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Use reported speech when we tell people what somebody said or thought in the past.

Tenses change if the time and speaker are different. PRESENT TENSES BECOME PAST: DIRECT INDIRECT I am tired She said that she was tired (we often leave out that especially after common verbs) PRONOUNS ALSO CHANGE DIRECT INDIRECT I like you She said (that) she liked me TELL or SAY We can use both. TELL + personal object: We tell somebody Sam told me to wait for him. SAY doesnt need a personal object. We say something (to somebody) Sandra said she was very happy

TIME References
DIRECT SPEECH Now Today Here This This week Tomorrow Next week Yesterday Ago 3 days ago Tonight Last Friday Next Friday INDIRECT SPEECH Then That day There That That week The following/next day The following/next week The previous day The day before Previously/before 3 days previously/before That night The previous Friday The Friday before The following Friday The next Friday The Friday after That Friday

PRESENT SIMPLE I am happy PRES. CONTINUOUS I am singing PRESENT PERFECT SIMPLE Ive won PAST SIMPLE I saw Tom PAST CONTINUOUS I was singing PAST PERFECT I had been there PAST PERFECT CONT.Id been playing PAST PAST PAST PAST PAST PAST PAST SIMPLE She said she was happy CONTINUOUS She said she was singing PERFECT CONT. She said she had won PERFECT She said she had seen Tom PERFECT CONT. She said shed been singing PERFECT no change She said shed been there PERF CONT no change She said shed been playing


WILL CAN MUST SHALL MAY I will go I can cook I must study What shall I do? May I help you? WOULD COULD HAD TO SHOULD MIGHT she said she would go she said she could cook she said she had to study she asked what she should do she asked if she might help me.

AFFIRMATIVE Sit down! NEGATIVE Dont sit down! REQUEST Give me my book! TELL + INFINITIVE She told me to sit down TELL+NOT+INFINITIVE She told me not to sit down ASK + INFINITIVE I asked him to give me my book


Rewrite the sentences in reported speech

1-Im exhausted. She said (that) _____________________________________________ 2-I went to the park yesterday. She said ______________________________________ 3-I dont like vegetables. She said ____________________________________________ 4-I am working this week. She said ____________________________________________ 5-Ive already seen this film. She said _________________________________________ 6-When I arrived he had gone. She said ________________________________________ 7-I will go to Toms party. She said ____________________________________________ 8-I cant stand dishonest people. She said _______________________________________ 9-Please, do your homework! My mother _________________________________________ 10-Shall I stay at home tonight? She asked if she_________________________________ 11-I have to call my sister. She said ___________________________________________ 12-I wont tell you the secret. She said ________________________________________ 13-I played tennis last Sunday. She said _______________________________________ 14-My parents are abroad. She said ___________________________________________ 15-Mary doesnt live in London. She said ________________________________________ 16-I was watching TV last night. She said ______________________________________

EXERCISE TWO Write the conversation in reported speech 1-What did you do yesterday? Sue asked Tom _______________________ 2-I went to a birthday party. Tom replied __________________________ 3-Who did you go with? Sue asked ___________________________ 4-I went with my friend Martin. He replied ___________________________ 5-Did you see your ex girlfriend? Sue asked ___________________________ 6-Yes but she left early Tom told her _________________________ 7-What time did you get home? Sue asked him ________________________ 8-I arrived around 1 oclock. He said _____________________________ 9-Im going to bed. Dont wake me up tomorrow He asked her __________________________ 10-Fine. I wont wake you up. She said ______________________________

EXERCISE THREE Complete the sentences with said/told 1-Sam ______ he didnt want to come. 2-She ______ me not to talk to him. 3-The doctor ______ I was getting better. 4-Mary ______ him that he was so cute. 5-I ______ that I was too tired to dance. 6-Melissa _____ us about her holiday. 7-My father _____ me to be quiet. 8-Mary ______ shed already seen Titanic. 9-He _____ them to listen carefully. 10-Gina _____ she was angry with you. 11-He ______ her he had given up smoking.