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Winter 2014




January, February & March in Warsaw and beyond

Two years ago when we began dreaming in Hawaii what our new role would look like in Poland, God revealed just the tip of the iceberg (as He often does!) and we are so amazed at all that has transpired as we reect on our time in Warsaw. God is so FAITHFUL! He answers our PRAYERS and He is our PROVISION! Ive spent an afternoon looking over emails, prayer requests, tweets, and Facebook posts so that I can better consider all that He has done for us and through us in such a short amount of time. I am reminded of the gravity of reection and how quickly I forget all that Hes accomplished in Poland. Its been 14 years since I was in Krakow with my parents and younger sister for the rst time, and I uttered the words, Ahhh, I could LIVE here! I had no idea that the Lord would serendipitously bring me to a church in that same city to teach on the value of children in the body of Christ and being on mission as a family unit in Poland! Gods humor is not lost on me as 75% of my family holds Polish passports and speaks English with an accent! I am so blessed to be on this life adventure with the most creative Being of all. He is so fun! In just this season Greg & I led a mission trip to Krakow where we fed the homeless with elementary kids and their parents, inspired a heart for intercession in Samuel School and established a prayer room, taught workshops in Polish churches on the spiritual capacity of children, and participated in the International Leadership Gathering for KKI in Holland! Yet, by Gods grace, we are experiencing His rest through it all!

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Easter Outreach to local Orphanage. Outreach to Berlin May 23-25 with Samuel students. Rivertree Mission team Jun 27- Jul 5 in Warsaw. Outreach to Sicily with families from Warsaw and Krakow Jul 18-26.

email: mailing address: Przybylskiego 8/2 ! ! ! Warsaw, Poland 02-777

Erins sister and BIL visited Poland for 2 weeks and Erin met her new nephew in the USA while enjoying AL snow! The family went on a winter retreat with their church.


How have we impacted Polish youth?

Dr. Wess Stafford

Ive found joy and received visions from God - Jurek. I like Bible Hour because it isnt predictable. Weve learned Gods word, about ourselves and how to pray for others - Michal. I learned how to hear Gods voice and found His strength and power - Olek. I like the games we play while learning about God - Bartek. Ive learned what it means to have faith and how I can give God glory - Oleg. They helped the children learn how to hear from God and act on what He says - Mary Dunlop, school advisor.

We are celebrating two new local team members in Warsaw! Gosia and Ania, both dynamic women of God, work at Samuel School as a teacher and counselor, respectively. Gosia is an old friend of Gregs from the mid 90s when Kings Kids was active in Poland. She offers a fresh realistic perspective, is talented in performing arts, and brings giftings neither Greg nor I have. Ania is an inspiring encourager with a very contagious smile that, as a counselor, is an asset to not only Kings Kids but to all of Poland! Its thrilling to spend time with them as friends and co-laborers. In January we led our second outreach with students (and parents!) from Samuel school to Krakow. Our ages ranged from ve years to forty-ve so we were very intergenerational and interdenominational whereas most of our group was Catholic. The diversity was a blessing as we worked together with a local church to feed and pray for the homeless. God worked through the kids as they shared testimonies on Sunday morning how He had provided the money needed for the outreach and about the divine appointments the Lord had set up the day before between the homeless and our group. We tasted community living at the YWAM base as we prepared meals for each other, ate and prayed together, washed dishes, and worshipped God. We are in the process of translating the testimonies from our outreach on

February marked a month of intercession for the nations with the students. First, we connected via Skype with Marjo, the KKI Jordan national leader who is working with Syrian children from a refugee camp with half a million people! We learned about their plight but saw the opportunity KKI has to share the gospel with them. The law in Jordan prohibits Marjos team from open evangelism with Jordanians but they are free to do as they please with Syrians! God spoke to our 7th graders to bless the refugees with clothes and to make cards. We recently saw Marjo in Holland and gave her the suitcase of supplies to take back with her :) The next country for prayer was Armenia where, again via Skype, we got to hear from Alisa. We learned it was the rst nation to adopt Christianity as a state religion dated to AD 301! To this day Christianity is the majority and we prayed it would be a lighthouse to the Muslim bordering nations.

The third nation we are still interceding for is Ukraine. Samuel School is blessed to have a few Ukrainian students so we heard them share what was happening specically to families still living there. There is a lot of fear and uncertainty in what the future holds (for Poles as well) so please pray with us that Christians would rise up and pray and that Gods will would be done in this nation."


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The materialist dream of wealth postindependence proves elusive and hollow for most. Violence, immorality and the loss of a moral compass haunt the younger generation in particular, and much of the rural population remains mired in unemployment and poverty. Praise God for the stability, progress and freedom that allow the good news to be preached. Pray that the Polish quest for material advancement might be subordinated to their search for God. We will share a different Polish Prayer Point in each newsletter so you can join others around the world in prayer that changes nations.

! Therefore I will give thanks to You among the nations, O LORD!

winter 2014

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