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By Walter Andrus

Walter Andrus is MUFON's

international director.

UFOs were back in the news with

gusto when Jeff Berliner, United Press
International (UPI) in Anchorage,
Alaska filed his interview of Monday,
December 29, 1986 with Federal
Aviation Administration (FAA) and
U.S. Air Force spokesmen. This article
has been reconstructed from news
releases emanating from Alaska, a
personal telephone interview with Paul
Steucke, FAA spokesman, and a short
telephone interview by Larry King on
his CNN-TV program with Captain
Kenju Terauchi of Japan Air Lines flight
1628, both on January 2, 1987. As
originally reported, the radar operators
of both the FAA and Elmendorf AFB in
Anchorage confirmed the visual
sighting by the flight crew of the J.A.L.
Boeing 747 cargo aircraft on November
17, 1986. At Anchorage airport Capt. Terauchi demonsl rates how a giant object maneuvered to fly
Based upon .interviews conducted in formation with his JAL 747.
by Jim Derry, FAA security manager,
with all three flight crew members Reykjavik. Iceland and Anchorage, In an interview on Tuesday,
immediately upon landing, the FAA Alaska was approaching Ft. Yukon, December 30, 1986, Terauchi, age 47, a
compiled their report on this very Alaska flying at 35,000 feet on a clear pilot with 29 years experience who lives
significant event. The three crewmen of night with unlimited visibility and a full in Anchorage with his family, said he
JAL 1628 were Captain Kenju moon when they made their first saw three UFOs and that at one point
Terauchi, 1st Officer Takanori observation. Capt. Terauchi stated that lights from the two smaller ones
Tamefuji and Flight Engineer Yoshio the crew initially saw three objects or appeared directly in front of the Boeing
Tsukuda. Mr. Derry's report concluded lights directly in front of the Boeing 747. 747 cockpit at close range. He referred
that they were not hallucinating, not on (Please see accompanying drawings for to the objects as "the two small ships
drugs or alcohol and were normal, shape and size.) At first he thought he and the mother ship," and expressed
professional, rational individuals. was approaching another aircraft from amazement that they appeared and
To provide Journal readers with the rear since the colors of the lights reappeared and moved quickly and
the facts on this visual/radar UFO case, were white, yellow and amber and stopped suddenly. He said he could not
it will be reported first from the m i g h t b e t h e e x h a u s t . They explain the events, except to speculate
experiences of the flight crew; second immediately turned the cockpit lights t h a t he saw s o m e t h i n g of
the FAA controllers; third the radar off to eliminate any reflection on the extraterrestrial origin. Speaking in
operators at Elmendorf AFB; and cockpit windows. After conducting English with occasional help from a
fourth from Paul Steucke, official minor maneuvers for six minutes to translator, Terauchi drew maps,
spokesman for the FAA in Alaska. satisfy their curiosity that the lights p i c t u r e s and supplied technical
were entirely independent of their annotation (in Japanese) to describe
JAL FLIGHT 1628 aircraft, they contacted the FAA in the incident. (See the drawings
Anchorage by radio to report the lights published with this article.) •
JAL flight 1628, originating in and to inquire what they were, since the Terauchi repeatedly said the
Paris, France, destined for Tokyo, lighting was not a normal aircraft
Japan w i t h r e f u e l i n g stops at marking pattern. (continued next page)
ALASKA, Continued
object that appeared on FAA and Air
Force radar was "a very big one - two
times bigger than an aircraft carrier."
The small UFOs did not appear on his
airborne weather radar, he said. He
said the three crewmen saw lights from
the two small objects. He drew a picture
showing lights in a formation, each
object having what appeared to be two
panels of lights. The Captain said he
saw lights on the larger object and once,
near Fairbanks, saw it in faint silhouette
8 miles away. He drew a picture of what
he saw — something resembling a
large-shelled walnut.
The crew was not frightened,
Terauchi said. Their feeling was, he
said, "We want to escape from this."
And so — with FAA permission and
direction — the crew (and aircraft)
dropped in altitude and made
numerous turns, but the objects
remained. "They were still following
us," Terauchi said, and FAA radar 1
• •'Illustraton by William Hays
confirmed that at least one object
Above is an Illustration based on a description Japan Air Lines pilot Kenju Terauchi provided
remained despite the maneuvers. Illustrator William Hays. It shows two smaller craft Terauchi says hovered In front of the
Asked if he was nervous, Terauchi cockpit window of his 747 cargo plan on Nov. 17. At a distance they appeared rectangular and,
replied, "No, I am the Captain. I cannot as they moved closer, square (as drawn here). He described the lights as pulsating In the
direction of the darker panel In the middle, which he said said resembled black charcoal dotted
be nervous." Asked why he thought the with glowing orange embers.
UFOs would tail his plane, Terauchi
laughed and replied, "We were carrying K.T.: I saw 3 flying objects. Two The lighting was not a normal aircraft
Beaujolais, a very famous wine made in were approximately the size of a DC-8 marking pattern, the crew said. In his
France. Maybe they want to drink it." aircraft — 2 objects — the other ship one-page report, the controller said
The three crew members have a total of was larger. Other ship seemed to be repeatedly he saw another object on
about 46 years of flying experience, twice as large as an aircraft carrier. radar staying near the JAL jet despite
Terauchi said. L.K.: What was your reaction? FAA approved turns and altitude
The author was unable to K.T.: The smaller a i r c r a f t changes. The object was as close as 5
interview Captain Terauchi, however I approached us and then moved back miles, the controller wrote.
understand that Dr. Richard F. Haines toward the larger ship which was about According to the FAA account,
was successful in finding him at home in 500 to 1000 feet away from our aircraft. the pilot contacted Anchorage
Anchorage. Both objects flew as if in formation with controllers about planes in the area at
The producers of the Cable News our ship. The larger ship was located 6:19 PM (Anchorage time), reporting
Network (CNN) arranged for Larry about 7 or 8 miles, (distance) the UFO 1 mile away from his plane. (In
King to interview Kenju Terauchi by L.K.: What do you think it was? the interview with Larry King, Captain
telephone live for his program on K.T.: At first it occurred to me that Terauchi said the observation started
January 2, 1987. (Mr. King also it was unidentified flying object, but I at 5:10 PM.) This was Yukon Time as
interviewed Paul Steucke on the same literally don't know what it was. they crossed the Artie Circle 30 miles
program by telephone.) The following is southeast of Fort Yukon, Alaska in
a transcription of the brief interview FAA REPORT their over-the-pole f l i g h t from
with Captain Terauchi: Reykjavik, Iceland. At 6:25 PM, the
Larry King: When did you sight the A one-page report was filed by the crew reported it 8 miles away. At 6:26
unidentified flying object? flight controller in charge of JAL 1628. PM the FAA contacted the Military
Kenju Terauchi: We saw the The following are quotes from his Operations Control Center at
unidentifieds November 17, '86. Time report obtained by Jeff Berliner (DPI): E l m e n d o r f Air Force Base in
was 10 minutes after 5 o'clock and 6:00 During the flight, the controller asked Anchorage to find out if the UFO
PM — saw it for 50 minutes. Terauchi to identify the craft and then appeared on its radar. Military radar
L.K.: It was clear weather. What wrote, "He could not identify but operators reported an object 8 miles
did you see? reported white and yellow strobes." from the JAL jet, but one minute later
they told the FAA the object no longer
appeared on their radar.
At 6:31 PM the JAL crew told the
. A T - 7') ,7Wo O"
FAA the unidentified object was "quite
big" and the FAA directed the crew to
descend from 35,000 feet to 31,000 feet,
(The crew had requested approval to
alter their cruising altitude so as to take
evasive action.) -When asked if the
traffic (the UFO) was descending also,
the pilot stated it was descending "in
formation." At 6:35 PM, Fairbanks
controllers were asked for assistance,
but reported nothing unusual on radar.
Anchorage controllers directed
the JAL plane to make a 360 degree
turn, and the crew reported they no
longer saw the lights, but Air Force
officials told the FAA they saw a "flight
of two" and "advised it looked as
though the (unidentified). traffic had
dropped back and to the right" of JAL
. At 6:45, the FAA asked a
northbound United Airlines flight
(number 69) to make a 10-degree turn
to better see the JAL plane to confirm
the existence of the UFO — which the
crew was then reporting 8 miles away
and nearly behind them. That was their
last sighting. The United crew reported
seeing nothing out of the ordinary; nor
did a military C-130 the FAA asked to


When interviewed by Jeff Berliner,

Air Force officials confirmed their radar
picked up something near the JAL
plane, but Capt. Robert Morris of the
Alaska Air Command suggested the
UFO was "random clutter or weather
interference." , Another Air Force
spokesman, Sgt. Jack Hokanson, said
"We got out of the UFO business some
time ago."


Since this. event was still being WHAT PILOT SAW - JAL Capt. Kenju Terauchi prepared these illustrations of what
classified as a visual/radar case, the he saw when his Boeing 747 encountered strange lights over Alaska Nov. 17,1986. In
author placed a telephone call to Paul , the top drawing, Terauchi shows the UFO lights nearly in front of the plane and a close-
up of the lights. In the middle, he depicts what the UFO looked like after he glimpsed it
S t e u c k e , FAA s p o k e s m a n in in silhouette: The JAL jumbo jet is dwarfed by the huge object. In the bottom drawing,
Anchorage at (907) 271-5296. The the pilot shows where the UFO first appeared on the plane's radar.
following is a verbatim transcription of
the taped telephone interview made on
January 2, 1987:
P.S.: Hello, Paul Steucke here. (continued next page)
ALASKA, Continued going backwards and regenerating the outside of the, Elmendorf base and of
electronic data that we could see — course their installation is within it.
, . W.A.: I am Walt .Andrus, which is a method we use all the time. W.A.: Yes.
International Director of the Mutual What I call the secondary target, if you P.S.: So they were looking at a
UFO Network. I am calling from want to call it that, an unknown possible radar screen in one place roughly 3,4 or
Seguin, Texas. I know that you have object did not come up .on our radar 5 miles away from where we were
been working on the case that occurred when we regenerated it. looking at our radar screen.
on November 17th of the JAL flight W.A.: Was there one object or W.A.: Are you using separate
1628. What is the status of that more? antennas and separate microwave?
investigation right now? P.S.: The only object that we could P.S:: Antennas are the same—• the
P;S.: Well, simply put — we are generate was the JAL airplane. The dish is • the same. (Located near
'collecting the data from the people who Captain of the plane mentioned that he Fairbanks, Alaska.)
are.invovled in it. We interviewed the saw 3 different objects, 2 which were W.A: OK, I j u s t wanted
Captain of the flight in length. We have quite small. We are talking something clarification, (intentional repetition)
retained the radar tapes — the radar about 8 feet in diameter, whereas the P.S.: The bottom line is essentially
electronic data system that took place large object was very large, perhaps the that the crew has responded quite
at that time. We have retained the voice length of 2 aircraft carriers for example. clearly with what they saw. They
.transmission, recordings that were The 2 smaller objects he said did not worked w i t h c o n t r o l l e r s , d i d
made at the time between, our appear on his weather radar, whereas maneuvers, etc. and. that their initial
controller and the Captain of the the large one did. The radar that we .radar appeared to perhaps
aircraft. were receiving — we sometimes get a confirm some of that, but in hindsight
W.A.: Good. second radar response or an echo. after checking it out, it doesn't look like
P.S.: We basically will be collecting That's not really unusual. In reviewing it is going to.
data now with the investigator in charge the generated radar data, that appears W.A.: Someone has been sitting
and will probably be forwarding all that to be the case in this situation. The on this (information) since November
material to our Washington office in primary target which would be the JAL 17th. How did it leak out as far as you
some point in time — next week or so. was very obvious and distinct. A are concerned?
W.A.: How do you feel personally? secondary, blip which was. very P.S.: Well — nobody was sitting on
Does it look interesting? Did you have intermittent and weak appeared in it. We just didn't do anything with it. We
UFOs or some object on radar? pattern every so often. didn't put out a news release on it. We
P.S.: Well, is hard to say. W.A.: Oh, Oh! were not keeping it a secret. We just
It is, not concrete by any stretch of the P.S.: The Air Force using that didn't announce it. And what
imagination because what the Captain same basic data considered that to be happened? How do I think the news
saw and the crew is well documented clutter. Their radar situation does not release came about or news story came
from their point of view. They seem to have to be quite as sophisticated as out? After about 6 weeks, I think
be very good and very explicit. We ours and as a result, they get more someone in Japan, probably one of the
interviewed them when they landed on clutter than we do. Our system uses a crew members, mentioned it enough
the ground. They were rational, very sophisticated state-of-the-art times to family and friends — had to be
professional, well trained people — computer which essentially analyzes in where it got to somebody who was a
there is no problem with that. They milliseconds and gets rid of clutter so correspondent. Because the first thing I
were pretty emphatic and have given that the controller doesn't have to be got was a phone call from Kyoda News
some rather detailed reports, including constantly swamped with visual images . Service out of Japan. That was the day
drawings of what it is they saw. They that are not part of controlling aircraft. before Christmas; the 24th. They sent a
went to some length to make sure that W.A.: Right. c o r r e s p o n d e n t over and the
they weren't being "snuckered" by P.S.: And as a result, sometimes correspondent said to me — you know
something. As far as what our radar has the computer when it gets a signal that that we've got some .information on
been able to document, it is really not is an echo, it will put up both signals no "such and such." Is that true? I said —
going to hold up in my. opinion. matter how strong they are. That well yeah and here's what we've got. On
W.A.: For what reason? seems to be the case on this one. the 29th after the Christmas holidays,
P.S.: The reason being is that both W.A.: So — but the air force did that story must have been printed
the military and F.A.A. use the same have a separate radar screen. somewhere in Japan because United
base radar data that comes out of P.S.: Their radar system base data Press International picked it up. Japan
Fairbanks so there is no separate radar is the same as ours. picked it up. Then the United Press
system confirming one or the other or W.A.: Except that you have the filter. reporter over here asked me the same
vice versus. P.S.: Yes. We are at two different question and I told him the same thing.
W.A.: That is a problem. installations — two different locations. W.A.: Was that Jeff Berliner?
P.S.: Yes. The second thing is that W.A.: Are you at Elmendorf AFB P.S.: Yes.
the initial radar data that was received too? W.A.: So it was December 24th
— in reviewing that data with ours — P.S.: No we are not. We are just when you heard from Kyoda News
Service the first time. Aviation Administration reopened its King, that each was the size of a DC-8
P.S.: Right. inquiry into what happened on aircraft. There is a slight discrepancy in
W.A.: One of those people (Kyoda November 17, 1986 when a Japan Air size.)
News Service) called one of our people Lines Boeing 747 cargo crew reported When the author interviewed Paul
too, but at that time the gentleman that seeing UFOs over Alaska. FAA Steucke by telephone on January 2,
operates our UFO Hotline (Bob investigators interviewed Capt. Kenju 1987 the FAA was in the process of
Gribble) was not aware of the case and Terauchi, the pilot, for a second time collecting their data so it could be
didn't foreward it to us, otherwise we and are reviewing all radar records from forwarded to Washington, D.C. as
would have had some of our people in the evening of November 17 when an requested. It is very interesting to note
Alaska contacting you. unexplained blip appeared on radar how many different explanations were
P.S.: I see. screens as the JAL crew reported advanced by the FAA spokesman after
W.A.: I am the International seeing mysterious lights. telling the author that the second blip
Director of the Mutual UFO Network. "The reason we're exploring it is was not visible when they regenerated
We study UFOs around the World and that it was a violation of air space," FAA the radar tapes during their inquiry.
this one seems to be the most spokesman Paul Steucke said. "That
interesting that we have to work with at may sound strange, but that's what it ANCHORAGE PRESS
the moment. That is why I wanted to was. The object of the inquiry — of
talk to you, because let's get right to the collecting all the data and interviewing On January 8,1987, Hal Bernton, a
horse's mouth — what's going on? people — is to identify the object if reporter for the Anchorage Daily News,
What do you know? Because, you can't possible. However, considering the interviewed three FAA controllers on
rely on the rumors that get into the type of data we have available, no one duty during the JAL 1628 flight of
•press sometimes. considers it realistic that we can identify November 17, 1986. "All three of us
P.S.: That is for certain. the object." The decision to reopen the thought there was a track," said Sam
W.A.: What Air Force officers are inquiry was made by the regional Rich, a controller who has worked for
involved? director of the FAA, Steucke said. the Federal Aviation Administration'for
P.S.: The Air Force officer that you Steucke said the Air Force no more than a decade. A track is what air
want to contact is Colonel Tilman at longer has a record of its radar from traffic controllers call the radar image of
(907) 552-2226 - that's at Elmendorf. November 17th. FAA radar records are an aircraft. In previous news releases,
W.A.: Are you going to forward all being reconstructed. Air Force officials the FAA reported only one controller
of your information to Washington, reported that they did not scramble jets sighting the mysterious object —
D.C.? Is that correct? to go check out the reported object. described by the JAL crew as wavering
P.S.: Yes, as far as I know. In fact, The second image that appeared lights on radar. That controller, whose
we probably won't know till Monday, on the FAA radar scope is now being name has not been released by the FAA
Tuesday or Wednesday. I have been called a coincidental "split image" of the mistakenly interpreted a split-image of
talking to them and trying to-figure out aircraft Steucke said to UPI. and AP. the cargo plane as a second object,
when we are going to release the When Marilyn Adams, reporter for US FAA officials said following a review of
material, since the news media is TODAY, interviewed Paul Steucke, a radar tapes.
already asking for it. few days later, he told her that "analysis Rich said he was on 'duty for the
W.A.: We are getting calls from of the electronic radar records shows half-hour during which the JAL plane
Germany and England. The interest is both images are the 747 — one from the reported spotting the UFO. He said the
there. FAA radar signal and one from the jet's JAL crew first contacted the
P.S.: Yeah. transponder." (Another explanation Anchorage air controllers as their plane
W.A.: It appeared to be a visual has come forth.) flew over Fort Yukon. "They said
observation by the flight crew and Marilyn Adams interviewed both something was following them. It
then if you can confirm it on radar, Walt Andrus and Richard Haines for appeared to be a light and appeared to
which is a second source, that gives it USA TODAY to obtain their views. Her be white, orange and yellow," Rich said.
more credibility. These are the kind of story was published January 7, 1987 Rich said the pilot sounded shaken. "He
cases we like to work on. with the headline "Radar check fails to was concerned — there was a quaver in
P.S.: Yes. back UFO sighting." She explained the his voice."
W.A.: We want to thank you very headline by saying "The finding means R i c h said t h e c o n t r o l l e r s
much for the phone visit, because we there's no independent evidence of the immediately turned down their radar
wanted to get your side of the picture crew's sighting of a walnut-shaped range to small-scale that would better
right from the source. You have been object the size of two aircraft carriers define the air space around the JAL
very cooperative and we appreciate it. with wavering, yellow-white lights, plane. "There did appear to be a track
P.S.: You are more than welcome. traveling with two smaller objects." near the plane about where he
(Paul Steucke stated the two smaller (Terauchi) said there was. So we kept
FAA REOPENS INQUIRY lights were 8 feet in diameter per the looking." The track was not real strong,
second interview, whereas Capt. Rich said, but neither he nor any of his
On January 2, 1987, the Federal Terauchi said in his interview with Larry (continued next page)
ALASKA, Continued Juneau, Alaska provided MUFON with Apparently none of the crew members
colleagues then thought it might be a the current newspaper articles from had a camera in his flight bag, since no
split image. Anchorage, Juneau and Fairbanks for photographs were made. A photograph
After spotting the track, Rich said which we are grateful. Mr. Farnell is our would have been further confirmation
he called the Military Regional State Section Director - First Judicial of the sighting. None of the
Operations Control Center. "They Division. investigators questioned the integrity of
informed me that they had the same Incidentally, the reporter who the trained crew members as to what
track." Another controller then told the called Bob Gribble inquiring about the they saw, however a solid radar
pilot to. make a series of turns and a case early in December from the Kyoda confirmation would have put the "icing
decent in an effort to shake the UFO. News Service in Washington, D.C. was on the cake."
.Finally, as the plane headed south from Matsu Shita, telephone (202) 347-5767. It is doubtful whether the Federal
Fairbanks, the controllers lost track of As futher evidence of the sincerity Aviation Administration in Washing-
the UFO. of the pilot, Captain Kenju Terauchi ton, D.C. will release a statement after
Rich confirmed that double images took a polygraph test and a drug test by their evaluation of the data collected in
often occur on the FAA radar screen both blood and urine: He passed all Anchorage is analyzed. After an elapse
which relies on computer-generated three. The polygraph test indicates that of time, it will no longer be news. The
data. But the plane didn't fly through he believes what he is saying is the pressure exerted on the FAA by the
the areas where the split images 'truth. Charles P. Ward, State Section news media prompted the inquiry and
normally occur. The JAL pilot isn't the Director for the Third Judicial Division, reopening of the case late in December.
first pilot to report strange things in that obtained this information from one of The public has a right and a need to
northern corridor. During the past his contacts at the FAA in Anchorage know about UFOs, therefore our
decade, there's been about a half dozen who was part of the investigative team efforts to enlighten the populace on the
reports of unidentified lights from that interviewed the pilot upon landing UFO phenomenon is still one of our
civilian and military pilots. "It's pretty at Anchorage. major objectives. The JAL flight crew
real to them (the pilots)," Rich said. As someone jokingly inquired, why sighting and investigation became front
January 8th was the first time that the weren't there any photographs made page news, which is evidence that the
FAA permitted the press to interview since nearly all Japanese visitors to the UFO phenomenon is very much alive
the controllers on duty. (Dick Farnell in U.S.A. are observed carrying cameras? and a worldwide enigma.


By Tom Page

Oregon for dinner. After dinner we ' the light dimmed and went straight up in
Tom Page is MUFON assistant decided to travel through the night in the air.
state director for northern order to get to Canada sooner. We I just could not believe what I saw
California. were to take turns driving. I took the and in a few brief moments decided not
first turn and was driving out of Crater to tell my roommates sleeping in. the
Back in the fifties I was in high Lake. The vehicle I was driving was a camper. Just after I saw the light go up
school doing well in sports, academics 1956 Ford Pickup with a camper on into the air I came over a small hill. As I
and involved with my girlfriend, Delia. I back. started down I saw the light again or one
had heard of flying saucers and UFOs, A short time later I found myself on just like it.
but wasn't the least bit interested. a straight road with several dips. There I stopped the truck, got out and
The first two years out of high was little or no traffic and it was about went to the back of the camper to get
school were spent on a U.S. Navy 11:30 at night. As I was driving I noticed my sleeping roommates up to see this
submarine, during which time part of a car in front of me, or what I thought thing. One of my roommates, Bob got
my duties were served as a lookout. So, was a car. The lighting on the back of up and we got into the truck and
by the time I had entered college, I had the car was strange. Both red tail lights watched the light. I did not tell Bob what
acquired many hours of looking at the were out and there was a white light on had happened and he thought the light
night sky. the left side of the vehicle. was a car stopped on the wrong side of
During the summer of 1960,1 and The car was traveling at the same the road. I turned the truck lights off to
two of my college roommates had speed I was, so I decided to increase the get a better look at the light. We then
decided to go to Canada to see my speed of the truck to get closer to the tried to get closer but as the truck
sister and do some fishing. On the way vehicle and see what kind of light it had. moved forward the light backed up,
to Canada we stopped at Crater Lake, As I increased the speed of the truck keeping the same distance from us.
watched the light for a short time and convinced the subject of UFOs was not
APPREHENSION then noticed a car in the distance for me. By then we knew that the
coming toward us. I turned the lights of surface of Venus was not a place for
My other roommate, Jim, knocked the truck back on and both Jim and poodles.
on the truck window. I stopped the Bob went out on the road to flag the car In 1965, five years after the incident
truck and he got up front with us. We down. in Oregon, while visiting one of my
noticed that the light was very bright The light in front of us moved roommates, we decided to have the
but did not hurt our eyes. When looking upwards and the car passed under it, incident written up. We thought for the
at each other we noticed that our faces but did not stop. The light moved to the good of the country the authorities
were not illuminated and our heads did right and disappeared over some trees. should know about this. After reporting
not make shadows on. the back of'the We got back in the truck and left the what had happened, I made the
truck. We thought this was strange area. decision not to ever have anything to do
because we estimated the light to be For the next couple of hours we with this subject again. After all, I had
close, maybe 20 to 50 yards away. talked about.what we'had seen. We reported it and I had spent time trying
We also noticed some colors on thought of calling the'sheriff s office, but to figure it out.
the end of one of the rays coming from quickly threw that idea out. Who would For the next 11 years I did little
the light. The light then dimmed and believe us? We tried to make the lights with the subject of UFOs. If the subject
went out. We next saw a very dim white into cars but cars do not go up into the did come up, I would often tell people
light that took the shape of an upside air and cannot form the shape of an what objects could be mistaken for
down cereal bowl that was as wide as upside down cereal bowl. Since there UFQs, such as the phases of Venus,
the road. Bob noticed a little red light was no sound, we ruled out helicopters. etc.
above the bowl-shaped light but we Not having an answer as to what we But my experience in .Oregon was
could see no connection. The dim bowl- saw, we stopped talking' about the to haunt me. I could not escape the fact
shaped light, or whatever it was, was incident and did not mention it for the I had seen something I could not
new to us and caused a considerable rest of the trip until we were just about explain. Sixteen years after my
amount of apprehension. home. At that point we decided to tell experience nothing new had happened
I had turned the truck engine off to our parents, but no one else. to explain what took place. So, when
listen for sound. We were facing down The m o n t h s f o l l o w i n g my my cousin asked me to attend a UFO .
hill, so I started to roll the truck closer experience in Oregon were filled with meeting, I reluctantly agreed. Maybe
for a better look but the bright light much thinking about what the lights the answer was there! I was amazed to
came on again and moved slowly away were. I tried to fit everything I could find a highly educated group of people
from us. At this time I noticed the light think of to the lights and their behavior, trying to find a rational answer to the
in the side rear view mirror. At first I but nothing would fit. After a period of UFO phenomenon.
was confused as to why I could see'it in time I became frustrated with trying to I realized then I was not the only
the mirror. Then I realized there was find an answer and stopped thinking person with questions about UFOs. I
another one behind us. And I stopped about the incident. became an investigator for MUFON, an
the truck and got out. Behind us^was My parents had told my cousin organization that collected reports on
another light. We guessed the distance about the lights I had seen and he UFOs and analyzed the data. MUFON
to be about 50 yards. I walked to the wanted to meet with me and. my had .a board of consultants, most of
back of the camper and watched the roommates to write it up. My cousin " whom were PhDs or MDs representing
light. Bob and Jim had gotten out of the was interested in UFOs and felt the many different areas .of knowledge.
truck on the other side. None of us incident should be reported. I was not MUFON trained their investigators and
could hear any sound. willing to report the incident or have it had branches all over the world. I was
I was frightened, but also written up. In fact, I did not want delighted to find such an organization
frustrated at not understanding what anything to do with UFOs. looking for the same answers that I was.
was going on. I started running toward As the years went by my opinion As time went on I interviewed
the light to get closer to see what it was. about UFOs did not change. They many witnesses and came to realize
As I started running towards the light, it represented a strange foreign area that that the UFO phenomena was quite
started moving toward me. Jim yelled at I wanted nothing to do with. When I did wide spread and had many more
me to stop, which I did because now I see articles in the newspaper about questions than answers. After ten
was more frightened than frustrated. UFOs, I would wait until no one was years of investigating UFO sightings, I
The light was still moving towards me around and read them just to see if they find proving their existence next to
so I raised my hands, not knowing what would fit the description of what I had impossible, but I also know you just
else to do. The light dimmed, reversed seen. I refused to call what I had seen a can't say everyone is lying or that you
direction and went back up and over UFO. Instead I just called them lights. can explain what they saw as
the hill out of sight. This light was not On occasion I would tell someone something normal.
seen again. about the incident, but rarely. When I
(continued on page 18)
The light in front of the truck was read about some lady taking her poodle
still there. We got back in the truck and to Venus on a UFO I became more

Ufology has lost another pioneer.
' Idabel Epperson died January 12,1987
in Los Angeles after a long illness.
Idabel probably was not as well
known as some of the other relatively
small class of women in UFOIogy. She
chose to maintain a "low profile." Yet
her contributions were equal in
importance to those of such other
female pioneers as Isabel Davis and
Coral Lorenzen in the U.S. Her
daughter Marilyn, who notified me of
Idabel's death on January 13, also
served as a "Lieutenant" and
performed important work with very
little in the way of recognition or
Before her illness Idabel served as
the State Director for Southern
California (1973-1981) for the Mutual
UFO Network (MUFON) and prior to —Dennis Stacy
that was Chairperson for the Los
Angeles Subcommittee of the National
Investigations Committee on Aerial contributions would be b e t t e r one of the pioneers in Ufology, she has
Phenomena (NICAP). She first came to understood. devoted over thirty years to this
my attention in 1958 when, as an aide to To me, she was at first a gadfly, but intriguing study. It is with profound
Maj. Donald E. Key hoe, I was Executive once we began working together she gratitude that voluntary dedicated
Secretary of NICAP. She was politely became a highly valued friend and service may be honored in this
but insistently critical of what was going colleague. Behind her mild demeanor manner."
on at NICAP, and determined to steer was a person of iron will, broad Her passing is a great loss to
us on the right track. At first, I was a knowledge of the facts and issues, and a UFOIogy. I propose that we honor her
little put off, but through the person with social and diplomatic skills memory with an award in her name.
intervention of Isabel Davis we quickly that would prove to be invaluable to -Richard H. Hall
established constructive communica- NICAP and later to MUFON in
tions and thereafter her knowledge and careful, scientific, objective study of
leadership played an important role in UFO reports. She was also the person NEW BOOKS
the successes of NICAP. who persuaded me that I should join
Today we have Marge Christen- forces with MUFON. The publication date for Whitley
sen, Mildred Biesele, Mimi Hynek, and The M U F O N 1983 UFO Strieber's Communion has reportedly
a few other well-known female S y m p o s i u m Proceedings were been moved up a couple of months,
UFOlogists in the U.S., plus Jenny respectfully dedicated to her with these meaning it should appear on the stands
Randies and Cynthia Hind overseas. words. "Public recognition < is hereby sometime in February. Budd Hopkins'
They would all do well to learn more bestowed upon Mrs. .Idabel E. Intruders: The Incredible Visitations in
about Idabel as a spiritual predecessor. Epperson for her untiring efforts as an the Copley Woods, from Random
In fact, someone should conduct a investigator, leader, publicist, House, should follow soon on
research project on the role of women administrator and overall catalyst for Communion's heels, which will make
in UFOIogy, in which case Idabel's the Southern California UFO scene. As both books available by the time of the
Washington, D.C., symposium at and his massive amount of material Years is destined to fly as high as
American University. were credible. By the spring of 1984, Meier's Pleiadean friends."
Another book will also be available he'd completed a 100-page book Or as low. Whatever one's opinion
by then, Gary Kinder's Lighf Years; An proposal. of the case, the latest chapter in the
Investigation into the Extraterrestrial continuing Meier chronicle is now
Experiences o/ Eduard Meier. Kinder, HAVE TO PUBLISH scheduled to hit the stalls in late May,
a writer, is the author of the well- considerably less than a light year away.
received Victim: The Other Side of Meanwhile, Kinder's editor at -Dennis Stacy
Murder (Delacorte/Dell). Eduard Delacorte, Morgan Entrekin, had
Meier, of course, is the Swiss farmer servered ties with parent company Lawrence Fawcett and Barry J. Green wood
who claims to have been visited, at last Simon & Schuster, and had plans to
c o u n t , o v e r 130 t i m e s b y start a publishing company of his own.
extraterrestrial . visitors from the Pine showed Entrekin Kinder's
Pleiades. As evidence a plethora of still proposal and Meier's photographs.
photographs, films and metal samples
supposedly given Meier by the visitors
have been offered up. Several of the
"This is the most fascinating,
inspirational story I have ever read in
my life," Entrekin enthused. "I have to
better pictures and a sampling of so- publish it!" He then laid a blank check
called Pleidean philosophy have already ,on Pine's desk.
been presented in two glossy art-books. Entrekin eventually landed a
Photographic analysis performed by distribution deal with Atlantic Monthly
Ground Saucer Watch and others Press, whose new chief editor, Gary
reportedly revealed that Meier's
amazing array of flying saucers
Fisketjon, and publisher/owner Carl
Navarre waxed equally enthusiastic
consisted of small models suspended about the project. The first half of the OF THE UFO EXPERIENCE
from strings. Within the UFO manuscript was then taken to the What does the government know
community at large, the Meier case is prestigious Frankfurt Book Fair late about UFOs and why won't it tell us?
widely regarded as one of the most last year and subsidiary rights offered
With a foreword by Dr. J. Allen Hy nek
elaborate hoaxes in modern memory, for sale. Said Pine: "It looks like Light
ranking only behind Spain's UMMO


But there have been believers all

along, too, and now author Kinder
apparently ranks among their
members. According to Publishers
Weekly "Talk of the Trade" column (12-
26—86), in the summer of 1983, a
literary agent, Richard Pine, was
approached by officers of Intercep, a
Phoenix-based firm specializing in
industrial counter-espionage.. For
reasons unexplained, Intercep had just
conducted its own three-year
investigation into the Meier affair and its
evidence. (What, one may be forgiven
for asking, has industrial counter-
espionage to do with flying saucers,
' At any rate, in the way of literary
agents when confronted with an earth-
shaking story, Pine was enthusiastically
impressed. It was he who introduced
Kinder to the Meier story. Kinder
conducted his own investigation, from
the fall of 1983 until the winter of 1984, "See. Frank? Keep the light In their eyes and you can
and came to the conclusion that Meier bag them without any trouble at all."
INTRODUCTORY NOTE: indicates that secret government general public reads these books and
Information accumulated over the information supports this hypothesis. It learns that there have apparently been
last ten years indicates that the therefore would behoove us to begin to numerous direct interactions between
government has been much less than contemplate questions which should aliens and humans, often taking the
forthright with respect to information be answered regarding these entities. form of medical examinations (of the
about UFOs. In particular, it now As Admiral Roscoe Hillenkoetter, humans), there will be an outcry for
appears that "hard data" have been the first head of the CIA, put it in 1960, more information.
collected by a small intelligence group the "unknown objects are operating The public will no longer be
within the U.S. government. The hard under intelligent control'.' and "it is satisfied with government professions
data were obtained from two or imperative that we learn where UFOs of ignorance nor with facile
perhaps more crashes that occurred come from and what their purpose is." explanations by supposed skeptical
before 1951 and, perhaps, from other We must also begin to contemplate experts. Instead the public will want to
events since 1951. what might happen if and when society know what, if anything, can we do
Open literature information on accepts the ufologists claim that about the UFO situation.
UFO sightings has, for a long time, "UFOs are real." An element of In order to help prepare for the
pointed toward the hypothesis that urgency in this regard has been reaction to the information to be
some, "other" intelligent entities are introduced by the planned publication revealed in the next six months or so I
behind the TRue UFO - TRUFO — this spring of two major books on the have written the following paper that
sightings. Information gathered in the abduction phenomenon. When the asks the question....
last several years from several sources


Speculations, Questions and Cryptic Comments About the EBEs
By Bruce S. Maccabee, Ph.D.

Dr. Maccabee, a Navy laser used as physical and probably also "enjoy" a peaceful dictatorship?) and
physicist, is chairman of the Fund psychological guinea pigs (the UFO in-laws rate much more highly in
for UFO Research, co-host of the abductees), you may start to lose your ' importance than whether or not EBEs
MUFON 1987 Washington, DC, sense of perspective. You may become are flying around doing their thing.
Symposium. frightened of that which is unknown Although-there are a few people for
Let's suppose that UFOs are real and therefore uncontrollable. whom the existence of EBEs has taken
and are craft piloted by intelligent To help cpmbat that fear you have on a first-order importance (UFO
Entities. Numerous accounts in the to.realize that they have been around witnesses and abductees), for most
literature indicate that they appear to for at least forty years (dating the first people the EBE problem is at the
be living creatures rather than robots. sightings to 1947) and haven't taken bottom of the problem rating scale
Thus they must be Biological Entities. least not yet. On the other along with "Which TV program should I
Where are they from? I don't know, but hand; if they have been around for forty watch" or "Should I take my umbrella
indications are that they are not from years; why not for four hundred, or four because it might rain" or "Which is the
this planet and/or this time. This could thousand or more? If they have been best route to work during rush hour?"
make them Extraterrestrial. These around for this long then it would (At times the latter problem may
terms can be combined in the appear that overt interference with appear to rank with war and peace.)
expression Extraterrestrial Biological human society is not their goal (at least In other words, the EBE problem is
Entities, or EBEs, for short. The "EBEs" yet). at the "noise level" of problems in our
are extraterrestrial aliens. civilization. It may effect a few thousand
The subject of this paper is not PRIORITY OF PROBLEMS or a few tens of thousands of people the
"are the EBEs here?" The subject is world over. Accidents, disease, famine
"they are here and what do we do about Of all the things which directly and war affect many, many more.
it?" affect your life, I bet EBEs are not one of Furthermore, until there is a massive
them (unless you are an avid ufologist). landing or a statement by the White
DONT PANIC People are concerned with life, death House or some similar major event, the
(and. t a x e s ) , disease, personal EBE problem should remain in the
When you suddenly come to the relationships, etc. For most people the noise level. Too much attention to it
realization that they are real, that they problems of population growth,' could needlessly effect the psyche of
can travel about virtually at will, that pollution, justice for one vs. justice for the human race. But that doesn't mean
they can interfere with us or not as they many, war, peace (yes, peace can be a that as humans we should ignore it
desire, that some people have been problem too; ever have a chance to (continued next page)
WHAT IF? Continued world. The knowledge of nuclear The walls have ears and
entirely, either. A "moderate interest," energy, quantum mechanics, biology, sometimes a compartment springs a
sligntly more than "benign neglect," evolution and cosmology has changed leak. And sometimes a black hole is
would be about right. the post-renaissance world. grey. And sometimes there are loose
IF EBEs ARE AROUND WHY What if the EBEs are real? Will cannons on the deck. And sometimes
HAVEN'T 1 HEARD ABOUT IT? you knowledge of that fact change our people don't agree with the policies of
ask. modern world? Will people flock to their bosses. And sometimes people
You probably have heard about it. churches? Will the stock market drop? are warned that loose lips sink ships,
You just weren't paying any attention. W i l l people become geniuses but lips are loose anyway. And
Or perhaps you did pay attention but .overnight? Will political systems fall sometimes knowledge burns a hole in
rejected the idea. In any case, you apart? Will governments or will one your pocket. And sometimes
ignored the EBE problem and now you government gain ascendancy over the ' disinformation can be reinterpreted by
aren't prepared. You haven't thought rest? Will the peoples of the world those who are to be disinfqrmed.
about how you would react to the full unite? Will there be anarchy? Or will And what is the result? The
realization that THEY are here and none of .this happen but instead the existence of secrets becomes known.
have been for a while, probably for a world will go on as before with only a To be sure, this is not as informative as
long time. modification of our understanding of knowing exactly what the secrets are
our place in the universe? (i.e., what information is being kept
PREPARE YOURSELF The answer to these questions are secret). But it is informative. And, if
of immense importance...they may UFOs and EBEs are of such little
There is a very personal aspect to
determine the fate of mankind. They importance to humanity then why keep
the UFO problem.
touch on the very roots of civilization secrets about them in the first place?
Why prepare myself? you ask. and its trappings. They must be
Your personal survival, Does anyone deserve the right to
psychological and even physical, could handled delicately. No one should keep secrets about them? And, if so,
depend upon it, say I. panic. We do riot yet know whether we who? The same people who gave us
Yes, but there is no conclusive are faced with a threat or hue or MAD (Mutual Assured Destruction)?
proof, so why now? disinterest.
Yet, the reality of forty years or THE FUTURE
Even without"conclusive proof
(how much "proof" do you heed?) you more of UFO reports cannot be
can prepare your eventualities. If you ignored forever. There must be some ,-.. Should the present state of affairs
are told there is a poisonous snake in reaction on .our part. be p e r p e t u a t e d ? W o u l d such
the grass do you wait until you see it perpetuation be for the good of us all?
before you put on your heavy boots? BIG BROTHER And who is to decide? Can we have no
How are you going, to come to say in our fate? Is the secret knowledge
grips with the new reality that the Some of those who have paid too much for humanity to absorb? Is Big
human race is not the center of the attention to the UFO phenomenon as it .Brother protecting us from them or
universe? What if the humans are to has developed over the years think that from ourselves? Do A Few feel that they
THEM as ants are to US? Should you the time may be coming when certain are capable of speaking on the behalf of
bow down? Should1 you curry favor? governments of the world, despite the the The Many? And, if so, is this a good
embarrassment over having kept thing for The Many?
Should you plead for mercy? Should
you run and hide and if so where? secrets of such great import for so long, Is it safer to perpetuate a UFO
Will you become "paralienoid" (the will have to admit what has long been version of cultural amnesia than to
fear .that aliens are watching you and suspected. admit that "the emperor has no
waiting for a chance to do you harm)? This admission will come,, not clothes?" "Only the lonely" know for
Will you claim to have special because Big Brother is a "good guy." It certain. The rest of us are left with our
knowledge about the aliens? Will you will come because Big Brother is not big suspicions. But we must be prepared/
become (more/less) religous? Will you big enough to control the I suspect that these questions have
found.a religion? Will you get yourself EBEs. been answered by The Few to the
together or will you fly apart? The UFO phenomenon is UFO- satisfaction of The Few and this
' If you don't give some thought to driven (in spite of what skeptics have explains our present state of affairs. But
these questions you won't be prepared. claimed over the years). It does not the future .state of affairs may differ
depend upon what people are saying substantially from the present state and
CONSEQUENCES OF about the UFOs. The failure of the old answers may no longer apply..
KNOWLEDGE governments to treat the problem And for that reason, in order to be able
openly has merely pushed off an to make intelligent future decisions on
. The knowledge of good and evil eventuality from forty or so years ago behalf of mankind, The Many must be
changed the world of Adam and Eve. until now...or later. let in on the secrets now known only to
The knowledge of the science of The Few.
mechanics changed the medieval NO COVER UP?
Florida Report, too, by Donald Ware
By Cynthia Newby Luce

Cynthia Newby Luce is

MUFON's Sectional Represent-
ative for Eastern Brazil.
"Manzinho's" real name isOsimar
Paulinho Oliveira. He is a self-employed
driver who also does a bit of trading to
make ends meet. He is 57 years old and
has had one year of school which is not
unusual for this part of the country.
On a clear moonless summer
night, (19 Dec.) 1981, Manzinho was
driving back home to Sao Jose do Rio
Preto from Areal, 30 km from home. He
had gone some 5-6 km when he thought
he noticed a bright light behind him and
thought it was a truck. The light seemed
very bright which began to make
Manzinho nervous but then when he
was about 15 km from home, the light
got very close and passed over him.
Seeing the brilliance in front of him
he stopped his car. He braked and can't
remember if the engine died of its own
accord or not. But the next thing he
knew the car motor wasn't running and
a huge what he called silo-shaped object
was taking up the entire two-lane road
360m ahead of him almost due South
(170°). Manzinho also can't remember
if he turned out the lights of the car or "Manzinho" stands in front of Siluio's bar, pointing to inhere multiple
they just went out...but while the object witnesses saw object on hillside.
was on the ground his headlights were
The object was silvery with very but had quite a bit of difficulty starting minutes, then took off in an Easterly
bright bluish lights. There were two his car. Finally he got it going and raced direction. This whole episode took
lights on each side and three on top. under the object and sped towards place from around llpm until a little
Both Manzinho and another witness I Aguas Claras, 6 km away. The object after midnight.
shall introduce reported that the top stayed right over him all the way which I would like to make a few
seemed to spin, but when I made frightened him so that when he reached comments. I interviewed the bar owner,
drawings I could not identify the top Aguas Claras (still some 6km from Silvio, and he essentially corroborated
part as spinning. There were three home), he stopped the car and dashed Manzinho's story. However, he was
windows that he said looked black and hysterically into a bar calling everyone uncomfortable with the idea of my
about 40cm square. The object sat on to come and look at the object which taking his picture and sending it out of
three tiny legs. He cannot remember if was now about 300m halfway up the Brasil. The problem is that he is illiterate
it cast a shadow or not. side of the hill. and very superstitious. A few months
After about five minutes the object The owner of the bar, Silvio, came ago a Brasilian friend, a professor of
rose, seemingly straight up, to a height out, and people also came out of the Philosophy and Communications at
Manzinho estimates to be between 400- Fundamentalist Church across the PUC in Rio, came and made a video
500 m., and hovered. Manzinho, street from the bar and saw the UFO. It tape of my cases. He had more success
decided to get home as soon as possible stayed there, stationary, for about 15 with Silvio. I suddenly realized that
originally made but I include a copy of it.
Both Manzinho and Silvio.still maintain
that there was some sort of 'spin' on the
top of the UFO but they are unable to
either verbally describe it or draw it.
The drawing that I made under
Manzinho's direction he now claims is
just what he saw.
, Silvio says the whole thing was
difficult to describe because it was up
on the hill close-by and seemed to have
a different shape than from what
Manzinho described but he also is
unshakeable about the spin on top. My
guess is that what they saw was so
strange that they had nothing to relate it
to and that is why they can't tell me
exactly what they saw.
In my experience, the more
pimitive the people one deals with, the
more 'concrete' their perception (and I
can sight some evidence for .that). This
can be interpreted in two ways: 1) that
they see something perfectly that they
cannot describe, and 2) that they don't
have any idea what they are seeing, so
Arfisf s Interpretation they link its description up with
something known which may include
what they, think the investigator wants
being a woman; and not being Brasilian The name of the man who saw the , to hear.
can be a handicap. greenish ball of light and who also saw
I also have been trying, and my the UFO, but did not want to talk about
Brasilian professor friend Maurq Costa it, is Manoel Francisco Freitas, born 29
tried, to talk to the people that were Dec. 1934. He farms and repairs
Mr. 'Robert J. Preston of
coming out of the church. They .were ., bicycles. He says the light was the size
Pensacola, FL called me about a UFO
unwilling to talk about it, even though of a v street lamp and passed in a north-
that he saw over his home about 24
one man that lives beside the church .south direction.
October, 1973. He got my number from
told me he once saw a green ball of light Silvio Gabral da Silva has a bar and
a Pensacola News Journal article
wandering close to the ground on the also works' leather. Born 31 March
about National UFO Information
hill where the UFO-had been seen. 1943, he has two years of school but Week. Shortly after the sighting he
Apparently the church witnesses were somehow it didn't 'take,' because he
reported it to folks at Pensacola NAS
uneasy with the whole situation and did has a lot of trouble and .doesn't really
who said other people had also
not want to talk for religious reasons. read. He reported that the UFO was
reported UFOs. They didn't interview
Manzinho went several times to try the color of fire but also reported a spin him, and he didn't know who else was
and talk to the church people but said . on the top.
interested at that time. Bob is a 47-year
that there was some reason to do with Some comments on the form of
old graduate of the University of Florida :
their belief systems that 'was holding the UFO seen by Manzinho and Silvio:
who was in the insurance business.
them back. The church witnesses are The • UFO drawn on .the back of the
During an interview in my home on 30
simple people that, for the most part MUFON form is what Manzinho drew,
August 86 at Ft. Walton Beach, he
work the land in one capacity or saying it was like a silo. I had a great deal
. provided the following information.
another. I am hoping that as the whole of trouble getting both' Silvio and
Bob , arrived home at 802 E.
UFO scene becomes more familiar to Manzinho to be articulate. When I
DeLeon Street as it was just getting
these people, they will be.more willing made a drawing that I. thought
dark. He was removing clothes from his
to talk and tell of their experiences. Just represented what he had drawn he said
car when he noticed what he thought
from listening about what people tell me it wasn't right. I made many drawings
was a bright orange moon behind some
they are told by others, I get the because I wanted to make big drawings
trees about 300 feet to the east. He
impression that there are a lot more for my professor friend's film. Finally
looked at it and saw it move to the south
sightings of one sort or another. People Manzinho settled on something that is
just do not talk much about them. not quite the same as the drawing he (continued on page 18)
"An inherent advantage of this
type of clothing is that, being made in a
3-D SUITS 3-D format, it fits the body contours
naturally," says Stern. "Because of its
built-in memory, the fabric is not
BY JOHN SCHUESSLER affected by repeated washing, drying,
or cleaning."
Symagery received a grant from
John Schuessler is MUFON's A peasant farmer working in a field the New York State Science and
deputy director. in the state of Pernambuco, Brazil, Technology Foundation to support the
reported a landed object and little design of a prototype automated
For the past thirty years, perhaps manlike creatures on the morning of manufacturing line to produce a variety
more, witnesses have reported UFO September 10, 1965. He said "they of full-size garments. This design
occupants wearing one-piece, close- wore tight-fitting one-piece garments." provides for a continuous flow of fabric
fitting clothing. The reports are similar (page 121) from a bolt of cloth to the finished
all across the world and apply to various Gary Wilcox of Tioga City, New 'product without human intervention.
h u m a n o i d sizes. The following York said he was visited by the "The first machines will produce
examples are from Charles Bowen's occupants of a UFO on April.24, 1964. standard sizes," Stern states.
book, The Humanoids. He described them as two small men "Eventually, a customer will walk into a
"A Brazilian railway employee about 4 feet tall. He said they "arrived clothing store and have his or her body
reported that, at 3:30 a.m. on . on the scene dressed in clothing which scanned by a video camera. This
November 14, 1954, he saw three appeared to have no seams." (page information on body parameters will be
beings in tight-fitting, luminous clothing 163) ; . logged automatically into a computer,
•• examining the ballast on...." (page 93) The strange case of Antonio Villas then the desired details of style, colors,
A sixty-foot wide disk was Boas, dating back to October 14, 1957 personalized logos, and decorative
reported during April 1957 near Pajas also contains a description of humanoid effects will be entered into the
Blancas Airport, Cordoba, Argentina. clothing. He said "the trousers were keyboard. The .machine's flexible
A humanoid 5, feet 8 inches tall came also tight-fitting over the seat, thighs, molds will create the customized
out of the vehicle. His "garb.was like a and legs, without any visible wrinkle or garment while the customer watches.
diver's suit, fitting the body closely, and crease in the cloth." (page 215) In a matter of minutes, the finished
seemingly of some sort of plastic." The common factor in clothing garment will arrive for the customer to .
(page 98) reports lies in the lack of seams, take home." .
Professor Joao de Freitas buttons, creases, and the like. They Now that the research and
Guimaraes, a lawyer and Professor of seem to have been produced to development phases have been
Roman Law in the Catholic Faculty of exactly fit the form of the humanoid; completed, Symagery is turning to the
Law at Santos, Brazil, reported a UFO something our garment industry was garment industry and others for,
at 7:10 p.m. one day in July 1957. Two unable to do at the time of the reports. support of the construction and
men, over 5 feet 10 inches in height e v a l u a t i o n of the prototype
came out of the object. "They wore STITCHLESS GARMENTS manufacturing line. Applications cited
greenish one-piece suits fitting closely MOLD TO BODY by Sterns for his system include the
at neck, wrists, and ankles." (page 99) production of "clean room" and
Two peasant farmers in the state of Symagery Productions, Inc., of disposable medical garments, stuffed
Santa Catarina, Brazil reported a New York has devised a stitchless toys, and f a b r i c s for a i r c r a f t ,
UFO landing on November 18, 1957. process for producing high quality, low automobile and home furnishings uses.
They saw two circular aluminum- cost clothing. But the best feature Stern sees for
colored disks and six medium-sized Symagery's founder and his system is that of owning a "one-of-a-
men of slim build and wearing "dark- president, Brett Stern, developed the kind" garment that anyone could
grey suits glued to their bodies." patented process in 1981. Then, using a afford.
Two groups of people encounter- grant from the National Science His competition may not come
ed a humanoid near Mexico City on Foundation, he established the from the Japanese industry as it did for
August 23, 1965. The critters were from process' feasibility and viability. The the automobile industry. It may come
a landed disk that was 50 meters wide. study culminated in the production of from civilizations somewhere in space.
"The crew of this craft were beings full-size blouses with cup-type molds in After all it appears they may be the
entirely like Earth men, but 2 meters 10 the front, shoulder pads, and ultrasonic original inventors.
centimeters : in height, with fair hair and seaming to join the front and back.
blue eyes and "clad in seamless one- Several models evaluated the
piece garments having a metallic prototype blouses. They came away
appearance and of some unknown excited about the garments' style and
/ibre." (page 118) comfort quantities.
Secondly, there is nothing at all
unusual about the areas of visibility for
the sightings. At least half of the events
IN OTHERS' WORDS appear to have been reported across
regions of 100 miles or so. This is not
uncommon for bright meteors. In the
By Lucius Parish cases where the areas were smaller, it
might have been possible to expand the
UFO sightings in the Middle Ages extremes, from science-oriented zones of visibility by conducting a
are the focus of an article in the reports to channeled messages from thorough field investigation. Areas of
November 18 issue of NATIONAL "Space Brothers." So, while there may fireball visibility depend upon many
ENQUIRER. Five sightings are be something for everyone, there is factors, including angle of atmospheric
detailed, spanning the years from 1168 probably also something to offend entry, brilliance, time of night, cloud
to 1322. The ENQUIRER's December 2 everyone! cover, extent of investigation, access
issue reports on the findings of the Still, the magazine is nicely to news sources, etc. (At the
French UFO research agency, produced and looks as through it might planetarium where I work, we normally
GEPAN. 'Cases of electro-magnetic be designed for newsstand 'sales in the receive only one or two local calls
effects, landing tracejs apd UFO future. In addition to the standard following the passages of a bright
occupants have all been investigated by articles, interviews, etc., there is a very fireball, even though the phenomenon
this government-financed agency. The useful "Contact" section in each issue, may have been witnessed by scores of
various shapes of UFOs are examined containing names/addresses of many people across a large portion of New
in an article for the January 6 issue of individuals and groups who. are England.)
ENQUIRER. And, if ypu're a fan of interested in various aspects of the Thirdly, the illusion of meteoric
psychics' predictions, this issue s u b j e c t . C A L I F O R N I A UFO is events occurring repeatedly within a
contains Miami .psychic Micki Dahne's published bi-monthly and is available at limited territory in the U.S. is aided by
forecast that a fleet of UFOs will be the rate of $15.00 for six issues ($20.00 the very existence of Stan's statewide
sighted at an open-air rock concert in for foreign subscriptions, payable in reporting network. A glance at the
northern , California, leading to a U.S. f u n d s ) . Th'e address is: SEAN Bulletin (Scientific. Event Alert
massive White House investigation into CALIFORNIA UFO - 1800 S. Network, Smithsonian Institution,
the UFO subject. Don't .hold your Robertson Blvd., Suite 335 - Los Washington, DC) shows that equally
breath! :' '•" .' . . '- Angeles,.CA 90035. . '.' dramatic fireballs were being reported
Actor DeForest Kelley (STAR Late word is that Gary Kinder's elsewhere in the U.S. and overseas
TREK's.Dr. McCoy) tells of his .1950 book on the UFO subject',. LIGHT during the same January-February time
sighting in the ENQUIRER's January 13 YEARS, will be published in May. No frames — and in fact throughout the
issue. Kelley observed a flame-spewing information available on publisher or year.
cigar-shaped object at low altitude while price, but this will be included in a future
traveling through Louisiana^ Although column. (See "NEWS'NVIEWS"-Ed'.) Walter N. Webb
not mentioned in the article; Kelly also MUFON Astronomy Consultant
observed the objects which were fired Westwood, MA
on by anti-aircraft guns in the "Battle of
Los Angeles" in 1942.
Jerome Clark contributes the
LETTERS Dear Editor,
James R. Leming charges that
"Anti-Matter/UFO Update" column for Nicholas Mariana (who made the now
the December issue of OMNI, Dear Editor, famous movies of twin-UFOs at Great
reporting on the story of a strange I'm afraid I'm not as impressed as Falls, Mont., in 1950) accepted U.S.
airship which allegedly crashed in Stan Gordon is with his apparent Government/USAF "bribery" in the
Dundy County, Nebraska in 1884. annual and local concentration of form of $10,000 cash plus relocation
Various local, historians have been "mystery meteors" (No. 223, Nov. expenses and a government job. This
questioned about the tale and, while 1986): Actually several things may help very serious charge allegedly is based
none will say it was false, neither have explain this effect. ' on 30-year old recollectio'ns of "friend-
they been able' to .come up with First of all, there, are three annual of-a-friend" of Mariana. (MUFON UFO
evidence to support the claim. It is meteor showers in January and Journal, Nov. 1986).
interesting that certain details of. the February — the. Quadrantids in early Knowing that Mariana now lives in
story seem to coincide with more January, the Kappa Cygnids during the Portland, Ore., why didn't Leming call
recent reports of a similar nature. middle of that month,, and the Alpha him to check out this tale which is
•The first two issues of a new Aurigids occurring in the first half of suspect on many grounds. I did and
magazine, CALIFORNIA UFO, have February. The three showers might Mariana characterized Leming's
been a rather mixed bag of Ufological help account for some but not all of the charge as "utterly ridiculous."
material. The publication includes both activity. (continued next page) I
Leming also claims that "Philip
By Walter N. Webb Klass -accepts the [USAF's] 1950
decision [on the Mariana film], not the
MUFON Astronomy Consultant
1952 analysis...." initiated by the late
Capt. Edward Ruppelt. If Leming had
taken time to read my account of this
MARCH 1987 case in chapter 16 of my book UFOs
Explained, he would know his claim, is
Bright Planets (Evening Sky): false. My conclusions, as detailed in my
book, are based on a very detailed
Mars, in Aries, glows reddish in the WSW at dusk and is of magnitude +1.4 in analysis and series of experiments
midmonth. It sets shortly after 10 PM on March 15. conducted by Douglas Aircraft Co.
engineers, and a report on those
Jupiter, in Pisces, is now very low in the west at dusk, setting during the middle experiments, dated Mar. 24; 1956,
of twilight in midmonth. The yellowish giant planet enters the morning sky on authored by, Dr. Robert M;L. Baker.
, the 26th, not becoming visible again until late April. The crescent Moon' Photos from that report are published
Jupiter on the 1st and in the Vicinity of Mars on the 3rd and 4th. book. .
Philip J. Klass
Bright Planets (Morning Sky): ,. . ' • ; • • • Washington, D.C.

Our brightest planet, Venus, shining at magnitude -4.0 in mid-March, rises after
4 AM and stands low in the SW dawn sky. The crescent Moon lies below it on
t h e 26th. . - , . . . - , • . CLOSET, Continued ,
T w e n t y - s i x years a f t e r my
, Saturn, in Ophiuchus, rises shortly before. 1 AM in midmonth and is well up in experience, 1 find , myself in a
the south by sunrise. Its magnitude is +0.4., The ringed world begins to comfortable .place with UFOs: I no
retrograde (move westward) on the 31st. • longer want to prove that they exist, I
am curious as to why they are here,
Moon Phases: where they come from and is there' a
hidden meaning to all this. I intend to
First quarter-March 7 continue, my search into the UFO
Full moon--March 15
..Last quarter-March 22
O phenomenon, along with my • wife,
Delia. We met again thirty years later.
New moon-March 29

The Stars:
PENSACOLA, Continued
In March we begin to see in the east the constellations .which will be prominent, • and west. He was so amazed he started
in the skies of spring — Leo, Coma Berenices,, Virgo, Bootes — yet the winter shouting to the neighbors to come out,
groups are still to be seen in the west — Orion, Canis Major and Minor, Gemini, because he then thought it was a UFO.
Auriga, Taurus. On the evening of the 5th the crescent Moon passes the After 8 to 10 seconds it stopped
• Pleiades cluster (in.Taurus), a pleasing sight especially in binoculars or above and beyond a telephone pole and •
telescope; those in the southern states and Hawaii can watch the Moon occult hovered for about 30 seconds. It was
some of the cluster stars. ' . ' % ' . shaped somewhat like a garbage can
lid. He was trying to keep track of the
Besides the Pleiades, two other objects deserve study with optical aid. At 9PM times, because he had heard.about the
look for a very faint smudge exactly on the celestial meridian (north-to-south Pascagoula sighting two weeks earlier
line) between Leo and Gemini. Binoculars and 'scopes reveal a V-shaped and knew it was important.
"swarm of bees" — several hundred stars called the Beehive or Praesepe (pre-
se'-pe). -; . . . , • TURNS OFF

Meanwhile in the SW the hazy middle star of Orion's sword becomes the He could see no windows or doors,
beautiful Great Nebula of Orion, a cloud of gas and dust whose hot inner stars just a pumpkin-orange glowing disk
cause the gases to fluoresce. ' '. . ', ... with clearly defined edges in an attitude
not quite.horizontal. Then it "turned
The Big Dipper climbs high in the NE, turning its bowl almost upside down in itself off" like a light bulb. He was still
midevening. The Pointer Stars on the end of the bowl point the way to Polaris yelling for the neighbors to come out,
the North Star. (continued next page)
MESSAGE, Continued Directors for the counties or parishes The diameter appeared about the
assisted Idabel as a silent partner for where vacancies presently exist. Please length of his thumb at arms length, or
over thirty years. Idabel died January contact and invite these potential about like his sun glasses lens.
12, 1987 in Los Angeles. In compliance leaders to seriously consider accepting (Although he thought it was about the
with her request, her body was a more active role in your State size of a house, calculations indicate
cremated and her ashes distributed at organization. Each State or Provincial about 11' diameter at 150' distance.)
sea. In lieu of flowers, Idabel had asked Director should make these official He thought it might have reacted
that contributions be given to her appointments and advise MUFON to him because of his yelling. He was
favorite charity - your local Salvation headquarters so the person may be not afraid of the object, but instead felt a
Army. reclassified. If MUFON is to be an strong sense of admiration for whoever
* •*• * effective UFO investigative agency, we might be in control. After 30 seconds
The Japan Air Lines flight crew need every county in each state directly over his head, it "turned itself
UFO sighting over Alaska on adequately covered with State Section off" again, and that was the last he saw
November 17, 1986 did not Directors and Field Investigators. of it. The weather was mild, calm and
spontaneously start a UFO flap, I am confident that many members clear. He noticed no sound or smell.
however it was the spark that ignited reading this "Director's Message" are Bob told me he knew another
the news media worldwide. Your anticipating that they may be contacted person who saw a UFO about the same
by their State Director. time, and he gave me her phone
director received telephone calls from
Since MUFON is a volunteer number. On 7 September I interviewed
England and West Germany inquiring
organization, it is suggested that any Mrs. LB in her Gulf Breeze home about
concerning our knowledge and
member that would like to become four miles south of where Bob reported
investigation of the case. We appreciate
more involved should contact your the UFO. She was walking with her
the fact that Paul Steucke, the FAA
State Director and advise him/her of husband and friend a little after dark
spokesman in A n c h o r a g e , was
your willingness to serve. "on the same night Bob saw the UFO".
providing the names and telephone * * *
numbers of Dr. Richard F. Haines and Near the intersection of Shoreline
Walt Andrus to the news media when The prompt response to UFO Drive and Washington St reet they saw
he was contacted, since both of us sighting report investigations assigned a bright orange light in a kind of fog or
interviewed him by telephone. Your to our members has been very cloud about 50° up in the east. It was
Director participated in from one to gratifying and appreciated. Most of perhaps a mile away. It appeared
three radio talk show programs per day these reports were received from Bob "round or oval", like a flat-bottomed
and performed countless interviews Gribble at the National UFO disk would be 50° up. "It moved real
with newspapers across North America Reporting Center hot line in Seattle, quick to the east. Then it went up real
following the news break. Wash, and forwarded to MUFON for fast and hovered. In a second it was
It was refreshing to note that none investigation. Bob has the most going fast." Then it rapidly went away to
of the supermarket tabloids placed comprehensive UFO hot line in the the east. She said, "Let's run!", and
telephone calls to MUFON in Seguin, U.S.A. This is a valuable link for areas they all hurried home. The time was
because they have finally realized that where we do not have representation or estimated to be about 30 minutes after
MUFON will definitely not respond to our members are not known to the Bob's sighting, which she didn't learn
their inquiries. The tabloid reporters police agencies or news media. about until days later.
and editors have "got the word." Budd Hopkins' new book I consider this an ordinary
However there are still a few MUFON published by Random House (250 unknown sighting. Although it is of the.
members who keep referring to the pages) will be titled Intruders: The night-light type, it is possibly a
"tabloid connection." Incredible Visitations in the Copley description of the same object by
* * * Woods, and is expected to be released independent witnesses. It demonstrat-
This paragraph is a message to all in May 1987. Budd is submitting an ed an ability to hover, accelerate rapidly
State and Provincial Directors in North article for the MUFON UFO and "turn itself off", and it appeared to
America. It will be noted that there are JOURNAL, providing an exciting react to the excited yelling of one
several new State Section Directors preview. witness. After 13 years, Bob said he still
listed in this article, however we need gets goose bumps whenever he thinks
your help to expand MUFON's about it. It was the most impressive
investigative coverage. Each of you has PENSACOLA, Continued event of his life.
a current list of all members and because he felt it was still there. After 30 -Donald M. Ware
subscribers in your state with their seconds more, "it turned itself back on" State Director
positions noted. Please indicate on a and came rapidly, perhaps 100 mph Florida
State map the counties for which you without a noticeable period of
have active State Section Directors acceleration, to a position that he
assigned. Review your list of members
and evaluate their potential to assume a
guessed was 150 feet directly over his
head. He saw it change attitude to
leadership role as State Section perfectly horizontal.
Walt Andrus

The annual MUFON award for the length paper is required. Each Director of Public Relations, had
most outstanding contribution to contributed paper is to be summarized planned to show the video tape
Ufology for 1986-87 will be presented at in an abstract of less than 300 words, promoting the 1987 UFO Symposium,
the MUFON 1987 International UFO which will be published in the but a minor auto accident prevented
Symposium on June 27, 1987 in symposium proceedings. For details on her from doing so.
Washington, D.C. The actual submitting contributed papers please * * *
contribution or work is not confined to refer to the articles titled "First Call for MUFON - Metroplex announced
the calendar year of 1986, but may Papers" in the "News 'N' Views" their new officers for 1987. They are
include accomplishments within the column of both the September and Jerry Decker, President; George
past 5 years. Nominees or candidates December 1986 issues of the MUFON Myers, Vice President and Program
for this award may reside anywhere in UFO JOURNAL. The deadline for Chairman; Betty Myers, Secretary;
the World, including the people submission of abstracts for contributed and Ron West, Treasurer. Their
submitting the nominations. A person papers is being extended to March 31, mailing address is MUFON -
may be nominated by proposing their 1987. Contributed papers are to be Metroplex, 9764 Forest Lane, Suite
name with a written paragraph stating mailed to Richard H. Hall, 4418 39th 688, Dallas, Texas 75243 and their 24
briefly why their candidate should Street, Brentwood, Maryland 20722. hour UFO hotline number is (214) 288-
receive the award, listing their * * * • 9676.
accomplishments and recognition in Bill Moore, host chairman for the John Prytz was appointed State
the field of Ufology. The deadline for 1987 National UFO conference Director for the Australian Captial
receipt of nominations is February 28, (NUFOC), has announced that the Territory (ACT). New or reinstated
1987. Please send to MUFON, 103 conference will be held June 12-14, at State Section Directors include the
Oldtowne Road, Seguin, Texas 78155- the Burbank Hilton at Burbank, Calif. following: Richard M. Farnell, M.S.,
4099 U.S.A.. >i\'> The price of rooms per night will be $55. Juneau, Alaska for the First Judicial
The Fund for UFO Research will The 4th BUFORA International Division; John A. Lombardo for Erie
be hosting the MUFON 1987 UFO Congress will be held July 10-12, and Niagara Counties in New York;
International UFO Symposium on June 1987 at the London Business School in Mrs. Jozaa D. Buist for Churchill
26, 27, and 28, 1987 at American London, England. For f u r t h e r County in Nevada; Clara V. Skimore
University in Washington, D.C. Bruce information please enclose a S.A.E. for for Nueces and San Patricio Counties
Maccabee,, the host chairman has your reply to Congress Secretary, c/o in Texas; Larry G. McKee for Blair
provided revised tentative prices for 16, Southway, Burgess Hill, West and Huntingdon Counties in
each event for advanced planning Sussex RH15 9ST, England. On July Pennsylvania, and Art Lehman, D.D.
purposes. Conference fee to all 9th, Bertil Kuhlemann had scheduled for Cambria and Somerset Counties in
sessions, including the Friday night the annual meeting of the International Pennsylvania. Dr. Leman is also a
reception - $30; and banquet Saturday Committee for UFO Research (ICUR). Research Specialist in Theology.
evening with speaker - $20. 200 air Immediately following the BUFORA New Research Specialists recently
conditioned rooms on campus are $27 Congress on Monday, July 13, 1987 at joining are Thomas E. Bearden, M.S.
per night for a single and $25 each per the same location, Walt Andrus has in Nuclear Engineering; Roberto
night for double occupancy. None of planned a meeting for all MUFON Orozco, M.D. in Medicine; Verna C.
the rooms will be available Sunday night Foreign Representatives and members. Lovatt, M. Ed. in Theology; and
June 28th, however the above price will Other information will be forthcoming Kilicaslan Mertan, M.S. in Computer
prevail Thursday June 25 if participants as the planning develops. Your Science.
desire to arrive early to visit Director will attend all 3 meetings. * * *
Washington, D.C. Hal Starr, State Director for Everyone in Ufology who knew her
In addition to the featured Arizona, hosted a statewide meeting on personally is going to miss Idabel E.
speakers for the MUFON 1987 January 31, 1987 at the Mountain Epperson, truly a pioneer in this field
International UFO. Sympsoium, Terrace Restaurant in Fountain Hills, and the State Director for Southern
contributed papers are being solicited. Arizona for all MUFON personnel, California from 1973 to 1981. MUFON
Contributed papers are short i n c l u d i n g subscribers, c u r r e n t sent a bereavement card to her
presentations (15 minutes in length with members, field investigators and those daughter, Marilyn Epperson, who has
5 minutes allowed for questions from who had expressed an interest in (continued on page 19)
the audience) for which no formal full joining MUFON. Marge Christensen,

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