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SCO FIRST NATIONS JUSTICE STRATEGY The Southern Chiefs Organization (SCO) is seeking an experienced, conscientious and highly motivated individual to coordinate the SCO irst !ations "ustice Strategy# The strategy as mandated $y the leadership is a community $ased initiative %hich seeks to assist communities in reclaiming &urisdiction over &ustice# The o$&ectives of the initiative is to esta$lish a irst !ation system of criminal &ustice and dispute resolution to address the issues, priorities, needs and right of %ay of irst !ation communities# STATEMENT OF JOB The Community "ustice 'evelopment Coordinator (C"'C) %ill implement the o$&ectives of the initiative $y %orking %ith Community "ustice (orkers (C"(s)# This %ill involve coordinating the activities, training and reporting re)uirements of the Community "ustice (orkers (C"(s) and their assigned irst !ations# This %ill include participation and active involvement in the administration and advocacy in areas of policing, pu$lic complaints, community &ustice services, gang prevention, restorative &ustice practices, mediation, and policy development# UALIFICATIONS AND RE UIREMENTS! *n undergraduate degree consisting of studies in the area of criminal la% or &ustice or an e)uivalent com$ination of experience and education in the &ustice field# +xperience %orking in the area of pro$ation services, community $ased &ustice programs, court services and pu$lic administration, +xperience in research and analysis, +xperience in pro&ect management, -no%ledge of federal, provincial and local la%s relating to criminal &ustice, -no%ledge of overall issues and concerns affecting irst nations peoples, including *$original.policing issues, +xcellent computer skills, proven experience %ith %ord processing, spreadsheet, data$ase, presentation and pu$lishing soft%are in a /icrosoft environment, +ffective %riting and oral skills, /ust have a$ility to provide culturally appropriate advocacy, education and facilitation to the community concerning &ustice issues and concerns, (illingness to travel, and

0ossess a valid /anito$a 'rivers 1icense and have access to relia$le transportation# N" #$%&' %($) M*+)*,(% M$'-( 21, 201.


E/TENDED %" M$'-(0311%, 201.2 12!00 P0M0 )" #$%&' %($) 0lease su$mit detailed resume %ith three (2) %ritten references $y mail, fax (345) 6578 9:;9 or e8mail to receptionist<scoinc#m$#ca# /ailing *ddress= Chief of Staff 94>89>>> St# "ames Street (innipeg, /? @2A 9?> O)#3 %("1& $44#*-$)%1 -")1*+&'&+ 5"' 56'%(&' '&7*&8 8*## 9& -")%$-%&+ for an intervie% %ill $e contacted#