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Ceilometer CHM 15k

Measuring clouds, aerosol height proles and visibility

Making the weather measurable

The CHM 15k ceilometer measures aerosol height proles. It determines cloud base heights and penetration depths, mixing layer height and vertical visibility. Within its operating range up to 15 kilometers (50,000 feet), it reliably detects multiple cloud layers and cirrus clouds. The CHM 15k mesures and processes data using the LIDAR technique.

Reliable operation in any climate

The CHM 15k is prepared to work throughout the year and in any climate. Due to its double case structure combined with a window blower and an automatic heating system, the CHM 15k is not interfered with fogging or precipitation.

Great measuring range up to 15 km (50,000 ft) Enhanced multiple cloud layer detection Simple and eye-safe routine operation Service-friendly modular device setup Various data telegrams, including raw data GUI software for device control and display of

High optical sensitivity for exact results

A laser source with long lifetime together with a special optical design enables the use of small bandwidth lters. And together with a highly sensitive photo receiver working in photon counting mode the CHM 15k is able to provide exact measuring results in day- and nighttime.

measured backscatter data in NetCDF format

Sensor Systems

Ceilometer CHM 15k

Measuring clouds, aerosol height proles and visibility Specications
Measuring parameters Measuring principle Measuring range Resolution Time to measure Targets Quantities to be measured Optical (LIDAR) 30 m - 15 km 15 m 5 s ... 60 min (programmable) Aerosols, clouds - Cloud heights (preset: three layers) - Penetration depth - Vertical visibility - Height of mixing layer Nd:YAG solid-state laser, wavelength 1064 nm Operating safety Environmental requirements Laser protection class Internal protection class EMC Electrical safety Certifications Dimensions Enclosure dimensions all over (L W H) Packaging dimensions for transport (L x W x H) Weight 500 mm 500 mm 1550 mm 650 m 800 mm 1670 mm ISO 10109-11 1M according to DIN EN 60825-1:2003-10 IP65 Class B, DIN EN 61326 DIN EN 61010-1 CE Electrical parameters Power supply Power consumption 230 / 110 V(AC), 10 % 250 W (standard) 800 W (in maximum heating mode)

Light source

Interfaces and software for data output and device configuration Standard interface Optional interfaces Data telegrams RS485 RS232, RS422, LAN Measured data and device settings are transmitted in a data telegram. Three types of data telegrams are available: Standard, Extended and Raw Data JO-DataClient Software for data acquisition and for controlling and monitoring the CHM 15k JO-Visual Software for convenient visualizing measured results

Optional software

Completesystem: 70 kg Measuringunit: 9.5 kg

Operating conditions Temperature Relative humidity Dimensions CHM 15k -40 C ... +50 C 0 % ... 100 %

The data telegrams in detail

Standard data telegram Output interval, date, time, detected cloud layers, detected penetration depths, vertical visibility, max. detection range, local altitude, measuring unit (m/ft), system status, precipation index, checksum Extended data telegram Standard telegram combined with additional status messages and device specific parameters Raw data telegram Extended telegram with measured raw data (in NetCDF format) Exemplary data telegram ...; 29.05.06; 05:25; 00330; 01913; 07725; 0150; 0112; 0772; 01968; 08498; +060; m; 11111111 14







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