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Sept | Oct 2009

Newsletter of the Jerome Fisher Management and Technology Program
Edited by Juhi Heda (M&T ‘10) & Joy Xu (M&T ’10)

The Sky’s the Limit Among the many things he did

upon his return to earth, such as
mission on the International Space
Station. At the end of his talk, Reis-
We all know that M&Ts “aim appearing on the Colbert Report in man presented Dean Eduardo Glandt
high” but Dr. Garrett Reisman (M&T July 2008, Reisman also made time with a Penn pennant, which he had
’91) took that literally. to return to Penn in spring 2009 to proudly displayed on the wall of the
share his experience with current Space Station during his three
Reisman graduated from the M&T M&T students as well as serve as the months in orbit. Before his next
Program in 1991 with degrees in distinguished speaker for the Busi- launch in 2010, Reisman will present
mechanical engineering and business. ness, Technology and Government the Alumni Keynote Address at the
At Penn, he was involved in a wide Lecture Series. Reisman’s inspira- M&T 30th Anniversary event. We
variety of extra-curricular activities, tional lecture, “Living aboard the look forward to hearing him speak
ranging being a member of the Penn Space Station—One Quaker’s and are sure that his address will be
wrestling team to being the president Journey,” detailed his three-month “out of this world.” □
of the Interfraternity Council. Despite
the diversity of his involvement, he
was always particularly keen on math
and science and fascinated by space.
Under the mentorship of Dr. William
Hamilton and Joe Bordogna, the dean
of the Engineering School at the
time, he decided to pursue further
studies in the technical realm at
CalTech. With the continued support
of his advisors at Penn and CalTech
as well as his experience as a Space-
craft Guidance, Navigation and
Control Engineer at TRW, he finally
took the leap and joined NASA as an
astronaut. On March 11, 2008, he
launched as Mission Specialist 5
aboard the STS-123 Space Shuttle

He returned to Earth on June 14,

2008 having completed his mission
and having spent 3 months in space
and 7 hours and 01 minutes of extra-
vehicular activity (EVA) in one
spacewalk. He also completed
numerous tasks with the Space
Station robotic arm and the new
robotic manipulator, Dextre.
Alumni Updates
Jessica (M&T ‘90) and Keith Wasserstrom, W'89, Dan Googel (M&T ‘96) recently became Director,
L'92, e-mails to announce that she and her husband Private Equity Investments for Caithness Develop-
have two children, Megan (two years) and Jonah ment, a privately held, family run company whose
(nine months). Jessica is a bankruptcy attorney with primary business is developing and operating clean
Weil, Gotshal & Manges in Miami. Keith is a energy power plants. In this role, Dan will be
corporate and securities attorney with the Fort investing in private equity and venture capital
Lauderdale office of Greenberg Traurig. They can opportunities across a variety of industries. Prior to
be reached at joining Caithness, Dan was a Principal at Easton
Capital, a diversified venture capital firm. He had
Mary (M&T ‘90) and John Letchford are happy to previous work experience at Soros Private Equity
announce the arrival of their beautiful baby girl, Partners and CIBC Oppenheimer.
Lisa May Letchford, on April 14th, 2009 in Win-
chester, MA. Lisa weighed 6lbs 2oz and was 19 Ryan (M&T ’98 Geng '98) and Clarissa Fesler
inches long. Sean (6yrs) and Mark (3 yrs) are Sacco C'00 are pleased to announce the birth of
thrilled with their little baby sister. With the arrival their daughter, Julia Marie, on March 4 in Los
Mary has taken a years leave of absence from her Angeles. Ryan continues to work in private equity
role as Service Operations Executive with AT&T as a vice president at American Capital, while
Global Services. John continues to work for the Clarissa is a study-abroad coordinator at Loyola
Commonwealth of Massachusetss as the Deputy Marymount University.
CIO in the Information Technology Division. She
can be reached at Anand Sanwal (M&T ‘96) and his wife, Sri, are
happy to announce the arrival of their beautiful
baby girl, Zia Naina Sanwal, on October 7, 2009 in
New York, NY. Zia weighed in at 6lbs/8oz, was 20
inches long and quickly received early admission
into the M&T class of 2030. Anand is the
co-founder and CEO of CB Information Services, a
company aggregating information & data on high-
growth private companies. The company's first
offering, ChubbyBrain (,
launched in February 2009. After a well-deserved
break for the next couple of months, Sri is aiming to
resume her role in research as part of S&P's Capital
Chuck (M&T ’92) and Erica Cain (CAS ‘92) IQ division. Anand can be reached at
would like to announce the arrival of our new
daughter, Allison Rachel Cain on Feb. 17, 2009.
While I'm a bit late with this, I wanted to let every-
one know. Big brother, Ryan (3), is amazing with
her – very caring and always making sure she has
enough hugs and kisses. I'm heading into the end of
my 5th year (a record for me) with Harvard Group
International, a retained executive search firm in
Atlanta. We're doing pretty well, even in this
horrible economy. Check us out at
and always feel free to email me at
Alumni Updates
Brian Kravitz (M&T '99, WG '06) recently Eileen McCarthy Feldman (M&T ‘02) is a
became Vice President of Business Development at licensed professional engineer working on New
Beejive, one of the leading messaging application York City's drinking water infrastructure. Eileen
vendors for iPhone and BlackBerry. Beejive's and her Penn Engineering husband Jason are happy
instant messaging platform, BeejiveIM, has consis- to announce the arrival of their son, Ryan McCarthy
tently ranked in Apple's top paid iPhone applica- Feldman, who arrived on September 16th at 3:20
tions and has been featured in numerous Apple am. He was 6 lb. 14 oz. and 19 1/2 inches long.
print, on-line, and television advertisements. Brian When she returns from maternity leave Eileen will
and the company are currently hard at work on a continue as a licensed professional engineer work-
new mobile product, and he can be reached at ing on New York City’s drinking water infrastruc- ture.

Nimita Shah (M&T '02) is living in New York

City, and works in real estate acquisitions and
development with Toll Brothers, Inc. as a senior
project manager. She recently became a LEED
accredited professional and continues to pursue her Nick Fawzi (M&T ’02) is in the world of academic
interests in "green" building. research as a postdoctoral fellow at the National
Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland and his
Michael Pezzicola (M&T ’02) is living in wife Alice (Penn Engineering '02) is a mechanical
Manasquan, NJ and works for McMaster-Carr engineer in Northern Virginia. They moved to
Supply Company in Princeton as a reigonal director Washington DC in 2008 after quite a few excellent
of order fullfillment. In December of 2008, he years in Berkeley, California where Nick was a
completed his MBA in the Langone Part-Time graduate student.
Program at NYU's Stern School of Business. He is
still deciding between surfing, kayaking, or biking Christy Paino (M&T ’02) lives at the edge of the
to permantly fill his newly acquired free time in Mojave Desert, where there are lots of "things that
2009. fly!" at Edwards Air Force Base. She has worked as
an engineer for The Boeing Company since 2001 (is
she the only M&T grad to stay with just one com-
pany since Penn?) She lives with her beau Louis,
and is finally pondering the idea of higher educa-
Alumni Updates
Joy Lin (M&T ’02) is currently pursuing her MBA Aditya Humad (M&T ‘07) writes,"After spending
at UCLA Anderson and will be a second year two years in the Healthcare Group at J.P. Morgan's
student beginning in the fall. This summer, Joy is Investment Bank in NYC after graduation, I decided
interning at General Mills in a brand management to pursue an exciting opportunity as a Financial
role in the Yoplait division. Analyst in a medical device start-up in the Boston
area. SpineFrontier focuses on minimally invasive
Alex Sasha Furmansky (M&T ’07) writes, “After and innovative spine implant and instrument tech-
graduating I spent 2 exciting years in New York at nology equipped with successfully marketed prod-
Evercore Partners (Financial Technology M&A) ucts and a healthy pipeline. As an M&T graduate, I
working alongside inspirational and incredibly can finally use my background in bioengineering
intelligent colleagues. Since then, I have set course and finance to understand the technology and
back towards the M&T dream and recently started landscape with the engineers while working with
as Director of Business Development at OpenPeak, the CEO and investors on finance and fund-raising,
a fast-growing tech company at the intersection of operational improvements and strategic direction of
media and telecom. It’s a fantastic role, bridging the Company. I currently live close to SpineFrontier
technologists and business strategists. On the in Beverly, MA; but plan to move to downtown
personal front, after 2 years in the Big Apple, I have Boston in October and look forward to meeting
moved down to sunny South Florida – from bustling M&T alums in the area and joining in on Penn
cabs to swaying palm trees.” events as well!"

Save the Date!
M&T 30th Anniversary Celebration
November 13th - 15th, 2009
University of Pennsylvania Campus
Entrepreneurs’ Corner
Robert Sztybel (M&T '84) was recently issued US AJ Joshi (M&T '97) writes: "I left the world of
patent 7,567,846 for his Interactive Audio Content Lehman/Barclays to start my own company, BrightPath
Delivery System and Method. Featuring expert content Energy. We originate, develop, and advise on
management and a behavioral learning agent, the commercial-scale solar projects, and are primarily
proprietary technology delivers personalized, program- focused on east coast markets. As any M&T would be
mable, navigable, on-demand content via conventional aware, there is a lot of activity in renewable energy,
telephone devices and infrastructure. Accessed by a particularly in distributed solar generation, so it is a
simple telephone call and manipulated by voice and very exciting time to be entering the space. We are
DTMF, the cloud-based web browser provides a one- located in New York.” He can be reached at
to-one telecentric interface to audio content for the
billions of wireless and wired telephones circulating
worldwide. The interactive technology can ultimately
displace conventional broadcast radio; the service is
instantly pervasive, as it leverages existing Telco assets
and deployed handsets to reach its audience. He has
also reported an uptick of activity at AnyWare Radio,
the company formed to monetize this technology. "With
our proprietary rights now protected, we have been
more forthcoming about the nature of the opportunity
and the underlying technology.” He can be reached at Zayd Hammam (M&T '98) and his wife, Laura Doyle (C '00), are living in New York with their four daugh-
ters. He recently started ZH & Partners Corporation, an
investment firm that is buying distressed loans from the
FDIC and regional banks. He is excited to be going to
the big 30th Anniversary celebration and hopes to see
many of you there. Zayd is always happy to talk to
M&T folk and can be reached at

Glenn Dunoff (M&T '91) writes: A former US Secre-

tary of Defense, William Cohen, has agreed to be the
chairperson of the advisory board of our company
( Two M&T alums (Randall Foster
M&T '91 and myself) are on the management team, so I
thought you might enjoy hearing the news
( We're in the
long-range nightvision surveillance camera business, so
you can probably imagine how excited we are. Looking
forward to seeing you all in November. I can be reached
Entrepreneurs’ Corner
Jake Peters (M&T '01) recently relocated to London
and is now the CIO & Director of Online Strategy for
Blink, Europe's first air taxi service. Blink
( is revolutionising the short-haul
travel market in Europe by offering business and leisure
travelers access to over 600 airports in Europe at prices
50% cheaper than existing jet charter companies and
competitive with business class fares. Jake enjoys the
perfect mix of M and T in his role and the interesting
challenges he has faced as the company has grown
quickly to 40+ people and 7 jets over the past year and
a half. He loves living in London and can be reached at
Radhika Gupta (M&T '05), Nalin Moniz (M&T '05),
and Anant Jatia (M&T '07) have launched Forefront
Capital Management Private Limited, an investment
firm bringing systematic investing to the Indian mar-
kets. We decided to start our own venture after being
portfolio managers at AQR Capital Management and
Goldman Sachs in New York. We provide portfolio
management and advisory services to high net worth
individuals and institutional clients and hope to provide
our investors cutting edge research, superior returns,
and distinctive client service. We are always excited to
hear from potential investors, advisory board members,
and talented investment professionals. The firm is
based in Mumbai, India and all of us can be reached at
<> or come visit us at
Sahil Gupta (M&T '07) recently took a leave of
absence from management consulting to start a
consumer-focused platform to streamline the consumer
billing process. The platform, Zodah, is working to help
households simplify bill management while also help-
ing billers promote paperless bill adoption. He is
actively working on building a development team,
raising angel funding and building an advisory board;
he hopes to take from an early stage venture to a legiti-
mate stage venture and can always use the help of
fellow M&Ter's. Sahil currently lives in Cleveland, OH
& New York, NY and can be reached at
M&T Alumni Spotlight
Kunal K. Ghosh While most of us probably moved
on from that MGMT 237 case after
microscopes could be made small,
portable, cheap, and plentiful,
M&T ’03 (EE, MGMT) submitting the case write-up, it seems researchers, educators, and practitio-
I never quite did. My senior design ners alike would be empowered with
“Seeing is believing”, “Pictures project a couple of years later (with their own, personal microscopes,
are worth a thousand words”,….such K.W. Yeung, supervised by Prof. Jan expediting the pace of scientific
time-worn adages are a testament to Van der Spiegel, Electrical and discovery and engendering new
the power of images in conveying Systems Engineering, and Prof. point-of-site and point-of-care diag-
ideas and information in various Nader Engheta, Electrical and nostic applications with the potential
facets of our lives. As many of us Systems Engineering and Bioengi- for profound impact in life sciences
might recall from the MGMT 237 neering) involved the design and research and global health care.
Kodak/Sony-Mavica case and Dr. H’s implementation of a CMOS digital
memorable stories of his meeting camera with polarization difference
with Akio Morita, co-founder and imaging. I enrolled into the EE
then Chairman of Sony, the advent of graduate program at Stanford a year
CCD-based digital cameras in the later under the tutelage of Prof.
eighties revolutionized imaging and Abbas El Gamal (which, incidentally,
photography. The nineties saw the really had more to do with him
emergence of a disruptive technol- having founded several successful
ogy, CMOS imaging – digital cam- Silicon Valley startups than his
eras and imaging systems leveraging particular research interests).
standard CMOS semiconductor
foundry processes, the technology of After a two-year stint on a
choice in the manufacture of the vast Defense Advance Research Projects
majority of electronic integrated Agency (DARPA) project designing
circuits. Much of the pioneering novel CMOS image sensor architec-
research and development in CMOS tures and circuits for demanding
imaging and the subsequent dissemi- military infrared imaging applica-
nation into industry was a result of tions, I was somewhat keen to pursue
work done by Prof. Abbas El Gamal other interests. We have since
and his students at Stanford Univer- embarked on a close collaboration Kunal can be reached at
sity. with Prof. Mark J. Schnitzer, of the
Departments of Applied Physics and
Today CMOS cameras are ubiqui- Biology and the Bio-X Program at
tous, present in our iPhones and Stanford, to design and fabricate
PDAs, not only providing imaging miniature, integrated microscopes –
performance rivaling that of devices that can be mass produced –
scientific-grade CCDs, but also sowing the technological seeds of a
providing higher resolutions, faster paradigm shift in microscopy from
frame rates, and the capability of the bulky, expensive, and inherently
integration with optics and electron- non-scalable bench-top concept that
ics into compact imaging systems, all prevails today. Indeed, if
at a fraction of the cost of CCDs.
M&T Alumni Spotlight
Jeff Fluhr
M&T ’96

Jeff Fluhr M&T '96 is this year's

recipient of the Joseph Wharton
Award for Young Leadership.

This honor is presented each year

at the Joseph Wharton Awards Dinner
to a Wharton alumnus who, early in
his/her career, has demonstrated the
greatest potential for leadership and
lasting impact.

Jeff was the Co-Founder of

StubHub, where he served as CEO
until its sale to eBay for $310 million
in January of 2007. Jeff is an advisor
to several Silicon Valley emerging
technology companies. He has been
honored as one of Sports Business
Journal's prestigious "Forty Under
40," a list recognizing the most Jeff can be reached at
influential young executives in the
sports industry. The article states,
“[StubHub in 2005] tripled its
volume of ticket resales to more than
$200 million, garnered more than $50
million in commissions, and perhaps
most shocking, now holds official
relationships with more than a dozen
pro and major college teams.”
He has also been honored by Entre-
preneur Magazine as one of the 24
Best and Brightest young entrepre-
neurs in America.

Jeff will be an alumni panelist at

the 30th Anniversary Celebration.
The panel will consist of notable
M&T entrepreneurs, who will share
their experiences and paths to
Job Postings
Zodah (posted by Sahil Gupta, M&T ’07)
Zodah is an early stage start-up looking for an energetic, experienced technical co-founder. The Company is
looking to create an innovative solution to help millions of consumers simplify a mainstream household prob-
lem. I founded Zodah in March 2009, and have spent the past 5 months building out the business model.
Currently, I've developed an initial prototype, established initial industry relationships and built a small, presti-
gious Advisory Board. For our early accomplishments, Zodah has been accepted into the First Growth Venture
Network (

I am looking for a technical minded entrepreneur who has experience working in start-ups and is interested in
playing a crucial role in the development of a new online consumer platform. You will have the opportunity to
join on as a co-founder and play an instrumental role in the future of our organization.

If this is something that interests you, please feel free to reach out to me at to learn more
about the position and our company. The position will be based in NYC, but can be negotiated.

IA Venture Partners (posted by Ben Siscovick)

IA Venture Partners is a new early-stage venture capital firm investing in companies targeting 'big-data',
machine learning, anomaly detection, high-performance computing, predictive analytics, data visualization and
related fields. The successful candidate will be a key member of a small team of highly successful investors and
entrepreneurs. This individual will be a highly analytical, innovative and driven self-starter with deep technical
experience combined with business judgment.

IA Venture Partners is seeking a VC Associate to be involved in all stages of the investment process. The VC
Associate will be responsible for:
• Creating and supporting point of view on potential investments
• Conducting all stages of due diligence, including: financial modeling, market analysis, and research
• Sourcing new investment opportunities through networking and strategic partnerships
• Identifying emerging areas of strategic importance to the Kinetic Ventures ecosystem
• Providing hands-on operational and strategic support to portfolio companies
• Experience with/understanding of the following viewed favorably: machine learning, parallel computing,
‘big-data' analytics, computational linguistics, natural language processing

If this is something that interests you, please send inquires to
Job Postings
Insight Venture Partners (posted by Charlene Chen, M&T ’05)
Insight Venture Partners is a growth-oriented investor in expansion and late stage software, internet, and data-
enabled businesses. Founded in 1995, the firm has raised over $3B in capital and is one of the most active and
fastest growing firms in this space. Insight employs a unique, hands-on model, providing dedicated, on-site
strategic and operational assistance to portfolio companies, working alongside senior managers to support their
growth and ability to scale.

The firm is currently looking for a Venture Capital Analyst to join its Onsite Consulting team, an in-house
consulting group composed of experienced industry experts as well as former strategy consultants. As a member
of the Onsite team, the analyst would work with the Investment Team on prospect due diligence as well as work
closely with senior management at existing portfolio companies. Ideal candidates will have 1-2 years experi-
ence at a top tier strategy consulting firm. The ability to run independently on projects is a must and a strong
interest in technology and new media is preferred. Please include your GPA on your resume. Start date would be
January 2010. Compensation is competitive and commensurate with experience. Position will be in NYC.

For more information or if interested, please contact Charlene Chen (

Union Square Advisors (posted by Peter Daley, M&T ’98)

Union Square Advisors is a high-end investment bank led by a team of very senior bankers in the technology
sector. We execute mergers and acquisitions and raise private capital for leading technology companies, and we
compete directly with the top bulge bracket firms for roles on the biggest and most interesting transactions.

Union Square Advisors is seeking an Analyst in the Investment Banking division. The two year Analyst
program is designed to provide a better core experience than any other analyst program on the Street.
• A+ talent at every level of the firm – more relevant experience and greater domain knowledge
• Interesting and relevant deal flow
• More senior banker involvement on each transaction
• Extensive contact network for Analyst outplacement (if desired)

Ideal applicants will have proven academic excellence at all levels, a cumulative GPA of 3.3+, demonstrable
quantitative thinking ability, and past investment banking internship experience. Start date will be July 2010 in
San Francisco, CA. Compensation is highly competitive.

For more information or if interested, please contact Peter Daley (
Job Postings
Google - YouTube (posted by Daniel Maloney, M&T ’05)
The Strategy & Operations team works directly with the YouTube management team to identify and address
opportunities and threats to our business, ensuring we grow long-term revenue and profits as effectively as
possible. We are looking to expand this dynamic team with an Associate, who will provide the project manage-
ment skills, analytical “horsepower” and business judgment to support strategic and tactical initiatives globally.
Our ideal candidate will have demonstrated top quartile performance in an analytical environment, such as
management consulting or financial analysis, and have familiarity with the consumer internet and/or media
industries. We are looking for self-starters who can work in a rapidly changing industry, tolerate ambiguity, lead
crossfunctional teams through influence and demonstrate problem-solving leadership with limited oversight.

• BA/BS degree in technical or business field with excellent academic record
preferred; recent MBA or graduate technical degree a plus.
• Experience in or passion for the consumer internet and media industries necessary.
• 1-5 years relevant experience in management consulting, finance, corporate
strategy or similar environment. Demonstrated strong performance in prior roles,
with increasing levels of responsibility and independence.
• Distinctive problem solving and analysis skills and impeccable business judgment.
• Superior Excel financial modelling skills; proficient PowerPoint skills. Familiarity with
database query (e.g. MS Access), statistical analysis, and/or SQL coding preferred.

If interested, please contact Daniel Maloney at

Goldman Sachs - Global Commodities (posted by John Y. Kim, M&T ’00)

The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. is a leading global financial services firm providing investment banking,
securities and investment management services to a substantial and diversified client base that includes corpo-
rations, financial institutions, governments and high-net-worth individuals. Founded in 1869, the firm is head-
quartered in New York.

Goldman Sachs Global Commodities Division is seeking an Oil Trader Analyst to assist two senior traders in
fact finding, analysis and trade idea generation. After six months to one year, the candidate will take his/her own
positions and will be expected to generate P&L for the firm. Strong interpersonal and technical skills required.
This position is based in Singapore. Experience in Asia a plus.

If interested, please contact John Yohan Kim at