October 20, 2009 The Honorable Jane Nelson P.O.

Box 12068 Capitol Station Austin, Texas 78711 (512) 463-0112 fax: (512) 463-0923


House District 99--Representative Charlie Geren Capitol Office: EXT E2.308 Capitol Phone: (512) 463-0610 Capitol Address: P.O. Box 2910 Austin, TX 78768 District Address: 1011 Roberts Cutoff River Oaks TX 76114 Phone: (817) 738-8333 and Senator Lon Burman Capitol Office Room CAP GW.8 P.O. Box 2910 Austin, TX 78768 (512) 463-0740 (512) 463-1075 Fax Dear Senators Nelson, Burman and Representative Geren: Presented herein are serious allegations and they require your upmost attention and for you to act on your oath and commitment to public service. On September 17, 2008 Carol Ann Davis ETAL sued Houston billionaire attorney John M. O’Quinn and DPS ‘Special Crimes’ Commander Guy Marshall Caskey. Carol Ann Davis is the pro se and the first in the nation to bring legal action against John M. O’Quinn and a Texas DPS Special Crimes Commander for racketeering and the murder of a federal witness, namely Melinda “Lindy Harrison” Honerkamp and was largely accomplished by an ex- DPS trooper Charles Elwood Soechting also the Former Texas Democrat Chairman and its General Counsel. Lindy Honerkamp was the ex- wife of Texas Ethics Commissioner Attorney Warren “Tom “Harrison. The suit is also the first filed under the U.S.C. Title 18 Section 240, 241 and 245 and was assigned to Judge David Hittner who opined that “someone” had pled it‘s best case to deter plaintiff. Plaintiff unique interpretation of the Order was a referral of the matter back to Judge Ewing Werlein Jr. Due to the suits relation to a previous law suit filed by Carol Ann Davis

in 2003 against the City of Jersey Village and Lonnie Ray Davis the ex- husband, in his individual capacity. The original lawsuit stemmed from an arrest of Carol Ann Davis absent a warrant on February 18, 2001. The second lawsuit directed to John M. O’Quinn ETAL is a result of a plaintiff that intends to vacate the verdict of September 15, 2005 where a verdict was obtained by fraud, subterfuge and malfeasances by the professional misconduct of Texas Attorney General Greg Abbot by illegally authorizing Law Enforcement Division attorney Karen D. Matlock to expends sums of revenues for legal fees for a defense unauthorized by statue and or the Texas Legislature. The criminal evidence has been delivered to attorney Jerry S. Payne. Attorney Karen Matlock is from Seguin, Texas, and married to ‘DPS Special Crimes Joe Matlock, maiden name Jones, who violated the rules of professional conduct with Texas Municipal League attorneys Ramon Viada and Stefanie Strayor Orr. The lawsuit alleges that attorney John M. O’Quinn armed with an ex- Texas DPS trooper [Charles E. Soechting] accessed government data bases to RETALIATE against housewives who were cooperating with the United States Department of Justice namely Carol Ann Davis and Melinda ‘Lindy Harrison” Honerkamp, which have exposed the inner workings of the Harris County Courts and other courts in Texas counties and is about a Department of Justice “probe” where the power of the people of Texas has been returned to the people of the State of Texas through a law suit that will not die because it is a matter of public interest and where the Texas Attorney General surreptitiously appears in a court case continuing to waste, fraud and abuse the revenues by manipulation of ‘data’ created to lend support and then explained as “unknown reasons” and to continue the sick secret in Texas how a certain faction of corrupt lawyers in Harris County have manipulated the parties of both Texas Democrats and Texas Republicans into partnering with them to bilk millions in revenues to improperly advance a select few secretly armed with the “Top Cop” of Texas, the Texas Attorney General who protects anti- trust violations of lawyers and moreover advancing crimes committed by other lawyers against the children of the state of Texas. On August 19, 2009 the State Auditor John Keel CPA assigned Mr. Harold Burns, of the Special Investigations Unit referencing Case Management Number 9.93441 for fraud, waste and abuse and for violations of deceptive trade practices laws of the Greg Abbot as it relates to a vast government conspiracy that John O’Quinn phrased and denied and where the same has been stalwartly protected by Greg Abbot in violation of the law. Attorney Greg Abbot is expected to generally to deny the allegations and continue the waste, fraud and abuse at the people‘s expense regardless of the mission statement of his office and or its legislative intent which is the purpose of this letter to you on behalf of a Harris County RICO Victim, veteran of the armed forces, father of four, Mr. Alphonse Filip (age 91) who resides at 5620 So. Schilder, Fort Worth, Texas 76114 who has spent over $ 100,000 to salvage his adult daughter Beverly Thompson and his grandchildren claims which cannot possibly be filed in any venue absent your intervention. Senators Rodney Ellis, Ellen Cohen, Mario Gallegos, Hernandez and Garret Coleman wrote a letter on May 19, 2008 as it relates to the routine violations of actually innocent citizens that Harris County and the State of Texas are sworn to protect but instead tax

dollars are spent for frivolous and illegal activity but largely undetected, misunderstood and the public unaware due to the various controls on the media as it relates to exposure and close ties to the actual offenders who are sophisticated in social events like Tina Bensiker and often times the media relations which set the ground work to mismanage the information where misinformation and literally informational junk was pre-scripted to misdirect the public- the specialist, billionaire attorney John . M. O’Quinn. Attorney O’Quinn’s specialty; junk law, junk science, junk politics and junking the State of Texas and making a mockery of the Texas and US Constitution and recognize there are no real protection from the unprofessionalism of corrupt lawyers, police officers and elected officials that has plague the state of Texas since 1845 and Greg Abbott is not about the part with ‘tradition’ and has demonstrated his animus towards an actually innocent victim via the internet of an ‘educational’ event October 6, 2009 in Houston at the County Line Bar B Q Restaurant. The actually innocent RICO victims of Harris County, Texas and in the other counties of Texas, including the “probe” of United States Justice Department were unaware of the anatomy of sophisticated illegal political machine where two political parties, converge and the people/citizens are manipulated by social events, a Bar-B-Q, interactions with the press, baby kissing of a behind the scenes elitist who has devised the control both parties by the employment of an ex-DPS trooper, attorney Charles Soechting and the former Texas Party Chairman and long standing General Counsel. The art of persuasion are tactics of brainwashing, false advertising, racketeering in violation of state and federal law that have gone unprosecuted for years not because the public does not want it prosecuted but because they are united in all things to protect the precious Texas Double Standard, that has advanced the most horrible crimes against the children and the actually innocent of the State of Texas so that ‘adults’ licensed professional i.e. corrupt lawyers, could play games, and measure by the mark of a good prosecutor is to convict and actually innocent citizen because any prosecutor can convict a guilty person. While Greg Abbott pretends not to destroy access to the protections of the United States Constitution, Bottom line, Texas does not need any more laws, we need to enforce the laws already on the books but not from the bottom up, from the top down and starting with Greg Abbott who has obviously mastered the media, the fourth arm of the government because the law enforcement arm belongs to billionaire John M. O’Quinn and the ex- DPS trooper Charles Soechting. Greg Abbott is expected to allege in his defense, that he poses no threat for consumers and or the public even the attorneys of the LAW ENFORMENT DIVISION AND THE CRIMINAL DIVISION violate the rules of professional conduct to protect the illegal business enterprise of John M. O’Quinn. Mr. O’Quinn hired Don Clark Field Director of the Houston FBI Office in spite of a current federal investigation into the enterprising attorney accused of criminal activity on a wide scale as it relates to the John Cornyn investigation and that O’Quinn and other lawyers who wrangled it away from a on target prosecution re-directed the same and still engaged in racketeering while Greg Abbott does not care if it poses a risks for the public and a substantial risk it is. Carol Ann Davis keeps discovering additional methods Greg Abbot used to deceive the public and a federal court judge disrupting state and federal court operations to deny due process, not just to one person by accident but to everybody on purpose. Texas consumers who ‘use ‘and

or elect the Texas Attorney General thought they were simply buying and or electing via tax revenue legal services for the state and its citizens, and "Thousands of Texans are now potential victims of this deceptive trade violations and a game Texas Attorney General played with the public, consumers, plaintiffs, defendants and actually innocent citizens for its own purposes and self dealing." In addition to violations of the murder statue and other relates violations of state and federal law which allows for penalties of hundreds of thousand dollars $100,000 for each violation of the law, the alleged violations are under review with an attorney Jerry S. Payne of Piney Point Texas and requested by the undersigned is that you consider the above as it relates to your commitment to public service whether you decide to run against Greg Abbott and activate and exercise your rights as a Texas Legislator and enforce the Texas Government Code as it relates to the impeachment of the current Texas Attorney General. You may verify the existence of criminal evidence and obtain copies of the same from either the Texas Attorney General by Open Records Act or by contacting attorney Jerry S. Payne of Piney Point, Texas who may be reached at 713- 785-0677 as it relates to the “vast government conspiracy” that John M. O. Quinn said in his court motions do not exist yet an offer of proof is conveyed in good faith and your expertise is requested as it relates to General Abbott’s aide, Mr. Robert Allen statements to Hays County RICO Victim Carolyn Logan (512805-2247 /512- 569-1416) to resolve the issue of Greg Abbott’s continued violations of law with an indictment was optional but a VIABLE CANIDATE against the Texas Attorney General, Greg Abbott and or others where dissatisfactions is expressed due to the Texas Double Standard and selective prosecutions RETALIATION and for violations of the Racketeering and Influenced Corruptions Act. Requested are the removal/ impeachment and other applicable proceedings directed to the Texas Attorney General Greg Abbot. Bottom line, I am looking to help the citizens of Texas and presented herein are serious allegations and they require your upmost attention and for you to act on your oath and commitment to public service.

Respectfully submitted, Original Signed Carol Ann Davis 25311 Sugar Valley Lane Spring, Texas 77373 281-350-2943 / 713-560-5940