CAHILL INTRODUCES MORE MANDATE RELIEF Hein Oddly Continues Ridiculous Diatribes On Settled Business (Albany, New York

) “The time is long overdue for Ulster County Executive Michael Hein to end his irresponsible debate regarding the Safety Net and to instead join with me to constructively and effectively work for the people we both represent,” Assemblymember Kevin Cahill said today. “If he wonders whether he made the point that he just does not like me personally, someone should just let him know, we get it.” “Mr. Hein agreed in January to a course of action that he refused to even negotiate the previous Spring and he is obviously still smarting from his strategic blunder,” said the Assemblymember. “Still, the result is that finally Ulster joins every other county in the state in rightly assuming their responsibility for their local safety net program.” Throughout the entire public discussion, the County Executive and certain local officials have constantly called for a state takeover of County Safety Net costs.Today, strangely, Hein issued a press release criticizing Assemblymember Cahill for authorizing legislation that would provide exactly the relief he has been asking for. “The New York State Legislature and a series of recent Governors have a history of bringing about meaningful mandate relief where possible. Some examples include capping Medicaid growth costs, assuming the full cost of the Child Health Plus Program, the full cost of the EPIC Prescription drug insurance program, and most of the cost of long-term residential care. In addition, several years ago, the Legislature relieved counties across the state of 100% their general welfare costs, a move Hein has been heard criticizing by somehow construing the millions more in state aid which ours and every other county receives as something negative,” said Assemblymember Cahill. “Let’s keep the record straight. Michael Hein abandoned and forced the closure of the mandated employment programs associated with Safety Net in Ulster County shortly after he took charge in Ulster. He did so clearly because he alone and explicitly passed those costs on to the towns and the City of Kingston. Now that he has finally taken responsibility in his speeches for reversing course and will in fact restart job placement programs for welfare recipients, it's time to look at continuing relief by a state takeover of the costs. It is welcome news that Michael Hein is finally promising an action that can save taxpayer dollars, instead of his relentless crying about taxes he couldn't impose for two months on the people and shoppers of Ulster County,” said Cahill. Assemblymember Cahill introduced A. 9097 that would continue the tradition of mandate relief by requiring New York State to pick up the cost of the Safety Net program. The bill was drafted at the request of the Ulster County Legislature’s Chairman John Parete. “I am proud of our State Safety Net Takeover bill and view it as an opportunity for my colleagues to join me in continuing to provide the fiscal relief they call for,” Cahill added. “I am grateful for the opportunity to act in bringing forth this

legislation in a way that is precisely consistent with the requests of Democratic Ulster County Legislators, including Chairman John Parete and even Michael Hein.”

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