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Continue Taking the Anti-TB drugs. The intensive phase is for 2 months and the maintenance phase is for 4 months. Medicines are readily available at TB- DOTS since the patient was enrolled for the TB-DOTS program.

Exercise/Economic Factor

Practice deep breathing exercise and coughing exercises. Resume previous activities. Prevent extraneous work. Have a regular physical exercise like brisk walking for 30 minutes daily. For financial insufficiency, there are government drug stores available. The patient may continue her work in the factory.


Follow faithfully the regimen for tuberculosis, especially the medications. Have a regular sputum test and chest x-ray , as ordered by the doctor to monitor progress of the decease.

Health Teaching

The client should practice hand washing regularly. Always cover the mouth and the nose when exposed to person who coughs or sneezes. She should not spit anywhere, instead spit in a single container to prevent transfer of M. Tuberculosis.

Out-patient Follow-up

Always have a regular check up at your nearest health center, at least once a week to monitor the progress of the treatment. The client should report immediately to the physician if there is difficulty of breathing, there is productive cough more than 5 days and there is chest pain and experiencing fatigue.


The diet should be high in calories and high in protein. Always drink a lot of water. Also eat fruits and vegetables. Dont skip meals. If there are any food supplements available, consult it with the doctor. Eat vitamin c rich food to strengthen immune systems.

Spiritual Activities

Always pray for the guidance of the Lord. Spiritual health affects the wellness of an individual greatly. Strengthen relationship with Lord by showing love and respect to the people around you.