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Reference Numer
D!"e #f $%r"&
D!"e #f Te'"
1. E)%*%%)%"+: You are eligible to attend this drive only if you meet all of the below mentioned TCS
Eligibility Criteria:
You should be an engineering graduate or post graduate completing your course in the year 21!.
"elevant disciplines: #E$#.Tech$%E$%.Tech in Computer Science$ &nformation Technology$
Electronics$ Electrical$ %echanical$ &nstrumentation$ Electronics and Communication$ Electronics
and Telecommunication$ %C'$ %Sc. in Computer Science$ &nformation Technology ()*Y.
%inimum aggregate +aggregate of '** sub,ects in '** semesters- mar.s of /0 or above in the
first attempt in each of your Standard 1th2 Standard 1&&th2 3iploma +if applicable-2 4raduation and
'll academic courses should be full time.
)o e7tended education in any academic course.
)o pending bac.logs at the time of appearing for the TCS Selection 5rocess.
%a7imum up to 2! months brea.$gap in education is permissible for valid reasons only.
Candidates who have appeared for the TCS Campus Selection process in 21861! or have appeared
for the TCS selection process in the last si7 months are not eligible to appear for this drive.
2, I" %' m!n-!"#r+ "# c!rr+ "&e e)#. men"%#ne- -#cumen"' .%"& +#u #n "&e -!+ #f "&e "e'":
' colour print copy of the duly filled in TCS 'pplication 9orm having a clear$legible photograph.
Two colour print copies of your :all
(riginal College &3 Card
' copy of your photo identity proof along with the originals for verification +5') Card $ 3riving
*icense $ 5assport $ ;oter &3 $ 'adhar Card-. &n case you do not have any of the mentioned 5hoto
&3 proofs2 it is mandatory to carry 5hoto &dentity proof issued and attested by a 4a<etted (fficer on
official letter head.
/#u .%)) n#" e 0erm%""e- "# !00e!r f#r "&e "e'" %f +#u f!%) "# c!rr+ "&e TCS H!)) T%c1e" #r !n+ #f "&e
!#2e men"%#ne- -#cumen"',
8. Re0#r"%n* T%me: 5lease report to the e7amination venue at least one hour prior to the test start time for
verification purpose.
!. S"!"%#ner+: You are permitted to carry only a pen$pencil and scientific calculator inside the e7amination
hall. 5lease carry your own stationery as borrowing of these items from others will not be allowed.
=. $!nne- I"em': #ags2 cell phones or other electronic devices are strictly prohibited in the e7amination
hall. The e7amination center will not be responsible for safe.eeping of these items.
/. Unf!%r Me!n': 'doption of any unfair means at the e7amination hall will result in dis>ualification from
the TCS Selection 5rocess.
?. Candidates are re>uired to ma.e their own arrangements to report at the test venue on time. 'ny cost
incurred towards this is not reimbursable.
I &ere+ cer"%f+ "&!" I mee" "&e TCS E)%*%%)%"+ Cr%"er%! !n- "&e %nf#rm!"%#n furn%'&e- + me %n "&e
TCS Re*%'"r!"%#n3A00)%c!"%#n F#rm %' f!c"u!))+ c#rrec" !n- 'u4ec" "# 2er%f%c!"%#n + TCS,
Signature of Candidate:@ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @
F#r Off%ce U'e On)+
Slot )o. Slot Time ;erified by +Employee )o and
1:00 PM - 2:30 PM
Hasmukh Goswami College of Engineering Naroda -
Dehgam Road,Post Box No. 31 Vahelal- Dascroi
Ahmedabad Gujarat India - 382330
Hasmukh Goswami College of Engineering