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Increased Cancer and Depression
Among UFO Field Researchers
and Populations Near "Flap" Areas
By Michael A. Persinger

Dr. Persinger is a Clinical Neu- earthquakes by days and can occur tromagnetic fields from luminosities
ropsychologist and Professor of up to several hundreds of kilometers and the occurrence of radioactivity
Neuroscience and Psychology at from the imminent epicenter. near UFO phenomena that were seen
Laurentian University in Sudbury, Recent field studies have shown on or over the ground are frequently
Ontario. He is considered one of that two potentially biologically hazard- reported. The multiple references to
the world authorities concerning ous physical stimuli are associated disruptions in electrical apparatus,
the effects of magnetic fields on with some earthquakes: low level, low such as television sets, radios and
living systems. He is also affiliated frequency (10 Hz or cycles per light fixtures, are also suggestive. As
with the Center in Mining and second, to 100 kHz) electromagnetic shown by the elegant field experi-
Mineral Exploration Research in fields and radon gas emission. Radon ments of the Vestigia group in New
Sudbury. emission from soils above faulted Jersey, both low frequency electro-
quartz diorite was noted by Yasui magnetic field emission and brief
The tectonic strain theory states during the famous Matsushira earth- enhancements of radioactivity accom-
that most verified UFO phenomena quake swarm. During this period panied by the relatively faint recur-
(CUFOS classification IV or greater) there was copious generation of low rent luminosity known as the Hooker
and associated anomalous events are frequency (kHz range) electromag- Light. It occurred along an old rail-
generated by extremely energetic but netic fields. Preseismic electromag- road track that was adjacent to a
focal and brief geophysical forces. netic forces sufficient to illuminate local fault line.
They display intense electromagnetic household fluorescent lamps (switched
(as well as unknown) properties. off) and to alter the strength of CANCER RISK
When these forces occur, radioactive magnets have been common but
gases can be released from approp- inconsistent observations. Although the effects of ionizing
riate rocks beneath the soil. Recent The tectonic strain theory predicts radiation, such as X-rays, ultraviolet
evidence strongly suggests that peo- that similar physical stimuli should and microwave (primarily mediated
ple who are frequently exposed to occur within the region in which fre- by heating of tissue), upon human
similar electromagnetic emissions and quent UFO reports are occurring. beings is well known, the influence of
radioactive gases may suffer a higher Although no earthquakes may be power frequency magnetic fields has
risk of specific cancers, psychological measureable near or at the time of only recently been considered. New
depression and personality changes the UFO sightings, substantial or unprece- epidemiological evidence suggests that
that are caused by alterations in elec- dented increases in seismic activity people who have intermittent, but
trically sensitive portions of the human (or the occurrence of an unusually frequent exposures to low frequency
brain. powerful earthquake for the region) magnetic fields are more prone to
That most verified UFO pheno- would be expected within the region develop brain tumors. Electrical engi-
mena share the characteristics of during the following months to years. neers, electronic technicians and radio
earthquake luminous phenomena or However, the geophysical forces gener- operators are in the high risk category.
"earthstress lights" is well known. For ated during the condition that creates There are dozen of different types
example, as documented in Torahiko the UFOs or Terrain Related Lights of brain tumors. The most frequent
Terada's seminal work published in (Paul Devereaux's nomenclature) are involves abnormal proliferation of glial
1931, a "fireball resembling a paper sufficient to allow propagation of low cells. One class of these cells (astro-
lantern" was seen flying through the frequency electromagnetic fields and glia), primarily responsible for the
sky before an earthquake in Yedo to promote the release of radioactive interaction between neurons and the
(Japan) in the year 1672. Before the gases. Although brief (a few minutes) blood vessels, is the source for the
November 26, 1930 earthquake in the at any given time, these forces may most malignant form of brain tumor:
Idu district, a straight row of round occur very frequently (several times the glioblastoma. There is now evi-
masses of lights, each one revolving per day) during flap periods within a dence that this tumor facilitates its
on its own axis, was noted above small area but not always at intensi- own growth by suppressing the per-
transmission lines. Earthquake-related ties sufficient to generate luminosities. son's immune system. Glioblastomas
luminous phenomena can precede Alleged emission of energetic elec- invade brain space quite unlike other
MUFON UFO JOURNAL, No. 244, August 1988 3
brain tumors (like meningiomas) that shown to become more frequent with the risk of suicide. Marked decreases
remain within a kind of capsule (but exposure levels of more than two mil- in the concentration of serotonin in
apply pressure) outside of the brain. ligauss; the exposure duration is in the brain stems of people who have
Secondary sources of brain tumors the order of one to a few years. committed suicide are well known
originate from tumors of the lung, Some researchers suggest that about observations. Recent experimental work
testis, breasts and thyroid. one-third of all childhood leukemia with non-human primates have indi-
High risk populations that are cases may be related to electromag- cated that whereas other brain chem-
exposed frequently to low frequency netic noise. ical systems return to normal follow-
magnetic fields are more likely to The third type of cancer appears to ing brief exposures to electromagnetic
develop the glioblastoma and the involve the reproductive organs. Al- fields, the serotonin system remains
astrocytoma. Because they are the though the link between reproductive suppressed.
most frequent types of brain cancer, problems, such as spontaneous abor- The occurrence of moderate depres-
particularly for adults, most researchers tions and miscarriages and cancer sion may be masked by substance
have suggested that low frequency incidence has not been established, abuse, such as alcoholism. Milder
electromagnetic fields promote the both dysfunctions have been asso- depressions may be hidden by psy-
development of the cancer. The esti- ciated with exposures to environmen- chological or personality disturban-
mated levels of exposure that are tal electromagnetic fields. The sensi- ces, that include phobic responses
expected to promote these aberrant tivity of the testicles to low frequency (inappropriate fears) or panic attacks.
cell growths involve strengths greater electromagnetic fields seems particu- During the latter the person may feel
than about four milligauss (60 Hz), a larly acute. apprehensive, as if death is about to
level that is sometimes found in ordi- Nonspecific problems that accom- occur. Some mildly depressed people
nary homes near overhead powerlines. pany cancer development are also can become psychologically depend-
Although there is reason for con- associated with electromagnetic field ent upon specific rituals, such as jog-
cern, there is not necessarily a exposure. These problems are highly ging, that can reduce the unpleasant
requirement for alarm. A conserva- correlated with a general, low level experience by elevating the body's
tive estimate of the incidence of all suppression of the body's immune own pain killers and euphoriants.
intracranial tumors is about 20 per system. Consequently, a general
100,000 people with primary malig- increase in sickness, that includes PSYCHOLOGICAL DISORDERS
nant tumors (glioblastomas) in the more frequent colds, flu, systemic
order of 2.5 per 100,000. The odds infections and general lethargy, has Epidemiologists have tended to avoid
ratios for the most sensitive epidemic- been noted. Usually these complica- the spatial determination of psychiat-
logical groups is at most about 1:3 tions occur during the earlier period ric and psychological problems. The
(that is about eight per 100,000). of exposure (or if a person is a new incidence of these occurrences are
However, these estimates are based resident within the flap area). difficult to quantify because different
upon vocational exposures that would professionals have tended to classify
be much lower than the frequent but PSYCHOLOGICAL DEPRESSION the same collection of symptoms (a
intermittent electromagnetic fields that AND SUICIDE RISK syndrome) under different categories.
are postulated to occur in UFO flap In addition many psychiatric or psy-
areas. The types of electromagnetic fields chological ailments are reversible or
From an epidemiological perspec- that may be frequently generated in at least prone to remission, i.e.,
tive, the incidence of brain tumors flap areas have also been shown to decrease in overt intensity over time.
within sensitive populations is more influence the body's daily (circadian) Although studies have not been
effective in determining a link between rhythms. In fact, there is some evi- completed, there should be a con-
the existence of the focused strain dence that psychological depression spicuous occurrence of a syndrome
fields that accompany intense UFO occurs; it may be mediated by mela- that involves enhanced temporal lobe
phenomena and the risk of disease. tonin. This normal chemical, derived signs. They are experiences and
Because brain tumors are frequent from the person's pineal organ that is behaviors that reflect the function of
causes of sickness or death, their buried deep within the brain, is inti- this important area in the human
presence is conspicuous. An increased mately involved with mood and sleep. brain. People who are already prone
incidence of heart attacks, for exam- Exposures during the night time of to temporal lobe sensitivity would be
ple, would be more difficult to dem- less than one hour to low frequency vulnerable to the effects of even brief
onstrate since they are the most magnetic fields have been shown to exposure to the fields associated with
common cause of mortality. More drastically affect the biological activity UFO phenomena. The personality
precise quantitative studies would be (including the sensation of pain) asso- characteristics of these individuals
required. ciated with melatonin. have been discussed in another arti-
A second type of cancer that is Melatonin is a part of a chemical cle for the MUFON Journal. In
associated with chronic exposure to pathway within the brain that produ- summary, they would be normal peo-
power frequency electromagnetic fields ces serotonin. Disruptions of this ple who are suggestible, creative,
is leukemia, particularly in young chemical system are known to pro- emotionally labile, anxious, prone to
children. This form of cancer has been duce severe depressions and to increase philosophical and aesthetic interests
4 MUFON UFO JOURNAL, No. 244, August 1988
(music, poetry, writing) and charac- region. If the observations of Yasui ed elsewhere; specific references are
terized by "bursts of productive activity." and the assumptions of the tectonic noted at the end of this article. How-
Because of their intrinsically sensi- strain theory are correct, then the ever, the psychological changes that
tive deep temporal lobe structures, inhabitants of houses near areas in could occur in UFO field researchers
such as the amygdala, these people which multiple UFO reports have have been rarely considered. Whe-
would be susceptible to microseizur- occurred, could be exposed to exces- reas post-traumatic stress symptoms,
ing during proximity to tectonic strain sive levels of radon gas. The concen- such as recurrent distressing dreams
fields as they emerged within living trations would rise and fall aperiodi- of the event, hypervigilance, feelings
areas. These electrochemical changes cally but over the duration of the flap of detachment, over-reactivity to noise,
would not be obvious to the observer the cumulative dosage would be sub- and panic attacks may emerge initially,
and would be similar to but more stantial. Only constant monitoring an underlying psychological depres-
intense than those which occur nor- would discern the variability. sion may persist.
mally during dreaming. Consequently Such depression would be suffi-
these people would have a profound IMPLICATIONS: cient to be treated medically; how-
experience that has personal and UFO FIELD RESEARCHERS ever because it is likely to emerge
cosmic significance. The negative or slowly, learned substance (alcohol)
positive residual of the experience There are two important implica- abuse, a very common correlate of
would depend upon the intensity of tions of this recent research for UFO some types of depression, may mask
the strain fields. If the experiences researchers. First, UFO field research- the difficulty. Although depression
were painful or traumatic, then the ers may be a high risk population for suppresses the libido and reduces the
symptoms would be very similar to the development of these disorders. ability to experience and give affec-
the post-traumatic stress syndrome. Secondly, populations in small areas tion, its most critical correlate is an
After the experience, there might be (50 km) within which large numbers increased risk of suicide.
widening of affect (everyday, mun- of UFO phenomena are frequently The major problem at present is
dane details appear to suddenly relate reported for several months to years dosimetry, that is, how much real
to the experience), and a sense of might be expected to show an increas- exposure has occurred either during
personal contact. Friends and family ed incidence of brain tumors, leuke- the more intense eposides or cumula-
would note a marked change in the mia (in children), lung cancer (depend- tively over a lifetime. Because appro-
behavior. ing upon the type of bedrock), and priate electromagnetic measurements
depressive disorders. are rarely taken and continuous mon-
RADIOACTIVE GASES UFO field researchers, the men itoring of an active area is almost
and women who have spent the grea- never completed, dosage levels have
Radon gas emission has become a test amount of time visiting new UFO not been established. In addition,
significant concern to environmental sites and who have experienced the there are some UFO researchers
protection agencies. The release of most frequent proximity to luminous who have had effectively little
radon gas from soils overlaying faulted displays, would be particularly at risk. actual field proximity to UFO
acidious rocks (like quartz diorite) is During some UFO flap periods, research- phenomena. Their exposure levels
a frequent natural phenomena. The most ers have actually camped near these and hence risk factors would be sig-
common health problem associated areas. The brain tumor risk would be nificantly different from the more
with radon gas is lung cancer. This elevated in addition because of the avid, close proximity researcher.
gas can accumulate in domestic set- immunosuppression that invariably ac-
tings with poor air exchange, a factor companies hectic traveling, disruption IMPLICATION:
that is often made worse in overly in sleep schedules and change. VULNERABLE POPULATIONS
insulated houses. Testicular changes would be expected
Whereas the lifetime risk of devel- as well. That even 10 to 100 gauss The second application of this con-
oping lung cancer is only 0.3% in a magnetic fields (well below those cept is to the community in (or
house that contains 1.5 picoCurie (a inferred from the presence of actual around) which the high activity of
unit of disintegration rates) of radon luminous displays) can affect the phenomena occurred. People living in
per liter, this estimate increases to 2% activity of testes and the thymus areas in which frequent luminous
when the air contains more than gland (the major source of the bodies events were observed over long peri-
eight picoCuries of radon per liter. It T-lymphocytes that are involved with ods should demonstrate an increased
is estimated that more than one mil- fighting against tumors and foreign incidence of lung cancer, brain tumors,
lion houses in the U.S.A. alone materials) is well known. Because leukemia and psychiatric admissions
exceed this value. During a recent these fields are likely to be promoters for severe depressions. If the flap
measurement series, some houses of cancer, testicular (including pros- lasts for one or two years, the first
contained values of more than 50 to trate) forms should be prevalent in symptoms would involve general immu-
100 picoCuries per liter. older males. nosuppression as manifested by more
Unfortunately these studies did not The psychological changes that frequent sickness and infections. Ele-
address the issue of seismic activity occur following close proximity to a vated numbers of treatment-requiring
or of tectonic stress within the single UFO episode have been address- depressions and childhood leukemia
MUFON UFO JOURNAL, No. 244, August 1988 5
would follow, especially towards the the Yakima region, Washington detectable with large populations. Con-
end of the flap period. Brain tumors (1972-1975), Carman, Manitoba (1975- sequently, this does not mean neces-
and related cancers should develop 1976), and Hessdalen, Norway (1984- sarily that all people who have close
last. 1985). UFO experiences will develop serious
It is estimated that the incidence Some of the strongest test cases health problems.
level would at least triple, but the are too far away in time to study. For
actual value would depend upon the example the October, 1917 luminous
activity density of the flap (the display in Fatima, Portugal was a Selected References
number of UFO reports per unit area classic luminous display that was
per unit time). Indices that might be observed by thousands of people. The following references might be
used as inferences of the presence of Two of the three children who had obtained for more technical details
tectonic strain fields within the vicin- the most frequent and closest contact concerning the information presented
ity would be the numbers of episodes with the phenomenon died within in this article. Derr, J.S. Bulletin of
of unexplained power surges, altera- three years after the incident. One of the Seismological Society of Amer-
tions in radio or (non-cable) television them died of symptoms that are ica, 1973, Volume 63, 2177-2187; Lin,
reception and the frequency of anoma- markedly similar to a solid lung tumor R.S. et. al., Journal of Occupa-
lous events. associated with elevated calcium levels. tional Medicine, 1985, 27, 413-419;
Certain locations in which a strong Until recently UFO research has Milham, S. The New England Jour-
UFO flap occurred in a very small been primarily a fragmented endeavor nal of Medicine, 1982, 307, 249;
area for a long period are optimal with little support from the traditional Nero, et. al., Science, 1986, 234, 992-
because of the phenomenon of "dose sciences. However, as more data is 998; Persinger, M.A. Perceptual and
dependence." If there has been min- collected and epidemiological methods Motor Skills, 1983, 56, 259-265; Per-
imal social mobility (people moving in are applied to populations who have singer, M.A. and Cameron, R.A.
and out of the area), the development multiple or single, intense exposures Journal of the American Society
of their disorders should be a func- to UFO phenomena, perhaps a more for Psychical Research, 1986, 80,
tion of the numbers of and proximity accurate health risk estimate can be 49-73; Terada, T. Bulletin of the
to the major phenomena. Possible attained. It is important to emphasize Earthquake Research Institute, 1931,
areas of investigation would include that like all epidemiological pheno- 9, 225-255; Wiedmann, C.L. Vestigia
the Uintah Basin (after the 1967 flap), mena the effects would be primarily Newsletter, 1977 (spring).

The Gulf Breeze, Florida

Photographic and CE III CASE - PART V
By Donald M. Ware, Florida State Director, Charles D. Flannigan, Lead Investigator
and Walter H. Andrus, Jr., International Director
Copyrighted by the Mutual UFO Network, Inc. (MUFON) 1988

IMPROVED STEREO CAMERA with a screw on the end is 48% ing about 11:30 p.m. on the beach
The date May 1, 1988 appears to inches from the camera's lens plane. side of a concrete picnic table near
be the final set of photographs taken The camera rig had been stabilized the park pavillion (see photo of table,
by Ed which was inaugurated on using a triangle of plywood since the figure 1). Nothing was observed or
November 11, 1987 with the original previously discussed photos of March photographed from April 26 through
five color Polaroid photos. Ed had 17 and 20 were taken. (See the June April 30th in spite of his persistence
taken the latest version of his "self- 1988 issue of MUFON UFO Journal and patience. However, his efforts
referencing stereo camera (SRS)" to page 16 lower left for a photograph of were to be rewarded after midnight
Shoreline Park South in Gulf Breeze the SRS improved version.) As a on May 1, 1988 at 1:00 a.m. when he
on five consecutive evenings starting further means of calibrating distances heard the familiar hum in his head as
April 26, 1988. The SRA camera, from the camera, a set of six tape- he sat in his pickup truck. He imme-
designed by Dr. Bruce S. Maccabee coded poles were placed 60 degrees diately manned his cameras. At 1:10
and built by Ed, consisted of two new apart in a circle at a ten foot radius a.m. CDST he saw a lighted object in
Polaroid 600 LMS Sun Cameras, from the camera point of rotation. the southeast sky in the direction of
mounted two feet apart on a boom the Bob Sykes Bridge. Simultane-
MAY 1,1988 PHOTOS ously photos with both the right and
and supported by a heavy camera
tripod. A sighting rod (broomstick) Ed set up his cameras each even- left hand cameras were taken. (See
6 MUFON UFO JOURNAL, No. 244, August 1988
figure 2 in this article).
After raising his. head, he observed
another lighted object (UFO) in the
same direction, but apparently smaller.
The second object, appearing in the
upper right corner of the photos in
figure 2, looked like the object photo-
graphed with the Nimslo 3-D camera
on February 26, 1988. (See May 1988
issue number 241 of MUFON Journal
page 14). Ed lowered his head to the
viewfinder in preparation for taking a
second set of stereo photos but could
see nothing through the left view-
finder. At this moment he raised his
head and observed a bright object
less than 30 feet above him. Ed
flinched and inadvertently took a pic-
ture with the right camera. He was
immediately hit by a white light,
which he referred to as a "white-out"
in his head. He said his whole head
went white and he lost control of his
senses. He remembered falling, but
not the sensation of hitting the
ground. (See figure 3 for the second
photo by the right camera).

POSSIBLE ABDUCTION Figure 1. Shoreline Park South. Picnic table and park pavillion.
When Ed recovered his senses, he went to bed at 6:00 a.m. When he from under the fingernails on his right
found that he was lying face down in awoke at 11:30 a.m., he went to the hand was given to the Pioneer Lab in
the sand about 20 feet away from his bathroom and saw three red marks Pensacola for analysis. The remainder
camera set-up and closer to the on his face in the mirror. After calling will be analyzed elsewhere by Dr.
Santa Rosa Sound beach. When he Dr. Maccabee to report the additional Maccabee.
regained his feet, he felt unstable and photographs and missing time expe- The original Polaroid photographs
dizzy as he observed the surround- rience, he removed the smelly black (3) were sent to Dr. Maccabee for
ings. He walked back to the picnic stuff and a portion of the clipped fin- analysis. Following his preliminary
table area and noticed that the time gernails, which were placed in a jar analysis of the excellent parallax
was now 2:25 a.m. (There was one and frozen. information, he said the bright light
hour and fifteen minutes of missing Ed had an abrasion between his was about 500 feet away and 14 feet
time, 1:10 to 2:25 a.m.). He said his eyes and on each temple, plus a knot in diameter, and the "Nimslo object"
head was throbbing and he had a on the back of his head. He took a was only 134 feet away and about
horrible odor emanating from his photograph of the abrasion between three feet long. Slides of these photos
right hand. The odor was coming his eyes and gave it to Charles Flan- were displayed by Dr. Maccabee and
from a black substance under his fin- nigan. Mr. Flannigan also took a Walt Andrus in their presentations in
gernails. When he collected his equip- photo of the abrasions on Ed's head Lincoln, Nebraska on June 25th.
ment, he left four of the tape-coded which have been both filed with his Ed realizes that the May 1st expe-
white poles behind. Considering what report. The marks were visable for rience may have been an abduction
had happened to him, he did not feel many days afterward, although there due to the missing time of 75 min-
that this loss was important. was no blood present to indicate an utes. He suspects that he may also
Ed drove from Shoreline Park incision per se. have been abducted at the age of 17,
South, arriving home about 3:00 a.m. Ed said there were apparently no 25, and 33. He said, "he thinks they
The odor was so bad that he other witnesses since none have abducted him to remove his capabil-
wrapped a wet towel around his right come forward. Normally, his wife ity to hear the hum in his right fore-
hand so that he would be able to Frances accompanied him to Shore- head." He hopes there will be no
sleep. He had a feeling or fear that line Park for the potential photo ses- further incidents that have been inter-
his 13-year-old daughter might be sions, however she was chaperoning rupting their family life since November
abducted, so he sat with his back to a group of high school students on a 11, 1987. It was explained to Ed by
her bedroom door until 6:00 a.m. Ed bus trip. Half of the black substance Walt Andrus that a tiny implant or
MUFON UFO JOURNAL, No. 244, August 1988 7
Figure 2. May 1,1988. Stereo photographs of two different objects.

communication device may have been

inserted into his head at some prior
time (November 11, 1987 or before)
and possibly removed on May 1,
1988. He has agreed to undergo hyp-
nosis regarding the May 1st event by
a professional in the Pensacola area
to explore the implant possibility and
the potential abduction scenario(s).
Investigation continues into this highly
significant case, since it is conceivable
that "only the tip of the iceberg has
been exposed." It relates to many
other witnesses of reported UFOs,
entities, and abductions in the imme-
diate locale.
It is no longer necessary to preface
the Gulf Breeze, Florida Case with
the disclaimer that it is either one of
the most incredible cases in UFO his-
tory or the most fantastically orches-
trated hoax — one that would chal-
lenge the production skills of Steven
Spielberg to duplicate. The over-
whelming evidence is in. Gulf Breeze Figure 3. Second photograph by right camera.
is indeed one of the most incredible
cases in modern UFO history.
For the photo analysis by Dr.
Bruce S. Maccabee please secure a demolished the objections of the that could be studied and measured
copy of the MUFON 1988 Interna- skeptics and the unfounded accusa- through modern scientific methods
tional UFO Symposium Proceedings tions made by people who labeled the and techniques. Gulf Breeze is a solid
for his paper titled "A History of the case a hoax. No other case in UFO case and you read it first in the
Gulf Breeze, Florida Sighting Events" history has been composed of CE I, MUFON UFO Journal as we prom-
(92 pages). Dr. Maccabee literally CE II, CE III, and CE IV attributes ised in the March 1988 issue.
8 MUFON UFO JOURNAL, No. 244, August 1988
Whidbey Island "Unknown"
By Donald A. Johnson
Dr. Donald Johnson is MUFON ed the house it seemed to slow, tak- combine to provide sufficient informa-
State Director for Washington. ing approximately 15 seconds to tion to classify this case as an
He is trained in research psychol- slowly drift directly over the heads of unknown."
ogy. the five adult witnesses and child. It "In other words, there is little pos-
disappeared from view as it travelled sibility that the object the Maclndoes
After a thorough investigation of all in a straight path to the NNE, passing and others reported seeing that night
pertinent facts, the UFO sighting behind some tall fir trees behind the was a satellite, balloon, commercial
reported by Dan Maclndoe of Oak Maclndoe house. or military airplane or helicopter, or
Harbor on January 21, 1988 has been While the object was passing over- astronomical body." The National
given the classification of a true head Dan Maclndoe was able to Weather Service and Whidbey NAS
"unknown". The Mutual UFO Net- observe the object through a 135mm were called to confirm that there
work has ruled out all possible con- telephoto lens, and was also able to were no weather balloons released at
ventional explanations for the object determine that there was no sound that time. Additionally, several of Mr.
seen by Mr. Maclndoe, his wife, associated with its flight. Mr. Macln- Maclndoe's Dugualla Bay neighbors
mother, mother-in-law and father-in- doe described the shape of the and others from as far away as Lake
law, and three-year-old daughter. underside of the object as that of "a Washington, Edmonds, and Bellingham
Dan Maclndoe, age 32, an ex-Navy perfect circle." called him to report that they had
lieutenant with seven years military also witnessed unusual lights in the
service in the field of aviation supply LIGHTED CIRCUMFERENCE sky that evening.
— including work assignments with Dr. Johnson reports that the field
the Navy's prestigious Blue Angels "The lights were blueish-white in investigation has been evaluated by
squadron — was rated as an excep- nature and I estimate 15 lights spanned the National headquarters as com-
tionally credible witness by the the circumference of the circle. All plete. The sighting was assigned a
MUFON organization. remained on forming a circle of 'run- strangeness rating of four on a five-
The UFO encounter began at 10:45 ning lights'. The lights would pulse point scale — labelled as "strange,
p.m. on the night of January 21st at brighter in sequence, I believe going does not conform to known princi-
the Maclndoe home not far from the in a clockwise direction," Dan Macln- ples"; it also received a probability
Whidbey Island Naval Air Station. doe reported. rating of four on a five point scale —
Flight operations at Whidbey NAS He went on to say, "...during the "credible and sound."
had by that time been over for 15 event winds were calm, there were (Further information on this report
minutes, with the last plane reported scattered clouds in the vicinity. We may be obtained from Donald A.
"on the deck" at 10:30 p.m. live in a rural area. There were no Johnson, Ph.D. [822-6609], the Wash-
The UFO was first observed by sounds. During the entire episode ington State Director for MUFON, in
Cornelia Maclndca, age 72, Dan none of us heard the usual prop or Kirkland, Washington. Dr. Johnson
Maclndoe's mother, who sighted a jet noise associated with military air- holds a doctorate in Research Psy-
bright, orange-yellow stationary light craft using the airfield. At the time chology from the University of Washing-
in the southern sky when she went the object was directly overhead I ton, and has twenty years experience
outside to smoke a cigarette. She asked my family for complete silence in investigating UFO reports. People
called the entire family's attention to to listen for engine noise. There was who wish to report a UFO sighting
the object, and together they watched absolute silence." are urged to call the National UFO
as the UFO shot straight up for According to Dr. Donald Johnson, Reporting Center in Seattle, a 24-
approximately three degrees of arc Washington State Director for hour number, at 206/722-3000.)
from a position of 25 degrees above MUFON, a combination of factors
the horizon in the direction of the were sufficient to rule out all mun- MACINDOE NARRATIVE
Naval Air Station. The object then dane explanations for the sighting.
abruptly stopped, made a sharp right- "The fact that this overflight occurred "On Thursday, 1-21-88, at approx-
angle turn in the horizontal direction in restricted military airspace, together imately 2000 hrs,, my mother, age
and came straight towards them. with the testimony of multiple wit- 72, went outside on the porch to
According to Maclndoe's account, nesses, the complete lack of sound, smoke a cigarette. The weather was
the object covered a distance of one the observation of the unusual light- mostly clear with scattered clouds.
and a half miles in approximately ing pattern on the object seen through Navy flight ops were being conducted
three seconds. As the UFO approach- magnification, and the lack of wind with occasional flyovers by A6/EA6B
MUFON UFO JOURNAL, No. 244, August 1988 9
aircraft doing touch-and-gos. was ll/2 - 2 miles from our home to noise. There was absolute silence.
"My mother called my attention to the SW placing it at south side of "Our family ran into the house
an unusually bright object at about Dugualla Bay Flats. I estimate its ele- after the object disappeared over the
the 10 o'clock position to the SW as vation to be 100' above tree level. roof top. We were all visibly shaken
we looked out our family room win- Within 2-3 seconds the object moved but not terrified. We began to com-
dow. The object would brighten and from a stationary position. pare notes on what each of us saw
dim with occasional flashes of blue "The bright ball of light took off and agreed on the description I have
and red. (Note: this object has been vertically at a terrific high rate of speed, provided.
positively identified as either the star from a dead start to perhaps 1000- "At approximately 2255 I called
Sirius or Rigel; both stars in that sec- 1500 feet up and immediately changed NAS Whidbey's weather office and
tion of the sky now and Mr. Macln- direction from vertical to lateral. My inquired if there were any unusual
doe has verified that a bright star has mother exclaimed 'here it comes' as lights sighted. The answer was no,
been in the same spot as the object the light moved directly at us and but a log entry was made on my
his mother saw on subsequent nights covered a distance of ll/2 miles in report by the Forecast Duty Officer.
— Don Johnson.) My initial impres- approximately three seconds. As it "I next called NAS Whidbey's duty
sion was that this was probably a approached our house it seemed to office and again made the same
Navy helicopter conducting flight oper- slow, taking approximately 15 seconds inquiry. Again I was told there were
ations to the SW. to slowly drift directly overhead and no sightings reported. The Duty Petty
"There was intermittent cloud cover disappear from view as it went to the Officer took my name and number.
which would occasionally obscure the NE. We lost sight as our view "The third and final phone call was
object. From 2000 - 2200 members of became blocked by our roof. We made to my older brother Doug in
my family made numerous trips to were standing on the front porch. California. I had a strong urge or
the window to look at the object. I "I viewed the object from the time need to talk to someone who I know
noted the object would change posi- it reached its vertical position to the would take me seriously. I knew
tions (laterally) from time to time but time it disappeared behind the house Doug took UFO sightings seriously
never more than 3-5 degrees left or through a telephoto camera lens. I having himself believed to have made
right (Note: this apparent motion was took my eyes away from the camera a sighting in the desert years ago.
due to scintillation and optical illu- when the object was straight above This conversation concluded and our
sion, as this object has been identified our position thus viewing the object family again recounted the events and
as a star — Don Johnson.) both with my camera lens and the compared notes. We went to bed at
"The object I and members of my naked eye. As it moved to an over- approximately 2330, all of us feeling
family witnessed was a curiosity but head position the bright ball of light uneasy."
nothing dramatic due to the distance was no longer visible as if it were
and size. I know it was not a star, turned off. DREAM
planet, or satellite passing overhead. "When the object was directly
As time went on my helicopter theory overhead its shape was that of a per- "I awakened Friday morning (1-22-88)
became weaker as I could not under- fect circle. We determined the shape at approximately 630 having suffered
stand one hovering in almost the from the light pattern now clearly a nightmare which involved a craft
same spot for more than two hours. visible. above our house which bathed the
"We watched TV from approxi- "The lights were blueish-white in house in light. I had a feeling of ter-
mately 2200 to 2245 without making nature and I estimate 15 lights spanned ror. We were all awake by 7 AM and
another observation. the circumference of the circle. All comparing notes once again. We
"At 2245 my mother again went remained on forming a circle of 'run- went over the events again and again
outside to smoke a cigarette. She ning lights'. The lights would pulse leaving no doubt among us that we
immediately called for me to come brighter in sequence, I believe going all saw the same thing.
outside in a distressed voice. I, my in a clockwise direction. I could not "At approximately 0800 I called
wife, 3-year-old daughter, and my make out the body of the craft and NAS operations to ask if they had
wife's father all ran out on the front the circular description is based on any lights in the area at 2245 the
porch and my wife's mother observed the light pattern only. night before. I was told by the Duty
through the window. "During the event winds were Chief that all flight operations were
"Our observations over the next calm, there were scattered clouds in secured at 2230. Our sighting was at
25-30 seconds are as follows and we the vicinity. We live in a rural area. 2245 and the object was in NAS
all agree on the following description: There were no sounds. During the Whidbey's restricted air space. When
"We saw a ball of light yellowish/- entire episode none of us heard the sighted above the tree level approxi-
white in color and in the same posi- usual prop or jet noise associated mately iy2 miles from our house I
tion or relationship to the trees as the with military aircraft using the airfield. would estimate the object was within
object sighted earlier in the evening At the time the object was directly 200 yards of the eastern end of NAS
but now much closer and lower in overhead I asked my family for com- Whidbey's runway.
the sky. I estimate the glowing object plete silence to listen for engine "I hesitated to make the next call
10 MUFON UFO JOURNAL, No. 244, August 1988
but felt a strong need to find some- exposure would put us in contact NAS Whidbey. In addition, he can
one else who at least might have seen with someone who viewed the ob- identify A6/EA6B, P-3 aircraft by
the bright light. I called the local radio ject." engine sound as well as sight. He has
station in Oak Harbor and talked to over four years experience observing
Dur Roberson the Radio D.J. At first military flight operations at NAS
I cautiously asked if anyone had Dan Maclndoe (principal witness) Whidbey.
phoned and verified our sighting. The birthdate 2/22/56, age 32. Former Isidra Maclndoe (wife) birthdate
answer was no. I then told our story. Naval Supply Corps Officer. Last 3/5/56, age 32. She also has four
\ He made a tape and put it on the air duty station NAS Whidbey, Jan. 1984 years experience observing flight ob-
and I hoped it would draw out some- - Feb. 1986. Six and a half years ser- servations from their home.
one else who had seen the light over vice. Left Navy at rank of Lt. Has Cornelia Maclndoe (mother) birth-
Dugualla Bay. Within minutes I was lived at present address since Novem- date 9/5/16, age 72. Has made fre-
beseiged with calls from Seattle Radio ber 1984 with his wife. Both he and quent extended visits to their home
and TV shows. I granted interviews her are familiar with the military air- over the past four years. Enjoys
with them in the hopes the increased craft which operate day and night at star-gazing.

MUFON Amateur Radio Net Report

By Dave Dobbs, K8NQN
FORTY METER NET activity con- AR. W5UAA, WA5CTJ, and WAOOBN pot cycle ionizes the upper atmos-
tinues to grow, with new check-ins are a few of the other regulars help- phere to provide the necessary reflec-
almost every week. The Eastern Sec- ing to establish the Central Section. tion of signals. WD8ARZ reports reg-
tion of the net opens at 0800 EST/EDT NG1E in Boulder, CO, is a key sta- ulars are beginning to check in every
on 7237 KHz with WA3QLW, Har- tion in the effort to roll the net west- week. Excitement prevailed on March
risburg, PA, and K8NQN, Cincinnati, ward into the Mountain Time Zone at 6 when 8P6GG from Barbados check-
OH, acting as net control stations on 0800 MST/MDT. He is mighty lone- ed into the net! Art told the net, "We
alternate months. On March 12, some at this point and is looking for don't see UFOs in Barbados like you
eighteen stations were privileged to check-ins from the mountain states do there in the States." He was
hear Stan Gordon, MUFON State as well as potential net control sta- invited to be a regular participant,
Director for Pennsylvania, summarize tions for that part of the country. nevertheless. Because of the interna-
recent UFO activity. We thank Mountain and Pacific Time Zone tional potential of the ten meter net,
WB3AMR, Charles King of Greens- members, fire up those rigs! We will WD8ARZ intends to keep the time at
burg, PA, who phone-patched him on be interested in reports of activity 2000 Z when Daylight Savings Time
the air. We hope to transmit reports from the Pacific Coast area as the begins. This will shift the net from 3
from other states as the directors 0800 PST/PDT net begins to operate. pm to 2 pm on Sundays. The net
begin to utilize our communication The Sunday ten meter net can be meets on 21470 KHz USB to permit
abilities. used to liaison back. Please keep us Novice and Technician Class opera-
During the second hour of the net, informed. tors to participate. We anticipate
stations in the Central and Mountain TEN METER NET activity is improv- increasing involvement of MUFON
Time Zones are encouraged to check ing, despite spotty propagation on members in this net in the coming
in as the Section II of the net is acti- that band. Conditions will get better months. Check in, or start your own
vated. Eight stations checked in on as we move into the longer daylight section if you don't hear anyone. You
March 5 at 0800 Central Time. hours of summer, and the new suns- might even work some DX!
WD8ARZ was pleased to report that
sixteen stations participated in the
second section of the net on March MUFON AMATEUR RADIO NETS
\, 12, including seven new check-ins.
We look forward to even more activ- MHz DAY COVERAGE TIME
ity as word spreads about the more 7.237 Saturday Regional 0800 All U.S. Time Zones
convenient time and better propaga- 21.470 Sunday International 2000 Z
tion conditions for those who live
west of the Mississippi. WOTID, Duane EMERGENCY CALLING / UFO FLAP
Sanderson in Topeka, KA, is wel-
comed back as a regular. We're par- First 15 Min. Following
ticularly glad to have NY2X, Charles 7.237 Any Regional 0800, 1200,1600 EST/EDT
Huffer, a MUFON State Section 3.990 Any National 2000,2400,0400 EST/EDT
Director, aboard from Fayetteville, 21.470 Any Local All listed times
MUFON UFO JOURNAL, No. 244, August 1988 11
Some Notes on Photographic Trickery
By Clive Tobin

Tobin is a MUFON member

with 25 years' experience in motion
picture and video technology. His
company, Admiral Photo-Video,
offers video transfer and duplica-
tion in Seattle, Washington, and
he manufactures and installs elec-
tronic equipment for film produc-
tion and theatrical projection.

Unfortunately the time has passed

when a photograph could be taken as
irrefutable evidence of anything. Hoax-
es can be perpetrated via techniques
used in the motion picture industry,
which will be reviewed; by video
effects equipment, which will be men-
tioned briefly; and by in-camera trick
photography, of which examples will Figure 1. Polaroid UFO Photo.
be shown.

MOTION-PICTURE describe here. For a taste of what is are made on the normal four-perforation
VISUAL EFFECTS possible, though, the reader may 35mm or five-perforation 70mm film.
refer to the July 1988 American Other tricks can be done in the
A statement was recently published Cinematographer magazine for a dis- camera, eliminating the need for slow,
to the effect that there are no films cussion of the current effects film costly, grain-inducing optical printing.
made for reproducing negatives as "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?" For a Some of these will be mentioned in
negatives. The perpetrator of that typical shot discussed in detail, some the section after next.
remark was evidently unfamiliar with 14 film elements and mattes were
the wide range of special motion pic- combined in an optical printer with VIDEO EFFECTS EQUIPMENT
ture emulsions, primarily made by microscopic precision, correct expo-
Eastman Kodak, for just that pur- sure, correct color balance, etc. to A photographed or video image
pose. For a visual effect sequence, produce a visually believable result. can be stored in computerized form
original photography may be done One could say that inserting a simple and manipulated, altered, combined
with Eastman Color Negative 5247, UFO vehicle into another negative with other images, distorted into odd
Eastman Special Application Negative would be child's play by comparison. shapes, and then displayed in video
5295, or other materials. A duplicate Only a fairly expert technician could form or else photographed to yield a
negative can be made directly on tell, by examining the resulting dupli- "hard copy" of the electronic signal.
Eastman Color Reversal Intermediate cate negative (if it were made availa- With the high-resolution digitizing into
5249, or through two generations ble to him) that it was a duplicate and thousands of scanning lines, it may
(color master positive and color dupli- not an original negative. Telltale signs not be possible to detect that the
cate negative) on Eastman Color would be different edge printing, pos- image has been altered, particularly if
Intermediate 5243. A blue screen is sibly different perforation shape, pos- it is rephotographed on ordinary
used for generating mattes (pronounced sibly different density and coloration of color negative or color slide film. It
"mats") to permit or prevent certain the film base. It may be worth men- would not show any of the telltale
picture elements from showing in the tioning that the effects generations of signs of being a duplicate negative
duplicate negative. A range of B&W most high-budget films use a resur- that had been generated through
films is available for making mattes rected Vista Vision format, using eight special printing.
from the original color negative. perforation pairs per frame, nearly Video effects do not require the
The field of modern visual effects is identical to the normal 35mm still degree of commitment of someone
too complex and specialized to fully photography format. Release prints making a "Star Wars" film where tens
12 MUFON UFO JOURNAL, No. 244, August 1988
of millions of dollars are spent on
special and optical effects. A few
thousand dollars' worth of equipment,
or more, is required but many of
these systems are in use nationwide
and it is not out of the question for a
bored technician to fabricate a hoax
on a slow night.


A little imagination and some fairly

ordinary equipment will enable a per-
son to make convincing pictures.
One technique borrowed from the
movies is the glass shot. Here, a
medieval fortress (or UFO) is painted
on or attached to a large pane of
glass to save the expense of building
a real one. Details such as people
walking in the distance are photo- Figure 2. "Paranormal" Trickery
graphed through an unpainted por-
tion of the glass at the same time as
the finished painting. Attention must jects can be made to move. This is photos that were faked without the
be paid to adequate depth of field, done by exposing movie film one use of any unusual equipment.
using a large piece of glass, a high frame at a time, and moving the sub-
light level, and a small aperture. ject between frames so your hand
A piece of glass can also be used doesn't show in the picture. A telltale Our startled witness sees a dark
as a mirror. Held at an angle, it will sign of this stop-motion filming is that and menacing UFO overhead. Luck-
make the object reflected in it have a the moving object is too sharp and ily he has his Polaroid 210 pack
transparent ghostly appearance. The shows no motion blur. High-budget camera loaded with type 108 film. He
actors can interact with each other in effects films have overcome this prob- manages a grab shot before the thing
real time and avoid the bother of lem by a secret technique dubbed streaks back to Clarion. A learned
double exposures or laboratory trickery. "go-motion" where the miniatures are investigator knows that the 210 has
By partial mirrors and controlled moved slightly during each exposure shallow depth of field, so the UFO
lighting an object can be made to change to prevent their looking too sharp. must have been the same distance as
shape or disappear. Objects can be suspended on arma- the trees. He solemnly pronounces
Double exposures can be of two tures behind them attached to the the photo to be genuine.
basic kinds; where the entire film wall, or suspended from the ceiling Actually, our intrepid hoaxer has
area is exposed more than once; or and photographed from below. For been giving some thought to this
where portions are masked off during outer-space epics, often the space- problem. He knows that at the nor-
certain exposures to allow certain ship is stationary and the camera mal ASA 75 film speed setting the
areas to register. In the whole-film moves instead under computer con- Polaroid shoots at about F/10 so the
double exposure, objects that are trol. The pole holding it up is 12" paper cutout taped to his bed-
moved between exposures will take removed optically later because it is room window comes out too fuzzy to
on a ghostly, transparent appearance. painted the same color as the blue be believable. He toys with the film
Where portions are masked off, unre- screen. Objects can be supported by speed slider, trying the ASA 3000 set-
lated scenes can be recorded on the exceedingly fine wires that will not ting, and as expected the next photo
same frame. With careful attention to show if conditions are right. is too dark to see as it was underex-
exposure, degree of softness of the In front-screen projection an object posed by a factor of 40; however the
edge of the mask, and composition, a can have anything as a background, depth of field at the resulting F/64
completely convincing picture can be which is actually film being projected aperture is good enough. He lacks a
faked, and here again nothing can be onto a special retro-reflective screen 1.6ND filter to put over the photocell
deduced by carefully examining the material. By interlocked zooming of window to correct the exposure, and
negative. One person can become the projector and camera, "Super- puts his little finger over it instead.
twins; spectral apparitions can haunt man" for example flies towards you He braces himself for the long (1
the living. without moving. second) exposure and produces the
Through animation, inanimate ob- Following are UFO and paranormal photo shown.
MUFON UFO JOURNAL, No. 244, August 1988 13
Largely by accident, the picture is assume a solid form, meanwhile con- the two will add up to an equal
pretty convincing. The slight fuzzi- signing the victim to an eternal void brightness. Again using the self-timer,
ness and underexposure, together in the 39th dimension ... one exposure is made including the
with the bad composition, gives just Or, this could be a triple exposure hoaxer (sans glasses) and one is
the right effect. Subsequent pictures with the camera (a Ricoh XR-P) made without him giving a transpar-
with better composition and expo- firmly mounted on a tripod. Using the ent ghostly appearance. Since he was
sure, and using a better and 35mm multiple-exposure capability and manu- careful not to move the camera
pro-grade camera, are actually less al exposure settings (found on a between exposures, and the largely
convincing and take on a pretty number of good cameras) and a out-of-focus black paper gives soft
hokey appearance. These are not black paper mask that only allows the edges to the transition area in the
shown publicly. left or right half to be seen at one center of the picture, no dividing line
time, this can be done in a minute is to be seen.
without accomplices who might some- In the foregoing the author does
FIG. 2.
day recant. Locking in a manual not mean to imply that any particular
exposure, determined before affixing photos have been faked, but just that
the paper mask, the hoaxer sets the techniques are available for doing so.
The author, left, does a "doppel- camera's self-timer and poses at left. My regret is that now, if I ever take a
take" as his doppelganger leers at Without advancing the film, two more genuine UFO or paranormal picture
him from the stairway. The spectre exposures are made at right, each it may prove impossible to prove its
needs only to steal the eyeglasses to with half the exposure of the first so authenticity!

By Bob Gribble
FORTY YEARS AGO - August THIRTY-FIVE YEARS AGO - as fast as his Chief would take him.
1948: At noon on the llth, two August 1953: About the first of the A woman in the Ground Observer
young boys were playing in their month Berryman Davids took off Corps in the Black Hills of South
backyard at Hamel, Minnesota, when from Seattle, Washington in his A'eron- Dakota reported a light hovering in
they noticed a strange object des- ca Chief airplane. He climbed to the sky to the east of her position on
cending from the sky approximately 10,000 feet, leveled off and headed for the night of the 12th. Two operators
12 feet from the ground. The object the Cascade Mountain range to the from a radar station went out to
settled to the ground gently. Upon southeast. No clouds and bright sun- check visually while the woman was
landing, the UFO spun once, made a light. Suddenly the whole cockpit was still on the telephone. While they
whistling sound, and then shot straight drenched in dazzling-white, intense were scanning the sky the woman
up into the air approximately 20 feet, light. The pilot circled to try to reported, "The thing is beginning to
stopped, and again made a whistling determine the source of the light. move over Rapid City." Simultane-
sound. The object then shot upward After a 90-degree turn back toward ously, the two radar men observed
to a height of about 30 feet, and, dur- Seattle, the blinding light hit the air- the light start to move. They returned
ing this ascent, maneuvered around craft again. Then the pilot saw the to their radar, while the woman
tree branches and utility wires. When source: 12 bright metallic craft, per- reported that the object was moving
the UFO reached a height of approx- haps a mile away. One object turned back to its original position. The
imately 30 feet, it moved away to the on its side and the sun caught it as a radar got a fix on it at that spot. An
northeast at a high rate of speed. The huge mirror. And again the blinding F-84, in the air at the time, was vec-
boys described the object as about light for a couple seconds. tored in to the target, the pilot mak-
one foot thick, two feet wide, and The pilot flew toward the objects ing visual contact. The object headed
circular. The UFO had no windows, which were playing like a school of north with the jet in pursuit, radar
wires, or any visible appendages. It dolphins. As he neared the objects he tracking both blips. The UFO stayed
was a dull gray in color, and when it could see they were disc-shaped. ahead of the jet and seemed to main-
hit the ground it made a slight clank- They would ascend straight up until tain distance whenever the pilot speeded
ing noise, like metal hitting metal. In out of sight, then descend at fantastic up the jet.
the spot where the. object landed speed, three of the discs descended After chasing the object 120 miles,
investigators found an impression two just in front of his aircraft, heading the pilot ran low on fuel and was
feet in diameter. Within the impres- for the ground at high velocity. Just granted permission to return. When
sion rocks had been pressed into the as they were about to crash they he turned around, the UFO also
ground and were level with the soil. suddenly reversed direction and went turned and followed. After the first jet
straight up at high speed. That was landed, a second F-84 went up to
enough for the pilot. He left the area investigate. He was talked into posi-
14 *** MUFON UFO JOURNAL, No. 244, August 1988
tion and spotted the thing visually and the object seemed to exert some home at 2:30 AM (date unknown).
above him. He went up to 20,000 strange force on my car, otherwise I When she got out of bed she heard a
feet, reported that he was level with would never have been able to make penetrating sound like a "huge swarm
the light, and again the object took the turn. It slowed me down at an of bees," and when she opened the
off to the north with the jet in pur- unbelieveable rate of speed. door her dog ran and hid under her
suit. Again the chase was observed "Then the thing came straight for bed with his paws covering its ears.
on ground radar, with both the UFO me and hovered over my car. My car Before closing the door Mrs. Eggers
and the jet showing plainly on the engine started to miss ... it would saw a circular UFO with a dome on
scope. When the pilot thought he hardly go ... finally the engine stopped its top, divided by 12 square open-
was closing in on the object, he running. I didn't know what was ings, hovering about 50 feet off the
switched on his radar gun sights. This going to happen then. Then the light ground, some 90 feet away from her
type of jet has a light on the instru- moved over to the side of the high- home. She estimated the UFO to be
ment panel to indicate a "lock on". way, overhead, and my car started. I about six or seven feet high and 15
The light came on. raced for home. I ran inside and feet in diameter. The base appeared
The second jet chased the light 160 woke up dad and mom. They thought to be aluminum (in the glow of the
miles to the north before abandoning I was drunk or had gone crazy. Dad full moon) and reddish-orange lights
the pursuit. This time the UFO con- ran outside and took one look and shown from inside the numerous
tinued flying north. The Ground ran back inside for his gun. When the openings. Her first reaction was to
Observer Corps Filter Center ahead object saw that gun it seemed to shut the door immediately. Almost at
was alerted and observers there move right toward us. We ran back the same time the house lights
reported a light speeding north. This inside. The UFO was round and dimmed, which she then turned off.
was an incredible UFO incident. moved with the most ungodly speed I Through a bedroom window she
There were simultaneous visual sight- ever saw ... I can't imagine what it could see what appeared to be a
ings from two ground sites linked by was." strange-looking, small being peering
telephone, simultaneous ground and On the 9th, a fireball as big as a at her through one of the openings of
radar sightings, simultaneous ground- washtub hovered over the home of a the hovering UFO. The occupant
radar and jet-visual sightings, a pur- former Mt. Vernon, Illinois mayor. wore a sort of silver helmet and
suit in which the UFO outran the jet, Harry L. Bishop said the fireball he appeared to be about three to four
a reversal in course, a second jet- saw "coming right down the Centralia feet tall, and clothed in some sort of
visual sighting confirmed by radar, an Road from the north was the bright- tight-fitting uniform. Finally the UFO
air-radar "lock on" and finally a sight- est red light I have ever seen. It departed. The next morning Mrs.
ing from the ground hundreds of appeared to be only about 300 or 400 Eggers discovered that her three
miles away. feet high, was oval-shaped and was electric clocks had lost about an hour
about the size of a washtub. When it overnight and that a power failure
got over my house it stopped and I had occurred in the immediate neigh-
*** could see it very clearly. Although it borhood that same evening. She suf-
TWENTY-FIVE YEARS AGO — was bright red it did not light up the fered from sleeplessness, dimming of
August 1963: Ronnie Austin, 18, and neighborhood. It seemed to be mak- vision and headaches, off and on for
Phyllis Bruce, 18, were driving near ing a light whirring sound. I noticed a several days after the incident.
Fairfield, Illinois on the 4th, about 11 car coming down the Centralia Road.
PM, when they spotted a big, white It stopped suddenly and the driver
object moving along just above the jumped out and looked upwards. He ***
tree tops. It looked as big as an saw the object, too, and it startled FIFTEEN YEARS AGO - Au-
automobile. At first the object was on him to a stop." When the car gust 1973: Experts at an Army mis-
the south side of the road and then it stopped, the light turned, hovered sile base at Huntsville, Alabama said
crossed over in front of their car to overhead, then moved off westward. they were puzzled about strange
the north side, at one point coming "I thought those people at Fairfield "ghost ships" picked up on powerful
within 100 feet of the car. The radio were crazy when I read about the radar screens in the Pacific during a
went crazy, so Ronnie turned it off. strange things they have been seeing tracking exercise. There had been lit-
When he reached his girl's house the in the sky," said Bishop, "but I've tle official comment on what the
object hovered in the area around the changed my mind..." scientists found during the exercise
home. As soon as he pulled away but, Major Dallas Van Hoose, an
from the house, the UFO began to Army spokesman, confirmed that "some
follow. "I really poured the coal to the *** unexplained aerial phenomena" were
car and I must have been doing 120 TWENTY YEARS AGO - Au- observed. Scientists, many of whom
MPH (sic) when I topped the hill on gust 1968: Mrs. Harold B. Eggers of were reluctant to be named because
the gravel road not far from our Mt. Airy, North Carolina, was awa- of general public skepticism over
place," Ronnie said. "I was coming kened by the frantic barking and UFOs, said privately they have been
into a dead end spot on the roadway scratching on the front door of her unable to find any explanation for the
MUFON UFO JOURNAL, No. 244, August 1988 15
"ghost ships." "We have never seen of a malfunction in one of the sets. yellowish-white light." When it passed
anything precisely like this before," Three other similar objects were in near his motorcycle it caused the
said one ballistic missile defense expert the vicinity. One scientist said the lights to go out and the engine to
who works for an Army agency at Hunts- data indicated that the phantom ship stop. Then it hovered nearby for
ville, and who is familiar with the "flew under its own power," but about one minute, lifted up, then shot
advanced radar used to test missiles could not explain what sort of power straight up into the sky with a loud
and warheads. that might be. So far, none of the humming. When the UFO left the
Huntsville houses the Army's ballis- experts at Huntsville believe the area, the cycle lights came on auto-
tic missile defense system command, ghost ship was a natural phenomenon matically, but his starter switch did
which analyzes results of tests in the caused by freak weather conditions not work.
Kwajalein Atoll region of the Marshall or echoes commonly seen on radar Larry Jenkins saw his first UFO at
Island Trust Territory. In August the screens. Strasburg, Virginia, at 9 PM on the
Air Force launched a Minuteman 17th. He said it was about 18 feet in
from Vandenburg AFB, California, diameter, round in front and the back
aimed for the Kwajalein target area. *** looked like it was blocked off. It had
Radar experts in the Pacific found a red and green light which illumi-
they were also tracking a UFO next TEN YEARS AGO - August nated the sky as the object hovered
to the ICBM's nose cone. It was 1978: Terry Mayo reported his motor- just about the ground. Then the UFO
picked up to the right and above the cycle was passed by a strange flying began to glow and a mist or fog sur-
descending nose cone, and tracked object that "looked like a cup inverted rounded it. Both Jenkins and his sis-
while it crossed the warhead's trajec- on top of a saucer," as he drove to ter, as well as his son and three
tory until it was below and to the left, his Buffalo Shoals, North Carolina daughters said the light was so bright
before vanishing. home prior to 11 PM on the llth. it hurt their eyes. "It made my hair
The ghost blip was described as 10 According to Mayo, "the object was stand straight up in the air," said
feet high and 40 feet long. Two about the size of a four of five room Jenkins. Jenkins said the police arrived
separate radar systems saw it at the farmhouse. It was domed on the top 10 to 15 minutes after the thing dis-
same time, decreasing the likelihood and flat on the bottom and gave off a appeared in a shroud of mist.

Letter To the Editor

Dear Editor, Yet its "hard core" — ie those-who its extension to others — the real
I was interested to read Jerome are long term committed and in any Ufologists, if you like. Those amongst
Clark's article in MUFON Journal sense professionalized is at best per- whom both Jerry and I would doubt-
June 1988. However, he calls me to haps 30-50 people. I doubt if a similar less count ourselves — although the
task a little unnecessarily. At no time percentage does not apply to organi- definition probably accomodates itself
was I suggesting that the subcons- zations such as MUFON or CUFOS. according to whomsoever you are. I
cious belief in the extraterrestrial What this means is that the major- was brave/foolish/honest (take your
hypothesis was either all-pervading or ity of those involved in the UFO field pick!) by admitting that there is
religious in contect. are there for reasons not connected something of this vague hope inside
My article (MUFON Journal, April with either altruism or their desire to of me. It would not be immediately
1988) actually suggested that there find the truth. That remains the pro- recognizable from my books, articles
were some altruistic Ufologists who vince of a handful. My contention or lectures, because I strive so hard
could legitimately say "yes" to the comes from experience at meeting to remain objective. Indeed, I suspect
question that I posed. They would be many of them over the past 15 years that I counteract the tendency so
involved in the subject even if it were and receiving literally hundreds of let- much that I over-rebel against the
demonstrated that aliens had nothing ters a year from readers of my books ETH in an effort to remain "unbiased."
to do with it. However, I am sur- or the "grass roots" of Ufology. What My feeling is that others probably
prised that Jerry considers it bad this has revealed about the matter is are similarly inclined, without neces-
psychology to try to see inside peo- fascinating. sarily realizing it. Let us face it.
ple's heads and second guess motives There is no question, certainly in Unless you are a specialist with a legiti-
for interest in UFOs. Britain, that most of these people mate reason for interest in UFOs,
In fact, of course, I can only really have an inner compulsion that (con- then you are brought up with the
speak for British UFO enthusiastics. sciously or subconsciously) wishes to mythical ideal that UFO and space-
But I strongly suspect the same is see the UFO phenomenon proven to ships are synonymous terms. You
t r u e of the USA. It should be be extra-terrestrial in nature. Frankly, can hardly avoid it (at least you could
remembered that serious Ufologists I am surprised this is even regarded not when I got involved) as it is
are comparatively few. BUFORA, for as a controversial statement. soaked through the fabric of popular
example, has around 300 members. What might make controversial is books, cultural media and virtually
16 MUFON UFO JOURNAL, No. 244, August 1988
every public presentation of the sub- I strongly suspect we need to look However, this statement was adapted
ject. You have to "unlearn" the truths deeper at the people who mold the by Jerry to fit in with CSICOP ram-
about UFOs (as perceived by the tab- evidence (ie both the witnesses and blings about pseudo-mysticism and
loid press or the mass market books). the Ufologists). This is partially veri- religion. All I suggested was that the
That takes time and because you are fied by the study that Dr. Shirley aliens are seen as a kind of "interga-
unlikely to be attracted to the field in Mclver made for her Sociology PhD lactic cavalry". They act as a Super-
the first place unless a hope was at York University in England. man substitute. We have made a
sneaking somewhere inside that it Shirley analyzed motives of the mess of things, in terms of our envir-
may be like that, then what would BUFORA membership (a potted sum- onment, nuclear weapons, etc. Science
have attracted you? mary can be found on pages 1987-188 does not appear to be finding the
Of course, I know it is true that of the book Science and the UFOs, answers quickly enough. The desper-
you can grow out of the indoctrina- by Peter Warrington and myself — ation this engenders has the natural
tion of the ETH. But it is a painful recently issued in a paperback edition result of fostering a wish for some
process of evolution and I am merely by Blackwell Inc. of New York). Cru- wise alien souls who have solved the
suggesting a hypothesis I consider to cially she discovered that 44% of problems to come here and tell us
be valid. Maybe hardly any of us ever people believed that UFOs were the what we are doing wrong.
totally escapes. Otherwise why does product of physical extra-terrestrials The UFO phenomenon is in many
the ETH remain such a vital part of travelling to earth. That was easily respects exactly what the doctor
the UFO phenomenon? Realistically, the most favored hypothesis. ordered. Of course, there are two
it is not because of its overwhelming There is no stigma attached to this. ways of looking at this. Either our
support from the evidence. It is human nature and necessary we innate desires are twisting the evi-
Jerry proposes that the lack of understand that. The problem comes dence and producing blinkered per-
photographic evidence for abductions more from our failure to acknowledge ception of the issues. Or else the
is not persuasive, citing the interest- the same trend inside us. An unrec- answer is what it seems to be and we
ing analogy that there are no pictures ognized problem is far more danger- are merely responding to our intuition
of assault, rape or murder. Interest- ous than one that is spotted and of a great truth.
ing, but not wholly correct for two guarded against. I suspect a bit of both possibilities
reasons. As to Jerome interpreting my words might be involved. But I do not know
There are some secondary obser- as religious in nature, that is totally the truth, as does nobody else, of
vations of murder and a few have wrong but fascinating as to why he course. All I am trying to show is a
been captured on film (even TV did so. tendency towards the ETH within
cameras). True enough, the witness What I actually said was that the many UFO researchers. It works
is hardly going to take a time-out to inner temptation leads us towards both ways, good and bad, for and
photograph the assailant. There are seeing UFOs as the consequence of against objectivity. But it is better we
rather more important things to be "advanced alien visitors who have admit that it exists and not sweep it
doing! This has a degree of relevance come here, will change the world and under the rug.
to abductees. However, there are maybe help us get out of the mess Jenny Randies
plenty of long duration observations we are in." Cheshire, UK
of entities in non-stressful situations
where photography would be feasible.
Also the problem with photographic
evidence is not confined to the
In Others' Words
abductees themselves. Nobody pho- By Lucius Parish
tographs (or even sees) someone else
being abducted. And there are so few The research of folklorist Peter Times - P.O. Box 34010 - Little
modem photographs of craft-like UFOs Rojewicz into "Men In Black" reports Rock, AR 72203-9855.
that even pass first base in analysis is detailed by Dennis Stacy in the The April 25 issue of New Yorker,
that it is a major question we have to "Anti-Matter/UFO Update" column in in a profile of Arizona Senator Barry
face. When camera ownership, qual- the May issue of OMNI. The same Goldwater, touches on his interest in
ity of cameras and film have all vastly column in the June issue has Patrick UFOs. He repeats his previous state-
improved over the pat 30 years why Huyghe's comments on the Knowles ment about not being allowed access
are we reduced to citing as proof of "car-lift" case from Australia. to certain areas at Wright-Patterson
good UFO pictures the McMinnville, A good report on the UFO activity Air Force Base, saying it was the
Oregon shots from 1950 or the Tri- in Southwestern Arkansas appears in "Green Room" which was off limits,
nidad Island ones from 1958, plus a the June issue of Arkansas Times. It not the famous "Hangar 18". Gold-
very few others? We ought to be get- includes two photos of unusual noc- water adds he has never seen a
ting dozens of good new cases each turnal lights which have been seen in UFO, but has talked with pilots who
year. We aren't. I have yet to hear the area. Anyone wishing a copy of have. He also says, "We lost a mil-
any sort of answer as to why. the issue may send $2.00 to: Arkan- itary pilot who went up to intercept
MUFON UFO JOURNAL, No. 244, August 1988 17
WORDS, continued
strange lights and never came back. THE NIGHT SKY
His airplane disappeared, too."
A lengthy article on long-time re- By Walter N. Webb
searcher Ray Fowler is included in MUFON Astronomy Consultant
the June issue of Yankee. His work
with the Betty Andreasson (Luca)
case is detailed. August 1988
Loren E. Gross has revised his pre-
vious booklet which covered the July Bright Planets (Evening Sky):
- December 1947 period. By adding chap-
ters from a previous booklet which Mars, in Cetus, rises in the east shortly before 10 PM in midmonth. Shin-
dealt with the first six months of ing at magnitude -2, our ruddy neighbor now rivals Jupiter in brightness.
1947, Gross now presents a complete Usually Mars is a disappointing small disc except when Earth catches up
picture of UFO activity during that to it every 26 months. Its diameter exceeds 20 seconds of arc from
all-important year. He has also com- August 19 to October 24 — the best period to observe the planet. Mars
bined his previous booklets for the begins retrograde or westward motion on the 26th. See the July Night
year of 1948, making the chronologi- Sky.
cal sequence of events somewhat eas-
ier to follow. Both books have com- Saturn, in Sagittarius, is low in the southern sky at dusk. The yellowish
plete lists of references, as well as ringed planet (magnitude +0.4) resumes direct or eastward motion on the
indexes. You may order UFOs: A 30th.
History - 1947 and UFOs: A History
-1948 at $6.00 each from Gross at: Bright Planets (Morning Sky):
690 Gable Dr. - Fremont, CA 94538.
Venus rises in the NE about 2:30 AM in mid-August, reaching its farthest
point west of the Sun on the 22nd. Its magnitude is -4.3.
MESSAGE, continued
Nebraska, as part of their new two- Mars is visible in the SW at dawn.
hour TV release titled "The UFO
Cover-Up: What is the Government Jupiter, in Taurus, rises in the NE below the Pleiades about midnight in
Hiding?" It will be distributed and the middle of the month and is high in the SE at dawn. The giant shines at
shown by LBS (Lexington Broadcast magnitude -2.4.
System) on Friday, October 14, 1988
from 8-10 p.m. EDST. The showing Saturn sets in the WSW about 1:30 AM (mid-August).
time will vary by time zones across
the country. Please consult your local Partial Lunar Eclipse.
TV stations, Cable TV, etc. to deter-
mine when it will be shown in your The northern limb of the full moon enters the Earth's shadow on the
area. It has been publicized in Variety morning of August 27. Weather permitting, all of North America except
Magazine in New York City. This will the East will see the partial eclipse. The Moon slips into the dark central
be one of the first UFO documentar- shadow (umbra) at 5:07 AM CDT, is 30 percent (maximum) eclipse at
ies to be viewed on TV that we have 6:05, and leaves the umbra at 7:02.
alluded to in the Director's Message.
Stay tuned for more details. Meteor Showers:

Unlike last year, there is no moonlight to spoil the annual Perseids shower
Due to the unanticipated influx of which climaxes on the morning of the 12th. The optimum time to watch a
new members desiring MUFON Field meteor shower generally is between midnight and dawn — especially
Investigator's Manuals, our supply toward dawn when about one Perseid per minute can be glimpsed. In
was exhausted before additional manu- addition, the July Aquarids continue into mid-August.
als could be printed and assembled.
This is only a temporary situation. Moon Phases:
An explanatory note will be mailed
and backorders processed promptly Last quarter — August 4
upon the receipt of new manuals New moon — August 12
from the printer. We apologize for First quarter — August 20
this inconvenience. Full moon — August 27
18 MUFON UFO JOURNAL, No. 244, August 1988
MESSAGE, continued many of our European counterparts
and especially MUFON Representa-
R i c h a r d is D i r e c t o r of P u b l i - tives. For information on this meeting
cations for MUFON and co-editor of please write to Michael Bougard,
the MUFON Annual Symposium president, SOBEPS, Avenue Paul Jan-
Proceed ings since 1985. (Prior to son 74, 1070 Bruxelles (Brussels),
that, he was Editor of the MUFON Belgium.
UFO Journal). Several people at the recent MUFON
The MUFON 1988 International UFO Symposium in Lincoln, Nebraska asked
Symposium Proceedings (241 pages) about how they could obtain the oval-
are now available for $15 plus $1.50 shaped MUFON lapel pin (gold over
for postage and handling from black). Pins are available for $4 each
M U F O N , 103 O l d t o w n e Road, from Franklin A. Youri, 446 Boyn-
Seguin, TX 78155-4099. Please ton Ave. ttlll, San Jose, CA 95117
enclose a check or postal money or MUFON in Seguin, Texas.
order made payable to MUFON in
U.S. funds. No C.O.D. All foreign ***
purchases must be by International The MUFON 1989 International
Postal Money Order or a check pay- UFO Symposium is planned for Las
able to a U.S. Bank. (No foreign Vegas, Nebada with John Lear as
checks accepted.) Cash in U.S. dol- the host chairman for Nevada-MUFON,
lars will be accepted on foreign assisted by Hal Starr and Arizona-
orders if this is more conveinent. MUFON.
In order to utilize the talent and
ROBERT BLETCHMAN education of our Consultants and
*** Research Specialists, the following
Joe Santangelo's term as Eastern footage. Even though we have an new procedure is being instituted: a
Regional Director is expiring. He has extensive library of VHS video tapes, copy of the membership application
asked to be replaced, since he will we are not in the video tape repro- of all Consultants will continue to be
not run for reelection. Anyone living duction business and decline such mailed to James M. McCampbell,
in the Eastern Region of states con- requests. We are delighted to advise Director for Research, however new
sisting of ME, NH, VT, MA, CT, RI, Journal readers that an appropriate Research Specialists' processed appli-
NY, PA, MD, NJ, DE, WV, VA, NC, company is in this business as of May cations will be mailed to Jennie
SC, GA, FL, DC, and PR interested 18, 1988. For a list of video tapes Zeidman, Coordinator of Technical
in being elected to this position (Beta or VHS format) available, please Analysis to build up a source of quali-
should advise their State Director of send a stamped, selfaddressed enve- fied people in diverse applicable fields.
their desire so they may be nomi- lope to UFO Video Clearing House, A high priority will be given to
nated. State Directors may nominate 12655 2nd Street, Suite #78, Yucaipa, recruitment of qualified clinical hyp-
themselves. The deadline for receiv- California 92399-4660 (telephone: (714) notists throughout the country, due
ing nominations is October 31, 1988 795-3361). The list is free. to the large number of abductees sur-
in Seguin, Texas. This is an oppor- The First International European facing daily. We must have a definite
tunity for a dedicated person to help UFO Meeting will be held in Brussels, plan of action to help these potential
influence the goals and objectives of Belgium on November 11-13, 1988. abductees.
MUFON and the future of UFOlogy. This meeting will be attended by Michael Seligman Productions from
Loren Gross, MUFON Staff His- Ufologists from England, France, Italy, Los Angeles, California filmed most
torian, has published a series of 16 Spain, Netherlands, Germany, the of the speakers at the MUFON
indexed booklets all titled "UFOs A Scandanavian Countries and Belgium. 1988 UFO Symposium in Lincoln,
History," covering the years from An invitation is hereby extended to
1896 through 1952. With the excep- U.S. and Canadian members in par- Continued on page 18
tion of the 1896 booklet ($2.50), all ticular. The theme is "Physical and
booklets are approximately 100 pages Psychosocial Aspects of Anomalous
and cost $6.00 each in U.S. dollars. Aerial Phenomena." Robert S. Dig-
Please add 50C per booklet for pos-
tage and mail your order to Loren
by (England), Chairman of ICUR
plans to attend. Your International
Gross, 690 Gable Drive, Fremont,
CA 94538.
Director has been invited to present
a slide-illustrated lecture on the Gulf UFO
MUFON is constantly receiving re- Breeze, Florida Case at this meeting,
quests for UFO video programs,
documentaries, and UFO sighting
which he has tentatively accepted.
This could be an opportunity to meet
MUFON UFO JOURNAL, No. 244, August 1988 19
Director's Message
By Walt Andrus
The "4th National UFO Informa- Charles, St. Bernard, Jefferson, and
tion Week" is scheduled for August Plaque Mines. "Chip" holds a Master
14-21, 1988. Each State Director of Divinity degree and an A.D. in
received a packet of informational Nursing. George A. Filer, a retired
material that may be reproduced in USAF Major and a MBA degree,
appropriate quantities, prepared by volunteered as the State Section
Marge Christensen. Some State Director for Burlington and Ocean
Directors revised their previous pub- Counties in New Jersey.
licity material and have already com- John S. Carpenter, M.S.W.,
pleted their plans for photo exhibits, residing in Springfield, Missouri, is the
handouts, lectures, media publicity, new State Section Director for
etc. UFO public education and Greene, Webster, Polk, and Christian
information is high on MUFON's Counties. He also serves as a
priority list. Research Specialist in Clinical Hyp-
In the July issue of the Journal it nosis. Robert A. Liesser, M.S.L.S.
was announced that George R. of Tulsa, Oklahoma has joined
Coyne and Jennie Zeidman be- MUFON in the capacity of Research
came new Board of Directors mem- Specialist in Library Science. Mr.
bers. The following revisions in the Liesser worked with the late Robert
Board of Directors structure and Loftin, author of the book "Identified
responsibilities have been made to Flying Saucers". Other Research
bolster MUFON's public relations Specialists joining MUFON this past
clout. Marge Christensen now has month were Gerald Mark Zeitlin,
the responsibility for Director of Pub- M.S.E.E. of Oakland, California for
lic Education and Information, a posi- MARGE CHRISTENSEN Electrical Engineering and Amateur
tion in which she has performed Radio Operator N6DH; Rodney Jay
admirably for the past 5 years. Curd, M.S., of Lincoln, Nebraska in
MUFON has reached the stature in facts. With major UFO break- Psychology and Counseling; and
UFOlogy where a spokesman and throughs on the immediate horizon, John R. Salter, Jr. M.A. in Sociol-
Director of Public Relations has MUFON must be prepared to respond ogy. John is a full Professor and
become essential in order to dissemi- to the public in a professional, scien- Chairman, Department of Indian Stu-
nate vital UFO information to the tific and respected manner. dies at the University of North
printed press and the electronic Dakota in Grand Forks.
media. The MUFON Executive Com-
mittee has approved the appointment ***
of Robert H. Bletchman, presently Increased interest in the UFO phe- ***
State Director of Connecticut, to the nomenon is readily apparent by the It is great news to announce that
position of Director of Public Rela- substantial number of new members Richard Hall's new book titled "Unin-
tions on the MUFON Board. An joining each month. This is also vited Guests — A Documented His-
attorney with 20 years of experience reflected in the high caliber of people tory of UFO Sightings, Alien Encoun-
in the UFO field, Mr. Bletchman is volunteering for leadership positions. ters & Coverups" (1988), published
eminently qualified to execute this Chuck Brooks, State Director for by Aurora Press, P.O. Box 573,
important function. As the greatest South Dakota, has appointed Tedra Santa Fe, NM 87504 is now available
mystery of the 20th Century and the L. Plane as the Asst. State direc- for $14 (381 pages). Please send a
space age, the UFO phenomenon has tor. She is vitally interested in hypno- check or money order payable to
not received the scientific recognition sis and counseling of abductees. Aurora press and include the price of
that it deserves in the press and elec- Robert E. Lawler, M.D. of Cocoa, the book(s) plus $2 for the first book
tronic media. Several UFO documen- Florida has accepted the dual role of ordered and $1 for each additional
taries are presently being produced Consultant in Radiology and State book to cover postage and handling
for distribution to television networks Section Director for Brevard and to the above address. Mr. Hall's book
and cable TV outlets. It is essential Osceola Counties. Robert E. "Chip" is highly recommended and should be
that the debunking press releases by Eggerton, Jr. living in New Orleans, a part of every UFOlogist's library.
a CSICOP spokesman concerning is the new State Section Director for
UFOs be repudiated with scientific the Louisiana parishes of Orleans, St. Continued on page 19