Increase your campaign ROI with mobile analytics

Increase your campaign ROI with mobile analytics
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Increase your campaign ROI with mobile analytics

Mobile is a highly powerful and personal medium. There are twice as many mobile devices as TV sets, three times as many mobile subscribers as Internet users, and four times as many mobile phones as PCs. With the extensive reach of mobile devices and more people using their mobile to browse the web, mobile advertising has quickly become an essential way to engage and ultimately generate more revenue from this audience. Mobile advertising provides click thru rates ten times higher than traditional online advertising and the unique ability to effectively target a broad demographic of consumers. Mobile also offers the best data available to target and personalize your offering and to measure your campaign ROI. This white paper provides an introduction to mobile advertising and explains how to accurately measure your ROI with mobile analytics. Here’s what you’ll learn: • • • • • Understanding key metrics Measuring conversions on mobile Mobile complexities affecting accuracy and ROI The importance of accuracy as a foundation for success Effective targeting and quick reactions to increase ROI

A guide to mobile advertising
Mobile banner and text ads Mobile advertising works in a similar way to display advertising on the Internet. Mobile offers the option of text or graphical banner ads which are interactive and can be linked to a mobile site or specific landing page. More information about advertising guidelines can be found in the MMA Mobile Advertising Guidelines. Mobile advertising is bought on a cost per thousand impressions (CPM) or a cost per click (CPC) basis. In some cases cost per acquisition is available (CPA), but since only a small proportion of advertising converts (i.e. result in a sale) this model is in its infancy and very hard to come by. Measurement is vital for you to identify the right target audiences and get the highest conversions – that’s why you need mobile analytics. Ads can be placed through third party ad networks who have partnered with a range of publishers from big brands to community and mobile content sites. In some cases individual publishers sell their own inventory and this is particularly the case with operators selling their on-portal inventory. To book on-portal inventory you can go direct to the operator or through the ad networks that have been given a slice of the inventory to fill. Ad networks allow you to target your advertising based on a range of criteria from handset type, country, time of day, demographic profiles and more. Ad networks will provide their own basic stats, but to get an independent view of the traffic that’s actually being delivered and how well your campaigns are performing across all ad networks and search providers you will need Bango Analytics to reveal the full picture.

Mobile advertising opportunity:
• In 2009 there will be 4.3 billion mobile subscribers worldwide, growing to 5.8 billion in 2013 * Mobile advertising spend set to overtake SMS spend this year ** Global spending on mobile Internet advertising will be US$500 million in 2009 ** Total value of marketing spend on mobile is US$1.4bn ** Mobile ads revenue will be US$2bn by 2014 ** Total value of marketing spend on mobile is US $6bn in 2014 ** (* Portio Research ** Juniper Research) 2

• • • • •

Increase your campaign ROI with mobile analytics

Getting started
Here’s a list of ad networks and search providers which cater for a range of budgets giving you a good starting point. They range from self serve, where you set up and manage your own campaigns online, to ad networks that will design your campaign landing page and set everything up for you.
Medium ad network Online set-up Global Provides adult advertising inventory Large ad network Online set-up through their Decktrade platform Global Caters for a range of budgets Large search ad network Apply online Global Display and search advertising Medium search and display ad network Online set-up Global Strong US presence Large search ad network Online set-up Global Caters for a range of budgets Medium ad network Online set-up Global Caters for a range of budgets Medium ad network Apply online Global (predominantly Europe & US focused) Strong presence in social networking Small ad network Online set-up Global Strong presence in India Large ad network Online set-up Global Caters for a range of budgets Medium ad network Online set-up Global Strong presence in social networking sites Caters for a range of budgets Small ad network Online set-up Asia pacific & South Africa Strong presence in India

Mobile search advertising Mobile search advertising is available through companies including Google, Yahoo!, Taptu and Jumptap. It works in a similar way to advertising on the Internet. You can place text ads and bid on specific keywords to up your ranking or pay for sponsored links to feature prominently at the top or bottom of a keyword listing. Mobile search advertising can be bought on a cost per click (CPC) basis, cost per thousand impressions (CPM) for the sponsored links and also on a fixed price depending on the type of campaign. You can spend as much or as little on mobile search advertising as you want depending on the search engine. Another possibility is to use display advertising linked to natural searches. Mobile search adverting is available on-portal too, so think wisely where you want to place your ads and the demographic of your audience. Additional resources GomoNews recently published a useful list of mobile companies which include ad networks – Also take a look at the mobiThinking guide to mobile advertising networks


Increase your campaign ROI with mobile analytics

Understanding key campaign metrics
Running a successful campaign is all about good customer engagement – capturing the attention of quality prospects and getting them to efficiently click through to your site and achieve your specific goal. Accurate measurement is crucial to fully understanding the true ROI of any campaign and can be broken down into 4 important metrics. 1. 2. 3. 4. Impressions Clicks Conversions Repeat visits

may be seeing high numbers of impressions but low clicks – ad placement could be the reason. Another key aspect to consider is your ad – the message and creative used. Your offer may be very

relevant but the message could be dull or confusing, resulting in a poor uptake or high click volume from non targets.

To get an independent view of impressions use a An impression is where your advertisement is displayed to a prospect, usually through an ad network onto a publisher’s page. You will typically pay more to have your ad displayed on sites with a percieved higher traffic value, although these visitors may not be exactly what you are looking for. This is where targeting comes in. A well targeted message will have higher relevance to the people it is shown to, resulting in more people clicking it and ultimately converting (purchasing, signing up etc.). Knowing how many times your message or image was displayed to a prospective customer is important, but it should not be taken in isolation. Just because your message has been delivered does not mean the consumer saw it – especially on mobile. Ads are typically placed at the top of a mobile page as well as in the center and at the bottom. Obviously, those placed at the top are more likely to be seen, so if possible find out where your ad is being placed. You • • • Bango image tag.

Effective targeting
Effective targeting significantly increases your ROI and by having accurate data you will be in a great position to identify the most effective target audience. Analyze your mobile campaigns and consider the following: • • Does a specific time of day deliver higher conversion rates? Are you targeting the right handsets with your offering – do any particular devices deliver higher conversion rates? Which countries are users coming from? Which countries deliver the highest conversion rate? Are you seeing traffic from new countries – can you optimize your service for this territory? Which of your campaigns are performing the best? Which ad networks/search providers delivers the best results?


Increase your campaign ROI with mobile analytics

When a consumer responds to your message they will click on it and come through to your campaign landing page. This shows initial engagement with your message - mobile click through rates are ten times higher than online. The ratio of clicks to impressions is a key indicator for the effectiveness of your advertising campaign, but it does not tell you how relevant that audience is to your ultimate goal. You may have a great message that applies generally to a wide audience which results in a high click rate, but a click does not mean the visitor will achieve your goal – the message may be good, but you may still fail to get them to convert. This is crucial if you are paying by the click – you don’t want lots of people clicking on your ad to find that none of them ultimately take up your offer – that’s like paying for people to come into your store to just have them walk out the back door.

Hints & tips
• • Ensure your ads render correctly - follow the MMA Mobile Advertising Guidelines. On most handsets the banner ad will fill 1/3 of the screen – take this opportunity to create real impact with your ads. Place your ads on relevant sites to target the right audience – measure your results to find the right targets – see which provide the highest conversion rates! Present your marketing message in a clear and attractive way - get visitors attention before they click on other links.

Repeat visits
Over a number of visits a consumer that did not initially convert will build up a picture of your offering and gain confidence. Your offer will become compelling enough to trigger the conversion at some point. It is crucial to be able to identify all these repeat visits and build up a picture of visitor habits. This shows which ad placements are delivering the ultimate conversion and which are giving first or second contact. It allows you to recognize the value of ad placements that may not directly convert. Bango Analytics provides an accurate view of repeat visitors unlike traditional PC analytics tools which rely on cookies for identification. The ability to record all future visits and conversions against individuals lets you build up the lifetime value for your customers. You can then attribute the customers with the highest ongoing value back to specific campaigns to get the best measure of true ROI. For example, if you are selling content you ideally want a campaign to generate lots of customers

The number of people who go on to buy something, subscribe, sign up, read a specific message or achieve any other specified goal is the key to any campaign. The perfect campaign will show high numbers of impressions, clicks and then conversions. It means that those clicks you are paying for are delivering real customers. But just because an ad click does not directly convert does not always mean it was wasted money. That perfect flow where a prospect views your ad, clicks through and navigates to a goal is often not achieved, especially on mobile. Quite often visitors will not convert on the first visit but will convert on the second or third visit. Those future visits may be direct to your site, if you have a memorable URL, or they may be via other ads they saw which reminded them.


Increase your campaign ROI with mobile analytics

that keep coming back to buy more, so to understand your true ROI you need to measure and compare impressions, clicks, initial sales and all ongoing repeat sales – you may also pay for referrals.

Transcoders which interfere with a users ability to access your landing page. By recording and analyzing site information for key pages, in addition to using campaign analytics, you can streamline the visitors flow and ensure the maximum number of people reach your goals and convert. Generally, reducing the number of pages or decision points and simplifying the content on pages will reduce loss and increase your campaign conversions. Running a successful campaign is about more than just the creative and placement; it is about efficiently getting high quality visitors from the ad to the goal. By using both campaign and site analytics effectively you can fine tune the proposition, creatives, ad placement and the total visitor experience to increase conversions and maximize your ROI.

The impact of your site on your campaigns
One other thing to be aware of is the importance of the visitor navigation flow between the ad campaigns and goals. If you get great ad impressions and clicks, but then find that your conversions are really low it may not be the fault of your campaign. It may simply be a problem with the pages between your ad and goal. Visitors may be enthusiastically clicking on your campaign only to get confused, lost or blocked when they try to convert. This could be due to poor wording, the structure of your navigation, a broken link or other fault including


Increase your campaign ROI with mobile analytics

Mobile complexities that affect accuracy and ROI
Tracking mobile marketing campaigns is significantly more complex than tracking traditional desktop campaigns. There are many factors that can significantly reduce the accuracy of the information collected. However, mobile analytics actually has the ability to deliver significantly higher levels of accuracy providing the system used to collect the information is correctly designed for mobile. Far too many analytics solutions today simply add handset detection and operator identification, but fail to address the real complexities that mobile presents. They also cannot reliably identify individual visitors which has a significant impact on the accuracy of all information reported. Below are a number of factors that need to be considered to deliver accurate information all of which Bango Analytics provides to give up to 8 times higher information accuracy than traditional analytics solutions.

may not provide visitor identity reliably due to many other mobile factors.

Markup languages Most new devices support xHTML rather than WML or other older formats, but there are still older handsets in the market. This impacts the methods by which information can be gathered. So a full understanding of different markup languages is required for the best accuracy.

.….measure performance
Autoglass® is the UK’s leading vehicle glass repair and replacement company and part of the Belron® group which operates in 30 countries including the US (where it trades as Safelite). Chris Smith, online marketing manager at Autoglass®, decided to test the waters in mobile. The mobile site,, is a stripped-down version of the main site with a number for people to call when they need an emergency glass repair or replacement. An important element for Autoglass® is the ability to measure the success of their mobile site and campaigns. By using Bango they were able to independently compare the performance of banner ads and search marketing to see which delivered the best results along with getting a clear view of where visitors were coming from. Handset information was also key to help optimize the mobile site. “Having a unique user count is a key requirement as without this I can’t accurately measure how the site is growing as a result of the marketing campaigns I run.” Chris Smith, Online Marketing Manager, Autoglass®

Mobile phones There are thousands of different phone models from many manufacturers. Each has different capabilities, browsers and settings that need to be understood in order to track usage accurately and ensure advertising is being placed and paid for correctly. You may also have visitors from PC’s.

Browsers Browsers on today’s phones provide much more standard web capabilities than the low specification WAP browsers found on older handsets. Full browsers such as Opera Mobile or the WebKit browsers deliver desktop like experiences, but still


Increase your campaign ROI with mobile analytics

Gateways, countries and MVNOs An operator gateway acts as a proxy to all data and will be the IP address reported for the connection. This means that all customers connecting through a given gateway will report back the same IP address, making it of little use for visitor identification. It does provide some valuable information about the operator and country though, providing you know how to use it. Operators have lots of gateway servers and the list frequently changes. They may be shared between MNOs under license, which can be across country borders also. MVNO’s use the same gateways provided by the primary MNO network and from a marketing perspective the MNO and MVNO have very different customer demographics.

may be defined by the handset manufacturer or the operator. All handsets are capable of switching connection such that other considerations may apply – for example, Wi-Fi will allow cookies via a direct connection (assuming the handset accepts them), but switching to a WAP gateway may result in cookies not being passed or redirection through a Transcoder.

Transcoders These are commonly used by many operators to “improve” the layout of traditional websites for use on mobile phones. Transcoders often remove content, change headers, block cookies, strip out operator information and change the site content, including tracking code.

Connection type
WAP gateways These are still heavily used and tend to assume the browser is limited and may prevent cookies reaching the handset. Many of these can provide unique identity, but access to network identity is tightly controlled. Identity format varies considerably between operators and gateways.

Mobile measurement survey
Bango surveyed a range of agencies including AKQA, Inside Mobile and Yodel Digital to understand the most sought after mobile measurement for advertisers. Integrity of basic mobile campaign data, from unique visitor counts to conversion rates came up as the common essential measurements. The top three “must haves” identified in the survey are: 1. Number of unique visitors clicking the ad and landing on the resulting campaign page 2. Conversion rates for campaigns 3. Specific actions taken on the campaign site “Without the basic foundation of accurate, unique user tracking, mobile campaign analytics is a fuzzy science” commented Justyn Lucas, Managing Partner at Yodel Digital

Internet gateways These are newer and tend to handle full browsing and cookies etc. correctly. Unfortunately, few provide any form of identity.

Wi-Fi Many feature phones and smartphones now include Wi-Fi and handsets may automatically select a Wi-Fi connection to browse the web. This behavior is dependent on the default settings for the phone, which

Increase your campaign ROI with mobile analytics

Accuracy is the foundation for success
Precise visitor identification facilitates a dramatic step change in accuracy across all information and provides the foundation for success – much better than can be achieved on a PC. Once you can reliably and persistently identify individuals you can gather and analyze accurate information – data about your marketing campaigns, page views, visits, time on site, depth of visits and goal conversions all becomes much more dependable. Traditional PC web analytics Traditional PC web analytics rely on JavaScript to identify visitors and therefore only identify users browsing from the newer smartphone devices – traditional handsets do not support JavaScript and many users disable it. Placing cookies on handsets is more reliable, but not when the mechanism to do this is through JavaScript! Cookies also present a reliability and persistence issue. Some phones including the Apple iPhone automatically turn third party cookies off and in some cases cookies get wiped when a phone is switched off or manually switched off by the user. Mobile is different Mobile sets itself apart as each consumer’s phone is individually identifiable – there are EMEI numbers on the handset as well as the mobile phone number (MSISDN), operator sub number and mobile identification number (MIN). Bango Analytics is the only mobile analytics solution to clearly differentiate itself from legacy PC web analytics solutions and inferior mobile solutions by leveraging a number of these mobile identification methods in addition to traditional forms of identification such as cookies and IP addresses. This can only be achieved through secure and trusted partnerships and the right knowhow, networks by networks and device by device. This accuracy is also extended across multiple

sessions from any mobile phone connecting via an operator network or Wi-Fi hotspot. Mobile enables you to go that extra mile and really engage with your visitors. By having an accurate identity though Bango you can track repeat visitors personalize your offering and reward loyalty - provide offers and valuable information to keep your customer coming back. Accurate identity of your mobile visitors also gives you the power to see potential click fraud throughout the duration of your mobile advertising campaigns. You can identify and monitor multiple clicks from individual visitors.

PC web analytic – inaccurate for mobile
“Google Analytics only tracked 12% of the page views caught by Bango”. Bryson Meunier compared Google against Bango Analytics and found first hand how PC analytics don’t provide the level of accuracy delivered by a mobile analytics tool. Make sure you’re getting the real picture.

Hints & tips
• Make sure your landing page and site work for all, or the majority of, browsers and handsets Offer some form of immediate gratification such as a free download. You will get a higher level of engagement straight away and a higher chance of repeat visits.


Increase your campaign ROI with mobile analytics

Quick reactions for the best results
The ability to react quickly and amend your mobile campaigns based on the results is essential for maximizing your ROI. Make sure you look out for tools that provide real time verses cached data. Some will provide results the next day which can loose you valuable time and money. Bango Analytics provides real time data to allow you to react quickly.

About Bango
Bango is the leading provider of payment and analytics products for businesses targeting the fast growing market of internet enabled mobile phones. Bango’s unique technology and relationships with mobile operators, handset manufacturers and consumers enable significantly higher payment conversion rates for the world’s leading mobile content businesses. For more information about Bango Payment solutions visit: Bango Analytics provides mobile marketers and website owners the most accurate information about consumers interacting with their campaigns and visiting their site from their mobile phones. For more information about Bango Analytics solutions visit: As more people access the internet from their mobile phones, Bango’s innovative products are an essential part of a business’s web strategy.

Great resources!
Get a real time view of visitor activity through our mobislim demo site - Also check out our latest findings and campaign comparisons from the Mobislim blog

Information accuracy most important to analytics says Forrester
A recent report by Forrester Research Inc. contains an interesting customer online survey of desktop web analytics solutions. It reveals that the industries primary consideration when selecting a web analytics solution is accuracy of information. This is not really a surprise given the current inaccuracy and uncertainty of visitor identification in PC web analytics based on their reliance on cookies.

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