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Toward an Imaginal Interpretation
of "UFO Abductions"
By Kenneth Ring, Ph.D.
Department of Psychology, University of Connecticut
Dr. Ring, a MUFON consultant this article is to outline this perspec- modern humanity. In our contempor-
in psychology, is the author of tive, but before doing so I would like ary world, of course, myth is some-
Life at Death (1980) and Heading briefly to offer my own reflections on thing that happened long ago; myth
Toward Omega (1984). the two leading contenders for our has become history. Although we
ET hypothesis vote — and my rea- appreciate the role of myth in litera-
Anyone who comes to have a sons for rejecting them. ture, drama and art, we sophisticated
serious interest in ufology is imme- The notion that extraterrestrial beings adults of the Space Age think of our-
diately forced to confront the ques- are here among us is one that I per- selves as having been emancipated
tion that is at once the focal concern sonally have not only come to disfa- from the spell-binding grip of mythol-
of this field and the source of what vor, but, frankly, find absurd. And ogy. As a result, when we encounter
has been protracted, even vicious, despite Tertullian, in this instance I do it in the form of UFO imagery sugges-
disagreement among its researchers: not find that absurdity compels belief. tive of abductions and genetic exper-
Have extraterrestrial beings from spe- On the contrary, most absurd things imentation, we are inclined to literal-
cific physical locations in or beyond deserve to be rejected and, in my ize it. This is a sign of the dominance
our galaxy come to our planet where view, the ET hypothesis should be. of the scientific spirit of our era which
they interact with selected members Of course, I could easily be proven has demythologized the universe. UFO
of the human species? wrong. All it would take would be for phenomena must therefore either be
Although there is a felt pressure at a shining space craft to land you- the products of fantasy, delusion or
the outset to take a stand on this know-where and for Dan Rather to hallucination — or they are real.
matter (since uncertainty coupled with interview its non-earthly inhabitants These are the only two alternatives of
deep emotional investment sparks on CBS News. Or some other form Cartesian rationalism which still holds
proselytizing), it would of course be of consensually undeniable, if less sway over our thinking. Such think-
foolish to yield to these demands. dramatic, hard evidence. Indeed, I ing, however, leads to totally indefens-
After all, one has presumably been consider it one of the virtues of my ible positions: one has a choice of
led to study ufology precisely in order own position that it can be so readily becoming either a UFO debunker or
to evaluate the claims for the extra- disconfirmed. I don't mind taking the a UFO fundamentalist. For make no
terrestrial hypothesis for oneself. One risk either of being wrong or red- mistake about it: if you think that
has not entered the fray merely to faced; besides, I would have lots of "UFO abductions" are literally true,
take sides or to leap aboard the latest company. you are guilty of the kind of reduc-
bandwagon to leave the station. Sift- More to the point, however, are my tionism that converts the richness of
ing through the tormentingly complex reasons for spurning the idea of myth and symbol into bare facticity.
welter of evidence over which so extraterrestrial intervention in earthly And that is surely fundamentalism —
many thoughtful investigators have affairs. My reading both of history even when it tries to pretend other-
differed so violently requires time and and modern UFO literature inclines wise by clothing itself in the fashiona-
reflection. There is no point in "rush- me to view the ET hypothesis as a ble conceptual attire of science.
ing to judgment" simply in order to contemporary manifestation of an Likewise, the position of the debunk-
cast one's vote yea or nay. ancient though powerful myth. As er is equally absurd — and I also
As a relative newcomer to UFO such, it has been an integral and psy- reject it summarily. Anyone who
studies, however, I, too, have puzzled chologically compelling part of many takes the trouble to talk with persons
over the "data" of this strange field creation stories and religious mythol- who have reported UFO phenomena
and wondered how best to interpret ogies throughout the world. The idea — or simply studies the available
them. Like many other novices, I that sky gods (or demons) have fos- literature with an open mind — even-
suppose, I found myself at first sub- tered (or interfered with) human evo- tually must conclude that whatever is
ject to many shifts of viewpoint. As I lution through direct intervention — responsible for these experiences can-
gradually came to get my bearings in including sexual liaisons and genetic not be explained away by factors
ufology, though, I seemed to find my manipulation — in human affairs plays such as fantasy, delusion or hoax —
own way to a position that somehow an important role in world mythology even while admitting that in some
came down on neither side yet wasn't and continues to exert a subtle but cases there is no doubt that such
agnostic either. The main purpose of tenacious influence on the psyche of interpretations are appropriate. There
MUFON UFO Journal, No. 253, May 1989 3
imaginal realm, however, is that it is
Fantasies are idiosyncratic and evanescent. "UFO ontologically real. According to Cor-
abductions/9 like near-death experiences, are nota- bin who was a deep student of mysti-
cal and especially visionary experience:
ble for their consistent patterning as well as for "It must be understood that the
their powerful aftereffects. People are not generally world into which these (visionaries)
profoundly transformed or traumatized by "mere probed is perfectly real. Its reality is
more irrefutable and more coherent
fantasies." than that of the empirical world,
where reality is perceived by the
senses. Upon returning, the beholders
are always, however, what William help, compassion and understanding. of this world are perfectly aware of
James called "the unexplained resi- It is no good to dismiss all this as having been elsewhere; they are not
duum" — instances that stubbornly, attention-seeking fantasy or, even worse, mere schizophrenics. This world is
persistently and convincingly defy con- as necessarily some form of risible hidden behind the very act of sense
ventional explanations. psychopathology. "UFO abductions" perception and has to be sought
are not funny and those whose lives underneath its apparent objective cer-
CONSISTENCY are dislocated by them don't deserve tainty. For this reason we definitely
to be laughed at. Instead, both cries cannot qualify it as being imaginary in
Nowhere in UFO studies is this must be heeded. the current sense of the word, i.e., as
more evident than in the case of But in responding to these cries for unreal, or non-existent ... (The imagi-
"UFO abductions." Even before wide- attention and sympathetic understand- nal) world .. is ontologically as real as
spread publicity was given to these ing, we needn't be limited to the choi- the world of the senses and that of
bizarre-sounding reports, the inde- ces provided by an antiquated Carte- the intellect ... We must be careful
pendent accounts describing them sian dualism, there is a third possibility not to confuse it with the imagination
were impressive in their consistencies, available that allows us to slip past identified by so-called modern man
even to minute details, as Bullard the seemingly all-encompassing eith- with 'fantasy' ..." (Corbin, 1976, p. 17,
(1987) has demonstrated. This could er/or — physicality or fantasy — 9; emphasis is Corbin's.)
hardly be explained as the result of a interpretations of "UFO abductions." Not only is the imaginal realm onto-
cleverly orchestrated hoax nor is it This third option is what I want to logically real, it is also a world that
likely that the facile assumption of adumbrate in this paper. It is the way has form, dimension and, most impor-
contagion is anything other than a of the imaginal. tant for us, persons. Corbin suggests
skeptical social scientist's fantasy. As Notice that I said imaginal — not this when he writes:
for fantasy itself, this is as implausible imaginary. The distinction, which was "(This is) a world possessing exten-
as suggesting that the tens of thou- introduced by the great French Islamic sion and dimension, figures and colors;
sands of persons who have described scholar, Henry Corbin (who died in but these features cannot be per-
near-death experiences are merely 1978), is not merely important; it is ceived by the senses in the same
the dupes of some sort of wish fulfil- crucial. For in dealing with things of manner as if they were properties of
lment. Fantasies are idiosyncratic and the imaginal realm, we are not talking physical bodies. No, these dimen-
evanescent. "UFO abductions," like about the stuff of fantasy or even of sions, figures and colors are the
near-death experiences, are notable imagination, as these terms are generally object of imaginative perception, or
for their consistent patterning as well understood today. Specifically, we are the 'psycho-spiritual senses,'." (Cor-
as for their powerful aftereffects. not concerned here with fictive mat- bin, p. 9.)
People are not generally profoundly ters or with what is "made up" And James Hillman, the father of
transformed or traumatized by "mere through creative invention. Instead, archetypal psychology which is rooted
fantasies." Clearly — to use the the imaginal refers to a third king- in Corbinesque conceptions of the
phrase that is on everyone's lips these dom, access to which is dependent imaginal world, is even more explicit
days — "something is happening." neither on sensory perception nor on this point. He maintains that per-
Whatever "UFO abductions" may be, ordinary cognition (including fantasy). sonifying is a spontaneous and natural
they represent a subjectively real and Normally hidden, it can be appre- activity in those states of conscious-
often deeply upsetting experience to hended in what we would today call ness — he calls it mythical con-
the persons who undergo them. Some- certain altered states of conscious- sciousness — that give us access to
thing is happening. They must be ness that destabilize ordinary percep- the imaginal world:
acknowledged to occur — and they tual modalities and cognitive systems. "Mythical consciousness is a mode
must be reckoned with. The pheno- When these are sufficiently disturbed, of being in the world that brings with
menon cries out for our respectful, if the imaginal realm, like the night sky it imaginal persons. They are given
perplexed, attention — as the individ- which can only be discerned when with the imagination and are its data.
uals who have been subjected to sunlight is absent, stands revealed. Where imagination reigns, personify-
these experiences cry out for our The most important attribute of the ing happens. We experience it nightly,
4 MUFON UFO Journal, No. 253, May 1989
spontaneously, in dreams. Just as we enter into visionary experience or to subtle but deeply important point,
do not create our dreams, but they those who are for whatever reasons and we need to linger over it in order
happen to us, so we do not invent naturally susceptible to it. Thus, stu- to clarify certain implications of this
the persons of myth and religion; dies of those persons inclined to mys- imaginal perspective. UFO encoun-
they, too, happen to us. the persons tical and religious experience (James, ters not only sometimes seem physi-
present themselves as existing prior 1958; Bucke, 1969; Riccardo, 1977; cal, but they can clearly alter the
to any effort of ours to personify. To Cohen and Phipps, 1979; Foster, material environment as well as the
mythic consciousness, the persons of 1985) again afford many instances of human body. How can an imaginal
the imagination are real." (Hillman, encounters with imaginal realities the conception account for such undeni-
1975, p. 16-17; emphasis is Hillman's.) profound effects of which will be evi- able effects?
Hillman's assumptions find strong dent to any attentive reader. Even First, it is important to remember
support from the legacy of our own extreme situational factors can cata- that the imaginal world is an interme-
Western explorations of "the other- pult individuals into an imaginal realm diary one, somewhere between what
world." For example, Caitlin and of astonishingly similar properties as we still call mind and matter. As such,
John Matthews (1985) in their study recent research on the near-death it may be regarded as the source of
of the Western mystery traditions experience has convincingly shown border phenomena, events that seem
assert that one of its central tenets (Moody, 1975; Ring, 1980; 1984; Gal- at once to partake of otherworldly
was "The otherworld and its inhabit- lup, 1982; Sabom, 1982). And here and objective realities. Stigmata may
ants were real in their own worlds, in also the link between the nature of serve to illustrate such phenomena.
their own right, they were not the the experience itself and imaginal real- Here we have a physical effect that
result of imaginative or mental states." ities has already been noted by some can be reliably witnessed, photograph-
(Matthews and Matthews, 1985, p. commentators (Zaleski, 1987; Ring, in ed, etc., while at the same time its
105; emphasis is the authors'.) press). origins are obviously "not of this
Needless to say, I wouldn't have world" (i.e., have no discernible phys-
Shamanic Travels outlined these notions here if I didn't ical cause). Reports of such extraor-
believe that they had application to dinary manifestations tend to con-
Indeed, although the phrase, "the the phenomenon of "UFO abduc- found our ontological categories, yet,
imaginal world," is relatively new to tions." In brief, I submit that these like UFO accounts, they are plentiful
modern scholarship (it was originally encounters take place in an imaginal and impossible to disregard.
proposed by Corbin in 1972), the domain — though, as the passages I From an imaginal point of view,
conception it stands for has been well have cited from other authors make "UFO abductions" could be under-
known and understood among tradi- clear, such experiences may seem stood as border phenomena that
tional peoples and in civilized socie- fully real to the persons who undergo reflect the behavior of authochtonous
ties since deep antiquity. It is, for them. Lacking the framework and quasi-physical beings of the imaginal
example, fundamental to the practice terminology of the third realm, how- realm whose activity precipitates into
of shamanism which has been called ever, such persons may easily and our material reality — but whose orig-
humanity's primordial religion and naturally attempt to assimilate these ins remain in imaginal, not outer,
was at one time, in one form or encounters to physical reality — a space.
another, virtually worldwide in its dis- process that is surely abetted by the
tribution. The shaman is the proto- publicity given to UFO investigators Crack Event
typic "otherworld traveller," a man who have fallen into the same inter-
(or woman) who is at home in both pretative error but whose pronounce- Those disposed to Jungian formula-
worlds, recognizes the reality of each, ments nevertheless provide a kind of tions of such phenomena might well
and can easily journey between them. legitimization of this view for individu- label them psychoid. Michael G rosso
Even a casual perusal of some of the als desperately seeking to make sense who employs this term has nicely
classic and recent literature on sham- of a baffling and often frightening caught the inherent ambiguity and "in
anism (Eliade, 1958; 1964; Nicholson, experience. Such literal interpreta- betweeness" of the UFO border in
1987; Doore, 1988; Kalweit, 1988; tions, in my judgment, only serve to the following passage:
McKenna, 1989) will be sufficient to make a confusing ordeal more confus- "A psychoid entity might affect
demonstrate an obvious and strong ing to all concerned as well as giving radar, cause burns, leave traces in
connection between "shamanic states rise to all sorts of extravagant fanta- the ground and at the same time pass
of consciousness" (to use the term sies concerning the alleged purpose through walls, appear and disappear
introduced by Michael Harner) and behind these "extraterrestrial interven- like ghosts, defy gravity, assume vari-
what I have called the imaginal world. tions." able and patently symbolic shapes,
Of course, this world is not limited But, I repeat, these episodes do nof and strike deep chords of psychic,
to those who follow the shamanic take place in the physical world as mystic and prophetic sentiment. In a
road into other realities. In principle, such, even when they leave physical sense, a psychoid experience would
it is available to anyone who culti- traces of the effects they obtrude into be doubly "real" because it combined
vates within himself the means to our space/time continuum. This is a the weight of objectivity with the
MUFON UFO Journal, No. 253, May 1989
transparency of immediate experience." the Latin, mundus imaginalis, has also be sure, features that we normally
(Grosso, 1988a p. 10.) used the phrase, mundus archefypus, associate with dissociative or hypnoidal
So, too, has Peter Rojcewicz, who, to refer to this realm. What this means, states of consciousness, susceptibility to
in analyzing "men in black" reports, fundamentally, is that there are in effect, which seems to be characteristic of
has tentatively suggested the phrase, definite experiential matrices (Grot, 1975) many persons who report being abduct-
the crack event, to indicate the inter- in the imaginal world that give structure ed (Moravec, 1989). Where these initial
play of "... the world of the everyday and coherence to different types of conditions are not present, one might
(and) the world of the apparently journeys there. There is, then, a certain be inclined to suppose that persons
impossible. The crack event, neither archetypal similarity to shamanic expe- who feel that they have nevertheless
entirely concrete nor entirely ephe- riences, as anthropological research been spirited away by extraterrestrials
meral, is an ontologically ambiguous makes clear, regardless of the culture in would tend to be those who are natu-
experience whose nature exists some- which they occur. Similarly, there is the rally highly prone to dissociative or
where in between... The crack is a old aphorism of Saint-Martin, certainly hypnoidal trance states regardless of
transition zone, where one realm in need of qualification but still possess- outward circumstances.
passes through and blurs the boun- ing a nugget of truth, that "all mystics Precisely this kind of argument has
dary between two realities, e.g., the speak the same language and come been advanced, of course, by the
mundane and the sacred, the material from the same country" (LeShan, 1974, proponents of the misleadingly formu-
and the imaginative, simultaneousy p. 42). And yet again, this time in the lated fantasy-proneness hypothesis of
perceived by the same witness. It is a case of near-death experiences, there is "UFO abductions," principally Baster-
category of experience betwixt and another different but distinctively struc- field and Bartholomew (1988a; 1988b;
between ..." (Rojcewicz, in press [b], tured archetypal realm that is reliably 1988c), which has lately stimulated
p. 10, 13; emphasis is Rojcewicz's.) described by sojoumers into this imagi- considerable controversy among stu-
Thus, the imaginal approach I am nal territory. dents of the abduction phenomenon
suggesting here, far from denying the So it is, too, with those who are sub- (Hopkins, 1988a; 1988b; Stenshoel,
reality of physical effects, actually pos- jected to the terror of "UFO abduc- 1988; Rogo, 1988; Randies, 1988;
its them as stemming from the leak- tions." These experiences also reflect an Goldsmith, 1988). In essence, a fantasy-
age of the imaginal into the physical encounter with a particular imaginal prone person, as originally described
world. And in doing so, it even helps matrix. Just why this matrix has the by Wilson and Barber (1983), is an
to solve a problem that literalistic form and attributes it does is a large individual who lives much of his life in
interpretations founder on — the oth- question to which I must not yield here a world of apparently self-generated
erwise curious and disturbing blend- in order not to depart from the path I fantasy, lives /or that world, and may
ing of the seemingly objective with the want to follow — but it is one that I have a hard time distinguishing between
bizarre and absurd. would like to consider properly in the events of that world and those of
We come now to another impor- another article. physical reality. Fantasy-prone per-
tant facet of "UFO abductions" that sons make exceptionally good hyp-
an imaginal interpretation must address. notic subjects, report a large number
This relates to the consistent pattern- What I can speak to in this context, of psychic and other anomalous exper-
ing of these experiences — something however, is why certain individuals iences and are said to constitute
which, as I noted earlier, absolutely appear vulnerable in the first place to something like four percent of the
refutes the convenient hypothesis of this kind of imaginal experience. I have population at large. The main findings
the debunkers that such stories are eneral sensitizing factor already menti- concerning the fantasy-prone person
only the fantasies of the psychologi- oned that the gis slipping into an altered detailed by Wilson and Barber on the
cally naive and credulous. What, state of consciousness of some sort. In basis of a small sample of women
then, is responsible for the remarka- this case, it appears to be the kind that have been largely supported, though
ble uniformity of the typical "UFO Jenny Randies (1987) calls a "quaskxjnscious somewhat qualified, for both sexes by
abduction" scenario? experience" — something that is neither the subsequent work of Rhue and
The answer, from an imaginal point the product of normal waking con- Lynn (Rhue and Lynn, 1987a; 1987b;
of view, lies in what can be called, sciousness nor subconscious fantasy, Lynn and Rhue, 1986; 1988).
with apologies to Jung, archetypal but rather, as she says, "something else Basterfield and Bartholomew, in
patterning. Corbin and Hillman, for in between (my emphasis)." Of course, one of their papers (1988a), have
example, make it clear that they it is well known that "UFO abductions" theorized that Whitley Strieber, argua-
believe that the imaginal world is often seem to have their origin under bly the best known and most contro-
structured in archetypes — which for conditions that are conducive to such versial abductee of the present day, is
our purposes we can define as pri- states (such as driving at night on a such a fantasy-prone person, and
mordial constellations of images based deserted country roads or in sleep- that therefore his experiences are lar-
on cumulative, collective human exper- related circumstances) and that such gely self-generated fantasies. They
ience that can nevertheless express episodes frequently involve an entranc- have also proposed that the typical.
themselves in forms conditioned by ing stimulus of some kind as well as a abductee is likely to score high on
the times. Indeed, Corbin who prefers period of "missing time." These are, to measures of fantasy-proneness — a
MUFON UFO Journal, No. 253, May 1989
proposition that has already stimu- laugh them away, but the truth seems
lated heated debate. No empirical Individuals who score high to be that they continue to see us,
evidence is available on this point as on measures of fantasy- trick us, play with us and, indeed,
yet, but some will be before the end laugh at us. "A huge confidence trick
of 1989. For the past year, I have
proneness may in fact on a grand, theatrical scale," Hough
been carrying out a study of persons be highly gifted persons calls it. (Hough, 1989, p. 120.)
who have reported UFO experiences, who have a privileged There was a time, of course, when
especially abductions, and one of my fairies were commonly seen. No longer,
questionnaires assesses fantasy-prone- means of access to imagi- as fairies are out of style. But the
ness. I have included a number of nal realities. They may elementals are masters of disguise (as
comparison groups in this study which well as deception) and their form is
will make it possible to draw some
be much closer to vision- protean — I am tempted to say For-
tentative conclusions concerning the aries than to schizophren- tean. Since we now live in a Space
relative fantasy-proneness of UFO ics. Age and our heads are no longer
experients. bowed down to the soil but instead
Nevertheless, I personally do not gaze outward into the incalculable
endorse the use of the term, fantasy- form of the experience, viz., the vastness of the cosmos, they dress in
proneness, for several related rea- abduction scenario itself. Susceptibil- the costume of our own epoch's
sons. First, it has a pejorative conno- ity to imaginal domains does not tell archetypal figure — the extraterres-
tation, suggesting as it does that such us why certain persons "tune into" trial alien — whom we can see since
an individual is subject to a world of this specific experiential matrix. he conforms to our current concep-
pure, idiosyncratic fantasy. Second, it Obviously, here again, we bump tion of imaginative possibility. It seems
also conveys the impression that such into "the large question" I alluded to that they want to be seen, perhaps so
an attribute is somewhat, if not earlier — and which I still plan to we can ponder, as we obviously do,
extremely pathological. Finally, it ap- eschew for the time being — pertain- their meaning for modern humanity.
pears to deny that the realms of ing to the reasons for the dominance Though their kinds are various,
experience to which such an individ- of these experiential motifs in our they seem always to fall into two main
ual may have access could have any own historical period. Although I want categories. From old Swedenborg to
ontological validity whatever. to tackle this formidable matter head- today's schizophrenics, we find higher-
From an imaginal point of view, on in a subsequent article, I can at order angelic entities who seem to
however, such a disposition appears least take a moment here to indicate guide rather than coerce an individual
in a much more favorable light. Indi- where I think the answer should be to draw on his own inner wisdom and
viduals who score high on measures looked for. It turns out to be precisely who protect him from harm. Then
of fantasy-proneness may in fact be in the cultural counterpart of the there are the darker denizens who
highly gifted persons who have a privi- imaginal world itself where the images are decidedly manipulative or coolly
leged means of access to imaginal of that realm come to lead a fugitive, indifferent to one's fate — or even
realities. Thus, they may be much quasi-physical life. patently malevolent. Students of UFO-
closer to visionaries than to schizoph- lore are well familiar with both of
renics. Rather than being disdained, Folklore these types though the latter kind are
their experiences should be studied certainly more commonly involved
carefully for the information they may Folklore is the earthly mirror of the with "UFO abductions" these days.
contain concerning the nature and imaginal world. Simulacra of that Nothing new here, really — except
dynamics of the realms to which such world have always haunted ours with the uniform. One piece jump suits
persons are sensitive. For these rea- their ghostly presence. They have weren't always in fashion.
sons, I would like to propose that we been as ineradicable as they have Indeed, nothing new here at all
cease using the demeaning term, been elusive — and they have always since these folkloric riffs have been
fantasy-proneness, and substitute in defied capture by net-carrying rational- played for years for UFO enthusiasts
its place the more neutral one of ists. All cultures have their traditions by several able writers, most notably
imagina/ify. We would then speak of of "the little people" who inhabit Jacques Vallee (1970, 1988) and John
persons who rank high or low on the normally visible interstitial realms but Keel (1970, 1988). Recent contribu-
psychological characteristic of imagi- who seem to have the ability some- tions by a new generation of scholars
nality, the ability to enter into imagi- times to penetrate into (John Keel such as David Hufford (1982), Peter
nal realities. would say "infest") and cause mischief Rojcewicz (1984; 1986; 1987; inpress
It will not have escaped the percep- in ours. We have been sharing our a; in press b), Thomas Bullard (1987;
tive reader that conditions conducive space with angels and demons, elves 1988), and Michael Grosso (1988a;
to quasi-conscious experiences and and fairies, goblins and spirits since 1988b) have only added more persua-
tendencies toward imaginality are not time began. A materialistic science sive accompaniment to an already
in themselves sufficient to explain the may have banished them from our irresistible refrain.
abduction phenomenon. For we are awareness and remain blind to them I'm bringing in this familiar theme
still left to account for the particular and, when their existence is claimed,
MUFON UFO Journal, No. 253, May 1989
tigators have been demanding, and I
Folklore is the earthly mirror of the imaginal world. support them in this.
Simulacra of that world have always haunted ours But we can help best, in my opin-
ion, by jettisoning our outworn Carte-
with their ghostly presence. They have been as sian habits of thought and approach-
ineradicable as they have been elusive — and they ing these phenomena from an imagi-
have always defied capture by net-carrying rational- nal/folkloric perspective. This will
necessarily take us down a psycholog-
ists. ical road that will lead not only into
folkloric territory but into the realm of
myth itself — which is where this dis-
here, however, only because one clean" — how long have we been cussion began, as the reader will
comes to it by following out "the hearing that one?) and unquenchable recall. This may make some ufologists
imaginal imperative" — tracing the hopes that the long sought-after but uncomfortable if not downright unhap-
implications of the imaginal perspec- always elusive artefact (today, it's an py, but in the long run it will, I think,
tive for the problem of "UFO abduc- implant) that will conclusively estab- prove salutary for UFO studies. For
tions." In other words, I have reached lish extraterrestrial presence on the by placing this field within an already
the same conclusions as these parti- planet will be tomorrow morning's established scholarly tradition, ufol-
sans of the folkloric view, but I got headline. How long will it take ufolo- ogy, long orphaned and shunned by
there by taking a different route, to gists to realize that they themselves the academy, will finally find a home.
wit; (1) the imaginal realm is a self- are part of the folkloric machine, help- This may, of course, make it hard on
existent world; (2) it is accessible ing to create a new myth for today's reporters for The National Enquirer,
through altered states of conscious- humanity while thinking that they are but it would enable a lot of timid
ness; (3) it is populated by ontologi- working in a scientific spirit to solve academicians — like me — who are
cally real personified beings; and (4) it "the UFO question?" interested in UFO phenomena to
interacts with the everyday material An imaginal approach allows one to come out of hiding.
world, albeit often in ways that defy see clearly the self-generated futility of In the end, the search for the alien
rational understanding. When I apply much of the UFO enterprise — as it somewhere out in the galaxy must be
the template that results from these seems to be carried out by many abandoned anyway, for he is not
considerations to the UFO abduction investigators these days. They are there. You will find him instead in the
phenomenon, it makes parsimonious chasing their own tails; they are part multi-dimensional richness of human
sense of it. I don't have to posit some of the very problem they think they experience on this planet. But let us
kind of almost inconceivable extrater- are trying to separate out for study. work to develop our own imaginal
restrial invasion to explain it; instead I Furthermore, they inadvertently con- vision so that when we do encounter
can understand it against the back- fuse the people they are endeavoring, him we can finally deliteralize him.
drop of a worldwide tradition — folk- with full compassionate intent, to help Then we will see him for who he is —
lore — that has always co-existed — those reporting "UFO abductions." and find him more astonishing than
along with man. And I'm afraid that to many educated the extraterrestrials we now fantasize
And always means now, too, obvious- laymen, they may simply appear foolish. about.
ly. It is happening this very day, And how ironic all this is —because
though we may be no more aware of in fact the so-called "UFO question" References
it than a 15th century Italian knew is one of enormous importance for
that he was living through the Renais- today's world. UFO research- Bartholomew, R.E., and Basterfield,
sance. As Jacques Vallee has aptly ers really deserve not only our respect K. Abduction states of consciousness.
said, UFO phenomena, such as abduc- but our praise for they have rightly, in International UFO Reporter, March/
tions, are "folklore in the making." my judgment, identified perhaps one April, 1988a, 7-9, 15.
We just need to be able to see it in of the most significant cultural issues Bartholomew, R.E., and Basterfield,
that light. Try thinking about The of our time. I fully share their convic- K. UFO "abductees" and "contac-
National Enquirer as our most popu- tion about how momentous it is and tees": psychopathogy or fantasy-prone?
lar journal of folklore, for example, how important it is to examine its Unpublished manuscript, 1988c.
and you'll see what I mean. implications. And I deeply sympathize Basterfield, K., and Bartholomew,
At its core, after all, folklore is sto- with all those persons whose own R.E. Abductions: The fantasy-prone
ries — stories that are often hard to encounters with (what we still mis- personality hypothesis. International
believe. The same could be said for leadingly call) UFO phenomena have UFO Reporter, May/June, 1988b,
UFO reports. Indeed, ufology is a left them disturbed, if not profoundly 9-11.
field that is mostly stories of this kind troubled. They deserve our help and Bucke, R.M. Cosmic Conscious-
— wild, fantastic tales fed by a never understanding; they have experienced ness. New York: E.P. Dutton, 1969.
ending supply of tantalizing rumors something very real. "The UFO prob- Bullard, T.E. Comparafiue Analysis
("The Government is about to come lem" merits all the attention its inves- of UFO Abduction Reports. Washing-
8 MUFON UFO Journal, No. 253, May, 1989
ton, D.C.: Fund for UFO Research, ing, 1974. 131-152.
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MUFON UFO Journal, No. 253, May 1989 9
Pennsylvania Law Officer
Reports CE2 Incident
By Stan Gordon

Gordon is PASU's director of to UFO cases that warrant such a long, shaped like an elongated oval
operations and MUFON State Direc- response. While many of the 1988 and appeared to be made of a highly
tor for Pennsylvania. He can be cases deserve special recognition, the polished silver-colored material. The
contacted at 6 Oakhill Ave., Greens- most important UFO cases occurred light from the object was brilliant,
burs, PA 15601, Hotline (412) 838- as the year was coming to an end. comparable to burning magnesium.
7768. The object was motionless when first
The Observation
observed. As the officer watched, the
Beginning in 1986, UFO sighting Late on the afternoon of December object moved to the left, then to the
reports to the Pennsylvania Associa- 4, 1988, the PASU UFO Hotline tele- right, and at times rose and fell in alti-
tion for the Study of the Unexplained phone rang. The caller was a law tude. After a while, the object sud-
(PASU) revealed an increase in the enforcement officer from Dauphin denly accelerated straight up a short
number of unexplained incidents. County, who began to ask questions distance then stopped again. Finally
Since August of 1987, a continuous about what PASU investigated, what the object departed in a southwes-
wave of UFO activity has been occur- kind of people were involved with the terly direction, emitting a whitish trail
ring in the Keystone State. During group, and what was done with the with a silvery color behind it. When
1988, numerous close encounter information. As our discussion con- the object was in motion, the officer
cases occurred and were investigated tinued, it was apparent that he had heard a humming sound that varied
by PASU. While all classes of close some information to discuss, but from a moderate to a high-pitched rate.
encounters were logged, daylight seemed reluctant. With a little more
CEII Physical Effects
observations, and dozens of nocturnal talk we gained his confidence, and he
light sightings were also reported by revealed details about an incident that The officer noticed during the obser-
hundreds of the state's residents. he had been involved in during the vation that he felt like he was in a
This wave of unexplained UFO early morning hours of the same day. mist, and that the interior of his car
events has continued into early 1989, Officer Jones (pseudonym; the actual was illuminated with a bluish-haze. He
with many high quality UFO incidents identity of the witness is on file with also noted that his car's exterior paint
currently under investigation. Across PASU and MUFON) had left for color seemed unusually dull. The
the state of Pennsylvania, a large work at 5:25 A.M., and was proceed- officer also observed numerous phy-
network of UFO researchers has ing south on an intersecting road with siological effects both during and after
been established to handle the sight- old Route 22. This four-lane, undi- the sighting. When the witness first
ings as they are reported. This net- vided highway goes into and out of stepped out to look at the object, he
work is comprised of members of the City of Harrisburg. He noticed a realized that even with his hands over
both PASU and MUFON, who work bright light through the trees ahead of his eyes, it was too bright to look at
closely together to provide quick him in the distance. After rounding a directly. Physically, he felt an increase
response to important UFO incidents. bend in the highway, he was startled in warmth, a sensation like an electric
PASU has been established for many to see a large object hovering about shock, experienced dizziness, slug-
years as a volunteer, statewide scien- 125 feet away, almost directly above gishness and a headache. His eyes
tific clearinghouse that conducts the power lines and a traffic light at began to smart and water, his ear-
open-minded investigations into all an intersection. The light from the drums vibrated, and his hair stood on
aspects of the UFO phenomena. object was so bright that it caused end. After the object departed, some
PASU membership is not open to the him to swerve to a stop, blocking two of these effects continued along with
public, but is comprised of people lanes of the road. Even though the a burning sensation in the facial area.
with specialized experience or training sky was clear, 40-mile-per-hour wind His neck muscles and spinal column
in scientific and technical fields. gusts were blowing, making it difficult ached. The pain in his eyes became
Members include professional scient- for the officer to open the car door to more serious and his vision seemed
ists, medical doctors, engineers, tech- take a better look at the mysterious to be blurred or out of focus. His ears
nicians, and former military intelli- object. turned red and pain was evident. In
gence officers. The organization has He pulled his service cap down addition, his hearing seemed impaired.
many types of research equipment to over his forehead to provide some
Second Witness
gather data in the field. It has been additional protection from the gusty
set up to respond on a 24-hour basis wind. The object was about 75 feet Just after the sighting, the officer
10 MUFON UFO Journal, No. 253, May 1989
saw another car about 75 feet away have come across the ending to a an official report on the incident
also parked along the road. He UFO abduction? Why hadn't he seen should be made. It was at this point
approached the car and found a man this car as he approached the area? that they made a decision to contact
in a business suit with his tie missing, After the incident, Jones was stunned us.
and looking as though he had just by the experience, and did not feel
gotten off work. The man appeared well. He thought twice about whether Physical Evidence
shaken, and tears were observed in he should continue to work, and
his eyes. The officer asked him if he elected to do so, arriving about a half After the initial interview, it was
had seen the strange object. The man hour later than normal. When he con- apparent that the case appeared to
stated that, "yes he had, but he didn't fided in his superior officers, they be of high importance. Not only had
know what it was." The officer was so took his report seriously. In the past important physical effects from a
shaken at the time, that he forgot to they both had observed unexplained nearby UFO been reported, but the
obtain the other witness's name or things in the sky. One of these offic- officer also mentioned that after the
auto license number. Later, when ers also had a strange experience object departed, he noticed an unus-
recalling this part of the event, the about the same time that Jones had ual, powdery dust-like material on his
officer remembered some unusual his UFO encounter. Officer Lang car. UFO researcher Leslie Varnicle
details. He remembered that as he (pseudonym) was also getting ready (a telecommunications engineer and
approached this other car, he smelled to leave for work, when he heard a MUFON amateur radio net manager)
a strong odor similar to sulphur. strange humming sound that seemed who lives close to the area of the
Upon walking up to the second car to be coming from above his house. sighting was contacted. She arranged
he noted that the motor was shut off, He went to the back porch and saw to meet with the officer and his wife
and that the engine was cold as nothing. The sound seemed to be fad- the same evening the incident took
though it had not been running for ing away as he went into the back place.
some time. The gentleman's appear- yard for a better look. Lang lives in Varnicle stated in her incident
ance at that early morning hour the same direction that the UFO report on the sighting, "Officer Jones
seemed out of place. The author has departed after hovering. The officers, has all the outward appearance of
posed this question: Could the officer after seeing Jones' condition, felt that being sincere and honest in his
MUFON UFO Journal, No. 253, May 1989 11
In late January, 1989, he said that he
is now feeling well.
T= 200 SECS
UFO 3# 20KV WD29MM 1453/214/752 1/17/89 Sample Analysis
3000 r

The dust samples taken from the

car were sent to the PASU office for
further study. PASU arranged for an
c extensive laboratory analysis of the
2000 samples. The examination was con-
ducted by a professional analytical
laboratory which is one of several
that assists PASU as a professional
courtesy. (Name of lab on file with
MUFON). While particles of clay,
1000 sodium, and carbon covered with salt
were found, much of the samples
showed another substance which was
identified as Potassium Chloride. While
N the analysts were surprised to find
this material, it was important to
0.000 1.000 2.000 3.000 4.000 5.000 6.000 7.000 8.000 9.000 10.000
determine if Potassium Chloride may
have been used in the road salt, and
ENERGY kicked up by a passing car. A check
was made with the Pennsylvania
reporting of what happened to him. pies of the dust-like residue. Most of Department of Transportation and
He did appear to be visibly shaken by the material had blown away due to the Salt Institute located in Alexan-
his experience even though over 12 the high winds, so as much as possi- dria, Virginia. Both agencies indicated
hours had passed between the sight- ble was taken from around the crevi- that this material was not used by any
ing, and this interview. The burning ces of the windows. highway department they were aware
on his face showed definite outline of of, since it was too expensive to use
his service cap where it had been Health Problems for the purpose of melting ice and
pulled down across his forehead. The snow.
burn marks on his neck and chest as Because of the nature of the physi- This detection of Potassium Chlo-
well as his face were only on the fron- cal effects, PASU and MUFON medi- ride on the surface of the car after
tal portion and did not appear to have cal consultants in the state were put having been within close range of a
been made by a sunlamp." on alert. The officer had originally hovering UFO is of significance due
Vamicle reported that Jones appear- decided to visit his family doctor the to another CE2 incident that made
ed to have what looked like first- next day after the sighting, but after worldwide news in January of 1988.
degree sunburn on his face. His eyes thinking over the implications, he The Knowles family, while driving
were red and bloodshot and his ears decided not to obtain medical help. near Mundrabilla, Australia on Janu-
were reddened. The witness at that The officer emphasized that because ary 20, 1988 reported that a UFO
time stated that he was seeing multi- of his job position, he was fearful of picked their car off the highway, then
ple spots in front of his eyes. Varnicle any publicity and did not want to be dropped it. An unusual dust material
took photographs of the officer's face identified. He was worried that he was found in their Ford Telstar by the
using a 35mm camera. Due to the would have to tell his doctor what investigators. Recent news accounts
film jamming in the camera (this had really happened to produce the burn- from the Australian press indicate
never happened before in the 15 ing effects which he received. Consul- that analysis of that substance also
years Varnicle had been using this tants were prepared to examine the identified Potassium Chloride. This
camera) the pictures were lost. The witness, but the officer, while willing laboratory analysis was performed in
officer's wife, using a VHS cam- to co-operate as much as possible, California through the courtesy of
corder, took video recordings of his did not wish to take time off from Richard F. Haines, Ph.D. While we
burnt face. They utilized a separate work to travel a considerable distance cannot rule out the possibility that the
light to obtain better pictures. Later to meet with one of these medical material was picked up by some nor-
when the tape was reviewed, it was consultants. These physical effects mal means, the fact that apparently
found that the picture was washed lasted several weeks and then gradu- the same substance was found on
out. Varnicle obtained law enforce- ally began to subside. The officer, in two cars intimately involved in close
ment sampling tape, and went over fact, never went for any medical
the surface of the car to obtain sam- assistance to document the injuries. Continued on page 23
12 MUFON UFO Journal, No. 253, May 1989
Case Submittals:
A Two-Year Time Exposure
By Dan Wright, Deputy Director, Investigations

As the account of one Florida man lacked the necessary thoroughness — ysis of the 174 submittals is the con-
and his family thundered across the in the case materials and/or investiga- centration of states and provinces of
UFO landscape, MUFON investiga- tive efforts presented — to be consi- origin. Perhaps not coincidentally,
tors in twenty-three states and two dered complete. By contrast, over the larger numbers of submittals eman-
Canadian provinces were quietly assem- subsequent thirteen months, fewer ated from local MUFON organiza-
bling the broader account of anomal- than twenty percent were missing the tions that are more robust than their
ous aerial phenomena over North basics. counterparts. For the descending order
America. The following review of case defi- by numbers of reports submitted, see
Responding to a promise of early ciencies is offered to strengthen future Figure 1.
examination and feedback on all reports. The recurring problems dis-
incoming case reports, members sub- covered have been of three general Valid Reports
mitted a total of 174 cases during the types:
17th-month period ending December • Forms and summaries: A sight- Over the 17-month period, 98 case
31, 1988. In composite, the accounts ing form was not included or essential reports were assessed as complete,
are reminiscent of a bygone era. information was left blank. In effect, 79 of which were substantial as veri-
Amid the clamor for abduction expe- the witness did not affirm (via form fied by the investigator. ("Substance"
riences and tales of hybrid pregnan- signature or handwritten account) is defined by means of the Speiser
cies, it is important to realize that the that the incident as described in the scale: a strangeness factor of at least
same momentary, inexplicable UFO investigator's narrative actually occurred. S3 — possibly explainable but with
appearances which clogged the paper- Alternately, the witness statement elements of strangeness; and witness
backs of the Sixties continue unabated. was not accompanied by a case eva- credibility of at least P3 — somewhat
luation as summarized by the investiga- credible or indeterminate.)
New Procedures tor. Forty additional cases, including 35
• Case elements: Questions arose from Pennsylvania, were held without
In early August 1987, the procedure due to ambiguities in the event cir- evaluation pending the arrival of further
for submitting and evaluating case cumstance or description of the claimed promised materials. It should also be
reports was revised. Under the new anomaly, conflicting testimony, or fac- noted that, at the conclusion of 1988,
guidelines, a copy of each investigated tors in the environment that were not analysis of the photographs taken by
case is to be sent to the Deputy addressed. "Mr. Ed" of Gulf Breeze, Florida was
Director for preliminary evaluation. • Collateral contacts: Necessary con- ongoing, and a final report on his
(The originals of all documents and tacts with police, airport or military claimed encounters had not been
materials should be sent to the base, neighbors and other sources to submitted. Hence, none of those
Seguin, Texas headquarters.) Each either confirm or resolve the incident events are included in the totals. Sev-
report is assured an assessment as to were not mentioned in the case eral seemingly related reports by oth-
its completeness and clarity. By this report. ers in the Pensacola - Gulf Breeze
means, any followup necessary for Readily evident in a statistical anal- area were finalized during the period
strengthening can be accomplished
while the case is still fresh. Utilizing
the "Speiser Classification" (MUFON Pennsylvania - 48 Saskatchewan - 3 Connecticut - 1
UFO Journal, April 1987), the report Indiana - 32 Arizona - 2 Mississippi - 1
content is categorized in terms of its Florida - 18 Iowa - 2 North Carolina - 1
strangeness and the probable reliabil- Michigan - 17 Kentucky - 2 North Dakota - 1
ity of the witness. Washington - 13 Ontario - 2 Oklahoma - 1
The value of initiating an assess- Massachusetts - 12 Utah - 2 Oregon - 1
ment and feedback mechanism has Alabama - 4 West Virginia - 2 South Carolina - 1
been borne out by the declining Minnesota - 3 California - 1
number of incomplete reports since Ohio - 3 Colorado - 1 Total: 174
its inception. In the first four months
under the revised submittal proce- Figure 1
dure, fully half of the case reports
MUFON UFO Journal, No. 253, May 1989 13
and so are properly recognized here. Sky, Sound & EM tor of at least S4 (strange, does not
Of the 79 substantial reports, 58 conform to known principles) and
concerned incidents occurring from The 56 substantial cases of direct witness reliability of at least P4 (cred-
January 1987 forward, to which the (close or distant) observation are ible and sound). These are capsulized
commentary below is confined. With reviewed below in respect to sky below in sequential order. AH stated
caution against making any judgments condition, perceived sound, and appar- times are local.
based on a small universe of cases, ent electrical/magnetic (EM) effects. 3/4/87 (Log #881001), Mauckport,
object shape among the 58 cases was The sky was clear or partly cloudy Indiana, 11:15 PM, 20-minute duration
as described in Figure 2. in 50 of the 56 observations. Four (lead investigator, Jim Delehanty): A wo-
Twenty-three of the 58 events were occurred with an overcast, one during man returning from feeding her dog
categorized as close encounters of foggy conditions, and one under a was engulfed by an orange glow.
the first kind, nineteen of which threatening weather alert. Three hundred feet above hovered a
occurred at night involving a lone, No sound was associated with the disc with a prominent rim and perime-
average (non-exceptional) witness. Two object in 47 events. In three, a hum ter lights of red, green and blue. At
single-witness CE-1 occurrences were was heard, while in two others a swi- times the vehicle appeared to wobble.
in daylight, while multiple witnesses shing/jet sound was detected. One Finally, it accelerated vertically, levelled
were present in two others at night. witness reported a whizzing; one off, and moved out of sight in
No radar-visual cases were reported claimed a medium-range tone mixed seconds.
and no instances of a CE-II, III or IV with static; and one stated the win- 3/13/87 (Log #880101), 20 miles
were substantiated. dows of her home vibrated from an from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, 7:20
Setting aside two ground traces undefined sound. PM, 7-second duration (lead investiga-
discovered without direct observation EM effects were noted in four tor, Tim Tokaryk): While driving
of an anomalous vehicle, 33 other cases. In one, an auto's engine missed along Highway 2, a family observed a
valid cases were submitted during the and headlights dimmed momentarily. tapered cylindrical vehicle, 12 feet in
period. Fifteen of these were classified The second incident entailed an auto's length, pacing their auto at a distance
as nocturnal lights (NL), seven as radio being stuck on a particular sta- of 40 feet. The object was soundless
daylight objects at a distance (DD), tion after an overflight. In a third, an and emitted no exhaust. The middle
and eleven as night objects at a dis- electrical outage was confirmed in the portion of its upper section was brigh-
tance. (Note: Hynek's classification immediate area of an object hovering ter. It moved in front of the auto,
system does not account for clearly above powerlines. These three cases accelerating out of sight.
defined objects beyond close-encounter involved disc-shaped vehicles. In the 9/3/87 (Log #871209), Greensburg,
range after nightfall. These eleven, fourth (a possible abduction), the wit- Pennsylvania, 1 AM, 3-minute dura-
then, would be termed nocturnal ness's car came to a halt without the tion (lead investigator, Stan Gordon),
lights under that system.) Night object brakes being applied as a brilliant red Winner of the Meritorious Achieve-
is an advent of the Berliner Coeffi- light approached. ment in a UFO Investigation award
cient (MUFON UFO Journal, March for 1987: Five men, including three
1987). Best Case Scenarios police officers, observed a metallic
Fifteen of the 33 distant sightings disc hovering over power lines. A
involved single average observers, Twelve case reports stood apart documented electrical outage in the
while in five the lone witness was from the remainder as both being area immediately afterward was report-
considered exceptional by reason of important in the chronology of the ed as being a consequence of the
specific training as an observer. Thir- subject and having been especially object's presence.
teen reports included multiple wit- well investigated. Each, on the Speiser 9/24/87 (Log #871104), near Cory-
esses. scale, was afforded a strangeness fac- don, Indiana, 9:50 PM, 15-second
duration (lead investigator, Jim Dele-
hanty): A teenager witnessed a domed
Nocturnal light(s) only 15 (26%) disc, larger than the witness's auto,
Discoid or variant* 20 (34%) pass from the rear, tilt to miss a barn
Cylindrical or variant** 8 (14%) and again to avoid a farmhouse, then
Spherical or variant*** 5 ( 9%) speed off into the night. Upper and
Other geometric shape 8 (14%) lower domes displayed windows. The
Ground trace (no object) 2 ( 3%) object emitted a yellow-green glow,
while red-orange lights were seen
* 1 hexagonal, 1 octagonal, 1 ovoid/discoid around the perimeter and a blue light
** 4 bulbous/tapered, 1 winged on the lower portion. The engine
*** 1 winged coughed and headlights dimmed momen-
tarily as the vehicle moved overhead.
Figure 2 1/21/88 (Log #880202),Oak Har-
bor, Washington, 10:45 PM, 25-second
14 MUFON UFO Journal, No. 253, May 1989
duration (lead investigator Donald John- 4/28/88 (Log #880501), Gulf Breeze, Board of Directors. His mailing
son): Three adults, including a retired Florida, 10 PM, 1-minute duration (lead address for receipt of case reports
military officer, and two children observed investigator, Donald Ware): A retired and other correspondence is: 228 S.
a lighted disc leave the perimeter of a military aircraft technician and veterans' Fairview, Lansing, Michigan 48912.)
nearby base and pass overhead. A ring organization commander confronted a
of bluish-white lights on the bottom in silent disc moving in front of his vehicle,
the shape of slits were pulsating sequen-
tially in a clockwise direction. The vehi-
then hovering over a nearby field. The
object had a bright orange coloration on
New Journal
cle appeared to be silent.
2/22/88 (Log #880302), Irwin, Pen-
the bottom portion and emitted a blue
beam of light downward. Three small Published
nsylvania, 9:45 PM, 15-minute duration airplanes circled the field immediately Are UFO abductions real? Are
(lead investigator, Stan Gordon): Three afterward. people actually getting abducted by
adults observed a silent disc at close 9/3/88 (Log #880903), Ipswich, Mass- aliens? Or are these stories all fanta-
range with red and white lights and sur- achusetts, 1:10 AM, 4-minute duration sies, hoaxes, or confabulations? In
rounded by a colorful aura. The object (lead investigator, Ray Fowler): Prepar- Volume One of the new Journal of
emitted two beams of light downward. ing to retire, a woman looked out her UFO Studies, published in March by
It then moved off in a zigzag manner. bedroom window. Over an adjoining the J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO
3/11/88 (Log #880605), Gulf Breeze, field was a smallish vehicle with rows of Studies (CUFOS), seven commenta-
Florida, 6:45 PM, 1-minute duration green and yellow lights on the underside tors in a special "UFO abduction
(lead investigator, Gary Watson): A and red lights along the perimeter. No forum" debate the issue and enumer-
minister and teen babysitter observed a sound was noticed. She woke her hus- ate the various arguments in favor of
silent rotating disc emitting a bluish light band, who confirmed the basic descrip- fantasy and reality. Editor Michael D.
from windows on the lower portion. tion. Unbeknownst to the witness, Swords, professor of natural sciences
The object hovered, then moved off twelve years earlier a report was made at Western Michigan University, sum-
beyond a treeline. concerning a UFO over the same field. marizes: "Although the forum partici-
3/13/88 (Log #880704), near Loxley, 10/24/88 (Log #881102), Valparaiso, pants disagreed over the cause of
Alabama, 11:10 PM, 5-10 minute dura- Florida, 9:30 PM, 5-minute duration abductions, they all concur that the
tion (lead investigator, Duncan Crow): (lead investigator, Muril V.D. Garten): phenomenon is not well understood
A retired military aircraft technician first The wife of a USAF officer noticed — yet it is sufficiently widespread to
heard an abbreviated sound likened to three lights shining through her second- call for scientific study."
a jet, then observed a disc moving floor window. She observed an approach- Also in this issue, folklorist Thomas
overhead, light emanating from a row of ing vehicle at nearly eye-level just E. Bullard examines the relationship
holes along the object's perimeter. beyond the apartment building's lawn. between hynposis and UFO abduc-
3/14/88 (Log #880606), Gulf Breeze, Rectangular, it displayed one-meter round tions. Critics have charged that abduc-
Florida, 9:45 PM, 3-minute duration lights situated side by side on one end. tion stories amount to nothing more
(lead investigator, Gary Watson): Two It halted and hovered, then moved than fantasy, raised to an unusual
women pursued a disc with portholes away. No sound was detected. At the height of vividness by hypnotic inves-
emitting orange light and a ring of light speed of a light airplane, it crossed and tigation itself. But according to Bul-
u n d e r n e a t h . The object at recrossed a bayou, its lights reflecting lard, who has compared stories obtain-
one point moved directly in front of the on the water below. ed through hypnosis with stories
witness's auto. Attempts to photograph (Dan Wright is a member of the obtained by natural recall, the form
it were unsuccessful. MUFON Executive Committee and and content of abduction narratives
seem independent of hypnosis.
In addition, the beliefs and person-
Calendar of UFO Conferences for 1989 alities of the investigating hypnotists
June 29 & 30, July 1 — 10th Rocky Mountain Conference on UFO Investigation, Uni- do not influence the stories, and
versity of Wyoming, Laramie, Wyoming. "real" abductees actually tell more
June 30, July 1 & 2 — MUFON International UFO Symposium, Aladdin Hotel and coherent stories than non-abductees
Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada who have been asked to make up a
story under hypnosis. The concision?
July 14, 15 & 16 — Fifth London International UFO Congress, London Business Although hypnosis is flawed, it cannot
School, Regents Park, London, England
be solely responsible for the claims
September 15, 16 & 17 — 26th Annual National UFO Conference, Quality Inn West, UFO abductees have made.
Phoenix, Arizona CUFOS first published the Journal
October 21 — The Show-Me UFO Conference, Harley Hotel, Earth City, Missouri of UFO Studies in 1978. This latest
(near St. Louis) series, to be published annually, marks
the beginning of a new enterprise
November 11 & 12 — The UFO Experience, Ramada Inn, North Haven, Connecticut
Continued on page 17
MUFON UFO Journal, No. 256, May 1989 15
Life Not So Lonely
By Michael Swords, Ph.D.
Dr. Swords is associate professor this stage. Two other things of possi- the Moon as relevant to this by
of natural sciences at Western ble relevance: crust thickness may be (somehow) the magnetic field (which
Michigan University, Kalamazoo, critical, and Venus is known to be dif- it allegedly caused) being necessary to
and editor of the Journal of UFO ferently composed (a different den- hold the ozone in. He quotes an
Studies. sity) than Earth; secondly, water Indian researcher in the "Satellite
oceans may be critical, and Venus' Center in Bangalore" but I've not
A rejoinder to the reprinted article Greenhouse Effect has ridded the heard of the work. Even if legitimate,
by Jerome Pearson, "Lonely Life of a planet of water long ago. And, most it is irrelevant as we have seen — the
Double Planet," MUFON UFO Jour- importantly, there is no obvious rea- Moon was not necessary to create a
nal, 247, Nov. 1988, should probably son why one must have continental magnetic field.
be written by Dr. John Derr or some drift for life evolution anyway. It may Life: since this "no-Moon, no-Life"
other credentialled geologist, but I help create mass extinctions and conclusion depends on all of the
am, as usual, incapable of restraining stresses, which in some backhanded above, it too has become nonsequitur.
myself on "matters scientific," so here ways open up niches and accelerate Lastly, why did this hypothesis
is an oppositional view. evolution, but, given time, life should occur? Maybe it was just simple intel-
Mr. Pearson is of the opinion that advance even on a relatively quiet lectual fun, and if so, more power to
the presence of an unusually large world. Mr. Pearson. A good theory expands
Moon explains: the mind. But I am suspicious that
• Our hot molten core Magnetic Field this is another piece of thought from
• Continental drift the "school of Human Aggrandize-
• Our magnetic field The magnetic field: the field is a ment," struggling mightily against the
• The atmosphere product of the initial melting of part of thrust of modern discovery to main-
• Ozone shield-layer and the iron core, which is maintained tain the egocentric belief that we are
• Life. in liquid state by radioactive decay the pinnacle of creation and the most
I respectfully disagree. across the milennia — not by the mighty and important things in the
The hot molten core: the current Moon. Then, what about the other Universe. As a religious person who
theory for the hot molten core is not terrestrials (again)? Well, Mercury is also a scientist I have nothing
frictional tidal heating from a nearby does have an Earthlike magnetic field against viewing each of us as individ-
moon, but radioactive decay of var- (which immediately "gives the lie" to ually very important and worth sin-
ious sorts, including such a powerful the "needed Moon" viewpoint). It is cerely caring about, but the elevation
source in early years (from an alumi- really the absence of a magnetic field of Mankind to some dominant factor
num isotope) that it melted the whole in Venus which is the solar system's in the scheme of things is, I fear,
planet! A rare large Moon is not mystery, rather than the presence of neither healthy nor true. Such are my
necessary for this. one in the Earth. Almost all the other views for what they are worth. For-
Continental drift: continental drift planets have magnetic fields, usually give me Mr. Pearson if I have misin-
occurs due to the need for release of quite powerful ones. The proper con- terpreted yours.
such internal heat through the crust, clusion seems to be: planets normally P.S. The notion that our Earth-
plus the ability of a relatively thin form magnetic fields, not rarely form Moon system is unique in our solar
crust to crack and ride upon the them ... and that goes Moons or not. system as to the relative masses of
semi-molten interior mantle. No Moon The venting of the primordial atmos- the two objects may itself require
needed. Then why aren't the other phere: this almost needs no comment further analysis. The Neptune-Triton
terrestrial planets showing drift? Mer- — where does Pearson think that
system has a current mass ratio of
cury and Mars are small. They have Venus and Mars' atmospheres came
from? All extra-bright Suns blow the about 10 times that of our own, bur,
probably radiated their heat rapidly
due to their large surface to volume pre-solar cloud gases away. had it formed close to our Sun rather
ratio. What about Venus? We don't The ozone shield-layer: well, life than distantly, the early super-bright
know about Venus. Ground observa- makes oxygen. Oxygen rises and gets solar wind would have blown much of
tions are difficult and incomplete. hit by UV-radiation. It splits and some what is now gaseous Neptune away
Some evidence of geological activity recombines into the three atom ver- and reduced the ratio to something
exists but everything is guesswork at sion of oxygen, ozone. Pearson sees very near our own.
16 MUFON UFO Journal, No. 253, May 1989
JOURNAL, continued
Pearson Responds under its original title. The journal will
The paper written for New Scient- This became glaringly obvious to me publish only refereed articles of quality,
ist and reprinted in the MUFON UFO in 1986 when Voyager II measured issues forums of expert opinion and
Journal was a popularization of "The Uranus' magnetic field far below this professionalism, and literature reviews
Moon and SETI," a technical paper Earth-Jupiter line. This mystery will of intelligence and insight.
(IAF/IAA 87-601) I presented at the deepen if, as I expect, the magnetic Editor Swords says, "We hope to be
38th Congress of the International field moment of Neptune measured objective, disciplined and rigorous. We
Astronautical Federation in Brighton, by the Voyager II spacecraft this com- welcome all viewpoints which can meet
England during October of 1987. The ing August falls on the line I have the standards, and in fact, will actively
original paper includes 42 references drawn. attempt to recruit valued scholars in
that address the concerns of Profes- In his article, Professor Swords various disciplines for forums and research
sor Swords. These references repres- does not come to grips with the two articles. Without objectivity and rigor,
ent more than twenty years of SETI central points of my paper — first, nothing scientific is worth the name."
studies; they explain the observations that we see no evidence of extrater- Other articles in this issue include:
of the Indian researcher Rao and oth- restrial intelligence, and second, the • A chemical analysis of the physical
ers, and they chronicle the long tradi- Earth's magnetic field and its cap- traces left by a UFO near Delphos,
tion of SETI studies done under the tured moon are both 100 times bigger Kansas, in 1972, by biochemist Erol A.
auspices of the British Interplanetary than expected. The genesis of my Faruk — perhaps the most complete
Society Journal. I welcome Professor paper was to attempt an explanation analysis ever undertaken of a physical-
Swords to this engaging interplay of of the first observation by the second. trace case in the United States;
conflicting opinions. Professor Sword misinterpreted my • A study of the extraterrestrial
The most important point in my views, in that I am no champion of hypothesis for UFOs and the likelihood
paper, which so many researchers the "egocentric belief that we are the of intelligent life in the universe, by edi-
have overlooked, is Figure 1, which is pinnacle of creation." Personally, I am tor Michael D. Swords;
sometimes called the "Magnetic Bode's a great fan of Isaac Asimov's galactic • And a special hypnotic regression
Law." This shows that the magnetic empires and I long for the excitement technique, developed by aviation psy-
fields of all the planets except the of extraterrestrial contact, lest our chologist Richard F. Haines, that redu-
earth lie close to a straight line in space exploration degenerate into ces the possibility of biasing witnesses
terms of magnetic field movement nothing more than a sandbox for under hypnosis.
versus angular momentum. Contrary planetary scientists and a battlefield CUFOS is an international group of
to Professor Sword's assertion, it is for soldiers. But 30 years of SETI scientists, academics, investigators, and
the Earth, not Venus, that is the have shown zero results, and we volunteers dedicated to the continuing
exception. This observation has been must therefore entertain the notion, examination and analysis of the UFO
missed by most researchers because however unpleasant, that we are phenomenon. Its purpose is to be a
they habitually draw the line through either alone in the galaxy or we are clearinghouse for a two-way exchange
the values for Earth and Jupiter, thus among its most advanced species. of information: where UFO experiences
putting all other planets off the line. — Jerome Pearson can be reported and UFO events can
be researched. CUFOS promotes a
general public understanding of the
UFO phenomenon through various activ-
Figure 1.
JLDlter ities and projects. The International UFO
Reporter, published bi-monthly, reviews
current sightings and news and includes
articles on many different UFO topics.
The Center for UFO Studies was
L06(M/Me) founded in 1973 by astronomer J. Allen
Hynek, who became involved with UFOs
as scientific consultant to the U.S. Air
Force from 1948 to 1968. Dr. Hynek
was scientific director of CUFOS until
his death in 1986.
The 176-page 1989 volume of the
Journal of UFO Studies (ISSN 0730-
5748) may be ordered for $15.00 (plus
$3.00 shipping for orders outside the
-2 0 2 United States) from CUFOS at 2457
W. Peterson Ave., Chicago, IL 60659.
LOG(L/L 0 ) 17
MUFON UFO Journal, No. 253, May 1989
where the wheat had been evenly flat-
tened. Outside the circle they also

Looking Back found what they took for three

"prong" marks, although Michael had
said there were four. An hour later
Michael's father saw for himself the
By Bob Gribble strange marks in the otherwise undis-
turbed 40-acre wheat field. The wheat
FORTY YEARS AGO - May climbed swiftly toward the discs. A had been blown down "in all different
1949: On the 27th, the witness was second later, diving steeply, Jorgen- directions" suggesting that some force
flying his privately owned SNJ-type son and Major E.G. White tried to had been brought to bear on it.
aircraft from Red Bluff, California to box the discs between Scarborough
Burns, Oregon. At 2:25 p.m., he and his wingman, Captain Charles
observed the sun reflecting on an Stanton. But with a sudden burst of ***
object, or objects. He continued to speed the 16 craft raced from under TWENTY YEARS AGO - May
watch the course taken by the reflect- the diving jets. Still flying in formation, 1969: Mr. and Mrs. Leo P. Chaput
ing material, expecting it to material- the discs moved out of sight. were awakened in their home by the
ize into a conventional aircraft as the On the following day General Nathan barking of their dog two miles nor-
distance decreased. As he came closer F. Twining, the Air Force's Chief of theast of Pembroke, Ontario, Can-
(5Y2 to 7l/2 miles), he observed no less Staff, said that the Air Force has the ada, at 2 a.m. on the llth. A bright
than five objects and no more than best brains in the country working on light was shining in their window.
eight moving in a straight line forma- the 'flying disc problem.' "If... there is Chaput said the stationary light was
tion. They had a solid configuration, a people and a world that far ahead close to or on the ground and was
an oval-shape, perhaps twice as long of us, I don't think we have even to "illuminating the surrounding fields."
as wide. The vehicles were consider- worry about it. Some very reliable The light was so intense the witness
ably smaller than a fighter plane, persons have reported flying objects had to shade his eyes. The light
probably less than 20 feet in length. that can't be identified. We are cer- revealed a dome-shaped vehicle with
No trail of smoke or exhaust was tainly working on the problem and a flat bottom that was emitting "a soft
observed. The speed of the craft held are not discounting all these reports," purring." As Chaput turned his eyes
steady as they went out of visual he said. Twining made his statement away the craft disappeared. Three
range on the horizon. to a large audience at an Armed For- large ring-like impressions, each measur-
ces Day dinner at Amarillo Air Force ing about 27 feet in diameter, were
Base, Texas. found on the ground the next morn-
*** ing. Within these impressions the
THIRTY FIVE YEARS AGO — ground was scorched.
May 1954: In a lengthy article in the ***
May issue of TRUE magazine titled, TWENTY FIVE YEARS AGO - ***
"What Our Air Force Found Out May 1964: Michael Bizon, 10, of FIFTEEN YEARS AGO - May
About Flying Saucers," Captain Ed- Hubbard, Oregon, came running to 1974: During the week of the fifth,
ward Ruppelt, former head of Project his parent's farm home shortly after Sandra Hodgson, 36, spotted a mys-
Blue Book, stated that: "My own 7:30 a.m. on the 18th. He blurted out terious light moving at low altitude
opinion is that either the saucers are that while running the cows to pas- near Grapevine, Texas. She and a
interplanetary or they do not exist. I ture he suddenly noticed a shiny, friend, Debbie Carter, 17, got in their
do not believe there is enough evi- silver object with four prongs sitting car and pursued it. "It stopped down
dence at hand to choose between the in a wheat field not 200 feet from him. a small road over a patch of woods
alternatives. You can argue either He told his mother that as he about a mile east of us and beamed a
case indefinitely, and in the end you watched the object — about the size strong searchlight down into a clear-
will have only an opinion." of a kitchen table and five feet high — ing," Sandra said. "When we got
About mid-afternoon on the 14th, a began to take off slowly, and making there the light was still hovering in the
16-disc formation was encountered a soft "beep beep" sound. At about air over a clearing where a Mexican-
near Dallas, Texas by four Marine jet utility pole height, the boy said the American family live in a converted
pilots. Flying at 15,000 feet, Major craft "zoomed up like a rocket" and construction building. When they
Charles Scarborough first spotted the disappeared. That was enough for arrived at the site they found Mr. and
formation as it raced in above his air- Michael. He took off, too — for Mrs. Lucio Perez and his brother,
craft. He immediately radioed the home. Leonardo Perez, standing in the clear-
other pilots. An instant later Captain Mrs. Bizon and a neighbor, Roy ing looking up at the light. The
R.L. Jorgenson, flying at 42,000 feet, Mortensen, decided to take a look. Perezes indicated with gestures that
sighted the craft below. Calling orders What they saw was an almost perfect the light appeared to come from the
to the other pilots, Major Scarborough circle about three feet in diameter field at the edge of the airport. Report-
18 MUFON UFO Journal, No. 256, May 1989
ers who trudged through the high At 12:05 a.m., Jim Gallagher was fly- were being tracked by radar.
grass and weeds to the fence line ing his aircraft at about 10,000 feet At 2:40 a.m., the crew of a Braniff
reported they found a circular area of approaching Hailey, Idaho. He observ- airliner flying at 35,000 feet from Seat-
grass and weeds about 20 feet in ed five orange objects in a horizontal tle, Washington to Fort Worth, Texas,
diameter twisted down in a clockwise formation in front of him. Then they also observed the orange objects
pattern. It appeared something had tilted — like an airplane would dip its below their aircraft. The pilot of a pri-
set down on them. wings — and he thought it was some vate jet flying from Boise, Idaho to
On the 13th, a police officer and a kind of aircraft. The objects then Salt Lake City, Utah, and located just
farmer were astounded by a blinding- spread out and "I knew damn well it ahead of the airliner, also observed
bright craft they pursued for 20 min- wasn't an aircraft. Then the objects the orange objects in the Hailey,
utes before it vanished in the night regrouped and they got into a vertical Idaho area. As both aircraft reached a
sky over Maxton, North Carolina. "It line, then they just got all mixed up. I point about 50 miles southeast of
was a triangular-shaped craft about as thought I was going to get run over; Twin Falls, Idaho, the objects which
big as a bus," said Caradine Brown, they looked like they were coming were being tracked by radar over the
Jr. Brown was riding in a patrol car right at me, the distance was closing. Hailey area suddenly disappeared from
with his friend Officer Russell Thomp- Then they lengthened the distance the radar screen. At 2:53 a.m., the
son when they spotted the vehicle from me out front, then they went Braniff airliner — which was now 70
hovering above the trees of a mobile- over to my left and my magnetic miles northwest of Ogden, Utah —
home park shortly after midnight. "I compass started spinning and my reported seeing the orange objects
counted 30 lights on it. They were ADF started spinning. At that point again at his one o'clock position, 30
orange and yellow and were as bright they were in a straight line formation miles west of Ogden. At the same
as a welder's torch," said Brown. and then they just blinked out. I feel I time, the objects were being tracked
Thompson, a 15-year veteran of the watched the objects for 15 minutes. I at the same location given by the
police force, recalled: "It was really did have trouble receiving on the Braniff crew. The crews on Braniff
strange. The craft gave off a real radio because of heavy static and my and the smaller jet observed the ob-
bright light, yet the ground wasn't lit engine started running rough." During jects until both aircraft were over
up at all. There were about 30 lights, the entire period that the objects Ogden. At about the same time the
each about one foot in diameter, and were observed by Gallagher, they objects disappeared from the radar screen.
they were so bright and intense that
they blinded us from a block away."
After landing near Brown's house, the
vehicle "just vanished."
Mars Features Reviewed
On the 30th, Ken Krogh, 17, was
driving near Regent, North Dakota Enclosed for review in the MUFON digital enhancement, with false color,
when he noticed a large craft hover- Journal is the volume Unusual Mars include the well known Cydonia "face,"
ing over a field about 1000 feet above Surface Features, 4th edition, 1988, as well as two other possibly face-like
the ground. The vehicle was about published by the Mars Research Pro- features discovered by the authors on
200 feet long and 75 feet wide. After ject. The book is a straightforward other regions of the planet. The
observing the craft for about a minute technical analysis of the "face on enhancements reveal previously unno-
he sped home to inform his family. Mars" and other anomalous features ticed detail, such as an eyeball and
He and his father then watched it on the Martian surface. Unlike Richard pupil and teeth in the Cydonia face.
hover about 500 feet from their house Hoagland's book, this volume is writ- The correlation studies show features
and less than 500 feet above the ten by scientists and contains no common to all three of the face-like
ground for about 15 minutes. The unwarranted speculations. The analy- objects, including notches in the cheeks,
youth reported that when the vehicle sis consists of conventional digital an indentation above the left eye, and
passed over his truck, it caused the enhancements and correlation studies a helmet or headdress.
radio to go completely dead, with noth- of the original NASA 1976 Viking Other (non-enhanced) features dis-
ing but a little static being emitted. photos. The results are completely cussed in the book include several
Both could hear a humming noise, duplicatable by other researchers. No apparent 5-sided pyramids, a tower-
much like that of an electric motor. ultimate claim is made by the authors pyramid, and a water spout. The
No air disturbance was created, other other than that the Martian objects water spout was pointed out by a
than static electricity, which they are unusual and warrant further study. Lowell Observatory scientist, but has
could feel. The younger Krogh said I am pleased to send you the volume gone unremarked upon at NASA or
the light from the craft lit up the on behalf of the Mars Research Pro- in the technical literature.
ground somewhat, but when he looked ject, whose principals sought to adver- NASA acknowledges that these
at the ground, he could not see a shadow. tise it in the MUFON Journal, but features exist, but calls them random
now would welcome a review by your natural formations or a "play of light."
*** editor. However, when the Cydonia region
TEN YEARS AGO - May 1979: The surface features subjected to was subjected to a computer program
MUFON UFO Journal, No. 253, May 1989 19
originally designed to pick out man- tion in earth's solar system derived fessor who posted the photo also
made objects from the background from Mariner 9 data and published in wrote a paper on it, but when Vince
jungle clutter in Vietnam, the program the Journal of Geophysical Data, called to ask about it, the professor
flagged the Cydonia face immediately 1973. said he lost the paper and could not
and dramatically. (Applied Optics, Finally this anecdote. According to remember the frame number of the
1988, Mark Carlotto) Vince DiPietro, one of the book's photo!
The age of the Cydonia Object is authors, a NASA Viking photograph Unusual Mars Surface Features
estimated by the Mars Research Pro- showing a group of six Cydonia-like can be ordered by mail, $15.00 post-
ject principals at 500 million years. faces on Mars was posted on the bul- paid, from the Mars Research Project,
This is based upon Hartman's model letin board of a Louisiana university P.O. Box 284, Glen Dale, MD. 20769.
of crater counting and channel forma- for several weeks in 1988. The pro- — Elaine Douglass

An Open Letter To Dr. Carl Sagan

By Stanton T. Friedman
Dear Carl: tract to the USAF Project Blue Book. generally prescreened cases, it is not
It really saddens me, as a classmate 21.5% of the 3201 sightings studied in surprising that many remained UN-
of yours for 3 years, to have to once detail had to eventually be listed as KNOWN after serious and competent
again, for the third time, write to cor- UNKNOWNS. "Those reports where- professional investigation. Jim wrote
rect a false and misleading statement in the description of the object and its many papers, as you know, and he
by you concerning flying saucers. I maneuvers could not be fitted to the presented a number of his cases at
should think you would take your pattern of ANY KNOWN OBJECT the Congresional Hearings, July 29,
professional status as a scientist and or phenomenon" completely separate 1968, and the AAAS Conference in
a science communicator more seriously from the 9.3% listed as Insufficient Boston, which proceedings you edited.
and get your facts straight before Information, the 1.5% listed as psy- You were present at the Hearings as
speaking out. The latest example of chological manifestations and the other well. Mistakes, Frauds?
misinformation (following on your COS- KNOWNS. Note that no sighting 4.) Dr. Leonard Nikisin of the sec-
MOS UFO piece and your CBC radio could be listed as an UNKNOWN tion on SETI of the Soviet Academy
interview with V. Gaberau) appears in unless all four of the professional final of Sciences stated on October 14 that
the Toronto Star, Sunday, October report evaluators agreed it was an 20% of the more than 20,000 UFO
16, 1988. I first checked with the wri- UNKNOWN, though any 2 could sightings investigated by a profes-
ter, Jack Miller, who assured me that categorize any sighting in one of the sional commission on Abnormal Atmos-
his coverage of your comments was KNOWN groups. Furthermore, it was pheric Phenomena (backed by the
accurate. Unfortunately, your state- also found that the better the quality SAS and headed by a Cosmonaut)
ment "every flying saucer 'sighting' of the sighting, the more likely to be could not be identified. This is not
when given a genuinely tough scien- an UNKNOWN, and that the dura- surprising in view of the previous
tific scrutiny has been judged either a tion of observation for the UNKNOWNS detailed study by Gindilis et al. Mis-
mistake or a fraud" is itself a fraud. was greater than for the KNOWNS, takes, frauds?
The exact opposite is true! Every with more than 60% being observed There are many other examples
large scale scientific study of flying for longer than 60 seconds. Mistakes such as the 2500 Physical Trace cases
saucers has produced a significant or frauds? from 65 countries collected by Ted
number of cases which not only can- 2.) According to an 11-person pro- Phillips, and the more than 3000 pilot
not be identified, but which clearly fessional UFO subcommittee of the sightings investigated by Dr. Richard
indicate that some so called flying American Institute of Aeronautics and Haines, and the many abduction
saucers are manufactured objects behav- Astronautics, 30% of the 117 sightings cases investigated by Budd Hopkins
ing in ways that we Earthlings cannot investigated by the professional scien- and a team of psychiatrists and other
yet duplicate with our manufactured tists under Dr. Edward U. Condon at professionals.
objects. Let me give some examples: the University of Colorado could not I find it quite extraordinary that you
1.) Project Blue Book Special Re- be identified. Mistakes, Frauds? keep saying "extraordinary claims
port Number 14 was completed by 3.) Dr. James E. McDonald, Pro- require extraordinary evidence" when
scientists and other professional per- fessor of Physics at the University of you yourself keep making extraordi-
sonnel at the Battelle Memorial Insti- Arizona, personaly investigated hundreds nary claims about both the preval-
tute in Columbus, Ohio, under con- of UFO sightings. Since these were ence of ETI and the absence of good
20 MUFON UFO Journal, No. 253, May 1989
flying saucer sightings. You provide "mad" or "paranoid" is applicable relationship between leprechauns and
no evidence whatsoever to back up (after all, paranoids are made, not current UFO cases?
your claims, which, unfortunately, are born ...) And no, I can't say I agree All current UFO abduction "reports"
demonstrably false. with some of the things in the article, are stories told (often under hypnosis)
I keep getting asked why you make but it still addresses many very valid of a person's bizarre adventure. Is
such false statements. I suggest to the points. I would certainly like to see this tale-telling anything different from
questioners that they ought to ask more of this type of article providing say, a recounting of the Virgin Mary's
you, not me. When they push me, I they stay within the bounds of sanity. visit to Sicily? Or Whitley Streiber's
do have to point out that, obviously, Remember, like 'em or not, Keel and thoughts on Ishtar? What surrounding
if alien spacecraft are visiting earth, Vallee et al have caused more think- factors must we include to explain
and not asking you for a meeting, ing in ufology than anyone else. And Mrs. Andreasson's crystalline butterfly,
that decreases your importance and that can't hurt. or Mr. Ed's Spanish-speaking aliens
throws out the whole notion of the So, that's about it ... keep up the chatting about power and banana
radio telescope SETI which you have good work. shortages in the middle of the night?
backed so vigorously. I also acknowl- — Michael Strainic On the contrary, what science
edge that you may have taken over Vancouver, BC must explain is something like a
from Donald Menzel as the UFO dis- dream, to which science has always
information specialist, which may only Dear Editor: had a tentative relationship. Like
show my naivite, since I express my If I have correctly understood the Strieber and his reality-testing cat, we
doubts about it. I trust you have seen thinly veiled but heavy handed sar- all want to know what's going on. We
my article about Menzel and his dou- casms of Budd Hopkins' article, "Stew- all want a method, a tool. But a
ble life? pot Thinking," he is expressing the dream, like a painting, is its own real-
I recognize that you have not rep- opinion that Vallee, myself and others ity, often beyond the feeble tools
lied to my previous letters re Cosmos are mistaken in believing the parallels we've invented for measuring it.
and Gabereau. I would certainly like betweel alleged abductions and other I think you're better to complain
some explanation for your false state- kinds of experience to be meaningful. about incompetent minds as much as
ments and even a glimmer of evi- He may be right: but sticking a incompetent methods. The heated
dence to support them. funny label onto the comparative remarks among UFO researchers about
Most cordially, approach and interdisciplinary re- their work seem more an effort to
Stanton T. Friedman search won't make the parallels go establish who will enjoy the most
New Brunswick away, and so long as they exist, they credibility, and have nothing to do
Canada must be accounted for. with the real job of acquiring wha-
If Hopkins can show them to be tever is necessary to understand the
meaningless, well and good; he will phenomenon — which may include a
Letter to the Editor have advanced our understanding of high tolerance for nonsense. Surely
the subject, just as Vallee, I and oth- that is the great challenge, and one
Dear Editor: ers have tried to advance it by point- beyond the whinings of UFO careerists.
Enclosed is my renewal for another ing out the parallels. But until he has Despite your own careful work,
year. And now, if you don't mind, a demonstrated that they are meaning- your data is not reproducible; at best
few comments from someone new to less, it can only be his opinion that it only corroborates with other tes-
MUFON, but not to ufology: they are so; and until that time, we timony. The conclusions you draw
Do we in Canada receive the Jour- must regard it as equally probable about UFOs are seemingly more per-
nal a lot later than in the US? If we that they are meaningful. Name-calling sonal than scientific, however com-
do not, I for one would certainly like is no substitute for demonstration. pelling their logic, and chances are
to see Walt Webb's column offset a — Hilary Evans fair that in time they'll prove badly
month ahead. In this way, we non- London, England informed. I'm hopeful that something
astronomers can be alerted to astro- useful will come of them nonetheless.
nomical events ahead of time; we can Dear Editor: — Chet Jones
observe them, if possible, and still use Dear Budd, I've read your latest Sharon, Mass.
the article as a tool in investigation. contribution to MUFON, regarding
Robert Cribble's column is always stewpot thinking. You're right, it's Dear Editor:
appreciated, but for a beginning ufol- very easy to muddle up the data, to The latest issue of the MUFON
ogist as well as the more experienced, draw wrong conclusions, to presume, Journal carried a letter from David F.
annotating each sighting with either to extrapolate. You do it yourself, I Webb concerning the Society for
the original or the definitive source know. Scientific Exploration and its journal,
would be a great help for those wish- Can the intellectual rigor of a truly Journal of Scientific Exploration.
ing to do additional research. scientific methodology reveal the nature There has been an important recent
Finally, re: Bob Girard's "This is a of UFOs? Possibly, yes. But how do development in Society policy that
Test ..." article. I don't think either you presume to know what is irrele- will be of interest to your readers. In
MUFON UFO Journal, No. 253, May 1989 vant? Can you be sure there's no 21
addition to having several categories
of membership, we have also set up
the category of "Associates." An
The Night Sky
Associate (annual dues $35) receives
both of our publications, the Journal By Walter N. Webb
of Scientific Exploration (two issues MUFON Astronomy Consultant
per year) and also our newsletter, the
Explorer (two issues per year). Any May 1989
person who supports the goals of the Bright Planets (Evening Sky):
Society may become an Associate. Venus (magnitude -3.9) gradually pulls away from the Sun and is visible for
We hope that readers of your journal an hour after sunset in mid-May very low in the western sky. Jupiter
will consider both this opportunity as (magnitude -2.0) also is low in the west in Taurus. Venus passes only
well as membership opportunities. about a degree above the giant planet on the 22nd.
To obtain further information, or to
apply for membership or arrange for Mars, fading to 1.7 magnitude, moves from Taurus into Gemini and stands
Associate status, readers should con- much higher in the West than Venus and Jupiter. The ruddy world sets in
tact the Secretary, Professor Lau- the NW about 11:30 PM in midmonth. Early in May the Soviet Phobos 2
rence W. Fredrick, Department of spacecraft deposits two landers on the Martian moon Phobos. One of the
Astronomy, P.O. Box 3818, Univer- devices measures surface properties for a year, while a "hopper" jumps
sity of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA from place to place to sample the surface.
— Peter A. Sturrock Saturn, in Sagittarius, slowly brightens to 0.3 magnitude. The yellowish
President, SSE planet rises in the ESE about 11:30 PM in mid-May.
Stanford, CA
Bright Planets (Morning Sky)
Saturn is low in the southern sky at dawn.

Extraterrestrial Meteor Shower:

The May Aquarids are a morning shower. Their radiant point near the
Cookbook Water Jar of Aquarius does not rise until about 2:30 AM. From then until
dawn on May 4, these very swift meteors build toward a rate of about 20
Despite decades of serious research per hour in a dark moonless sky. Because Aquarius is higher in the
into extraterrestrial contact with our Southern Hemisphere, observers there see twice as many Aquarids than
planet, many people remain skeptical we do — their best annual meteor shower.
about UFOs, and contactees are
often subjected to ridicule and humili- Moon Phases:
ation. One reason for the skepticism New moon — May 5
and ridicule is the tendency of media First quarter — May 12

accounts of alien contact to focus on
the bizarre and spectacular, at the
Full moon — May 20
Last quarter — May 28 O
expense of more believable, even
mundane, facts that may emerge from The Stars:
the same incidents. Leo and its familiar sickle are dipping into the SW at 11 PM daylight time.
In an effort to explore a neglected To the east of the lion's tail lies a wedge-shaped cluster of stars called
aspects of UFO events, we are Coma Berenices. It represents the hair of the Egyptian queen Berenice,
researching contactee experience with who cut off her long tresses in order to dedicate them to the goddess of
alien nourishment, and we plan to beauty.
publish our findings. If you're a con-
tactee with information to share, or if Still farther east is kite-shaped Bootes the Herdsman containing the bril-
you know someone who is, we would liant orange star Arcturus. And left of the "kite" is the U-shaped Northern
appreciate your assistance. Here are Crown, Corona Borealis.
our questions for contactees:
• Did you witness alien nourish- Already showing up in the east in the late evening is the trio of stars that
ment? Please describe the process, make up the Summer Triangle — Vega, Deneb, and Altair. And the red
and any rituals or customs involved. heart of the scorpion, Antares, glimmers low in the SE.
• Can you describe the nourish-
ment? Was it similar to Earth foods, Alpha Centauri, the Sun's nearest stellar neighbor, and the Southern
or to other substances found on Cross (Crux) are best seen now in the evening sky from our extreme
Earth? Can you approximate a recipe southern states.
22 MUFON UFO Journal, No. 253, May 1989
for the food? Did the aliens give you a
MUFON 1989 International UFO Symposium
• Did the aliens sample any Earth Aladdin Hotel and Casino - Las Vegas, Nevada
food? Did they seem to enjoy any par- June 30, July 1 and 2,1989
ticular items? Did you give the aliens - Tentative Program -
any recipes?
• What else can you tell us about Saturday, July 1,1989
your contact generally, and specifically 9:00 - 9:05 a.m. Welcome to Las Vegas, John Lear, Co-Host Chairman and State
Director for Nevada
about recipes, foods and nourishment?
Introduction of Hal Starr, Co-Host Chairman, M.C. and State Direc-
Even if you're not a contactee, you tor for Arizona
might have valuable historical informa- 9:05 - 9:10 a.m. Greetings from the International Director, Walter H. Andrus, Jr.
tion on alien nutrition, or you might be 9:10 -10:00 a.m. The Mansfield Helicopter Case, Jennie Zeidman
able to refer us to other accounts of 10:00 - 11:00 a.m. A Survey of UFO Vehicle Disruptions, Donald A. Johnson, Ph.D
alien foods, recipes and nourishment. 11:00 - 12 noon A Hypothetical Plan for Crash/Retrieval, Don Berliner
We would appreciate any help. LUNCH
Because our budget for the project is 1:30-2:30 p.m. The Chesapeake Connection: Corporate America and the UFO
almost nonexistent, we can't compen- Cover-Up, Robert L. Oechsler
sate anyone for their information. On 2:30 - 3:30 p.m. An Alien Harvest, Linda Moulton Howe
the other hand, we'll be glad to send a 3:30 - 3:50 p.m. Break
complimentary copy of the study to 3:50 - 5:00 p.m. Above Top Secret, Timothy Good
everyone whose experiences are included, DINNER
and we promise to give credit by name 7:00 - 8:00 p.m. The Status of the UFO Situation in 1989, William L. Moore
for all published submissions, unless the 8:00 - 9:00 p.m. An Update on MJ-12, Stanton T. Friedman
submitter requests otherwise. 9:00 - 10:30 p.m. The UFO Cover-Up: A Government Conspiracy?
If you have access to a UFO net- Panel: Oechsler, Howe, Good and Friedman
Hal Starr, Moderator
working system or a LJFO-related group,
please let others know about our pro- Sunday, July 2,1989
ject. We hope that treatment of this 9:00 a.m. - 12 noon MUFON Board of Directors Meeting
admittedly prosaic aspect of alien con- LUNCH
tact will contribute to the growing body 1:30-2:30 p.m. Recent field Investigations Into Claims of UFO Related Injuries in
of Ufology. Please contact Morgan Tay- Brazil, Jacques Vallee, Ph.D.
lor at Suite 105, 4255 S. Buckley Road, 2:30 - 3:30 p.m. The Cydonian Hypothesis, John E. Brandenburg, Ph.D.
Aurora, CO 80013. 3:30 - 4:00 p.m. Break
4:00 - 5:00 p.m. Q. & A. Panel, Zeidman, Johnson, Berliner, Vallee and Brandenburg
5:00 p.m. Invitation to Pensacola, Florida in 1990, Donald M. Ware
OFFICER, continued Adjournment, John Lear

encounters from two different parts of

the world within a year's time is of great Reservations & Registration
interest. Potassium Chloride is a crystal-
Reservations for rooms may be made by writing or calling the Aladdin Hotel and Casino,
line salt (KCL) occurring as a mineral
3667 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, Nevada 89109 or telephone (702) 736-0111 or
and in natural waters and used as a (800) 634-3424. The price per night is $48 for a single and $48 for double occupancy.
fertilizer. Guest room accomodations will be available starting Thursday, June 29 and extending
Before becoming a law enforcement through July 3 for people arriving early or departing after the symposium at the same prices.
officer, Officer Jones was a U.S. Army Only a limited number of rooms in this category are available, so early reservations are
aviation mechanic, and was quite famil- recommended. 150 rooms have been allocated for Friday, June 30 and Saturday, July 1st for
iar with military aircraft. He feels that the majority of the attendees. The hotel will hold the block of sleeping rooms until May 30,
the object he saw was unlike anything 1989. The Aladdin Hotel will continue to accept reservations after this date based on room
he had ever seen before, the case con- and rate availability. Early reservations are highly recommended. An advance deposit for one
tinued under study. Additional impor- night is required to hold your hotel reservation of $48.00 plus hotel tax, totaling $51.36. The
tant information will be released through deposit must be mailed to the Aladdin Hotel, P.O. Box 93958, Las Vegas, NV 89193-3958.
The State Directors Meeting is scheduled for Friday, June 30th (10 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.) and
the MUFON UFO Journal.
the Board of Directors Meeting for Sunday Morning, July 2,1989 (9 a.m. to 12 noon).
Figure 1 is the Energy Dispersive The formal speaking program will consist of four sessions at $10 each, totaling $40 at the
Spectrometer (EDS) spectrum from door. A special advance registration package for all sessions is $35 per person. There will be
Photomychrograph, conducted by a three sessions on Saturday, July 1 and one session on Sunday afternoon, July 2nd. Advance
Pennsylvania Laboratory. This shows registration should be mailed to John Lear, 1414 Hollywood Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89110 with
the EDS spectrum of the particle identi- a check or money order made payable to: MUFON 1989 Symposium. Your tickets and regis-
fied as potassium chloride found on the tration packet may be picked up at the symposium registration table upon your arrival in Las
automobile by Leslie Vamicle. Vegas, starting June 30th.
MUFON UFO Journal, No. 253, May 1989 23
Director's Message
By Walt Andrus
Marge Christensen has announced Ridge, State Director for Indiana has Operations Research; Jane H. Fos-
the annual National UFO Information appointed the following gentlemen as ter, M.A., living in White Bear Lake,
Week will be August 13 to 20, 1989. It new State Section Directors: Donald Minn, for Psychology; and Edward
is advisable to reserve space and L. Worley, living in Connersville, for N. Diliberto, M.A. residing in Long
make arrangements with the manag- Fayette, Union, Franklin, Rush, Wayne Beach, Calif.
ers of your local shopping malls if you and Henry Counties; Will McCracken
plan a display and distribution of of Ellettsville for Monroe, Owen and Annual MUFON Award
information. Photo exhibits, closed Greene Counties; and expanded the
circuit TV showing taped UFO doc- area of Michael D. Palmiter to The following people have been
umentaries, handouts, and a place to include Lawrence, Martin, Orange, nominated for the Annual MUFON
report UFO sightings from the public Washington, Jackson and Brown Coun- Award plaque for the most outstand-
have proven very successful in prior ties. Hal Starr, State Director for ing contribution to Ufology for 1988-
years. Arizona, appointed the following new 89 by members of the MUFON Board
In the recent election for Eastern State Section Directors: Lance B. of Directors as recommended by
Regional director for the MUFON Payette, J.D. of Prescott Valley for individual members, listed alphabeti-
Board of Directors, a total of 132 Yavapai County and Raymond G. cally: Lucius Parish and Rod B.
votes were cast for the three candi- Maurer living in Scottsdale, for Marico- Dyke (team), Charles D. Flannigan,
dates Stephen F. Firmani, Robert pa County. Bruce S. Maccabee, Robert L.
L. Oechsler, and Donald M. Ware. Ann P. Repp, residing in Perry, Oechsler, and Donald M. Ware. A
Mr. Ware received over half of the Iowa and a former State Section ballot is enclosed with this issue of
total votes cast, therefore he will be director, has volunteered to resume the Journal so all members and sub-
representing the eastern region of her previous role for Dallas and scribers may vote for their choice for
states on the Board for the next four Guthrie counties. Frederic L. Whit- this prestigious award. The deadline
years, replacing Joe Santangelo whose ing, State Director for Virginia, has for returning all ballots to MUFON in
term expired. Don plans to continue approved the appointment of Terry Seguin, Texas is June 10, 1989. The
as State Director for Florida to Mullins to State Section Director for plaque will be presented to the
further implement programs in process. Tazewell, Buchanan, Russel and Smith honored recipient in Las Vegas on
Charles D. Flannigan, State Sec- Counties. Burtus "Jeff Ballard, State July 1, 1989 or mailed to his home.
tion Director, and Mr. Ware will host Director for Alabama, selected Gerald As in previous years, the Fund for
the MUFON 1990 International UFO D. Fossett of Dutton to become the UFO Research (FUFOR) will present
Symposium in Pensacola, Florida at State Section Director for DeKalb, a check to the award winner in
the Pensacola Hilton on July 6, 7 and Etowah, Cleburn, Cherokee and Cal- memory of Isabel Davis. The award
8, 1990. We endeavor to announce houn counties. Walter M. Andrus, has been increased from $250 to $500
the location and date of our annual Jr. (no relation to your International this year. MUFON is indebted to the
symposium at least one year in Director) former State Section Direc- Fund for their generous cash award.
advance whenever possible, so there tor in Texas, now living in Rosenberg The details on the MUFON 1989
will be no conflicts with others sche- has been reassigned to Fort Bend and International UFO Symposium appear
duling UFO conferences. Waller Counties. Thomas O. Clay, in a separate article in this issue of
residing in Thomaston, Georgia, the Journal. The calendar of UFO
New Officers volunteered to serve as State Section Conferences for 1989 is also included.
Director for Upson, Pike and LaMar Please make your reservations at the
The "grass roots" structure of Counties. Mr. Clay, is also an ama- Aladdin Hotel as soon as possible.
MUFON is thriving as more people teur radio operator with the call let- The manager at the Aladdin is elated
accepted leadership roles this month. ters KB4CJD. D. Oliver Mausur, at the response to early reservations,
Kevin T. Minns has been reinstated M.A., & M.S. of St. Petersburg, Flor- since it surpasses all prior conven-
as the Representative for Korea. ida is serving in the dual role of State tions, conferences and meetings that
Former state section director, John Section Director for Pinellas County he has hosted during his tenure.
W. Komar of Memphis, Tenn. has and Research Specialist in Chemistry.
been promoted to State Director for Other new Research Specialists
Tennessee, filling an essential position
in the Volunteer State. Francis L.
MUFON UFO Journal, No. 253, May 1989
volunteering this month are F. Lefebv-
re, M.S., of Montreal, Quebec in MUFON 24

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