Chapter 2 Activity 10 on Prewriting (147–150)

L, Q, SO, C, F

Chapter 3: The First and Second Steps in Essay Writing

Activity 1 on Understanding Thesis Statements (158–159)

1. Our cafeteria would be greatly improved is several changes were made. 2. Celebrities are often poor role models because of the way they dress, talk, and behave. 3. My first night as a security guard turned out to be one of the most frightening experiences of my life. 4. SUVs are inferior to cars because they are harder to control, more expensive, and dangerous to the environment. 5. The twentieth century produced three inventions that dramatically changed the lives of all Americans. 6. Stress in the fast-food workplace has led to serious physical, psychological, and emotional problems for employees. 7. Advertisers target young people in order to market cigarettes, alcohol, and adult movies.

8. 9. 10.

Living in the city has certain advantages over living in the suburbs. Before moving away from home, every person should have mastered certain key skills. Independent “mom and pop” stores are superior to larger chain stores for a number of reasons.

Activity 2 on Writing a Good Thesis (160)

List 1

List 2

2 Teachers l Education


Bicycles 4 Dangers of bike riding l Recreation 2 Recreational vehicles 5 Bike riding in the city is a dangerous experience.

3 Math teacher 5 My high school math teacher was incompetent. 4 High school math teacher

List 3 1 Retail companies 2 Supermarkets 4 Dealing with customers 3 Working in a supermarket 3 4 2 5

List 4 Camping First camping trip Summer vacation My first camping trip was a

5 I’ve learned how to handle

disastrous experience. l Vacations

unpleasant supermarket customers.

Activity 10 on Evaluating Thesis Statements (173)

Activity 11 on Evaluating Thesis Statements (173–174)

1. A

a. OK b.


TN a. OK b. 2. TN a.


OK a. A b.

OK b. 3. TN a.


OK a. A b.

OK b. a. b. a. b. 5. 4. OK a. TN b. OK a. TN b.





Activity 12 on Evaluating Thesis Statements (174)

Activity 13 on Evaluating Thesis Statements (174–175)

1. TB a. OK 2. b.


OK a. 2 2. 2 b. a.

TB a.

OK 3.

b. 3.

OK b. OK a. 2 4. 2 b. a.

OK a. TB b.


TB a. OK b.

OK b. 5. 2 a.


TB a. OK b.

OK b.

Activity 15 on Writing a Thesis Statement (176–177)

Note: Wording of thesis may vary.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

My cars have reflected stages in my life. A two-year college has several advantages. I have tried several ways to give up snacks. Halloween is not all fun. Three factors contributed to my heart attack.

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