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M.M.UNIVERSITY,MULLANA B.Tech. (Sixth semester) Mechatronics Engineering ME !

" #$% om&'ter Ai(e( )esign an( Man'*act'ring

Theor,.$ ontin'o's E0a1'ation2$ Time# !o'rs re(it#.3 Unit"/- Basics o* 4eometric Mo(e11ing 5 4ro'& techno1og, Introduction to CAD/CAM, Historical Development, Industrial look at CAD/CAM, Introduction to CIM Basic of Geometric & Solid modeling, Coordinate s stems, !"plict, Implict, Intrinsic and parametric e#uation,$art families, $art classification and coding, Mac%ine cell Design, Advantages of G& Unit"%- Re&resentation o* 'r0es an( 4eometric trans*ormations Introduction, &ransformation of points & line, '(D rotation, )eflection, Scaling and com*ined transformation, Homogeneous coordinates, +(D scaling, s%earing, rotation, reflection and translation, com*ined transformations, ,rt%ograp%ic and perspective pro-ections, Alge*raic and geometric forms, tangent & normal *lending functions, )e(parametri.ation, Straig%t line, conics, cu*ic splines, *e.ier curves and B(spline curves Unit"#- Re&resentation o* s'r*aces an( so1i(s Alge*raic and geometric forms, tangent & t/ist vectors, normal *lending function, reparametri.ation, , $lane surface, ruled surface,Surface of revolution, ta*ulated c linder Bi(cu*ic surface, *e.ier surface, B( spline surface,Solid models and representation sc%eme B(rep & CSG, s/eep representation ,Cell decomposition Unit"2- N'meric contro1 an( *1exi61e man'*act'ring s,stems Introduction, fi"ed programma*le and fle"i*le automation, & pes of 0C s stems, MC1 & ot%er components, Co(ordinate s stem, 0C manual part programming, G & M codes, part program for simple parts, Introduction, 2MS component, & pes of 2MS, 2MS la out, $lanning for 2MS, advantage and applications Introduction, conventional process planning, Steps in variant process planning, t pes of CA$$, planning for CA$$ Text Boo7s34 CAD/CAM t%eor & practice * I*ra%im 5eid,&4M4H,India '4 CAD/CAM * Groover & 5immer, $4H4I,India +4 0umerical control and computer aided manufacturing * )A, and &i/ari, &4M4H4 N8TE- In the semester examination, the examiner 9i11 set : ;'estions in a11, at 1east t9o ;'estion *rom each 'nit, an( st'(ents 9i11 6e re;'ire( to attem&t on1, 3 ;'estions, at 1east one *rom each 'nit. L # T / + $


B.Tech. (Sixth Sem..) Mechatronics Engineering

L # T / + $

.$ 2$ #.3

Theor,ontin'o's E0a1'ationTime- # !o'rs re(it-

UNIT < I Definition 6 Basic principles of measurement 6 Measurement s stems, generali.ed configuration and functional descriptions of measuring instruments 6 e"amples4 D namic performance c%aracteristics 6 sources of error, Classification and elimination of error4 Meas'rement o* )is&1acement- &%eor and construction of various transducers to measure displacement 6 $ie.o electric, Inductive, capacitance, resistance, ioni.ation and $%oto electric transducers, Cali*ration procedures4 MEASUREMENT 8= TEM+ERATURE - Classification 6 )anges 6 7arious $rinciples of measurement 6 !"pansion, !lectrical )esistance 6 &%ermistor 6 &%ermocouple 6 $ rometers 6 &emperature Indicators44 UNIT < II MEASUREMENT 8= +RESSURE - 1nits 6 classification 6 different principles used4 Manometers, $iston, Bourdon pressure gauges, Bello/s 6 Diap%ragm gauges4 8o/ pressure measurement 6 &%ermal conductivit gauges 6 ioni.ation pressure gauges, Mcleod pressure gauge4 MEASUREMENT 8= LEVEL - Direct met%od 6 Indirect met%ods 6 capacitative, ultrasonic, magnetic, cr ogenic fuel level indicators 6 Bu*ler level indicators4 =L8> MEASUREMENT )otameter, magnetic, 1ltrasonic, &ur*ine flo/ meter, Hot 6 /ire anemometer, 8aser Doppler Anemometer 98DA: 4 UNIT < III MEASUREMENT 8= S+EE) Stro*oscope, 0on( contact t pe of tac%ometer Mec%anical &ac%ometers 6 !lectrical tac%ometers 6

Meas'rement o* Acce1eration an( Vi6ration - Different simple instruments 6 $rinciples of Seismic instruments 6 7i*rometer and accelerometer using t%is principle4 STRESS STRAIN MEASUREMENTS - 7arious t pes of stress and strain measurements 6 electrical strain gauge 6 gauge factor 6 met%od of usage of resistance strain gauge for *ending compressive and tensile strains 6 usage for measuring tor#ue, Strain gauge )osettes4 UNIT < IV MEASUREMENT 8= !UMI)ITY 6 Moisture content of gases, sling ps c%rometer, A*sorption ps c%rometer, De/ point meter MEASUREMENT 8= =8R E,T8R?UE AN) +8>ER" !lastic force meters, load cells, &orsion meters, D namometers4 ELEMENTS 8= 8NTR8L SYSTEMS Introduction, Importance 6 Classification 6 ,pen and closed s stems Servomec%anisms 6 !"amples /it% *lock diagrams 6 &emperature, speed and position control s stems4 TE@T B88AS34 '4 +4 =4 >4 @4 Measurement S stems; Applications &design * D4S <umar4 Instrumentation, measurement & anal sis * B4C40akra & <4<4C%oud%ar , &MH 4Instrumentation and Control s stems/ S4B%askar/ Anurad%a Agencies !"perimental Met%ods for !ngineers / Holman Mec%anical and Industrial Measurements / )4<4 ?ain/ <%anna $u*lis%ers4 Mec%anical Measurements / Siro%i and )ad%akris%na / 0e/ Age

M.M.UNIVERSITY,MULLANA B.Tech. (Sixth semester) Mechatronics Engineering ME !" #$. Machine )esign" II
L % T $ + 2 Theor,.$ ontin'o's E0a1'ation2$ Time2 !o'rs re(it2.$

Unit"/- 4ears Classification of GearsA Selection of t peA 8a/ of Gearing, Standard s stem of Gear toot%, 7arious 2ailure modes, Interference, undercutting & minimum no4 ,f teet% S&'r gear- 2orce Anal sis ,Beam strengt% of Gear toot%, !ffective load on toot%, !stimation of module *ased on *eam strengt% and /ear strengt%, Gear lu*rication, materialsA Design $rocedure, !e1ica1 gear- &erminolog , 2orce Anal sis, 7irtual no4 of teet%, Beam strengt%, !ffective load, Bear strengt% Be0e1 gear; &erminolog , force anal sis, *eam strengt% & /ear strengt%, effective load on gear toot% >orm5 9orm 9hee1; &erminolog , properties, force anal sis, friction, material selection Unit"%- Be1ts an( 1'tches Design of flat *elts &$ulle s, Design /selection of 7 *elts &$ulle s, Design/selection of /ire ropes, Design/selection of c%ains,Single &multiple $late clutc%, Cone clutc% Unit"#- S&rings an( Bearings Coil Springs, 8eaf Springs, H dro(d namicall lu*ricated *earings 9-ournal *earing:, Selection of *all *earings, Selection of roller *earings, Selection of taper roller *earings Unit"2- I. Engine +arts Design of C linder, Design of $iston, Design of Crank s%aft, Design of connecting rod, Design of Crane Hook, Design of 2l /%eels Text Boo7s34 '4 +4 =4 Design of Mac%ine !lements * B%andari, &MH Mac%ine Design * S%arma Aggar/al, <atson $u*lis%ers Mac%ine Design an integrated Approc% )o*ert 0orton, $rentice Hall $SG Design Data Book $SG College of !ngg $SG $u*lication

N8TE- i) In the semester examination, the examiner 9i11 set : ;'estions in a11, at 1east t9o ;'estion *rom each 'nit, an( st'(ents 9i11 6e re;'ire( to attem&t on1, 3 ;'estions, at 1east one *rom each 'nit. N8TE- ii) on1, these t9o )ata Boo7s 9i11 6e a11o9e( in the examination Text Boo7s34 $SG Design Data Book $SG College of !ngg * $SG $u*lication '4 <4 Ma%adevan * CBS $u*lication


B.Tech. (Sixth Sem.) Mechatronics Engineering

ME !"#$: )YNAMI S 8= MA !INERY
L # T / + $ Theor,.$ ontin'o's E0a1'ationTime- # !o'rs re(it-

2$ #.3

UNIT < I +RE ESSI8N - G roscopes, effect of precession motion on t%e sta*ilit of moving ve%icles suc% asmotor car, motor c cle, aero planes and s%ips4 Static and d namic force anal sis of planar mec%anisms4 =RI TI8N - Inclined plane, friction of scre/ and nuts, pivot and collar, uniform pressure, uniform /ear,friction circle and friction a"is ; lu*ricated surfaces, *oundar friction, film lu*rication4 UNIT <II 1'tches- 2riction clutc%es( Single Disc or plate clutc%, Multiple Disc Clutc%, Cone Clutc%, Centrifugal Clutc%4 BRAAES AN) )YNAM8METERS - Simple *lock *rakes, internal e"panding *rake, *and *rake of ve%icle4 D namometers 6 a*sorption and transmission t pes4 General description and met%ods of operations4 TURNIN4 M8MENT )IA4RAM AN) =LY >!EELS - &urning moment 6 Inertia &or#ue connecting rod angular velocit and acceleration, crank effort and tor#ue diagrams 6 2luctuation of energ 6 2l /%eels and t%eir design4 UNIT"III 48VERNERS- Batt, $orter and $roell governors4 Spring loaded governors 6 Hartnell and %artung /it% au"iliar springs4 Sensitiveness, isoc%ronism and %unting4 BALAN IN4- Balancing of rotating masses Single and multiple 6 single and different planes4 UNIT <IV Ba1ancing o* Reci&rocating Masses- $rimar , Secondar , and %ig%er *alancing of reciprocating masses4 Anal tical and grap%ical met%ods4 1n*alanced forces and couples 6 e"amination of C7D multi c linder in line and radial engines for primar and secondar *alancing, locomotive *alancing 6 Hammer *lo/, S/a ing couple, variation of tractive efforts4 VIBRATI8NS- 2ree 7i*ration of mass attac%ed to vertical spring 6 oscillation of pendulums, centers of oscillation and suspension4 &ransverse loads, vi*rations of *eams /it% concentrated and distri*uted loads4 Dunkerl Es met%ods, )aleig%Es met%od4 B%irling of s%afts, critical speeds, torsional vi*rations, t/o and t%ree rotor s stems4 Simple pro*lems on forced damped vi*ration 7i*ration Isolation & &ransmissi*ilit TE@T B88AS34 &%eor of Mac%ines / S4S )atan/ Mc4 Gra/ Hill $u*l4 '4 &%eor of Mac%ines / ?agadis% 8al & ?4M4S%a% / Metropolitan4 +4 Mec%anism and Mac%ine &%eor / ?S )ao and )7 Dukkipati / 0e/ Age =4 &%eor of Mac%ines / S%iegl / MGH >4 &%eor of Mac%ines / &%omas Bevan / CBS $u*lis%ers @4 &%eor of mac%ines / <%urmi/S4C%and4 N8TE- In the semester examination, the examiner 9i11 set : ;'estions in a11, at 1east t9o ;'estion *rom each 'nit, an( st'(ents 9i11 6e re;'ire( to attem&t on1, 3 ;'estions, at 1east one *rom each 'nit.


B.Tech. (Sixth Sem.) Mechatronics Engineering

L 2 T / + $ Theor,.$ ontin'o's E0a1'ationTime- # !o'rs re(it-

2$ 2.3

UNIT"I )I==ERENTIAL 5 AS A)E AM+LI=IER- Differential amplifier & its circuit configuration, 2!& differential amplifiers, Constant current *ias, Current Mirrors, 8evel translators, Cascade configuration of amplifiers4 ,perational amplifier, Introduction to ideal op(amp, C%aracteristics, parameters, $ractical op(amp, its e#uivalent circuit and ,p(amp circuit configuration4 UNIT "II 8+"AM+ >IT! NE4ATIVE =EE)BA A 5 =RE?UEN Y RES+8NSE- Block diagram representation of feed*ack amplifier, voltage series feed*ack, voltage s%unt feed*ack, differential amplifier, compensating net/ork, fre#uenc response of compensating & non compensating ,p(amp, %ig% fre#uenc op(amp e#uivalent circuit, open loop gain v/s 2re#uenc , close loop fre#uenc response, circuit sta*ilit , sle/ rate4 UNIT"III 8+"AM+ A++LI ATI8N ; DC & AC amplifiers, $eaking amplifiers, summing, scaling, averaging & instrumentation amplifier, Differential i/p & o/p amplifier, voltage to current converter, current to voltage converter, ver %ig% input impedance circuit, integration & differentiation circuit4 Basic Comparators, Sc%mitt trigger, /ave s%aping circuits, active filters & oscillators4 UNIT"IV S+E IALIBE) LINEAR I A++LI ATI8NS- >>> timer IC 9monosta*le, asta*le operations: & its applications, universal active filters, $88, po/er amplifier,FG+F IC4 TE@T B88A34 GAHA<BAD )amakant4 A4, India, 3II> C,$(AM$ and linear integrated circuitsD, + rd ed4 $rentice Hall of

'4 B,&<A),<4)4 CIntegrated circuitsD, It% edition, <%anna $u*lications,'GGG

N8TE- In the semester examination, the examiner 9i11 set : ;'estions in a11, at 1east t9o ;'estion *rom each 'nit, an( st'(ents 9i11 6e re;'ire( to attem&t on1, 3 ;'estions, at 1east one *rom each 'nit.

M.M.UNIVERSITY,MULLANA B.Tech. (Sixth semester) Mechanica1 Enginee ME !" #/. )YNAMI S 8= MA !INERY La6.
L $ T $ + % +ractica1ontin'o's E0a1'ationTime- # !o'rs re(it2$ .$ /.$

List of Experiment 34 &o determine e"perimentall , t%e moment of inertia of a fl /%eel and a"le compare /it% t%eoretical values4 '4 &o find out critical speed e"perimentall and to compare t%e /%irling speed of a s%aft /it% t%eoretical values4 +4 &o find e"perimentall t%e G roscopic couple on motori.ed g roscope and compare /it% applied couple4 =4 &o perform t%e e"periment of *alancing of rotating parts and finds t%e un*alanced couple and forces4 >4 &o determine e"perimentall t%e un*alance forces and couples of reciprocating parts4 @4 &o calculate t%e tor#ue on a planet carrier and tor#ue on internal gear using epic clic gear train and %olding tor#ue apparatus4 J4 &o stud t%e different t pes of centrifugal and inertia governors and demonstrate an one4 F4 &o stud t%e automatic transmission unit4 I4 &o stud t%e differential t pes of *rakes4 3G4 &o find out e"perimentall t%e corli and component of acceleration and compare /it% t%eoretical values4 Note- At 1east eight ex&eriments sho'1( 6e &er*orme( *rom the a6o0e 1ist. Remaining ex&eriments ma, either 6e &er*orme( *rom the a6o0e 1ist or o'tsi(e the 1ist.


B.Tech. (Sixth Sem.) Mechatronics Engineering

L $ T $ + % +ractica1ontin'o's E0a1'ationTime- # !o'rs re(it2$ .$ /.$

An five e"periments from !ac% 8a* (A) INSTRUMENTATI8N LAB 34 '4 +4 =4 >4 @4 J4 F4 I4 3G4 334 Cali*ration of $ressire Gauges Cali*ration of transducer for temperature measurement4 Stud and cali*ration of 87D& transducer for displacement measurement4 Cali*rationof strain gauge for temperature measurement4 Cali*ration of t%ermocouple for temperature measurement4 Cali*ration of capacitive transducer for angular displacement4 Stud and cali*ration of p%oto and magnetic speed pickups for t%e measurement of speed4 Cali*ration of resistance temperature detector for temperature measurement4 Stud and cali*ration of a rotometer for flo/ measurement4 Stud and use of a Seismic pickup for t%e measurement of vi*ration amplitude of an engine *ed at various loads4 Stud and cali*ration of Mcleod gauge for lo/ pressure4

Text Boo7 Metallograp% 8a*orator $ractice / George / <!H8

(B) I A++LI ATI8NS LAB 34 J=3 ,$AM$ C%aracteristics '4 Adder, Integrator and differentiator using J=3 ,$AM$ +4 2unction Generator using J=3 ,$ AM$ =4 IC >>> &imer 6Asta*le ,peration >4 IC >>> &imer 6 Monosta*le ,peration @4 Stud of 8ogic Gates J4 Stud of 2lip(2lops using Ics F4 Half Adder, 2ull Adder and Su*tractor I4 Counters and S%ift )egisters & J=IG Counter 3G4 BCD to J Segment decoder using IC J==J 334 7oltage )egulator using IC J'+ 3'4 D/A Converter 3+4 A/D Converter 3=4 Multiple"er and Demultiple"er Note- At 1east eight ex&eriments sho'1( 6e &er*orme( *rom the a6o0e 1ist. Remaining ex&eriments ma, either 6e &er*orme( *rom the a6o0e 1ist or o'tsi(e the 1ist.