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Gloucester Table Tennis Club


Starts week commencing Monday 5th May 2014 and is a 2 a side league style competition based at :Gloucester Table Tennis Club Robin Greaves Sports Hall Water ells Gloucester Gloucesters!ire GL2 2AG It is the intention to ha e !our di isions this year !ollowing the success o! the Summer "eague last year# $i isions 1 % 2 will play on a &uesday between 1'00hrs- 21(0hrs $i isions ( % 4 will play on a )riday between 1'00hrs- 21(0hrs *s a result o! !eedback di isions will be made o! si+ teams per di ision base on a !irst come !irst ser ed basis# &he teams will be placed in the appropriate di ision at the discretion o! the Summer "eague ,ommittee# -ach player will pay .( match !ee per night#

Entr" #ee $10 per tea% in cas! sen) to*+

it! entr" #or% please b" 2& t! April 2014' (lease

Su%%er Lea,ue GTTC Matc! Secretar" "esley Slack 2/ Saddlers 0oad 1uedgeley 2loucester 2"2 4S3
4r lea e at the club with an o!!icial )#*#4 "esley Slack 4r e- mail to lesley5slack6blueyonder#co#uk

Gloucester Table Tennis Club

S7MM-0 "-*27- 2014

&eam 8ame &eam ,aptain &elephone Mobile - mail 9layer 1 -&&* "icence 8o -&&* "icence 8o -&&* "icence 8o -&&* "icence 8o

9layer 2

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9layer 4

Gloucester Table Tennis Club

RULES SUMMER LEAGUE 2014 &he team shall consist o! a minimum o! two players and a ma+imum o! 4 unless there are genuine circumstances that re:uire another player to be registered; howe er this will be at the discretion o! the Summer "eague committee# -ach player must ha e an -&&* player number and be a member o! 2&&,# * player is not eligible to play without ha ing both o! these re:uirements and they must be in place prior to them commencing their !irst game in the Summer "eague# I! a team plays a player who does not meet the abo e criteria then any points that they win will not count towards the match score# *ll games to commence by 1'15hrs and be !inished by 21(0hrs# -ach team is responsible to putting up and putting away the e:uipment; help will be gi en to 5unior players# Matches will be played on the night stated on the !i+ture list where possible; any postponed matches need to be played as soon as possible and teams must noti!y the match secretary when this is necessary# &his league is a two player a side competition# &he order o! play is:1v1 2v2 1v2 2v1 -oubles 9oints will be awarded on games won# -#g# <ome team wins 5-0= home team is awarded 5 points and away team aware 0 points etc# &he home team captain is responsible !or handing in the scorecard to a 2&&, o!!icial>match secretary# It must be signed by each team captain# 9lease ensure that the scores are legible and correct# &he ball used must be -&&* licensed# &he home team is responsible !or pro iding the balls# 2&&, is not responsible !or pro iding balls= arrangements can be made to purchase balls at the club i! re:uired# &he colour o! the shirt worn during play must be di!!erent to the colour o! the ball# In the e ent o! a tie at the close o! the season; the team with the best wins or draws will be awarded the highest position# I! this is not conclusi e a play-o!! will be ordered by the committee# * !ull match will be completed and the winner o! this match will be declared the winner o! the di ision#

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