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Information for Career Counseling

Tanmaya Mahapatra Matriculation Number : 340959 February 16, 2014

Structure of SSE
Theoretical Courses : 12 credits Software Engineering : 12 credits Software Project Management : 4 credits Practical : 8 credits 2 Seminar : 2 * 4 = 8 credits Thesis : 30 credits DOC 3 credits German Language : 4 credits Other Subjects : 43 credits Total : 120 credits

Current Credits Earned

1. Principles of Compiler Design : 1.0 : 6C 2. Advanced Computer Architecture : 1.3 : 6C 3. Distributed Computing : 1.0 : 6C 4. Mobile Computing 1.0 : 6C 5. E-commerce : 1.3 : 6C 6. IT - Security 2 : 1.7 : 6C 7. Designing of Interactive Systems -1 (Software Engineering : 6 credits) : Result not yet declared 1

8. Innovations in Software Engineering : Exam yet to be held : 3C 9. Theoretical Foundations of Distributed Systems : Exam yet to be held : 6C Total Credits Now : 36 Total credits expected by end of rst semester : 51

Areas in which I would like to specialize (in decreasing order of Interest)

Security (Before allocation of Career counselors, I had specically requested my course coordinator to allocate some one from security group to be my career counselor) i9 (Android + Web Tech) Media Computing Group

Main Target ( which can supersede my interest)

I prefer going in any of the areas by which I can complete my degree in October 2015. Have issues in staying here : Major Issue : Financial crisis after October 2015 Home sick : Need to go out of Germany asap. Food issues, language issues etc. I short I am being chocked to death. I want to go out as soon as possible

What I expect from you ?

Short, precise information and guidance to help me complete this course by October 2015. Constructive criticism and ideas to change my schedule.

Subjects which I am planning to take in next Summer Semester & Winter Semester
1. Summer Semester

(a) Software Project Management : 4C (completes my Mandatory course requirement) (b) Software Architecture : 6C (completes my 12C requirement from SE area) (c) Functional Programming : 6C (completes my 12C requirement from Theoretical area) (d) Advanced Learning Technology : 6C (Required if I want to go for i9) (e) Designing of Interactive Systems -2 : 6C (Required if I want to go for Media computing) (f) Mobile Security (if oered): 6C (Required if I want to go for Security) i. Total credits Planned : 28 Max 22 Min Worst case : 34 2. Next Winter Semester (a) 1 Lab : 8C (b) 1 Seminar : Mostly in SE area ( requirement of SSE) : 4C (c) Web Technologies : 6C (Required if I want to go for i9) (d) IT Security - 1 (I dropped IT Sec 1 this semester as I was clueless if I could directly take the second attempt as my rst attempt) (Required if I want to go for Security) (e) Object Oriented Software Construction : 6C (f) iphone Programming ( Less Probability) i. Total credits planned : Min 24 Max 30 Worst case 36 3. Next to next Summer Semester (a) Thesis : 30C (b) DOC : 3C 4. Big Concern : I am unable to t my second seminar in this plan schedule. How and where do i t that ? Because I did not get a place in any lab or seminar for coming semester.

What would I like to Discuss with you ?

Which path should I choose for my specialization? Since I lost my chance for Security Lab and there is no Security Seminar in the next semester. So can I safely delete security from my area of interest. Is it worth waiting till summer semester 2015 for security lab + seminar.

I would like you to comment and criticize my planned schedule for next semesters and help me come up with an elegant solution. End Result desirable : Finish SSE by October 2015. If I am unable to complete my German lang. requirement in this hectic schedule. Can I do that after I complete all credits, go back to my home country and then give the exam in Goethe Institute. Is this possible ? (I do not mind loosing 4 credits. 4 credits is what they oer if I do it here in Sprache Zentrum.)