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Earth-717: Hulk Vol 1 Chapter 1: Credible Writing another formula onto his notepad, Bruce listened to the

noises of the street !he sound of the cars on the street dri"ing past him# the murmur of the people $alking and talking all along the side$alks %ooking up from his notepad, Bruce sa$ a famil& standing 'ust outside the small, flo$ered fence that sealed off the restaurant patio he $as sitting at !here $as a man, a $oman and a child !he man $as $earing a black suit, and the $oman $as $earing a purple dress $ith a pearl necklace !he child $as a &oung bo& in a plaid, collared shirt and e(pensi"e 'eans He grabbed at the bottom of his mother)s dress, gi"ing it a gentle tug *he looked do$n at him and smiled before reaching do$n and scooping him up in her arms Holding him up to her face, she placed her forehead against his for a moment before looking at Bruce Bruce smiled at the $oman, and she smiled back !he man, $ho $as facing the road, flagged do$n a ta(i and opened the door +s the famil& entered the cab, the bo& looked back at Bruce, $ho smiled at him and ga"e a slight $a"e !he bo& tilted his head as the cab door closed, and the "ehicle began dri"ing do$n the road Breathing through his nose, Bruce looked back do$n at his notepad Holding the pen firm in his other hand, he began scribbling in another formula belo$ the one he had 'ust composed *ighing as he noticed an issue, he scratched out the ne$ formula and tapped the back of the pen against the notepad a fe$ times +s he began $riting again, the pen slipped from his hand and fell onto the floor ,-gh . /lacing the notepad on the table, Bruce reached do$n for the pen 0rasping it in his hand, he reeled himself back up before bumping the back of his head against the underside of the table ,1$ . 2ubbing the back of his head as he sat back up, he sighed again /utting the pen on the table ne(t to the notepad, he noticed a $aitress in a &ello$ uniform $alk up to him ,What can 3 get &ou to drink, sir4.

,Coffee, please,. replied Bruce ,2egular or decaf4. ,2egular is fine !hank &ou . !he $aitress nodded as she turned around and $alked past the other tables Bruce e(haled and sat back in his chair +s he did so, another $oman approached the table, in a $hite coat ,3s this seat taken4. Bruce looked o"er and smiled at Bett& as she sat do$n *he placed her purse on the back of her chair He looked at her thick, red lips as she turned to face him ,Ho$ long ha"e &ou been $aiting4. asked Bett& Bruce $a"ed his hand do$n ,+h, not long at all,. ans$ered Bruce ,5e$ minutes at most . Bett& placed her hands on the table *he then looked at the notepad ,Working4. ,6eah, on the formulas,. said Bruce ,7ust doing some re"isions . ,%ooks like &ou)re ha"ing some trouble . ,8ot reall& .

,Bruce, there)s a lot of scratched out formulas on there . Bruce laughed for a second before coughing !he $aitress $alked up $ith a cup of coffee $hich she placed in front of Bruce ,!hank &ou . !he $aitress nodded and turned to Bett& ,5or &ou, ma)am4. ,3)ll take a coffee as $ell, please 2egular . ,+lright . !he $aitress turned and $alked a$a& as Bruce took a sip of his coffee /lacing it back do$n on

the small cup plate, he looked back at Bett& ,3s it reall& the best idea to be doing re"isions that are that intensi"e at this stage4. asked Bett& Bruce placed his hand on his chin ,3t)s going to be fine,. said Bruce ,3)m 'ust actuall& changing an&thing &ou kno$, going paranoid, 3 guess 3)m not

'ust checking the possibilities .

,3 kno$ &ou, Bruce,. said Bett& ,*omething)s got &ou $orried . Bruce sighed as he placed his hands on the table !he $aitress $alked up again and placed Bett&)s coffee in front of her *he nodded and smiled at the $aitress ,Either of &ou $ant an&thing to eat4. Bruce opened his mouth ,We)re oka& right no$,. said Bett& ,!hank &ou . Bruce closed his mouth, and the $aitress $alked a$a& from the table He then looked at Bett& $ith a disappointed face ,What4. ,3 $ould ha"e liked a sand$ich or something . ,6ou can ha"e &our sand$ich after $e)"e talked . Bruce sighed and rubbed the back of his neck ,Bruce is there a problem $ith the e(periment4.

Bruce closed his e&es for a moment before looking back at Bett& ,8o the e(periment)s design is fla$less,. ans$ered Bruce ,3)"e been rerunning the b& all accounts that $e can predict, it)s going to be a success 3t)s

numbers, looking at the "ariables 'ust .

Bett& e(haled, staring intentl& at Bruce as he a"oided her ga9e He looked do$n at the ground as he felt his breath slo$ing !he sounds of the street seemed to drain from his audible sphere as his thoughts raced

,Bruce4 *top ignoring me:. His mind fle$ back to another time !he restaurant melted a$a& into a "oid of black as the pieces fell back into place ,6ou better stop ignoring me, bo&:. ,Brian:. Bruce $inced as the static of the memor& started filling in $ith colours and shapes Bro$n 0re& Beige Circles *;uares 2ectangles ,2ebecca, get out of here: !his doesn)t concern &ou:. + "aguel& humanoid shape took form in front of Bruce)s e&es !here $ere e(tremities $hich looked like limbs, $ith the arms outstretched <ifferent colours to the skin took shape o"er the torso and legs, simulating some form of clothing, but the details $ere mudd& and out of focus !he onl& thing that Bruce could make out clearl& $ere the "ibrant green e&es ,%ea"e him alone:. ,3f &ou don)t get in the bedroom right no$, 3)ll beat him $orse:. Bruce could hear the shrill cr& of a $oman)s "oice in his ear He looked deep into the e&es of the humanoid creature in front of him Each fibre of the e&es $ere strained, and he could see the green glo$ing around the empt&, black pupils ,Bruce:. Bruce tried to mo"e, but his muscles $ould not respond to his commands !he shape mo"ed closer ,0et out: 2un:. Bruce felt his mouth open $ider as the shape stood right in front of him, and began reaching for his throat +s the hands mo"ed closer, fingers formed and $rapped around Bruce)s neck He felt the air being s;uee9ed out of his bod&, but still could not mo"e to defend himself ,<on)t make me angr&, bo&,. said the "oice ,6ou $ouldn)t like me $hen 3)m angr& .

+s Bruce)s e&es $idened, the static gre$, until it encased all of his "ision 0re& and black s;uares 'umped around his e&es as the feeling left his bod& 3t all began to fade $hen a loud noise shattered the static ,Bruce:. Bruce blinked a couple times as he sa$ the notepad and pen on the table in front of him He then shook his head and looked at Bett&, $ho $as fro$ning ,Bett& 3)m .

,3 kno$,. said Bett& ,+gain4. Bruce sighed and rubbed his forehead ,6eah,. replied Bruce ,Worse this time 3 still can)t make an& sense of it shapes . Bett& reached o"er the table and put her hand on Bruce)s ,6ou)"e been stretching &ourself too thin,. started Bett& ,3 kno$ &ou)"e been $orking hard on this pro'ect, but &ou also need to gi"e &ourself a break from time to time 6ou kno$ as $ell as 3 that $hen &ou get stressed . something else . it)s 'ust $ords and

,3t)s not stress,. interrupted Bruce ,3t)s

Bett& tilted her head to the side as she e(haled Bruce pulled his hand out from under hers and picked up the notepad Bett& left her hand on the table ,!here)s something missing,. said Bruce ,*ome "ariable 3)m not accounting for angle 3)m not seeing 1ther$ise, 3 $ouldn)t be ha"ing these ,<oubts4. Bruce sighed ,Worries . ,3t)s pressure, Bruce,. said Bett& ,6ou kno$ ho$ much grant mone& this e(periment is using, but come on no one kno$s gamma radiation like &ou do 8o one 3f there $as someone that did, . some

the& $ould)"e asked them . Bruce stared at notepad and e(haled ,3 kno$ that,. replied Bruce ,3t)s 'ust .

,%isten to me,. started Bett& ,6ou are the smartest person 3 kno$ 6ou kno$ that 3 and the rest of the team are backing &ou completel& We ha"e confidence in &ou, Bruce . Bruce looked at Bett& ,*o $h& can)t &ou4. Bruce looked back at the notepad, and focused on one particular formula for a fe$ seconds He then put the notepad do$n ,3 don)t kno$ . ==== 2oss pulled the cigar from his lips and ble$ out a ring of smoke !he gre& mist floated in the air for a fe$ seconds before dissipating Biting do$n on the end of the cigar, he looked at the folder on his desk !he beige folder had se"eral $hite sheets of paper inside of it, as $ell as a black, circular logo $ith an eagle emblem embla9oned on its face *neering, 2oss opened the folder and looked at the first sheet +!!E8!318 > 512 61-2 E6E* 18%6 > 0E8E2+% !H+<<E-* 21** 2oss ad'usted the cigar slightl& He looked belo$ the headline to see the marking abo"e the bod& paragraph of te(t *trategic Homeland 3nter"ention, Enforcement and %ogistics <i"ision ,5ur&,. said 2oss 2oss then heard his communicator ring He put do$n the folder and pressed the button on his desk ,!his is 2oss . ,0eneral, &ou ha"e a %ieutenant 0lenn !albot to see &ou .

,*end him in . 2oss closed the file and tossed out his cigar before putting his hands on the desk !he door to his office then opened, and !albot $alked in He $as $earing a blue uniform, $ith se"eral pins on his left breast section He had a thick, black moustache He stood up straight and saluted 2oss ,0eneral . ,+t ease, %ieutenant,. replied 2oss, gesturing to the chair in front of his desk ,Ha"e a seat . ,6es sir . !albot lo$ered his arm and $alked o"er to the chair *itting do$n, he folded his hands 2oss e(haled and looked at him $ith a suspicious glare for a fe$ seconds ,6ou called for me4. asked !albot ,3 did,. replied 2oss ,3)"e al$a&s seen good things from &ou, !albot 6ou ha"e an e(cellent record . 2oss opened up another file $hich $as on his desk, $ith !albot)s name on it He pulled out a sheet and held it in front of him ,?ultiple medals of recognition + faster than a"erage progression through the ranks 8earl& clean record a couple of minor infractions, but nothing $e can)t o"erlook for &our efficienc& 6ou

should be a ma'or soon enough . ,3f 3 ma&, sir,. started !albot, ,$h& are &ou referring to m& record4. ,Because 3 see greatness in &ou, !albot,. ans$ered 2oss ,6ou)re a good man + good soldier 6ou remind me of the sort of men 3 had in m& unit back in the da& loose in the ser"ice 3n m& opinion, the& aren)t hard enough on the men the $omen but &ou &ou)re a real soldier . before the& let all these ruffians and don)t get me started on

,!hank &ou, sir . ,3)m telling &ou this because 3 $ant &ou to under m& $ing,. said 2oss ,3)"e got a special pro'ect 3)m $orking on, and 3 $ant a second set of e&es on it + set of e&es that 3 can trust .

!albot nodded as a faint hint of a grin sho$ed on his face ,+re &ou read& for that kind of responsibilit&, %ieutenant4. ,3 am . ,0ood,. said 2oss ,6ou)re to report to me tomorro$ morning at oh eight hundred 3)ll brief &ou on the details on the $a& . ,-nderstood,. replied !albot ,3 appreciate the opportunit& . 2oss nodded ,*tick $ith me, !albot, and &ou)ll go straight to the top,. said 2oss ,6ou hear me4. ,6es sir .

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