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Wuaooo Lloyd... Thats good news..!! From a softball to an olive size is a quantum step..!!

It is amazing how many options are there to cure what the big money powers have told us that are not curable... If you are so advanced in the reduction of the tumour, and the idea is to eliminate the low dose quimio side effects, I will recommend you to work with the detox and regeneration procedures... My first recommendation. Is that you take a few minutes to read the attached file... It is only 8 pages long.. It is about the Colloidal Silver.. It wont do you any harm, wont generate conflict with any other thing you are doing, is easy to prepare, and will help your organism to regenerate faster and your immune system to recover from the damage done by the quimio.. My second recommendation It has to do with the procedures and conference of Dr. Marty Bosch (former director of the Child Oncology Department of the Pamplona City Hospital in Spain). He develop them after seeing that the number of patients killed by quimio and radio therapies was far more greater that the number of saved patients. What he discovered in a nut shell is that the main cause of cancer is that we accumulate acid cellular waste all over the body, and that accumulation change the cell environment from alkaline to acid. That in turn forces the body as a whole and the cells one by one, to "adapt" the best as they can to that un-natural condition. Cells are designed to be acid inside and to have an external alkaline environment. They have several strategies to cope with the increasingly acid environment, but when all the "light" ones prove not to be enough, they mutate to survive and become cancer cells The body is designed to filter and throw away the acid wastes. There are three main "filters" whose task is to clean the body from acid cell waste. Kidneys and Skin, Liver and Lungs. Kidneys and Skin eliminate Uric acid (the waste from cell digested proteins), Liver eliminates burned oil (fat acids)

witch we call cholesterol, and Lungs eliminate CO2 that is the exhaust gas produced by burning calories (carbohydrates).. Modern life style and diets do not help the organism to clean and regenerate the filters, so acid wastes that cant be eliminated start to accumulate mainly in the soft tissues of the body. When that accumulation reaches high levels in specific body areas, the cells that live there can be forced to mutate in order to survive. Big accumulations of this cells is what we call tumours. But mutated cancer cells do not "breath" oxygen but CO2 in stead. Actually oxygen is a poison for them They do not "eat" levo proteins as normal cells do, but dextrous proteins Because they are alkaline inside to adapt to the acid external environment (the opposite to its natural condition), they need as much alkaline element as they can. That is Sodium (from salty food) and Calcium (from the bones). And last but not least, because they have adapted to live in an acid environment, they cant live in alkaline environments So if you want to kill faster a tumour, do this: - Take as much alkaline food as you can.. (Salads and green vegetables as well as fruits).. - Eat the less meet that you can, because it has huge amounts of uric acid.. - Reduce the salt intake as much as you can to reduce the chances of cancer cells getting what they need to keep alkaline inside.. - Increase oxygen levels in your organism using any methods, such as: ... Ozone therapy, ... Take peroxidases enzymes (that help to accumulate more oxygen in the body tissues) ... Do as much breathing exercise as you can.. It will increase your berthing capacity and increase the amount of

oxygen in your body, witch is poison for the cancer cells. - Take enzymes that destroy dextrous proteins witch are the ones that the tumour cells "eat". The papaya fruit is full of this kind of enzymes.. - Take natural herbs to clean your "filters" such as.. ... Cardo Mariano (Milk thistle) or Artichoke for the Liver... ... Birch bark tea, parsley or dandelion for the kidneys Elm bark, ginger root, mullein herb or thyme leaf for lungs... (All this can be easily found in natural medicine stores such as GNC) - Clean your blood daily by taking a bathtub bath of one hour, with 2 kg of salt dissolved in a halve of the bathtub capacity. The bathtub holds in average 200 litters.. so dissolving 2 Kg of salt in halve bathtub will be a solution of 20m grams of salt per litter.. this is more than two times the blood density, so if you stay there for an hour, there will be an osmotic effect and you will be doing a percutaneous dialysis This procedure have been used with patients with kidney insufficiency and in a matter of two weeks there blood test return to normal values, so imagine what this can do to your much healthier body detoxification) If you cant do it in a bathtub, you can also do it immersing your feet 4 times a day for 20 minutes in a salt solution of 20 grams per litter But bathtub is much relaxing and pleasant so it will generate collateral better results...) My third recommendation. It has to do with another inexpensive detoxification procedure Take some time to investigate the Renne Quinton discovers about Sea Water In a nut shell, Sea water dissolved at 30% with spring water, seems to have the original chemical composition of the sea water where live developed many millions of years ago

We humans, as well as all the other animals, are basically a huge sea water bag, carrying an amount of that water equal to 70% of our body weight, and in that water, there lives and swim a huge colony of unicellular beings amazingly complex and coordinated that are the 50 trillion cells that we call us The acidification described in my previous recommendation can also be reduce very fast by drinking daily about 1,5 litters of the so call Quinton Plasma (that is, for a litter of the Quinton Plasma, mix 300 ml of pure sea water with 700 ml of spring or filtered water) I myself have seen the effects of this in me in spite of my lack of constancy taking drinking the plasma I have seen my body volume and thus my toxic inflammation reduce gradually in less than 4 months I have not investigated in detail the results of Quinton Plasma in cancer cases, but I have read that it produces a very positive effect in those cases because you are replacing the acid plasma you have inside with the Quinton Plasma that is alkaline (pure sea water has a PH of around 8,5) My fourth and last recommendation. It has to do with the other side of the coin The emotional one Ryke Hamer was a German oncologist that in the 70s developed several advance techniques for cancer surgery. But in 1978, his 19 years old son was shut during a vacation trip and died after some month in coma Less than six months later, he develop a tumour in his left testicle, and his wife develop a tumour in his left breast. His wife died one and a halve years after that due to several side effects of the cancer surgery and treatments. Ryke Hamer had surgery and his left testicle was removed. But this incident made Hamer realize that all his medical training has no explanation for the cancers that he and his wife develop after his sons death, and he started investigating the connections between the cancer development and the brain operation. We were all fortuned that after his sons incident, he was

appointed Director Cancer Treatment Department of the Turingen University Hospital. For several years he investigated with his patients the connections of life issues, brain changes and development of cancers. The result was that he discovered that cancers (and almost any sickness) are the results of the organism trying to cope with life issues that Hamer calls biological conflicts. He states that the tumours are not a body mistaken operation but the result of survival and adaptation patterns hardwired in the older parts of our brains, that are triggered by the proper condition. If the situations are overcome or mentally elaborated, the same brain stars the tumour (or sickness if it is not cancer) reversion. Of course, when he went to the authorities of his university to show his discovers, they told him that he has to abandon that thesis, or they will suspend his medical license (something like the Burzinsky case in USA). He did not accept that and he has been chased and boycotted ever since. Fortunately he managed publish his findings and many doctors all over the world are working with his medical findings. It may sound crazy, but there are hundreds of thousands patients all over the world that have been cured using Dr. Hamers techniques witch basically are to work out the biological conflict that triggered the cancer in the first place. Hamer develop something like a map that links body illness (or cancer type and location in your case), with brain footprints (yes, there are footprints in the brain depending of the biological conflict. This brain footprints can be seen with a no contrast brain scan test), and with biological conflict. So a doctor trained in the Hamer discipline (that he calls New German Medicine because it is a new way of understanding health and sickness) can tell you base in the type and location of your cancer and in the footprints he can find in your brain, what was the biological conflict that generates it.

But what sense does it has for you to do this if you already have almost totally eliminate the tumour..?? Well, the point is that you are fighting the symptom, and not the cause of the problem. According to Hamer, the tumour is not the deep cause of problem but the symptom of the real problem. So many metastasis are not what the actual medicine said but just the brain trying to solve the unsolved biological conflict but using another part of the body, because the original one he use, was removed by surgery or other conventional medical methods.. I know that maybe it sounds a bit crazy, but the connections between emotional o mental problems and development of cancer are more than evident today. So taking a good look to Hamer alternatives seems like a wise move. Besides, in the Hamer cure scheme there seems to be no complicates or expensive medical procedures. It is more a matter of knowing what the old brain mechanism are doing and work them out using the newer parts of the brain, the upper brain or neocortex. Here is the link to the New Medicine site so you can investigate more deeply with about it. Well Lloyd Sorry for the long mail, but a feel you like family. I saw about a year ago your old conference from 1999, Everything You Know Is Wrong, witch I consider to be the best supporting work for the findings of Sitchin and since then I had the intention to dubbed it to Spanish. One week ago I started doing that while investigating to properly translate your speech to Spanish (the first step to do the dubbing) I stumbled with your video talking about your cancer. My mother died of cancer one year ago and a friend of mine too about 4 months ago, but their attitude was not as open as yours.

It is amazing how well programmed are we to accept things as we have been told to do. People prefer to die as millions do every day, in stead of investigate, judge other options, and try them wisely. I hope all this mail will help you to cope with the final pieces of the cancer episode you have. Feel free to contact me at any time if you think I can be of help I live in Venezuela, a pretty fucked country this days, but where is a country that is not a bit like this today?? hahahahaha Keep in touch Sincerely Javier

El 2013-10-04 13:43, Lloyd Pye escribi: Javier: Thank you very much for all of the information you have posted to help me with my fight against cancer. I have put it all in the special file I am collecting for such information. I can tell you that it's been nine weeks since my diagnosis, and with a combination of hyperthermia and low-dose chemo, it had been reduced from the size of a softball to the size of a typical olive, a reduction of 1/45th of its original volume. So I am well on the way to recovery now, but I am not quite there yet. My next step to finish it off will be a round of good-quality hemp oil of the Rick Simpson type, which I expect will kill the rest of the cancer cells in my body, as well as repair some of the widespread damage done by even "low dose" chemo, which is still quite damaging to a body.