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Justice & Democracy 2010 issue

An Epic Documentary Film:
south africa’s Journey From apartheid to Democracy
exclusive interview with Producer carole J. Wilson.
reported By J. michael Gordon and Gary Ginzberg

A Complicated Life
Frank Wisner, sr. the ian Fleming of the cold War
by Gary Ginzberg

South Africa Today - behind The Rainbow
a Bitter Political struggle Between Brothers-in-arms
by Mitch Ligon
copyright carole J. Wilson



[Clint Eastwood encounters Nelson Mandela’s South Africa]


Michael Henry Wilson is a bi-cultural filmaker working both in the USA and France. His two passions, film and history, are evident in his projects. After A PERSONAL JOURNEY WITH MARTIN SCORSESE, the celebration of 100 years of American movies that he co-wrote and co-directed with Scorsese, his most recent opus was the acclaimed full-length documentary CLINT EASTWOOD: A LIFE IN FILM, an intimate portrait of the great filmmaker. Wilson pursues his collaboration with Eastwood with this exciting new project :

Directed by Michael Henry WILSON


n 1993, Nelson Mandela was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for the contribution to the peaceful end of the apartheid regime in South Africa. He saved his country from a bloody civil war by allowing the spirit of reconciliation to prevail. It is time to evaluate the political, moral and spiritual legacy of this extraordinary man.

Directed by: Michael Henry WILSON [CLINT EASTWOOD: A LIFE IN FILM, A PERSONAL JOURNEY WITH MARTIN SCORSESE, co-written and co-directed with Scorsese ] With: Clint EASTWOOD, F.W. DE KLERK, Morné DU PLESSIS, Zindzi MANDELA, Archbishop Desmond TUTU [Nobel Peace Prize 1984 ], THE SPRINGBOKS

The encounter of the Mandela story by Clint Eastwood is itself an unusual event. It marks the convergence of two men who have reached a pinnacle in their respective realms. After forty years of struggle against oppression, Mandela has come to embody the values of dialogue and reconciliation. As for Eastwood, the last of the Hollywood mavericks, he hasn’t ceased, film after classical film, to study the effects of violence and injustice on both its victims and its perpetrators. The documentary will weave together these threads into a unique tapestry that unites the diverse personalities who have forged South Africa’s reconciliation against all odds.
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Produced by HIGH WIRE PRODUCTIONS Co-produced by ARAPROD Cinematographer Dominique GENTIL [THE CHORUS, WINGED MIGRATIONS ] Status In production Language English

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At the core of this exploration is an in depth behind-the-scenes look at Clint Eastwood’s current production, THE UNTITLED MANDELA PROJECT.

The Challenge of Reconciliation
a feature-length documentary By michael Henry Wilson
The time has come to evaluate the political, moral and spiritual legacy of a 20th century hero, Nelson Mandela, a leader who saved his country from a bloody civil war by allowing the spirit of reconciliation to prevail. This will be our documentary’s focus as it explores the real life stories of people who brought about the creation of the Rainbow Nation. war fomented by hard-core champions of apartheid. The Rugby World Cup, in the final match when the Springboks beat New Zealand’s All-blacks, played a major part in his strategy. That triumph marked a stunning moment of national fusion as it brought together South Africans of all races and creeds. To place these defining events of the new South Africa in their proper context, we will call upon witnesses - from all communities - to provide insights, anecdotes, memories, and possibly dissenting viewpoints. (See Appendix A for list of confirmed interviewees.)

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At the core of our exploration is an in depth behindthe-scenes look at Clint Eastwood’s current production, “Invictus” project. Inspired by John Carlin’s book, Playing the Enemy, Eastwood’s film centers around the year 1995, when president Man- The inequities of apartheid will necessarily be dwelt dela (interpreted by Morgan Freeman) must pre- upon, but our images and sounds also celebrate the pare South Africa to welcome the Rugby World Cup. extraordinary beauty of the land and its multiple African cultures…as well as the country’s hopes for The encounter of the Mandela story by Clint Eastwood the future. If filmmaker Michael Wilson’s previous is itself an unusual event. It marks the convergence film portrait of Mr. Eastwood entitled Clint Eastof two men who have reached a pinnacle in their re- wood: a Life in Film was a solo one-man-show, The spective realms. After forty years of struggle against Challenge of Reconciliation is a choral, plural, polyoppression, Mandela has come to embody the values phonic piece that gives a voice not only to a great of dialogue and reconciliation. As for Eastwood, the Hollywood filmmaker, but also to a wide spectrum last of the Hollywood mavericks, he hasn’t ceased, of historical witnesses in the South African story. film after classical film, to study the effects of violence and injustice on both its victims and its perpetrators. Our ambition is to capture the creative rhythms of Eastwood as he tackles a new, important experience far Our documentary will weave together these from his familiar turf, while retracing the epic’s colorful threads into a unique tapestry that unites background and the inspired lives of freedom fighters the diverse personalities who have forged such as Mandela, Desmond Tutu and their companagainst all odds South Africa’s reconciliation. ions. Structurally, this calls for an organic counterpoint between the present of the film being made One key lesson that Mandela’s journey illuminates is and the momentous historical events it is recreating. that brute force cannot be effective in the long term. Also part of our story, archival footage will allow us No matter how unjust a government may be, sooner to illustrate the apartheid system, the Rivonia trial, or later the human spirit rebels. And when it prevails, the massacres of Sharpeville and Soweto, Mandela’s it astounds the world with its magnanimity. Over- liberation, the first free election (1994) and the presicoming the hatred he may have felt for implacable en- dential inauguration, which saw Mandela utter these emies, Mandela made them his partners in the peace now historical words: process. He understood that the oppressor must be liberated, just as much as the oppressed, as both have been robbed of their humanity. At the time Mandela was able, miraculously, to defuse the threat of a civil “Never, never and never again shall it be that this beautiful land will experience the oppression of one by the other and suffer the indignity of being the skunk of the world.”

Publishers Cut
PUbLISHER E.E. KANTOR The word serendipity rings true in my life, and this is the reason why Carole and Michael Henry Wilson, husband and wife documentarians are on the front cover. I pride myself on the research department! They are the brain trust of The Suit and the reason for the story. After a lengthy conversation with Carole Wilson, in which I sensed her passion for justice and democracy, we discovered the Nelson Mandela story. We are talking about apartheid in South Africa. People were being oppressed, living under the heels of a racist society, but the story goes much deeper than what appears on the surface. In this issue, readers can find out why: the tension within the ANC, the lively character of President Zuma and his struggles. In addition, director Clint Eastwood discovered one of his biggest stories and found his cause - the Nelson Mandela epic. If he pulls it off, Clint would be in league with Richard Attenborough’s Gandhi Epic. This could very well be his signature film. Also in this issue, Marvel comics are in the mix. Stan Lee and the top executives are being put to the test. .

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An Epic Documentary Film:
south africa’s Journey From apartheid to Democracy
reported By J. michael Gordon and Gary Ginzberg
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Copyright Carol J. Wilson

copyright carole J. Wilson

An epic documentAry film:
bY J. MICHAEL GORDON and GARY GINZbERG THE SUIT STAFF WRITERS Veteran film producers Carole Wilson and her husband Michael Henry have embarked on a controversial film assignment – one daring venture that drives at the heart of South Africa – to document the corrupt and racist system of Apartheid. It’s a piercing tale, one that cuts deep into the social fabric of South Africa’s troubled past. Wilson’s voice is calm yet intense: “We have interviewed people like Archbishop Desmond Tutu, F. W. de Klerk, some of the chief engineers who virtually ended apartheid,” she exJUSTICE & DEMOCRACY • THE SUIT • 8

plained during a phone interview from her California home in early May. One of the most productive minds in the industry, Wilson graduated from Columbia University, earning a bachelor’s in Anthropology with a minor in Fine Arts. but then she turned to the exciting world of filmmaking. Wilson and her husband Michael have chronicled the life of Nelson Mandela in their documentary, “TheChallenge of Reconciliation,” starting her plot with the African National Congress movement. Before filming the documentary, the Wilson’s hired a South African film crew
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South AfricA’S Journey from ApArtheid to democrAcy
to shoot and document the production of She explained further that the documenta“The Challenge of Reconciliation,” she said. ry also includes a behind-the-scenes look at Clint Eastwood’s movie, “Invictus,” which “We started with the apartheid era,” Wil- focuses on how Mandela’s involvement with son said, “He (Mandela) was in prison in the the 1995 Rugby Cup lends a hand in healing early 1960s, and we cover that period, up a post-apartheid South Africa. Eastwood’s through his release from prison twenty-sev- long-time friend, Morgan Freeman, will be en years later.” The film creator agrees that portraying Mandela in the movie. Wilson Nelson Mandela has served as a powerful noted that the title for Eastwood’s film is inexample in world history. She noted that the spired by Mandela’s favorite poem, writfreedom fighter “orchestrated the transition ten by poet William Ernest Henley, which from apartheid to democracy in South Af- high-lights the will to endure while confrontrica.” She has hit on one of Mandela’s great- ing life’s hardship: est strengths, the ability to understand and embrace the “oppressor” in order to move OUT of the night that covers me, forward to achieve dialogue and consensus. Black as the Pit from pole to pole, There is a pause between sentences, Wilson measuring her words with good reason and balance. “Mandela is a great inspiration for all humankind.” She catches her breath and then begins speaking with passion about the Mandela project. Her respect for Mandela was apparent as she told us, “He exercised forgiveness as opposed to revenge.”
I thank whatever gods may be For my unconquerable soul.

In the fell clutch of circumstance I have not winced nor cried aloud. Under the bludgeonings of chance My head is bloody, but unbowed. Beyond this place of wrath and tears Looms but the Horror of the shade, And yet the menace of the years Finds, and shall find, me unafraid. It matters not how strait the gate, How charged with punishments the scroll, I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul.

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“Nelson Mandela supported the Springboks, the South African rugby team, during the World Cup in 1995. He walked on the field with a
copyright carole J. Wilson


Springbok jersey and the whole nation went wild,” Wilson recalls, capturing that moment in the reel of her mind. “People, white and black, were all together,” she pauses. “Mandela used it as a nation-building moment, which was very successful. We Americans know almost nothing about the significance the World Cup victory played in bringing about greater racial harmony in South Africa.”

dela story at length, enough to give a brief thumbnail sketch of his history: The Union of South Africa was formed on May 31, 1910. black South Africans had limited voting rights and were subject to growing discrimination. In 1948, the National Party won the all-white general election on a campaign promise to introduce a system of “apartheid” in order to totally separate the races. Opposition to the apartheid system

copyright carole J. Wilson

His disciplined and non-violent movement baffled police. In several of these incidents, Mandela received suspended sentences. He would eventually be banned fromattending such gatherings, but he always managed to find a way around those restrictions while attending and finishing law school, earning a Bachelor of Law degree at the University ofLondon External Programme along the way. Soon thereafter, Nelson Mandela opted to take the

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by the black majority was ruthlessly oppressed, and the National Party remained in power until 1994. All South Africans were legally assigned to one of several racial groups – White, African, Colored or Asian. All races had separate living areas and separate public amenities, such as toilets, parks and beaches. blacks had no parliamentary representation. Police powers were expanded, and those charged with dissent often held without trial, tortured, and re“The South African Rugby Team had been ceived lengthy sentences when trials were held. a pre-eminent symbol white apartheid,” Wilson comments, yet, she adds, Nelson Entered Nelson Mandela, fully embedded Mandela behaved with total compassion for within the ANC [African National Congress] the team, uniting the people with the power movement. In 1950, Mandela was elected to of kindness. “When he became President of the ANC National Executive Committee at its South Africa, a lot of his supporters felt that national conference. Two years later, the Springboks should be abolished.” Mandela, ANC ordered the government to repeal all instead, used a gentle form of persuasion. unjust laws or face a “Campaign for the defiFor this project, Wilson has studied the Man- ance of Unjust Laws.” Mandela was placed in charge of volunteers for the campaign, traveling throughout the countryside and organizing small pockets of resistance operations to do battle against discriminatory legislation in South Africa. That year, countless rallies and strikes were staged, drawing huge crowds. Quickly the government clamped down on the ANC movement, introducing harsher penalties for protesting against Apartheid. Campaign leaders and supportive newspapers were banned; more than 8,000 people were placed under arrest, including Mandela.

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admission examination and was admitted into Dalai Lama, the spiritual head of Tibetan budthe bar. That legal expertise aided Mandela in dhism and the head of the Tibetan governmentthe non-violent struggle against Apartheid. in-exile. The documentary focused on the Dalai Lama’s spirit of kindness and nonviolence Initially committed to nonviolent resistance, while confronting his exile and the continuMandela and 150 others were arrested in ing destruction of Tibetan culture by China’s absorption of Tibet, a spirit not unlike that of Nelson Mandela. As a practicing Tibetan buddhist, Wilson herself lived among buddhists in India, far away from the United States, devotedly studying Eastern philosophy. by the time she took on the Scorsese project, she was well versed in Tibetan buddhism. “The Dalai Lama is one of my spiritual teachers,” Wilson comments, reflecting back on her bohemian life, trekking through India in search of spiritual enlightenment. “I lived in India, in an Ashram in the 1970s!” she copyright carole Wilson reflects. “I spent five years out of 1956 and charged with treason; the trial lasted my life studying meditation and Eastern Phiuntil 1961, when, finally, all defendants were losophy. I’ve been practising meditation for acquitted. The following year, Mandela was long time. I’ve been on a spiritual quest since re-arrested, tried, convicted and sentenced the age of 19.” to five years in prison. In 1964, he was convicted and sentenced on other charges, which Wilson said buddhism has always been part sentencing eventually culminated in a total of her life. “I work with awareness to maintain of 27 years imprisonment. “The Challenge of an inner peace,” she said. “Our documentary Reconciliation” captures that legacy, as well “In Search of Kundun” shows that the Dalai as the horrific brutality of the apartheid era. Lama as a spiritual leader,” Wilson added. “He’s a moral figure who embodies passion While doggedly working to get the story and forgiveness as opposed to revenge and haon this important project down, Wilson tred. ‘In Search of Kundun’ came out in 1999.” continued to manage her family life as a wife and mother. The husband-and-wife duo has a After a lengthy conversation on budlong history of producing documentaries. In dhism, she returned to the business at hand. fact, in 1998, Carole and Michael Henry Wil- Access to Nelson Mandela is rare, Wilson son worked on the documentary “In Search of posited. “He’s not giving interviews anyKundun,” a companion piece to Martin Scors- more,” she said. However, Wilson did land eses “Kundun,” which portrays the life of the an interview with Nelson Mandela’s daughJustice & Democracy • THE SUIT • 11

ter, Zindzi Mandela. “She has accompanied her father during diplomatic missions; she’s an important figure in his life.” bringing the project this far, Wilson proudly told us, has been a labor of love. She argues that the issue of human rights has virtually become the language of our times, a framework that can provide an underpinning to principles of cooperation which are necessary in order to face the coming challenges to a global community. She feels that the principle of human rights is an important issue for the oppressed to insist upon, and must not be marginalized as a means to motivate their fight against domination by external economic and political institutions. In South Africa specifically, “the struggle against Apartheid was more than simply a struggle to replace a dictatorial minority government with one that was elected. It was significantly a human rights struggle.” Carole Wilson noted that the shooting of the documentary about Nelson Mandela was an experience of pure octane energy. At the end of the interview, Carole speaks peacefully, almost Zen-like into her mobile phone, breathing a buddhist sigh. “The documentary is my baby,” she said. “I feel it is a gift.”

copyright carole J. Wilson

copyright carole J. Wilson


copyright carole J. Wilson

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An American Hero Legend
By Gary GiNZBerG and J. micHaeL GorDoN By tHe suit staFF Writers
From gunslinging spaghetti westerner to pale rider, he's considered the ultimate American hero. Clint Eastwood, the iconic film director, will soon release the cinematic epic film depicting the life and times of Nelson Mandela, "Invictus." It's a natural fit for him to make such a controversial film, bringing his camera lens up close to view the ugly and vile movement of Apartheid, confronted by the nonviolent power and compassion of Mandela, a real hero in a world which Eastwood brings to life with his exceptional eye for detail. Early in his career, there were signs of Eastwood's incredible attention to film detail. during the shooting of his several spaghetti westerns, Eastwood played a pivotal role in the introduction of black jeans into his character's wardrobe. He eventually was invited to audition for the part. The competition, however, was tough. Up for the same lead role were a deputy sheriff from Arizona who landed in New York to extradite a prisoner (played by Don Stroud). In 1971, he formed his own production company, Malpaso, giving Eastwood the artistic control he had long desired. His directorial debut, “Play Misty For Me,” was a thriller in which he played a disc jockey who is haunted by a crazed female admirer. His entrenched commercial success continued to skyrocket via his outrageously violent character, Detective Harry Callahan, in the dirty Harry film series. Eastwood played that character as angry and edgy, and intolerant of bureaucratic politics, which he obviously enjoyed exposing and mocking in his own way. Citified politicians became adequate replacements for the bad and the ugly characters vilified in his westerns. Eastwood's portrayal of Harry Callahan created a new image of cop for the film industry, getting things done his way, without pretentious civility, unconcerned about justifying his use of violence.


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such prominent actors as Charles bronson, Henry Fonda, Richard Harrison, James Coburn, among He’d purchased them on Hollywood others, jockeying for the role. boulevard. And he snatched his Finally, Eastwood landed the part. now-legendary felt hat from a Santa "Maybe my greatest contribution Monica wardrobe company. In to cinema was not doing Fistful fact, the short, black cigars he used of Dollars, and recommending in those movies were purchased by Clint for the part," Richard him at a beverly Hills shop, even Harrison said, after he Later on, as a director, he put a though Eastwood was a non-smoker. suggested Eastwood for the role. new wrinkle into the American It was during the 1960s that western film genre with the selfEastwood became a folk hero He became the perennial tough guy, directed 1992 film, unforgiven. His in the Spaghetti Western genre. and he capitalized on his success. In character, an aging ex-gunfighter In 1964, he landed the lead 1968, Eastwood was paid $800,000 way past his prime, presented a role in “A Fistful Dollars.” That for his role in the war classic, different facet of the hero, a selfhappened in a twist of blind fate. "Where Eagles Dare," playing doubting and self-questioning At the time, he was starring in the opposite Richard burton. Certainly, man without the romanticized Rawhide television series, when 1968 was a good year. Eastwood halo. The film was nominated suddenly he was discovered by starred in "Hang ‘Em High" and in for nine Academy Awards, famed film director Sergio leone. "Coogan's bluff," where he played including best Actor for Eastwood.

It won four, including best Picture and best Director. In addition to his acting and directing action-filled movies, Eastwood has also dabbled into the musical elements of the film business, most notably with his controversial homage to Jazz icon Charlie Parker in the film, “Bird.” He then went on to score the music for his 2005 film, “Million Dollar baby,” which he also produced and directed, in addition to taking on the starring role. The movie won awards for best Picture and best Director, with a nomination for best Actor. The subject of human beings caught up in war was tackled by Eastwood in two films that he directed in 2006. both told the story of the World War II battle of Iwo Jima. The first one, “Flags of Our Fathers,” focused on the men who’d raised the American flag on top of Mount Suribachi. The second one, “Letters From Iwo Jima,” explored the tactics of the Japanese soldiers on the island and the letters they wrote to family members. Both films were highly praised by critics and garnered several Oscar nominations, including best Director and best Picture for “Letters…” In 2008, Eastwood directed and starred in “Gran Turino,” for which he co-wrote the film’s theme song. The movie grossed close to $30 million during its wide-release opening weekend in January 2009, making Eastwood, at age 78, the oldest leading man to reach #1 at the box office. To date, this film has grossed

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over $268 million worldwide in irrevocable truth with his camera. theaters, making it the highestgrossing film of Eastwood's career. Politics is also a game in which Eastwood has participated, though Throughout his career, Eastwood no longer as he is too much the always made an indelible impression independent thinker. His political on movie-goers everywhere. He career began with his one-term election as Mayor of Carmel-by-the-Sea, a small town in Monterey County, California. In 2001, he was appointed to the California State Park and Recreation Commission by Governor Gray Davis. In 2005, as vice chairman of the California State Park and Recreation Commission, Eastwood, a long-time gets us to experience the steely Republican, took a position edge of the moment, even while counter to conservative thought his characters retain their dignity, – he opposed the construction of often bemused by the irrational a six-lane, 16-mile toll road that behavior of their superiors and would have cut through a state their foils while continuously beach and ruined one of Southern pointing a finger at the folly of the California's most cherished surfing system. As well, he has stretched beaches. He cared more about the the limits of his canvas with surfers than he did about party films that take off-beat looks at politics and corporate profits. American culture through humor. In March 2008, Eastwood's term on the commission expired In the 1980 release of “bronco and he was not reappointed. billy,” Eastwood's lead character symbolizes both the good and In May of this year, Eastwood bad of hero-worship, as the main was awarded the "brass balls attraction in a traveling wild- Award," for being a daring and west show. In “Any Which Way pioneering filmmaker, our Richard You Can,” sequel to “Any Which Attenborough. He has always been Way but Loose,” he again pokes a risk-taker, even performing his fun at our world, and the movie own rock-climbing stunts during became another box-office success the filming of “The Eiger Sanction,” – among the top five highest- a 1975 film in which Eastwood also grossing films of the year, despite directed and starred. And he is being panned by critics. Yet, both taking his camera out to the edge the critics and his star status don't once again, with an eagerly-awaited seem to affect Eastwood, someone look at one of the great atrocities who has played larger-than-life of our time, Apartheid, and the roles yet seems unfazed by the man who brought that racist glitzy lure of being a celebrity system down, Nelson Mandela, as he seeks to ferret out some a real-life hero for any age.

behind the Rainbow

A bitter political struggle between brothers-in-arms

The 2009 New York Film Festival slipped out of town in May and left an indelible impression, a journey through Africa, from the past to the future, through the lenses of filmmakers to make the present tangible. one film in particular, "Behind the Rainbow," was centerpiece to the festival. The documentary, by award-winning writer/director and producer Jihan ElTahri, probes into high and low points of South Africa's Anti-Apartheid African National Congress Party (ANC) and the bitter, yet deadly duel between former President Thabo Mbeki and current President Jacob Zuma, among other issues and events. This investigative documentary pulls no punches; interviewed were former and present members of the ANC, as "behind the Rainbow" explores the transitional journey that the party crossed from a liberation organization into South Africa's ruling party – and the evolution and history of two of its most prominent members, former President Mbeki and current President Zuma. both brothers-in-arms during the anti-Apartheid struggle, Mbeki and Zuma were antagonistic and combative in their quest for power. El-Tahri brilliantly depicts the internal struggles and challenges of the ANC and the relationship of these two life-long friends and comrades-in-arms. A former news correspondent for Reuters, U.S. News and World Report, the filmmaker utilizes her keen skills to shape and form this convoluted saga into a clear and concise tale. What makes this film work – even for Western-minded thinkers who do not have an inkling of South Africa's politics – is the salaciousness of the events covered. "There is no cloud above my head – there is not even a mist," President Zuma said regarding the corruption charges waged against him just before the April
Jacob Zuma Portrait ©

2009 election, which he ironically won. After nearly 60 years of an officially sanctioned Apartheid system, and 15 years since the release of Nelson Mandela, South Africa had its first democratic elections. A generation of leaders has taken over the helm to steer the state towards adopting a series of socio-economic programs that would decrease unemployment and poverty. While holding to the principles of the ANC, this generation seeks to find a system by which the wealth of the country can be more equitably shared. What drives this documentary are the different personalities and leaders, and what they mean to the people of South Africa. Nelson Mandela, the head of one of the most inspiring and liberating movements in history, retired in 1998, and Thabo Mbeki succeeded him. Mbeki's parents were among South Africa’s teachers and activists. Mbeki, however, left the country under orders by the ANC and moved to britain where he earned a Master's degree in economics at Sussex University. The recipient of a number of honorary degrees, former President Mbeki has a long track record of achievements during his tenure. However, his opposition to power came from an unlikely source and in the person of Jacob Zuma. Zuma was born into poverty in Inklanda, South Africa. His father worked as a police officer and died when he was three years old. His mother worked as a domestic to support the family, but that was not enough. Zuma had to work and do whatever he could to bring money into the household. At the age of 17, with no formal education, he joined the ANC. Soon after South Africa cracked down on the antiapartheid movement, Zuma was arrested and sentenced to ten years on Robben Island, the same (CONTINUED ON PAGE 19)

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a comPLicateD LiFe FraNK G. WisNer, sr tHe iaN FLemiNG oF tHe coLD War?
By Gary Ginzberg
Frank G. Wisner, Sr. did not dabble in insignificant matters. He built and was the original orchestrator of "The Mighty Wurlitzer Organ," a nickname for the first state-sponsored propaganda network in the United States. Wisner ran a federal agency which piped information through a vast array of contacts in order to sway people's emotions. Later, that agency morphed into The Central Intelligence Agency. A founding father in the covert world of espionage, Wisner paid the ultimate price for his role, eventually succumbing to the weight of the decisions he had made and the repercussions felt by those drawn into his secret web. groups, and support of indigenous anti-communist elements in the threatened countries of the free world." The new covert network was built by an elite cabal of men led by Wisner. They tickled the ivories of "The Mighty Wurlitzer Organ" in order to play upon people's emotions and paint a picture – the beauty of capitalism versus the ugliness of communism. One of his most effective assaults on American public opinion was "Operation Mockingbird."


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The mission – to infiltrate and manipulate America's media institutions. The operation was so successful that by 1950 Wisner "owned" numerous respected journalists, including Joseph Alsop, James Reston, Walter PinWisner had a remarkable history. After enlisting in the cus and ben bradley. He developed a vast network of Navy shortly before Pearl Harbor, he gravitated towards contacts within front organizations located in Europe, the world of counter-intelligence, with the final por- the United States and parts of the developing world. tion of his tour of duty being spent as a spy on the Soviet Union. He tried to raise the alarm regarding Rus- Wisner's layered network of contacts was modeled on sia’s intention to annex Eastern Europe, but in vain. His the Communist Front, and, in America, it was powvoice, however, was heard and respected in the American ered by the natural energy of American "Associationaldefense family. In 1947, none other than dean Acheson ism" – the tendency of Americans to form groups, esinvited Wisner to join the State department's office of pecially citizen associations, an American institution. Special Services (OSS), mainly a paramilitary operation Why not infiltrate key American groups and use that that was mostly ineffectual. Wisner accepted, even while tendency to influence the mind of the average Amerihe lobbied for a brand new intelligence agency. In 1948, can – a question which Wisner answered by forming an the office of Special Services became the office of Pro- incredibly pervasive network of propaganda channels tective Services, with Wisner appointed to organize and that made full use of the iconic organizations of the day. run what was called the office of Policy Coordination. In America, Wisner’s network entwined such diverse elements as labor unions, intellectual groups, femiIt was his dream come true – to be the one totally re- nist groups and others, many of which were considsponsible for the espionage and counter-intelligence ered to be bastions of liberal idealism. And most of the activities of our country. And it presented an oppor- leaders of those groups knew the CIA was involved. tunity for Wisner to shift the emphasis of U.S. anticommunist strategies from paramilitary action to- Even Gloria Steinhem said, “I was happy to find some liberals wards more intelligence operations, eventually making in government in those days who were farsighted and cared Wisner's agency the forerunner of the modern CIA. enough to get Americans of all political views to the festival.” He sat at the helm of the fledgling agency, recruited a So it seemed that Frank G. Wisner, Sr. was a man with cadre of old colleagues, including many from Carter Le- flair, someone who could hobnob with the free thinkdyard, and steered the operation's rudder towards pro- ers even while he was attempting to implement the dogpaganda and espionage. According to the organization's ma of anti-communist, radical conservatism. He could secret charter, the responsibilities of Wisner's baby in- come across as liberal as Gloria Steinhem, be a common cluded "propaganda, economic warfare, preventive di- fixture on the Georgetown dinner party circuit, a memrect action as well as sabotage, anti-sabotage, demolition ber of the set, and, in the same stroke, be the other – a and evacuation proceedings, subversion against hostile covert CIA senior operative. A dichotomy? A dilemma? states, including assistance to underground resistance The agency men, including Wisner, were old school. They

apparently disliked the idea of a corpulent government feeding the masses, and they reviled what they labeled “official secrecy.” But isn’t that a paradox, considering the business in which these men worked, engaging covert activity as a government agency, one that was directly in financial and strategic collusion with liberal front groups? They were smart men. They knew what they were doing. But they were more motivated by their desire to fight socialism/communism than they were motivated by the rebukes of their conscience. Was Wisner acting out Ian Fleming’s James bond fantasy, yet feeling guilty over the hypocritical and sometimes dirty nature of its game? In his “The Mighty Wulitzer,” author Hugh Wilford

his office of Protective Services to Western Europe and such regions of the developing world as Southeast Asia, Africa and South America. The emphasis was to prevent “communization” which did enjoy some success. At home, the strings on the “Mighty Wurlitzer Organ” were beginning to unravel. The notes were losing their resonance due to domestic developments which were tearing the American people apart along philosophical and racial lines. by the late 1960’s, America was being split between those who refused to let go of their blind faith in the system and those who were questioning the system. And for those who were questioning the system, there was disagreement over tactics. Many of Wisner’s front groups were also questioning. In the past, Wisner had been friends with them; now those friendships dissolved, as the underlying conservative motives of the CIA gang were made more apparent by the changing times. The tensions must have been humming at a high level in Wisner’s working world of American intelligence. A large number of operatives and managers of “The Mighty Wurlitzer” underwent personal crises. And the environment which fostered those individual crises soon exploded onto the national scene, the result of investigative reporting by The New York Times, and Wisner was thrown into even more turmoil. In 1967, The New York Times broke a story on the CIA’s involvement in some of our favorite American institutions. Wisner was now trying to control liberal front groups that were in an uproar. Up until then, Wisner had played the game well with liberal front groups. The exposure of agency involvement in bastions of liberalism, however, had a devastating effect on all involved. And the exposure of agency involvement must have had an interesting impact on all of those working for the agency, bringing to the fore all of the ambivalent feelings attached to their experience.

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noted that, “the CIA was never able to resolve the fundamental contradiction between cold-war anti-communism and (inclusive) domestic reform at the heart of its front program. In addition, the group never succeeded in resolving their claims to representativenessat-home/internationalism-abroad with their covert purpose as state-funded weapons of political warfare.” George Kennan, U.S. Ambassador to the Soviet Union during the Cold War, described that dilemma very personally when he said, “Operations of that nature are not in the character of our country.” In response to that statement, Wisner may have nodded in agreement or may have taken on a puzzled look on his face. We know that Wisner’s agency used tactics that were arguably unethical. Indeed, one of Wisner’s most questionably dark moments came when, after World War II, he used ex-Nazi war criminals as part of Operation bloodstone.

Even Wisner’s good friend, the liberal-thinking Arthur Schlesinger, a buddy from their days together at the OSS, who had frequently discussed matters with Wisner on the Georgetown party circuit, now felt that he had to break off their friendship because he was conSo it is likely that Wisner wrestled with the issue of his cerned about Wisner’s obsession with the threat of comagency’s tactics being morally questionable, a wrestling munist elements. Wisner’s life was now being overevent that would have taken place at some level of his run by the conflicts which he had handled so adeptly consciousness, although maybe not in his awareness. in the past. It was the unfolding of Wisner’s tragedy. We’ll never know for sure what was going inside of Wis- His relentless and obsessive pursuit of victory over the ner’s mind, but he initially directed the energy of his Of- communists had probably narrowed his perspective, as he fice of Protective Services into Eastern Europe, attempting molded reality to his own liking, somehow maintaining an to foment resistance to existing governments, hopefully illusion of nobility required for the execution of his task. Now leading to regime change. That was a fiasco, with noth- the seamy underbelly of Wisner’s agency body lay exposed. ing accomplished. Wisner then turned the attention of (Continued on page 19 )

10 Rules of Renovation
1) This is the time do it right. Make the changes that will allow you and your family to live in the house in this new world. 2) Create a wish list. Communicate your vision with pictures from quality shelter magazines of what you like and do not like. This is a visual business. A picture really is worth a thousand words. 3) If you can, live in the space first. Before the construction starts, decide if you can live with the dust and upheaval. You may want to move out. 4) Find a renovation team that you genuinely like. Renovation is a hard process, in some ways like a marriage. Start out with a partner that you respect. Check portfolios for the quality of the work, as well as the diversity of styles. 5) The internet makes us feel like we are instant experts. Trust your design team first or you may regret your independent path. 6) Look at the sustainable options. Weigh the up front cost with the long-term savings. Work with a team that has current knowledge. 7) You pay one way or another. Never go with the lowest priced contractor/design team or make your builder/ design team choose the lowest priced subcontractor. That creates a very weak pyramid, with your contractor/design team on top, precariously holding your job in their hands. 8) Spend ample time on the plans before demolition. Let all the voices be heard-architect, designer, builder, landscape designer. Your project will be much stronger for it and run more smoothly. 9) When you start your renovation, make sure to finish it. If you don’t get to something when the walls are open and the dust flying, you never will. 10) Always remember, this is your house. It should always be about how you live.

Lin Lee’s

63 Indigo Way

Castle Pines Village

Lin Lee, ASID, Principal Castle Rock, CO 80108 Phone: 303-688-2447 Fax:303-660-4202

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17) independent and creative thinker, a bold tool of the system, someone The events of the 1960’s put enor- who took action. And he was one of mous pressure on him, raising the those individuals who served as a temperature in his cauldron of working member of a cultural instifears and desires and causing him tution. He was a part of the Amerito suffer a nervous breakdown. He can system, indeed, a cog in the macould no longer handle the devel- chine which he had actually helped opments in his life rationally, and to build and shape, the modern CIA. he was admitted to a hospital. After being released he did not do well. He was an individual and the SysWisner was not able to overcome tem, both at the same time – a tough his demons; finally, he killed him- juggling act during a crucial presself with his own son’s shotgun. A sure-filled era, which eventually betragic story of a man who want- came unmanageable. Yet the fruits ed to do the right thing – protect of Wisner’s labor may have helped his country against communism. to prevent more countries from falling under communist influence And the worthiness of that goal back in the late fifties and sixties. has since been proven true, to some degree, by the brutally to- That may be a relative good, with a talitarian nature of communist little less suffering by the masses. governments. but at the same In the end, who are we to judge? time, Wisner was pushed beyond by any standards, Wisner did achieve his own moral boundaries in pur- a great deal and had much success. suit of his goal, which assumed possibly paranoid proportions. He professed a love for this country, dedicated his life to the purWas he a victim of the aggres- suit of his version of patriotism, sion, narcissism and paranoia of and became a founding father in our own American psyche? Cer- an American institution. In his tainly, he fell victim to a darker personal life, Wisner raised a wellside of the American personal- adjusted and productive family. ity, perhaps to the dark side of His son carried on the family tradithe universal struggle between tion of civic involvement by attaincivilization and its individuals. ing the post of U.S. Ambassador to several countries, even playing We can all empathize with Wis- a role in the Camp David accords. ner’s sincere belief in the rightness of his actions. Any wrong he may Frank G. Wisner, Sr. lived an excithave done is partly the culpabil- ing and fruitful life, as he chose and ity of a system which reached out experienced moments of joy and reto this particular individual, in a gret. He was a complicated man at a moment of desperation and para- complicated time in a complicated noia, and instructed him to “get situation. He led a complicated life. these guys before they subvert our model of freedom and democracy.” To advertise in our entrepranuer’s business sections, contact He was doing a job; he was a tool of Eric Daniels at 718.619.8520 the system, but Wisner was also an w w w . t h e s u i t o n l i n e . o r g



(CONTINUED FROM PAGE 15) prison in South Africa that had contained Mandela, where it was reported that Zuma kept his cellmates’ spirits high with songs and animated stories. His personality and talent depicted in the documentary supersede any notion of an uneducated freedom fighter that made it out of poverty. It clearly shows his connection with the people of South Africa, whether singing the Zulu anthem, "bring Me My Machine Gun," at political rallies or walking with ordinary South Africans on the streets – one doesn't have to wonder why is he so popular. besieged by charges of corruption and rape, along with other gaffes that portrayed him as both homophobic and misogynistic, Zuma, a Zulu traditionalist and a polygamist, nevertheless became President of South Africa. Obviously, there was much political intrigue behind the accusations. "The rape trial was the second or third major incident, where people thought that he was being victimized," said El-Tahri, during a recent interview. "Rightly or wrongly, whether he did it or not, that wasn't the issue. The issue is the perception of the people of South Africa – that Mbeki wanted to run him out of the political race” so that he wouldn’t win the Presidency.

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ScientiSt BattleS Stan lee’S Marvel eMpire
Can one businessman take on Spiderman, Iron Man, The Hulk, and X-men? Obviously, Nelson Thall, Chairman of the board and former director of Torstar, a media conglomerate which owns The Toronto Star, the largest newspaper in Canada, has the money and clout to wage a prolonged litigious copyright infringement battle. Thall's legal wrangling in court with Stan Lee Media has been an endless war in court proceedings. In fact, when Thall talks about Stan Lee Media and the legendary comic book heroes, the hairs on the back of his neck rise. Why? "They cut me out of the financial deal," Thall said, during a telephone interview from his Canadian office. "I was a minor shareholder in Stan Lee Media, and when the owners found out that Stan put the company into bankruptcy, unofficially, they took him to court." but Thall doesn't seem too worried. He has famed trial lawyer Martin Garbus, whose clients have included Lenny bruce and Don Imus. Now Garbus is doing battle with Superhero legend Stan Lee Media. In the suit, Garbus maintains that the respondents had violated his clients' copyrights, ignored their rights as shareholders in Stan Lee Media, Inc., and improperly purloined $750 million in profits from Marvel-owned franchises like Spider-Man, Iron Man and the X-Men. The $750 million dollar lawsuit represents a 50% ownership stake in Marvel and Lee-held properties. Stan Lee, who once worked for Marvel Comics, created all of the cartoon icons upon which Marvel Comics has thrived. Nelson Thall joined Stan Lee Media and applied his expertise as a media scientist to help generate money through his characters. Then Lee took his beloved characters, his intellectual property, and created a company of his own. Marvel Comics came after him as soon as they got wind of his success, but they ended up offering Lee a deal, which he took. So Thall, as a minority shareholder in and the marketing mind for Stan Lee Media, felt entitled to some of the lion's share of the profits. In his complaint, Thall’s lawyer, Garbus, accuses Marvel, Lee's business partner, Arthur Lieberman, current Marvel CEO Isaac Perlmutter, and Avi Arad, a major Marvel shareholder, of colluding "to hide and misappropriate financial interests in Lee's creations assigned to Stan Lee Media in 1998 and reaffirmed in 1999." Accordingly, profits from Lee's comic creations belong to the company, which had emerged from bankruptcy in 2006.


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The suit also claims that Marvel, et al, had violated Stan Lee Media's copyright interests and that the firm is due profits from all properties, including blockbuster films that were made after 1998 and based on Lee's creations. The lawsuit's allegations were immediately rebuffed, with Marvel issuing a statement asserting that it was filled with "ridiculous claims," and Lee's attorney, Mark W. Williams, asserting that, "We look forward to a "We are owed about a billion dollars," he said. "I positive resolution for Stan Lee and his family." sued for $750 million. A percentage of Marvel's Marvel also argues that the lawsuit features gross income is paid to Stan Lee. He's the creator," claims that have been pursued in previous cases. Thall explained, then added, "Stan Lee Media owes us for X-men, Spiderman and the Incredible Hulk." Garbus countered Marvel’s claims by pointing out


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that the suit differs in that, in addition to Lee, it names others, including current Marvel CEO Isaac Perlmutter and Avi Arad, who produced several of the blockbuster films featuring Marvel characters. "It's a very different lawsuit," he said. "It's different money." In addition, he explained, he suspected that Lee, who once sued Marvel over profits from his creations, had entered into a bad agreement which deprived Stan Lee Media of the windfall from blockbuster movies such as the."Spider-Man" and "X-Men" trilogies. Recognized as a leading authority on the science of communication media and process analysis, Thall’s extensive background and expertise has already contributed scientific proficiency essential to Stan Lee Media's strategic planning and success. In 1998, Thall was elected to the board of Directors at Torstar Corporation, the largest newspaper publishing group in Canada and owner of the Harlequin Romance publishing franchise.

In addition to serving as Director of Research for the Centre for Media Sciences, Thall consults with government officials, federal tribunals, commissions and business organizations in Canada and abroad, as well as lecture. His books have been published in the United States, Canada, britain and Russia. His expertise on "virtual reality technology" and "multimedia" has allowed him to define legal terms for the Federal Court of Canada and to develop a television series with Dr. Timothy Leary. Thall has been quoted and interviewed in over 100 major magazines and newspapers around the world. bill Gates and Peter Lloyd invited him to contribute an essay to the book, “Web Weaving,” in 1998. While studying at the University of Toronto with Professor Marshall McLuhan, Thall became a McLuhan protege and served as President of the Marshall McLuhan Center on Global Communications from 1990 to 1995. He currently holds both jet aircraft and helicopter commercial pilot licenses. He is married with two children.

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Pacifica Radio’s local station, WBAI, located in the center of the f.m. dial in the New York region, potentially reaches 20 million listeners. Recent changes instituted by current management, however, has its listener-public up in arms. Much of the battle now brewing has its roots in the 2001 so-called Christmas Coup, when a markedly conservative element within the Pacifica Foundation had attempted to take over the station, firing people at will and arranging to sell the signal for personal profit. Since both its charter and Federal Communications Commission license established the non-profit five-station network as listenersponsored community radio, a relentless group of loyalists took the foundation to court and eventually won, regaining both the physical plants (in Washington, New York, Houston, Los Angeles and San Francisco) and the Pacifica mission from what they viewed as a cabal of opportunists. Having incurred a debt of no less than five million dollars in court related costs (from both sides of the aisle), Pacifica has since been struggling to maintain its stations with direct support from its listeners. Through the ensuing years, another group of conservatives looking to cash in on the fat cow has attempted to wedge its way into controlling both the local Station boards and their parent Pacifica Board, until, finally, last year, the group, rumored to be led and underwritten by multi-millionaire Steve brown, has allegedly bought its way into a controlling majority. Thus, the current battle between the progressive voices of WbAI (known as Take back WbAI) and the new board majority has grown into a war between progressive and opportunistic elements and marked by a series of vindictive actions. Once in place, the new majority wasted no time in firing long-time WBAI Program director Bernard White, and in reassigning then-station manager Anthony Riddle, who had refused to fire Mr. White on the grounds that there were no grounds to do so – not legally, anyway. New managers were immediately imported into New York

raDio HeaD

with the intent of firing Mr. White and banning from the station key personnel whose politics at the station were, at the least, independent and vociferous. Last April, more than 100 WbAI Radio supporters and listeners gathered outside the Wall Street office, protesting the firing of General Manager Riddle and Pd bernard White. Sources close to the station have explained that, prior to this recent turnover, the five stations belonging to the network focused most of their programming on local community issues and concerns and, for the most part were in the hands of strong multi-ethnic coalitions. “The key here is that the local station board, which also sends delegates to the national board, is elected by both general listeners and by the largely unpaid staff. When loyal listeners don’t participate in those elections or stay in tune with the politics at the station, then ‘buying’ an election depends largely on how much who is willing to spend. That’s basically what happened here,” one source stated. An unpaid producer of a weekly program, the source noted that the station has a "prime radio signal – dead center in the middle of the radio band. back in 2001, the signal was valued at no less than $300 million. So, you know that whoever brokers the deal to corporate interests and from the inside is going to get phat rich. "So far, the new group, largely white, was able to take over the station, replace the Program Director, reas-

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HarD NeWs
York City area that gives voice to alternative and revolutionary movements. When she first came into office, another source close to the station said, Pacifica's interim executive director, Grace Aaron, had attempted to take over WbAI air signals by sending her own people to the Empire State building, where the transmitter is housed, and alter the station’s ability to send signals or air its programs without interference. This was done without the station manager’s knowledge or consent. The attempt failed because, since 9/11, security over such things has intensified. Since she didn’t have local clearance, she couldn’t change the signal source.” sign the General Manager away from the station, and ban whomever it felt threatened by – every one of these moves was done clearly against due process and in violation of current by-laws. but who’s going to argue with those in charge? You’d have to take them to court, which itself is an expensive process. When you’re the one in charge of a network that already has lawyers on staff, you simply charge the cost to operating expenses, but an individual or unfunded group of individuals can’t do that. “Meanwhile,” he adds, “this is not just affecting WbAI. It’s happened in San Francisco and in d.C. – and guest what? Most of the people fired were Black and Latino, along with Whites who believe in community radio and radical politics. It’s across the board.” He went on to explain that there are two major camps. "The progressive coalition includes a group of white, black and hispanic progressives," he said. “What the new heat has done is first, get rid of key personnel, then move in on local and independently produced programs, followed by replacement programs that are aired only from one source (like San Francisco) – what we call ‘syndicated’ programs. In the process, they’re changing the face of stations like WbAI and helping to eliminate from the airwaves programs that focus on radical issues affecting local communities.” In fact, WbAI is the only broadcast medium in the New Having failed at that attempt, he explained, she proceeded to carry out her plan to rid the station of both White and Riddle. Upon doing so, Aaron brings in her cohorts to take over the reins – all of which happens in clear violations of by-laws and due process. “She follows this up,” he says, “by issuing a gag order throughout the network, clearly stating that anyone speaking on the airwaves against the current politics of the station will be taken off the air. “That’s what they mean by ‘Free Speech Radio’,” another producer sardonically added.
-- J. Michael Gordon

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Brett Whaley, CEO and President of La Chapelle Insurance, Providing auto, home, health, business and life insurance, for more than half-a-century. "Three generations, we’ve been in business," he stated. "We've been providing insurance since the 1930s, he added.

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The Global Syndicate’s Haiti Project
by Mitch Ligon A non-profit organization that raises funds for education, economic development and health care disparities on a global scale, hosted a fundraising and awareness initiative to support critical humanitarian efforts in Haiti. The event was at M2 Ultra Lounge in Manhattan. Among the many notables in attendance were: Cliff Louis, of the New York Giants; Kevin Lyttle, musical sensation; Unik Ernest, a Haitian born entrepreneur; J. Alexander Martin, Fubu Owner; Assemblyman Karim Camara; Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries; Jamie Hector, from The Wire; and Jimmy Jean - Louis, of Heroes. Many Americans see Haiti only through the prism of crises: political turmoil and refugee stagnation. Yet the country has a glorious and even illustrious history.

once by the army in 1991 and then through a U.S.-inspired uprising in 2004. The instability has prevented sustained economic development. Two -- thirds of the labor force is reported to be unemployed. It’s estimated that 80% of the population live in dire poverty----Haiti’s rate of hunger is ranked third highest in the world, only better than Somali and Afghanistan. Local demand for charcoal and farming led to deforestation; 90% of the trees were uprooted. These are the challenges that the numerous organizations engaged in working with Haiti, including

yet the Haitian people have never lost the character to face adversity with cre ativity, resilience and community.” Global Syndicate plans similar fundraising events in six major U.S. cities. During the capstone Private Equity Inevstor and Global Syndicate Founder Jacques-Philippe Pivergerunveiled “The Cinq (Five) Program,” which invites the public to join the movement by making a minimum $5 donation and recruiting five others to do the same at The entrepreneur and Edeyo Founder, Unik Ernest, has subtantial experience with Haitian projects. He united a group of dedicated professionals from different backgrounds to rebuild a school which supplies students with learning materials and provides one hot meal a day to all the 172 students; 84 boys and 88 girls. The large Haitian community in New York has also attracted the support of local politicians here. “Many of us, who knew the fact that Haiti was bold enough to break away from the colonialist and France, knew there was a reason, why they have been punished by western Europe and the Western world up until this day,” said Jeffries, a New York Assembly member representing brooklyn 57th Assembly District. As an African American and as an American, I think there’s been a deliberate attempt, often within the educational system, within the broader socio-economical system here, in America’s history, to keep our history away from us. And we see it both locally and see it on a national level. And we see it in the contexts of our place in the world.”
Image (Jacques-Philippe.j at the event with his proud mother) JUSTICE & DEMOCRACY • THE SUIT • 25

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on January 1, 1804, Haiti was the second independent state in the Western Hemisphere—it won a long national war of liberation from France, which was led by rebellious slaves. Yet, Haiti was perennially destabilized by foreign intervention, including the United States which occupied Haiti. The country also struggled to lay a foundation of political stability, suffering military takeovers and then the long dictator- He is founder of a non-profit orgaship of Papa Doc Duvalier followed nization called Hollywood Unites by the short-lived regime of his son. For Haiti, which promotes sports and cultural activities for the underThe populist president Jean-ber- privileged youth. “Haiti has suffered trand Aristide was twice deposed; many setbacks in its rich history and

The Global Syndicate, face. The Global Syndicate wants to collaborate with and unite the efforts of other organizations to support education, healthcare, and economic development there. They’re conscious enough to understand that Haiti needs help and they have the power to bring people together,” said Jimmy Jean-Louis, of Heroes, who was raised in Haiti.


Houck & Associates, Inc. Financial Research & Corporate Troubleshooting

Harold H. Houck , President of Houck & Associates, Inc. provides corporate troubleshooting services and asset assessment on a global basis. His firm counters or resolves issues concerning embezzlement, fraud and corporate espionage. The firm’s success in international financial research and creative problem solving has earned Mr. Houck his unique reputation. Mr. Houck related that the recent high profile Ponzi schemes have crystallized the truth of his fundamental beliefs: “every matter requires foreknowledge” and “knowledge is never too dear”. The tentacles of fraud have indiscriminately targeted individuals, businesses, banks and even state governments. This has changed the trusting environment wherein only corporations conduct due diligence. Clients are now more prudent, wanting their own due diligence – a second opinion, if you will. Mr. Houck relates the most frequent regret expressed by his clients is, “I wish I knew about your services earlier.” Often, the client’s dilemma was entirely preventable through competent research prior to investment. Mr. Houck suggests in considering financial research, avoid anonymous entities, check

for licensure and status, ask for a contract, and finally, meet the responsible person if possible. That person should be able to knowledgably answer your prepared questions. Houck & Associates has provided an amalgamation of services to a variety of clients. Cases have ranged from the exotic such the currency crisis in venezuela, or tracking priceless artwork, to more ordinary such as a short term con or a contentious divorce. This is what Mr. Houck expresses he likes most about his business – ever changing challenges.
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Mr. Houck came to understand the need for his particular niche while serving in naval intelligence and working for the FDIC and the FSLIC during the1980’s banking crisis. He has travelled globally on business, is an avid reader, enjoys athletic fitness, is a gourment and believes the key to happiness is discipline. HOUCK & ASSOCIATES, INC. Corporate troubleshooting and international financial investigations 10151 University blvd, Suite 178 orlando, Fl 32817-1904 800-677-3307

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Meeting The Challenge

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WeB DesiGN iNcLuDiNG e-commerce HostiNG & DomaiN soLutioNs ViDeo & PHoto to DVD traNsFers LoGo & GraPHic DesiGN oPtioNs

Owner of O'brien Editorial Services Tampa, Florida, he has been cutting his teeth in the editorial business. O'brien is a man with passion who has channeled his energy into the world of publishing, but with the rescission he has taken a toll. He said, "I have been in the business for over 8 years and it has dried up." In fact O'brien is well known for his website business on amazon, Mostly Mysteries & 1st Editions as well as partnership at HPS Permissions. An internet and online services company based out of Tampa, Florida. In 1984 o'Brien developed automation systems for a variety of organizations. After a bad experience with a known online company Prepaid Legal Services Inc., O'brien decided to go back to his roots. He performed editorial and legal copyright compliance work for professional publishers and trade books. He said, "I have been operating my online bookstore, selling first edition mystery books and other collectible literature since 1997." O'brien is a man of many hats, covering the gamut of industries." He chuckles, "I have provided copyright and royalty services for the music industry." "I have experience in accounting, grant preparation, music and publishing." He served in the 101st Airborne, U.S. veteran brigade Soldier, 3rd brigade 1977 and 1978.

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R.E. Pratt & Company
bruce Little, Chairman of the board of Directors, has a bustling insurance company, R.E. Pratt & Company, touted as the premier and independent insurance adjusting company in the region. The firm has a solid record, Little said. While the company was originally founded in 1958, Little has been actively working in auto insurance since 1940. "I've been working and doing business in this industry since World War II," he said. He noted that R.E. Pratt & Company operates in three different locations in North Carolina. "I oversee the Durham office," he said. In his corpo-


rate office, the phones could be heard in the background. "In this economy it's difficult drumming up new business," Little explained with a slight chuckle before hanging up the phone. "I could not have done it without key people in my life; such as R.E. Pratt and Martin Cutter."


NeW yorK city


Photo by pcelsi

-- J. Michael Gordon

t is Adrian Sawyer's firm belief that in the evolution of today's global economy there is a need for a global tax policy. Revolutionary thinking? Heresy? Perhaps, but Sawyer is ultimately a realist and a pragmatist. As a chartered accountant and acting head of the accounting department at the University of Canterbury, Sawyer is a full-time professor who has published more than one hundred articles, chapters and books over the past thirty years.



With an undergraduate LLb degree under his belt, he earned a post-graduate degree in commerce. His book, "Developing a World Tax Organization: The Way Forward," is must-reading for anyone involved with economic policy formation and administration.
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Sawyer is a fighter, bucking traditionalists in the field of economics and emerging in 1998 from a personal fight with a terrible illness, necrosis of the pancreas. He is "just catching up now," he says, which is good for the rest of us. We need visionary thinkers to chart our paths in the emerging world economy, and we’re lucky to have people such as Adrian Sawyer weighing potential solutions to our current economic crises. At no time have those services been more needed, as we face the largest economic challenge since the Great Depression. In every discussion on trade policies, Adrian Sawyer’s sagacious advise must, at least, be considered.

The book lays out the debate over global economic coordination and shows how coordinating an across-the-board tax policy fits into that picture. He argues that "facilitating greater global coordination of tax polic(ies)" is important for the overall global economy and lays out a detailed policy plan with a blueprint for "a stand-alone organization with a specific international jurisdiction."



-- J. Michael Gordon

A trAilblAzer within corporAte AmericA
Michael De Kretser is known as the “Tiger Woods of Public Relations” in the communications sector. Working with his son, Peter, Michael founded GO Communications in 2006. The elder De Kretser has been dubbed an “out of the box thinker.” He is an ex-CEO and founder of MDK Consultants, one of the region’s leading public relations consultant firms, and is highly regarded in the communications industry.

a career that began as a journalist in Australia with a leading daily newspaper,” De Kretser said, “I soon realized that communications was a powerful ‘weapon’ that could influence people.”


Major publicity in the world’s media of GO Communication’s many campaigns,” he added, “brings new business.”

itting in his office one Tuesday morning, he talked about his career. “This gave me an opportunity to work in politics in Australia (for the Liberal Party) as a Public Relations Manager set me on the way.

ith GO Communications headquartered in Kuapecializing in communications and public relations la Lumpur, Malaysia, he explained, his plans are work, Go Comm has worked all over Asia, with the underway to open Go Comm offices in Vietnam, Thaielder De Kretser garnering thirty years of industry exland, Sri Lanka and Indonesia. perience. He single handedly built MDK Consultants and has now built GO Comm. GO Communication’s campaigns have become classic case studies,” De Kretser asserted. “We placed aving taken his business to new heights by comthe Singapore Girl (SIA stewardess) in Madam Tusbining innovation and a touch of wisdom, the De saud’s, london, and she became the first commercial Kretser firm provides overall strategic counseling and figure in 200 years to be placed in the famous wax- assists in the development of key messages and posiworks museum. tioning statements for its clients’ markets.”



GO Communications Sdn bhd S111 & S112, 2nd Floor, Centrepoint, 3, Lebuh Bandar utama, Bandar utama 47800 Petaling Jaya Tel: (03) 7710.3289 Email:

“We think locally, act globally anf GO all the way for you”

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he father-and-son firm deals with well known brand companies, such as Clarisound (Malaysia’s leading hearing aid company), Extol (Malaysia’s publicly listed online security solutions provider), and Western Digital (the world’s leading hard disk manufacturer), among others.


QUESTIONS FOR mIChAEL DE KRETSER Q1 : What are some of the challenges you have been faced with in 2009? Client and consumer confidence. Constant negative publicity in all forms of the media makes the client and consumer pessimistic. This is despite the fact that Malaysia has not been ‘hit’ hard by the economic problems affecting most of the world. Convincing clients that a fundamental ‘change’ in direction, strategy and attitude is needed in today’s communication. Making companies realize and understand that today the consumer is ‘King’ or ‘Queen’. There needs to be honesty and transparency in the communications approach. Michael De Kretser Q2 : What is the company’s specialty? Total communications. Integrated communications encompassing public relations, advertising, events and digital. example, placing the Singapore Girl (SIA stewardess) in Madam Tussaud’s, london. The first commercial figure in 200 years to be placed in the famous waxworks museum. Major publicity in the world’s media of GO Comm’s many campaigns brings new business. flair. And later lee Kuan Yew (the former Singapore Prime Minister). He demonstrated anything’s possible. Q7 : Are you optimistic about the economy Truly optimistic. Simply because the economic downturn was caused by people’s greed. Today the consumer is King or Queen. No longer does Asia catch the flu if America catches a cold. Q8 : What are you doing to stay ahead of the game? being a ‘die hard’ optimist. If America can elect a ‘black’ President, any dream can come true. More people I believe want to do ‘good’ things rather than ‘bad’ things.

all other logos and trade names are the property of their respective owners.

Q9 : What strategy have you implemented to stay current with new business and marQ3 : What drew you to this inket trends? As an entrepreneur, dustry? A career that began as a take calculated risks to grow and bejournalist in Australia with a leadcome profitable. Employ young, dying daily newspaper (The Age). I namic people with energy and passoon realized that communications sion. Communicate the truth with was a powerful ‘weapon’ that could transparency and creativity. Ensure influence people. An opportunity Q5 : What kind of book are the client gets ‘bottom’ line results. to work in politics in Australia (for you writing? Currently writing a the Liberal Party) as a Public Rela- book titled “Long Legs & Lemonade” tions Manager set me on the way. on my experiences and case stud- Q10 : Any major goals or projies in the communications industry. ects set for next year? To exRegular articles and col- pand GO Comm geographically in the umns are written for newspa- Asian region. To become one of the pers and business magazines. most respected communications comQ4 : how do you generate panies with memorable campaigns. your business? The company, GO Communications, is Head Quartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Within the next one year plans are Q6 : has there been someunderway to open Go Comm’s offices one influential in your life who in vietnam, Thailand, Sri Lanka and has impacted your career? At Indonesia. Asia is GO Comm’s world. a young age, Aristotle Onassis (the michael de Kretser Many of GO Comm’s campaigns have Greek shipping tycoon). A true enChief Executive Officer become classic case studies. For trepreneur who did it with style and gO Communications Sdn Bhd

Does oil Price Have Wings?
© coPyrigHt Maraco august 2009

Predicting energy price and usage in this tumultuous era is dicey. Could even a mystical guru have foretold a 1-year oil price cycle -- $50►140►35►70?

oWEM confirmed the premise demonstrated by the Texas Railroad Commission over 70 years ago. With military guards standing by, cutting East Texas Field’s rate in half raised price of its produced oil from 10¢ to 68¢/b. Oil price is estab-lished by controlling rate in the region with significant excess caAn impetuous call could leave a legacy akin to pacity. Texas, supported by its neighboring states, that of Lord Kelvin, who in 1899 declared, “Ra- acted as the moderator of oil price into the late 60s. In dio has no future. Heavier-than-air flying ma- March, 1971 the TRC set proration to 100% of capacchines are impossible. X-rays will prove to be a ity. The produc-ing countries having assumed control hoax.” So, we look back. If, indeed, histowry re- of their producing operations, the oil price scepter peats itself, the past will throw light on the future. passed into the hands of OPEC (read Saudi Arabia). As detailed in my papers1,2,3, 31 years ago I became manager of a USC project funded by OPEC to develop a world energy model, which we appropriately named OWEM (OPEC World Energy Model). For four years, I commuted quarterly to drei und neunzig, Uber Donau Strasse, Wien. During this period the farsighted Dr Yamani moderated OPEC’s aggressiveness by discounting Saudi crude by $2 (~26/b). Several times OPEC meeting rooms echoed with Arabs berating the Saudi representative for not supporting his brothers. but, time would tell. Early ’81 -- when OPEC rate had fallen from 33 to 18 MMbD -- a shakedown test of OWEM predicted that if OPEC rate went from 18 to 20 MMbD, price would fall precipitously below $20/b. Installed in vienna in ’82, OPEC used it to make its annual forecast of oil markets at least through the late 90s. At that time, an email from an Iranian OPEC representative called my attention to an O&GJ article he had published with the latest forecast. (Unfortunately, his name is recorded in the PC a cunning pair lifted from behind my leg on the train station in Utrecht, The Netherlands.)

all other logos and trade names are the property of their respective owners.

Let us recall that the price peak at the end of the ‘70s resulted from two plunges in OPEC exports. Fall ’73 the reduction of 5 MMbD during OPEC’s Yom Kippur War embargo jumped price from $3 ►12/B. Then, in ’78 – ‘80 the Iranian revolu-tion followed by Iraq’s attack on Iran took 2 – 6 MMBd of oil out of the marketplace. This time price jumped up into the $30 – 40/B range. Most of OPEC reveled from this plateau of prosperity. The oil minister, Gharazi, of the price hawk Iran was quoted, “Iran will never agree to reduce its oil price from $34/B.” In contradiction, Saudi Arabia established its lower tier oil price, as observed above. Fast forward now to 1985. OPEC’s rate has fallen below 15 MMbD for a 2nd time, bringing OPEC’s declining share of world oil market down to 42%. A news item in a June issue of O&GJ reported that Saudi Aramco’s oil export rate was a bit less than 2 MMbD, the result of ratcheting down volume to maintain OPEC’s target oil price – $34 ► 26 – 28/B. The two major determining factors of this squeeze – captured very nicely by oWEM

-- were (1) moderate suppression of demand in North America, Europe and Japan as measured by price and income elasticities, and (2) increase in oil production rate in non-OPEC regions spawned by the oil price. (Outside the industrialized regions demand continued to grow – oWEM correctly predicted that the bulk of demand growth would occur in these coun-tries.)

all other logos and trade names are the property of their respective owners.

As the graph above shows, except for a bounce during Iraq’s occupation of Kuwait, oil price approximated the target price of $18/b until 2003. From thence to 2007 oil price rose. What was the cause? Increased Russian production offset decline in other non-OPEC countries. In spite of fall-off in venezuela (internal turmoil) and Iraq (invasion), OPEC total rate held steady. So, probably. the most important factor on the supply One can almost hear the echo of Yamani’s contem- side was the psychology of future shortage – decreasplating. ‘This situation is into-lerable. Saudi income ing OPEC spare capacity riding a wave of queries of has fallen to a starvation level. The country’s position validity of oPEC reserves amplified by Peak oil decof eminence in controlling oil price has withered and lamations. The burst of demand in Asia, particularly its long run oil markets are drying up. An adjustment China, caused oil price to ride upward on this wave in price must occur to reestablish a stable level of de- of concern. These pressures carried price to $70/b in mand for Saudi -- and OPEC oil.” Googling up the news ‘06-‘07, but at yearend ’07 price fell back to $50/b. releases of that summer and fall, one can follow this astute man’s carefully orchestrated, insightful strat- Our tour through history brings us now to the quesegy. He berated other OPEC members for cheating tion raised at the beginning. Why did oil price rocket on their quotas. He met with CEOs of Aramco’s ‘par- upward to $140/B by June 2008? Where was the supent’ companies assuring there would be no price war ply disruption that triggered all previous upsurges? – but emphasizing the need for market stability. He The answer; there was none!! Propagandized by suplambasted the North Sea producers for swamping the posedly reputable financial giants (with billion$ bomarket with oil, their production rate being up nearly nuses) - who told of visions of $200/b oil not in the 10 percent. He deplored two major non-OPEC export- future, but now – the price levitated. After midyear ers, USSR and Mexico, for not reducing export rate. the price collapsed, as the whole Alice-In-Wonderland house of cards fudged together by the world’s Then he acted! In early August Saudi Arabia an- financial moguls came tumbling down. Ex-perts in nounced its intention to increase oil rate. At an OPEC tulip sales, chain letters, Ponzi investment schemes ministerial meeting, it was agreed that OPEC poli- and African & Asian windfalls that need a corresponcy would be to protect market share. This declara- dent to be collected are well prepared to churn buttion opened the door for the Saudi knockout punch ter from skim milk. Our guru wizard can stand aside. – netback oil export contracts to increase liftings. With a netback contract the price paid by the buyer for a barrel of crude is not set in advance. Rather, the price is determined after the refined products from the barrel are sold. The buyer’s ‘cost’ of transporting and refining the barrel is subtracted from the gross income from the products and this is the price paid. In this case, the ‘cost’ included a processing fee whose value guaranteed a margin of profit for the buyer. ( ). My Papers: An armada of tanker’s sailed into Ras Tanura. In two 1. SPE 10241 “An Integrated, Computerized World – three months at 1985’s end, Saudi exports increased Energy Planning Syatem – oPEC” with J. Johns-ton, J. from less than 2 to 3.5/4 MMBd. other oPECers of- Nugent & b. Zagalai. SPE 16290 “Free World Total Primary Energy Defered deals to pad their liftings. Non-OPEC producers 2. offered price cuts to hold their volume. Amidst this tur- mand: An Econometric Approach” with M.S. Al-blehed. SPE 16850 “Oil Prices: Can We Predict Where They moil oil price collapsed, bottoming at less than $10/b in 3. are Going”. February 1986. This tumultuous state of affairs continDr E. L. Dougherty ued until year end, at which time OPEC returned to its Pres, Maraco, Inc. normal modus operandi – quotas targeting an oil price.

she has been a national speaker conducting various educational programs for other financial professionals. With a genuine interest in spreading financial literacy to consumers, she regularly hosts educational seminars for pre-retirees and retirees at local libraries, churches, and senior citizen She may not have entered the fi- clubs in and around the bucks nancial services industry the way County area, and she is sought many advisors did, but that’s exact- after by local media as a leading ly how Rosemary Caligiuri’s clients expert in the financial industry. would distinguish her from other Amidst her busy work schedule, you advisors they’ve worked with – can find Rosemary on the airwaves “Rosemary’s completely different.” hosting her weekly radio show – “Financial Issues & Answers” – After graduating with honors from which focuses on consumer educaAdelphi College, Rosemary spent tion and pertinent financial issues the next 10 years living out a child- in today’s economy. Her show is hood dream in the medical field broadcast every Tuesday mornas a nurse, caring for the physical ing at 9:30 a.m. on WBCB 1490 needs of her patients. When her en- AM, and listeners can also access trepreneurial spirit prompted her the show live through the Harto move on, she set out to care for vest Group website at www.harpeople in another way – by helping them meet their financial health needs. Rosemary subsequently Rosemary has earned the Chartered formed Harvest Group Finan- Advisor for Senior Living (CASL™) cial Services – an award-winning, designation through the American comprehensive financial services College of Financial Planning. The based in Langhorne, Pennsylvania. esteemed CASL™ designation, Rosemary has earned a reputation for excellence in her industry. For the past 12 years, in addition to advising thousands of valued clients,

investment strategies, untangling the complexities of long-term and health care insurance, understanding and streamlining the full range of older client needs, and navigating the intricacies of estate planning. “One of the biggest reasons for our success is that we take the time to make our clients ‘educated consumers,” says Caligiuri. “I teach our clients instead of talking at them, and when you educate a customer first, they feel comfortable with their understanding of their options, and in my opinion, there’s no better way to do business.” Rosemary has earned the Elite IRA Advisor designation from Ed Slott & Company – one of the nation’s foremost IRA experts. Slott is host of the Public Television Special “Stay Rich For & Ever with Ed Slott” viewed by millions of Americans, and his Elite Advisors are kept abreast of the very latest tax law changes concerning IRAs, 401(k) s, and other retirement accounts.

In addition to her affiliation with Slott & Company, Rosemary also belongs to the Million Dollar which takes roughly 18 months to Round Table (MdRT) – an intercomplete, has enabled Rosemary national, independent associato provide even more client-centric tion of the top one percent of the services to her mature clientele. world's most successful life insurThese services include age-based ance and financial services profes-

all other logos and trade names are the property of their respective owners.

sionals. She is a proud member of the National Ethics bureau, the better business bureau the Financial Planning Association, the Financial Services Institute, and the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors. In a predominately male industry, Rosemary has forged an undeniable presence, garnering a number of individual awards and accolades in recent years. She earned the 2008 “Neighbors Choice Award best in bucks County” (winning in the categories of best Financial Planner and best Investment broker) as voted by the readers of the Philadelphia Inquirer. She has been awarded the “2009 Five Star: best in Client Satisfaction Wealth Manager” by an independent survey of 100,000 high net-worth consumers in the Philadelphia area. She was also recently named the “Senior Market Advisor of the Year” by Senior Market Advisor Magazine – hand-selected from a field of thousands of advisors around the country based upon her unrivaled commitment to her clients. The keys to her success? “It’s not a

‘secret.’ I’m a very transparent person – what you see is what you get – and I think clients appreciate that. Ever since I got into this industry, everything I’ve done has been straight-forward, client-focused and authentic,” says Caligiuri. “Our economy has been incredibly rocky over the past few years, but by doing pure needs-based planning, we have done really well for our clients. by using income-producing assets and establishing safe havens of investments that literally ‘buy time’ for the risk-based investments to grow, the client is totally prepared for the income they need for the next 20 years, while the growth positions go through their gyrations. Our clients’ nest eggs, as a whole, are safeguarded.” As a practitioner, Caligiuri credits her family for her confident business savvy and relentless work ethic. Raised in New York’s Long Island, Rosemary was one of four girls born to Italian-American parents. She remembers, “I grew up with incredible role models. As young girls, we lived in Jamaica, Queens, and my grandmother opened a grocery store, selling dry goods and meat to the people in

our neighborhood. Those were not easy times, but she was tireless – raising capital, paying for her business and earning a living as an independent entrepreneur. She was an amazing woman and mentor.” Rosemary is also quick to point out that the booming success of Harvest Group Financial Services is not hers alone. She has assembled an entire team of professionals to assist her providing an unrivaled client experience and full complement of services. bea Tiberge brings over 12 years’ experience working with seniors and has taught many classes in wealth transfer, retirement income planning, avoiding investment scams and retirement planning for women. She is a featured speaker for many senior and business professional groups and is a frequent guest host on the Harvest Group radio show. Loretta Hutchinson is a fee-based Advisory Associate and licensed insurance agent with Harvest Group. She has worked for several national banking firms conducting internal audits and preparing financial statements for

all other logos and trade names are the property of their respective owners.


institutional investors. loretta helps clients find taxfavorable asset allocation models, and she also conducts various financial workshops at local colleges.

income vehicles and offer a more diverse offering of investments that is available outside the 401(k) arena.” Rosemary remains heavily focused on helping mature clients meet their financial needs. Her general Robert Grupp joined Harvest Group Financial Ser- counsel to these individuals who are already retired? vices in June of 2008. After spending 3 years as a “Take a good gut check of your needs. Make sure your professional football player with the Kansas City financial professional has taken a full history of your Chiefs, bob became a Registered Representative in needs including income, pension provisions, spending 1986. He holds the Series 63, 65, and 7 securities needs, and even a tax return analysis for possible tax registrations as well as the Chartered Financial Con- traps. Then, and only then, can a good planner build sultant (ChFC), the Certified Fund Specialist (CFS) a portfolio suitable for your individual situation.” and the Certified Senior Advisor (CSA) designations. Caligiuri also feels it’s important to be considering Thomas Ahern joined the Harvest Group team in future generations. “Your professional should also January of 2009 as an Advisory Associate with over be looking at the legacy of your estate. They should a decade of experience in the financial services in- be considering things like, ‘What taxes will be levdustry. He holds the AAMS (Accredited Asset Man- ied on this while you are alive, and what taxes will agement Specialist) and RFC (Registered Financial be owed when it passes to the next owner?’ InheriConsultant) certifications and specializes in working tance taxes, income taxes and death taxes can erode with clients nearing retirement, transitioning from an estate by 40-70%. This is a terrible loss that can accumulation strategies to an emphasis on asset pro- be easily be mitigated, if not eliminated altogether.” tection, income generation and asset distribution. At Harvest Group Financial Services, relationships are On the heels of one of the most volatile economic pe- rooted in trust. “Trust is earned and not bestowed,” riods our country has ever faced, Caligiuri has seen an says Caligiuri. “I have to give my clients something influx in new Boomer clientele – ten to twelve years before they give me their trust. I don’t charge a fee for out from retiring – looking for sound financial advice. my services. Instead, I ask several questions and listen Although her advice to each client is individualized, intently before educating my clients on their options, Rosemary does see some commonalities within this age and they get an enormous amount of valuable informagroup. “They are in the ‘red zone’ – the crucial 10 years tion at our very first appointment. I tell people all the before retirement – and many of them simply cannot time – ‘Your future is too important to leave to chance afford to make mistakes. We visit the allocations of their – you worked for it – now let’s help you enjoy it!’” 401(k)s, look at the opportunity to roll out, tax-free, a portion of their 401(k) to safer future income investments that are not typically offered inside their plans.” Rosemary says many new boomer-age clients have simply never been made aware of their options. “Many people never even imagined this type of tax-free rollover was even possible. They certainly won’t hear about it from their employer. We are constantly looking for ways to mitigate the risk, establish future cash flow & Many people want to know how to contact Rosemary and her team of professionals at Harvest Group Financial Services. They can be reached by calling (215) 860-6056, or you may also visit them online at
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Rosemary G. Caligiuiri (dba Harvest Group) is a registered representative offering securities through Centaurus Financial Inc. Member FINRA and SIPC, Supervisory branch: 3902 State Street, Suite 101, Santa barbara, CA 93105, 1-888-569-1982.


23 lincoln Street Ramsey N.J. 07446 TEl - 201-825-3361 FAX: 201-934-6643 E-mail:

Los Pinos Street #7, Ensanche La Julia, Santo Domingo, dominican Republic Tel: 809.562.7475 Fax: 809. 566. 2436

Valerie macLeod, mBa

valerie MacLeod, a Global Partner with the Haines Centre for Strategic Management, had ambitions of creating a business of her own.


all other logos and trade names are the property of their respective owners.

jokingly describes it as “herding cats.” This strategic visionary received a bachelor of Mathematics from the University of Waterloo and her MbA from the University of Calgary. “That had always been She revealed that “most my dream,” MacLeod “I learn as much from people are surprised explained from her Caworking with clients in when they discover I am nadian office. “I thought “Especially in difficult diverse countries and a mathematician with an about consulting for over times, organizations need industries as they learn MbA in Human Resourcfive years so when the clarity in direction and from me, maybe I even es, but they soon value my opportunity presented employees need to know learn more” she jokes. unique blend of business, itself I was ready and what they should be dopeople and technology. jumped right on it!” she ing to move the organi- All of her work in differrevealed. Her company zation in that direction,” ent countries and organi- I am energized when helpwas founded in 1996 and MacLeod shared. She zations has inspired Ma- ing organizations hit their soon after she became also added “I believe that cLeod to write her third financial and operational a Global Partner in the employees want to do a book, “When in Rome… targets – it’s always chalHaines Centre, which is a good job, they just need Getting Different Peo- lenging and never boring!” global alliance of diverse clear goals and feedback.” ple on the Same Page.” master consultants, in- MacLeod helps align The book is about helpvolved in business strat- employees with the ing people be successful egy, change, leadership, shared goals through fa- working in other cultures and people management. cilitation, training and – different countries, orexecutive coaching. ganizations and teams. MacLeod says she works She enjoys being a part of MacLeod enjoys her role valerie MacLeod with organizations that a global alliance because on the Haines Centre’s w w w . v a l e r i aren’t achieving the results she works and travels Executive Committee and e M a c L e o d . c o m

they want, even though leaders and employees are working hard. She explains that she helps organizations hit their targets by “getting everyone pulling in the same direction.” That way there are no wasted efforts.

with other talented strategists. Having worked throughout North America and in South Africa, she has her sights set on Singapore, Australia and New Zealand.

Dr. Jean-Francois Richard

Distinguished University Professor of Economics
University of Pittsburgh
all other logos and trade names are the property of their respective owners.

For the past 36 years, Dr. JeanFrancois Richard has been teaching his students statistics and economics and their importance in society. He is also pursuing an active research career. He obtained a b.A in physics and a PhD in economics at the Catholic University of Louvain after spending one year at the University of Chicago.

world renowned research institution C.O.R.E. (Louvain) and head of the Department of Economics (Pittsburgh). He has published two books and more than 70 refereed articles in leading economics journals. He is an elected fellow of the Econometric Society, a fellow of the Econometric Journal and Chevalier de l’Ordre de Leopold (belgium). He has obtained 14 major research grants (10 from the National Science Foundation).

versity of Pittsburgh US GDP forecast model ( This model has been exceptionally accurate in identifying economic cycles and NbER recessions in the postwar period. It predicts a likely end to the current recession before the end of 2009. The model is currently being revised to incorporate leading indicators which have contributed in triggering the current recession. Richard teaches introductory and advanced econometrics to graduates students and introduction to mathematical modeling in social sciences to undergraduates. He has served on more than 50 dissertation committees (13 as main supervisor). Most of his past PhD students currently hold academic positions in universities worldwide

Richard’s main area of research is econometrics (blending statistics and economics) with specialization in decision sciences (bayesian methods), Monte Carlo simulation techniques, time series modeling and forecasting, empirical game theoretic models (auctions, procurements, bidding, colluHe has held academic positions at sion) and dynamic state-space the London School of Economics, models (stochastic volatility, asset the Catholic University of Louvain, returns). Emphasis is set on opDuke University and since 1991 at erational solutions to analytically the University of Pittsburgh. He intractable real-life applications. has been research director of the He is one of the authors of the Uni-

-- J. Michael Gordon JUSTICE & DEMOCRACY • THE SUIT • 39

riSinG StAr on AeronAUticS
has been permanently placement in the Hall of Fame. Lopes Santos is also an Honorable Consultant to the Democratic Republic of the Congo in Africa and to the Chamber of Commerce President in Portugal of the Democratic Republic of Congo in Africa. Company History: In its first few decades, the history of commercial aviations was relatively stable; the fruit of an era in which companies were integral parts of the image of their own countries. The world is different, as is commercial aviation. Great and historic companies could not resist the highly aggressive, competitive environment and successive difficulties caused in large part by the political problems of current times. TAP has also experienced difficult times throughout history. Therefore, in recent years, and with professional management, the Company has combined essential elements for offering everyone its best. The Portuguese people have for TAP, as in the case with other people facing national institutions or emblematic companies, an affectionate love-hate relationship. Upon evaluation of the signals received, lately we should say that love is present in this relationship. TAP is a Portuguese airline market leader, which celebrated its 60th anniversary on March 14th of 2005; the date on which it also became part of the Star Alliance, the largest global alliance of airlines in the world. Having its hub in Lisbon gives it a privileged access platform to Europe. The Company currently flies to 58 destinations, throughout 27 countries in Africa and North and South America; a region in which TAP stands out as being the leading operational European transportation company to brazil.
-- Eric Daniels

Fernando Lopes Santos has earned his wings as an airline pilot for TAP Portugal, an international Portuguese airline market leader, part of the Star Alliance, one of the largest airlines in the world. The company currently flies to 58 destinations throughout 27 countries in Africa, North and South America. "My experience in this industry is second to none," he said. "I have 18 years in Aeronautics and consulting experience in this industry." lopes Santos flies both passengers and cargo planes on an international basis. He's also in charge of overseeing the study of flight planes and aircraft control operations. In fact, Lopes Santos has the aeronautical skills to fly a Boeing 400 and AirBus 319, 320, 321, 330, 340, the Fokker 100, and countless other airplanes. He provides consulting and real estate work in such countries as the United States, Canada, brazil venezuela and Africa. He is the founder of bC Investments (2007), and is recognized as a major entrepreneur in his field. Named as Man of Year in 2009, he's registered in the International Who's Who Historic Society and

all other logos and trade names are the property of their respective owners.

“Star Pilot Flying High With Star Alliance”

Holocaust Survivor Anna Lincoln

Holocaust survivor Anna Lincoln was born in Warsaw, Poland during World War II. Her parents had made an important decision to escape to China, where she spent most of her childhood years growing up and learning the language. Ms. Lincoln was exceptionally smart. In China, she studied at an English-speaking school. After a long battle with Berkley university, she was finally accepted at 15, and was the youngest in history to attend that school. After finishing her Bachelor's at Berkeley, Anna left to New York where she studied French and Russian at New York University. In 1965, she graduated at the top of her class with honors. In 1967, Anna attended Columbia University and graduated with a Master's degree. In fact, Ms. Lincoln later became a public speaker on such topics as peace, friendship and human relations. She has also worked as a teacher at the Waldwick High School in New Jersey, from 1966 to 1969. With a passion for composition and films, she wrote a book, "Escape to China 1940-1948," in 1985.

Since then, Anna traveled back to China to receive an Honorary Doctorate degree from the Fudan university in Shanghai, in 1994. during her stay in Shanghai, she wrote several more books, including "The Art of Peace" (1995), and, "The Nature of Love" (1997). She then co-directed a television documentary drama, "Escape to China 1941-1948," in 1998. A third and fourth book soon followed – "Anna lincoln views China" and "China beyond the Year 2000," both in the same year. After marriage, she tried to raise money while also attempting to convince the Chinese government to donate money to her film production company in order to make a movie about how she and her family experienced a failed attempt to escape China during World War II. Currently, her name and story can be found at the Holocaust Museum in California. Always with several hats to wear, she has served as Chairperson, American Red Cross, Tuxedo Park (1969-1971); President, veterans Hospital Division, American Red Cross; and, Honorary United States Goodwill Ambassador for Peace and Friendship at China (1984-1988).

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Saad Allawi I.wears two hats. The first hat is as chairman of the board and co-founder of Performance Logic. The company provides web-based software for performance improvement in health care, working with local government and with its project management and portfolio management sections. "We design software tools with built-in performance dash boards and have designed them specifically for the health care industry," Allawi explains, then adds, "All of us have done much work about health care cost reduction and performance improvement." out a smarter way to do it at a lesser cost," he notes. "The track record says that you can pick up the cost to up to 9-10% in hospitals without having any impact." Generally, he doesn't have much faith in government – too many mixed records. There are a few exceptions, he adds, where government excels. One such area is the veterans Administration, which happens to be the largest system in the country with over 76 billion in spending. Government administration happens to manage that better than anything else in the country. The vA bears a lower cost than the norm and its outcomes are better, putting more doctors and nurses to work. The other sectors in government are doing terrible, he adds.

The second hat he wears is as President of the performance transformation division that builds cost-reduction systems. Allawi elaborates on this For the last three months, Alpoint by stating that, "In reallawi has been building the 3rd genity, it's based on design, and eration with a focus on healthcare cost reduction. who provides the lowest cost in health care." He says, "I built generation one for APM in the late 1980's, and generation two for William Mercer in the 1990s, as well as generation three for NAVIS & Company," a healthcare consulting firm. "I am the senior advisor for health care technology companies,” he said from his home. “One Hundred top hospitals study my work,” he adds, which he co-authored when he was with Mercer. “Sixteen years of publishing and I am still senior advisor of the board," he added. Among his new projects, creating cost reduction plans for the 3rd generation; the 1st one was all about the approach, the 2nd is about the solution. We take what industry has done 15 years ago and apply it now,” he says.
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“I used to work for McKenzie. before that I was an engineer, and one day a small consulting firm called APM contacted me to head up cost reduction in health care. I came in that way and got hooked into it. I’ve been doing that 22 years now.

"If the government can provide much less cost- “When the U.S. invaded Iraq back in 2003, the coly health care, then that's not a bad idea," he alition provisional authority was running the counnotes. "If they can't do it, then it's a lousy idea." try. I was an advisor to one individual senior on the Allawi explained that 80% of failures occur at execution, authority in the private sector development area in not planning. He says, "So we are talking about a design, Iraq. I think the only way to get the economy back and it doesn't matter when it hits the ground – any plan on track is to let the private sector thrive,” he asserts. you have will go out the window," he adds, then muses, "How you execute on it is of most importance." He has planned and executed over forty cost reductions plans for hospitals over the last 22 years. "People can figure

“Ayad Allawi was the first prime minister of Iraq after the invasion,” he continues. “And Ali Alaawi has written a couple books on Iraq, and he was the minister of defense and trade and finance. The family is well known.”
-- J. Michael Gordon

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Interview with vera N. Held AUTHOR vERA N. HELD, M.Ed., is a coach, facilitator, speaker, writer and Public Relations consultant. She runs vNH Communications in Toronto, and, in addition to Canada, works in the United States, Europe and Asia. Writing for national websites and publications, she has a monthly column, "Make it Work," which appears in the Toronto Sun's “Job Boom,” as well as in “24 Hours Toronto.” Her monthly column, "Act with Courage," appears on Good New Toronto, an online newspaper accessible through www. The following are excerpts from an interview The Suit recently conducted with Ms. Held:
The Suit: how did it all start? Vera N. held: Writing drove me to become a Media Scientist. I started when I was three, and I never looked back. And when you can combine communication and education – for me the two are inextricably intertwined – then the opportunity for real growth and real change is present. My writing and media relations work in conjunction with the coaching, facilitation and speaking that I do to really help people. I am successful when my audience of clients learns, grows and successfully gets their messages across. In 2007, I spoke to 200 at the bi-annual conference for Toys R Us, and I spoke to over 600 at the Industrial Accident Prevention Association (IAPA) conference. One of the highlights of my media career was running the national media conference when Terry Fox died. I was 23, and a young pup of a media relations specialist working for the Public Relations arm of vickers & benson Advertising in Toronto. In 2006, I helped run the HRPA (Human Resource Professionals AsVera HeLD sociation) annual conference. It's writing of all kinds.”I just completed the second largest conference of its a branding statement for a client in kind in the world. For three solid manufacturing. Yes. Canada still has days, our media room was filled a manufacturing sector!” I enjoyed with volunteers on shifts. What fun. developing his unique style and tone. A subsequent and international ca- TS: What have been some reer highlight was working with of your obstacles this year? the Chiyoda Chemical Company and the Nippon Electric Compa- VNh: We all have to keep going in ny, and others when I worked in spite of and despite the economic Tokyo, in 1983, ‘84. I was 26 and challenges. The thing about chalwhat a power-packed year that was! lenges is that they create great opporMy background is eclectic (two de- tunities for growth – personal and grees in communication and two in business. Awareness is key. People education, and I come from a multi- are tightening the reins on spending; cultural and multi-lingual home). so I and others – in fact, everyone And as I feel comfortable with all in business – are cognizant of this, language and cultural groups, I and we're rolling with the punches can successfully impact corpora- and carrying on, and in meaningful tions to meet their communica- ways. My motto is to continue to do tion goals at the corporate level and good work. People want to work with through their management teams. good people who do good work. We When I worked with the internation- all have to keep going in spite of and al sales team, for example, at aircraft despite the economic challenges. giant bombardier, it was evident how easily cross-cultural miscommuni- TS: how has the econocations can happen. These profes- my affected your work? sionals were from around the world and sold around the world – but not in English. I loved it. And I adore

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VNh: Everyone's been affected. The questions are always: (a) what can we learn; (b) is there anything we need to do differently? In 1991, I took an amazing onemonth trip to South America. The finale was the widest waterfall in the world – Iguazu Falls, in Argentina. Up close, you're caught in the minutia. You're right there with the fall roaring in front of you and water gushing all over you. Then, I got in a cab and traveled to brazil. There, I went up in a helicopter over the fall. Now, the vista was quite different and all the humans looked like ants. Up in the clouds, although still majestic, the fall also looked smaller and calmer. That story became a part of my heart and of my work and is the basis of Chapter Ten of my book. I tell all my clients, "When you're losing your perspective, it's time to get up in that helicopter." It works. We truly can't see or think straight when we're so close to an issue. A little space goes a long way to effective problem solving. And that's what we need most in this new economy – perspective. TS: have you authored any publications? VNh: My best-seller, which is called, "How Not to Take It Personally," has sold over 20,000 copies in English, French, German and Turkish. I'm grateful that I've been able to help so many, and I look forward to writing my next book on courage. I've written a gazillion features in a number of genres – human resources, business, travel, training and development, careers, money, etc. There have also been columns.

I got my first poem published this squash player. I'm from the school year and look forward to more fic- of strong body, strong mind, and I tion in my life, as well. I'd also like practice what I preach to my clients. to get a children's book out there. TS: What goals have you set for TS: What is your economic 2010? outlook over the midterm? VNh: I've been sitting on a second VNh: Good. Now is not the time best-seller for a bit now and truly need to kvetch but rather to trim trees, to get off my keester. Seriously, I have plant seeds and carry on. Recovery another book I want to get out there to help people get in touch with the important human elements they need to bring to every humane workplace. I want people to truly like themselves at work and use their time wisely and well, both on and off the job. On the coaching, facilitation and speaking side, I'm doing some terrific work with clients to help them further develop self-awareness of their own triggers and communication styles and how they interact with others at work. My services are all geared towards productivity. I'm also working on a main feature on mental health disorders at work which will be out, Spring 2010, in HR Professional Magazine. With people being laid off or feeling anxious about the possibility of it happening to them or members of their family, disability claims in Canada have soared. I've had reports to the effect that over 80% of claims are now related to mental health issues.


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has started and, no matter what, the glass must always be half full. optimism is one terrific way to ensure health and well being, and I instill "health" as the Number One I'd like to help people gain the priority in all my clients. There are confidence and communications many things we can live without. skills to come forward at work with their legitimate issues to get the but strong emotional, physical, spiri- right help at the right time so that tual and intellectual health are the they're back on track as soon as cornerstones of personal and pro- possible. As with most things in fessional success. To that end, I eat business and in life, early intervenwell, laugh a lot, cuddle with my tion is critical to long-term success. My two current columns are "Make kitty, enjoy my buddies, don't take it Work," in The Toronto Sun and things personally (even if they were 24 Hours Toronto, and "Act with intended that way), and I'm at the w w w . t o r o n t o s u n . c o m Courage" in Good News Toronto. gym daily. I'm an avid walker and w w w . v e r a h e l d . c o m

British Sociological Association CEO

Judith Mudd, CEO, of cal Association has broken the corporate world. After Montfort University with a History, she cut her teeth

the british Sociologi- has sociologists from varied backgrounds, includthe glass ceiling in ing research, teaching, students and practitioners. graduating from De “We are a well-respected organization,” Mudd bachelor’s degree in in business at bSA. said, “We’ve been quietly progressing and reaching our goals within this institution.” Mudd Mudd said, “The organization promotes soci- said bSA “provides a network of communiology, and empowers sociology in britain.” She ties to all who are concerned with the promotion said the association was founded in 1951, and they and use of sociology and sociological research.” have well over 2,500 members. The organization

Dr. Rachel Lillian burgess is a well round psychologist, teacher, consultant who works with handicapped children. The passion that drives her began "after my son was diagnosed. I worked closely with him," Burgess affirmed. Under her guidance, her son adjusted well and eventually attended a University. "I discovered my passion to work with the handicapped. So I went on to get my Ph.D. in psychology." All her life, Dr. burgess has been a nurturing human being. She was successful enough to open her own clinic, the burgess Center for the Handicapped, and authored an educational program to assist handicapped people learn to make their adjustments. Listed in Community Leaders of the World, she is lauded as one of this century’s outstanding intellectuals and was recognized as a Woman of Achievement for 2006.

bUrGeSS center for the hAndicApped

-- J. Michael Gordon

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Charles A. Moore is a law partner at Dewey & Leboeuf, LLP. As a corporate barrister, he has applied "facts to the law," working on such controversial headliner cases as the Enron scandal, in addition to countless other cases involving highprofile energy-policy issues. Certainly, Moore, a former General Counsel for the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. is determined to make a difference in the legal field. For the past twelve years, he has served as Chairman of Health Care Choice, a non-profit organization. His primary focus, he says, is

on energy law. "Dewey & Leboeuf, llP is a full service firm with over 1,500 lawyers around the world," Moore states. His own specializations include business solutions, governance, compensation benefits, energy, and environmental law. "My affiliations involve the U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission as well as the American bar Association, the Energy bar Association, the Texas bar Association." He graduated with a b.A. from the University of Houston and went on to earn his J.D. from the same university.

years, Dennis E. Wood, Regional business Manager at Weatherford, a drilling and Mitigation Company, has been making his mark in the drilling industry. So far, the company has been drilling in Yemen, Syria and the United Kingdom and in parts of Latin America. "We have built a strong niche in the drilling industry," Wood said recently from his office. "I'm optimistic about the future," he added, "and I hope in the

Over much of the last ten

coming years to work globally." Wood said Weatherford is one of the largest global providers of advanced products and services that span the drilling evaluation, completion and production process, as well as in intervention cycles of oil and natural gas wells. Weatherford employs roughly 43,000 workers worldwide and operates in more than one hundred countries, supporting eight hundred service bases and training facilities in the field.

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Dr. Ahmad Tabassi Seasoned Petroleum Executive
dr. Ahmad Tabassi, Chief Executive officer and Chairman of Persia Petroleum Services, has cornered the international market, particularly, in the oil and gas industries. Persia Petroleum Services provides a range of “upstream services to international oil and gas companies”, Tabassi said. The company’s primary goal has been to invest and support “Iranian companies which provide equipment and services to the Petroleum industry in Iran”, he said recently from his office in Australia. PPS has five subsidiaries in Iran. The company focuses on seismic acquisition, drilling, geological and geophysical project management, procurement and supplies. Tabassi provides strategic leadership and guidance while at the same time, setting the tone on the day-to-day operations of the business. We offer total project management and development that will see you through the entire planning, design and construction phases. This will preserve the integrity of your needs throughout the process.
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Your project will come in at the right price, because of our strong networks and strategic alliances allow us to put the right people on your project. We'll evaluate lean construction and design management techniques to better address your needs without over building, over budgeting or over extending your team. Implement sustainable concepts to facilitate both initial and long-term savings for you while fostering a cleaner – greener tomorrow. 1615 West Shore Drive delafield, WI 53018 Phone: 262.244.7272

PPS works closely with the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC). Tabassi has been in the oil industry for over twenty years. He was the co-founder of RbT Petroleum Associates in 1995, a project management company, which he later sold to a united Kingdom firm. In 1976, Tabassi left Iran before the 1979 revolution, after graduating from Isfahan University, and later moved to Australia in 1981. In 1996, he returned to Iran. Tabassi has a Ph.D in Exploration Geology from Leeds University. He’s also a former Federal President of the Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia. “I am an entrepreneurial geologist”, he said. “I travel to many countries; it is demanding work – but very rewarding”. • JUSTICE & DEMOCRACY • THE SUIT • 51

Janse van rensburg is chairman of Jassie investments, a South African based company established in 2007. the company's primary functions are to serve as the intermediate, for companies such as brokerage houses, middle man for real estate agents, companies dealing with metals, business financing, and project developments. rensburg serves as an important middle man, introducing the buyers and sellers, helping solidify business deals or contracts between two parties or more. rensburg says, "my primary focus is real estate and security," he added, "But i serve as a consultant for telecommunication companies on the it side as well." rensburg covers the gamut of businesses in areas such as; North and south america, West and eastern europe, all of Asia, Africa and the Middle-East, just to name a few. "my role in the company is to make sure business is running smoothly," He said, "i oversee the policies, meet with the committees and monitor the performance of the company." rensburg also makes sure that the board members are satisfied with the performance of the company.
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-- J. Michael Gordon


Fritz Ypenburg sits at the helm. He is the Owner of Safdy Systems Company, based out of South Africa. The company manufactures ventilation sensors for the mining industry. Ypenburg found the company in 1990, after relocating originally from New Zealand. Although the economy is harsh, the company managed to do well. "In fact companies have been putting in lager orders and now we are expanding to Canada," he said. Ypenburg said airflow meters are used underground during mining excavations and mining gold projects. Originally these sensors were designed for the South African diamond and coal industries. These vortex sensors are there to determine airflow ventilation underground, providing a safe environment for the industry. Ypenburg has built a remote system using SCADA, software, made for buyers to view displayed graph-

ic trends. "My work has also been used and tested by the Country's foremost scientific institution." He added "They tested the airflow using propellers." With a background in electrical engineering and a bA from the University of Amsterdam in 1963, Ypenburg spent 7 years in defense research and was involved in the flight test of guided missiles. He studied air pollution for 11 years, which included studies on the environment and the impact it had on large cooling towers used in electrical power stations. The company advertises primarily in South Africa to mining companies, Ypenburg said extremely interested in his Vortex Airflow Meters. Tests were completed in the CSIR wind tunnels and that Vortex Airflow Meters will now be sold to mining companies in CANADA.

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PHoNE: +27.128042097

And he’s an active member in ASM, SME and SAE, and the ASM International on the Technology and Programming Committee, the ASM Foundation, as well as, the Heat Treat Society board of Trustees.

george Pfaffmann, Vice President of Technology of Ajax Tocco

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“The challenge is the economy in itself because it has become difficult to get funding for innovation and stimulating more industrial development,” he said. “A lot of technology is risk versus gain. It’s always a trade-off. So there’s less money Magnethermic is an interesting man for research and development, with a career that is just as intriguing. which very conservative and shortsighted. but a lot of this (his job) Pfaffmann’s expertise is thermal is presently to reduce the countries magnetic processing. It’s an inter- needs to get way from petroleum disciplinary field involving the prop- sources and to save energy and to erties of matter and its relations to become more efficient as a whole.” science and engineering by using machines to dynamically control Pfaffmann conducts seminars and temperature of materials, which presentation around the globe and permits high heating and cooling has over 40 years of experience in rates that cannot be reached with heating and induction development conventional furnace treatments. with 25 United States and foreign patents. He has a degree in metalTo get a better picture of lurgy, a bachelor of science from Mr.Pfaffmann’s job - think back the University of Michigan of Ann to the Stone Age, bronze Age Arbor in electrical engineering and and Steel Age and the evolu- a Masters of business Administration of these materials and their tion from baldwin-Wallace Coluse to modern science and their lege. He is the author of numerous benefits to the space race today. papers and currently holds 29 patents in the field of Heat Treating.

“When the needs are greatest that’s when the opportunity presents itself,” he said, in referring to the economic tsunami today. “Right now, things are pretty bad, but I lived through the depression. And you see back then, what it took to bring us back to stability. but things are different. World War II took less than five years; Afghanistan and Iraq are eating up resources and we’re having endless skirmishes.” Pfaffmann has been with his present company since 1952 and has seen a lot in his time, but he still has hope for this generation and the next. “I’m always been optimistic and I feel that adversity today, in truth, gets people to look outside the box for answers.” Pfaffmann can give seminars across the world about controlling distortion during heat treatment in some type of alloy or and he can be just as charming talking about America---and its chance of a better tomorrow.

Security Limo Cavalier
For the past 25 years, Paul J. Fiorini runs a fleet of limos. He had good business sense. Then one day he literally got caught in a sleeper hold. Putting a sleeper in a business feud over patent lawsuits, virtually snubbed on the deal. But Forini has a knack fighting for his copyrights infringement case. Fiorini is an educated barrister. For the past 25 years indeed, he runs a lucrative business---earning a living shuttling limos, here and there, operating a limo service. An Owner and President of the New Jersey Security Limo Services for 25 years, maverick Fiorini cut his teeth in the luxury business. and Allentown (AbE). Fiorini Limo business includes a fleet of professional chaffeurs on stand-by 24 hours a day. For Fiorini experience and luxury service are second to none As an innovator and entrepreneur, Paul is prone to great ideas. He is the inventor of the removable seats in vans. Currently at battle with a lawyer who misrepresented his patent, by leaving loop holes and allowing Paul J. Fiorini vulnerable for the patent to be copied. Detective by night and president by day but mostly, its Paul’s irrepressible enthusiasm for his hard work and drive to succeed that have made him someone to watch. Paul is a person who can be hired by individuals or groups to undertake investigations often work for attorneys in civil cases, insurance companies among others. Licesenced as a private detective in the state of New Jersey, Paul’s track record speaks for its self.

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Plaintiff Fiorini vs. P. Mitchell Novick Esq., is fighting in patent lawsuit. The Sleeper Seat was Fiorini invention Novick, didn’t notice any of the loop holes and fell asleep on the matter, most notably in the 1982 patient infringement law suit. New Jersey Security Limo Services provides transportation services to the New York, New but in the meantime, Paul J. Jersey and Pennsylvania areas. Fiorini remains positive with his case, he is a man who has The company services all ma- risen to the top of his projor airports including JFK, fession while maintaining LaGuardia (LGA), Newark a balance between business (EWR), Philadelphia (PHL) goals, ethics and client needs.

Intelligent Solutions
Michael burke, President of ThinKom Solutions Inc., says, “We have created an innovative and unique design with capabilities in superior performance.” Established in 2000 and head quartered in Torrance, California, the company offers state-of-the-art communication solutions. Thinkom provides the world’s smallest antennas in the marketplace. Thinkom has been featured in business Week and Entrepreneur magazine. The company has been rated #253 of the fastest 500 growing companies in the United Sates. burke develops and manufactures antennas that offer airborne and mobile communication solutions for both commercial and military use. The antenna is capable of receiving internet connectivity throughout the continental United States and Southern Canada. This technology can be used in the air, land and sea, with unlimited connectivity options. The company employees a professional staff of 35 and averaging annual revenues exceeding six million dollars. He adds, “The demand is there and we got the product.”

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These antennas are sleek, small and dynamic making it cost-effective, affordable for the professionals on the move in the corporate world. Please visit for more information


The Metamorphous of Oleh Kutowy & His Mempore Corp.
You listen to him there’s a savvy intelligence there. He waited his time. He paid his dues. He went the distance. And then, Oleh Kutowy, senior research officer, knew it was time to pull the corporate strap on his golden parachute. Right after he turned in his papers for his retirement package, he quickly rebounded back taking a key position with Mempore. business is doing well, sure there are economic challenges, but he continues to push on in the business world. As research officer, Kutowy has developed a system that serves as an oil refinery. And this oil includes, crude oil, food oils – which cleans and purifies these varied oils into virgin oil. before Mempore, Kutowy served as a senior research officer for the Institute for chemical process and environmental technology, National Research Council. bared in Ottowa, Kutowy’s responsibilities included, overseeing research and development projects, he said he has more than 50 patents under his belt. He attended Carlton University where he received his masters in Science in 1978.

Lin Lee has a solid reputation as an interior designer. She works closely with several of the top architectural firms in the country. "I work mostly with residential properties," she said. "As an interior designer, the work that I do includes construction and remodeling homes." However, Ms. Lee explained that she also specializes in all facets of Interior Design. This includes color consultation, furniture selection, space planning, custom furniture, cabinetry, and lighting design, as well as in the selection of fabrics and in wall and window specifications, selections, fabrications and installations, as well as in project management. Having received her bachelors in Secondary Education and Interior Design from UCLA, she went on to garner yet another degree from the University of Wisconsin, at Madison.


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Is a retail products and services pharmaceutical company. Headquartered in London, the company has strong ties in the Middle East and is currently in the midst of expanding its repertoire to include not only pharmaceuticals, but also finance, legal and investment holdings. With a strong focus on property investment and development particularly in the Middle East, 4PAl is poised for greater future growth and expansion on an international level. Mr Naseer Ahmed is the Managing Director for the company, a position which he has held since 2003. As such, he oversees the business plan development for the long term future of the Organisation. Playing a key role within the Company, he fulfils a motivational role for his key workers in addition to his more office based work. Motivating and mentoring members of the management team and chairing meetings, Mr Ahmed leads the Company and develops a positive and flourishing corporate culture. These include following the proper audit procedure and not allowing the Company to break any trade embargoes or deal in any illegal goods. With a close eye on the performance of the sales staff, he also provides responsibility for finalising orders, especially overseas orders. Overseeing a team of 10 dedicated and highly skilled professionals, he also seeks to source out new acquisitions as he seeks to expand the Company on a global basis. 4PAl while still at university, and is proud of the fact that he has been able to successfully fill his position even while simultaneously serving as an Investment Advisor with Kingdom Holdings, a position which he began in 2008 and still currently holds.


ence he has gained at 4PAl; he is excited for the additional experience he is gaining with Kingdom Holdings and Chiltern group, and looks for new ways to merge his various skills and visions together into one dynamic company. His current goals include taking his career to a new level of international impact, and to spend far more time travelling and connecting with other key companies with which he can establish mutually beneficial partnerships. Highly satisfied with his position, he is invigorated by the challenges that lie ahead of 4PAl, and looks ahead to the future with great anticipation. Mr Ahmed’s future plans include searching for other companies which will share synergy and wish to develop a collaboration which will be beneficial in extending the reach and reputation of 4PAl LTD both nationally and internationally. His next imminent steps are to pursue dynamic avenues of growth and development in the area of banking and Finance, making links to an individual far more experienced and distinguished in leading and managing a larger entity on a global turf. He credits his success thus far to his ability to network and connect well with others, as well as his hard work and dedication to his sector.

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Kingdom Holdings – A prestigious multi faceted investment company with substantial holdings in all sectors, ranging from finance to media. As an investment Advisor he focuses on a strategy through core growth and research in investing in high performance companies, Managing everything from the staff whilst extracting value from unand the customers, to the budget dervalued and underperforming and the company’s assets, he over- Assets. Whilst performing on the sees all other company resources above he also takes time to work to make the best use of them and as a consultant for Chiltern, which increase the Company’s profitabil- specialises in accounting services ity. He also oversees all responsi- to a broad range of companies. bilities for the Company’s affairs. Leveraging the years of experi-

Welcome to Karelia Tobacco Company Inc. ing and purchasing state-of-the-art software/ hardware technology. She holds a doctorate in Computer Science Information Systems from the University of belford, and MSc in Information Technology as well as an MbA degree from Almeda University and a bSc degree in Computer Science from Roosevelt University.

they call her

“hard core it guru”…

dr. Ardounis serves as Chief Information officer of Karelia Tobacco Company. She has been the Company’s CIO for the past 16 years. Responsible for all activities and resources of Karelia Tobacco’s IT/ IS department. She is committed to taking a proactive approach, which continues to be productive and transparent management concept. Playing a pivotal role within the Company, Dr. Ardounis is responsible for overseeing the IT and telecommunication sector. Her wide-ranging responsibilities include repairJUSTICE & DEMOCRACY • THE SUIT • 60

Effectively performing her duties under pressure, she has successfully embraced and withstood the many challenges that she has faced. Dr. Ardounis is also involved in devising and defining the Company’s medium and long-range strategy, using her resources to adopt this new technological strategy.

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Karelia Tobacco Company S.A., founded in 1888, is engaged in the manufacture and distribution of cigarettes and other tobacco related products. Headquartered in Kalamata, Greece, the Company’s products are sold in Greece and exported to 65 countries around the world. Currently operated by 4th generation management, the Company employs a workforce between 490-550 people who oversee, manage and facilitate daily operations.

Her broad experience and expertise; has proven a successful track record in her profession. Dr. Ardounis is responsible for the overall technological direction for the entire Company. One of her primary challenges is getting the board and CEO’s of the company to understand the value of new technology, integrating systems, maximizing cost and providing additional training.

Karelia has been a committed patron and sponsor of art and culture for generations. Her teams individually and collectively sit together in open spaces so they can easily exchange ideas As part of business-technical leadership teams, Dr. Ardounis is responsible for IT & professional development programs, quality of work, and supplying the functional expertise needed within the discipline to ensure relevant, efficient, and operable projects...She brings a unique understanding of governance, design and development from the CIO side of the business...Her leadership helps refine how businesses work and how they deliver services to reinforce their strategic edge with clients… Ardounis also leads IT services teams, managing a national network of outsourced account and technical managers...In addition to managing and advising her teams, she also is directly involved in several strategic projects...In a very short time, she grew one of these from a small projectby-project job into one of the Industry’s top five..

all other logos and trade names are the property of their respective owners.

on given projects, she just might be one of your first IT contacts...With more than twenty eight years of experience in developing strategic relationships, she leads a team of business IT Development Executives... Plus 28 years of experience directing the design of Instead of a hard sell, her groups take a consultative new concepts, managing global prototype standards, approach -understanding her firm’s needs and figurand providing expertise to field organizations around ing out how bODs can help them improve their busithe world, Ardounis’s energy and enthusiasm also fu- ness...Since joining the company in 1993, Ardounis has els the entrepreneurial atmosphere...Responsible for helped them more than double its IT annual turnover… corporate vision and strategy, Alvina believes in seeing “the big picture”…That means understanding the This reflects her status as one of the most highly refull range of expertise necessary to take an IT distri- spected thought-leaders in IT consultation, manbution concept to market, and shaping the business agement and service...Ardounis knows what really around client-focused solutions, not piecemeal ser- works for the bottom line…She directs IT projects vices. Her unique strength is in making the seemingly with her insights, using in-depth consumer research, impossible a reality and finding creative solutions for and, her extensive knowledge of industry leaddeveloping cost-effective, performance-based IT, she ers and trends to provide research, growth stratedirects all commercial, structural and technical activi- gies, and concept positioning -Always on target... ties and sets the standards for design and implementation of all projects to ensure the highest quality… Dr. Ardounis continually strives to making IT the heart, soul, and driving force of the business...Her inDr. Ardounis is also a retailer, and she looks at IT re- fectious sense of humour and personal touch are what tail from the store level...That makes her particularly set her and her projects apart from others in the inin tune with consumer trends and buying behaviour... dustry…Consortium Teams working with Alvina often She brings an unusually well-rounded, informed ap- say that she truly is an extension of them; that she reproach to strategic brand development and design- ally “gets” them...Under her guidance, Dr. Ardounis ing corporate-customer focused prototypes...Yet she was one of the first to dedicate staff and resources to strongly believes, firms must perform for clients and becoming expert in IT governance, ERP design, and customers as hard, and as well as for themselves... implementation for sustainable IT environments…

mAverick womAn lUcindA wArd
Some would call her a maverick. Others view her as a formidable entrepreneur who happens to be a woman. Today, she’s the C.E.O. of Architectural Custom Cabinetry LLC, based in Smithville, Tennessee. Responsible for strategic client management relations with a focus on commercial and residential services, Lucinda Ward keeps an ever watchful eye on both day-to-day operations and strategic direction.

Founded in 1997, her firm has emerged as one of the most highly regarded architectural enterprises in the Southeast, offering expert services in planning, manufacturing kitchen cabinets, counter tops, ceiling materials, flooring and decorative interior laminates, as well as wall finishing materials, molding and mill work. Working within a most competitive business environment, Ms. Ward offers nothing but the best in Architectural Custom Cabinetry consulting. A licensed general contractor registered with the better business bureau, her trademark is to carefully plan each project, giving equal emphasis to such factors as size and calculation of mass, space, form, volume, texture and lighting. With such a track record, you can only get better.

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Kaleh Mana enterpriSeS

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Entrepreneurs tend to spot opportunity where others see dead ends. One such person is Mohammed Dantata Ndus. Upon completing his studies (he holds a post-graduate degree in Financial Management from the University of Abubakar Tafawa balewa and an M.b.A. from the Institute of Chartered Economists of Nigeria), Mohammed found opportunity in the area of government policy, developing experience in that field over the course of thirteen years. In March 2006, he established Kaleh Mana Enterprises in 2006, and has been serving as Director ever since. Today, the company is a specialized consultancy firm for governmental policies and programs with an estimated $10 billion in annual revenues. located in Gomba Nigeria, the firm also offers local and national government ministries financial management advice in such areas as communications, agriculture, banking and finance, as well as expertise in government relations, policy, opinion research, strategic corporate communications, organizational development and procurement to Nigeria with international clients.

Nord Cap Steel Docks, Inc.
philipp Spoerndl considers himself a bright star in the boathouse and steel docks industry. He currently works for Nord Cap Steel Docks, Inc., a Canadian based company which has been in business since 1992. “I am a general contractor dealing with boat houses and steel docks,” he says, and quickly adds, “I have earned my keep.” building a strong networking system has been the key to his success. “It’s all about my designs that attract people,” he explains. With an entrepreneurial spirit, he handles the company’s operations which include building solid boat houses and steel docks in the Muskoka, North Toronto and Huntsville areas. “There are innovative ways in building and repairing,” he says. “We use steel arches in the lake bottoms; first, we probe the bedrock with a piece of rebar, and then quarter inch piles are filled with concrete.” He adds, “This helps to prevent rust from forming inside. by using steel, we are saving many trees, and this is environmentally safe.” House boats range in price from $25,000 to $500,000. “I enjoy building with my hands. Over the years, I have gained a great deal of experience,” he says. While he does consider himself a perfectionist, he will quickly acknowledge that, “I’ve made mistakes.”

Department of Defense Logistics Agency
based in Alexandria, virginia, Carole Christensen is a National Account Manager on foreign military sales. "I started at the age of 18,” she begins, “as a clerical typist working up through the ranks," she adds. "I’ve built a 48-year career within the military armed forces." Working in foreign military sales includes balancing the books and selling to federal agencies as well as to foreign military armed forces. For Christensen, products and services have included military gear, including suits and uniforms, and in delivering fuel to FEMA. She’s traveled all over the world, she says. "In my earlier days, I had to travel to Japan, China and Iraq, where I assisted in the development of a deployment team concept." Today, she provides support services to the military in Afghanistan, Kuwait, and Iraq with her offices also located in Germany. "My former husband served in the Air Forces," she offers. Since 9/11, she adds, “many projects have included our first responders to make sure they get the very best from the department of defense.

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byMarceleneH.Anderson “People don’t fail in planning, they fail in execution.” Don McKnight The research of the Centre for Strategic Management states that: ► developing a strategic and operation plan contributes 20% to the achievement of results; ► Implementing the plan over time contributes another 40%; and ► Building and sustaining high performance to achieve results over time contributes an additional 40%. When I first heard these percentages I was skeptical but have come to recognize from my consulting experience how true they are. Like many of you, I have worked with clients to develop good strategic and operational plans that have been left to gather dust on shelves. Drive the Implementation Over Time According to Rose Patten, Senior Executive vice President Human Resources and Head of office of Strategic Management, how effective an organization is at strategic execution is a key competitive advantage. Moreover, the ability to execute well is far better than the best strategy unexecuted.

To ensure that plans realize desired results and changes, a systematic Execution Process that drives the implementation of plans over time is essential. One of the clients whom I have been assisting with an Execution Process over the past two years is Tewatohnhi’saktha - the Economic Development Commission of Kahnawake, Quebec. It is an organization with an extraordinarily challenging mission: to help the community of Kahnawake create jobs and prosperity, and achieve economic independence that ensures a quality of life for community members, consistent with their culture and values, and that creates prosperity for future generations. When I began working with the management team of Tewatohnhi’saktha, they had recently developed a strategic plan that was waiting to get implemented. We began the Execution Process with a Plan-toImplement launch event. All managers made a presentation of the objectives they were accountable for achieving for the next three years and their year one objectives, and each presented their action plans for the first quarter. We chose Mt. Everest as the metaphor that would symbolize the challenge facing the organization. This metaphor would become very strategic as we proceeded with the implementation of the plan. Near the end of the first year of the Execution Process, I learned the Centre for Strategic Management System’s Thinking Approach™. We realized that one of the missing elements in our Execution Process was precise measurable outcomes, which made the reporting process difficult. At the end of the first year, we reviewed and updated the strategic plan, using the Centre for Strategic Management’s Yearly Strategic Management process, to ensure that the plan was current going into the second

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year of the implementation. We gave particular attention to establishing a quadruple quantifiable outcome that includes measures for employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction, financial measures, and stakeholder/community satisfaction. In the second quarter of year one the organization experienced a significant disappointment with the loss of a major opportunity that would have resulted in accelerating its revenue targets. The Mt. Everest metaphor proved to be a helpful and sober reminder that it took 32 years of human struggle before the first climbers successfully reached the peak and the first successful route was found. In the second year we have used a map of Mt. Everest and placed small flags on it to symbolize progress from quarter to quarter, serving as powerful symbol of the progress towards the organization’s ultimate goal. Although setting quantifiable outcome measures of success was challenging in the short term, the management team has found reporting against these targets has simplified and greatly increased the value of the quarterly reporting process and keeping the strategic plan on track. We have continued holding quarterly meetings in year two. In addition, the management team meets monthly and the CEO meets individually with each of his direct reports regularly on an informal basis, and quarterly on a formal basis. To keep employees aligned with the strategic direction and priorities, an all-staff meeting is held quarterly. The board of Directors has recently begun to participate in the quarterly meetings to ensure that they fully understand the organization’s key success measures and are up to date about progress towards them.

Without the passion and commitment of the CEO to the organization’s mission and the strategic management process, none of this would work. The role of leadership is absolutely vital. The CEO has been unwavering in committing time and resources to the execution process and building a high performance organization. Tewatohnhi’saktha regularly invests in development of employees at all levels and incorporates best practices to sustain a high performance organization. balance Strategic Focus and Action Focus We learned that focusing strategic results one quarter at a time is best, within the context of the one year and three year targets. This balances an action focus and a strategic focus. Additionally, quarterly meetings at which each manager reports actual results against his/her quarterly target, provide a mechanism for accountability and recognition of achievement. The one-day Quarterly Milestone Meeting process also helps to maintain the alignment of the senior management team, reinforces ongoing communication, and provides an opportunity for a mini learning component relevant to the team. This implementation process supports two of the eight action steps that John P. Kotter, author of Leading Change, says are crucial: Short Term Wins, and broadening the Transformation or Expanding the Momentum. Short Term Wins Demonstrate Progress Major change takes time to realize. Short term wins provide proof that results are happening. “Wins” reward hard-working employees with positive, morale-building feedback. In addition, short term wins undermine cynics by proving that the change is on track. Finally, in building momentum and support, short term wins give change leaders concrete data to test their visions.

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Many leaders believe that short term wins will just happen. but employees often think that since change is a long-term activity, things will “never” happen, and they don’t believe short term wins are even possible. both these attitudes are mistaken. Short term wins are not only possible, they are essential. Unfortunately, results do not just happen. They must be created and monitored in a systematic process and people must be held accountable. Broaden the Transformation Quarterly milestone Meetings help to keep plans moving forward and on track. They also provide a process to keep implementation plans aligned across the organization and to broaden the transformation towards your desired future. At times managers may complain about reporting, but my experience in countless organizations demonstrates that the pressure to report is a useful element in producing results and wins. The commitment to achieve results quarter to quarter helps to maintain urgency to take action and fine tune actions to achieve those results. Recently, some prospective clients said that it is almost impossible to hold themselves accountable. They recognized a

need for an external body or person to help them focus on results and keep the implementation of plans on track. They needed a process and structure. help Clients Realize Results As Organizational Development consultants, we have the opportunity to help our clients establish measurable results and ensure their plans are implemented so that they realize the results and changes they want. Make sure that you have the commitment of senior management; without it the best execution process will be just another abandoned process. In summary, don’t leave the plans that you and your clients have worked hard to develop to chance. Install a disciplined execution process to focus short term wins towards the key strategic success measures or targets, and systematically track performance towards results in order to broaden the transformation process. Marcelene H. Anderson, M.A., owns Raven Strategic Consulting and specializes in strategic management to help organizations achieve strategic results and manage their businesses strategically.


Schmidt, who graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, M.b.A. before going for her Juris Doctorate, predicts that future economic forecasts will drive corporate lawyers in a different direction over the next five years. “The hot button issue has changed,” she said. “because of the economic downturn, law firms will be doing more compliance law in corporate settings.”
-- J. Michael Gordon


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Ann Stravalle-Schmidt serves as General Council of Jacobs vehicle Systems, Inc., (JvS) handling Aerospace and Defense issues. She’s a hard working lawyer. And she credits her “very academic law school” for her impeccable legal skills. Her She explained that her specializarole as General Council has made tion in law has allowed her to exher a top notch trouble shooter. pand her legal practice background. She is responsible for all aspects of “I have a good eye for spotting hot legal work, including contracts, IP, button issues,” Schmidt said dur- patent technology and filing patent ing an interview with The Suit. “My applications. Schmidt also uses an job is to facilitate, not frustrate,” out-house counsel to guide her with she said with a slight chuckle. outsourcing issues and negotiating

Ms. Schmidt has also served in dual roles as In-House Council and Manager of Legal IP, Warranty and Reliability for JvS Inc. She also holds the title of head in-house legal counsel and handles all company legal and intellectual property concerns.

agreements with India and China. The company generates over $100 million annually.

amanda sinha serves as Principal analytical chemist with the New Jersey-based merck company. Her work ethic is backed by a strong team spirit. Established in 1891, Merck is a research pharmaceutical firm known for discovering, developing, manufacturing and marketing an array of vaccines and medicines around the world. With a Ph.D. from the university of Washington, seattle, Dr. sinha explains her overall duties. "i specialize in the usage of chemical composition and how artificial materials are applied in using practical applications and theories." of the company’s goals, she says that merck helps to improve the health of both humans and animals.
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-- J. Michael Gordon


For the past eight years, Kenneth Barnes has been fighting gun violence on the streets of America. barnes, the founder of Roots, a non-profit organization, tackles handgun brutality amidst the battle against the proliferation of guns – advocating a farewell to arms. He remembers that ill-fated day on September 24, 2001, when his son was shot and murdered during a robbery on U Street N.W., in Washington, D.C. Ever since he lost his son, barnes has used the clout and muscle of Roots to urge Congress to consider introducing a bill to prevent harsh exposure to gun violence. In fact, Congress has finally listened and is considering his recommendations. When barnes speaks, he disarms his audience with a tenacious voice and a courageous heart. He's a tireless giver to his cause. He said he wants to put an end to all fire arms. "When I first heard the news that they had murdered my son," he said, raising his voice, "we found out that the young man who killed my son had

murdered several other people, and that he shot someone in broad daylight," he said. There's a silent pause. "I was surprised that it was not in the paper or the Tv news," he added. "How could something like that happen? Had this been New York – a man shot on Madison Avenue – it would be all over the news media." barnes has put pressure on several members of the black Caucus to change public policy. "I have come to experience that most politicians are in it for themselves and not into solving the problem," barnes said. "America has some of the most violent children ever – in the united States. We as a people react to the violence, in

back in April 2009, barnes was awarded the National Service Award. He praised President barack Obama. "President Obama is an intelligent individual. He will bring about social change. That's why he will be one of the greatest president's ever," he said.


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stead of being proactive in the moment. They just want to lock up young people." According to barnes, Washington, D.C. has more police per capita than any other city in the United States. "That should tell us something," he said. Gun violence has become an epidemic and is the number one killer of African-Americans in the United States, said barnes.

Inventor & PIoneer
The greatest inventors all had one purpose in common. They wanted to make life a little easier and more convenient for the rest of us. Alex McDowell is one such inventor who believes he has developed a way to remove water vapor condensation from the air system in automotive exhaust pipes. He calls it the Filtration System. His company, Armc. Enterprises Inc., is a management consulting firm working out of Hartwell, Georgia. McDowell has played a major role in developing other hybrid inventions as well as prototypes with E.P.A. on green house affects. "I'm a mechanic by trade," he said, "I invented a patent in 1988 on water filtration and how it was used in the automotive industry." Retiring at the age of 65, McDowell continues to provide work for NASA while also adamantly pursuing patent rights for his inventions.

The greatest inventors all had one purpose in common. They wanted to make life a little easier and more convenient for the rest of us.

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Ms. Linda E.W. Cain President

and overseeing a number of such conferences, et al, she has muscled her way into earning a reputation as an excellent independent event Since 1982, Linda E. W. Cain, of planner for a myriad of industries. MCE International, has earned her Interestingly enough, her backcorporate revenues the hard way ground includes working with for– planning meetings, conferences eign banks in order to assist U.S. and other similar events through- interests, and in training people out the year. Having cut her teeth for the Federal Reserve. In addiin the non-profit arena, organizing tion, she has worked as a legal and

paralegal secretary for a California law firm – all of which experiences served her well in appreciating those fine lined details that go into organizing such events. Then came those countless celebrity dinners and book guest speaking forums which garnered a solid foundation for practicing her expertise.


Auguste boissonnade serves as vice-President of Model Development for Risk Management Solutions (RMS), a weather risk team in Newark, New Jersey. Established in 1998, RMS focuses on the production of financial models that help assess financial weather risks due to both man-made and natural disasters. "it'S a diScipline," SayS BoiSSonnade. As he explains it, risk management attempts to "build a set of principles and

rules that would help determine the risk reward ratio." Mr. boissonnade has devoted the last ten years identifying, addressing, and eliminating such risks before they become threats. Among the leading architects for hurricane catastrophes, his expertise in meteorology, climatology, risk modeling, and software development makes him someone worth consulting.

RMS is the world's leading provider of products, services, and expertise for the quantification and management of catastrophe risk. Founded at Stanford University in 1988, RMS offers technology and services for the management of insurance catastrophe risk associated with natural perils such as earthquakes, hurricanes, and windstorms, as well as products for weather derivatives and enterprise risk management for the P&C insurance industry. Today, RMS also leads the market in risk modeling for man-made disasters associated with acts of terrorism, and has released the first infectious disease model.


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the mike tyson of motivational speaking offers inspirational Knock outs for Business entrepreneurs

Mark Trombino is known as the Mike Tyson of motivational knock outs. He's an inspirational speaker, actor and author who recently released his new book, "Life Is Short." He formed Motivational Small Talk with co-partner Gail blackburn, after the death of his beloved wife, Anu Trombino. "What inspired me was my wife's car accident in 2004; since then, a have felt the need to share my story about the challenges of overcoming tough times when losing a loved one," he added. "It's about finding peace within you."

all other logos and trade names are the property of their respective owners.

America, he stated, “I'm reaching out to businesses, corporations, and government institutions, offering them my unique motivational services." Attributing his drive and success to his parents, he explained, "They never let my size get in the way. Second comes my daughter; she is my heart and soul in everything I do." Trombino added. "Next year, Trombino started his journey attending local churches and giving His book, "Life is short," is an au- my goal is to speak overseas and inspeeches. His career snowballed tobiographical account of his long spire people throughout the world."
-- J. Michael Gordon

from that point on, appearing in commercials, television, movies and theater. Regularly featured on the Tim and Willy Morning Show on KNIX, he is also a spokesperson for the Stone Creek Furniture and Arizona Lottery. With all of that under his belt, Mr. Trombino’s credentials also include doing voice-overs for such vehicles as "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs," "Tuesday," "AbC (Hallmark)," "The best Movie Ever Made," "Lead Mime," bliss Productions, Inc., and the "Phil Donahue Show," "Mark," as well as for AbC Network, and bliss Productions, to name just a few.

battle in coping with the last few months of his wife's life. "Now, it's about my life and finding new love again and my relationship with my daughter," Trombino said during an interview from his home in Arizona. Working closely with corporate


Over the years, Cheryl howard has rubbed model for the “fashionable small hotel” elbows with the life styles of the rich and fa- in London and cities around the world. mous. For example, there’s a photo of her pos“Anouska has traveled to different corners ing with actor mickey Rourke on Face Book. of the world. She would purchase a decohoward, however, is a sales director at rative item for her suites, and she has put the Blakes hotels, a popular luxury chain much energy, trekking the world, searching in the United Kingdom. Among for a picture, a piece of handthe creative minds behind the made art work,” she continued. Blakes hotels, she’s the one re“Working at the Blakes hosponsible for marketing and tels is very exciting. And you promotions, targeting internever know who’s going to national markets through inbe here,” added howard. ventive marketing and advertisement campaigns that work her focus has been on dewell to attract new clientele. veloping target markets withStanding in a luxury suite at the Blakes hotel, ms. howard talks about the Blakes. “It’s very different, very unique. It’s a boutique hotel,” she said. Designed by Anouska hempel, the London hotelier and internationally renowned designer, the hotel offers style, elegance and sensational service to the welltraveled connoisseur. Blakes is now established as totally unique and has served as the in the United Kingdom, she explained, the result of which has garnered the chain a unique reputation in London.

-- J. Michael Gordon


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“The Blakes hotels have earned much respect for protecting privacy against the paparazzi,” howard furthered. “moreover, the hotel has earned a first-class reputation amongst film stars, musicians and all top designers. They are the ‘Couture’ hotel. “

amsHa mariNa cm HoteLs & resorts Ruben A. Colon is Chief Financial officer for Amsha Marina, a virtual paradise in the sun based in the Dominican Republic. Colon has been managing the financial aspects of Ashma for the past thirteen years. Ashma Marina is an exclusive chain of hotels and resorts throughout this second largest Caribbean island, employing over 2000 seasoned professionals. Its first resort was built in 1988. Since then, it has expanded to include hotel sites or Gran Paraisos (grand paradise hotels) in bávaro, in Samaná , in Playa Dorada, along with Casa Marina beach. Together, these resorts generate an estimated $50 million dollars a year. Graduating from Quebec University with an MbA, Colon went on to procure a Postgraduate degree in Financial Management. A virtual man of all trades, his credentials include a solid background in accounting, auditing and invertisement. As such, he oversees all expenses, including duties, employee salaries, local vendor costs, common bills, et al, as well as keeping all financial books and records.

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Nestled in the heart of Mexico's Gulf coast is Premier Cancun vacations, a Floridabased travel company that provides romantic getaway packages to Cancun, a natural paradise known in the travel industry as the Caribbean’s Garden of Eden. "What I find to be challenging is opening the minds of the big shots in travel and services," explains Erika L. Garcia, an entrepreneur who has been in the travel busi-

ness for over twenty years. The company provides high quality services with the best rates in the market.

Committed to providing regularly attends quality customer service, Ms. She seminars hostGarcia believes that her com- several pany will eventually corner ed by noted motivationthe travel industry market. al speaker Tony Robbins. Cancun offers vacationers an opportunity to visit a place that still retains much of its pre-Hispanic past, a vanguard culture, and un"He (Robbins) helps me to say focused on the bigger picture," Garcia says.

limited entertainment. Garcia, a well-rounded individual, helps to provide concierge support, while also working in sales and marketing.


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Nested in a privileged area, in the heart of Cancun’s Hotel Zone, inside the magnificent Pok Ta Pok Golf Club, laguna Suites Golf & Spa shares the beautiful views of the golf course and unparalleled sunsets over Nichupté lagoon. This elegant boutique Hotel is located in the heart of Cancun's hotel zone, approximately 25 minutes from the airport and 10 minutes from downtown Cancun. both singles and couples are welcome. This resort is on one half mile of white sand beach. Nested in a privileged area, in the heart of Cancun’s Hotel Zone, inside the magnificent Pok Ta Pok Golf Club, laguna Suites Golf & Spa shares the beautiful views of the golf course and unparalleled sunsets over Nichupté lagoon.

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$399PP Romantic Getaway Relax on the beautiful sands of Cancun’s beaches. $399PP Cancun Golf Package Play golf in paradise $598PP Cancun + Orlando Relax your body, and recharge your spirit and energy


tanya J simister

“This is a man’s world; I am the underdog here,” she says. “I must work harder, longer, from a female’s perspective, of course. I like helping people that have been discriminated against. I feel as though there is a need to explain this information to clients, so that they may better understand that what they know may be damaging to themselves.” What keeps her passionate about the law? “It is the attraction of being a Solicitor in which I experience the element of surprise,” she adds.
-- J. Michael Gordon

The Directors have continuing plans to expand and they look forward to the future with confidence. Tanya J. Simister qualified as a solicitor in 1996, having obtained an LLb (hons) in law and after having completed a training contract at Haworth Holt bell. Following qualification, Tanya obtained a Master of Law in employment law (LLM) which remains her principal area of work, along with family, matrimonial and civil litigation. Tanya obtains frequent referrals as a result of outstanding expertise and experience in her chosen areas and her willingness to offer support and valuable practical advice. She is on the Law Society Family Panel and is vice President and Treasurer of the Trafford Law Society. A partner at Haworth Holt bell, Tanya Simister carries herself like a well-schooled barrister. The law firm, specializing in doJUSTICE & DEMOCRACY • THE SUIT • 78

mestic conveyancing, trust and probate work from as far back as the early 1800s, is headquartered in Altrincham, United Kingdom. A family-owned partnership until the late 1970s, this british law firm since then has shifted more towards Commercial Law. As of 2004, Haworth Holt Bell converted from a partnership to a limited company with a team of Directors that include Robert Haworth, Richard bell, Amanda Freeman and Tanya Simister. The team’s goals are part of the firm’s ability to expand forward with a keen eye towards a lucrative future. Ms. Simister states that back in 1994, the area of employment law had caught her eye. Obtaining a Master of Law (LLM) with honors in employment law from the University of Wolverhampton, she now has “15 years as a Solicitor” in matrimonial, family and civil litigation.

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Proudly Serving the Community Since 1891!

Joleen McCormick President

titLe iNsuraNce - escroW serVice - settLemeNt serVices - aBstracts - DeeD PLottiNG - titLe searcHes - oWNersHiPs - oiL aND Gas recorDs - LaND meN WeLcome

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116 N. Canyon Street, Carlsbad, New Mexico, 88220 * Phone 1-80... * 575-887-2828 * Fax 575-887-0824


Good intentionS, bAd reSUltS? by Steven c. brAvermAn preSident & ceo Steven chArleS cApitAl, ltd., inveStment AdviSorS
So where are we headed from here? Every 15 minutes there’s a new and often conflicting opinion on where the market is heading. Let’s step back and take a look at the big picture. First, we have a political environment where spending and nationalization has become the norm. Socialized medicine and government ownership of everything from autos to banks to insurance companies cannot possibly be a good thing for private entrepreneurship. Socialized medicine, alone, with a bureaucratic government-controlled middleman, will increase costs dramatically. Increasing taxes on all Americans will be the only way to pay for the wasteful spending and government largess. And what about Cap and Trade? Since China, India, brazil and New Zealand are not planning on going along with carbon emission standards, our efforts are commendable but way too costly. We don’t want our ecochondria* to ruin the economy even more. It seems like this is a tax on industrialized nations that developing nations won’t be a party to. Our leaders are clamoring for more regulation—regulation on government-controlled banks and regulation on Wall Street. Even for regulation on speculation. Some government regulation is necessary and can be beneficial, but when it goes too far, over-regulation grows like a cancer on the underbelly of capitalism. It is my opinion that we entered a secular bear market roughly 9 years ago, and we have many years ahead of choppy financial markets. Perhaps this bill will not pass muster in the Senate, but if it does, the next step will be a new tax on breathing (emission of carbon!) What happened to the concept of no tax increases for Middle America? Congress has done a commendable job! They passed the Cap and Tax bill without even reading the legislation. Now that’s the type of leadership we’re looking for. Hope and change! I sure hope things change quickly. Steven Charles Capital, Ltd. 585-325-1870/800-678-3359 585-325-1879 (Fax)

*Made-up word meaning hypochondria about the environment.

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Ultimately I think we will make new lows in all the stock market averages, so use rallies to sell or go short and you will be well rewarded over the next decade. And don’t even begin to believe that we’ve entered a new bull market. That’s complete bULL!

Freight forwarding brokers
Percy Lall, owner and President of Freight Forwarding brokers, is no stranger to international services, operating his business along with members of his family. based out of Trinidad & Tobago, the company offers a full range of services that have grossed an estimated annual income of 1.8 million dollars. Says Mr. Lall, "business has dropped a little due to this economic down turn, but, as a customs brokerage service, we depend upon the importers and exporters in the industry to stay in business. "This means,” he adds, “that over the next couple of months our income depends largely on the amount of work we do." The company relies on the work of other companies, both private and individual, in importing and exporting goods and services. He states that the country’s values have fallen substantially with clients importing and exporting less than what they are accustomed to do over the years. Mr. Lall adds, "Income has fallen and continues to fall; however, we are still managing to run the business with a positive future on growth." Freight Forwarding brokers has not made any major changes since the downturn began and still maintains a full staff, unlike other companies that have had to institute major layoffs and cutbacks over the past year. Mr. Lall says, "We are doing well enough to weather the storm. Keeping clients satisfied is hard work, but my family has assisted in the day-to-day operations to make things easier on me." He has one son and two daughters, all three of whom are currently employed by the company. "We are a big family." he chuckles before confidently asserting that his company expects to do well in keeping up with market demands. “The business is moving forward; we are still managing to keep alive during this economic fallout."

Five Star livery Service
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Five Star Livery Service has a knack for what people want in transportation. Owner and President for nine years, Sharlyn baker has much work ahead of her in the business world.

conferences, political programs, parties and local sporting events.

In describing the transportation industry as a niche market, Ms. Baker explains, “With a fleet of professional chauffeurs on Five Star services the state of standby 24 hours a day, there Missouri and several of its bor- isn’t a place where you can’t go,” der cities, providing transporta- and she adds, “Our services are tion to and from the region’s ma- second to none.” jor airports, attractions, national


Jeannette Bowers has defied the traditional definition of gender roles in an industry that we normally associate with men – heavy construction. She has done it the old-fashioned way, as she told us, "I keep my head down and work hard." but that doesn't tell the whole story. TNT Leasing Corporation, based out of Terre Haute, Indiana, has been in business for thirty-one years. TNT also carries gas, diesel and propane generators for farms, along with forklifts, bulldozers and diesel engines and parts. This is a world that involves tough negotiations, but bowers is not afraid of the challenge. "I have restructured the company finances due to the economic downturn, and we are watching our spending now more than ever," she said. Her ability to wear such diverse hats enables TNT to efficiently use its resources in order to solidify and expand its products and markets. In short, she does things her way.
2611 N. 25th Street Terre Haute, IN 47804 office: (812) 238-2611 After Hours: (812) 466-2420

Louis E. Landry, entrepreneur & pioneer.
back in the 1950's, the Landry family had purchased 10,000 acres of land in Shediac, New brunswick, Canada. Twenty years later, the Centre-ville Mall, located in Shediac, opened with only ten employees and 32 tenants who own and/or operate book stores, banks, salons, a post office and several municipal offices. Today, those same 10,000 acres have become one hot commodity, with parcels being bought by the Canadian government. The extra money garnered from these sales has helped to weather the current economic storm. Landry noted that, "We only found out recently that we were sitting on oil," as he smiled and added, "So, we began to dig." The company has also developed several recreational lots, with beaches, lakes, buildings, wood lots, as well as cottages and cabins adding to the landscape. "Two of my daughters,” he commented, “work with me. They help to operate the daily administrative chores." -ERIC DANIELS

Michael Allen, owner and President of Michael Allen's Plumbing, has been doing business since 1990. With 26 years of experience behind him, Allen easily attributes his success to his father, a sergeant in the Marine Corp and a plumber from Louisiana who taught him the business. Allen said, "I couldn't afford to raise my family on an income as a plumber working for someone else," he chuckled, "so I had no other choice but to open my own business." He keeps his business in the family, employing four skilled experts, including his son and daughter. His plumbing firm provides services in the local area of New Iberia, Louisiana, specializing in residential and commercial facilities, such as hotels, small businesses, and restaurants. Personally responsible for making bids, designs, plumbing plans and establishing new clients, he stated, “I do what I have to in order to stay ahead of new economic trends."

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Literary writer – In the making:
He’s a literary professor with a muse. And that’s why Professors Wayne G. Deahl remembers that percent moment when he rubbed elbows with America’s premier novelist – John Edgar Widman. He believes it was mere scholarly fate. but their academic relationship began back when Deahl was studiously working on his thesis. At the time, Wideman was a member of faculty in the literary department. Deahl believes that Wideman, indirectly, served as a role model. Over the years as an English Literature professor he’s written two novels. His demeanor seems similar to Phillip Roth. “I’ve been in the presence of John Wideman, one of the more important literary minds in America,” deahl says with a reflective tone. Perhaps, some of his literary genius has rubbed off,” he added with a chuckle. “That’s a good characteristic.” Deahl has a Master in English & Philosophy from Wyoming University. He also received his bachelor’s degree from xxx. In fact, two years ago Deahl, was appointed to board of Governors, in 2006, sitting on the State Housing board, Wyoming Community Development Authority. He’s concerned about the housing problems in Wyoming. “We are reaching a pretty bad stage in the housing authority. Things need to change. I’ve expressed that to the House officials, in the Obama administration,” Deahl said. -J . MICHAEL GORDON


Cornelison losing 60% of his business.

Looking back, he laments, "I remember when the Pony Express was the way to transport or deliver mail in the United States. Since then, we have come a long way, from FEDEX, UPS and USPS to delivery through the internet. My company had become obsolete." True entrepreneurs, however, David Cornelison was equally do not simply stand pat on a bad hand. "Transportation, successful. However, when the World warehousing, and global exTrade Center was destroyed in press delivery,” he clipped. a terrorist attack and the whole “Now I have to restructure my banking industry was shaken business to work with these up, a series of Post-9/11 leg- new business trends in the 21st islation was passed, whereby century," he added. And if his banks were no longer allowed past success in building a business is any indicator, it is only to physically a matter of time before Cortransport copies of checks – nelison's company becomes a henceforth, banks had to use major player once again. digital imaging. That overre-- ERWIN KANTOR action immediately resulted in avid Cornelison developed a thriving courier business specializing in the transport of copies of checks for financial institutions. His family had always been successful entrepreneurs, related as he is to the founders of American West Airlines.

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Factory Man
sary policies and procedures to ensure that the factory and equipment are effective and maintained. With all of that to his credit, he is mostly known for his role in the development of good working relations with customers and suppliers that span across the globe from Australia, bangladesh, brunei, Hong Kong, India, to Indonesia, Japan, Kuwait, New Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Sri Lanka. His negotiating skills have helped to ensure that contractors and suppliers provide the most cost-effective provision of services to the factory. CSR is known as one of the leading global building materials and manufacturing companies offering products and services for than 150 years.

Armed with a spotless reputation, Lee Kok Hong ty. He assists with the development of necesis Factory Manager for CRS, which entity has emerged as Malaysia’s largest building material company in manufacturing and marketing. Since 2006, Hong organizes and controls all production and factory output targets. The production line consists of fiberglass blankets, fire damper strips, insulated tank panels, VLock pipe covers, rock wool slabs just to name a few. Hong’s focus is on the quantity, quality, yield, wastage, unit costs, and in overall production in accordance with health, safety and hygiene standards. The company also brands various products, such as Thermo foil, Fiber mesh, Tuff-Skin, as well as CSR ACL Panels and CSR ALC Lintels. Hong directs and controls all factory staff to ensure safe-

Degenhardt European Sausage Farm, Ltd.
Remo Degenhardt, vice President, of Degenhardt European Sausage Farm, Ltd, learned the trade secrets of the business from his father. “This is a second generation business, my dad taught me everything I needed to know about business,” Degenhardt said during a telephone interview with The Suit. Degenhardt company manufacture’s quality meat products, the firm were founded in 1986. In fact, Degenhardt’s European Sausage Firm, a producer and seller of fine German deli meats and sausages are a branded and internationaly loved. Degenhardt said his philosophy is simple: “I prefer quality before quantity.” His company “places priority on health products that taste as good as they are for you. I want my customers to naturally enjoy the flavors of our products, but also take away a lasting good feeling and general well being.” Degenhordt has a solid education in his choosen field. He studied manufacturing courses at the Flerschergeselle School in Germany. “The company has major plans,” Degenhordt said. “big plans.”

“We’re German – somy father learned how to make sausages at home,” he added: “I had the secret formula for our sausage. I just needed someone to help me mass produce it, so I found a packaging company and together we launched the business.”

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From Sheep Farmer to Agricultural businessman
Robert Agro Consulting

all other logos and trade names are the property of their respective owners.

At first, sheep farming was a hobby for Jean-Paul Robert, who now has 25 years of experience in the agriculture business behind him. More than two decades ago, he launched his own consulting firm tailored specifically to service the milk, meat and sheep industries. His company grosses four million a year by providing technical and economic consulting for producers of milk, meat and agriculture. His clients include cheese and slaughter houses in tropical and subtropical countries.

the consulting industry. His clients include institutions such as the World bank, corporations such as Nestlés, and such nation states as Panama, Peru, and Madagascar, along with other organizations, such as FAO, SDS, unefico and KfW in Africa, Asia and South America. At age 66, this agriculture consultant and Swiss Institute of Technology engineer has more than thirty years of earned expertise in designing, monitoring, backstopping and evaluating agricultural and agribusiness projects, particularly in the dairy,

His company, initially funded by the Swiss government, is heavily engaged in exports to both Russia and several African nations. meat, fruits and vegetables sub-sectors. definitively, Mr. Robert is an accomplished specialist Known for his hands-on solutions, Robert keeps up with numerous turn-key projects in animal producwith technical and economic feasibility studies and has tion behind him that include those involving dairy authored seven of his own articles on production and plants, beef fattening schemes and slaughterhouses.


dwyer MilK tranSport

Facing an economic fuel crisis, Paul Dwyer,

owner and president of Dwyer Milk Transport, a dairy transport company established in 1988 still works hard for his money. "Now I transport milk in Minnesota and Iowa delivering milk," Some of the challenges Dwyer has been facing are the economic fuel crisis, insurance hikes and service rates recently have been slipping. Dwyer was a farmer for many years before opening his own company. Dwyer Milk Company transports three 6000 gallon tanks of milk to several dairies throughout the surrounding areas of

Tomah and Wisconsin. The Dwyer Milk Transport Company employs seven people, who serve 47 different farms in the area and generates annual revenue of roughly $350,000. He handles all operations both front and back of the company, such as purchasing new equipment, maintaining customer relations, maintaining equipment on existing machinery, ordering and transporting fresh milk. "I have been contemplating in adding a tanker division in the next 3-5 years." Dwyer says.



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Owner of O'brien Editorial Services Tampa, Florida, he has been cutting his teeth in the editorial business. O'brien is a man with passion who has channeled his energy into the world of publishing, but with the rescission he has taken a toll. He said, "I have been in the business for over 8 years and it has dried up." In fact O'brien is well known for his website business on amazon, Mostly Mysteries & 1st Editions as well as partnership at HPS Permissions. An internet and online services company based out of Tampa, Florida. In 1984 o'Brien developed automation systems for a variety of organizations. After a bad experience with a known online company Prepaid Legal SerJUSTICE & DEMOCRACY • THE SUIT • 86

vices Inc., O'brien decided to go back to his roots. He performed editorial and legal copyright compliance work for professional publishers and trade books. He said, "I have been operating my online bookstore, selling first edition mystery books and other collectible literature since 1997." O'brien is a man of many hats, covering the gamut of industries." He chuckles, "I have provided copyright and royalty services for the music industry." "I have experience in accounting, grant preparation, music and publishing." He served in the 101st Airborne, U.S. veteran brigade Soldier, 3rd brigade 1977 and 1978.

helpinG thoSe ‘SqUeezed oUt’
Theodore Reese started Corporate Benefit Consultants, Inc. in 1996, based out of “The Windy City” of Illinois. In January of 2009 barrack obama was inaugurated as the first African American to become President of the United States. Rees said, “There was much over reaction to the Obama, thing,” He adds, “After the presidential election, we experienced double digit inflation and 40% layoffs across the board.” the expansion of CMC came to a Holt Two hundred clients panicked, feeling the economic tsunami and Arizona had to wait. Rees specializes in employee benefits, plans such as medical, dental and life. The company has developed personalized plans designed to fit and deliver cost saving methods. He said, “We have roughly 25 employees who are all over taxed.” He adds, “The top 6 managing producers for blue Cross blue Shield are helping to explain the Consolidated Omnibus budget Reconciliation Act (CObRA) payments to people.” Cobra is a system that helps employees continue their health care coverage after being terminated. Cobra is a program built to help people who are currently experiencing difficulty affording health care coverage.

1.Tax Credits for Low-Wage Workers in Small Firms 2.Tax Credits for Individuals Struggling with health Costs 3.Tax Credits for Those between Jobs 4.New Tax Deduction for Those Without Access to Employer Coverage

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For this reason, Corporate Benefit Consultants, Inc. bCbSA recommends the government take the fol- has developed a new solution, serving as an extenlowing actions: Expand the Government Safety Net, sion of the Human Resources Department. Rees Provide Three Types of Targeted Grants of States, said, “We provide a personalized service.” He adds, and Provide Four New Types of Tax Assistance: “We cover the gamut of industries in multiple areas.” The Health Care Crises Continues……..


The evolving roles of clinicians, patients and communities in the delivery of health care services
Mark J. Atkinson, PhD Managing Partner, Health Outcomes Research PRO-Spectus Inc. 3830 Valley Centre Dr., Suite 705-154 San Diego CA 92130 Mark J Atkinson MEd, PhD is Managing Partner of Health Economic and Outcomes Research with PRO-Spectus Inc. and a Volunteer Associate Clinical Professor with the Health Services Research Center, University of California at San Diego. He has over 20 years of experience in community-based program evaluation and the design of standardized patient-reported measures for the assessment of health outcomes. He has authored over 50 articles in peer-reviewed journals on qualitative and quantitative research into the individual and community factors associated with health care delivery and treatment interventions.

John M. Boltri, MD Professor, Dept of Family Medicine Mercer University School of Medicine, Medical Center of Central Georgia 3780 Eisenhower Pkwy Macon, GA 31206 John M. Boltri, MD is Professor of Family Medicine at Mercer University School of Medicine in Macon, Georgia. He graduated from Ohio State University College of Medicine and has been treating patients and teaching medical students for 22 years. He has published extensively in his field including over 40 articles on topics such as aspirin for primary prevention in low risk persons and the effects of pharmaceutical samples on physician prescribing behavior. His research is focused on screening and prevention of diabetes mellitus throughcommunity interventions.

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PRO Spectus Inc. is a unique company whose primary business is conducted with clients in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry who develop novel products for treatments across a wide variety of patient populations. Our consultants apply their and reimbursement in creative ways to maximize product success. PRO Spectus translates concepts into reality through rich perspectives, innovative thinking and experience with patient reported outcomes (PROs), epidemiology, health economics, scientific rigor. To contact PRO Spectus please email Charmie Chirgwin, Partner cchirgwin@pro

REFERENCES: 1. Quill, T.E., Brody, H. (1996). Physician Recommendations and Patient Autonomy: Finding a Balance between Physician Power and Patient Choice. Annals of Internal Medicine, 125(9): 763-769. 2. Burke G. (1980). Ethics and medical decision-making. Primary Care, 7(4): 615-624.

4. Beverley L, Dobson D, Atkinson MJ, Caldwell L. (1997). Development and evaluation of interdisciplinary team standards of patient care.Healthcare Management Forum, 10(4): 35-39. 5. Boltri JM, Davis-Smith YM, Seale JP, Shellenberger S, Okosun IS, Cornelius ME. (2008). Diabetes prevention in a faith-based setting: results of translational research. Journal of Public Health Management and Practice, 14(1): 29-32. 6. Atkinson MJ, Boltri J, David-Smith, M, Seale PJ, Shellenberger S, Gonsalves D. (2009). A qualitative inquiry into the community and programmatic dimensions associated with successful implementation of churchbased diabetes prevention programs. Journal of Public Health Management and Practice, 15(3): 264-273.


all other logos and trade names are the property of their respective owners.

3. Atkinson MJ, Kumar R, Cappelleri JC & Hass S. (2005). Hierarchical Construct Validity of the Treatment Satisfaction Questionnaire for Medication (TSQM version II) Among Outpatient Pharmacy Consumers. Value in Health (Special Edition), 8(s1): S1-S60.

she appeared as an international cover girl in Europe. “I did some film and Miller beer commercials, and had some roles with actors such as Steve Martin, the late John Candy, and Anthony Perkins,” she notes. Having traveled throughout the world, Tersigni currently resides in North Carolina since 2002, though her stomping grounds remain in Canada. “I’m currently writing a book and working with agents in New York,” she says, and she’s in the process of launching a yoga nursing institution where she intends to train nurses in how to incorporate yoga and standard western health care into one practice. Though yoga is an ancient eastern practice that has been around for at least 5,000 years, there seems to be a big misconception in the west regarding its utility, she notes. For centuries, men have predominantly used yoga for the mind and body, and in healthy living. “Yoga is not a girly practice, but it’s good for everyone,” Tersigni says. “It’s all about the breathing exercises, mind exercises and postures, and tapping into the consciousness-related process,” she adds. “My nursing skills give me access to my clients, and this helps me to determine, how to deal with certain diseases and problems they might have to confront in their lives. “It’s about the spirit, soul, and the healing of these components,” Tersigni said, “breathing is very important to a healthy life. I am also a columnist for ‘Nightingale Magazine’; it’s about creating a recipe for success.”

East meets West Annette Tersigni sits with her eyes closed in deep meditation. A practicing nurse by profession, she merges her yoga teaching with good old American nursing. Ms. Tersigni has felt the stress of western civilization, particularly in the medical field. For the past fifteen years, she’s been working on the frontlines of the healthcare industry as both a practicing nurse and yoga instructor. Ms. Tersigni started learning and practicing yoga since she was 17, and has always been fascinated with this 5,000-year-old remedy for stress and anxiety. “Yoga helped me and my life,” she explains. “This is what I call Dhar-

ma. It is what I have been searching for, and what’s been searching for me,” she adds. Tersigni works with cancer patients and teaching them yoga. Destiny is what led her to practice both nursing and holistic medicine through yoga at the Duke hospital in North Carolina, she says. In addition to working with victims of cancer, she specializes in cardiac and heart disease patients. “I’ve been educating people around the world on leading health spiritual lifestyles. And I’ve studied with Deepak Chopra and David Simon,” she adds. “These people were my inspirations to success.”Her career initially began in the fields of fashion and modeling, where, in her earlier years,

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Royal Care International

virginia Youssef barakat has always had a passion for medicine and for learning about and utilizing the varied approaches to healing within the medical field. Thus, Royal Care International, an Egyptian based company that specializes in management and medical care systems, feeds her passion adequately. As CEO & Operation Manager since the company’s inception in 2004, Barakat's duties involve a widerange of strategic and operational responsibilities as she oversees corporate activities and manages all board meetings. A dynamic personality, she has, as well, gained an exceptional reputation within the Future University with which she is affiliated.
all other logos and trade names are the property of their respective owners.

The university relies upon a network of prominent physicians and medical consultants and several medical centers, laboratories, and pharmacies to bring the best service available. Under her leadership, Royal Care International and Future University have an earned reputation for their commitment to students, staff and the people of Egypt in providing health coverage for all.

royal care international Mailing address: 11 Falaky Sq.,Down Town, cairo, egypt Working hrs:Daily from 9 am till 4 pm except Fridays and saturdays Telephones: (+2)(02)(23920352)-(+2)(02) (23924046) Fax:(+2)(02)(23912073) Email:


For more than eleven years, Arshad H. Siddiqi has been advising the corporate world about the pharmaceutical business – particularly the international pharmaceutical industry.

the consultant Guru
overseeing the day-to-day operations as chief administrator while providing strategic direction. As President and chief consultant, he brings an irrepressible enthusiasm for hard wwork and earnest drive, the combination of which has made him someone to watch. Of course, this so-called guru consultant and entrepreneur is no stranger to the pharmaceutical industry, having served as Director of Quality Assurance for Novartis and as a contractor with McCarthy Consultants. With a bSc in Chemistry from the University of Osmania, India, his professional affiliations have come

to include CIC, Novartis Canada Inc., and Sandoz Pakistan Inc., among others. During his travels around the world to such places as India, Pakistan, Iran and Turkey, Siddiqi discovered his business acumen while in Canada where, today, he now owns a successful pharmaceutical consulting firm. Having risen to the top of his profession, Arshad H. Siddiqi remains a positive forward thinker, maintaining that necessary balance between business goals, ethics and meeting the needs of his clients.

His Canadian-based organization was established in 1998, specializing in areas of quality assurance, stability, analytical development, validation and manufacturing. As a result, the Arshad Siddiqi Pharma Consultant Company has been one of the most prominent, profit-based businesses worldwide. Siddiqi runs a tight ship with an on-hands approach, he explains,

Child Find Saskatchewan is a Provincial charitable organization that educates and advocates for the protection and rights of children and youth.
all other logos and trade names are the property of their respective owners.

* Phyllis Hallatt, President 202-3502 Taylor Street East saskatoon, sK S7H 5H9 Fax (306)373-1311 1-800-5... (3463) E-mail:

Health Journey’s Foundation Provides Spiritual Solace

Jane CH Currie, Chairman, of Health Journeys Foundation, is a cancer survivor, who formed her calling in life. “Health Journeys is an organizationthat provides emotional and spiritual support to cancer patients,” Curries said from her New Zealand office.

she died quietly and with dignity in 1990,” Currie said. Three years later, Currie’s cancer appeared in her breast.

all other logos and trade names are the property of their respective owners.

At the time, she was 33 years old. “Thank god they didn’t keep me waiting too long for the diagnosis,” Currie added: “My medical fam“I went through breast cancer myself.” ily and friends encouraged me to undergo surgery The Workbase Education Trust, serves as a literacy (lumpectomy), these treatments saved me from fallwork place for the working class of New Zealand, by ing further down the ‘cancer cliff.’ but it was the providing more then 40 programs in proficient lit- complementary treatment and self care information eracy such as, information, advisory services and I learned from ‘bernie Siegel’s book ‘Life, Medicine developmental opportunities to kiwi’s at no cost. and Miracle’ that helped her save her life,” she said. She said her journey first started with “my mother being diagnosed with grade two breast cancer at the age of 55.” She later founded the Waikato breast Cancer Trust. She studied at the University of Stellenbosch and reAt the time, she was finishing up her studies at ceived a Bachlor’s degree with honors in 1984. Curthe University, she was only 22 years old, when rie also completed a post graduate work at Massey she discovered her mother was sick with cancer. University in business and Administration in 2000. “The cancer had spread to her spine. She bravely wore her disease, frequently using morophine for the pain. And She is married and has two children: Jennifer and James.

Pamela Gumbs, Pharm.D known affectionately among her patients as “Dr. Pam,” earned a Doctorate in Pharmacy and a second degree in Geriatrics from the University of California at San Francisco. During her time at UC San Francisco, Dr. Pam took a few classes in Asthma and Respiratory Health, and discovered that specializing in Respiratory Health would give her career a more focused direction. In her words, “Stick with one thing, and you’ll have a lot more fun.” Since then she has become an Asthma and Allergy Consultation Specialist. Dr. Pam also spends much of her time out in the community, serving as a Pharmacist Representative for the Alameda Alliance for Health and working with homeless shelters to increase awareness about the proper use for diabetic needles. In addition to her community involvement and consulting services, she works as a staff pharmacist for berkeley United Pharmacy.

Are you battling seasonal allergies? Are you or someone you know facing the challenges associated with asthma? Are you looking for a natural solution to a particular health condition? Are you trying to stop smoking? If you are a past-smoker, do you struggle with coughing? I can help. I specialize in consulting with patients about natural and traditional approaches to asthma, allergies, and other respiratory conditions.

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A Success Story

Crunches Numbers for a living – And Gives back

Her journey has been a long and arduous one. "I grew up in Kenya, Africa, where we do not have much opportunity,” explains says Sonal Shah, who is also of Indian descent, “but I have never settled for anything less than big," she adds. When the opportunity finally presented itself, Ms. Shah left her homeland to take up residence in the United Kingdom, where she studied during the day and worked for burger King outlets at night. Years later, once she landed a position with Aviva Plc, it didn't take long for Ms. Shah to get noticed. She was then offered a position as a Senior Associate with Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC), one of the largest professional service firms in the world, employing well over 150,000 people in more than 150 countries and specializing in assurance, tax and advisory, et al.

"Nothing could be more reward- courses on meditation, while ofing than watching your own career ten speaking at public forums. develop with value," she muses. The University encourages the deSuch an event occurred in 2007, velopment of a spiritual life assistwhen Ms. Shah embarked on a ing people from many religious, new humanitarian effort to bring ethnic and cultural backgrounds. The University includes a world wide network of people from more than 100 countries and 8,500 centers. In the course of her work with the University, Shah has actively participated in countless youth programs, inter-religious dialogues, as well as prison outreach programs.
all other logos and trade names are the property of their respective owners.

Since 2002, Shah has been the people and religions together. financial advisor for the Janki She joined the brahma Ku- Foundation for Global Health maris World Spiritual Uni- Care, a charity organization versity, based in the U.K., and based in the U.K. which enhelped develop a curriculum for courages awareness in health. young professionals, including


Munaf Ali Consultancy, Ltd.

For more than eight years, Dr. munaf ali has had a calling to assist the corporate world – and in particular the international pharmaceutical industry. His england-based organization, specializing in consulting, regulatory affairs, analytical development, validation and drug development, was established in 2003. running a tight ship, he oversees the day-to-day operations, including all administrative functions and strategic direction. as managing Director and consultant, it's mostly ali's irrepressible enthusiasm for his hard work and drive that makes him someone to watch. Ali has worked in this industry for more than 15 years, having been engaged by such companies as european medicines evaluation agency as a Pharmaceutical reviewer, or World Wide clinical trials in HiV compound research, and ingenix as its Global Vice-President. today, ali provides scientific and regulatory advice for clinical trials across many therapeutic areas in over 46 different countries. Having acquired a Ph. D., an M.S.c, and a B.S.c in psychology and neurology from imperial college, Dr. ali has traveled throughout the world and has finally made his niche, a successful pharmaceutical consultant. He says, "i have strong ties with the american association of advancement of science," and adds, "i was also co-founder of the international Society for Clinical Trails and Methodology (CNS).

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Organic Forever is here to provide the highest quality and broadest selection of products along with unparalleled customer service and second, to offer a forum for education, support and information.

Our Mission ... at the core of our business That is to listen to our customers, deal with them honestly and fairly, and provide them the best shopping experience.


all other logos and trade names are the property of their respective owners.

As a family businessman, Terry Dowel, founder and Managing Director of Natures Organics, Pty Ltd, has successfully operated a lucrative business for the past 21 years. Natures Organics manufactures hair and skin care products, including shampoos and conditioners, as well as household products that are sold through countless supermarkets and specialty stores nation-wide and abroad.

ating many innovative packaging designs,” he said during an interview with The Suit earlier this year.

all other logos and trade names are the property of their respective owners.

“The company had its origins in license and contract manufacturing in the 1960s. by the 1980s, we had developed and established many of the company’s successful brands. Today,” Dowel added, “Natures Organics plays a significant role in supplying supermarkets in AustraMr. Dowel noted that natural or- lia, and we still compete against ganic products have changed the way multinational conglomerates.” consumers shop today. “The organic product industry has revolutionized Dowel monitors the day-to-day opthe way the corporate world looks erations, he said, and currently uses at holistic living. People are more state-of-the-art equipment in his fahealth conscious,” he said. So in this cility. “We use an inventive and unique new holistic era, what continuing role approach to design and hold machinwill big businesses play in a health ery that helps facilitate the company’s conscious society, he was asked. successful establishment,” he added. “In essence, we will have to give the consumers what they want,” remarked Dowel in an upbeat tone. His own reputation extends from his “development of chemical formations and processes as well as creIn Australia, he runs a tight ship. “I work closely with my top-notch team of professionals. My staff works hard to ensure that we are providing high quality service.”

Most successful people have not achieved their goals by having some new skill or opportunity gift wrapped and put under a tree. They developed steadily by working with the opportunity placed in front of them. Dominque Andrews is such a person who learned and transcended from her corporate experiences at IbM as Director of Professional Services and Hewlett Packard as Director and Manager Consultant to owner and operator of Elder Kid Care, a state licensed company that provides home health care to over 400 families in the Dallas Forth Worth area. two State licensed daycare centers in South Africa for over 6 years. The centers provided on-site day care for over 350 children, from new born through kindergarten. Her home care experiences started in 1998, when her father, then suffering from terminal cancer, required home care then was relocated to the US from South Africa, in December 2000 by HP. The balance between family and career was neutralized when she created Elder Kid Care. "We had the swine flu epidemic a few months ago and we provided our service to families, because somebody has to take care of the kids when their parents are working," said Ms. Andrews. "We take care of patients suffering from Alzheimer's. We help them with their daily living: bathing, grooming, housekeeping, preparing meals, errands, going to the doctor - It's all a matter of trust!"

"Some may think that the home care market is run by mom and pop shops; elderly taken care of the elderly," said Ms. Andrews. " Through her experience of balancing family and career, Ms. What's happening is that people Andrews' vision and strategic are becoming more mature and so- thinking has produced Elder Kid phisticated in care giving. Still it's Care, a model in home care sera dicey business. There are unscru- vice throughout the state of Texas. pulous business practices where the elderly are being swindled." "We take care of our clients from Ms. Andrews owned and operated the cradle to the grave," she said.

elderKidcare 1700 Alma Drive, Ste 242 Plano, TX 75075 TEL: 214-432-2575 FAX: 214-432-2627 eMAIL: Web:

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heenan Blaikie
When corrado De stafano, a partner of Heenan Blaikie, one of the leading law firms in Canada, sets his sights on a labor and employment law case, he always wins. "i've had headliner cases," De stafano said. He has been practicing law for over 20 years and became a partner in 1995. His area of expertise includes collective bargaining agreements, compensation and benefits, grievance arbitration and human rights, as well as in privacy and employment law. De Stafano explained that his firm provides comprehensive legal advice and innovative business solutions to clients across canada, including montreal, toronto, Vancouver, Quebec City, Calgary, Ottawa, just to name a few. amid the higher circles of business law, he’s considered an authority on labor and employment law. author of a number of widely read works on labor and employment law, De stafano teaches labor law at the centre for continuing education and Faculty of management, mcGill university.


The AmbAssAdor for NucleAr eNergy AusTrAliA AusTrAliAN NucleAr AssociATioN
dubbed "The unofficial Ambassador for nuclear energy in Australia," Dr. Clarence J. Hardy, Executive Secretary of the Australian Nuclear Association, says he believes in "promoting the peaceful use of nuclear science, energy and technology" in the United Kingdom, United States, and Australia. "I am an intellectually recognized expert in the nuclear industry," Dr. Hardy adds.


ity at Harwell from 1955 to 1971, and was seconded to work at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in the U.S. from 1965-66 on advanced nuclear fuel fabrication processes. In 1966, he was appointed as the leader of the Chemical Processing Group in the Chemistry Division at Harwell and was responsible for research and development of new nuclear fuel processes as well as on contract research for applications of nuclear technology in non-nuclear industries.

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Since 2004, he has served as vice-President and President of the Pacific Nuclear Council. "This is a non-profit NGo representing over 60,000 professionals in the Hardy has an extensive work histo- He was awarded a DSc degree by nuclear industry in ten countries ry in nuclear science. born in Derby, the University of bristol in 1971, around the Pacific Basin, includ- England, he received a bSc (Hons, in recognition of his work on over ing the United States," he adds. Chemistry) in 1952, and a PhD in fifty scientific papers and patents In an interview with Suit, Hardy in nuclear science and technolnoted that nuclear energy is exogy published from 1956-1971. panding globally. "Australia is rich in resources of uranium and For twenty years, he worked as thorium," he explains, "two very a Division Chief and Chief Sciimportant nuclear materials." entist at the Lucas Heights Research Laboratories in Sydney, According to Hardy, AustraAustralia, and he worked as lia exports roughly 20% of the Chief Scientist for the Austraworld's uranium for use in overlian Atomic Energy Commission. seas nuclear power stations, though nuclear power is cur"I've been working for more than rently banned there. "I am sure thirty years in the nuclear energy you will find that ironic," he adds. field," Hardy says, "and, certainly, nuclear energy is undergoing a re"Today, I’m campaigning to change 1955 from the University of bris- naissance worldwide in the presthis, but the present government tol. He then worked at the Atomic ent carbon-constrained world." has other issues on its agenda Energy Research Establishment that they think are important." of the UK Atomic Energy AuthorJUSTICE & DEMOCRACY • THE SUIT • 103

Dr. birgitta brunes is a general Theory practitioner who specializes in treating Multiple Sclerosis. Once Our theory is founded on the conviction that MS is diagnosed with MS, she learned the result of a lack of neurotransmitters partly due to to overcome the condition and has devoted her life neurodegeneration and caused by several factors. to helping others make use of her methods of treatment. This shortage can be accentuated by: Having established her own clinic, brunes Pharm Ab, in her native Stockholm, Sweden (1994), she devotes much of her time between patient care and ongoing research in the area as well as in anti-aging, nervous and immune systems. research. Her approach involves an extensive program that provides educational courses, treatment and consultation for MS clients at affordable costs, and she is responsible for all phases of patient care. While birgitta continues in her work, Christian brunes serves as managing director for brunes Pharm Ab, overseeing organization, administration and finance. 1. Metal toxaemia (e.g. amalgam, welding, etc.) 2. Genetic factors 3. Psychological factors (often trigger factors stress, demands and “musts”.) Nerve signals are in part transmitted electrically via nerve fibre and in part bio-chemically via nerve junctions (synapses). The bio-chemical changeover is handled via neurotransmitters.


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With MS, the casing (myelin) around the nerve fibre is damaged in some places, although the nerve itself is generally undamaged. Scar tissue in the myelin allows the nerve signal to “leak out” and results in too little of the original signal being transmitted. My theory is that if it is possible The clinic began in 1993 with a small and dedicated to amplify the signal then a stronger signal will reach team of professionals that help facilitate specialized its destination despite the leakage from the myelin personal care and excellent customer service. Fully sheath. The signal can be amplified using medicines incorporated the following year, brunes Pharm Ab with an effect on neurotransmitters. has grown rapidly and presently offers various solutions to clients in Sweden and around the world. It is clear that the neurotransmitters must exist in a given relationship to each other for the nerve signals to travel correctly. When this relationship is altered dr. Brunes, who has been in recovery for the past fif- it results in neurological symptoms. These frequentteen years, brings with her a strong background in the ly manifest themselves in numbness or other senhealth care field. Her book, “From Multiple Sclerosis sory disturbances, vision problems, fatigue, lack of to better Health,” has been translated into the English strength, constipation/diarrhoea, a frequent need to language but has yet to find a publisher. urinate or difficulty in evacuating the bladder which is often accompanied by residual urine. Given the above Having completed her studies in 1975, at Karolinska it is understandable that treatment must be related to Institute at Solna as a Medical Doctor, she has worked variations in the levels of the different neurotransmitfor several medical organizations. Her book has been ters. published in Sweden, Denmark and Latvia. A German Initially, different patients have shortages of diftranslation is about to be published. ferent neurotransmitters and consequently must be

treated according to an individually tailored program. No side affects occur when the medications are taken as prescribed. The patient ingests substances that are in short supply. This is comparable to a diabetic who takes the correct amount of insulin and does not suffer any side effects.

troublesome or unpleasant period before the debut of the disease. We also know that in depressive states the levels of neurotransmitters (primarily noradrenaline and serotonin) decline. It is also known that immune reactions appear during depression. It has recently been established that a shortage of e.g. noradrenaline can also lead to the occurrence of inflammatory reactions in the brain.

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My experience suggests that after a period of medication, the body can provide the needed increase in neurotransmitter production, and consequently the use of medicines can be gradually eliminated. At this stage I generally recommend an increase in the con- Earlier research also indicates that a reduction has sumption of a variety of amino acids, which are the taken place in several of the nervous system’s neubuilding blocks of neurotransmitters. Normal neu- rotransmitters, particularly noradrenaline and serorotransmitter production is not sufficient. tonin, in more severe MS cases. Recent research has also indicated a dysfunction in the neurotransmitter A higher level of neurotransmitters is essential to acetylcholine. This can result in deficits in the cogamplify the nerve impulses so they can pass through nitive domains of memory, learning, attention and the nerve fibre despite the damaged myelin sheath. information processing In other words, the medical The patient also needs to conserve the neurotrans- aspect of this treatment aims to amplify the nerve immitters that exist since they are required for all bodily pulses by compensating for low neurotransmitter levactivities including thinking, movement, anxiety and els or neurotransmitters out of balance. stress. It is possible to preserve neurotransmitters by resting a great deal and by engaging in activities that mercury (hg) heighten well-being. I believe, for example, that it is a shame and unnecessary when patients deplete their According to WHo, amalgam fillings “or silver filings” small stock of neurotransmitters by climbing stairs, as they are called in the US are the greatest source of engaging in physical training and even making beds mercury in the body. Amalgam contains about 50% for their family members. mercury (Hg). Toxic mercury vapours are continually released from amalgam fillings. Mercury vapours are When one has reached a reasonable level of well-be- one of the most powerful known neurotoxins. ing via medicines and rest there is a temptation to start 1. Mercury hinders the production of neurotransliving a “normal” life. You wake up one morning and mitters. As a result, the transmission of nerve impulsfeel more energetic than you have for a long time and es may be hampered, made impossible or “go wrong”. the ambitious ego starts doing all of the things that Symptoms such as the loss of sensitivity, numbness, previously had to wait. The backlash usually comes prickling, tingling etc can arise. quickly and relentlessly. I generally warn of this but 2. Mercury increases the quantity of free radicals, it appears that everyone has to learn from personal which in turn lead to oxidation in the body, particuexperience. larly if there is a shortage of antioxidants. 3. Mercury also settles on sulphur and hydrogen Lifestyle changes take a long time, and new boundar- groups, thus disturbing the function of enzymes and ies must be tested with extreme caution. Preferably, membranes. one should avoid even approaching the limits. Every- 4. Mercury induces autoimmune responses and thing is allowed providing it does not increase symp- inflamation. Many other metals, as nickel and also toms, neither in the short run, nor in the long. gold and palladium from dental restorations can trigger immune reactions and cause inflammation. For There is a strong link between depression and MS. MS sufferers it is often nickel. Depression does not appear after being diagnosed with MS; it usually comes first. My clinical experience shows that many MS sufferers have had an unusually (CONTINUED ON PAGE 111)

People, Innovation and Energy is Jean-Pierre Rickli Trademark
What are Micro and Smartgrids? God Knows?
but, according to Jean-Pierre Rickli, a selfmade energy prophet, he believes that the future supply of energy will depends heavily on Microgrids and Smartgrids Technology. Jean-Pierre Rickli has been involved for the most time of 35 years in the building of power plants. His very own company - JPR Concepts & Innovation - has been around for the last 9 years in dealing with private and large corporations. dustry, heating energy for households, buildings and industries as well as transportation. JPR Concepts & Innovation is contributing to the setting of a solid basis for the implementation of that project, working to develop algorithms to be used by developers. Jean-Pierre engages in the coaching, the innovation and securing the knowledge particularly when related to the Energy and the Environment. He works with the International Scientific Community on all energy forms - solar, geothermal, hybrid, wind, etc. - in order to attain his objectives.

Logo JPR:

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Headquartered in Switzerland, the company does business in various regions including Germany, France and Italy. The mission of JPR Concepts & Innovation is to develop concepts for a secure energy supply based on renewables, which could be implemented by 2050. Jean-Pierre was prior to be on his own, General ManagThe work involves using a complex process of inter- er at Abb Power Generation Ltd. now ALSTOM a globgrating energy forms, e.g. process energy for the in- al leader in power generation and rail transportation.

Hardest Working barrister In New Zealand

David McLay, is a seasoned Barrister, with his own practice in New Zealand, specializing in corporate income tax, goods and service tax, and tax litigation. McLay has had broad experiences in taxation matters affecting many different types of industries and tax payees. He provided advice on a wide range of transactions, including mergers and acqusitions, institutional capital markets and project financing.
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He has also appeared as “Finance counsel in the privy council in Rangatira Limited, CIR.” He also has extensive practice in relation to trust for non-residents and overseas trust companies. He provides trust law and taxation advice for these clients.

McLay advised a number of significant clients and other non-profit organizations on a variety of structuring and restructuring issues. He is a member of the government relation McLay is very experienced in han- countries of philanthropy in New dling tax disputes and is well known Zealand, which represents the interfor his ability to resolve tax issues ests of grant-making charitable trusts. without resulting to litigation. He has appeared as counsel in about He received his LLM at the University of 40 tax cases at all levels from “Pri- Michigan in 1982; and the Victoria Univate Council to taxation review.” versity of Wellington, LLB with honors.

barristersComm is a set of chambers of experienced commercially-focused barristers. The chambers were formed in 2003 and now comprises six members.


barbara A. Williams: Part-time Adjunct intstructor Philadelphia Community College

After more than 20 years she filed for retirement from Ara-mar, she contemplated a second career. Williams opted for a part-time position, eager to teach and mentor, sharing her abundant knowledge, she finally found her distinct niche in the business world. Teaching at Community College of Philadelphia has been a passion of her's she holds close to heart. "I was born to teach," Williams said, recalling the

first day she received that important phone call, the College of Philadelphia called me up and invited me to the campus and the faculty eventually hired me as a part time adjunct teacher." Williams has published articles in the American Diabetic Association, she still remains in education and health care, a true pioneer in her field.

Manfred W. Orasche of Hewlett-Packard Senior Consultant

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Among the certifications he holds are as a tech consultant in IbMDb2, an MCDbA (Microsoft Certified database Administrator), and a Nortel Certified Support Expert. Most recently, HP has announced Frankfurt, GermaAs an innovator, he has worked a line of new software products to ny 2009 – Manfred W. Orasche is Se- on a number of integrating sys- help small and medium sized businior Consultant of tems projects since the late 1990's, nesses save money and improvHewlett-Packard, a learning more at each step of the ing remote support services, such technology and consulting firm way. Above all, he has a proven as detecting hardware problems located in Frankfurt, Germany. track record for figuring out what in servers and storage devices. people want in computer services. With such as Manfred OraThe company operates in more With an academic background that sche at the helm of HP’s rethan 170 countries around the and consultancy, world, providing infrastructure includes a Mechanical Engineering search degree (1978) and a Systems Admin- rapidly changing technological adand business solutions along with a range of products, including a istrator degree (1999), he continues vances appear even more promising. number of hand held devices for to advance as an expert in his field. some of the world's largest and most powerful super computers. Manfred has been in the Information Technology industry for over ten years, working in HP’s Research & Development arm.

Mighty Entrepreneur In Milling Industry

milled products do not cook the grain while generating very little heat in the process of production. Coert asserts that, through his Arthur L. Coert, the Managing method, "A wide range of products Director of The Alligrator, a highwere milled for clients with outtech agricultural milling firm, says standing results. For the first time, that his brisbane-based company materials like raw sugar, flaxseed, seems to have taken a "bite out of Echinacea, dried kangaroo meat, the food milling industry." soy beans, wheat and other grains, Sporting a different kind of suit chick peas, kava and many more for his field, Mr. Coert is now products" can be processed in a among the movers and shakers of manner that retains their essentials. a 21st Century milling industry. "The greatest entrepreneurs see Established in 1993, this Auschinery. The end result is an in- opportunity where others do not," tralian company primarily encreased life span of his products Coert states, which is the adage gages in organic food techwhile retaining the oils, miner- he lives by. The willingness to nologies and production. als and fibers of various grains. work hard and the focused desire Coert d iscovered a method Certainly, organic food advocates to succeed are his only secrets. for processing grains and flours are deeply indebted for his newby using no-oxygen mill mafound innovation, given that his

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unit A, 5454 192nd Street Surrey, bC Canada, v3S 8E5 Phone: 1.604.575.3322 Fax: 1.604.575.0401 Email:



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eorge Ambartsoumian is an expert in the field of molecular and micro-biology. A former theoretical scientist, he’s decided to apply his knowledge in the manufacturing industry. His knowledge, intellect and work ethics have lifted him into the rarefied atmosphere of international busi-



ness as head of GA International. The company manufactures artificial labels which are made to withstand high temperatures. With GA International locations averaging less than ten employees, the emphasis is on qualitative, independent work. According to Ambartsoumian, "I strive to be independent, but also to stay in touch with industry trends. I am developing new projects both public and private," he stated before adding, "My patent regarding the production of artificial labels which can withstand high temperatures was issued to make text graphics tailored for

drastic temperatural environments using cell biology, and utilizing a new gene which I discovered." So Ambartsoumian has been able to take the fruits of his scientific research, including the discovery of this new gene, and apply them to industry, producing a revolutionary technique solely marketed by GA International. He is a man who is ideally suited to the quickly changing technological world in which we live, a world in which creative solutions come out of the mix of theoretical and applied science.

Southern State University
Educator and Pioneer

For the past 47 years, pioneer educator Prof. Edward biehl has left his professional mark in organic chemistry with a specialization in neuro-diseases, particularly Alzheimer's . Having earned his PhD. from the University of Pittsburgh in 1961, he was appointed a professor and eventually Chair of the Department of Chemistry at Southern State University where he teaches basic and advanced Organic Chemistry. A Phi beta Kappa, Dr. biehl has written for numerous publications on

several synthesis studies. Among his areas of research are enhanced organic synthesis and pharmaceutical compounds. "With a bleak economy moving forward, governmental funding has scaled back substantially since the country declared a recession," the professor admits, though with a great sense of hope, he adds, "Our relationship with Johns Hopkins looks promising for future funding," then chuckles, "but I didn't do it by myself. I had help from bob Levine and Professor John McGuire."

(CONTINUED FROM PAGE 105) NOTE! If you are considering replacing your amalgam fillings with plastic (composite) or ceramic fillings, you must obtain KNOWLEDGE before starting the procedure. During replacement, the released quantity of Hg is unavoidably higher and you risk more serious symptoms. Contact a dentist with lengthy experience in the procedure (particularly with MS patients) and, above all, do the procedure in collaboration with a PHYSICIAN who is knowledgeable and understands the problems that can arise. Contact your local dental association for more information on the replacement of amalgam fillings. Read more – » Since the very start in 1992 I have been co-founder and board member of the MELISA Medica Foundation and until now we have organized 13 international conferences. Read more about metals and the immune system at Treatment birgitta’s theories on the cause of MS and the treatment that has lead to the elimination of her MS symptoms are described in her husband’s new book in swedish, which has just appeared on the market. We are looking for an interested publisher in the English language. “From MS Diagnosis to better Health”, a new approach to Multiple Sclerosis (Larson’s förlag. In Swedish , Danish and Lithuanian so far. There is an English translation, but no publisher yet.) The theories we expound and the treatment we offer are frequently referred to as alternative medicine. We do not agree. All theories are based on medical science and on years of practical experience as a family practitioner. Our approach can be called PNIT (Psycho-Neuro-Immuno-Toxicology) and only be regarded as alternative in relation to the current medical perception of the cause and treatment of MS. We are not familiar with, nor do we use, homeopathic or naturopathic preparations. birgitta’s treatment involves the use of common medicines, aminoacids, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. brunes Pharm Ab have been giving courses and offered treatment for MS-diagnosed for many years. We are regulary giving courses about our method combined with treatment. The courses are currently not given in English. If you want to know more, please contact us or read birgitta brunes book, please visit: brunes Pharm Ab

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EoTech Engineering
A savvy company knows when it’s ahead of the business game. And that's exactly what happened with Electric optic Technology, commonly known as EoTech – a firm founded in 2008 specializing in the design, manufacture, and marketing of electro-optic products and systems. The company, located in Gothenburg, Sweden, is a top engineering and consulting firm clearly on the fast track. Ernst Olsen, a seasoned gray haired veteran in engineering and technology, has more than 20 years under his belt, with a specialty in Electric Optic Technology. A former Ericsson employee, his degrees include a doctorate from Chalmers University of Technology and an M.S.c in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering. The company uses the latest laser and holographic technology to design various marketable products, and Olsen’s designs far exceed future outlooks.


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clean air

Promotes a

clean enviroment


We all wear masks in order to deal with each other. Unlike others, Christopher Tucker's professional responsibility is to create physical masks for the extraordinary characters which our theatre/film industry places before us, sometimes in images that take up the entire screen. Many of those characters have become a part of our cultural heritage. As a world-renown makeup artist, Tucker was called upon by director David Lynch to design and produce the unprecedented complexity required for the make-up of John Hurt in "Elephant Man." The head had fifteen different sections, some overlapping, yet, nothing of its kind had ever been made before – certainly, not out of foam and silicone rubber. The make-up took seven hours to apply, and Tucker was the perfect man for the job. born in Hereford, England, he attended Elizabeth College in Guernsey before enrolling at the London Guildhall School of Drama and Music, during which time he worked professionally as an opera singer. Soon, however, he realized
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applying make-up in such a way as to engender the required illusion. The first film production he worked on as a make-up artist was none other than "Julius Caesar," with Charlton Heston and Sir John Gielgud. He became a specialist in the technique of simulating the aging process and was responsible for the make-up of an aging Roman emperor in the award-winning series, "I Claudius," a bbC production. He has, as well, worked in other art forms. In the world of opera, he created the head and body parts of the main character for Philip Glass' "Akhnaten." The Royal Shakespeare Theatre utilized Tucker's talents to create the hump for Richard III as well as the faces and noses of Cyrano de bergerac in the productions by Sir Derek Jacobi. Another crowning achievement in Tucker's career was to design the make-up for Michael Crawford's character in "The Phantom of the Opera," an image viewed in every corner of the world, and one of the most successful productions in the storied portfolio of Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber. The make-up design for this one took several months to complete. The uniqueness of his abilities has made Tucker a valuable commodity in the world of art and entertainment, with several actors actually demanding that their make-up be designed and applied under the watchful eye of Chris Tucker, among them Gregory Peck, one of the finest American actors of any generation. Other actors handled

by Tucker include David Niven, Christopher Reeves, Dame Maggie Smith, Lord Lawrence Olivier, Darryl Hannah, Robert Duvall, David Hemmings, Sir Michael Caine, Lilli Palmer, Jane Suzman, Pierce brosnan and Lee Remick. The directors with whom he has worked present no less formidable a list, including Ridley Scott, Franklin Schaffner, Stanley Donen, Jean-Jacques Annaud, Tony Scott, Sergio Leone, Warren beatty, Paul verhoeven, Neil Jordan and Fred Zimmerman. The reason he’s had such success is that his skills as a make-up artist have allowed him to push the boundaries of image creation beyond traditional limits, working in the world of realism, fantasy, look-alike creation, animatronics make-up and effects, as well as in prosthetics for the film, television, and stage production industries in England and elsewhere. He has pioneered many techniques in the use of such materials as foam latex, silicones and gelatins. He even created the first moving eye for a television commercial and has made it possible for an American actor to transform into a werewolf in one take, without the use of today’s ubiquitous computer effects. His interests in science, chemistry, engineering, sculpting and photography, as well as his fluency in the software of comJUSTICE & DEMOCRACY • THE SUIT • 115

that his passion was in the art of

puter-generated imagery have allowed him to change the world of make-up design and application. And the accolades have followed, along with his artistic and commercial successes. He is the first awardwinner of the bAFTA make-up prize for his work on “Quest for Fire.” His early men in that film also won the Oscar in the make-up category. For that same work, he also received the Fantasy of USA award. As well, he’s won the Sitges Festival Award for his work on Neil Jordan’s “In the Company of Wolves,” and his make-up for “The Elephant Man” served as catalyst for the American Film Academy’s creation of the make-up category in the Oscar awards ceremony – all of which can be summed up as an amazing impact on the field of artistic make-up. In addition to the earned accolades, he’s taught makeup artistry to countless students and has served as chairman of the jury for various film festivals and award ceremonies in addition to serving as creative director on many a movie set. Even more incredibly, the genius of Tucker’s inspirations and his applications has brought the fruits of his labor to fields outside the world of art and entertainment. He’s lectured to medical professionals, dentists, plastic surgeons, and maxilo-facial technicians, along with appropriate contributions to text books and documentaries. His knowledge and his creativity have allowed him to go beyond the traditional world of make-up artistry. A wonderful aspect of the life and career of Christopher Tucker is that his unique combination of talent and vision makes it impossible to predict what other credits will appear on his resume.


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ate plays a role in everyone's life, but none more so than that of Dayve Stewart. Stewart has been playing a musical instrument since a small child. Yet it was that one moment at a concert in Jacksonville, Florida that put Stewart together with the legendary Al Green band and that led to his current gig as its lead saxophonist. Stewart was in the audience for Al Green's show in Florida when the regular sax man became unavailable. Stewart was asked to take his place. Al was so impressed with Stewart's performance that Green invited him to become his permanent lead saxophonist. What did he see in this promising musician? Stewart has been referred to as "The Soul Man," a title reflecting both his emotional and energetic performance style and the derivation of his music from early gospel roots as well as his love of contemporary "funky" Jazz. The diversity of music which Florida is noted for has contrib-


uted to Stewart's style. His Cuban mother and Jamaican father have also encouraged his independence and creativity. born in 1983, Stewart told

ences as part of Sonny LaRosa and America's Youngest Jazz band. He later started his own band, Dayve Stewart and the vibe, and, in 2005, began working on a project, "Feel So Good to be with You." Soon after, he captured the hearts of fans all across America with his outstanding solo performance in the musical/theatrical production, "I Can't Stop Lovin' You," a production dedicated to the late Ray Charles, which began its run in September 2006 and ended in April 2007.

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Later this year, he’ll be releasus, "I have played for more ing an album from Dayve Stewthan fifteen years now. art and the vibe and is preparing for a 2010 tour with Green’s band My mom and dad were great in- along with fifteen other musicians. fluences. My dad played and sang when I was young. I loved to watch him doo wop; my mom pushed me real hard to play many instruments. So I also play the keyboard, the ewee, flute and clarinet." At twelve, Stewart had already begun performing for live audi-


Jennifer Myers Kirton Artist/visual Illusionist

Jennifer Myers Kirton has been

drawing as long as she can remember. "I like the interplay of texture and form presented by pen and ink," she said while sitting and drawing at Comma Gallery in Orlando.

She won her first national show when she was 12 and has been winning shows ever since. Driven to draw on an almost daily regimen, she’s used to having multiple pieces of work on the go at any one time. This allows her to work at several stages, depending on how she feels, much like a writer with several novels simultaneously at work. She likes the initial stage where she can be very creative, the growth stage where she can mature the thought, and the ending stage where she feels the goal of completion is in sight. A seasoned artist recognized in Who’s Who in Ameri-


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all other logos and trade names are the property of their respective owners.

can Artists, as well as nine other publications of honor, Kirton’s art has been lauded in “best of American Artists and Artisan” (Mixed Media) 2007, “best of Florida Artists and Artisans (2006),” the “American Art Collector (20042009),” and she has been featured on multiple international, national and state art websites. In the Upstream Gallery International Online Art shows, she has been called a Master of pen and ink. Despite having had only one year

of high school art, she has made her work a lifelong learning experience, fortunate to have been exposed to other great artists who had encouraged and mentored her throughout her formative years. Currently, Kirton’s work continues to be shown in galleries and one woman shows, judges and jury shows, etc., while she continues as well to teach, lecture and do demonstrations while drawing on a nearly daily basis.


Verdi’s aida Bizet’s carmen Perfect Harmony UNICwEF benefit concert in Finland opera ebony, inc. 2109 Broadway, Suite 1418 New York, NY 10023 Phone: 212. 877. 2110 Fax: 212. 877. 2110 E-mail:

Benjamin Matthews artistic Director

Wayne Sanders musical Director

opera ebony advisory committee Bruce austin Philip Berry andrea Bradford mario ephriam Valerie Pyfrom Bertie ray iii christian stewart tomtousey Anthony Turner Victor Velazquez Kaziem Woodbury

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The Original Whimsical Wit Gary L. Hughes

major influences include the likes of Michelangelo, John Hubley and Walt Disney, among others. which Gary L. Hughes is known as the "Whimsical After having served as a director for an animation proWit" of art. duction company, he developed enough of a reputation Recognized for his originality and witty ex- to expand more. “I have done work for NbC, PbS, Nationpressions, Hughes has spent much of his life al Geographic and The Smithsonian Institute,” he says. dedicating his work to art and education. His journey as an exhibition designer and sculp- Eventually, his interests evolved and grew enough to tor began shortly after joining the army and, lat- open his own film production company; from there, he er, after completing his Master of Fine Arts de- went on to create hundreds of animated films. Among gree from the Maryland Institute of Art. His his many awards is that of the Washington Sculpture.

He's a designer, sculptor, animator – on top of

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Stephen Pyren is known worldwide for her art work and surreal murals. Specializing in all facets of art using, watercolors, oils, graphics and pastels her work has been seen and represented by the best in the business. At the age of 10 she had a keen interest in playing with water colors. by the time she had reached 18-years of age, Pyren was studying nature, sound, and different color tones with her paint brush. born in PA and raised in California, she found her way, with guidance from her mother. She has worked as a fashion illustrator for major fashion companies and as a background artist for many animations. She received her bachelor’s in Fine Arts from California State University. In 1989, a well known painter by the name of Jacques Harvey had requested her to help him recreate the famous “School of barbizon,” in France. Pyren’s work was exhibited at the barbizon Gallery. In fact her work has been sought after by both companies public and private. Pyren’s artistic talent is not limited to painting. She also published poetry for children which she dubbed “A musical version.” SP STUDIOS 818.398.5088


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Don’s custom Jewelry and Repair Jeweler
Donald Wilson Whitaker, owner of Don’s custom Jewelry and Repair in Idaho Falls, Idaho created his business serendipitously. “I had a repair job that needed to be done and someone referred me to a jeweler who offered me an apprentice job,” he said. Thirty years later, Mr. Whitaker has taken his business to new heights, by establishing whole sale accounts with J.C. Penney’s, Sears, Jan bell Marketing, Target, Shopko, Zales, Schubach and Fred Meyer. In addition, he continues to educate himself by attending trade seminars, market showings and workshops to keep him abreast of new trends in the market. And he’s a member of Jewelers of America; Manufacturing Jewelers and Suppliers of America; Intermountain Jewelers Association; Member of the Fire-Arms Engravers Guild; and Member of the Idaho Falls Lead Club, serving as vice-President and also Secretary-Treasurer.

He attended Industrial Education – Euphoria State university; MS in Museum logy – Euphoria State University. “One of my goals is to increase the visitor ship of the museum,” Geddry said. “Those numbers of visitors will increase because our museum has improved over the years.”


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Michael T. Geddry, Director and Curator, of the Santa Maria Museum of Flight, first cut his teeth in the curator business some years ago while serving in the Army. back then, he sported military fatigues and served three tours in vietnam from 1965 to 1967. When in the Army, Geddry garnered several distinguished medals of Honor. He earned a Silver Star medal, a bronze and Purple Star. “I served 16 years in the Army, “Geddry said from his flight museum in Santa Maria, California. “My background as curator began in the military,” he added, “I was an Assistant Curator at Fort Riley Kansas Museum.” In fact, his passion for flying secured him a good position in the Army Geddry attended. Fort Rucker’s Avia-

tion School and later continued with his interest within the aviation industry. Geddry has several affiliations; he is a member of the International Committee on air show; The American Association of Museums; a life member of veterans of Foreign wars; a life member of disabled American veterans; the Regional Director of the Ford Mustang Club; vFW Commander Pismo beach.

The International Songwriters guild
Russ Robinson
President of the International Songwriters Guild (ISG) and lyricist, Russ Robinson has been working in the music business for the past thirty years. In retrospect, he said, "I have risen to the top of my profession while I balanced my business goals and client needs.” Now, he added, “I serve as an advisor, consultant and protector for aspiring musicians, composers, artists and DJ's to protect them from the loop hole in the music industry." Founded in 1977, in London, England, the guild is comprised of songwriters, publishers, musicians, vocalists, lyricists and people with little or no experience at all in the industry. Mr. Robinson's own involvement has been equally extensive. He has participated in helping to develop many of the guild’s membership benefits, including legal consultation, education about the music industry, etc., as well as in meeting with client members and advising them about the music industry. "I am here to provide clients with effective consultation and legal advice at an affordable cost," he said. Robinson believes that the ISG’s success is a direct result of hard work and dedication by people such as he who see themselves first and foremost as team players. Robinson's leadership and strategic vision has contributed to the guild’s success in the marketplace.

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In 1998, Mark b. Simon created Fizz City Media Group, a production company based in Atlanta, Georgia. He’s a forward thinker with a focus on major developments in the radio, television, and motion picture industries. For almost thirty years now, he’s turned media production into a fine craft. During the early 1980’s, Simon and his family traveled back and forth from Los Angeles to Chicago as he worked his way up as cameraman, director and ultimately cinematographer on several animation masterpieces as well as

more traditional films, such as “Risky business,” “The breakfast Club,” “Ferris bueller’s Day Off,” “Dick Tracy,” and, “In the line of Fire” – just to name a few. While he is well-known in the industry for his imaginative insight and undying creativity, his first love is animation. That passion, along with vision and entrepreneurial skills, led Simon to create Fizz City Media Group in 1998. As executive director and producer of the company, he’s worked on several major animation productions as well as in commercial advertising assignments for such organizations as Hyatt Hotels, Children’s Health Care of Atlanta, and Federated Department Stores. With an ever-evolving career and through his Fizz City Media Group, he has continued to live out his dream as he continues to produce innovative formats for advertisers, developing the art of animation for children of all ages to enjoy.

Papa Jack A.K.A. Ron Jackson: major League hitting Coach
by Erwin Kantor When it comes down to major league baseball, Ron Jackson is one of the top hitting coaches in the game, having trained some of the best hitters in the league. Today, they call him Papa Jack in the batting cage because, when he first joined the major leagues, his first son was born. Ever since then, the name stuck throughout his baseball career. Fondly, he recalled his earlier years. "My father was a brick mason and my mom was a house wife. My family legacy lives through me. I started in little league baseball at the age of seven. My dad bought gloves and bats for all of us to practice," he added, "He would take us to the park to play and practice. I really looked up to my dad; he was a construction worker." Jackson spent time in the brewers' organization during the early 1990s before heading to Chicago as first base coach in 1995. Two years later, he became that team’s hitting coach.

In 1999, after two seasons with the Chicago White Sox, he served as the hitting coach for the Milwaukee brewers. "I've worked with professionals in the league all my life," A noted player in his own right, Papa Jack was a first and third before going to the boston Red Sox, Jackson said. "Coaching has albaseman with the California An- he spent three years as the hitting ways been my passion in life." gels during the 1970s and 1980s. coach for the Los Angeles Dodgers' Triple-A League in Las vegas. born in Alabama, Jackson had fourteen brothers and sisters, nine girls Ironically, he began his career with and five boys. "Two of my brothers the White Sox, first serving as a went on to play for the NFL," he said first base coach before moving on with a slight chuckle. "Professional to hitting coach with a Double-A athletics – it runs in my family." birmingham minor league team.

In Mark We Trust

by Mark Kurayev Suit Staff Columnist It’s been a long time coming, summer training camp is in full-grid-iron mode. What will the 2009 NFL season unravel? One thing is for sure, Jet fans are very optimistic. Not since Joe “broadway” Namath, has there been such hype about a Jets Quarterback. (Forget about the hall of famer the Jets had a year ago.) This is the new and improved NY Jets, his name, Mark Sanchez. Mark Sanchez was drafted by the NY Jets, as the 5th overall pick this past NFL draft. Sanchez came from the University of Southern California. He left school after his junior season. Mark started only 16 games his college career. (13 in 2008) Coach Pete Carrol, of the University of Southern California was concerned that Mark might not be ready for the pros. That feeling later receded, Coach Carrol hesitated, knowing that 62% of Quarterback’s who leave college early and make it to the NFL, fail. We all know Mark is ready for the prime time. Mark made immediate impressions in mini-camp and signed a record breaking deal. Life will be beautiful for Mark, because he stands to make a lot of money. (Fiveyear $50 million, $28 million guaranteed). Mike Tannenbaum did a great job acquiring the star Quarterback from the University of Southern California. Originally the Jets had the 17th pick, but Mark as you know was drafted 5th. Mike Tannenbaum did some magic. It’s almost as if the Jets traded their coach, Mangini to the Cleveland browns who held the 5th pick. They got rid of two defensive players, Kenyon Coleman, Abram Elam and one quarterback brett Ratliff. Time is running out in jets land, this better pan out or heads will role, as we mentioned, they are the new-and-improved Jets. New head coach Rex Ryan and new quarterback Mark Sanchez. Poor Jets fans, they deserve the best. I don’t think that there is any other group of fans that go through more disappointment and heartache then Jet fans, not even Met fans. (Maybe) There's a lot invested into this plan that the Jets have. bottom line Mark has to be and will be productive. It is at a point for the Jets, they have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Through the initial brief presentation of Sanchez all looks very promising. This all has to translate to wins for Mark and the Jets. We are aware that there is no patience in the N.Y. football universe. Mark, Rex, Mike and Jets fans, lets do this!

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beyond SportS
Written by Mitch Ligon It’s the opening ceremony of the 38th Annual Reggie Carter and Earl Manigault basketball Classic Tournament, held at 99th Street and Amsterdam Avenue, also known as “The Goat Park.” “The Goat,” was the legendary Manigault’s nickname--he died in 1998 at age 54. Players, young and old, some living in other states and other parts of the borough, come each year to join in the festivities with friends and family members. “I used to play with him,” recalled Joe Rivas, a Harlem resident. “Earl was unbelievable. The thing that made Earl so great was that he made everything look so easy. He would go up and down the court and dunk whenever he wanted too.” know, things happened.” Manigault was raised in the Upper Westside and Harlem. He grew up playing basketball and scored 57 points in a game, his junior year at benjamin Franklin High School. He was touted as a star on the rise and 75 colleges offered him scholarships, including North Carolina, Duke and Indiana. Instead of going to a major Division I college basketball program, he selected Johnson C. Smith University, an all black college in the South where he lasted one semester because of grades and problems with the coach. Afterward, he became addicted to heroin, served prison time for drug possession in 1969 for a year. In 1977, he served two more years for a botched robbery attempt so he could buy heroin a HbO movie was made about his life, starring Don Cheadle. After his last prison term, he quit heroin and created his “Walk Away from Drugs” basketball tournament. It was his way of giving something back to the community that he lived and cherished and to prevent others from going down the same tragic path. “That’s why I’m out here, trying to make sure that other kids don’t make the same mistakes that Earl made,” said Rodney Carter, execu-


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cartilage in one knee. Still, I get the urge whenever I see a basketball.” Manigault, who was 6’-1” awed teammates, opponents and fans by his jumping abilities. Legend has it that Manigault could pick a quarter off the top of the backboard. He played in the playgrounds Rivas is now 63 years old. He has with such greats as Earl “The a limp but he’s still sprightly. He Pearl” Monroe, Connie Hawkins grabs the ball from the throng of and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who youths with lanky bodies and wide claimed that Manigault was “the shoulders. He dribbles the ball be- best basketball player his size in yond the three-point line. He aims the history of New York City.” and fires. Swish! He shoots three more times with the same results. “I remember him jumping up and Rivas never played college bas- touching the top of the backboard,” ketball, but he did play profes- said Powell burns, a graphic desionally in Germany and France. signer who grew up in the Frederick Douglass houses on Amsterdam “I wish I could play; but after three Avenue. “He came from New York knee operations, I can’t do it any City. He played ball in the street. more,” he complains. “There’s no He could have been a pro, but you

gram helped him get into a private school,” said Carter. “but this is the opening ceremony of the Reggie Carter and Earl Mannigault basketball tournament, and the reason why they added Reggie Carter, I got caught up in the drug world. is because we’re working together, but he saved my life by being as a combined unit to save lives.” an example, by being someone I could talk too, by helping me Carter was recruited by a young to believe that if he could ac- assistant of the University of Hacomplish the things he had done waii, Rick Pitino, who has now - then it’s possible for me to suc- become a legendary coach in ceed. So I was able to get off drugs his own right. Carter was susand go to college with his help.” pended from the NCAA for one year for taking gifts. He transThe difference between someone ferred to St. John’s University. living in the projects, failing and succeeding is a thin line. Reggie Carter In the 1979 NCAA tournament, in straddled that line very carefully. the regional semi-final game, he He knew drug dealers. He hung out scored the winning basket to beat with stick-up kids. He knew pimps Duke University. However, St. and number runners. but he knew John’s lost a two-point game to the he had talent and others noticed. University of Pennsylvania - one basket away from the Final Four. “Reggie was given an opportunity to leave Manhattan in the seventh Carter was drafted by the Knicks in grade. He used to play for Riverside the second round, but only played Church and a man named Ernie two years in the NbA. but Carter Lorch who ran the basketball pro- bounced back and earned a master’s tive director of the Reggie Carter Foundation and younger brother. “I played high school basketball and I had the opportunity to go to college, but I didn’t go to school.

degree in Education at City College. He worked as a counselor, mentor and an elementary school teacher in the New York City educational system. He taught social studies and was a basketball coach for underprivileged kids in brooklyn. He became an Assistant Principal at Mineola High School in Long Island. In 1999, Carter succumbed to sarcoidosis, a rare blood disease. Now, on any given day, Carter’s younger brother, Rodney can be found at Goat’s Park on 99th, talking with kids, navigating first-time juvenile offenders through the judicial system and counseling those who doesn’t have a father figure. “Our partnership is great,” said Darrin Manigault. “My father worked hard. And for me, 10 years in the game, I can see what he’s been struggling with - and until his dying days when he could barely walk, he would still come out here to do something with these kids.”

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Provides clients, a convenient and complete access to all sporting events worldwide. Although business has declined somewhat because of the economic recession, still Mr. Parry has hopes for the future. “A lot of traditional companies that did partake in sporting events in the part are now recipients of the stimulus package and are not spending,” Mr. Parry said. In addition, I think teams have structured themselves out of the market and fans have been resentful to the high pricing of tickets,” and adds, “Some of the teams have lowered their prices and stability in the stock market gives some hope.” but what keeps Mr. Parry and his enterprising business “Golden Tickets a float is his ethics to protect the consumer. Golden Tickets is a proud member of the National

Association of Ticket brokers (NATb), National Tour Association (NTA), better business bureau (bbb) and other associations to assure their qualified staff can assists in consumer purchases with the best price available within their budget. “We have a code of ethics that my staff lived by,” he said. “If you have a guy on the corner with a sale sign on a car, how do you know if that car wasn’t stolen?” he asked rhetorically to illustrate the point of safety for his clients. “I’ve been in business for 20 years and the code of ethics has gotten me this far.”

Open Door Tae Kwon Do Inc
Marjory Stephen Allingham, director and head instructor, for the Open Door Tae Kwon Do. Allingham said she’s dedicated to the martial arts, and Tae Kwon Do. She’s traveled extensively while performing at tournaments around the world. She said, “I first learned karate in Korea,” She adds, “My husband was stationed for the Army.” The company was established in 1996, located in Sturgeon bay, WI. Open Door Tae Kwon Do Inc is a private company categorized under Martial arts school. Allingham has several degrees, in karate she is 6th degree black belt and she is learning the pilipheens – stick fighting art. She holds a Bachelor’s degree of Science, in biology and Physical Education. She’s currently a member of the National Women’s Martial Arts Federation. open Door taekwondo, inc. Sturgeon Bay WI 54235 920-743-0195

For 49 years he has designed plans for privately owned businesses---when theres a loss of an owner oe dealing with a family that has been in bnusiness fourth generation. He comments, “It’s a challenge to stay current with all these new tax laws.” When he was a young lad, he was involved with life insurance. Ultimatly he attaiined an MbA and opened his own business 49 years ago.

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Darrel L. bauch he says’s “people have hunkerd down in this touogh economy,” he adds, “but, I haven’t made any drastic changes.” He works with people who have had there business for a long time and are ready to pass the companies down to family, with a good foundation to a prosporus future.


Wanda Pope Currin is a compassionate art teacher who teaches her students how to paint and express themselves via still life, murals, and landscapes. Actively teaching since 1984, Ms. Currin encourages her students to use both water colors and oil based paints – in short, any of the mediums that help to guide the way of the artist.

N.C., serves as her private studio and local exhibit space. "I teach kids from ages of 6 to 18," says Currin. "I have spent much of my life dedicated to educating and entertaining children."

In addition to her bachelor’s in Fine Arts, Ms. Currin has Ms. Currin, herself an accomplished artist, has ex- three associate degrees, in Computer Science, in busihibited her work in expos and art galleries all over ness Administration, and in Marketing and Retailing, North Carolina. However, "My students come first," respectively, and is licensed by her home state to teach she insists in the same manner and with the same grades K-12. While teaching and working new works, conviction that a mother would speak of her children. she continues to use the skills she’s learned to promote Established in 1995, Currin's Art Corner in Zebulon, her work while attending classes in graphic design.

s u

hiStoriAn, AUthor And ArtiSt

Merlene Hutto byars has deep passion for her home state of South Carolina. As an artist, publisher and writer, all that she creates reflects, in some way, her love for the state. byars belongs to several literary societies at the University of South Carolina. Her fascination with history and genealogy goes back to the time when she was 12 years old. In addition to having published twelve books, she produced a drama during the Columbia bicentennial celebration. For this honor, she credits her love for history. Personally, she has traced her own family lineage back to Adam and Eve through royal families in Europe and the Middle East. "I have had a fascination with history and genealogy all my life," she said. "I have always has a passion for history and journalism which has always been springing out throughout my professional career." byars has lived in South Carolina most of her life where she received her education in Accounting and Journalism. She has shown her artwork, books, and genealogical studies at Oxford University and Cambridge University, in England, as well as in Lisbon, Portugal, in New Orleans and in Los Angeles.

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From the Pastor
Corridor baptist Church has become a stable home in an unstable and confusing society, a place where you'll find relevant Bible preaching and teaching without compromise. Corridor's heart warming; friendly atmosphere is second to none. Please consider this your personal invitation to worship with us in any of our scheduled services. We look forward to the privilege of being able to minister to you, and hope that you will visit us in the very near future. If you have any questions, please send your email to

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unit A, 5454 192nd Street Surrey, bC Canada, v3S 8E5 Phone: 1.604.575.3322 Fax: 1.604.575.0401 Email:


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