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FYSA Coaching Education Program

PPC: 2 hour clinic will include player clinic and parent coach education module. This clinic will focus on age specific training for the players and parent coach module in order to provide information on issues dealing with the various age groups. 6/8, 8/10 and 10/12 Modules: will remain the same, age specific training with appropriate activities for youth players. Each of the three modules is six hours. The cost is $25 per coach. The minimum age to attend a module is 12. F certificate: 8 hour course is the introductory course to 11 a-side soccer of players 12 years old and up. This course will include player development philosophies, team management, technical and tactical topics. This course also serves a preparatory course for the E license course. The cost is $50 per coach. The minimum age to attend the F course is 14. E license: This course has been revised. There are PRE-COURSE REQUIREMENTS. Click HERE for details. There is a test at the end of the course. This course is a prerequisite for the D license. The 20 hour course spans Friday evening thru Saturday and Sunday. The cost is $100 per coach. The minimum age to attend the E course is 16. D license: The D license is the highest state license course for coaches of players 13 and up. Depending on results of testing a coach who passes may receive a "D" or "D (r)" (recommendation to attend National C course after a one year wait) designation. The D course includes written, oral and practical coaching exams on the field. There is no waiver into the D license course. The E license is required for entry and there is a six month waiting period between the E and d course. The D course takes 36 hours and is usually held over two weekends. The cost is $200 per coach. The minimum age to attend the D course is 17. Coaches attending the D course must have an email address to receive materials in advance of the course. All coaches attending the D course must register in advance. There is no "walkup" registration for the D course. Attendance Policy In order to earn a license, a coach must attend the entire course and pass the exams. In the event a coach misses part of a course, it is the

responsibility of that coach to attend the missed segment at another course in order to attain a license. US Soccer Waiver Policy: Coaches who have played at a professional division 1 level or for a full national team may be eligible for a waiver to a national course. The philosophy behind the FYSA Coaching Courses is to provide instruction to any individual regardless of his/her coaching or playing background. Coaches should attend the level course that is most appropriate for the players they are . Waivers There is no waiver to the D course. and efficient. The courses were designed to instruct the candidates in coaching and teaching methods which are appropriate. economical. Inquiries should be directed tocoaches@ussoccer.