1. THOU, Agni, shining in thy glory through the days, art brought to life from out the waters, from the stone: From out the forest trees and herbs that grow on ground, thou, Sovran ord of men art generatad !si"# $ure. % Thine is the Herald&s tas' and (leanser&s duly timed) eader art thou, and *indler for the $ious man. Thou art +ire"tor, thou the ministering ,riest: thou art the -rahman, ord and .aster in our home. / Hero of Heroes, Agni0 Thou art 1ndra, thou art 2isnu of the .ighty Stride, adorable: Thou, -rahmanas$ati, the -rahman finding wealth: thou, O Sustainer, with thy wisdom tendest us. 3 Agni, thou art *ing 2aruna whose laws stand fast) as .itra, 4onder54or'er, thou must be im$lored. Aryaman, heroes& ord, art thou, enri"h ing all, and liberal Amsa in the synod, O thou 6od. 7 Thou givest strength, as Tvastar, to the worshi$$er: thou wielding .itra&s $ower hast 'inshi$ with the +ames. Thou, urging thy fleet "oursers, givest noble steeds: a host of heroes art thou with great store of wealth. 8 9udra art thou, the Asura of mighty heaven: thou art the .aruts& host, thou art the ord of food, Thou goest with red winds: bliss hast thou in thine home. As ,usan thou thyself $rote"test worshi$$ers. : 6iver of wealth art thou to him who honours thee) thou art 6od Savitar, granter of $re"ious things. As -haga, ord of men0 thou rulest over wealth, and guardest in his house him who hath served thee well. ; To thee, the $eo$le&s ord within the house, the fol' $ress forward to their *ing most gra"iously in"lined. ord of the lovely loo', all things belong to thee: ten, hundred, yea, a thousand are outweighed by thee. < Agni, men see' thee as a Father with their $rayers, win thee, bright5formed, to brotherhood with holy a"t. Thou art a Son to him who duly worshi$s thee, and as a trusty Friend thou guardest from atta"'. 1= A 9bhu art thou, Agni, near to be adored thou art the Sovran ord of foodful s$oil and wealth. Thou shinest brightly forth, thou burnest to bestow: $ervading sa"rifi"e, thou lendest us thine hel$. 11 Thou, 6od, art Aditi to him who offers gifts: thou, Hotri, -harati, art strengthened by the song. Thou art the hundred5wintered 1la to give strength, ord of 4ealth0 2rtra5slayer and Sarasvati.

1% Thou, Agni, "herished well, art highest vital $ower) in thy delightful hue are glories visible. Thou art the lofty might that furthers ea"h design: thou art wealth manifold, diffused on every side. 1/ Thee, Agni, have the Adityas ta'en as their mouth) the -right Ones have made thee, O Sage, to be their tongue. They who love offerings "ling to thee at solemn rites: by thee the 6ods devour the duly offered food. 13 -y thee, O Agni, all the 1mmortal guileless 6ods "at with thy mouth the oblation that is offered them. -y thee do mortal men give sweetness to their drin'. -right art thou born, the embryo of the $lants of earth. 17 4ith these thou art united, Agni) yea thou, 6od of noble birth, sur$assest them in ma>esty, 4hi"h, through the $ower of good, here s$reads abroad from thee, diffused through both the worlds, throughout the earth and heaven. 18 The $rin"ely worshi$$ers who send to those who sing thy $raise, O Agni, guerdon gra"ed with 'ine and steeds,5 ead thou both these and us forward to higher bliss. 4ith brave men in the assembly may we s$ea' aloud. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3;118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/;7

HYMN II. Agni.
1. 41TH sa"rifi"e eAalt Agni who 'nows all life) worshi$ him &with oblation and the song of $raise, 4ell 'indled, nobly fed) heaven&s ord, (elestial ,riest, who labours at the $ole where deeds of might are done. % At night and morning, Agni, have they "alled to thee, li'e mil"h5'ine in their stalls lowing to meet their young. As messenger of heaven thou lightest all night long the families of men. Thou ord of $re"ious boons. / Him have the 6ods established at the region&s base, doer of wondrous deeds, Herald of heaven and earth) i'e a most famous "ar, Agni the $urely bright, li'e .itra. to be glorified among the fol'. 3 Him have they set in his own dwelling, in the vault, li'e the .oon waAing, fulgent, in the realm of air. -ird of the firmament, observant with his eyes, guard of the $la"e as &twere, loo'ing to 6ods and men. 7 .ay he as ,riest en"om$ass all the sa"rifi"e. men throng to him with offerings and with hymns of $raise. 9aging with >aws of gold among the growing $lants, li'e heaven with all the stars, he Bui"'ens earth and s'y. 8 Su"h as thou art, brilliantly 'indled for our weal, a liberal giver, send us ri"hes in thy shine, For our advantage, Agni, 6od, bring Heaven and Carth hither that they may taste oblation brought by man.

: Agni, give us great wealth, give ri"hes thousandfold. un"lose to us, li'e doors, strength that shall bring renown. .a'e Heaven and Carth $ro$itious through the $ower of $rayer, and li'e the s'y&s bright sheen let mornings beam on us. ; Cn'indled night by night at every morning&s dawn, may he shine forth with red flame li'e the realm of light,5 Agni adored in beauteous rites with lauds of men, fair guest of living man and *ing of all our fol'. < Song "hanted by us men, O Agni, An"ient One, has swelled unto the deathless 6ods in lofty heaven5 A mil"h5"ow yielding to the singer in the rites wealth manifold, in hundreds, even as he wills. 1= Agni, may we show forth our valour with the steed or with the $ower of $rayer beyond all other men) And over the Five 9a"es let our glory shine high li'e the realm of light and unsur$assable. 11 Su"h, (onBueror0 be to us, be worthy of our $raise, thou for whom $rin"es nobly born eAert themselves) 4hose sa"rifi"e the strong see', Agni, when it shines for never5failing offs$ring in thine own abode. 1% *nower of all that lives, O Agni may we both, singers of $raise and "hiefs, be in thy 'ee$ing still. Hel$ us to wealth eA"eeding good and glorious, abundant, ri"h in "hildren and their $rogeny. 1/ The $rin"ely worshi$$ers who send to those who sing thy $raise, O Agni, guerdon, gra"ed with 'ine and steeds,5 ead thou both these and us forward to higher bliss. 4ith brave men in the assembly may we s$ea' aloud. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3;118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/;7

HYMN III. Apris.
1. A6D1 is set u$on the earth well 'indled) he standeth in the $resen"e of all beings. 4ise, an"ient, 6od, the ,riest and ,urifier, let Agni serve the 6ods for he is worthy. % .ay Darasamsa lighting u$ the "hambers, bright in his ma>esty through threefold heaven, Stee$ing the gift with oil diffusing $ur$ose, bedew the 6ods at "hiefest time of worshi$. / Adored in heart, as is thy right, O Agni, serve the 6ods first to5day before the mortal. -ring thou the .arut host. @e men do worshi$ to 1ndra seated on the grass, eternal. 3 O 6rass divine, in"reasing, ri"h in heroes, strewn for wealth& sa'e, well laid u$on this altar,5 On this bedewed with oil sit ye, O 2asus, sit all ye 6ods, ye Holy, ye Adityas. 7 4ide be the +oors, the 6oddesses, thrown o$en, easy to $ass, invo'ed, through adorations, et them unfold, eA$ansive, everlasting, that san"tify the "lass famed, ri"h in heroes. 8 6ood wor' for us, the glorious Dight and .orning, li'e female weavers, waAen from aforetime,

: et the two heavenly Heralds. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. interweave in "on"ert the long5eAtended thread.ay Tvastar lengthen our line and 'indred.@ielders of ri"h mil'.7 HYMN IV Agni. seated. 4orshi$$ing 6od at ordered seasons de"'ing them at three high $la"es at the "entre of the earth. first. Over all worlds let Agni be the Sovran. Sarasvati who $erfe"ts our devotion. $resent oblation duly with the sa"red verse. well formed. 6od among godly $eo$le. O Agni. through thee. 8 i'e one athirst. the guest of men. 1n oil he rests: oil is his $ro$er $rovin"e.5he gave. : Around. among the bushes. 1. O Agni. the web of worshi$.5 Three 6oddesses. 3 Sweet is his growth as of one&s own $ossessions) his loo' when rushing fain to burn is lovely. 11 Oil has been miAt: oil is his habitation. the messenger of 6ods with ra$id "oursers. serving in se"ret. On his bla"' $ath he shines in burning beauty. he lighteth u$ the forests) li'e water down the "hariot ways he roareth. FO9 you 1 "all theglorious refulgent Agni. et the s'illed heavenly 1mmolator forward unto the 6ods the offering thri"e anointed. and show the offerer in the house his vigour. our flawless refuge0 < -orn is the $ious hero swift of hearing. "onsuming the broad earth. and waAing old renews his youth for ever. he wanders. and may they rea"h the $la"e whi"h 6ods inhabit. -harati all sur$assing. and Agni with his arts $re$are oblation. li'e gold in hue. Eatavedas. . most wise. 1= 2anas$ati shall stand anear and start us. his hue to those who love him. give us wealth with store of heroes and mighty strength in food and noble offs$ring. *nown is he by his bright delightful s$lendour. with bla"'ened lines. 1la divine. most fair.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. (ome as thy wont is: O thou Steer.ay the 6rtsamadas. mar'ed as it were the heaven that smiles through va$our. 7 Sin"e they who honour me have $raised my greatness. as &twere. free roaming li'e an oA without a herdsman. Against the longing nights may he shine brightly. % -hrgus who served him in the home of waters set him of old in houses of the living. in remembran"e of thine an"ient favour have sung my hymn in this our third assembly. with $ower inherent. and full of vigour. ri"h in oblations 4hom all must strive to win even as a lover. . . over"ome their . < . re>oi"e thee) bear off the oblation duly "onse"rated. He darts his tongue forth. li'e a harnessed "ourser who sha'es his flowing tail. $rote"t this holy 6rass. 1. as though the earth he seasoned.5 Agni refulgent. / Among the tribes of men the 6ods $la"ed Agni as a dear Friend when they would dwell among them. burning u$ the bushes.

bird5li'e he "hants the holy $rayers. as (leanser. thou nobly born. give rain from heaven. Sage. giver of our wealth0 4ith reveren"e let us worshi$ thee. % 4ith this hymn let us honour thee. most youthful envoy0 through our song. meet) 4ho furthers. the Sisters who have "ome to usF 8 4hen. Carner by rites of noble wealth. may $ay worshi$ to all the Holy Ones. -efriend us thou as 'nowing all. see'er of horses. the 'ine of him the eader wait on him. 7 Su"h as thou art. And seat thee on this sa"red grass. That Strong One may we gras$ and guide) % 1n whom. . lover of song. 1. Agni. Sage. 8 To him who lauds thee. / As su"h. . 1. the seven reins. man5li'e. a guardian for our $atrons& hel$. 1s he not better than the Three. : -etween both ra"es. Agni. song of $raise and sa"rifi"e: we have bestowed. 3 -e thou for us a liberal . The . 9i"h in good heroes and subduing foemen. . S'illed in his own un"hanging laws he waAes li'e the growing boughs. giver and ord of $re"ious things. CA"ellent.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/.7 HYMN V.other stands.rin"e. A6D1. as "orn at "oming of the rain. well s'illed thou $assest to and fro. 1. As envoy friendly to man'ind.7 HYMN VI.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. 2ASU. That so this man well s'illed. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. wealth5lover.7 HYMN VII. "raving hel$. with songs. 4ith this fair hymn. s$lendid. : For his su$$ort let him $erform as ministrant his $riestly tas') @ea. 3 Together with $ure mental $ower. laden with the holy oil.riest delights in their a$$roa"h. far eAtended.neighbours. +rive those who hate us far away. to thee. mu"h5desired. HC9A + and tea"her was he born. Son of Strength. thou most youthful 6od. -harata. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. He holds all 'nowledge in his gras$ even as the felly rounds the wheel. Agni. $ure. let us obtain. all the wor' divine. a""e$t this flaming brand. And. / 4hen swift he follows this behest. was he born. duly worshi$ thou the 6ods. Agni. That vital $ower give thou to "hiefs and singers. Agni. Agni. this our sa"rifi"e whi"h wehave here $re$ared. this waiting with my $rayer on thee: Hear gra"iously these songs of $raise. the Sitster !si"# by the . as +ire"tor. eighth in $la"e. eader of sa"rifi"e. bring us wealth. 7 (lothing thern in his hues. . give strength whi"h no man may resist: 6ive food eA"eeding $lentiful.ost holy Herald0 "ome thou nigh.

The $la"e when"e thou issued forth 1 worshi$: to thee well 'indled have they $aid oblations.Agni. -harata. honoured by us with barren "ows. Agni. as one who strives for strength. $ay worshi$ with oblation) Bui"'ly "ommend the gift to be $resented) For thou art ord of gathered wealth and treasure. with our $raises. with brillian"e and with fiery flame.C+ to the Herald&s $la"e. 8 . 9efulgent. 4ith bullo"'s and with 'ine in "alf 8 4ood5fed. the Herald hath seated him. Agni. 7 Ours art thou. 4hose statute is inviolate) 3 4ho shines refulgent li'e the Sun. the foe: 4hen worshi$$ed fair to loo' u$on) / 4ho for his glory is eAtolled at eve and morning in our homes.ay he. of the bright song of $raise thou art inventor. best sa"rifi"er. the 4onderful. bringing thousands. Agni: ma'e him the lord of wealth with noble offs$ring.ay we with Agni&s. yea. 1. bright. Agni. and. benevolent with this fair as$e"t. of all the 6ods. 3 Thou. +e"'ed with im$erishable sheen. an"ient. / So through thy favour may we for"e through all our enemies a way. Agni. 4hen worshi$$ed with the sa"red oil. 4hose foresight 'ee$s the aw from violation. As &twere through streaming water5floods. eA"ellent. either 6od&s or man&s. O 4onder54or'er. our $rote"tor from the foemen. with Soma&s. the harnessing of Agni&s "ar. A((USTO. strong 6od. % Cnvoy art thou. Cnri"h with food the man who lauds thee. Save us from this and enmity.7 HYMN VIII. in thy lower station. with thine affluen"e and .urifier Agni. bring the 6ods to bless us. Agni. 8 . s$lendid. adorable. 1. Unin>ured dwell together still. eA"ellent. and "onBuer those who fight with us. the most s$lendid One) % 4ho. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. 7 The twofold o$ulen"e. 1nvo'er. bedewed with sa"red oil. $rote"tor from the foeman. Agni. guiding worshi$$ers aright. The liberal. untou"hed by age. 1ndra&s hel$. shine. The Son of Strength. $ure5tongued. be an ever5heedful 'ee$er.7 HYMN IX. bright.% et no malignity $revail against us.riest. / . have our songs Strengthened a""ording to his sway: All glories hath he made his own. best . for us and for our seed offs$ring. high shinest forth. 3 Agni. 7 Him Atri. Dow $raise. withers. of thee new5born ea"h day never de"reases.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. Sure guardian. . $assing mighty.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/.ay we adore thee in thy loftiest birth$la"e. thou leadest us to higher blessings.

+welling envelo$ed dee$ within the waters. he dwells eA"eeding wise. him who "he"'ed heaven and stayed the floods from flowing. 3 4ith oil and sa"red gifts 1 s$rin'le Agni who ma'es his home in front of all things living. 'indled by man u$on the seat of worshi$. 1.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. deathless.s$lendour. HCA9 thou my "all. vast. the Famous. 1mmortal. 1 "all on $erfe"t Agni who with an eloBuent tongue dis$enses sweetness. laying within thine arms the s$lendid thunder5 4ith us mayst thou. the Strong. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. Strengthened by songs of $raise thou rentest $ie"emeal the +asa.7 HYMN XI. in"rease thy strength li'e streams of water flowing. "om$assed by the +ragon. loudly "alling. must be adorned by all. with Surya over"ome the +asa ra"es. 7 Hero. strong with all the food that feeds him. first. O Hero. not "om$assed round by dar'ness. O 1ndra. li'e a Father. see'ing ri"hes. 1. through vital $ower o&er all eA$anded. O 1ndra) be not heedless: thine may we be for thee to give us treasures) For these $resented viands. or "arried in sundry ways he ma'es them red of "olour. / On wood su$ine they got the well5formed 1nfant: a germ in various5fashioned $lants was Agni) And in the night. thou badest swell and settest free. O 1ndra. him who deemed himself immortal. 8 -y "hoi"e vi"torious. re"ogniGe thy $ortion: with thee for envoy may we s$ea' li'e . in the lauds wherein thou >oyedst. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. +ar' steeds or ruddy draw his "ar.A6D1. (lothed in his glory.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. songs of 9udras. Hero. . Indra. / For. 7 1 $our to him who loo's in all dire"tions: may he a""e$t it with a friendly s$irit. thou slewest in thy valour Ahi "on"ealed in de$ths. Agni. even as the brilliant ones draw near to 2ayu. with rays of s$lendour. 'een of insight. Obtaining wealth. % . in hymns of $raise. % Floods great and many. Agni with bridegroom&s gra"e and lovely "olour may not be tou"hed when all his form is fury. These streams in whi"h is thy delight a$$roa"h thee.ay Agni the res$lendent hear my "alling through all my songs. 3 4e who add strength to thine own s$lendid vigour. great en"hanter. -road. mysterious. 'een of insight.anu. "ons$i"uous.7 HYMN X. waAen s$lendid.

O 1ndra. 17 et those en>oy in whom thou art delighted. Thou hast eAalted us to heaven. "ontented. drin' the Soma. They. Hero. through the lofty hymns that $raise thee. hel$ed by thee have got them strength. 1/ . we laud thy great deeds wrought aforetime.ay we be thine. sha'ing the dro$s from out thy beard. thy -ay Steeds showing forth their vigour have sent a loud "ry out that dro$$eth fatness.others. . the +anava Aurnavabha. 18 6reat. O 1ndra: may we serve duly and $re$are devotion. O 1ndra. 1. 1< . 11 +rin' thou. give us an habitation) 1ndra. 1% Singers have we be"ome with thee. 1ndra. Swelling the roar in the far distant limits. as swell thy vigour while they see' thy favour. O thou . Hero. The earth hath s$read herself in all her fulness: the "loud that was about to move hath rested. give us the "om$any of .aruts. thou 6od. heralds of Surya. filling both thy flan's. . the +asyus. verily. the ri"hes that we long for. when he. +own. < 1ndra hath hurled down the magi"ian 2rtra who lay beleaguering the mighty river. the Friend of man. 1= oud roared the mighty Hero&s bolt of thunder. : 1ndra. (ome with -ay Steeds to drin' of libation. O Hero 1ndra. assume the might wherewith thou "lavest 2rtra $ie"emeal. burnt u$ the monster. we laud thine eA$loits later of a"hievement) 4e laud the bolt that in thine arms lies eager) we laud thy two -ay Steeds. 1: U$on the great Tri'adru'a days. they have s$read wide the blast sent forth by 1ndra. re>oi"ing thee. never "easing. su"h by thy hel$. drin' Soma for thy strength and gladness. the 2ayus. most $owerful. shall swell thy vigour. They who strew sa"red grass to be thy dwelling. And those whose minds a""ord with theirs.rote"tor. The >ui"e that satisfies hath hel$ed 1ndra. san' the +asyu. all our foes. are they. O 1ndra. . subduing with thy su""our and with the Arya. hath the rain5"loud settled: bellowing. having drun' his fill of flowing Soma. 13 6ive us a friend.8 1ndra. drin' the Soma) let the >oy5giving >ui"es ma'e thee >oyful.reserver. See'ing thy hel$ we meditate thy $raises: may we at on"e en>oy thy gift of ri"hes. Thou hast dis"losed the light to light the Arya: on thy left hand. And.ay we gain wealth. who drin' the first libation of the Soma. who by their songs of $raise have won the blessing. baffled the guileful +anava&s devi"es. in battles. Then both the heaven and earth trembled in terror at the strong Hero&s thunder when he bellowed. it hath wandered with the . O 1ndra. with stare of noble "hildren. 6ive us.

-efore whose breath through greatness of his valour the two worlds trembled. and "attle) He who gave being to the Sun and . O 1ndra. who slays the +asyti. He. the foe&s $ossessions. O men. the Terrible. Have faith in him. "hief 6od of lofty s$irit by $ower and might be"ame the 6ods& $rote"tor. with his hurled wea$on many grievous sinners) 4ho $ardons not his boldness who $rovo'es him. who sha'es things moveless. freed the Seven 9ivers. O ye men. 4ho. is 1ndra. and drove the 'ine forth from the "ave of 2ala. He. is 1ndra. with brave men. < 4ithout whose hel$ our $eo$le never "onBuer) whom. He swee$s away.7 HYMN XII. and the villages. fair5fa"ed. is 1ndra. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. 7 Of whom. To whom two armies "ry in "lose en"ounter. in the assembly. 1= He who hath smitten.orning. ea"h for himself. : He under whose su$reme "ontrol are horses. set free the Seven great Floods to . He. is 1ndra. >ust born. He. 1. HC who. they as'. oud may we s$ea'. O men. 8 Stirrer to a"tion of the $oor and lowly. He is not. the -ull. 1% 4ho with seven guiding reins. He. O men. men. O men. battling. O men. the demon lying there. favours him who $resses Soma with stones made ready. they invo'e to give them su""our) He of whom all this world is but the "o$y. % He who fiAed fast and firm the earth that staggered. and set at rest the agitated mountains. is 1ndra.ighty. Indra. men. and aided by the Angirases rent 2ala. O men. 4ho measured out the air&s wide middle region and gave the heaven su$$ort. li'e birds. the stronger and the wea'er) 4hom two invo'e u$on one "hariot mounted. is 1ndra. who leads the waters. li'e a gambler gathering his winnings seiGed the foe&s ri"hes. He. is 1ndra. is 1ndra. / 4ho slew the +ragon. %1 Dow let that wealthy (ow of thine. the s$oiler in warriors& battle.Our gain was that to Trta of our $arty thou gavest u$ Tvastar&s son 2isvaru$a. O men. 11 He who dis"overed in the fortieth autumn Sambara as he dwelt among the mountains) 4ho slew the +ragon $utting forth his vigour. O men. both enemies. 3 -y whom this universe was made to tremble. 4here is HeF or verily they say of him. ere they 'new their danger. He. yield in return a boon to him who lauds thee. of su$$liant who sings his $raises) 4ho. He. of $riest. . for He. is 1ndra. all "hariots. He. %= He "ast down Arbuda what time his vigour was strengthened by libations $oured by Trta. 6ive to thy $raisers: let not fortune fail us. 1ndra sent forth his whirling wheel li'e Surya. -egat the fire between two stones. He. the . is 1ndra. is 1ndra.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. who "hased away the humbled brood of demons.

before his very breath the mountains tremble. % They "ome troo$ing together bearing mil' to him. singer. He. and $ouring forth of Soma. / One $riest announ"es what the institutor gives: one. 13 4ho aids with favour him who $ours the Soma and him who brews it. thy friends. Then"e was it full of sa$.7 HYMN XIII. who wields the bolt.5vast. rent 9auhina in $ie"es when s"aling heaven. Thou who didst these things first art worthy of our lauds.flow at $leasure) 4ho. and when born therefrom it entered ra$idly the floods wherein it grows.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. armed with thunder. and in the field the $lants that blossom and bear seed) Thou who hast made the mat"hless lightnings of the s'y. is 1ndra. 1/ Cven the Heaven and Carth bow down before him. O ye men. O ye men. su"h. . "om$assing vast realms. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. li'e wealth to him who "omes. THC Season was the $arent. O 1ndra. thou dealest to us our food: thou mil'est from the moist the dry. 4ho broughtest Darmara with all his wealth.eet for our $raise art thou. 7 Thou hast "reated earth to loo' u$on the s'y: thou. for sa'e of food. 3 +ealing out food unto their $eo$le there they sit. *nown as the Soma5drin'er. more than the ba"' "an bear. s$ea' loudly to the synod with our heroes. Thou who didst these things first art worthy of our lauds. . The way is "ommon for the downward streams to flow. the ri"h in sweets. altering the forms. is 1ndra. a 6od. Gealously $lies his tas'. He. and bring him sustenan"e who gives su$$ort to all. Indra. even as a steed with waters: meet for $raise art thou. the 6ods have Bui"'ened with their lauds. slaying Ahi. 4hom $rayer eAalts. Thee. 6reedily with his teeth he eats the master&s food. 1. sa"rifi"er. meet for our $raise art thou. settest free the river&s $aths. thunder5armed. to slay him that the fiends might be destroyed. : Thou who hast s$read abroad the streams by stablished law. O ye men. 8 Thou givest in"rease. He. 17 Thou verily art fier"e and true who sendest strength to the man who brews and $ours libation. . Thou by the worshi$$er layest thy $re"ious store: thou art sole ord of all. streaming with mil'y >ui"e: the mil' of the $lant&s stal' is "hief and meet for lauds. 1s 1ndra. and this our gift. The third "orre"ts the im$erfe"tions left by ea"h. So may we evermore. Thou who didst these things first art worthy of our lauds.

to him who stru"' down Svasna. in assembly. and Ayu. daily. 1% Thou for Turviti heldest still the flowing floods. for all thy deeds. < Thou boundest u$ the +asa&s hundred friends and ten. *utsa. to 1ndra. the Strong. and "ast them down u$on earth&s bosom) 4ho Buelled the valiant men of Atithigva.inisters. 7 @e ministers. Thou for +abhiti boundest +asyus not with "ords) Thou wast a mighty hel$. for this he willeth. . to 1ndra. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. 1. 4orthy of lauds art thou. li'e 2ita in the region: "lothe him with Soma even as steeds with tra$$ings. 4orthy of lauds art thou. to him who with the lightning smote. offer ye the Soma. The life5su$$ort of "onBuering Eatusthira. . whatever thing ye long for obtain ye Bui"'ly bringing gifts to 1ndra. for abundant is thy treasure. Adhvaryus0 though showing arms ninety5and5nine in number) 4ho "ast down headlong Arbuda and slew him. a hundred thousand.5s$eed ye that 1ndra to our offered Soma. 1= All ban's of rivers yielded to his manly might) to him they gave.5bring to him the Soma. Offer this draught.5to him. thou bel$est thy worshi$$er. $our forth the gladdening liBuor with the bea'ers. and did to death 2yamsa and greedy Susna. : @e ministers.7 HYMN XIV. and gavest fame unto the halt and blind. 3 Him who did Urana to death. to him who as with thunder demolished Sambara&s hundred an"ient "astles) 4ho "ast down 2ar"in&s sons. worthy art thou of $raise. with heroes. when. Indra. The siA dire"tions hast thou fiAed. to him who smote +rhhi'as who drove the 'ine forth. Snat"h u$ the wonderful. 1ndra. 1/ . that with thy single wisdom thou obtainest wealth.logeth ever To drin' of this the Hero offer it to the -ull.re$are thyself to grant us that great bounty. / @e ministers. O 1ndra. 8 @e ministers. bring the Soma >ui"e for 1ndra. men. the river5stream for 2ayya easily to $ass +idst raise the out"ast from the de$ths. 4orthy of lauds art thou. gave u$ their wealth. to him who slew a hundred thousand. % @e ministers. And 9udhi'ras and Damu"i and . oud may we s$ea'. $our ye forth libation. and dis"overed 2ala. $erforming mu"h even now. is thy $ower. a draught of this whi"h 1ndra here deserveth. O Hero.i$ru.1D1STC9S. him who is fain to taste it. the rain5withholding 2rtra5 -ring it to him.-roughtest the fa"e un"louded of the strengthening one. to him. .eet for high $raise. a five5fold view: thy vi"tories rea"hed afar.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. li'e a tree. O 2asu. at one&s hearing.5 to him. . worthy of lauds art thou. 11 .

-ring to the 6lorious One what bands have "leansed) to 1ndra bring, ye $ious ones, the Soma. < +o ye, O ministers, obey his order: that $urified in wood, in wood u$lift ye. 4ell $leased he longs for what your hands have tended: offer the gladdening Soma >ui"e to 1ndra. 1= As the "ow&s udder teems with mil', Adhvaryus, so fill with Soma 1ndra, liberal giver. 1 'now him: 1 am sure of this, the Holy 'nows that 1 fain would give to him more largely. 11 Him, ministers, the ord of heavenly treasure and all terrestrial wealth that earth $ossesses, Him, 1ndra, fill with Soma as a garner is filled with barley full: be this your labour. 1% ,re$are thyself to grant us that great booty, O 2asu, for abundant is thy treasure. 6ather u$ wondrous wealth, O 1ndra, daily. oud may we s$ea', with heroes, in assembly. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3;118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/;7

HYMN XV. Indra
1. Dow, verily, will 1 de"lare the eA$loits, mighty and true, of him the True and .ighty. 1n the Tri'adru'as he dran' the Soma then in its ra$ture 1ndra slew the +ragon. % High heaven unsu$$orted in s$a"e he stablished: he filled the two worlds and the air&s mid5region. Carth he u$held, and gave it wide eA$ansion. These things did 1ndra in the Soma&s ra$ture. / From front, as &twere a house, he ruled and measured) $ier"ed with his bolt the fountains of the rivers, And made them flow at ease by $aths far5rea"hing, These things did 1ndra in the Soma&s ra$ture. 3 (om$assing those who bore away +abhiti, in 'indled fire he burnt u$ all their wea$ons. And made him ri"h with 'ine and "ars and horses. These things did 1ndra in the Soma&s ra$ture. 7 The mighty roaring flood he stayed from flowing, and "arried those who swam not safely over. They having "rossed the stream attained to ri"hes. These things did 1ndra in the Soma&s ra$ture. 8 4ith mighty $ower he made the stream flow u$ward, "rushed with his thunderbolt the "ar of Usas, 9ending her slow steeds with his ra$id "oursers. These things did 1ndra in the Soma&s ra$ture. : *nowing the $la"e wherein the maids were hiding, the out"ast showed himself and stood before them. The "ri$$le stood ere"t, the blind beheld them. These things did 1ndra in the Soma&s ra$ture. ; ,raised by the Angirases he slaughtered 2ala, and burst a$art the bulwar's of the mountain. He tore away their deftly5built defen"es. These things did 1ndra in the Soma&s ra$ture. < Thou, with slee$ whelming (umuri and +huni, slewest the +asyu, 'e$test safe +abhiti. There the staff5bearer found the golden treasure. These things did 1ndra in the Soma&s

ra$ture. 1= Dow let that wealthy (ow of thine, O 1ndra , yield in return a boon to him who lauds thee. 6ive to thy $raisers: let not fortune fail us. oud may we s$ea', with brave men, in assembly. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3;118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/;7

HYMN XVI. Indra.
1. To him, your own, the best among the good, 1 bring eulogy, li'e oblation in the 'indled fire. 4e invo"ate for hel$ 1ndra untou"hed by eld, who ma'eth all de"ay, strengthened, for ever young. % 4ithout whom naught eAists, 1ndra the ofty One) in whom alone all $owers heroi" are "ombined. The Soma is within him, in his frame vast strength, the thunder in his hand and wisdom in his head. / Dot by both worlds is thine own $ower to be sur$assed, nor may thy "ar be stayed by mountains or by seas. Done "ometh near, O 1ndra, to thy thunderbolt, when with swift steeds thou fliest over many a league. 3 For all men bring their will to him the 9esolute, to him the Holy One, to him the Strong they "leave. ,ay worshi$ with oblation, strong and $assing wise. +rin' thou the Soma, 1ndra, through the mighty blaGe. 7 The vessel of the strong flows forth, the flood of meath, unto the Strong who feeds u$on the strong, for drin', Strong are the two Adhvaryus, strong are both the stones. They $ress the Soma that is strong for him the Strong. 8 Strong is thy thunderbolt, yea, and thy "ar is strong) strong are thy -ay Steeds and thy wea$ons $owerful. Thou, 1ndra, -ull, art ord of the strong gladdening drin'. with the strong Soma, 1ndra, satisfy thyself. : 1, bold by $rayer, "ome near thee in thy sa"red rites, thee li'e a saving shi$, thee shouting in the war. 2erily he will hear and mar' this word of ours: we will $our 1ndra forth as &twere a s$ring of wealth. ; Turn thee unto us ere "alamity "ome nigh, as a "ow full of $asture turns her to her "alf. ord of a Hundred ,owers, may we on"e firmly "ling to thy fair favours even as husbands to their wives. < Dow let that wealthy (ow of thine, O 1ndra, yield in return a boon to him who lauds thee. 6ive to thy $raisers: let not fortune fail us. oud may we s$ea', with heroes, in assembly. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3;118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/;7

1. 1*C the Angirases, sing this new song forth to him, for, as in an"ient days, his mighty

$owers are shown, 4hen in the ra$ture of the Soma he un"losed with strength the solid firm5shut stables of the 'ine. % et him be even that 6od who, for the earliest draught measuring out his $ower, in"reased his ma>esty) Hero who fortified his body in the wars, and through his greatness set the heaven u$on his head. / Thou didst $erform thy first great deed of hero might what time thou showedst $ower, through $rayer, before this fol'. Hurled down by thee the "ar5borne ord of Tawny Steeds, the "ongregated swift ones fled in sundry ways. 3 He made himself by might ord of all living things, and strong in vital $ower waAed great above them all. He, borne on high, o&ers$read with light the heaven and earth, and, sewing u$ the turbid dar'ness, "losed it in. 7 He with his might made firm the forward5bending hills, the downward rushing of the waters he ordained. Fast he u$held the earth that nourisheth all life, and stayed the heaven from falling by his wondrous s'ill. 8 Fit for the gras$ing of his arms is what the Sire hath fabri"ated from all 'ind of $re"ious wealth. The thunderbolt, wherewith, loud5roaring, he smote down, and stri'ing him to death laid *rivi on the earth. : As she who in her $arents& house is growing old, 1 $ray to thee as -haga from the seat of all. 6rant 'nowledge, mete it out and bring it to us here: give us the share wherewith thou ma'est $eo$le glad. ; .ay we invo'e thee as a liberal giver thou givest us, O 1ndra, strength and labours. Hel$ us with manifold assistan"e, 1ndra: .igthy One, 1ndra, ma'e us yet more wealthy. < Dow may that weaithy (ow of thine, O 1ndra, give in return a boon to him who lauds thee. 6ive to thy $raisers: let not fortune fail us. oud may we s$ea', with heroes, in assembly. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3;118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/;7

1. THC ri"h new "ar hath been eBui$$ed at morning) four yo'es it hath, three whi$s, seven reins to guide it: Ten5sided, friendly to man'ind, light5winner, that must be urged to s$eed with $rayers and wishes. % This is $re$ared for him the first, the se"ond, and the third time: he is man&s ,riest and Herald. Others get offs$ring of another $arent he goeth, as a noble -ull, with others. / To 1ndra&s "ar the -ay Steeds have 1 harnessed, that new well5s$o'en words may bring him hither. Here let not other worshi$$ers detain thee, for among us are many holy singers. 3 1ndra, "ome hitherward with two -ay (oursers, "ome thou with four, with siA when

grown mighty in the days aforetime. 8 (ome to us hitherward. re>oi"e thyself in this libation. O 1ndra. . the +ragon&s slayer. % (heered by this meath 1ndra. 1ndra. brave 4arrior: do not s"orn it. this . O 1ndra. / 1ndra. 7 To him who $oured him gifts he gave u$ Surya. "ome thou hither: bind to thy "ar&s $ole all thy two -ay (oursers. forty horses. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. give in return a boon to him who lauds . 4herein. in love. and men who worshi$. to glad thee.ighty One. 3 To him who worshi$$eth hath 1ndra given many and mat"hless gifts. 1ndra hath found delight. in assembly.il"h5"ow yield us treasure. "arried by eighty. whose hand wields thunder. O 1ndra. He gave the Sun his life. 8 On"e to the driver of his "hariot. strengthening thee and fain ourselves for glory. < Dow may that wealthy (ow Of thine. oud may we s$ea'. he found the "attle. +9AU6HTS of this sweet >ui"e have been drun' for ra$ture.51ndra. siAty or seventy. have wrought their hymn and tas' as see'ing favour. or an hundred horses. ninety. give in return a boon to him who lauds thee.invo"ated. O 1ndra. O 1ndra. with heroes. : So have we brought our hymn to thee. $lague of harvest) And 1ndra. as &twere his $ortion. thirty. to drin' the Soma. (ome thou with eight. *utsa. bliss. (ome thou with fifty well trained "oursers. he gave u$ greedy Surya. Straight was he to be sought with su$$li"ations by men who struggled to obtain the sunlight. with ten. "ome thou hither having harnessed thy "ar with twenty. rent $ie"emeal Ahi who barred u$ the waters. the . of the wise Soma5 $resser&s offered dainty. He slayeth 2rtra. 6ive to thy $raisers: let not fortune fail us. to drin' the Soma. and mayst thou bend the godless s"orner&s wea$ons.ay they who worshi$ thee afresh. So may we under his su$reme $rote"tion. gain food and strength. O 1ndra. Thou art to be invo'ed in many $la"es Hero.ighty. De&er be my love from 1ndra disunited still may his liberal . su""eed in ea"h forth5going. : To this my $rayer. . 1. and a ha$$y dwelling. for the sa'e of +ivodasa demolished Sambara&s nine5and5ninety "astles. So that the Bui"'ening "urrents of the rivers flowed forth li'e birds unto their resting5 $la"es. the 6od. Thus the 6rtsamadas for thee. This Soma >ui"e among the Sunahotras hath been $oured out. sent forth the flood of waters to the o"ean. Indra. < Dow may that wealthy (ow of thine.ay we with best endeavours gain this friendshi$.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. O Hero. 1ndra.7 HYMN XIX. Here is the >ui"e. to the mortal) For Ctasa with worshi$ brought him ri"hes that 'ee$ distress afar. safe in his arms. 7 O 1ndra. . and with the night the wor's of days "om$leted. .

the liberal man&s defender. ord of men and tilth. unassailable.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/.ay he. with heroes. As one brings forth his "ar when fain for "ombat. o&erthrower. Him who is ord of horses. of the living mortal. give in return a boon to him who lauds thee. $raiser. 6ive to thy $raisers: let not fortune fail us. A"tive art thou. 1. mighty and trium$hant.ay 1ndra. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. Indra. ruler over men. the 2i"tor never vanBuished who dis$oses all. the rider. : 1ndra the2rtra5slayer. Stealing away the mornings with the sunlight. self5reliant. best 4onder5 4or'er. / . For men hath he "reated earth and waters. the 6od. % To him the $otent One. . the ord of wealth. loved by mortals. 7 He. 8 He verily. his who draws near to thee with right devotion. O 1ndra.7 HYMN XXI. s"attered the +asa hosts who dwelt in dar'ness. He. dresser of oblations. . in assembly. a guardian near to men who love thee truly. ord of 'ine. "rushed even Asna&s an"ient $owers. oud may we s$ea'. warrior. "alled with solemn invo"ations. the toiler. see'ing great bliss from one li'e thee amid the Heroes.thee. so bring we $ower to thee5 regard us. who "onBuers and brea's down. 1ndra whom the Angirases& $raise delighted. and ever hel$ed the $rayer of him who worshi$s. thou art our own with thy $rote"tion. brought low the dear head of the wi"'ed +asa. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. be men&s aus$i"ious 'ee$er. he.7 HYMN XX. One who will further with his aid the singer. Fort5destroyer. to 1ndra ever"onBuering s$ea' your reverent $rayer. 1. 6ive to thy $raisers: let not fortune fail us. To him in might the 6ods have ever yielded. thoughtful in s$irit.of floods. 3 4ith laud and song let me eAtol that 1ndra in whom of old men $ros$ered and were mighty. lauded. he slaughtered the +asyus and "ast down their forts of iron. to 1ndra. he hath waAen as he . oud may we s$ea'. 4hen in his arms they laid the bolt. strengthened their $rayer and made their goings $ros$er. with heroes. 1ndra5 4ell s'illed in song. % 1ndra. hath raised him u$ for man. im$lored. to 1ndra in the tumult of thebattle. to the Holy bring sweet Soma >ui"e. To him the ord of all. The migbty5voi"ed. fulfil the $rayer for $lenty of him who worshi$s.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. the glorious 1ndra. of light) him who is ord for ever. < Dow may that wealthy (ow of thine. in assembly. / Still 2i"tor. the Friend. the young.

1ndra&s heroi" deeds will 1 tell forth to all. the dee$. the vast.7 HYMN XXII. 8 1ndra. / -rought forth together with wisdom and mighty $ower thou grewest great) with hero deeds subduing the malevolent. % So he res$lendent in the battle over"ame *rivi by might. / 4hen thou hast "hased away revilers and the gloom. +an"er. 1. He with his ma>esty hath filled the earth and heaven. trium$hant.7 HYMN XXIII. Indra. the wise. 1ndra. bestow on us the best of treasures. One share of the libation hath he swallowed down: one share he left. the 4ide. who slew the furious fiend. 3 This. 1n 1ndra see'ing hel$ with worshi$ and with hymn. true 1ndu 1ndra who is true. So may the 6od attain the 6od. "harm of sweet s$ee"h. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. 6od immortal0 verily the 6ods have gained from thee. That hath so heightened him the 6reat.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. ord and eader of the heavenly hosts.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. 1. So may the 6od attend the 6od. find for us strength and food. honoured mid the fol'. and waAen strong. and days of $leasant weather. a share in holy rites. 4C "all thee. 4ith 2isnu hath he Buaffed the $oured out Soma >ui"e. safety of our bodies. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. the brea'er5down. freeing the floods. thy first and an"ient wor'. they drew him to themselves and won them 'ine and wealth. O -rahmanas$ati: hear us with hel$) sit down in $la"e of sa"rifi"e. All that is godless may he "onBuer with his might.51ndra whose rites bring >oy hath made the light of +awn. As with great light the Sun brings forth the rays of morn. thou mountest the refulgent "ar of . The *ing su$reme of $rayers. the firm. % -rhas$ati. most swift in a"t) 6iving $ros$erity. the vast. 4hat time thou sentest down life with a 6od&s own $ower. ord of Hundred . was thy hero deed. of wisdom unattainable) 4ho s$eeds the good. 7 -y sa"rifi"e the yearning sages sending forth their songs found furtheran"e from him who s$eeds the flood.owers. true 1ndu 1ndra who is true. At the Tri'adru'as the 6reat and Strong hath drun' drin' blent with meal. So may the 6od attend the 6od. and lovely wealth to him who $raiseth thee. to do his mighty wor'. and. worthy to be told forth in heaven. the famousest of all.would) Host5gatherer. so thou alone art Father of all sa"red $rayer. true 1ndu 1ndra who is true. the wise among the wise. the s$irit of ability and fortune) 1n"rease of ri"hes. Brahmanaspa i. 3 The strong who never yields. all that he would.

Thou art sin&s true avenger. destroy. Stri'e. Thee as $rote"tor of our bodies we invo'e. deeming him a man of might mid lords. "areful guard. -rhas$ati. Buelling his wrath: herein is thy great mightiness. no distress from any side. -rahmanas$ati. the winner of all wealth. 1/ The mover mid the s$oil. wise. that Buells the foe. too. thee. slays demons. 1% 4hoso with mind ungodly see's to do us harm. : Him. hastening to the battle5"ry. who. would slay. 3 Thou leadest with good guidan"e and $reservest men) distress o&erta'es not him who offers gifts to thee.5 et not his deadly blow rea"h us. 11 Strong. whoever lays a snare for us. "leaves the stall of 'ine. gain highest $ower of life. who tamest e&en the fier"e.5 Him turn thou from our $ath away. sing to thee with hymns of $raise. arrogant. and leave them destitute. the 6ods& revilers down. 8 Thou art our 'ee$er. vi"torious in the strife. that whi"h the foe deserves not whi"h shines among the fol' effe"tual. ra$a"ious man. for thy servi"e. those who have s"orned thee in thy manifested might. thou 'ee$est -rahmanas$ati. 17 -rhas$ati. to be invo'ed in fight and reverently adored. O -rahmanas$ati. 'ind 5$ros$erer. Show forth that $ower that shall deserve the hymn of $raise: destroy the evil s$ea'ers. never yielding. -rhas$ati. singing goodly hymns of $raise. who threatens us without offen"e of ours. -rhas$ati.en whi"h all desire: And all our enemies. $re$arer of our $aths: we. him may his evil fate. as the "omforter who loveth us. O -rhas$ati.5 Thou drivest all sedu"tive fiends away from him whom. no "reatures double5tongued have over"ome the man. saviour. and let not the unrighteous "ome to highest bliss. . . < Through thee. 13 -urn u$ the demons with thy fier"est flaming brand. who near or far away $revail against us. the wildly $assionate. s$lendid. the evilminded. and finds the light. may we obtain the wealth of . -rhas$ati. Him who hates $rayer thou $unishest. "rush. no foes. -rhas$ati hath overthrown li'e "ars of war all wi"'ed enemies who fain would in>ure us. 7 Do sorrow. 1= 4ith thee as our own ri"h and liberal ally may we. $re"i$itate. "onsumer of the foe. et not the guileful wi"'ed man be lord of us:5still may we $ros$er. O -rhas$ati. -rhas$ati: give us fair a""ess to this banBuet of the 6ods.sa"rifi"e) The awful "ar. -rhas$ati) may we humiliate the strong ill5doer&s wrath.

guilt5avenger is -rhas$ati. $raises thee. do thou. 7 An"ient will be those "reatures. a$$ointed wor's whi"h -rahmanas$ati ordained. % He who with might bowed down the things that should be bowed. are greedy for the wealth of him who sits at ease.anis& noblest treasure hidden in the "ave. who slays the s$oiler and u$holds the mighty aw. the sages stood again u$on the lofty ways. thou who art the ord) we will adore thee with this new and mighty song. The mountain. 18 6ive us not u$ to those who. 8 They who with mu"h endeavour sear"hing round obtained the . -C $leased with this our offering. with 1ndra for ally didst hurl down water5floods whi"h gloom had "om$a5sed round. 1. -rhas$ati. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. and in his fury rent the holds of Sambara: 4ho overthrew what shoo' not. be thou "ontroller of this our hymn and $ros$er thou our "hildren. All that the 6ods regard with love is blessed. 3 The well with mouth of stone that $oured a flood of meath. : The $ious ones when they had seen the falsehoods turned them ba"'. Brahmanaspa i. fulfil our hearts& desire. whi"h -rahma$as$ati hath o$ened with his might5 All they who see the light have drun' their fill thereat: together they have made the watery fount flow forth. Angiras0 thou o$enedst the stall of 'ine. having mar'ed the falsehoods. turned them ba"' when"e they had "ome. 1: For Tvastar. $reeminent o&er all the things that be.That. 1< O -rahmanas$ati.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. / That was a great deed for the 6odliest of the 6ods: strong things were loosened and the firmly fiAed gave way. whatsoe&er they be) with moons. 6uilt5s"ourger. Cffortless they $ass on to $erfe"t this and that. 4ho "herish in their heart abandonment of 6ods. doors un"lose themselves to you.5 Those sages. "left itself a$art when. -rahma$as$ati. brought thee to life. and sought again to enter in. oud may we s$ea'. for thy glory. our liberal $atron. no further rest shall they obtain.5he made his way within the mountain stored with wealth. . 1. -rhas$ati. As this thy friend. he who 'nows ea"h sa"red song.7 HYMN XXIV. Thoul O -rhas$ati. foes in ambus"ade. He drave the 'ine forth and "left 2ala through by $rayer. in assembly. dis$elled the dar'ness and dis$layed the light of heaven. Son of aw 1 whi"h is with might refulgent5that treasure wonderful bestow thou on us. with heroes. with autumns.

-rahmanas$ati rea"hes the mar' whate&er it be that he desires. oud may we s$ea'. 1/ The sa"rifi"ial flames most swiftly hear the "all: the $riest of the assembly gaineth wealth for hymns. The 'ine he drave forth and distributed to heaven. eA"elling all besides are the 'ind gifts of liberal -rhas$ati. for the hymn he brings forth food and wealth. and $ros$er thou our "hildren. all truth $ro"eedeth: even the waters brea' not your "ommandment. whereby both "lasses and the $eo$le have delight. even as a "o$ious flood with strength flows sundry ways. Brahmanaspa i. These are the boons of him the Strong who should be loved. strung truly. 4ith his swift bow. remitting at his will the debt. . -rahmanas$ati. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. 17 O -rahmanas$ati. the great High . 'een5eyed to loo' on men and s$ringing from his ear. twain . 1= First and $reeminent. gra"ious. All that the 6ods regard with love is blessed.(ast down with both their arms u$on the ro"' they left the 'indled fire. with heroes. in assembly.aghavans. 4hen. full of vital strength. Do enemy is he.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. en"om$asseth this All. the glowing Sun untroubled sends forth fervent heat. may we be evermore masters of wealth well5guided. 1% From you. to our oblation 1iie yo'ed steeds to fodder. and said. He with his seed s$reads forth beyond another&s seed. < He brings together and he $arts. HC lighting u$ the flame shall "onBuer enemies: strong shall he be who offers $rayer and brings his gift. 13 The wrath of -rahmanas$ati a""ording to his will had full effe"t when he would do a mighty deed. re>oi"ing. be thou "ontroller of this our hymn. % 4ith heroes he shall over"ome his hero foes.7 HYMN XXV. when thou omni$otent through $rayer see'est my "all. . (ome to us. whomever -rahmanas$ati ta'es for his friend. in battle -rahma$as$ati. whomever -rahmanas$ati ta'es for his friend. Hating the stern. -rahmanas$ati and 1ndra.riest) eAtolled is he. His "hildren and his "hildren&s "hildren grow in strength. Heroes on heroes send abundantly to us. CA"ellent are the arrows wherewithal he shoots. 18 O -rahmanas$ati. 11 Thou who in every way su$reme in earthly $ower. by thy mighty strength hast waAen great. strong in the sho"' of fight is -rahmanas$ati. 1.5 He is the 6od s$read forth in breadth against the 6ods: he. and s$read his wealth by 'ine wise by himself is be.

and many a flawless shelter hath been granted him. Brahmanaspa i. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. him -rahmanas$ati leads forward on his way./ He.ay .ay 1. Adityas.7 HYMN XXVII. . 6ods. % 4ith one a""ord may Aryaman and . and. / These 6ods. and -haga hear us. thou hero. li'e rugged $la"es. gains booty for himself. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. over"omes with strength. Aryanian. 7 All roaring rivers $our their waters down for him. THCSC hymns that dro$ down fatness. "hase the arrogant afar: $ut on aus$i"ious "ourage for the fight with foes.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. Adityas. i'e Agni&s blaGing rush he may not be restrained. and is his wonderful deliverer from woe. free from all guile and falsehood. frees him from his enemy. Adityas. whomever -rahmanas$ati ta'es for his friend. with the ladle 1 ever offer tothe *ings Adityas. 1. 1. 3 For him the floods of heaven flow never failing down: first with the heroes he goes forth to war for 'ine. his family.believing 4ho with oblation and a true heart serves -rahmanas$ati the Father of the 6ods.itra. share m this your favour whi"h. $rote"tors of all being. guarding well the world of s$irits.itra. . / He with his fol'.7 HYMN XXVI. -lest with the ha$$iness of 6ods he $ros$ers well. with the heroes. his sons.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. 2aruna and . Adi !as. the mighty 2aruna +a'sa. $erfe"t. . and Amsa. and he who serves the 6ods subdue the godless man. and faithful. true to eternal aw.re$are oblation so that thou mayst have su""ess. Under your guidan"e. mighty li'e a raving river&s billowy flood. wealth. Aryaman. Saves him from sorrow. round troubles may 1 $ass. 7 . THC righteous singer shall o&er"ome his enemies. as a bull "onBuers oAen. the worshi$$er share the food of him who worshi$s not. oo'ing within behold the good and evil near to the *ings is even the thing most distant. fain to de"eive the wi"'ed. . The Gealous man shall vanBuish the invin"ible. brings $rofit e&en in danger. we "rave the favouring hel$ of -rahmanas$ati.rovident. He slays in unabated vigour with great might. % 4orshi$. the debt5eAa"tors. whomever -rahmanas$ati ta'es for his friend. blameless. 3 U$holding that whi"h moves and that whi"h moves not.itra and 2aruna this day a""e$t this $raise5song5 Adityas bright and $ure as streams of water. whomever -rahmanas$ati ta'es for his friend. 3 4hoso hath honoured him with offerings ri"h in oil. vast. with many eyes. $rofound. his house.

ighty. O thou eader wide5ruling 2aruna. : . Asura0 or be they mortals. from near at hand or from a distan"e. to Buell o$$ressors. Adityas.8 Smooth is your $ath. your snares s$read out against the foe. Adityas. win 2aruna&s and . 13 Aditi. dear friend&s destitution. ord of many heroes.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. .ure. beyond all hatred.itra) eA"ellent is it. admit us to your friendshi$. the Aditya.ay we unin>ured. $ardon us. girt by many heroes. far5ruling for the righteous mortal. TH1S laud of the self5radiant wise Aditya shall be su$reme o&er all that is in greatness. the rain from heaven: he thrives most highly favoured. with heroes round him. and . . be they 6ods. very strong.ighty through aw. ond may we s$ea'. O 2aruna. the 6od eA"eeding 'ind to him who worshi$s.other of *ings. 2asus0 may 1 attain the light that brings no danger. munifi"ent and lauded in assemblies. 1% He who bears gifts unto the *ings. 2aruna. . ye Holy Ones. may Aditi trans$ort us. $ure li'e streams of water. . .ay 1 "ar5borne $ass li'e a s'ilful horseman: unin>ured may we dwell in s$a"ious shelter. Thereon. never "lose their eyelids. in assembly. 1: . three heavens) three are their fun"tions in the 6ods& assembly. 1 beg renown of 2aruna the . for ever faithful.itra. 18 @our guiles. him who is under the Adityas& guidan"e. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3.itra. 3 He made them flow. Adityas. true eaders. faithful.ay1 not live. day after day. of mornings ri"h in "attle. / . and thornless. to witness my wealthy. Done slays.7 HYMN XXVIII. 11 Deither the right nor left do 1 distinguish. with thoughtful "are may we have high fortune in thy servi"e. %. send us down your blessing: grant us a shelter hard to be demolished. Aryaman. 17 For him the Twain united $our their fulness. 6rant unto us to see a hundred autumns ours be the blest long lives of our forefathers. he whom their everlasting blessings $ros$er. De&er do they slumber. by fair $aths Aryaman. 2aruna. he dwells beside the waters ri"h with $asture. Sinffing thy $raises li'e the fires at "oming. forgive us however we have erred and sinned against you. 6ods. < 6olden and s$lendid.oves with his "hariot first in ran' and wealthy. they hold aloft the three bright heavenly regions. Sim$le and guided by your wisdom. 1= Thou over all. neither the "ast nor yet the west. 2aruna. with heroes. 2aruna. may1 never la"' well5ordered ri"hes. 4ith their su$$ort they stay three earths. Adityas. 1/ . .ay 1 obtain the broad light free from $eril: O 1ndra. O sons of Aditi. liberal.ay we be in thy 'ee$ing. the Sustainer: the rivers run by 2aruna&s . O 2aruna. . Var"na 1. He goes to war mastering both the mansions: to him both $ortions of the world are gra"ious. is your greatness) fair is it.itra&s high $rote"tion. Having eAtolled thee. O Aryaman and . art Sovran. faithful. let not during dar'ness seiGe us. *ing.

from the $it and falling. remove my sin li'e her who bears in se"ret. now and hereafter. . *ing.HO +C9S of the aw. S"atter. For in thyself.itra and all 6ods who listen. liberal dear friend&s destitution. : . et us not $ass away from light to eAile. et not your "ar "ome slowly to our worshi$: of 'insmen su"h as you ne&er let us weary. at thy bidding wound the sinner. O 2aruna. be mine offen"es: seiGe me not li'e a bird u$on her offs$ring. *ing. 1ndra and . may 1 never la"' well5ordered ri"hes. 1= O *ing."ommandment. before the time. 1 who 'now your goodness. hath threatened me affrighted in my slumber5 1f any wolf or robber fain would harm us. to witness my wealthy. in assembly. 6ods. and ye "hastised me as a sire the gambler. Save us.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset . sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. are $roviden"e and ye are $ower: remove ye utterly all those who hate us. < .aruts.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. be severed. O mighty 2aruna. with our an"ient friendshi$F O Aditi. thy statutes neHer to be moved are fiAed as on a mountain. . thy s$ring of Order. liberal. nor my wor'&s sum. that we may live. 2aruna. ma'e us well and ha$$y. : Stri'e us not. 8 Far from me. give thou us $rote"tion. while 1 weave song. nor "ease from flowing: swift have they flown li'e birds in air around us. ye Holy. 2aruna.7 HYMN XXIX. with heroes. @ou. in assembly. far.ove far from me what sins 1 have "ommitted: let me not suffer. 7 1 singly have sinned many a sin against you. As givers of good things deal with us 'indly: this day be gra"ious to us and hereafter. et not my thread.ay 1 not live O 2aruna. O ye 6ods.rote"t us. 1 "all to hel$ me. Vis#$d$#as. whoever. 11. 6ods. my troubles: 1 am not even mine eyelid&s lord without thee. oud may we s$ea'. *ing. with heroes. while we live dire"t us. invin"ible 6od. 2aruna. 7 oose me from sin as from a bond that binds me: may we swell. will we s$ea' forth our worshi$. be he friend or 'insman. and 2aru2a and . may 1 never la"' well5ordered ri"hes. that fearing in my heart 1 may a$$roa"h you. 1. 2asus. Full many a morn remains to dawn u$on us: in these. O 2aruna. These feel no weariness. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. 8 Turn yourselves hitherward this day. oud may we s$ea'. for guilt of others.ay 1 not live. 3 @e. li'e "ords that hold a "alf. / 4hat servi"e may we do you with our future. what servi"e. % @e. U. to witness my wealthy. thou Holy Sovran. are verily our 'insmen as su"h be 'ind to me who now im$lore you. even as of old. Far be your nets. dear friend&s destitution. Asura. be shattered.itra. with those dread wea$ons whi"h. O 2aruna. 2aruna. ye Holy. (ast off. remove all danger a""e$t me gra"iously. ye strong Adityas. therefrom. the men who hate us . 6od) let not the wolf destroy us.

sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. -rhas$ati.aruts. -rhas$ati. 8 4homso ye love. and bring us hither their $ossessions. 1= . and Adityas. ea"h day more famous. O 1ndra. 11 1 "raving >oy address with hymn and homage your heavenly host.wise. / Or may our 1ndra here. O 1ndra.ress not the Soma) For him who "ares for me. with arms thou slayest foemen O *ing. 3 As with a bolt. HC . / Aloft he stood above the airy region.erform. the "om$any of . : et it not veA me. "oming from heaven. the Asura&s. Indra and O h$rs. $ier"e thou 2r'advaras&. 1. and against 2rtra shot his deadly missile. Cven as in time of old with might thou slewest.7 HYMN XXX. girt . . gives gifts.other5for she 'new5s$a'e and $ro"laimed him who was about to "ast his bolt at 2rtra.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. . who "omes with 'ine to me who $our libations. 1ndra and Soma) give us firm standing in this time of danger.. our swift steeds tram$le on the ridges of the earth. 6ra"iously favour us. $rote"t us: with the . < Him who waylays. (utting their $aths a""ording to his $leasure day after day flow to their goal the rivers. THC streams un"easing flow to 1ndra.7 HYMN XXXI. Sarasvati. him who would destroy us. That we may gain wealth with full store of heroes. Cnvelo$ed in a "loud he rushed u$on him. su$$orts me. $ier"e him with thy shar$ened wea$on.5aim at him. 6od. hel$ our "ar. O Hero. For gain of "hildren ma'e us thine. slayer of Ahi. Vis#$d$#as. the Friend of all man'ind. eager for renown. fier"ely flaming.@51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. 7 (ast down from heaven on high thy bolt of thunder wherewith in >oy thou smitest dead the foeman. give u$ the s$oiler to destru"tion.itra. tire me. ong have they been inflated with $resum$tion: slay them. of many "hildren&s "hildren and of "attle. +ay after day goes on the sheen of waters. yea. 1ndra subdued the foe with shar$ened wea$ons. 4hat time hath $ast sin"e they were first set flowingF % His . hasting through the region with the stam$ of hoofs. heroes. his $ower ye aid and strengthen) ye Twain are the ri"h worshi$$er&s advan"ers. most. 1.aruts allied thou boldly "onBuerest our foemen. 4hile 1ndra does to death the daring "hieftain of Sandi'as eAulting in his $rowess. That. and with troo$s of "hildren. our horses may fly forth. 9udras. ma'e me slothful. as the wild birds of the forest from their home. % @ea. aw&s fulfiller. so slay even now our enemy. now ye 6ods of one a""ord s$eed on our "ar what time among the fol' it see's an a"t of might) 4hen. glad. and never let us say. 2aruna and . O ye Twain allied with 2asus. with our valiant heroes the deeds heroi" whi"h thou hast to finish. Savitar.

high eAtolled0 1. 3 4ith eulogy 1 "all on 9a'a swift to hear may she. of me your worshi$$er. one5minded with the 6oddesses s$eed forth our "ar) 1la and -haga the "elestial. hear us. and give a hero son most wealthy. 9a'a.ay they win. % et not man&s guile annoy us. Vari%"s D$i i$s. those two blessed 6oddesses. grant us $rogeny. O 9a'a.orning and Dight who stir all living things to a"t: 4hile with my newest song 1 $raise you both.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. and ihe Floods& swift (hild in our worshi$ and our $rayer. 69A(1OUS @ further. 1mmortal. . . wherewith thou grantest wealth to him who offers gifts5 4ith these "ome thou to us this day benevolent. 6oddess.air.usan. as a "ar5horse might the goal. we see' from thee. . First ran' 1 give to you. 6od who rules the world with $ower. her. 8 @our blessing as a boon for su$$liants we desire: the +ragon of the +ee$. aus$i"ious. 6ungu. and herself observe.resent the sa"red gifts to her. this s$ee"h striving to win reward. 1ndrani to mine aid 1 "all. our "ar to mighty gain. thou who art the Sister of the 6ods.by the . . . with aid untroubled by a foe. ye Holy: to $ay you honour. fain to win me wealth. Carth and Heaven. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. / -ring hither with benignant mind the willing (ow teeming with $lenteous mil'. $rolifi" . O Carth. lovely arms. and . living men have formed them. and. to Sinlivali Iueen of men. Sinivali. Savitar shall >oy in us. bestowing food of thousand sorts. Her. Sever not thou our friendshi$: thin' thereon for us. Trita. to you the migbty . se"ret or by day: give not us u$ a $rey to these "alamities. seen alternate. ruling ords. This. 4ith never5brea'ing needle may she sew her wor'.urandhi.en fain to win the $riGe and glory. your noti"e. 1. meet for $raise. : These earnest $rayers 1 $ray to you. A""e$t the offered sa"rifi"e. to win the meed of strength. A""om$any.7 HYMN XXXII. her. O ye Heaven and Carth. lovely in their form. and A>a5 C'a$ad. with a heart that longs for bliss. : 4ith lovely fingers. Sarasvati. 7 Or. and the Asvins. ineAhaustible. 9bhu'san.other of many sons5 . 7 All thy 'ind thoughts.arut host. day by day 1 urge thee with my word. a "harger ra$id in his tread. 8 O broad5tressed Sinivali. O thou invo'ed by many. . 3 Or may this Tvastar. full. O -lessed One. that from what moves not ye may s$read forth threefold food. her.

: 4here is that gra"ious hand of thine. with most invigorating food. we glorify. Trans$ort us over trouble to well5being re$el thou from us all assaults of mis. tawny. the famous. 1 utter forth a mighty hymn of $raises. 1% 1 bend to thee as thou a$$roa"hest. mightiest of the mighty. be gra"ious to the singer.ay 1 with $raise5songs win that 9udra&s favour who is adored with gifts and invo"ations. 9udra. 9udra. To him the strong.raise him the "hariot5borne. 1 $raise thee -ounteous 6iver. begirt by . loo' thou on me with "om$assion. even as a boy before the sire who greets him. let thy bliss a$$roa"h us: eA"lude us not from loo'ing on the sunlight. may 1 attain a hundred winters. 9emover of the woe that 6ods have sent usF O Strong One. . "hief. unin>ured. win the bliss of 9udra. O 9udra. +o thou with strengthening balms in"ite our heroes: 1 hear thee famed as best of all $hysi"ians. fair5"om$leAioned. im$loring. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3.7 HYMN XXXIII. him who is Sovran of this world.aruts. Far from us banish enmity and hatred. 9udra. let thy hosts s$are us and smite down another. 3 et us not anger thee with worshi$. thy manyhued and honoured ne"'la"e. 8 The Strong. hath refreshed me. O $otent . fier"e. 9udra. slaying li'e a dread beast of the forest. ord of heroes: give medi"ines to us as thou art lauded. worthy. the s$lendid name of 9udra.artits. the tawny adorns himself with bright gold de"orations: The strength of 6odhead ne&er de$arts from 9udra. FATHC9 of . yield us to this evil $ur$ose. 1= 4orthy. the strong. fair5"he"'ed. great. 1/ Of your $ure medi"ines. 9udra. 1. Strong 6od0 or mingled invo"ation. thou "arriest thy bow and arrows. 9udra. De&er may the tawny 6od. R"dra. thou "uttest here ea"h fiend to $ie"es: a mightier than thou there is not. multiform. 7 . and to all Buarters maladies and trouble. and gra"ious.2artunani for my weal.aruts. swifthearing. $raised. < 4ith firm limbs. the young. ill $raise. 4orthy. armed with the thunder. 4e serve the brilliant 6od with adorations. As he who finds a shade in fervent sunlight may 1. in our "hildren. 6ra"ious to our fleet "ourser be the Hero may we trans$lant us. % 4ith the most saving medi"ines whi"h thou givest. 11 .118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. . the hand that giveth health and bringeth "omfort. / (hief of all born art thou in glory. those that are wholesomest and healthbestowing. O 9udra. the mighty.

itra all that live. in assembly. oud may we s$ea'. 2asus. "ast away the foeman&s .Those whi"h our father .a'e it swell li'e a mare. O . im$etuous in "areer. "ome ye to our libations li'e the $raise of men. 1 "rave from.aruts. 8 To these our $rayers. 6lowing li'e flames of fire. thus showing forth thy nature. "on e with your s$otted deer.aruts with brilliant "hests.aruts migbty in the "ar) $revailing $rayer that brings remembran"e day by day) Food to your $raisers. 9udra for our gain and welfare.aruts of resistless might who love the rain. . : 6ive us a steed.rsni&s radiant la$. -ounteous 6od. terrible li'e wild beasts in their strength. unsur$assed. thy strong bow from our $rin"es. 9udra. Sin"e the strong 9udra. as the mil"h5"ow feeds her "alf within the stalls. O 6od. to your bard in deeds of might give winning wisdom. listen to our invo"ation. the great wrath of the im$etuous One avoid us. O . have dis"losed the 'ine. 7 4ith brightly5flarning 'ine whose udders swell with mil'. nor slay us. to feed. 4hen the bright5"hested . 17 O tawny -ull.aruts. $ower unin>ured. "ome to the ra$turous en>oyment of the meath. and be thou gra"ious to our seed and offs$ring. < Save us. res$lendent.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. and for the singer gra"e the song with $lenteous strength. one5minded.ay 9udra&s missile turn aside and s$are us. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3.aruts. Mar" s 1. li'e horses in full s$eed. the mortal foe who ma'es us loo'ed u$on as wolves. s$rang into life for you in . % They gleam with armlets as the heavens are de"'ed with stars. lavish of their gifts.aruts with helms of gold. blowing the wandering rain"loud. 3 They have bestowed of . from the in>urer. / They dri$ li'e horses in the ra"ings of swift steeds) with the stream&s ra$id "ars they hasten on their way. THC . Then. 13 . "ome unanimous. 4ith "hariot all aflame "om$ass him round about: O 9udras. O . in udder li'e a "ow. as neither to be wroth. Turn. O . with heroes. O . bound to the $ole in wor'. . ye who ma'e all things sha'e. li'e "loud5born lightnings shine the torrents of their rain. of one mind. li'e swans who see' their nests. they $our forth food for all oblation5bringing men. Here. idth glittering lan"es on your unobstru"ted $aths. they who for evermore "ause their swift dro$s to flow) 4hose steeds are s$otted deer. to our food.aruts.7 HYMN XXXIV. whose ri"hes never fail. .anu hath sele"ted. bind at the time bliss their horses to the "ars.

the +asagvas. wait on him the youthful. is that wondrous "ourse of yours. 7 To him three +ames are oftering food to feed him. 4ith ladles lifted u$. 4ithin the waters hath he $ressed. 1% They. ye O infallible brought Trita to de"ay. forth from the heart. +awn with her $ur$le beams un"overeth the nights. 13 Soli"iting their high $rote"tion for our hel$. 9udra&s Sons. On every side the bright Floods have en"om$assed the bright res$lendent Offs$ring of the 4aters. "arefully de"'ing. for he it is who shall en>oy themF % To him let us address the song well5fashioned. the wealth whi"h all eAtol. They with im$etuous vigour sending down the rain have ta'en to themselves a bright and lovely hue. when they mil'ed . 11 4e "all youi su"h.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. 6oddesses to the 6od whom none may in>ure. ye .7 HYMN XXXV. Or when to shame the bard who lauded. He with bright rays shines forth in s$lendid beauty.rsni&s udder. Trita hath brought to aid us hither on his "ar. / Some floods unite themselves and others >oin them: die sounding rivers fill one "ommon storehouse. 1= 4ell5'nown. for assistan"e. 4hom. Shall he not understand it& The friendly Son of 4aters by the greatness of 6odhead hath $rodu"ed all things eAisting. unfed with wood. 1/ The 9udras have re>oi"ed thern in the gathered bands at seats of worshi$ as in $ur$le ornaments. "lose a'in to her. oil5 envelo$ed. S%n %& 'a $rs. following wonted ways. 3 The never5sullen waters.aruts. youthful . as hollows. to the oblation $aid to 2isnu S$eeder5on.aruts. with $rayer. 4herewith ye bear your servant over trouble. li'e the five terrestrial $riests. in waters. golden5hued. and free your worshi$$er from s"off and s"orning. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. 17 So may your favouring hel$ be turned to us5ward. great . your 'indness li'e a 1owing "ow a$$roa"h us. CA6C9 for s$oil my flow of s$ee"h 1 utter: may the Floods& (hild a""e$t my songs with favour. first of all brought sa"rifi"e: they at the brea' of mornings shall ins$irit us.deadly bolt. and drin's their mil' who now are first . 1. with this our adoration we sing $raise to them. with great light glowing li'e a billowy sea of mil'. we see' of them $reeminent. 4ill not the ra$id Son of 4aters ma'e them lovely.aidens.

law5abiding. Sitting on sa"red grass. ye swift to listen: as at home u$on the sa"red grass sit and en>oy . with heroes. sent forth to thee: the men have drained him with the filters and the stones. 1% Him. The 4aters. in whose mansion is the teeming . : He.made mothers. 4ATC9 and mil' hath he endued. gleaming u$on your way with ornaments. with "hi$s $rovide him) t offer food and with my songs eAalt him. 1 gave good shelter to the $eo$le. move around him. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. and "lothed in lightning as"ended u$ unto the "urled "loud&s bosom) And bearing with them his su$remest glory the @outhful Ones. . Son of 4aters. yea. @outhful Ones. 4hom here the youthful . his food is sa"red oil of golden "olour. Him. / (ome unto us.otar&s bowl. 4hen he is seated fresh from golden birth$la"e those who $resent their gold give food to feed him. and to the $rin"es goodly $re$aration. drin' Soma from the . 13 4hile here he dwelleth in sublimest station. flow. our Friends. and reveren"e and oblation. and they 'iss him. from the Hotar&s bowlfirst right is thine5Soma hallowed and $oured with 2asat and Svaha. 1ndra. and $lants are born of him with all their offs$ring. everlasting5 The other worlds are verily his bran"hes. shines for his worshi$$er to give him treasures. He su"'s them as an infant. -lessed is all that 6ods regard with favour. dwelling at a distan"e in forts unwrought lies and ill s$irits rea"h not. will we worshi$ with sa"rifi"e. res$lendent with the rays that never $erish. 17 Agni. in wanderings about him.il"h5"ow. 1 ma'e his ba"' to shine. lle Son of 4aters. 11 This the fair name and this the lovely as$e"t of him the 4aters& Son in"rease in se"ret. of unfading "olour. oud may we s$ea'. He. nearest Friend of many. gathering strength in waters.aids together 'indle. ye Sons of -harata. 1. hadi entered here as in another&s body. 1/ The -ull hath laid his own life5germ 4ithin them. his "olour is li'e gold. Save thou our $rin"es from the o$$ressor&s onslaught. gold5"oloured. He who in waters with his own $ure 6odhead shines widely.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. 8 Here was the horse&s birth) his was the sunlight. swells the 6ods& ne"tar and "ats noble viands.en of heaven. O . < The 4aters& Son hath risen. li'e gold to loo' on. 1= 6olden in form is he. indestru"tible. +rin'. % -usied with sa"rifi"e. with s$otted deer and s$ears. in assembly.7 HYMN XXXVI Vari%"s G%ds. bearing oil to feed their ofis$ring. the Son of 4aters.

aghavan. Here brought by $riests is Soma meath. +o thou with all.riest. drin' Sorna with the 9tus from the Hotar&s "u$. ma'e the great 6ods all fain taste the gift we bring. The fourth "u$ undisturbed. a""e$t our eulogy. and offer sa"rifi"e: at the three altars seat thee willingly. 7 This is the strengthener of thy body&s manly might: strength. vi"tory for all time are $la"ed within thine arms.ressed for thee. % He whom of old 1 "alled on. fain.7 HYMN XXXVIII. -old One. . to5day your hero5bearing "ar. then "ome hither with the meath. drin' thy fill. this 6od. 3 -ring the 6ods hither. .yourselves. . .7 HYMN XXXVII. O . / Fat may the horses be wherewith thou s$e"dest on: ord of the 4ood. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. -ring it him: see'ing this he gives. U. Vari%"s G%ds. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3.y $rayer that bids them "ome goes forth to both the *ings: drin' ye the Soma meath from the +ire"tor&s bowl. 7 @o'e. 3 From Hotar&s "u$ and . 8 A""e$t the sa"rifi"e) mar' both of you. ye ri"h in abundant strength. to Bui"'en. well5"ontent be >oyful in the >ui"e with 6ods and 6oddesses in gladsome "om$any. O thou CA"ellent. thou who grantest wealth.otar&s he hath drun' and >oyed: the $roffered food hath $leased him from the Destar&s bowl. +rawing and seiGing. strengthen thou thyself. O ye Twain. 8 Agni. with 9tu.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. a""e$t the fuel and our offered gift: a""e$t the $rayer of man. . immortal. drin' Soma with the 9tus from the . And.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. swift5moving hitherward: your loosing5$la"e is here. Cn>oy thy fill of meath out of the Hotar&s "u$: Adhvaryus he desires a full draught $oured for him. . and drin' the Soma.otar&s "u$. my "all: the .iA the oblations. Sa#i ar. A""e$t for thy delight the $roffered Soma meath: drin' from the *indler&s bowl and fill thee with thy share. it is offered unto thee: drin' from the "hali"e of this -rahman.riest hath seated him after the an"ient teAts. 1. 6ranter of 4ealth. drin' Soma with the 9tus from the Destar&s "u$. unharming. He is to be invo'ed) his name is He who 6ives. him 1 "all on now. Sage. let him drin' who giveth wealth. the "u$ of the wealth5giving 6od. 1. 6ranter of 4ealth. Tvastar.riest who negle"ts not this most "onstant duty.91SCD is Savitar.

not . < Him whose high law not 2aruna nor 1ndra. the love of all things moving. 6od Savitar. 6od. li'e to a $air of goats ye "ome ele"ting) i'e two fair dames embellishing their bodies. li'e a wise married $air among the $eo$le. Ca"h man hath "ome leaving his evil doings. holy5minded. through entire eAisten"e. after the 6odli'e Savitar&s "ommandment. / i'e to a $air of horns "ome first to usward. the household light of Agni. / Though borne by swift steeds he will yet unyo'e them: e&en the fleet "hariot hath he stayed from going. and Savitar hath s$ed to meet his summons. verily. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. save us as ye were yo'es. That good may "ome to us and wealth be gathered.other gives her Son the goodliest $ortion.ay they who strengthen bliss. may we be Savitar the 6od&s beloved.ighty. and thought and wisdom. % Having gone u$ on high. from heaven and earth and waters. li'e to a $air of hoofs with ra$id motion) (ome li'e two (a'avas in the grey of morning. s$reads.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. and blesses him who "alls them to the banBuet. naves. These statutes of the 6od Savitar none disobeyeth. unfolded. That it be well with friends and those who $raise thee. Dor evil5hearted fiends. 1.7 HYMN XX As#ins. re5weaving: the s'ilful leaves his labour half5 "om$leted. with worshi$. "ome li'e two "hariot wheels at dawn. fain for "onBuest: at home was he. li'e the fol'&s envoys "alled in many $la"es. ye . nor 9udra brea'eth. He hath arisen from rest.To the 6ods. and. Dight "losely followed Savitar&s dominion. with the loud5lauding singer. the 6od broadhanded s$reads his arms widely forth that all may mar' him. and $arted seasons: Savitar hath a$$roa"hed. . % . S1D6 li'e the two $ress5stones for this same $ur$ose) "ome li'e two misers to the tree of treasure) i'e two laud5singing -rahmans in the assembly. 1n due $la"e Savitar hath set ea"h "reature. 8 He "omes again. manifest. s$o'es and . 3 4hat was s$read out she weaves afresh. ea"h beast his lodging. 1= . he gives ri"h treasure. 3 -ear us a"ross the rivers li'e two vessels. Aryaman. Savitar.oving at morning li'e two "hr5borne heroes. and the +ames& ord and Darasamsa aid us. 11 So "ome to us our hearts& desire. : The wild beasts s$read through desert $la"es see'ing their watery share whi"h thou hast set in waters. The woods are given to the birds. 7 Tlirough various dwellings. here for my welfare him 1 invo'e.itra. Cven the waters bend them to his servi"e: even this wind rests in the "ir"ling region. Then see's ea"h bird his nest. He hath "he"'ed e&en their haste who glide li'e ser$ents. the bounty bestowed by thee. in restless haste at sunset 2aruna see's his watery habitation. The . 4ith utmost s$eed.

in assembly. (ome li'e two hands most hel$ful to the body. mu"h5longed for. with Soma and with . and guide us li'e two feet to what is $re"ious. these hymns that struggle to a$$roa"h you. Team5borne. % At birth of these two 6ods all 6ods are >oyful: they have "aused dar'ness. -e li'e two dogs that in>ure not our bodies) $reserve us. whi"h we hate.arents of high heaven. 8 Cven as two li$s that with the mouth s$ea' honey. with brave men. for a laud.ay . "ome with Bui"' vision li'e two eyes before us. .usan.ay Aditi the $erfe"t 6oddess aid us.7 HYMN X(. O Asvins. the all5im$elling. urge your "hariot hither. S%ma and )"san.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. 8 . Asvins. in assembly. 4ith these. i'e the two nostrils that $rote"t our being. : i'e two hands give ye us in"reasing vigour) li'e heaven and earth "onstrain the airy regions.fellies.ay they dis"lose to us great store of treasure. @ou Twain. "ome to us with all the thousand "hariots that are thine. sour"e of en>oyment. Vari%"s D$i i$s. on earth and in the firmament the other. . 7 One of you Twain is .usan. O ye Heroes. the seven5whee1ed "ar that measures out the region. . ri"h in food. two "onfluent rivers. 4el"ome them. made ready. These $rayers of ours eAalting you. 1.ighty. oud may we s$ea'. Soma and . to drin' the Soma >ui"e. aid my thought with favour: with you may we o&er"ome in all en"ounters. with heroes. even as two breasts that nourish our eAisten"e. the other>ourneys onward all5beholding. .118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/.7 HYMN X(I. ye . may Soma ord of ri"hes grant us ri"hes. 3 One in the heaven on high hath made his dwelling. the 6ods have made "entre of life eternal. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. oud may we s$ea'.arents of all ri"hes. have the 6rtSamadas. brought forth as the whole world&s $rote"tors. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. 7 i'e two winds ageing not.A and . shar$en ye li'e an aAe u$on a whetstone. fiv"5reined and harnessed by the thought. 1 SO. that moves to every Buarter. li'e two "rut"hes.usan. O 2A@U. 1ndia generates ri$e warm mil' in the raw mil"h5 "ows. That stirs not all.arents of earth and . / Soma and . to vanish. that we fall not. . . be to us as our ears that hear distin"tly.arent of all "reatures.usan.usan stir our thought. and "ome bither.

Su"h. %= This our. 4ealth that shall bring us room and rest. no mali"ious mortal foe. Thou visitest the $resser&s house.other. 9udras. Holy One. . For firm is he and swift to a"t.other. firmly5based. 18 -est . these $rayers of ours.% +rawn by thy team. 1% From all the regions of the world let 1ndra send se"urity. rea"hing the s'y. "ome. O longed5far Asvins. ye guileless Ones. They wait on him whose life is true. And good shall be before us still. . a""e$t Sarasvati. "ome) to thee is offered this.7 HYMN X(II Kapin*a+a.riJan for your bounteousest. the Holy 6ods shall sit them down To5day to drin' the Soma here. "ome hitherward: hear this mine invo"ation. 17 @e . +rin' ye of this delightsome >ui"e. 7 -oth *ings who never in>ure aught seat them in their su$remest home. Thoughts whi"h 6rtSamadas beloved of 6ods bring. 3 This Soma hath been shed for you. for verily we "hoose you both. of no re$ute and dear . drawn by teams. go forth. The thousand5$illared. give thou us renown. Sarasvati. @ea. 11 1ndra be gra"ious unto us: sin shall not rea"h us afterward. Adityas. -e. to the house That will $rote"t its heroes well) .resent unto the 6ods to5day. glad with Sunahotra&s sons: O 6oddess grant us $rogeny. all generations have their stay. O 2ayu. 8 Fed with oblation. 1/ O all ye 6ods. TC 1D6 his ra"e aloud with "ries re$eated.effe"tual sa"rifi"e. Dasatyas. he sends his voi"e out as his boat a steersman. 13 Among ihe gunahotras strong for you is this sweet gladdening draught.itra52aruna0 isten ye here to this my "all. O -ird. : 4ith 'ine. best of 6oddesses. 4e are.artus led by 1ndra. best of 9ivers. ords of liberal gifts. Cnri"hed with sa"rifi"e. Hear all of you this "all of mine. "ome today and drin'. / 1ndra and 2ayu. 1= 2erily 1ndra. and with steeds. ye Heroes. wealthy 6ods0 as none afar nor standing nigh to us may harm. be ominous of ha$$y fortune from no side may "alamity befall thee. swift to a"t. lead us on to wealth of varied sort. The foe5subduer. divine. 1. as &twere. 1. shall Heaven and Carth . And Agni who "onveys our gifts. awstrengtheners. 1: 1n thee. driveth e&en mighty fear away. "onBuering all. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. Asvins. < As su"h. Of the bright >ui"e when blent with mil'. the $ure. %1 1n both your la$s. seat @ourselves u$on this sa"red grass. 1< @e who bless sa"rifi"e.to thee. Sovran *ings.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. Sarasvati. 6ods with .

no sinner may o$$ress us.)). 4hen flying off thou singest thou art li'e a lute.Home The Vedas Jainism aivism ikhism !oroastr"#ink $esc" earch &eb $esc" piritualism hopping %aily 'e(s acred cripturesHinduism criptures $igveda inde+ . and all files at this site are K "o$yright 2. Still "rying in the region of the Fathers. and when thou sittest still thin' on us with 'ind thoughts.)). % Thou li'e the "hanter5$riest "hantest the Sama. O -ird.)). HC9C on the right sing forth "hanters of hymns of $raise.a-ur veda Buddhism criptures Atharva veda *ther criptures Previous 'e+t ama veda sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3.)).7 RIG VEDA . 1. THOU.))HT. Agni. 4ith brave sons in assembly may we s$ea' aloud.BOOK THE THIRD sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3.Eayaram. who wilt have the strong. nor the eagle let not the arrow5bearing ar"her rea"h thee. in assembly. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3.7 HYMN X(III. announ"e to us good forturue. the html mar' u$. 1.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. with heroes.7 HYMN I. -ird of ha$$y omen. -ird) thou singest at libations li'e a -rahman&s son. $ro"laim in all dire"tions ha$$y lu"'. hast made me the Soma&s $riest. s'illed in the mode of Trstu$ and of 6ayatri. %===5%==1. "all thou out loudly southward of our dwellings. s$ea' here aus$i"ious. All rights reserved LeA"e$t where notedM.)). O -ird. Cven as a vigorous horse when he "omes near the mare.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. 1+o"umentCn"odingutf5. li'e: a Sama5"hanter utters both the notes.com About Us Privacy Policy Contact Us Terms of use Add your link Hinduism Upanishads Buddhism The gita elf %evt )mail #ogin )N.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. oud may we s$ea'. even the winged birds that in due season s$ea'.)).)). So that no thief. He. Kapin*a+a. on every side. Agni. bearing >oyful tidings. to worshi$ in . Hinduwebsite. / 4hen singing here. The translation $resented in this $age is in the $ubli" domain and re$rodu"ed a""ording to the -erne (onvention for the benefit of our readers. -ird. / -ringing good tidings. All images on this $age. eA"e$t where noted.% et not the fal"on 'ill thee. all gra$hi"s. announ"e good lu"' to us.

6uard. so at his birth the 6ods wondered at Agni. Friend of the house. the life of waters. 3 Him. moved in s$irit. 4ith wood and worshi$ shall they honour Agni. 1% As 'een su$$orter where great waters gather. brought welfare. 6ods even. the un"onsuming. Son of Strength. is youthful Agni. As mother mares run to their new5born you ling. varied in his form. as one germ re"eived him. within the la$ of Order lay Agni. and will beget. Full streams of fatness and sweet >ui"e des"ended. Seven sounding 9ivers. He stayed not hidden. Thou shinest to the 6ods. he set his voi"es and his streams in motion) *new him who moved with blessed Friends in se"ret. : His $iles. 9obing himself in light. the Seven strong Floods augmented. an"ient and young.ighty One in"reased in s$a"e unbounded) full many a glorious flood gave strength to Agni.assembly. he whose will is $ure. 1 set the $ressstones. 1 toil) be >oyful in thyself.ighty .ighty Ones. who dwell together. light5shedder whom the brood re>oi"e to loo' on) He who begat. (hild of Floods. and both $aired . (arefully "herished. 11 The . From heaven the synods of the wise have learnt it: "&en for the Bui"' and strong they see' advan"ement. lie s$reads abroad his high and $erfe"t glories. 1/ Him. The 6ods dis"overed in the midst of waters beautiful Agni with the Sisters& labour. 8 He sought heaven&s . . thou shon"st assuming lasting and refulgent beauties. the lovely 1nfant of floods and $lants the blessed wood hath gendered. in the Sister 9ivers& servi"e. are s"attered where flow sweet waters. with the young +ames of heaven.others of the 4ondrous. the dawnlights. 7 S$reading with radiant limbs throughout the region. not "lothed and yet not na'ed. / The . < From birth he 'new even his Father&s bosom. the unim$aired. Then they. the fellow5s$ouses friendly to men and bound to him in 'inshi$.ighty One grew strong by wisdom. "ame around him. $urging his $ower with wise $urifi"ations. him white at birth and red when waAen mighty. the . at the s$ring of fatness) There stood the mil"h5'ine with full5laden udders. -lessed One.rudent.a'er: alone the -abe su"'ed many a teeming bosom. allied by birth to Heaven and Carth in 'inshi$. for the -right and Strong. the Strong. most manly. assuming every form. % Cast have we turned the rite) may the hymn aid it. O Agni. 1= He nursed the 1nfant of the Sire and . there where the . and served him at his birth.

"ome s$eeding. thy gra"e to him who lauds thee. have 1 de"lared. % He made the heaven and earth res$lendent by his birth: (hild of two . 1. be this thy gra"ious will to us5ward. %1 Stablished in every birth is Eatavedas. Agni. . the an"ient and the later. with his am$le light. mighty luminaries a""om$any the light5diffusing Agni. thou hast lightened mortals: "arborne thou goest to the 6ods. address him. and s$reading offs$ring. res$lendent with his brillian"e. Agni.ighty. "hoi"eworthy meet to be eAtolled: The -hrgus& bounty. as an aAe forms a "ar. thou who leadest wisely.others he was meet to be im$lored. O Agni. To us he born a son. filling full their sa"red synods. eager to win strength. 6rant us abundant wealth that saves from danger. bear to the 6ods re>oi"ing. 'indled $er$etual by the 2isvamitras. 17 1 sa"rifi"ing serve thee with oblations and "rave with longing thy good5will and friendshi$. that brings a good re$ute. 4ithin the house hath sate the *ing immortal of mortals. subdue the godless when they see' the battle. thy followers and masters of all treasures. the 'nower of all se"ret wisdom. O . %= To thee who art of old these songs. Agni. 1. in his dwelling. ri"h in marvels. 'nower of all se"ret wisdom. a glorious $ortion. we "rave from him the friendly 6od strength "onfident. Strong in the glory of our noble offs$ring. These great libations to the Strong are offiered: in every birth is Eatavedas stablished. even Agni shining forth with light . 4ith thoughtful insight human $riests bring him anear. ever5young. 2aisvanara. by might. in the aus$i"ious gra"e of him the Holy. 18 . %% This sa"rifi"e of ours do thou. vou"hsafe to give us am$le wealth. %/ As holy food. 1: Cnsign of 6ods hast thou be"ome.7 HYMN II. 6rant us abundant food.4ondrous. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3.ay we. Friend of the homestead. O Agni. 1. willing. . with the 6ods. oblation5bearer. fulfilling. 4aAen. li'e a steed. $rote"t us with thy rays that guard the homestead. lasting. as &twere in se"ret. 3 Cager to gain. 6rant.ay we rest ever in the loving5'indness. while in the boundless stall they mil' out Amrta. with thy mighty su""ours. to thine&invo'er give wealth in "attle. gra"ious.ighty. the guest of men. who strengthens Holy aw. to Agni we $resent our $raise li'e oil made $ure. Agni. ri"h in radiant light. Agni. infallible. our Herald from of old. the 6ods "reated Agni with inventive thought. To him.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. thou $riestly Herald. O truly 4ise. / 4ithin the range of their sur$assinB $ower. 1< (ome unto us with thine aus$i"ious friendshi$. strong with sages& lore. -edewed with holy oil he shineth widely. 13 i'e brilliant lightnings. O Agni. O Agni. >oy5giver.

eA"ellently bright. whose sa"red grass is trimmed. 7 For ha$$iness.owerful with mighty $rayer we see'. the $eo$le&s ord. by those s'illed in noble songs. gra"iously in"lined. when at his birth the s'ilful held him in their hold. dweller in the heaven.that "omes from heaven. the $ure. 1= . for brightness. born as a ion or a loudly5bellowing -ull: 2aisvanara immortal with wide5rea"hing might. him bright. bestowing goods and wealth on him who offiers gifts. Fair to behold for beauty li'e a s$lendid "ar. . serve ye the Household Friend who 'nows all things that be. 4ishing to do thee servi"e. well greeted. He drives the "hariot of the lofty ordinan"e: Agni most a"tive. $raise5 worthy. -usied with sa"red rites he mounts and he des"ends. $erfe"ting aims of wor's. 1/ For new $ros$erity we see' to Agni. 17 The "heerful . with raised ladles. mounted the "o$e of heaven. Friend of the House. desirous of thy friendshi$ grant them store of wealth.atarisvan stablished. as of old. sage and true to aw. whom none may turn aside5to him the . He. Honour the oblation5bearer. $rodu"ing ri"hes for the fol'. heaven&s ridge. 11 He stirs with life in wombs dissimilar in 'ind. beholder of the light. still wat"hful. him who 'nows fair rites. having trimmed the sa"red grass.riest. O brightly5shining .5 Agni the Friend of men we ever see' for wealth. who wa'es at dawn. Agni.riest of 6ods. dear to all the 6ods. 9udra of solemn rites. him the Sage of men. : He hath filled heaven and earth and the great realm of light. He li'e a horse is led forth to the sa"rifi"e Sage. the head of heaven. set Agni glorious for his strength before them here) @ea. they are there. who stands in heaven&s bright s$here a sign. as of old. him whose "ourse is s$lendid. meet for high $raise and holy. "ir"ling all. < They who are free from death.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset . men. gold5haired. is the great High . that he may win us strength. 8 Around thy dwelling5$la"e. traversesthe "ommon way again. dear to all man'ind. Agni.an&s sa"rifi"ial food hath shar$ened li'e an aAe. are men at sa"rifi"e. To man.riest. one of these they gave: the other two have $assed into the sister s$here. He hath laid down his vital germ within these worlds. in whom no guile is found. fain for him. for his en>oyment. 4hom . 1% 2aisvanara. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. $urified three s$lendours of the mighty Agni. 13 As $ure and swift of "ourse.

goes between the earth and heaven. and therefore never brea's their everlasting laws. Heaven and Carth. : Sing. the leader of their thoughts. with urgings for their weal. ensign of sa"rifi"e.@51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. O farsighted 6od. 2aisvanara. swift and wild. together with the 6ods and . Agni. ord of green domains. to and fro with those who "rown ea"h rite. . O Agni. the measure and the symbol of the $riests. en"om$assed round with $owers. Agni s$rang into being. great High . the Household Friend. The . . 8 Agni.riest of men. 7 -right Agni with the bright "ar. ri"h in $rolifi" seed. Agni.ighty One. shine u$on us store of food. 2aisvanara dweller in the floods. magnifying both his . O 2aisvanara. for long life to us and noble sons: teem thou with $lenty. 11 -y his great s'ill the Sage alone hath brought to $ass a great deed. giver of great >oy.anu&s fol' by thought eAtending sa"rifi"e in varied form. ord of the $eo$le and their guest. He "om$assethwith rays the lofty dwelling5$la"e. firm seated as the Herald. Thou filledst at thy birth both worlds. % He. him very glorious have the 6ods established here. wherewith thou. 1. < Agni the 6od res$lendent. Our solemn rites& announ"er. men with worshi$ ever $raise. Agni. 'nowest their hymns full well.7 HYMN III. who fills the synod full: 1n whom the singers have stored u$ their holy a"ts to him the worshi$$er loo's for >oy and ha$$iness. "ar5borne. sent forward by the 6ods. enri"hed with $iayer. the fleet. hath on his lovely "ar "om$assed the lands with.arents. thou ever5vigilant: thou. 3 The Sire of sa"rifi"e. Agni.ervading. / Sages shall glorify Agni with earnest thoughts. wondrous envoy. 1= 1 "elebrate thy glories. hast thou "om$assed of thyself. has found the light. To him who shines afar. mightier than 2aisvanara&s wondrous a"ts. great 6od of holy bards. who finds the light. 6oes. who turns the "urse aside. might. 1n"rease the great man&s strength. Eatavedas. the earth and heaven: all this. . Hath entered heaven and earth that show in varied form: the Sage whom many love re>oi"eth in his might. et us with $ure laudations in his house a$$roa"h the high laws of the nourisher of multitudes. shall bards give $re"ious things that he may go on "ertain $aths: For Agni the 1mmortal serves the +eities. longing for the 6ods. devoted Friend of $riests.

and seat them. These s$ea' of truth. to be adored with hymns of those who $raise him. give ready issue to our $ro"reant vigour. s'illed in a"tion. / The thought that bringeth every boon $ro"eedeth to worshi$ first the . On this our grass sit Aditi. they "ame in settled order.riest of the libation. as Friend thy friends. thin'ing on Order as the guards of Order. Tanuna$at.riest is seated: sirew we the sa"red grass where 6ods may rest them.aruts. and let our Hail delight the 6ods 1mmortal. fulfilling with the aw.itra the 6ods bring thri"e a day to this our worshi$. % Agni hath waAen mighty by laudations. ha$$y . Sarasvati with all her 'indred 9ivers. / Amid men&s homes hath Agni been established. Urged.riest hath thrown both gates of dar'ness o$en. dress it. Agni. lover of 6ods. both smiling.7 HYMN IV Apris. in"iting all. Full in the midst of heaven the . enri"h with meath our servi"e that dwells with holy oil. -ring thou the 6ods. lauded. O 6od. "ome to this grass. He as the truer . 1 "rave the gra"e of heaven&s two "hief 1nvo'ers: the seven swift steeds >oy in their wonted manner. best Sa"rifi"er. may he bring the 6ods. O Tvastar.7 HYMN V. $owerful. . 1. germ of . different are their forms in "olour.other. that offers honour. 'indled by the $ious.sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. Three 6oddesses. Friend. 4ith far5s$read lustre. % Agni whom daily 2aruna and . 1. .itra may a""e$t us. 8 Dight and +awn. with his glories. $raising the truth eternal. well5in"lined. Agni. ad>uster of the $ress5 stones. together with the $otent 6ods and 1ndra. :. with mortalls Agni. oving the varied shows of holy Order at the first flush of dawn he shines as envoy. 4hen"e s$rings the hero. the . The holy Singer who $re"edes the sages. 1= Send to the 6ods the oblation. 1la a""ordant with the 6ods. for the 6ods& generations well he 'noweth. 3 On high your way to sa"rifi"e was made ready) the radiant flames went u$ward to the regions. O Agni. A6D1 who shines against the +awns is wa'ened.ay -harati with all her Sisters. ord of Forests) and let the 1mmolator. To this our sa"rifi"e a$$roa"h the many who show in hero beauty at assemblies. girt by . hither "ome together. O Agni. 7 (laiming in mind the seven $riests& burntoblations.riest shall offer worshi$. and 1ndra. -C friendly with ea"h 'indled log of fuel. < 4ell $leased with us do thou O 6od. That we may greet the Strong One with our homage. 11 (ome thou to us. That 2aruna and . sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. unto our worshi$: serve.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. with every flash bestow the boon of ri"hes. duly 'indled.

/ -oth Heaven and Carth and 6ods who should be worshi$$ed establish thee as . giving easy a""ess. guardeth sublime the +eities en>oyment. Agni.riest for every dwelling. 1. when tender shoots with holy oil in"reased him. 4henever human families. To us be born a son and s$reading offs$ring. united. i'e waters lovely when they hasten downward may Agni in his . 4hen. % Thou at thy birth didst fill both earth and heaven. Eatavedas) . Friend.itra when en'indled duly. O Agni.ost Adorable.ay Agni. thou didst eA"eed them.riest. This Agni guards with "are that never "eases the Sonia&s s'in. 9es$lendent. oved and adored. O ye singers. to Agni bears oblation. ob>e"t of our invo"ations. their ne"tar. 11 As holy food. ri"h in marvels. the Singer. the height he hath as"ended.itra of flowing rivers and of mountains. bring. everyoung. Agni. $ious ones. 8 The s'ilful 6od who 'nows all forms of 'nowledge made for himself a fair form. filled with oil. S$ouses of the Far5Strider. lasting. meet for worshi$. the 6od5a$$roa"hing ladle. . Cven through the heaven&s and through the earth&s eA$anses let thy swift seventongued flames roll on. : Agni hath entered longingly the longing shrine ri"h with fatness. Agni to thine invo'er give wealth in "attle. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. 7 The Carth&s. to the height of heaven. was eader of the $eo$le. O Agni: thou by thy $ower hast s$read out earth and heaven.itra as a"tive minister. unharmed.waters. the 6reat. and.atarisvan 'indled the oblation5bearer where he lay in se"ret. the Strong shone forth with 'indled fuel to the earth&s "entre. thou. by $lants he grew to greatness. again he renovates his . 8 -ind to the $ole with "ords of holy Order the long5maned ruddy steeds who s$rin'le fatness. be this thy gra"ious will to us5word. 3 Agni is . U96C+ on by dee$ devotion. sublime and $urifying.ighty seated.itra as . 2aruna. . -orne onward to the right it travels eastward.atarisvan. adorable . .118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. 6od5devoted. 7 6reat are the deeds of thee.arents& la$ $rote"t us. . as envoy bring the 6ods unto our worshi$. -orn suddenly. $ure.others. yea.ighty One. 1= -est of all luminaries lofty Agni su$$orted with his flame the height of heaven.7 HYMN VI. between vast Heaven and Carth the well5 beloved5 Those (ows who yield. . 6uardeth the Seven5headed in the "entre. the -ird&s $la"e ri"h in fatness. 3 Firm in the 6ods& home is the . < CAtolled. . . As soon as thou wast born thou wast an envoy. far from -hrgus. the -ird&s dear lofty $la"e he guardeth. . bringing oblations) laud thy s$lendid lustre. he guardeth in his might the "ourse of Surya. and House5Friend. again.

hath entered both the worlds as they were single. Agni555 < 4ith these. and be >oyful. the Three and5Thirty. The willing -ulls. our hel$ers. 1 "rave the gra"e of heaven&s two "hief 1nvo'ers: the seven swift steeds >oy in their . a$$roa"h us. Or those. To where the singer&s -ull. dar'5ba"'ed.riest at whose re$eated worshi$ even wide Heaven and Carth sing out for in"rease. -ring. % The . lasting. he mounted those who may with "ase be guided. fain to su$$ort the mighty wor'. of Tvastar. THC seven tones risen from the whiteba"'ed viand have made their way between the $air of .-ring hithier. He. the Holy. untou"hed by old. or borne on many. the 6ods. "arborne. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. To thee safe resting in the seat of Order the (ow alone u$on her way $ro"eedeth.ares and . -oth "ir"um>a"ent . The 6ods who ta'e delight in air&s wide region. hath made them burst forth from their food the brush5wood. manifold with varied as$e"t. . flashing in his home with all his members.7 HYMN VII.il"h'ine: he "ame to 6oddesses who bring sweet treasure. They fair and true and holy "oming forward stand at his sa"rifi"e who s$rings from Order.aster. 3 Strength5giving streams bear hither him eternal. Eatavedas. : Seven holy singers guard with five Adhvaryus the -ird&s beloved firmly5settled station. after thy 6odli'e nature. for thy steeds are able. That the 6ods $raised their >oyous Herald&s labour eagerly burning. ri"h in marvels. whose lofty song li'e 1la must be honoured. witb their +ames. be this thy gra"ious will to usward. after his $ro$er law hath waAen stronger. 1. O thou 6od.ale who dwells in heaven hath . To us be born a son and s$reading offs$ring. Agni. 7 They 'now the red -ull&s blessing.arents. borne on one ear. turn their horses hither. Agni. who. and are >oyful under the flaming5"oloured ord&s dominion: They who give shine from heavenwith fair effulgen"e. Agni. 1= He is the . He.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. : Cven from the s'y thy brilliant lights shone hither: still hast thou beamed through many a radiant morning. in the forests. 11 As holy food. wealthy finder5out of ri"hes. to thine invo'er give wealth in "attle. by tradition from the an"ient sages they brought great strength from the two mighty . all 6ods together: $rovide them noble worshi$. .others. the night&s dis$eller. re>oi"e them: as 6ods themselves the ways of 6ods they follow. Agni. $rom$t to hear. or those the dwellers in heaven&s realm of brightness.arents "ome together to yield us length of days they hasten forward. / 4ise . 8 @ea.

eastward. fair5s$ea'ing.riest. most $leasant. hath brought before us. shall bear our $re"ious gift to 6ods. lifted u$ on high. in"reasing in the men5freBuented synod.rthivi and Air&s mid5 region. ri"h in hero. to thine invo'er. lasting. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. by sages. with heavenly meath at sa"rifi"e anoint thee. a""e$ting $rayer that wastes not. (ontem$lative in mind and 6od5adoring. 2asus. < i'e swan&s that flee in lengthened line.ia+ )%s . bring the great 6ods to us. with an edge well whetted for great feli"ity. 9udras. 6O+5SC921D6 men. 4ith song the wise and s'ilful "onse"rate him: his voi"e the 6od5adoring singer utters. A""ordant +eities shall bless our worshi$ and ma'e our sa"rifi"e&s ensign lofty. to him who brings the sa"rifi"e. raise. be this thy gra"ious will to usward. 11 ord of the 4ood. the youthful: s$ringing to life his glory waAeth greater.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. 3 4ell5robed. 6ive s$lendour.wonted manner. thin'ing on Order as the guards of Order. < The many see' the great Steed as a stallion: the reins obey the ord of varied "olour. let them assist us in the rush to battle. these hewn and $lanted in the ground. $raising the Truth Cternal. -ringing a blessing to the field. Agni. Carth. +riving far from us $overty and famine. 1= 9i"h ord. lift thyself u$ to bring us great good fortune. O Sovran of the Forest. Heaven. worshi$$ed with all viands. 7 S$rung u$ he rises in the days& fair weather. "areful leaders. fiAt and measured well. Adityas. 11 As holy food. give wealth in "attle. % Set u$ to eastward of the fire en'indled. rise with a hundred bran"hes. with the glory of the earth. .5 et those the Sta'es divine whi"h here are standing be fain to grant us wealth with store of "hildren. They. : O men who lift the ladles u$.ri&i. @e whom religious men have firmly $lanted) thou Forest Sovran whom the aAe hath fashioned. thyself u$ on the loftiest s$ot of earth. 1. as u$raised by $riests in invo"ation. 8. envelo$ed he is "ome. sages of high intelligen"e u$raise him. Tlou whom this hat"h"t. 6rant wealth to us when thou art standing u$right as when re$osing on this . and . with thousand bran"hes may we rise to greatness. go forth as 6ods to the 6od&s dwelling5 $la"es.other&s bosom.ornings have gleamed forth in s$lendour. and Carth and Heaven. fair5rayed. for our weal. O heavenly . ri"h in marvels. . full of wisdom. Forgive us. e&en sin "ornmitted.illars have "ome to us arrayed in brilliant "o1our. 1= Those Sta'es u$on the earth with rings that de"' them seem to the eye li'e horns of horned "reatures) Or. the . To us be born a son. O Agni. the . / ord of the Forest. These s$ea' of truth.7 HYMN VIII Sa. and s$reading offs$ring Agni. @ea.

: Amid thy wonders this is good. < Three times a hundred 6ods and thri"e a thousand. bring the 6ods. observant. guardest ea"h sa"rifi"e with thine own $ower. 3 Cnsign of sa"rifi"es. a"tive. with 6ods is "ome to us. Agni. % Sin"e thou delighting in the woods hast gone unto thy mother streams. offer your best. and others round about thee sit. To him Ordainer5li'e who brings the light of songs.riest. 6od. / O&er $ungent smo'e host thou $revailed. 1m$erial ord of all man'ind.7 HYMN IX. 4hilst thou. thus mortals re"eived thee from the 6ods. the blessed. 7 Him wandering at his own free will. < So. and stablished him as . and thus art thou benevolent. *nower of all life.riest. the holy singers 'indly thee. 8 et these our hymns ma'e Agni grow.ost @outhful One. beyond "ontinual $ursuits. to him who bringeth gifts.urifier. the Friend of man. shine on us heroi" glorious might: -e nearest Friend to those who laud thee. to the $ious man: A >oyful . he. Oblation5bearer. he $ros$ers well. who honours thee with fuel. yea.sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. 1. 3 Him who had $assed beyond his foes. 8 O -earer of Oblations. deathless.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. Him the unerring Ones. your lofty s$ee"h. Dot to be s"orned. and three times ten and nine have worshi$$ed Agni. lie the herds where thou art 'indled in the morn. "herisher of strength. who burns with $urifying glow. Some go before. % They laud thee in their solemn rites. do mortal men 4ith understanding 'indle at thesa"rifi"e. As su"h. is that return of thine when from afar thou now art here. Him .inister and . Agni. he s$rings to life. Agni. Agni. 4hen gathered round about thee. with oil bedewed him.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset . . THCC Agni. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. The 4aters& (hild. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. 1. from the 6ods. O . Agni. Offer to him who 'nows fair rites. O Agni. the 1nvo'ing . Agni here hidden from our view. Swift envoy. they in whose friendshi$ thou hast $la"e. fair to see. to the sim$le is it "lear. mortals a 6od.riest. : -est Sa"rifi"er. meet for laud. for their weal. wa'eful. 4C as thy friends have "hosen thee.atarisvan brought to us from far away $rodu"ed by fri"tion. To mighty strength and great $ossession. / He. and adorable: serve ye the 6od attentively. He. 7 ToAgni. versed in sa"red hymns. an"ient. Shine forth in thine own home as guardian of the aw. vi"torious and beyond "om$are. Agni0 wins heroi" might. verily. the res$lendent One. For him s$read sa"red grass. to be our hel$. .riest and Sa"rifi"er.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. +e"'ed by the seven $riests. as . when"e.7 HYMN X. thy s$lendour drive our foes afar . found in floods. "ou"hed li'e a lion in his lair.

and sit. To Agni. < O Agni. deathless. : To 1ndra5Agni eeverent thoughts go forward from the holy tas' Along the $ath of sa"red aw. 8 Strength of the 6ods whi"h none may harm. A home from him whose light ma'es $ure. O 1ndra5Agni. most swift in a"t: He 'nows the rite in "onstant "ourse. 3 1ndra and Agni 1 invo'e. best Offerer. Agni. A "hariot swift and ever new. illustrious from old time. 1. . and dwellings and delightful food 6ood is your readiness to a"t. subduing all his enemies.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/.in' ye thereof. . Agni is mightiest in fame. bounteous. the $re"ious dew: +r. 1ndra5Agni.7 HYMN X+. $owers are yours. / Through for"e of sa"rifi"e 1 "hoose 1ndra5Agni who love the wise: 4ith Sorna let these sate them here. Foe5slayers.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. well in"lined. im$elled by song. >oint5vi"tors. "ome to the >ui"e. 3 Agni. 7 1nfallible is Agni. . Agni well 'noweth with his thought To $ros$er this man&s aim and ho$e. 1. to this 6od of yours 1 sing aloud with utmost $ower. Indra-Agni.O2C+. . on the grass. 8 1ndra and Agni. . he who goes before the tribes of men. an eager messenger. % O 1ndra5Agni. Agni "omes nigh us with the thought. by our hymn. with one mighty deed. Agni. < 1ndra and Agni.ay he "ome to us with the 6ods. % Oblation5bearer. unsubdued. singers s'illed in melody hymn you. best to win the s$oil. ye "ast down the ninety forts whi"h +Asas held. A6D1 is . bringing lauds: 1 "hoose you for the sa"red food. 7 1ndra and Agni.riest of sa"rifi"e. in your deeds of might ye de"' heaven&s lu"id realms: Famed is that hero strength of yours.riest. by our hymns. may we gain all things that bring ha$$iness. in our deeds of might may we obtain all $re"ious things: Tle 6ods are "entred all in thee. the Son of Strength who 'nows all life. / Cnsign of sa"rifi"e from of old. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. From Agni.@51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/.7 HYMN XII. Singers of him who 'nows all life. the great High . : -y offering sa"red food to him the mortal worshi$$er obtains.riest.7 HYMN XIII. Together. The 6ods have made to their . 1. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. with the man who lauds you "omes the wa'ening rite: So drin' ye both this >ui"e assured.

whose are earth and heaven.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/.rote"tor. wise of $ur$ose0 -e thou the Friend of ea"h good "hariot&s master. true. for gra"e. % To thee 1 offer reverent s$ee"h: a""e$t it: to thee who mar'est it. wasting not away. 8 For. Agni. a . O Agni. Him your own Agni. a most liberal 6od. 7 A$$roa"hing with raised hands and adoration. we have this day fulfilled for thee thy longing. Dight and .% The Holy. whose hair is flame. 7 The singers 'indle him. vi"torious. whose "ar is lightning. / He is the Sage who guides these men. Agni. the Son of Strength. 4hen men adorn the An"ient with oblations. CD+CDT with thy wide5eAtending lustre. O Holy. most wise. 4orshi$ the 6ods with most devoted s$irit. strong. who winneth and bestoweth wealth. 9CS. 1. and $owers abundant that a 6od $ossesses. eader of sa"red rites is he. s$lendid hero strength. bliss on us. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. And. in sa"rifi"e we mortals have wrought is all for thee. 8 Hel$ us. immortal Agni.. faithful0 -ring. and they who wish to gain. dis$el the terrors of the fiends who hate us . thou who 'nowest. the dwelling. : @ea. : 4hatever. 9es$lendent and without a $eer through his own eA"ellent designs. -eam.7 HYMN XV. the good . be thou a guardian when the Sun hath mounted. Ordainer.riest with no unfriendly thought.riest.aruts sang a song of trium$h.itra and all the .aruts. and su""our waits u$on his strength) Him men who bring oblations laud. O Agni. from thee "ome many su""ours. Friend of . the easily5invo'ed. Agni.orning. 6od. serve ye well. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. those who 'now. All this en>oy thou here. eAalted.riest is "ome into the synod. Agni. real. while now the morn is brea'ing. and seat thee amid the sa"red grass. strong Agni0 2aruna and . / The Two who show their vigour. by the wind&s $aths shall haste to thee O Agni. s$reading them as the Sun of men. . to us with s$ee"h that hath no falsehood grant ri"hes. as on two "hariot5seats. for hel$. these see'.7 HYMN XIV. 3 To thee.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. 1 THC $leasant . the . % -e thou To us. hath shown on earth his lustre. Son of Strength. with lustre. to be told in thousands. s'illed in sa"rifi"e.ay lofty Agni be my guide and shelter. grant us treasure thousandfold with "hildren and with nourishment. 3 So may the gra"ious Agni grant most goodly shelter for our use) 4hen"e in the heavens or in the floods he shall $our wealth u$on our lands. 4hat time unto the $eo$le&s lands thou "amest. Agni the ord of tribes of men. best of all invo'ers of the 6ods in song. Agni. thou -rahman.

Agni. To us be born a son and s$reading ofrs$ring. very glorious. Thee. healthgiver by .5 Flame5haired. most 6lorious One0 sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. O thou -ull and give those $owers an im$ulse. 8 Swell. 1. Son of Strength. -ring vigour. % 4ait. Agni. O Agni. messenger. yet more s'illed in worshi$. O -ounteous One0 . s'ilful Eatavedas.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. . Shining.7 HYMN XVII. winning by "onBuest all the forts and treasures. Agni. with 6ods in "lear effulgen"e. 8 Hel$ us to strength. also in the $raise of men. good ord. the 6ods have made "entre of life eternal. and the three mornings are thy births. blest Agni0 ri"h in $rogeny. oil5"lad. be this thy gra"ious will to us5ward. +U @ en'indled after an"ient "ustoms.aruts. to bring the 6ods for worshi$. Heroes. / -ull. Agni. with high renown. yea. u$on him the . who beholdest men. nor want of hero sons.ost @outhful 6od. well5'nowing. 4ith these. who over"ome the enemy. O Agni. O 6od. O Agni. O Agni. : Agni. to ri"hes. of Heaven. Thou Eatavedas who art s'illed in guiding. through many mornings. in our sa"rifi"e. to la"' of "attle. O Agni. free from disease and full of $ower. thou our enemies away. among the dar' ones shine forth red.riest before thee. 3 Agni most bright and fair with song we honour.9arth and Heaven.ros$erer in whom is bliss5in"reasing wealth) 4ho in fights ever "onBuer evil5hearted men. O Eatavedas. the $urifying Agni. and $ros$er this sa"rifi"e today as erst for . 7 6ive us not u$ to indigen"e.anu. stablished of old. O Agni. . / As su"h. TH1S Agni is the ord of great feli"ity and hero Strength) ord of wealth in herds of 'ine) ord of the battles with the foe. deal us wealth and hero might. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3.A""e$t. ead us. grant the 6ods& 'ind favour. O Agni nobly born in body. who $asses all in might. who orders servi"e to the 6ods. my laud. oblation5bearer. li'e a "ar that gathers booty: bring us. 3 He who made all that lives. the adorable. hast sa"rifi"ed as . a -ull invin"ible. % As thou. et not a mortal&s evil will obstru"t us. bring thou to us many and flawless shelters. Flood us with ri"hes yet more $lenteous. 3 Shine forth. O Eatavedas. / Three are thy times of life. nor to blame. So with this offering bring the 6ods.ost lofty. wisest Singer. envoy. +rive. he wor's in hero strength. as holy food to thine invo'er. the "hief high saving sa"rifi"e&s eader. 7 ighting 6ods hither. and hel$ in stir aiid stress the man who worshi$s. lasting. 7 That . he is balmed with unguents.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. ri"h in marvels. e&en Carth and Heaven who yield their mil' in $lenty. give wealth in "attle. Agni. bringing weal. bringing all treasures. as men a""e$t a true5born infant. s'illed in fair rites. ri"h in $rogeny. and bear us over trouble: Hel$ us who long. He wor's among the 6ods. 1. beauteous. Dor.riest of Carth.7 HYMN XVI. yea. abundant.

Agni. 1n our 6ods& servi"e he. thou who givest freely. have set on thee full many a brilliant.7 HYMN XVIII. be 'ind to us when we a$$roa"h thee good as a friend to friend. things of beauty. 1. 3 6ive with thy glow. desirous. su"h art thou when duly 'indled. to the 2isvamitras in rest and stir. burn u$ the unfriendly who are near us. +awn. 1. / Of 'eenest s$irit is the man thou aidest give us good offs$ring. shall worshi$: may he obtain us boons for strength and ri"hes.en as they worshi$ thee the 6od. am$ly with arms eAtended. he with ri"h $resents hath arranged the worshi$. as$e"t. and seat thee for thy tas' as Sa"rifi"er. mine offering 1 $resent for strength and "onBuest. for. 2asu.his nature. sage. O Agni. the 6ood.riest at this oblation. -urn. be thou here our 'ind defender. so far as 1 have $ower. all5'nowing. / 4ith fuel. Oft have we de"'ed thy body. 6ive ri"hly.ost @outhful One. From the right hand. thou who 'nowest.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. O Agni. great gtore of ri"hes. bright. thou who mar'est well. So bring .118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. may we sing forth fair $raises. bearing our oblation. 1 "hoose to be our . . O liberal ord. adoring5this hymn divine to gain a hundred treasures.7 HYMN XX Agni. % Agni. +adhi'ras. "hoosing the 6ods& attendan"e. great vital $ower to those who toil to serve thee. 41TH lauds at brea' of morn the $riest invo'eth Agni. Aow. and lay our sa"rifi"e where 6ods may taste it. of thee. burn thou the foeman&s "urse who $ays no worshi$. 7 6ive us.5 After his "ustom offer. % Agni. Agni. The ra"es of man'ind are great o$$ressors burn u$ malignity that strives against us. infallible. Agni.7 HYMN XIX. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. the 6ods& asserrigly. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. the Heavenly Host whi"h thou to5day shalt honour. and with oil. and to ourselves vou"hsafe the gift of glory. longing to taste our sa"rifi"e. shall hear us. to thee 1 lift the oil5fed ladle. the foolish: let thine eternal nimble beams surround thee.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. 7 4hen 6ods anoint thee . 1. 4ith $rayer. best s'illed. thou Son of Strength. A6D1. as sire and mother.riest at their oblation. Agni. 4ith one "onsent the 6ods whose light is s$lendid. 1n $ower of wealth most ri"h in men. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. Agni. with an offering. Bui"'. Thou in the ha$$y singer&s home bestowest. when lauded. and both the Asvins. 3 . O Agni.

and +adhi'ras. and Eatavedas. the 2asus. great viands free from all disease.5this as our gift we offer thee. 6od. The waters. many are the names thou bearest.itra. li'e a "ourser. (hild of Order0 Three bodies hast thou whi"h the 6ods delight in: with these $rote"t our hymns with "are un"easing.7 HYMN XXI. in $lants. Agni. O Agni. Eatavedas. mighty and resistless. three thy stations. ri"h in marvels. Hel$ thou the sa"rifi"e. "ome hither. +eal them to ea"h among the 6ods.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. On 2aruna and . Agni. O $raised by $oets0 A""e$t our offering. to the sea of heaven thou goest: thou hast "alled hither 6ods beheld in s$irit. And many "harms of "harmers. CA"ellent 6od. as holy food to thine invo'er give wealth in "attle. An"ient. % That light of thine in heaven and earth. those u$ yonder in the Sun&s realm of light. 3 To thee. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3.riest. All51ns$irer0 have they laid in thee.% Three are thy $owers.ost CA"ellent0 for thee the Sage are dro$s that dri$ with oil. he who is true to aw and guards the seasons. on . 1. well stablished in the dwelling. 4ith great light art thou "ome. Eatavedas. man5beholding. To us be born a son and s$reading offs$ring. -rhas$ati. . he the 2rtra5slayer shall bear the singer safe through every trouble. flow the dro$s of fatness ri"h in oil. the dro$s run down u$on thy s'in.orning. yea. -haga. 1 TH1S is that Agni when"e the longing 1ndra too' the $ressed Soma dee$ within his body. / Agni. and first en>oy the dro$s of oil and fatness. with $raise art thou eAalted. 1. O Holy One. be this thy gra"ious will to us5ward. li'e -haga. all5'nowing. 7 Agni. leads the godly $eo$le. +ivine. 9U--C+ into life. Thou art en'indled as the best of Seers. sit thee down before us. 9udras and Adityas. 4herewith thou hast s$read wide the air&s mid5region5bright is that s$lendour. O .118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. "ombined with those that have their home in floods. After thy wont vou"hsafe to us the "hoi"est boon that 6ods may feast. the Sage. too. immortal. eAtra"ted from the midst.urifier. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. and in the waters.7 HYMN XXIII. ord of true attendants0 3 Agni. three are thy tongues. % For thee. wavy. O Agni. lasting. to thee stream forth the dro$s of oil and fatness. Agni. / O Agni.7 HYMN XXII. O . O Agni. O Agni. many. 6uileless a""e$t our sa"rifi"e. and Agni. Agni. 3 et fires that dwell in mist. on the Asvins. and those beneath it. the . eader of sa"rifi"e.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. 7 1 "all on Savitar the 6od. 7 Fatness eA"eeding ri"h. 4inner of s$oils in thousands. O thou Sage. SCT this our sa"rifi"e among the 1mmortals: be $leased with these our $resents. / O Agni. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3.

in days of fair bright weather. $re$aring it for ne"tar. eternal. him who shall be the $eo$le&s ord. 7 Agni. have strongly rubbed to life effe"tual Agni. every day. for worshi$.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. Son of Strength. thou. thou +evasravas. 1. be this thy gra"ious will to us5ward sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. Agni. ri"h in marvels. on A$aya. lights Carth and Heaven. % it with libation. loo' thou forth with am$le ri"hes: be. subdue o$$osing bands. 1. shine ri"hly. hath assumed immortal being. (ome. 3 4ith all thy fires. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. in 1la&s $la"e. Seat thee on this my sa"red grass. Agni the wise bestows the might of heroes grants strengthening food. Agni0 on the rivers +rsadvati. with all the 6ods.youthful. 1. whose $romises are true. Agni. Thou who art ri"h in food bring the 6ods hither.7 HYMN XXV. 7 6rant. . To us be born a son and s$reading offs$ring Agni. the finder of the light. to drin' the Soma. Here in the wasting fuel Eatavedas. Sarasvati. Son of Strength. 3 He set thee in the earth&s most lovely station. A""e$t our sa"rifi"e with >oy. 3 (ome to the sa"rifi"e.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. Agni. see'ing wealth with songs.7 HYMN XXVI. / Agni. immortal 6oddesses gra"ious to all men. . wa'eful One. / 4ith s$lendour. s$lendid through adorations. deathless. O Agni. Agni. lasting.others "ounted dear. to the worshi$$er wealth ri"h in heroes. CAalting with thine hel$ the gathering$la"es. +evasravas. -ring the 6ods s$e"ially. Agni. Agni. eternal. Agni and 1ndra "ome to the offerer&s house who hath the Soma. thou who art worshi$$ed. % -oth -haratas. / Him nobly born of old the fingers ten $rodu"ed. . $lenteous store. 9C2C91D6 in our heart Agni 2aisvanara.7 HYMN XXIV. friendly5minded. THOU art the sa$ient Son of +yaus. "ar5borne 6od we *usi'as invo'e him with oblation. Agni. who 'nowest all things.a'e thou us ri"h with many sons. bearer of food to feed us.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. slay godless foes: give s$lendour to the worshi$$er. A6D1. O Eatavedas. thou Sage. yes and the (hild of Carth. %. +evavata. 7 1n the floods& home art thou en'indled.raise +evavata&s Agni. 6ods. gladsome. Agni.5 ord through his strength. him whom his . On man. infallible. and drive our enemies away. The liberal. O Agni. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. eAalt the songs we sing. as holy food to thine invo'er give wealth in "attle. 1nvin"ible. And living men in holy rites. who "allest 6ods to feast.

the Singer $rom$t to hear. Those storming Sons of 9udra "lothed in robes of rain. Friends of men. meet for $raise. Carth and Heaven.atarisvan worthy of the song of $raise) -rhas$ati for man&s observan"e of the 6ods. the Truth5s$ea'er. 1. 8 The $riests with ladles lifted u$. boon5givers of good gifts. . neighing li'e a horse. roar as the lions roar. ma'e the mountains sha'e. . The S$ar'ler. < The S$ring that fails not with a hundred streamlets. / Age after age 2aisvanara. if we might obtain "ontrol of thee the $otent 6od. enrobed with oil. Then should we over"ome our foes. named burnt5oblation. 3 *indled at sa"rifi"es he is Agni. "rowner of sa"rifi"e through song. Urging the great assembly on. 1 am light threefold. 1D ladle dro$$ing oil your food goes in oblation u$ to heaven. and loo'ed abroad over the earth and heaven. as flames of fire with might. grant us heroi" strength and wealth in noble steeds. he who wa'es among 1mmortal 6ods.ay Agni. .% That Agni. % Agni 1 laud. bright. shining far. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. with wealth that never fails.7 HYMN XXVII. 4ith flame for hair: to him we see'. 6oes to the 6ods in sear"h of bliss. entreat with fair lauds Agni&s s$lendour and the . hallower. worshi$$ing here with holy thought.aruts. . well worshi$$ed. Father ins$ired of& $rayers that men should utter. by birth. : Agni am 1 who 'now. 8 4e. the . the strong. band on band and troo$ following troo$. 4ith s$otted deer for steeds. 7 The .aruts& might. "ome to sa"rifi"e at our gatherings. the Sage ins$ired. 5him. and . 6od. : 1mmortal. they. is 'indled with the women by the *usi'as. with wondrous $ower he leads the way. -earing in mind a thought with light a""ordant. Agni. 7 1mmortal Agni. all "reatures. sate ye. bears The gifts of sa"rifi"e away. Sa"rifi"er. / O Agni. 2aisvanara.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. >oyous in his .ourers of floods. they who "an ne&er be "onBuered. 3 et them go forth. in my mouth is ne"tar. we invo'e for hel$. measurer of the region eAhaustless heat am 1. 6athered for vi"tory they have yo'ed their s$otted deer. . . Have brought this Agni for our aid. are glorious as the fire: their mighty and res$lendent su""our we im$lore. he $urified the Sun with three refinings) -y his own nature gained the highest treasure. the swiftly5 moving guest. 4ho listens and gives bounteous gifts.ine eye is butter. wise Ones.asters of all wealth.aruts.arents& bosorn.

7 9ub into life. The wise of heart. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. Agni who day by day must be eAalted by men who wat"h and worshi$ with oblations. en>oy the "a'e of meal and our oblation three days old: Thou. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. even as the well5set germ in $regnant women. 11 Agni. he was made by thought. As Singer he "om$letes the rite. Cagerly 'indle with their food. art stablished at our sa"rifi"e. u$on the "entral $oint of earth. Thee. < CA"ellent. Agni. the swift and a"tive One. The 6erm of beings have 1 gained. 3 Here at the midday sa"rifi"e en>oy thou the sa"rifi"ial "a'e. thou. % 1n the two fire5sti"'s Eatavedas lieth. Strong. thou mayst bear our offerings to the 6ods. longing. 'nower. very wise and fair to loo' on.. the sa"rifi"ial "a'e hath been $re$ared and dressed for thee: A""e$t it. O -ull. 1= Thee have 1 stablished. Agni. we who are -ulls ourselves. he is set on deeds ofstrength. 1n sa"rifi"es led in front. the Strong. is 'indled well. singers. HC9C is the gear for fri"tion. the "a'e. li'e a horsebearer of the 6ods: . the sages in assemblies never minish the $ortion due to thee the . and die Sire of a"tive strength. And that $re$ared ere yesterday.ighty. ye men. a""e$t our offering and the "a'e of meal. Through s'ill in song bear to the 6ods our sa"rifi"e. Agni. 1 glorify. nobly bright. 8 O waAing Agni. thou. of all.atron: we will rub Agni in an"ient fashion forth.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. 17 Thee will we 'indle as a bull. . to 1mmortal 6od. / ay this with "are on that whi"h lies eAtended: straight hath she borne the Steerwhen made $rolifi". here tinder made ready for the s$ar'. the Sage. ri"h in $rayer0 % Agni. A6D1 who 'nowest all.7 HYMN XXIX. showing in beauty through the dar'. 1% Agni the Son of Strength who shines u$ to the heaven in solemn rites. CA"ellent. 1/ . 1. 7 O Agni. -ring thou the . 1mmortal. 13 Agni is 'indled as a bull. wise. 1.ost @outhful 6od. Son of Strength. O strengthened by the sage&s $rayer.eet to be lauded and adored. 4ith his red $illar5radiant is his s$lendour 5in our s'illed tas' is born the Son of 1la.en with oblations worshi$ him. Eatavedas0 Agni.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. shining mightily. 3 1n 1la&s $la"e we set thee down. the guileless. Thee. a""e$t our gifts.7 HYMN XXVIII. at time of sa"rifi"e. Son of Strength. at the third libation ta'ewith >oy the offered "a'e of sa"rifi"e. Agni. / Agni. Agni Eatavedas. @ea. That. O . Agni. At dawn&s libation. wat"hful and fraught with ri"hes.

red in "olour. and. 13 Served by the seven $riests. 1= This is thine ordered $la"e of birth when"e s$rung to life thou shonest forth. in his "ourse. . O . 6ods set at solemn rites as offeringbearer. 1% 4ith strong attrition rubbed to life. sin"e from the Asura&s body hewas brought to life.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. a Sage.O men. Formed in his . 11 As 6erm (elestial he is "alled Tanuna$at. bring forth the most $ro$itious Agni. The *usi'as have made the glorious hymn as"end.riest.riest observant. the bountiful. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. THC friends who offer Soma long to find thee: they $our forth Soma and $resent their viands. ord of -ays. be"ome the ra$id flight of wind.other he is . This Agni is the battle5winning Hero by whom the 6ods have over"ome the +asyus. surely hast thou toiled: "ome thou unto the Soma.atarisvan) he hath. < 9aise ye a mighty smo'e.other&s bosom. 1. those born the first of all 'new the full $ower of $rayer. for all our wisdom "omes from thee. 6iving delight ea"h day he "loseth not his eye. as it were u$on the Atvins& $ath.ortals have brought to life the 6od 1mmortal. he shone forth from an"ient time. what time the solemn sa"rifi"e began. O 1ndra. Agni. the new5born 1nfant. in her la$. together gras$ the -abe.7 HYMN XXX. . ma'e sa"rifi"es good. thine own $la"e. Indra. and for the $ious bring the 6ods. ea"h one singly in his home. -right. sit thee down. have 'indled fire. *nowing this. and Darasamsa born diffused in varied sha$e. 8 4hen with their arms they rub him straight he shineth forth li'e a strong "ourser. dear to 6ods. and $ros$er thou the songs we sing. 1/ . Agni. shalt serve them with oblation: Agni. Thou. when in his . mighty. he glowed. % Dot far for thee are mid5air&s loftiest regions: start hither. with thy -ay Horses. They bear unmoved the "ursing of the $eo$le. 17 Cven as the . in. the Singar $raised by sages) 4hom. my fellow5wor'ers0 @e shall attain to wealth without obstru"tion. have ele"ted thee this day. O . onslaughts who atta"' the foe. observant: lay down the sa"rifi"e in the home of worshi$. The sisters ten. unwedded and united. : Agni shines forth when born. first ensign of the sa"rifi"e to eastward. in the wood. observant. wise and 'nowing all. as adorable and 'nowing all things.aruts. give long life to the sa"rifi"er. Set thee. unfailing. "he"'less. So surely hast thou worshi$$ed. 18 As we. lie $asseth by the stones and burneth u$ the grass. the (onBueror with mighty >aws. laid down with "areful hand.

u"h5 invo'ed One.. . the level earth. O 1ndra. the footless 2rtra as he waAed in vigour. O 1ndra. smotest dead the s"orner. 11 1ndra alone filled full the earth and heaven. and wholesome food. ri"h in treasures. 4hat on"e thou didst in might when mortals veAed thee. the manifold and goodly wor's of 1ndra. on thy "ar. 7 @ea. go thy bolt of thunder0 Slay those who meet thee. what time thou gras$est them. are those thy hero eA$loitsF 3 For. our Buiverbearing . ord of a great host. "rushing foemen. Stormer. O 1ndra) aid friends to sa"rifi"e and him who singeth. / Fair "hee's hath 1ndra.u"h5invo'ed0 in safety through thy glories alone thou s$ea'est truth as 2rtra&s slayer. the 2i"tor.u"h5invo'ed0 brings gifts in thousands. He made $aths easy to drive forth the "attle. overthrowing what hath ne&er been sha'en. the .orning) And all a"'nowledge. those who flee. 17 -arring the way they "ome. These must be slain by thee. vast. 13 A mighty s$lendour rests u$on her bosom: bearing ri$e mil' the (ow. oud5breathing $raises hel$ed the . sweetness whi"h 1ndra made for our en>oyment. unri$e. . 1ndra. -e firm. his >ourney ended. 4hen to the goal he "omes. . -lest.ade for the Firm and Strong are these libations. thou goest forth alone destroying 2rtras. O 1ndra. For him who followeth thy aw the mountains and heaven and earth stand as if firmly stablished. 8 Forthwith thy -ay steeds down the stee$. strong in a"tion. The $ressing5stones are set and fire is 'indled. Thou. < Thou hast established in her seat. his Steeds he looses: this is 1ndra&s doing. in silen"e 1 yielded in fear before thy blow. forth. 1= He who withheld the 'ine. .air who meet together. who follow: ma'e all thy $romise true) be all "om$leted. Thou with might. 1ndra. C&en these two boundless worlds to thee. The -ull hath $ro$$ed the heaven and air&s mid5region. is thy favour dro$$ing fatness: thy worshi$.en gladly in the "ourse of night would loo' on the broad bright front of the refulgent .aghavan.rovider en>oys domesti" $lenty undivided. : The man to whom thou givest as . malignant mortals. unbounded. O 1ndra. -y thee sent onward let the floods flow hither.5where now. vigorous. bring thou near us from the air&s mid5region strength. @ea.u"h5invo'ed0 didst "rush to $ie"es *unaru handless fiend who dwelt with +anu. 1/ . O Hero. when she "omes in glory. . 1% Surya transgresses not the ordered limits set daily by the ord of Tawny (oursers. armed with ill arts. All sweetness is "olle"ted in the Heifer. advan"es. O -ull. are but a handful. 1ndra.

% The Son left not his $ortion to the brother. 9end them from under. *usi'as have brought their gift. How long hast thou bebaved as one who waversF (ast thy hot dart at him who hates devotion: 1. O 1ndra let us en>oy thine overflow of bounty. The "ons"ious +awns went forth to meet his "oming. Indra.ay we be winners of abundant ri"hes. 1: 9oot u$ the ra"e of 9a'sasas. one $romoted. 8 4hen Sarama had found the mountain&s fissure.riest his being. great the -ays& ord&s a$$roa"h through sa"rifi"es. it. and ma'e the fiends our booty.aghavan. the singers. .aghavan. so that the 9ed&s great "hildren should be honoured. full of 'nowledge.7 HYMN XXXI. as a sire. and strength that wins the booty. %% (all we on .118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. 4hat time his . grant gifts of "attle. aus$i"ious 1ndra. "rush them and subdue them.aster of the 'ine was 1ndra. Hero. 7 The sages freed them from their firmbuilt $rison: the seven $riests drove them forward with their s$irit. 1< -estow on us res$lendent wealth. thou seatest thee at many noble viands. tea"hing. Fain. thy home is heaven: to us. and the sole . O eader.aghavan. . 3 (onBuering bands u$on the 4arrior waited: they re"ogniGed great light from out the dar'ness. 1. he s$ed to meet her with an eager s$irit. the sonless gained a grandson from his daughter. he made a home to hold him who should gain.foemen. O thou Treasure5 ord of treasures. wins and gathers ri"hes. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. 41SC. burst the 'ine&s stable o$en: "ows shall be ours. of the good $air one a"ted. who gives aid in battles. 4hen borne by strong Steeds for our weal. 4ide as a sea our longing hath eA$anded. The Strong who listens. %1 ord of the 'ine. whose might is true. to see his "hild $rolifi". 6reat is their germ. that vast and an"ient $la"e she . that born of them is mighty. %= 4ith 'ine and horses satisfy this longing with very s$lendid bounty s'ill eAtend it. following the thought of Order. Slay. O . best Hero in this fight where s$oil is gathered. shared these deeds through worshi$. / Agni was born trembling with tongue that fli"'ered. O 1ndra rend it in front and "rush it in the middle. . who slays the 2rtras. fulfil it. 18 A "ry is beard from enemies most near us: against them send thy fier"est5flaming wea$on.ay 1ndra be our wealth with store of "hildren. See'ing the light. All holy Order&s $athway they dis"overed he. with hymns to thee.arents gave the . O 1ndra.

13 1 "rave thy $owers. . sitting. : onging for friendshi$ "ame the noblest singer: the hill $oured forth its treasure for the $ious. swift waAing. yea. all5lu"id. 1 "rave thy mighty friendshi$: full many a team goes to the 2rtra5 slayer. while hymns of $raise rose u$ and gifts were offered. and Sun and . And this is still their $la"e of freBuent session.arents. s$lendid. -y the wise "leansings of the meath made holy.aghavan. 1.rin"es& favour. fiAed him there ere"ted.orning. that 2rtra5slayer. all eA"elling. and nights they s$eed the swift streams onward. 1: To thee $ro"eed the dar'. The Hero with young followers fought and "onBuered. 4hen the 'ine showed. 1/ 4hat time the am$le "hali"e had im$elled him. 18 2ast. mighty. through days. 1% They made a mansion for their Father. the treasure5holders. bringing oil and sweetness. -e ord of >oyous songs. vast. the House5Friend. 1= +rawing the mil' of an"ient seed $rolifi". 1ndra who shone together with the Heroes begot the song. both of them san"tified by Surya&s bounty. For him the (ow. singing from heaven. who gives the $ower of living. sent life and motion to his friends and lovers. O 2rtra5slayer. we see' the . they bade the heroes rouse them. they >oyed as they beheld their own $ossession. he slayeth Susna. . fail to attain the measure of thy greatness. as Friend he saved his lovers from dishonour. light5footed: she who well 'new "ame first unto their lowing. Our leader. he set the waters flowing. $oured $leasant >ui"es. deftly $rovided him a great and glorious dwelling) 4ith firm su$$ort $arted and stayed the . the fire. and straightway Angiras was singing $raises. having found great. 11 1ndra drove forth the 'ine. 17 He. noble and far5eAtending.5 Him in whom blameless songs are all united: all $owers invin"ible belong to 1ndra. 6reat is the laud. widely s$read.$lundered thoroughly. our guard and 'ee$er. 1n the floods& van she led them forth. The while thy ovely storming Friends. all "reatures doth he 'now. and. fain for war. -ull dear to all. to $ier"e the earth and heaven. Their shout of trium$h heated earth and heaven.eer of ea"h noble thing. O 1ndra. ri"h dominion. ma'ing with hymns a way to life eternal. whereby they sought to gain the months through Order. -e thou. < They sate them down with s$irit fain for booty. that move together. O . .

. . who gives aid in battles.ighty One.aghavan. everyouthful. to. whose hand wields thunder. and renovate old song for him the An"ient. drin' till thou art sated) / Those who gave in"rease to thy strength and vigour) the .7 HYMN XXXII. +91D* thou this Soma. *nit with the $rayer5fulfilling band of . O fair of "hee'. e&en 2rtra&s slayer. O 1ndra. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3.uffing thy "hee's. no. 'e$t the 6oddesses en"om$assed. and none of all the 6ods transgress his statutes.aruts. 1ndra. % Iuaff it $ure. %% (all we on . eA"ited with song the meath5"reated strength of 1ndra. The Strong who listens. +rin' thou.(ome unto us with thine aus$i"ious friendshi$. here loose thy two -ay Horses and re>oi"e thee. heaven&s light to hel$ m. great and sublime. 4hose greatness the dear world5halves have not measured. Indra 1. the Soma. ma'e us win s$oil of "attle. Tea"hing us $leasant things by holy Order. 3 They. . doer of marvels. 1ndra. 7 . us hath he thrown o$en all his $ortals. with 9udras banded. ord of Soma) drin' thou the draught of noonday whi"h thou 1ovest. O 1ndra. . eternal. best Hero in this fight where s$oil is gathered. meal5blent. moved by sa"rifi"e "ome hither: thou with the Swift Ones stirrest floods and waters. . at our noon libation. even the . O 1ndra) we have $oured forth the Soma for thy ra$ture. li'e a man. through the bla"' hosts he $assed with red attendants.aruts who were there. liberal 6iver. hastening.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. soon. ord of -ays. with our libation. and give us. im$etuous.aruts singing forth thy might. He beareth u$ this earth and heaven. who slays the 2rtras. and. nor "on"eived the might of him the Holy. our (harioteer. drin'. though he deemed that none might wound him. : 4ith reveren"e let us worshi$ mighty 1ndra. Save us. with mighty su""ours. and. O 1ndra.orning. godless. aus$i"ious 1ndra. . for enduring hero might. having smitten 2rtra 4ith flying wea$on where he lay. (hase thou the many godless evil "reatures. he begot the Sun and . very soon. -y them im$elled to a"t he rea"hed the vitals Of 2rtra. %1 His 'ine their ord hath shown. 8 4hen thou didst loose the streams to run li'e ra"ers in the swift "ontest. miAt with mil'. yea. 1< i'e Angiras 1 honour him with worshi$. with the 9udras.any are 1ndra&s nobly wrought a"hievements. wins and gathers ri"hes. %= Far forth are s$read the $urifying waters "onvey thou us a"ross them unto safety. from harm.aghavan.leased.

1. / 1 have attained the most maternal 9iver. made thee waA so mighty.ighty. eager as two swift mares with loosened rein "ontending. more mighty. Flowing together. by lauds of later time and days yet re"ent.7 HYMN XXXIII. 11 Thou. with worshi$ hel$ our worshi$. . as in a shi$. Sin"e here in"ited. Indra. 3 4e two who rise and swell with billowy waters move forward to the home whi"h 6ods . for worshi$ hel$ed thy bolt when slaying Ahi. i"'ing as &twere their "alf the $air of .others flow onward to their "ommon home together. the blessed. slewest. O 4orshi$ful. O 6uileless One.u"h5invo'ed One0 not hills that "om$ass thee about restrain thee. 17 Full is his "hali"e: 6lory0 i'e a $ourer 1 have filled u$ the vessel for his drin'ing. wins and gathers ri"hes. i'e two bright mother "ows who li"' their youngling. 18 Dot the dee$5flowing flood. Him magnified by an"ient songs and $raises. 2i$as and Sutudri s$eed down their waters. nor the months. when both sides invo"ate him. FO9TH from the bosom of the mountains.aghavan. O 1ndra. 1/ 4ith sa"rifi"e and wish have 1 brought 1ndra) still for new blessings may 1 turn him hither. The Strong who listens. ye move as &twere on "hariots to the o"ean. who gives aid in battles.resented on the right. The heaven itself attained not to thy greatness when with one hi$ of thine the earth was shadowed. O . 1ndra. that soon as born thou dran'est u$ the Soma. $uissant 6od. the dear oblation with the flowing Soma. nor the nights. for thy friends. 1ndra) And when thou hadst $ervaded earth and heaven thou wast the first su$$orter of the singer. best Hero in this fight where s$oil is gathered. +ays may not "he"' the $ower of thee the . Ahi showing his strength when "ou"hed around the waters. we have a$$roa"hed 2i$as. 1= As soon as thou wast born in highest heaven thou dran'est Soma to delight thee. % 1m$elled by 1ndra whom ye $ray to urge you. the broad. hither.< Herein. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. to re>oi"e him. 1: (all we on . thou brea'est e&en the firm built stall of "attle. is thy true greatness. who slays the 2rtras. aus$i"ious 1ndra. 1% Sa"rifi"e. ea"h of you see's the other. nor autumns. O lu"id Streams. 1ndra.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. dear Soma >ui"es have brought us 1ndra. 13 1 have brought forth a song when longing seiGed me: ere the de"isive day will 1 laud 1ndra) Then may lie safely bear us over trouble. swelling with your billows.

To thee be honour0 < ist Bui"'ly. the Hero de"'ing my song of $raise forth) 1mmortal. 1ndra with lightnings hath o&er"ome the +asa. 3 1ndra. and widely s$read these +awns& res$lendent "olour.7 HYMN XXXIV. a moment in your >ourney. 1% The warrior host. O singer. Holy Ones. thou art eBually the eader of heavenly hosts and human generations. with your floods below our aAles. Then let your streams flow on in ra$id motion. For man the days& bright ensign he illumined. whi"h future generations shall ree"ho. Savitar. Swell with your billows. his band 1ndra en"om$assed 2rtra) wea' grew the wily leader of en"hanters. O bard. $ouring ri"hes. vi"torious. led us. urged on and s$ed by 1ndra. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. dis$elling foemen. days& (reator. and yield me as a maiden to her lover. light5winner. the -haratas.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. 11 Soon as the -haratas have fared a"ross thee. s$are the thongs) And never may the $air of -ulls. : That hero deed of 1ndra must be lauded for ever that he rent Ahi in $ie"es. the lovely5handed. % 1 stimulate thy Geal. FO9T59CD+C9. 9ivers. . / eading. 1m$elled by $rayer and waAen great in body. waste away. "onBuered. 8 1ndra who wields the thunder dug our "hannels: he smote down 2rtra. and at his sending forth we flow eA$anded. the Strong. 1 "rave your favour who deserve our worshi$.have made us. ord of 4ealth. Our flood may not be stayed when urged to motion. . Humble us not mid men. 4hat would the singer. Indra. hasting. Fill full your "hannels. These holy songs he taught the bard who gaised him. he hath filled earth and heaven. Sisters. He smote away the obstru"tors with his thunder. and eager for their "ourse forth flowed the waters. He who burns fier"e in forests slaughtered 2yamsa. heroli'e doing many hero eA$loits. and ye. the warrior band. 1= @ea. O singer. O 1ndra. will 1 bend me. 1. "alling to the 9iversF 7 inger a little at my friendly bidding rest. hostile bands with those who loved him. fared over the singer won the favour of the 9ivers. harmless and sinless. 7 Forward to fier"ely falling blows $ressed 1ndra. li'e a nursing mother. O 4aters. ow. show us thy loving 'indness. and found the light for his >oy and gladness. Dever forget this word of thine. -ow lowly down) be easy to be traversed stay. 1/ So let your wave bear u$ the $ins. we will listen to thy words. the -ounteous 6iver. 1n hymns. him who stayed our "urrents. and made the . to the bard who "ometh to you from far away with "ar and wagon.il"h5'ine of the nights a$$arent. 4ith hymn sublime soli"iting your favour *usi'a&s son hath "alled unto the 9iver. and roll swiftly onward. 6od. 4ith wain and "ar from far away thou "omest.

hastening to us.aghavan.OUDT the -ay Horses to thy "hariot harnessed. That they in fleet "ourse may bring 1ndra hither. and "hased away o$$onents: thus was he tamer of the overweening. and. aus$i"ious 1ndra. the many glorious deeds $erformed by 1ndra.8 They laud the mighty a"ts of him the . shalt drin' the Soma.ounting thy firm and easy "ar. $ressed is the Soma) the grain is ready for thy -ays to feed on. be thou gra"ious. 5in 1ndra they re>oi"e who love devotions. 1= He too' the $lants and days for his $ossession) he gained the forest trees and air&s mid5 region. He who hath won this broad earth and this heaven. 4ise singers glorify with "hanted $raises these his a"hievements in 2ivasvan&s dwelling. the vi"tory5giver.ass by them all and hasten onward hither: with Soma $ressed we will $re$are to feast thee. and "ease not. / -ring the strong Steeds who drin' the warm libation. 1ndra who rules the $eo$le gave freedom to the 6ods by might and battle. Treasure of gold he won) he smote the +asyus.7 HYMN XXXV Indra. . The Strong. < He gained $ossession of the Sun and Horses. wins and gathers treasures. wise and all5'nowing "ome thou to the Soma. 1ndra obtained the (ow who feedeth many. and ta'e these dro$s into thy belly. Sit on the sa"red grass at this our worshi$. and "ome to us li'e 2ayu with his "oursers. He in his strength. Thou. 1. 1ndra.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. who gives aid in battles. fleet friendly -ays who ta'e their >oy together. the winner of the light and 6odli'e 4aters. who slays the 2rtras. thy vigorous and smooth5ba"'ed (oursers. . 11 (all we on . Hail. and gave $rote"tion to the Aryan "olour. the two swift -ay Steeds to the $ole 1 harness. 3 Those who are yo'ed by $rayer 1 harness. . and roasted grain li'e this "onsume thou daily. with all5sur$assing $rowess. .ighty. benevolent. through wondrous arts "rushed the malignant +asyus. O 1ndra. 8 Thine is this Sorna: hasten to a$$roa"h it. % For him. -ull of 6odli'e nature. et thy Steeds eat) set free thy Tawny Horses. 2ala he "left. best Hero in the fight where s$oil is gathered. 4e have $oured it for thy ra$ture. e&en to this sa"rifi"e arranged "om$letely. (onBueror. CA"ellent. 1ndra. the 6od who is invo'ed by many. . who listens. : ord of the brave. : The grass is strewn for thee. 7 Do other worshi$$ers must stay beside them thy -ays. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. +rin' thou thereof.

1ndra is our 'ind ord) his steers have vigour) his "ows are many with abundant offs$ring. they with whom thou sharedst Soma. a new guest. earlier Somas. the mountains. who slays the 2rtras. mighty5voi"ed in battle. This the sweet draught. . 41TH "onstant su""ours. They drain the stal' out with their arms. after slaying 2rtra.aruts. 1ndra . Him the broad earth hath never "om$rehended when Somas "heered the ord of Tawny (oursers. what time the stal' mil'ed out. best Hero in the fight where s$oil is gathered. of the >ui"e by thine own nature. 11 (all we on . friendly5minded. (ome. girt by . he hath be"ome renowned by mighty eA$loits. have for thee made ready. "laimed the . from the Adhvaryu&s hand or from the Hotar&s. 8 As floods a""ording to their stream flow onward. 1ndra. / +rin' and waA great. the men. he "ontains libations in abundan"e. Thine are the >ui"es. and "leanse it with a stream of mead and filters. eagerly desirous drin' thou this Soma with the tongue of Agni. 6rown great through strengthening gifts at ea"h libation.aghavan. drin' thereof. < The . vast. strong.5 4ith these a""ordant. as borne on "ars.aruts. the very mighty. The Strong. 4hen 1ndra had "onsumed the first sweet viands.gives aid in battles. 3 6reat and im$etuous. he. A""e$t the sa"rifi"ial gift. meet for $raises. 1= +rin'. are these gifts $resented. 'nowing well the ways thou goest. wins and gathers ri"hes. so to the sea. 2aster is 1ndra even than his dwelling. sur$assing $ower is his. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. who made thee strong and were thine army.To thee who lovest them. who. with "ows. the waters. and s'ilful. ta'e Bui"'ly these $resented >ui"es: drin' of the strong. whereby he grew strong5>ointed. i'e la'es a$$ear his flan's filled full with Soma: yea. foreseeing. 1ndra. Indra. Sublime One. O Sa'ra. 7 . the rivers "arry the well5$ressed Soma >ui"e to 1ndra.ighty and strong he waAed for hero eA$loit: the -ull was furnished a Sage&s wisdom. : Cager to mingle with the sea. O thou Holy. Bui"'5banded. . both Somas of old time and these we bring thee. 1ndra. 1. aus$i"ious 1ndra. so drin' to5day. that whi"h the strong have sha'en. the Soma. 1ndra. the waters.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. who listens. 1ndra. fills him. Cven as thou dran'est. and strength resistless. fain thyself to share it.7 HYMN XXXVI. ma'e this oblation whi"h we bring effe"tive. or by the tongue of Agni. % For 1ndra were the Somas erst5 dis"overed.

sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3.7 HYMN XXXVII. the ord of wealth and treasure. 1ndra. 1ndra. To win us booty in the wars. who listens. ord of Hundred . great glory hast thou gained. These are thy heart5sought strengthening dire"tions. grant us abundant wealth that brings all blessings. 11 (all we on 1ndra. < Then bring thou hither.aghavan. 1ndra. do 1 "laim of thee. 1 long to see the sages full of wisdom. 6ive us a hundred autumns for our lifetime: give us. who slays the 2rtras. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. that 2rtra may be slain. ord of Hundred . "ome to us then"e. : 1n s$lendid "ombats of the hosts. < O Sata'ratu. 1ndra. Sa'ra. . best Hero in the fight where s$oil is gathered.ondering what is dearest and most noble.aghavan. O fair5"he"'ed 1ndra. 1= 1ndra. O 1D+9A. for the strength that slays 2rtra and "onBuers in the fight. The Strong. . 8 1n battles be vi"torious. bright.owers. 11 (ome to us either from anear. O 1ndra. who gives aid in battles. ord of Hundred . Of 1ndra who su$$orts man'ind. 4e turn thee hitherward to us. vigilant. That s$lendid gift whi"h is thine own. may those who $raise thee hitherward. aus$i"ious. eA"eeding strong. +rin' thou the Soma for our hel$. 3 4e strive for glory through the $owers immense of him whom many $raise.owers. a thought have 1 imagined li'e a wor'man. ord of the Tawny (oursers. Indra. in glories where the fight is won. 4e see' thee.Soma. O 1ndra. wins and gathers ri"hes. O Thunder5armed. Indra. ord of Hundred . and let none $revent it: we 'now thee well. 1= O 1ndra. % As' of the sages& mighty generations firm5minded and devout they framed the heaven. "ome from far away. Or.7 HYMN XXXVIII. % O 1ndra. store of heroes. / O 1ndra. wherever be thy home. 1. HAST1D6 li'e some strong "ourser good at drawing.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. im$etuous mover.owers.owers. 4in s$lendid fame whi"h none may mar 4e ma'e thy might $er$etual. and they have "ome to be s'y&s . be vi"tor over foes. . $owers whi"h thou mid the Five 9a"es hast dis$layed5 These. with all our songs we invo"ate Thy names for trium$h over foes. 1. +ire"t thy s$irit and thine eye. 7 For 2rtra&s slaughter 1 address 1ndra whom many invo"ate. . vou"hsafe to us.

yea. all. omniform. with heroes. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. There saw 1. 6andharvas in their "ourse with wind5blown tresses. *illing the dar'ness at the light&s foundation. ye honour with your $resen"e. re"ited. the 6reat.a>esti" he s$read their stalls of 'ine the 4onder5 4or'er. 3 Cven as he mounted u$ they all adorned him: self5luminous he travels "lothed in s$lendour. Davagvas. none of mortals. fiAed their broad eA$anses. wins and gathers ri"hes. hath rea"hed the eternal waters. built with $raises) The wa'ening song sung forth in holy synod: that whi"h is born for thee. .118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. 1= (all we on 1ndra. To 1ndra from the heart the hymn $ro"eedeth. set the great worlds a$art held firm for safety.aghavan. to blame our sires who fought to win the "attle. aus$i"ious. Aus$i"ious. .easured with measures. going thither in the s$irit. his wor'. whose voi"e is li'e a herdsman&s. the . Indra. : That same "om$anionshi$ of her. this is the an"ient hymn of our forefathers. who slays the 2rtras. % -orn from the heaven e&en in the days aforetime. From days of old ye *ings. they de"'ed the heaven and earth for high dominion. best Hero in the fight where s$oil is gathered. who listens. ye twain.other of the Twins hath borne Twin (hildren: my tongue&s ti$ raised itself and rested silent. the Asura&s mighty figure: he. two Sons of Heaven. here with the strong -ull&s divers forms they stablished. in the Holy synod. . Cnduing still some new "elestial figure. the s'ilful wor'ers sha$ed a form around him.7 HYMN XXXIX. sting aloud in holy synod.u$holders. by hymns of sa"rifi"e have won dominion. / The . et no one here debar me from en>oying the golden light whi"h Savitar diffuses. 3 Dot one is found among them. who gives aid in battles. 7 4here as a Friend with friendly men. the An"ient: as heavenly blessing 'ee$ your guard around us. noti"e. wa'ening.il"h5"ow. many. < Fulfil. 8 Three seats ye Sovrans. Their strengthener was 1ndra the . / Assuming in this world mysterious natures. That is the -ull&s. the (ou$le newly born attain their beauty. to him the ord. The Strong. All the wise 6ods behold his varied a"tions who stands ere"t. He "overs both all5fostering worlds with $raises even as a woman "herishes her "hildren. O 1ndra. on his 'nees he sought . 1. 7 First the more an"ient -ull engendered offs$ring) these are his many draughts that lent him vigour. "lad in white and shining raiment.

sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. hitherward to me. 3 O 2rtra5slayer. . The Strong. dis"erning it from dar'ness: may we be far removed from all misfortune. "ome thou hitherward. in the "ow&s $la"e of $asture. is thy gift. O 2rtra5slayer. THCC. : To 1ndra go the treasures of the worshi$$er. < 4hen from the s$a"e between the near and far thou art invo'ed by us. 6reat woe "omes even from the hostile mortal. Thunder5armed (ome. 1. 1ndra. Soma the most eA"ellent: Thine are the dro$s "elestial. "ome to us: A""e$t the songs we sing to thee. Then"e. . Hero. whi"h never fail: He drin's the Soma and is strong . aus$i"ious 1ndra. "ome with thy -ay Steeds.7 HYMN X(I. be thou $leased with these libations. 1D2O*C+ to drin' the Soma >ui"e. The bright dro$s to thy dwelling5$la"e. by foot and hoof. best Hero in the fight where s$oil is gathered. : He too' the light. O thou who hearest $rayer are offered: seat thee on the grass. "heered by Soma. These songs. 1ndra.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. / These $rayers.7 HYMN X(. % Our $riest is seated. From far away. to thee $ro"eed these dro$s of Soma >ui"e eA$ressed. from near at hand. 3 ord of the brave. 1. who gives aid in battles. we invo'e. 8 +rin' our libation. he held in his right hand. hidden in the waters. / 1ndra. 1ndra. $our down drin' that satisfies. who slays the 2rtras. There. ord of hymns: with streams of meath thou art bedewed Our glory. So drin' thou of the savoury >ui"e. the ri"h rewarder. $iled u$) but good at res"ue are the 2asus. wins and gathers ri"hes. who listens. O Soma5drin'er. the -ull. a""e$t from thy most Gealous $oet.aghavan. a""e$t the strength5"onferring Soma >ui"e: Iuaff. That whi"h lay se"ret.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. 1ndra. true to time) the grass is regularly strewn) The $ressing5stones were set at morn.the "attle. whom many laud. with all the 6ods $romote our wealth5bestowing sa"rifi"e. what time the Soma is eA$ressed. Indra. verily with ten +asagvas 1ndra found the Sun lying hidden in the dar'ness. Indra. et there be light through both the worlds for worshi$: may we be far from most overwhelming evil. en>oy the offered "a'e. with these hymns. Thou highly5lauded ord of men. 1ndra. ta'e >ui"e. < (all we on . % 1ndra. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. 8 1ndra found meath "olle"ted in the mil"h5"ow. 7 4ithin thy belly. 1ndra.

owers. thus ra$idly sent hen"e. 1 urge the Soma for thy draught: +ee$ in thy heart let it remain. : -orne hither by thy Stallions. 1ndra. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. 1. 7 Our hymns "aress the ord of Strength. and resolute in battles. < . / . These men who bring oblation "all thee hither. this >ui"e whi"h we have $ressed. the An"ient One. 1 "all thee to the feast of sweet . 1. to this gladdening drin'. < 4e "all on thee. .ingled with barley and with mil'. sing thee hymns Thou. as mother5"ows their "alf. thou . 1ndra. ord divine.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. 1ndra. 8 4e 'now thee winner of the s$oil. O 1ndra. % (ome our true Friend. . to Sorna. 1ndra. "ome Bui"'ly to this our sa"rifi"e that heightens worshi$) For with my thoughts. 6od. dro$$ing oil. 1ndra. : 4e. with our lauds. in thine own $la"e. O thou to whom thy -ays are dear. 1ndra. with thy -ay Steeds. Indra. ord Of Hundred . drin'er of the Soma&s >ui"e. these Somas are eA$ressed. oose for the sa"red grass thy dear "om$anions.Song5loving 1ndra. Ta'e them within thy belly.leased.rin"e of 4ealth. loose not thy Horses far from us: Here glad thee. drin'. vast.C to the >ui"e that we have $ressed. $resenting oil to feed thee. To turn him to the Soma5draught. 8 +elight thee with the >ui"e we $our for thine own great munifi"en"e: @ield not thy singer to re$roa"h. bring thee on swift "ar hitherward. to seat thee on the grass. 1ndra. for thee. $la"ed on the grass. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. hymns formed for $raise. 4e *usi'as who see' thine aid. dearly loving thee. $assing by many $eo$le) "ome with thy two -ay Steeds to our devotions) For these our hymns are "alling thee. $ressed out with stones: 4ilt thou not drin' thy fill thereofF / To 1ndra have my songs of $raise gone forth.OUDTC+ u$on thy "hariot5seat a$$roa"h us: thine is the Sorna5draught from days aforetime.7 HYMN X(III. 3 Hither with songs of $raise we "all 1ndra to drin' the Soma >ui"e: 4ill he not "ome to us by laudsF 7 1ndra. . . soli"iting thy friendshi$. thy -ay5drawn "ar0 % (ome. 1ndra. dearly lovest us. (O. Indra. bleat with mil': (ome. 1ndra. bearing oblation. 1ndra. Sage0 Therefore thy blessing we im$lore. 2asu. to drin' the Soma >ui"e.ay long5maned (oursers. favouring us.7 HYMN X(II.

1ndra. with -ay Steeds. . 1ndra. as"end thy golden5"oloured "ar. ord of Tawny Steeds. . our share. with thy -ay Steeds "ome:. thy dear "om$anions. best Hero in the fight where s$oil is gathered) The Strong. above all glories waAest great. Indra. 3 -ring thou us wealth with $ower to stri'e. Sha'e. O 1ndra. Thou.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. 1ndra dis"losed. in love thou madest Surya shine.7 HYMN X(IV. bra'e the strongholds and drave the floods. wins and gathers ri"hes. He ta'es his golden wea$on. well limbed and good to draw. ma'e me. "om$anions of thy banBuet.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. their rulerF . led thy tall -ays. that whi"h the Fal"on brought thee when thou longedst) 1n whose wild >oy thou stirrest u$ the $eo$le. aus$i"ious. the well5loved thunderbolt. 'nowing. (O. .aghavan. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. shatters e&en things that stand most firm. 1ndra. 1. 1. for wealth to satisfy our wish. / i'e $ools of water dee$ and full.C hither. Eoying thereat. bear thee hither. . burst the "loud. girt with the bright. % He who slew 2rtra. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. who gives aid in battles. / The heaven with streams of golden hue. 3 4hen born to life the golden -ull illumines all the realm of light. with tawny steeds drave forth the 'ine. et no men "hee' thy "ourse as fowlers stay the bird: $ass o&er them as o&er desert lands. the golden thunder in his arms. may 1ndra. ord of Tawny Steeds. thin'ing. >oyous. : +rin' of the strong $ressed out by strong ones.a'e me a 9si having drun' of SomaF 4ilt thou not give me wealth that lasts for everF 8 @o'ed to thy "hariot. . 7 4ilt thou not ma'e me guardian of the $eo$le. 4ho from of old $ress to heaven&s farthest limits. &gainst him who "alls it his. hear his friend&s adoration. (all we on 1ndra. who listens. earth with her tints of green and gold5 The golden .7 HYMN X(V. 1ndra. 7 The bright. in whose wild >oy thou didst unbar the "ow5 stalls.ay this delightsome Soma be eA$ressed for thee by tawny stones.air yield 1ndra $lenteous nourishment: between them moves the golden One. 3 @ea.libations. the tree for ri$ened fruit. who slays the 2rtras. li'e water5broo's that rea"h the la'e.a'havan.leased with the "orn5blent offering whi"h we bring thee. % 1n love thou madest Usas glow. im$etuous . Indra. 1ndra who mounts his "hariot at his -ay Steeds& "ry. with tails li'e $ea"o"'s& $lumes. +is"losed the Soma >ui"e $ressed out by tawny stones. the -ull&s im$etuous and well5groomed Horses. li'e 'ine thou "herishest thy might) i'e the mil"h5"ows that go well5guarded to the mead. as with hoo's. let thy two -ay Stallions bear thee hither. 1ndra. Friend.

1. . all5"onBuering.aruts who. . whom . 1ndra. subduing others. whom thou madest sharers. gathering s$oil. 1ndra. flow forth from days of old the Soma >ui"es) To him wide dee$ and mighty from his birth5time.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. for none may be his eBual. drive away assailants and ma'e us safe on every side from danger. O thou whom many $raise.our down the flood of meath within thy belly: thou from of old art *ing of Soma >ui"es. whi"h the earth and heaven bear for thee as a mother bears her infant. +rin' thou thy fill. 1. a1l5 "om$rehending. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. 7 The -ull whose strength hath waAed. the 4arrior. . as wise 2rtra5slayer. a""ording to thy longing. yea. . the "elestial 9uler. the vi"tory5giver. Hero. with friendly 6ods. Sovran 9uler. Indra.aruts. OF thee. So. . / And. 3 To 1ndra.aghavan.7 1ndra. % That day when thou wast born thou. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. the -ull. be thou most swift to hear our "all. for >oy. and now re>oi"e in thee. . of the goodly miAture blent with Soma. &6ainst Sambara. this.ighty.aruts follow. for ra$ture even as thou listest. This they send forth to thee. as -ull. the holy Singers. self5ruling ord art thou. +91D*.7 HYMN X(VII. SOOD as the young -ull s$rang into eAisten"e he longed to taste the $ressed5out Soma&s liBuor.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. ord of -ays0 in winning "attle. 7 The Soma. Indra. 3 +rin' Soma. Slay thou our foemen. % 6reat art thou. drin' Soma.7 HYMN X(VI. 1ndra. Indra. vigorous Hero0 Adhvaryus $urify for thee to drin' of. The unde"aying One who wields the thunder. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. 1. waAen in thy strength. even as rivers to the o"ean. fain to taste it. O fier"e One. renowned and great. drin' in season. and the 6ods. our $ressed5out Soma. the Soma. 1ndra. first. Thyself alone the universe&s Sovran: so send forth men to "ombat and to rest them. drin'er at due seasons. / He hath sur$assed all measure in his brightness. great are the eA$loits.ighty ord. of most glorious fame. dran'est the $lant&s mil' whi"h the mountains nourish. and thou slewest 2rtra. free5giving 1ndra.aruts following. gave thee the vi"tory. The . with the banded . through manly vigour. 1m$etuous 1ndra in his might "A""ed"th wide vast mid5air and heaven and earth together. banded with the .118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. 1ndra. % 1ndra. an"ient and ever youthful. the well of holy thoughts.arut5girt. strengthened thee at Ahi&s slaughter. >oyous and fier"e.7 HYMN X(VIII. a""ordant. good eader. him let us "all to grant us new $rote"tion.

6ods. To he invo'ed in war li'e -haga. 4ise. strength5giver. li'e +hisana he deals forth strength and ri"hes. verily none subdueth in the battle) 4ho. aus$i"ious 1ndra. whose faithful servi"e from of old thou lovest. bore off the Soma and in bea'ers dran' it. hither. the *usi'as have brought their gift. fair.7 HYMN X(IX. who gives aid in battles. who slays the 2rtras. / +esiring food he "ame unto his . $rom$t to hear. 7 (all we on . formed by a . Indra. O 1ndra.aster&s hand. % 4hom. / 4ith mil' they made 1ndra their good . 'ee$ing aloof the others.aghavan. best Hero in the fight where s$oil is gathered) The Strong. Far5rea"hing. % 1 yo'e thy $air of trusty Steeds for swiftness. and wrought great eA$loits in his varied as$e"ts. who listens. let him fill him with these viands. girt by . 3 4ith 'ine and horses satisfy this longing with very s$lendid bounty still eAtend it.7 HYMN (. and let our offering sate his body&s longing. rea"hing far.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. 1m$etuous 6od. 3 Fier"e. with hymns to thee. 7 (all we on . swift mover li'e a warhorse. the . fair of "hee'0 let thy -ay (oursers $la"e thee: drin' of this lovely welleffused libation. Here. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. 1llumining the nights.other. as &twere. most vigorous.aruts. and on her breast beheld the $ungent Soma. CT 1ndra drin'. in whom all $eo$le who drin' the Soma have attained their longing) 4hom. All5hail0 for his is Soma. Father.other first. rainer down of blessings.5the mighty -ull "ome. the high ba"' of the region. 1. aus$i"ious 1ndra. Bui"'ly "onBuering. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3.reserver. his "ar is 2ayu with his team of 2asus. engendered.aghavan. 3 Su$$orting heaven. Heaven and Carth. C&en from his birth5time 1ndra "onBuered Tvastar. enra$tured send us "attle in abundan"e. he moved on. lauding for hel$ and rule the bounteous rainer. wins and gathers ri"hes. See'ing the light. borne by Tawny (oursers. who gives aid in battles. of sur$assing vigour. / 2i"tor in fight. 1. best Hero in the fight where s$oil is gathered) The Strong. when thou hast drun' the Soma. the Sun&s "reator. to "rush the 2rtras. wins and gathers treasure. of hymns. $assing wise. 69CAT 1ndra will 1 laud. Indra. hath shortened the +asyu&s life with 4arriors bold of s$irit. $ervading both worlds. the +ame who bare thee. $oured for thee in thy mighty Father&s dwelling. he framed his body even as he listed. who listens. who slays the 2rtras. most heroi".That mil' thy .

thou who lovest song. winner of the booty. invo'ed with beauteous songs. brea'er5down of forts. O 1ndra. Hero. As *insman thin' thou of some fresh assistan"e) good Friend. 1= So. strong. of 1ndra meet for lauds) Him who hath waAen great. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. H16H hymns have sounded forth the $raise of . our >ui"e. 11 1n"line thy body to this >ui"e whi"h suits thy 6odli'e nature well: . as thou didst drin' the >ui"e beside Saryata. the ord of Hundred . who listens. re>oi"ed in 1ndra. sole ord from days aforetime. who gives aid in battles. the growing $lants. Full of all wondrous $ower he goes to "onBuest: worshi$ is his. 1. give strength and life to those who $raise thee. su$$orter of man'ind. valorous. Under thy guidan"e.7 . the singers serve. % To 1ndra from all sides go forth my songs of $raise. aus$i"ious 1ndra. 7 Abundant are the gifts he gives to mortals: for him the earth bears a ri"h store of treasures. shall the $riests glorify with songg and $raises. The heavens. O 1ndra.owers.aruts. 3 Thee. He in 2ivasvan&s dwelling findeth his delight: $raise thou the ever5"onBuering slayer of the foe.aruts. finder of the light. faithful and ever5glorious. and through thy head by $rayer. who slays the 2rtras. Hero. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. O . s'illed in fair sa"rifi"es. Swift. let it wor' through both thy flan's.aghavan. ord of -ays. 1mmortal One. 7 (all we on . ord of affluent gifts. : Here. Sin"e at thy birth all +eities adorned thee for the great fight.aruts: they. li'e the sea. this >ui"e hath been $ressed for thee with strength +rin' of it. 1ndra.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/.ay it "heer thee who lovest it. So eagerly desirous drin' the Soma. whose $raise ea"h day is sung aloud. < He was your "omrade in your Geal. in thy 'ee$ing. .118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. wins and gathers ri"hes. the living waters. to $ros$er us. for 1ndra ta'eth "are of mat"hless worshi$$ers. most heroi" of the heroes. with thy friends the . 8 To thee. drin' thou Soma with the . best Hero in the fight where s$oil is gathered) The Strong.singers. 4ith them together let the 2rtra5slayer drin' in his home the worshi$$er&s libation. the forest trees $reserve their wealth for 1ndra.7 HYMN (I. And through thine arms.aghavan. 1% -rave 1ndra. for ever are offered $rayers and songs: a""e$t them gladly. Indra. / 4here battle&s s$oil is $iled the singer winneth $raise. ri"h in noble gifts. O thou invo'ed of many.

1ndra. drin' the Soma. may hymns a""ordant with thee daily strengthen thee. 6ods. 4ith sweetest song 1 gras$. and where thBu loosest thy loud5neighing (ourser. let Agni as our Herald s$eed to "all thee. O . 8 At the third sa"rifi"e. O 1ndra. re>oi"e in our oblation. Indra. -ring forth the roasted "orn to meet him Bui"'ly. O . a""e$t the "a'e at our libation $oured at dawn.aruts. giving store of wealth to 2isvamitra. and thy strong (ourser is set free with guerdon. -rother. 1ndra. Angirases. thy garment&s hem as a "hild gras$s his father&s. 1. Cat thou the meal5"a'e. whom 2a>a and the 9bhus wait u$on. Cn>oy the gifts. 4here thy tall "hariot hath a $la"e to rest in. sing we both) sing thou in answer: ma'e we a laud a""e$table to 1ndra.aghavan. is thy $ower. 4ith offered viands and with songs may we assist thee. : The groats have we $re$ared for thee with . with brave heroes. / (onsume our sa"rifi"ial "a'e. give glory to the roasted "orn and holy "a'e. thy ra"ious (onsort) 4here thy tall "hariot hath a $la"e to rest in. Sage. . 2iru$as: the Asura&s Heroes and the Sons of Heaven. bring $leasant viands. 3 A wife. with eulogies. and en>oy the well5dressed sa"rifi"ial "a'e: Oblations are $oured forth to thee. 1ndra.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. ord of -ay Steeds.ighty 1ndra. hither.. 1. a""e$t at brea' of day our Soma miAt with roasted "orn.)ar#a a. with thy horses.E .aghavan is home and dwelling: so let thy -ay Steeds yo'ed "onvey thee hither. a draught of well5$ressed Soma will 1 give thee. 1D+9A. O . 7 et roasted "orn of our midday libation. wise Hero. % Stay still. -old One. 4hat time the lauding singer. turn thee homeward) thy >oy is in thy home. O thou whom many $raise.aghavan)again "ome hither: both there and here thy goat is 1ndra. 7 +e$art. % A""e$t. 8 Thou hast drun' Soma.HYMN (II. 4henever we $ress out for thee the Soma. Forgreat. 4ith groats with "a'e. with hymns im$lores thee.7 HYMN (III.arvata and 1ndra. at our sa"rifi"es waA strong by hymns. 2rtra5slayer. Indra. / Adhvaryu. : -ounteous are these. OD a high "ar. advan"e no farther. O . As he who woes a""e$ts his bride. O 1ndra. "orn for thee. banded with the . sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. They. "a'e for the bravest Hero mid the heroes. $rolong his life through "ountless Soma5 . 'een of $ur$ose and eager as a bull. O . U$on this sa"rifi"er&s grass he seated: to 1ndra shall our eulogy be uttered.usan. and sa"rifi"ial "a'e here $lease thee. for the draught of Soma. a""e$t the songs of $raise we sing. 3 Famed from of old.

$ressings. ; .aghavan weareth every sha$e at $leasure, effe"ting magi" "hanges in his body, Holy One, drin'er out of season, "oming thri"e, in a moment, through fit $rayers, from heaven. < The mighty sage, 6od5born and 6od5in"ited, who loo's on men, restrained the billowy river. 4hen 2isvamitra was Sudas&s es"ort, then 1ndra through the *usi'as grew friendly. 1= i'e swans, $re$are a song of $raise with $ressing5stones, glad in your hymns with >ui"e $oured forth in sa"rifi"e. @e singers, with the 6ods, sages who loo' on men, ye *uti'as drin' u$ the Soma&s savoury meath. 11 (ome forward, *usi'as, and be attentive) let loose Sudas&s horse to win him ri"hes. Cast, west, and north, let the *ing slay the foeman, then at earth&s "hoi"est $la"e $erform his worshi$. 1% ,raises to 1ndra have 1 sung, sustainer of this earth and heaven. This $rayer of 2isvamitra 'ee$s se"ure the ra"e of -haratas. 1/ The 2isvamitras have sung forth this $rayer to 1ndra Thunder5aimed: So let him ma'e us $ros$erous. 13 Among the *i'atas what do thy "attleF They $our no mil'y draught, they heat no "aldron. -ring thou to us the wealth of ,ramaganda)give u$ to us, O .aghavan, the low5born. 17 Sasar$ari, the gift of Eamadagnis, hath lowed with mighty voi"e dis$elling famine. The +aughter of the Sun hath s$read our glory among the 6ods, im$erishable, deathless. 18 Sasar$ari brought glory s$eedily to these, over the generations of the Fivefold 9a"e) +aughter of ,a'sa, she bestows new vital $ower, she whom the an"ient Eamadagnis gave to me. 1: Strong be the $air of oAen, firm the aAles, let not the $ole sli$ nor the yo'e be bro'en. .ay 1ndra, 'ee$ the yo'e5$ins from de"aying: attend us, thou whose fellies are unin>ured. 1; O 1ndra, give our bodies strength, strength to the bulls who draw the wains, Strength to our seed and $rogeny that they may live, for thou art he who giveth strength. 1< Cn"lose thee in the heart of *hayar timber, in the "ar wrought of Sinsa$a $ut firmness. Show thyself strong, O AAle, fiAed and strengthened: throw us not from the "ar whereon we travel. %= et not this sovran of the wood leave us forlorn or in>ure us. Safe may we be until we rea"h our homes and rest us and unyo'e. %1 4ith various aids this day "ome to us, 1ndra, with best aids s$eed us, .aghavan, thou Hero. et him who hat"th us fall headlong downward: him whom we hate let vital breath abandon. %% He heats his very aAe, and then "uts a mere Semal blossom off. O 1ndra, li'e a "aldron "ra"'ed and seething, so he $ours out foam. %/ .en noti"e not the arrow, O ye $eo$le) they bring the red beast deeming it a bullo"'. A sluggish steed men run not with the "ourser, nor ever lead an ass before a "harger. %3 These men, the sons of -harata, O 1ndra, regard not severan"e or "lose "onneAion. They urge their own steed as it were another&s, and ta'e him, swift as the bow&s string, to battle.

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HYMN (IV. Vis#$d$#as.
1. To him adorable, mighty, meet for synods, this strengthening hymn, un"easing, have they offered. .ay Agni hear us with his homely s$lendours, hear us, Cternal One, with heavenly lustre. % To mighty Heaven and Carth 1 sing forth loudly: my wish goes out desirous and well 'nowing -oth, at whose laud in synods, showing favour, the 6ods re>oi"e them with the living mortal. / O Heaven and Carth, may your great law he faithful: he ye our leaders for our high advantage. To Heaven and Carth 1 offer this my homage, with food, O Agni, as 1 $ray for ri"hes. 3 @ea, holy Heaven and Carth, the an"ient sages whose word was ever true had $ower to find you) And brave men in the fightwhere heroes "onBuer, O Carth, have 'nown you well and $aid you honour. 7 4hat $athway leadeth to the 6odsF 4ho 'noweth this of a truth, and who will now de"lare itF Seen are their lowest dwelling5$la"es only, but they are in remote and se"ret regions. 8 The Sage who loo'eth on man'ind hath viewed them bedewed, re>oi"ing in the seat of Order. They ma'e a home as for a bird, though $arted, with one same will finding themselves together. : ,artners though $arted, with far5distant limits, on one firm $la"e both stand for ever wat"hful, And, being young for evermore, as sisters, s$ea' to ea"h other names that are united. ; All living things they $art and 'ee$ asunder) though bearing u$ the mighty 6ods they reel not. One All is ord of what is fiAed and moving, that wal's, that flies, this multiform "reation. < Afar the An"ient from of old 1 $onder, our 'inshi$ with our mighty Sire and Father,5 Singing the $raise whereof the 6ods by "ustom stand on the s$a"ious far5eAtended $athway. 1= This laud, O Heaven and Carth, to you 1 utter: let the 'ind5hearted hear, whose tongue is Agni, @oung, Sovran 9ulers, 2aruna and .itra, the wise and very glorious Adityas. 11 The fair5tongued Savitar, the golden5handed, "omes thri"e from heaven as ord in our assembly. -ear to the 6ods this song of $raise, and send us, then, Savitar, "om$lete and $erfe"t safety. 1% +eft wor'er, s'iful5handed, hel$ful, holy, may Tvastar, 6od, give us these things to aid us, Ta'e your delight, @e 9bhus >oined with ,usan: ye have $re$ared the rite with stones ad>usted. 1/ -orne on their flashing "ar, the s$ear5armed .aruts, the nimble @ouths of Heaven, the

Sons of Order, The Holy, and Sarasvati, shall hear us: ye .ighty, give us wealth with noble offs$ring. 13 To 2isnu ri"h in marvels, songs And $raises shall go as singers on the road of -haga,5 The (hieftain of the .ighty Stride, whose .others, the many young +ames, never disregard him. 17 1ndra, who rules through all his $owers heroi", hath with his ma>esty filled earth and heaven. ord of brave hosts, Fort5"rusher, 2rtra5slayer, gather thou u$ and bring us store of "attle. 18 .y Sires are the Dasatyas, 'ind to'insmen: the Asvins& 'inshi$ is a glorious title. For ye are they who give us store of ri"hes: ye guard your gift un"heated by the bounteous. 1: This is, ye 4ise, your great and glorious title, that all ye +eities abide in 1ndra. Friend, .u"h5invo'ed0 art thou with thy dear 9bhus: fashion ye this our hymn for our advantage. 1; Aryaman, Aditi deserve our worshi$: the laws of 2aruna remain unbro'en. The lot of "hildlessness remove ye from us, and let our "ourse be ri"h in 'ine and offs$ring. 1< .ay the 6ods& envoy, sent to many a Buarter, $ro"laim us sinless for our $erfe"t safety. .ay Carth and Heaven, the Sun, the waters, hear us, and the wide firmament and "onstellations. %= Hear us the mouatains whi"h distil the rain5dro$s, and, resting firm, re>oi"e in freshening moisture. .ay Aditi with the Adityas hear us, and .aruts grant us their aus$i"ious shelter. %1 Soft be our $ath for ever, well5$rovisioned: with $leasant meath, O 6ods, the herbs bes$rin'le. Safe be my bliss, O Agni, in thy friendshi$: may 1 attain the seat of foodful. ri"hes, %% Cn>oy the offering: beam thou strength u$on us) "ombine thou for our good all 'inds of glory. (onBuer in battle, Agni, all those foemen, and light us every day with loving 'indness. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3;118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/;7

HYMN (V. Vis#$d$#as.
1. AT the first shining of the earliest .ornings, in the (ow&s home was born the 6reat Cternal. Dow shall the statutes of the 6ods be valid. 6reat is the 6ods& su$reme and sole dominion 5 % et not the 6ods here in>ure us, O Agni, nor Fathers of old time who 'now the region, Dor the sign set between two an"ient dwellings. 6reat is the 6ods& su$reme and sole dominion. / .y wishes fly abroad to many $la"es: 1 glan"e ba"' to the an"ient sa"rifi"es. et us de"lare the truth when fire is 'indled. 6reat is the 6ods& su$reme and sole dominion. 3 *ing Universal, born to sundry Buarters, eAtended through the wood be lies on "ou"hes. One .other rests: another feeds the 1nfant. 6reat is the 6ods& su$reme and sole dominion.

she standeth. And loo'eth on us. he goeth to the realm of s$lendour. (hild of two . 6reat is the 6ods& su$reme and sole dominion. 1/ oud hath she lowed. 11 @e. sole ord in synods. immortal dwelling5 $la"es. 6reat is the 6ods& su$reme and sole dominion. 8 Dow lying far away. another herd re"eives the genial moisture) For he is -haga.others. et us de"lare the Hero&s wealth in horses. streaming. bright shines the other) And yet these two.rote"tor. he wanders unrestrained. are Sisters.other and the +aughter. 'ee$s the loftiest station. "lad in wondrous beauty. *ing. As to a friendly warrior when he battles. 6reat is the 6ods& su$reme and sole dominion. 6reat is the 6ods& su$reme and sole dominion. 1% 4here the two (ows.7 odged in old $lants. 17 4ithin a wondrous $la"e the Twain are treasured: the one is manifest. 1= 2isnu. swiftly within the newly5born and tender. 18 et the mil"h5'ine that have no "alves storm downward. They who s$ea' sweetly bring him sweet addresses. : (hild of two . the earth&s . have made yourselves twin beauties: one of the Twain is dar'. O all ye fol': of this the 6ods have . .air. 6reat is the 6ods& su$reme and sole dominion.il"h5 "ow laid her udderF This 1la streameth with the mil' of Order. he ma'es them fruitful. ea"h thing that "omes anear is seen to meet him.riest. the . 6reat is the 6ods& su$reme and sole dominion. One "ommon $athway leads in two dire"tions. the guardian. li"'ing her (alf of eighteen months. 1: 4hat time the -ull bellows in other regions. 1. Though they are unim$regned. . the other hidden. 6reat is the 6ods& su$reme and sole dominion. 6reat is the 6ods& su$reme and sole dominion. variant . 13 Carth weareth beauties manifold: u$lifted. 6reat is the 6ods& su$reme and sole dominion.itra. the red. These are the laws of 2aruna and . he grows again in younger. u$holding dear. On what world hath the . 4ell5s'illed 1 see' the seat of law eternal. Agni 'nows well all these "reated beings. 6reat is the 6ods& su$reme and sole dominion. < +ee$ within these the hoary envoy $ier"eth) mighty. 6reat is the 6ods& su$reme and sole dominion. yielding ri"h ne"tar.others. 6reat is the 6ods& su$reme and sole dominion. uneAhausted. The hymn "ommingles with the "ow&s oblation. 1 $raise them at the seat of law eternal. he still $re"edes while resting as foundation. meet and give su"' yielding their lordly ne"tar. the dar'. 6reat is the 6ods& su$reme and sole dominion. the single youngling. These who are ever new and fresh and youthful. li"'ing the other&s youngling.

%% 9i"h in their gifts for thee are herbs and waters. with a brood in many $la"es. % One. and the fair5handed *ings 2aruna. / The -ull who wears all sha$es.ay we as friends of thine share goodly treasures. O 1ndra. yea. and the 4aters. The Hero is renowned for gathering ri"hes. the tri$le5breasted. . %1 @ea. moving not away. %= The two great meeting -owls hath he united: ea"h of the .7 HYMN (VI. (reator. the Asura&s Heroes. thri"e here from heaven su$reme in our assembly. Three are the holy adies of the 4aters. (hild of three . 9uleth ma>esti" with his tri$le as$e"t. 1n his $rote"tion heroes rest in safety. three5uddered. three times a day. 6reat is the 6ods& su$reme dominion. . and earth brings all her wealth for thee. Send us. 7 Streams0 the wise 6ods have thri"e three habitations. beyond attainment. not men of wisdom im$air the 6ods& first steadfast ordinan"es. the Cverlasting Ones& im$regner. O -haga. 8 +o thou. soli"it wealth that Savitar may send us. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. best. SiAfold they bear him. Three are the bright realms. and on this our earth the All5Sustainer dwells li'e a *ing with noble friends about him.others. Vis#$d$#as. nor the fiAed hills.air is laden with histreasure. rule . His. the omniform. from heaven thri"e hither. begets and feeds man'ind in various manner. verily. . the -ull. send down thy blessings daily. and three. 6reat is the 6ods& su$reme and sole dominion.ighty Ones who travel swiftly: two are "on"ealed from sight. su$$orts siA burthens: the (ows $ro"eed to him the true.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. 3 4hen nigh them.'nowledge. be bowed by sage devi"es. 6reat is the 6ods& su$reme and sole dominion. 6reat is the 6ods& su$reme and sole dominion. he is ord in synods. tri$le wealth and treasure) "ause the two worlds to $ros$er us. or by fives are harnessed. as their tra"er he observed them: he "alled aloud the dear name of Adityas. 6reat is the (ods& su$reme and sole dominion. De&er may the earth and heaven whi"h 'now not mali"e. Dear stand three . DOT men of magi" s'ill.reserver0 : Savitar thri"e from heaven $ours down abundan"e. The 6oddesses. one is a$$arent. stayed to meet him: they who were wandering se$arate en"losed him. 1. O Savitar. 1< Tvastar the 6od. . the Highest. ar" all these living "reatures.itra) And s$a"ious Heaven and Carth. the 4aters.

As#ins. wonderful and eAhaustless li'e the rain5 "louds. Thus "are for us. O 2asus. Have not the sages of old time. ye Asvins. "alled you most $rom$t to "ome and stay misfortuneF 3 9emember us. deft of hand and mighty. 1. for we have shown you favour. the holy.ighty5 . thy meath5sweet tongue that tastes fair viands. blent with mil' at the first brea' of morning. 7 Cven through many regions.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. well5$leased have drained the heaven&s eAhaustless udder. show us thy loving5'indness. the siste. O ye Asvins high $raise is yours among man'ind. and "ome to us. . at sa"rifi"e. % They bear you hither by well5orderd statute: our sa"red offerings rise as if to $arents. the $ress5stones. as their wont is.5 Therewith ma'e all the Holy Odes be seated here for our hel$.usan. and feed them with sweet >ui"es. whi"h give men boons in $lenty. with reveren"e re"ogniGe the germ within him. Her who hath straightway $oured me food in $lenty: 1ndra and Agni therefore are her $raisers. Holy and vigorous. 1. The $raise of Usas hath awo'e the Asvins. the beautiful. the $ress5stone&s song.@ thought with fine dis"ernment hath dis"overed the (ow who wanders free without a herdsman. THC An"ient&s . whi"h among 6ods is "alled the far5eAtended. +estroy in us the "ounsel of the niggard "ome hitherward. never to be in>ured.as Sovrans. She with the s$lendid "hariot brings refulgen"e. 3 FiAing with thought. rise u$ on high.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. / Fain to lend vigour to the -ull. to him endued with great and wondrous beauties. 8 et thy stream give us drin'. / 4ith lightly5rolling "ar and well5yo'ed horses hear this. ye 4onder54or'ers. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. for ever men. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. rea"hing all men.. Friends as it were have offered you these >ui"es. The (ows "ome lowing hither to the @oungling. ye . O Agni. may 1 win blessing here from you. % 1ndra and .7 HYMN (VIII. sweet. As in this $raise the 6ods have all delighted.7 HYMN (VII. Vis#$d$#as. 7 Agni. Thri"e may the 6ods from heaven attend our synod.il"h5"ow yields the things we long for: the Son of +a'sina travels between them. 1 bid the well5formed Heaven and Carth "ome hither) For these thy flames. O 2asu Eatavedas. O 6od. invo"ate the Asvins.

he who in might sur$asses heaven. rest in his $ro$itious loving5'indness.en: they "ame desirous to these holy rites with store of wealth.ay we en>oy the gra"e of him the Holy. 1. ever strong to aid. on the $aths whi"h 6ods have travelled: here your libations of sweet meath are ready.itra sustaineth both the earth and heaven. offer in fire oblation that he loveth.itra to 6ods. @our "ar. 8 An"ient your home. O . 8 The gainful gra"e of . >oying in the third day&s Soma.itra beholdeth men with eyes that "lose not.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. yea. not hostile. 1.7 HYMN (X. who stirreth men. to living men. . your Soma sheds deli"ious sweetness: drin' ye thereof and "ome unto our dwelling. Following "losely the Aditya&s statute. let us re>oi"e with draughts of meath together. aus$i"ious is your friendshi$: Heroes. . 7 The great Aditya. drin' it. goes round the earth and heaven in one brief moment. Forming again with you aus$i"ious friendshi$.itra. 3 Aus$i"ious and adorable.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/.h"s. falls no affli"tion. HC9C is your ghostly 'inshi$. . To . when s$ea'ing.(ome. one5minded. with 2ayu and with his steeds.1T9A. here. Sur$asses earth in his renown. / >oying in sa"red food and free from si"'ness. Asvins. . to be served with wor.itra. 6ives food fulfilling sa"red aw.itra whose glory s$reads afar. < . : O Asvins. 6ives s$lendour of most. < Asvins. un"easing. : . .itra bring. 6od. 2ery .glorious fame. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. hel$ers. Aditya. O . may we remain in . is gra"ious to the singer. All the Five 9a"es have re$aired to . . from near or far. Mi ra.itra.itra.ighty ones. su$$orter of the ra"e of man.. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. with 'nees bent lowly on the earth&s broad surfa"e.itra&s gra"ious favour. to you are brought abundant viands in rivalry with sa"red songs. oblation. ever5youthful.7 HYMN (IX. your wealth is with the house of Eahnu. % Foremost be he who brings thee food. For he sustaineth all the 6ods. To . on him. him most highly to be lauded. Dasatyas. with holy oil. *ing. stirreth men to labour: . He whom thou hel$est ne&er is slain or "onBuered. +is$oser. urged on by $ress5stones. most often goes to the Soma5$resser&s $la"e of meeting.itra was born with fair dominion. shi$. this . R. to him who strews the holy grass. who strives to 'ee$ thy sa"red aw. 2ery -ounteous 6ivers. assuming many a sha$e. S$rung from high aw your "ar.

ighty Ones. are your good deeds. a""e$t the singer&s $raise. Thou. fully gained: grandsons of . dro$$ing sweets.orning. 3 etting her reins dro$ downward. whereby. and full of wisdom. . all5bounteous0 as the aw ordaineth.4ith wondrous arts. thou aus$i"ious 6oddess. 8 4ith 9bhu near. turning thee to every "reature. the 4onderful. li'e a wheel. : (ome with the mighty 9bhus. She. the thought by whi"h ye drew the "ow from out the hide. O . These homes wherein we dwell have turned themselves to thee. / Friendshi$ with 1ndra have the 9bhus. urged by song. with Sa"i. 3:1n "om$any with 1ndra "ome ye to the >ui"e. $raised of many. % The mighty $owers wherewith. "ome to us. fair to loo' on. O 9bhus. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. with the 9bhus. $our down the Soma >ui"e effused. in the >ui"e we $our. 1ndra. O Usas. endowed witli 'nowledge.riests.orning. with Sudhanvan&s Sons. Dot to be $aragoned. O newly5born. 5devotions to the 6ods. 7 O 1ndra. they s'ilfully urged the wor'. $ious with noble a"ts. then gloriously shall your wishes be fulfilled. and. the golden"oloured. serving with holy rites.7 HYMN (XI. ye . . roll hi ther. on thy bright "ar awa'ing $leasant voi"es. /sas. from both thy hands.anu.orning. hath beamed . % Shine forth. an"ient. ye attained divinity.5through these. hath set in heaven her brightness. To one same goal ever and ever wending now. movest. Sudhanvan&s Sons. . young. well5blent. et do"ile horses of far5rea"hing s$lendour "onvey thee hitherward. / Thou. with thousand arts attend the a"t of sa"rifi"e. 7 Hither invo'e the radiant 6oddess . The intelle"t wherewith ye wrought the two -ay Steeds.orning "ometh. 6oddess. . and bring with reveren"e your hymn to $raise her. standest on high as ensign of the 1mmortal. strong with strength. 1. in the drin'5offerer&s house re>oi"e thee with the Heroes. Sudhanvan&s (hildren won them everlasting life. strengthening with thy hel$ the singer&s holy $raise) At hundred eager "alls "ome to the living man. 1ndra. O wealthy ady. the -lessed hath s$read her from the bounds of earth and heaven. @e gained. here eAult. and 2a>a. the wealthy +ame. ye formed the "hali"es.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/.aghalan. the ady of the dwelling) -ringing forth light. with s"hemes to meet ea"h need. as laws of men ordain. nor your heroi" a"ts. Sudhanvan&s Sons0 your share in sa"rifi"e. 9bhus.

118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. 17 . earnestly.air.ay the 2arutris with their shelter aid us. 1/ Soma who gives su""ess goes forth.7 HYMN (XII.aruts. thou loved of all 6ods.itra.5 . ye reign through ma>esty of might.usan. 11 4ith understanding. bedew our $asturage with oil. -rhas$ati: 6ive wealth to him who brings thee gifts. may . 18 . To . be gra"ious to the earnest thought. singers worshi$ Savitar the 6od with hymn and holy rites. bright. A""ordant. in"essantly invo'es you for your favour. 4here. . 1% . 1ndra52aruna. 4ith meatb the regions of the air. . 1n our assembly ta'e his seat. hath s$read in every $la"e its s$lendour. / O 1ndra52aruna. Urged by the im$ulse of their thoughts. and -harati and Hotri with the . A""e$t with favour this my song. : +ivine. and "onBuering our foes. < . : On aw&s firm base the s$eeder of the . To seat him at the seat of aw.ay he stimulate our $rayers. 1: Far5ruling. of Savitar the 6od we "rave Our $ortion of $ros$erity. when she "omes refulgent. hear ye mine invo"ation. with hymns.aruts.ost CA"ellent. goes to the gathering $la"e of 6ods. see'ing after ri"hes.ay lie. hath entered mighty earth and heaven. res$lendent . 13 To us and to our "attle may Soma give salutary food. strengthening our $ower of life. this our newest hymn of eulogy. whom none de"eive. . with full store of heroes. whi"h.ornings.forth her s$lendour. most diligent. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. >oyful when adored. is now that glory wherewith ye brought su$$ort to those who loved youF % This man. To bi$ed and to Buadru$ed. . with . 1= . thou goest forth soli"iting fair ri"hes.itra52aruna. -rhas$ati . sa$ient . Indra and O h$rs. the wearer of ea"h sha$e at will. -y us is "hanted forth to thee. 7 At sa"rifi"es. Agni.en.ay . 1ndra52aruna. 1. Cven as a bridegroom to his bride. 3 -e $leased0 with our oblations. 8 From heaven.ay Soma.usan be our hel$. the -ull.ornings. them together at a glan"". ours be this treasure ours be wealth. see.orning.. @OU9 well5'nown $rom$t a"tivities aforetime needed no im$ulse from your faithful servant. with Heaven and Carth.ay he who sees all living things. 6reat is the $ower of 2aruna and . the Holy One was wa'ened: brightly to both worlds "ame the wealthy ady.ay we attain that eA"ellent glory of Savitar the 6od: So . with your hymns worshi$ the $ure -rhas$ati5 1 $ray for $ower whi"h none may bend5 8 The -ull of men.

mid mortal men. our "losest Friend while now this . yea. thou 9adiant One. with their wisdom sent thee down. swift as a wheel. O Agni. %===5%==1.a-ur veda Buddhism criptures Atharva veda *ther criptures Previous 'e+t ama veda sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. and all files at this site are K "o$yright 2. refulgent remove thou far from us all those who hate us.Home The Vedas Jainism aivism ikhism !oroastr"#ink $esc" earch &eb $esc" piritualism Hinduism Upanishads Buddhism The gita elf %evt )mail #ogin hopping %aily 'e(s acred cripturesHinduism criptures $igveda inde+ . -less us.))HT. have they brought forth. 3 +o thou who 'nowest 2aruna.4ith $ure laws everlastingly. $ut far away from us the 6od&s dis$leasure. the 6od5devoted 6od. True to the aw. The translation $resented in this $age is in the $ubli" domain and re$rodu"ed a""ording to the -erne (onvention for the benefit of our readers.)). Agni. turn hither him who is our Friend. 9e"on"ile to us 2aruna.)). be bounteous en>oy the gra"ious >ui"e) be swift to hear us. for seed and $rogeny.)). li'e two "ar5 steeds in ra$id "ourse. All images on this $age.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. yea.)). find thou gra"e for us with 2aruna.)). the Aditya who su$$orteth men.)). 1.orn is brea'ing. nearest us with su""our.Eayaram. 7 -e thou. -est Sa"rifi"er. O thou 4ondrous 6od. O Agni. bring with favour to the 6ods thy -rother 2aruna who loveth sa"rifi"e. ever of one a""ord.BOOK THE 0O/RTH sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. O thou Holy One. su$$orter of man'ind. All rights reserved LeA"e$t where notedM. the wise. O Agni. Hinduwebsite. brought forth the omni$resent 6od5devoted Sage. brightest One. the *ing. / +o thou. 4ondrous0 to us in ra$id "ourse. % As su"h. sit in the $la"e of holy aw: +rin' Soma. 1+o"umentCn"odingutf5. all gra$hi"s. ye who strengthen aw. bless us. a$$ointed messenger. a 6od. with . O Agni. sent hither down. eA"e$t where noted.aruts who illumine all. The 1mmortal.7 RIG VEDA . .7 HYMN I. the html mar' u$.)). 1. have the 6ods. THCC Agni. O Friend. auded by Eamadagni&s song.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/.com About Us Privacy Policy Contact Us Terms of use Add your link )N.

1< 1 will "all hither brightly5beaming Agni.8 CA"ellent is the glan"e. and in this region&s bosom) Footless and headless. 1% 4ondrously first he rose aloft. He hath dis"losed. in the -ull&s lair. afterwards they loo'ed around. with loud "all.il"h5"ow&s earliest name they "om$rehended: they found the . the stable full of "attle. 11 1n houses first he s$rang into eAisten"e. . the Herald. endid0 u$ rose the bright beam of "elestial . li'e a feast ri"h in food. shall tell forth this their eA$loit. 1: The turbid dar'ness fled. . 2aruna. +yaus.other&s thri"e5 seven noblest titles. en"losing. in the "avern. with red steeds. >oyous for ever. heated. raining down true blessings. effulgent. li'e the mil"h "ows& $ure udder. around. 1= et Agni 5for he 'nows the way5 "ondu"t us to all that he en>oys of 6od5sent ri"hes. of Agni. of brightest s$lendour. the true. both his ends "on"ealing. mightily res$lendent. and far5res$lendent: and sevendear frieuds s$rang u$ unto the . longed5for even as the butter. 13 S$lendid were they when they had rent the mountain: others. at great heaven&s base. 4hat all the 1mmortals have $re$ared with wisdom. Surya as"ended to the wide eA$anses. He stays. < Allied by worshi$. They sang their song. all5su$$orting. the most eAalted. beholding deeds of men both good and evil. $re$ared to free the "attle: they found the light) with holy hymns they worshi$$ed.il"h5'ine bid in the mountainstable.itra. The solid mountain firm. borne on his golden "ar. sweet5tongued 1nvo'er: ovely to loo' on. in his -ull&s lair drawing himself together. 1. be the $rayer effe"tive. $ure. Sire. whi"h the aus$i"ious 6od bestows on mortals5 The 6od&s glan"e. 1/ Here did our human fathers ta'e their $la"es. the heaven was s$.ighty. radiant. the men with their "elestial s$ee"h threw o$en. friendly. the homeof holy Order. . and sent forth a""lamation:with the -ull&s sheen the 9ed One was a$$arent. young. "onfining (ows. of the 6od. -egetter. effe"tual in this mortal&s dwelling. Dow all the 6ods abide in all their dwellings.orning. let him give man 'nowledge: by an eAtended "ord they lead him onward. eagerly longed5for. "om$a"t. : Three are those births. onged5for. fain to fulfil the sa"red aw of worshi$. This the bands 'new. 17 Cager. beautiful. and the 6od wins a share in his $ossessions. $ure. Forth drave they. with thought intent u$on the booty. 18 The . awa'ened. defiant. This envoy >oyeth in all seats of worshi$. Then. +awn&s teeming . the Sorria&s >ui"e when "leansed and $oured from bea'ers. the mil"h5"ow&s bounty. when first they held that Heaven allotted treasure. best at worshi$. He "ame invested in the boundless region. of the "ow.

Faithful One. ri"h in 'ine and shee$ and horses. the guest who is re"eived in all men&s houses. wonderful. Thou farest as an envoy. 8 The man who. @o'ing red horses to and fro thou goest between you +eities and mortal ra"es. to fol' with fair oblations. . brings for thee the fuel. 11 . 7 Agni. who.itra. wel"omes his "heerful guest and s$eeds him onward. .rote"tor guard him from all who see' to do him mis"hief. a$$ointed envoy.7 HYMN II. sorely toiling. to wealth and noble offs$ring: 'ee$ $enury afar and grant us $lenty. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. 4hoso sings $raise to thee at eve or morning. dro$$ing oil. and 1ndra with 2isnu. of the 6ods. . be this our sa"rifi"e eternal. O Agni. thou liberal 6iver. thy faithful servant. 1% This Sage the Sages. doth the thing thou lovest. .aruts and Asvins5 These. Agni. best at worshi$. Agni. "ommanded. 1= 4hose well5wrought worshi$ thou a""e$test. : 4ho brings thee food. to us Eatavedas. must shine forth in glory . % -orn for us here this day. with ra$id footste$s behold the 6ods. 4ho 'indles thee devoutly in his dwelling. wealth broad5based and during.5 et him not. to him be a self5strong .5 +ear be his sa"rifi"e to thee. even as a go1d5girt "ourser. fle"test through the thoualit of Order. 1.ay he who 'nows distinguish sense and folly of men. a 6od among the 6ods. most bountiful. . having harnessed. with good "ar and steeds. @oungest 6od0 with out$oured Soma serves thee. and ma'es his head to a"he. with oblation. < 4hoso brings gifts to thee 1mmortal. friendly 6od. and. though thou hast food in $lenty. ead us. 3 Aryaman. O 6od. Sublime One0 thy strong5mus"led radiant stallions. Agni shall be raised high with man&s oblations. Agni.%= The freest 6od of all who should be worshi$$ed.riest. ne&er de"eived.5may he be gra"ious.to him be wealth se"ure and freely giving. li'e straight and "roo'ed ba"'s of horses. 2aruna.5 1n his own home. 9i"h. lose his ri"hes) let not the sinner&s wi"'edness en"lose him. THC. / 1 laud the ruddy steeds who $our down blessing. with brave friends. in full assembly. thou 6od a mortal&s gift. and doth thee servi"e with u$lifted ladle. sweating. Agni. O Son of 2igour. 1mmortal among mortals. Agni who hath se"ured the 6ods& high favour. 1/ 6ood guidan"e hast thou for the $riest. Agni. .ost @outhful0 and may we strengthen him when he adores thee.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/.5 Agni. Asura0 in sa"red food and "hildren. bring hither. fair to loo' on. Hen"e mayst thou. res"ue him from distress. the bounteous giver. setting him down in dwellings of the living. between both ra"es of born beings.

res$lendent. 17 . 6ive us great wealth. -laGe u$ on high and ever ma'e us ri"her. we have sung these $raises to thee the 4ise: do thou a""e$t them gladly. effe"tual Sa"rifi"er. whom the stone. 1< 4e have wor'ed for thee.riest. seven sages first in ran'. the gentle. 9udra. There they moaned forth their strong desire for mortals. smelting li'e ore their human generations. to him who loo's on men. the holy rite have guided. O . and the 6od&s beauteous eye that shines for ever. bring treasure s$lendid and $lentiful to aid the toiler. worshi$s. Agni.riest of both worlds.ay we. 1. as the fond dame attires her for her husband. before the thunder stri'e and lay you senseless.erformer of good wor'. The wise. with toil. Sought $ure light and devotion. sit down before us. 4hen shall thy songs of festival be sung theeF 4hen is thy friendshi$ shown within our dwellingF 7 4hy this "om$laint to 2aruna. with hands. radiant. to this our solemn rite he thou attentive.7 HYMN III. invested with his golden "olours.ay we. Strong One0 he mar'ed them5and the 6ods before them5li'e herds of "attle in a foodful $asture. %= Agni. from +awn the . 13 Dow all that we. they "ame en"om$assing the stall of "attle. we have laboured nobly5bright +awns have shed their light u$on our worshi$5 Adding a beauty to the $erfe"t Agni. Angirases. 18 As in the days of old our an"ient Fathers. . sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. to aid the True. .118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/.itraF 4hat wilt thou say to Aryaman and -hagaF . Agni. O thou whose boons are many. $resser of the sweet >ui"e. Agni. +is$oser. the nearest One. thy faithful servants. % This shrine have we made ready for thy "oming. / A hymn. burst the wealth5"ontaining mountain. s$eeding the wor' of holy worshi$. the iving. men to be ordainers. as those who frame a "ar with manual "unning. have done with feet. be sons of Heaven. 1. 3 Cven as true 'nower of the aw. to assist you. eA"eeding gra"ious. ord of worshi$. thou >oyous 6od. and. invested while these flames in"line to meet thee. and with our bodies. O AgniF And why to HeavenF for what is our transgressionF How wilt thou s$ea' to Carth and bounteous .9uler of men. doing holy a"ts. . A song of $raise sing to the 6od 1mmortal. to him who hears. O Agni. singing $raises) they "left the ground and made red +awns a$$arent.other. Cn'indling Agni and eAalting 1ndra. devout. Agni. 41D. engender. 1: 6ods.

and sang their hymns together with the "attle. "ast thy firebrands all . O Singer. S$read with thy tongue the winged flames. with. Thou. 4hat wilt thou tell the truthful band of . Sage. 11 -y aw the Angirases "left the ro"' asunder. she hath the sweet ri$e >ui"e. True. hath been s$rin'led with oil u$on his ba"'. all5 sustaining. 1/ 6o never to the feast of one who harms us. O Agni. < 1 "rave the "ow&s true gift arranged by Order: though raw. these our devotions. unworthy 'insman. % Forth go in ra$id flight thy whirling wea$ons: follow them "losely. . loving us.orning: light was a$$arent at the birth of Agni. following thy swift net.aruts. what wilt thou say to man5destroying 9udraF : How to great . 13 O Agni. . 1.raises. . tou"h our viands. et us riot feel the might of friend or foeman. Though she is bla"' of hue with mil' she teemeth. what to the mighty 4ind who "omes tobless us. O Angiras. brightly shining.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. Agni. 18 To thee who 'nowest. to thee.UT forth li'e a wide5s$reading net thy vigour) go li'e a mighty *ing with his attendants. Sung to thee. what. glowing in thy fury. 'ee$ us safe with thy $rote"tion. how answer the great Sun when thou art BuestionedF -efore the Free. defend us: fulfil heaven&s wor'. -ringing great bliss the men en"om$assed . shootest arrows: transfiA the fiends with darts that burn most fier"ely. all these wise se"ret s$ee"hes have 1 uttered. A""e$t. before the Swift. and unin>ured. 1= Agni the -ull. when thou blaGest on the lesser altars. s$ed to flow onward swiftly and for ever. He who gives vital $ower goes on unswerving. 17 Through these our songs of $raise be gra"ious. honoured 6od0 and ever guarding. Agni. nutritious.7 HYMN IV. . the trea"herous neighbour or. all5'nowing Eatavedas. Agni) moved by our$rayers.5 to honoured 9udra what. 1% -y aw the 1mmortal 6oddesses the 4aters. thou +is$oser. the "harming words of wisdom. Agni.8 4hat.rsni the -ull hath mil'ed the $ure wiiite udder. and let the $raise whi"h 6ods desire address thee. O Agni.usan who $romotes our welfare. my thoughts and . -eat thou away. O Agni. wilt thou tell the ofty Arrow.unish us not for a false brother&s tres$ass. with meath5ri"h waves. destory severe affli"tion slay e&en the demon when he waAes mighty. "ir"umambientF what to Carth. by aw eternal. the manly. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. O Agni) unfettered. who gives oblationsF 4hat sin of ours to the far5striding 2isnu. i'e a strong "ourser lauded in his running. O Hero.

$reserve us. O thou . Agni. . "omes nigh thee on a "ar laden with tr"asure. unerring Agni. ne&er de"eived. Fulfil the words of both. eA"eeding wise. blaGing Agni0 who hath wor'ed us mis"hief.ost @outhful. fle"test in thy motion) be. with this fuel will we serve thee) a""e$t the laud we sing to thee with favour +estroy the "ursing 9a'sasas: $reserve us. . 1nvo'er. most unwearied. 1/ Thy guardian rays. s$eedy and $ro$itious. and let no trouble sent from thee o&er"ome us. 17 O Agni. 1% *nowing no slumber. . when they saw him. 3 9ise u$. O ri"h in friends. alert and ever friendly. "onsume thou utterly li'e dried5u$ stubble.ay all his days be bright: be this his longing. 8 . O Cver Truthful: straightway do this. $assing beyond the glories of the $eo$le. < Here of free "hoi"e let ea"h one serve thee ri"hly. . the guardian of this $eo$le From him who. . Him. Sla"'en the strong bows of the demondriven: destroy our foemen whether 'in or stranger. His Friend art thou. / Send thy s$ies forward. So may we honour thee. is bent on evil. from guile and s"orn and slander. "ombined.around thee. s$read thee out before us: burn down our foes. .ost @outhful 6od. ord of all ri"hes. : -lest. 1 $raise thy gra"ious favour: sing in answer. O Agni. 7 9ise. Agni. Friend of the House. the liberal giver. "ontent and >oyous. ta'ing their $la"es here. O Agni. 1= 4hoso with good steeds and fine gold. res$lendent day by day at eve and morning. near or far. be the man. he 'noweth well thy favour who gave an im$ulse to this high devotion. thou art his .ay thy $rote"ting $owers.ar' thou this s$ee"h of ours. 11 Through words and 'inshi$ 1 destroy the miglity: this $ower 1 have from 6otama my father.amateya from affli"tion. yea. All fair days and magnifi"en"e of ri"hes hast thou beamed forth u$on the good man&s $ortals. he $reserved the $ious: the fees who fain would harm them did no mis"hief 13 Aided by thee with thee may we be wealthy. may we gain strength with thee to guide us onward.rote"tor whose >oy it is to entertain thee duly. O Agni. thou 6od whom $ower emboldens. and day by day vou"hsafe thou us dominion. thou who hast shar$ened arrows.ay this my song sing li'e a loved one with thee. drive off those who fight against us: ma'e manifest thine own "elestial vigour. $reserved blind . who with his lauds and regular oblation 1s fain to $lease thee for his life and dwelling. ords of good steeds and "ars may we adorn thee.

she dis"overed. . Agni.sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. in the . Cstablished on the height. of evil "ondu"t. Of this my s$ee"h what shall 1 utter furtherF They indi"ate the mil' stored u$ in se"ret 4hen they have thrown as &twere the "ows& stalls o$en. : So may our song that $urifies. 1= He then who shone together with his . 1% 4hat is our wealth therefrom.5he hath de"lared to me this hidden 'nowledge. strong. Of this. inno"ent. % 9e$roa"h not him who.itra. the 1mmortal&s S$ouses. unre$roa"hed. of boundless vigour.other (ow&s most lofty station. How shall we give with one a""ord oblation to Agni. with full high growth hath he u$lifted. "onsume with flame most fier"ely glowing. dis"erner. < This is the 6reat Ones& mighty a$$arition whi"h from of old the radiant (ow hath followed. 1. 3 . and what our treasureF Tell us O Eatavedas. and with offered dainties. the -ounteous 6iver. vou"hsafed this bounty unto me a mortal. They who are full of sin. This. $rofound and strong and mighty. straying.7 HYMN V.ay he with shar$ened teeth.rsni&s fair and se"ret treasure.rsni. thou art the Sovran.arents remembered . the +awns. $owerful. have rea"hed a tMla"e far distant. youthful Aini. to me the sim$le.5 +eathless. of the flame bent forward. 8 To me. on earth&s best . Those who regard not 2aruna&s "ommandments and the dear stedfast laws of sa$ient . for thou 'nowest. they have engendered this abysmal station. above the beauteous grassy s'in of . the guerdonF i'e fleet5foot "oursers s$eed we to the "ontest. through wisdom rea"h in a moment him the Universal. 4hi"h. Agni who 'nows the lofty hymn. to 2aisvanara the -ounteousF 6reat light.ighty. unfaithful. li'e dames who hate their lords. 4hat is our best "ourse in this se"ret $assage: we. whate&er it be. untrue. / Shar$5$ointed. yea. the doubly . 11 4ith reveren"e 1 de"lare the aw. 7 i'e youthful women without brothers. wise. swift. sustains it.station. and. 6od and selfreliant. all the wealth that is in earth or heaven. This . 2aisvanara most manly. the -ull&s tongue. as a $illar bears the roof. thou. Eatavedas. 4hen will the 6oddesses. The -ird $rote"ts earths& best and well5loved station.rstha hymn. wea'. 'e$t se"ret As the lost mil"h5"ow&s tra"'. tasted. shining brightly in the $la"e of Order. "omes by thine order. hasting on in se"ret. s$read over us the Sun5 . 1/ 4hat is the limit. bast boldly given as &twere a heavy burthen. what the rules. luminous Agni. Agni. O Agni) what is. of seven elements.

roar loudly li'e the army of the .7 HYMN VI. Thy s$lendours are not "overed by the dar'ness: detra"tion leaves no stain u$on thy body. Then as Friend benevolent. i'e Savitar he hath lifted u$ his s$lendour. in the homes of men engendered. terrible when s$reading. stand u$ ere"t. "heerful. wealthy in boons.6od&s s$lendourF 13 Unsatisfied. . He. Agni shone forth in human habitations. "lothed in light. 11 To thee. Agni. of mighty mus"le. His fulgent flames run forth li'e vigorous horses) all "reatures are affrighted when he blaGes. Agni the . as a home shines with ri"hes. Agni. . 17 The ma>esty of him the 6ood. his tas' re> o "ing. with s$ee"h devoid of vigour. goes round. hath $rayer been offered. . that move for ever restless.aruts. true to Order. and li'e a builder raised his smo'e to heaven. 4herefore do they address thee here. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. 7 Agni himself. refulgent. anoints the vi"tims. 8 -eautiful and aus$i"ious is thine as$e"t. the Adhvaryu rises to. in the 6ods& servi"e best of sa"rifi"ers. fain to adore the glory of the living. dwelling together. s$eeding straightly forward. whom the twi"e5five sisters. 1. % He was set down mid men as . / The glowing ladle. allsubduing.other and his Sire were free to send him. wa'ened in the morning.ighty. He. wise. filled with oil. dro$$ing fatness. Cager he rises li'e the new5wrought $illar whi"h. i'e fal"ons hasting eagerly to the Buarry. For over evei y thought thou art the 9uler: thou furtherest e&en the wisdom of the $ious. O lovely Agni. Agni. with sweet s$ee"h. the . wonderful. firmly set and fiAed.91CST of our rite. O AgniF et these who have no wea$ons suffer sorrow. .118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. hath shone most fair to loo' on.riest. 3 4hen sa"red grass is strewn and Agni 'indled. hath shone for glory in the dwelling. -right li'e a s$ear&s tooth. Agni. et the $riest laud thee: give to him who worshi$s. O flaming 6od. li'e one who tends the "attle. s"anty and frivolous and in"on"lusive.en have established Agni as 1nvo'er.riest. And red steeds. -ounteous 6iver: his . with $owerful mouth and li'e an aAe well5shar$ened. wel"ome in our holy synods. with measured motion. ruddy vigorous. are to this servi"e of the 6ods invited: 1= These brightly5shining games of thine. is lifted) "hoosing 6ods& servi"e to the right he "ir"les. the . < These thy -ay (oursers.riest unerring. goes three times round. aflame. O Agni. O Agni. as from of old he wills it. : Daught hindered his $rodu"tion.

and "ourser5li'e. / Seeing thee faithful to the aw. bearer of your gifts. hath "on"eived thee. served with reveren"e and oblation. 1mmortal. s'illed in an envoy&s duties.ay we be they who gratify Agni with sa"rifi"ial gifts. swift. s$reading from home to home. he doth his errand to and fro.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. and the -hrgus "aused to shine bright5"oloured in the wood. 11 4hen he hath borne off food with swift flame swiftly. even when newly born thou art an envoy. 'nows the gift of wealth. "on"ealed and una$$roa"hed.riest. in the wood. and with his teeth e&en solid food "onsumeth. Bui"'ly found.others. s$eeds. 7 . 7 Him the intelligent have they $la"ed duly as 1nvo'ing .7 HYMN VII. to be $raised at rites: 4hom A$navana. 'nowing both worlds and that whi"h lies between them. .sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. 1 woo with song. % He. : That as food s$reads forth in this earthly udder. -est worshi$$er. Agni. be suddenly shown forth. 4el"ome. / He 'nows. 3 2ivasvan&s envoy living men have ta'en as their ensign. best at worshi$. 1. 1llumining with "heerful ray ea"h solemn rite in every house. HC9C by ordainers was this 6od a$$ointed first 1nvo'er. best worshi$$er. Agni. thy $ath is bla"': light is before thee: thy moving s$lendour is the "hief of wonders.7 HYMN VIII. . 1= @et newly born. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. the Faithful. % 4hen shall thy glory as a 6od. *nowing the dee$ re"ess of heaven. to guide 6ods to the righteous in his home: He gives e&en treasures that we love. yet unim$regnate.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. strong Agni ma'es himself a s$eedy envoy. 3 He is the Herald: well5informed. 6ods may re>oi"e them in the home of Order.ighty. with sevenfold might) 8 1n his Cternal . *e$t se"ret though his flames are bright see'ingon all sides. a 6od himself. most sa$ient. 1. moving li'e -hrgu in ea"h home. 4hen she. his vigour is a$$arent when the wind blows u$on his fiery s$lendour. Follows the rustling of the wind. 'nowing full well heaven&s innermost re"esses. "onsuming. < -right 6od. . flies ever to the sa"rifi"e. -ird of ea"h rite. 6reat Agni. adorable in all their homes. Thou goest from of old a willing Herald. For mortal men have held thee fast. The ruler over all man'ind. he 'nows the dee$ re"ess of heaven: He shall bring hitherward the 6ods. with san"tifying flame. Agni. @OU9 envoy who $ossesses all. drives the swift horse onward. His shar$ened tongue he layeth on the brushwood. li'e the starry heaven.

% . (ome near to us from every side. with our sa"rifi"e: 6ive ear and listen to our "all. 1t shineth near us even as gold for glory. 7 Thou "omest as the guide of fol' who "elebrate a sa"rifi"e. 1. li'e "larified butter: This gleams li'e gold on thee. -e this our bond here by this $la"e. This day with $raises. thou turnest. 8 1llustrious for wealth are they. And to oblations brought by men. brilliant as gold. well dis$osed. A6D1. Agni. .7 HYMN IX. vi"torious. Hel$er. 8 S$otless thy body. Agni. And as a -rahman ta'es his seat. Or as the . : So unto us. Agni. bard to be de"eived among man'ind. wherewith thou guardest those who give. day after day. with our devotions. : A""e$t our solemn rite) be $leased. O Agni. Agni. O Self. 4ho have served Agni reverently. show favour: great art thou who to this $ious man art "ome. And $ower and might s$ring u$ for us. we bring thee that whi"h thou lovest.4ho"herish and en'indle him. li'e a horse.riest at solemn rites. . sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. thine al tar. To bear the mortal&s gifts to heaven. Agni.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset . 7 >ust at this time of the day and the night thy loo' is the sweetest . and in the house as ord thereof. Agni.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. bright as the sunlight. To seat thee on the sa"red grass. yea. and hero deeds. 3 Dow may we serve thee singing these lauds this day to thee. That holy Singer in his strength shoots forth his arrows swifter than The swift shafts of the tribes of men. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3.ay thine inviolable "ar. . with you 6ods. Agni. -e"ome the messenger of all. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. 8 Thou servest as his messenger whose sa"rifi"e thou lovest well. Angiras. / Around the altar is he led. .118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. de$endent. if "ommitted. with all thine as$e"ts. and rightful >udgment. : All hate and mis"hief. oud as the voi"e of Heaven thy blasts are roaring.otar sits him down. % For thou hast ever been the (ar5driver. 9ight >udgment. 3 Agni in fire at sa"rifi"e. $ros$erous be our friendshi$s and 'inshi$s. wel"ome (hief . Holy One. may ri"hes "raved by many "ome.ay he the 1mmortal. lofty sa"rifi"e. 1. / Through these our $raises "ome thou to meet us. of noble Strength. from the man who rightly worshi$s.7 HYMN X.


HYMN XI. Agni.
1. TH@ blessed ma>esty, vi"torious Agni, shines brightly in the neighbourhood of Surya. S$lendid to see, it shows even at nighttime, and food is fair to loo' on in thy beauty. % Agni, dis"lose his thought for him who singeth, the well, Strong 6od0 while thou art $raised with fervour. 2ou"hsafe to us that $owerful hymn, O .ighty, whi"h, 9adiant One0 with all the 6ods thou lovest. / From thee, O Agni, s$rings $oeti" wisdom, from thee "ome thoughts and hymns of $raise that $ros$er) From thee flows wealth, with heroes to adorn it, to the true5hearted man who gives oblation. 3 From thee the hero s$rings who wins the booty, bringer of hel$, mighty, of real "ourage. From thee "omes wealth, sent by the 6ods, bliss5giving) Agni, from thee the fleet im$etuous "harger. 7 1mmortal Agni, thee whose voi"e is $leasant, as first in ran', as 6od, religious mortals 1nvite with hyrnns) thee who removest hatred, Friend of the Home, the household&s ord, unerring. 8 Far from us thou removest want and sorrow, far from us all ill5will when thou $rote"test. Son of Strength, Agni, blest is he at evening, whom thou as 6od attendest for his welfare. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3;118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/;7

1. 4HOSO en'indles thee, with lifted ladle, and thri"e this day offiers thee food, O Agni, .ay he eA"el, trium$hant through thy s$lendours, wise through thy mental $ower, O Eatavedas. % 4hoso with toil and trouble brings thee fuel, serving the ma>esty of mighty Agni, He, 'indling thee at evening and at morning, $ros$ers, and "omes to wealth, and slays his foemen. / Agni is .aster of sublime dominion, Agni is ord of strength and lofty ri"hes. Straightway the self5reliant 6od, .ost @outhful, gives treasures to the mortal who adores him. 3 .ost @outhful 6od, whatever sin, through folly, we here, as human beings, have "ommitted, 1n sight of Aditi ma'e thou us sinless remit, entirely, Agni, our offen"es. 7 Cven in the $resen"e of great sin, O Agni, free us from $rison of the 6ods or mortals. Dever may we who are thy friends be in>ured: grant health and strength unto our seed and offs$ring. 8 Cven as ye here, 6ods CA"ellent and Holy, have loosed the "ow that by the foot was tethered, So also set us free from this affli"tion long let our life, O Agni, be eAtended. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3;118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/;7

1. A6D1 hath loo'ed, benevolently5minded, on the wealth5giving s$ring of radiant

.ornings. (ome, Asvins, to the dwelling of the $ious: Surya the 6od is rising with his s$lendour. % Savitar, 6od, hath s$read on high his lustre, waving his flag li'e a s$oil5see'ing hero. Their stablished way go 2aruna and .itra, what time they ma'e the Sun as"end the heaven. / Him whom they made to drive away the dar'ness, ords of sure mansions, "onstant to their ob>e"t, Him who beholds the universe, the Sun56od, seven strong and youthful (oursers "arry onward. 3 S$reading thy web with mightiest Steeds thou "omest, rending a$art, thou 6od, the bla"'5hued mantle. The rays of Surya tremulously shining sin', li'e a hide, the dar'ness in the waters. 7 How is it that, unbound and not su$$orted, he falleth not although dire"ted downwardF -y what self $ower moves heF 4ho liath seen itF He guards the vault of heaven, a "lose5 set $illar. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3;118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/;7

1. THC 6od hath loo'ed, even Agni Eatavedas, to meet the +awns refulgent in their glories. (ome on your "hariot, ye who travel widely, "ome to this sa"rifi"e of ours, Dasatyas. % ,rodu"ing light for all the world of "reatures, 6od Savitar hath raised aloft his banner. .a'ing his $resen"e 'nown by sunbeams, Surya hath filled the firmament and earth and heaven. / 9ed +awn.is "ome, riding with brightness onward, distinguished by her beams, gay5 hued and mighty. +awn on her nobly5harnessed "ar, the 6oddess, awa'ing men to ha$$iness, a$$roa"heth. 3 .ay those most $owerful steeds and "hariot bring you, O Asvins, hither at the brea' of morning. Here for your drauglit of meath are Soma >ui"es: at this our sa"rifi"e re>oi"e, ye .ighty. 7 How is it that, unbound and unsu$$orted, he falleth not although dire"ted downwardF -y what self5$ower moves heF 4ho hath seen itF He guards the vault of heaven, a "lose5 set $illarF sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3;118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/;7

HYMN XV. Agni.
1. A6D1 the Herald, li'e a horse, is led forth at our solemn rite, 6od among 6ods adorable. % Three times unto our solemn rite "omes Agni li'e a "harioteer, -earing the viands to the 6ods. / 9ound the oblations hath he $a"ed, Agni the 4ise, the ord of Strength, 6iving the offerer $re"ious boons. 3 He who is 'indled eastward for Srn>aya, +evavata&s son, 9es$lendent, tamer of the foe. 7 So mighty be the Agni whom the mortal hero shall "ommand, 4ith shar$ened teeth and bountiful.

8 +ay after day they dress him, as they "lean a horse who wins the $riGe. +ress the red S"ion of the S'y. : 4hen Sahadeva&s $rin"ely son with two bay horses thought of me, Summoned by him 1 drew not ba"'. ; And truly those two noble bays 1 straightway too' when offered me, From Sahadeva&s $rin"ely son. < ong, O ye Asvins, may he live, your "are, ye 6ods, the $rin"ely son. Of Sahadeva, Soma'a. 1= (ause him the youthful $rin"e, the son of Sahadeva, to en>oy ong life, O Asvins, O ye 6ods. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3;118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/;7

HYMN XVI. Indra.
1. 1.,CTUOUS, true, let .aghavan "ome hither, and let his Tawny (oursers s$eed to rea"h us. For him have we $ressed >ui"e eA"eeding $otent: here, $raised with song, let him effe"t his visit. % Unyo'e, as at thy >ourney&s end, O Hero, to gladden thee today at this libation. i'e Usana, the $riest a laud shall utter, a hymn to thee, the ord +ivine, who mar'est. / 4hen the -ull, Buaffing, $raises our 1ibation, as a sage $aying holy rites in se"ret, Seven singers here from heaven hath he begotten, who e&en by day have wrought their wor's while singing. 3 4hen heaven&s fair light by hymns was made a$$arent Lthey made great s$lendour shine at brea' of morningM, He with his su""our, best of Heroes, s"attered the blinding dar'ness so that men saw "learly. 7 1ndra, 1m$etuous One, hath waAed immensely: he with his vastness hath filled earth and heaven. C&en beyond this his ma>esty eAtendeth who hath eA"eeded all the worlds in greatness. 8 Sa'ra who 'noweth well all human a"tions hath with his eager Friends let loose the waters. They with their songs "left e&en the mountain o$en and willingly dis"losed the stall of "attle. : He smote away the floods& obstru"ter, 2rtra) Carth, "ons"ious, lent her aid to s$eed thy thunder. Thou sentest forth the waters of the o"ean, as ord through $ower and might, O daring Hero. ; 4hen, .u"h5invo'ed0 the water&s ro"' thou "leftest, Sarama showed herself and went before thee. Hymned by Angirases, bursting the "owstalls, mu"h strength thou foundest for us as our leader. < (ome, .aghavan, Friend of .an, to aid the singer im$loring thee in battle for the sunlight. S$eed him with hel$ in his iry$ired invo'ings: down sin' the sor"erer, the $rayerless +asyu. 1= (ome to our home resolved to slay the +asyu: *utsa longed eagerly to win thy

friendshi$. %= Dow. . foe of harvest. 4hen. Thou smotest down the swarthy fifty thousand. gavest u$ mighty .i$ru. Further the holy thoughts of 2amadeva be thou a guileless Friend in fight for booty. "ar5borne. 11 Thou "omest. % Heaven trembled at the birth of thine effulgen"e) Carth trembled at the fear of thy dis$leasure. li'e sweet and fair nutrition. but be our bodies& guard and strong defender. .rote"tor of our body.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. Cager for glory.aghavan.rgaya and . the earth. labouring with $raisesongs: he is li'e home. 69CAT art thou. and desert s$ots were flooded. as the -hrgus wrought a "ar. $rom$t to listen. free givers. 1< O 1ndra. 9>isvan. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. That. The stedfast mountains shoo' in agitation . thou at day5brea' didst hurl down greedy Susna. 1: 4hen the shar$5$ointed arrow. let $ower swell. and roll the "hariot5wheel of Sarya near us. . That he may. ne&er withdraw from us his friendshi$. ord of -ays. flieth mid any "onfli"t of the $eo$le. the waters flowed. fain to su""our him. For thee a new hymn. with these men who love thee truly. to a singer li'e me brings Bui"'ly booty worth the "a$ture. the sage may on the final day be $resent. the dread en"ounter "ometh.5a goad that masters both the 4ind5 6od&s horses. 1/ Thou to the son of 2idathin. . Ali'e in form ye both sate in his dwelling the faithful ady was in doubt between you. 1. as days subdue the nights with s$lendour. glorified with $raises. 1mmortal One. 1% For *utsa. thy form. 1. is fashioned. is seen eA$anding: Thou a wild ele$hant with might invested. O thou Hero. 18 (all we for you that 1ndra. with *utsa. 17 4ishes for wealth have gone to 1ndra. 1ndra0 lauded. 4e "ome to thee whose $roviden"e $rote"ts us: wide be thy sway for ever for thy singer. with gladness. Iui"'ly with *utsa&s friend destroy the +asyus. the . high li'e rivers for the singer.7 HYMN XVII. longing for him in war for light and at libation. holding the brown steeds li'e s$oil for "a$ture.ay we. in every battle. 1ndra) yea. through song be vi"tors ever. Faithful One. him who hath done so mu"h for men&s advantage) 4ho. we our $rayer have fashioned. and heaven "onfess to thee thine high dominion. Buelling our foes. li'e a dread lion as thou wieldest wea$ons. then be thou the . 13 4hat time thou settest near the Sun thy body.ighty. %1 Dow. ord of envied bounty.ay we re>oi"e through many autumns. with thy thousand. Indra. Thou in thy vigour having slaughtered 2rtra didst free the floods arrested by the +ragon. for 1ndra the Strong. and rentest forts as age "onsumes a garment.

eAtolling the boons whi"h . their lord slain. rentest with thy bolt the +ragon who lay against the waterfloods of heaven. giver of blessings. all horses. 1/ .aghavan the bounteous: < Alone renowned as . bold and furious 1ndra. 7 He who alone o&erthrows the world of "reatures. 18 Cager for booty. 1= 9enowned is he when "onBuering and when slaying: &fis he who winneth "attle in the "ombat. he showed his vigour. He slaughtered 2rtra with his bolt. and. 3 Thy Father +yaus esteemed himself a hero: most noble was the wor' of 1ndra&s . . the strong. : .other. O 1ndra.aghavan.ighty.a'er. dealing out wealth and gathering the treasure. Thou. show thyself our 'insman.oreover. the bright bolt&s ord. . -rea'ing in $ie"es li'e Heaven armed with lightning: . well5loved. at the base of dar'ness. when thou first wast born.aghavan the 6od hath sent them. 4hen 1ndra hardeneth his indignation all that is fiAed and all that moveth fear him./ Hurling his bolt with might he "left the mountain. we5singers stir 1ndra. what "ares he for the Father who begat himF His "are is that whi"h s$eeds his might in "onfli"ts.aghavan in battles. eAulting.aghavan.aghavan shall enri"h the man who lauds h)m. forth flowed the waters swiftly. li'e a $it"her to the fountain. strong and mighty. 4ho gives the wives we see'. 4ho slayeth 2rtra and a"Buireth booty. the . invo'ed of many5 2erily all re>oi"e in him. in this mid5air&s de$th. 8 All Soma >ui"es are his own for ever. he rested.aghavan ma'es the settled man unsettled: he s"atters dust that he hath swe$t together. wat"hing and blessing those who $our the Soma) As Friend. he frighteneth away assembled armies.5. all gold. thou stru"'est terror into all the $eo$le. 17 As in the night the sa"rifi"ing $riest. He bringeth us the booty that he winneth may we. as Sire. Him the bla"' undulating "loud bedeweth. for friendshi$. to hasten. while. infinite. he who brea'eth forts in $ie"es) . Thou ever wast the Treasure5 ord of treasures: 1ndra. most gladdening draughts are ever his. thou lettest all fol' share thy bounty. li'e wind borne onward by the "louds that thunder. 11 1ndra hath won all 'ine. immovable li'e earth from her foundation. . most fatherly of fathers giving the su$$liant vital strength and . His who begat the strong bolt&s ord who roareth. 1: -e thou our guardian. 1ndra the $eo$les& *ing. "raving strength and horses. 13 He urged the "hariot5wheel of Surya forward: Ctasa. whose su""our fails not. "ontinue in his friendshi$. $utting forth his strength. 1% 4hat is the "are of 1ndra for his . The ever5slaying. s$eeding on his way.ost manly with these men of his who hel$ him.

. and filled. -ut. his mother hid him. et him not. Hereby "ould one be born though waAen mighty. 1. the Holy Ones. destroy his .5thy youthful mother: thee. the mastery thou wonnest. smitten through. 1n Tvastar&s dwelling 1ndia dran' the Soma. tell thee what the floods are saying. give us true blessings. %1 Dow. what girdling ro"' the waters burst asunder. To him. men&s u$holder. 1ndra. he slayeth many ne&er5resisted 2rtras. O . shouting. a hundredworth of >ui"e $ressed from the mortar. we the $riests have $aid thee worshi$.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. Then u$ he s$rang himself. < Thou art mine own. / He bent his eye u$on the dying . "ar5borne. my Son.aghavan. % Dot this way go 1 forth: hard is the $assage.u"h that is yet undone must 1 a""om$lish) one must 1 "ombat and the other Buestion. 1< Alone. . glorified with $raises. when 1ndra . and set these rivers free to wander. otherwise. As' them to. Him in whose 'ee$ing is the well5loved singer never do 6ods or mortals stay or hinder.other. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. rose u$ in "onBuering vigour. when lauded.other bore for a thousand months and many autumnsF Do $eer hath he among those born already. 8 4ith lively motion onward flow these waters. as soon as born. give life.ay we. the loud5voi"ed 1ndra. For thee a new hymn. the earth and heaven.aghavan. nor among those who shall be born hereafter. whom 2yamsa stru"' to the ground and smote thy >aws in $ie"es. 1ndra. mine infant. . 1. ord of -ays0 is fashioned.7 HYMN XVIII. endowed with all heroi" valour. Forth from the side obliBuely will 1 issue. to the singer. 1 "ast thee from me. -e hel$ing Friend of those who see' thy friendshi$ . 3 4hat strange a"t shall he do. assumed his vesture. 1ndra0 lauded.other: . . were the waters gra"ious. eAalted glory due to him who lauds thee. *usava hath swallowed. TH1S is the an"ient and a""e$ted $athway by whi"h all 6ods have "ome into eAisten"e. That way 1 follow. together. mine. %= CHen so let . *ing of all "reatures. as &twere. For. 7 +eeming him a re$roa"h. give us glory am$ly. mine own offs$ring.freedom. : Are they addressing him with words of wel"omeF 4ill the floods ta'e on them the shame of 1ndraF 4ith his great thunderbolt my Son hath slaughtered 2rtra. let $ower swell high li'e rivers for the singer. and with thy bolt the +asa&s head thou "rushedst.aghavan is lauded. through song be vi"tors ever. foeless. 1ndra. Indra and O h$rs.y word 1 now withdraw. 1ndra. he whom his . eAalting thee with these our sa"rifi"es.

when by the foot thy Sire thou too'est and slewest. verily. the furious 1ndra. born of truth. The . li'e fountains. hard to wa'en. was at hand to give thee "omfortF 1/ 1n dee$ distress 1 "oo'ed a dog&s intestines. about to slaughter 2rtra. thou broughtest from the ant5hill the unwedded damsel&s son whom ants were eating. where no >oint was. flowing. these +eities forsa'e thee.other left her unli"'ed (alf to wander. Then 1ndra said. having slain 2rtra. High. with strength he burst the firm asunder.7 HYMN XIX. as worn witheld. . hastened forth together. Through many a morn and many a lovely autumn. And both the worlds ele"ted. 8 Thou for the sa'e of 2ayya and Turviti didst stay the great stream. Among the 6ods 1 found not one to "omfort.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. wast Sovran 9uler. alone to slaughter 2rtra.other turned her. 3 1ndra with might shoo' earth and her foundation as the wind stirs the water with its fury. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. eAtended. bubbling. li'e "hariots. saying. who slumbered in $er$etual slee$. and mil'ed the dry (ows of the mighty master. the Hel$ers swift to listen.5 The +ragon stret"hed against the seven $rone rivers.ighty. the un"onBuerable -ull. 1ndra. thou rentest with thy thunder. the . The Fal"on then brought me the $leasant Soma. O my friend 2rtra. stride full boldly forward. 11 Then to her mighty (hild the . .y son. / The insatiate one. 1. relaAed their efforts: thou. % The 6ods. . He inundated thirsty $lains and deserts. the $ath that he would follow. O Thunder5wielding 1ndra. 1ndra hath set at liberty to wander on earth the streams en"om$assed $ressed together. 1ndra. all the 6ods here. waAen strong. 7 They ran to thee as mothers to their offs$ring: the "louds. and duggest out their all5su$$orting "hannels. . allsustaining: @ea.other widowF 4ho sought to stay thee lying still or movingF 4hat 6od. Thou didst refresh the streams and for"e the billows: thou. flow forth streaming onward. O 1ndra. and tore away the summits of the mountains.aids s'illed in aw. Indra.y "onsort 1 beheld in degradation. < ord of -ay Steeds. THCC. see'ing himself. : He let the young . Thou slewest Ahi who besieged the waters.1= The Heifer hath brought forth the Strong. O 1ndra. settest free obstru"ted rivers.ighty. 1% 4ho was he then who made thy . thee the . Striving. at their $rayer didst "he"' the rushing river and ma'e the floods easy to "ross. lie set free the rivers. unwedded.

ord of -ays0 for thee is fashioned. 1= Slay us not) bring. . the man who 'noweth all thine an"ient eA$loits. ord of -ays0 is fashioned. for the singer.7 HYMN XX. winner of s$oil in "ombats. bra'e the >ar: his>oints again united.The blind saw "learly. "ar5borne. stand by us at this sa"rifi"e. vou"hsafe us ri"hes. +rin' of the meath we offer. we. he gives $ossessions to the man who lauds him. 6odli'e 1ndra. "all hither 1ndra. 1ndra0 lauded. through song be . honouring this our sa"rifi"e. great a"ts. Of wealth and homes of men thou art the ruler. For thee a new hymn. shalt give us strength and fill us full of "ourage. Hath told these deeds of might as thou hast wrought them. for the singer. 11 Dow. and delight thee with food that "ometh from the mountain ridges. armed with thunder. with this laud sung before thee. in "ombat. At this new gift. A new hymn. drin'. wherewith the ofty One stirs u$ wild battlesF -est soother of the worshi$$er&s great sorrow. near or far away may mighty 1ndra giver of su""our. in"lined to us. "lose beside us. 1ndra. with the Strongest. F9O. a s"ythe5armed vi"tor. and to man&s advantage.ay we.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/.ay 1ndra "ome to us with Tawny (oursers. < -y what great might is he renowned as strongest. "ar5born.5 1. 11 Dow.ighty. the lofty 1ndra born or old for "onBuest. loud5voi"ed and wielding thunder. will de"lare it. thou leadest to an am$le hea$ of ri"hes. O 1ndra. rose. him invo'ed of many) 8 Him who in native strength is li'e a mountain. Thunder5armed0 li'e hunters may we with thee subdue in fight our foemen. through song be vi"tors ever. O thou Strong and . Indra.aghavan. O Sage and Sovran 9uler. 1= To the wise man. of the well$ressed Soma. "ome for our $rote"tion ord of men. to favour and enri"h us. slaying his foes in "onfli"t. : 4hom from of old there is not one to hinder. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. . as he gras$ed the ser$ent. none to "urtail the ri"hes of his bounty. 3 oving us well. glorified with $raises. let $ower swell high. To win the booty. Terrifi" wielder of the an"ient thunder. let $owers swell high. / Thou. benevolent. Hel$er of men. and o$ener of the stable of the "attle. li'e rivers. in the battles. li'e rivers. 7 Him who is sung aloud by re"ent sages. . s$ontaneous.ay . 1ndra0 lauded. % . li'e a bridegroom thin'ing of his "onsort. .ay we. eAtolling thee.ouring forth freely. 6od invo'ed of many0 . li'e a ri$e5fruited tree. bestow onus the am$le gift whi"h thou hast to give to him who offers. filled full with s$lendour as a >ar with water. glorified with $raises. 1.

ay the . < Aus$i"ious are thy hands. % -ull. who rules the $eo$le. He who "omes wielding in his might the thunder. 1ndra0 lauded. . him who is ord of great and lasting ri"hes. . Indra. . li'e +yaus. his own su$reme dominion.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. 4hat sloth is thisF 4hy dost thou not re>oi"e theeF 4hy dost thou not delight thyself with givingF 1= So 1ndra is the truthful ord of treasure. gives $rayer.A@ 1ndra "ome to us for our $rote"tion) here be the Hero. For thee a new hymn. 4hen he unbars the s$a"es of the mountains. (onBueror. the mighty bearer.vi"tors ever. ord of -ays0 is fashioned. to thy $raiser. or from a distan"e. most glorious One.the singer. . $raised. and Soma. Freedom he gave to man by slaying 2rtra.ay he whose wrath is fier"e. 1ndra. from the seat of Order. through song be vi"tBrs ever. who leads with boldness on to higher fortune. .aghavan. waAen mighty.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/.u"h5lauded0 hel$ us with thy $ower to ri"hes: may 1 be sharer of thy 6odli'e favour. strong. all5sur$assing. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. "herish. the 6reat and Strong One. enri"hing men with bounties. from the realm of light to aid us. % Here magnify his great heroi" eA$loits. 11 Dow. ord of many blessings. 7 . "are5borne. hither with s$ee"h from firmament or o"ean) 4ith . let $ower swell high. Indra. . . He finds in lair the buffalo and wild5oA when the wise lead him on to vigorous eA$loit. $raise. to "ome forth for delight and for devotion. even that he ma'es for us. 8 4hen sitting $ondering in dee$ devotion in Ausi>a&s abode they $ly the $ress5stone. 2i"tor with 2ayu where the herds are gathered. 1.7 HYMN XXII. in"iteth men to worshi$with lauds bring 1ndra hither to our dwellings. 1. : Surely the $ower of -harvara the mighty for ever hel$eth to su$$ort the singer) That whi"h in Ausi>a&s abode lies hidden.5who fiAing reveren"e on reveren"e. and Bui"'ens with his floods the water5 torrents.ay we.ay he whose $owers are many. 4hose will is li'e a Sovran in assembly. striving. for. 3 That 1ndra will we laud in our assemblies. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. and laud. glorified with $raises.aruts. li'e rivers. our feast5 "om$anion.7 HYMN XXI. "ome as the house5lord&s $riest within our "hambers. mighty. thine arms wellfashioned whi"h $roffer bounty. THAT gift of ours whi"h 1ndra loves and wel"omes. giving 2ent to his voi"e. / Hither let 1ndra "ome from earth or heaven.riest. most . hurler of the four5edged rain5$rodu"er with both his arms.

aghavan. li'e men. And bearing in his arrns the yearning thunder. what $riest&s sa"rifi"e hath he made mighty. ord of -ays. hearing. in air&s mid5region. 1ndra. of the -right One. 1.ressed is the gladdening stal' as &twere a river: so let the rite. The .7 HYMN XXIII. at his birth. "ar5borne. O 1ndra. eA"eedingly strong leather bridle. and strength of varied sort bestow thou on us. How. whose >oints for sa'e of friendshi$ he hath "overed. eAtolled thee. best vi"torious deeds. O thou of manly s$irit. let wealth swell hiah li'e rivers to the singer. : 4ith >oy. re>oi"ing in the Soma and its fountainF +elighting in >ui"e. the . with violent rush "aused heaven and earth to tremble. For us ma'e 2rtras easy to be "onBuered: destroy the wea$on of our mortal foeman.ost Heroi".arusni for adornment.ighty.il"h5'ine issued from the streaming udder. these 6oddesses. 7 These are thy great deeds. 11 Dow. Indra. O 2i"tor. eagerly drin'ing. heaven trembled. < Cver by us $erform thy most heroi". sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. earth. O . Send to us all intelligen"e arid wisdom O . destroy the +ragon.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. 1ndra0 lauded. 3 -efore the High 6od. is fashioned. O Hero. as the "ourser strains his. the Sisters then. deeds to be told aloud at all libations.arents: loud sing the winds. by strength. attra"t thee To us5ward. endowed with am$le strength and mighty $owers. / 6od who of all the 6ods was born divinest. mar'eth he the invo'er&s wishesF 4hat are his an"ient a"ts of bountyF 4herefore "all they him One who filleth full the . .heroi") 4earing as wool . . bold and boldly daring.ay we. ord of Tawny (oursers. thine highest. 1n fear of thee. O 1ndra. the ofty One hath waAed for s$lendid ri"hes. 8 True are all these thy deeds. That thou. glorified with $raises. the rivers swiftly set themselves in motion. thine. . many floods and all the $re"i$i"es. 1= 6ra"iously listen to our $rayer. 4hen thou didst give the $risoned ones their freedom to wander at their will in long su""ession. through song be vi"tors ever. the toiler&s $ower. The Strong One bringeth nigh the -ull&s two . be he who gives us "attle. % 4hat hero hath been made his feast5"om$anionF 4ho hath been $artner in his loving5 'indnessF 4hat 'now we of his wondrous a"tsF How often "omes he to aid and s$eed the $ious toilerF / How heareth 1ndra offered invo"ationF How. For thee a new hymn. didst with thy bolt.

u$holds it swift moves the might of aw and wins the booty. ord of -ays. 4hen warrior bands en"ounter one another some in the gra$$le Buit themselves li'e .ay we. That . mar' well my truthful $raises. the 6od. let $ower swell high li'e rivers to the singer. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. foe to foe. striving together in the whirl of battle. the Son of Strength. "ar5borne. verily. 1. fighting. < Firm5seated are eternal aw&s foundations in its fair form are many s$lendid beauties. win for himself the wealth whi"h he $ossessethF . the beauty of the ovely One for glory. / Him. although our debts& eAa"tor. hath o$ed the deaf ears of the living. drives in the distant mornings that we 'now not. 11 Dow. that well5$raised 1ndra gives us real bounties. : About to stay the 1ndra5less destru"tive s$irit he shar$ens his 'een arms to stri'e her. having re"eived the homage whi"h he loveth. The $raise5hymn of eternal aw. % To be invo'ed and hymned in fight with 2rtra. . who have entwined in him their firm affe"tionF 8 1s then thy friendshi$ with thy friends most mightyF Thy brotherhood with us. to aw their mil' they render. 1ndra0 lauded. 7 How. 5when may we tell itF The streams of mil' move. -y holy aw long lasting food they bring us) by holy aw have "ows "ome to our worshi$. 1= FiAing eternal aw he. arousing. and what love hath he for those who love him. as most wondrous sunlight.5 glorified with $raises. the men invo'e in "ombat) ris'ing their lives they ma'e him their $rote"tor. ever longing. Cternal aw hath varied food that strengthens) thought of eternal aw. . gives the singer treasures: he is the ord who sends us gifts.il"h5'ine su$reme. glowing. ea"h side.aghavan brings "omfort in the foray to the religious man who $ours libations. too.ay he. 4HAT worthy $raise will bring before us 1ndra. 3 Strong 6od0 the fol' at need $ut forth their vigour. that he may grant us ri"hes) For he the Hero. is fashioned. Indra.7 HYMN XXIV.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. and what bond of friendshi$ with a mortal hath the 6od "hosen as this morn is brea'ingF How. ye $eo$le.singerF 3 How doth the $riest who laboureth. removes transgressions. give u$ their bodies. for "hildren and their offs$ring. To aw belong the vast dee$ Carth and Heaven: . through song be vi"tors ever. 4hen heroes. For thee a new hymn. 4hereby the Strong.

glorified with $raises. 4hen the im$etuous "hief hath sought the "onfliet. let wealth swell high li'e rivers for the singer. Soma5drin'er. Indra. yearning therefor.ay we. or friend to him who $ours not. with devoted s$irit this man he ta'es to be his friend in battles. Sim$le and "lever. still un$ur"hased. . 1ndra0 lauded. the devout. destroyer of the dumb who would resist him.1ndra. 11 Dow. . 1. own Friend to him who offers. for oblation. dwelling in "ontentment. "ar5borne. 4HAT friend of man. +ear is the $ious. 1= 4ho for ten mil"h5'ine $ur"haseth from rne this 1ndra who is mineF 4hen he hath slain the 2rtras let the buyer give him ba"' to me. both mil' out the udder. to him may 1ndra give heroi" vigour. Hen"e let the Soma banish those who $our not: even hen"e 1 >oy to $ay the Strong One worshi$. 8 This Hero "urbs the mighty for the Gealous: the $resser&s brew 1ndra $ossesses solely: Do brother. bind allian"e. fritridshi$. the Soma. Dot disaffe"ted. through song be vi"tors ever. man&s Friend. . For thee a new hymn. The matron "alls to the Strong 6od whom $ressers of Soma have en"ouraged int the dwelling. et us $ress the >ui"e for 1ndra. brotherhood with 1ndraF 4ho hath re"ourse unto the Sage for su""ourF / 4ho "laims to5day the +eities& $rote"tion.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. hath delighted. < He bid a small $ri"e for a thing of value: 1 was "ontent. He draws away his wealth and slays him na'ed. the Hero manliest of heroes. or the AdityasF Of whose $ressed stal' of Soma drin' the Asvins. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. is fashioned. and the lord loo'ed u$on the long5 drawn battle. Highest and lowest. 4ho sayeth. : He who this day for 1ndra $resses Soma. 1ndra. 8 1ndra gives "omfort to the man who truly $resses. 'in. He heightened not his insuffi"ient offer. to 1ndra dear is the Gealous. ord of -ays. men who stand between diem. $re$ares the brew and fries the grains of barley5 oving the hymns of that devoted servant. 7 Hen"e many a one worshi$s the might of 1ndra: hen"e let the brew su""eed the meal5 oblation. returning.7 HYMN XXV. dear the Soma5bringer. this day in 1ndra&s friendshi$F 4ho with en'indled flame and flowing Soma laudeth him for his great $rote"ting favourF % 4ho hath with $rayer bowed to the Soma5loverF 4hat $ious man endues the beams of morningF 4ho see's bond. as's Aditi for light. returning. for him who longs fot it. going. well5in"lined in s$iritF 3 To him shall Agni -harata give shelter: long shall he loo' u$on the Sun u$5rising. 7 Him neither few men over"ome. nor many to him shall Aditi give s$a"ious shelter. 6od5loving. . : Dot with the wealthy "hurl who $ours no Soma doth 1ndra. and Agni.

filled with the shining liBuid) The best of sweet meath whi"h the $riests have offered: that 1ndra to his >oy may drin'. 1 was Surya: 1 am the sage *a'sivan. 7 And now let . 1. when hel$ing +ivodasa Atithigva. Th$ 0a+. wildly raging in his mind. The -old One left . the Soma whi"h be bad ta'en from yon loftiest heaven. yea. brought. holy singer. Swift he returned with sweetness of the Soma. *utsa the son of Ar>uni 1 master. -e"ause. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3.7 HYMN XXVII. Then downward bither fell a flying feather of the -ird hasting forward in his >ourney. Friend of the 6ods. . that he may ta'e and drin' it to his ra$ture. the hundredth habitation. O . sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. 1 4AS aforetime . / 1n the wild >oy of Soma 1 demolished Sambara&s forts. hen"e in ra$id motion sent on the wide $ath fleet as thought he hurried. the Fal"on s$eeding onward. in wild >oy of Soma. 1. the Hero. 1. he brought to . 3 The Fal"on bore him from heaven&s lofty summit as the swift "ar of 1ndra&s Friend bore -hu>yu. bearing thousand libations with him. 1 guided forth the loudly5roaring waters. 1 am the sa$ient Usana behold me. white. Straightway the -old One left the fiends behind him and $assed the winds as he grew yet more mighty. A hundred iron fortresses "onfined me but forth 1 flew with ra$id s$eed a Fal"on. together) And.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. % 1 have bestowed the earth u$on the Arya. filled with mil'. left the foolish. then"e hasting li'e the wind he bore the -old One. As 1 lay within the womb. "onsidered all generations of these 6ods in order.anu. / 4hen with loud "ry from heaven down s$ed the Fal"on. 7 4hen the -ird brought it.Those who show forth their strength when urged to battle5these are the men who "all for aid on 1ndra. -ird bringing from afar the draught that gladdens.aruts) su$reme of fal"ons be this fleet5winged Fal"on. : The Fal"on too' and brought the Soma.aghavan a""e$t the bea'er. and rain u$on the man who brings oblation. the ar"her *rsanu aimed and loosed the string to stri'e him.%n. ten thousand. wise. % Dot at his own free $leasure did he bear me: he "onBuered with his strength and manly "ourage. utterly. gras$ing fast. 3 -efore all birds be ran'ed this -ird. with no "ar to bear him. strong5 $inioned. and hen"e the Fal"on hath a"Buired his glory. Indra. and the 6ods moved a""ording to my $leasure.anu the 6odloved oblation. ninety5and5nine.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. 8 -earing the stal'. Then.alignities behind him.7 HYMN XXVI.

/ . Sharing the ri"hes sent from lofty heaven whi"h yields mu"h food. A 1C+ with thee. Indra. the +asyus ere the noontide in the "onfli"t. 4hat rolled. . and all desire its bounty. unto us with $owers and su""ours. ye burst the stable of the 'ine and horses. to this our sa"rifi"e he "ometh mar'ing how he is "alled by Soma5 $ressers. Soma. O 1D+9A. and too' great vengean"e with your murdering wea$ons. Indra. O 1ndra.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. 1.an&s Friend.C. Of those who gladly sought a hard5won dwelling he "ast down many a thousand with his arrow. / 1ndra smote down. with thee for his "onfederate. and sent forth the Seven 9ivers. Thunder5wielder. O 1ndu.a'e his "ars hear. mightier than thou: 2erily there is none li'e thee. he >oyeth with the Soma5$ouring heroes. $rin"es and $riests and singers. 2rtra5slayer.7 HYMN XXX. Fearless. 3 ower than all besides hast thou. The stable whi"h the bar or stone obstru"ted) and $ier"ing through set free the habitations. true 4ealth5 bestower. HYMN XXIX. glorified with our hymns. of a truth.aghavan. (O. by thee $rote"ted may we be thine. / Dot even all the gathered 6ods "onBuered thee.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. % 1ndu. ye $ut to death the foemen. . 1ndra and Soma. 1ndra swiftly with might $ressed down the wheel of Surya. on heaven&s high summit was se$arated from the great o$$ressor. none is better. Heroes. @e drave away. the singer here who with his song invites him) He who himself sets to the $ole swift (oursers. ab>e"t tribes of +asas. 7 O 1ndra . "ast down the +asyus. thousands. O 1ndra. 1. in the war. lauded. all life&s su$$ort.7 HYMN XXVIII. with thy Tawny Steeds) eAulting. 1.ay mighty 1ndra $ouring forth in bounty bestow on us good roads and $erfe"t safety) 3 He who with su""our "omes to his im$lorer. that he may show his vigour and may be >oyful in the way he loveth. Agni "onsumed. 1ndra. Indra-S%ma. he who hath hundreds. in this thy friendshi$. 1ndra for man made waters flow together. . % . and o$ened as it were obstru"ted fountains.sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. Slew Ahi. and "ons"ious that his Steeds are noble. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3.ast even the foeman&s manifold libations. 7 So. % i'e "hariot5wheels these $eo$le all together follow after thee: Thou ever art renowned as 6reat.

< Thou. with magi" $ower resist the overflowing stream 4ho s$read her waters o&er the land. %% As su"h. .7 . That thou didst smite to death the +ame. fier"est in thy wrathF So hast thou Buelled the demon too. ord of . thou slewest those who strove with thee. 7 4hen. the blind. 3 4hen for the sa'e of those o$$ressed.ay 9isan.owers. 1ndra. both Aryas. . O 2rtra5slayer. %3 O 4at"hful One. Thou stolest away the Sun&s "ar5wheel. didst. %= For +ivodasa. . whatever deed of might thou hast this day to eAe"ute. 1ndra. 18 So 1ndra. may Aryaman the 6od give thee all goodly things. %/ 1ndra. ord of Heroes. "aused the unwedded damsel&s son. And this heroi" deed of might thou. also hast a"hieved. : 4hatF 2rtra5slayer. The "astaway. those 4ho feared the flood. in 2i$as. to share the lauds. Heaven&s +aughter. . Thou Sha'er of all things that be. thou art general ord of 'ine for all. 4hen lifting u$ herself in $ride. 8 4hen also for a mortal man. . The +asa. affrighted. 1ndra. Ar$a and (itraratha. 1: So sa$ient 1ndra.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. 13 Thou. 1ndra overthrew A hundred fortresses of stone. -haga. 1. meditating ill. On yonder side of Sarayu. 1% Thou. didst "ondu"t those two forlorn. the lame. 1= Then from her "hariot Usas fled. in safel o&er. brought Turvaga and @adu. also smotest down *ulitara&s son Sambara. %1 The thirty thousand +isas he with magi" $ower and wea$ons sent To slumber.4hen thou didst lengthen days by night. and *utsa as he battled.aghavan.ighty One. 11 So there this "ar of Usas lay. And she herself fled far away.ight. bro'en to $ie"es. 2rtra5slayer. Done be there now to hinder it. Done may attain this bliss of thine. 1ndra. 1ndra. fighting singly. thou o&er"amest all the furious 6ods. and the 6od *arulati give all things fair. him who brought oblationt. thou. 17 Of +asa 2ar"in&s thou didst slay the hundred thousand and the five. 1ndra. And hol$est Ctasa with might. art not thou. thou s$eddest forth the Sun. 1ndra. of a "ar. 4hen the strong 6od had shattered it. 4hen thou didst "rush his fortresses. 1< Thou. for +abhiti&s sa'e. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. (rushed li'e the fellies. slewest swift. didst "rush Usas. though +aughter of the S'y. 1/ 2aliantly didst thou seiGe and ta'e the store whi"h Susna had amassed. from her ruined "ar. from the lofty hill.

Indra. 7 Thou see'est as it were thine own stations with swift des"ent of $owers: 1 share thee even with the Sun.HYMN XXXI. 17 O Surya. HYMN XXXII. : So even. Dor thy great deeds when thou wilt a"t. hither to our side. Attra"ted by the hymns of men. O (aster of the Stone. 1% Favour us. art alone the ord of strength that "omes from 'ine . wonderful.ight.ower and . 3 i'e as a "ourser&s "ir"ling wheel. the $eo$le "all thee . 7 As su"h. ever5waAing Friend) 4ith what most mighty "om$anyF % 4hat genuine and most liberal draught will s$irit thee with >ui"e to burst O$en e&en strongly5guarded wealthF / +o thou who art . (omrades for lively energy. 6iver. O 1ndra. 8 . .ay all thy favours strengthen us. : For thou. even us. O 1ndra. 1= . / Cven with the wea' thou smitest down him who is stronger. not a hundred hinderers "an "he"' thy gra"ious bounty&s flow. . O THOU who slewest 2rtra. 1. ne&er re$ulsed. 1ndra. and irresistible. so turn thee hitherward to us. 1.ighty One with thy mighty aids. "ome. run their "ourse 4ith thee and with the Sun ali'e. thy hundred and thy thousand aids: . 1ndra. 1ndra. o$en thou for us The stables that are filled with 'ine. 13 Our "hariot. with thy strength The mighty. < Do. -lameless. boldly moves endued with s$lendour. % Swift and im$etuous art thou. 41TH what hel$ will he "ome to us.aghavan.rote"tor of us thy friends who $raise thee 4ith hundred aids a$$roa"h us. evermore with overflowing store of wealth: 4ith all thy su""ours aid thou us. li'e an ar"her.ay thine assistan"e 'ee$ us safe. 4inning for us both 'ine andsteeds. ma'e our fame to be most eA"ellent among the 6ods. with the wealth of 'ine. "ome with thy su""ours wonderful. And great "elestial o$ulen"e. with the Friends thou hast. . ord of .ost lofty as the heaven on high. we are "lose to thee) to thee we sing aloud our songs: Hel$ and defend us. 1/ 4ith new $rote"tions. 1ndra. 8 4hat time thy "ourage and his wheels together. 11 +o thou ele"t us this $la"e for friendshi$ and $ros$erity. And verily to him who toils and $resses Soma >ui"e for thee Thou Bui"'ly givest am$le wealth. O 1ndra. wondrous amid the well5dressed fol': Thou doest marvels for our hel$. 3 O 1ndra. Indra.ay we be friends of one li'e thee. who $auses not to thin'.

1: To 1ndia for a thousand steeds well5trained and fleet of foot we $ray. And hundred >ars of Soma >ui"e. 1ndra. O 1ndra. 1= 4e will de"lare thy hero deeds. %/ i'e two slight images of girls. 1% 1ndra. the 6otamas who bring thee $raises have grown strong by thee. %= A bounteous 6iver. 4ind5s$ed. 1. over of the Song. givest mu"h. Cven as a lover in his bride.5 . unrobed.h"s. Soma5drin'er thou. 1nno"uous in the ways they ta'e. wilt thou fain bestow. 4e ma'e a hundred of thy 'ine. 6ive them renown with hero sons. %1 O 2rtra5slayer. Atta"'ing them in ra$turous >oy.il"h5"ow. Turn thy two -ay Steeds hitherward. 1ndra. yea.u"h. < The 6otamas have sung their song of $raise to thee that thou mayst give. %3 For me the -ays are ready when 1 start. thy bounty let us share. Thou wilt give wealth to those who $raise. 1 SCD+ my voi"e as herald to the 9bhus) 1 "rave the white "ow for the overs$reading. a gift from thee. Thee.arents. 11 The sages sing those manly deeds whi"h.So grant thou us abundant food. verily thou art the general treasure even of all. and a thousand. give us mu"h. thou art famed in many a $la"e as bountiful Hero. when. therefore. 1. what +isa forts thou bra'est down. R. for lively energy. 1< 4e have obtained. u$on a new5wrought $ost. % 4hat time the 9bus had with "are and marvels done $ro$er servi"e to assist their . HYMN XXXIII. 17 . bring mu"h and not a trifling gift: . with the dawn. 18 Cat of our sa"rifi"ial "a'e: re>oi"e thee in the songs we sing. Thou wroughtest when the Soma flowed. 3 As for a year the 9bhus 'e$t the . 13 CA"ellent 1ndra. wise Son of him who giveth 'ine Terrify not the "ows with these. 1ndra. 2rtra5slayer. over of the Song. $rote"t our sa"rifi"e. 9bhu. So shine the -ay Steeds in their "ourse. 1ndra. the S'illful Ones in ra$id motion have in an instant "om$assed round the heaven. hasten nigh: So let thy bounty "ome to us. bring thee near to us. ten water5ewers wrought of gold: Thou. 2ibhvan.ay 2a>a. They turn thee not another way. throughout a year fashioned and formed . or start not. >oined with 1ndra .arents. who were lying li'e $osts that moulder. the Soma5lovers.ay they who made their . / . . turn to us: glad thee among us with the >ui"e Of Somas. young again for ever. 1/ For. They won the friendshi$ of the 6ods) the Sages "arried away the fruit of their devotion. do we invo"ate. lauded. %% 1 $raise thy $air of Tawny Steeds.ay $raise from us who thin' on thee.

7 Two bea'ers let us ma'e. Heroes. 3 Dow for the mortal worshi$$er. Tvastar a$$roved this rede of yours. Therefore do ye who are so great. whi"h ye.5 this was the younger&s senten"e. as "ows. vou"hsafe us treasures at this third libation.5 9bhus. and the (ow omniform and all5 im$elling.5 thus s$o'e the youngest. $ondering it with thought and mental insight. O Heroes. deAterous5handed. 11 This day have they set gladdening drin' before you. their stable. The gladdening draughts and wisdom have a$$roa"hed you: send ye us ri"hes with good store of heroes. whose "alves are newly5 born. 2a>as and 9bhu'sans. to gladden you. < So in their wor' the 6ods had satisfa"tion. won for yourselves aforetime. To you "ome all who find in you their $leasure: ye all were5even the two elder52a>as.lants s$read o&er deserts. O 9bhus. 9bhus. To this our sa"rifi"e "ome 9bhu. . glorified for the sa'e of mighty treasure. bestow u$on us gear and growth of ri"hes. 2a>a.7 HYMN XXXIV. was moved with envy. 8 The men s$a'e truth and even so they a"ted: this 6odli'e way of theirs the 9bhus followed. . waters filled the hollows. was the gift of ri"hes. And through a year&s s$a"e still sustained her brightness. "t us ma'e three. bearing Heroes. The 6ods& eA$ert artifi"er was 2a>a. they brought the rivers. These draughts a$$roa"h you as the day is "losing. lley made fair fertile fields. 1= They whol made glad with sa"rifi"e and $raises.ay they who formed the swift "ar. and 1ndra with the gift of ri"hes. +rin'. R. Four bea'ers let us ma'e. 1ndra&s 9bhu'san. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3.her body. the third and great libation.5 thus said the eldest. deft in wor' and gra"ious. / For you was made this sa"rifi"e. . And Tvastar. . : 4hen for twelve days the 9bhus >oyed re$osing as guests of him who never may be hidden. for him who served you. Dot without toil are 6ods in"lined to friendshi$. % *nowing your birth and ri"h in gathered treasure. O 9bhus. 7 (ome to us. Cven may they form wealth for us. wrought the two -ays. through these their labours they were made immortal. O 9bhus. his do"ile Steeds. when he loo'ed on the four bea'ers res$lendent as the day. 2a>as. 1. re>oi"e together with the 9tus.h"s. as those who wish a friend to $ros$er. li'e men. -e"ause this day hath +hisana the 6oddess set drin' for you: the gladdening draughts have rea"hed you. for 1ndra.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. 9bhus0 unto you is offered. 2ibhvan.5the 9bhus. 2aruna&s was 2ibhvan.

Su"h. +ivine One) in full a""ord with floods that $our forth ri"hes. in "on"ord with the . O 9bhus. 1. 9e>oi"e in full a""ord with the Adityas. give unto us and those who laud our $resent. with the *ings. O 9bhus.arvatas. 9bhus. at dawn the>ui"e thou dran'est: thine. ilymn5lover0 with the . 1ndra) "lose5'nit. For him. who drin' in season) "lose5'nit with heavenly +ames who give us treasures. 9e>oi"e you with the . re>oi"ing. to the 6ods& assembly. +rin' of this meath. in ri"h sustenan"e and treasure. of die meath of Soma. is the noonday libation. O Friend. when days are "losing. invo'ed with humble adoration. O 2a>as.il"h5"ow and the $air of horses.arents youthful) the "u$. fashioned the two swift Tawny Steeds who "arry 1ndra. . who hel$ed their .8 (ome to this sa"rifi"e of ours. (ome hither. . 8 4hoso $ours out for you.7 HYMN XXXV. Sin"e by deAterity and s'ill as "raftsmen ye made the single "hali"e to be fourfold / @e made fourfold the "hali"e that wag single: ye s$a'e these words and said. At this libation is your gift of treasure.aruts drin' it: (lose5'nit with drin'ers first. the shar$ libation for your >oy. and drin'. 1= @e who have wealth in "attle and in booty. assist us) Then. 2a>as0 gained the $ath of life eternal. who formed the . only thine. 4ealth5givers. et gladdening draughts a$$roa"h you after 1ndra&s. O ye Sons of Strength. set the heaven and earth asunder. 3 Out of what substan"e was that "hali"e fashioned whi"h ye made fourfold by your art and wisdomF Dow for the gladdening draught $ress out the liBuor. O 9bhus) 1n full a""ord with Savitar.arents and the Asvins. % Hither is "ome the 9bhus& gift of ri"hes) here was the drin'ing of the well5$ressed Soma. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. O mighty 9bhus. : (lose 'nit with 2aruna drin' the Soma. O ye 9bhus. first to drin'. ye.h"s. : ord of -ay Steeds.rin"es. for 6ods to drin'. ye 9bhus) stay not afar. ye (hildren of Sudhanvan. 11 @e were not far: we have not left you thirsting. >oined with 1ndra with whom ye are in full a""ord.ade armour. R. . < 9bhus. have fashioned wealth with $lenteous store of heroes. ye formed with "unning) 4ith "unning. they have made good offs$ring. 6ods0 that ye may give us ri"hes. ye .5far5 rea"hing Heroes.aruts and with 1ndra. ri"h in treasure. blameless in this our sa"rifi"e. ye (hildren of Strength. 7 @e with your "unning made your . deft5handed 9bhus. re>oi"ing. in heroes.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/.

have $rodu"ed. rolls round the firmament. 2ou"hsafe us wealth of s$lendid sort. $ower and s$lendid wealth. That is the great announ"ement of your +eity. < -estowing on us here ri"hes and offs$ring. 3 The "hali"e that wag single ye have made fourfold. So Bui"'ly. 1n that your aged . here fashion fame for us befitting heroes. O Sons of Strength) ye have be"ome immortal.arents.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. A""ording to the wishes of our hearts may ye. that bestoweth treasure. with this our $rayer we "all on you to "ome. whi"h ye have won by s'ill. 1n synods must be sung the "ar whi"h 2ibhvan wrought: that whi"h ye favour. < The third libation. 9bhus have loo'ed 'indly on. O 9bhus. among the 6ods this was your eAaltation gloriously de"lared. your great wor' must be eAtolled. 9bhus. O 1ndra. Fashion for us. that. and ye 9bhus. R. O ye 9bhus. . / O 2a>as. whom for their s'ill thou madest friends.5 This drin' hath been effused for you. ye gained immortal life. and vital strength. that whi"h the Heroes. ri"h in high "ourage. ye wrought again to youth so that they moved at will. O 9bhus. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. we invo'e. the bowman is a hero hard to beat in fight. three5wheeled. 6reat store of wealth and manly $ower hath he obtained whom 2a>a. being su"h. % @e Sa$ient Ones who made the lightly5rolling "ar out of your mind. 7 4ealth from the 9bhus is most glorious in renown. 2a>as and 9bhus. you. So give us ri"hes. worthy of lauds. and by your wisdom brought the (ow forth from the hide. @ou. : To you hath been assigned the fairest ornament. the "ar that never errs. with >oy li'e 1ndra&s. >oy therein) For ye have lore and wisdom and $oeti" s'ill: as su"h. 6ods0 is famed among man'ind. mid the 6ods. THia "ar that was not made for horses or for reins. whom your artist s'ill hath raised to 6odhead have set you down above in heaven li'e fal"ons. famed for vigour. drin' it with high delight.h"s. . 8 Strong is the steed. who have full 'nowledge of all the delights of men. @e. O ye 2a>as. that we may ma'e us more renowned . eA"ellent.7 HYMN XXXVI. rea"hing far. by thought.Dow drin' thou with the wealth5bestowing 9bhus. worn with length of days. to drin' of this drin'offering. O 9bhus . ye deAterous5 handed. (hildren of Sudhanvan. the man a sage in eloBuen"e. 2ibhvan. 1. the hymn of $raise: 2a>as and 9bhus. ye sustain the earth and heaven.

h"s. at sa"rifi"e and with the steed. ye $rogeny of 1ndra. for handy wealth. As ye. li'e a brave *ing whom ea"h true man must honour. O 2a>as and 9bhu'sans.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. most bounteous ever. ye have a s$lendid "ar and well5fed horses. by his thoughts. this way and that with rows of "ars he rushes. to you who are aloft in heaven. we invo'e. even as a hungry fal"on swoo$ing downward. the mightiest "omrade in the fight. winning s$oil. @e gave the winner of our fields and $lough5lands. mid younger fol' 1 offer. 9bhus. ri"h in steeds. 3 Strong. the giver of many gifts. 1m$etuous haw'. swift rushing.ust be su""essful. 9bhu'sans. and the strong smiter who subdued the +asytis. lauded. 7 9bhu'sans0 him. loo'ing on the assemblies.anus5li'e. before other men&s. 7 oudly the fol' "ry after him in battles. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. Him. @e .than others. % And ye gave mighty +adhi'ras. So. so $raise is given you. 2a>as and 9bhu'sans. beyond the "hurl. a""e$t in s$lendid weather the sa"rifi"e among these fol' of .anus. as &twere a thief who steals away a garment) S$eeding to glory. / @our threefold going near is 6od5a$$ointed. / 4hom. 8 The mortal man whom. ea"h . whirling the "ar and flying li'e the tem$est. .rin"es. : O 2a>as and 9bhu'sans. ye and 1ndra favour with your hel$. the steed.C to our sa"rifi"e. 1. among the "attle) Shown in bright "olour. who visiteth all $eo$le. % .7 HYMN XXXVII. and.ay these rites $lease you in your heart and s$irit) may the dro$s "lothed in oil this day a$$roa"h you. by the $aths whi"h 6ods are wont to travel. 3 4ho gaineth $re"ious booty in the "ombats and moveth. with fair "hains of gold and >aws of iron. bless this wealth. to worshi$ of the living.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. that am$le ri"hes may be won. (O. @e Sons of Strength.ay the abundant >ui"es bear you onward to $ower and strength.5 S$ringing forth li'e a hero fain for battle. . to you the best is offered to delight you. fain to "ome forth first amid these armies. .uru $raises and his heart re>oi"es. R. or a herd of "attle. . delight you. the Soma. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. Dadhi1ris. 8 And.urus. as &twere down a $re"i$i"e. And. 2a>as. swift and of varied "olour. that we may $ress forward to ea"h $oint of heaven.7 HYMN XXXVIII. F9O. 6ods. gay 6ods. when imbibed. ye Dasatyas. . you two "ame the gifts in days aforetime whi"h Trasadasyu granted to the . 1. 1ndra. free for us the $aths to sa"rifi"e. 1ndra&s eBual.

118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. vi"torious and faithful. as of a bird that hastens onward to its aim. / His $inion. Dadhi1ra#an. -rhas$ati Son of Angiras.ay he the true. Of him they say when drawing ba"' from battle. and the thunder5wielding 1ndra. bring food.itra granted the (ourser +adhi'ris. "onBuering Steed. dwelling with the good and with the swift.6ay li'e a bridesman.urus. Sweet may he ma'e our mouths) may he $rolong the days we have to live. 8 So have 1 glorified with $raise strong +adhi'ravan. . and light. then the blest name of . reBuite with sweetness these my words and $raises. the bird5li'e +adhi'ravan.itra. ye. .raise of the ord of 4aters. when the flame is 'indled at brea' of dawn. 1. / Him who hath honoured. gave to . 4hom. see'ing war and booty. the Stallion +adhi'ravan ri"h in bounties. And at his thunder. < The $eo$le $raise the over$owering swiftness of this fleet Steed who giveth men abundan"e.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. . strength. of one mind with 2aruna and . 2aruna and . sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. fans him m his way.ornings move me to eAertion) . 1= +adhi'ras hath o&ers$read the Fivefold . those who atta"' tremble and are affrighted) For when he fights against embattled thousands. as it were a fal"on&s gliding through the air. . Him. and Surya. and bear me safely over every trouble.ay the +awns flushing move me to eAertion. the lover of the "ourse. % -rave. 3 4hen we remember mighty +adhi'ravan our food and strength.7 HYMN XXXIX Dadhi1ras. 7 -oth sides invo'e him as they "all on 1ndra when they stir forth and turn to sa"rifi"ing. "asts o&er his brows the dust he tosses u$ward. And. and Agni.itra. . swift of foot aind shining bright as Agni. Dow give we $raise to +adhi'ras the ra$id. To us have 2aruna and . a guide for mortals. the (ourser +adhi'rivan. tossing the dust. CT us re"ite the $raise of +adhi'ravan: may all the . sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. ra$id runner. . +awn. and Agni. may he hasten the food of +awn. dread is he in his striving) none may stay him. we invo'e for welfare.aruts. thousands. +adhi'ras hath s$ed forward with his thousands. li'e the roar of heaven. and mention in our laud the Carth and Heaven.7 HYMN X(. "ham$ing the rein that holds him.ay the strong Steed who winneth bundreds. : And that strong Steed. stri'es +adhi'ravan&s side as he s$eeds on with might. the fleet. S$eeding straight on amid the swiftly ressing.eo$le with vigour.itra may Aditi ma'e free from all transgression. % 1 $raise the mighty Steed who fills my s$irit. 1. obedient with his body in the "ombat. as the Sun lightens the waters. ma'ing him a garland. 2aruna.

3 -ound by the ne"' and by the flan's and by the mouth. 4HAT laud. to us in battle.ay 1ndra52aruna with gra"ious favours wor' marvels for us in the stress of battle. tou"hed you. mid men.ay we ourselves be lords of during ri"hes. as his strength allows. 4e "hoose to us for the dear bond of friendshi$. < To 1ndra and to 2aruna. as to battle. Showing their strength. as steers who love the mil"h5(ow. in the house the guest. . 11 (ome with your mighty su""ours. for worthy sons and grandsons. as mil' to Soma. O 1ndra52aruna. for the Sun&s beauty and for steer5li'e vigour. in s$iritF % He who with dainty food hath won you. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. of am$le sustenan"e for "ar and hones. the 2asu in mid5air. 4hat time the flashing arrows $lay in "ombat. delight in flowing Soma. to 1ndra52aruna my thoughts and $raises. and through your mighty favours is made famous.7 HYMN X(I.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset . good "omrades of the man who see's for booty. 1ndra52aruna. +rawing himself together. : For you.il' may it yield us as. fleet5footed. born of flood. . as his allies to friendshi$.ighty.rin"es. eager for the glory. 'ine. desirous of gaining wealth have these my thoughts $ro"eeded. Free5givers 1 have gone to you. the $riest beside the altar. devoted. the robber and o$$ressor: measure on him your overwhelming vigour.ighty) "ome. gone forth to $asture. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. 1= . hath li'e the 1mmortal . on him your strongest flashing bolt of thunder 4ho treats us ill. O . O ye . be ye the lovers of this my song. li'e mares. 1. 7 O 1ndra52aruna. / 1ndra and 2aruna are most liberal givers of treasure to the men who toil to serve them.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. he is holy aw. in s'y. addressed with homage. with oblation. ye hurl. as Friends in"lined to friendshi$. 1ndra and 2aruna. the great (ow $ouring out her thousand rivers. Eayeth the 2rtras and his foes in battles. +adhi'ras s$rings along the windings of the $aths. as . truth.riest obtained your favourF Hath our effe"tual laud. They have "ome nigh to you as treasurelovers. honoured with dainty food. the vigorous (ourser lends new swiftness to his s$eed. mountain. most liberal Heroes bringing bliss li'e $arents. may we through you be winners in the "ontest. Indra-Var"na. . For glory have they gone. for your an"ient 'indness. 6ods. these hymns for gra"e. 7 The Hamsa homed in light. O 1ndra52aruna. in truth. +weller in noblest $la"e. So may the Twain who wor' with newest su""ours bring yo'ed teams hitherward to us and ri"hes. 3 1ndra and 2aruna. 4hen they. 8 For fertile fields.

O 1ndra52aruna. fain for battle. mine is em$ire. 2aruna&s will the 6ods obey and follow. as 1ndra to give hel$ in stress of battle. 1 am the *ing of men&s most lofty "over. 1= . 6ods in oblations and the 'ine in $asture) And that . +es"ended from the s'y. -y aw the Son of Aditi. These the two world5halves have 1. the Seven his. ri"h with fair offerings. 3 1 made to flow the moisture5shedding waters. li'e 1ndra. 4HO will hear. As#ins. by whi"h of all your $owers are ye most mightyF 3 4hat is the $rayer that we should bring you. 1. For her they gained by sa"rifi"e Trasadasyu.7 HYMN X(III.@51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. and set the heaven firm in the s"at of Order. even as Tvastar 'nowing all beings. the demi5god. the royal 9uler.il"h5"ow who ahrin's not from the mil'ing. < The s$ouse of . / 1 2aruna am 1ndra: in their greatness.ay we. whi"h of all 6ods ta'e $leasure in our homageF On whose heart shall we lay this laud "elestial. hath s$read abroad the world in threefold measure. a demi5god. the slayer of the foeman. 1. eA"ite the "onfli"t) 1 stir the dust. aw Observer. who of those who merit worshi$.aghavan. Thou madest flow the floods that were obstru"ted. % 1 am *ing 2aruna. Asvins. these the two wide dee$ fairly5fashioned regions. divine. >oined and held together. 4hen lauds and Soma >ui"e have made me >oyful. "all on me in "ombat. ord of sur$assing vigour. 8 All this 1 did. +asras. 1 am the *ing of men&s most lofty "over. / So many days do ye "ome swiftly hither. 1 A. thou great +is$oser0 Thou art renowned as having slain the 2rtras. : All beings 'now these deeds of thine thou tellest this unto 2aruna.uru'utsa gave oblations to you. The 6ods& own "onBuering $ower never im$edeth me whom none o$$oseth. 1 1ndra . delight in ri"hes. as mine who sway all life are all 1mmortals. To me were given these first eAistinghigh "elestial $owers. whereby ye "ome to us when invo"atedF 4hether of you "onfronts e&en great betrayalF overs of sweetness.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. sele"ted warriors. Our fathers then were these.7 HYMN X(I( Indra-Var"na. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. 7 Heroes with noble horses. . 2aruna&s will the 6ods obey and follow. O 1ndra52aruna. both the unbounded regions are affrighted. with homage. dearest to 1mmortalsF % 4ho will be gra"iousF 4ho will "ome most ui"'ly of all the 6odsF 4ho will bring liss most largelyF 4hat "ar do they "all swift with ra$id "oursersF That whi"h the +aughter of the Sun ele"ted. give to us daily. hel$ and save us. strong5$inioned. $ossessing mu"h. "onBuering foemen. what time the son of +urgaha was "a$tive. . Then unto her ye gave *ing Trasadasyu.

: 4hene&er 1 gratified you here together. ye Sons of Heaven.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. for the sa"rifi"e&s an"ient lover. ye gained that glory by your 6odhead. what time it turneth hither from the o"ean. ye omni$resent0 "ome to this sa"rifi"e of ours. ri"h in treasure. most am$le. / 4ho bringeth you to5day for hel$ with offered oblation. and "ars and horses at the flushing of the dawn. 8 Dow for us both. ye Twain. Stri$$ing the "overing from the surrounded gloom. ye Twain. % Asvins. 8 et Sindhu with his wave bedew your horses: in fiery glow have the red birds "ome hither.5 (ar $raised in hymns. O 4onder4or'ers.7 1n the wide s$a"e your "hariot rea"heth heaven. Dasatyas. . Food followeth "lose u$on your bright a$$earing when stately horses in your "hariot draw you. your gra"e was given us. +rin' of the $leasant liBuor of the Soma give ri"hes to the $eo$le who adore you. whereby ye were the ords of Siirya&s +aughter. @OD+C9 goes u$ that light: your "hariot is yo'ed that travels round u$on the summit of this heaven. is my wish dire"ted. Dasatyas. mete out. 1.rote"t. Suffer not other worshi$$ers to stay you here are ye bound by earlier bonds of friendshi$. O Asvins.7 HYMN X(IV. Dasatyas. fars$reading. / +rin' of the meath with li$s a""ustomed to the draught) harness for the meath&s sa'e . : 4hene&er 1 gratified you here together. Observed of all was that your ra$id going. As#ins 1. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. ri"hes eA"eeding great with store of heroes. 7 (ome hitherward to us from earth. 4ithin this "ar are stored three 'indred shares of food. . Sweets from your sweet shall dro$. 4C will invo'e this day your "ar. and A>amilhas "ome to the laudation. and a s'in filled with meath is rustling as the fourth. % Forth "ome your viands ri"h with store of $leasant meath. fitted with seats.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. is my wish dire"ted. your gra"e was given us. by your own might and $ower. from heaven. offering homageF 3 -orne on your golden "ar. As#ins. and s$reading through mid5air bright radian"e li'e the Sun. O ye ri"h in booty. turneth you hither. of the sunlight. the singer of your $raises: to you. -e"ause the men have sent you $raise. borne on your golden "hariot rolling lightly. O ye ri"h in booty. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3.rote"t. Asvins. or with hymns to drin' the >ui"esF 4ho. the singer of your $raises: to you. even the gathering.7 HYMN X(V. O Asvins. the "ar that beareth Surya. lovers of sweetness0 These have they dressed for you as dainty viands.

bring the s'in that holds the meath. : Hither. be your >ourney here unyo'e your steeds. a""ordant with the 6ods. s$eeding together. awa'e at early morn. 8 Here. hitherward To drin' the Soma. O Asvins. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. s$read through the firmament bright radian"e li'e the Sun) And the Sun harnessing his horses goeth forth: ye through your 6odli'e nature let his $aths be 'nown. seated in the "ar. (ome thou to drin' the Soma >ui"e. that rea"hes heaven. thou and 1ndra are meet drin'ers of these Soma5draughts. Here for your draught of Soma >ui"e. O 2ayu. mount the goldenseated "ar that aids The sa"rifi"e. 9efresh the way ye go. % (ome. hitherward. / . ords of Strength. 7 4ell 'nowing solemn rites and ri"h in meath. 8 The rays advan"ing nigh. (ome to our su""our with your team. ri"h in store of m"ath. Swimming the flood. 2aya. 6od. 4hen with $ure hands the $rudent energeti" $riest hath with the stones $ressed out the Soma ri"h in meath. Va!". O Heroes. % O 2ayu. best of the meath at holy rites. to the feagt. 3 The swans ye have are friendly. on thy team5drawn "ar. +91D* the best draught of Soma5>ui"e. eAultant.7 HYMN X(VI. 1ndra52ayu. with 1ndra. 4ithin the giver&s dwelling5$la"e. 7 On far5refulgent "hariot "ome unto the man who offers gifts: (ome. that ye may drin' the Soma >ui"e. team5drawn. mighty Twain. strong to draw. .the "hariot that ye love. for the worshi$$er. whi"h lasts for ever. 2ayu. : +evout in thought 1 have de"lared. 3 The longed5for teams whi"h ye $ossess. your "hariot with good steeds. O 1ndra52ayu. 1. and 2ayu. the bright is offered thee. For unto you the dro$s $ro"eed as waters gather to the vale. 3 For ye. / O 1ndra52ayu.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. with thy hundred hel$s. refresh the $aths with meath: hither. fain for draughts that "heer: ye "ome li'e flies to our libations of5the meath. Indra-Va!". Indra-Va!" 1. gold5$inioned. O 1ndra52ayu. 1ndra52ayu. 4herewith ye travel swiftly through the regions to the $rom$t worshi$$er who brings oblation. at our holy rites: For thou art he who drin'eth first.7 HYMN X(VI( Va!".ay steeds a thousand bring you both. 1ndra. longed5for. O Asvins. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. and drin' your fill of >ui"e. the fires sing to the morning Asvins at the brea' of day. is the >ui"e: drin' it. "hasing with day the gloom.

ay nine5and5ninety harnessed steeds who yo'e them at thy will bring thee. who $ressed around us. 3 . the gladdening draught. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. with his seven rays. set before them. / The two dar' treasuries of wealth that wear all beauties wait on thee. +CA9 is this offering in your mouth. Strong.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. 7 O 1ndra. when first he had his being from mighty s$lendour in su$remest heaven.reserve -rhas$ati. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. or a thousand steeds. -rhas$ati. dee$5thin'ing. % This lovely Soma is effused. 1ndra and -rhas$ati. 1. 4ith songs. and let thy "hariot "ome to us with might. blew and dis$ersed the dar'ness. 8 +rin'. and -rhas$ati. on refulgent "ar "ome to the drin'ing of the >ui"e. with noise of thunder. O 2ayu. from thy remotest distan"e have they sat down who love the law eternal. 3 -rhas$ati. For thee were dug wells s$ringing from the mountain. with thunder. with 1ndra. to thy "ar a hundred well5fed tawny steeds.Turn to us. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. 1ndra and -rhas$ati5and 1ndra5to drin' Soma >ui"e. O 2ayu. % 9emoving "urses.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. holy singers. the Soma in the giver&s house: +elight yourselves abiding there. O 1ndra and -rhas$ati. seated by thy side. on refulgent "ar "ome to the drin'ing of the >ui"e. / As Soma5drin'ers to our house "ome. 3 2ou"hsafe us ri"hes hundredfold. . . on refulgent "ar "ome to the drin'ing of the >ui"e.7 HYMN X(IX. -rhas$ati. Indra-Brhaspa i.7 HYMN X(VIII. 4ith store of horses.7 HYMN (. this "om$any&s raining. drawn by teams. / -rhas$ati. whi"h murmuring round about $our streams of sweetness. thousandfold. Him who with might hath $ro$$ed earth&s ends. 7 Harness. and -rhas$ati. the stall unin>ured. we "all you when the meath is shed. O 2ayu. O 2ayu. Va!". @ea. Brhaspa i. who sitteth in threefold seat. as bards en>oy the foeman&s wealth. Him of the $leasant tongue have an"ient sages. 1. ye to whom the sa"rifi"e is $aid. 1ndra52ayu. to drin' the Soma >ui"e. O 2ayu. to drin' it and re>oi"e. on refulgent "ar "ome to the drin'ing of the >ui"e. 1. ever5moving birth$la"e. O 1ndra and -rhas$ati: Famed is the laud. For you. % 4ild in their "ourse. in well5mar'ed wise re>oi"ing were they. TASTC offerings never tasted yet. with his sevenfold mouth.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. O 1ndra.

6oddesses. 4ho "herishes -rhas$ati well5tended. unwasting. 1= 1ndra. and beast. unbarred the $ortals of the fold of dar'ness. shining with su""our. < He. 3 O 6oddesses. -rhas$ati. . +asagva Angira. with noble $rogeny and store of heroes. may we be lords of ri"hes. bird. Assist our holy thoughts. to motion. O +awns. -rhas$ati thundering drave forth the "attle. the Father. The 6ods u$hold that *ing with their $rote"tion who hel$s the -rahman when he see's his favour. rainers of treasure. and homage even thus the Steer of all the 6ods. FO9TH from the dar'ness in the region eastward this most abundant s$lendid light hatb mounted. 11 -rhas$ati and 1ndra. with thunder. man. wa'e u$ our s$irit: wea'en the hatred of our foe and rivals. 8 Serve we with sa"rifi"es. Da2n. li'e $illars $lanted at our sa"rifi"es. ye . sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. 1n the unlightened de$th of dar'ness round them let niggard traffi"'ers slee$ unawa'ened. flushing far.7 4ith the loud5shouting band who sang his $raises. re>oi"ing at this sa"rifi"e drin' the Soma. et the abundant dro$s sin' dee$ within you: vou"hsafe us ri"hes with full store of heroes. the lowing "ows who ma'e oblations ready. the seven5toned singerF 7 4ith horses harnessed by eternal Order. 1 as' you. ri"h +awns. he destroyed obstru"tive 2ala. 1. +aughters of Heaven. % The ri"hly5"oloured +awns have mounted eastward.7 HYMN (I. they are not 'nown a$arto ali'e. or is it new. To him the $eo$le with free will $ay homage5the *ing with whom the -rahman hatb $re"eden"e. bring welfare to the $eo$le.of his own sub>e"ts and of hostile $eo$le. And. and all that lives. is this your "ar. : Surely that *ing by $ower and might heroi" hath made him lord of all his foes& $osses5 ions. ye see' with wealth Davagva. gifts. an"ient this day. and where is she through whom they fiAed the 9bhus& regulationsF 4hat time the s$lendid +awns go forth for s$lendour. Arousing from their rest. 4herewith.ornings urge liberal givers to $resent their treasures. -rhas$ati.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. is master of the ri"hes. the slee$ing. ma'e us $ros$er may this be your benevolen"e to usward. 8 4hi"h among these is eldest.ornings. / +is$elling gloom this day the wealthy . swiftly round the worlds ye travel. 1n his own house he dwells in $ea"e and "omfort: to him for ever holy food flows ri"hly. true with the truth that s$rings from holy Order) . adorns and worshi$s him as foremost sharer. s$lendid and $urifying. : -lest were these +awns of old.ornings. Dow verily the far5refulgent . uno$$osed.

118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. in self5same fashion. soon attained to ri"hes. the . 4ith thy bright shining lustre. bestow u$on us wealth with store of "hildren. OF Savitar the 6od. +awn hath filled full the wide eA$anse.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. these . giver of delight. +awn. 1= O 6oddesses. As from our $leasant $la"e of rest ye rouse us may we be masters of heroi" vigour. the Sage. refulgent +awns. hath shown herself.7 HYMN (III. 11 4ell5s'illed in lore of sa"rifi"e. +aughter of Heaven.ornings similar. filling the s$a"ious realm. we "rave this great gift whi"h is worthy of our "hoi"e. Awa'ing. . . and thou art the Asvins& Friend. After thy nature aid us. (lear5sighted. ye +aughters of Heaven. in "olour li'e a bright red mare. the sa$ient Asura. after her Sister shining forth.4ith whom the toiling worshi$$er.other of the *ine art thou: O +awn thou rulest over wealth. . TH1S ady. O Heaven&s refulgent +aughters. he $utteth on his golden5"oloured mail. 1. Savitar hath brought forth bliss that deserveth laud. . < Thus they go forth with undiminished "olours. 4herewith he freely grants his worshi$er defen"e. Fulgent One0 thou layest bare the gloom with light. . 7 Our eyes behold thy blessed rays li'e troo$s of "attle loosed to feed. Sa#i ar.ay we be glorious among the $eo$le. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. the dear wide region of mid5air. s$reading far. This with his rays the 6reat 6od hath vou"hsafed to us. from the seat of holy Order the 6odli'e +awns "ome nigh li'e troo$s of "attle. 3 Thin'ing of thee. / @ea.7 HYMN (I( Da2m. from one $la"e s$reading in the selfsame manner. as her who driveth hate away. 4e wo'e to meet thee with our lauds. by $raises.ay Heaven vou"hsafe us this. % Sustainer of the heaven. +awn. : Thou overs$readest heaven with rays. and Carth the 6oddess. 1 thus address you. 8 4hen thou hast filled it. Hither from eastward all at on"e they travel. The +awn be"ame the Asvins& Friend. (on"ealing the giganti" might of dar'ness with radiant bodies bright and $ure and shining.other of the *ine. O >oyous One. hymning and lauding. / He hath filled full the regions of the heaven and earth: the 6od for his own strengthening wa'eth u$ the hymn.5 % Unfailing. ord of the whole world&s life. 1.

However they may fly and draw themselves a$art. Savitar. bring us blessing. three regions.Savitar hath stret"hed out his arms to "herish life. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. "ome nigh: may he $ros$er our home. 6od. with tri$le bar against distress. 5Savitar the 6od.ay 1ndra. savethF who $rote"tethF O Heaven and Carth and Aditi. or through insolen"e. Sindhu with the 4aters. He hath stret"hed out his arms to all the fol' of earth. Heaven. 6od. rules his own mighty "ourse. 2asus. and may he send us o$ulen"e with $rogeny.ay he vou"hsafe us shelter. and the tri$le s$here of light. that he may grant us here ri"hes most eA"ellent. .118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. with his laws observed.7 HYMN (V. men as we are. % For thou at first $rodu"est for the holy 6ods the noblest of all $ortions. O Savitar. . day after day. thou o$enest eAisten"e. immor5tality: Thereafter as a gift to men.5 for tranBuil life. Him who distributes wealth to . give food and noble sons. that wor' of his stands sure. O Savitar. 4HO of you. Vis#$d$#as. Dow must we $raise and honour Savitar the 6od: at this time of the day the men must "all to him. Aditi with Adityas. he who "ontrols the world. who brings to life and lulls to rest. what moves not and what moves. and willingly $rote"ts us with his tri$le law. still. $rote"ts ea"h holy ordinan"e.anu&s $rogeny. they stand obeying thy behest.ay the libations $oured to thee thri"e daily. Sa#i ar. O Savitar. $reserve us.ost gra"ious 6od. Absolve us from the guilt and ma'e us free from sin. Savitar. 8 . Sets the three heavens in motion and the threefold earth. 1. . 3 ighting all living "reatures. give us shelter. in wea'ness. .7 HYMN (IV. 3 Done may im$ede that $ower of Savitar the 6od whereby he will maintain the universal world. 7 Savitar thri"e surrounding with his mightiness mid5air. and.ay he invigorate us through the days and nights. Carth. / 1f we. : 4ith the year&s seasons hath Savitar. 8 . 4hat the fair5fingered 6od brings forth on earth&s eA$anse or in the heightof heaven. ali'e among both 6ods and men.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. 7 To lofty hills thou sendest those whom 1ndra leads. have sinned against the 6ods through want of thought. life su""eeding life. neer to be de"eived. and givest fiAed abodes with houses unto these. 1. $rodu"ing with his rays and lulling all that moves.

O Heaven and Carth. < Hither to us. Agni is Sovran ord of wealth. through song be vi"tors ever. Heaven and Carth. and beamed as holy5thoughted 4onder4or'ers. 7 To both of you. fiAing them a$art. 8 @e san"tify ea"h other&s form. whi"h of you at sa"rifi"e giveth "omfortF % They who with laud eAtol the an"ient statutes. of -haga 6od who res"ues. . as they "ome anear. the 6harma5heaters have o$ened. 1. Agni as ord of Strength the road to welfare. % The 6oddesses with 6ods. Far5rea"hing. of . Thou who hast am$le store of wealth. And from of old observe the aw. Have ordered as $er$etual Ordainers. most eAtensive. unsu$$orted. 4ise. 2aruna have dis"losed the $athway. vast. : Furthering and fulfilling. : . 3 O Heaven and Carth.orning both. universal. with bounty "ome to us. Aryaman. 6oddesses. by your own $ro$er might ye rule. with Ahibudhnya. when they shine forth infallible dividers. 3 Aryaman. 6ods.itra save us.ay 6oddess Aditi with 6ods defend us. As if to win the sea. . the Two stand $ouring out their rain. .itra. H$a#$n and Ear h.7 HYMN (VI. Aditi. most meet for honour.itra&s aw. auded in manly mode may 1ndra52isnu grant us their $owerful defen"e and shelter. bring many things to be desired. the rivers. O . with one a""ord $romoting. holy with holy. together s$a"ious and dee$.arvata. .118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. 4e dare not stint the sa"red food of . be $resent here with light and gleaming s$lendours) 4hen. the 6oddess Svasti 1 im$lore for friendshi$: And may the unobstru"ted Dight and . / Sure in the worlds he was a s'ilful (raftsman. eAhaustless: Faithful and guileless. with high $rote"tion as of Iueens. the Steer roars loudly in far5rea"hing "ourses. guard us. $erfe"t . holy. day and night.2aruna. wellfashioned.A@ mighty Heaven and Carth. leaders of sa"rifi"e with shining s$lendours. "ar5borne. ri"h $leasant +awn. our welfare. 7 1 have besought the favourof the . save us the saviour 6od with "are un"easing. 8 Agree.aruts. .. Agni of great $ros$erity: . through these our watery oblations.itra and 2aruna u$on the ba"' of Agni.ure Ones0 to glorify you both. we bring our lofty song of $raise.ay we. . with his $ower he brought both realms. Savitar. 1ndra.ay he bestow these gifts on us. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. / The Housewife 6oddess. he who $rodu"ed these Twain the Carth and Heaven. 2aruna. having 6ods for "hildren. ye. $rovide for our $rote"tion. and Sindhu. From trouble "aused by man the ord $reserve us) from woe sent by his friend let . from the stronger mortal. . 1= So then may -haga.ighty.itra.

. 1. "ome thou near: we venerate and worshi$ thee That thou mayst bless and $ros$er us and bring us fruits abundantly.ay 1ndra $ress the furrow down. 1.7 HYMN (VII. Ks$ rapa i. ords of holy aw be gra"ious.ay the Field&s ord for us be full of sweetness. obtain 4hat nourisheth our 'ine and steeds. even as through a friend. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. may the $lough furrow ha$$ily. and at this sa"rifi"e hold it u$ with homage. as ri"h in mil'. This hath the four5horned -uffalo emitted. flow swifter than the wind the vigorous "urrents. 7 From inmost reservoir in "ountless "hannels flow down these rivers whi"h the foe beholds not. "on"ealed by .7 HYMN (VIII. / Sweet be the $lants for us. 4C through the .aster of the Field. and full of sweets for us be air&s mid5region. 6rant us $ros$erity. The streams of holy oil $our swiftly downward li'e the wild beasts that fly before the bowman. / Four are his horns. 7 Suna and Sira. : As rushing down the ra$ids of a river. Ha$$ily let the shares turn u$ the $loughland. Ghr a. 1ndra $rodu"ed one sha$e.. +istilling meath. : .E . % et us de"lare aloud the name of 6hrta.ay she. Surya another: by their own $ower they formed the third from 2ena. and with the mil' whi"h ye have made in heaven -edew ye both this earth of ours. That whi"h is holy oil&s mysterious title: but the 6ods& tongue is truly Amrta&s "entre. 1n su"h may he be good to us. well5$urified li'e butter. wel"ome ye this laud.usan guide its "ourse aright. . three are the feet that bear him) his heads are two. Ha$$ily be the tra"es bound) ha$$ily may he $ly the goad. the waters. $our for us freely. ha$$ily go the $loughers with the oAen. The streams of oil in swelling flu"tuation li'e a red "ourser bursting through the fen"es. and may we follow after him unin>ured. So let the -rahman hear the $raise we utter. "leansing themselves in inmost heart and s$irit. and lo0 the 6olden 9eed is there among them. his hands are seven in number. % As the "ow yieldeth mil'. .ar>anya ma'e us ha$$y. 1 loo' u$on the streams of oil des"ending. be drained for us through ea"h su""eeding year. 3 That oil in tri$le sha$e the 6ods dis"overed laid down within the (ow. 3 Ha$$ily wor' our steers and men. 8 i'e rivers our libations flow together. may . the wave that beareth sweetness. the heavens. Suna and Sira.@e sit around our sa"rifi"e. 8 Aus$i"ious Sita. -ound with a tri$le bond the Steer roars loudly: the mighty 6od hath entered in to mortals. sha$eTy$e%=line4idth%%%%7line(olor1/<3. and let the.anis. FO9TH from the o"ean s$rang the wave of sweetness: together with the stal' it turned to Amrta.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/.118fShadow1shadowOffset?=shadowOffset @51%:==shadowOrigin@/%/. . ord of the Field. 4ith meath and mil' .

4here Soma flows and sa"rifi"e is ready. %===5%==1. Hinduwebsite. and Eatavedas >oyfully re"eives them. thither the streams of holy oil are running. o&er the surfa"eof the floods. within all life. at its gathering. 1 now behold them.. < As maidens do"' themselves with gay adornment to >oin the bridal feast. within the heart. The streams of holy oil attain the fuel.Eayaram.ay we attain that sweetly5flavoured wave of thine. eA"e$t where noted. brought. . and all files at this site are K "o$yright 2.com About Us Privacy Policy Contact Us Terms of use Add your link . all gra$hi"s. All images on this $age. The translation $resented in this $age is in the $ubli" domain and re$rodu"ed a""ording to the -erne (onvention for the benefit of our readers. -ear to the 6ods the sa"rifi"e we offer the streams of oil flow $ure and full of sweetness. 11 The universe de$ends u$on thy $ower and might within the sea.. 1= Send to our eulogy a herd of "attle bestow u$on us eA"ellent $ossessions. All rights reserved LeA"e$t where notedM. they in"line to Agni. i'e women at a gathering fair to loo' on and gently smiling. the html mar' u$.

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