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Strategies and Analysis of Sales & Sales Promotion

Bharti Cellular Limited

Submitted to: -

(Punjab Technical University)

Jalandhar In Partial Fulfillment of Requirements For The Degree of Masters in Business Administration Session (2007-2009)


Varinder Singh oll !o" 70#70020#0



Chapter 1st Industry Profile

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Chapter 2nd Company Profile

Welcome to Airtel

Chapter 3rd Genesis

Introduction to the Study Objectives of the Study Research Methodology

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Chapter 4th Data Analysis & Study on FSO Interpretation Road Shows Management
Comparative analysis

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Chapter 5th Recommendations

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#ndia s first mo$ile e%pressway



!oam the world on one num$er



$his %ro&e't (as 'arried out to anal)*e the sales +romotion of Air$el and its ,arious 'om+etitors" $he +ro&e't (as underta-en to(ards the fulfillment of the t(o-)ear full time 'ourse of Master of Business Administration (MBA)" $he +ro&e't in,ol,es the management of sales and sales +romotions for Air$el" $he aim of +ro&e't (as to familiarise (ith the (or-ing of the Sales a'ti,ities of Air$el. along (ith the strategies ado+ted for sales. for different target segments" /n $oda)0s 'onte1t (orld of 'om+etition the theor) of 2Sur,i,al of the fittest3 +re,ails" $he 'om+anies need to 4e (ell a(are a4out the a'ti,ities of the 'om+etitor 'om+an) and their im+a't" /n order to stand this tough 'om+etition the 'om+an) needs to e,aluate its +erforman'e and re,itali*e its +oli'ies"

Introduction to the Study 1. 2. 3. Industry Profile Company Profile Genesis o Objective of the Study o Research Methodology 4. Data Analysis and Interpretation o Study on FSO o Road Shows Management o Enterprise Selling o Comparative Analysis of Competitors o Cost Analysis of Call Charges 5. Recommendations Annexure

Glossary Bibliography
$he +ro&e't in,ol,es the management of sales and sales +romotions for Air$el" $he aim of +ro&e't (as to -no( a4out the (or-ing of Air$el. along (ith the strategies ado+ted for sales. for different target segments" $he means used for a'hie,ing sales (ere through road sho(s and also 4) enter+rise sales" $he tas- (as +rimaril) to +lan. organise and 'ontrol the road sho(s" $he other means for sales that (as ado+ted (as enter+rise selling" /n enter+rise sales. the +ur+ose (as to 'onta't ,arious small and medium s'ale enter+rises o,er the tele+hone or ,isit them +ersonall). to get them registered (ith Air$el under the MV%! (Mo4ile Virtual %ri,ate !et(or-) +lan" $he tariff stru'ture for an enter+rise deal is different from the tariff stru'ture offered to the general +u4li'5 it is on the lines of a 'or+orate deal" $he differen'es (ere highlighted to the de'ision ma-er and ,arious 4enefits (ere e1+lained of the MV%! +lan to 'on,in'e the enter+rises to get the Air$el MV%! 'onne'tion" /n order to a'hie,e this. Air$el organi*es road sho(s and sends its sales teams to different 'or+orate houses (here there 'an 4e a +otential 'ustomer 4ase" /t is im+ortant that (hen a re+resentati,e of the 'om+an). goes for organi*ing a road sho( or to ma-e a 'or+orate deal. he should 4e (ell +re+ared to ans(er the 6ueries not &ust a4out the offers and +lans of our 'om+an). 4ut also 6ueries on the +ro4lems fa'ed 4) the e1isting 'ustomers. as (ell as 'om+arisons (ith the tariffs and +a'-ages that are offered 4) the 'om+etitors"


Cellular Li'enses (ere a(arded to the +ri,ate se'tor - first in the metro+olitan 'ities of Delhi. Mum4ai. 7ol-ata and Chennai in 8999 and then in the 89-tele'om 'ir'les in 899#" $he first metro 'ellular net(or- started o+erating in August 899# in Cal'utta" $he (hole 'ountr) (as di,ided into the 9 metro+olitan 'ities and 89 tele'om 'ir'les. (hi'h (ere roughl) analogous (ith the States of /ndia" /n fa't 'ellular ser,i'es are no( a,aila4le in almost 8900 'ities : to(ns of /ndia" ;hen 'ellular mo4ile ser,i'es (ere first introdu'ed in 8999 it (as as a duo+ol) (that is a ma1imum of t(o 'ellular mo4ile o+erators 'ould 4e li'ensed in ea'h tele'om 'ir'le). under a fi1ed li'ense fee regime and for a li'ense +eriod of 80 )ears" $he initial res+onse of the +ri,ate se'tor (as ,er) en'ouraging" $he attra'ti,eness of the /ndian mar-et - the lo( tele-densit). the high latent demand and a 4urgeoning middle 'lass - 4rought in some of the largest glo4al tele'om +la)ers. foreign institutional in,estors and the ma&or /ndian industrial houses to in,est in tele'om. es+e'iall) the /ndian 'ellular industr)" $ele'om +ro,ed to 4e a +o(erful attra'tor of foreign in,estment" $he 'umulati,e <D/ inflo( into tele'om sin'e 899= has e1'eeded s" 9=.000 Million /n /ndia. the egulator) Authorit) ($ele'om egulator) Authorit) of /ndia. or

$ A/) (as set u+ in 8997" $he huge li'ense fees +aid 4) the +ri,ate o+erators resulted in a high 'ost stru'ture leading to un-afforda4le tariffs and lo(er gro(th of the mar-et" B) end-899>. the 'ellular industr) (as on the ,erge of 4an-ru+t') and at that time it a++eared that the li4erali*ation dream (as o,er : the nightmare had 4egun"

/t (as under the a4o,e 'ir'umstan'es that the ?o,ernment undertoo- a re,ie( of tele'om +oli') : the role of the regulator) authorit)" $he result (as !$% 99. (hi'h (as announ'ed in Mar'h 8999 : the amendment of the $ A/ A't in @anuar) 2000" Cellular tariffs ha,e dro++ed 4) o,er 90A sin'e Ma) 8999 - a feat un+aralleled 4) an) other se'tor or industr) in /ndia" $he a,erage airtime tariff in Bear 2008 (as +re,ailing around s" 2 +er minute as against the +ea- 'eiling tariff of s" 8C">0 +er

minute (hen !$% 99 (as announ'ed ;ith the lo(er tariffs and in'reased 'o,erage. there (as also a resultant in'rease in the num4er of 'ellular su4s'ri4ers" $he +oint of infle1ion for su4s'ri4er ta-e-off is 'learl) +ost !$%-99" <rom 8"2 million su4s'ri4ers in A+ril 8999. to almost 2 million 4) A+ril 2000. the num4er of 'ellular su4s'ri4er ha,e no( gro(n to almost C"# million 4) the end of Mar'h 2002" $he )ear 2008 sa( the entr) of BS!L and M$!L as the third 'ellular o+erators as had 4een mandated in !$% 99" <urther. in @ul) 2008. 'ellular li'enses (ere a(arded to the 9th 'ellular o+erators in different tele'om 'ir'les" ;ith this the num4er of 'ellular o+erators has gone u+ to >9 li'enses


Air$el 'omes to us from Bharti Cellular Ltd" A 'onsortium of giants in the tele'ommuni'ation 4usiness" Air$el laun'hed itDs ser,i'es in Delhi on !o,em4er 89.899#" /t has at +resent o,er Si1 and a half million 'ustomers in itDs si1 )ears of +ursuit of greater 'ustomer satisfa'tion. Air$el has redefined the 4usiness through mar-eting inno,ations. 'ontinuous te'hnologi'al u+ gradation of the net(or-. introdu'tion of ne( generation ,alue added ser,i'es and the highest standard of 'ustomer 'are" Air$el has 'onsistentl) set the 4en'hmar-s for the /ndian 'ellular industr) to follo("

<irst to laun'h Cellular ser,i'e in Delhi on !o,em4er. 899#" <irst o+erator to re,olutionali*e the 'on'e+t of retailing (ith the inauguration of Air$el Conne't (e1'lusi,e sho(rooms) in 899#"

Bharti Airtel Limited. a grou+ 'om+an) of Bharti Enter+rises. is one of /ndia0s leading +ri,ate se'tor +ro,iders of tele'ommuni'ations ser,i'es (ith an aggregate of =7"2C million 'ustomers as of end of <e4ruar)F07. 'onsisting of =#"99 million mo4ile 'ustomers" Bharti Airtel has 4een rated among 80 4est +erforming 'om+anies in the (orld in the Business ;ee- /$ 800 list"

All these ser,i'es are +ro,ided under the Airtel 4rand"

Mobile Ser&i'e( Broadband ! Tele)hone Ser&i'e( Enter)ri(e Ser&i'e( *"arrier(+ Enter)ri(e Ser&i'e( *"or)orate(+ ,

;e +artner (ith (orldDs finest 'om+anies li-e Vodafone. Singtel (Singa+ore $ele'om). Eri'sson. !o-ia. /BM and man) more to 4ring the 4est of +rodu'ts : ser,i'e to )ou"

Hi-hli-ht( .or ull Year ended Mar'h /01 2334

G,erall 'ustomer 4ase 'rosses ="9 'rore" Highest e,er-net addition of 8"> 'rore 'ustomers in a )ear" Mar-et leader (ith a mar-et share of all /ndia (ireless su4s'ri4ers at 22"9A (20"9A last )ear) $otal e,enues of s" 8>.#20 'rore (u+ #9A B-o-B) EB/$DA of s" 7.9#8 'rore (u+ 72A B-o-B)" Cash %rofit of s" 7.=07 'rore (u+ 79A B-o-B)" !et %rofit of s" 9.2#7 'rore (u+ >9A B-o-B)"

Things You Didn't Know About Airtel

E,er) #th mo4ile user in /ndia tal-s on Air$el" A4out 98A of mo4ile o(ners in /ndia reside in Air$el0s 'ir'les" At 8#0.000. Airtel has the largest famil) of retailers" Airtel also has the largest net(or- of e1'lusi,e outlets - o,er 900 - and the largest share of D+re+aidD su4s'ri4ers" Airtel +ro,ides tele'om ser,i'es to an entire nation outside /ndia"
Airtel monitors =00 'ustomer tou'h +oints through a 'ontinuous 'ustomer satisfa'tion resear'h +ro'ess

As mentioned in the outline that the +ro&e't is dealing (ith the 2Strategies and Anal)sis of Sales and Sales %romotion3 for Air$el" $he 'om+an) is engaged in

+ro,iding ,arious ser,i'es to meet the mo4ile 'ommuni'ation needs of the 'ustomer" $he resear'h frame for the +ro&e't is detailed 4elo(" /t is ne'essar) to e1+lain the methodolog) used for the +ro&e't" esear'h is 'om+osed of t(o (ordsFre0 and Fsear'h0.

(hi'h means to sear'h gain or to sear'h for ne( fa'ts to modif) older ones in an) 4ran'h of -no(ledge" $he sear'h for ne( -no(ledge also hel+s to a''e+t. re&e't or modif) e1isting fa'ts or -no(ledge" Methodolog) refers to ,arious methods used 4) the resear'her right from data 'olle'tion and ,arious te'hni6ues use for the same for inter+retation and inferen'e" $he +ro&e't (as 4ro-en into four main areas. namel)I $o organise e,ents to 4oost u+ the sales( oad Sho(s) Enter+rise Selling Stud) on the <ull Ser,i'e Gutlet(<SG) Ad,ertising /" Gutdoor //" Media Com+arison of the Com+etitors


$o 4uild a strong foundation to (or- in Air$el. it (as essential to 4e (ell ,ersed (ith the tariff +lans and the do'umentation +ro'edures that are follo(ed for a,ailing the different Air$el ser,i'es" An <SG is an im+ortant +art of the Air$el sales 'hannel" $he +rimar) o4&e'ti,e of an <SG is to +ro,ide a one-sto+ solution to all the 'ustomer grie,an'es and also +ro,ide ne( 'onne'tions to +eo+le desiring ne( 'ustomers" BCL understands the ,alue of forging a mutuall) 4enefi'ial relationshi+ (ith the outlets" $o esta4lish and nurture the same. a +ro+er understanding of ea'h other0s 4usiness is of +aramount im+ortan'e" Brand Air$el has a uni6ue identit)" An identit) that has 4een 'reated after 'areful 'onsideration" And BCL intends the 4rand to gro( (ith the ,er) same +ro+erties" <SGs ha,e 4een 'reated to strengthen Bharti0s 'ommitment to deli,er more to its 'ustomer refle'ting the Bharti ,alues and (ith the sole aim to generate and im+lement entre+reneurial and inno,ati,e ideas"

The channel structure of !"

#$%&s Distributors



The difference between FSOs and the other sales channels is that, an FSO is an exclusive AirTel showroom. An FSO is allowed to mar et and sell onl! AirTel services and connections, whereas, the dealers and "remium dealers #$%s& can sell services of other mobile service "roviders too. The other difference is that, the revenue earned b! an FSO from BCL for a service is hi'her than a $%, which in turn is hi'her than a dealer.

SO5( aim to:

%ro,ide eas) to a''ess and (orld 'lass ser,i'es Build e1em+lar) relationshi+s (ith our +artners !urture an en,ironment (here +eo+le are res+e'ted Ma-e a +ositi,e and +roa'ti,e 'ontri4ution to the so'iet) to the 'u(tomer'

Gne sto+ sho+ %rom+t ser,i'e Eas) to a''ess


8" !e( A'ti,ations 2" Customer 6ueries =" e'harge Cou+ons

9" Bill %a)ments #" Du+li'ate S/M All these ser,i'es are no( a,aila4le to an Air$el 'ustomer under on roof" $here are 'ertain re6uirements. (hi'h ha,e to fulfil to get the &o4 done" <or all these ser,i'es there is different +ro'edure. (hi'h is e1+lained 4elo(

$e'har-e 'ou)on( o. the .ollo7in- denomination( are al(o a&ailable in e&er8 outlet9
$e'har-e "ard 'o(t 7ith ta: 200 22# 2#0 =29 =C0 #90 80>0 =290 Airtime 6alue #0 C# ># 8#0 8>= =#0 >#0 2700 6alidit8 Gne month Gne month Gne month Gne month Gne month Gne month $(o month Gne )ear

Also include easy recharges worth (s) *+, -+, .+, *++)

Customer 'an +a) his 4ill at the <SG outlet through different (a)s li-e 'ash. 'he6ue or 'redit 'ard" $he 'om+an) for the 'on,enien'e of the 'ustomer +ro,ides these ,arious o+tions"

$he tas- of road sho(s (as to ,isit different 'lu4s and malls. (here the +ros+e't of sales (as high5 tal- to the manager or the +erson-in-'harge and 'ome to an agreement to 'ondu't the road sho(" Efforts ga,e some +ositi,e results in 'lu4s and malls. (here the 'ost of organi*ing (as negotiated to a ,er) afforda4le amount" ?enerall). the road sho(s are 'ategorised into three t)+esI o High 4udget o Medium 4udget o Lo( 4udget"

$o ha,e a good su''ess at a road sho(. s+e'ial s'hemes and offers must 4e +ro,ided. so that the 'ustomer is tem+ted to 4u) the 'onne'tion" A road sho( (ith no s+e'ial s'heme (ould attra't little or no attention" /n order to a'hie,e this. s+e'ial offers at road sho(s in'ludeI <ree4ies su'h as ;at'hes (Gffer in'luded a S(at'h (at'h) Dis'ounted rates on 'onne'tions (A'ti,ation 'harge of s" =00J-) %ro,iding e1'ellent mo4ile num4ers for ne( 'onne'tions

/n order to rea'h out to the ma1imum num4er of +eo+le. Air$el holds the road sho(s in 'lu4s. on those da)s. (hen there is an e,ent in the 'lu4 su'h as a dan'e +art). tam4ola. et'" $o redu'e 'ost on 4oo-ing ,enues su'h as 'lu4s. the 'om+an) s+onsors a fe( +ri*es (for the e,ent 4eing 'ondu'ted in the 'lu4). (hi'h in'lude free Air$el 'onne'tions" $his not onl) hel+s in redu'ing the 4oo-ing 'osts 4ut it also hel+s in in'reasing our su4s'ri4er 4ase and adds to the +u4li'it) and sales +romotions"

Air$el 2Hello $unes3 road sho(. 4eing 'ondu'ted (ith great +om+ and sho(" e4ullient s+irit (ith an element of ,erna'ularism")

(%i'ture 'a+tures the

$he third +hase of the +ro&e't (as in,ol,ed (ith dealing (ith ,arious small and medium s'ale enter+rises. (ho 'ould 4e enrolled (ith Air$el under the MV%! +lan (See MV%! +lan in Anne1ure)" $he enter+rises (ere found through the $A$A-Bello( %ages and the M$!L +hone dire'tor)" $hese enter+rises (ere 'onta'ted through tele-'alling" (fforts have 'iven AirTel stron' leads li e )an Bros Construction and *%B* Ban , which have to be closed b! AirTel. As dis'ussed 4efore. Delhi 4eing a ,er) old mar-et. ma&orit) of the +eo+le alread) ha,e a mo4ile 'onne'tion" $he +ro4lem arises (hen the) (ant to retain their num4ers" /n su'h 'ases. (here large num4ers of +eo+le (ant to retain their e1isting num4er. the enter+rise must assure a minimum of 20 ne( 'onne'tions" /n 'ase the) 'an +ro,ide (ith at least 20 ne( 'onne'tions. the e1isting Air$el 'ustomers are allo(ed to retain their mo4ile num4ers and are in'or+orated in the MV%! +lan" /n 'ase a +erson has a mo4ile 'onne'tion from a 'om+etitor. in (hi'h 'ase. the same num4er 'annot 4e retained. an offer is made to +ro,ide him (ith the same last 9 or # digits as his e1isting num4er. if a,aila4le" Gther(ise he is offered a gold num4er free of 'ost" ?old num4ers are +ri'e tagged num4er"

Air$el %un&a4 +arti'i+ating in egional le,el mo4ile e1hi4ition" $his a'ts as a +latform to dis+la) the latest offerings and listen to 'ustomers 6ueries. for the organi*ation"

;ith toda)0s mar-eting strategies 4eing dri,en 4) the 'onsumer. (ho is 4eing e1+osed to more messages than e,er 4efore. outdoor is +ro,en medium in the mainstream media mi1" Gutdoor is a4out deli,ering im+a't and a(areness-it 'a+tures <(hare o. mind5 and +rodu'es measura4le results" !o other media 'an mat'h the im+a't and rea'h against the in,estment" Gutdoor 'an +ro,ide strong national e1+osure right do(n through to 4eing at retailer0s front door" /t 'an 'om+lement other mainstream media 4u)s" ;hen it 'omes to demogra+hi's. outdoor. (ith its mi1 of +rodu't t)+es and dedi'ated lo'ations. 'an rea'h s+e'ifi' mar-ets throughout the s+e'trum (hilst remaining the most 'ost effi'ient of all mainstream mediums"

Outdoor ad&erti(in- at it( be(t a'hie&e( dire't 'ommuni'ation 7ith 'on(umer(

;here the) li,e. (or-. +la)" ;here the) dri,e and sho+ ;here the) 'ommuni'ate


Broad mar-et rea'h and high. and effi'ient fre6uen')" 29 hours a da). 7 da)s a (ee- +resen'e" A4ilit) to rea'h mar-ets andJor demogra+hi' +rofiles 'onsidered diffi'ult or too e1+ensi,e (ith other media" A +erfe't strategi' add-onJe1tension (ith other media a'ti,it) su'h as tele,ision and radio" Communi'ation to mar-et that other media 'annot rea'h"

A bird e8e &ie7 (ho7in- ho7 'luttered outdoor mar=et i( in term( o. &i(ibilit89 Ad>oinin)i'ture (ho7( ma>or )la8er( ri-ht ne:t to ea'h other9

A ,ie( sho(ing e1'ellent 'reati,e (or- in outdoor ad,ertising to attra't higher e)e4alls"
$he 'all to media de+artment isI (hat ma-es for effe'ti,e outdoor 'o+) as o++osed to (hat ma-es great 'reati,e 'o+)K !e,er 4efore ha,e there 4een so man) 'alls from ad,ertisers and media agen'ies ting to understand the Fgolden rules0 of effe'ti,e outdoor ad,ertising"

$his +ro&e't has 4een 'ondu'ted 4) airtel through (hi'h 'om+an) is tr)ing to asso'iate itself to the heart of %un&a4 (ith a slogan 2ME A A/ $EL ME A %L!@AB3" $he main motto of the +ro&e't (as to 4uild on airtel as a 4rand in mar-et 4) 'reating ,isi4ilit) and resorting to outdoor ad,ertising" $he (or- assigned is to follo( a gi,en route in northern %un&a4 es+e'iall) rural %un&a4 along (ith high(a)s on the route and a'6uire sites in areas (here there is lot of 'ustomer inflo(" %un&a40s rural mar-et has lot of +otential and along (ith a'6uiring sites (e ha,e to o4ser,e (hat 'om+etitors are doing to gain ad,antage o,er us in terms of outdoor ad,ertising" Along (ith that 4) (a) of intera'tion / tried to find out the retailers0 and 'ustomers0 +er'e+tion a4out airtel" $he sur,e) (as 'ondu'ted in ma&or 4usiness 'ities li-e %an'h-ula. Chandigarh. Mohali et' along (ith small to(ns ad&oining these 'ities"

BASIS O SE%E"TING THE SITE 8) ?eogra+hi'al area 2) Conne'ti,it) of Airtel in that area =) $rade +otential in area 9) !ational high(a)s #) %rominent +la'es in to(nJ'it) C) Entr) e1it +oints 7) Dha4as and famous resorts >) Multi store) 4uilding that +ro,es to 4e a good site for ,isi4ilit)" $here (ere man) sites (hi'h / identified (here outdoor ad,ertising 'ould ta-e +la'e and 4oards 'ould 4e +ut u+ to +romote the 4rand" Airtel fo'uses on +romoting the 4rand in ur4an areas" $he follo(ing are the rural areas (here / ,isited and finali*ed sited and (here Airtel 'an +ut u+ its 4oards and hoardings" $)+es of outdoor ad,ertising te'hni6ues used 4) Airtel in %un&a4I 8" ;all +aint 2" %osters =" ?lo( Sign BoardJ 4a'- lit 9" Banners "HA%%ENGES $here (ere no s+e'ifi' guidelines for dha4as gi,en and airtel has no s+e'ifi' 'reati,e es+e'iall) for dha4as"

As the main target (as rural so it is reall) hard to find out +rominent lo'ations out there" $here (ere man) areas in (hi'h there are less or no sites $here (ere some areas (here Airtel alread) has its +resen'e in terms of ,isi4ilit)" So going there (as a (aste of time" "OM#ETITI6E ST$ENGTHS IN OUTDOO$S B$ANDING Bharti has em+lo)ed 'reati,e genius of 4est in 4usiness (ith 'reati,e of sa'hin and shahru-h -han "Airtel is (a) ahead in terms of 'reati,it) (ith (ide range of 4eautiful 'reati,e ?reat ,isi4ilit) at Chandigarh (here there is not mu'h s'o+e in mar-ets 4e'ause of stri't rules and regulations" Ho(e,er Airtel has a'6uired ma&or sites at +rominent lo'ations su'h as rail(a) stations. air+ort et' (here there is lot of 'ustomer inflo("

A (ite at "handi-arh rail7a8 (tation 7ith (i?e o. @3:23 .eet 'o(tin- $( 29Ala'=( )er month )ro&ed to be a -reat (i-ht .or &i(ibilit89 E1'ellent ,isi4ilit) of glo( sign 4oard on the roads of 'handigarh. +an'h-ula et' E1'ellent ,isi4ilit) in main mar-ets of Chandigarh" E1'ellent 'onne'ti,it) all o,er %un&a4 (hi'h (as o4ser,ed (hile tra,eling in remote areas and 4) tal-ing to +eo+le in those areas" Airtel is (a) ahead in terms of 'onne'ti,it)"

E1'ellent distri4utionJa,aila4ilit) of re'harge 'ou+ons through out %un&a4"

OUTDOO$ AD6E$TISING BY AI$TE% "OM#ETITO$S Dha4as and resorts are ,er) (ell 'o,ered 4) hut'h (ith 'u4i'al lits also s+i'e has used a lot of stand alones

Ma&or 4us shelters are of $ata elian'e and Hut'h Hut'h and $ata has also a'6uired ma&or amount of the +oles (ith their -ios-s" $ata indi'om has 'o,ered high(a)s (ell through (all +ainting" $he) ha,e +ainted (alls on high(a)s after e,er) 2 to = -ms as this is one of the 'hea+est medium of outdoor ad,ertising" ?enerall) there is one time rent gi,en e6ualing to (hat 'om+an) gi,es for ,in)l fle1es +er month"

Gther than Chandigarh 'om+etitors are (a) ahead in ur4an 'ities li-e @alandhar Amritsar. ludhiana" Airtel don0t ha,e great ,isi4ilit) in +rominent lo'ations in these areas" $hough S+i'e and elian'e ha,e a'6uired fe( sites as 'om+ared to airtel. ho(e,er the) ha,e done a 4rilliant &o4 as far as outdoor ad,ertising is 'on'erned in those areas and ha,e left a tremendous im+a't o,er there"

Thi( ()i'e hoardin- on Ambala "handi-ah hi-h7a8 7ith beauti.ul 'reati&e o. #ri8an=a 'ho)ra i( on a turn and ha( an e:'ellent &i(ibilit8 .orm both (ide( o. the road9



;e are 'hanging the (a) /ndia 'ommuni'ates 4) offering inno,ations that not onl) add ,alue to +eo+leDs li,es 4ut also deli,er an unmat'hed 'ustomer e1+erien'e" ;e (ere the first to

%ro,ide ele'troni' re'harge for mo4ile +hones" /nitiate musi' retailing in the (orld (ith 2Eas) Musi'3 and the first to offer a Lifetime %re+aid ser,i'e" %ro,ide inno,ations su'h as Boll)(ood mo,ie +remiers. musi' ser,i'es su'h as ring4a'- tones : man) more"


Market Share of each Company

+( *&(

)( &'(


(our'e: IM$B (ur&e8




Tata #ndicom

As on =8 @une 200C 5 refer to a++endi1

Air$el dominates the Delhi and !orthern region 4) holding 97A of the mar-et share8" Hut'h ta-es the se'ond +la'e (ith =8A mar-et share" BS!L ta-es the third +la'e (ith 89A mar-et share" $ata /ndi'om has 0=A of mar-et share" /t is again ,er) interesting to noti'e that elian'e has gra44ed 0#A of the mar-et share" But Air$el o(ing to its

su+erior 'o,erage and features still leads" As Air$el 'rossed the one million su4s'ri4ers mar-. there (ere +ro4lems that (ere fa'ed 4) its su4s'ri4ers. due to net(or- 'ongestion" $o o,er'ome these +ro4lems Bharti Cellular Ltd" a++lied for an additional s+e'trum" $hat offer has no( ended and the tariffs are no( similar to those of Air$el"

Advertisement Impact
*00 30 20 &0 10 0 Oct40+ .ov40+ 5ec 0+ 6an 02 7e$ 02 8ar 02

Airtel TATA #ndicom

(our'e: IM$B (ur&e8

,utch -S./ !eliance #nfocomm

/n a sur,e) 'ondu'ted 4) /M B. in G't 00C. +eo+le (ere as-ed. 2$al-ing a4out ad,ertisements for 'ellular 4rands. (hi'h 4rands 'ome to )our mindK3 2" >=A of the res+ondents said Air$el" /ts nearest 'om+etitor Hut'h (as remem4ered 4) onl) 80A of
8 2

the res+ondents" $he sur,e) (hen 'ondu'ted this )ear. in Mar'h 00C. Air$el0s ad,ertisements (ere re'olle'ted 4) 7#A of the res+ondents. (hereas onl) #A of the +eo+le remem4ered Hut'h0s ad,ertisements" $he sales of mo4ile 'ellular 'onne'tions ha,e ta-en an u+(ard trend sin'e Ma) 200C. that is. sin'e the in'oming 'alls 4e'ame free to the mo4ile users" A sur,e) 4) /M B indi'ated that >8A. in other (ords. 9 out of # +eo+le (ho 4ought ne( mo4ile 'onne'tions after Ma) F0C had made the +ur'hase 4e'ause of the free in'oming regime" /f Air$el has to (orr) a4out an) of the 'om+etitors. elian'e is easil) the one that has to 4e (at'hed out for" S+e'iall) after the 2Monsoon Hungama3 s'heme. (here 'onne'tions (ere 4eing gi,en for s" #08J- (ith handset" !o( to differentiate our ser,i'es from our 'om+etitors. Air$el has a ser,i'e ri'h +a'-age that is a,aila4le to all the Air$el users" $he ser,i'e ad,antage offered 4) Air$el o,er other ser,i'e +ro,iders is gi,en in the ta4leI

Attribute( Single num4er roaming Seamless !ational oaming in 700 'ities Enhan'ed Dual Band S+e'trum S+e'ial %romotions on /SD 'alls Multimedia Messaging <un 4ased 'ontests

AirTel $elian'eHut'h Bes Bes Bes Bes Bes Bes !o !o !o !A !o !o !o !o Bes !o !o !o !o !o Bes !o

Tata Indi'om Bes !o !o !o !o !o Bes !o

Seamless /nternational oaming in 8=7 'ountries Bes

S+e'ialised total tele'om solutions for 'or+orates Bes

/t is ,er) 'lear from the ta4le that. Air$el gi,es )ou the 4est of ser,i'es and features"


;ith the ne( /LC (/nter'onne't usage 'harges) regime. the tariffs ha,e drasti'all) 'hanged" Earlier. a su4s'ri4er used to an airtime 'harge in addition to the %S$! 'harges" $he 'osts of the 'alls made (ere not ,er) 'lear to the +eo+le. that is 4e'ause. the airtime (as 'harged at a C0 se'ond +ulse" <or Air$el. the 'arrier net(or- for S$D 'alls is Bharti0s /ndia Gne" $o understand the 'osting s'hemes of the ser,i'e +ro,iders. it is ne'essar) to -no( the 'ost in'urred 4) the 'om+an)" /n this se'tion. / (ill 4e dis'ussing the 'ost that Air$el has to +a). (hen a 'ustomer ma-es or re'ei,es a 'all"

!o( in 'ase of an S$D 'all originating from an Air$el su4s'ri4er. there are t(o s'enarios 8" Call terminates on a ?SM net(or2" Call terminates on a Basi' net(or- ((ireline or ;LL)

/n 'ase the 'all terminates on a ?SM net(or-. then. the 'arrier 'harges are


8"80Jmin. and the termination 'ost is =0+" $herefore the total 'ost of a mo4ile to mo4ile S$D is s 8"90Jmin" Sin'e Air$el 'harges s" 8"99Jmin to users for mo4ile to mo4ile

S$D. it earns re,enue of atleast #9 +aisa +er 'all"


JanB3C Bharti "ellular Hut'hi(on E((ar BSN% TATA INDI"OM 292280 899=#8 !/L !/L C@DAD0

ebB3C =82889 20C999 -!/L !/L A0E3D/

Mar'hB3C =2>=90 28>070 80288 !/L AADD40

A)rB3C ==#288 2=88CC 800>0 !/L A4DCA4

Ma8B3C =9#=>C 29==09 9>>9 !/L AE@A4C

JunB3C =C029= 2#97>2 9#9= !/L D2CD0@

Jul8B3C =7>88C 2C>>>2 80C98 !/L DA4D/E

Au-B3C =99=70 2>>2>= 88C=7 !/L DEE2E3

Se)B3C 92>C2= =80908 22C92 !/L 4D220D

O'tB3C 99=98C =229=C 2==#= !/L 4@E43A

No&B3C Bharti "ellular Hut'hi(on E((ar BSN% TATA INDI"OM 9C#27> =29C9C =#90C !/L @/3@@3

De'B3C 9>9>#0 =9=298 9#90> !/L @4/CEE

JanB3A #8#>92 =9>#28 ##8#= !/L E0EA0D

eb B3A #9>0=2 =C7C=8 C899> !/L E440D0

Mar'h B3A A)ril B3A #>2>=7 =90C90 99899 !/L 03D4D4D C0#2#8 92887C 9#20= !/L 0020D/3

Ma8 B3A C=8079 999#>0 9=7C9 !/L 004CC2@

Jun B3A CC#02= 99=9>7 982=> !/L 02A32C@

Jul8 B3A 700280 #0>0>C 987C9

Au- B3A 7=#97= #29#97 9889>

!/L !/L 0/333DA 0/A020@

Se) B3A Bharti "ellular Hut'hi(on E((ar BSN% % TATA INDI"OM 7C99>9 #=0##> 809=2= !/L 0C3C/43

O't B3A 798C=7 ####>C 82C9>0 !/L 0C4C23/

No& B3A >8=99# #7920# 82>8=2 7#=>9 0AE00DD

De' B3A >=92C9 #>0=2> 829>09 82>=0C 0D42402

Jan B3D >#0999 #>9==9 82989= 892292 043DDD@

eb B3D >C=970 #99C80 8=82#> 8#>87# 04C4A0/

Mar'h B3D A)ril B3D 902=#7 C0#9># 8=2987 8C#900 0@3D0AE 9=>99= C899># 8=C90> 8C=2>C 0@A@022

Ma8 B3D June B3D 800C>29 80C>997 C#90># 8=8879 728=9C 82#=90

8C9#=7 892909 0EDDD2A 203@0C2

(our'e: IM$B (ur&e8


Tal=in- about ad&erti(ement( .or 'ellular brand(1 7hi'h brand( 'ome( to 8our mindF
O'tB3A Ba(e A0D G AirTel Hut'h TATA INDI"OM BSN% $elian'e In.o'om 4A A D / 00 No&B3A C2@ G @A C C / C De'53A C2C G @2 C C / 4 Jan53D C2D G 4E @ A -/ A eb53D C2E G 4E 02 A 0 / Mar53D C2D G @/ 03 C 0 2

"USTOME$ #$E E$EN"E O "E%%U%A$ B$ANDS ;hen I mention 'ellular brand(1 7hi'h brand( 'ome( to 8our mind .ir(tF
O'tB3A Ba(e : All IntendinA0D G Airtel Hut'h BSN% $elian'e In.o'omm Tata Indi'om @3 03 / No&B3A C2@ G 4D 0C 2 De'53A C2C G 4A 0/ 0 Jan53D C2D G 4C 00 2 2 eb53D C2E G D3 03 0 E 0 Mar53D C2D G D/ 0/ 0D 0

(our'e: IM$B (ur&e8


*9 To find a$out the awareness of AirTel advertisement campaign9 19 To o$serve the $rand image of AirTel9 )9 To evaluate the different product ranges of AirTel9 &9 To find out the level of information a$out AirTel promotional activities9 +9 To know the customer opinion on various services of AirTel9 29 To find out the effectiveness of media used for :ellular advertising9



esear'h is the s)stemati' design. 'olle'tion. anal)sis and re+orting of data

and findings rele,ant to s+e'ifi' mar-eting situation or +ro4lem"3 $he o4&e'ti,e of this se'tion is to des'ri4e the resear'h +ro'edure and methods that ha,e 4een ado+ted for the a'hie,ement of the +ro&e't o4&e'ti,es"

A resear'h design is the arrangement of 'onditions for the 'olle'tion and anal)sis of data in a manner that aims to 'om4ine rele,an'e to resear'h +ur+ose (ith e'onom) in +ro'edure" M8 re(ear'h i( e:)lorator8 in nature" $hree lines of atta'- (ere im+lied here. (hi'h (ill 4e stud) of se'ondar) sour'es of information. sur,e) of indi,iduals (ho are a(are of ,arious +romotional a'ti,ities of different 'ellular 4rands" So after 'areful relo'ation / 'hoose +eo+le of !angal : o+ar" $he ma&or em+hasis in the stud) is on the dis'o,er) of ideas and insight" $he resear'h +ro'ess that (as follo(ed 'onsisted of the follo(ing ste+sIi) DE INING THE #$OB%EM AND $ESEA$"H OBJE"TI6ES: /t is said. 2A +ro4lem (ell defined is half sol,ed"3 $he first ste+ is to define the +ro&e't under stud) and agree u+on the resear'h o4&e'ti,es" $herefore. the stud) to 4e underta-en and o4&e'ti,es of the stud) ha,e 4een 'arefull) defined earlier" ii) DE6E%O#ING THE $ESEA$"H #%AN: $he se'ond ste+ of the stud) 'onsists of de,elo+ing the most effi'ient +lan for gathering the rele,ant data" $he follo(ing fa'tors (ere under fo'us in the resear'h +lanI a" Data De(i-n: /t in,ol,es different as+e'ts li-e the nature of data. the data sour'es. the data fre6uen') and the data tools"

4" Nature o. Data: $he nature of data that has 4een used under +ro&e't is 4oth +rimar) and se'ondar) in nature" $he term data 'an 4e defined as fa'ts. figures and information. s)stemati'all) 'olle'ted and +resented for the +ur+ose of dra(ing inferen'es" $he first hand information 4earing on an) resear'h. (hi'h has 4een 'olle'ted 4) the resear'her. or his agent or assistant. is 'alled +"rimar! data," $he results 4ased on +rimar) data are 4ound to 4e em+iri'al and of great utilit)" Gn'e the +rimar) data has 4een +ut to use. the original 'hara'ters disa++ear and the data 4e'omes se'ondar)" $he data (hi'h has alread) 4een 'olle'ted. 'om+iled and +resented earlier 4) an) agen') ma) 4e used for the +ur+ose of in,estigation" iii) DATA SOU$"ES : <ollo(ing are the methods of 'olle'tion of data Ia" "olle'tion o. )rimar8 data: /nter,ie( methodJ+ersonal meetings (ith the 'on'erned +ersons" $he) are first 'onta'ted for an a++ointment and then meeting is held" b9 "olle'tion o. (e'ondar8 data : i" Various +u4li'ations in form of annual re+orts. ,arious +a+ers and &ournals +u4lished from time to time" ii" $hrough /nternet" i,) $ESEA$"H A##$OA"H: Sur,e)s are 4est suited for des'ri+ti,e resear'h" Sur,e)s are underta-en to learn a4out +eo+le0s -no(ledge. 4eliefs. +referen'es. satisfa'tion et'" and to measure these magnitude in the general +u4li'" $herefore. a sur,e) has 4een 'arried out the resear'h +ro'ess"


SAM#%ING DESIGN: /t is a definite +lan for o4taining a sam+le from a gi,en +o+ulation" /t refers to the te'hni6ue or the +ro'edure the resear'her (ould ado+t in sele'ting items for the sam+le" $he sam+ling +lan or design 'alls for the follo(ing de'isions I a" Uni&er(e: esear'h sam+le unit refers to the geogra+hi'al area that / ha,e 'o,ered (hile 'ondu'ting the resear'h" $he uni,erse to the studied for this +ro&e't 'om+rises of the +eo+le of o+ar and !angal 4" Sam)le Unit: ;ho is to 4e sur,e)edK $he target +o+ulation must 4e defined that (ill 4e sam+led" /t is ne'essar) to de,elo+ a sam+ling frame so that e,er)one in the target +o+ulation has an e6ual 'han'e of 4eing sam+led" '9 Sam)le Si?e: Ho( man) +eo+le (ill 4e sur,e)edK $his refers to num4er of res+ondents to 4e sele'ted from the uni,erse to 'onstitute a sam+le" An o+timum sam+le is one that fulfills the re6uirements of effi'ien'). relia4ilit) and fle1i4ilit)" $he sam+le si*e of #0 ser,es the +ur+ose of stud)" d9 Sam)le Method: $he sam+ling method used is non-+ro4a4ilit) 'on,enien'e sam+ling ((here the resear'her sele'ts the most a''essi4le +o+ulation mem4ers from (hi'h to o4tain information)"

DATA ANA%YSIS AND INTE$#$ETATION: Data after 'olle'tion ha,e 4een +ro'essed and anal)*ed in a''ordan'e (ith the outline laid do(n in the resear'h +lan" Data o4tained during the stud) ha,e 4een s)stemati'all) ta4ulated and inter+reted (ith the hel+ of ta4les or +ie-'harts"

$he follo(ing results are deri,ed from a sam+le of #0 res+ondents" Em+hasis (as to get -no(ledge a4out 'ustomers (ho use and -no( a4out ,arious 'ellular ser,i'es" <o'us of stud) (as on o+ar and !angal"

Gra)hi'al re)re(entation o. .indin-(:-

H09 ;hi'h i( 8our 'urrent (er&i'e )ro&iderF O)tion( S+i'e Hut'h Airtel BS!L $ata /ndi'om No9 o. re()ondent( 0> 80 22 07 0= Ga-e o. $e()ondent( 8CA 20A 99A 89A 0CA





Spice ,utch 10( Airtel -S./ Tata #ndicom


In.eren'e:$his +ie-'hart sho(s that 99A +eo+le using Airtel"

H29 Are 8ou (ati(.ied 7ith 8our 'urrent (er&i'e )ro&iderF

O)tion( Bes !o

No9 o. re()ondent( 90 80

Ga-e o. $e()ondent( >0A 20A


"es .o


In.eren'e:$his +ie 'hart sho(s that >0A res+ondents are satisfied (ith there ser,i'es 4ut 20A are not"

H/9 ;hat 7ere the .eature( 8ou ) to 'hoo(e a (er&i'e F

O)tion( Ad,ertisement Brand !ame Brand /mage !et(or- Co,erage S'hemes Call ates A,aila4ilit) Cele4ritiesJBrand am4assador

No9 o. re()ondent( 07 0C 0# 09 0> 82 08 02

Ga-e o. $e()ondent( 89A 82A 80A 8>A 8CA 29A 02A 09A

Advertisement &( 1&( *1( *&( -rand .ame -rand #mage Avala$ility .etwork :overage *0( *2( *3( 1( :all !ate :ele$rities<-rand Am$assador Schemes

In.eren'e:$he a4o,e +ie-'hart sho(s that 29A res+ondents 'hoosing 'all rates and 8>A res+ondents 'hoosing net(or- 'o,erage for there ser,i'es

HC9 ;hi'h "om)an85( Ad&erti(ement 8ou li=e mo(tF O)tion( S+i'e Hut'h Airtel BS!L $ata /ndi'om No9 o. re()ondent( 09 82 28 0= 80 Ga-e o. $e()ondent( 0>A 29A 92A 0CA 20A


10( 2(

3( 1&(


Spice ,utch Airtel -S./ Tata #ndicom

In.eren'e:$his +ie- 'hart sho(s that 92A +eo+le li-e Airtel Ad,ertisement and 29A sa)s the) li-e Hut'h"

HA9 ;here 8ou 'an (ee that Ad&erti(ementF O)tion( $"V oad sho(s Hoardings No9 o. $e()ondent( 2# 0> 82 Ga-e o. $e()ondent( #0A 8CA 29A




*0( 1&( +0( *2( T9= !oad Shows ,ordings ;osters

In.eren'e:$his +ie-'hart sho(s that ma&orit) of +eo+le o+ted for $"V i"e" #0A and 29A ha,e o+ted for Hordings"

HD9 ;hat 8ou 'an li=e in that ad&erti(ementF

O)tion( A'tors Language St)le Message

No9 o. $e()ondent( 2# 09 8# 0C

Ga-e o. $e()ondent( #0A 0>A =0A 82A

*1( Actors /anguage )0( 3( +0( Style 8essage

In.eren'e:$his +ie-'hart sho(s that #0A of +eo+le ha,e o+ted for A'tors and =0A are for St)le of ad,ertisement"

H49 Are 8ou a7are about di..erent ('heme( o..ered b8 AirtelF O)tion( Bes !o No9 o. $e()ondent( =2 8> Ga-e o. $e()ondent( C9A =CA

)2( "es .o 2&(

In.eren'e: $he %ie 'hart sho(s that C9A +eo+le are a(are of Airtel s'hemes and =CA sa) the) are not a(are"

H@9 About 7hi'h ('heme 8ou are a7areF

O)tion( e'harge Validit) Messages oaming

No9 o. $e()ondent( 8> 0> 0# 08

Ga-e o. $e()ondent( #CA 2#A 8CA 0=A

)( !echarge =alidity 1+( +2( 8essages !oaming


In.eren'e:$his +ie 'hart sho(s that #CA of res+ondents are a(are of re'harges and 2#A are a(are of ,alidit)"

HE9 Are 8ou a7are about di..erent )romotion a'ti&it8 done b8 AirtelF

O)tion( Bes !o

No9 o. $e()ondent( 2> 22

Ga-e o. $e()ondent( #CA 99A

&&( "es +2( .o

In.eren'e:$he %ie 'hart sho(s that #CA +eo+le are a(are of Airtel +romotion a'ti,ities and 99A sa) the) are not a(are

H039 About 7hi'h )romotion a'ti&it8 8ou are a7areF

O)tion( <"S"G(<ull ser,i'e outlet) oad sho(s Ad,ertising Enter+rise selling

No9 o. $e()ondent( 0C 0> 82 02

Ga-e o. $e()ondent( 28A 29A 9=A 07A



79S9O !oad Shows Advertising



?nterprise Selling

In.eren'e:$his +ie-'hart sho(s that 9=A of res+ondents are a(are of ad,ertising and 29A are a(are of road sho(s"

H009 ;hat do 8ou thin= about ad&erti(ement( o. AirtelF O)tion( Ver) ?ood No9 o. $e()ondent( =0 Ga-e o. $e()ondent( C0A

?ood Bad !eed /m+ro,ement

8> 02 00

=CA 09A 00A

&( 0( )2( 20(

=ery Good Good -ad .eed #mprovement

In.eren'e: $his +ie 'hart sho(s that C0A of res+ondents sa) that Airtel0s Ad,ertisements are ,er) good and =CA sa) that it is good"

<rom the stud) it should 4e 'on'luded that 'onsumers sti'-ing on +arti'ular 4rand 4e'ause the) ha,e 4een +ro,ided a++ro+riate s'hemes from time to time" /n 'ase 'onsumer fa'es

4ad e1+erien'e (ith the 'urrent ser,i'e +ro,ider. 'onsumer (on0t shift to another ser,i'e +ro,ider 4e'ause of the num4er 4eing distri4uted in their friend 'ir'le" <ollo(ing 'on'lusion ha,e 4een dra(n 4a'- from the resear'h (or-sI Most of the 'ustomers (ho are sti'-ing on +arti'ular 4rand 4e'ause of the a,aila4ilit) and 'all rates" /n +resent mar-et hut'h is also gro(ing 'om+an). the) are gi,ing su'h attra'ti,e s'hemes and fa'ilities li-e an) t(o num4er free (ith unlimited tal-time. 2000 S$D sms free et'" <rom the sur,e) (e 'on'luded (hile +ur'hasing ne( 'onne'tion 'onsumer +refers to +romotional s'hemes. net(or- 'o,erage and ,alue added ser,i'es" Most of the 'onsumers ha,e 4ad e1+erien'e from their ser,i'e +ro,ider5 the) s+e'if) the reasons related to 4illing and 'ustomer 'are ser,i'es"

$he follo(ing ste+s are re'ommended to 4e ta-en. for further im+ro,ements on the Ser,i'es that are +ro,ided 4) BCL"

Air$el should +romote 4rand fo'ussing on the target grou+s" $he ma&orit) of the +ro4lems fa'ed 4) the su4s'ri4ers are due to +oor handling of 'ustomer 6ueries. 4) the 'ustomer 'are" $he) generall) 'om+lain that the (aiting time is too high and in 'ase the) do get through. the) are misguided 4) the 'ustomer 'are e1e'uti,es" ;ith su'h a large 'ustomer 4ase. Air$el should (or- on e1+anding its 'ustomer 'are"

$he +oint of +ur'hase ad,ertisement strategies must 4e re'onsidered as it is +ro,ed results"

Air$el should (or- to +romote there +rodu'ts in rural mar-et also" $he s'o+es of further resear'h are +ri'ing module. +romotion module. and ser,i'es in 'onne'tion (ith 4rand +romotion"

Air$el should need to (or- on +ri'es of there 'onne'tions and ser,i'es as the) are more familiar (ith 'ustomers against other 'om+etitors"

$his stud) has 4een restri'ted to o+ar and !angal onl)"

$he information +ro,ided 4) the res+ondents ma) 4e 4iased and in'orre't" $he sam+le ma) not re+resent the (hole +o+ulation" A,aila4ilit) of time and resour'es 'ould lead to the ina4ilit) of 'ondu'ting a large sur,e)"

Most of the 'ustomers (ere 4us) and (ere not (illing to ans(er all the 6uestions"


ST$ENGTHS Seen as a strong 4rand leader in %un&a4

Brand strength is asso'iated (ith 'om+an) si*e ?ood $GMA ($o+ of Mind A(areness) (7=A) Start of finan'ial )ear +ro,ides (ith resour'es to 4e mo4ili*ed on 4rand front" ;EAINESS Considered to 4e Big Ele+hant. Slo( to res+ond to d)nami' mar-et 'onditions" La'- of (orld 'lass 'ustomer su++ort s)stem $oo man) +rodu'ts 4eing laun'hed into mar-et" $his has 'reated a state of am4iguit) at Channel +artners ha,e started losing 'onfiden'e due to la'- of +roa'ti,e measures to 'ounter 'om+etition" O##O$TUNITIES Air$el is trul) a national o+erator ,is-M-,is 'om+etitors Ha,e higher su4s'ri4er 4ase as 'om+ared to 'om+etitors F!et(or-0 is +er'ei,ed as 'ore 4rand strength Seen as a +ioneer in Value added ser,i'es (Hello $unes) Seen as an o+erator to slash +ri'es and mat'h an) 'om+etition TH$EATS Long hiatus from 4rand initiati,es has 'reated magnifi'ent o++ortunities for 'om+etitors Hut'h is seen as a more 'reati,e 4rand (Con'e+ts : E1e'ution) S+i'e is seen as a lo'al 4rand and %ri)an-a 'ho+ra0s endorsement has 'ertainl) added im+etus to the 4rand BS!L are seen as 'ost effe'ti,e ser,i'e +ro,iders ( 'ost leadershi+)

AB$G BCL Asso'iation of Basi' $ele'om G+erators Bharti Cellular Limited


Basi' Ser,i'e G+erators Code Di,ision Multi+le A''ess Caller Line /dentifi'ation %resentation Caller Line /dentifi'ation estri'tion Cellular G+erators Asso'iation of /ndia Contra't to Magi' <ull Ser,i'e Gutlet ?lo4al S)stem for Mo4ile 'ommuni'ation Magi' Enrolment <orm Magi' to Contra't Mo4ile Virtual %ri,ate !et(or!ational Ca+ital egion %oint of Sale %u4li' S(it'hed $ele+hone !et(orSu4s'ri4er Enrolment <orm Su4s'ri4ers /dentit) Module Value Added Ser,i'es ;ireless in Lo'al Loo+

MA$IETING $ESEA$"H AGEN"IES iSGL Se N $he (ee-l) e-ne(sletter of BCL

/ndian Mar-et esear'h Bureau NE;S#A#E$S $he E'onomi' $imes Dated 20 @ul) 200C INTE$NET SITES ((("airtel(orld"'om htt+IJJ((("4hartitele,entures"'om htt+IJJ((("4snl"'o"inJBharat San'harnigam Ltd"htm htt+IJJ((("s+i'eindia"'omJS+i'e $ele'om Cor+orate %rofile"htm