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WITHOUT PREJUDICE HIGH COURT OF AUSTRALIA 21-3-2003 (No 2) Melbourne Registry C/o Deputy Registrar Rosemary Musolino Ref:

M 47 of 2003, M44 of 2003, etc Ph 8600 3000 Fax 86003007 (This letter was forwarded by facsimile) AND TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN Madam, As indicated in my previous faxed correspondence, today, at 10am, I filed M47 of 2003, and when I asked about a judge dealing with the case urgently, you advised there is no judge on stand-bye nor available. As this is an issue dealing with an unconstitutional/unlawful WAR, I would expect that the High Court of Australia would give priority of the cases I have outstanding above all ordinary Court business, so as to ensure that none of it is unduly delayed, and relief sought, including to avoid further loss of life at the hands of Australian troops or the troops themselves, in this unjustified, inhumane WAR. I request you to forthwith place the case before the Chief Justice of the High Court of Australia, again as a matter of urgency, for his determination if the cases on foot, filed by me, ought to be given exceptional urgency and be dealt with immediately, in view that we are in a State of WAR, despite there not having been any WAR declared by the Governor-General. At least, I was unable to obtain any Gazette showing any DECLARATION OF WAR, and was advised none was issues! I expect, that as you are an OFFICER OF THE COURT, your duties lies with the proper enforcement of the law, and so the Commonwealth of Australian Constitution. As such, I would view it as a derelic of your duty if you were not to pursue the most urgent hearing of the matters relating to my application in regard of Australian troops being involved in this unconstitutional/unlawful WAR. Again, I request you not to have the matter placed before Gummow J, in view that he has displayed to be bias in M32 of 2003. Because the relief sought against Australians involvement in a WAR with IRAQ, the onus is upon the High Court of Australia to facilitate all relevant litigation while the relief can still be obtained. Failing to do so would/could rather be seen as an OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE, by the High Court of Australia itself. PEOPLE ARE DYING IN A WAR! Awaiting your response and cooperation, G. H. SCHOREL-HLAVKA

353 Deaths, of which 146 children


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