As of: 17FEB07

TEAM MECH COMMANDER’S GUIDANCE Mission: Team Mech defends from BP Mech vic. ND595390, NLT 060600 JUN XX to contain the 49th BTG Fixing Force on AA3 IOT deny focus of enemy direct fire against TF 1-4 AR main effort eastern flank.. Intent: The purpose of the operation is to facilitate the TF direct fire plan (DFP) allowing the destruction of the Assault Force and Exploitation Force through TF combined fires. We will initially Screen PL Walker to deny enemy FP and FSE elements FOM and confirmation of the TF defensive disposition in sector by destroying the fighting patrols. Success for the screen is defined as 6 enemy armored vehicles destroyed. We will then displace to a team BP from which we will conduct a deliberate defense, platoons in BP’s, oriented into a Team Engagement Area (EA NOJOY) to deny the enemy flanking maneuver using mutual supporting platoon battle positions massing direct fires at the Team Decisive Point vic. ND595415. This event is decisive as it enables the destruction of 2/20/5 (2 Tanks, 20 BMPs, 5 9P148) of the Fixing Force thereby facilitating the TF mission. Endstate: Team Mech consolidated in BP with 70% combat power FMC prepared to conduct offensive operations. Concept. During Screening mission 1st platoon armor will occupy vic. ND603460, 2nd platoon mech will occupy vic. ND585462 and 3rd platoon mech will occupy vic. ND605444. We will destroy enemy FP’s on AA3 and AA2A with TOW missiles and Tank 120mm at max planning ranges with the MEL (maximum engagement line) being 800 meters West of PL Bradley. Once enemy FP’s have been destroyed, or are within 2000 meters, we will break contact and move along Route Return, OOM 1-2-3, to our Team BP where Team Mech will Contain the Fixing Force and any other enemy maneuver units attempting to flank the TF East flank. We will set in BP Mech with 3 platoon mech in the West, 1st platoon armor in the center, and 2nd platoon mech in the East. Dismount squads will be consolidated to the East flank of 2nd and will be under the command of 2nd platoon leader. We will utilize the TF TRP’s and company TRP M1 (vic. ND595421) for our DFP [3rd platoon TRP 5 to M1, 1st platoon TRP 5 to 7, 2nd platoon TRP 7 to M1]. By integrating the DFP, engineer effort and indirect fires plan, we will be successful if we destroy 2/20/5 enemy vehicles. We will utilize the same DFP throughout the operation to ensure both the Assault Force and the Exploitation Force are engaged and destroyed by the TF ME. Guidance for fires: • Coordinate with the Mortar PL to ensure his displacement plan is synchronized with our Screen mission. They’re attached directly to us during Phase I and II, so I expect timely fires both during the screen and during our withdrawal back to BP Mech. • I’m concerned with the enemy’s ability to engage our screen line forces with respect to AT-5 systems arrayed along PL Bradley. Analyze the terrain to the Northwest and Northeast to determine likely AT firing points that you think need to be screened in order to limit those fires. • Plan a smoke target to screen our Team at LU1 from enemy observation and ATGM fires. I’m concerned about enemy observers and AT-5’s directed at us from the ridgeline that runs generally South out of the town of Elgin as it provides the FSE and Fixing Force Fighting Patrols good fields of fire against our flank as we maneuver back along Route Return. • Plan fires to prevent the assault force from moving south along AA2C, keeping them moving west along AA2A • Plan a mortar FPF that is integrated with the DFP. Try to use the terrain or the engineer effort to deny enemy dismount assault against our BP.

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