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Researching Folk Tales, Fairy Tales, and Fables Presented by The Brothers Grimm.

A wonderful resource exists for researching old stories, articularly Folk and Fairy Tales and Fables. This resource is easily accessible on the !orld !ide !eb at the "ni#ersity of Pittsburgh official website, and features a a s ecial section on The Brothers Grimm, entitled, $Grimm Brothers% &ome Page.' htt ())www.*dash)grimm.html !hat you will find at the Grimm Brothers% &ome Page( ertinent biogra hical and historical information, dates of im ortant e#ents in the li#es of +acob and !ilhelm Grimm, scholarly ublication dates of the Brothers Grimm works, information on tale,ty es, motifs, etc. The "ni#ersity of Pittsburgh%s site, section on the Brothers Grimm offers lentiful links away from the site where Brothers Grimm works can be found online, in original language works as well as translated works and documents. -ome of the links lead to Google Books documents, scanned ages, as well as !iki edia, .ational Geogra hic, and German /anguage sites. A significant amount of text and information, howe#er, exists right on the "ni#ersity of Pittsburgh website, and many of the links, when clicked, lead to other "ni#ersity of Pittsburgh hosted ages. The Grimm Brothers were born in &anau, Germany, and this city kee s a s ecial web s ace maintained in honour of the famous scholars. The "ni#ersity of Pittsburgh ro#ides the links to &anau, Germany hosted ages about the Grimm Brothers. The website link route 0on the &anau, Germany age1 to find more information is to select the following links from the a#ailable menus( 2irectory , Archi#es and /ibraries , 3useums , Brothers Grimm &ouse or Brothers Grimm 3useum 4assel The Brothers Grimm &ouse selection shows a ma where the Brothers Grimm once li#ed, and ro#ides outbound links to( www.brueder,grimm, The Brothers Grimm 3useum 4assel selection ro#ides an outbound link to( htt ()) To read from many of the non,5nglish websites listed in the Brothers Grimm ages at the "ni#ersity of Pittsburgh site, you can use 6hrome browser with a translator installed in the browser 0if it isn%t already installed, it%s a sim le rocess to go to 6hrome $add,ons' or $extensions' and add a translator1 to read the ages. Firefox browser has translator add,on and extension a lications, as well. 7f you%re interested in scholarly information on The Brothers Grimm, the "ni#ersity of Pittsburgh site is definitely a great lace to start. 7nformation found here is resented by ersons 8ualified to ro#ide accurate historical details and "ni#ersity le#el theories and arguments about

the Grimm Brothers material. 9ou%ll e#en be able to locate se#eral high 8uality articles on Grimm Tales here , not all, but many of the most o ular and commonly studied ieces and folklore)fairy tale and fable themes)ty es, such as, The Frog 4ing 0story1, 6inderella -tories 0theme1, /ittle Red Riding &ood 0story1, Animals in 5xile 0tale ty e1, !itchcraft /egends 0tale ty e1, :ld 2ogs /earn .ew Tricks 0fable ty e ;<;1 are on,site. -cholars ha#e also ublished, on this site, information on tale ty es, motifs, etc., using the Aarne,Thom son tale ty e index. The Aarne,Thom son 3otif,7ndex and Tale Ty e 7ndex 0abbre#iated, $A,T' or $AT'1 is what accom lished folklorists, fairy tale and fable researchers use to classify story motifs, ty es, themes, etc. The base of Aarne,Thom son classifications ha#e been u dated to include 0since around =<<>1 &ans,+org "ther%s de#elo ments to the Aarne, Thom son system of classification 0which allows for 7nternational Tales classification, whereas the former and long,standing $AT' system was based on rimarily 5uro ean and .ear 5astern tales1. Basically, the "ni#ersity of Pittsburgh scholars who ha#e maintained the Grimm Brothers ages use the Aarne,Thom son,"ther system 0often ro#ided as a $AT"' number1, so readers can be sure the most u dated methods are being used to dis lay information about stories, tales, motifs, themes, folklore, fables, fairy tales, and related details. For more information on AT system details and ty es of folktales and their classifications( htt ()),ty es.html At the lowest ortion of the "ni#ersity of Pittsburgh%s $Grimm Brothers% &ome Page,' you can #eer away from Grimm to ics and follow a link to other works, listed as $Germanic 3yths, /egends, and -agas.' Following this link leads to similarly scholarly information on the link to ics, and is well worth checking out. "nfortunately, on the Germanic 3yths, /egends, and -agas age, 7 found a lot of dead links and $5rror ><>$ 0 age not found1 ages. These may be being mo#ed or u dated at this time and may work correctly in the near future. 2es ite the ><> errors, many of the links 2: work and connect to more information on Folk and Fairy Tale research and story resources both on,site and at other laces on the 7nternet. A lot of work has been ut into the site area concerned with The Brothers Grimm and things related to stories, folklore, fables, fairy tales, etc. A reader)researcher can easily s end se#eral hours of learning time at this site and it will ne#er be a moment or second of time wasted here 0sa#e for backtracking back off of some of the error ><> ages1. Although this information is resented, osted and maintained rimarily by scholars and eo le connected with the "ni#ersity of Pittsburgh, the information found on,site is accessible to all. 3ost of the information is reader, friendly for eo le from grades ? or so on u . A few of the more technical, difficult to understand articles ha#e links leading to break,down or su lemental information and articles that AR5 easier to understand. There are #ery few $difficult' articles here. All in all, the Grimm Brothers% &ome Page is a gem of information on The Brothers Grimm, folklore, fairy tales, fables, tale ty es and related information. 7f you bookmark the age, you%ll be able to return to continue learning o#er a long term. -o much information is in these ages

and links it is doubtful that a #isitor would #isit @ust once and come away with curiosity or scholarly needs sufficiently satisfied. 2ate of writing( 3arch ==, =<;>. Author( 3ythbuster 0Alias1.