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March 17, 2014 President Barack Obama The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW Washington, DC 20800-0004 Dear President Obama: On March 10, 2014, about 35 undocumented immigrants requested asylum and humanitarian parole at the Otay Mesa Port of Entry in San Diego, CA. Yesterday, 30 more immigrants followed suit. By week’s end, a total of 100 people will likely make this desperate attempt to return from Mexico to family and loved ones, who reside in the United States. Many of these people daring to cross back over the border are DREAMers eligible for deferred action, if only given the opportunity to apply. Some of these people were deported without so much as having the chance to see a judge or speak to a lawyer. Others returned to Mexico to care for sick or aging loved ones, sacrificing the lives they worked hard to build on American soil. These people illustrate the challenges of our immigration system, one that is in dire need of immediate repair. Families are torn apart and suffer as a result. Impassioned by the American Dream, these immigrants only hope for a life of opportunity for their children. David Orozco is among those seeking asylum at Otay Mesa. Mr. Orozco came to the United States in 1991 from Oaxaca, Mexico. Here in San Diego, CA, he built a life with his wife and two children – a son, 13, and a daughter, 17, both of whom are U.S. citizens. Mr. Orozco dedicated himself to learning English and providing for his family. Well-respected by his employers and community, Mr. Orozco is a hardworking family man. By coming to the United States, Mr. Orozco only wanted to help his children succeed and receive a quality education. His daughter, Cynthia, now about to graduate high school, plans to continue her education by attending college to become a Doctor of Psychology. The bright future Mr. Orozco devoted himself to attaining for his children is nearly within reach, but times are hard. Unfortunately, in 2013, Mr. Orozco was arrested by ICE officials as he left his workplace and was deported without the opportunity to see a judge, speak to a lawyer, or bid his family goodbye. Like many other people in similar situations, Mr. Orozco, now in Mexico, finds himself the target of possible persecution, is unable to find work, and lives in daily fear of being assaulted or kidnapped. Mr. Orozco only wishes to return to San Diego, so he may provide for his family, especially his children, as they pursue their academic and professional goals. Mr. Orozco’s son, Gabriel, who is in his final year of middle school, wants to grow up to be an engineer. Gabriel's favorite hobby is fishing, and he misses doing that with his dad. Yesterday, Mr. Orozco attempted to forge through the Port of Entry in the hopes of reuniting with his wife and children, who miss and need him. He is currently being detained. Mr. Orozco is also eligible for a U visa as a crime victim in the U.S. For many years, Mr. Orozco worked at a 7-11 in San Diego, where he was the victim of multiple robberies for which he cooperated and assisted with police investigations. Mr. President, I ask that each of these cases, like that of Mr. Orozco, be given a thorough review and that you consider using your discretionary authority to allow these people to be reunited with their loved ones and soon. Sincerely,

LORENA GONZALEZ th Assemblywoman, 80 District

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