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Which one is not an output device? A B C Printer Monitor Keyboard

D Modem Which one works as an output and input device? 2. A B C 3. Modem Scanner Mouse

D Monitor All computers must have: A B C Word processing software An operating system A printer attached

D A virus checking program he !rain o" the computer is called: 4. A B C Random Access Memory or RAM Central Processing nit or CP Read !nly Memory or R!M

D "#!S An operatin$ s%stem is: #. A B C D #ntegrated software C$%R!M software Application software System software

'o"tware is: &. A B C (. A computer program A set of instructions All of the above

D !nly in operating systems )ne *B is e+ual to: A B C &he amount of RAM in every computer ' billion bytes '()*K"

D ' thousand bytes he resolution o" a printer is measured in: ,. A B C Megabits +, $ots per inch -$P#.

D #nches -diagonal. Windows and *acintosh computers: -. A B C Are both manufactured by Motorola "oth use #ntel microprocessors se the same operating system

D Are not compatible A computer port is used to: 1. . A B C D Communicate with other computer peripherals $ownload files from the web Communicate with all hard drives Connect computers together

Which computer is the "astest? 11 . A B C P## /((M+, P### /((M+, Pentium /((M+,

D *0/ &urbo Which hard disk will !e a!le to store more in"ormation? 12 . A B C 13 . )*M" )*((K" )*1ig

D )*(M" /n order "or %our computer to pla% music %ou need: A B C A network card and speakers A sound card and speakers 2othing more than the internal speaker

D A C$%R!M drive /n order to access the World Wide We! %ou need: 14 . A B C 1# . An #nternet connection3 an #nternet Service Provider and browser software !nly #nternet 45plorer or 2etscape 2avigator A modem and a browser

D 2othing6 All computers can access the #nternet /" %ou have two di""erent printers attached to %our computer: A B C #t is not possible to have two printers attached to a single computer 7ou need to install a single printer driver 7ou need to use application software that can recogni,e both printers

7ou need to install two different printer drivers in order to be able to print to either printer

Which "ile e0tensions indicate onl% $raphics "iles? 1& . A B C "MP and $!C 8P41 and &9& &9& and S&K

D "MP and 1#: Which Windows pro$ram do %ou use to mana$e "olders and "iles? 1( . A B C Windows 45plorer Windows Accessories Microsoft !ffice

D Windows Control Panel What is a 123: 1, . A B C An email address &he title of a web site &he address of a page on the World Wide Web

D A communication method between computers and printers Which media holds more in"ormation? 1. A B C D :loppy diskette $;$ C$%R!M <ip drive

Which one is an email address: 2. . A B C http=>>vianet6com>inde56htm $=??4mail?Standard @oesmartAbillme6com

21 .

D Chaminade6org>teachers>mailaddresses B% placin$ %our mouse in a particular position4 then clickin$4 all o" the "ollowin$ ima$es were discussed e0cept A B C D a blinking line a hand a white arrow a C$%R!M

An onscreen ima$e chan$es as %ou 22 . A B C D Right%Click Beft%Click Mouse%!ver $ouble%Click

23 .

/" %ou keep %our "in$er depressed on a particular ke%4 it will keep sendin$ the computer A B C D Commands Pictures :iles Mouse%Clicks

24 .

When %ou press the Ctrl4 Alt4 and Delete ke%s simultaneousl% causes the computer to A B C D Sleep Bock p +elp a problem $oes nothing

he so"tware application *icroso"t Word allows %ou to create and edit 2# . A B C D &e5t documents Spreadsheet files "usiness graphs Any computer file

2& .

When clickin$ on the start !utton4 then clickin$ on the all pro$rams !utton will A B C D $isplay all files !pen 45cel $isplay categories Close a program

A computer can store data on all o" the "ollowin$ media t%pes e0cept 2( . A B C D :loppy disks #nk%8et cartridges S" cartridges C$%Roms

2, .

)ne reason to cop% "iles "rom a CD52)* to the computers hard drive would !e A Cannot be done B :aster access C &o be able to print D C$%R!M can only be read once 'ometimes we "or$et where we saved a "ile or "older. /" this happens A B C D &he file is lost Start looking &his canCt happen Windows provides a search program


When cop%in$ a "ile "rom one location to another causes the ori$inal "ile to 3. . A "e $eleted B "e naffected C &o be Moved D &his operation cannot be done Creatin$ and sendin$ an e5mail messa$e is4 in man% wa%s4 similar to A B C D sing a phone Mailing a letter sing :ede5 Writing a letter without a stamp

31 .

32 .

/t is sa"e to assume that an e5mail messa$e will $o throu$h 1..6 o" the time A B &rue :alse

33 .

he !est wa% to know i" %our email messa$e was received is ask the A 2etwork Person


System Admin Computer 1uru Recipient to confirm

34 .

An email messa$e has the a!ilit% to attach a photo$raph4 music "ile and7or a computer document A B &rue :alse

An e5mail is delivered almost instantl% a"ter %ou click the send !utton 3# . A B &rue :alse

3& .

)nce %ou receive an email %ou can repl% to the sender4 "orward the messa$e to someone else4 print it4 "ile it4 or delete the messa$e. A B &rue :alse

3( .

o allow "or !est securit% %our password should contain a com!ination o" te0t characters and at least one num!er when %ou set up %our email account A B &rue :alse

When creatin$ an e5mail it is re+uired to "ill in the 'u!8ect line 3, . A B &rue :alse


While di""erent pro$rams o""er a variet% o" wa%s to control white space4 one o" the easiest is to use the A B C D 4nter Key "ackspace Key White Space Key 4dit Key

4. .

When %ou want to keep two words to$ether that would otherwise have !een separated onto di""erent lines %ou hold and press which two ke%s A B C D Shift D "ackspace Ctrl D 4nter Ctrl D "ackspace Shift D 4nter

he easiest4 +uickest wa% to indent a line is to hit which ke% 41 . A B C D #ndent Key 4nter Key &ab Key Shift Key

%picall% learnin$ to "ormat includes the concept o" 42 . A B C D +ighlighting $eleting :ormatting Select &hen $o

43 .

9erhaps the easiest wa% to select te0t is to hold down the le"t5click !utton while %ou A +old the Shift Key B +old the Ctrl Key C Move the mouse D $rag over the words you want to highlight

44 .

'avin$ a "ile involves $ivin$ it a name that relates to its A B C D :ile Si,e Content Word Count &he Bength of the $ocument

4# . 4& .

he ke%!oard shortcut to save %our "iles is to press which two ke%s A Shift D S B Alt D S C Ctrl D S D Cannot be done When printin$ a word processin$ document %ou need to select the 9rint command "rom which menu A Print B 4dit C :ile


4( .

he 9rint command is "i0ed and does not allow an% additional options when printin$ A &rue B :alse :ou cannot use two t%pes o" "ormattin$ ;'uch as Bold < /talic= "or the same selected word or words A &rue B :alse Who is /ntel Corporation "ounder ? A B C D "ill 1ates 8erry 7ang Sergey "rin 1ordon 46 Moore

4, .


Who create the "irst mouse ? #. . A B C D "ill 1ates $ouglas 4ngelbert 8ohn Mauchly Robert 2oyce

9>9>2/?'AA@ A?A/2 AA1@ 2.1. /@B?A A@ D1A 3/ >2A'/ ?)*91 >2 1 CA* 1# */@/

A2AAA@ : CAWAB '>*1A ')A3A@