Betts 1 Ana Samantha Betts Bote Professor James Lawley Dominio instrumental de la lengua inglesa 15th December 201

!rom Arthur " #ary to $oday%s #ethodology 1. The choice of theme: Motivation and Justification &hile wor'ing as a language assistant and (ri)ate tutor many dilemmas are encountered when choosing the a((ro(riate te*tboo' and methodology for each form and le)el+ After s'imming through se)eral syllabus from different (ublishers, it seemed as though some s'ills were had been enhanced more than others+ $he (redominant lac' of communicati)e com(etences for students to co(e with e)eryday-situations stands out+ .)ery (ublisher accom(anies the teacher%s boo' ,sur(risingly enough, with a number of resources and tools for this (ur(ose some of which ser)e no useful end other than to entertain the students+ $hence comes the urge to loo' bac' at older (ublications, some of which ha)e been left on the shelf for o)er twenty years, see'ing oral acti)ities so des(erately needed+ /t was then, when / first read about Arthur and #ary the characters in Access to English Turning Point which included an oral (ractice section in each unit, a well-acce(ted element in my class+ #y goal is to bring those forgotten tools to light after a (eriod of im(lementation in adult grou(s, in (articular to discuss their effciciency in contrast to modern methods attaining a (ro)ed useful unit-model blend of tradition and modernity+ 2. Academic relevance #any .nglish students dro( out before finishing the course being unmoti)ated by the tedious and ineffectual tas's+ $herefore, im(ro)ing academic 0uality related to new trends in curricular de)elo(ment should always be (romoted for (ractical teaching in the classroom+ 1onetheless, the dri)e to be creati)e leads authors to

Print+ Pollard. Literature and !oreign Languages and on the other hand.59 5<A-5.Bibliogra hic revie! Sho)el. it seems somewhat sub2ecti)e 0uite the o((osite is intended and sought after in this (ro2ect+ 4. areas of e*(ertise (ertaining to Linguistics such as Semantics. it has also heightened my understanding of the .nglish Language+ Although at first sight.arly. 5<+ @+ 41. Synta*. Barbara+ >$eaching .A.Betts 2 focus on a((ealing modern a((roaches which not always hel( learners accom(lish their main ob2ecti)es+ /t is in this regard that my wor' tries to be inno)ati)e+ $he em(irical data will be collected as the means for the de)elo(ment of a useful learning unit-structure to deal with any to(ic built u(on the (rogress achie)ed u( to this moment whilst ta'ing into account good old-fashioned drills such as interaction (rocesses+ 3. 5<+ @+ 41.0+ Print+ J+ . 1. the .<5+ Print+ Coles and Lord.A.nglish &ay?+ The English !ournal. #artin+ Making Sense of Phrasal Verbs+ London9 :assell Publishers Limited. 7rammar. #argaret+ >&hat Does Besearch in Beading Be)eal--About Successful Beading ProgramsC?+ The English !ournal.nglish. general culture com(rising of .nglish language in many ways+ Based on the fundamental 'nowledge ac0uired as (art of the degree. In relation to the courses studied $hroughout these years of studying at the 1ational 3ni)ersity of Distance . London: =*ford 3ni)ersity Press. / can (ro)ide satisfactory answers and detailed e*(lanations to the 0uestions raised by my students+ /f / ha)e any doubts / would resort to the resources and means at my dis(osal+ $he resources / refer to abo)e are the contents included in the degree consisting of on the one hand. Dyachronic Studies or Phonetic-Phonological 8ariations of the .D5 while being engaged in teaching has hel(ed e)ol)e my critical )ision.nglish and American 6istory.59 5 @-5@D+ Print+ .197 . Access to English Turning Point.ducation 431.

Linda+ >/ssues and $rends in Literacy9 . @ A(r+ 2010+ &eb+ 1@ Dec+ 201 + .%. Bussell. 5D+ 5+ 4200@59 @.liEabeth Angeli+ F#LA !ormatting and Style 7uide+F The Purdue #&L+ Purdue 3 &riting Lab. and .d.<A59 @1A-@1D+ Print+ :am(bell.arly Beading?+ The "eading Teacher.*(loring the :onnection between =ral Language and .Betts 3 B+ 7ambrell. 31. Lecture. Allen BriEee. $ony.0@.D+ n. Dermot+ >Between you and me>+ n. SuEanne+ Be)+ of #ral Skills in the Modern Languages $egree by Doble and Brian 7riffiths+ The Modern Language !ournal+ D0+ @+ 41.2+ Print+ Shi(ley.

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