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The cell membrane as a layer around cells and organelles, which can control what passes through it. Membrane Powerpoint(s) (available on Year 10 Biology Blog) Quizzes, tests: Plans/Outlines: Mon 24th March (Objective B) Blog Notes: Shared Friday 28th March (Objective A) Bibliographies: Journal/Log: Drafts: Checklists: Graphs/Stats:

Expected prior knowledge:

Entry 'event' to launch project:

Assessments Formative
Assessments (during project)

Summative Assessments (end of project)

Oral presentation: Mon 31st March(Objective C) Construction/Model: Fri 28th March (Objective C) Exp. Inv. Write-up: Self evaluation:

Written presentation: Test/Exam: Friday 4th April (Objective A) Poster, etc: Peer evaluation:

Resources required

Materials: Equipment: Chemicals: Rooms/Labs: On-line: Group Individual

Materials necessary for construction of model

B-lab & C-Lab Year 10 Biology Blog and whatever other internet resources necessary


Focus group: Fishbowl discussion: Journal/Log: Open-ended questions:

Whole class discussion:

Survey: Completion of evaluation format

Prepared and adapted by John Osborne, using a template available from Buck Institute for Education:

Page 1 PROJECT-BASED-LEARNING (PBL) PLANNING - PROJECT OVERVIEW 21st to 28th March FLUID MOSAIC MODEL OF THE CELL MEMBRANE Name of Project: Duration: Year 10 Pre-Diploma Biology Subject/Course: Grade: John Osborne Other subject links: Teacher(s) Project idea:
Summary of the issue(s), challenge(s), investigation(s) or problem(s)
The challenge is to present the FLUID MOSAIC MODEL OF THE CELL MEMBRANE in a comprehensible way by means of model(s) or other device(s), that can be held in the hands . This means resourcing and understanding cell membrane biochemistry and model theory. The aim is to convert an idea and concept into something tangible. CAN THE FLUID MOSAIC MODEL BE CONVERTED INTO SOMETHING TANGIBLE WHICH I CAN HOLD IN MY HAND? Unit 2.2.2 - Cystic fibrosis; Why is CF mucus so sticky? Critical thinking Oral communication Research Use of technology (Experimental) planning and design Practical manipulative skills Problem solving Analysis of data Collaboration Transfer of information from one form to another Data collection

Focus Question: Content (syllabus): Skills:

Products and Outcomes:


1. Model(s) or device(s) of cell membrane (completed Friday 28th March) 2. Oral description of the model or device, including a discussion of the problems faced in its constrution (Monday 31st March) 3. Test on Friday 4th April

Presentation to:

Class/Group Specialists

School Community