16, and 85 v. 4. n.a. The act
to have prayed towards the of putting to deatb, slaugbter. (:JnJ
Ka'ba,it having been rebuilt by Abraham and for:Ji D. S. Gr. T. 1, pp. 110
Iahmaelin plaeeofthe originnl house de:3troyed and 402, plur. l;j One who is slain.-
by the Flood. j;,f A favourable reception. II. To slay, or cause to be slain.
A surety, ,bail, spon!or;" at 7 v. 26 it n.B. The act of slaughtering.-:l5li III. To .
m;ans a host (the ministers of Satan). jU _ fight against (with acc. of pers.); :&i':=jitJ 9
s ' . ..... ' f
(2nd" declension) plur. of i An Arab tribe. v. 80, II May God curse them," sce At
-J.jl IV. To come, dra; near, approach 3 v. 140 there seems to be an ellipse after
(with in the sense of with), thus at 12 v. JJli of the objective or immediate compte-
82 and 51 v. 29; to turn towards (with ment, \SUi or some aim Uar WON being under-
of pers.); to rush upon {with Jp.-J;fi V. stood, D. S. Gr. T. 2, p. 454. n.B. The
To accept (with acc. and:r, or;; ofpers.); of fighting, VIII. To contend
This verb is sometimes used with an ellipse or among themselves.
the immediate complement," or as we . should i't1i generic noun, Cucumbers; no verbal root.
call it, the accusative; thus at 8 v. 31 J;., aor. o. To rusll headlong VIII. To under-
"Then accept from me {that which I have take an enterprise i.n impetuous
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" ...
( 115 )
S C':' 0 I
m;.nner. r::''''''. part net. ne ,,110 rU'oi::::9 01'
lcaps llc:JlIo:,j, found r:t 33 v. 50, where it
mC:lns !' RU3:linti (Ho ITem."
men:mro to an CInct nicdy (with ace. of of pel's.), us nt SO v. IG; so :1' in
tllC PllSS. at 65 v. 7; to estimate tho vuluo of
(witb double nce.), thus 1.,1:; J;..
6 v. 91, "They have not' t), just cdlitmto
A prtide frcllucally to tho preterite to
give it a p:!st wllcre !Unong
several verbs in' the preterite one bfls. the
. of God;" to bo splrillg (with J); to
. p:lrticlo prefixed, such verb is to bo taken.
in tho Pluperfect ten.;;c; 'so aho among severnl
Pluperfects the one which follow's :ii will
a anterior to the others; in all
the above it mny generlll1y be
already, and may frtlquently be under:;tood to
imply thut the matter in qne3tion, clthough
past, is of re(:ent dnte, or tbat it was tiot un-
eIpected; tbus, f):' I-f.- t,; tu J.:J 6
v. 110, " For he hath even now explained to
you what be foruidden you;" another
-, .
use of ..u is to add energy to an affirmation,
and it mny then be truly, of a
. certainty, or verily; thus, J:r; .li
24 v. 64, "TIe knows of a surety what ye are
" ... :J)i .....
a out; so also at 91 v. 9, 'wi!,)) t: ..u
II Verily be who bath purified it is happy;"
.. e .
Lastly, - mny sometimes be rendered fre-
quently, as nt"fv. 139, -lj'
II We have frequently observed the turning of
thy face;" It is found in combination with
other particles as ';';;,.ljj, etc. D. S. Gr.
T. i, p. 533.
0" $, ....
nor. o. To rend. plur. of A party of
at vnriance .among themselves; JlT';; cr
72 v. 11, "We are (followers of) different
ways.". ,
..... . II c" .....
acr. a. To ItnRs fire. n.a. The act of
striking fire. .
" ...
aor. o. and i. To be able, to be able to do, have
power over, prevail against (with Jl.); to
mine, with which mcaning it is found in the
Pa". at 54 v. 12. n.a. That which is
determined or predt-stined of God, me!' ::lre,
. . .
value, powcr; 07 v. 1, The nigM of
... .
El on which. the W::3 Bent down
from p:enven; it may be rendered either" the
night of Pow'er," or "the of the pre-
determined decree," from a'
fabIo, that on tbis nrc issued the Di.lu3
decrees on all the of the en:ming. year;
it is generally supposed to fall on tho night
preceding the 24th of ;JJ n.a. The
Divine deoree, that which is preuestined, a
definite quantity, a determined measure;
v. 237, "Upon him 'wbo is in
easy circumstances (shall be set) an amount
according to his ability;" it is also read ;;.i.i .
s '! tic" ..
.JJ- plur. comm. gend. A cauldron.
part. act. One who is able or has power
. $ ,
over, one who determines beforehand.
q 'Ic"
Able, potent. part. pass. DetenDlned.
).;1, A definite quantity, or determined mea-
lure, a II. To make possible, dis-
pose, prepare, to plan, devise, decree, deter-
mine, define; at 74 vv. 18, 19, and 20, it
means to lay plans or plots against the
at 34 v. 17 it may be translated II We have

facilitated;' 76 v. 16, "They
shall determine the measure thereof (accord-
'd')" $ .....
ing to t elr eSlre. n.a. The nct of
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measuring or t!ctcrmining, 0. decree.-
11 d
' .1," .... J'i:.' D S G 'T 1 ,,<'
ca C L-;uJ \ r. . ,p. Iiio,t,}..;,.
s,' '!i'
p:lrt. n':',. VIII. f. Powerful, able to pre-
5 I
fQ:' p.:t. cd. One who (.:ith
, vnil (\'ilth J,;.>.
", SIl , ,
vv.,u To DC p::re. Purity, 'C'.)
, Holy Spirit, by which 1130113 the
jl.>. '
..Jjj nor. i. To pelt, er.3t (with nee. and..)
--,..... t" .. 31 "H h
oj; v; 4.7, 0 cl3ts is truth
,. ,
}!oJ.lRnunedi!ns dC3ignl\to the Angel Gabriel. (ovel' his servnnts);" at !l0 v. 90 we must
, 'r1-
II 1 0 . , f G d "
I 10 0 y. ne, an 0 understand the worth ;,Gli ta nsper.5c,
II. To sanchfy, b1c3J (','nth pelt with nlmse (with uee. nnd y).
pnrt. pn::a. Sacred, holy.. .J aor. i.and a. To rcm;'in quiet (with
'" .)g nor. o. To prcceJe; nnd ;,;J nor. a. To . .J) ns 'nt 33 v 33 "' .. hero is for '" .... "n 1
I . ... s ", U' I ,,, 6.:,.!.,...!r Jr.... u
one'd-sc1f, COlllO to (with r,ij ]'Icrit; pers. fem. plur. of the imperative, D. S. Gr.
th: gcr:tl. it foot ;Plur. T. 1, p. 229. i.Yote. r.!.'1!is woru is frequently
,r':!I: Olu, rr!i":c.nt. I.:.i..ul Forefathers. spelt and is tllen to be derh"eu in the
-r.)J II. To brinlj' :.,:'J (- .-ith ace. nnd of way from tho assimilated verb); q. v. ;
pera.); to do a thill3 prepare before- to be cool, applied to the eyes, thus at 20 v. 41
hund, send (\Yith y aid with or with- Y;; Ji :J literall!!, "So that her eye might
out,acc.), ns good works, " .. hich a man is said be cool," i.e. "That she mightrcjoice;" so also
to send before to bear witne.;s for him at the Ilt 19 v.26 ...;J;" Aii.J (ur reiresh) thy-
last day; see 1st Epiot1e of S. Paul to Tiu othy lelf," literally, " Be cool as to thine eye." ;9
cbap. v,, v. 24;' to put .. n.a. Stability, a fUed or secure placo, reposi-
threaten beforehand, as f:!l tory, place of abode. Coolness; t1
threntenedyou "Delight,-literally, coolne3S-of the eye."
beforehand;" at49 v.l there is un ellipse of the , '" 5 I
(2nd decler.sion) 'plur. of A glnss
accus., the words ,"":.:iii j may menn
.. bottle;" at 27 v. 44 it must bo translnted
U Do not put yourselves (orward," or " do not Q
"Slabs of gluss i" 76 v.
obtrude your opinions ;" are ,other read- ,
-II Glass bottles resembling silver," or it may
mga, but this J.3ems best to accord with the
be "Silver bottles resembling IV.
context, which contains several hints on good J
... ', V' 1... To confirm, to cause to rest or remain (with
breeding and To go uefore; .
. 74 v. 40 it means to go forward in the right X. To remain firm (with acc. of
X. To desire to advance, wish place). pnrt. aet. That which remains
I "' .... .,.,
to anticipate. part. act. One who !innly fixed or confirmed, abiding,lasting.
_ goes forward, or desires to &dvance. part. pass. Firmly fixed or established;
aor. (\. To he agreeahle in taste and smell (j'oorl). as a noun of place it means a fixed abode; and
-uJJl VIII. To imitate, copy (with 't>. ' at 6 v. 66 "a fixed time;" at 6 v. 98 there is
imperat. for with the addition oC ; an ellipse, to coDlpleto tmJ read
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( 117 )

, ,.,
$ "' ...
):.:: r.-(oJ; the worJil may to tho r:.} nor. n. To n'ounc!. r:) n.n. A wound.
loins of the F:-!ther, or 0. mnilsion upon enrtlt .:;; nor. i. To co!!<'ct. plur. l\n aIle.
y n01'. B. and o. To tend, rchearse to (with J.) aor. i. and o. To ,:ul qff. Name of n.
and ofpers.). ij} Period of a woman's noble Arab tribe descended from Ishmael, of
monthly cour':C3. ;V Tho properly which Mol.lnmmad's grnndfather was Prince.
pronounced IV. Tocnuso torc::d J,} aor. i. To cut; to turn away froOl (with acc.
or rehearse.
. ofpers. or thing).. J) n.a. A 10:1n, espcdally
Y) To make a niJhtjournc!J j and nor. a. To one which is payable at the option of the
approach, draw ncaf to j t,;;p li 2 v 183, borrower, and hence cnlleu J}; nccord-
.. And do go ncar (to'transg-ress) them." in
"" to some, bowever, tho meaning of this
t;j Pro:dmity; at 9 v.lOO it mny be rendered exprc.l3ion' is "a lonn, at good intcrcst."-

.. A means of drnwir.g nigh." L,} Plur. J}I IV. To lend (with double acc.). '
5 "1
1 d . h t ... , .... , 1 I"'! I l.' 5 1,""'_ PI
c.:.J'-l; Pious W lich rnw men DIg un 0 quadri itern , .l 0 mt tIle marl.. V"l.:.:
God. comm. gend. ncar, near (2nd declension) Paper.
nt hnn<l, citller in place or timo; '-:"!t:;"" V aor. o . To get the of arother in arall;iJ1!l
Shortly after; as an adverb, Lately. lots, to stri!:e. Adversity, thnt which
,..;; for (2nd "declension) D. S.Gr. T. strikes; a name of the Day of Judgment.
1,' pp. 110 and 402, Affinity, relationship; .J) aor. i. To pcel ..... J,;.;L VIII. To acquire, gain.
, .
s ......
5 .. \: '
0 h .
. ..; A rebtion. . \"j n.ll. A sacri6ce, part. Bct. ne w 0 gruns ..
u>T' J
........ ' ..........
or rn1'l; offered to God; see S. Mark chap. vii. .,j for \:1lj\ fern. plor. impernt. of.r q.v.
t;.;F ..

v. 11 ia familiar acquaintance, tbe Entourage :;; aor. i. To join one thinJ to allother. 1;)) n.a. A
of a prince; at 46 v. 27 it may perhaps be horn, a generation; DunI t,;)uJ, oblique .. ij,
, .,..,- ..
best trnnslnted" as a of access to God;" as, .. He of the two horns, AlexBnder
l'. 1 D" th r db' .
! 5 " 5 t:
t e .8 se eltles ere men lone elOg sup- tbe Grent, see J.); Plur. I;)J). Plor.
posed to be on familiar terms ,,ith God, and :;'(f'! (2nd declension) An intimato com'panion.
therp-fore likely to act as intercessors with him. Korah a proper name of foreign orirr:.n
, '10.1.
o' ,
Y.r' (2nd declenSion) compo form, Closer, and therefore of the 2nd declension, D. S. Gr.
closest, nearer, nearest, more probable; at16v. T.lp. 404.- part. pass. II.'f. Bound
P'l9 .. I h t t' " " . k "
, It means n a s or er lme, or qlllc er. to tb 5 \l I part act IV f. One who 15'
... '''10....... . .
I;)y,;' 1\ Kmsfolk, kindred, those'most nearly
d "tb' ('th J f thO ) ,
II ..... ,
, _,
able to 0 a 109 WI 0 109
related. L,jA Relationship.-y,} II. To set
VIII r. 0 h' 0 t d "'th
part. act. ne w 0 IS aSSOCUl e Wl
before (with acc. and 11); to cause to draw
11 0
' ... ,
another, or 10 ows lD p-r.ocesslon.
nigh (with acc. and or JV; to offer (a ."
.' !, .
'6 ). 5 -:; , t" 0 h' d r..!,} sor. i. To enter/am a guest. i.!..r A City, toWD,
&aen ce i par. pass. ne W 0 IS ma e
....... ....,. ..
o d' t b h d'" .. ",1 village; Dual ,o,\:J,}l1 The two cities Mecca. .
or permltte 0 appl'Oac, onoure .-yf-'
. .,... - #c
VIII. To draw near.
anel Et-To.-Ifj Plur ...s.r-
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cJ.i 10 tMlI!; ail. A Christian rricst. -r p1rt. VIII. f. One WIIO dividc3.-
.;; To compel all!! one to do a tlillg against his r: X. To draw lots or divine by mc:!n3 or
- rvill. i ,....; Pot/milll, 0. lion. - hendless arrows.
JJ ,,, !I,,,,,, '"
b:J nor. i. J'o aho i. and W nor. o. To be brd. irJ n.n. IInrdness.
o. 10 be j'!st. n.ll. Ju.:lice, c'luity i nt for D. S. Gr. T. 1, p.330, p:1rt. act. Ihrd;
21 v. 43 we nn instanco of tho noun of for the comtruction of the phrn.1c r.:;jj
aetion used ns an adjective, nnd remaining in 39 v. 23 see D. S. Gr. T. 2, pp.197 and 278;
the singular, nltllOuih- qU!lIifying a noun in at the commencement of tllis vcrs,) there is a
the plural; D; S. Gr. T. 2, p. 230. plrt. rcmo.rknble hiatus; Deiq.:\wee contents lJim3clC
. s .. " " ",,,,, " .
act. One who ncts unjust1y or unrighteoll8y. by s!lymg c.:r-.r.> The preJlca!e oC
, , ..
declension) comp.form, Moro jU3t. is suppressed," but the sense- may Le
",'fa"! , ,
-h....J\ IV. To or Jl). gathered from the concluding portion; it may
part. act. One who ob2crves ju.stke. be supplied somewlHlt as follows: " Shall be
v,\C'f A balancc-; t1.Jia word b to be of Greek then whose br<::l3t God hath etc. (be
origin. like unto one _whose heart is hardened n; Woe
? aor. i. To dh-ide into parts,' to portion out then nnto th05e who are hard of hearti" D. S.
- (with acc. and :;;). An oath. b A Gr. T. 2, p. 4i5. .
r " S'''"f. o ... ,!t
partition, a dividing, an apportionment.? A cucumber. pl IV. f. quadriliteral, To
. rP; part. pass. DivideL!, become rough or creep with terror-the skin-
. : .... :: (with
part. aet. II. f. One who apportlons.-...... .., Q ,
. h - f - ') vA' aor. o. To cut, lop, to fonow, declare; to narrate
0 swear unto Wlt acc. 0 pers - - .' .
, ...... , IV T -( .. h f h d or relate, to make mentlon or (wlth acc. and
r' . oswear Wit acc. 0 oat an C-J, "" f ) "
. ' . ;,...;.r:. 0 pers.. n.a. A narrative, story,
or With a verb preceded by J), at 7 v. 47 and . h' t th f l'I1' \";J 18 63
. lS ory, e act 0 ,0 owmg i v.,
elsewhere the substance or the oath lmme- "F 11 . th' l' t t " $. "., R t 1
o owmg' ell ,00 5 eps. e a la-
diate]y follows the verb, without the inter-
vention of any particle, thus r ; '! \; .;.;J To intend, to be moderate, steer n middle
W 30 v. 54, "The wicked will swear (that) course. The right way, the middle path,
they have not tarried;" at 75 v. 1 the words "Le juste milieu." act. Easy or
, 1c1 J" ]1 d d " V '1 I " "",
are genera y ren ere en y swear, moderate part. act. VIII. f.
f being held to be intensive-; so also at 56 v. One who keeps to _the right path. a man of
74 and other passages i according to some good intentions i alio one who halts between
however the words may mean "1 will not two opinions.
i" the matter being too paipable to re- To be ,/wrt; aor. o. To diminish, cut short, as
., ... '!
quire the confirmation of an oath, see J.- prayers (With r.:n)' n.a. Plur A
r;\li VI. To swear one to another (with '-:-It palace, castle. On/\ who keeps
" _ Digitized by GOogle
, (119)
in restrnint. part. pnss. Confined, kept aor. a. To cut asunder, cut down (a trce), cut
at home (0. , .. part. act.' II. f. off; to pass or traverse as at 9 v. 122;
'''c.,.' IV T ... 0,"" "
Onowho cuts short (his hair '-r' . 0 29 v. 28, Ye infest the highway," or
desist., "commit higll\vny robbery j" nt 2:'2 v.lG it is
J aor. i. To dad. in pieces (a ship). A understood by.some to meln "Let him 'hnng
heavy gnlc of wind. himself," or "let him hang himsclf, and tbon
i. To brcak in pieces, demolish utterly. cut (the rope);" tho is rather obocure,
.... 1 d' D' .......
l:J aor., o. To oC Istant. Istnnt. but tbe idea seems to be, him rC30rt to
for D. S. Gr. T. 1" p. 105, Fem. any menns however eI.trllY:l3ant. 8 A
(2nd declension) compo form, Mo're remote, plll't j according to some the first \Y-iltch of tho
further j 17 v.I, "The further night. A part of tho night, the dnrkne=s
m'osque," the Holy House at J crus:tlem, on tbe of tho night towards morning;' aldo plur. of
site of which now stands the mosque of EI A plll't or portion. etJ part. act. One'
Aks!l. . $ ,'!c" .
.. ", who decides, as at 27 v. 32.
nor. o. '10 VII. To threaten to fill ,
down. Cut ofF.-r:W II. To cut off, cut in pieces,
i. To cut oJ!. ..df n.a. Trefoil or dit'ide, disperSE! separately; 'Y';::; 47
, clover. v.2.!, " And would ye sever the Uesofrebtion- ,
aor. i. To decree, crentc, nccomplish, bring to 'ship?" to cut out (clothes),as
an end, complete j to fulfil (as !I. term onow); V. To be cut up into pi,cces, divided asunder;
to determine (with nce. nnd of pers.); to v. 94, "A schism hns been
pass a sentence (with acc. and- oCpers.); between yon," or" ye hnve been cut off from,
, 28 v.I4, "He slew him," or" mnde one another;" For the impersonal use of verbs
an end of him j" to command (with ,j); to see D. S. Gr. T. 2, p. 245. 0
make known 'or reveal (with ace. and Jl of --.1";; nor. i. To gather the 'Cintagc. Jpi plur. of
pers.); to judge (with y); to juc!ge between A bunch or grapes.
of persons and part. The thin skin which envelops" date-stone.
.. #
act. One who decrees, determines, judges, etc.; s.;; aor. O. To sit, sit upon, sit still, remain quiet
69 v. 27, "Ohl would to at home; it is sometimes used in a manner
God that it'(death) had made an end or me." similar to those verbs which are atyled by
part. pass . D. S. Gr. T. 1, grammarians and may then be
p. 330. rendered to instances occur at 17 vv.
tJ aor. o. To cut. Ajudge'a sentence. ' 23 and 31 j D. S. Gr. T. 1, p.I21, note,' to
.'" $ ...
.p 80r. o. To drop. fi Molten hrass. J\.Wl plur.
of J:U A side, a tract of earth or heaven.
o Liquid pitch.
beset (with y), as at 7 v. 84; to set snares
, .. ", "" '0 "s, .. -
r-t l
' "Verily I will set snares-or lie in
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(120 )
ambush-foJ' them (inHhy s: .. :.;htwaYi" the
word is here put in the f :13 hcinci
:''' ,
a up or adrcrL!al e:..prc.>sion clllbodyil1:; the
idea of placo; it stanu3 for or
D. S. Gr. T. 2, p.303, note; a similar
5 "
is found at 9 V. 5. -'r.i n.a. The act of sitting
still, sec comm. genu. and number,
Sitting. Plur. part. act. One who
sits 'still or rcIDainoi at home; Fern. Plur.
, "If
(2nd dcc1e:::sion) Foundation9, women
who are child-bc.lring. n.n. Plnr.
dcc1.:n.3ion) The act of sitting still
means emp10yment in nnll nt 26 v.
219 it m:ly either be tramLbl bell:J.viour or
going to 31IU fro, or it may refer to the nrioll.l .
p03tures n.'3umcd by tho Moalcms when at
s Q ...... ,
prayers. Time or place where any
one is busily employed, as in journeying to
and fro, l5il VII. To be turneu about,
troubled, to turn ono's-self or return
(with or without Jt) i to be overthrown or
turned bac:" as at 3 v.122; to be turneu (rom
the true faith, in which it may be taken
at 2 v. 133, 83 well a3 in other places, whera
"", ,,, '",'<'" .... ,<..,,,.
orrcm:lining nt home, a scat or pbca of sitting' the ,,;,.:,\13 occur i
' _'\ -:"".... If #
own, n stnlion, encampment, a3 at 3 v.n7. 20 v. 223, What turn their nffaira
,.,.-: .... c", , I It II
JO aor. 11. To part. act. VII. f. shal take, meaning what shall be their
which is torn up by the roots. future state i" LiteralTy, " By what kind of a
""" . J ...... 1 s
c.J..U aor. i. nnd o. To return from ajourney. WI return they sha I return (to God)."
plur. of Jr: A lock. . part. act. One who returna. Sf: ':pnrt.
\ll aor. o. To follow.-Ji II. To cause to follow pass. That which is exchangild; at 20 v. 228
or succeed. (with,,;, ofpera. and it must .be considered as a noun of time and
Jj aor. i. To he/ero, to t little.' jJi Few, little, """ place, D. S. Gr. T.,l, p. 305. , ""
small. jil (2nd declen3ion) comp: form,..w aor. i. To collect etc.). (2nd
Fewer, II. To make few, cause declension) plut. of An ornament of the
to appear few, as at 8 v. 46 ....:..J.;1 IV. To bear, neck, wreath or garland. .)Jti: (2nd dcclen-
, . carry. awn) plur. of A key.
, .... .. .... .. rTf. t" 1"-' IV T d . t
, aor. i. To turn, return (withJ'>' n.I. aor. I. AO re!.'love, ex 0 eSls.
. Plor. A To to ;.r.; i. To pare Cthe nai13, etc.). ? Plur.
turD, tum upside down, upset; j:).S 18 A pen j a headless arrow used in casting lots.
v.40, "He turned his hands upside do,;n," or jJ aor. i. To fry; to hate. y\i part. act. One
with the backs to his belly, a sign of grief; to who abhors (with J> .
turn about i ;, J;1liJli 24 v. 44, ? To the hea4 and re.fuse to tinnie (a camel).
"God maketh the night and the day to take -c part. pass. IV. f. One whose head is
turns, or succeed each other in turns!' - forced up so that he cannot see.
be turned "about, changed. .. lor. o. and i. To gametIJitl& dice; and.# aor. I.
n.a. The act of turning about, a vicissitude of To he ,vhite. n.a. The moon (especially
fortune, whether good or bad; It 16 V. 48 it from the 3rd to .th.e
. Digitized 0
( 121 )
", d Tc !,1 $, A
ll.or. 1. nn o. 0 canter ar v&
shirt; Fr. enc'misc.
r qu:.;.,!riliteral. To tie up the nec/: qf a lcather
6ottle. Calamitous (dn.y). .
nor. a. To goad (all eTcp!tant) on the lic,ul.
, . s .......
(2nd dcclclldon) plllr. of A mace.
, , .q,,!
To OC] lous!!. gcneric noun. Lice.
nor. o. To be de .... out. obedient to God (with J).
II ' ,
part. [lCt. One who is obedient to God,
devout,collsf:lnt in prayer.
1ci To and nor. B . To (with
). f:p n.n. Desrair. part. act. One
who despairs.
:Pi quadriliteral. To leave' the country and inhaoit
PI '
a ur . .r--, (2nd decl.ension) A
talent, 1200 ounces of gold. .part. puss.
Counted by tnlent3; the exprmion
v. 12 is equivalent to 14 Heaps of
ulents," .
,'t , e
t:"" aor. a. To 6eg.; and e' nor. a. To 6e content.
s '
eu part. act. One who asks humbly, also one
. II ... ' '.
W 0 1S part. act. IV. f. One
who lifts up the head. .
Waor. o. To get, acquire. ' plur. of A
cluster of dates.
Tc ...s
t.? aor. 1. 0 IV. To .cause to
acquire, to make contented.
, 'o ....c, ...
ft' aor. B. To overcome, oppress. I The Omni-
potent, the Victorious (lnll. part. ect.
. One who subdues {used with J}>; fiUliThe
Conqueror, a name of God.
,} plur. imperat. of J; q.v. .
aor. o. To aig. yU A space, distance.
bij aor. o. To noumh. c:-'9t plnr. of bj
N . h $'
ourls part. act. IV. f. Watch-
ful. a guardian.
't' c"c,. ...
UN" tor. o. To cOI;zpare O,!! r.:C.13IlrC .. ;tilt. ....-oJ
oblique of comm. f;Clll1. .\ L.",,::
t IJ nor. o. 1'0 CC,\:T (a iU l)lul'. Is A
lerel phin. .
nOl'. o. '1'0 8:1.Y, speak (with instancl's
ullfl'CCluC'lltly this worJ is altr)t;dher
omitted; for.example fit 3D v. 4, where IJ'.i
i3 befote the wor,h r;.>..;.r; 1..;; find
t1Jtlin at the commencement of tIlc Lith vt:rs
of the 25th chapter. wIll'ro we lIlllSt under-
.." J .,'
staaJ tt tlds ellip3e ia gClIcrlIly in-
dicatcd by the conjunction j, D. S. Gr. T. 1,
p. SUS, and T. 2. p. -lGS; see al;;o jji n.'1.
A saying, speech, that which is
a'sentence, a IVOl'll; Plur. Jt;Jl. Plnr. or
, ..-"1 s
Plur. (2nd declension). ""lJ A 'word,
saying, pronouncing, speech. di5cour.5e. con-
vereation; at 43 v. 88 if we' read AJ; II And'
the saying (of the propllet)," it mnst be con-
sidered as the complement to the antecedent
(4 in the 85th verse .. part. A
speaker, see also Jli for JJ.-J? V. To
fabricate falsely, counterfeit (with acc. and
ofpers.). .
rlj aor. 0 . To stand, stand fast or firm, stand stiU,
stand up-to prayer (with Jl and J., or
of place); to come (with;;r, of place);
14 v. 42. II On the d3y when their
account shall stand good, or when the reckon-
ing shall come;" to stand before (with J) ;
''-"!4.:t '
UNQ \ a7v.25, That men should
be righteous in their dealings." used with
. of pers., as at 4 v. 126. n.a. A people.
$_' s'
r;i or rd Right, true; at 98 v. 4 we may
understand the word Religion. before
part. act. S.tanding, firm, upriglli,
Digitized by
cc to come, %IS .nt-IS v. 3-L r::011t,
('fltlity. p!ur. of ,u[!:'it;ht,
rQ is nl.-) !I. noun of ['dian, d 4 v. 4
it be rcndl:rcd n of snpport, Rnd
5 v. OS an (\.1ylllJn. One who lIas a
stan,linti' to, firm, upri;;ht,-as
.. I -", c.. ,,-0;; . 3 I "Ob
4,J..J '1""'''':' .:,......;:. 1..0., .-.1"; JS -tv.l -r, servo
".,. ''''':,. ........ ''.., "'.JI
strict wil.:-n before
GOI)." . 'l'he (God).
!.,.".. , ... ,,""
nc;mrrcction. ('..:'1 (2nd declen-
sion) compo forIll, or IllO:3t ri;;ht; at 17
V'. 9, there is nnellip2<!. the sen if com-
, .;,...0.... r .. 1 . ......
would slnwl tUU3 I
,-. .... , .
.. I t".j\ for the of nl1jcctivcs of
this furm see D. S. Gr. T. 2, p; et s';'1. ,
, ... 'f
"'[ . ' .. "
(';1 zt. .l oro correct 111 pronu:, :d:on,
or "more suitable for distinct pronunciation."
rti,; Time or place' of standing, stntionn.ry
abode; 'state or dignity, in which sense it may
be applied at 55 v. 46, and elsewhere; it may
also mesn God's tribunal; 5 V. 106,
"In their n.B. II. f. Symmetry.
, -rU; IV. To cans; to stand to
observe or continue in (with flce.), as
2 v. 172, "Ho is contltnnt nt pr:lyer j" To set
straight, institute or appoint (with acc.llnd J);
t!j; R (dJ iJ 18 v. 105, /I And we
will allow them (their works) no weight on the
, "o...:t , '1: ....
day of resurrection.' '.JC....:JI 'rd!J 65
T. 2, " Andotrer straightforward evidence be-
S1/j ! ...
fore God." fur ..... D. S.,Gr. T. I, p.
!W4, n.n. Tllo nct ofbcinti CeJ!l3tuut (in pr:'yr.r)j
.... '-', ''''''", r'\ " 0 1.1 f
r).. ..... :; I'J v. t:2, n tie uny 0 your
... ", ttl,
or pitclling your tents," ('Q. nnd
.'" .. "
..... t.t. Time or pbce of nboJe, statIOIl;)J
... ,-:; ',- - /I f I
1 3t> v. 3'2, Tho mn' 0 ct.,I'll::!
S -' b
abode." t.-:+-t net. One who 0 5erVC3
religious rit.:.". constant, pCl'm:1Tlcnt;
, .... ," d '1 h
' 15 v. ,U, An ,crlyt ey
" , '" ...
serve t{) confirm men in the ,,'ay j" the
constrllction of the is rather involnd,
but tlle mcnnin,3' scems pretty clcar; I
-... . "
I Tho5e who are COD3t:mt in
fOl' the con"truction see D. S. Gr. T. 2, p. 183.
-rG:l X. To nct uprightly (with Jt of
pers.); walk uprightly in the paths of religion
. h ") S , .. , R' ht ., t
WIt ..J.:-. part. act. Ig eous,
weH constituted .
. ./} To excc't hi strcn!lth " and :.s; nor. a. To 6e
s"" ,.. '
strollg. i ji Power, vigour,
resolution, firmnes3, force, determinntion to
!, I! t'
obser\"o a law. Strong, powcrful.-.t-t
!1 t. " "
for part. act. IV. f. One who inhabits a
, , .
nor. i. To break the shell (a
-II. To prepare or destine for anyone (with
acc. and J of pers.).
Jli aor. i. To' take a siesta at noon. Jfli pnrt.
act; One who sleeps at mid-day. Plnce .
ot'repose at noon.
d Fem. r.!f affixed pronoun of the second person I
singular, meaning thee when affixed to verbs .
and prepositions, andtby when affixed to
Douns.-d- is also a ----t>nrticle prefixed to
Digitized by Google
( 1::!3 ) .
nouns, end lo other particle3, nnd meaning
as, like; it i3 considered as B preposition, and
governs nonns in the ge:1itiYc; when prethed
to the noun tho is
,:-:(' 2 t) '3 "L'! tl
Example, v .... o, .1 .. 0 to
resemblance of a s-rain," D.S. Gr. T.I, p. liS.
fern. A cup; no vel'bal root.
How m:my (with j this word is re-
"'garded by grammarians as an indeclinable
noun; D. S. G l. T. 1, p. 4ti4.
nor. o. To invert, throw face downwards (with
. $, ,
part. act. IV. f . Grovelling (with
Jl. of face).
nor. i. To throw prostrate, expose to ignominy.
aor. i. and o. To ilY;lre a;IY one in the lher.
II Trouble; misery.
;S o. To De tiMer than another;;f aor. 11. To
De aged; Dnd;S aor. o. To be great; t<;l be B
, .... c..
weighty or grievous matter (with J.:: or
ofpers.) j 40 v. 37, II It is grievously
odions j" the subject of the V"erh is here eaid
.... " , ..0 ' '":
to be meaning I
18 v. 4, "lIo;' a word;"
c:.,,;.s is here llsed as a verb of blame, D. S ..
... ., "'7": t:b-.
Gt. T. 2, p. 225, note; u:! .
17 v. 53, "Crented malterof that kind which
in your opinions it iii moat hard (to raise to
life) ;" To attain majority. Greatness,
pride; Ji 24 v. 11, "He who
hath taken in hand to magnify it." n.a.
of,;s O1d age. Plur. r!J. (2nd decleu-
Bion> Great, grana: large, aged, grievous j
v. 74, "Verily he is your chief,
or biggest or the
eldest of them." )'1:1 (2nd declension) plur.
., ,. 5."'1
of i) A r-riCVQ1l5 sin. .w Of f,'1'cnt
o .; .
.. ,.-<."t , d I . )
tude. ;51 Plur . .;i'.5\ (2nd CI! en ':Jtl compo
form; GrC':lfcr, morc grievous, c k., S"\':1tt:3t;
Fern. 0..5;5 (:!wl Fern. Plur. ;S i
L\jl 74 v. 33, "Verily it honc
7' ,. . ,,,,-.Q. .. ... ,'
the greatest (calamities) j" \ plul'. of '-:-:.-!
being understood. (2nd
Greatnc:'!s, glory.-; Ii. To m:16niry (God)
.. ,-:. 1 S >; TI t f
by. saying .r.s \ JJj 1. n.n. Ie nc 0
" ,,. i ' t "A.
mngnH)'ing God by saying;5 ;c.J \.-;S \ IV.
Toexto1.-;<:f V. To act imolently (with u:!
ofplncc). net. One who is
. "",
'-' """"T 1f It'
and nrl'ognnt. \ no o.;C -cxa 1113', De
.. ,
name oe X;. TO'be pUlled up , ... ith
pride, to beh!lve with insolence (with of
place); at 38 v. 76 is for
D. S. Gr. T.I, p. 7J. j til with insolence

(with ... .;). )lJ..::..:,\ n.a. Arrogance.
..:J - , ,. J,
part. act. One who .is proud and haughty.
..a '
rg To throw down headlong (with ..), ft.
. . . .
aor. o. To write, write down, tran ;cribe; to
. prescribe, commanJ, orJain or decree in writ- .
ing (with acc. and J or ...;;. of peN. :md abo
with Ex. v. 49, .
"And we wrote for them therein a command
that etc.
to inscribe (with ace. and u:!) j at
I I .
52 41, and 68 v. 47 the sense requires that
we understand the words " from the preserved
table of God's decrees." part. act. A
S .. S
. writer or scribe. n.a . Plur. A
book, writing, Scripture, written revelation,
decree, letter; at 2 v. 236 it may be translated
It S , 5
" the prescribed period; r.:r.:r Iii a name
given to the preserved tablet of God's decrees,
Digitized by Google
, ,,-
fr wl11 tl i) ,in i.J :,iu to In'a br"n :l(,' O. TrJ t,; YII. 1.\), shoot
copl('d; worth are g'?!lc!'::l1y fOllnd WJth- dOl. U\''';lr .3 sbrs
o the fini art '. i !) 01 nct., 1" n::.r ( :'.11y To It "
a certain vIlgilen033 our ill,.:. s ofitJ c')r. i. To be IV. To be
c .'- 0[11 it, ttl pr IUC" nic;o>arJ
, 'l'he' IIly c: ipt r 3. th I,\orun, nlso .. n . i.
tho book m.wlllch !\ record is kq;f, of all men s
a ns nd E:X let III eh, ell e
shall ha .. e plowed in his hand at the last d:1Y,
1 14, y'-, TIre W3 de sti
",,., .
, , ". I.......... c.. ..... I "". 5''"'' '"
4.:J .. f u- w, e '-;--."d... .. P
paS3, Wri.ttcIl 'down.- ::"'?S III. To give a
81 a .c:el
ce in In it It cc.
cause to be .
no .T on
1" h ("
keep' back (evidence).
101 py It 0 a

h d hIe .) 0
lie 1'0 to f 1::e1 ";11' ,t (\'."th ac ).
to tCllli23 nl)out or n::;:iust (with
" t". 1
cy ro v rr: In .Joo
n.a. A lic; meJ 33 nn adjective,
lymg, . 0, '-'_;_, 12 18, I W
;, I,,,
fa bJ J," . S r. 2; ::0 y'"
part. act. Lring, a lhr; r.t 5C ... n:;ro03
WI V-- Ull "to 'cn
br '-' n. A f eho
. , ..
. /" It."
pU3S. d- In- '
II. 0 ac,-u_e 0 f<lls ood
ly gr(;J.
',. , IC.# ,
Y part.

... . and . l' col t j
0 pI
im stu faJ yd y( 'ha or 'liy
freqllently used without any object being ex-
:5 A hea. f sa d.
To be superior to in point 0/ numbers; and,;f pr ed" thu at v. 9 \Y re m
un rot a the mp men of tb
a o. nc , ma 1.. n ero . r "
M titu ,a ndn s;';g A nd e, tl p. S. Gr. T. 2, p. 454; for
especially of good things; mune or a river in c..i-J' v. " res ct the av
ac sed e f fals hood" D. S Gr T. 2,
P dis tlli wor s iou ex nn
;.c lInch, mnny ('Jnd 407; At chnpter55 the word Do ye
declenSIOn) compo form, lore, mO:.t, more 'bo fal y d ,It ch urs fr ent
a dB th gre r mbe I. 0 is to men and genii, the two species
multiply.-P' IV. To multiply, as "':".;su of rational belUga \Y 0 are men lone in
.. 13 ...
W v. ," d u t tip d an 14t vers. n.a he
d" ute ith s." s'l1J a. VI. f. The t of imputing falsehood. part. act. One
. of multiplying,-,,:S-"'l X. To wish for much, W 0 false y demes, or acc as fals ood
m e gr t u of. (th of ng im stu '
,. ,III' L- ..... r:; "!Q
.>S aor a. To study or labour after anything. ;S aor. a. 1'0 return. A return, a turn ofluck;
.;n.&. he act of bo ng er ythi g. ". 6 4, wo er es wic gain
t:... p ac On wh abo & (w' , '7 T 1vis a e, ie1:e y": n. Gr' f

( )
A or stdle fur guaiJ;' no verL:tl root 53,1/ Without kell ;uiltyof any
, &'J A throne. ' " thing to deserve such
", . , .. .... . S',
'rJ o. To be s/Ij;,;rior to anothcr in gcncrc,it!/. w aOf. o. 1 u fazl wJ.,:dwg . .,)W n.n.
Plur. IJ01ou;'.lble, 'no')!.:!,. r;cncrotJ3, A want of pnrcll:l;;Cr3; the act of
r. unsold.
kind, bcnc.lccnt, gr;lclOu3, mluinocnt, n.;-ree. ......... II "
" 43" -\( t)- 7:)" C aor. 1. To cut up (doth).' A sc;mcnt,
able, a3 r.t 50 v. ,I..-e:,p "oJ v. "". our-. s;...
.1 I, 6.'{,"\ (:) d d",.1" ,') l' a piece cut off. pluf. of q A pIece or
J' ("J _ll cump. !arm, '
, ... u.:.s'.ndrcrbiallv, In pi:;cCJ.
Most most II. To ..... 0 ..... .. : s ' .....
So,;' d oJ ":'('\ IV ",,45 aor. a. To b,; lazy. plur. of 1,:)::'-5 Ln.'1,
honour. part. p ... :s. onome '-7 . ,I 1 . h
. ,'- II ' s UgglS
To 1 honourable. t n.n. t..:S aor. o. To clothe (with double acc.).
Honour. "'r" part. rd. Ona who honours. Clothinno ' oJ ,
I; o'
.A. , t H d .. ;,,,
r:J-.. par. P:l.':3. .:moure. l;.:.S To remove, bke off-a,
",} nor. 8. To dctc.;t, disHke, be from (with , nor. i. To uncover, lay remo\"c, off
,. ) $\;' .1$(.. R . . b1 ('h d"") L'' ,,,t..',v.
acc.. n3.3. n trou .0, Wit ncc. an ..:.r ;, I.:T I'J"f. 63 v.
something disa;rceab!e j- G)' Against one's "On a certain day a leg sbll ba mado
will; G) 40 v. 14, "With pain and. grief." bare;" a' phrasa expre':5ive of very gre:lt
part. nct. One who dislikes or is Brerse calamity; it is left vague and
from ;;t: part. P:1ss. Abominated, to increase the feeling. of awe; the iden. is
II. To render hateful (with ncc. taken from a woman who tucks up her gar--
and Jt of IV. To compel one to ments in fHS-ht. .....f::$ n.a . The act ofremo,\,,-
5 ..
do a thing against hiJ will (with ncc. of pers. ing. etc. t.....i!.lS part. act. Ona who removes,
... . s
and of thing, also with nce. or pers. and takes off, or reveals; at 58 v. 53 .u;.\S ngrees
n.a. . with .;.;s, and d>t4tS: at 39 v. 39 with F'Ji
nor. i: To gain, acquire, seek after, gather
(riche;;); in' the it is frelluently used in aor. i. To abstain from clzel1:ing the (a
reference to the provision. which a man bas camel). part. Bct. One who restrains,
laid up against a future life, be it good or bad; or chokes: !. Grieving inwardly
$ , ... 1,
in.this sense it may often be translated to do and in silence. part. pass. Oppressed
" ", t '
or commit; I..-e 2 v. 225, Lzt. with silent sorrow.
"What :your hearts have gained," menning aor. o. and i. To hm'e smelling 6relUts (a girl).
,Coo,,,,. 5 c..' !"c..,
"what your heartd have assented to."- Theankle-Jomt. A
':;Sl VIII. To seek after, seck to gain; die, a building in form of a Cube, and hence
there seems to be but little difference in the the Ka'ba or square temple at Mecca. g
between the 1st and the8th forms; the (2nd declension) plur. of part. act. A
latter like may occasionally require to damsel with swelling breasts ; D. S. Gr. T. 1,
be rendered to deserve; 33 v. p. 343, note.
. ... ,
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( )
'-'.$' !lOf. o. 1'0 lor? a ga;,:!cd, to \', reatrain,
. ,
keep brick (.iil!l ace. nnlll,;):')' n.n. fern.
A banel. .::.,;'.s The whole; .w',; Altc:cther,
""holly, entirdy, uni\'ero:'.lly i
"-;, , "
L'-S 9 v.30, " War with tho through-
out the whole of
US nor. a. To tum bad (tr.1nsitive). 95 Like,
, ". s ,", 1
nor. t To (oJetl;l'. A pace
wberetltin;js are gflthered together.
)S aor. i. To corer; nor.. o. To deny-tile Grnce or
the existence of God,-:-to be im-
pioilS or nn unbdiever, to (with y).
5'...:.J !J !, d' b 1 tt ".
;;u and) ... .lS' ns,n. Infielehty, IS e.lel, mgruh-
tuJe. n.n. Denid. part. act. One.
viho denied or i3 un:;rateful for ?enefits received,
' , .... s '9'
an unbelIever, Plurah .. l5 )1$ and .
$,_, , ':I ,t..-4
ijS' ;. at v. 19 )lliJ 1 may be translated
"Husbandmen," as those who over the
seed; Fem. Plur . )',;s (2nd declension).
)f5 An ungrateful, disbelieving person. )JS
VerY'ungrateful or unbelieving. An
atonement, an expiation, or that which is given
as an expiation. Cilmphor.-)5 II. To
cover over, expiate (with of crime, and
"" ....
or \ IV. To. make one an un-
Ji5 ao'r. o. To nourls!1, take care of, bring up for
. another. (with acc. and J). A portion,
a like part i DhUl-kefl, a name
assigned by commentators to a variety or
individuals, as Elijah, Joshua, Zachariah, etc.
.' According to some the name was given to
Elijah on account of his long-continued fast-
ing, that being one of the meanings of the verb

, .
, or because he is said to have maintained
a nu:-:.tCL' of hi3 .. ym::n who f.:d i.) him
for protection i a l)ro:;;:Lly foundd'
upon tho story of Ok in the Old 'l'csta-
ment. J# A sponsor, surdy, II.
,,,, JI''' "I
same as IY. Olle an3wer-
bl l
' 1- .l><'\ "3 () .
a e, 113 u v. .l.i:l.;:i) nlll respon-
sible for her, or commit her bt'J my c::trc."
" . ....
nor. i. To be cnoucih, to IlS JS
13 v. 43, "Gol! is suffident 113 a wit-
ness," see '-r'; for the substitution of Ill'} pre-
position and genitive fur the nominath-e CU5e,
see D. S. Gr. T. 2, p. 55; ,.;J is 3130 med with
a double accusative, M lJJi .)is
v. 25, "And Goel w::tall sufficient (pro-
tector) to tho true ... er:> ill httle itt si:llibr
instnnce3 nre found nt2 v. 131 nnd 15 v. 95;
t..s )'''''''1
another ui! is with y thus
m 'd.;'J 41 v. 53, " I; it not enouoO'h that thy

Lord is, etc. j" or' with acc. anu as J1
c-" .
r-h 3 v. 120, Is it not enough for you
that, etc." y\S for part. act. One who
, "'&' ,. t"-:S -:J ""'-.... ,
is sufficient for; '- .D.J.\
"Ia not God a sufficient (protector of) bis
servant?" for the construction see D. S. Gr.
T. 2, p. 182. .
0, ....
J5 8()r. i. To be n'l!cry. .jS n.a. A heavy burthen,
also a domestic servant who is maintained by
his master. is By no means; known by
grammarians as a particle of reprimand or
repulsion, in tbe latter sense it may be rendered
"Out upon him or tbem," and although by
Bome it has been interpreted occasionally to
mean certainly or assuredly, others have in
these instances supposed an ellipse; D. S. Gr.
6, .
T. 1, p. 534, note. JS a noun substantive
meaning totality or universality j it is always
. . Digitized by Google ' .
Jt . ( ) .
. ;. - '" ""'1 5<{ A .: Je \-:'f 7
with n cl.h .. or (- J ao 1. JV ... ,,,. ('.- ',or, "\.
Ul1,l'::'3tood, D. S. Gr. T. 2, p.l-J..J, nnJ i3 t1l.;n 141, II By my sFal.:ing' to 1Q.f P1ur.
to be .\11,. tl:e \','1101e, c;1ch, crcry and tJ A wcJ, n d,'cl'c';i
w:lca tllo comlllclIlcnt is Untlcl'3tod it" "
r 30 v. QO, The of Jlllui::hmcnt i nt
t:l!'''3 tllo tauween antI governs uHko tLc sir.::,. " " ,
, :; 3 v. iJ7 tllO w01',h tT .... , Dl!ly be tl':l!1S
-" ..... '1 \r, -' 3 () J .,,, ,..,,J..
ana plur., thus 1 v .." lateJ "To n like or eqllal determination itt
II Each (one) rnng to an uppoinC:J goal i" Tile Word of GOll, Jedus ellr:.;t, 'who i3 s!!ill
1;.'.5 J$; for 8 v. 5G, II AntI. they by the :\!o31cms bo so n:1:1:ed, bcC':-;:l:'!o ]10
were aU (of them) . As conccircd fL'Olll the ,,:orJ of God nlo:!13
often ns, how often soever i for its employ- without i at 33 v. 11 anJ c1::elYu ::;
ment with the Preterite sc:} D. S. Gr. T. 1, is u,0d in the 51:16' 33 thollgh it U
p. ]85, nnd with tile Aorht T. 2, p. 33. tire noun, thus .. "To
mnsc. nnd f'2m. Both, each of the two; him tbe g'ood worJ."-::ts' II. rro
these worlIs are never used deter" to or with (lcc,). The :.?t of
min ate complement, as 17 v. !:!1, "Both sp.E;lking V. To n 'word,
8 31 "E h '
of them i" and q 1 v. , . ac of( .. ith'-J). . "
of tho two garden!!," D. S. Gr. rr:. 2, pp: 155 JS f0m. of q.v.
and' 243. fj'fi Kindred, a di5t!mt relative. interrYg'utive conjnDcti,Q particle, lloll) 7i!uch,
, siS aor. a. To keep sllfe. I how many, followed by ::'1 with the genitive i
nor. o. To Bell) a leathern thollg iizto a hag; How long n time, followed by the verb, or the
, '" .... ,"'" Co'
and nor. i. To imitate tlle harling of dogs. verb anu the ace. as (oS
A if One who trains dogs or 23 v. 114, "What number of years have ye
other animnls to N.B. The verb is not remained?'" ,
fonnd in the ii. f. f affixed mase. pronoun of the 2nd pers. plur. You,
1S t to Ie 5 Jtg yoor; Dunl t,;s". iY'ote. Encb of the Arab
t: aor. a. J 0 put 'On a Dr ad us !}re D
.' t.--} pronouns is considered an indeclinable 'nouni
part. act. One who gnns an shows 18 teet 1. D S G T 1 455
, !1". r. . , p. . .
--lli' aor. a. To 6e e1lgrossed 6yan Dhjcct.-US II. 51 I Th h th
' :s aor. o .sO CDUT'. (,\.4:) pur. 0 e s ea
To compel a person to do anything difficult, \' h. h' h th 11 'f th D t
or spat e m W Ie e owers 0 e a e-
or above his strength (with double acc.); In P 1 I d b d
a mare enve ope , au.
the Koran we invariably find this verb used ... " I. I' t _ 11 p .... t. act.
.:.. . J{f' J..tS aor. o .sO. ue 1/;II'Ole)' pC1jec. "';'\;1 ow
with' and'L; at 4 v. 86, It we read ., Wh I I te 'i':'cs, IV T l". t ( .th
5".' . 0 e, comp e.-v- . 0 perlec WI
we must understand as tbe nominative, ace. of thing and J of pers.); to' fulBI,
"No soul shall be compelled (to fight> except complete. ..
thine own soul," but there are otber readings. 'W aor. a. TD 6e Mind frDm. 6irt". L;5i (2nd
- 5
T.(i; part. act. V.f.A troublesome meddler, ' declension) D. S. Gr. T.I, p. 403, Blind from
or a ;pecious pretender. birth. .
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( 1:: 3 )
$ .... '1 "I 1 1
:J, To nnu \ plurJ, of d- A in;," or 11;J y c:: :ly;"
, f k' 1 'l 1 1 ::" ..... \ D S 'r () p OJl"
lng 0 nny l:i.J, :t:J a yel , S.le tel', etc, . , I.,
' - 5 ';t... I "',: l' I " t' ... :;,: 1 I "
is th(l pLr. of T : :'m. I.:.',f-'-. Il'lrt. :tor. o. (I, ::.;. U.) a I:,',,' ::t.-,;.... ..1. 0 C:l1l2C
pns3. Covereu orcr, } [.J.lcn, clc,c to inL;"' .. i:ll', or (inc thi!:,; : .. p o ... un
IV. '1'0 (WiCI !!cc. c'!io1 oUler (with end J.S); th:9 S( to be
........ '5'- the v,(lrd v.7; at
lj cd, to he .JyS n.a. comm.
gender, Un;;:-;::eful. I 81 v.l it m:ly be tra'l:htcd .. It i3 fo!,l.:d' up,"
.JS nor. i. J'o lr,',',':rc) C:J i!:!rtl;; as a garment t!,:1t is laid ni":ny; a prdlcl
t t (
. I'd J) I i3 founu in St. Paul's tt) tIle
o r.::!stire up W1('1 n:c. fin' J- n.:l.
5 '1 ... IIcbrel'.'s ch. 1 v. 12, the A po 3tIc in
'lur. A trcfI.;ure.
, ... ' l ( 1) 5 I' the 102no1 Psalm \13(;3 tl:) 'ttorJ
r.or. i. J'o Ie il! a cocc'rt a ( . .!.:r. part.
s ... E'A.I;elr:, CI Thou roll or folJ th'?m up."
acL. Jnat n'l.:d, itsL''fj Plur.L,,-':'s A, s 7'
'. . '. I .. u,J n.n. Tho net of fvlllir.'" up.
name al'phcd to t:llj cnd c3pccul1y to' , ... ;::'1. '"
t .' To s.:i:ze hril!irmtf:; (iron). Plur.
tho,7J Y;lliC!l, fruUl pro:mmty to i "', .... r
t:.c (UD, bitle themselves in hi3 I A stnr.
f.1YS., nor. o. To be, e:d,t; for i!3
A cave, cavern i no .erbal root. iqfluenca on the formation of nriotlz tenses
J;S To he of matwa age,/roJiZ 30 to 50. One see D. S. Gr. T. 1, p. lGO et seq.,
, or fun n;"e, from 30 to 5'J ycar.a old. its attribute in thc acc., Ex. t:1
nor. a. imd o. To propA-"!I, to he a soothsayer. 2 v. 209. were one people
purt. nct. A sootusayer. or sect i" with the preposition it signifies
,i': -r 1'.... . !--_ c..''''' ,
.:-::! I..;:) lor _ _ to have, tmln est, I J\S ..u 3 v.
Imhalletters of the 19th chapter, ? I. 11, "Ye have already hnd a miracle;" to have
plor. of see ...:;s. ' in on'e's power n.a Glll;' "J .:.15 t,; 2 v
. ,J . , . , .J .. 4.:J r'
, ,; m dr' 1 .r $ S ,.< PI "
aor. o. AD _/;1" out 4 Yr ur. lOS, They cannot enter them;" also to be
A goblet without spout or hnndle, a cup. fit and proper, as :) A t.: 3 v. 73, "It
',0; r. .,,, .., '" ,:" - ,
lor oJ; aor. ai or pers. sing. , is not fitting for a man that;" ;J, 3rd pers
.... 11' t) ,r..' ., "
pret. for D. S. Gr. T. 1, p. To plur. fem. pret. for !:fS; and
I. , c.. ,,, , ""
Impede; to be just on the point of, to want for etc. aorist conditional; U J4J 12
b t I
, 1 f. ... ,',' .... s n .. ' I,..,."
U Itt eo, as Jr. \ V. v. 32 for energetic form of aorist, "And
19, lightning aU but took away their verily he shall be." A place; iJit1,.; 10
eight;" when used with a negative, the nega- v. 29, "(Remain in) your places;" Bei4Awee
lion applies to the verb 'which follows .lIS, tbus explains the acc. in this place by an ellipse of
;;;.::r,. 2 v .. 66, "And they wanted but tbe verb "Remain in,", which governs
little of not doing it;" ; 43 V. 62, tho acc.; another explanation is given by De
, S
, Lit. "And he wants but little of not Bacy, Gr. T. 1, p. 502. .itt: A lllace, pur-
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( )
. ,. ('0
lllt\.r.,.:cn; t'i-J ... " ... I . :, : V. uJ, J e-
corJin;! to your X. To
, "'"c,..-' .
bumr: ItC onc's-sclf; li';';""\ ;j v.l-!O i:;
. bysome to l)e the viii. f. of q.v. nnd.
""WI tllC r.uoyc meunin[;, the I bel!:,; dua to 11
pectic license kI10.;-n lId t,t;.!.t or Saturation;
D. S. Gr. T. 2, p. 4D7. .
with fo: 7 v. l(H,. tl D ;.;jJ:)
a plot lI;jainst Die," D. S. Gr. T. p. 107.
For 17 v. 7G nnll 37 v. ;)'1 fur
;"}. 4 n.n.. A i.lot, Stt.1t:1
i)lI1, f.::u,l, l:'ic!"
, . s ",-
cnnning. coutriY;1llcc. "':f. ... part. Plotted
. .
J'.S nor. i. To mt. IIow? in wId way? D.
" . T
...s.5 nor. 1. 0 cnutcl'lze.
S. Gr! T .. l, pp.-18J llnd =:0:;, and' T. 2, p.33.
J\S aor. i. To mc:!sure, measure out to anyone
(with acc. of per.s.). J:J n.n. A
out, a melHutc or quantity ; . 12 v. OJ,
" A camel's loud." J9.-.! 'l'i;c vC3.:cl in which
things are D1e:'.3ured.-JWt VIII. 'fo
by measure from (with of pers.).
:J So tllnt. Lest. ('q So that not;' particles
governing the subjunctive, D. S. Gr. T. 1,
JIg-nor. i. To conti-h-') a stratagem for (with of
pcra.); to plot nzninst (with nce. of pers. or
J a prefixed affirmative particle, Verily, surely, trust repose their confidence." .Kate. WIlen
certainTy; when prefixed to the article Ji the immediately following; nnd J J is generally
. l ... J"
latter ]oses Its 1, thus 4,,'O.s::::" t.j J, for Js: J 2 written with a jezm ,andwith a f:lt1)a J
v. 144, II Verily it is the' truth." For tbe when pre\!cding' nny of the nffixed pronouns,
divers applications' of J .and the names it as dJ, liJ, etc., the nffix of the first person
bears in consequence S. Gr. T. 1, p. singular is an exception to this rule, J. being
504, see a]so written with a kesra; Like J when preceding
.. " 1 d'"
, a prefixed preposition which denotes both the the article JI it causes the atter to rop Its I,
genitive and dative eases, meaning To, for, as for y)1 II To the Lord; i. It is fre-
unto, on account or, in order to, belonging to, used a'conjunction with aD ellipse
aee ; Aa J.:. expresses the condition of a of and then menns so that, in order that;
debtor, so does that of a creditor, thus J, D. S. Gr. T. 1, p. 477. .
He owes me; thus alSO! 6': t,; dll2 v. :f Not, no; when followed by the aorist eon-
276, "What is pa.'It sllan be credited to him," ditional it serves as a negative Imperative,
i.e. he shall be pardoned: see 8. v. 39 ; thus U 4 '.i i 2 v. 286, "Do not punish ns;"
when prefixed to the aorist conditional it gives When used to deny the existence of a thing
it the force of an Imperative, as J;ji 1);; (equivalent to v=;r> it generally governs the
v. 67, And on him l;t those who aecus. which then ]oses its tanween, as in the
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( 130 )
wOI'I13 :0..1:1 .01 " 1 Jlcro iJ
no D"I,y
llt Gory, or t1: II. \"e. y ,Ll on.
God; for ti, _ e:;I'I.l l: .:; t; n
.. .,;;;' D
G T 0:3 3 lle I' " ct n.l
so ' . wh n
. ,
o pI n, ic
c Drn
. occur at ;j:) v. 74 nn(l nt 7;; vv.l p'lll2, where
tl:c \\'orJ3 i ue tr:1rlilbtcu 1 swear i"
. on thc oth8r ll:llld an c 0 he nrS'.\ iv 'il
..... , ... :1.
t be 01; r, n 12.8 ,s '.: un J\ r
" ,
..... n
n on
10 II,
C nf !0.
Lo3 10 eu
f. lno r;. n un "'or 111
n 'C1 s1 1 Ii' 0. C2 rc
o Crlr
:1r ent
!J, "'1'1 ex "m
C 3': tit i
l. s.;l A c "'toC
,.;S nor. 1. nnu o. To eat much, nnd .,;,; o a oun
tn mlll(. n.n. l' 11k.
) ,
L IG {In ill 01 T
" _ nor. 8. nnl i. J
'! X 'th' , n r.! f
. S Gr T.
o tin 'el , litl OU, to per
G"'" ""(.. , ...
(. .]
y;,... ..

I.! J\ ()
,. "2, \)0 uu :;:;
".j r.
o 'ou i h ri i_I
c. _
ul tb' ,
,."" '" -"',
g at ad
(0 ).
pI e
le. A r cor 'rJ S ,_.s:. or
n13 ... , Plu '" A'
I 'J of ,16 . \ V. 0 ev' tc a
ti e f rn
A c c1 ce
i ... }... . j, ''',
! hn '" 'ch 's I wf I n U .... ht to ut to n
) T gt 'cr sh' e. ..lj'gcDcric noun, renrls, 1 erverted use, net profanely towards (with
large pearls. . j) ; .at 16 v. 105 It mny be rendered It They
S U1: .
aor.o. To remam m a place. y .. \ plur. ofl wickcdly incline towards" (\vith JIo)' ...
The heart, underst:lnJmg, mte cc ., n.8. Pro am u of phc V I.
aor. a. To de ny, nrry, s jo n it riA p nc f CU
; SGT. ,p 30
'" s ' -= ..... l. k ... Y.
WI h 1.:)1 0 fo WI g rb. p:l t. no 8 To or n'" c '- .s:! n.n
,r.1 't
e 0 rr .- _. J T ta y, em po un y.
8 nc w' ,,). . 1 or a. To o,ert'lke re:lch, attain unto (with
:;-:'ao o. or ai in'" pl e. alh).' '"
pI r. f That reI' k is close achd l - other (with nee. and y ofpers.).
like a lion's mane and hence A dense crowd. l..;i nor. o. To establzsk jr.1'l:Z,!!; alld nor. a. To Jec

aor. i. To cover, cloak, ob3cure (With nee. and I '" 1IJitkflcsh. n.a. Plur. Fles. '"
y); to mystify \ with double nee.); to render aor. a. To znclille tonar s all) 0 :;. n.n
a thing 0 scur.e anconfllscd 0 another (WI hi" A cio p m ci on
c. t ... g nd J.: f rs; 's p rs ao a. G T. ,p 25 T ha a ree
t be he ru me in 0 he 0 at v 9,' .. T . b rd
'" ... ' ...... ," "::: "'.':"u
;: itA c tal' ly'l a -. '" T
1.4 \_ ..... J W 0 II n lter ti itk an!! one.
'" . '"
ve be "red for the th t which the them-' 1i lur f for (9nd declension) Very
selves rendered obscure or confused," viz. The 1 contentious, fond of quarrelling.
giti j b u H... I
(,]31 )
J'u blJ sqft and tCiltia.. altilOu.;h propt:r1y
n noun, is always cmploycd a3 a
At, with; From" b .... fol"e, fl'om
the of, from; D. S. Gr. p. 1.)4.
:l!IJ (S s!liJ by De Sacy to be
only Jitf.:re:lt for:ils of q.v.; their mea.n-
Hell-fire; word app('.:::3 to be of thc scc0iHl.
declen5ioo M being 1\ namo nt1l1 of tllc
feminine gen.ler, othcrwLc t!le r,lllical
-it would have bceil illtlL'cJ the
\.S""" .
nOlln of action of the verb it! so \\"I'if.tcll. SeC D.
e.. ".
ing is thl! same, but wllCl"c!1s I,:).ll in the .
S. Gr. T.l, p. 404; or it may be, tllat
at tho end of a ver"e at 70 v. 15 it is put by
poctic license for J:J'-I"j?}J To blaze
is alw:lYs found preceded by;;'" wit}) 1.l5 nnd
..s:iS this is not the cuse.
. ,
.)J aor. a.' To fbd a;;reeuhle, pleasure in.
, " , ,
r.or. a. To s!a," ani/fane: and :'!Ol.n.
i.J delight.
nor. o. 1'0 close!!!. P!llt. net.
;:J nor. a. To be a..:siduous, stic1:-closc n.n.
,"""... J ...
III. f. Death; the dlly of JuJgl!!cnt,as ensuing
of necwity; at 20 v. 120, and at 25 v. 77,
we have instances of the noun of action used
adjectively t:1jJ for t.:), D. S. Gr. T. 2. p.
To play. sport, trifle (with n.n.
s '
Playil1J, phy, sport. part. net. Sport-
ing. one who jcats.
"" Perhap, one of those p:nticle5 whieh are ;;:lid
by gr;.lmmarians to rcscmblll'vertH; like :'1 it
governs the nOllO following in the aeeus.; it is
frecruently used with the a!TI:w] pronouns, ns
Jil, Perhops I. pcrllaps thou, etc.
L! seel;.
280; It may also be translated an abiding
,- s-
p. IV. To affix firmly (with nor. a. To drire an"a!!. curse; n.n. and
,.. !........ s '
double ace.) jto compel one to do 1\ thing. as A curse. purt. act. One who curses.
30 "D s'""
11 V. 0 we compel you to part. pass. Accursed!
... . c,." " "
(accept) it?", see
aor. o. To sei;eone b!/ the t01lflue. ;q camm. aor. a. and o. To be greatly fatigued. YJJj'
gend. PJur. ,i': .)l A ton:;ue. language, speech;
g; 19 v. 51, Lit. " A lofty tongue
of truth," i.e. " High and truthful praise j" a
similar expression is found at 26 v. 84.
'" . ."",
aor. o. To dram near i and aor. o. To
6e thin, fine. ....'_1' Gracious. kind. sharp-
sighted. acute, one who understands mysteries;
! t,illA name oC God.-. aWfv. To act
with courtesy and gentleness; at 18 v. 18 it
would seem to mean With cleverness, see
J?1 aor. a. To Maze. JJ (2nd declension)
n.n. Weariness.
Q' aor. o. To speak, aor. n. Tt) usc vnin
words. ?" n.a. Vain discollrse, a trifling word
or inconsiderate language. Vain or obscene
aor. o. To be thick and entangled (trees).
J\1ii Trees thickly planted and with inter-
lacing boughs. A mingled crowd.-
VIII. To be joined-one thing to an-"
other (with ,-,).
aor. i. To tend. turn aside (with .ncc. and
1:11 VIII. To tUrn or look (back).
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( 1:32 )
t?J nor. n. '1'0 burn,
f::il nor. i. J.'o. utter:
.,-; Tc d .. 1 .......
0 /WliiStI.-...jJ \ IV. '1'0 find.
S " !I '"1
Plur. yWl A nicka:uilC; no vcrbnll'Oot in
the form.
(.:.J J.'o imprt'!lnale (the /r)I'!rrle Palm-ll"ce).
(2nd dccl<!nsion) plur. of ,:':J plrt. nct. That

which renders pr,;;nant or fccunlbte3; an
epithet applied to the win(h,ns by their in-
strumen !:llity tlle clouth nre be rcnll>red
precinant with r:lin,:md tlle f<!llde Palm-tree
is Jrnpn'ciuntcd with pollen from the male.
puts the Llen in a somewhat dif-
ferent form.
"'Then w(' have laughrJ to sec the sails cone<'iyc,
And grow big-bdlicd with tho wanton
. MidJllm/llcr Night', lJuarll.
To gather.-illlViII. To happen on, light
upon, also to' pick up.
aor. 8. To catch up Izurridly, in the
it mny be trnnslated to swallow up quickly.
?l aor . o. To oostntet (ti path). (2nd declen-
sion) an Arab sage, to whom the
origin of ..:Esop's fables is VIII.
To swallow a mouthful. . .
aor: 8. To meet, meet with, see; to suffer
from, experience (with ncc. and i'UJ n.a.
see iii. f. Jj for part. act. One who
, -;r
meets with. n.a. A meeting; ,'tfu To-
wards; ,UL; :r, 10 v.16, "Of m; own
II. To cast upon, shed over(with
double ace.); 27 v. 6, "Verily
thou art gifted with the or " it is shed
upon thee from above;" D. S. Gr. T. 2, p.
124; a somewll8t similar rendering is required
at 25 v. 75 and in other places; 41
v. 35, no one shall b [;I'aoted it," viz.
such a di311osition; Dj.J:hi.:o i!UppliC3 tLe

.... -:1.' ",
ellIpse by tbe wOId3 Ill. '.
To meet of both 1st and 3rd
forms, A meeting, an occurring; the
:;"., v. 23 are varioo5ly undcn;tood;
they. may refcr to the giring of the Lnw to
Mo::!es, tbe-ciiving the to or
. to the meeting betwcen and 1{ollamm!1d,
fnLlcd t? hn",e taken place 'on the occ:J.3ioo oC
thefilUlous ni::(lt journey to the 6th IIea,en.
, , !J'
for J) . part. nct. One who meets i
2 v. 43, "That they nrc about
to meet their Lord;" is here put for
!.," b .
" -,
as em:; the to (1) D. S.
Gr. T. I, p. IV. To throw, ca3t,
throw down, send down, shed (with nee. and
7' ::;., or with ace. aoll Jlor
pers.); to cast forth, utter, throw out ::l..sug
gestion, as at 22 v. 51; to offer, make nn olTer,
as 4 v. !lG, "To him who
offers you the salutation;" also with Jl
of pers. ';' of thing, as at 60 v. 1; J.';1
50 v. 36, II Or who gives enr;" 4lU
27 v. 28, "And throw it," fo.r clU D. S. Gr.
_. T. 1, p. 460; The dual QJi 50 v. 23 i3
probably addressed to It the driver and the
'" '-- c..t ,4.'
witness" spoken of at v. 20; Ip
J12 v. 191, "Neither make your own
hands accessory to your destruction;" .
in the passage has the of rs " m, the
is superfluous; D; S. Gr. T. 2, p. 55.
.'r' .. , .
,;;w. for:.J}.A part. aet. One who throws or
sends down.-u'lJ V. To meet; to receive
learn (with acc. ";1
. .
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( 133 )
for Z';:.:..;s 2-1 v. 14, "When yo r2ceive it with
your tongues (one from another)" by :ddn;;-
que:;tio!l3 aLout it j aN a YUl'icty of
"-'" ':"
dilf.:r';,lt rcauiIlgs; .. ! \ .>t fjQ v.IG,
Lit. "When the learners learn j" tlIe
meaning is to be, When t! -. two guarJbn
nngeb note down a man's worJ:; 01' thou;;ht:5,
HGod) aim aware of them beforchanti \,;/:(:; I
... " 5' """ .
dual part. act. v. s!tpra'-J li for .,j'Jj n.a. VI.

f. D. S. Gr. T. 1, p. 111, A one \Yith
.. another j at 40 v. 15 II The day of

15 for I j"'J!., tha final ..j, not
being before the at the end
of the verse, is omitted; D. S. Gr. T. 2, p. 40G.
- . .fJ1 VIII. To meet, mect one another.
.... I> '
'(1 ' T. '1 dAb' "(I
t:P" !!or. n. To SJ)ca,; CIa .ara Ie. nnd
But, still, nevertheless. in,the same way

as nnd takes the affixed pronouns after
form, it is need ':.'11C:1 of CV(,!lt3;
according to some comment:'. "Jr:J it is OCC:l.-
sion:.lly fOUld' in the' seIl5C of It un-
Ie"" t1. '15 (:i; \!j vX '':5 ", SG v 4
, , ". . "" '-: c .,
, whr:re if .".1 is beld to be fur ,:.1 Pond the\,;'
-I> Vi> ' .
of \,;.! to be' redunlhnt, the sen;;o ,;ill be
"Yeril; every 30ul11'1.1 of n surcty B Gu,crlli:m it;" with this r,;:!uing t!r would uppC:1r
to stnnd for t.: J or rather t.: nccoroli:l3'
to other3, as above mentioned, the cOIl:;trudion
is the as if the worJ3 ; ,15 ",I
.... - 1.:.10
S ,. ""' ... ., <..'
:11, the particle I.:,A ba\'ing here a
meaning', sec in the ab0YC :m,l
in sen:,:,l other such r.3 11 v. 11:3,
36 v. nnd 43 v. 3-1, it is wll'Cther
t!JSllOUld bo spclt with or 'I'o'itliout the tdl-
deed, see t.: j it is frequently followeu by j.
Lti Altogether, entirely. n.a. That which
is near; bence Smnll f;lUltS, ns being tho::c
which al'e ncnr being sins, without being quite
so; the word in this sense may be regarded tiS
as..}{J But Ii but he, etc.; in like
manner also it governs the accus. of the noun
following; for the exceptions to this rule see
C) N) a gQ..l!eric noun.
. r. '"' p. v.... "
see rt. yl; for Y.;t t aor. a. Iv gitc a glance n;itA tha C!Je. ? n.a.
N and Not yet, wh;n prefixed to the aorist, ,';,' The t'i"in:1in
0: an eye. '
govern it in the conditional, and genel;nlly ;.J aor. o. and 1. To n;znh, defame. A slandcrp.r.
give it a past signification; De Sacy says they aor. o. and i. To feel with the band, pry into
give to the aorist the same vnlue in point of the secr.ets III. To t.>uch, hnve in-
time, as the preterite would have bad if the . with, as at 4 v. 46.-v:;2t VIII. To
proposition had been ('j Not yet I seek for. ' .
seems to be frequently used indifferently for :J Not, by 110 means, governs the aorist in the
it is evidently composed of aud subjunctive and with a future signification.
latter being redundant tor 1!l:l aor. a. To 6laze. Flaming fire.
, " .T-
etc. see 1; for \!J When v. Aboo Lahab, an uncle of
r! aor. o. To tUSem6le, colle.:t, to 6e near. \,;;J an aor. a. To hang out the tongue (n dog).
adverb meaning When or that, would I' aor. a. To !/ulp don:nfood.-t)i IV. To inspire_
appeartobethenounofactionriuanadverbial one with (with double acc.). .
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( 1:3! )
q nor. o. Tv ]-!,,:;. n.n. A tt):;, sport, /'
, 11,: I.. :!-:t\ 'Co., 31 f' "1"" .... , '::_
,.1 . 0, y-,.( v. v, l.t.: ..
ill;; i.e. n Ulllll,':Uc; o. the
nal\l"ill:; "tory( .... it!J ',';jli,)h th,)u !lc'i1dllt :.l).
l.::tcr by the preL .. :!/!; in tldJ it iii
t.. ,I:L.J Y;ill yo not? or tlley
? 1
no . (,I!. .x. I.:,';---:r '-. \ or
.; 1'"- $ :; 1) s G '1' 1 0')0)1)- ,,' t
,)r u?J . '-J. Jr. . ,p. "It) , p"r ... nc .
One w!.!o sports or jc:;ts; t;.JJ 21 v. 3,
"J('stin1,; in tLdr be::rts;" for the construction
D. S. Gr. T.2, pp. 70, 107, nnd 2iO.-

LS',J1 IV. To, to divert from
(with rnJ ;Ji v. 'fo be uni!',;nJful
"'" 1,.;'
of, or cn.re1c:;s of
c..... ",... (,. .. ,
- I If; for tLc dl:1,;:,'nce bct.','c.::n .J and ." s;e ... ;
.r ., \WI>
'when f(lllo .... eJ by n. noun the I
.. .
pn.rtic1e 1.:)' is ill terpo5cd us at 7 v. !).l., D. S.
Gr.,T. 1, pp-.101 :l!1d 5'-'1; With;J nt tho
hC:1d of 11 st:'ntellce we have sometimcs an
ellipse Of tbe correlative propositi::m called by
27 v. 17, "Will ye nut p.lrJoll 'of. 0.),1,
perbps yo mi;;l!t be 'g'radou31y
T!lis and lll!1ny simibr could Lo
by nn c1lip2c,' still retainin;;
orid'illal mC:::l!ag of but the
grammari:Hls IlUll commentator3 pl'cft.!r tIll!
analysis auo\'() given, D. S. Gr. ,T.l, p. 5:2,;).
nor. o. To gil'tJ a rep':! 1l'Mc1urcts not carld.
'(I' .'
or., t IS not; grJrnm:mans nre not
n6rcdon of thi3 :lccJruing
to some it is' an verb, wLil:;tothera
consider it as a kind of feminine form of thl)
, ,
adverb -;; D. S. Gr. T. 1, p. !?,]2.-;.:.::;J \
, """
declension) AlBt, a female Idol of tha Pa;;,m
grnmmarians k -,. II ,-,I tL>- nn inst::l.llce occurs "
.:;- F" ) aor. o. To appear (a star),' to cause one to
at 21 v. 40, where tbe scnsl! may be well L S<' S
change colour .,...1 Plur . .,...Ij 1 n.n.A broad table
rendered in Englisb by a similar ellipse, It If \..: '-
.. " or. plank. ;9 verbal adjective of. intensity,
they did bllt know the timo," etc., "JJ Although. '-
... , , , .. ", ". , D. S. Gr. T. 1, p. 322, Darkening the colour
Unless, as 11 v. 93,
It Had it not (beeu for) tIly f:!mily surely we (with of pers.). s,
Ji aor. o. To uc:k thtJ protection of. .i1.:J n.a. The
bad stoned tbee i" in tbi.3 as in numerous
'. I . ed' d d act of Byio .... for sbelter.
o er lDstances tIe pr lcnte is un e;stoo , 0 .
indeed tbis. eliipse is customary in all cases kj aor. o. and i. To be fixed in the affections. 'J
where no confusion is likely to arise in con- ' Lot; proper name.
i sometimes also tbere is an ellipse .t".J..J A pearl, see J I.
of the correlative proposition, as for esample nor. o. To. blame a person for anything (with
at 24,!; 10, where we may understand tbe word acc. of pers. and ,.j. of tbing). Lj Blame,
P "Verily he would hin-e exposed your reproof. part. act. One who finds fault"
wickedness i" may be found I :,;r adjective of intensity, D. S. Gr. T. 1, p.
s , I
at 48 v. 25, see :;;J' , 322, One who is constantly blaming otbers,
IV . , ."" Ga... c..'Q 6!fi:J
is also used 3S a particle of instiga- or accusing himself; the words 'JJlI I
. tion or reprimand, being followed in the for- at 75 v. 2 are other interpretations re-
mer case by, a verb in the aorist, and in the ferred to the sool of Adam. r).; D. S. Gr.
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( 135 )
T. 1, p. Fl't, l'.',J. Bbmcu,
net. Ir. f. of bhmc.-
VI. To bk" onc anotllc!'.
. s"",'!
I,;,.J Plur . .:/",.Jl Colonr, cx.tcl'!1:l1 fortH, sl)l)ciel; no
.' .... L 1 ... "\.0
, , verl>::! root; 1G v. 13, I< Of dif-
fered colours;" D. S. Gr. T. 2, pp. 'j.J, I1I7,
nnd 270. .
J..,! nor. i. To twist, pervert, 'tt;rn Lack (, .. itll ncc.
" r'" eo; ", vI ,.
Bnd,-, or ).::). u ..::.;.....Jl .lJ 3 v. 72
;, \WI ';. .... ' ..:,.'.., .. J
"They pervcrt the Scripture with their
" I' d' b ....
t liS wor 1S y some spclt or
,j n.a. The nct of tlVi3tin,; or pervert-
ing.-.... :j II .. To turn aside.
nor. i. 1'0 /;:dc'r.-l:;:J or is by
gramm:lr:-:.ns a p:n:tic1e of desire, and mnY' be
renderc(i I wish, would that, or would to God!
it is one of those .particles which, like :"i. re-
quire the noun following to be in the aecus. j
it takes affixed pronouns as etc.;
it that this ,\,ord is of Hebrew
origin j D. S. Gr. T. 1, p. oj3G, note.
r for q.v.
t,; conjunctive pronoun, That which, which, that,
what, wb!lt.soever, as, in such a manner ns, as
much as, as far as; t,; 5 v. 117, It As
long as I rewllined j" l; 2 v. 24, "A
parable. of any kind whatsoever;" t.: does
Dot as a rule refer to reasonable beings, but
instances to the contrarl sometimes oceur,
thus jll 4v . S, "Then marry
8uch (women) as may be agreeable toyou;"
j' is used in the formula of admiration, W
for ...,.:} Il W:l.! not, is not; n <Iv\] ve.))
med only in the p. S. Gr. rt'. 1, p.
1") ...... ) f 1
4'J.; 1.1""::" 1.1 one 0 t rl);C \c,1..J kJlo\';n flJ
or siJtl'ra of. which b,1VC'n.
the attributo in the D. S. G1. T.
2, p. GO.
s .....
comm . gend. gcneric noun, 0120 the
civil day from to suns0t; Plur. nom.
'JIii , \ ,,. ", "" . ,,.
an gen., _ for nnd ne\!. w-Jt;J
By night; D. S. Or. T.), pp. 10:2 and 410 j
sec also 'i:'1!..., of unity,
night. '
i', ' ".. ' ...
for :I \,:)1 J; at 5"/ \". !?!) tllC :: of iJ
. '
s:l.ld to be rcuund::tnt, iJ mUJt tlicr.;f0!'C be
. , - ..
translated "Th:-rt they m:.y kn.)w;" D. S. Gr.
T. 2, p. 400, note.
i. To be or become to be mild tiH .... :mls
(with J). Y A kind of Palm-tree.' ::;;J
Soft, IV. To soften (with J>;
for v.10, We rellu\!red soft."
.. , ...... , 2 . 1'"0 " H 11 b h
v. I,. ow wi e t eir
Butrerings ;" it is one of thosll particles
in conditionai propositions govern the verb in
the conditional mood; when affixed to :"t,
and such like particles, it destroys the effect
which they have of putting the noun following
them in the ac..:usative; it is frequently a
mere expletive, see W, when placed between
a preposition and its complement it is in-
variably so, Ex. 3 v. 153,
"For by the mercy of God;" When used
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( I:JG')
interro';:I.Uidy nfter 0. 1)' ;(i:<::cu rrcpo-ilion th.) I Y. enjoy. deliGht
, . 11' J' ' l' I ...
IS y ollHtte ",us ti lor tU.l" ouo's time UcSl'CC;\Uy (with,;:, or J);
I' .. "., .'" ,'" c.. 'F .... ........ '" ,,-: n "11'
or 1.+-. for .... \:J'" ete.; 'or nn' II \J .... t-'.,,;v.ID':]. Ant.
, , .... !::. "(,, .... ,,; "-- ......
instllnce of wha.t is known as l. Ilia .time in the r1di;;hts of vi3iting- the temple
For it.i inl1llCliCo.) on the value, of X. '1'0 enjoy, d':rive 1,1 ,-
of'icrbs sec n. S. Gr. T.I. p.180 ct seq sec slIre or from (with
"O--f .... , 1 ....... '
a so p. U".JI et sCIf see lSJ.
t:. i3 0.150 Il. ne,;ati.e Illhwb. Not; in general: - I. see oj:.
jt d.;uicJ a circu!Ildt:lnce' e,ither or if ... ,r;: h' . 1. . 6 , ' !=It l'. 1
' e stroll!/. rOu1!st. ron!!', rowerlu .
past, but little remote from like :.. - ., . ,
, . . .. nor. o. To u:occ mlie!:!!!. intcrro;:;:l.tive
lit governs the attribute lU the accus. thus . 1 'n'b ?'
", " .. partlc c. " en ..
L; 12, . V. 31; II This is not a man;" s.""-
'J r'':'-' sec r"
for the exceptions to the abo\"e rule sec S. ;.J, ..
see .,J-J.
Gr. T.2. p.413. ", s ..
_, .... \!..9 Bor. O. To he Ii!:.!. J!..., Similitude.
, .1 see ;c; for
. 6 _" , ".. like. simil::tr, as mueh as. the s:tmc as;
y\'" see y\ I for .y,,'; , , -.. .. "."
, , J!-, In like 3 v. 11,
(2nd declension) a tribe of bar-
""' Lit. "Two equivalents of them ;" the meaning
barinns from the borders of the Caspian Sea; is that _ the the number or
see Rev. ch. u. V. 8. their enemies to be twofold that' of their own
men; so also at v. 159. where refers to
(2nd declension) l\IUroot, name of a re- the obtained by the true belie\"ers
bellious angel, who for his disobedience is said at Bedr being equal to double their, loss at
to be suspended by the heeb at Babel. 01}Qd. j; Plur. Like. a likeness
see equivnlent, simUitude. comparison, parable,
--1 fignre of speech; an example as at 43 V. 56;
. sce uJI.
.J!s 6, 30 v. 26. "And IIis is the
0.01'. a. To ex(enc,. -.11..9 01' Cor u-1 A u-
hundred." most exalted similitude." i.e. He is above all
comparison ; : 2 V. 24. II Any kind of
see Cor
...... , ""
ur- see u,i.
.. '" -, ,.'
, part. act. vi. f. oC q.v.
aor. a. To he advanced (tne day).
holdstuft', utensils. goods, chattels, provision,
. 1 '!, "" ' G ' '
convemence; P U1'. II. To suft'er
to live; to permit one to enjoy (with ace. of
, pers. and y); to besto" Creely (with double
parable;" D. S. Gr. T. 1. p. 539. ....\!.91 Fern
{2nd declension} Most distinguished
!,-" ", t: 0 II d'
thus 2 v!.-66., most 15-
tinguished nobUity." see .:.l.!.. A punish-
ment to be taken as J.JW (2nd
declension) plur. of An image, 8tatue.-
jtJ V. To seem like to anyone (with acc.
and J of
by Google
( 137 )
, ... (., , , ,c.. ,. , , .' ,f
n:r D. S. Gr: 1. 1, p. 118, see l..SoJ.
J ..; J
nor. o. To .exccl in !Jlol'!J. Gloriou3,
' I J . $-; , ,
C , extcll.l1\C.-",...\.t... p;ut. r' }3. II. f.
' ..
Widely es.tenJl.!u.-..\..l IV. To bC3toW', n!,
. glorili0d. ' cause to' alJOllllJ ncc. of perd. and '-:-' or
'" 5, ,
lI'onn of 1:1',). .. ll:ll't. nct. One who nS5ist3.
.. . , ,,;,
, orioin, or fire.wor:hippcra. . .f-..).A see ,r.J .
, , , .". 0 , , , , !...", .-.... ,
.... .. aor. n. To run sn-ijtl!/ (a II. i.:J.).A To remam til a place. rlllr.
To prove, try. A city, )Iedio3.. Fem.
aor. a. To dC3troy utterly, deprive or or belonging to )Icdin3., reye;lled nt
as at 2 v. 2i1. Medina. (2nd declension) nIilli:m,
.1'0 n:;ainst any ona bifore the Kill!!, s name of n city nnd tribe of I.Iejllz.
Jl';''! n,n. Fraud, power. purt. xi. f. q.v
, ,,"', $" , " ""
for sce I;)I,J for
, , , , "'c..' . "
i;J::''' n01'. n. 1'0 stril>.1'-I:,."s::'.l VIII. To try; to ),. aor. O. To (with,.):. or y); on,
$,'t..' 5,"
dispose (with ncc.nnd part. pas3. (with 7)' ;. n.a. The act Ofp:B3ing awny.
One who is tried or examined. One timt', turn; Jji At first, the firiit
nor. o. nnd a. To obliterate, blot out, totally time; i; jS oS v. 53, "On every occ:!.-
abolish. . .. b' 11 0 \1'
'._' _ .. s"e ,". . 81On; a ver In y, nee; .. or
\...!i:'w '"' 2 ".
T\Vice, as \ 2 v. ;::?O, "Divorce (13
see ';b- for permitted you) twice." Gall, undcr-
jG: dee for etanuing, as at 53 v. 6. (!?nd dcclcll3ion)
? aor. a. To plolt.qn pc trQt'es .. (2nd compo form, )Iore part.
declension) plur. of 0t-: fem. part. act. That X. f. That which is transient, also powerful;
which ploughs the waves with a dashing noise. either interpretation mny be employed at 54
aor. n. i. and. o. To churn. collective v. 2; at v. 19 it is by some rendered bitter,
Doun, The pnins of childbirlh. . by others grave or heavy (misfortlDe).
l.; O. To stretch forth, extend, stretch, dr!lw aor. B. To 6e n:holesome (foocl). n.a. A
out (with acc. or '-:-' and J of pers. or, 51 of inan. . Easy of digestion, wbolesome,
,,, .,., ".
place) ; to cause to increase or abound (with salutary ; or With easy diges-
$ f,e.. 'if1' ".c, , .""
acc. of pers. and as at 2 v. 14. ;:\.; n.a. tion. J.rl Gen. Ace. D. B. Gr.
The act of extending, etc.; T. I, p. 398, A m:.r:. A woman, a wife;
,1; 19 v. 76, "To him let the Merciful grant both this and the preceding word are written

an extension (of days)." An additional with when not commt'ncing a sentence.
. S , 0 , ,-: ... , , " , "
help, auxiliary. Ink. ;.).A A apnce of see '-:-'!) for
time, an allotted period. 5).M...; pnrt. pass. aor. o. To ,end (cattle) to pfUture, to let loose.
. 18
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( S )
Fire frcofrom smoJ.:e. Confuscd.,; n.n. III. r. l'.rutunl c(;:!tact;
. c.,t:;-; rc<ds; or it mny be coral. . j 20 v. 07, Tonch me not," D. S. Gr.
c.r nor.. n. '1,10 be joyful, cht0l1. Insolence; : T. 2, p. G:l.-JW VI. To' tOllch one l\l\othc:-.
, ., , . L 5 t ." c.. , ." ". , ... ,
In n man!ler. part. act. x. f. of.;tb
", SA..'I..' '"
"''''' nor. 0 . To moisten (hrtaJ) ill oreler to soften' pmt. P:lSS. x. f. of t"'J q.v .
it; tobc.oostinnte (with p:lrt. nor. n. To wipe, p:l?3 the hand over nnything
One who is obatin:.te1y in order to wipe' it (with y of thin;;); to
Ob t
........ b ;1' SQ ... , II"', 7. . $ o. ......
d In re Cl ;on.-:., ...... p:lrt. f. ' tmlle mill a sn'ord. c n.n. The nct of
Remlered . . 'I smiting with n sword. ;'Iessiab,
" 5''''' '-.:' ....
To be ill. n.ll. IlInc.o3, sic:;ne.od, dis- Lit. The Anointed.
,. $ , 'to' , " . " c.. "c.. "'"
ease, mfirmIty. Plur. Sick,m. nor. n. To change, transform; ...J;
Ii'" ", c" """" \
J"" generic noun, Flint-stones. i 36 v. 67, "Verily we could hn .... e tram-
nnme of n mountain ncar l\lecc!l.. 'formed them in their places;" '50 tklt they
" . S b
aor. i. To prcs$' the teats in milhin(/. ' 8 ould have remained without powcrofmotion.
A doubt.-..s;t:. III. To dispute with one cOC,- J...:.; nor . o. To III:ist (a rap.:) strol1:lly. i.:,.;
cerning a thing (",ith ncc. of. pers. . Twisted of the Palm-troe, coiro
or of thing). rc., D.a. The nct of disput- . To tahe hold of. comm. gend .
. ing, a VI. To dQubt con-: II. To bold f:13t (with y).-
cerning a thing (with VIII. To ; IV. To hold, take, catch bold of. bold
doubt of. (with or c..: of for: fnst, withhold, keep bnek, hold up, rebin.
s ",.e; I ",. , s ....... . S "I
part. act. One who doubts. D.n. The act of retaining, etc.
(2nd declension) Mary. part. act. One wbowithbolds,
, " S ( Th .. l' X. To tnke hold on, hold fast (with
aor. a. 0 7111.7:. nt which IS mlxeu: $ .... o. , ;.
with wine. . I , _ part. act. One who holds fast. ,
!, .. , " 1--
see v...-. aor. O. To n:ipa out the uterus of a camel, to
:;.;; part. act. of :;'j q.v. - come in tAe To be or do
'-::-- l..: th' th . , ,,,,, '30
.' ..... , t f.'" . any mg In e evemng, as I,;}"-; v
par. pass. viii of.r.-J q.v. )'6 "At 'd" liT t' , "
"'. ...0'. . . , event! e. w.-. or is one
aor. 1. To tear.-u.r II., To scatter, disperse, . , , , ...... ,
tear in pieces. j;;": Time or place of 8cat- of those verbs known as 1;)\5 c.:,J'.::>-', D. S. Gr.
. t T.2, p. 60.
nng, e c.
) .. '"
1-- , ''''''
se'3 J.:. j. . .' ; - see
", 'IF. 1 .o.. ,.. m ., .' "s .'
.10 go In tl,e lame direction at anotller. L:V- C .10 mzn!l,e. plur. of Mingled.
Cloud. I i\!.t. see \t!.
.. ' " ........ ,. ,
V- aor. B. and o. To touch, berall. V- n.ll. A aor. i. To walk, go, proceed (with or J
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( 130 )
, ) $ t. "T .
ofp.:J.ce. he net w:-Ilk.
f(!.; One who about with lying' sbndcr3.
;.; nor. o. 1iJ mill: , .. itlt the tipJ of the fiIlJc:rs.
;;'J (lst nnd 2nrl d0Cr<:I!;il)n) comm. gcnJ. A
lnrge city, Egypt, D. S. Gr. T; 1, p. 405.
5't. '" .... , 1i :;, Cot .... , ............
or .;*:-. sC0.r"'"
s !Z
}.i.: plur. of rt.';'; q.v.
, ,e.., Lo , .,,,
plnr. of _
.... ,c"
1:),:.1..e sec
... ,,,. g t. ....
To hate. n.n. nut rod, nllr;'"r; nt 4 v.
213 it moans an oJious anI! nbomiu('!..lo thill:;.
t. , 5 c..' .... ,
y.,. for u.:""e, see uJ.
4# J
5'. , I:: .... ....
e sca for '::':1"
d.; 10 sllck dry. il..; (2ud declension)
, ".... ! .. (,.,
0.01'. 0.. and o. To choo. A morsel
s. 5.., .
of :;; Fern . Of or belonging to
fle5Q.; revealed at Mecca.
aor. i. To plUS by, pnss away, go aW3Y ...!. i..; nor. o. To deLly, t:my, nLiJe, rcmab (with
s' S;y'
. n.n. The nct of going' nway. . u!). n.a. The ad of t!l.rryill3', etc.;
", ., .... .... ....,'" % -. }' "" "
nor. o. !J'o ram upon. Jc.-. n.n. Rain.-j:-_I ..}; 17 v. 107, Slowly ntHl delibc-
IV. To cause to ruin; y.;..; 7. v. rately." part. act. One who brrbc!'
82, " And we rained down upon them a shower remains.
(of stones) j" see aIdo 11 v. 84. part. F 0.01'. o. To contrive a plot; to plot :,,::.'.inot
act. That which cnllses or brings rain. (with ';') j to net deceitfully. A plot, a
'2"" 5t.,'
of sec rt.
c.;.; nor. o. To at a quick pace.-:-J=:.i V. To
walk in a haughty, conceited manner.
see .tU; for U;.
properly nn indeclinable noun used as a pre-
position, With, together or in company with.
.... .... .... .
.;t,;.; sec ";1,; for .;;;.

:; 5
_""to' G ...
.r- and :r
, see .T'
;.; nor. o. To separate the goats from the sheep.
;.; generic noun, Gonts.
, .... , $ , ,
aor. a. To tral:elfast andfar. I.:...rt.; House-
hold stuff, whatever is of common and neces-
sary use, also alms.
s ....
comm. gend. Plor.
Intestines; no
verbal root. .
. '" , , .... , ....
&ee I.:)\;. for
.,...., "t' ",
see..)11 for .
. deceitful trick, contrhauce. )t.; part. net.
One who lays. plots.
"'. 5"
:.Jw-e To hold lugk rank or authonfy. see
", s ('
1.:)1$. Firmly fhad, one whose rank is.
firmly II. To esl:ll)1ish
firmly, strengthen, give authority to nnyone
(with acc. or of pel's. of place, or
with acc. of tlJiug anu J of pers.); at 18
-=, '":
. v," 94 is for D. S. Gr. T. I, p.
"'-1 ,,"''J. ....
458, IV. To gi\"e as .:",.!;.\j
8 v. 72, be hath given thee power
over them;" D. S. Gr. T. 2, p. 454.
tL: aor. o. To mldstle. i'ts:.: n.a. Whistling.
j..; 1'0 a garment, com:ert. ll., A religion,
form IV. To dictnte.
.... " ., s .... (,..,... "il '11
1.. 0.01'. a. To fill, as 7v.I7, Ver' y I WI fiU"
(with D.S.Gr.T.I,
p. 62, A 'quantity that fills anything, as 1J., .
v. 85, "The Earth full." t: A band,
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( 140 )
comp:Hly, D': chicf men, rrinCCd,
.... '-"f...o ,.. ... t..'1 ." h
thl) nobility ; I I 33 v. GO, T c cx-
alted CbLfJ," i.e. the Anbeb ; for the chan:;cs
whicll this word un! . .'rgo.:-3 whell followeu by
an aill::cd pronoun sce D. S. Gr. T. I, pp. 05
and 117. for D. S. Gr. T. 1, p. 07,
part. nct. One who 11113.- n II. to bl) full.
part. nct. iii, f. of q.v. 0
.$, .... , .... 't,'j .... , ...
aJ"L; see un for do'.!.
nor. R. and i. '1'0 salt. C! fem. SnIt. 0
JL; To n:ipe n.ll. IV. f. Poverty, v:ant.
o nor. i. To }lrLVC pOller or dominion
over; to be of, allle to olltain (with
acc. of tIling nnu J of as :;.;
1(., '" -4' ",,,... ..... "
fJJ \ fJ 48 v. I I, For who llath any
power to prevail for YOll with God?"
n.a. That which is in anyone's power;
o ,
II 0 .. .?'i'
20v., As fllr as lay in our pewer. 0
Dominion, power, kingdom. sing. nnd
,) ..
plur. An angel, angels; see aldo \ for
........ - . .,.., ....
. 4!.Sl. One who possesses, a king; Plur.
.. ",," .5,.... .
t.!i;-.. part. act. One who IS lord over,
apoS3cssor; lIt\lec, nnme of the angel who
. . $ '-, ....
has charge over lIeIl. 4::.)fJ.-. Dominion,
-a'l , ' $.,... '" .,
king om. A monarch. Ciy..,. part.
pass. Possessed, owned.
i.: Bor. o. To Tun violently. g..; For Il considerable
IV. To prolong one's life, grant
. a respite (with of pers.); at 47 v. 27 tbe
word may be rendered II he bas 0 continued to
buoy tbem up with falae bopes;" to dictate
(with acc. or thing and of pers.).
o r., and \!., for L: 0
!#:;":f.o' :'.;
.;..> ........ sec .
d.;;,; Oblique plur. part. net. viii. f. of .... ;: q.v
'! .... ",
J..t.. .. see .>..
(. . c.
t:r-! for
an indeclinable conjunctive pronoun mc:\nillg
lIe she or they "ho, one who, some \:110,
whosoever; also interrogatively \Yho? In
conditional propoaiHons it governs the aorist
in the conditional mood, D. S. Gr. T. 2, p. 32;
for it:. in!1uc::c() on the temporal value of YCl'b3
sec D. S. Gr. T. I, p. IS5, ct scq.; although
genel'ally u3ed to designate being'S,
in5tance3 may occa3ionally be note.l to the
contmry, ns for example at v. 4-1, bllt in
these C:\5es the irrational creaturcs nrc some
extent, by Il figure of speech, u23imibtcd to
reasonable being3; D. S. Gr. T. 2, p. 356.
Coo S .,. 0 Coo .... "'." c..
c.r'" and for and..:.r.
a preposition si;:;nifying origin, com
position, e:cphnation, commcnceiucnt, or sera-
ration; in its ordinary acceptation it is equi-.
valent to of, from, or out of; or, when following
a comparatire, than; but it ma.y occasionally
be rendered on, by, by rea50n of, some or a
portion of, of the S!lffie kind as, after the
manner of, etc. It is frequently employed in
negative propositions with the of any, as
3 v. 55, II Kor is there any
. Deity but God," or it may be regarded as an
expletive, "There is no Deity," D. S. Gr. T. I,
8 5 "At h' h d'"
p. 490; 2. v., t elr an s, t.e.
II At tlle hands of the Children of Israel;"
.. ,.. 3 121" or 0 "d ;, "
r-..J'; I;)"!. v. , So.' a :n, or on
their arrival," see.".,;; 5 v. 37,
"On opposite 'Bides; 0 v.,
"According Lo yQllr means;t It is found
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(141 )
\Yith the ltlCalling-of ;;;. thus ilL I
,,-u...o, .... (,...,:. c..' .... l "
() v. 33, i,,4 \;l.ll \ Are
ye content with this lif\) in
'0 -".,; ....
to which to come 1" \ 1:1"
=::J. u! 3 v. 27, "He has nothing' to look to
from (the friendship of) GOll;." D. S. Gr. T. 1,
p. 402, 1I0te.
aor. o. 1'0 fatigue j to be' gracious towards
(with Jl. of pers.); to reproach (with J-:
pers.), as at 49 v. 17; to be liberal, n .
;;;.:;; 74 v. 6, If And be not liberal in
the hope of more;" at 26 v. 21 it is
, ,
u!!ed transitively, to bestow":"a f:n-our-on any
one (with ace. of thing of pers.).
n.a. The !lct of reproaching, nnd especially
by reminding anyone of benefits con!erred j
,c..' _" "','"
also liberality, as at 47 v. 5, "-'! L:.:
ii:J" \! 1; II And either (show) liberality after-
wards, or (exact) a ransom."
,,, ' . ,,- ... ..... 30 "Ad
.:.... Time' .. \ 52 v., verse
1,,:).; '':'''- --
fortune," by interpreted to menn Death.
s , .. ., - h d b k 'fl' s<.,
L;)""'" pnrt. P9.SS; DlmlnlS e , ro -en 0 ;.r;'
L;);';'; J;i 41 v. 7, "An'uninterrupted rewaril."
, ,
see JU for ;;.
...... "', "-:

. c.. ... il 5 .,,,
Ouo who hillucr3 or oU3trncts; r-:..:.. .. tL. :;0 .
v. 24, "One who hinders men from followin;;'
t!te right pnth." pnrt. pass. }<'cl'biuli m.
'.1:' d:i
1,:; . , " sec "
$ -'t. ,

, w, '"
I..i"" aor. i. To try . (2nd declension) lIanat,
an idol worshipped by the Pagan Arabs.
. ., !-:;J ",1 ...
Spermn. gcnitale. PIliI'.
. (2nd, dec1en .. ion) A wish,' desire ; f
v.73, "They knolvnot the
Scripture, but llccorJing to their own vain
imn;;inntions or desires j" seo next )"(:1':10,
I05.-J..; II. To crente in any
one' (n-ith nee. of pers.), thus at 4 v. 118,
" And verily I will eIcito in them
vain IV. To emit (seed).-
V. To de3ire, read; at 22 v. 51 a pussnga
occurs where this word is by some rendered
according to the former of these meanings,
while others have tlie btter; see
Sale's vol. 2, p. HiS, note j to long for,
""e.G,' ........ ,
covet j at 3 v. 137 L;).fA3 is for L;)f-'cl D. S.
Gr. T. I, p. 221.'
", . ,. """c,.
aor. a. To spref1.d open a bed; CIJ-
30 v. 43, U Verily they shall,spread for them-
aeh-es 8 couch' (in Paradise)." n.a. A
bed, cradle. part. act. One who spreads
a couch. - A 'couch, 8 place of wide
$-,c.., ;I" '-'(?
I!ee I..!J. II. To make (thing!!) smooth
aor. a. To refuse; to p:ohibit: forbid, and agreeable. n;l1. The act of making
prevent (with ace. and I,:.Il or 1 L;)l followed by smooth. .,
8 verb); to defend as at 21 v. 44 and at 4 vI".: To do a thin!l quietly and !lently. J.:"': Fused
." <a , , 12 63 "Th V'("" '.'
140 (With I.:.f'!); I & v., e brass, the dregs of oil.-Jt-.. II. To grant a
measurement (of any com) ,is forbidden us." delay, bear with for 8 IV. To act.
part. act. That which defends. i;; One quietly and gently towards.
who holds back hand), niggardly.
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or r. s:a D. S. Gr .

T. 1, p. 101.
'" ",
1.:1'('" nor. a. nnd O. To scn-c; end I.!Y'. To be de-
spicable. Dcspicabll', COli it
may also be derived from .:,t; for 11.'0", \J
!I c.. .... , , .... c.. , , -Q ,
see rt.
", s,, ",
fil". .. plur. of rt..;i=" q.v. ,
"," ' .........
see 1.:o-.l::IJ'
"'" s' ",.
plur. of see
ace. plur. of J;:, rt. J; q.v.
s \., ,,.
, Ujr sec
" fot ..::.:;; nor. o. To die j this is the ll.mal',
jl.; nor., o. '1'0 bo moved to nnd fro. n.n.
AgHation, fiuctu:ttion.
, ..5;;.
(2nd dcc1cnJio:l)
.. . .
: ........ , ....... 'S
seo .)...:01.
11 tc..... .,.
'r.:;.J 5 eo I...:-J.J"
s" ... , ' ... ,
i..i"r see
Jt,; nor. o. To be rich, spcdrdly ill ccttte. Jt,;
Plur. wealrh, sub3tanct',
sions, and cspccblly flocks and herds; AJt,;
60 v. 23; for ":\1y wea.lth j", the ;is
aflhed becnuse followed by a. panse, nnd is'
form, but others are mentioned by lexico- hence named D. S. Gr. T. 1, p. 4iiG.
grnpbers, or aor. a. and see J;. ' .J
aor. of the preterite 'iiith the fbt !i , i
I!l''!r sce ,
letter nre found in copies of the
.. of, 'G... I) ;t,.; nor. n. O. and i. 10 be full of water (a wem.
as f'123 v. 37, and '., _3 V. 84; so it; for :;: Wnter, liquor. Note. The hamzn
also we have ... in the 19th and in the
... " when followed by an affixed pronoun and
21st chapter; see D. S. Gr. T. I, Fp 114 and moveable by J?ammn. is changed into;, as
242. b;; and Denth. ...t-, .. ' _,
Dead. ' Plurs. and J;; for D. S. T. 1, p.IIS.
,. -- ! .... 1c.. ., ,1.-
. !,. ... , tJ\
Dead, mortnl, about to die. IJr noun' of see
unity, One single death. A dead'body, Jl;; see
" ,s'1"" 'Ii'
that which is dead or dies of IV. J.!.:-! see "'"'!-J'
" ' , c..'- , "" ,,' 15
To canse to die; I 40 V. 11, Thon aero i. To be moved; (J-t. 16 v. ,
hast caused us to die twice," in allusion to the "Lest it should move with you j for. the
death which the body is said to undergo ellipse of the neglltive see A table,
after ita examination in the sepulchre by tbe properly, when set out with food.
two angels Munbr and Nllkeer. ;t,; Bor. i. T? provide food for.

- oJ jt.: aor. i. To separate, discriminate, distinguish
aor. o. To be tzitated 1Citk 1Va"es (tile lea) j, (with acc. and J;J v. To burst, as
. .. tumultuouhsl
like wave,s (W1
'th u!). . ;,J 67 V. 8, "It will almost
t:r D.B. A wave, t e .. surge; used a so as a burst with tury" (for VIII. To
collective 11 V. 44, be separated; 36, V. 59, "And be ye
" On wnveslike mountains." separated" (from the righteous). ,
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. ,
( 14:1 )
-!"c., ",
br:-" see.,r-?'
s,. ",
sec "\;y
... ." ."
sec, ':::":;J'
J1:-, (2nd uec1cIl3ion) tlle Arekmgel.
aor. i. To. illdine,. turn away frolll, turn aside
from tho right w'Joy (with n.3. in ace.); to'
turn against jS.). J;.; n.n. 'I'he net of
turning aside. noun of unity, A single
'" "
act of turning, a.3 4 '\". 103, "At
once," una rice.
;; Initial letter of the (3Sth c11nptcr, see ?T. (with n.a. The g0rminuting or
U an indeclinable a ill teJ pronoun me:lning Our springing up ofphnts; when used collecth'c1y,
when following nouns, nnd Us when ;' .. llowing Phnts, that wh:ch is proullcc.J from the grounJ;
verbs or prepositions; when nllhcd to the at 3 v. 32 it is figuratively npp1icu to the
'1 Q, -;I" Il!, ,Q Q:J
pnrtlc es or wnltcn WI or t:.JI, WI I "fruit of the nT. To proJl1ce,
,10:1 .
or 1.:Jl, although representing an . put forth, to calise to gro\v or spring tip (with
it must be rctlllcred We, as ct l'''':'T)'1 acc. and . .J, 1..-1, ...... or i;).
, , ", :,. \ '" \..,)... ;, u
5 v. 111, " And bear witness that .i:J Mr. i. To throw (with acc. and or of
we are :Moslems," or U resigned unto tllee." place); to reject;' y 20 v. 96, "And I
3rd pers. sing. feme of !.SSt; iii. f. threw it (into the mouth of the cam," which
q.v.. thereupon became aliV'e; The h:mdful of dust
aor. a. To retire, as uU; 17 v. 8:;, "Ani to which miraculous power is attributed
he goes aside;" to rio fa; away (with wna supposed to have been taken from the
m. 1 II d t" PI footsteps of the horse ridJen by the angel
I.:J aor. a . .1."0 (Je exa e, v announce. I:-' ur.. .. v !' ..
N GabrIel' at S v. 60 after -JI.,)...j U we must
..' eWB,an announcement, messago), account ' t)- :,
, d d .. , ... c,." "
or story, a prophecy, as at 6 v. 66. & A un erstan the accus. Then throw
prophet, Plurs. and :IT;.H (2nd declen- back to them their cuvenant;" the ellipse
. s ,
ilion). i;1 II. To announce, of the accusative or immediate. obje;tiV'e com-
make . acquainted with, .declare or relate I. D .. T. 2, VIII.
Clrcumstance to another (WIth y of thing, or: To go aSide (WIth I:f!)'
with acc. of pers. and y, :;;, or:;;, also IF. aor. i. 1b VI. To call one another
with acc. of pers. and \jl IV. To make I names (with .

one acquainted with, to inform (with aor.i. and o. To gush out.- .'- 1 x. To elicit
acc. or with flce. and 1..-1).-t="., X. To seek or discover (the truth) in matters of difficulty.
; It , ' " 'I,,' , __
information from (with ace. ofpers. and I). aor.a.i.ando. Togllshfortn.
L:: :;s nor. O. To germinate,.to produce-na a tree- (2nd declension) A fountain, spring of wat;r.
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( H,t )
:J:J W'l'. o. To shake.
,,,,,.' .'''''
r aor. 0 .. and i. To dl.:pcrsc. ),o!:-. part. P:l.5:).
VIII. To be s.::\tte['cd.'
J 10 ,
aor. o. To ourcome. n.n. An open high-
way; at 90 v. 10 it is to be. uuderdtood of the
"This ranwm" b21n.; n.
To hoJJ a prh'at(} one with
(with '-.-' of m!'.:r).
, ,.,;, 5 c.." .'"
nor. o. To L"On'. n.n. A vow, n3 u-E
33 v. 23, "lIo has fulfillctl his vow" by
tr;o highwuys of gooJ and evil. ' oITering u!> his life for the Faith.
, , S'" ' T b
..... nor. a. To be dirty and n.n. nor. 1. and o. 0 scrape; carve, prepare y
, , Filth, scrapin
(with double ncc.orwith ncc. nnd
nor. i. To t/iron:. (common' gender) nor. a. To i7yltre the jlt!Jitlar rein, to s!!ficc .
, 10 " by cuttin:' the J'u"ulur \"'cin.
The Gospel, from the Greek EUat"riEII.lOV. , Q 0 ,
". m d "m1 [1.
", m 5 .. -: PI $, A . aor. a . .1.0 f:C:C,' an L, .... ::s:".1.0 (Ie un uc.(y.
nor. o . .1.0 "pp,:ar. ur. stur, or I " $ " $,'
...... j v-=:!' Bad luck. Unlllckv.. ...\,3;'
as at 16 v. 16 and 0)3 v. 1; . ' u
, t ' , t th tl 'tl l't I Smoke wIthout i!:>.me, also molten br:lss, both
a p nn growmg c.o.;e 0 e ear 1 Will t e
t lk
of which meanings have been at 55
or no s n ., as gt':lss. 3- .
V. 0).
aor. c. To go,ft'ee :;"',). u p::n-t. ';0 nor. n. To na!:e ol1e a present, nor. a.
. s ,,," of" '"
nct. Ouo who C2-:i11'':':' ;t.::p n.n. 10 be t!.ill. gcnd. generic noun,
s , til' , $"",
A sccret ; Privutely. u';;-' n.l!.. . Bees. . A free gilt, especially one given
, (2;d declension) fo"r;;; D. S. Gr. T. 1, pp. as
. .1 c..'
105 anI} 402, A pri\"ste conference, clandestine. personnl pronoun of comm. gender used both
discourse; at 17 v. 50 it appei.1r3 to be used I . in the dunlnnd plur. We. ' '
, c.. ' ",. II '"
adverbially u%';"; ';l; "And when they 5 aor. a. To be n'omfiell of Ao!cs. fi' Worn,
to t "b t B ']' .. . l' t I rotten (a. bone).
Conler III prlVIl e; u eH.lLwce mc lUes 0 ", ,
.. th t tb' d b th h d t J.:5;" To sift. comm. gend. Plur. generic
e opinion n IS wor 0 ere an a - .
1:8 8' I If! . h th f noun, A date-palm; or collecti\"'ely, Palm-
u v. IS a p ura 0 Wlt e sense 0 -!., ':
, , . "Th 'h to 1 trees. noun of nUlty, A (smgle) Palm-
VIZ. oso \T 0 conlcr prn'ate y
" . II T d l' tree.
toget er. -u=P . 0 elver, set free(with .
'.. ; aor. i. Tojlee, run QTCay. Plur Like.
acc. and I;)'!' Jt, or '""'); to rnise up, as at 10
.. - equal, a'match, an image or idol. .
. ." .. " , "'" , ,."
v. 92. ..M for for aor. B. To be renentant, rencnt. part.
\)" JM ,. ' .. 'r , _
D. S. Gr. T. 1, p. 113, part. act . One who act. One who repents, B penitent. ' n.a.
III. To hold a discoul'3e with Repentance.
auy one in private (with acc. of pers.).- ,.if aor. '0. To call. oJIJ for .,s..,IJ A conncil ! .,.;
,,,"' "," ., . ..s,
u=iP' IV. To deliver (with acc. and I;)'!); A III. To call to, call upon,
- It' -\ 70 4" . .
v.l, Then (he WIshes that thiS) invoke, cry aloud; to make a proclamation
might deliver him;" the nominative (with to call, or invite (with Jl or
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( 145 )
as t:;'J" 5 v. G3, "And whcn '
.,.. IJ
angds) who tear o{ll (the of the
with violence." a1ljccti".0 of in/emily,
Plucking- forcibly or continuou31y, Gr.
T.I, p. 3'22.-f)\S III. To dLpde with nny
one (with acc.).-tjt:J VI. To r;ila
another of matter, or with acc .. and
at 52 v. 23 it is osed with ncc. of thing'
and of plnce,'and is thero to br.
"They sldl prcscnt to one allOtht: .. ."

ye c!lll to prayer i" (also as ...sis.;,
c ..... " 40 "Tb ..
t--) ... u... ...... I tJ v., e crlCf
, ,
shall call froln B ncar place;" said to be
from Mount }forir.h at Jerusalem, whence tlul
angel Gabriel is to make 8 procLmatioll to all
flesh to come to judg-mc::.t; the menning is
that it. shall be 8 proclamation to be henrd by
all i see also .41 v. 44, where the worcJg
1:Jt.S.:. nre interpreted" They sllaU be
Oike) those who nre called to from af!lr," i.e.
They shnll not hear. for n.8. A
cry, act oC calling. .;...:- for ...s<}-.:.... p!U't. act.
One who makes a proclamation, a crier, a
VI. To call one to another.
Cor for :SjO, D. S. Gr. T. 1, p. Ill,
'0 _
n.a. The act oCcalling one to another;
40 v. 34 is Cor the I.j being omitted
by poetic license at the end oC the verse to
preserve the rhyme.
;.is aor. '0. and i. To vow, devote (with acc. and J).
Plor. JJJ,J n.a. A vow. ) .. v or JJ,J A
menacing, or wnrning, plor. of
.... h ... \-t
A warner or prenc er.--.,;J,J 1 0 warn,
admonish, prench to (with ncc. of pers. and y,
or with j i to threaten with, give
.... ,
of (with double ncc.. part. act. A
prencher, One who warns, admonishes, or
II'", ..
threatens. )J.:- part. pass. Warned.
lat pere. plur. aor.viii. f. of Cor q.v.
tJ aor. i. To pluck out, bring out, snatch away,
extract, withdraw, or draw out somewhat
sharply (with acc. and i to strip off (with
acc. and part. act. One who plucks
out, as 79 v. 1, "By (the
"" . . .,,,,",
V aor. a. To slander, sow dl.3,scnslolls (\\"lth
to incite to evil, as nt7 v. laG. V n.n. An
evil Stlb'Jcstion, incitement to eru..
J} aor. i. To exhallst (a nell); in tho it
means tobe e:thustcd or inebri:-!.cJ from drbk
JJ nor. i. To descend (with y into, or from,
a place). j} Tbnt wllich is prepared for .0.
guest, entertainment, an abode, a gift. oUy
noun oC unity, Literally, One' dcscent;
... .. 1 '-" 13 u
nce, as ...s.r' .uJ IIJ 53 v. ,. IIe saw him
once again." declension) plur. of
. JF A mansio;' station, as of the moon at
10 v. 5 au(1 36 v. 39 ...:....Jj5 II. To cause to
descend, send down, especially Crom Heaven
" , c. ""'"'
(with acc.l1.DdJ-:-, Jl, I:J"" and "f)' VJ.,.r
n.a. A sending down (from Henv..:n), a divine
revelation, aname given to the as having
been sent down from Heaven. part.
... , ..
act. One who sends down. part. pass.
.... .. ,
Sent down.-J;;l IV. To cause to descend,
send down, make to come down (with ace. and
.. f:" J'"
1:1'1' u-' JL, J, and u!). ..;- part. act.
.. ..
One who enoses to descend, a receiver of
guests, one who provides hospitality. J';:':
part. pass. Sent down; At 23 v. 30 may
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( HG )
be condc1crcd r.1 tLo noan or r. :0 or p1:1co of
. d t . 1 .# v , ,
cornUl; own; 115 :',.;;0 wnttcn ::.... \".
in the formt'r en::o it be r..:ndcl'cd " Cml.1e
.. my to bo in tho bttc:',
It Mnl;e to inhnbit a bIcc,cd ntd.}."-:,
V. To descend. gently r!uJ. gl'ftdually
(with .
... " . . . ! ""
W nor. n; To c!.lde (cm::c!s). The putting
off a flcrcu month till a htcr month. itl,
nor. O. nnd i. To make mention oJ allY one's
- s". 8, .... ":'
znea!/c. Plur. '-; n.n.
guinity; nt 25 \".56 the worJ5 t;:s must
be taken nu,crbi.111y a3 tllOugh the l)h 1'!l5 0 wore
. ,
Coo' " \ ICC bl f
Jt"!J . arn e a consang-uinity and
mcaning male nnd felllalo.
Ilor. n. To abolL5h, dcstroy, nbrog'ntc, nullify;
\:.. s .. ,
totranscribeorcopy. A copy or exemplar
.... "" ... '"
. . (of a book)'-rl X. To transcribe or copy
out .
;::.s. aor. O. and i. To rem ore, tear mitll the beak.
s .. '
.r.J n.n. An . eagle or culture; N nsr, Dame of
an idol worshipped by the Pagans both before
and after the Flood.
-L:.J aor. i. To destroy from the foundations, up-
root, reduce to powdcr Ilnd scatter nbro:ld, to
. h tr 6 .. , T
WInnow as c au. u.....i D.a. he act of re-
'" 5 "' ...
r.or. i. and O. To (dth ... .,). L,W n.n.
. ,
Pro:;cny, stoc':; nt 2 v. ::01 it v;ould to
be untlt'dood of tl!i) yonn:; of flock.! :-.nd other
domc:.tic nnit:l:l!s .
., ., Ii "' ....
Mr. a. '1'0 nc:;led. A
5 s
The sing. of tllcse y;ords is wanting, but in-
stend of it the word is employed, sec t;.
p:lrt. pass. Forgotten, ne;;1cctcd, D. S.
Gr. T. 1, p. IV. To came b for-
get (with double acc.); :1t 2 v. 100 c:..;:s may
be taken to signify U We cause it to be for-
gotten;" there nro n150 . .
tS nor. a. To grOJ'J, iI/crease, [0 be up.
s.. ,
4U The fir5t llOur or e(\;ly POit;Oil. of the day
or nigM; various interpretations are of
.73 v. 6 where this word occurs; to
one it is the purt. net. and ngrees with dJ
understood, "The person who riscs by night
(to proyer) ;" others hold it to be a form of
the nonn of nction, :lnd translate it "To rise
. . s
by night." iUSProduction.-l!; II. To
bring up, ednc:lte (with ncc. and J).-llii
IV. To produce, raisc, crente (with acc. nnd
c.. - ... c..
cJ1 or u!). i\..:Jl n.n. P.roJuction, creation;
- .... co G , .... .... t.s Q II
s\!Jl \J156v.34,. Verily we haye
created them by a (no\"el or crc:ltion."
I .. , .. ,
ducing to powder and winnowing, etc. pnrt. act. One who produces.
,-,' !S -, ... , s S,c",.
ao.r. o. To lead a religio!ts life, to sacrifice. Plur. c..:.J for I.:.!l Havmg lofty slul9,
n.a. Religious service, a victim for or it may be. the part. pass. Raised on high
sacrifice. part. act. One who is devoted (by the waves).
to. religious observances. A cere- )S aor. o;To unfold, spread abroad (with acc. and
.'..... .., J 6" .. 6 l'
moninl. (2nd declension) plur. of ) . ? D.B. A spreadmg abroad. D.B.
Places for sacrifice, rites and cere-' i. bringing to life, resurrectioD. resuscitation
monies. (from sleep), as at 25 V. 49. part. act.
SJ aor. To "eget or "ring fort" (an animal); One wbospreadsabroad;
( Hi)
9i 77 \'. 3 ll!'''y to tl::1 II 3S r.t 5 v. 02. A p,nt: .1.
t.-ho sprc:lI ::::"', or to tll) p.ut. net. LllJourin;. weary.
r,in,ls d::('h SpI'c:-.,l raill O'id' tLJ ere:",1l; ,': . 'I' l 'r. t ' ',:1 IV Il
. cor. I .10 J Sl .... ,enl
. r:;ait. undcl':tcoJ the to r.::fcr to! , ; " ,
",c .. rr'" r:ftl.- l' :; "t P"qs aor. n. To nllmo11l3h, connod,b
.1 gc.otl r.
.... .. (l, C c. ..Jr---. r ... r. , I... !:"!
EprcJd part. II. f. Unfolded, I be sincc:'e nnd f:litilful (\,.-ith of P":'3.). C
IV. To (with (lCC. n.n. Counsel, u(l;ice. CIS part. net. 0:1,) who
and y); to the Jeld. pss. couu3eIs or nrl'iiscs, one nets 113,0. since .. ',)
Rais;d frvra the nIl. To lie fricnJ to (with Tru3 n!ld sincere
.., .
epre:l(l abro:l(1, (\'.-illI .
s .... , T'd' t 1 t t I'
fr:- act. which elJl'(;,,].> HodI' 0:11,!l pru 'co.: ;, 0 l." 1 r':f
.... ",e." ... , ,;.
aLro:1d.. (with acc. r.nJ I '"_', ..::"
j!J nor. o. and i. To risc up. to i!t-a 1;;OillW! v. 41, "And verily God will suc,:ollr
ton'ards hcr /t/lsbam!, or a ,ton'ards who aiJ him," i.e. his to gr:!nt a
lis j.,lJ n.8. IllconJoct or perver3e- victory to (with ncc. anJ thU3 !'.L!) v. 11,
eo. ...... " c.' c.. , .. " II ,
ness on the P[U't of 8 husband or wifo towards r-.f= fJ..::..J..J And he will gh'c you :.:C vIctory,
one another.-pi IY; To . over them." n.n. Aid. victory.
", s,, ",,, s ,,-'
!;..!j aor. i. To go out from a pInee, dram up a fi'; part .. nct. Plurs. nnd O!lC who
6uchet at one pull. lli n.n, The act of draw- aids, etc., 8 protector. fi Plu!'. A
ing up 'quicldy and ea;;ily. part. act. One keIper, defender, protector; the Mme
, ,. .......
who draws up easily; the worJs "The helpers orallie:!," wns gi,en 03 nn
Ib.l: f which occur at 79 v. 2 are by some honorary distinction to of the inlJubitants
referred to the Angels who draw forth the of who were the first to take part with
souls of the bIe.3sed in '0. smooth and gentle Mol,lammnd...i;';;;' (2nd declension) plnr. of
manner; but as with the commencement of A Christinn, so called from Xazn-
the 77th chapter, the of tIle whole reth. Christian. part.
passage vary greatly, see Aided, nssisted.-';';W VI. To nid one nnother;
....... ' .:J aor. o. To place, fix, erect, c,,!ict; and 37 2-" ",'::. , D S G
',lI" _ at r. i) i.:iyl:.:i IS ,or I,;)Jr'.:.::.J r.
aor. 8. To use diligence, as at 94 v. 7, ,Ju T. 1, p. VIII. To avenge one's-
, .,......... . ." " ..
" And when thou hast finished self, take vengeance (with of pers.); to
, II.' d I 11.' S'" ,
(thy relaxation). be instant (in prnyer, or in defend one I, c iver one S-5O I.
thanks to God)." D.n. Calamity. part. act. One who is able to defend himself.
D.B. Labour, fatigue. Plur. X. To ask assistance of anyone (with
''':1 f )
A standard, as Bt 70 v. 43; 8 stone used acc. 0 pers
by the Pagan Arabs on which they nor. o. To reach tile middle, or tahe lIa!/ of
sacrifices, as at 5 v.4; idol, image, or statue, I anytAing. ;} The half.
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tor. o. To sci.:::a ly f01c'h1c/;. Plur.
(2 de ,si A ,"0
r.o be 1": J, d I,} e :3h' cookn.;.
, . .;' ",. ", l . n .
C' nor. n . .1.0 sjJrw .. :: n'll,; n'd"r. ':':J So oun:J;;
for ODr Bl,>. nd ltin \151
.l.. .. nor . T iI'e l (c . "ts )!o] '"'1' 'ot1. .
Piled ono over
pn Sf.d r n he pile up
,1.. tr( I' "\ I
.0rtIer i Mv. I And the
overspread with pilC3 of flowers."
or. 1'0 do citl rifl C'J 1 b
5, ......
8hz'" -:j B ia-ht ':3, reful"'''lce
pnrt. nct. Sbinlllci.
t nor T utt ?Vi the rns ;,;." Th
whi<)h is gored to dC:1th. .J.Yote. The i is com-
mo y a d t djc yes hen nno in
no au tan' e b wh

is ulled \l.:.,l I
D. S. Gr. T. 2, p. 2,9, note.
_ ao a T rop i.l Sp a itnl
J-: aor i To apeak articulatel aDd clearly, to
speak(with [" andy),
u--- , '"
.. ,
:'.tt>7 V. j; to re.:;:'.r,l, fJ (::,JJ
[,7 not Jell
or it b3 II hall th,)y be r;:\;':;J
for, i.e. me c.n ot bi 1 tl u f
, .. t 5<:" A 1001- $\. f:- t " t
rLp an .J J IJ r r . C
Ono who looks nt, bcho1J3, okcrvc3, or waits
s"v 5"",. '
for spc tor V. A 6 10 nc 6..r
, .... (.."1
A "IV. To gr::.P.t ono 3 r':3pitc;
',." p r '"
to put 0 , ns ,dC or
7 v 04," An do t p m [( un
d] )
" R . d .n, I
. e ay. ? part. pass. C3pltc .-,?';j
5 ,
VII TQ pcc ait v;ui }; .. P uc
One who waits or ex cds.
..t" aor. a. and 0, 1 () go qUlddy (a callie!); nor. o.
c.... r.
To rc re!. ur." ew
aor. a. 0 he cd, om ent. V"' n .
Dro ine sle ne
IN aor. a. and i. To call aloud to (Wdl pro- .
er To II s p, ak a en.
J,;; aor. a To ive shoes to any one. fem. A
45 2, I It pen co rni y wi
" "" ',c..,,"" 3 " I
or. o. i. C7'j th l7'/ s a co
reniences of life, to he joyful. Yea.; For truth; tJ)'l,l1 53v. I Neither
dot he hb own .' ill. n. '1
'"f,..:t .... , "., ,"''''- , .
Sp h, gu H=- :...l. 27
16, "We have been taught the language oci
, .. S T 1
.bir . aus 0 u r a u a 1
80 ds.
Ju . o. To look, behold (with JI> or to I
00 D, 1 at ith c.) 0 10 Cor xpe
(with acc. or with as at 2 v.206, 38v.14, 1
etc., to s ,co er me es h '- al
wit };, 'it -' .qrY" 1
83 v. 23, "Seated upon couches they shan I
on pI (0 ts del t) ; to t f
he lifer e wee na' ..... s J..
?- irr ""ularverb found in the KOI".i.n only
in the masc. 3rd pers. sing., it IS en e by
r'll ari s 'C ..... I ... '" or rb pr', it
. "" ""for"" .,:,""(,
meaning is To be excellent thus lj:J I 8
v.4 .... , "He is an excellent master;" it may
en ly e de H e elle ,
18 v.' 30, "How excellent a re-
ar "I sua e w b sin aD
" ,. . ...." ... , . II
lur thu ( . ; 51 v 48 Lzt. How
excellent (are we) who spread it out;
;.." Ji v. ril how xce nt-
( 140 )
Cl' ',-Wl'rc til wllt) en . crcd," i.e. flyiug fro;n tho tr . A. or
,. "VI 0 returned a gr.1ciC'JS nnswer." for of m:m taking r ... t with nny OUC', !lS
......... (..0 L' , "" , , .!i c.. .... c.. , ...
w 01' ns !t 4 v. 61, In " .. !'.r.-.. r:--;....:, act. X'. f. One who t:.:;es
"Haw cl:cellent is the c:lmo!lition which he to mijht, fUijitive.
" ., 1 . ,-:0'. s,.- PI 1(' '1' " 1' . 'I
y. ou.; It !s. so wnttcn v-: .. ,j. ,..<t.i. ur. L.)'I'-"j '" 0 ll!Jure fJ!I castlllg an CI.'Z e!le upon ail:; C::C .
_ ... _ ... _ ' . $ c.., $ ,(.."1 B " .
O;,t::o. (JU act. Rejoicinfr, joy- fem. Plur. and A soli, a
fnl. .r.....u Comfort and convenience of life. .living soul or i as in Arabic !U'o
Plur. :;;i Grnce, kindness, f .. \Your, bene- DO reflccthe personal pronouns, their. is
\ . sc.. .... $" ...
licence; tbi" word is sometimc:; speIt pnrUy supplied by the woras :c.,
sce D. S. Gr. T. 1, p. Hnppi- seo D: .. 2, p. 2313, et seq.; in :::i3
nco:;, deli:;ht, pleasure. :I\.Mj (2nd declension) sense WJ, and tbe rest mU3t bJ t..-:.'.3-
d.. I d h' U' If hI'" v
Grace, II. To provide good things ate Imse, Itse ,t em5C ves, etc.; ..
fi ( 11 )
..... "1 5 v. 35, "Without (bra lUl\'i!;o'" slain) a
or buy one wit acc. of pers;;- 1 IV. To
be gracious towards (with of pers.) r to unless in CLue of retaliation or as a punishc';:J.t
confer (benefits) upon (with acc. and of for murder; when used adverbially, 33
) t 4 3
'11' 1 .. ", t ",,'.
pcrs. a v., means WI mg y . ace . y...: wr
,.", .... A.,.... ., "" c...... ". "
vW nor. o. and i. To shaRe-tIle head'-v=N1 ,q 10 v.16. Of my c'm
T.o wag the hend at anyone (with -ncc. of accord, at my own pleasure."-L-:1:'f V.To .
s" . ,.Q"'" -: c.i.
U"'!) and Jl of pers.). . . . . shine (the dawn) j tJl I J 81 v. IS,
, " s 0, -c:-
aor. i. and o. To blom. One who blows, "By the when it clears" away the
,,,-0 , <10-0 I
as I I 113 v. 4, -I The women. ness by its VI. To 10Dg :":-r.
.... who blow OD knots," a kind of incantation.' aspire after. part. act. One who lc::,;s
aor. a. To dijfU$e an odour, to 6iom (the wind). or aspires arter.
e S'\"
,.., . i.:t:fJ One single breath. . J.JJ aor. o. To pick or tease wool; tt' stray for f;od
t aor. o. with the mouth, breathe (with J;'; part. pa3s. Te:t::d,
A single blast. carded.
aor. a. To vanish, fail, to be exhausted. t:1f aor. a. To be useful to, to profit j to avail (w:th
D.B. A failure, failing; D.a. Use, utility, usefulness,
.ill aor. o. To penetrate (a8 an arrom), to pass be- (2nd declension) plur. of .An
yond or out of (with ;;".,). _ advantage, that which is useful or profitab:a.
)S aor. o. and i. To run amay throug"frigltt. to go JlS To 6e lalea,ole; aor. a. and o. To come out of
forth to any business, as to war, at 9 v. 123 itl Iwle (a jerooa). JiS n.B. A hole, proper!y,
. People, B company 'of men in a place from whence there is another exit j
not exceeding ten Dor less than the word occurs at 6 v. 35, and the meaning
D.B. The act of running away, or being a . of the is as foHows, "If thou art able
fugitive; in the it means the act of to seek out for thyself a hole, so that thou
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( lGO )
cnt :i.' into the bowels of tllC no:". o. ("f : nt, to dimilli:ll, lc:3cn; to
etc., and bring them 8 SiJLl (then do so);" "the C3U30 a 10:::; 'or dcfL:i<:ney at 50 v .. t, t.;
' . .. k I' \" .. , .. , II
corre ntlvo propo::iltlOn 'llown tie y r':" WlJ:\t p3.rt of them the
, '
I or nnslver to the conuition being ull<tcr- a,uth consumes," viz. tl.cir boJies; to faU
stood; D.S. Or. T. 2, p. OU. .:l.i.i Expendi- ahJrt, or be wcntin:; in c.nytl:ing (with
lure, that which any ono III. double nce.), as at 0 v. 4. n.a.
To ellter into its holc, to which tk:r.; are gene- diminution.;;:':' part. p:tss. Dimini3hcd. .
ra!!!! ten or ado;;cJJ (a jerboa), and nor. o. nntI i. 'To make a crashing noise, to
henca, as it is said,!o bo n hypocrite in reli- brenk or viobte (0. h'Jnty),. to untwist, as at
gion, professing to believe firdt one thing and 16 v. 94. ",,:JS n.ll. The act of violnting (a
then another. St4 n.a. Hypocli3Y. IV. To wring, as 11 load
part. act. One who is n hypocrite in reIigion.- from gettmg looso on the back
..... ""... ,,, ",. s c.. ...
IV. To spend, expend one s substance ...lj nor. s. To raise a sound. ...lj . Dust
c" " 6r..: -
(with acc. and or , also with.J.; of rising and lolting in the air., '
pers.); thb word is frequently used in tLe ?S To daoilr j :lor. i. To dislike,disupprove;
to' signify to expend one's .subst.['.;:ce in . j 1"lZ t.:; 9 v. 75, U And their
alms or other good worb, nnd 10 thIS senso only reason for disliking (the plot to destroy
the, accus. is occusionully understood, ns at 2 M01}.ammad) was tbnt God had enriclled them,
.... , 0 h d h' Co
T. p!l.rt. act. no w 0 C::>:pCD S IS etc.;" to reject, tako vengeance au (with 1;]1
anbstnnce in almsgiving and other good works. of pers. VIII. To take vengeance on
Jilll n.a. The act of spending. (with :;r, of pers.). n.a. Vengeance.
Jji To give booty. jlr Plur. Jl1:ii Booty, spoils. = part. aC.t. One who" takes vengeance, an
A gin, a work of sllpererogation, as avenger.
prayers over and above whut are commanded, aor. o. To turn aside (with ;;;>.
or a gill over and above what is asked. part. act. One who turns nside. (2nd
ur aor. o.'To remove; expel (with declension) plur. of .A snoulder, a tract
nor . 0. To' dig through (a n;al/). n.a. -of country.
The act of digging through. ji A captain J;lilst pers. plur. aor. condo viii. f. of J'.S for
or II. To pnss or wander through, J;S q. V.
" . to search out (with aor. o. and i. TQ untwist (a rope), break (11
, To IY. To set free, deliverCwith covenant), violatl3 an oath; used both with
, ICC. and X. To seek to deliver and without Iln accusative. Plur.
(w!ih acc. and " ' ".. The untwisted strands of a. rope.
)J "lOr. o. To atriRs j Pass .h To be blown (a nor. a. and i. To per:forate j to husband
" trumpet) .. The groove in a date-stone; or "wife. n.a. IV. To
\ In the smallest matter. ;}IS A trumpet. give in marriage (with acc. of pera. given, as
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( 151 )
o ,
nt v. 32, also of pers. to wllom as rS aor. o. aud i. To spread call1wlies.
nt 2 v. 22o).-Fl. X. To wi!lh to marry. Calumny, slander.
ill nor. o. To croak 1vilh all" his might (a rai:cll); J}.-;J (2nd dec1cns:,'tl) p1ur. of j;J A .
and nor. a. To lie rcrctchtd and miserablc 'prop. a pnd plnceJ. upon n satlJle; no verb:!l
Jj nor. n. To 6e ig110rant of, to igllor<', diSat'Ol;), J;s aor. o. To malign. generic nonn, Antl.
. to feel a repugnance townrds. JJ and.Jf fs';j noun of unity, A sing-Ie nnt. (2nd
. Iniquitous, horrible, unknown, unhcnrd of, ns declension) plur. of .5:;.;i The tips of the
at 18 v. 86. Denial, reprobation, change; fingers.
# L 22 v. 43,0" How great wns the ;r aor. a. To point Ollt the nOa!!. ;1'::" A clear
., \:. t.:.. .,
change wblch I made in their and open way .
t: is cere put Poetice for u.r-9 D. S. Gr. ,,,
0 ,"".. ,.' ft1 Bor. a. To cause (a stream) to floro, to rcpnbc,
T. 2, p. 407. pI (2nd declension) compo h .\""';., 1 fSC.: A' A
"_'1:: repronc. J"r':P ur. 0 f,J river. f<'
form, :Most II. To trans- . '1':: A d d l! '
rIver. J"r' o.y 1rom a.wn or 1rom sunfl;;e
form (n thing) so tllnt it cannot be recognized 'II t d t . ht
,...... . tl sunse ns oppose' 0 Dl:;
(with acc. and J of pers.).-p' IV. To 6e
ignorant of, deny. fr part. act. One who aor. a. D. S. Gr. T.I, p. 250, '1'0 forbid, inter-
knows not, disavows,. or denies. ;c.: part. dict, prohibit, hinder (with acc. or with acc.
and also:5 aor; o. To 6e
pass. Unknown, disallowed, nmvarrllntnble,. oJ'
unlawful, the opposite to see 3 v.IOO; 79v. 40, "He restrained his soul;"
;,J - , , " 'S , Ie.. So c. s, , _,
denial, as at 22 V. 71. is also used with as
vlS aor. o. To turn down or upside down, as 6 V. 56, "I am forbidden to worship," (eec
Co , (: 6 L' "Th d" , .'
U- 21 v.6, tt. ey were turne Understanding. JU for part. act. One
upside down upon their lleads," meaning that who VI. To forbid one nnother
they relapsed into idolatry. part. act. (with VIII. To refrain one's-self,
One who bends down-vlS II. To one to abstaiL, (used occasionany with ;;;).
to bend or bow dowri. , ,
Co 0 Doun of time or place, A fixed term, a
JiS aor. i. To fall back, retreat, as ;;U "c.'
8 v. 50, Lit. "He retreated upon his two terminus or limit; 1 53 v. 14,
heels." " The Lote-tree beyond which there is no pnss-
'" ." !4II'c. ....... , 1I""c",
U!.i aor. o. oTo endure a slwner of rain to the end, lUg, see F- for U"";- part. act.
to tripe tear, from off face.- X. One who desists; Plur. ; for
", To disdain (with or e,:r). , , D. B. Gr. T. 1, p. 113. '
,-I!.i aor. o. and i. To retirei and JP To tde -U' Tc tf. ..1;O:'t to . h d
j ...... , . aor. o. 0 rise nn " u!vccu"y i weig own-
ezample. Plur. \:0, A fetter. u.,j An
v a load (with ofpers.).
example, a punishrnent.-J:P n.a. II. f. The
Act or punishing or making an example. . plur. of rt. q.V.
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. yt; ( 1':;:3 )
" ,-:, . n. " T" I m, 7 fl 1 fi I'. -!',:,
Mr, o. J.IJ S/!pply (,.J p.aee if .. .;r.-yv \ JV aor. o . .iO ifa] ro;;a Jat. (.JV A
IV. To rCl)cnt ('.nJ turn .to Gd (with Jt). she-co-mel.
, t to' ' I t "\:' " " D
. par. ae. no WIlO turns ,'ill 1 rcpcn - Jv cor. o. To {;C:;tOiJ I' r.:1u. :'oor.n. for Jj . S.
ance to God. G TIC) i ( '1' "r
r. ,p ...... to gr:-':1t \"Ilt I ace .. o ::c::;.
',-:, mI' N ' ..
t:v nor. o . .lCJ lamellt. t:J" proper n!!Inc, Oal!: and y o'r tlii'lg), sea J'J for
1/J} 3rd pers. pIul'. prot. p!tSJ. of iii. f. of nor. o. 1(l a s!t?cpin:; match. n.n. Slcc-p;
q.v. Sit t to' 1 sc'
",-:, 11" F' r L' , t tJ . par. ne wuo c cep3. r lIne or
.v nor. o. 0 SUI/C. .Jv lem. 'Ire. 1
,1.- 1 fl' .l
.; ., _# . P Ileo 0 S n
ft" part. act. IV. f. lIe or that which bi\'CS 5' 'l l l! h .... Th L d f 1
\:.Ii Tile dta \:.I' B 1'.3 ; \,;Ii" \ J..l e or 0 t 10
light, enlightening. .
, " name of the Prop!lct Jonah.
v-U aor. o. To be shaken to p'o (lIlytE'1!/
hanging).. for v!1l1 1IIen, people; n
collective noun as the. plur. of
A man, human rt. i q.v. It is s:1id
to embrace also the Genii and evil Elpirif3, but
I canrcc!lll no in tho whc.e it
is so employed.
JotS aor. o. To take, sdze.-J;a n.ll. VI. f. The
l f t k' . . .

ac .. 0 a 'mg or receivmg, receptIon;
34 v. 51, " And how
should they rec:eive (the faith) from a far dis-
tant place 1" i.e. beyond the grave.
"",U aor. o. To retreat, remain beldnd,jly.
Time or place of retreO-t.
"" . d ""1 ." 1
aor. i. To mt,:;:. &..:1)1 ntcntlOn, B
JIJ aor. i. Bnd a. D. S. Gr. T.I, p. 2-t3, To o1..Jtain,
bet :r,); to attain, rC:l-::h, bq
to (with ncc. ofpcrs.), 8S at 22 v. 3S; it may
oecn3ionnlly bo rendered. by the P.l]3ive It.
< ',("...0' "'" ,("",,,
is given, as ,;,t:;J \ I.:fl 7 v. 35,
" Their portion (of the good of this life)
shall be given them from (thnt which is written
in) the Book of God's .decrees." D.B. That
which anyone gCt3 or receives i at 9 v. 121,
the only p1o.ce where it occurs, it must be
taken in B bad sense, meaning dC:lth, imprison-
ment, or otherinjul'Y.
; and when preceded by kearB or by either
quiescent after kesrB or jnzmated aner fatl].B,
an indeclin:.ble affixed personal or possessive
pronQun or8rd pers. sing. masc.; when affixed
. to a verb or preposition as a personal pronoun
it meana him or it, and when to a noun as a
poaseaaive, his or its j This particle must Dot
. be contounded with ;, which is occasionally
found at the end oC worda in cnse of pause,
k': .0 -, , "t'""" -,
and hence cnlled or
see instances in the. 69th chapter, at the 19th
and some following verses.
IA indeclinable affixed personal or possessive pro-
Doun or 8rd pers.- sing. fem. Her, it, its, see ;
\i ia likewise au interjection, Lo r behold r ;
it ia occasionally prefixed to other words, 88
written also Here, ,JIA or more
commonly Thie, and other words, without
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( 133 )
mi:,\ to tidr .>li ::::tion; in tll) p::th of C,l's religion." p:d.
D. S. Gr. 7.\ 1, pp. 4 H and t; T;lj.O nct. Ono Wl10 flies fl'om his country, n rcfug.:e;
r "',::: J /
yo t lC W bdn; into bmz:l,' " , C"'I"""\ TI h J1 J l' ,. '1
I ,.-.; lOJ'} W 0 1;: iI'om .'l.C'CJ. to \'0;
t,; when thus folIo',w'd thl! n!1::-:cd pronoun.
01 p(;r .. ecution on nccount of their reliGion.
dhn; tho seuse of II Tnh! the \';od occurJ . .,"
" r- nor. 11. To sleep
. at GO v. 10, /!,e D. S. Gr. T. 1, p. i)/O. ';i" s
!,:" n' I d ! S d bt . t t . ..u nor. o. To lm:a!:, d.:mo!i:;h. n.n. DC'mo!i-
pro nce orne ou en:; s as 0 .
the derivtltion of this word; nccorJinfl' to tion; In utter ruin.
o ", .... -; ....
De Sucy it st.!nd3 for tho Plur. Imperat. of aor. i. To II. To demolish.
... f. f .. \ T . b . b k .... .. .. s , c. ,
e 111. '0...s como, ut It J mcau- To coo (as a dOte). IIoopoc.
iDg more in conformity with the iv. f. of that aor. i. To lcad in the Wf'.y, direct nrib':lt
verb q.v. See also D. S. Gr. T. I, p. 25G. (with double IlCC. or with acc. tmd J or I 51);
"", , ", ., -... ;.
obli'lue fem. dual of.l..u q.v. to follolV a right course; 6 v. 80, "lIe
(2nd dcclensi0n) Dr!me of a re- has directed me," for D. S. Gr. T. 1,
b 11' l' , ',' ......
e 1003 nnge , seo p.llS, and T. 2, p. 407. n.B. A victim
"",-... ,
('J l:, sce
Ilor. i. nnd o. To fall down, dC3cend, come down
(with to go down into (with ncd, ns Ilt
2 v. 5S.
t.;.; aor. o. T; be raised so as to float in the air
.(dust). it;; Dust floating in the air.
,,' ''G'':
l'. 'fi tr' .. ,
.lor sacrl ce, an ouermg. n.a. COInl.1.
gend. A direction, that which inJicat<:'3 the
. right way.' A gift, otTering. part.
act. One who directs,.n director, guide.
(2nd declension) compo form, One who is 3
better guide, or who follows n better
VIII. To be directed aright (with J
, ,
",' , or It>. part. act. hnving like the verb
F. aor. o. To separate one's-self from, brenk off '-S ..
To sleep, V. To wntell (with y).
an acquaintance with, leave off, ab3tain from, a pass. Guided aright, led into
the right way.
quit, leave to rave deliriously, to talk" ,
sc. . ,i; or \.)j Dual ,}.ii Fern. and
Donsense. F. D.a. The act of separating -:r '!"
s bl F "" ,. .... \i PI Th
one's-self from another. part. pass. 0 lque em. or ;' ur , r. is,
Spoken in a wild and delirious manner.- these; a compound word consistinf; of the
...f;-li III. To. migrate (with Jl, also pBrticle G .... Lo! behold! and the demonstrative
to tIy one's country, emigrate, become a refugee pronoun \J. Note. According to the system
(with u-!)' J \Jr.u, v. 43, oftbe Arab grammarians aU the above words
i.e. "Those who have tIed their are considered.indeclinable nouns, and totally
country pursuance of their duty to God, or independent of each other, see d.
for his sake," so also y'; aor. o. Tojly, run areay. y} n.n. Flight.
4 v. 101, "He who tUes bis (;alking) To italic trithguick and tl'em61ing gait.-
. 20
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( Ie )
Iy. To to go hns:;I1. (":ith .J'" or .1 1 t t .
f..!.... ". nnu ::3 '";0 or thrc-:l at fir les
, , ... ' the moon is c:llled ;f.-J;1 IV. To invo;,c
c,.1-'J':l (::nd dcc!cn"ion) Aaron. tb ' f G .1 Q' e aLI Uron un cnimd in
. J( 1 1'" ".. "'..... 'f ,. ,,, 0
.r o. 0 1;WVC, S 1:::0.( with Jl of pers. nnd 40', Ing' It, :.J '..;::,;t !-! ""l) l.., 2 v. leS, Lit.
t 10 " .. , .. . .. II .."
as n . v. .- \ III. To stir ,oncJ,s .. Th!1.t on y .. b:c!1 Ilfl3 been to
,. ..... t6 be stirred or sd in Illotion. any otber God;" since the only flesh
.'!r nor. n. 10 ort,nh i nnu .: ... :; fllJr. n. To moe!: that can be bwfully used for food is tbt on
. . 1" . '.
rl'ilcale. -'- n.n. A mockcry uerision riJi', wInch nt the hmc of the words
1",,1- '. ' "Ca """" ".....0 .0
culc, jcst, X. To mock I havc b: pronounced. .
.... ' " , ",,, , .,
scoll', ri,dicule, bUg'h nny one to scorn (with, e; To be tW!I iml)(lti.Jlt. Very impatient.
l ...... '
uj?--1I r!lrt. nct. One w110 scolTJ. \ nor. B. imd i. To peri5h, die, fall; it is some- .
J; nor. o. T; be .tJ.:ni and nor. 11. TOJ'okc times found with :;;, 113 :,.;
'" . -,-" .. ... ,."
!r n.ll. A jokc. cr 8 v. 44, "That he who pcri5'lcs may'
nor. i. To s'l'l.!eze rt:iflt the hand, to put to spite of clear e.idcuce;"
b s'" .... 69 on" '1
16 t . rJ/,A'part. pa3s. Routed, put to fli",bt. .. v. Y power ka ftlllcll away
0' . 0 fi ",7,,'"
nor. o. nnd i. To beat down le:m's from 11 tree ;om me. p:1rt. nct. Onc who peri.5he3.
as "fl":! t.:-! 20 v. 19, II By Perdition. ... ; Time or pb.ce of
of it I bent the lenves (as food) for my IV. To destroy, waste,
.. , cattle." . , . cause to perish (with acc. nnd
aor. i. To . break, especially anything dry or part. act. One who destroys. p!lrt.
,:, AollolD. ; Dry sticks or stubble. . pass. .
nor. i. To break, n:ithhold that lvhicA is Come I brIng'1 an anom!llous verb, D .. 8. Gr.
and r f;' aor. n. To. be tltin and graciful. 1, p. 546; it is found .. .. l;{ortln only
n.a .. The withholding of that which' is In the above form, as Ql 33 v. 18,
r s "c t JJ "" -"'"
due. r; ;) Thin Dnd smooth, as the spathe ome 0 us; Bv. 151, II Bring
olthe Palm when distended witn Bowers forward your witnesses."
, " . '" , c..'
aor. a. To runforn:ard it'itA the eyes fixed in or after kesrs, etc. I, nn indeclinable pro- .
part. act. IV. f. One who of 3rd pers. masc. plur. j Fem. or
.. with fixed gaze or extended neck. They; Dual or They two; when .
,.)!i Thus, a word, of the pnrticles as an affix after a verb or preposition
\i :Behold. d As, and \J This. etc. must be' Them, and when
Ji particle of interrorration Whether? I th? after IL Their. All the above words are
1:1' 8 ere prope 1 k' d" d
, Does be? etc. . r y spen omg IstInet an indeclinable;
Tc !f j' D. 8. Gr. T. 1, p. 455.
UJO. appear. plur. of A new moon, 0 ..
aor. o. To ponder anything in the mind, to
or according to the mOOD during the first d'
me ltate, think design, to be anx.ious
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auout (with r..l-C) with y}; to plot :':;ain:;t, ;; lie, it, nn PddOld pronoun of U10
ns r.i 40 v. 5, " And e'!lery third perg. sing. masc. : ,
, , nor. o. To return to one's duty (with JV; to
n:ltioll h:ll plots ngainst their prophet."- $ ,
become 1\ Jew. ").r lIood, riame. of n pl'c':,lll:t
r IV. To make ::m:dous. said to have been sent to the tribo of tAd;' tho
or Eec :;. . J'!' $ "
" ews, Stmerle noun, :.:> .Jy,-!. q.v.
aor. o. To be extillJ!:,:"ld, Ii/dess. part. )i Bor. o. 1'0 fall to ruin. Wen.k, infirm,
BCt. Barren and lifeless.
""".. $, .... , VII. To in ruin, tumble
;t-'J nor. 1. :md o. To pour forth.-ft(-rl p:d. to pici=es (with y). \'
, act. VII. f. forth.
- ;'J These; nn indeclinable pronoun used ng'the
nor. j. and o. T() squet'Zc ill the hand, to bite. .r
" pIurlll of Ii;, !lnd composed of Gnnd .t; 1 q.v.
comm. gend. A back-biter. A
5 "..... o. To be /inld, rile, quiet.
sb.nderer. Evil. suggestions of the $ "... s ,
Devil. n.a. Meekne:3s, qmctneo3, moue3ty.
To brea!:. tn.arch all night mjthout haltin!!. n.a. Contempt, ignominy., :;;; Light, e::sy.
n.a. A shuilling sound, properly. of (2nd declension) compo form, )Iore or
c:lmeh' feet. niost IV. To de3pise, render con-
no primitive form, To pU,t any thin!! in the teml>tible. part. act. That which renders
girdle (2nd c.ecleD3ion) contemptible, ignominious, sh:lmefu1.
proper na!!le, Ht\man. part. pa3s. Despised, rendered contemptible.
or They, them, their; an indeclinable pro- u;'; aor. i. To fall, to stOOp'llS a bird to its prey,
nonn of the 3rd pers. fern. plur., see also rise; :.sf aor. B. To love, desire;
aor. B. O. and i. To a camel mitn. pitch, u';'; '';1 53 v. 1, by some jnterpreted
to bc :May it be wholesome " By the stars when they set," and by others
or profitable, much good may it do you; the "when they rise'" I ... ... .
$ ., , "-'""- ....
accus:ltive or ;or;n .. 0; 0 Whole- &1 14 v. 40, -;, Make th; hearts of
some, digestible, as '.J.:.sJ 4 v. 3, Bome men to be well inclined totrllrcb them;"
- .
Literally, "Then eat it with easy digestion to blow away as the wind (with y), see 22
and wholesomeness," a figurative expression v. 32. uji Plur. iT;l Desire, lnst,
menning "Take it and make use of it to your inclination. It;; Void. The lowest pit
profit and advantnrre." , , .. ", ." ......... ,
, ", 0, x.
that place. To infatuate. ,J 10
with the affix in the same way as from ," She it an indeclinable personal pronoun of the
,. "J U' "
,.; is formed the word or 3rd pers. fem. sing. ..
D. S. Gr. T. 1, p. 513. I\i aor. a. and i. To be prepared. Form,
y for Here, composed Orb Beholdr and II. To dispose. aright (with ace.
G Here, in this pInce. and J of pers.)
Digitized by
( ItJG )
, ....
'-=-::-') nn anomnlous verb used y;ith tLe
. ...... II) 1)3 II. C '" I .
, as .",,"v. ", omo. tIS
;pclt in a of \'i['.Yd, us ..;,.
t.;--:";, etc;, D. S. Gr. T. 1, p. 5-16.
it; aor. i. 10 he r, ;Jod 0.1' c: as dust, anger,
etc., to wither.
JG aor. i. To pOUT' out. Poured out. .
rb aor. i. To be capth'alt'd h:/ tow"ander
abroad Hke one distracted (with
pl!1r. of :It;.;; A female camel raging with
thirst from .
; an inseparable prefixed. conjunction, AnJ, also,
but, whilstj when meaning together with it
is said to govern the ace US., thus it is that
, . l
qtu.1rilitcr::l vc:b, Tc) :;',y k;:.:,11 to
t!JI!lthill!l srrfc. part. net . which
" " ... ,

snfc (with t!.s

"'..... , .. ,
5 v. 52, " Prc.3crving 'it (the. S-'riptul"c)
sufe from change or corruption;;'
The Gunruinn, l\ of God. .
an anOm!!1u:t3 verb like with the
prel'oJition Q 23 v.33,
II Away with tlmt which ye nre threatened
. with j" it is equiva1ent to the Preterite
being us cd for the OptnUve, D. S. Gr. T.I, p.
645, but there nre sundry ways of spelling it.
'Aoo'i .
A plnce of dcslruction.-V!
l IV. To destroy,
cause to perish.
J,; nor. To pursue cGgcrly, pour forth .rain in
, ".,
large drops; and sor. o. To he heary alld
unn:/zolesome, as air,food, etc. J6 A heavy
shower of rhino Gravity, grievousness,
A heavy blow,. chnstise-
lome at 2 v. 33 rend ",):..f
"Do thou inhabit the g:liden together with
thy wife i" however the nominative $;3;
both here and in similar passages would seem
to be preferred j ; is also used in forms of
h d h h
. - ", ment.
oat s,an t en governs t e gemhve, as ".. , .. .. $ ,.. ...
"'Jat" n3" Th b th Lo' d.JJJ aor. To dm)e an a staRe. .,U) plur. of
\.P.J I J IV.;:. , cn y e r ,..,...... ' ,.., ..
'r h d - th" F th d'ffi b A stake; "U'JH
., ... 3S v.U, "Pbaraoh
o eaven an ear. or e 1 erence e- -- , d.P
tween; and J see D. S. Gr. T. 1, p. 555.. lord of the stakes," either because his. king-
, ' :1' see "i. dom was firmly established, as a tent when
aor. a;. To 6u1'!J alice. ;.:;j;.: fem. part. pass. aecured by stakes and pegs, or because he wns
. (A damsel) buried alive. in the habit of fastening the hands and feet or
J1J aor. i. To fl!l for rifuge. A refnge. his victims to pickets driven into the ground.
;';.aor.i . To .tana,till; and",,; To haDe mucA hair }; aor. To lIate, defraud anyone of a thing
.... 11 "s" ( 'th d bi ).!:' S' I l'. tb
. (11' 1rool. u,Jl plur. of;'J son eamel's-hair WI ou e acc.. fJ n.a. mg e, lor e
\ .J ""-fY ,,_-0,
or felt. . mearung of the words!},'J lJ 89 Y. 2,
,,, , , , , ""-,,, " , 'r'
" c}!J aor. and aor. To peri,,,. J!r aee ......:.. '.
,." , ._-
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(157 )
r.or. To injure all!! one in tlte or norta, 8ubstnnco, os t"';.; fl jl 28 v.
the brge artery which rises from the upper 88, "Everything shnll perish except himself,"
part of the henrt. Lit. his essence isee D. S. Gr. T. 2, p. 401 ;
. J;:lor; To corjicle or trust in an!! one. jlS; . 80 also at 2 v. 106, M! :;.; "ITe
A bond, thnt with ;'hich anything is tied or who submits hhmclf to God i"
V ....
bound. ".jJJ fern. of JlJI comp. lorm, cry 22 v. 11, "He becomes e. rc.rvert," Lit.
5..... d 5,: A .... .. ..
firm. A compnct, bon. "Heis turned upon J.:: may
covemmt, treaty.-Jjl; III. To enter into f\ also be rendered" according to hid manner or
compact or treaty with nny one (with nec. of way." 1.:.:;.., A tract. held
pers. and IV. To bind, dra\v tight. in high .. : II. To turn, direct (with
6"(' S '1'--s'" . .J
dJ Plur. &.:)UJI An idol; the root Iii not acc. and V. To proceed (with J'lfu
, 'J ,
found in the primitive form.. and name of place).
...... ,..
. _ To he to la own '" '" , '" , I .' .. '"
.... aor. 10 uC one, a/one, umque. ol.:>-J n,n.
(' , , .. ",,,, '" , u 2'> 37" Ad'''''' .. .
dend, os .,) :., v. , n Alone i I.)..>.J lIe or him alone, by himself ;
when ther-Lit. their siaea-have fnl1en dead," This worJ when followed by an n:ixed
", " s"", j
Bor. To find, perceive. J.:::-J n.a. Com- pronoun is to be regarded as an adverbial
, c..' c., c.. _ "
petence, menns, as 60 v. 6, expression and. indeclinable, D. S. Gr. T. 1,
cording to your menns." p.512, and T. 2, p. 291, note. One,
To entertain fear.-";:':';' IV. To conceive single. Alone n.a. II. f. The
in the mind (with acc. and ;;,.,), as worship of one God, belief in the Unity of the
11 v. 73, " And he conceived a fear Godhead.
of them.1t aor. J.=i: To throTD an:ay (arm", etc.) in
...... , .. '.J fl" ''1 fs .... Wildb
aor. To he affltatec.. part. act.' '9Ilt V'J>J pur. 0 Vo->J casts.
IV. To make or aor. To indicate, rereal. :;.; n.a. A
camel move briskly with a bounding pace. revelation, \: 11 v. 39, II Under our
J=:-; 8or. To fear. Jr; Afraid, smitten inspection, a"'nd according to our revelation."
, ,,,,,s.,
with fear. IV. To reveal (WIth acc. and Jl,
Bor. 4: To strille in the face. Plor. or U!, also with u! and to make signs
" .. h....
',J':"J A face, countenance, favour, onour; (with Jl of pers. and &.:),), thus at 19 v. 12,
sake, as 76 v. .. sake ';f r;Jl And he made signs to
God i" a beginning, as I.:t:-, 3 v. 60, them (as though he would say) praise God in
"In the early part of the day; It intention, as see 'to inspire, speak by inspiration or
f: .. ' Sv. 107, "That .. ..,
U- :W"'r \I j revelation (with u'l.arid &.:),) i to suggest (with
th;y should bear te;timony in accordance with acc. and Jv, as at 6 v. 112; also with Jt oC
ita true meaning or intention i" essence, being, pers. and J with subjunctive, as at 6 v. 12].
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( I':S )
nOi'. tl.. To love, de::irc, l"ii jh (Wit1l nce, \'.-ith \":atcr, lo drink thereof; to bO down into.
j, or or )). n.n. W cdd, name of A phce oC dC3ccnt, nn especially
an Idol wor:;hipped originllly by the ante- to watcr for the purp0';J or udn1,:r:j', thng
'l' d b 1 b 1 P c,. A,." ",. , ...... --= , (\ "
1 an au 3equent y y t . ;gnn '''')j rr.- Jt t:J:!'r.\ 10 v. 8,.,., .And
,., $''''L ... .... ,
Arnos. "'J n.n. I,ove. ..j-'J OVIng'. b.Jr WJ. will drive tlJO wicked into Hell, as cattlo
n.n. Love, aC"Jction, Ill. To nra driven to wuter.'" 5-t'; p=u't. net. One who
love. . goes down (with J); one who goes beforo a .
nor. t);' fO place, le:\"o, used only in the nor. Clrnvan to dra,v one \vho is present n.t.
. and imIJerat;; impernt. Leave nlone, per- $,..... $'" /I ,
'- i.).JJ fern. of ').JJ ..4. rose, rosy. The
mit, no notice II. To lCl.e.- J'u:n1lnr vein. part. pnss., De:Cended
$ I""c,. '. - ""'..I
noun of bOle nnd X. f. A plnce into, arrived IV. To lend one into
of deposit, as the 'Womb or tL: . ;I'uve. (with double ace.)
. nor. To drop rain.. J:;; n.a. Rain. ; aor. To pitt fortk leaus. j;; collective
nor To pay a fine a8 expiation for mcm- noun: Leaves. h;; A single 1euf. j,;l\Ioney.
,laughter. for nnd with the artidc r.or. u;' To eat Qn:ay the idaior 0/ the body
for see D. S. Gr. T. 2, (matte;). rG; That whick is benna. 're;
!... t..1
p. 497; Plur. 1 A vnlley, channel of a Behind, before, beyond. beside or except is
river, a river. A fine to be pnid for man- never found in the without !l.comple-
.' slaughter. as 4 v. 94, "Then let a ment either s:,e D. S.
fine be given." Gr. T.2, p.152; J1.JJ \,; 4 v. 28, What-
:03: aor. Tofall upon, n:ouncl; not used ever is beside this," or" ,vith this excep-
, ""''--'''459 b dd
. in the preterite;, Impernt.;'; To let, tion ; (""<} I.;J c.:TJ v., may e ren ere
forsnke, let go (with acc. and J1 or u!. or either" Before them," or "behind them."-
with ace. and J followed by the aorist BUb- ..s); lII. To hide (,!ith acc. and ;J.>-..s'J.,i
junctive); it is' also used with; as ;,;; IV. To strike fire. 4.[-/,! fern. part. act. One
74 v. 11, " Let me alone with who strikes fire.-..s)i VI. To be hidden,
him whom I have created;" 12 v. 47, hide one's-self (with y or at 38 v.31
"'" " ,
, Leave it:' the word is used with an ellipse of the
sor. bj. To be heir to anyone (with nomin'aUve, understood; D. S.
, pers. or:;"); to inherit. Plor. ij'; Gr. T. 2, p. 451. ,
" part. act. One "ho inherits, an' heir. clX) ;j; aor.;;.. To bear, carry (a burthen). Plur.
I .' ' ....... , $A.oS
I and IV. To con- . n.a. A burthen, heavy weight, load; at
i .titute one heir of anything, to give for an 47 v.5 it means If Arms, or other burthens
'inheritance (with double imposed by war." ;5; An inaccessible moun-
aor. To 6e pruent, arrive at, properly, at tain, and hence IL place of refuge. part.
. '. "
.' -
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( 150 )
"ct 0" .,. f. '1 ' A $ I'D lO 0 01 . .
.... r: .... W.10 :l. len. J.-j, conn- d-:,'J e.o')./, rc 05C
. sellor or minbtcr \ .. 110 bcars. the "'IJUrtllcn of no verbal root in the primitive form
. 1 1" J d \r.. ", ,,, T b '# '." ,
common Y Sf';,. Ull pronounce mer. -'J aor .-J 0 rend (with acc. nnd \
, " , " l , ,... ...s- , .,;J
t)J. nor. To b:.:p bC'.ck, kc('p (men) in their part. act. V. r. One who kno .... s a by' its
ran1.s whilG mUl
chill:.;'.-J,i IV. To incite, outwnrd signs,
t' t tl . d' P , 0 (. h ,... ,.... . s
U a mm ,l!l
Z;1,e, Jn3plrc WIt :'CC. nor. To be in &lecp. Slecp,
and L:)\)'. slumber, drowsiness.' .
", , , c"
L:./)J nor. Imperat . To (with "f); to quadriliternl;. aor. ,;;:.;. To whisper evil,
out for nny one (with acc. of pers.). make evil sUO'f1'estions J 11 or I..J of
'S""" SIr"".' 00 ,. l..Sjo' ;,
d, n.a. A weitihing, weight. L:),)r part. pers. or with Tempter,
Evenly and equally babnced, which Satan. '
has itswei;hta evenly ndju.sted. Plur." .... -!'
, ..... aor. To pamt clotli.. An nJmixture
. jl ... (2nd declension) A balance; at 101 ....
" "...... of colour (in nn tbus Ld :;;.;. j 2 V.
vv. 5 and 6 may be rendered 66 means II She is of a whole colour."
measure of Ilia good works:' , " "
b:.; nor. To be in the midst, penetrate into. the aor. To be perpetual. part.
.. act. Lasting; For ever.
midst of. r:.:.; The middle, middle; u;.:,;
'" aor. To n:eace. A threshold.
v.13, must, according to the commentators"" , ... :r .....
be rendered" A nation who ha\"e hit the golden -uJ80r. To describe, assert. n.B.
. 'l'" " .... i F Description, act of attributing or ascribing.
mean orJuste m2 leu. em. U--' compo ,.;... '. . .
form, The middle; the more. worthy, as at 68 To Jom; ... arrive at, reach,
... , ,"!,"" , ..... t.. 5 91" or unto (with I )D. a she
v. , r=:r w r.:J1 V. , -..
the middling or ordinary kind of food which camel or ewe, concerning which the' Psgan
ye provide fO.r your Arabs were wont to 'observe 'certain supersti-
aor. To 6e' ample, to take in, embrllce, tions in honour of their idols;' see Sale's
comprehend. Menns, ability to perform Preliminary Discourse, p. 172.-J!;
a thing. One who or that which is II. To cause to reach (with acc. and J ofpers.)
. ';'J'" 80r . TOJ'oin tonether. 1".,,:.i.. mandate,
ample, extensive, one who comprehends; as 1,,;1 U,M " -J
an attribute of God it means the Omnipresent command, testament, legacy; the accusative
"'" '
or Omniscient, He whose mercy is over all his ;"!'J at 2 V. 241 and 4 V. 16 must be regarded
works.' n.B. Plenty, as an elliptical expression to
.... J - '" "
part. act. IV. f. One who or makes of Thls IS a Law; D. S. Gr. T. 2, p. 83;
large extent, one who is in easy 4 v .12, " After (the pay,..
, .... , , ,
J-'J aor. V-!. To gather together (in one herd).- ment of) any legacy which he may have be-
VIII. To be complete or in penect queathed."-u=.; II. To enjoin, command
order, as the moon at the full. (with acc. of pers. ond "f' Or with acc. and
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( lCO )
'" !, " ...
I,:}I). 4.;;.;; n.!'. A di3: ' do .. :l all im.lro f,tl t::lbcco!nin2; t!,; ..
,,,,'I. i "''' :J ' ,
o IV. To ol'Jcr, co;,lmand . A III. To to or
(with ace. of pen nnd y or to LC' rcnder cqll:11-in nUIll ber, etc.
, .... $ , "t:.... ..
(with' y). . v"- for I..fiY- plrt. cd. A fJ A tl11Jlg to La done; no vcrb:ll root.
, ",\,,* , ,"" , t'" 7' .. 7 " ,';0 (
"'a; VI. To gi.o ouo nno:her' a aor "rc:mam m a .. 2nd
command, enjoin or' recommend to cn() dccle113ion) plur. of A bttle-fle1,j.
another (with y). :;,;; aor. To preJict, promba, (fI"ith
aor. To phea, by dOfI"D, by double ace. or with ace. of per3. Qnd J fol-
fix, bri,:,3' forth !l clliiJ:; to put oiT, remove lowed by energetic norist, also with nee. of
(with scc. nnd ;;;> i to nr:,oint (with J); pers. and i to make noy one a promise
18 v. 47, II And tho Book (or'the (fI"itb ace. ofpers.). n.a. A promb, tlm:\t,
'J! ....
account of each. man's actions) ellan be put prediction; ;.:! I 4 v. 121, The ellipse
h 1 db B'l' ,-II .. "'"
( hisbanih) i" at 3D v. 60 these worlh IS t us eAp aine r elf.cllYee,
would seem refer to tlw Book of God's ""t;..;, see D. S. Gr. 2, p. 85.
.". S So" "! .... c.,
dl)crees, which" sl1:l11 be latJ on the Threatenmg, a threat. or
day of JUdgment. declension) Aprombe; time or place of the fulfil-
plur. of A place; at 4 v. 48 may ment of a prediction, ptomise,or threat; an
be rendered" The true meanings (of words)." appointment for n meeting. pnrt. pass
. part. pass .Placed.-;';;i IV. To drive Predicted, III. To nppoint a
(a eamel) quickly, as fJ4 9 v. 47, fixed time or place for anyone (with double
11 And they would have driren about your acc.); to plight faith to anyone (with acc. of
eamels,"-worrying them by.constantly pass- VI. To make.o. mutual
ing in al!d out among them. ;0.... men!. , ..
;;; o.or. To plait or fold a thinIJ nit" ons l<:.c) nor. Impe!'nt. To wam, (with
part orer another. part. pass. Inter- acc. of peN. and. of thing, or with ,) mean-
woven (with gold and precious Bt(lnes).. ing Lest or that not); to advise (,vith ace.-of
nor. To tread, trample on, as at 48 v. 25; of thing, and that) . part.
on referring to this pnssage. the reader will act. One who warns: A warning, an
observe a notable instance of the ellipse of the admonition. .
correlative proposition or }pi after aor; To collect, retain in the memory.
D. 8. Gr. T. 2, p. 420; the hiatus iB BUp- i"t;'J Plur. A locker box vessel or ball'
-,J I I 0'
plied by Bei4Awee as follows, ....jS Q an'l."thing is stowed away. 1.::1' fem .
.. , .. ' -t..... ," 01 _;0 'J
" see v. 24. "\1,) D.a. properly, The act of . part; act. That which retains in the memory.
,trampling on; at'i3 v. 6 the words il; 1.:.1 IV. To be miserly, to secrete or board
may perhaps be translated II More capable of, -properly, in a it;J; at 84 v. 23 it menns to !
or fitted for earnest devotion," or "for keeping " secrete in the bren;t." \
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( 161 )
", , .,
"vJ nor ... '-;!. To co,,':, (13 an into the
,. s
presmce t!I alii ,Ig. "vJ n.n. Tho act of coming
into the rrcscnc) of noyally.
"", , , r- f .... "
;"J To be ;J'Y" l.'lrt. Full,

"." ,.". .... .... (,.'1
nor. To rUlJ'-v:jJ1 IV. '1'0 b!l.3tcn (with
", "
nor. Tofind a thir.g to II.
(' 10 who dies; to b!.e tho lifo of c,ny ono
,(with ace.); In tho P:mivc, To bo rccdvcJ
by God, nn eupbmiam for to die. for
, ,
!.If .... P.1rt. nct. lie who receives tho '.Ioul, or
takes nway the X. To t.lke fun
mensura, dcm:md full r::.yment.
, " "
aor. To enter, to OTcrspread,-ns
ness,-to be eclipsed (tho moon).
, " s "..... .
To an ngrecmcnt or reconciliation be- I,:......J) To appc .. 't a fixed tlinc. n.B. Time;
twe::n two p:lrties (with n.n. Re- 7 'v. 186, uTo define its fixed time."
S ' ,,,,,
conciliation, success, pro3pcrity" accomplish- Plur. declension) A fi:.pd
:r::ant, or one's wi.;hes.-jU
D.S.. III. r. The or slnted time or period, time or place of,
. , !!I ' c..'
net of suiting, becoming; 78 v.2G, appomtment. part. Thc.t of
for, .U,) IJ "A fitting reward.:' ' '" which the time is defined.
, ", , , $' t' ,...-t.._
.'" 'TO. _I'. '. ,,..7,.)JJ nor. 10 hurn. ";'J Fue1.-.),j)1 IV. To sct
aor. .1.0 pCTjonn a pron:zse. JJI for JJI
compo form, Most complete or perfect, more m.
to, .. ;r.:):
etriet in the performallce of a eoven:mt.- thus .).JJ. ),:;3 I u! kL- I..f..:.J
J; II. To fulfil nn payor rep:1j" 13 v. 18, "And'" from that (ore)' which
. (a debt) in full (with double ncc.); to recom- they, ignite in the fire ' there comesa scum
'k t't'" lik fr' h S e ,
pense fully for apything (with Jl of pel'S. and 1 eon 0 I : ... '0 ot. .)JJ" pnrt. pass.
acC. of thing, or with double nee.); thus,... Kind!ed-.),jJ.::....l X. To light (n fire).
&'" w is 0 \ '" 11 v 113 .).i; nor. To striae ciolently, heat to deat,t
r' !.) r, -",T- , "! t...... ,
"And indeed unto every dne thy Lord will ':'" Killed bya
sorely give the full l'eward of his works;" fJ nor. fi To n;elglt. down, make deqf; to SIt qUlet
there are several ways ofe:tpbining the pleo- (with...j.); ;;;). Sit quiet r feme plur. imr-rnt. ;
0::, Sir'" so.
nasms with which tbis sentence nppears to be see f' J'J n.B. Deafness. .JJ A heavy
encombered; according to one \!J should borthen. ;\i; Kindness and long:sufl'ering.-
, '" 0... 01'" II '
spelt Wol meaning see \,;;], see also D. S. '.rJ' To revere.
Gr. T. 1, p. 540, note. for J,r part. aor. To fall, befall, fall upon (with and
act. One who pays in IV. To fulfil :;,,); to be incumbent upon to
or perform-a coveollnt-(with acc. or with come to pBSS, to be confirmed, as at 7 'f. 115 ;
to give full measure (with acc. and J of to fall down into (with J). part. act.
P;rs.). part. act. Onewho"'ful- Falling upon (with '-:oJ o'r J ofpers.); that
fila (his covenant).-Ji V. To receive or which comes to which will
take to one's-selF, as God l'Cccives th\) soul of surely come to pas.." the inevitable Day or
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( IG2 )

Juu:;ment. nann of unity, A to To st(? ,l s::!!.--j,f'; n.n. II. f. Con-
, -\"" (I) d d 1 ' ) 1 f 5 - "
pasJ. ... n cc p.ur. c r!ltir 'ticn.
The tinie or phee of p:trt ... jS; To ,,;itlt the fist.
III. f. Ouo who f.:lJs iuto (with .. 1 3; CG.'. To cOi1l1llit ail!JiltinJ, into anot"':r;s
IV. about, 'hcepi;:J. j..(, Ouo ,,;1:0 bkes care of any-

thiu'" for tho guarJian of oue's
"... "I 't 'Po d 1 t
aor. , rnpcrat. .10 stan , rna 0 intere5til, a patron, administrator, disp<)5cr of
stand, as 37 v. 2-1, .. 'make them to fl' , th 't t b' '.
r oJ "
a :urs" e WI 0 a arg:l.ln,!,-" "'!
stant! (before the Judgment SC1t of Gou) i" so .. /4 83" A d G d' 11 ffi' :
:j ! .. "
v. , n 0 . eu Clfm. n,s a
also mth ntO v. 30. '-'J'r part. p:m.
II T' , t
500'-'.-..,1:))' 0 c.ppcm one
Mnde to stand (with
' ;.
::' -" I
T" k
' t keeper or gU'lt'dian over, or entrust one wlth
. --'J aor. ,.$.), mp0rat. J 0 'eep, prcacl'YCi 0'
the ctlrc of anything (with nce. of pers. nna '-'
defend, k0Cp one safe from (with double ace.). ,
, ," Ii !J -," , t 0 I. k l' of thing).-",\.5 oJ V. To ,put trust In nny one,
J, or ...!'J pnr ne. ne WuO 'eep" sala, n
,:, r: !J-n,
.. U
! ..
"" and cspcclallymGoJ ..,l5.f-. part.
d::lcndc'L', protcctor. Devont, see JJ.

" , '
5 _.
act. ;",nc who puts hIS trust'm nnother
.iWFear, nnd (2nu ueclension) Fenr of """ ,,,
J ,.,
nor. To -diminish. def:aud one of any-
God, re"erence, plcty, are lrJ;'eglllnr nouns of oJ'"
action (D. S. ,Gr. T: I, p.203) thought by /" thin ,<with nce. of pers. . ,
, some to be deriveJ from the viii. f., see,J5 i b nor .(J. An mtimate
the 47 v. 19 aro by some fricnd.-t,;' IV. To cause to enter (with acc.
explnined, U And he shall show them what to and

(ear or avoid i" by others, "He will give aor. To bring forth, or beget ,offgpring;
them (the reward of) theitpicty."-, "ZI VIII. Pass. JJJ' To be born. :J; sing. nnd plur.
'-" 1-"
S "t"S
To tnke heed toone'a-self, to fear also to fear Issue, offspring, a child, a son; Plur. ,,] J I
God, to be devout. is found in some Children. lJl; part. n;t. One who begets, a
copies for nt 24 v. 51, but this mnst be 'parent, a fa'ther, Ilnd A motber i Dual
"regarded as a license; some rend D. B. . t.lJIJI The parents, 'father Bnd mother;

Gr. T.l,p. 252; 2v.38before a plluse, ,;L'JJI:( 14 Y. 42 ., And to both my parents;"
...... ",J)J '
for '., Fear me r" D. B. Gr. T. 2, p. D. B. Gr. T. I, p. 459. Plur. A
497. for Plur. part. act. child, youth. 5j;: 'part. pass. One who is
_ One who fears God, devou!:
born, a child; 5}; One to whom a child
lSJ To U!! " V. To lenn (wi!h is born, a father. ,
\ VIII. To recline (with J; aor. To be very near to anyone, either as
" part. act. Reclining (with and kindred or neighbours (with acc.). for
A place where anyone reclines, a day. part. :ct: One who guards over the publid
.ooch or "Tricliniom," and hence a banqoet. .afet1'.:-,J; Plor. (2nd deCleosionl
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( IG3 )
N em-, n fd ;nd, benc::'.dor, he11)cr,
protector; nt 2 V. 232 would i; to
h3VC nc Irly tllC S!'.1l10 mennir.; US 1:.(' q.v.;
at 27 V. 50 it refers to tho L\i"en;;er of blood,
who,as.mentioncd at 17 v; is to be the beir I
or.DC:tt of kin; at 19 v. 5 Q, D::1Y be rendered
" Heir npp:n.:nt," or II ne::t of kin," eo nlso at
8 V. 73; the t>!\S2a;;e nt 17 V. III iJ explained
:;, s
under tho \'iorJ J"; q.v. 4i,:; .0.3. IIelp, the
act of tnking as a fdend,. or nppointing ns
heir, as ? t.; 8 V. 73,
where the menning wotlld scc:n to be, II It
in no W;30 risht for you to nppoint them as
J ........
your he1r3.' ,j)1 for J,I declension) i
. ...",,-'S
Dual compo form, N earc:', more or most
nenr of kin, more \'iorthy, more proper, nearest
(with and dJ J}, see iVa f. J":
Plm. declension) A lord, com-
panion, protector, a patron or client; a
mnster or servant; at 44 V. 41 it is found
r..' '.); J;5 4 v. 115, "We will put it
into 11i3 power to follow the bent of hi3 in-
.' , s -' ,
J ... for . J .... part. act. lIe who
cnuses ono to turn a tllin3'; tIltH"
Qr} 2v.143, "lt i3 He-God .... wb tur>lS
.(them) towards it;'! tho other ace. t,! JS
" Every nation," being IV.
" ...t,.'I.
To cause to draw nigh; JJI 75 v. 34,
"Woe unto tllCe'" Lit. ")Iay IIc-God-
cause (evil) to drnw nigh unto thee," or" :lIlly
it-evil-drnw nigh unto thee," tho preterite
being hero used for the optativo; D. S. Gr.
T.l, p. lGO.-,j ... .J V. To turn back, turn orro a
back; to retire (with Jt); to turn away (with
to or cho03e (lny a friend
-{with acc. of pers.), as at 5 v. 61; to tnke
upon one's-self, as Ji v. 11,
" And he who hath taKen upon himself to
aggravate it;" to be put in authority, as at
47 v. 24; Instances are not uncommon in
which the of the seconll aorist is
with both these meanings, or it may in
both instances be rendered partner; one omitted, as I};J for \};J 11 v.3, see D. S. Gr.
uearly related by blood, as at 4 v. 37, or a I T. I, p. 221.
..... .. up'; And verily he .shnll bo, see
nephew, as at 19 v. 5 j 57 v,. .. .
"It is the proper place for you," or .: a lace aor. To be slack or negligent (With
.... PI' ,.. , .... .. ..
nigh unto you," Jr being here considered aor. Imperat. To give, bestow;
88 a noun of place, D. S. Gr. T. i, p. to restore, as at 38 V. 42 acc .. anci J).
J; II. To retreat, tutn the back (with Jl or A free and liberal giver; An
;" or with the words or .. "" .. epith,et, of the Deity;.,. .
it is sometimes found with a double acc., thus aor. ff To iJurn. Brightly burnmg.
8 v. 16," }'ld be who aor. To be weak, faint, infirm, languid,
turns bis back untothem on that day;" to remiss (with u!). Weakness, faintness;
cause to tum towards {with double ace.); to G; 31 v.13, "With weakness upon
turn away (with acc. and ;J); to tum-one's ';ealmess." (2nd declension) compo fonn,
face-towa,.ds (with double acc.); to set one part. act. IV. f' One who
over, or give one authority over (with double makes weak.
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( IG! )
113 onc word, lU it D1:'.y be con-
r.s co:npc . .;c)u of the Ob!
01: .,,, ....
or Ah r .-\s if; nceordir.g to so:ne
.. h'equiydont to Know, nll intcr,Pret::l,n
. of the f;t p-":-:on my; fre- nor. condo v. f. q.v.
qucntlyspelt n.nupronounced ... ; when ;):I nor. V. r. of jU for \;i q.v.
to a verb it is written it is not unfre- "'" . d'" , , .... , '" I 11. ,
... _ ... ' _, nn nor. olO fie all orp an. Plur.
quently omitted ns "f'; for ..sf,;, for I (2nd An orphun
etc., D. B. Gr. T. 1, p. 457 et WI. ,
,'" 0 I I h ... see ,tJ.
'! a vocative e governing t . e nominaUve ..,.1 F-'" .
and necus. clms, D. S. Gr. T. p. 89. yfi (2nd declension) Ynthreb, the original name
1', ... ...
.... 6es viii. f. on I.' of Medinn.
, ..s-. $ ,e".... 11,
(2nu declension)' Gog, nnme of n tribe of Bbck smoke, said to be deriv('a rrom r q.v.
, , , s-' "
bal'barians nenr the Caspian Sea, V. 1;;. see .
..... ' S G n ,-Q';Ii.... ",
Itor. D. r. T.l, p .... 40, To &or. V. f. of;..l q.v
. , (with .:".,) i at 13 V. 30 it is used with .:t , .. , 3 d Ii 1 f.' fl-:"
\01' .... r pers. em. p ur. aor. IV. 0 u.) q.v.
and is there generally understood to me:ln to ." s'" s .....
, ,,-,,- To touch or injure in the hand.
know . v-';' Despairing,
'- n.a. feminine, A hand; Dual oblique
X. To reject all hope, despair (with ). '
.. and when in connexion with a comple-
collective noun, Rubies; a word of Per sinn
and Plar. *1 for D. B.

aor. condo of J1 q.v. .
.;..;;. 8Or. To hed1'f. n.8. Dryneu, dry.
part. act. That which is dry or withered.
, . ' ,
aor. viii. f. or q.v.
'" .. . --
Gr. T. 1, p. 111; the phrase;" ::; 9 v. 29
admits of divers interpretations; according
to one it means that payment should be made I
by the hund of the parties themselves 1
the intervention of a third person i or it mny I
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(1 (15 )
'1' 1 1 ' ,.- (" d
' , ) ,-, , f Id 1
m: .. n .. ;],'1 uC.;;:ll<!lOn laoo.,_, r. .... ne 0 an 0
e,.,-", , "' .....
or in to!:en fJ.,-'-!. L ;[o:'c Lim, wor3hippcrl befoN the FlooJ, Ilnd
in p:csc:.: i Dt. b.:t'.'iCCIl 1:3 t;:o knc3; by the P '::b,lD Ar::us.
' ... ,1\ n8 '1"" f" ... c" ... "'.... " ",
.)I.o.:i - ,i.S-;"i, -I u-::J U V.'.J, ... en 0 pOiV!.:r see c-.JU for
;!ld pruucncJ," Lit. "G iftc\l h nnd I ' ;.- y-,'h ' fM
..... "''', . 1:'" -' 7 1 ... ' l' t'e Oci!loot, name 0 an Idol oC P;.:;:m
rca; ..... V. '.; , .". h.tom:l I A b ' ."
,':'"'-. ,";, ," ra s, sc.)
mcmll!! blttcrly,
- " , ':' '-r
the iu,":J. seem:> to bo th:1.t they bit tldr fin;crs
in grief :lnd ccntrit!on, LnL it is hinted
at cxrrc:3cd; see k: :.

.)J.!.llor. of.)")J q.v.
aor. cona. iv. f. of q.v.
c.H. Yu seen, initbllelters of the SGth chapter,
""" , 6C.'
,-!. aor. To p!c::; at to be easy. r.. n.n.
Facility; ease, thlt which is easy. ;;. Small,
, . ., ..... c,..,
easy; V. 14, A little while. ur-
. sce ur .
A proLably derived from To .
nor. a.; also To be l:iJilant. plur.
'1i lValcfijul,
, #II' '
aor. B . To bt3 certain. Ccrhin, l'.
that which i5 cJrtnl!l, n3 U ::tth tit 1.1 V. 00,
nnd 74 V. 43; Surdy, of n cerbinty.-
",c,.S , ,
IV. nor. know for cert!lin, firmly
believe, feel a certainty about (with y); to
, ,
form B right judgment. part. nct. One
who believes firmly, or forma 'Il right judci-
. X. To firmly.
part. act. One who is firmly Dssured.
(2nd declension) Pr03pcrity; it mo.y also be
the feme of the compo form, More or most ensy j
87 V. 8, II And we will facilitate
for thee-or prepare thee for-the eo.siest (way
in mattcrs of faith)," or "the way .of happi- d7 see
" $' """ 1 $' , c.." , ., f "
ness. DrawlDg .ots. part. pass. or see u) ..
Facilitated; i;i 17 V. 30, II A kind pass. for no active voice, To be tltrorcn into
s" .... " , , , .... - s
of ease or the 8ea. A sea, Bood; a river, as at rov.
-r- II. To make easy (wlth acc. 39.-P. V. To aim at getting for one's-self,
and J or y, or With double acc.); to second . choose for one's-self.
" ,
anyone or help one forward (with acc. of pera. acr. To place (a corp8e) 01& its ri9ht 8ide
and V. To be easy X. . in the 9ra". :r-;. Plur. feme The right
easy. . hand, an oath, power; 37 V. 28,
(2nd declension) and with the article f:.:'ji Lit. the right hand," meaning with a
Elisha. good omen, or with force, or with an oath, etc.
, f ' rd If"""
3 pers. masc. pur. aor. 0 q.v. (2nd declension) The right (hand).
.-"c" $
see I.!r'. The right hand.
(2nd declension) Jacob. plur. of A fountain, rt. t;s q.v

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( le5 )

, ,.
'1 lJ
. '
.. _ .
p: .
n of m t lll;'
:; "
r tit' ,10
, J ";3.
t;- n.1l P.i I...C, 1 d 1u 1\0 i.... of ;; v.
rit ' , I)rJ pI c iv f. q.v
$ I ... .,
:.s \ .. Of th" Jcvbh To b 0 xist for a.,. $": Plur
aor. IV. f. of I..S'I q.v.
I' rL,' A d:ty, the civil dly of 24 hour3; c
I' of b[l.ttla, thus at 45 13, t ow ,rd,
;? nor. 0.., or)1 q.v.
di i. f. f
oJ C !l:t

er 2m pIn no

s1... ,,,'"
.... oJ see .. ...J

, , ,
(2nd Joseph.
pl iv o
.,. r
G ... '0"
jJ. m n 0;" lL.
pIe edt \7 T' tor on the:M dells
On that day, on a cerhin day; '1'0
day, on tuis day. f..-j. T en, on thd y, I
",. ,
wo co po
T. p. 21
d ... or 1>' S. r
1.;5; declension) J onuh.
Jig t 0 le
, .
.A cor.. II uoa cor.. Lll<8
lin fro bot f Tho wh uri 2 2 for, I r,;ad ,J)S\ . 9 2 , 9
te., rtJad One who purifies him.df
1 1 fo re
or is c enn, pure.
'" ad- 23 219fo - ..til
'" 10 1 fo a i. r da
2S 1 6 lincJ from bottom for tcschdecd read
112 1 last but one should come after
sh d.
U 13.
2 12for . read
--:' ,
. a
13 1 f pIn f -
9, r p
70 2 21for Schechinah read ShechlDsh. DI. f. of.

IT &J( 0 AJf ... Tau &&TN
'b8 535 AA A 30
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