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Run the UI.xml file from JDeveloper 1. Right click the UI.

xml file and select Run option 2. After successful running of Task Flow, it will open form page to enter Data

3. Enter the data in the form Requester-AMARPATIL21 (This name works here as there is integration with OIM,there is entry of this name in OIM) Amount-Enter appropriate Amount Date-Enter appropriate Date (Choose date from date Picker) Purpose-Enter appropriate purpose

4. Click Process Request Button to send Request

5. It will give following Response

6. In the First column it will display the values entered by the Requester while submitting request, In Second column it will display actual response and in third column the code which executes while connecting with SOA Server 7. We can see the required columns by adjusting facets

Click SEARCH Button to enable SEARCH Mechanism We can check Number of Requests to be sent based on Instance ID, ECID and Maximum and Minimum Span of Date

1. First Column displays the searching criteria and Second Column displays the java code that executes for searching mechanism 2. Enter the data according to searching criteria 3. Adjust the Facets accordingly to see API Code as well as Search Result

OIM Server Configuration

Follow the steps mentioned below to store credentials for OIM system administrator: Login to EM console as weblogic user. Expand Weblogic Domain. Right click on <WLS_DOMAIN> corporate. Select Security --> Credentials. Click on Create Map button. Provide name for map as oracle.oim.sysadminMap. Click OK. Click on Create Key button. Provide following details: o Select Map: oracle.oim.sysadminMap o Key: sysadmin o Type: Password o Username: <OIM login ID> o Password: < OIM password> Click OK.

EMAIL ConfigurationPrerequisitesConfigure one outlook account for receiving email; This Email Configuration is used to send emails according to BPEL workflow.

Login to EM Console- Right Click soa-infra-select SOA Administration->Workflow Notification Properties

Enter the following detailsSelect Notification mode-Email 1. Email from Address2. Email Actionable Address3. Email Reply To Address Select UserMessagingserver (Admin Server) in Right column and Configure Driver to set email service parameters

Set the ParametersReceive Folder-INBOX Outgoing Mail Server- (machine where Email Server is configured) Outgoing Mail Server Port-25 Outgoing Mail Server Security-TLS Outgoing Default from Address- (Email Address of mail recipients configured on machine)

EMAIL NotificationEmail Server is Located at Ip- Username-Administrator Password-sena@120 1. According to BPEL Process Business Logic there are various Email Components executed according to specific conditions 2. For Demo purpose all Emails are configured on same IP and same user name 3. While Sending Request-First Email goes to SDC ,Second Email goes to Requesters Manager And after checking specific date the expense reimbursement status email is sent back to requester after successful approval

Email 1-Email to SDC Services

Email 2-Email to Employee Manager

Email 3-Reimbursment status Email to Requester

After checking Date condition and approval the status email is sent to Requester 1. Go to instance List in SOA Server-

2. Click on Running instance

3. Click on running Human task

4. Click on Go to Work list Application Link to see the pending Requests for approval 5. Enter username as weblogic and password as abcd1234

6. Select the Task in the List and select specific actions

7. Once the action is Approve, the status email is sent to Requester

8. On SOA Server the Running Instance changed to completed when action is taken against the request