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2014 Training Teachers Smoking Survey Report

Introduction From 15th Mac 2014 thru 17th Mac 2014 our group performed a Smoking Survey among the IPG Raja Melewar Training Teachers. The survey was conducted by means of a questionnaire given to the training teachers to complete. The part of the questionnaire dealt with the type of tick on the box provided based on the question.

Objective of survey The aim of this survey to find out training teachers opinion regarding smoking habits and understandings based on advantages and disadvantages of smoking habits. Subjects There are 15 male and 10 female respondents between 18 to 35 years old, from 4 races such as malay, chinese, indian and other were took part on this survey.


2014 Training Teachers Smoking Survey

Answers Questionaire 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 SA 2 5 7 16 3 3 13 20 23 2 24 10 3 9 3 A 6 9 6 7 7 3 3 2 1 5 1 13 9 11 7 N 1 8 5 1 12 4 6 2 1 1 0 2 4 4 8 D 6 2 3 0 2 3 1 1 0 5 0 0 2 1 7 SD 10 1 4 1 1 12 2 0 0 12 0 0 7 0 0 Total 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25

Table 1: 2014 Training Teachers Smoking Survey Questionnaire Result

2014 Training Teacher's Smoking Survey



Training Teacher's







0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

Graf 1: 2014 Training Teachers Smoking Survey

Based on the graph of data, the most significant items are as follows. In the first question, there are 25 of 6 are disagree and 10 are strongly disagree that the smoking reduces stress. But there 2 respondent are strongly agree and 6 are agree , and 1 of training teacher are neutral with this statement. On the second question, there are 5 training teachers are strongly agree, 9 agree, 8 are neutral, 2 were disagree, and 1 are strongly disagree with the statement are given.

The third question is showing that 7 of training teachers are choose strongly agree, 6 agree, 5 neutral, 3 disagree and 2 strongly disagree on the statement. The fourth question said that, friends influence a person to smoke were 25 of 16 training teacher are choose strongly disagree, meanwhile 7 respondent are agree, and there 1 neutral and 1strongly disagree with this statement. In fifth question, most of training teacher are probably choosing neutral. 3 of 25 teacher were choose strongly disagree, 7 of them were choose agree, 2 are disagree and 1 are strongly disagree with this statement. On the next question, there are 12 training teachers are strongly disagree on Branded cigarette are healthy then non branded cigarettes. 4 of training teachers were choosing neutral. There

are 3 of training teachers were choose strongly agree, agree and disagree. From the following question, 13 of training teachers are strongly agree, 3 agree, 6 neutral 1 disagree, 2 strongly disagree. From their opinion, most probably smoking is banned in public places.

Furthermore, majority of 43 training teachers were choose strongly agree that smoking can cause lung cancer and heart disease based on question eight and nine. Meanwhile, 3 were agree, 3 were neutral, and 1 were choose disagree. Continuously, there are 12 are strongly disagree that smoking help us to release tension. There are 5 of training teacher s choose agree and disagree, 2 of them choose strongly agree and 1 were choose neutral.

Furthermore over 24 respondent strongly agree and1 respondent agree that smoking is bad for health. This statement is shown eleventh question. On the other hand, in question 12, 13th of training teachers were choose agree for the statement many children are influence to smoke by film star. 10 of them were choose strongly agree and 2 were choose neutral.

In question thirteenth, there were 25 of 9 training teachers are agree for the given statement. But there are 7 were strongly disagree. 4 of them are choose neutral, 3 were choose strongly agree, and 2 were disagree. On the following question, 11 of training teachers are choose agree, 9 were choose strongly agree, 4 were choose neutral and 1 were choose disagree for the statement. In final statement, the data show that 8 of training teachers were choose neutral, 7 are choosing agree and 7 are choosing disagree meanwhile 3 are choosing strongly agree.

Findings The data are given shown that the training teachers are strongly disagree that smoking cause
a lot of disadvantage. It causes different diseases such as cancer of different part of the body and brain stroke which makes Para lashed our body. First of fall if someone addicted by others and some days after that they become chain smoker which really unthinkable. Our young generations are involved day by day but they do not know about the effect of smoking. They couldn't understand how many diseases will occur and naturally they fall in death.

From the religious point of view it is prohibited. It is clearly shown us, if someone waste their valuable body parts without excuse than they will be destroys in future. It harmful not only smoker but also nonsmoker, if someone smoke inform of their family member than each member get nicotine by smoke. That harms both side on the other hand it has no advantage but someone think that it gives relaxation and our young stars think that it becomes smart . So, by this survey we get find out that the training teachers think that smoking is a really harmful to mankind and it waste our valuable life and valuable many thing like property and so many on. So everyone should conscious about the bad effect of smoking and our government should try to increase awareness. On the other hand, our campus training teachers really get good health and wealth. Because of that the respondents answers on this survey show that they avoid smoking habits among the teenagers. In conclusion, smoking is a dangerous bad habit. It contains nicotine and tar. It causes different diseases and damages to our brain and lungs. Most of the people are addicted it by someone, specially our teenagers are affect by their friends. Every year the number of people are death for this reason and sometimes they are avoided their family, which really shock-able. So, as a teacher we must beware from this habit to build up a health and wealth lifestyle.