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National Catholic Education Association and their FRIENDS

By: Laura Broussard, March 17, 2014

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WHY is the National Catholic Education Association (NCEA) a major TRANMISSION BELT to teacher and administrators to convey innovative and transformative ideas to fundamentally change Catholic Education? WHY does the NCEA want to make a “radical shift” that will deal a “death blow” to Classical Catholic Education by promoting Common Core to redirect Catholic Education? WHY is the NCEA promoting a Marxist, Socialistic, Global, Liberal, Progressive Educational system? WHY does the NCEA support and honor those opposed to Catholic teaching and education? Why is the NCEA more interested in new “educational terms” than sound Catholic doctrine? WHY does the NCEA support the creation of charter schools to be in competition with existing religious Catholic schools? WHY does the NATIONAL CATHOLIC EDUCATION ASSOCIATION have friends like the following?

ROBERT MULLER was the KEYNOTE SPEAKER for the NCEA 1985 Conference “Gateway to Global
Understanding” promoting his United Nations WORLD CORE CURRICULUM. He authored the book New Genesis: Shaping a Global Spirituality which promotes New Age Thought to bring together spiritual world unity through a ONE world religion. He was a “spiritual marxist” who has re-written The Book of Genesis positioning the UN as the savior of the world. He blends the social gospel with the New Testament and entirely misinterprets the teachings of Christianity. He believes the UN should bring education under one Common Core which would require getting rid of extreme religious teachings like the principles of marriage and the sanctity of life and replace these teachings with the redistribution of wealth, no private ownership, extreme environmental policy, and religious sameness. Why would the NCEA have this extreme Marxist speaker and why would NCEA embrace Common Core?

ERNEST L. BOYER was also a speaker at NCEA 1985 Conference. He was President of the Carnegie Foundation
for the Advancement of Teaching and presented a workshop called “EDUCATION: A WORLD VIEW.” In 1934 the Carnegie Foundation released a report on Social Studies which was deemed by a socialist to be a program for a SOCIALIST AMERICA. He stated “schools should no longer be seen as academic centers but should be turned

into social service centers.”

ROBERT THEOBALD was another speaker at NCEA in 1985. He was a proponent for personal and societal
transformation speaking on “NEW TECHNOLOGIES AND GLOBAL EDUCATION.” He believes in Population Control and Global Education. This convention marked a major infiltration of globalists, new age thought, and educational transformation into the NCEA.


President, and LEE SHULMAN President Emeritus, of the CARNEGIE FOUNDATION held a

major conference to redirect Catholic Education entitled A CARNEGIE CONVERSATION ON CATHOLIC EDUCATION called the “CARNEGIE CONVERSATIONS.’’ The 2007 conference led to the Catholic Higher Education
Consortium. FOUNDATIONS along with a NUCLEUS of CATHOLIC COLLEGES and UNIVERSITIES have controlled the Redirection and Transformation of Catholic Education and the National Catholic Education Association. The speaker called for “Lofty Innovations” in teacher training and leadership, assessments, a data-base for outcomes of Catholic Schools, Choice schools, “infusion of a faith-vision” in education curriculum, a sustained pipeline for human capital, application and transformation, promotion of philanthropy, and finally “faith formation” conversations with other

faiths.” These are the same goals of UNESCO which called for all educational personnel to be trained in Common Core and the Outcome Based Education model of transmission of knowledge, skills and behavior. You will see the ideas from the “CARNAGIE CONVERSATIONS” carried out by the NCEA friends as themes throughout this report.


Of the Lynch School of Education at Boston College spoke at the

“Carnegie Conservations.” He agreed to work with the NCEA on the COMMON CORE CATHOLIC IDENTITY INIATITIVE to develop a national database to mine the rich source of data in Catholic Schools to prepare for good global citizens to compete in the 21st century global economy. He has envisioned a “utopia” where everyone is plugged into the same mission. He along with Sister Dale McDonald of the NCEA is working with The Broader, Bolder Approach to Education. This organization includes Linda Darling-Hammond, Arne Duncan, Janet Reno, John Goodlad and Ted Sizer. Their stated goal is to strive for better Federal and State Assessments and Data of all students including: work habits, mental health, citizenship habits, and other appropriate behaviors that will enable students to achieve success in a pluralistic society and complex global economy. Keep in mind all students; Christian, Catholic, and Public must be in the national data banks and eventually in the global data banks of UNESCO to insure global one-world control and transformation. O’Keefe further states that the goals of “education is not so much to educate Catholic children, but provide Catholic education for anyone.” These schools would reflect a Catholic philosophy. It is unclear if there would be formal teaching of the Catholic Faith. Archbishop J. Michael Miller, Secretary of the Congregation for Catholic Education, said “Jesus Christ cannot be the center and fulcrum of a secular workforce development education model. Such a model does not recognize that man is made in the image and likeness of the Creator.”

KAREN RISTAU, ED.D. , represented the NCEA as its President (2005-2013) at the “Carnegie Conversations.”
She said “a religious dimension will be infused into the state standards.” She believes in transforming Catholic School Leadership in order to teach the “scientific, behavioral, and contemplative shifts” expected in redirecting Catholic Education. Under her presidency, the NCEA Principal Forum was instituted to re-educate administrators for future leadership changes. She described the NCEA as having a “road map leading to a revitalized Catholic educational network for this century.”

LORRAINE OZAR with Loyola University Chicago’s Center for Catholic Education also attended the “Carnegie
Conversations.” She was on the task force of the Catholic Higher Education Consortium to write the “National Standards and Benchmarks for Effective Elementary and Secondary Catholic Schools” now known as “Baptized” NATIONAL CATHOLIC COMMON CORE STANDARDS with infused Catholic Identity. Ozar helped launch the Common Core Catholic Identity Initiative (CCCII). Behind the alluring “education-speak” of such terms : EXCELLENCE, 21 CENTURY SKILLS, RIGOR, RELEVANCE, DIGITAL LEARNING, OUTCOME BASED EDUCATION, GLOBAL, CRITICAL THINKING,CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT,” lurks the rot to destroy Christian civilization.” In addition, by adopting the secular National Common Core Standards the controversial philosophes of: Transformational Marxist like John Dewey, Behavioral Scientists like Benjamin Bloom and his Taxonomy of Mastery Learning –Outcome Based Education, and B.F. Skinner whose goal is to destroy the free will of the child, destroy allegiance to family and country, and to replace old Biblical values and worldview to government ideology became philosophes to use in lesson plans in Catholic schools. Lorraine Ozar, the CCSE, with the support of other organizations also developed the Rubrics for the benchmarks used in Catholic Schools. This step, in some cases, has connected benchmarks, common core, accreditation and assessments. Proponents of consolidation of all education under “one umbrella” are celebrating their entrance into the redirected Catholic school systems using the Common Core Catholic Identity Initiative. When did the goal of Catholic Education change from FAITH to WORKFORCE Development? Were Catholic parents across the US notified of this “radical shift” in their child’s Catholic Education? How can good Bishops who teach and guard the faith allow the NCEA to promote Common Core to replace traditional Classical Catholic Education?

SISTER DALE MCDONALD, Director of Public Policy and Educational Research at the NCEA, along with Loraine
Ozar launched the Catholic version of Common Core called COMMON CORE CATHOLIC IDENTITY INITIATIVE (CCCII) at the NCEA convention in 2012. The NCEA stated “they are getting on board” because of textbooks, testing, assessments, and teacher training. They stated CCCII is not about Catholic identity: it is about how we TEACH with Catholic Identity. Together they created “infused” Common Core Catholic Identity ELA Unit Plans, materials and detailed teaching guidelines based on the controversial Common Core philosophes and in some cases against Catholic teachings. Some of the lessons have already been found to have political indoctrination, distorted social justice, same sex marriage, social activism, offensive sex education, drug use etc. In addition the Math and English standards have been proven to be flawed and defective and will result in the dumbing down of our already superior Catholic schools. Sister Dale is also working with Father O’Keefe and others on The Broader, Bolder Approach to Education for Federal and State Assessments. They are working to formulate assessments for student learning, long term studies of a child’s educational attainment, and studies of teacher quality. Outcome Based Learning currently employed in both Public Schools and Charter Schools is about assessments and collecting DATA on students to find their place in the 21st century global workforce economy. Nothing is kept from the government and nothing is private. Common Core links data from schools, medical clinics, and the criminal justice system and the “whole persons” is systematically tracked. All laws for parental consent and privacy have been overturned. In addition the NCEA states on their website they support the creation of Charter or Choice schools. Accepting federal money and grants, Vouchers, and Tuition Tax Credits puts Catholic schools in jeopardy of federal and state data collections. As the saying goes what the government funds, the government runs. Sadly over 100 Catholic Dioceses and their educational agencies have been influenced by the NCEA. And in spite of all efforts by parents, grandparents, letters to Bishops, etc. the parents who are given authority in THE CATECHISM OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH for the education of their children, are dismissed, discounted, and told Common Core is best for you. Why does the NCEA support the creation of charter schools that are not necessarily “faith based” to be in competition with existing religious Catholic schools? How can parents who have the responsibility for the education of their children be ignored? Why does a lobbying organization which is designed to LOBBY CONGRESS AND THE PRESIDENT FOR FEDERAL ASSISTANCE have so much POWER and CONTROL over Catholic EDUCATION? How can the Bishops allow the Common Core Secular Education into our Catholic schools? Does the NCEA create SCANDAL for the church?

BILL AND MELINDA GATES Foundation gave the National Catholic Education Association $100,000 to
promote and educate teachers in using Common Core Standards. They initially funded the Common Core Initiative by providing the $35 million to lay the framework for the Common Core Initiative and subsequently gave over $275 million for propagation of the standards. The collaboration of the Gates Foundation, the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization, UNESCO, and World Core Curriculum is well known. In addition Gates on behalf of the Microsoft Corporation signed a 26 page Cooperation Agreement in 2004 between Microsoft and UNESCO to develop a master curriculum which included benchmarks and assessments. Common Core is dangerous since it demotes American values, undermines the American constitutional principles and detaches students from faith and family. This effort is simply the newest attempt to impose a U.N. globalist worldview at the expense of freedom. Bill and Melinda have stated they have given 4.6 Billion dollars to transform education. The UN and Gates know that the quickest route to a transformed society is through education. In addition, the Gates were honored with awards for Population Control by the UN and by the International Planned Parenthood Federation for their “commitment to control global population growth through artificial contraception, sterilization, and abortion initiatives.” Planned Parenthood is the number one provider of abortion in the US. Does it bother anyone that the NCEA takes money from those opposed to CATHOLIC VALUES AND TEACHINGS?

REVERAND RONALD NUZZI, Director of the University of Notre Dame Alliance for Catholic Education (ACE)
attended the “Carnegie Conversations.” He was presented with the NCEA Koob Award at the 2013 convention. He states that “whatever humanizes divinizes. Such an incarnational worldview is critical to Catholic education. It is the Incarnation that inspires Catholic educators to claim that there are no secular subjects, for whatever humanizes, divinizes. The religion class itself is” just icing on the cake.” The incarnational aspects of Catholic education make all…subjects and activities holy as well.” He also promotes a new education proposal to transform governance of Catholic Education. ACE recommends partnerships with foundations like the GATES FOUNDATION, and corporations, Charter Schools Compacts, Choice, Vouchers, Tuition Tax Credits and “blended learning models” using computer “personalized learning” and data to reduce the number of teachers, using “facilitators” or” virtual teachers” at less pay. In some places, Catholic schools have been turned into charter schools even when parents objected. All of these new models greatly reduce Parish and Parental control. What will be the effects of all this Reorganization and Reinventing have on our local Catholic schools? How can Bishops and the NCEA sell out Catholic education for grants, Tuition Tax Credits, federal money, vouchers? Will Catholic Bishops and the NCEA show more concern for MONEY or for TRANSMITTING SOUND CATHOLIC DOCTRINE? “Pope Benedict Emeritus says Catholic agencies must refuse partnerships that would even indirectly support activities opposed to the Christian view of the human person.”

DR. ROBERT MARZANO will be a SPEAKER for the NCEA Convention in April, 2014. He is a leading education,
researcher, trainer and supporter of Common Core. He stated that Common Core is a SECOND ORDER CHANGE. Second Order Change is planned chaos to change our whole social culture from FREEDOM to SOCIALISM. Transformers create a CRISIS of anxiety, frustration, paranoia, cynicism and anger to challenge the established CULTURE. The eventual outcome is a TRANSFORMED society with RENEWED ORGANIZATIONS. Marzano designed the RISC Educational Program (Re-Inventing Schools Coalition). RISC is a competency-based form of personalized education which puts the child on a computer. The child cannot “move on” until he accomplishes each outcome and competency and “gets it right.” Imagine a child of God stuck in this environment relating only to the computer. The goal is to reinvent school systems everywhere with Privatization, Choice schools, Charter Schools, and Compacts and to Redirect Catholic Education. So, a speaker at the NCEA is someone who wants to create CHAOS, change CATHOLIC EDUCATION, and bring our whole society into SOCIALISM.

GARRISON KEILLOR an Episcopal minister gave the 2010 Keynote address at the NCEA. Garrison is a PRO GAY
ABORTION ACTIVIST. He believes in abortion, embryonic stem cell research, and same- sex marriage. He has labeled “pro-life, pro-family, and anti-pornography activists as shrieking ninnies and pompous blowhards.” How can a person who is against Catholic values be a Keynote speaker at a Catholic Conference? Are the NCEA’s values in line with the Catholic Church?

SR. JOAN CHITTISTNER, O.S.B. The KEYNOTE SPEAKER for the NCEA Convention in 2001 was a notorious
dissenter of the Catholic Faith. She believes in “female ordination and homosexuality.” Why are these speakers selected and given a platform at the NCEA for their radical ideas against the faith?

DOES ANYONE OUT THERE CARE? Saint Michael, the Archangel, Defend us in Battle!


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Pittsburg Catholics against Common Core


You will find 2 of the listed articles with references along with excellent information on all aspects of Common Core

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