Jeffrey A.

Rappaport 1


Jeffr e y A. Ra p p a p o r t W e s t a m p t o n , Ne w Jers e y 08 0 6 0 (6 0 9 ) 30 1 - 87 0 6
Jeff@ ! s " n e s s - W or # f $ o w . % o m w w w . ! s " n e s s - Wo r # f $ o w . % o m
+N,-R(A.+-N ./01N-2-3) 4/5/2-6(/N. 6R-,/&&+-NA2 with 15 years experience in Developing, Implementing, Training and Documenting SAP Wor !low" #xcellent analytical and pro$lem solving s ills, consistently $eating pro%ect goals on a timely and cost e!!icient $asis" &onsulting Internationally with &lients in the development o! SAP Wor !low, creating !resh new ideas within 'rgani(ations to streamline processes, increase !unctionality and decrease costs" #xceptional communication s ills and &lient rapport $uilding"

0-(6'./R &7+22&*
SAP Wor !low, A)AP, Portals, S*+, ,isio, -S '!!ice, Pro%ect '!!ice, -S SharePoint and Tool it" .nowledge in /ava, /avaScript, 0T-+, 1-+, ,isual )asic, &, &22, Data )ase Design, +A3 &oncepts, Windows, D'S and 0ardware Trou$leshooting"

&A6 &7+22&*
Wor !low, A)AP Wor $ench, )usiness '$%ects, ''P &lasses, #xits 4)AdI5, )API, )D&, De$ugging, 6eports, A+,, 67&8s, Screens, -enus, Ta$les, 7orms, Portals, 9W+, 1-+"

&A6 R/2/A&/&*
:"10, :"1I, ;"<), ;"5), ;"=), ;"=&, ;">, ="?, =";, 3W, #&& 5"<, #&& ="<, #6& =<;, S6- 5"5, #P>, #hP=

&A6 (-4'2/& 8 AR/A&*
&A, 7I@&', 7-, A-, 06, --, PP, PS, P+-, P-, *-" SD, &&S, &ustomer &omplaints, #B6ecruit, #B+earning, Per!ormance -gmt", #SS, 0&-P7, ISB9, -SS, S6-, Portals, Warranty

Accounting, Aerospace, &hemical, &omputers, &onsulting, &onsumer Products, 7ederal, State C +ocal Aovernment, 0ospitality, Industrial, IT, -anu!acturing, -edical, -ilitary, Personal Products, Pharmaceutical, Pu$lic, 6CD, So!tware, Telecommunications, Titanium, Transportation, 9tility"

11 < -%to=er .) D Durham. etc" • &reated C Developed the custom W7Es in the 4LSO5 #B+earning module !or )oo ing &ourse Approval C &ourse &ancellation !or #mployees" • Developed the custom W7Es in the 4ERC5 #B6ecruiting module !or 6eFuisition 6eFuest Approval. Internal C #xternal Trans!ers.Jeffrey A. modi!ications or additions" .Wor !lows to $e a$le to calculate di!!erent periods $y processes. &andidates. 4PO5 Purchase 'rder 6elease C 6e%ection. W7 +ogs. etc" • 6ecreated C Developed the custom 4PM5 Per!ormance -anagement W78s !or Per!ormance Appraisals and Approval" &'2>/R-(/. 3G Apr"$ . Approvals. Rappaport 2 Page 6R-. #mail 3oti!ications C processing. $usiness vs" calendar and countries" • &orrected the pro$lems $eing experienced in the 0&. D& . 6e%ection C #dit."> to #&& ="<" &ontinued with the upgrade to the latest #nhancement Pac age = 4 EhP65" • &on!igured C Developed the custom 4HCMPF5 0uman &apital -gt" Processes C 7orms W7Es using Ado$e using the latest technology o! #hP= !or Separation. &hange in Pay.11 • Developed the 4MM 5 -aterial -anagement processes W78s !or 4PR5 Purchase 6eFuisition 6elease.11 < Jan!ary .Trip Approval rule resolutions at the highest levels" • &ontinue to per!orm W7 Development@Administrative duties !or any pro$lems needing investigation. etc" 4'R1A( 0-'N. &ontracts Approval and Scheduling Agreement Approval" • Developed all the W78s to $e used across 3orth America C #urope companywide" .D West$ury.10 < • Designed C Developed the custom 3orth America C #uropean &ustomer &omplaint Investigation C 6eim$ursement W7Es using numerous levels o! A'A Approvals and connections $etween the #&& ="< C 0&. &reate '$%ects. 7ollowB9ps.13 < Apr"$ • &on!igured C Developed a Demonstration o! the 4BPC5 )usiness'$%ects Planning C &onsolidation 4BPF5 )usiness Process 7lows integrations with 3W Wor !low !or a potential !uture SAP3S? &lient" • Developed C Demonstrated the capa$ilities o! SAP Wor !low such as SAP8s )usiness Wor place. Parallel Processing. 6eturn !rom +eave.13 • 6econ!igured C updated all the Wor !low development !or the system wide SAP Upgrade !rom . 'rg" Structuring. Agent 6ule 6esponsi$ilities. Deadline -onitoring. positions. B #xton.endor -aster &reation" • Developed the 4FI5 7inance W78s in the area o! 4LIV5 +ogistics Invoice . +W'P. ta$les C transactions. 3& -%to=er ./& &+-NA2 /96/R+/N0/* &A6 NA.0. W7 6eporting C Analysis. translated into di!!erent languages to accommodate each 9ser" • #nhanced the existing 0&. 3onBP' Invoice Approval. &omment )oxes. PA 6resent A!?!st .) &/R5+0/& D Washington.eri!ication #xpense Approval C Inventory Approval. and . Applications.+(/. Integration with -S '!! using 67&8s" • Developed the W78s to $e used across 3orth America C #urope using custom screens. #mployee Status &hange. 4GOS5 Aeneric '$%ect Services.13 (ar%: .+-NA2 &/0'R+.

endor 4AP5 Approval Process W7 using multiple &ompany &odes .09 < J!$y @09 • Setup C implemented the initial companywide W7 systems including the training o! !uture Developers. &reating.07 < J!$y . Status &hanges and Activity &reating !or activities such as Applicant Interviews. Trans!erring.1 0AR-2+NA B 6aleigh./ of N-R.09 < J!$y • &on!igured C Developed the custom 4HCMPF5 0uman &apital -gt" Processes C 7orms W7Es using Ado$e 7orms including o$%ects such as #mployees. Promoting. 6eporting. In!otypes. 6e%ection. T3 (ay . /o$ Posting.08 < A!?!st .08 • #nhanced C corrected the 4PCR5 Personal &hange 6eFuest W7Es in the areas o! 4OM5 'rgani(ational -anagement and 4PA5 Personnel Administration with multiple levels o! Approval.iewer 4ALV) !or 6eports and Transactions in the HR area !or ease o! 9ser processing and reporting" NA. 6emoving C Separating using the latest technology o! #&& ="< with #nhancements #hP. etc" • &on!igured the capa$ilities !or -ass Approval !or +eave 6eFuest through the #nterprise Portal using XML technologies" &)N+5/R&/ B Tampa. Rappaport 3 Page A(. Positions C 'rgani(ations with processes o! Adding. and Portal 4#P>5" • &reated C Developed the custom W7Es in the 4LSO5 #B+earning module !or )oo ing &ourse Approval C &ourse &ancellation !or #mployees.+-NA2 3)6&'( B &harlotte.nowledge Trans!er C Production Support" • #nhanced the standard SAP 4LIV5 +ogistics Invoice . . W7 Standards C Procedures. with &ustomer -asters and Partner Pro!iles con!iguration !or the W7 Agent Assignment routing" • Designed &ontract Approval W7 using !axing C 4GOS5 Aeneric '$%ect Services !or signatures C approvals" &.10 J!$y . 7+ (ay . Statuses.07 < J!ne .eri!ication Approval W7 process to $e used as a -ultiB+evel Approval process to !unction more li e the 4PO5 Purchase 'rder C 4PR5 Purchase 6eFuisition 6elease Strategy processes" &(+. Demoting. 3& &eptem=er .RA7 B Washington. Application. '!!er Acceptance. #valuation Paths. D& . &hanging.1 A N/61/W B -emphis. 3& (ar%: . using custom Action Types. etc" • Designed C Developed the new SAP +ist . along with +etter &on!irmations" • &reated C Developed the custom W7Es in the 4ERC5 #B6ecruiting module !or 6eFuisition 6eFuest Approval" Setup the standard W7Es !or &andidacy. and Spending +imit Shopping &art 4 SC5 Approval using the 3onB)Adi design" • Designed C Developed the new . Delimiting.Jeffrey A.A.07 • Developed the W7Es in the mySAP 4SRM5 Supplier 6elationship -anagement W7Es !or 4PO5 Purchase 'rder &hange 3BStep using 6ule 6esolution )Adi. Password 6eplacement. 6eason &odes. #mployment Agreements. creation o! W7 Administrative -anuals. #mployee 6elationships.08 • Developed 4SO5 Sales 'rder Investigative C 6eim$ursement W7 using 9ser Status &hange #vents and &hange Doc +in age.

0B < (ay . and then $e !orwarded on !or Approval" This process expanded over multiple systems 46@:.) D Durham. &T A!?!st .06 < Jan!ary . &redit +etter. Purchase 'rder 6elease. &laim 6esettlement and 'rder Approval using the 6@: A9I and the custom &orporate Portal" • Developed the Warranty &laim 3oti!ication Approval W7 process !or ordering Warranty wor to $e done and a reFuest !or Warranty #xtension approval" • Developed the &redit +etter Approval W7 !or any +iFuidated Damages !ound to $e owed to the &ustomers" The &ontract 6eview C &ompany Approval was executed through 6@:.eri!ication Approval W7 process !or the 4FI5 7inance A@P area" This W7 process triggered $y the Transaction -I6'.N/) D Windsor.ariants and Tolerance +imits !or the Par ing C Posting o! the documents" • &ompleted development o! the .iew8s data.+0A2& D Wayne. -ar ing !or Deletion. and the &ustomer Approval was executed through the custom &orporate Portal" • Some o! the W78s used custom developed S ar! F"r # !or the Approval process o! +etters. P+-5 due to di!!erent 9ser logons" • Developed the 4BOM5 )ill o! -aterial Approval W7 process !or 9sers to enter data C send it on !or Approval" This process also expanded over multiple systems 46@:.0B < (ay . etc" 4'R1A( 0-'N.. -aterial -aster &hanges and 6oute 6e!erral Approvals" • Developed the &ounty8s 4HR5 Dept" 0ead Appraisal Approval W7 process !or the #mployee8s annual appraisals" • Developed the 4FI5 7inance W78s in the area o! 4BM5 )udget and 4GM5 Arant Supplement C Trans!er Approval W7 process $y 7und C 7und &enters !or PreBPosting )udgeting. uses various chec s !or Price@*uantity .06 < (ay . Rappaport 4 and Purchasing Aroups" Included processes such as .endor -aster &reate@&hange Approval W7 with review o! the )an Details.Jeffrey A. *uotes. etc" Page 01'R01 A 4W+31. AP W7 Status 6eports in ALV !ormat !or all outstanding W7 Items !or documents currently with issues 4price or Fuantity5 !or addressing !or document Posting or Deleting" 6RA. A@P 6eview and I)A3" • Developed the +I. P+-5 with di!!erent 9ser logons" &1+R/ 61AR(A0/'. . &ash C )an ing Process. A W1+. 3& Apr"$ .endor )loc ing@9n$loc ing. &laim 6esettlement.07 • Developed the W78s in 4PLM5 Product +i!ecycle -anagement !or the Speci!ication &reate@-odi!y Approval C &onversion process !or the corporate 6esearch C Development division" • &reated the process !or converting SAP data !rom Smart 7orms to a PD7 document !ormat using numerous standard SAP !unction modules and custom 4DMS5 Document -anagement System" • Developed the 7inished Aoods -aterial -aster &reation W7 !or all departments to enter their individual .06 • &ompleted development o! the 4LIV5 +ogistics Invoice .endor *uotes. B Princeton. 6eFuests !or *uotes. &ontracts. PA Apr"$ . and the Aeneral +edger Account Approval process" • Developed the 4ESS5 #mployee Sel! Service Approval W7 processes !or updating the &hange o! .06 • Developed the 4MM 5 -aterial -anagement process W78s !or Purchase 6eFuisition 6elease. 4WTY5 Warranty &laim 3oti!ication Approval.06 • Developed Wor !lows in the 4PM5 Plant -aintenance area !or Service 3oti!ications. 3/ J!ne .

03 • Analy(ed and accumulated recommendations !or the corporate 4HR5 0uman 6esources department o! all existing pro$lems and any new help!ul !uture development" . -isapplied Payments.. etc" • Developed Payment W78s !or &lari!ication Processing. AA A!?!st .1-R+.e=r!ary .0C < Apr"$ .03 < -%to=er . D -orristown.A. 6egional -anagers. &A NoDem=er . etc" • Developed )an ruptcy Approval W78s using cross system inter!acing.-27 0-'N. +ate Payment Interest &alculations. Rappaport Page 5 Address. 7lagged Accounts.) D 3G. )ac ground &hec s. &ollections. &A )usiness Partner 6ules. Trans!ers.03 • Trou$leshot numerous SAP Wor !lows !or pro$lem solving. 3/ .) WA. &andidate Interviewing. Promotion. S'A Security 6e!und Approval and Security Instrument &hec " (/4. A$sence Approval. &ollector WriteB'!! Approval and Policy #!!ective" &'.Jeffrey A. &ascading C 6everse &ascading. Payments. 3G &eptem=er . and )ene!its &hanges" • Developed the &orporate 4HR5 6ecruitment Process W7 using part #mail. Pre@PostBPetition. Termination C Wor Schedule &hange./R A'. Security Deposit. &learing. &#'./ 0-R6-RA.R+/& D 0ouston. '!!er +etter Aeneration. -edicare 6ental )illing.03 < 4e%em=er . etc" • &ompleted the development o! the #ngineering 0old 4BOM5 )ill o! -aterial Approval W7 !or all new or changed -aterials" A. 4SOA5 Schedule o! Authori(ation. Disputes.0B • Developed C Implemented W78s $ased on WAS 4PCR5 Personnel &hange 6eFuest technology using XML !or 9ser interaction on company Portals via 4UWL5 9niversal Wor list. )ene!its #nrollment. Pay &hange. etc" 4/2-+. T1 C Atlanta. #mployee &onversion. streamlining and cost e!!iciency in )ac ground &redit -emo 6eFuest. )oard -em$ers. Statistical Posting 6eversal.03 < 4e%em=er . using 4ESS5 #mployee Sel! Service C 4MSS5 -anagement Sel! Services !or #mployee Attendance Approval. Applicant Screening. Special Payment. &redit. 7amily Dependents. 7inance Dept". &lari!ications.R-N+0& 8 (+N+-(/4 D 3orthridge. T3 A!?!st .ios " The process included executions or Approval !or Position 'pening Posting.0C • Developed Wor !lows in the 4IS$U5 9tilities @ 4CA5 &ontract Account area concerning )an ruptcy.+-N D 3ashville.. 6e!und 6eFuest Approval.0C < J!$y . Dunning +oc s.03 • 7ixed and completed the development o! the 4FI5 7inance Service 3oti!ication Approval W7 in the 4IS$ U5 9tilities@4CA5 &ontract Account area using various W7 Start &onditions with numerous levels o! approval o! Supervisors. Security Duties. PreBPetition WriteB'!!s. etc" using the 4 UWL5 9niversal Wor list" Developed the Personnel Action Approval W7 process using -S Word C the 4GOS5 Aeneric '$%ect Services" 0--6/R +N4'&. A9I C Portal !or the potential new hire . Special Payment 3oti!ications and Investigation Trans!er Approval" • Developed &redit W78s !or Processing 3onB&ash Security.

/N&/ 2-3+&. !unds allocation. etc" • Developed W78s in the Procurement area !or -. error noti!ications and 1: di!!erent SAP standard transactions" • Developed 4%M5 *uality -anagement W78s !or 6eports o! Survey C Tool &ali$ration processes" The Tool &ali$ration 3oti!ications varied depending on the durations the Tools are chec ed out o! the &ri$" '. AR() D -oorestown. PM. Internal 6e!errals. . per!orming activities. Phila" C D"&" Apr"$ . Alternate Delivery Date 6eFuests. 'rder 7ul!illment. 6eFuisition . P' -anager 6eview. along with the complete 6outing Structures" '. %M. PS and MM " • Involved in the processes o! Scope determination.01 • +ead and trained a team o! 1< W7 teammates !or the 3A.&.00 < (ar%: . 9nauthori(ed 6eturns *uality 7ree(e. Prime .03 • Developed W78s in 4PLM5 Product +i!ecycle -anagement !or the 4W+-P5 Wholesale +ogistics -oderni(ation Program and 4WSSP5 Weapons System Support Program approval process" • Developed W78s in 4PP5 Production Planning !or &apacity #valuation 3oti!ication processing and Shop #xceptions processing" • Developed W78s in 4PS5 Pro%ect Systems !or P6'3 7unding Acceptance.&. 4/. )lueprinting. Stoc Transport 6eview. Inventory &ount 7acility.&. etc" • Designed and developed the entire Inter!aces8 Intermediate Document 4ID"&5 #rror 3oti!ication Tas s and )usiness '$%ects 4over 5<5 !or #lectronic Data Interchange 4EDI5. 6eFuisition 6elease. 9nauthori(ed 6eturns. &lient )illing and Internal Pro%ects" '. Accounting and 6eceiva$les. .S#A8s 43#TS5 3avy #nterprise Team Ships pro%ect where numerous W78s were designed !or development in the areas o! FI'CO. Warehouse Denial Investigation. -aterial -aster Determination #rrors.alidation.6outing. Demand Transaction 6eFuests. #ngagement Setup. 9nmatched Document 3um$ers. Asset &ompare C Ad%usting. 7unds -anagement 3oti!ications using -essage #vent triggering and 7leet Prime .endor. Pro%ect C 6esource Planning C Design" • Implementing the structures and con!igurations needed to initially implement 4WF5 Wor !low in a Aovernment setting" Setup the SAP Wor !low Standards and Procedures and the Wor !low Administrator 6oles" .&hanges. -.endor De$arment. HR. NA5) D 3or!ol . Rappaport Page 6 • Designed C Developed W78s !or the 4DPS5 Deloitte Pro!essional Services in &lient Setup.Jeffrey A.ariances" • Developed W78s in the 'rder 7ul!illment 4SD5 area !or &redit@De$it -emo 6eFuest Threshold. P6'3 7unding #rror and Simulations" The P6'3 W78s inter!aced with numerous di!!erent systems within the 9"S" -ilitary using posting. -. reporting. Procurement and ID'&8s" • Developed 7inance W78s such as )loc ed Invoice Processing !or resolving issues or generating postB award reFuests. Document -gEt" &hanges.+0& A3/N0) D 6ichmond.A 4e%em=er .01 < &eptem=er .0E • Developed numerous W78s !or the D+A 4)-S5 )usiness Systems -oderni(ation pro%ect in the areas o! 4FI5 7inance. &ustomer &omplaints. 3/ J!ne . Sales 'rder &ancellation.endor Processing triggered $y ID'&8s !or Price C *uantity .0E < (ar%: . -aterial 6eceipt Ac nowledgement. &redit &ard Denials. Inventory Ad%ustment -andatory 6eview.6eviews.

time constraints and System 6esources" • Wrote and redesigned the SAP A)AP code used in the main o$%ects o! 7inance. Pricing. FI. and the training o! the SAP Wor !low Developers" • Designed and created the W78s used in the 4SD5 Sales C Distri$ution 'rder 7ul!illment process using W7 Start &onditions and &hange Document +in age" Designing the 'rder 7ul!illment process including 4ATP5 Availa$ilityBToBPromise routing !unctionality. &anada Apr"$ . &hec 6eFuest.00 < J!$y . MM . inventory and promotions with such companies asH • -arriott International 4Washington. Alo$al C W7 Doc Types. 0ewlett Pac ard and others" N-5A 01/(+0A2& D Sarnia. with the largest W78s in the world. evaluating !uture W7 processes to help streamline corporate procedures and Training o! !uture W7 Administrators in various areas such as EDI. recruiting.1998 'wned and@or managed various success!ul restaurants./ .A2+. with !ocus on the 4FI5 7inancial and 4MM5 -aterials -anagement modules" • -aintained design and development o! Direct and Indirect Invoices.00 • As a consultant !or We$!low I have numerous Tas s such as trou$leshooting pro$lem W78s. wor items and container elements to save memory. Developers and -anagers. training. 3/ Jan!ary . Spanish.00 • Implemented the structures and con!igurations needed to initially implement 4WF5 Wor !low in a &orporateBwide setting" Setup the SAP Wor !low Standards and Procedures and the corporate Wor !low Administrator 6oles.-WN/R. 6eFuisition and TC# W78s to eliminate numerous steps.Jeffrey A.+-N& . ordering.00 • Provided design and support o! W7 with the largest user o! SAP.arious +ocations Page J!$y . nightclu$s and hotel operations. Aerman. 1-&6+.2-W D . (ANA3/R A A&&-0+A. 6aytheon. &redit &hec and In@'ut Planning" • Designed and Implemented the Wor !lows to communicate with -S 'utloo with their !olders and su$!olders structures. 1977 . in SAP Wor !low Development to create a new glo$al team" • 6edesigned the company8s !ax sheets in all the current languages including #nglish. 6ate C 6oute. and gave numerous presentations and demonstrations. Italian and 7rench using the applications (XOS and 7ax-erge" • Aided in the success!ul completion o! the last : 4PTP5 Promote To Production 6eleases and in the worldwide corporate change over !rom +otus &&H -ail to 3etscape" • &on!iguration o! SAP Ar&h()eL(*+ and Imaging system with #arly C +ate Ar&h()(*g. and $ringing the Washington. !unction modules and programs used $y the W78s to enhance new capa$ilities and !unctionality reFuirements" • Designed manuals !or end users and other technicians in the W7 area along with training several Associates.-2-()/R& &F'+ B Princeton.00 < -%to=er ."=)" . Ar&h()(*g. D"&" property onBline in the !ood C $everage division" Where continuously raised sales annually $y ?<I" . along with designing the complete &orporate 'rgani(ation Structures and implementing into SAP" R+&. W7 Parameters and #nvironment +in s" • Tested and changed the reFuirements !or W7 in the corporate SAP Upgrade !rom :"10 to . Rappaport 7 W/ . $ac data. 6ush 'rder. D"&"5 B +argest hotel chain in the world responsi$le !or designing all advertising and promotions. responsi$le !or PC+ systems.) -R3AN+>A. etc" • &lients included ma%or corporations such as -"&"I". LIV.98 < (ar%: .--4 A /5/RA3/.

1982 9niversity o! Tampa. employee relations and overall $usiness management" /4'0A. Philadelphia.op 3!nH 0$"ent 8 &erDer 0omp!ter 6ro?rammer.!s"ness 8 6re-2aw. D"&" 0ert"f"eG < .wor#f$o w . 2003 +earning Tree. Play$oy -aga(ine.+-N &* ww w . 7inance 0ert"f"eG < +nternet 4eDe$oper. 3G&.9B a%:e$ors of &%"en%e .0omp!ter 6ro?ramm"n?. = ! s " n e s s .. 1998-2005 Wor !low. 1998 &hu$$ Institute B 3orth )runswic .F. % o m 8 r e % o m m e n G a t " o n s 8 . 1995 9"S" Department o! Agriculture Araduate School. A)AP '$%ect 'riented. D"&" 36A* 3. 3ewar Member of the +nternat"ona$ 1"?: +. &lu$ -ed. 1980 3ew /ersey Institute o! Technology.+-N* &A6 0ert"f"eG . &o%"ety R/0-((/N4A. 7lorida Ar%:"te%t!re 8 6:ys"%s. Washington. Rappaport Page 8 • &on!etti8s 3ightclu$ 4Atlanta5 D 'ne o! the country8s Top 1< rated nightclu$s in the country" -anaged up to 15< associates and coordinated promotions with numerous ma%or corporations such as Delta Airlines.ra"n"n?. A)AP.Jeffrey A. etc" • Stea C Ale 43ew /ersey5 B Top rated training program in the industry" +earned an enormous amount o! s ills and nowledge in the importance o! associate training and design o! training manuals" • 'wned and operated ? restaurant properties and was the most success!ul o! any previous operator" This experience developed s ills in PC+ analysis. 3/ 0ert"f"eG . 0ilton 0otels.

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