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NEAR BUCHACH, WESTERN UKRAINE, APRIL 6, 1944: The March Russian offensive to drive the Germans back to the Carpathian Mountains had been successful. Partially due to Hitlers stand fast order many large German formations were encircled. Among them was the entire First Panzer Army of General Hube. Determined not to be part of another Stalingrad-type debacle, Hube and Manstein planned a daring breakout. Avoiding the favourable terrain to the south, Hube drove west across forested hills. The terrain was more difficult, but the Russians were caught by surprise. Elements of the elite 2nd SS Panzer Corps would drive eastward to aid the breakout with a linkup expected in the vicinity of Buchach. The westward thrust caught Zhukov by surprise and he desperately threw anything available in the way of Hubes panzers. His last blocking force, a gaggle from the 1st Tank Army, was pushed aside by the 10th SS Frundsberg Division, itself now little more than a Kampfgruppe. Hube, with his 200 000 men, was able to pull out and escape the trap this time.

GERMAN: You are is close to a linkup with the General Hubes 1st Panzer Army, which is retreating eastwards to break their encirclement. Brush the remaining Russian mobile forces aside and escort the transports to safety. SOVIET: We have been taken by surprise by the German counterattack which is allowing their troops to break out of our encirclement. Beat them back and close the pocket on the Fritzes!


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Set up the terrain using the map as your guide. The SS Kampfgruppe moves on from their entry area on turn one. The Russian blocking forces enter from anywhere along the north table edge on turn one. The German transport column enters as per the delayed reserves rule, along any road on the east table edge. The vehicles must come on to the table sequentially in march column. 5. The German player has the first turn.


The battle ends when: 1. The German player manages to exit at least ten trucks off the west table edge. 2. One of the forces fails a Company Motivation Check.


The German player wins if they manage to exit ten trucks off the west table edge, or have forced the Soviets to leave the field of battle. The Soviet player wins if they prevent the German victory conditions, or they force the Germans to leave the field of battle.


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The table size is 6 x 5 foot. Each hill contour should be about the height of a one-storey building. The crop fields should be ploughed fields, as its too early in the year for standing crops. The stream is very-difficult going for trucks and difficult going for tanks. Hedges are not bocage hedgerows.

ELEMENTS OF THE 10th SS FRUNDSBERG DIVISION (FEARLESS VETERAN) Kampfgruppe Command: ! !CinC SMG team, 2iC SMG team (both with Panzerfaust)

!2 x Panzershreck teams ! ! ! ! !2 x Sdkfz 251 HT st 1 Panzergrenadier Platoon: ! !1 x Command SMG team (with Panzerfaust) ! ! ! ! !6 x MG teams ! ! ! ! !1 x MG42 HMG team ! ! ! ! !4 x Sdkfz 251 HT nd 2 Panzergrenadier Platoon: ! !1 x Command SMG team (with Panzerfaust) ! ! ! ! !6 x MG teams ! ! ! ! !1 x MG42 HMG team Pioneer Platoon: ! ! !1 x Command SMG team (with Panzerfaust) ! ! ! ! !4 x Pioneer MG teams ! ! ! ! !1 x MG42 HMG team st 1 Panzer Platoon: ! ! !3 x PzV G Panther nd 2 Panzer Platoon: ! ! !2 x PzIV H DELAYED RESERVES Transport elements of 1st Panzer Army: !16 x Trucks ! ! ! ! ! ! ADVANCE ELEMENTS OF THE 5th TANK CORPS (FEARLESS TRAINED) Peredovoye Otryad HQ: ! ! !CiC in T34-85 (with cupola) ! ! ! ! !2iC Rifle team, Battalion Komissar team Tankovy Polk: ! ! ! !2 x T34-85 ! ! ! ! !6 x T34-76 (all with cupola) Tank rider Rota: ! ! ! !1 x Command SMG team ! ! ! ! !15 x SMG team Strelkovy Rota: ! ! ! !Command Rifle/MG team ! ! ! ! !21 x Rifle/MG teams