Intro Way Out East
Congratulations, you just made a very, very wise choice. Whether you’ve played the Way of the Samurai series in the past and decided to dip your toe into the pool of next-gen feudal Japanese sandbox fun or just snagged it on a lark, you’ve scooped up one of the most unique open-ended games available today. Plus, you’ve got this handy dandy little cheat sheet to help speed you along whatever path you’ve chosen, something we’re hoping will help you get even more out of an already incredibly varied game. When one hears the phrase “sandbox adventure,” there tends to be immediate visions of jacking cars or getting into massive shootouts. As there were neither cars nor semi-automatic weapons in Japan during the Warring States Era, you’ll have to re-think the concept of open world here. That’s a good thing, though, because unlike other games that promise unlimited freedom, in Way of the Samurai 3, you really can do just about anything you want. Be the good guy, follow the code of bushido and opt to side with one of two major warring factions, defend the village that takes you in after a massive, bloody battle or simply ignore it all and pick and choose your allegiances as you see fit…or become a walking angel of death, slaughtering bandits and innocents alike. More than any previous installment, Way of the Samurai 3 offers you the ability to cut right to, well, cutting as soon as you’d like. Any conversation can be cut short with a quick unsheathing of your friendly blade (of which there are more than a hundred, but we’ll get to some of those in a bit), and you’re free to cut down anyone you’d like — from the lowliest peasant to the head of an entire clan — and you can do it whenever you wish. Start a game, charge straight up to a castle gate, head

inside and introduce the lord of the land to the business end of your weapon of choice, then watch the consequences. The results of those actions are at their heart the definition of what this game offers — what the series has always offered, but the newest entry into the series is deeper, more varied, and adapts in a greater number of ways than ever before. Multiple endings, dozens upon dozens of weapons (including the ability to make your own from hundreds of different parts) and a destiny that will change according to your actions are all waiting for you. Hopefully, though, you’ll learn about a few of the least obvious options in the coming pages. After all, what good is a strategy guide if you can’t get at least a few supersecret hints along the way?

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History In the Beginning
Brought to you by the fine folks at Acquire, the same developer responsible for the original Tenchu games, Way of the Samurai has always taken a semi-historical angle. Though the situations and people in the games don’t follow actual events throughout Japanese history to the brush stroke, they paint at least a faithful picture of the cultures, activities, and practices of the time. The series started back on the PlayStation 2 more than seven and a half years ago, and starred Kenji, a ronin (masterless samurai) that wandered into the middle of a conflict between the Akadama clan and the Kurou family in the small mountain village of Rokkotsu Pass. Way of the Samurai 2 followed a few years later, once again placing players in the geta of a ronin (this time male or female), as they pass out at the gates of Amahara, a central trading hub on a conflict-ridden island. Again, two main factions, the Aoto

crime family and the magistrates, vie for control of Amahara with the townspeople caught in the middle. Like the previous two games, Way of the Samurai 3 throws you in the middle of two major warring clans, the Fujimori and Ouka, with the sleepy village of Takatane suffering from the conflict. Common to all three games are the four basic options for alignment: the village, either one of the two clans, or none of the above, and you’re free to switch as you see fit, not just allowing for but actively encouraging multiple playthroughs. In fact, with each playthrough, you’ll accrue Samurai Points, currency that allows you to purchase unlockables, plus a unique title out of dozens of possible options depending on how you’ve played that particular route through the story. Finishing a particular story, either living or dying by the sword, will also unlock more customization options, allowing your character to look wildly different from the handful of choices your first time out.

Strategy Strategy Strategy Strategy Strategy Strategy

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Strategies The Basics
Best thought of as a distillation of the combat of the previous two games, Way of the Samurai 3 affords a simple set of commands: block most strikes by holding a button, attack with a quick or heavy strike, and use button inputs to mix things up. What starts as a simple series of quick button presses will become very, very complex and deep indeed as you continue to use a particular weapon. If you find you’ve grown attached to one of the weapons, you can visit returning fave Doujima, a blacksmith who will upgrade your stats or get the weapon appraised to boost things further. Looting corpses and searching for readymade weapons is all well and good, but there’s a better — and far more varied — way to deal out justice or death: you can make your own. Broken down into different means of wielding them and their origins (one-handed, ninja, fencing, along with high, middle, low and side stances), each weapon class has completely different moves to unlock, and is broken into traditional swords or spears, offering an almost ridiculous amount of variety to how you dispense with cold steel introductions.

style of combat or a set of weapons and moves. Multiple playthroughs are also a means of growing as a weapon wielder; since you’re able to keep everything you earned with each successive playthrough, your Samurai Points become something of a shortcut; if you’ve grown attached to a weapon, you can use those points to buy more advanced moves. Since you can only carry three weapons at a time, slow but steady investment into a handful of different disciplines will allow you to become far more deadly in repeated trips through the game than if you just tried to do everything in one go.

Factions Here’s the Story... of a Lovely Family...
-FujimoriAs Amana’s current rulers, the Fujimori are at once seen as a controlling force and a source of oppression. Shuzen Fujimori, the Lord of the land, however, is a rather obvious target, not only from the disdain of the common villagers, but from the rival Ouka band that has assembled to try to combat him and what he represents as an iron-fisted unifier of the land. -OukaLed by the impressively rotund Genjuro Matsuzaki, the Ouka are something of an ad-hoc counter to the Fujimori. Rather than relying on those that are the strongest or most capable, the Ouka simply seek to build their numbers by way of recruiting those that take issue with the Fujimori’s oppression of the people. They may not have the outright skill to combat their rivals, but if they can use the combined ire and hatred of their followers, they may be able to overthrow the current rulers. -Takatane VillageThe biggest casualties of any local conflict are always those that have tried to live

Weapons Tools of the Blade
The key to using (and indeed making) different weapons is to consider things like their speed and available attacks. Unlocking everything the first time through the game isn’t the key; instead, think of each trip through the story as a Choose Your Own Adventure book in digital form — with the very important difference of being able to keep all the perks you’ve acquired along the way with past trips (stuff like moves and stats, among others) with you in successive plays. Once you’ve understood this very important distinction, you’ll be able to concentrate on a particular

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there peacefully before any fighting ever began. Munechika, the village head, used to be a samurai himself, but gave up any sense of fealty or perceived honor and instead seeks only to keep his loose collection of aging farmers and precocious youngsters from completely giving up hope despite the ongoing feuds between the two rival factions.

Characters Meet the Cast
-NamelessThe untitled samurai left at death’s door after a massive conflict, this is you in all your potential badassery. Will you choose to give aid to one of the three major groups in need, or will you simply observe from afar? Or will you slaughter all that you see in a quest of tireless bloodshed? The choice is yours. -MunechikaThe elder of Takatane, he wishes only for the futility of fighting to end so that he and his villagers can return to a life of peace without the additional struggle of invading, lawless samurai adding to an already difficult life.

-GenjuroA big man with an even bigger goal: overthrow Shuzen. It’s probably a good thing, then, that he has some equally pissed off and committed officers at his side, because his army is… well, let’s call them “inexperienced.” -Yuma UmemiyaAn interesting source of sibling rivalry, Yuma’s brother is Shinnosuke. His alliance with Genjuro is borne of deep animosity and a clear divide in beliefs on how to best serve Amana. -Itsuse RindouUtterly consumed with the idea of killing Shuzen, herself, everything she does is in pursuit of this goal — to the detriment of interpersonal interaction. -ShuzenFujimori’s Lord and ruler, his staid approach to regulating order and what he feels is eventual prosperity has left those less fortunate with something of a chip on their shoulder. -ShinnosukeBrother to Yuma and Shuzen’s right hand man. He possesses plenty of skill and is committed to the pursuit of a unified Amana under Fujimori rule.

Strategy Strategy Strategy

-OseiA soft-spoken but ultimately important girl that offers more than her simple demeanor and stand-offishness would suggest. -KotaA boy who lives with his older sister Osei in Takatane Village. Although he admires samurai, he acts as if he hates them in front of his sister.

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-Princess AraragiSometimes, one takes a trophy wife because it’s nice to be seen with her. But Princess Araragi is not just a trophy wife, and even Shuzen may not know what she’s completely capable of. -MasatsuguShuzen appears to be a fairly honorable man, though his rule might be crushing to some. That’s probably because his personal ninja does all the more deplorable acts for him behind the scenes.

Title: Can You Eliminate 100? Description: A gang of outcasts arrived at the Guard Gate, and the villains are plotting a crime against Amana. Go there and dispose them in order to win back the villagers’ trust. Tips: A samurai never flees from battle. Title: Runaway Children! Description: Three children ran away from home after being scolded because of their recent pranks. Proceed to the Guard Gate and find the children. Tips: Be careful with the kids and keep moving. Title: Punish the Food Thief! Description: A Jumbo Radish grown with loving care by the villagers has been stolen. The thief is a man from Omiki Town. Use Blunt Attack to properly punish him. Tips: Don’t kill. Title: Are we there yet? Description: Misae is not feeling so well today. Push her gently to her destination. Colliding with her three times will result in failure. Tips: Don’t draw your sword. Title: Village Girl Rescue Operation! Description: Rescue the girl who’s been kidnapped due to her father’s debt to the bandits. The bandits can be found on the Road. Tips: Be sure to escort her to safety. Title: Stop the War! Description: A conflict between Fujimori and Ouka Clan has developed in Kuchihagahara. Suppress the fight, or the tax collector will show no mercy.

Jobs The Lord Loves a Workin’ Man
The best way to get on the good side of anyone in Way of the Samurai 3 is to help him or her out. Remember, though, that doing so may not be exactly acceptable to rivals. Also remember that you’re only bound to a run through for as long as you wish, and everything you accomplish carries over to the next run. Don’t feel you have to do all of these in one go. Because you can’t (and they’re hardly all that you can do in the game). Choose wisely, samurai… -Misae of Takatane VillageTitle: Misae’s Underwear! Description: Find Misae’s favorite underwear that she dropped somewhere in Kuchihagahara. It is inside her Furoshiki, a wrapped cloth. Find it and return it to Misae. Tips: Watch out for the sneaky crows. Title: Wave of Silver Blades! Description: Eliminate 100 outcasts accused of trying to steal money from the villagers. Proceed to the Guard Gate and get rid of them all in order to win back the villagers’ trust. Tips: A samurai never flees from battle.

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Title: Stop the Violence! Description: The farmers have been suffering oppression from Fujimori Clan. Three villagers, who couldn’t stand the poverty any longer, turned into thugs and headed for Omiki Town. Stop them at any cost. Tips: You don’t need to get into unnecessary fights. Title: Assassinate Lord Shuzen! Description: Shuzen Fujimori has been oppressing the villagers with severe taxes. According to an informer, Lord Shuzen will be in Omiki Town tonight. Go there and kill him! Tips: Lord Shuzen would probably stay somewhere nice for the night. Title: Misae’s Challenge! Description: Misae is challenging you to a duel! She’ll have no regrets, whatever the results. Proceed to Kuchihagahara tonight. Tips: Fight like you mean it, if you want to stay alive. -Oryo of Omiki TownTitle: Oryo’s Errand! Description: Deliver a letter to Kiyonari’s servant. The servant will be waiting outside Castle Amana. After delivering the letter, report back to Oryo. Tips: Oryo never mentioned needing to deliver it while Kiyonari’s servant is alive. Title: Bloodshed in Kuchihagahara! Description:100 fed-up farmers are planning to rise in retaliation in Omiki Town. Before it starts, head down to Kuchihagahara and defeat them all. It’s a test to regain trust from the townspeople. Title: Blood for False Accusations! Description: You were falsely accused of stealing rice from the people of Omiki Town. Defeat 100 farmers in Kuchihagahara, and get Oryo’s help to regain their trust.

Title: Silence the Big Mouth! Description: A Fujimori’s minion has been bragging about his new weapon. Proceed to Castle Amana and break his weapon as punishment. Tips: The green spear looks cheap, and defending just might be the key. Title: Beauty and the Beast! Description: A village girl was kidnapped by a vicious outcast. Proceed to the old temple at the Road and punish him. Tips: Not all who are kidnapped are thankful after being rescued. Title: The Big Boss! Description:Bandits are making their home on the Road. Find their boss and kill him! Title: Clear the Way! Description: A conflict between a bunch of outcasts and farmers has broken out at the Guard Gate. The fight is interfering with business. Proceed to the entrance and stop the madness. Title: Justice for All! Description: A killer is slaying people for mere pleasure. Proceed to the Road and kill him. Show no mercy! Tips: Don’t listen to his words if you wish to complete the job. Title: Pride Comes with a Price! Description: There are three killers in Takatane Village who are complaining about their pay for jobs assigned by Oryo. They’re threatening to kill villagers and blame the townspeople. Get rid of them. Title: The Hand of an Agent! Description: Confront the man who broke an important promise with Omiki Town. He’s at the Guard Gate. To solve this problem, perhaps you can buy off one of Fujimori’s men. Tips: Fujimori soldiers tend to like good Radish.

Strategy Strategy Strategy

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Title: Oryo’s Interest! Description: Oryo has shown interest in you. Proceed to Kuchihagahara at nightfall and find out her intentions. Tips: Be prepared for anything to happen. -Joji of Castle MinoriTitle: Ouka’s Pride! Description: Threaten a commoner who’s been disrespecting Ouka Clan. Show him what it means to be degraded. Draw a sword to scare him. The target is at the Guard Gate. Tips: Be aware of where you are drawing your weapon. Title: Ouka Clan Honor! Description: A Fujimori brigade is assembled on the Road. Eliminate them in honor of Ouka Clan, and regain trust from their members. Title: Slaughter in Kuchihagahara! Description: Fujimori warriors are participating in a training exercise. Proceed to Kuchihagahara and defeat 100 of them to earn respect. Title: Genjuro! Description: Ouka Clan’s beloved dog, Genjuro, hasn’t returned from his walk yet. Find the dog and bring him back. Get some tips from Joji on the dog’s location. Title: Apologies! Description: It’s an honorable job to apologize for the misconduct caused in Omiki Town by a member of Ouka Clan. Go and do your duty. Title: Our Genjuro! Description: Genjuro is missing again! It seems he was caught by a Fujimori samurai in Kuchihagahara. Defeat the samurai and rescue our Genjuro.

Title: Hostage! Description: A member of Ouka Clan is being held hostage by Fujimori’s men. They are in Kuchihagahara. Go and rescue him. Tips: Try not getting the hostage involved in the fight. Title: Ouka’s Territory! Description: A fight between a group of outcasts and Fujimori Clan is intruding on Ouka Clan’s territory, the Road. In the name of Ouka, go and get rid of all of them. Title: Desperate Need for Help! Description: Fujimori’s men made an accusation on a member of Ouka Clan and confiscated his Small Box that was a memento of his mother. Return the Small Box kept inside the Guard Gate. Tips: Look for a buddy that can help you do the job. Title: Fearless Bandits! Description: Eliminate three men who became thieves without Joji’s permission and make an example out of them. The traitors are hiding in Castle Amana. Title: Shameful Fun! Description: In order to strengthen the power of Ouka Clan, execute Shameful Slash on every woman gathered together in Kuchihagahara. Old ladies have nothing to do with this. Tips: Skills that attack the lower region of the body make it a lot easier to Shameful Slash. Title: Assassinate the Assassin! Description: Someone is planning your assassination! According to reliable sources, the assassin will be in Kuchihagahara tonight. Go there and assassinate the killer. Tips: Friendship may not last forever.

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-Kiyonari of Castle AmanaTitle: Samurai Punisher is Coming! Description: A notorious thief known for his pick pocketing is hiding at the Road. Find him and give him ten beatings. Use Blunt Attack to make him renounce his crimes. Tips: Blunt kicking will do the job as well. Title: The Lone Guard! Description: Serve as a Rear Guard at the Road to help the Fujimori samurai retreat. Stop 100 Ouka Clan members with everything you have. Success in this job will remove your stigma. Title: Rise of Fujimori Samurai! Description: Defeat 100 Ouka Clan members found in Kuchihagahara. Complete the job and you’ll be recognized as a Fujimori samurai. Title: Run for Your Life! Description: You must compete against Kiyonari in a race. Go through the main gate, followed by the outer gate, then return to the starting point through the rear gate. The first one back wins. Tips: He never said it was only one lap around the castle. Title: Baby Abduction! Description: In order to rescue the kidnapped babies, you must fight the kidnappers who show up to receive ransom. Speak to Kiyonari regarding the meeting place. Tips: Bring the babies back to Kiyonari before doing anything to the kidnappers. Title: Who’s Who? Description: Find the real thief among the three suspects in Omiki Town. Use Blunt Attack to capture the crook. Tips: Ask Kiyonari about the characteristics of the thief.

Title: Samurai Punisher is Coming! Description: The Ashigaru Sergeant of Fujimori Clan stole an important document and is currently on the run. Head to the Road where he’s hiding and use Blunt Attack to capture him. Title: Eliminate Them All! Description: Ouka Clan and a group of outcasts have started a fight, which led to a fierce battle at the Road. Eliminate them all! Title: Ghost Sightings in Amana! Description: A killer disguised as a ghost is murdering people at the Guard Gate. The identity of the killer is unknown. Wait until nightfall and eliminate the killer. Tips: Blunt attacking may save your life. Title: Fujimori’s Ninjas! Description: Fujimori elites, who want a full-scale war against Ouka Clan, ordered three ninjas to assassinate Ouka Clan’s soft-liners. Proceed to Castle Minori and eliminate the ninjas. Tips: Don’t give them a chance to sheathe their weapon. Title: Samurai Punisher is Coming! Description: A samurai general is plotting to kill Lord Shuzen. Assassinate him at the Guard Gate and don’t let anyone see you, or they may assume it’s a sanction by a Samurai Punisher. Title: The Homeless Mighty God! Description: Tonight is the night to kill Joji of Ouka Clan, a.k.a. the “Homeless Mighty God.” Kiyonari’s men will lure and corner him. Proceed to Kuchihagahara and finish him. Tips: Why trust Kiyonari when he never trusted you?

Strategy Strategy Strategy

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Partners We Are Not Alone
New to Way of the Samurai 3 is the ability to recruit tag-alongs into your adventure. Partners are important for accomplishing multiple tasks, and not all of them are about slicing and dicing. In fact, getting to know a Partner and working with him or her is the only way to accomplish certain Jobs in the game. Perhaps more subjective to the whims of time and location, gaining the services of a Partner requires a very specific set of qualifiers. Luckily, you’ve got us to help you out with them. Momiji – Tomboy

After progressing through the game, Yukino will appear in Omiki Town between 18:00 and 0:00. Her job is a bodyguard, so if you decide to hire her for 100 Yen, she will join you through the night. Yuzu – Mother

In order to get Yuzu as your partner, you will need to visit her in Takatane Village between 6:00 and 12:00 with 300 HP or less. During the conversation with her, select “Ooh… mother!” and after she has healed you, talk to her again and she will become your partner. Momiji appears at Castle Amana between 10:00 and 16:00 after three days have past in the game. After having a conversation with her, you will enter battle, but if you start apologizing, she will stop attacking and sheathe her sword. Once she has sheathed her sword, talk to her again. As the conversation progresses, select “You want to by my partner?” and she will accompany you. Yukino – Widow Otome – Grandmother

Once you have gone through 15 days in the game, Otome will appear at the Road between 6:00 and 12:00. Select “You’re not just anybody” and “I want to destroy Amana!,” and she will ask you to kill the Dojima brothers. If you want her to accompany you, then you will need to accept, complete the job, and talk to her again.

~ 10 ~

Kasumi – Big Sister

Misaki – Maid

After you have gained a lot of trust from all four of the people in charge of jobs, Kasumi will appear in Omiki Town between 12:00 and 18:00. She will join you if you select “If you allow me, I shall call you sister” during the conversation with her. From the second time and on, she will join you if you select, “Sister, I’ll follow you to the end of the world.” Hiiragi – Naive

Once you have succeeded at the “Beauty and the Beast!” job from Oryo in Omiki Town, Misaki will appear behind Oryo between 6:00 and 12:00. Just by selecting “Come with me” during the conversation with her, she will accompany you. Hinagiku – Sexy

Strategy Strategy Strategy

After progressing through the game, Hiiragi will appear at the Guard Gate between 6:00 and 12:00. For her to join you, you will need to have a Jumbo Radish. Once you have a Jumbo Radish, you can select “You want to eat this Jumbo Radish?” during the conversation with her, and she will happily join you. However, you will need to provide a Jumbo Radish every time you wish Hiiragi to join you.

After progressing through the game, Hinagiku will appear at the Posting Station between 18:00 and 0:00. In order to have her become your partner, you will need to have an Arcane Potion, Chicken Cake, and Ancient Amulet. During the conversation with Hinagiku, select either “I’ll buy you anything you want” or “I’ll buy you more things” and then select “I’ll give you this.” Once you have given all three items, select “I came to make you mine,” and she will become your partner.

~ 11 ~

Kana – Servant

Once your trust rate from all four of the people in charge of jobs is very low, Osada will appear in Omiki Town between 20:00 and 2:00. For her to become your partner, you will need to do a Shameful Slash on Osada, and then talk to her. If you fail, she will start attacking you, so it will be better to go out of the map once. Ensen – Apprentice

To have Kana appear, you will need to have succeeded the “Village Girl Rescue Operation!” job from Misae in Takatane Village. Once Kana has been rescued through this job, she will appear near Misae between 12:00 and 18:00. She will accompany you if you select “Alright” during the conversation with her. Minamo – Little Sister Once you have killed 1,000 people or more, Ensen will appear at the Guard Gate between 18:00 and 0:00. Beat him with Blunt Attack and he will appear in front of your house between 12:00 and 0:00. Talk to him and select “Very well. Come with me” to have him join you. From the second time and on, Ensen will appear at the Guard Gate, so talk to him there to have him tag along. Dona – Samurai

Minamo appears at Castle Minori between 7:00 and 13:00. To have her join you, you will need to have either Akisame, Ebiten, or Ama-Otome with you and talk to her. Then select “Your brother was a samurai too?” and “I’ll be your brother,” and she will join you. Osada – Whore

After going through 30 days in the game, Dona will appear at the Posting Station between 6:00 and 12:00. It is rare to get 30 days when normally progressing through the game, so it will be best to sleep over and over at your house to accomplish this requirement. Through the conversation

~ 12 ~

with her, select “How about the samurai in front of you?” and she will accompany you. Nyanya – Bitch

-Weapon Specific Title AppraisalTitle Mighty Weapon ManjiKabura KaburaSutegi Short Green Onion My Hoe Requirement Weapon level 20 or more Weapon level 30 or more Weapon level 10 or more Killed 1,500 people or more Weapon level 25 or more None Effect Attack +80


Attack +60, Defense +40 Attack +35, Defense +35 Defense +140 Attack +40, Defense +60 None





Strategy Strategy Strategy


For Nyanya to appear, you will need to apologize towards the cats in Takatane Village, Castle Amana, Omiki Town, and the Road and have all four of them like you to the point where they follow you around. Once that is done, Nyanya will appear at the Guard Gate between 9:00 and 15:00. Select “I’d like to protect you,” and she will become your partner.

Stick/ Broom


Rare Weapons
One of the most important tools for any trip through Way of the Samurai 3 is which object you use to lay the smack down. More important, though, is finding out how to find some of the more unique and awesome tools that Acquire has provided to put the hurt to those that would dare cross your path. Also included are the ins and outs of appraising everything in your arsenal. -Basic Title AppraisalTitle Holy Legendary Requirement Weapon level 25 or more Upgraded the weapon to its MAX Quality limit (If 0/5 then to 10/5) Effect Defense +100 Attack +50, Defense +50

Description: A sword held by a wanderer. It is said that the only one able to fully master the sword is the wanderer, because of his extreme ability. Path to Obtain: With at least one Golden Egg in hand, talk to the Fabled Merchant who appears at the Road. Talk to him again and select “Don’t you have anything rarer?”, “Never mind, then,” and “Let’s trade,” and you will be able to trade the Manji-Kabura for ten Golden Eggs.

Bloodthirsty Killed 1,000 people Attack +100 or more

~ 13 ~


My Hoe

Description: This sword was created using the legendary forging method of a far off land. It is said that it was once wielded by a wanderer who completely traversed the legendary caverns. Path to Obtain: After obtaining the ManjiKabura, talk to the Fabled Merchant and listen to the story about the Kabura-Sutegi. Once that is over, the Nameless Samurai will appear in front of the blacksmith’s shop at night in Takatane Village. If you kill him, you will be able to obtain the weapon. Short Green Onion

Description: It’s not known whose hoe this is, but it has “My Hoe” written on the grip. Path to Obtain: This is a rare weapon that only Shuzen carries. On Instant Kill difficulty, you have a 15% chance of obtaining this weapon after killing Shuzen. Though the chances are low, it is easy to tell if Shuzen is wielding this weapon or not by appearance, so you can move between maps until you see him wielding it and avoid unnecessary battles. Tuna

Description: A green onion. Used in cooking. Path to Obtain: These are carelessly placed around the fields of Takatane Village and Omiki Town, so you can obtain it without any hassle. You can also obtain it with a high chance through the jobs “Justice for All!”, “Bloodshed in Kuchihagahara!”, and “Blood for False Accusations!” that is provided by Oryo in Omiki Town.

Description: A tuna. It has astonishingly charming eyes. Path to Obtain: You are able to obtain this lovely weapon by killing one of your partners, Nyanya.

~ 14 ~



Description: A broken stick. An item that every samurai has wielded at least once. Path to Obtain: Typically the villagers carry this weapon, but even without killing them, you are able to pick them up in places like Takatane Village, Kuchihagahara, and Castle Minori. If you wish to obtain it through the villagers, on Instant Kill difficulty, you have a 75% chance of obtaining one through the “Bloodshed in Kuchihagahara!”, and “Blood for False Accusations!” job from Oryo in Omiki Town.

Description: Normally used for cleaning. This will require extreme forging if used as a weapon. Path to Obtain: You can easily get this weapon if you kill Gajiro who is cleaning in Omiki Town or Posting Station. However, if you do not want to lower your trust rate, you can try obtaining one by killing the villagers in the “Stop the Violence!” job by Misae in Takatane Village, and the “Clear the Way!” job by Oryo in Omiki Town, though there is only a 10% chance for the villagers to be wielding one.

Strategy Strategy Strategy

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