Question:- 1 Identify two types of regions in daily Business Intelligence. (Choose two) A. Menu B. Table C. Folder D. Report E.

Graph Answer:- B,E Question:- 2 The item sub inventory report output contains _______. (Choose three) A. EOQ B. Source type C. Locator control D. Focus forecast E. Fixed Lot multiple F. Min-max information Answer:- B,E,F Question:- 3 You are the Human Resource Lead for the ERP implementation of ABC Corporation. Y ou have defined the employees in Oracle Human Resources select three activities that utilize the employee record. (Choose three) A. Approvals B. Asset assignment C. Organization creation D. Journal entry creation E. Auto Create purchase order Answer:- A,B,E Question:- 4 ACME has offices in various countries and its customers and supports are based a round the globe. Given that the addresses are formatted in each country, how wou ld you setup the system to handle this situation? A. Ser up the address as a context-sensitive key Flexfield. B. Ser up the address as a free format segmented value set. C. Ser up the address as a context-sensitive descriptive field D. Ser up the address as a dependent value set country-specific segments. Answer:- C Question:- 5 Identify three true statements regarding freight and special charges. (Choose th ree) A. Accrual is valid application method for modifier type of freight/special char ges. B. Basic pricing provides seeded freight and special charges type of modifier li st. C. You can define your own implementation-specific freight and special charges t ype of the modifier list. D. You can use the range price breaks in creating modifiers for freight and spec ial charges if you are using only Basic pricing. E. You can handle your own implementation-specific freight cost type or freight charges type codes for use in modifiers for calculating freight and special char ges. F. When there are two equal modifiers with the highest precedence in an incompat ibility level, the pricing engine selects the modifier that provides the best be nefit to the customer. Answer:- B,E,F Question:- 6

B. and shipping is an activity in the lines workflow. Answer:. and shipping is an a ctivity in the lines workflow. An implicit acceptance request set ha two concurrent request: 1) Generate Pre-billing Acceptance program for pre-billing. When multiple actions are defined they must be included in an Action Set. Answer:. OM blanket Header Answer:. An alert can contain only one action set B.G.C. The item attribute is shippable and shipping is an activity in the line work flow. Identify five valid item types? (Choose five) A. D.D. Provide only summary level information about individual activities of a workf low process. Enables administrators to perform control operations F. When multiple action are defined they do not need to be included in an action set F.Identify four features to Workflow monitor. D. Order Only C. E. Oracle alert waits for user response before executing next action in action s et E. and shipping is an activity in the lines workflow. C. implicit acceptance . the line status is picked and shipping is an identity to the lines workflow. OM Standard D. OM change Order H. Enables you to modify a workflow definition file C. the line status Entered.C. Answer:. Displays status information for the process instance E.7 Which option identifies the requirements to ship confirm a sale order line? A. OM price Only F.9 Identify three statements about defining actions in Oracle Alert.A. The item attribute is shippable. Enables you to download a workflow definition file D. Return for Credit G. Enables you to search for a Workflow process instance G. Ship Only B. (Choose four) A.Fulfillment Acceptance is necessary for implicit acceptanc e B.10 Identify three correct statements regarding explicit and implicit acceptance. Enables you to view your Workflows B. The item attribute is shippable.B. the line status Booked. The item attribute is shippable. the line status Awaiting. Order Header E. and shipping is an activity in the lines workflow. Oracle Alerts does not wait for user response before executing next action in action set. F.8 The seeded OM workflow contains a number of item types. The item attribute is shippable. the line status Shipped. An alert can contain number of action sets C.B Question:.H Question:. (Choose three) A.D.F Question:. Action attribute .B. The item attribute is shippable. (C hoose three) A.F Question:.E.

C . the constraint wi ll allows updates to other lines.2) Revenue contingency Analyzer for post-billing implicit acceptance. The cascading attributes feature is applicable for user interface.F Question:. Enable Quit code OM_Header_to _line_Cascade. implic it acceptance. E. F. There are only two modes (Automatic and Manual) for the profile OM: sales ord er form Cascade Header change to line. (Choose three) A. Answer:. C.B.A. but not fo r an API (Process order) D. C. D. Answer:. E.D. An implicit acceptance deferral reason must be defined in AR with an event at tribute using ship confirmation date and expiration days. An acceptance comment field is available on order header level (Order informa tion/other tab) of the sales order form. Enable the key profile option OM: sales order form: Cascade Header changes to the line. CSR can enter explicit acceptance via the order information portal or the ord er import correction. When an update constraint is violated for a line attribute.B. Execution of concurrent program is not needed to perform post billing. B.11 Identify three correct statements about cascading attributes.

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