“India’s Design Talent” Launched for Aspiring Adobe Designers “India’s Design Talent” launched for aspiring Adobe

Designers Annual Competition by CyberLearning to Showcase Digital Communications S ills! New Delhi, Delhi, India, March 2 , 2! " ## CyberLearning, the official test delivery solution provider for the workforce and academic markets of India, announced the launch of the first-ever industry certification based digital designing talent hunt – INDI !" D#"I$N % L#N% &ID%' – an annual competition which will focus on students! ability to demonstrate creativity and digital communication skills using dobe Creative "uite pplications – (hotoshop, InDesign and Illustrator) %op * India Champions will win a lifetime opportunity to represent India at the dobe Certified ssociate +orld Championship to be held in Disneyland ,esort, California, -" in .uly */01) %he 2India Design %alent3 finalists and winners will, in addition to being certified by dobe as 2 dobe Certified ssociate3 will also be able to further bolster their resume with proof of their superior digital communications skills over competitors across India and hopefully worldwide)3said .effrey Lewis, 4ice (resident, Certiport Inc) worldwide survey of 56* 7, professionals in the first 8uarter of */0* by %owers +atson showed that of all technical capabilities, digital business skills are seen as the most critical today) "tudents will now be able to demonstrate digital communications proficiency via the ID% Championship and C +orld Championship, available to academic institutions across India and globally) 9 dobe (hotoshop is recogni:ed worldwide as the industry-standard software used by professionals as well as enthusiasts to edit, manipulate and transform digital images,9 said %acy %rowbridge, +orldwide ;anager of #ducation (rograms, dobe) 9%his championship is creating an outlet for students to demonstrate real-world application of their skills validating their e<pertise to potential employers, their peers and instructors)9 "tudents between 05-** years of age, enrolled in an approved academic institution are eligible to compete) %here are various awards and precious recognitions for winners of this uni8ue talent hunt) "tudents have to pay a very nominal participation fee which will also entitle them for the complimentary preparation courseware normally available at a premium) During the India =inal ,ound, contestants will be assigned a design challenge to which they will have to respond using combination of one or more dobe applications from (hotoshop, InDesign > Illustrator) Contestants! designs will be reviewed by a panel of ?udges and winners will be selected based on their C score and design score) 9"tudents who earn the dobe Certified ssociate & C ' certification are proficient users of dobe tools and now they have an outlet to share their mastery and creativity,9 said (anka? ,ai, C#@, CyberLearning) 9India!s Design %alent will showcase the digital communications skills of participants while building their confidence and motivating more individuals to validate in-demand workforce skills)9 =or more information about the competition and its rules, please log on to www)indiasdesigntalent)com About $%berLearning& India CyberLearning (vt) Ltd) &CyberLearning' works with private training companies, academic institutions, N$@s, and individuals to help > support improvement in productivity, improvement in academic achievement, enhancement of career opportunities, and to provide innovative and

engaging learning opportunities) CyberLearning has to its credit, the introduction of the ;icrosoft @ffice "pecialist Certification, the ;icrosoft %echnology ssociate Certification, the dobe Certified ssociate Certification > the Internet > Computing Core Certification in India) CyberLearning facilitates delivery of globally recogni:ed information worker category of certifications and is part of the worldwide network of organi:ations working with 7(, dobe and ;icrosoftAs global partner Certiport Inc) &-" ') s the company who brought these certifications to India through Certiport, and as Certiport!s oldest "olution (rovider in India, having its network of 0,6//B test centers, covering 16/B cities across India, CyberLearning currently works with cademia, $overnments, @rgani:ations and Individuals through its network of partners to encourage academic achievement, workforce development, improve business productivity, enhance career opportunities, and provide innovative and engaging learning opportunities) =or more information, please log on to www)cyberlearningindia)com About $ertiport& CertiportC, a (earson 4-# business, prepares individuals with current and relevant digital skills and credentials for the competitive global workforce) %hese solutions are delivered by more than 0*,/// Certiport Centers worldwide and include the official ;icrosoft @ffice certification program, the ;icrosoft %echnology ssociate certification program, the dobeC Certified ssociate certification program, the 7( ccredited %echnical ssociate, the Comp%I "trataD I% =undamentals, the utodeskC Certified -ser certification program, the IntuitC EuickFooks Certified -ser certification program and the Internet and Computing Core Certification &ICGC ') Certiport delivers e<ams in 01H countries and *I languages) ,oughly 0I6,/// e<ams are administered monthly through a network of more than 0*,/// Certiport uthori:ed %esting Centers worldwide) =or more information, please visit www)certiport)com or follow Certiport on %witter at www)twitter)comJcertiport) $ontact& 4ipin Labroo %op Inspiration (, **/-F ,egent, "hipra "un City Indirapuram, $ha:iabad &-(' */0/01 KHI5KH0KI6 vipinlabrooLtopinspirationpr)co)in httpMJJwww)cyberlearningindia)com

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