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Landing Trace Cases ' UFOs 1947-1987 REVIEWED by Dennis Stacy 23
Medical Cases COVER: The Solar Disk, courtesy by NASA
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By Dennis Stacy

Dennis Stacy is editor of the this first book about Meier was penned seven was portrayed as female: the
Journal. by an "outsider." Who else among us sisters, the virgins, the maidens, the
would have touched it with a ten-foot goddesses."
pole? Yet virtually the first source I
Perhaps already intellectually The intention here is not to consulted on the subject painted a
exhausted from having to review two resuscitate Meier's (or Kinder's) significantly different, although
books in the course of a single season reputation, but to show that any outwardly similar, picture. The article is
(Communion and Intruders), the NY significant UFO case, and this is "Asiatic Parallels in North American
Times Book Review gave Gary certainly that, whether real or not, is Star Lore (Milky Way, Pleiades,
Kinder's Light Years short shrift. "This worth considering for what it potentially Orion)" by William B. Gibbon of the
earnest but silly and sloppy book is reveals about the UFO phenomenon University of Nebraska, Lincoln, which
entirely devoted to Eduard Meier, a and how it's perceived by society, both appeared in the July-September, 1972
one-armed, uneducated, down-and-out at large and within the miniscule UFO issue of the Journal 'of American
caretaker who lives in a small Swiss community itself. If the Meier case is an Folklore (pp. 236-247). The first crack
village outside Zurich and who was a outright hoax, as many ufologists in Pleidean invincibility occurs when
celebrity in U.F.O. circles in the believe, then it becomes a legitimate Gibbon writes, "With regard to the
1970's," wrote reviewer Edward study in counterfeit currency and a Pleiades, two basic motifs stand out
Dolnick (July 19, 1987, p.21). standard by which real coins can be among the North American Indians: a
The UFO community has not judged. Conversely, it can also be group of women, and a group of
exactly greeted Light Years with open applied as a sort of Rorshach test for dancing youths (p. 242)." Are these
arms, either, while waxing ecstatic over individual'ufologists. What, specifically, "dancing youths" always women,
Budd Hopkins's Intruders, a book about the Meier case, ruffles your too, as Kinder so confidently asserts?
whose implications are no less startling hackles or "turns you off'? Is your Alas, no. Gibbon continues:1 "In some
(or fantastic). Part of the response, no discomfiture based on evidence you cases several conflicting myths have
doubt, can be attributed to an "us vs. know to be true and contrary, or simply been recorded from the same tribe. The
them" mentality, Hopkins being a well- a knee-jerk response of which we most important element of this motif
regarded researcher within the field, constantly accuse skeptics and seems to be the dancing, since the
Kinder being a newcomer, or more debunkers? What follows then is less a participants vary in number and are
accurately, an outsider altogether. comprehensive outline of Light Years generally designated as children, boys
Other prejudices come into play, too. than an occasional comment where or young men, or, more rarely (my
Meier is a "repeater," for instance, one deemed relevant. emphasis), young women."
who has reported a succession of visits A d m i t t e d l y , the Pleiades,
from humanlike beings aboard THE PLEIADES worldwide, have been most commonly
"beamships" claiming to be from the associated with women, as Kinder's
Pleiades. His reputation, in this country In places Kinder certainly reveals sources suggest, but this is perhaps not
at least, preceded him. He was pictured himself as overly gullible, trusting so mysterious, either, as it is made to
as a master hoaxter who managed to completely in his major confidants seem. (The idea, as employed in Light
stage series after series of the most (Stevens, the Elders) when a little Years, is to support Meier's contention
spectacular UFO photographs anyone independent research would have that his female contact came from the
had ever seen, though no one mitigated, if not drastically altered "seven sisters," or Pleiades, and that by
satisfactorily explained how this was altogether, some of his suppositions. implication the Pleiadeans may have
achieved with a single arm and limited For example, he falls hook, line and been visiting us for millenia, that, in fact,
resources. Everyone seemed to agree, sinker for the "singularity" of the such visitations a la ancient astronauts
though, almost by unconscious fiat, Pleiades, writing (p. 143) that "Though may have given rise to Pleiadean
that Meier's pictures were simply "too the Pleiades form little more than a mythology in the first place, accounting
good to be true." Then, there was the speck in the visible night sky, no other for its almost global uniformity and
matter of his "guilt-by-association" star group has been mentioned as spread. We have already seen that said
with Wendelle Stevens, now serving frequently in the literature and "uniformity" is not the case, according
time in an Arizona prison. With such mythology of world cultures for the past to Gibbon.)
predispositions already in place, two and a half millenia. And in euery Is there anything else about the
perhaps we shouldn't be surprised that (my italics) instance, the tiny cluster of Pleiades, significant enough in itself to
warrant so many ancient cultures Unlike most armchair ufologists convinced, period, no matter how
paying "undue" attention to what (and skeptics, too, for that matter), frequently they populate the field.
everyone agrees is a fairly visually Kinder got off his duff and actually Conversely, those who can be
nondescript group of stars? Gibbon (p. visited Meier and his surroundings. The convinced, are easily swayed by a single
243) continues: "Among the many details of those three visits, totaling sample. The best a "skeptical believer"
poses of the Greek sister Pleiades is almost 13 weeks in Switzerland, were can manage is the position that
that of dancers. The Greeks credited reported in his open letter to the UFO sometimes Geller cheats — and
the young women with introducing the community in the April 1987 issue of the sometimes he doesn't. But for Meier to
circular dance (I can already hear MUFON UFO Journal, and need not have cheated once, if cheat he did, is
someone saying, "shades of saucers!" - overly concern us here. Suffice it to say considered inexcusable and we need
author). A more specific reason for that Kinder talked with numerous not look further. So the esoteric secret,
their gaiety was that the Pleiades, rising associates of Meier, pro and con, perhaps, preserves itself from prying,
in the autumn, proclaimed the harvest including the neighborhood 'photo profane eyes.
(my emphasis again). In other words, processor where Meier developed his
the Pleiades were paid attention by film, and uncovered no obvious signs of IMPLICATIONS
"primitive" peoples because of the time collusion and/or massive hoaxing. He
of year they rose, not because celestial also documented those aspects of the The final and most important
visitors from same pointed them out as case that have proved the most aspect of the Meier Conundrum is how
their "home." frustrating and perplexing: the the enveloping mythology is employed
disappearance of the so-called unique by individuals according to their own
HUMAN MYTH Beamship metal samples from Dr. predisposed beliefs. A favorite taunt of
Marcel Vogel's laboratory, even as Dr. ufology, for example, frequently hurled
Another argument, based on the Richard Haines was on his way over to at scoffers, is Arthur C. Clarke's Law
content of the actual myths, also the lab to view them, the full-spectrum "that any advanced technology will
mitigates against Pleiadean singularity, sound recording of another Pleiadean appear as magic." Like a magical
a point which Kinder and/or his Beamship, and the photographs taken mantra, a subset of mental technology,
sources, fail to mention, presumably, by Meier of an earthquake-ravaged San it can be used post facto to "explain"
one supposes, because it doesn't . Francisco , supposedly retrieved from away standard UFO mysteries like the
support their case. This is the fact that the future, but later shown to have been absence of a radar return, sudden aerial
in almost every myth Gibbon relates, artwork previously published in Geo acceleration and stops, abrupt
the Pleiades are seen as, i.e., represent, magazine. materialization and disappearances,
humans who have gone up to heaven, But the Meier case, need it be and intergalactic travel, not to mention
and not vice versa. remembered, is hardly the first a volume of visitations that amounts to
Gibbon again, page 243, cites "the extended UFO event to be plagued by traffic jam proportions. And these
Blackfoot who, in addition to the contradictory, or even suspiciously lesser mysteries do not even begin to
dancers, saw the Pleiades as a group of produced evidence, as is true of much touch on the greater ones associated
boys who ascended to the sky out of "paranormal" phenomena, from with the beings who purportedly
pique because their fathers had given telekinesis to the production of occupy UFOs, with their powers of
some buffalo hides to their sisters ectoplasm. Some of those historical mental telepathy, transmogrification,
instead of to them. In another legend precedents have subsequently fared and the ability to pass through solid
the Pleiades represented six brothers better or the UFO literature; matter.
whose parents were too poor to few have generated as much internal If we accept future- technology
provide the boys with buffalo robes. heat and controversy. In the name of prima facie as magical, what is there in
Feeling embarrassed, they resolved to "scientific respectability" we ufologists the Meier case, then, as well as
ascend to the sky. The neighboring constantly clamor for the incontrovert- countless others, that prevents our
Assiniboine also saw seven poverty- ible, physical proof of a solid object welcoming it as extremely solid
stricken youths." behind the UFO phenomenon. Yet the evidence of extraterrestrial visitation?
To be fair, the Wyandot Indians, Meier case, if it reveals anything, shows Certainly it is magical enough, and
northeast of the Great Lakes, says us that "evidence" is just as elusive as since the consideration foo magical
Gibbon, portrayed the Pleiades "as six the phenomenon itself, and that cannot apply by definition, could it be
singing maidens, daughters of the sun ultimately we can no more agree on its that we simply have too much
and moon, who wished to come to substance than we can reach unison as "evidence" in and of itself? If this is
earth to sing for the tribe." Students of to its meaning. indeed the case, we need not examine
mythology and its repetition may still A parallel example, in more ways Meier so much as our own
find the more interesting comparison to than one, would be a comparison of the preconceptions. Ultimately, the UFO
be between "poverty-stricken youths" careers of Meier and Uri Geller. There phenomenon may be incapable of
and Meier's own financial predicament, are plenty of bent spoons around, too, proof, which places it squarely in an
than between Semjase and the but those that cannot be convinced of experiential — or existential —
Pleiades. their paranormal bending, connot be (continued on page 22)
By James Deardorff

Mr. Deardorff is Professor seek a message from the stars, not from mankind is better prepared for the
Emeritus of Atmospheric Sciences, a contactee on Earth. It would be very first official, overt contact. That is, that
Oregon State University. disappointing to them to have scientific a prime contactee could be allowed a lot
interest in the ETI problem shift from of color photographs and some movie-
INTRODUCTION — ETI AND radio astronomy to the UFO- film exposure of their craft, but not
THE MEIER CASE contactee-abductee problem. allowed any photos of themselves nor
If we could dip into the past, say allowed to bring any others to witness
One of the many messages coming 200 years ago, and bring back some the actual contact meetings. I have
from the Meier case is the well known people and scientists to examine our menioned five reasons now (italicized)
idea that UFO intelligences are to be present technology, they would regard why the Meier case was rejected,
equated with e x t r a t e r r e s t r i a l much of it as magic, or occult. Similarly around 1979, by the main UFO
intelligences (ETIs). Essentially the for us if we were brought 200 years into organizations which spent little or no
same idea minus the UFOs happens the future, assuming our civilization time looking into it before calling it a
also to be a respectable school of survives that long. Therefore, what we hoax.
thought discussed in astronomical or ETIs 1,000 years into our future A sixth reason is that Meier said he
journals for the past 15 years. This is the could do would seem like magic raised had been a contactee on many
hypothesis that extraterrestrial to the 5th power (1000/200). What ETIs occasions well before 1975. Of course,
intelligences (ETIs) are in our proximity 3,500 years ahead of us could do would this would be a perfectly logical course
and have been aware of us for millennia. seem like magic raised to about the 17th of action for ETIs who were pursuing a
However, radio astronomers usually power — extremely occult. If there are strategy and who needed to educate
prefer the competing hypothesis that all any ETI-contactees around today who their contactee in certain matters.
ETIs are essentially forever isolated have been treated to some displays of However, that fact was held against
within relatively small spheres of their contactors and who have reported Meier on the grounds that ETI contacts
influence within the galaxy, and that we on it, their reports would therefore seem or UFO sightings should be random
have therefore by chance escaped their very occult to the rest of us. Eduard things. Only recently have UFO
detection so far. Meier is one such contactee whose organizations begun to realize, after
The problem with this astronom- reports, if genuine, should seem like several books on UFO abductions
ical view is that it falls far short of magic raised to about the 17th power. appeared under the auspices of
recognizing Clark's law — that what This they do. Starting in 1975 he was respectable publishers, that abductees
ETIs in advance of us can do should supplied with a very lengthy series of receive repeated attention from their
seem indistinguishable from magic to messages over a several year period abductors who seem to have their own
us, whether they are 200 years in whose main theme is spiritualism — strategies. Thus, we can now see that
advance or 200 thousand years or 200 reincarnation and evolution of the soul. contactees might also receive repeated
million years. This should apply to the This does not sit well with many UFO ETI attention, so that this sixth reason
fields of galactic transportation and investigators who seek hardware, not a probably no longer applies.
communication as well as to other fields spiritual message. It was therefore left up to lesser
of which we cannot conceive. Thus, the However, the Meier case is most known investigators, with the
possibility that advanced ETIs are not unique in that the amount of evidence exception of Wendelle Stevens, to
restricted in mobility by our present his contactors supplied him with, investigate the Meier case in depth. He
limitations of rocketry and relativity is mostly photographic, is much more published his findings in 1982 in an
much more plausible than not. That bountiful and of higher quality than investigative report of limited
UFOs could be their vehicles of travel anything seen heretofore. It was a new distribution. He could find no evidence
and refuge then becomes an obvious idea that a particular contactee of fraud, except by some who called
idea to explore, as the astrophysicist somewhere might be singled out and Meier a fraud. Stevens was therefore
Peter Sturrock of Stanford pointed out supplied with evidence by ETIs in order also discredited by the main UFO
in an article in the Quarterly Journal of to support their messages. Another organizations.
the Royal Astronomical Society (a idea t o t a l l y foreign to UFO A few years later an initially
British journal; 1978, pp. 521-523). investigators is that the ETI might have inexperienced UFO researcher, the
Unfortunately, his plea to bring the data a strategy of doing this in such a way investigative journalist Gary Kinder,
of the UFO organizations into action that the overall covertness of the UFO made an in-depth study of the Meier
has been ignored by astronomers, who phenomenon would be maintained until case for three years which culminated
the object a small model. It may be
pointed out that the occult
disappearance of UFO evidence is also
not new; as an example, several
different copies of a certain letter which
would have helped expose a UFO
coverup by the British government
were noted to have disappeared under
mysterious circumstances by Butler,
Street and Randies, authors of Sky
The other occult aspect of this
photo case, besides Meier's
acknowlegement that these were
shots of a posing beamcraft purposely
allowed him, is that the contactor later
took the time to explain qualitatively to
Meier what had happened to the tree
(they had "changed its time").
On numerous occasions soon
after Meier had said he had had a
contact with one or more of the
in Light Veers. As Dennis Stacy points COMPARISON Pleiadeans, he and others could point
out, Kinder broke new ground as well to geometrically precise "landing
as treading old ground in having Since the occultness of reports patterns" in remote meadow grass or
experts in various fields reexamine from the Meier case is one reason it has oh snow near his contact point. These
some of the evidence. But again there been disparaged, let us briefly compare received much photography by Meier
was no sign of a hoax, no sign of its occultness with that of other UFO and others. Again this is too
accomplices, and no mechanical nor cases to see if there is much new. comonplace to dwell on here, except to
financial means uncovered for Meier to In at least two incidents in the note the most occult aspect described
have accomplished a hoax. Already, I Meier case, a tree too close to well in Kinder's book, regarding the
have heard Kinder labeled as Semjase's hovering beamcraft soon affected grass continuing to stay alive for
incompetent by UFO investigators for afterwards developed many dead months afterwards, but growing
having reached these conclusions. I branches next to where the craft had horizontally in a swirling pattern. The
would recommend that you read his been. This is so commonplace in the second occult aspect is that Meier
book and then decide for yourself if the UFO literature as to need no could ask Semjase how this could be,
case is not indeed worth the most substantiation here. However, in at and receive a qualitative answer (the
serious of studies. least one of these instances the grass' sense of direction of gravity had
The lesser known investigators, contactors (Pleiadeans) were said to been distorted by 90 degrees).
Lee and Brit Elders along with Thomas have later caused the tree to disappear On several, if not perhaps all, of
Welch, published their results in two without any indication left that it had Meier's beamship photography
volumes containing enlarged color ever existed. This is the fir tree in sessions, it appears that if Meier could
photos from Meier's daytime photo- Meier's photo series #55-57, 64-66, 69- photograph the craft then other Swiss
session contacts. They spent over 300 71 and 76, all taken on July 9, 1975, villagers in the general vicinity, or
days at the Meier farm house according to Meier's records. In this motorists on one occasion, should also
investigating the case, during some 16 series at least 5 of the photos show have noticed the craft or have been able
trips between Arizona and Switzerland indisputably that part of the hovering to photograph it. Again Meier received
over a 4-year period, and it seems object was either within the branches or an answer from Semjase to his question
unlikely that the sales from their two on the far side of the tree from the on this: they can render their generally
photo-albums have recouped their camera. invisible craft visible from any narrow
expenses. They have apparently also I asked two professors of forestry sector they wish. This is not a new
been dismissed by the main UFO at Oregon State University if this tree in thought, but one forced into existence
organizations for seeing reality in the the photos was at all identifiable; it did from other UFO-sighting cases, as
Meier case, for taking his spiritual not take them long to say it was discussed for example in the book by
message seriously, and for charging for definitely a mature Abies alba, or Randies and Warrington UFO Cases:
the sale of their photo-albums. European silver fir. (They had very little A British Viewpoint.
The reader need not be a student so say or ask about the saucer-shaped In some of Meier's movie-film
of psychology to recognize what object.) This indicates that the tree segments Semjase's beamcraft is seen
appears to be going on here! could not have been a model tree, nor to perform maneuvers involving
incredibly great accelerations for the
craft or any occupants. However, this
kind of behavior on the part of UFOs is
so commonplace that it was one of the
first occult aspects to which UFO
investigators had to become
On at least one of Meier's photo-
collection sessions, Semjase could
remotely control the basic operation of
his movie camera while Meier
concentrated on the use of his 35mm
camera. And on the April 14th, 1976
occasion when a Swiss Mirage jet made
22 successive passes at Semjase's
beamship, Meier reportedly learned
later from her that she had remotely
disabled the pilot's armaments and
camera. However, reports of
telekinesis have come out of numerous
UFO investigations, often involving the
continued motion or transport of an
automobile no longer under the control somehow being expressed in the native "automatic typing." As an apparent
of the driver whether or not its engine tongue of the contactee or abductee. result, his voluminous contact notes
was running (as in the book Sky The UFO organizations have by now are much more interesting reading than
Crash). mostly accepted this apparent fact as if they were merely later remembrances
truth despite its great occultness. Even or summaries of what had transpired.
SPIRITUAL THEME more occult, in many instances it is (Occasionally, Meier would note that
apparent that the UFO intelligences an item which they had discussed at a
Regarding the spiritual theme could read the mind of a witness and contact meeting had been censored out
which runs throughout the Meier case, respond almost instantaneously. This is of the later machine-telepathic
especially in Semjase's messages, the equivalent to inadvertent mental transmission. Meier's objections to
occurrence of such is again nothing telepathy directed from human to ETI. Semjase about this went unheeded; she
new although Semjase goes into much An aspect of the Meier case which is reserved the right to withhold various
greater depth than usual. In a much only a slightly further extension into the portions of their conversations from the
higher percentage of alleged contactee occult is that he claims to have been written record.) One may note that
cases than one would expect taught how to communicate numerous alleged contactees claim to
demographically, the message recipient telepathically at will with Pleiadeans have received their messages via
ends up discussing reincarnation as a with whom he became acquainted; automatic writing.
reality, regardless of his or her previous some of his two-way communication Meier's reported rides in Pleiadean
religious affiliation. Nevertheless, in sessions were ostensibly via telepathy beamships also should not be thought
almost all those cases the contactee and did not represent face-to-face of as new or preferential treatment;
had no evidence as substantial as meetings. Enoch of Old Testament days appears
photographs to back up his message. A related piece of occultness is to be one of the first contactees to have
Thus, a dedicated Christian, Moslem or that the Pleiadeans are said to be able to been so treated, judging from his books
Jew who does not believe in detect when or if any human is which never quite made it into the Bible.
reincarnation, or who believes in anywhere near their contact vehicle, Daniel Fry (see his book The White
resurrection, may be alarmed by the and able to ascertain the whereabouts Sands Incident) is but one example of a
Meier case and have strong incentive of a particular individual, such as the modern case of this nature which
for dismissing it or discussing only its contactee. This latter ability, however, predates the Meier affair. And, of
weak points. is common to many other contactees' course, there are the numerous
Meier's claimed ability to receive experiences. abductees who have been taken into
thoughts telepathically from his Also, the method by which Meier saucer craft against their will. Since
contactors, telling him where to travel would, a day or so after each contact Meier appears to have been on a
on his moped for a contact or photo session, record the word-by-word friendly basis (though not always so,
session for example, is again not new. conversations of the contact, was juding from his contact notes) with
This is the normal mode of ostensibly some form of machine- several different Pleiadeans, and
communication from UFO intelligences controlled telepathy. His recording of it treated almost as if he were one of
to humans, with language or thoughts was like "automatic writing" or them, it would be surprising if he had
not been treated to such travels. At the ruins at first glance is said to look just matter for themselves.) Kinder's book
(east, a saucer craft would be a like a photo of a painting within the gives ample reason why Spaulding's
convenient place to hold covert contact September, 1977, issue of GEO, a conclusions regarding UFO photos
meetings. German magazine. Discussions within should not be trusted. Another reason,
Meier's recordings indicate he his notes from contact #106 with however, is that Spaulding admitted in a
once had a case of pneumonia partially Quetzal, another Pleiadean, indicate letter to Flying Saucer Review (issue
cured during a contact session, and Meier's apparent consternation upon No. 5, 1985) that he believes the only
once had some broken ribs healed by a learning that this painting had pre-dated bona fide "saucers" are those
machine on Semjase's beamcraft. • his photo, and supply Quetzal's constructed secretly by governments
Again, this does not constitute unhead explanation which involved still more on earth.
of UFO occultness. Numerous UFO occultism. Third, many times after Meier
witnesses or contactees have attested loaned out photos and film, what he
to having had' various ailments cured MAGIC received back were apparently copies.
following a contact — even cancer. The specific generation of the print or
Several secondary witnesses in the Does all this seem like magic raised internegative placed at the disposal of
Meier case noted that he vanished from to the 17th power? I believe that it does, the investigator thus is not usually
their midst on : a'couple of occasions, and that occultism to some such degree c l e a r . This h a s d i s c o u r a g e d
apparently to attend contact meetings, must be expected if this comprehensive examination of even those aspects
and once he was observed to return in series of contacts were genuine. Yet which do not require the originals.'
the same manner. Again, this basic • • most of Meier's confrontations with the . . Fourth, Kal Korff, an 18-year-old
phenomenon is not entirely new for us, . occult 'do not represent phenomena youth at the time, discredited both
having occurred, apparently, in the unfamiliar to ufologists, but rather Meier and Stevens in his 1981 book The
Travis Walton case (see Abducted! by represent an unheard of amount of Meier Incident: The Most Infamous
Coral and Jim Lorenzen). Reports of exposure to'it by any one individual. Hoax in Ufology. Korff, accepted
UFO entities moving up or down a According to Hynek's "strangeness Spaulding's conclusions and made
beam of "solid light" seem to represent indeXi" the Meier case would rank at heavy use of ridicule, while >never once
a similar degree of occultness; see for the extreme in stangeness; without suggesting that Clarke's law should be
example Sky Crash. Meier's photographic evidence and kept in mind. In the Abies alba photo
Meier's main investigators, secondary witnesses to provide series already discussed, he implied
Wendelle Stevens and Lee & Brit credibility the case would receive little that the later disappearance of the tree
Elders, were occasionally at Meier's or no attention. Disparagers of the had not happened, further implying that
farmhouse when he went out for a case have therefore had to say a model tree had been used.
nighttime contact meeting. They once something about the photographic In the March 29,1976, series two of
noted soon afterwards that their evidence. the photos shown in the Elders' photo-
watches registered highly incorrect albums indicate that the craft was
times. Again, such a "disturbance in PAST DISCREDITING OF behind a limb of a deciduous tree.
time" is not a new phenomenon to hear MEIER'S PHOTOS However, Korff claimed from one of the
of accompanying a UFO event. same photos in his book that it was
However, Meier reported much more How were these photos belittled instead in front of the tree. He then
occult experiences, involving time, despite analyses by specialists called it a model UFO. However, in a
namely various forms of time travel. declaring that no signs of fraud could be 1981 article in Frontiers of Science,
One of his beamship trips, documented detected in.the photos examined? (March-April issue) he claimed the
later via extremely lenglhy contact First, those specialists who had same tree was a model tree. Yet we
notes, was said to occupy 5 days' time. done the examination of selected know from photos in the Elders' et al.
When Meier returned, his face showed prints, out of Meier's 700 or so photos photo album, Vol. 1, that the deciduous
an approximately 5-day growth of showing beamcraft, and unable to find tree in question was not a model, since
stubble, and he promptly slept for 26 fault, were simply declared inept. a photo of it a year and a half later by
hours. This was attested to by Second, at an early date William one of Stevens' investigative team
witnesses, and his having shaved the Spaulding of Ground Saucer Watch showed the same tree, this time in leaf.
morning he had departed was also had been given 10 of the Meier photos In Meier's close-up beamship
attested to. Yet, he was noted to have to analyze by a West German UFO photo, #6, the upper of three
been away for only one day. investigator. Spaulding decided they circumferential ribs girding the craft
On March 18, 1978, Meier were fakes, and claimed that they was described as uncannily resembling
allegedly was allowed to time-travel into involved suspended models, double a (braided) rope. Korff implied that it
the future to view and photograph the exposures, and the double print may have been a cow-bell rope.
ruins of San Francisco after a method. (The implausibility that a However, close inspection of the
devastating earthquake. This is one of hoaxist would use all three such diverse "rope" where its cross-section appears
the most occult, and most disputed, of methods should have alerted more at opposite edges of the craft discloses
his reports. His alleged photo of the serious investigators to look into the that it has rather square corners, unlike
a rope. embargo in the presence of leaks. The disappeared without trace. Such cries
Considerations such as these, plus absence of undisputed hard evidence must obviously be resisted, since
Korffs prolific use of innuendo rather from UFO sightings in general after occultism is to be expected, as is an
than unbiased observation, should forty years would fall into the same intelligent strategy on the part of any
have alerted other UFO investigators of category of explanation. ETIs in our vicinity.
the need for a comprehensive and The abductee phenomenon would One series of Meier's photos which
objective study of the Meier case. appear not to be part of a planned has been ridiculed shows him, and in
Instead, the heads of the UFO leaky-embargo strategy. It would one instance the arm of an alleged
organizations often referred to Korffs instead seem to represent independent Pleiadean (by the name of Alena)
book as reason why they needed to ETI behavior deemed sufficiently pointing a "ray gun" said to be a
take no interest in the case. innocuous by ETIs in charge of the museum piece of one of the colleagues
My own observations presented embargo as to require their taking no of Semjase. Meier was allowed to test
here might be declared biased by any corrective action, as long as the the weapon on July 6, 1977, near his
who adhere to the view that ETI cannot abductions do not cause any abrupt farmhouse during a contact when no
be in our vicinity and cannot be rupture in the embargo. one else was around. He burned a hole
strategically observing us. Admittedly, One of Meier's 8-mm movie-film completely through the trunk of an
this review is written from the segments (18 March, 1975) is clearly a apple tree, about 10 inches in diameter.
perspective that the in-proximity candidate for planned ambiguity on the This would not seem like unreasonable
school of thought regarding ETI is more part of the Pleiadeans. When some behavior for a contactee interested
plausible than the radio astronomers' Japanese UFO investigators viewed in guns, in alien technology, and on
school or the mankind-is-unique school this film, or a copy of it, at Meier's friendly terms with humanoid ETIs with
of thought. farmhouse, they saw the unknown whom he had become friends after 77
object circling within a nearly horizontal previous contacts since 1975.
AMBIGUITIES plane, with its closest point of approach However, a skeptic who cannot
once bringing it just behind the upper tolerate ETIs having a strategy
With the in-proximity school of tip of a fir tree. Each circle took only a involving a primary contactee similarly
thought, the ETIs, and most certainly few seconds. From the video views of cannot tolerate the possibility that such
those in charge of the "embargo" this film now available, however, the an event occurred.
against Earth, give high priority to viewer cannot be at all certain that it Silly arguments have therefore
maintaining the embargo until our had acutally passed behind the tree. If it been advanced why the guri depicted in
understanding of the situation has had instead been a suspended model , the pictures must be a fake,
increased substantially. With the leaky- close to the camera, then the circular notwithstanding the present existence
embargo hypothesis, equally high motion might be explained as simple of the hole in this tree, the photos Meier
priority is presumed given to their harmonic motion induced by motion of took of it soon afterwards showing
supplying gradual leaks in the embargo a supporting pole above the view of the charring around the hole but no wood
(UFO sightings and contactees) that camera. dust, and the difficulty of drilling a hole
would help increase our understanding However, on one of the apparent of this length through a tree by a man
but without disrupting the embargo. passes of the object past the top of the with only one arm. Nevertheless, since
This would mean t h a t in a tree, the tree's upper portion was seen the evidence is riot compelling it instead
comprehensive case accompanied by to make a sudden swerve along the seems incriminating to a biased skeptic,
extensive photographic evidence, at direction of travel of the craft, yet the entire episode would be
least some of the scenes might need to immediately followed by return to consistent with an ETI strategy of
be partially staged in a manner that normalcy. This indicates some kind of occasionally supplying ambiguous
would introduce some ambiguity. Then action of the craft upon the tree which evidence chiefly for the "benefit" of
skeptics who are mentally unprepared would rule out the model theory, as the skeptics.
to acknowledge the plausibility of the in- tree was again no model. However, the Ambiguities seem to have been
proximity school of thought would not m o t i o n of the t r e e seems built into the messages Meier received
be "forced" into new thought patterns incomprehensible, suggesting some too, as if failure to do this might cause a
by the sheer weight of evidence. action of occult ETI technology upon it. premature rupture of the embargo
They could instead cry "hoax" A biased skeptic might call this a "copy- against Earth. That is, parts of the
without undue embarrassment, out," and insist that photographic messages relating to science and
directing attention to suspicious evidence be rejected which involves ancient history seem to involve
looking scenes while ignoring the incomprehensible action of any object absurdities, just as most alleged
others. This neutral level of ethical additional to the UFO. contactee messages seem to contain
behavior on the part of the ETIs The same cry for inadmissibility absurdities. An unknown fraction of the
carrying out the embargo would be has been made regarding the series of apparent absurdities, however, may
consistent with likely ethical reasons for photographs showing the beamcraft instead constitute science or truths
their maintaining an embargo in the first posing around various sides of the which will only become evident to our
place. It would also help maintain the Abies alba tree because it later occultly descendants of the distant future. In
addition, there may be other motivation much more. extensive investigations, the evidence and secondary witnesses
why ETIs interacting with Earth would and for treating Meier as an honest carefully and form our best estimates of
not act in an entirely truthful manner. It reporter unless it can be proven the odds that Meier and assumed
would cause us to question all parts of otherwise beyond reasonable doubt. accomplices could have successfully
any given message, accepting none of it We must learn to put ourselves in his fabricated this evidence. We could
on faith. This in turn wpuld tend to shoes and ask what we would have inquire into what motivations he might
cause those who appreciate the done in his stead, if we had been have had for so doing, and for persisting
spiritual content of the message not to exposed since childhood to an to this day, if other than to disseminate
get carried away and turn it into a new appealing ETI philosophy and had an ETI spiritual message. We could
religion, nor to worship these ETIs as agreed to publicly disseminate it. examine his lengthy series of messages
gods. According to Meier's contact Because of the ambiguities carefully to see what the most
notes, the Pleiadeans do not wish this to apparently built into some of the Meier trustworthy essence of it seems to be.
happen. evidence, we must examine all the I think we should do all these things
evidence, not just that fraction which and more. However, in final analysis it
SUMMARY AND PROGNOSIS may look suspicious to diehard seems likely that if Meier represents a
skeptics. Haven't we learned by now to prime ETI contactee in a strategy
An entirely new attitude is needed be skeptical of skeptics who claim, for designed to maintain covertness for a
for analysis of. the Meier contactee example, that a low soaring object the while, that strategy will continue to
case. It needs to be viewed from the size of a football field moving slowly succeed. The Meier case, as a prime
outlook that ETIs in our proximity likely along at dusk without making noise is leak in the embargo, will not turn into a
exist and likely possess a strategy for just a tight formation of powered hang rupture of the embargo unless or until
dealing with an emerging civilization. gliders whose pilots and airfield cannot we learn for ourselves what our rightful
We must cease accusing experts who be ascertained? We must be especially place is as thinking beings within a
examine Meier's evidence and find no skeptical of skeptics who may have one galaxy and universe which may be
sign of a hoax of being incompetent on or more non-scientific reasons for heavily populated with other thinking
that account. Instead, we need to wishing a particular case to be a hoax. beings.
accept these findings as the basis for At the least, we could examine all


By Barry Greenwood
The following article is documents it is vitally important that we Why did Shandera receive the
reprinted by permission of Barry know where information comes from. film? He is not exactly a well-known
Greenwood, editor of Just Cause, Otherwise, how can one possibly vouch person in UFOlogy. We have a
published by Citizens Against UFO for its authenticity? It is why CAUS situation where a "government source"
Secrecy. A one-year subscription is regards cover letters from agency finds it important to release very
available for $10, from CAUS, Box releases almost as important as the sensitive, still-classified documents on
218, Coventry, Conn., 06238. releases themselves. crashed discs, Roswell, and alien
In the case of MJ-12, Moore, bodies, certainly the story of the
We can now report to you that, Shandera and Friedman (herein century! To whom does he go? Walter
regrettably, the MJ-12 affair appears to referred to as MSF) have not provided Cronkite? Dan Rather? Carl Sagan? No,
be a g r a n d d e c e p t i o n a n d , this most basic element. The material, he goes to MSF who are clearly in the
consequently, a giant black eye on the save for the 1954 Cutler memo, was pro-Roswell camp already and need no
surface of UFOLogy. This conclusion sent to Jaime Shandera anonymously convincing. And they do have much to
did not come lightly and was the result on undeveloped 35mm film which was gain from these "documents" being
of extensive inquiries by CAUS. We did later made into hardcopy. Who is the made public. It sounds pretty self-
have high hopes that perhaps our initial source? MSF doesn't say. Where did it serving t h a t someone should
doubts would have been allayed by come from? They don't say that either. anonymously drop proof of Roswell
additional releases and that a proper This by itself should raise suspicions, into the laps of only its chief supporters
explanation would be found for the but there is much more. and no one else who may have more
problems. It was not be be. The deeper influence in uncovering the "truth."
we looked, the .worse it became. SHANDERA Why, at the MUFON Symposium
In dealing with government in June, did Moore declare that the
burden of proof is on those suggesting a
hoax (in front of a press conference)
while saying in a Ft. Walton Beach,
Florida, newspaper that he has found
no undeniable proof that the document
is genuine? In a true scientific
investigation the burden of proof is I >:;.:' I v i i: ;: I c ' I ii C
always on the proponent to prove his
case, not on the opponent to disprove.
Why did MSF alter the appearance
of the MJ-12 documents in their first J yJ I C t i
release of the Focus newsletter without
explanation? Whole sections were
deleted, giving the appearance of
government censorship, by MSF as
they later admitted. It smacked of a
sensationalist technique to arouse
These are only minor quibbles
over technique. The major problems


The core of MSF's case lies in the

documents which have been
"released." These are what must
survive scrutiny if we are to accept MJ-
12 as genuine. Since we have described
them previously, we will report on our
study of the papers without extensive CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY
re-quoting. WAIHINaTON. D.C. 1OIOI

• The "Project Aquarius" report —

A three-page extract of a larger June "•,
document with title page and two pages
of text. Source and date are unknown
and no other information is traceable.
C»ecutlva B r i e f i n g <Pe»o>
We direct your attention to the title
page (Exhibit 1). Yesterday RS requested b r i e f i n g on Project "A". In particular.
he wanted updated Info fro* CaV^a^ rj? advised that that
You see in large p r i n t • Info was not a v a i l a b l e to P2. A p p a r e n t l y . H h l t r House reouestef*

"EXECUTIVE CORRESPONDENCE" any d i s s e m i n a t i o n , per CO PllSh. reoarrtless of who requests

and below in typescript is "Executive info. Contact T-ST and sea If he can assuie custody of the
Briefing." Looks impressive doesn't it? Don't allow AT to evaluate IDCNT info. They nay open up a
It implies an important presidential little too euch. KCW-? can assist to io«e entent.
paper w i t h the bold phrase
ENCE." However, there is a problem as rjf.
you will see next.
Exhibit 2 is a reproduction of a
sample sheet of stationery with a clear,
plastic cover that had accidentally been
sent with an FOIA release to Robert
Todd in 1979. The cover says
at the top and on the bottom it says EXHIBIT 5
plastic file cover used internally by "Joint Army/Air Force-^peacetime Why. is this memo no longer being
various agencies in trasmittingand filing military exercise in the sub-artic region, discussed? Suspicious as well is the
paperwork. The bottom portion of the 1955, according to Gale Research's similarity of the type style in the MJ-5
cover takes away much of the Code Names Dictionary, 1963. No memo, written on CIA letterhead, and
presidential flavor of the top phrase. connection to UFOs is apparent here the Aquarius paper, written by the MJ-
Now note Exhibit 1 again. While and certainly not in the context of the 12 group. If the MJ-5 memo is no longer
the plastic cover in Exhibit 2 shows the A q u a r i u s paper's d e s c r i p t i o n . valid to present as evidence of MJ-12,
top and bottom printing at the very top Snowbird was a training exercise for and it came from.the same source as
and bottom, the Aquarius paper shows Army and Air Force units under arctic the other documents, then what does
"EXECUTIVE CORRESPONDENCE" conditions. this say about the Aquarius paper, or
dropped down about an inch or so, Finally, our last issue dealt with the indeed the rest of the evidence?
resulting in the bottom phrase short-lived confirmation of an Air Force • The MJ-12 Briefing Paper — An
vanishing. We believe that this was a "Project Aquarius" by the NSA. The eight-page document with a title page,
deliberate deception to give the paper revelation fizzled however when the introductory page, three pages of text,
an appearance of being presidential by NSA retracted its confirmation based a list of attachments, title page for
moving the top wording downward to upon a false assumption. Attachment "A," and Attachment "A,"
cause the more mundane bottom No other independent confirm- a copy of a signed letter by President
phrasing to disappear off the ation of the Project Aquarius document Harry Truman. Source is unknown.
photocopy. has been possible. Numerous inquiries have revealed
The emblem on the cover of the that there has been no confirmation of
Aquarius paper has more the MJ-5 this document in any .library or archive.
appearance of being drawn on rather The one source most certain to have
than printed on the page. A felt-tipped • The CIA "MJ-5" memo — A one- information on the Briefing Paper is the
pen could have done just as well. page document (Exhibit 3) on CIA Eisenhower Library in Abilene, Kansas.
Of the various projects mentioned letterhead, but not released through Their response is. Exhibit 4.
on page 2 of the Aquarius text, one, FOIA. Source and year of memo are Page 2 of the Briefing Paper refers
"Pounce," just appeared in UFO unknown. Deletions by MSF. This to the formation of MJ-12 "by special
history. It was said to be a proposal for document first appeared in Moore's classified executive order of President
investigating UFOs by Kirtland AFB, newsletter Focus. It has not appeared Truman on 24 September, 1947..." We
New Mexico, according to the CIA's in any subsequent.discussion of MJ-12. have checked the Truman Library's
1953 Robertspn Panel. No explanation The MJ-5 memo is a real problem. listing of executive orders and found
of "Pounce" appears in the Aquarius Type style, placement of security that no orders were issued on 9/24.
paper. markings, use of CIA letter stationery Executive order numbers 9891 - 9896
Additionally, "Project Sigma" in instead of internal forms and language were issued respectively on 9/15, two
the Aquarius paper (said to be an Air are all atypical of CIA standards. The on 9/20, 9/23, 9/30 and 10/2/47, none
Force effort to communicate with executive order number quoted in the even closely resembling the MJ-12
aliens) has been located in the massive, memo is non-existant. The deletion by subject. There is no gap in the number
two-volume Code Name Directory by MSF of the year forbids accurate sequence for these dates so none are
the Defense Marketing Services of follow-up and implies an attempt to missing. Further, the number quoted in
Greenwich, Connecticut, 1986 edition. cover a deception. We were informed Attachment "A" of the Briefing Paper,
It is listed as a "Top Secret Air Force by MSF in a June phone conversation #092447 (Exhibit 5A), is not an
program involving Rockwell about various points in favor of MJ-12. executive order number but the date of
International.1" When discussion focused upon the MJ- President Truman's memo, 9/24/47!
If the DMS "Sigma" is not the same 5 memo, we stated our concern over Executive orders are not numbered by
as the Aquarius "Sigma," then the flaws in this paper. A response from date but are numbered sequentially,
Aquarius Sigma is probably wrong the CIA regarding the authenticity of and at the time the numbers were only
because duplication of code names in a the memo was entirely negative, the four digits. ,
close time frame is not within normal CIA labeling the memo a "poorly made Truman's "EO" (Exhibit 5B) was
military procedure. Obviously, two fabrication." When informed of this, sent to the Truman Library for
programs with the same code name MSF's only response was, "You believe authentication. Their answer is Exhibit
within the same branch of service (Air them?" Indeed we do if the statement 6.-None of the other attachments are
Force) would be confused. That's why agrees with what we can see with our available for examination.
selection lists of code names exist. own eyes! We also find peculiar the atypical
If the two projects are the same, It is notable that MSF have let the use of "O" prefixes in front of numbers
where is the massive security for memo quietly disappear from later (07 July, 06 December, 092447).
Aquarius "Sigma" that it appears in a presentations of evidence on MJ-12, In the text itself, two things require
commercially available directory? even though, according to MSF's comment. Page 3 of the Briefing Paper
Project Snowbird, in a previous phone conversation, it came from the states, "The wreckage of the craft was
issue olJust Cause, was described as a same source as the other documents. also removed to several different
case is said to be only the second
crashed UFO in history and yet it gets
E X H I B I T sn only slightly over 7 lines in the Briefing
COW OMK OP OME. Paper! Visibly, there is no evidence that
MJ-12 had much information on the
1950 "crash," despite the fact that it had
almost two years to gather details. Is
what is described in the Briefing Paper
.Special Classified Bxnciitlve
on the 1950 incident terribly different
•ATTACHnHrt "A-.
Oraor «092U7. (TS/BO) from a meteorite impact? Read it again!
-1? 3tutus MSF have stated that they have
found nothing wrong in the Briefing
Paper; that they find agreement with
EXHI6U 56 what they have discovered and
WABMIMOTOM reported in their various papers and
The Roswell Incident. We agree! But
that is the problem — there is little that
September 2I», 191.7. conflicts with what was already on the
record for a number of years. Enough is
in print on the Roswell incident to
Dear Secretary Ferreatali
concoct a pretty good — but false —
Aa per our recent conversation on this natter,
you are hereby authorised to proceed «lth all due scenario. This must be considered as
• peed and caution upon your undertaking. Hereafter 1
thle aatter shall be referred to only as Operation an equally plausible explanation for the
Majestic Twelve. documents at present unless some
It continues to be ay feeling that any future
considerations relative to the ultimate disposition
compelling new information comes
of this aattsr should rest solely with the Office
of the President following appropriate discussions
with yourself. Dr. Bush and the Director of Central
MSF have cited a December 8,
1950, FBI cable as evidence in favor of
the 1950 Texas crash. The cable states
that the FBI field office in Richmond,
Virginia, was advised that Army
Intelligence was placed on "Immediate
High Alert" for any information on
locations." We question the wisdom of story referred to in the Briefing Paper as "flying saucers." Anything at all on the
this practice, if indeed it happened at all. we find no other different 1950 crashed topic was to be phoned to Air Force
One of the first procedures in aircraft UFO reports in that area. The story is Intelligence. While intriguing, caution is
accident investigations is to based on the testimony of Lt. Col. advised in linking this firmly to the
reconstruct the vehicle from whatever Robert Willingham, an eyewitness. Texas incident. First — The cable is not
is left of the wreckage: We saw this in Another reference, in Leonard classified, though it states that the alert
the Challenger disaster; gather all the Stringfield's The UFO Crash/ was "strictly confidential." Second —
pieces in one place and reassemble Retrieval Syndrome, Status Report 2 The cable says nothing about Texas,
them to either determine the cause of (Case B-7) discusses the same story crashed discs, MJ-12, or related
the acccident, or in this case, see what and gives the location of the crash as 30 matters. Third — It is not clear why the
the vehicle looked like. Apparently miles NW of Del Rio, Texas, as Richmond FBI field office or Richmond
such was not done here. Keeping corrected by further research. Army Intelligence would be put on alert
pieces in different locations forbids However, the Briefing Paper relative to the Texas incident for "any
reconstruction and risks the loss of pinpoints the "El Indio-Guerrero" area, information whatsoever" on flying
pieces in transit between various some 90 miles SE of the Del Rio position saucers. Fourth — If this were a top
places. Immediate reconstruction is and 70 miles NW of the Laredo site. security matter, why involve the FBI, a
primary, especially with an exotic, There is a significant disagreement non-military agency?
unknown vehicle. between eyewitness statements and
We draw your attention to Exhibit the Briefing Paper regarding location. CUTLER MEMO
7, a report on a 1950 UFO crash Additionally, if the object were a
extracted from the Briefing Paper, page spaceship (the Briefing paper only says • The 1954 Cutler Memo — A one-
5. According to a report by Jerome "probably of similar origin" to the page memo on carbon copy paper from
Clark in the February 1980, Saga UFO Roswell crash), isn't it getting short Robert Cutler, Special Assistant to
Report, a UFO crash took place 15-20 shrift in the Briefing Paper? After all, President Eisenhower, to General
miles into Mexico from the Laredo, MJ-12 was supposed to be an elite panel Nathan Twining. Source is the Air
Texas area. It is most likely the same formed to study such incidents. This Force Intelligence file group at the
National Archives in Washington, D.C. 1846. Yet, Moore's copy of the memo supposed to be of extreme sensitivity?
The Cutler memo is the key document indicates that it was released on The memo itself was on delicate
to MSF's case because it is the sole 1/12/87. carbon copy, rice-type paper with the
piece of MJ-12 evidence that could be Questions arise! If the memo was typing in blue carbon impression and a
traced to an official source. If this is found by Moore and Shandera in 1985, red slash through the security marking.
genuine, then there was an MJ-12. why do they present a copy released The memo was remarkably clean
As mentioned in our last Just two years later? Did they not get a copy looking with little sign of 33 years of
Cause, problems arose early. In when it was found on site? How did the wear and handling, except for a very
telephone conversations with Edward unknown phone caller know the slight age browning around the four
Reese of the Military Reference Branch register number .unless he went edges. A watermark, "DICTATION
of the National Archives, CAUS through the file and why didn't he make ONION SKIN," could be read and in
learned that while the memo was found a copy while there? Where is a copy of smaller, less distinct letters a word
in an Air Force Intelligence file box, the memo with a dated release of 1985? looking like "FOX," perhaps the
several things were peculiar. The implication of this is that someone manufacturer. Other marking was
1) The security marking appeared planted the memo before 1987 and set it evident but entirely unreadable.
in an unusual position, under the date up to be "officially" discovered and Reese was in a quandry because,
instead of .on the top and bottom of the "officially" released by Archives despite his suspicions about the memo,
page. 2) It was a carbon copy; unsigned personnel. Why no mention of it by he had to treat it as genuine. He
and not the original. 3) It lacked the MSF before this year when, as expressed to this editor his opinion that
usual stamping, initials; etc. found on evidenced by our article in the it wasn't genuine but, in lieu of a forger
old documents. 4) It originally lacked a December 1985 Just Cause, the topic coming forward, it would be extremely
Top Secret register number, by which was already public news and needed to difficult to prove. I suggested that the
the document could be filed into a be verified at that point? Why didn't document be given an in-house
proper folder. Implication was that it MSF confide in us at that point when we analysis. The controversy was sure to
was not part of the original file group would have helped? increase and an analysis might answer
released by the Air Force. Reese also said that an Archives some questions. Reese thought it was a
More on #4. Reese said he received visitor, not Moore or Friedman, insisted good idea so with that I thanked him
several requests for the Cutler that the memo be stamped with the and left.
memo, probably as a result of an article official National Archives stamp on the While you are digesting this assault
by Bruce M a c c a b e e in the front, contrary to Archives policy of on your brain cells, Exhibit 9, coming
November/December 1986 issue of the stamping the backs of documents. This from the Assistant Director of the
International UFO Reporter. The was certainly to guarantee the Eisenhower Library, gives that
article by Maccabee was the earliest appearance of "officiality" when the institute's conclusions on the Cutler
mention of the existence of the Cutler memo is reproduced. Moore's first memo and MJ-12.
memo, presumably given to him by release of the memo is the front- Finally, a "coup, de grace" for the
Moore. stamped copy (Exhibit 8). Cutler memo came from the Archives.
Reese was unable to locate the In the file T4-1846 along with the Exhibit 10 is a disclaimer now being sent
document until one of the requests Cutler memo is a withdrawal card for an to requesters of the memo. It gives a 10-
(Reese couldn't remember who) "Air Intelligence Estimate 1/54." The point list of reasons why they feel the
included the Top Secret register original document was classified and Cutler memo "poses problems." The
number of the file which contained the dealt with Soviet aircraft. Question: disclaimer is signed by the same
memo. Apparently sometime before, why would the Cutler memo be filed in individual who was quoted in MSF's
someone had gone through the box the same folder with a document on a press release of June llth as initially
with the Cutler memo, recorded the completely unrelated topic? believing that the memo was genuine,
register number of the file, then later Upon visiting the National based on the simple fact that it was
submitted the request using the register Archives on June 25th, this editor had a found at the Archives.
number (T4-1846). Reese, finding the chance to examine the Cutler memo
memo in the file, was puzzled that it original. It was in Box 189, Records DISCUSSION
lacked the number so assigned the file Group 341, Entry 267. The box was
number to the document himself to virtually empty except for a few folders Pro-MJ-12 people have claimed
allow its re-location. containing a small number of non-UFO that security is such at the National-
Moore and Shandera said they were documents and folders with withdrawal Archives that a hoax could not be
the first individuals to inspect the boxes cards. The box had been carefully perpetrated. This editor visited the
in 1985. In fact, the release authority at scanned before declassification and Archives on June 25th with two file
the Archives, identified by the written most of the files were removed and folders full of zeroxed government
notation on later copies (NND 857013), replaced with the cards. Question: How documents, this to aid in my research
indicates the year of declassification did the "Top Secret Restricted" Cutler into other matters. I signed in at the
(1985) and the case number (7013) for memo escape the obviously careful desk, obtained a researcher's card and
the entire file group, not just file T4- sanitizing of the box, though MJ-12 was walked on in without anyone so much
as peeking at my folders. I spent 45
minutes with Mr. Reese while there, LXHIUH =
chatting about MJ-12 and UFOs.
During that time I had ample July 1U,
opportunity to plant or steal documents
while Reese was fielding phone calls. i
After our discussion I left with a
manilla envelope that Reese kindly x po:: oc •auu, Tv
provided for my folders full of 3V3J3T.I ::rC/KJ-12 Special Stndlta Projoot

documents. I went down to the desk at Th* President has*4e«Uad that tb» XI-IS JSP brl«flne
ground level, signed out and left. Again shoold take place dartnr tb« already schjodnlod Milt* Itouie
•»«ilAC of Joly 16, rntbvr than fallowing it u prvrixraaly
not so much as a look at my envelope. latnded. More prods* arrnn(«n<Bti vlll b* axplalaad to
jva Boon arrlvnl. Ploaao alter your plnni aoeordlnelr.
So much for massive security! It would Tour ooncumnee In the abort chance of arran;«nar.ts
have been easy, had I been so inclined, la assrcod.
to plant a single page hidden on my
person into a folder. The last I heard the
National Archives was not doing a strip ROBERT CUTLER
Special Aaslitaat
search of every patron! to the Pr«5t<!<nt
Reese had admitted that there was
no way to prevent some "seeding" or
thefts, that they just didn't have that
kind of security. A recent news story
revealed the theft of historic documents
from the Archives by an art historian,
something Reese told me about well
before it ever became news.
MSF's press release of June llth
makes several interesting comments.
Acknowledging that they are not in a
position to endorse the authenticity of
the documents, MSF say, nevertheless,
that they appear to be genuine and that
"nothing has surfaced' during the found at the Archives but was nothing information is, by their words, far more
course of our research which would more than an emergency war plan sensational than what has already been
seem to suggest otherwise." They also drafted in 1952. No connection to MJ- released. MSF wants a scientific
state that a "detailed and exhaustive 12 is at all evident. investigation into MJ-12, but have yet to
study" has been underway since : MSF's sole support from an expert open the book fully on what
December 1984. . • ''-.. at the National Archives was a quote in broadcaster Paul Harvey calls the "rest
In that two-year study how is it'that the London Observer by archivist Jo of the story." Where are those
MSF managed to avoid the negative Ann Williamson on May 31,1987 (MSF photographs and video tape? Why
comments of various agencies and Press Release, June 11, 1987, pg.3), haven't recent press releases by MSF
libraries relative to the authenticity of when the story was forced into the discussed the "MJ-5" memo and the
MJ-12?'Trie Truman and Eisenhower spotlight by Timothy Good's new book Aquarius report? Where is the
libraries would be among the first Above Top Secret. This support did not President Carter briefing paper? Let us
sources to contact since the' key . develop during the two-year study but hear a little more about "EBEs" and the
d o c u m e n t s came, from those only after it hit the press. And, as slim as "Highs?" We know MSF have this
administrations. Either MSF contacted it was, it was demolished by Williamson information and it certainly would be a
those sources, received positive herself in the July 22, 1987, National revelation if what we hear about these
replies, and for some strange reason Archives MJ-12 disclaimer. things turns out to be true. Why are
are withholding results that would help It would now be a good idea for MSF playing "Project Blue Book" and
prove their case, or MSF received MSF to publish all the evidence of the not releasing the beef?
negative replies and, as such, are exhaustive, two-year study, which they
misinforming the public in their press claim totally supports MJ-12, very soon DISTURBING REVELATION
release that notfiing was found casting as the story is under considerable
doubt on the affair. Or MSF did not assault. Now that we know the MJ-12 story
contact them at all, layingwaste to their It is also time to see the additional is severely flawed, what is the source of
claim of a detailed and exhaustive study portion of MSF's information; the this information? Since MSF aren't
over two years. things that they have publicly stated as talking about their sources, we've
Actually a "Majestic" project was having in hand relative to MJ-12. This discovered several things which we
think point in the right direction. investigation of the 1980 Kirtland AFB, there! But in any argument about the
• In 1984, Linda Moulton Howe, who N.M., UFO sightings and the two incident, it must beconc/usiue/y proven
produced the well-known cattle maintained contact thereafter. that a "spaceship" with aliens, or
mutilation film Strange Harvest, was Consider also that. William Moore whatever, came down.
contacted by a government source to has been associated with Doty from the Therefore, we do not regard the
aid introducing a UFO documentary, time after the original Kirtland sightings MSF documents as convincing proof of
essentially providing an answer to in 1980. Doty's home base, Kirtland, is the MJ-12 group or the Roswell crash.
UFOs. She was invited by the source, noted several times in the various MSF There are too many hard questions
briefed on the story, then sworn to papers. Doty knew details of of MJ-12 which haven't been .answered
secrecy about it until the film's eventual before the December 1984 receipt by effectively and MSF's explanations, or
release. The deal was never completed. MSF of the newly-publicized papers, as in some cases excuses, are nowhere
Details of the story given to her match evidenced above. Doty was the OSI near being decisive. Friedman has used
the MJ-12 tale, along with much extra agent on duty at Ellsworth AFB, South the phrase, "Absence of evidence is not
detail about contacts with "EBEs" (see Dakota during the period of the. evidence of absence!" in his defense of
MJ-12 Briefing Paper), Nordic-style November 1977, Ellsworth hoaxed MJ-12. But neither is it proof of
aliens called "Highs" and. conflicting Incident Report in which UFO aliens existence!"
alien factions. were said to have engaged in a gun To us, MJ;12 is a case of, "You've
• In March 1986, UFO lecturer and battle with Ellsworth security guards. got to believe it to see it!"
researcher Robert Hastings visited with This from Doty himself to Peter
Dr. Paul Bennewitz of the Kirtland 1980 Gersten in 1983. ® 1987 Just Cause
sightings (see Clear Intent, Epilog) at Question: Is Richard Doty Moore's
his home in Albuquerque, New Mexico, source for much of the information we (Postscript: Acknowledgements go to
very close to Kirtland, AFB. During the are now seeing? We think it is a virtual Peter Gersten, Robert Todd, Robert
interview Hastings reported that certainty! Hastings, William Steinman, John
Bennewitz .used the phrase We are also convinced of Doty's Lear, Jim Melesciuc, Peter Geremia,
"Extraterrestrial Biological Entities" to involvement ,in the notorious "Craig Dr. David Jacobs and Marge
describe the aliens in his UFO activities. Weitzel" hoax letter, which we can Christensen for valuable comments
The. phrase is identical to the MJ-12 discuss sometime in the future. and assistence.) ,'.-.. .
Briefing Paper's description of aliens As a result of all this, we are now
and came a full year before the public forced to reassess the credibility of the
release of the MSF papers. How did Lawrence Fawcett and Barry J. Greenwood
now-famous OSI report on the 1980
Bennewitz know this phrase without Kirtland UFO sightings, authored in
having been told by someone? party by Doty. We-had reproduced this
• CAUS'Director, Peter Gersten, in as a late entry in Clear Intent (Epilog).
a visit with a military intelligence source
at Kirtland AFB in 1983, was informed
of a wide range of bizarre UFO stories.
Included were comments on a.briefing

.UFOlogists' comments on MJ-12

paper on UFOs for President Carter, have been to the effect that there is no
the Cash/Lahdrum UFO being a evidence conclusively disproving MJ-
government exploitation of UFO 12, when they should be saying that
technology (something Bennewitz has there is no evidence conclusively
claimed as well), Bill Moore being "right proving MJ-12. What has happened to
on" with Roswell, and an admission that critical thinking on this affair? This is the .
the original Project Aquarius cable (see bottom line in any scientific or legal THE GOVERNMENT COVERUP
CAUS Bulletin, December 1985) on investigation. Questions must be OF THE UFO EXPERIENCE
Bennewitz and his UFO photos was answered concisely and completely to
about UFOs and why won't it tell us?
"retyped" and not an original cable. satisfy the rules of evidence. A claim
This cable was the first mention must be solidly supported by an With a foreword by Dr. J. Allen Hynek
anywhere of MJ-12 and Project interlocking network of facts leading to
Aquarius. a logical conclusion. In this case — we
What links these three incidents have a mess!
• Linda Howe's source was Air
Our comments in this article are
strictly limited to the MJ-12 documents
Force OSI Special Agent Richard Doty. and associated events of the last few 103 Oldtowne Rd.
• Peter Gersten's interview was with years. We are making no comment or Scguin, Texas
OSI Special Agent Richard Doty. conclusion on the Roswell incident
• Bennewitz was the subject of OSI itself. Something crashed there in July 78155
Special Agent Richard Doty's 1947. We don't know what. We weren't
the runway as the airport lights came
on. When the captain notified the tower
LOOKING BACK a controller told him the craft had just
descended to the ground. The disc
remained on the ground for a few
By Bob Cribble minutes then ascended and moved out
of sight.
* * *
FORTY YEARS AGO-December was flying northeast of Puerto Rico on TWENTY YEARS AGO—Dec-
1947: No significant reports on file for the 31st at 8000 feet when the three- ember 1967: Ashland, Nebraska
this period. man crew observed a large UFO in a Police Officer Herb Schirmer spotted a
* * * clear moonlit sky. The object, which strange lighted object near Highway 6
THIRTY-FIVE YEARS AGO— appeared to be a reddish-orange ball of about 2:30 AM on the second. "As soon
December 1952: A B-29 bomber with flame, was seen on the horizon and as my headlights, which were on bright,
a three-man crew was cruising over the approached the aircraft's left side, struck the object," he said, "I knew it
Gulf of Mexico — about 100 miles south passed over the wing at a distance of was no truck, and what I saw scared
of the Louisiana coast — just before about 300 feet, and then moved away me." He described the craft as elliptical
dawn on the sixth, when several UFOs. from the tail and climbed out of sight in in shape, about the size of a room
appeared on the bomber's three radar a few seconds. "perhaps twenty feet long and as much
scopes. The unknowns maneuvered * * * as 14 feet thick," surrounded by lighted
around the bomber at speeds THIRTY YEARS AGO—December portholes. The craft was hovering just a
computed at 5240 MPH. All three 1957: Howard Hendricksen was few feet off the ground. It was
members of the crew had visual contact driving near Scenic, South Dakota at soundless. The craft soon shot up to
with the objects as they streaked past 5:40 AM on the 18th when a UFO about 50 feet, stopped, then went
their aircraft. After several minutes of passed directly over his car at an straight up and disappeared.
maneuvering around the B-29, the five altitude of about 200 feet. He said the Under hypnosis Schirmer stated
UFOs, still moving over 5000 MPH, craft was tipped on its side, and the that when he came upon the craft a
merged with a larger object which bottom which was the only illuminated beam of light was turned on him and
appeared on radar as a half-inch blip. portion, lit up the area in line with the also lit up the front end of the patrol car.
Instantly the huge blip began to bottom of the craft "as bright as day." He also observed a human form (four or
accelerate and flashed across the three .Hendricksen said the craft was huge five feet tall) emerge from beneath the
radar scopes at a speed computed to be and "filled the windshield" of his car as craft and approach him. He stated the
over 9000 MPH. he followed it along the badlands road. form was shaped like a man. Four other
Two pilots of an F-94 made visual The top was dome-shaped, as on a witnesses in the Ashland area reported
and radar contact over Odessa, frying pan, with what looked like the they saw an object earlier the same
Washington, on the tenth with a large, body of a big bomber sitting on top. night similar to what Schirmer said he
round white object larger than any Immediately in front of this portion was saw.
known aircraft. A dim reddish-white a dome. He said nothing was "I felt sick all over and my car was
light came from the object as it hovered, illuminated except the bottom, and he being pulled off the road to the right. It
reversed direction almost instantan- couldn't be sure if there were windows came to a standstill and the engine
eously and then disappeared. The in the "bomber body" portion or not. would not turn over. I saw a round disc,
object be level with the With the exception of the lighted and heard voices coming from it."
intercepting F-94 at 26,000 feet. Airborn portion, the craft was silver colored. The Ithaca, New York woman (name
radar and visual contact were There was no sound. Hendricksen was withheld) was driving on Route 34 with
simultaneous and lasted for 15 minutes. able to attract the attention of other her five-year-old son about 6:45 PM on
Time of incident was 7:15 PM. witnesses who saw ,the craft briefly as the 12th. "At first I observed red lights
On the 19th, a large UFO was the lighted area turned to a deep orange in the rear-view mirror. The lights
sighted by ground crew personnel at and in less than 60 seconds rose passed my car and I saw a large disc
Anderson Air Force Base, Guam, a vertically and disappeared. about the size of a box-car hovering at
Naval officer 14 miles south of the base, an altitude about the height of a
and from an .incoming B-17 115 miles telephone pole. It lit up the inside of my
west of Guam. The object appeared TWENTY-FIVE YEARS AGO— car with a blood-red color. It was so
cylindrical in shape, of silvery color with December 1962: A UFO landed at the eerie; there was no sound. I became
a bright flame trailing from the rear. The Ezeiza International Airport near hysterical and shouted to my son, but
speed was considered to be in excess of Buenos Aires, Argentina on the 22nd. he would not move and seemed to be in
that of a conventional jet and in each In the early morning darkness a DC-8 a trance."
case the sighting did not exceed 45 airliner was making its landing At this point her car was pulled off
seconds. approach when the pilots spotted. a to the side of the road and would not
An RB-36 reconnaissance aircraft disc-shaped craft sitting at the end of start; the horn did not work and her
lights dimmed. It was a domed, whiteish-yellow glow. The next day a unknown objects. Two of the (radar)
elliptical-shaped object with square red shallow crater, eight feet in diameter, targets, he noted, were very close to
and green windows, a white dome and a was found at the site where the ball each other. Dellinger, a veteran of more
. bright white light which shone from the landed. It resembled a miniature moon than eight years as a policeman, was
center of the object to the ground. "We crater with material piled up around the fighting a growing sense of panic.
were in this position for about 10 to 15 perimeter. "There's some things you fool
minutes. I'm sure it wasn't any longer * * * with...and I don't think this is one of
than that, but it seemed like an TEN YEARS AGO—December them," he shouted to Arey, who
eternity." Then she heard a humming 1977: "There's no doubt in my mind whipped the chopper around in several
sound,'she said, although the car that this craft was intelligently complete 360-degree turns in a period
windows were closed. "I heard voices. I controlled. It seemed to be playing of 20 to 30 seconds, hoping for another
became completely hysterical and felt games with us," declared veteran chance to view the craft close up. That
like I was being watched. My son would Charlotte, North Carolina, Police thing bothered me," Dellinger
not respond to my cries. I knew the Officer Ronald K. Arey, recalling his remembered later. "I wanted to get the
radio was not on." harrowing close ecnounter with a hell out of there."
"Your son will not remember dome-shaped UFO. As Arey, 39, But Arey, determined to confront
anything, only the fact .that the car maneuvered his police helicopter into the UFO, suddenly wheeled the
stopped and then started again," the tight turns, trying to outflank the UFO, chopper around in the opposite
voices said. After repeated efforts my the craft responded. — to his direction. He caught a brief glimpse of
car started and I fled down the road amazement — by staying directly the craft again, but the game was over.
without looking back. "My child would behind the chopper's tail. "It scared hell "A ball of fire as big as your fist came out
not respond, but I felt whatever it was, it out of me," Arey's partner > patrolman from underneath and dropped down,
would not harm me," she said. Howard Douglas Dellinger, 32, and the object headed off," Arey
* * * admitted. And Arey recalled: "It recalled. "I gave chase at about 140
FIFTEEN YEARS AGO-Dccem- evidently knew what I was doing, MPH, but the object ran off and left me.
ber 1972: Mr. & Mrs. Charles Willis because it appeared to be trying to get Then all of a sudden the light went out
were driving near Millville, New Jersey on my tail as I was trying to get on its and we couldn't see anything else."
at 8:50 PM on the seventh1 when they tail." Arey and Dellinger were on Bader confirmed that when Arey
saw a large cylindrical light, about the routine helicopter patrol over Charlotte chased the UFO, it disappeared on the
size of a small airplane, flying high over when they spotted, about 10:55 PM, radar screen. Moments later, air traffic
the road ahead of them. The light two lighted objects they believed to be control radioed that they had
hovered, came down to the tree line aircraft flying in formation. "But as we something else on the screen. "We
and remained in that position for a brief got closer I observed there were no turned and there was an object in the
time. When they sped up the road to navigational lights, no rotating beacons, sky...same thing we had sighted
investigate further, it crossed from one no strobe anything," Arey before," Arey said. As the helicopter
side of the road to the other and said. Climbing for a closer look, the closed fast, the UFO simply vanished.
disappeared into the woods on the right officers were stunned to see one of the "When (Arey) said he had lost the
side of the road. The next day State craft suddenly vault from about 1700 second (unknown) aircraft, we didn't
Police uncovered a cleared site feet to about 4000 or 5000 feet in two or see it any longer on the radar, either,"
approximately two feet in diameter three seconds." The second craft was Bader said.
where the object had reportedly "silver-looking." Bigger than the
landed. Police said the area was bare of helicopter, it radiated a strange, bright
all vegetation and pine needles and in
the center was a round hole two inches
orange glow and had "a kind of dome
over it," Dellinger said. In an instant, the MUFON
wide and four inches deep. "It was a real UFO swung past and took up a position
wild area and I don't see how anything behind the chopper.
could have gotten in there except from "I was circling to the left and it
above," Trooper Leonard Anderson started circling to the left, about 150
said. feet behind me," Arey said. "We were
On the 10th Irene Collins of just standing up there doing tailspins, YEARS
Skelton, West Virginia, observed "a and it looked like it was playing games.
huge light that came down through the But as soon as I could get a look at it, it LONG
sky," about 9:30 PM. "I just happened was right back on my tail." As he boldly
to look out and saw it," she said. "It played cat and mouse with the UFOs,
looked like a huge ball 10 feet in diameter Arey radioed air traffic control at
or even more that seemed to drift nearby Douglas Municipal Airport.
down. I watched it for three or four T r a f f i c Controller Ray Bader, 'Fund >r CJFO> Kmarch
minutes before it fell to the ground." 27, confirmed he had the helicopter on
She said the object shined with a radar, plus a light plane — as well as two
By Illobrand von Ludwiger

The following paper was read and gravitational interactions in the One result was that there indeed
by Dr. H. Theodore Auerbach, vicinity of UFOs. exist unified field theories of matter
MUFON's representative for • 552 cases of strange behavior of and gravitation able to provide at least a
Switzerland, at the MUFON animals. qualitative answer to these questions.
International Meeting in London, • 350 cases of different types of This implies that from an astrophysical
July 13, 1987. Mr. Von Ludwiger UFOs. viewpoint the e x t r a t e r r e s t r i a l
is MUFON-CES director. • 150 psychological effects. hypothesis can no longer be excluded,
• 128 solid light cases. provided the theories mentioned are
The German speaking group • 85 cases of UFOs accompanied verified by experiments on elementary
MUFON Central European Section, by intense light emission. particles.
MUFON-CES for short was founded in • 117 UFOs observed by We also tried to find answers to
1975. It now numbers about 40 active astronomers. problems of historical interest, such as:
members in Germany, Switzerland, • Can one find a technical
and Austria. Membership is by SOLID OBJECT interpretation of the "air wars"
invitation only and presently consists of mentioned in old Indian manuscripts?
15 physicists and mathematicians, 11 N e x t , we a n a l y z e d the • Do Sumerian writings contain
engineers, and 13 astronomers, phenomenological spectrum of reports on extraterrestrial visitors?
biologists, chemists, medical doctors, sightings and reached the conclusion • Are UFOs shown in illustrations
and other scientifically trained that a solid object, interacting of medieval single leaf printings?
individuals from 10 universities and physically with its surroundings, is at • How frequent were UFO
from industry. the core of the UFO phenomenon. sightings in the 17th, 18th and 19th
Our chief aim is to raise the Luminous phenomena like ball centuries? (1976, 1983)
discussion of UFOs to a level of serious lightning, will-o'-the-wisps, and • What were the "foo-fighters" of
scientific inquiry. For this purpose it is paranormal light effects on the one World War II? (1978)
necessary to get other scientists hand, and CE-IV experiences and These investigations reveal that
interested in the topic. We do not psychological projections according to objects, whose characteristics were
officially engage in public information, C.G. Jung on the other are borderline similar to those of today's unidentified
since this activity is carried out by other cases which should be attributed to light phenomena already were
groups in our countries. UFOs o n l y a f t e r t h o r o u g h observed in the 17th century (1976).
The papers presented at our investigation. Accordingly, we have However, sightings were fewer in
annual meetings are worked out in concentrated our efforts on the number than those of will-o'-the-wisps
detail and published in the form of physical aspects of the phenomenon and paranormal light phenomena.
proceedings, each volume containing and less on the psychological reaction We carefully analyzed once again a
some 200-500 pages. Altogether we of witnesses. sample containing 17% of the Blue Book
have published more than 2700 pages of Theoretical studies were carried material (1981) and came to the
text in German so far. In addition, out for the purpose, among other conclusion that the reports were clearly
members give public talks and write things, of finding answers to questions distorted by the generally prejudiced
articles and books on an individual such as: attitude prevalent among investigators.
basis. • What physical mechanism can All documents are, characterized by
UFOs should be analyzed from lead to the extreme brightness in the air lack of carefulness, lack of familiarity
both physical and psychological points surrounding UFOs? (1977, 1983) with scientific methodology, and by
of view, but only the physical • Is it possible for laser or particle improper application of statistics. The
examination can be conducted in an beams to produce solid light? (1978) number of case histories remaining
objective manner free from • Does today's physics allow the unevaluated due to allegedly
contradictions. Unfortunately, among generation of antigravity? (1975, 1983) insufficient information is five times as
the more than 50 UFO sightings invest- • Is it theoretically possible for great as the number of objects claimed
igated by us so far there were hardly any solid objects to appear and disappear? to be unidentifiable. The material is well
electromagnetic cases. In a first step we (1978) suited for not confirming any
searched the available literature and set • Which physical theories permit hypothesis.
up special data catalogs, comprising: the displacement of objects between
• 1319 cases of electromagnetic widely separated points? (1978) SOVIET DATA
Through various channels we were made for an automatic registration of product of scientific considerations. A
able to secure about 600 manuscript UFOs (1981). A number of reliability procedure may be termed unscientific
pages of Russian Samisdat material 'studies were concerned with data or pseudoscientific only if the method
about UFO sightings and theories, evaluation and the credibility of employed is wrong, not merely because
including full names and addresses of witnesses. The following topics were it is applied to "strange" phenomena,
witnesses. The most interesting reports investigated: such as UFOs.
were translated by us into German and • The value of psychological tests At present we are engaged in
published in our conference reports for obtaining objective statements from completing the tenth MUFON-CES
(1981). The documentation shows that witnesses. conference report and in various other
EM-cases, CE-III events, and abduction • Methods of photoarialysis for the activities, including the analysis of UFO
cases with hypnotic regression occur in discovery of hoaxes (1976). case histories with the aid of IBM PC's
the USSR, too. • Possibilities and limitations of personal computers and an H.P. 9000
In contrast to witnesses in the hypnotic regression as a source of computer with colored, real-time
West, Russians seem to be less information. graphics, the investigation of an
concerned about ridicule than they are New methods of checking on the abduction and solid light case in
about being questioned by the secret reliability of witnesses. . Germany, and the setting up of a
police. It might be mentioned that the • The psychological effects of a consistent terminology for the most
Petfosawodsk sighting in 1977 cannot culture shock initiated by sudden frequent UFO types.
be interpreted as a rocket launched at contacts, as demonstrated by the A number of abduction witnesses
about that time in Plesetsk, 125 miles example of the Melanesians and await being questioned under hypnosis.
away, as James Oberg has contended, Tasadays. Unfortunately, the medical hypnotist
because the phenomenon was Throughout our work we have and head of a clinic with whose help we
observed for 5 minutes under a low emphasized the application of scientific investigated the CE-III case of
cloud ceiling. methods of investigation. We could Langenargen (1977) is no longer at our
In a medical study, physiological demonstrate the correctness of these disposal due to chronic lack of time.
and psychological effects of UFO methods when they were applied to the Lack of time of our members is, in fact,
radiation were compared to those of interrogation of witnesses and to the the main obstacle in our research. It
electromagnetic irradiation. Statistical theoretical treatment of problems. also is the reason for my failure to be
methods for electronic data analysis Criticism by sceptics is, in general, personally present at this meeting. Best
were developed and suggestions were psychologically motivated and not the regards to all MUFON members.


By Irena Scott
Irena Scott is a MUFON science. This purported lack of subclass. A general guide to what
consultant in physiology. scientific acceptance results in the constitutes scientific literature might be
impression that anyone who believes those publications listed in the Science
" 'No scientific investigation of the this phenomenon is odd, illogical, Citation Index. In order to test the
UFO problem has been carried out crazy, a mystical believer, or perhaps premise that UFO observations are not
during the entire twenty-two year subject to worse aberrations. This scientifically acceptable, I submitted
period between the first extensive wave attitude is demoralizing to those one original research paper on UFO
of sightings of unidentified flying objects engaged in sound studies of the observations to a reviewed scientific
in the summer of 1947 and the phenomenon. journal and two abstracts about
convening of this symposium.' The Is this perception correct? How aspects of the UFO phenomenon to
above statement was made by the late can one establish whether or not the two scientific societies. All were
Dr. James E. McDonald at the UFO study of the UFO phenomenon is accepted with little trouble.
symposium held by the American acceptable to science? First, one needs By this criterion (a reasonable
Association for the Advancement of to establish criteria. One such criterion one), statements that the study of UFO
Science (AAAS) in 1969. Even now, 17 is to determine whether there are phenomenon is unacceptable to
years later, it is still true. Why?" reviewed papers of original research on science are false. Not only is it possible
(MUFON UFO Journal, August, 1986.) this subject in scientific journals (the to publish studies which "explain" the
The above quotation is similar to scientific literature), which consider the UFO phenomenon in the scientific
numerous others which indicate that possibility that UFO phenomena can be literature, it is also possible to publish
UFO studies are not accepted by a distinct class rather than an IFO those which suggest its further
examination/ UFOldgists, then, should because, the conclusion is not in misidentification rate in one place than
think of their subject as,of interest to agreement with the results nor with the another. However, the results of
science and publishable in scientific 95% confidence limit generally used for Project Blue Book Special Report #14,
journals. (explained) data. showed differences between sections of
5) Proving that UFOs exist, or the country and, in addition, Maccabee
METHODS looking for a perfect case may be a poor has calculated that this distribution did
way to examine the UFO evidence, not correlate with population density
The scientific method, which because the phenomenon might exist (Hisforica/ Introduction to Project Blue
includes observing nature, classifying but not provide evidence that people Book Special Report #14, 1979). Thus,
data, and forming and testing can understand. The current the hypothesis has been falsified.
hypotheses, obviously includes study of methodology of science is based upon Another test can be made with the
the UFO phenomenon. Acceptable statistical examination of many time distribution of the number of
reasons for c o l l e c t i n g UFO examples. One data point has little reports. One could hypothesize that
observations are: chance of standing by itself. For misidentifications should occur at the
1) In accordance with the empirical example, before the concept that rocks same rate during different years.
method of science, it is permissible to could fall from the sky was accepted, a However, the results of Project Blue
make and record any observation, even survey might have shown differences Book's monthly summary of the
if it is unexplained, not in agreement between the population of people number of reports received for the
with current theory, and no one witnessing events matching meteor years, 1950 - mid 1967 show large
believes in it. For example, there were observations and those regularly seeing significant differences (chi square) can
written descriptions of supernovae pink elephants. exist during random sampling of
before their current scientific 6) It would not necessarily cost too different sequential years. Thus, the
explanation existed. much to finance UFO research. The hypothesis of misidentification is
2) Observations can be made in government's 1988 budget proposals thrown into doubt. Sufficient data exist
instances when ho hard evidence show the military's share of the R&D for the examination of many other
exists. "Hard evidence" is defined by budget to be 72% (Feb. 6, Science possibilities:
current paradigms. For example, 1987). This money includes funds for 1) UFOs may be sensory and/or
neither a meteorite nor a meteorite development of such controversial perception errors -- In this instance the
crater would have been accepted as "advances" as Star Wars. subject should be studied because it is
"hard evidence" in the 1700's, because After the initial observations of a necessary to find out why large groups
scientists did not believe that rocks fell phenomenon, additional scientific such as the reported fifty thousand
from the sky. Similarly, the argument methods may be used depending on the witnesses at Fatima, the many
that UFOs can't exist because no one data and the state of current expertise. observations by scientifically trained
has captured one is not convincing, For example, the human race is people, and all the other good
because no laboratory rat has captured believed to have accepted the idea of a observations, occur. It is vital to
a scientist. There is no reason to spherical earth revolving around the understand this sort of phenomenon
assume that all phenomena are under sun during the last few hundred of its now because of the possibility that
human control. Exploring an unknown purported 40,000 years of existence. military "advances" can destroy
because... of scientific curiosity is Since people have only been exposed humanity. Misidentification by only a
justifiable scientifically0 and is not the to the UFO concept for 40 years, we few people could result in mass
same thing as believing in it. may not be able to handle some of the annihilation. In addition, location of
3) It is-illogical to say that because concepts needed to understand it. As missiles and their computer controls
some UFO p b s e r v a t i o n s , are an example, the spread of the black may allow only a few minutes for life or
explainable by prosaic means, all are. plaque might have been prevented had death decisions.
One .should not."solve" ah unknown by people determined how the infestation 2) Not all UFOs are misidentifca-
believing" that' .if'';;'is known;^pr by was transmitted; but, people had no tions -- In this case an attempt should be
extrapolating known cases to include it. concept of life forms that they couldn't made to find out what unexplained
Each case should be scilved individually. see, thrus, no laboratory manipulation possible UFOs are. This may come
• . ; . . 4) The. scientific method has not took place. about by present day methods of
necessarily been used 'in purported science; however, it is possible that
scientific studies of UFO observations. HYPOTHESES observations will be unexplained. It
For example,'the Condon Committee should also be considered that some
Report lists 23 of the 59 cases they However the testing and UFO phenomena might represent life
studied as unexplained. However, they falsification of hypotheses is possible forms capable of m a n i p u l a t i n g
concluded, "Our general conclusion is and much should be done with the evidence.
that nothing has come from the study of abundance of existing UFO data. For 3) New theories, reasoning, and
UFOs in the past 21 years that .has example, if UFO sightings are the result social and scientific changes may be
added to scientific knowledge." This of misidentification, there is no obvious important to the UFO phenomenon.
does not follow scientific methodology reason to hypothesize a greater The quantum theory, for example,
introduces people to such concepts as MEIER, Continued
observer-dependent phenomena, pigeonhole as opposed to a physical
experiments suggesting that one. SERVICE
interactions can occur that are not Apples and oranges, as we know,
limited by the speed of light, the idea cannot be added without a fundamental will keep you informed of all the latest
that the human brain may produce change in category. And the taste of United States and World-Wide UFO
reality, .multiple universes, and a one neither proves — nor disproves — activity, as it happens! Our service was
questioning of the idea of cause and the existence of the other. started in 1969, at which time we
effect. All of these ideas may be contracted with a reputable
important to the UFO phenomenon. international newspaperrdipping
For example, the debunkers have bureau to obtain for us, those hard to
always maintained that possible extra- MESSAGE, Continued find UFO reports (i.e., little known
photographic cases, close encounter
terrestrial life forms could not travel to UFOIogyv was published in the and landing reports, occupant cases)
earth because the speed of light would October 1987 issue number 234 of the and all other UFO reports, many of
be a limitation. MUFON UFO JOURNAL, since it was which are carried only in small town or
4) Biblical and other religious ideas hot included in the published foreign newspapers.
may be important or vital. proceedings. In the future, we hope to "Our UFO Newsclipping Service
publish the paper submitted by issues are 20-page monthly reports,
reproduced by p h o t o - o f f s e t ,
CONCLUSIONS Vincente-Juan Ballester Olmos,
containing the latest United States and
titled "Characteristics of Close Canadian UFO newsclippings, with
There is an advantage to Encounters in, Spain," assisted by • our foreign section carrying the latest
UFOlogists and to humanity in noting Joachim A. Fernandes. British, Australian, New Zealand and
that observations of the UFO other foreign press reports. Also
phenomenon are acceptable to included is a 3-5 page section of
science. Scientific acceptance will "Foftean" clippings (i.e. Bigfopt and
REVIEW, Continued other "monster" reports). Let us keep
improve the investigation of the
works) admirably lives up to the Tomes you informed of the latest happenings
p h e n o m e n o n , r e s u l t in wider in the UFO and Fortean fields."
dissemination of information, scientific hard earned reputation: timely, lively
For subscription information and
and public scrutiny, and better data and exhaustive. sample pages from our service, write .
collection. In addition, the study of the . UFOs 1947-1987 is equally suitable today to:
possible group of unexplainable cases as an introduction to an inherently
may push forth the frontiers of science. fascinating subject in all of its UFO NEWSCUPPING SERVICE
UFOlogists should submit more ramifications or as a handbook of Route 1 — Box 220
research to scientific publications. If contemporary ufological research and Plumerville, Arkansas 72127
papers are rejected, the reviewer's thought. Though possibly difficult to
comments should be published to track down, it's the sort of publication
ascertain whether the rejections are for one wishes could become an annual
sound reasons. The idea that UFOlogy affair. If your bookstore can't find a
is scientifically acceptable should be copy, try contacting the publisher at 1 Lawrence FawccU and Barry J.Greenwood
considered as a viewpoint in UFO Shoebury Road, East Ham, London,
publicity campaigns. It should be noted England, E6 2AQ, or Bob Girard's
that differences exist between the Arcturus Book Service, 4431 Village
Square Lane, Stone Mountain, GA,
scientific and the debunker viewpoints
and that UFOlogists have as valid a
claim to a scientific viewpoint as
debunkers do. With more scientific
30083. The price is about $25.
publications, UFOlogy might have
increased respectability, additional
grant funding, and increased leverage
for o b t a i n i n g information from SUPPORT
government sources.
UFO JUNE 24-26 What does the government know
about UFOs and why won't it tell us?

NETWORK 1988 With a foreword by Dr. J. Allen Hynek

UFOs: 1947-1987 REVIEWED
By Dennis Stacy

This review originally appeared Sweden, and of course the United reading, "recommended," or "an
in "California UFO," 6 issues, $15, States. Contributions from China, important regional study." An index
1800 S. Robertson Blvd., #355, LA, Japan, the Middle East, and certain would have been an added delight, but
CA, 90035. Third World countries would have been its absence is hard to quibble about in
appreciated, but the editors are to be light of the overall project and the fact
Lovers of the odd and unusual congratulated for ranging as far afield as that separate articles are arranged by
have long relished the lively, and often they did, given the budget and deadline subject matter in a more or less
as not, irreverent Fortean Times of considerations under which they had to chronological and comprehensive table
London, co-edited by Bob Rickard and work. of topics.
Paul Sieveking. A graphically illustrated As it is, readers will find the time Under "The Phenomena," for
journal of all things anomalous, from and expense of searching out a copy example, one finds sections about
spontaneous human combustion and worth the effort. There is much here UFOs before 1947, UFOs and the
"Nessie," to UFOs and toads that one would not normally expect to African tribal system, UFOs as a global
entombed in stone, the Times takes it find between two covers, and for the phenomenon, UFOs in the Soviet
name from the iconoclastic American most part the attention to detail and Union, UFO occupants, contactees
collector of same, Charles Fort (1874- quality is what we've come to expect and abductions, and so on. "Assessing
1932). from Fort's heir apparents. The volume the Phenomena" deals with how to
The tightly-packed quarterly has itself is what we would call a trade-size, investigate UFOs, how to define UFOs,
earned a reputation for its mordant, quality paperback, with stiff, glossy physical traces, effects on humans,
bordering on black, humor, an covers, front and back, depicting a radar returns, witnesses and related
encyclopedic reach of subject matter, colorful variety of other UFO book and topics. The various hypotheses put
meticulous attention to annotation (and journal covers that have appeared over forth to explain UFOs in all their myriad
attribution for credit where's it due), the last forty years. manifestations are treated in a third
and a list of regular contributors that Many of the contributors will section. Here one encounters Swedish
reads like a Who's Who of Fortean already be well known to American "ghost rockets," extraterrestrials,
phenomena, or forteana, for short. readers, including John Keel on the ufaraterrestrials, so-called "spook-
Last summer the dynamic duo Maury Island caper, Jacques Vallee on lights," an analysis of theoretical UFO-
behind the Times ventured into the use of computers, Leonard propulsion systems, "space critters,"
fullscale book publishing, and for most Stringfield on crash/retrievals, and and all other sorts of "explanations"
of us the results couldn't be more others. Others may already be familiar offered over the last four decades and
felicitous. The new imprint is called with English ufologists like Jenny beyond. At the very least, one comes
Fortean Tomes, and its first publication Randies and John Rimmer, editor of away well educated to the realization
is a mammoth collection (384 pages of Magonia. Editor Evans contributes that we are no longer talking about the
closely packed print and pictures) several pieces himself, including an simple "daylight discs" and "nocturnal
containing more than 50 essays on introduction, and fills in where lights" of years past.
virtually every aspect of the UFO someone else probably missed a Section five, "UFOs and Society,"
phenomenon imaginable, from its deadline. looks at the psychological and social
worldwide scope to its implications for The result is a compendium of implications inspired by the UFO
both individuals and society. approaches and viewpoints that phenomenon, including pieces on
Designed to commemorate manages to avoid leaning too heavily in UFOs and scientists, UFO cults,
Kenneth Arnold's "first-of-its-kind" favor of any one editorial philosophy. comparisons with religious folklore,
1947 sighting, the book has been Writers, chosen for their expertise in a and even UFOs in the cinema.
dubbed UFOs 1947-1987: The 40-Year particular area, are simply allowed to Selecting "favorite" selections
Search for an Explanation. Compiled have their say. Contents are divided from the above would be an exercise in
and edited by Hilary Evans (with John into five major sections, covering UFO futility. Suffice it to say, to coin a cliche,
Spencer) for BUFORA, the British phenomena, assessment of same, that there is something here for
UFO Research Association, UFOs is a explanations, social implications, and everyone. The first of the Fortean
truly international compilation, with the role of skepticism. Appendices Tomes (at least a half dozen volumes on
contributors weighing in from Poland, include a list of current international different subjects are in the immediate
France, the United Kingdom, Canada, UFO organizations and books about (continued on page 22)
Zimbabwe, Spain, Belgium, Australia, UFOs, rated as either "essential"
Walt Andrus

The MUFON Board of Directors receiving copies of the Field Investiga- enclosed in the MUFON UFO
and Staff take this opportunity to tor's Examination to administer to their JOURNAL. The term of the new Board
convey Season's Greetings to our members, attached to a cover sheet of Member will be 4 years. (State
members throughout the world by instructions, and a blank answer sheet. Directors are eligible and may nominate
wishing each and everyone a Merry Mrs. Shirley A. Coyne, 73 Borman, themselves if they so desire.)
Christmas and a Happy New Year. Flushing, MI 48433-9239 will grade all Npminations are now being accepted.
While we are celebrating the conclusion examinations and submit the results to Edward F. Mazur, State Director
of a memorable year in Ufology, our the individual, the State Director and for Arkansas, has nominated Bill Pitts,
monthly magazine, the MUFON UFO MUFON headquarters. former State Director for Arkansas and
JOURNAL (formerly SKYLOOK) The M U F O N 1988 UFO presently a State Section Director for
observed its 20th anniversary of Symposium will be held on June 24, 25 the above post. Mr. Pitts was the
publication during Septmeber 1987. and 26, 1988 at the Nebraska Center sponsor and chairman of the very
This is a tribute to Norma E. Short and Hotel, University of Nebraska in successful Fort Smith (Arkansas) UFO
the dedicated editors who followed in Lincoln, hosted by MUFON of Conference held in 1975. Please give
her footsteps, elevating the publication Nebraska. Ray W. Boeche and Scott this matter serious thought and advise
into the finest monthly UFO magazine Colburn will chair the host committee. your State Director.
in the world. Walt Andrus, in conjunction with the * **
Several State Section Directors host committee, has started extending The Fund for UFO Research, host
have been reassigned to new counties invitations to the featured speakers. for the recent MUFON 1987
after changing their residences.Ralph Special hotel rates for the symposium International UFO Symposium held on
Savarese, a retired Methodist will be $35 for single occupancy and $38 campus at The American University in
Minister, is now responsible for for double occupancy plus tax per Washington, DC, has a variety of
Harrison, Jackson and Hancock night. The Nebraska Center will hold 90 important publications, books, video
Counties in Mississippi; Jack Poor- double hotel rooms for symposium tapes (VHS or Beta), audio tapes of the
bough, living in Jensen Beach, Florida, has participants. Should additional housing symposium speakers and research
been assigned to St. Lucie and Martin accomodations be required, they can papers that are available for purchase.
Counties; Norma J. White, formerly arrange for overflow in adjacent Please request "Reply Form 2Q87" for
living in West Virginia, is the new hotel/motel properties. this extensive list by writing to: Fund for
Section Director for Wicomico, With the promotion of Dan UFO Research, P.O. Box 277, Mt.
Worcester and Somerset Counties in Wright to Deputy Director of Rainier, MD 20712.
Maryland; and Don Mason, former Investigations on the MUFON The Fund for UFO Research has
State Director for Idaho, has returned Executive Committee, a vacancy now only two sources of income to support
to the U.S.A. from Canada to accept exists for Central Regional Director on its activities: contributions and sales of
the position of State Section Director the MUFON Board of Directors. Dan documents and other educational
for Ada, Boise, Canyon, Elmore will continue to fill the position of materials. Contributions to the Fund
Fayette and Gem Counties in Idaho. Investigative Coordinator in his new are 100% tax deductible; the price of
John Lear, State Director for capacity. An election will be conducted documents is 50% tax deductible.
Nevada, has appointed Morgan in early 1988 to elect a Central Regional The MUFON 1987 International
Clements as the new State Section Director by the members in the Central UFO Symposium Proceedings (222
Director for Lincoln and Nye Counties. States, composed of the following pages) is available from MUFON for
Mrs. Judith M. Diliberto has states: ND, SD, NE, KS, OK, TX, MN, $15 plus $1.50 for postage and handling.
recommended that Kevin Lammens IA, MO, AR, LA, WI, IL, IN, MI, KY, It contains all of the papers presented
of Babylon, New York replace her as TN, AL and OH. Any current members by the featured speakers that were
State Section Director for Suffolk desiring to be a candidate should received before the proceedings went
County on Long Island. Kenneth contact your State Director so that to press on June 1,1987. The theme is:
Ring, Ph. D., a professor at the he/she may submit your name in " I n t e r n a t i o n a l Symposium on
University of Connecticut, has nomination. All candidates names must Unidentified Aerial Phenomena: 1947-
accepted the position of Consultant in be received by MUFON headquarters 1987." Stanton T. Friedman's
Psychology. by January 30,1988. A primary election symposium paper titled "Canadian
* ** will be held if over six candidates are (continued on page 22)
State Directors have been nominated with the ballots being

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