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China Policy Paper While China recognizes Israel as a sovereign state and acknowledges that it has a right to be independent,

peace must be made in the Israel/Palestinian conflict and therefore another independent state must be created for the Palestinians. This allows for both sides to live peacefully side-by-side. The conflict is centered around who gets to on the land that is currently the Jewish state of Israel. The Jewish people believe that they have they have historical and religious rights to the land and the Palestinian people argue the same thing. The conflict seemed like it would never end until the UN, in hopes that it would relieve the tension there, passed Resolution 181. It states, This undertaking shall be drafted by the commission provided for in section B, paragraph 1, utilizing to the greatest possible extent the advice and co-operation of representative organizations and bodies from each of the proposed States. It shall contain provisions to establish the Economic Union of Palestine and provide for other matters of common interest (United Nations Resolution 181). Unfortunately that motion has not moved forward and the fighting still continues. The Palestinians, now living in the West Bank and Gaza, are unwilling to negotiate, and Israel continues to settle in the West Bank, while not allowing the Right of Return to the thousands of Palestinians who were displaced from their homes in 1948. In the interest of creating peace in the region, China supports the creation of another state that will accommodate the Palestinian refugees and culture. This nation, along side the current state of Israel, will allow both sides to live peacefully with each other and keep peace in the fragile area. This proposal strongly asserts

Israels right to exist, but also acknowledges both sides historical right to the land. The borders should be drawn in the original 1967 borders (Palestinian Loss of Land, 1946 2007). As it states in our Four Point Plan, This proposal calls for an end to settlement activities, violence against civilians, and Israels blockade on Gaza, and presses for a resolution to the issue of Palestinian prisoners, saying all are necessary conditions for the resumption of peace talks (China Unveils Peace Plan Based on 1967 Lines 1). This solution should eventually end all violence between both sides, and hopefully lead to a productive and constructive relationship between them. For this to work, both sides need to agree to work out their differences and negotiate, under the moderation of China and other Security Council members. Overall, this solution will allow for both the Jewish people and the Palestinians to live peacefully with one another, while allowing both the land that they historically deserve.